Day 6 Masters Snooker Highlights

Day 6

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Good evening. Two of the strong men of old feature in the players lounge


area at Alexandra Palace in north London, Hercules and Sampson, not


Dennis Taylor and John Virgo, by the way. Likewise, the act the Masters,


three of the strongest contenders this week had by the start of the


evening already booked their place in the semifinals of this great


event. Defending champion Ronnie O'Sullivan could rain for a seventh


time this year. He beat Neil Robertson 6-3 in an oddly fragmented


match yesterday. Ronnie will now play Marco Fu tomorrow, a former


runner-up in this event. Marco Fu's form is immaculate right now, as


mark Allen found to his cost, losing 6-3. This afternoon, all eyes on


Mark Selby, the world number one, who faced a tricky opponent in last


year's runner-up, Barry Hawkins. The Hawk round his way into the lead


during a tactical first frame. In the next, the Jester got in the


scoring groove and levelled the match with 76. By frame three, it


was starting to go wrong for cell be, the reigning world and UK


champion. And, by the interval, Hawkins had stretched his lead to


two frames, his long potting giving him the edge. After the break,


Hawkins threw away a great opportunity when he couldn't split


the reds and Mark Selby showed great resilience, snatching the frame with


a gutsy 71. Hawkins took the next and then still be made the only


century of the match to still remain in touch. -- Mark Selby made. Last


year's masters runner-up, Hawkins, got on top in frame eight and


eventually went 5-3 in front. Hawkins always had too much, through


again to a second semifinal. Mark Selby's chance of a slam has gone. A


great win for me, up there with my best, especially in a venue like


this, with one-table set-up. It is up there with beating Ronnie last


year, because Mark is the world number one, so any time you beat the


world number one must be good. Disappointing to lose but I felt


that at no stage did I stamp my authority on the match. Barry was


getting in first on almost all the frames. All the frames I won, I was


clearing up from 40 or 50 behind and you can't keep doing that. I seem to


sometimes enjoy a big occasion. You get a massive buzz if you win a


match like that. No better feeling. What benefit from Barry Hawkins,


into a second semifinal. -- what an effort. For Mark Selby, the dream of


a slam, in which he would hold the world, the UK and the Masters


titles, is gone for another year. Barry Hawkins awaiting this


evening's outcome of the last quarterfinal, and this one featured


Ding Junhui, the winner of this title in 2011, and 42-year-old Joe


Perry who, after 25 seasons in the game, at only won two games in the


Masters before tonight. That included a of former world champion


Stuart Bingham in the opening round, and Perry has made an healthy start,


taking the opening frame, as we join Stephen Hendry and Dennis Taylor in


the commentary box. We have had a couple of fairly


tactical frames, the first frame lasting almost 25 minutes. This one


has been going just over 21. He could take the red on this time and


get back down the table. Terrific cueing. And now tucked up


behind the brown. You can see from Joe's reaction that


he hasn't covered. An easy out on the left-hand side of the table. A


bit careless, that. Oh, but he might have left a pot.


Chance in this second frame. Yeah, I think he can score enough


without needing the red next to the pink. He's looking good here.


REFEREE: Can you just wait there is second, please?


As you see, 35 ahead, so just this red and Ding Junhui will need a


snooker. If he pops the black and plays to


move the red, he's got to eat it or he will snooker himself. -- he's got


to hit it. He played the normal shot.


Couldn't have played the cannon any better.


He hasn't missed very much, that's for sure.


Joe Perry looks very comfortable out there. With the aid of that 55


break, he now leads Ding Junhui 2-0. STUDIO: Joe would take the next, so


what is start from Terry, who only last week said he had played some of


the worst snooker his career recently, but is easily parted ways


is a wailed away from that. Can he capitalised even further against the


former champion? Into frame three, Ding trailing.


Never spotted that one. Is that going to be a mini turning point?


Without the fluke, he could have left a locked on. -- a locked on.


It's all happening at the Ally Pally for Ding Junhui.


Suppose you could stand there and try and pot both balls from that


position and you'd never pull it off. Is long potting has been


excellent in the last two or three frames, but a bit of pressure on


this one. If he'd missed it, he was living


Ding Junhui a pot on that time. If he pops this link, it's going to go


on the black spot, which be very helpful. Oh, dear.


Yeah, I think that was helped, the fact that there was new cloth put on


the cushions yesterday, it just slid in off the angle.


A few of the players had mentioned that the tables seem to be playing a


bit more generous. Maybe that's why we've had so many


century breaks. The pace of the table is beautiful. I think, if you


get a really nice bit of cloth, they definitely slide in a bit more


easily. Level with the pink, just going into


those three reds, then it's 4-0. Careless.


He's got the cube power to screw off the cushion for the open red on the


left-hand side of the table, but this isn't the way you'd want to


play this link. -- pink. Red and pink would leave Joe 59 up


with 59 on the table. So, again, leave an angle on ink to go into the


three reds. Just show you the striking, right


down at the bottom, leaving the chalk mark again, and that's what


creates all the back spin. It all timing. And it's all Joe Perry at


the moment in this quarterfinal. Same shot again.


And Ding, well, he may head to the practice table. I think Joe will be


quite happy in his dressing room, having a cup of tea or coffee,


because he is no need to go to the practice table, the way he's


playing, that's for sure. No really big breaks, 37 in the opening frame,


37 and 55 in the second, 42 in the third, but it is very solid snooker


he's playing. To finish off the frame, virtually,


and it's 4-0 two Joe Perry. Not touching. Just a glimmer of hope


forging generally -- for Ding Junhui here. Still a possible 59 on the


table, so he'd need four reds, four blacks to face a re-spotted black.


But the black is near the cushion, so the odds are heavily in favour of


Joe Perry. Well, just east we'd -- just a


straightforward role the red in. Doesn't really matter about the


black. Things coming to the table, but you wouldn't give him much


chance. Ding looks over at Joe Perry and


says, that's enough. Going into the mid-session interval, Joe Perry


going well so far, leading 4- L. Dish-mac needing 4-0.


REFEREE: Thank you, frame five. Joe Perry to break.


Ding was in the practice room with Terry Griffiths. He will be trying


to work some of his magic. To get Ding back into this match.


It's a good start. Kiss on the brown. That's not good.


People always ask, what are you looking at? Just watch rig's I is


going from the cue ball to the object and forwards. -- just watch


Ding's eyes. Meanwhile, Joe Perry's escape didn't work out for him and


eight chance for Ding Junhui. Joe's reaction was funny there. He hit the


red he wanted to hit but was just pushed into an awkward position. If


you were Ding Junhui, and I know he's 4-0 behind, looking at the


breaks Joe Perry has made, the highest of 55, two 30s and a 40.


He's not really outscoring him. Has just taken the chances to win each


frame. It has to give Ding some confidence going into the second


session, even at 4-0 down. That's OK, I think the red he'd just


can and is still available into the same pocket as the black. -- just


cannoned. And now he's going to have to go for the blue. Didn't quite get


the white where he intended. His highest break in the four


opening frames was 27. So it would be a nice time to knock a sizeable


contribution in. He just couldn't get himself into a


good position. He was always fighting the position there. They


can be missed in the middle pocket. If this red passes the yellow, and


it clearly does, as you can see, it's a bit of a chance, this.


Would love to get on that pink full ball here. It's a risky shot. There


are reds to play for. Mmm... Well, he's OK. Wasn't the most positive


shot in the world. I think if you are going to go into the bunch


there, you go in full pelt. The position the pink is in, makes


going into the bunch a little bit trickier here. Didn't play to hit


the reds. Although he's 4-0 up tonight, his positional play hasn't


been pinpoint, Joe Perry. Dennis? Yeah, just held up his hand to


apologise for the bit of good fortune there. Played a poor shot


but it works out for him. The pink is available into the middle pocket,


fully stretched. Have to make sure you keep your toes on the floor.


How is the angle for top spin into the five reds? Just can't seem to


buy a perfect positional shot at the moment. Just finishing a little bit


awkward. This red does cut to the left corner. But I don't think he


can avoid the cannon on the black. This red to the right corner,


position not guaranteed. This pink is tough.


It may look simple on the TV screen but it's a tough shot.


Made a lot easier by the fact you are 4-0 ahead. 4-0 behind, Dennis,


and it would be a lot tougher. He potted one into that same pocket,


might have been the opening frame, from the jaws of the corner pocket,


which was a fabulous shot. The fact that he's taking so long over it,


you can tell he knows tough this is. But he won't be dropping it in.


Maybe play with a bit of pace so the white doesn't roll off. Just below


centre. APPLAUSE He's going to need that red. That


he's leaning over at the moment. Shouldn't be a problem. Might choose


to drop on it now. Could leave himself one red to the left middle


and the choice of the one on the cushion. He's played for the exact,


which is fine, but he has to make sure he has a great angle on the


pink now. He might have chosen to play for the red on the right-hand


side cushion after the pink. If he can screw over and leave it


somewhere near that of the white I'd put in, that would be perfect.


Well, Ding Junhui has played 13 times in the Masters. He is ever


been whitewashed. I think his biggest defeat was 6-2


to Ronnie O'Sullivan, way back in 2005.


Doesn't matter too much about the yellow.


Two snookers needed, so it looks like it's going to be 4-0. It might


even be 5-0. STUDIO: It was indeed, and I know


because it's something of a double-take moment. This isn't a


scoreline that was in the script. Joe Perry is completely dominating


his younger opponent, who is a 12 times ranking event winner. But Ding


in frame six has finally got his act together and is making a


contribution, on a run of 54 now. The previous shot, he's screwed back


to close to the ocean and still didn't see that one coming. -- close


to the question. OK, he had to force it a bit, but there was a shot


before that left the cue ball there. Just when it looked like he was


going to win the frame at one visit. He misses it. On a fairly


straightforward red. But the blue has come to his rescue. Can't get


through to the potting angle of that one at the other end of the table.


Not a very good long pot. He's been missing quite a few of those. But


all he needs is a colour. And one more red. And then it won't be a


whitewash. That's fine, the red behind the pink


goes. So no whitewash. Joe stays in his


seat. And Jean John the -- Ding Junhui will be quite relieved. That


earlier break of 54 paved the way to giving him his first frame, but it's


still an awful long way back. 5-1 two Joe Perry.


REFEREE: Oh, thank you. Frame seven, Joe Perry to break. You might think


you're funny, but nobody else does. Pack it in, please.


APPLAUSE Paul Callier telling one individual


off. Good job he doesn't know where he is, or he might be out of the


arena, because he did shout out just at the right time.


Now let's see if Joe can not a long red in, because that little flick on


the brown has left a half chance. Yeah, he's just got to look at a


path for the cue ball. Played with lots of bottom and screw in behind


round the back of the black. Well, that is the furthest he's been


away from a long pot in a long time. I think he's got a little bit of


angle with this red. Could get himself on black, or certainly pink


is no problem. Normally he would knock that type of


shot in at, as I say, being so far behind makes everything difficult.


Not a good chance just yet. He can pot this, might need the spider, but


he can go up between the bunch of reds and another red and leave


himself a choice of reds. Shouldn't really be a problem. Yeah, he won't


go that line, just to the right of the second line.


Didn't expect Joe to miss that, even though he was using the spider.


He can drop on the black. Natural angle. Oh, no. Oh, no!


Second bite of the cherry, and... What can he make this time?


Choice of colours. He could play for pink in the same pocket or onto the


blue. A big result this, for Joe Perry, if


he goes on to win this match. Never been to the semifinal of the Masters


before. Looks like end of break. Or does


this red just sneak into that middle right pocket? Great shot.


Not out of the woods yet, though. Needs a good shot here to get back


in position. Yeah, a couple of years ago, he lost


in the quarterfinal to Mark Allen. But the seven other appearances, he


went out in the opening round. But it has to be said, Joe Perry in the


last couple of seasons is playing the best snooker of his professional


career. And that's developed another red,


and he's still on the one to the left middle, so already 40 in front.


He's got an ace angle to go into the four reds here.


That surprises me, because he does need to go into them. He's going to


need more reds to win the frame at this visit. I don't think any of


those reds pot, so I'm surprised he didn't take that opportunity. Are


those two a plant, do you think? Because I, like you, thought he


would go into them... They are not far off a plant. I thought he would


go into them because he had a bit of insurance with the other red. It


looked from this shot that the red wouldn't go, but clearly it does, so


that was probably why he didn't play the cannon. These have worked out


nicely, haven't they? Never really got going in this match, Ding


Junhui. Never really buzzed up a head of steam.


Well, that's what it means to dad. That was a nice shot, that,


deceived. -- to see. It would be nice to finish with a century,


wouldn't it? Yeah, how many matches did you win,


Stephen, making a century in the last frame? Quite a few.


He'll be feeling good, and he plays his good friend, Barry Hawkins,


tomorrow night in the semifinal. I think some people think they are


still at the darts, Dennis. They did try a tournament once where


they let the crowd shout out during play, and it didn't work at all.


Now, this tricky red down the cushion to give himself a chance to


possibly finish with a century. To beat Stuart Bingham 6-1 and now


to do the same to Ding Junhui, superb stuff.


Going to need a little bit of help again. Extension on both the cue and


the extended rest. Well done, Joe Perry! That's the


19th century of this year 's's Masters. What a time to do it!


And so he should be, the way his son is performing here.


Well, what a way to finish the match! Ding Junhui just never got


going this evening. But solid match snooker from Joe Perry. But didn't


he finished the match in style, that break of 127 taking him into the


semifinal a comfortable 6-1 winner. Most of my game was in good order. I


didn't run the breaks in like I did against Stuart, but that is


sometimes due to have the balls run, but everything else was good, my


long potting was as good as it's ever been, safety was pretty strong,


so a good solid match performance. It means everything. It is the blue


ribbon event. The World Championship is what it is, but that's a major


event, everybody is allowed to win that it every year. This is


prestigious, only the top 16 players can enter, so to get to the semis of


the Masters is up with my highlights. Congratulations, a


fantastic win. Tomorrow afternoon, Ronnie O'Sullivan, still on track


for an outright record of seven masters finals, taking on Marco Fu,


in a repeat of the UK championship semifinal. Marco Fu is now in the


form of his life. What a match! Tomorrow evening, the two


Englishman, Barry Hawkins, attempting to reach his second


consecutive masters final, against Joe Perry, who has at last made it


through to the semifinal of this major event in his ninth appearance.


Very many congratulations. Snooker Extra is next, with a rerun of this


afternoon's match between Barry Hawkins and Marco Hawkins, -- Mark


Selby, and then we will be back tomorrow. Not to be missed. Catch


you then. To break someone physically... Agh!

:49:16.:49:21. not a problem.


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