First Round: Judd Trump v Marco Fu Masters Snooker

First Round: Judd Trump v Marco Fu

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Hello, a good afternoon to you and welcome back to the 20 17th Dafabet


masters. The crowd here at Ally Pally have been treated to some top


snooker. On Sunday, Ronnie O'Sullivan was


through to the quarterfinals. But yesterday, two former world


champions were knocked out. What can he do here? And easy


safety. The pot wins you the frame. The pot brings you


begins doing his impression of Mark Allen.


He didn't want to risk it. It is there anyway. It's in. What a great


match. John Higgins gives him a warm congratulations.


Mark Allen wins 6-5. Look at that shot as well. I will


tell you what, you will not see many better centuries than this, that's


for sure. Well played, Joe Perry. He will attempt the double into the


pocket. He has played the doubles.


132 from Stuart Bingham. Highest break of the tournament so far.


Fabulous stuff from Gentleman Joe. The Black For A Place In The


Quarterfinals. It's There. Joe Perry Has Caused A Big Upset In The


Dafabet Masters. He beats the world champion 6-1.


An excellent performance from Joe Perry. Two of champions in the


studio as we look forward to Judd Trump against Marco Fu. Good


afternoon. The reason we are at the table here is we are going to look


back at rather an unusual scenario yesterday, where we have two we


spotted blacks, and two contrasting styles. Let's look at how Stuart


Bingham played his shot. This is the modern way of playing


it. He is trying to play it on to the side cushion, that is the modern


way to do it. That is new school. Old School is John Higgins. He plays


the double is tight to the top cushion as possible. If he misses


the yellow pocket, he doesn't believe it over the middle pocket


with a pot on. It was shot. We are going to play a couple of shots for


you. You will play the first that we saw.


What are the advantages? The advantage is, in the old way,


they would go up and down the spots. But the cushions are softener, you


might leave a shot on. The more modern way, you get a black tight to


the right-hand cushion. It is a really difficult shot come


back. The only problem is, as long as you


don't leave the double to the middle pocket of corner, that is the chance


you take. But if you get it right, it puts the


onus on your opponent. It is quite a clever shot. Something like that.


It never leaves you. No doubt, the nerves jangling as


well is that a difficult shot. I will try to play it the other way.


I will play the double that John Higgins play. He didn't bash it and


go up and down, it was a controlled chance. A chance to knock it in, but


if you miss, you can leave it safe. We will see if we can do that. Not


there. Not in the pocket, but I would be


happy with that. The flat here, you have left that


on. OK, off you go! LAUGHTER


Does your decision-making dependent on waking or in the match? At that


point, with John Higgins, it was 4-4.


I would be in the opinion that if I was in the lead, and somebody had


come back to me. If the opponent have come back, I would have played


the John Higgins doubles. John Higgins at Mark Allen under more


pressure. Put the onus back on your opponent. He will view them.


It could have a big bearing on the game. You could play for an hour, it


can make a massive change. Our match for you is Judd Trump against Marco


Fu. Let's look ahead to the character heads.


This afternoon is in Judd Trump's favour, because Marco Fu, he has a


poor record against Trump, two wins am, that went down to the final


frame. We would like more of that today, please.


Every time we turn up at major tournaments, we talk about Judd


Trump, and we ask if it is his year. That he make the final this year.


You would expect so. Any of the top players he is capable of beating,


but he hasn't performed here, for some reason. The next might might be


a different player. It will be an interesting match because Marco Fu


is in form after winning before at Christmas. It will be very close. In


October, Judd won the Masters. It can give you huge confidence.


It absolutely does. He played one of the best matches I have ever seen at


this venue to beat Neil Robertson, 6-5 will stop you played the


semifinal the next day and he was flat. When he is at his


He has gone through peaks and troughs, but scoring - wise, one of


the best in the world. A bit of doubt eradicate it. If


Marco makes the quarterfinal does he need to get on the front foot early?


I think he needs do what he has been doing. There has been very few


players on the circuit who have been as consistent as he is. The players


know how good he is, the British public might not look a him as a


Ronnie O'Sullivan or Neil Robertson, this boy is a proper player. You


underestimate him at your peril. It is moments like this where


presenters put you on the spot. Who are you going to go for? 6-5 Marco.


I will go 6-5 Judd to make it even. We are the BBC in terms of balance.


Good afternoon it has been one of the highest quality starts to any


Dafabet masters in history. Every player has produced at least one


century and we are set for another rocking afternoon here at Ally


Pally. Please welcome, a player making his


11th appearance at the Masters. Runner-up six years ago,


semifinalist at the UK Championships last month. He went to Glasgow and


in spectacular fashion from 4-1 beat John Higgins for the Scottish Open.


He is in form, he is here and he is ready, from Hong Kong. Marco Fu.


And his opponent, arguably the most exciting player of his sqrenration,


winner of six ranking titles including the China open and this


season's European Masters, twice a semifinalist here at the Masters,


here it comes with his own brand of naughty snooker, the Ace in the


Pack, Judd Trump. Generation, winner of six ranking


titles including the China open and this season's




It is another wonderful atmosphere here. We are ready for this, live on


BBC Two. It is Judd Trump versus Marco Fu. Let us enjoy this one in


the company of Denis Taylor and Steve Davis.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you very much, Jason. And as you said, a terrific


atmosphere again at the Alexandra Palace. Judd won the toss, and a


pretty good break of shot. The white tight on the baulk cushion.


Well, he could see enough of it, but it's all safe, though. It will take


the players a while to get used to the table. It is very fast. But it


looks to be playing beautifully. Very responsive. You don't have to


hit the ball is too hard to get them where you want -- balls.


Straightaway, we might have an awkward frame with that red up the


other end of the table. It would be an early stalemate, it would have to


be said. It really. Marco is in form, so that


counts for a lot. This is a tough shot he is taking on here. Almost.


Where is the red button to? Is the ribbon and brown going to come to


his rescue? I think he has covered both the reds. A bit of a result


there. A rest with the Mac. He almost got it up. He covered both


the bid. APPLAUSE


Had been given for playing some kind of containment. There, but did play


an aggressive shot. This isn't so. Red at the bottom of the pack goes


now, so... Thought he was hampered by it as well.


Well that was an unexpected miss, he had to put quite a bit of power in


that. He didn't deliver the cue as smoothly as he would have liked. The


cue coming off his hand there. Not the greatest part of his game.


No problem for Judd Trump with the power game. He does get some action


on the cue ball. That is for sure, and that was quite a difficult shot.


He just pulled off there. The pot wasn't all that difficult


but it is not the pocket, and, you know, cue action there to draw that


cue ball back. APPLAUSE


What a fantastic shot that was. A chance, if he wants, to go into the


pack of the side cushion. APPLAUSE He has got everything he deserved


here. Fantastic shots he pulled out. Oh, just about. I thought for a


minute it would stay there. Just with that one shot potting the


brown, he has opened up the whole of the game here. A chance for Judd to


knock in a sizeable contribution here.


A little bit of body movement on the last shot as he struck the ball.


Trying to keep his head as still as possible.


Yes, quite a difficult thing to do, especially on a power shot, to keep


everything perfectly still. I think Marco moves a little bit on


the shot when he delivers a cue as well. It's just a mannerism. Judd


moves to the side a bit as he strikes the ball.


We know that his cue doesn't go through in a dead straight line.


It is just a pure, natural player, Judd Trump, just a natural snookered


talent. He is making very light work of this, though.


Very nice to watch. And he seems to have the pace of the table very


quickly. -- snooker talents. The frame is virtually over. Marco


with that one mistake, and you can't afford to miss blacks off the spot.


He was playing traverse side, Judd is switching hands, he is very good


with his opposite hand as well. Not quite in the league of Ronnie


O'Sullivan, but he is very good with his opposite hand.


Every chance now of making a century. It is going to be very,


very difficult. But that is what he can just concentrate now. He's made


a few centuries in his career, 422. I wonder if he will switch hands


again here. Yeah. He's hampered also with the


blue. And might be able to develop the last red, and could possibly


make a century if this works out. Well, it opponent 's deck -- for a


basic mistake. Yeah, the highest break in this year's Dafabet Masters


was made last evening by Stuart Bingham, but he lost to Joe Perry


6-1. But what a start for the Juggernaut as they call him.


You are playing the table, not just your opponent. It seems like against


certain opponents you have a good record, and some you don't. Perhaps


Judd fancies the job today. Century number ten in this year's


Masters. APPLAUSE It doesn't matter about the blue. He


got one chance and that was all he needed. A magnificent century break


gives Judd Trump the opening frame. It's 1-0.


Very asking people to take seats. If you plate, was there. -- the


referee. This looks like a pretty good break


of shot from Marco Fu. There might be a gap between blue and pink to


flick the reds and get back down the table.


Now, I think he may have been lucky. He could have left something a lot


easier than this. A horrible situation for Marco Fu. I


am not too sure what he can do, really. Very low value trying to cut


this red in. As long as he can get his cube download enough, perhaps he


has a chance. I thought he would have two Jack up in the air.


He is just about holding it. APPLAUSE


That would have been very difficult had he been up in the air on that


shot. Yeah, as the boys mentioned just


before the match started, about his win in the Scottish Masters against


John Higgins. 4-1 down, but beating John 9-4. John one of the form


players of the season. He really is a superb player, Marco.


Still a couple of potential banana skin is going about this break, so


he has had to play for these reds on the top cushion. Not so much of a


pocket to aim for a long a cushion, obviously. He would like to be high


on this black. Doesn't really want to be straight.


That's his fourth black. It's a bit early yet, but he has


made four maximum breaks in his career, Marco.


He made a maximum two years ago in the Masters, but I will never forget


his first in Scotland. He won a motorcar for the Masters. I think it


was the Scottish open, I think it was, and he won a motorcar, and he


didn't even have a licence. Once again, he isn't really


correctly on this black. It would have helped him out now in. Now he


will possibly play a slightly riskier shot. He got a flick on that


red. It was difficult to get high on that thread from that position. As


you can see, very difficult to get too much speed on the cue ball from


there. He will go straight into the yellow pocket. This would now be a


147 chance if this goes in. APPLAUSE And now the crowd acknowledge that


this is a potential chance for a maximum. The round of applause he


had for the red. He doesn't have to go into the pack


that quickly here. There's a few reds, when potted,


will open up paths for other reds. He has left himself to straight on


the black on a few occasions. Putting this red, he will leave


himself a bit of an angle on the black. It might be time to go into


the pack off this next black. Oh Filip


I think he knew immediately. Watch his head. He was straight up. He


knew he didn't hit that one correctly. Every chance of a counter


attack now. You can see what that miss meant to


Marco there. But he has left himself awkward here. It looks to be pretty


straight, but with his cue power, this is the sort of shot that Marco


missed in the opening frame, screwing back to reverse side.


Probably more difficult than that. And this red goes at the back in to


the left of the little group of reds. It is a very responsive pot


but he made that look easy. Wouldn't put it past him to nick in


frame. He is cueing well, walking round the table, looks very


focussed, if that red the bottom of the four goes. That opens things up


nicely. A bit too far? That is very tight indeed, he has


got the other one, which is slightly more difficult. This is thinner than


it looks on the TV though. Well played.


Tough shot from the jaw, has he got enough angle? He has the slightest


of angles and the red that he didn't quite get on, he has to punch it in


to get to the correct angle. Which he has done, and he played that


perfectly. He is on it this time. How well did he strike that. But as


you mentioned a long time ago, the reds were all clearing each other


and it is proving the case. He didn't have any cannons to play. As


one was potted, it left a path for another. Excellent shot there to get


once again high on that red. Doesn't need to collide with any other reds


here. This could be an early turning point


in this match, because Marco looked to be well on his way to taking the


frame, he was concentrating on all blacks. Apart from that one shot he


played where he misjudged the pace. Most of the time, he has been very


fine in control. Now he can be low on this red to go up the table for


one of the baulk colours, he has gone a massive favourite in in frame


now, a big steal. -- in this frame. What a frame to pinch this is, he


looks so good. Certainly in that opening frame, he is cueing really


well. Well, what a cracking frame of


snooker, the second frame is turning out to be.


Marco Fu on all blacks. Missed one and Judd Trump stepped in and played


the remaining balls with that magnificent break of 87. Now he


leads two frames to nil. What a start this is from Judd Trump Ken,


but Marco will be sitting thinking I was on a break of 56. I miss That


red and we talked before this game started, that Marco has to get on


the front foot He was chasing the 147. He was up off the shot. Very


disappointed, but not only that, like he made a 56 break but Judd


Trump took the balls to win the frame from that position. Came out


with cracking pots and positional shots, and cueing sublime at the


moment. Marco, he will be ruing that missed red because the frame is at


his mercy, that is what we say, make sure the frame first, but it was a


bad pot. The standard we have got right now, what have we had? Nine of


the players have made century breaks so far, look like we are on for ten.


It is fantastic quality. The top 16 players in the world, you expect a


high quality from round one, and like, you have to realise that every


match is almost, would be perfect for a final, you know, because that


is the way it is matched up. Players are playing a lot of good form and


Marco has come into the tournament with good form but he will be up


against it now. Terrific standard Denis. Unbelievable Jason. Marco is


just a couple of shots that have cost him. It would have to be, you


say a tale of two black, you can't afford to miss these, playing to


screw back and in fact the second was a red he missed on that maximum


break, but, there were two fairly comfortable pots, OK, he wanted to


drop it in to stay on the black, but, that he knew straightaway


there, that the form that Judd was showing he could lose the frame.


You have a situation where even if you come into a tournament as a


inwith e you still stamp your authority on the next match you


play, so, not too sure that Marco Fu sitting in his chair is


super-confident as he was the moment he potted the final balls up in


Scotland. A bit of a weak break off from Judd


Trump. Got to be careful though, Marco, he has to pot this, because


there is a gap round the back of the black but he could cannon into a


red, so he has to pot this, you would feel. Well, he just missed


that red on the right. And you would say he is OK, but with Judd Trump at


the table, you are never sure, as we show you the red, just wobble in the


jaws. This one that he is looking at, is very very difficult. This red


is a long way up the cushion, to be powering it in, he had a look at it.


I think he is probably choosing the right shot. The movement to our left


which makes his cue go across to the left as well. Well. Across the face


of the ball. Amazing how it happens. One of the great Welsh player, we


will show you the movement to the side. One of the great Welsh players


used to move forward a bit. Doug Mountjoy, not too well at the


moment, Doug, if you are watching get well soon. I know he likes to go


into Mark Williams club and practise every day, not the best at the


moment, but I am sure he will bounce straight back. Knowing Doug.


Not easy to put your opponent in a lot of trouble here. Unless of


course you could somehow find... I don't want to say anything now! Not


sure what he was doing there, very aggressive. Obviously going for the


pot but misjudged it by some way, thought he could get round the back


of the black but he hit it too far thick. Almost a safety shot behind


the yellow was the way forward. Nice if the pink doesn't spot for


Marco. There is his answer. Mustn't be touching that red. When the balls


are set up at the start of the match, with the triangle of balls


and the red at the apex of the pin, that mustn't be touching.


Interesting, wasn't it. You always are, Steve, very interesting. That


was a pretty poor positional shot from Marco, he was trying to get on


the blue in such a way he could have cannoned into the pink and reds but


he left himself straight on the blue. Can he make a better job of it


this time? Well, he decided to roll through for the black. Doesn't want


to be straight. If he has an angle he might get out to a red. Look at


that, he is really going to have to force that one in. That is the trap.


The trap no snooker player likes. He done very well there.


We say sometimes Marco lacks a bit of power, he got it all right there


on that shot. Giving himself a chance to keep this


going. Albeit with a spider.


I think the thing that stands Marco in good stead, he has a fabulous


temperament. But that is a shocker he has played there.


The only possible way keeping the break going now, is, as we show you


the poor positional shot, in fact the double is not even on. If he had


a chance he could have doubled that red and wouldn't have left anything.


What has he spotted, not a plant coming to the rescue, surely? Oh,


what a bonus this is. What a bonus, if this goes in. And there it is.


A lot lucky, really. Now, looks to be in a nice position. To try and


make amends for that last frame. Judd will be sitting in his chair, a


bit aggrieved, really. He has to take full advantage of to


that good fortune when suddenly the plant appeared.


Doesn't want to do what he did in the previous frame.


Nice little nudge to get the pink into the action as well.


Increasing his positional possibilities.


You have to fancy him from this position, Denis.


He would have to do something careless or have a kick.


Nis. He would have to do something


careless or have a kick. They are not hanging about. They are coming


up to the half hour mark. Third frame, almost over. 13 seconds?


Average shot time? Incredible. You see, 64 ahead, so, one more red


and anything above the yellow will be enough to leave Judd needing a


snooker, a quick glance at the score board. He had a bash at that. I


don't think he needed to... It seemed like he hit that harder than


needed to. I couldn't agree more, Steve. He didn't even get enough


screw on it, to, no wonder he was shaking his head.


Is he going to pay for that mistake? It is not as easy this time, he is


still a strong favourite the way the balls are situated, but the frame


should have been over. This would a steal. It is not so bad with these


reds on the left-hand side cushion, for Judd Trump being a left-hander.


Obviously Marco Fu is hoping they will cause a problem.


One or two good shots away from making that relatively easy


clearance. Play for the open red there and


probably going to leave himself an angle to knock that second red away?


Well, he has done it with that shot. I, like you, thought he would play


on the black and cannon that out but Judd had other ideas.


Every ball going in the middle of the pocket at the moment. He is


looking very confident. And now, as long as he gets a good


angle on this pink, he should be able to swing across nicely for the


red in the corner, screw back for the blue. He wasn't on the pink


properly. Thought he had an angle. Yes, if he can get nicely anywhere


in that circle being a left-hander it would be perfect. He had an angle


on the brown to get over to that position.


This looks pretty good. Looks very good.


I said Marco Fu had a terrific temperament, if he loses this frame,


what a test that will be, because he should have won this frame, and he


should have won the frame before. He has played this very nicely, that is


the only thing that could have gone wrong there, that blue to yellow.


I say the only thing, obviously other things can, but the way he has


cued so far, he has made very light work of this, and it is is a massive


steal, so much more than the last frame.


He looks very comfortable on the table


There will be one more frame gfr mid-session interval. Marco will


need that badly. He hasn't lost this one yet but you


can't see Judd making a mistake, the way he is cue, it is just


straightforward. Well, knowing the significance of


this frame, you could be forgiven for being nervous, but so far not


too Mitch never, a bit out of position.


-- not too much nerves. Just this black.


Well, it's happened again, Marco Fu had a magnificent break of 64.


Missed a sitter of a red and he had to sit and watch Judd Trump come to


the table, and clear up, and take the third frame. It is 3-0.


JASON MOHAMMAD: that feeling for Marco Fu, 35 minutes played and he


is 3-0. This is scintillating stuff from Judd Trump. Absolute class.


That was sell vanesque, a that is the best thing. He thought this will


be a good clear rarns. He still had a lot of work to do, but his cue


ball in that break was magnificent. To an inch all the way through and a


deserved win in that frame from a brilliant clearance. I don't know


whether Judd Trump has somewhere to to go, he is making short work of


this. 14 seconds a shot. That is unheard of. Like roller skates on


him! Clearance was class, there is no doubt about that. Marco Fu on the


other hand, he will be kicking himself, he has missed two easy reds


that cost him two frames, look at this. He only needs this red and


another colour. He tried to hit it with power. Steve said he didn't


enjoyed to do that. Has he hit that too hard. He hit it thick, so it


looks worse. I can understand saying he hit it hard, it looks like he hit


it hard, at the same time and it has been the case, the priority is knock


the ball in, play the next shot. He didn't do that. He came up off the


shot on the big, the more or less the frame-winning ball and he has to


stay down, normally, so still on the shot, but his head was coming up. He


has to cut that out. How much of that is down to the fact he knows he


was on a good break of 56, missed that red. It is playing on his mind.


Maybe he has not settled. Maybe that is the case, listen, Marco Fu the


way he has played in the last 12 months he hasn't missed many of


those reds. Judd Trump beat Marco Fu 5-1. He on for another thrashing.


-- is he on for another thrashing? DENNIS TAYLOR: Look at this. Average


shot time confirming it. 13 seconds. I mean, there is the-of-where rang


frame time. -- there is the average frame time. Just over 11 minutes.


And Judd's had a century. Marco 64. Five breaks over 50 in three frames.


I mean it is not like Marco has not backbench at the table. Look at the


pot red success rate. 97%. Een at the table. Look at the pot


red success rate. 97%. A bit of a problem here, Judd. Looks


like a double-kiss if he plays safe. What a great shot that was.


Fantastic effort. In some ways he has to sacrifice possibly running


through. But through is a lot of pressure on Marco Fu all of a sudden


so this red, everyone though on other occasions would be pretty


guaranteed, he has made it. Well done Marco Fu.


Not just potted it, got enough of an angle on the blue, that should he


want, he can go into the pack right hand side of the pink, could open


them up, or there is the loose red at the bottom of the pack, his


choice, he is playing for the loose one. I would have liked to have gone


into a bit of the pack there. I am not going to start arguing with


Marco, he is a winner. A lot of players would have gone


straight into the pink there. As I mentioned earlier he has made


435 centuries in his career, he knows how to break. This is tougher


going into it from the black. There is another one still


available, so... That helps, but after this one, it is going to start


getting more difficult. Quite a tight pack, and wile he couldn't


have guaranteed a nice split from the blue, it is not a guarantee off


the black either. He will be happy to see that red come over the


middle. And he will be happy to see a little


gap to cue between the reds, he is not hampered. Got plenty of action


on this one. White kept spinning. For a while it looked like he was


going to be in trouble. So what Marco Fu has to do is win


this frame in in visit. Wary of the fact that Judd Trump is chomping at


the bit for a counter punch. Nice if this red goes next to the pink.


3-1 at the mid-session interval. He wouldn't feel all that bad, because


he knows he could quite easily have won the last two frames. I mean he


made a break of 56 and lost that and then 64 and lost the previous frame.


Just cutting out the little mistakes he has been making, he hasn't made


many but they have been so costly the way Judd is playing.


He has to be careful with this next one, when he plays the red, he has


to play with top-spin to make sure he pushes through the other red and


leave pink or black. Top-spin applied, and, he is not hampered. He


is OK. This could turn out to be an


absolute cracking match. All of that match play temperament that Marco Fu


showed in coming back against John Higgins, he is going to need it


today. Showing a lot of character here,


isn't he, after what has just gone before in the two previous frames.


So he has been in first, in, well, all three frames.


That is the frame safe, and now he can settle down.


It is going to be roughly 45 minutes for four frames. That is going some.


He said he made a break of 56, 64 and a possible century here, but I


am 3-1 down. Tough game. Yeah, it remains to be


seen if those two frames that Judd Trump stole will come into the


equation at the end of the match. One thing is for certain, though,


Marco Fu amongst the balls. Looking every bit as fluent now.


A brilliant response, this, from the man from Hong Kong. It really is. He


can't beat the biggest break of the event. They have knocked these four


frames off as quick as John and Ken were talking about how to respot the


black. Marco playing a bit of an exhibition shot there.


APPLAUSE I can't wait for the second half of


this match. Absolutely fantastic from Marco Fu.


He looks a bit pleased with himself, and so he should be. That brilliant


frame takes into the mid-session interval, where he trails 3-1.


STUDIO: We have ten centurions. Marvellous stuff.


They are not giving any value for money. 44 minutes played, for frames


played. -- four frames. What a response from Marco Fu. A wonderful


100 break. He went about it a different way. He is more of a


cherry picker when he makes a break, but a fantastic response considering


what happened. You could see the confidence coming


back. A great response from Marco after losing those couple of frames,


or when they were at his mercy. They are making the table pockets look


like buckets. Believe me, we know they are not buckets, they are tied


pockets. They are making it look easy.


Do you think there is a difference when you come to the Masters, no


disrespect to the other players on the circuit at the UK Championship


or the Crucible, but you are playing the top 16 players here. If you find


yourself down, there is not long to get back into the match, and you


have to get off on the front foot. No place to hide on the table,


everything is on you. You are the centre of occasion. You are playing


the best, and you had to be at it from Bull one.


The players will be back shortly. In the meantime, Marco Fu made the


final in 2011 when it was at Wembley Arena. He lost to Ding Junhui.


Earlier this week he sat down for a chat with Ken.


Marco, welcome. The Masters is a special tournament. It is one of


those tournaments that the players like to put on the bucket list to


try to get their hands on the wonderful trophy. It is such a


prestigious event, because I have been watching this tournament since


I was a kid. A lot of classic moments from the Masters.


Your early days, though, you played in the conference centre originally.


It was first experience of the Masters.


I played Jimmy White. I got a wild card and played him the first time I


was there. I was speaking to Stephen Hendry before the match. Actually, a


week before the match. He was saying, first round, maybe, 1800


people, something like that. Be prepared for that...


the introduction of Jimmy White already scared me. Before you even


walked up the stairs, you could hear the crowd roaring. It was a special


place. What about the home now. You got to the final against Ding in


the arena, but that was a special moment. It was the first time we had


had two Asian players in a major tournament. Special for you guys.


Very special. It was a disappointing end to a very good tournament for


me. I had beaten 's top players to get to the final but would not play


well in the final, losing 10-4. I was very proud to get to the


final, both of us Asians, a lot of people tuned in to watch ask over


100 million people watching the final. A proud one for me, but


disappointed I didn't play better. What a week he has had, Marco Fu!


APPLAUSE You are a quiet, unassuming type of


character, personality, nothing phases you. You would be a great


poker player, but when you are on the table, it is a different story.


You are one of those silent assassins.


I try to control my emotions. I am not like the players like Stephen


Hendry, he has such a killer instinct. He doesn't really want to


beat you, he wants to kill you on the table! I haven't got that,


honestly. I just want to keep my emotions in control. That is my


strength. I want to keep myself calm and play my best snooker. But


sometimes I like a bit of motivation and inspiration for which some


players can black, but you can't have it both ways.


You seem to have got that back. You started off as world amateur


champion, coming into the game with a big reputation. You might have had


a lull, but now going into your 40s, you are coming into some fantastic


form, a great win in December against John Higgins in his own


backyard coming from 4-1 down. You are coming into the tournament with


confidence. I played very well in Scotland. It is just one of those


tournaments that you know straightaway, because the first two


matches I played really well, I knew I would be there a week. In the


final, it was my worst game of the week.


John Higgins will be happy to hear that! Cut!


It was just a great feeling to be able to win a tournament


convincingly. You really have to play well to win a tournament, and I


would love to obviously play Mark Selby, even if he doesn't play well,


you can win tournaments. You have become a family man, you


are married with two young daughters as well. Has it helped you settle


down a little bit more? It is not easy for players to live in another


country in a different environment, has it helped you? Having family


definitely settles me, because knowing that winning and losing is


not the most important thing, the most important thing is happiness


and health. Sometimes losing a match, going back home and being


able to play with them, you forget the pain of losing straightaway. It


is really good in that way, but the tough part is I need to be away from


home for a long time of the year. That is very, very difficult. That


is probably my biggest weakness, going into matches. But knowing that


if I lose, I can go back home and see them, it takes a bit off your


killer instinct, and it can be a weakness.


What about your opponent, Judd Trump, he comes with a big


reputation, a very exciting player, with a big fan base and big fan


following, particularly here in London. How will you approach that


game? Is it just another game to you? Do you play different players


differently? I try to play the same against different players, but it


will be a tough game. Playing Jud is like playing Ronnie or Jimmy in


London. But I have been here before, so I know what it takes to win. But


my record against him is not great, to be honest. But I am playing a


little bit better now. I have just went back a tournament, so the


feeling for this match is different compared to before. -- just won a


tournament. What does it mean for Marco Fu to lift that trophy on a


Sunday night? The Masters trophy. I have come close to winning double


crown events over the years. I have two semis in the world, and finals,


but I have never really won anything over the years. Triple Crown events


are the ones you love to win. Hopefully this is my week.


OK, very best of luck to you. STUDIO: He just abraded his 39th


birthday, still playing ever so well. -- celebrated. He is an


unassuming character. You would not know he is in the room at all, but a


lovely lad. He is playing fantastic. A huge frame before the interval. He


will be feeling better. It will be a cracking finale.


He lives and breathes it as well, Jason. Many years ago when I was


playing the circuits, one of his first matches was against me. He can


remember everything, I can't remember last week. He is a real


student of the game. He has never changed. He is a lovely lad now and


was then. He has been here since Sunday, I


think. Coming into practice every day with Wayne, his coach, so he is


a really lovable lad. And a worker. He is 39, fair play to Marco Fu, we


were in York in December, looking at the draw for the third round, where


six Chinese players were through to the third round. Not many of them


then progressed in the tournament. We endlessly talk about when a big


explosion is going to happen, when are the Chinese players going to


come through and threaten major finals? Let's ask Ken, playing with


them. Which ones have you seen? There are a couple of young lads.


The two lads that won the World Cup. There are three that stand out for


me. They are all around not even 20 yet. They are very young, but they


will be the next big thing from China.


We know how popular the sport is in China, especially with Ding Junhui.


The adulation for the players from Thailand, we need one from Germany,


Belgium, come on, boys, get the cue out and get practising. Thank you


very much indeed. If you are tuning in and want to get


up to speed with how the Masters is looking. Let's bring you up-to-date.


This is how we are shaping up. Ronnie O'Sullivan is the first man


through to the last eight. You'll Robertson and Ali Carter get


underway tonight at 8pm tonight on the red button. Judd Trump leads


Marco Fu 3-1. Mark Allen is through after beating John Higgins. Ding


Junhui saw off Kyren Wilson 6-3. Shaun Murphy takes on Barry Hawkins


tomorrow night. Two former Masters champion 's clash at 1pm tomorrow,


Selby against Williams. We want to know more about our


snooker players on the circuit here at the Masters, so we thought we


would get a graphologist to look at the handwriting of Neil Robertson.


This writing is very large, because from the top of the key to the


bottom of the GS 15 millimetres. They could be left-handed.


See a stroke that is expanding, it can be worrying, because there is an


increased pressure, pushing, and it can have a bullying quality. In this


situation, one can see that the writing style started light on the


left. It is a marvellous example of somebody in the right job, because


look at the fact that you have the cue coming off to the right, and


bouncing balls in the middle. He is symbolically saying, "This is the


job I want to do". He is optimistic. He has a writing baseline. He is


trying to do his best. But there is a tendency for him to try to do too


much. Do you see the way that there is a touching of the low zone to the


top of the next line. When you have the overlap of lines, it is somebody


who is doing too much. There can be too much going on that they're


planning ability can suffer. In addition to that, there is a


tremendous need to retain. If you look at the pressure under the


microscope, it is going from a light down stroke, to a heavy upstroke.


Actually, in writing, quite the opposite should be the case. This


down stroke should be heavy, and this upstroke should be lighter.


When you have this displaced pressure, as it is called, it is


somebody that has a tremendously strong need to retain, which is a


positive thing if you are a competitive player. There is an


extra stroke in some of the places. Look at the way that the O has been


finished. This is somebody who is a perfectionist. The issue here is,


when you have connected writing, somebody that is a logical thinker,


it can set up a slight indecision. I will do that, should I.


The actual follow-through is sometimes not complete. But slight


indecision about where should I go is showing in the structure of the


letters as well. Again, it would be interesting to


see this person playing, to see whether they move around the table


and consider a lot of shots before actually going forward and taking


that shot. STUDIO: I hope Adam never see the


notes I make, otherwise he would have a field day! He mentioned


indecision a few times. Can we relate that to Neal's west around


the table? Absolutely not. If anyone is focused


and knows what to do it is Neil. This is a tournament Neal has done


well in. He has had three finals in this venue, so he likes the venue.


He was beaten last year, the best best of 11 I have seen against Judd


Trump. He loves the big events. After a slight hiatus in the season


for him by his standards, he will be keyed up for this.


I talked to him about his 20 15th championship, and he crashed out in


the last 32 of the World Championship.


He has not regained his form from 2015. He is a class player. Even


class players go through peaks and troughs.


I am sure 2017 will be one of the forerunners for him.


He has just played in the championship league last week, 13


centuries, so he is back. Neal takes on Ali Carter this


evening. It is on the red button at 7pm, highlights on BBC Two with


Hazel. We have been looking at his game.


We have some fluid and heavy school was on the circuit, and Ali Carter


comes into that category. Yes, what an incredible match


player. Very tough to beat -- scorers.


He can get upset with himself sometimes.


What about his technique? His technique is one of the best in the


game. He has a short bridge, so he is close to the cue ball, keeping


very still on the shot. Times the ball really well.


The fact that he is centralised in his striking, ie he is not dominant


left or right, he can bring the cue back in a straight line, and push


back in a straight line. Not many players can do that.


He has had well-documented health problems, but to come back and wind


won't is amazing. Tremendous what he has done.


Tremendous fighting character. He works very hard. Perhaps I have been


on at him when I have tried to help Ali in the past. I always feel he


could be even better than he is. I feel that he did win more


tournaments than he has done. Sometimes I wish he had the


dedication of a Stuart Bingham or a Shaun Murphy, or a Mark Selby. But


that might just be his character. He likes to prepare for certain


tournaments, especially the World Championship, and it works for him.


He has arguably been unlucky to run into Ronnie O'Sullivan in two of


those finals. Absolutely. The way he was playing during the


World Championships, he would have had an outstanding chance against


any other player in the world to become world champion. I still


believe he can become world champion, because he has so many


things in his favour. Technically, he is brilliant. He has got a great


fighting mental attitude, he really, really does want to win badly. It


means an awful lot to him. It is quite interesting for me to work


closely with Ali. We have worked on a few things specifically on the


mental side of the game. I see a completely different player from the


player that I first started working with 4-5 years ago.


You are close to him. Do you honestly think he is ectopic player?


Absently. -- a top eight player. Ali has great bottle. Under pressure, he


is capable of doing whatever he needs to do.


STUDIO: And he is one of the sharpest dresses on the tour as


well. You can see how he gets on tonight in highlights on BBC Two


with Hazel, live coverage, 7pm, red button and online. You know where to


go. Every ball this year 's live on the BBC. Back to this afternoon,


Judd Trump leads Marco Fu 3-1. Marvellous entertainment.


All we want is more the same. Yes please.


A big frame for Marco, this one. Good stuff, back to our commentary


team, Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis. COMMENTATOR: Thank you, Jason. Let's


hope this match continues. From where it left. Fabulous from both


players. Of big breaks. Both players have had a century. Marco's to rivet


130 two win his first frame just before the mid-session interval. As


Ken Doherty said that, although it is best of 11, this is a key frame


coming up, 4-1. Look at the pot success rate, it has jumped up from


Marco to 93. Judd is still at 96. Only two points separate them. Just


a containing safety there. Only three different in balls


potted. I know there are three interested


spectators watching, his son Damian and his lovely wife Anneka have just


arrived back from hospital with their new baby boy Hunter that was


born yesterday. His grandad will soon put him to sleep listening to


Steve and me. Now, is he going to get away with


this? He has. I say he has Marco might


have a go with the red to the left corner, and leave himself on the


black. He can't get to that one. Not a good potting angle anyway.


Maybe he can see enough of it. Yeah, yeah, he can just see past the


brown. So he didn't get away with it there,


Judd. APPLAUSE You can see by the amount of time


Marco is studying this that it's not a foregone conclusion for position


on a red. A marvellous shot. If he's not on a


ball there, he can count himself very unlucky.


He might have to take a tricky one into the right middle. He is looking


to see if the one will go in the left middle pocket. That would be an


easier pot. If it does, there is a gap to screw. He can get through to


that one, just, I think. Just about. Doesn't really want to pot the pink,


I don't think. That could be the only reason why he didn't get


straight down on this. Taking a bit of time to work it out,


and now goes for the pink, so happy with the situation. I don't exactly


know where the pink spots. That's the only reason he didn't


want to be playing that. It ties up another red.


Oh... that is a bad mistake if he's not on this. He should have been


nowhere near that red. Tempting fate really.


He had to play it with a trace of side and he didn't get enough side


on it. It was so easy. Oh, that is careless. Didn't get the required


side on that. Quite a margin for error, played with left-hand side,


but not quite enough on it. That's a let off for Judd Trump.


So far in this match, nearly all of the unforced errors have come from


Marco Fu. But he is still potting nicely. APPLAUSE


That brown is nicely over the pocket. It was a poor safety shot


from Judd, it has to be said. That's not the best kiss in the


world. I suppose he had to play it that


way. He didn't have to try and shift everything around. And these are not


certainties. APPLAUSE Bit wider on the blue than he


wanted, so not trusting to luck this time by going into balls. He's


trying to keep it in open play. He's lost the cue ball a bit there.


I'm sure he wanted to be on the one to the left of the table.


Perhaps he was going for these two on the right-hand side, but he is


short of pace on bones. -- combos. So, a missable read now. -- short of


pace on those. APPLAUSE Good recovery pot, but the wrong


side of the blue. But that red to the left of the bunch is on for him


if he screws back a couple of feet. He can be on that, as you can see,


on the left side of the blue line there. He has to leave a


medium-range pot. Yeah, the only trouble with this is,


the cue ball in this break is doing a bit more mileage than he would


have wanted. Trying to get the right side of


balls from distance is harder than when you are close in. Once again,


looks to be a bit short on the blue. The worst scenario is straight.


REFEREE: Foul. Talked himself into playing that


with a bit of right-hand spin. Trying to twist the black in. Very


tight. Yeah, trying to play that with a trace of side is difficult.


He could have rolled the blue in and left the red. There is a read


between the black spot and the pack. He could have left that. But it was


a tricky pot. He was asking a little bit much to just bend it slightly to


create a potting angle on the black. Not much Judd Trump could do with


that shot other than get it down the table.


Got the pace wrong. Marco doesn't pot it, and now Judd Trump, should


he wish to, can open the reds up a bit more. You get the feeling that


Judd only needs one chance in a frame.


I don't know know... Marco can come down the right side of the table.


But he has to be careful with this red. Could sneak over the left


corner. It almost went right over the corner


as you predicted, Steve. But look at the cue ball, the length on that is


terrific, and while that is a big pocket, if he can't get through to


cut the one end that the near the pocket. Look where the cue ball is,


but there is no easy safety, he will have to attempt... He has not come


up to look at how the red is lying over the pocket but you feel as if


he has a big margin of error on that red that is is a bit further up. But


he is playing the safety or possibly the shot to nothing.


He has a good cue ball if it keeps running. What a shot this is. That


is a face fascinating situation. Perhaps the Judd Trump of old would


have got down and played the big pocket shot as we could call it in


the game, but Judd showing some maturity and perhaps just, waiting


for a better chance, not... Panicking at the first opportunity


an he has put the pressure on Marco here. Can Marco lay on the pack?


There is not much of a pack. Yes, a pack of three. Yes.


And very difficult to get through to the red, that is over the pocket. He


is trying to see if he can come off a couple of cushions, but this is so


tough here. It is not a bad effort if he hisses


the pink. It might be in the pocket though, but it wasn't a bad effort.


How has he not hit the red? The ultimate miss that.


If anything wasn't a miss it was that but it is a miss. Can he find


that angle again, it is going to be difficult. The referee is allowed to


not call a miss under those circumstances but the modern day way


is you call it. He has it this time and he has got away with it.


Well almost got away with it. The red will pot. It is not easy but it


will go. Oh. All of a sudden, I said it


wasn't easy and all of a sudden, from being in a terrible position,


Marco Fu is back at the table with a chance.


Yes, I think the reason he did get away with it, is that Judd Trump was


expecting an easy opportunity from that and all of a sudden he comes to


the table with a bit more pressure than he thought was possible. That


is the first relatively easy ball I think Judd has missed.


But that escape of Marco, he has to go so close to the pink, to even


give himself any chance of hitting that red. I mean that was pinpoint


accuracy, you won't see a better escape than that.


Watch how close he goes to the pink here, slides past. Amazing.


This is his third attempt to win this frame, in open play.


You would expect him to convert this chance.


Once again he just about gets on the right side of the colour. That


looked a bit lazy that cue ball, as it came back.


He is carrying on where he left off before the mid-session interval, is


Marco. As I say, he showed a lot of


character after losing two frames where he made breaks of 56 and 644


to bounce back with 130. This is the longest frame of the match so far,


but the balls did go a little awkward.


That is the frame safe. I think he didn't panic when he was


3-0 down because of what he did to John Higgins in the Scottish Open


final, he was 4-1 down and won eight frames in a row. You know, that is


always going to be in the back of your mind, so you don't tend to


panic, and he didn't. And it is two in a row to be one


behind. I did mention before the mid-session


interval, I thought this could be a cracking match, it could prove to


be. Because they are both playing really well. Both 95%, with the pot


success rate. Terrific stuff. This crowd is being royally entertained


here in the Ally Pally this afternoon.


He has currently got the same pot success rate, although it doesn't


feel like that for some reason. It feels like Marco has made more


mistakes, but that is the way it is. Well, that is another fabulous


clearance there from Marco Fu. Breaks of 130 and that break of 88


is only one behind now, it is 3-2 to Judd Trump. Long may this last,


because this is a cracker, it has the hallmarks of being another


blistering match here It had the look of that with Marco coming in in


good form. Judd having a good record against him and the two current


players in good form. There is a situation which is very strange,


where if you look at the table, Marco is in all sorts of trouble


here, and he has to get out of a snooker. He looks like he has enough


reds, you think he is he going to get out of this? If not lose the


frame be pegged back in the frame, and to his in a couple of shots


later, he gets in and wins the frame off it. But this was a brilliant


attempt. Sneaks past the pink. Hits the red. Doesn't get the double-kiss


in the first place, which is great but to get out of that. Judd missed


and he was back in. To get out of that is clever. He has showed a lot


of character, Marco. He has. He hasn't pressed the panic button.


That will come from the confidence of beating John Higgins in Scotland.


When you are playing well you don't press the panic Button. He is calm


and he has taken his chances as he got them. All 06 a sudden from Judd


Trump looking like he was going to runway with this he has been pegged


back. The deficits are worse and seem insurmountable when you have no


form but that is not the case with Marco. So a break of 88 has got


Marco Fu right back in this one. DENNIS TAYLOR: no easy way back down


the table so just the containing safety shot.


Well, that is very careless from Marco, there. The red shouldn't have


been anywhere near the yellow. He has overcut it. Manufacture He has


overcut it so lost a bit of his rhythm at the minute, Judd. He never


looked like missing in the three opening frames. Just overcut that,


probably with a trace of side on it. Not sure what, I think Marco hit


that far too hard. He was playing for the blue. If it hadn't caught


the middle pocket it might have finished up on the black. The red


close to the pocket, sometimes it is a bit difficult to judge what you


are doing with the cue ball. Take some shot to keep this break going.


A bit adventurous to play the two ball plant at distance. It is not


got the most cue power to be able to swing this round for the top


cushion. So trundling through, has he left himself... Enough of a gap


to play this outside red? Oh, there was a bit more of an angle, so he


couldn't do that. So he can get to this red.


Well recovered. And this time he has to go into the


pink, there is only one red, so plenty of power, try and hit the


pink full ball. Well he is still playing for the


loose red, that is amazing. Well I think, has he got there? Has it just


got there? Doesn't look like it. Well I, like you, thought that was


the time to go in. Ken was, John was saying in the studio it is not his


way to go into the pack. It wasn't perfect situation to go in, the pink


was away from the apex of the reds there. So many shots on the snooker


table you think I wish I could have that one again. Has he got this


behind the yellow? He needs to get it there.


Can Judd Trump just get past? I don't think so.


It is tight. So, a few questions on Judd know. --


now. 3-0 up, never nice to sacrifice a


3-0 lead, is it? Just lost a bit of rhythm, he needs a chance to get in


among the balls again. Meanwhile he has to play a few good


safeties to create that chance. And this is pretty good.


That nice flick on the brown has snookered Marco. He can't go down


the left-hand side. So a bit of danger here. He is not snookered on


the reds, so he, he has to go for one. Within three visit. If he


didn't like the situation he could go off the side cushion and play


into the pack or play a containing shot, but a bit of a problem.


Because he has to cover that red, that is near the right corner, and


he is looking over there, to see, he can find a path round to that


position, but he only has the blue to snooker Judd on. So let us see if


he can judge this, he will have to be perfect. He has found the gap.


But I think he has hit it a little bit too hard. It was tough that.


Yes, he has, but this is a big shot now. It is not a certainty. Choices


of reds. Enough distance it is not guaranteed.


As I say, he needs an easy starter just to get a bit of rhythm going.


It is a similar sort of shot for Marco Fu here.


He will be delighted with where the cue ball has ended up.


Wow. He had to give it a bash but he kept that cue on the line and this


black gives him a great chance if he can get this in and it's in.


What a match player, Marco Fu is. He has gone ahead in the pot success


department, Marco, he is now at 96. Fabulous stuff.


Well, from both players. And as you mentioned at the start,


Steve, they have played each other 11 times, and Judd Trump has won


nine of those, you wouldn't think it, the way Marco is going about


this. That is not marvellous, but he has


got pots on, but lost the cue ball a bit. When you think Dennis, how well


Judd Trump started this match off. He looked insinceable. Take --


invincible. Marco Fu has bags of experience and


that bit of confidence. He is making what could have been a very bad day


potentially a wonderful one. Ooh! Well, it has just turned into


bad day again. The twist and turns.


Now, earlier in the day, Judd Trump would have mopped these up. Bit more


difficult now He has played a shocker. Now he is forced with a


very tricky cut back. He thought he had enough side to swing it out


nicely on the black. Good recovery though.


That is what he can do, he is a devastating potter. There is a lot


more balls to be potted, but arguably that could be the most


important shot of the day for Judd Trump.


He committed to that black. Knew it was tough.


Will that be the Springboard for another counter attack?


Not the best opportunity. Opportunity.


Of the ones he had. A few reds round the pink that look awkward. Not sure


what he played for? Did he play for the one... The one below the pink.


That doesn't go, does it? Wonderfully on this black should he


want to go into the reds. Didn't get a great split. He is still in


position. That is my favourite shot of the


game. The stun run through. I really love that shot. Takes a lot of


practise to perfect that. That is a lovely shot. You hit it in


the centre and punch it, and the white just follows through about 18


inches. Cue ball has come a bit further away


from the cushion for it to be comfortable here. He has a bit of


stretching to do. I think he is just OK, just coming


round to check there, if the the red that is two from the pink will go.


He needs that red on the right side cushion. That is Marco Fu's current


insurance policy. He didn't feel as if the red would go, that is why he


played the cannon. It could have worked out a bit better for him.


Another good recovery pot. Just a lit check of the score board


to work out if he does need this red, he could have argued he should


have worked out earlier, but it would be highly critical to say


that! Yes, he has to move it, hasn't he, and needs a good angle now.


From where he has ended up, it is not easy to get this red out, to


guarantee collision with it. He is left handed, so not so easy to drop


on to the side cushion, so he is going for this to knock it out. Not


just the direction, it is the pace. Great effort. Great effort.


APPLAUSE Especially played from Judd Trump.


-- especially played from Judd Trump. And he will be feeling a lot


better and a lot of his sport earths will be, because Marco Fu was just


starting to take control of the match. -- supporters.


This has stopped the rot for Judd. Didn't get much of a chance, the two


previous frames. Just lost a bit of rhythm. Once he got in among them,


he has looked just the way he did at the start of this match.


Apparently Judd has been playing magnificent in practise in the build


up to this event. And he has answered a few questions here today.


4-2. JASON MOHAMMAD: when Marco was in, I


thought I wonder whether Judd is thinking to what happened in


December when he was 5-1 Apparently Judd has been playing


magnificent in practise in the build up to this event. And he has


answered a few questions here today. 4-2.


JASON MOHAMMAD: when Marco was in, I thought I wonder whether Judd is


thinking to what happened in December when he was 5-1 up against


John Higgins thinking "Oh no, I am not going here again." It can happen


like that. That was a very important frame for him, just to make that


break there, ultimately Marco will kick himself. He looked like he was


getting level in that and through him a lifeline. All credit to Judd,


he was starting to teeter. Under pressure, he missed a couple, you


know, but the one, the last shot, the black, knocking out the red, he


knew he had to get the red off. This is a great shot. Fantastic. It is


about the pace here, he didn't hit it too hard. He has #e6ry confidence


to knock it out and any sort of shot. There is is a bit of luck


involved in that shot. If you get cushion and you can knock it past.


The way he played it was right way to play, giving himself every


chance. When you are leading 4-2 does it make a difference? What it


makes a difference is when you look at being pegged at 3-3. He has gone,


he has gone out, gone to come back, he will get composure back and come


back and the 4-the is the difference, when you look like you


are being pegged 3-3. It will steady him a bit. During that frame, he was


looking a bit edgy because he missed a couple of easy reds and Marco was


looking like he was getting on top. Marco's decision making in that


particular frame, why didn't he go into the pack off the blue? He tried


to get on the loose red, instead of going on the run. Make the frame


from that position. You made a good point as we went into that six frame


as well, saying Marco hasn't played badly. He is playing well. This


there is moments of, lapses of concentration, whether it is never,


unlucky. The best players are here here. You might miss a shot like


that and get away with it with someone lower down the rankings but


you don't here. Let us see what Marco has as Judd Trump closes in on


a place in the last eight. DENNIS TAYLOR:. Best of 11, the


first player to six, still a lot of snooker to be played here this


afternoon, and just the odd mistake, and pretty careless one from Marco


in that last frame, cost him. Maybe knocked a bit of the


confidence out of him. He was right in and he missed one with the rest.


Look at this. It is just a straightforward, just roll it in.


And that would have got him back to three each. He was right in among


them there. And I think that might be the big


turning miss in this match. Did very well to get that cue ball


the correct side of the blue. Massive advantage the amount of cue


power Judd Trump has. A far greater range of shots than


his opponent can play. It is not something you can really learn to


do, hitting the ball hard, it is your reflexes, still got to get it


accurate. It is like a golf shot. You can't teach someone to spin the


ball back on the green. It is like, how can you teach someone to screw a


ball back, eight foot? Meanwhile, he... He has messed it up. Unless


something goes in the pack we can't see. It is pretty poor shot. Can't


work out what he was playing. Miles away from where he needed to


be, unless he was trying to get the cue ball in the middle of the table


to get it past the pink. He's ended up playing a pretty ropey shot.


Didn't get any action on the cue ball, perhaps he was coming down to


cannon the pink. Really don't know... Decent safety shot from


Marco, flicks the brown or doesn't, either way, pretty good.


This is a horrible one, this could go wrong. OK, so, he won't be too


disappointed with that. That was his feeler attempt, effectively getting,


see how the ball goes down the table, see if there's any roll off.


He decided to play it then, because he can't afford to hit this shot at


all sick. So you'd expect him to make the adjustment the second time.


-- at all thick. Not too far away from where it was.


Let's have a look where it was. We can show you, it was there. Where is


it now? Just a fraction. That's perfect.


Very well executed, even though it was second attempt. Still had to be


highly accurate on that shot. Marco has a similar type of shot to play,


similar position to put him back in but he's completely butchered it.


Hit that so thick, should have been behind the yellow again. What damage


has he done here? You've got to say, even though there's a lot of reds


clustered at the top of the table, it's a chance for 5-2.


Marco's hope is after messing this shot up, I don't think he even hit


the right to red. He's just got to that because there is a big traffic


jam up the top, that Judd doesn't get a good result of this shot.


Always plenty of traffic jams around Ally Pally, not far off the north


circular. He's got a red into the left corner and that pink is begging


to be potted. He has an escape route for this. Jam.


He didn't take any time at all to work that shot out. Looped it around


the black and all of a sudden it's opened up into a genuine


frame-winning chance. Wasting no time at all. Amongst the


balls he seems to be supremely confident.


First minor mistake. It's going to be a bit further away from this red,


but you can hardly call it a true mistake. This red is far enough away


from the cushion that he won't have any problems potting it. Positional


play is a bit more difficult. Just lost the cue ball. It's the


type of situation reminiscent of a shot Alex Higgins played on that


magnificent clearance against Jimmy White in 1982. Pot the blue to the


side cushion and then screw back to the top cushion. But he's got a much


easier pink. If it goes in, positionally, anyway. It's in. Great


shot. He's lost the cue ball, though.


I think that shot wasn't available to him, the Alex Higgins special. It


was hampered by all the other red sand colours. That's right, he would


have had to lean over them. He only just dropped the pink in and it


doesn't look like he's gone far enough, looks very tight. I don't


think it goes, Dennis. It really doesn't go, I'm telling you, that


doesn't go. I believe you, Steve, I believe you. He's never going to


play it. The trouble is, I'm not sure what


other shots he plays. Going to play a safety shot to


there. Whatever he decides he's a strong favourite, because he is 59


in front and only needs a red and any colour.


Makes it a bit easier for Marco Fu to put in a good safety.


Just got to be a wee bit careful of he's going to land on these reds,


because he could leave a pot bond. He might be better playing a two


cushion escape. If he could nestle on one of the reds to the left...


There you can see, that is the snookering shadow you can see. If he


just nestles on one on the left side of the table, he can leave one along


the cushion. Just got to be a wee bit careful here.


I think I'd rather play it slowly than putting pace in. He's got the


black tied up as it is. So this way he could shift the black out.


Well, Margo, I think, can pot this. Yes. -- Mark Owen.


Although, he might not be able to control the cue ball... To his


liking. That Green's a bit of a problem, perhaps.


He could have done with missing the pink and coming up and just nudging


the black. He would have been OK. He looked as if he was going to get


straight down and try to cut this in but he's had second thoughts.


Because this is just a massive frame for him. He has to win this, 5-2,


very little chance. If he's going to play the safety shot, he should play


the one on the left of the table because that clears and opens the


black a bit better. OK, so the black is available into the right corner.


I think I preferred the other safety shot.


That's a terrific return from Judd Trump there.


That's where his game really has improved, Steve. His safety game has


certainly improved. That's effectively where Marco could have


put Judd, I think. This is tough. Marco this has got to be thin. The


danger of the thin one. Has he got the blue coming to his rescue? Yes.


Judd is seething at the moment, thinking he's got away with that.


Judd is saying that's just lucky. That's a fantastic shot.


APPLAUSE That's a pretty good one as well.


APPLAUSE Excellent judgment of pace there


from Marco Fu. On these very fast tables the cue ball lazily gets back


behind the balkline. Just kept itself away from that


corner pocket enough. To at least give Marco a problem. He'll be


possibly tempted for the double here. It is a thin one. Great shot.


What a shot that is! What a brave double, although he's


only left the red he's missing, because he played the cue ball in a


clever way. We've seen Judd steel frames. This would be another one.


This is the key shot. He could bring both reds into play. He'd certainly


love to develop one of them into a portable decision. But make sure you


don't take your eye off the pot. -- pottable position. This is a tough


one, the black is available. He has to fully commit and roll this along


with the cushion. This is such a key shot. This is for- three or 5-2,


arguably. Great shot. All the hard work done,


you'd think. But this is the important mopping up another once


you're to get. -- you're expected to get.


Earlier in the match, frame a two and three, Marco had to sit in his


seat and watch Judd clear up and pinch both frames.


Judd Trump will be sitting in his chair, thinking that Marco Fu's got


away with this. That one red he left over the pocket, and just got a


fortunate snooker behind the blue. Couldn't have accounted for that.


And that's the difference. He's got to clear that from his mind, because


he still playing great snooker. Tough at the top.


The standard continue, just gone a little bit too far. Taking it for


granted, potting all these colours. The tricky little one is the brown


to blow. -- to blue. Leaving himself distance and not enough angle to go


around the table. A lifeline for Judd Trump.


He did pretty good with that but this is still quite a thin one.


What another cracking frame of snooker. These boys are treating us


to some fabulous snooker here this afternoon. What a clearance to keep


himself right in this year's Masters. Only one behind now, 4-3 to


Judd Trump. If you're just tuning in, the question is, where have you


been? It's not often you get members of the audience standing up, but a


few people are standing up and giving Marco a massive round of


applause. I clapped him, what a frame of snooker that was. I agree,


a little bit of luck when he chipped the red. It was only shot he had,


playing it thinking he might get behind the yellow, then he played a


double as well. He played a wonderful shot here. Could have


tried to clip it in, just went for the double. Look at the control of


the cue ball. The position on the pink was perfect. Great clearance


under pressure. As he's clearing up you think, he hasn't got the angle


on this, he's digging himself a bigger hole. But the execution, the


pink and black, tremendous. Got on the wrong side of the blue but there


was an inevitability about that. You just thought he was going to get the


clearance. The two players have played supremely well. This could be


any scoreline you like. It's worth reminding our viewers... I put you


on the spot in the practice room and you both went for 6-5. There's a


reason why we implore you! Is there?! Answers on a postcard. Let's


go back to Dennis and Steve. I'm certainly enjoying every minute


of this match. The breaks have been fantastic. Judd Trump has had 79, 50


three. Marco has had 56, 64 and 30, 88 and 50 eight. Brilliant stuff.


He's come up a little bit sure and maybe the red is going to come to


his rescue. Don't think he will get through to the one you can clearly


see there. He can't. Not too sure what Marco is looking


at here. Got to be kept with it, play off the side cushion to keep


the white ball in the jaws of the top corner pocket. Just checking


whether he fancies, whether Judd is going to go for a pot. He's changed


his mind. This doesn't go very good, he's overhit it I think, no, he's


OK. He thought he'd overhit it. Perhaps that does go, I don't know.


A genuine chance, a bit easier than I thought it was at first glance.


Judd will be disappointed he missed that. A great effort to get position


on the black, as well. Psychology plays such a big part in


the game of snooker. Judd would have been thinking in the last game, I'm


going 5-2 in front here. It looked odds-on that he was going to do


that, then all of a sudden he's back and he's just one in front. It's


just keeping yourself sitting in your chair in the correct, positive


frame of mind. It's an awful lot of work, mentally, to be able to do


that. The one thing this whole match,


Dennis, I don't think we've had, I don't want to bring it up really, I


don't think we've had one kick. I can't think of one, can you? The


table seems in good condition, balls playing wonderfully, I don't think


it's been an issue in the tournament, so far. Once the players


start trusting the balls to this level, the standard could go through


the roof. Well, I think the standard from all the players has been


superb. They are the top 16 players in the world. Playing at one table


venue, no distractions. That's why we're seeing such a high standard.


And that's why we're seeing some terrific crowds so far. We are only


on day three and the place has been packed most days. They love their


snooker in this part of the world. Of course, we've met people from all


over the country who have attended from different parts of the world,


also. Got a heavy contact there, but he's


OK. I told you not to mention kicks, Steve!


Is the first one, I think. Obviously as the table gets more and more


finger marks and roughed up, that may have an effect. Don't know if


that had anything to do with it. Table brushed and Ireland, or at


least brushed, in the interval. -- and ironed.


Definitely a chance here, for the highest break of the tournament. He


won't necessarily be thinking about that. He has a frame on his brain.


Didn't get that ideally right, that has he got the gap? Perfect.


Couldn't have asked for better. Here's a prediction, Dennis. Even


without red on the side cushion which looks pretty acute on the side


pocket, highest break of the tournament coming up. That's a big


prediction, Steve. But the way he's playing, you


wouldn't put it past him. The main thing is to secure the frame and get


himself back all square. From 3-0 down, that is quite an achievement.


This high standard continues. Marco just had a quick glance round


and he knows if he pops this red, Judd will need a snooker. 132 is the


highest break so far this year. Stuart Bingham made that last night


when he finished up losing 6-1 to Joe Perry.


I don't suppose losing 6-1 he'll be disappointed, he had a new baby


daughter on Saturday, so he would have been glad to get back home and


see his wife and daughter, who was born on Saturday. Not great on the


black. So, lost ideal position. Can he hold


for the blue? Too wide for that. A lower scoring colour, dropping a


few points. And while he's mopping this up, it's


getting to the stage where he may make the highest break of the event,


but it may not end up staying that. A nice little prize for the highest


break, ?10,000. Well, there's another magnificent


century. It is Marco's second in this year 's Masters. 137 now...


That's not great. It's going to be difficult now. 12


centuries so far on day three. Not quite. What a shame! A fabulous


effort, and that century break has got the man from Hong Kong all


square. It's four frames each, what a match. 12 centuries so far in the


Masters. We could be an course to see the breaking of the record. If


they keep playing like this, it was an believable match, wonderful


exhibition of how to keep close, tight cue ball control. Steve was


nearly right, I thought he was going to get the highest break as well.


Only nine players in the history of the sport have made over 400


centuries and Marco Fu is one of them, as is Judd Trump. If we said


to most people, tell me the nine people, Marco Fu's name possibly


wouldn't be in there. But we know how good he is. How has he got


himself back into this? Composure and confidence is a big thing. We


spoke numerous times about that when in December against John Higgins and


how well he played from 4-1 down to reel off nine frames in a row. He's


kept that going here. He looks in total control. Even when he was 3-0


down, he didn't panic, didn't push the boat out, just waited for his


chance in every chance he's got, he's taken. It's been fantastic up


until now. Now we are going to learn so much about this man's composure.


Yes, one thing he doesn't want to do is turn up to this event being one


of the top three we've got and let it go in the first round. It could


happen. To be honest, it's no disgrace whoever loses this match


because the standard has been so high. We have a best-of-3. The crowd


loving it, a bit noisy and there, Denis?


Just one fella got excited and shouted, it's nice to have the


atmosphere and a bit of noise between frames but not on the shot.


It was tried a few years ago to play the game of snooker with lots of


noise during play. It doesn't work at this game.


I was very lucky to go to India, where the game of snooker was


invented. I was playing on the table where the first frame of snooker was


played. A very emotional. And what happened, did he take a


slightly? He was only dropping it in and walked away very quickly.


He was playing a delicate little cannon. We've seen that a few times.


This could really open them up. There are plenty of loose threads


but he will probably open even more of them up.


He's certainly done that, that's for sure. Knowing full well it is not


guaranteed position of the ball. Once again, this short as well,


opening more reds up, now look at them. Two shots later he's got the


frame at his mercy. Absolutely dead straight, as you can


see. He knew he was going to make contact


with that red. It was then enough. Judd Trump looks to be in fantastic


form. Still have no idea about the outcome of this match. How often do


you play so well? Still the potential to come unstuck. I think


he's got the edge over Marco Fu. He could already have won the match.


That's how well he's played, even though he's made elementary


mistakes. They've both put on an unbelievable display for us. There's


been a break of over 50 in every single frame.


Short of pace but only needs this and the colour. Really doing the


damage. Bit of a stretch. He will be delighted with the


outcome of that. It was a little bit risky. Could have caught that read a


fraction thicker. That is to win the frame. Arguably, this is to win the


frame. Absolutely stunning, this snooker we are watching this


afternoon. It has been fascinating. Marco Fu has been playing a great


rearguard action. Really digging in. Even though it has been fast and


furious, it is a clash of styles. Different storylines unfolding.


Judd Trump has moved that read and has a chance to make his second


century break. You run out of words to describe what we are watching


this afternoon. He's not going to bother with the


black. What a fabulous response from Judd Trump.


This is remarkable stuff. I said we would learn about Judd Trump's


composure but also the bravery. He's been in front and look what he's


come up with. Fantastic cue ball control. Marco Fu will be


disappointed. That is all it takes. You've got to see fair play to Judd


Trump. He was up against that. They've been like two boxers, going


round and round. It is not over yet. They've got a few frames. Doug Trump


has got his nose in front and he needs one more. Every time Marco Fu


looks like he might go in front he makes a mistake. This has got one of


those 6-5 results written all over it. The speed they are playing at.


They've gone through those mainframes, very little time. He's


playing at Lake 14 seconds every shot. Even Marco Fu, under 20


seconds. Next time you go in your snooker club, plain mainframes of


snooker and see how long you have been there. I spoke to a few fans


and they said they wanted to come to this match because they knew it


would be high quality. It has that sort of recipe about it. He's very


consistent. It had the makings of a great match. In a tournament like


the Masters, what sort of effect does it have on you when you've only


got a few days to recover? I don't think it will have any sort of


effect. Whoever comes through this match will be bursting with


confidence and cannot wait for this. It will set them up for the rest of


the week. In other sports they say, when you're grading yourself through


tournaments you become battle hardened. We have seen this before


finals, Neil Robinson, with the greatest of respect to Sean, he was


out punch to. But not in first round. You have the euphoria of


winning, the confidence of it and you will kick on from there. You've


been in this position. He looks up at the scoreboard. What goes through


his mind? Trying to force your opponent to give you a moment and


know that when the opening comes along you are able to take it. They


know what they are watching. It has been a treat.


I think seven of the name frames have been just one visit. -- nine


frames. The crowd has been treated to an absolutely special match here.


An important flick on the blue. Has he got a problem with the brown? You


expect great snooker but it's not always the case. You get matches


that are this quality. Guaranteed in the 80s there was some scrappy


stuff. The cloth is lively, the balls are not getting tied up and


when you can and into the reds with the very like cloth the game opens


up more than it used to. I'm not disagreeing with that. It is a


chance to open up and get on the black. I know they are all in


clusters but it is a chance for the match. It's an early chance. Watch


the pink. They've been winning the frames with one visit. This frame


will take them into the next round. Can he produce a match-winning


break? Streams of raids. It may cause some problems.


What a time to pick out a long part there. Obviously getting closer to


the finishing line. The tension rises. He knows he is not far away


from a place in the quarterfinals if he can keep this together and


controlling the cue ball. It will get more difficult from now on.


He just needs one good positional shot to open the side. Perhaps a


cannon on one of the five reds. Now what? Can he get through the


gap? Yes, he's on it. He went through that gap and he is on this


gap. He's already 36 in front. This next shot could pave the way for a


match-winning break. He missed that. Luckily for him he did not get the


cannon in the way he intended. He's back at the table and he's got


a chance to lay a telling safety shot. Does he try and get it tight


in behind the yellow or is that risky? Does he just play for the


politician? I think the commission is probably a good choice.


With the black over the pocket it means everything is going to be safe


in that corner so it takes pressure off the safety shot. Is there a


chance of potting this off the black? Trying to play in-off the


black? He's got the safety in mind. Might even go direct but I don't


think he's playing that way. I'm not sure what he played, perhaps


he was trying to shift the black? Is the crossed ball-on? It could


possibly be on. That is far too risky but the cross double could be


on. He is coming round to look at that. I'm not sure that helps but


he's trying to telegraph what Judd Trump does.


He's possibly getting in behind the brown.


A bit short of pace. Perhaps he was hoping he would get the position if


he potted it. This is a bit dangerous. Just


playing the red below. Not great to play into this corner,


it is the red button will part into the right middle. Maybe coming off


the top condition, that is an option he's been looking at. He is standing


down the line of this. Can have a couple of goes at it. He's got a


fair chance of getting this right. With a bit more pace this would be


excellent but this is a possibility. Marvellous. He's come to fire. Could


not keep that cue ball from trundling down. The white ball is


going to do some work. If he does not pop the green it will cannon out


to the red so it is a thin one but I think he will take on. He cannot


refuse this black. I don't think he can play it's no -- play it slow. He


is. Great shot. Very unlucky. That is a difficult shot to play. Could


have gone off-line. That has left this shot very missable.


One good positional shot and he could be right in amongst them. This


looks pretty good, needs to pull up a little bit, he's played it


perfectly. Marco Fu has played some fantastic pressure shops and just


stroking the ball in. Much easier to power up pressure shot in but he is


supremely confident coming off the back of that victory in Scotland.


What a match this would be for him to win. Really up against that for


most of the day. What a frame this would be for him to win to take it


into the decider. You don't know how this will go.


I'm not sure he is ideally placed. He could screw it back in. Anyway


there and he would have struggled. Great opportunity. Judd Trump, first


in this frame. Messed up an ideal position so he cannot complain. It


has been punch and counterpunch. I thought Judd Trump was going to go


on and clinch the match. He got that all wrong.


Any harder and it would have gone up. Look at this going in-off the


jaw. Another clear run to the winning


post. What angle does he having the black? It looks perfect.


I thought that went but perhaps not. He's not ready yet.


If it is this tight then it's a big decision to risk playing it because


ideally you'd like to play that read by the pink to create.


This thread can go in but not from the position he was in. If he does


it from up the table he will get it easily. If he plays it shorter, he's


got the flick. Got just enough power. You'd expect him to get on


the colour. That kick spoiled things. He thought


he'd missed that when he got the heavy contact. He put a bit of


right-hand spin on it. This is one of the reasons you don't play with


the plain bowl. The boys in the studio will have a big smile on


their face because they both predicted 5- for either way.


One of them is going to be right. One of these players is going to


lose this match and which ever one it is is fully justified in going


outside and smashing their head against the wall, because it's just


been such a fantastic game. An exhibition type shot from Marco Fu.


This has been a delight. I've enjoyed every single minute. What a


standard they've produced. They both had two century breaks. Judd had a


chance to close the match out. It doesn't matter about the pink. The


man from Hong Kong is still in it. He takes that frame with a break of


80 and we are all square, 5-5. You can't beat a decider.


If the BBC World Snooker are listening, I want 50% of this. What


a cracking afternoon. We see it from tournaments and think how we can to


top this match that much but this has been wonderful stuff. Judd Mr


black off the spot. He's in the balls, trying to play a little


considered cannon here and just takes his eye of the black. Marco


goes on to win the frame. This is a wonderful shot, Marco had to make


the Cameron on the pink. Beautifully played nicely on the red. A


wonderful from him. I think this does it justice, it's fair it goes


to a deciding frame because both players have played absolutely


sublime throughout this match. It's been one blow after another, as


Steve said in commentary. Great to watch, the crowd have loved it and


two players playing at the top of their games. You can look too much


into statistics that when you look back at the nine matches Trump has


beta Marco Fu in that they've been one-sided, but this has been a point


at. Exactly, and it shows you how well Marco Fu has played in the last


12 months or so, very consistent. And I say every time, or you want in


a final frame decider is a chance, that's all you want. Here we go,


final frame decider, back to Denis and Steve.


And what a reception both players got, and they had a traditional


handshake between the final frame decider. Not the best break off from


Judd. Where is the red going? Where is the


red going?! Wow, what a fluke that is. Settled down please, thank you.


Amazing. That type of shot isn't necessarily Marco Fu's strength. Had


to hit that pretty hard. It was fairly straight. What an


opportunity. Do you remember the shot like that, Steve, many years


ago at the Crucible Theatre? Chris played a similar shot mind on to


make the first maximum break at the Crucible Theatre, ever?


Well, Judd Trump had first opportunity in the last frame to


clinch the match. Now it is Marco's term. I know there's a long way to


go. He's only potted a couple of balls, but it's a chance.


Cue ball trundled on a little bit more than he would have wanted.


Well, they're certainly not going into the centre of the pocket.


Looking at his head, his body language, he's definitely not on it.


If he'd been a bit more straight, black he could have played it with a


bit more force. He chose to play the soft, controlling cannon into the


pack, but that cue ball just snuck behind the red.


That's the way he likes to do it, but most players would have played


it, as he said, with a lot more pace and that wouldn't have happened


there. Different styles of break-building.


You can't say Marco Fu is a slouch in the break-building department.


He reminds me of the great Ray Reardon the way he breaks, Ray used


to be like that, six times world champion.


Judd comes back to the table a lot earlier than he expected, or would


have hoped for. Mind you, I'm just thinking, if


Marco had to have gone on to win the match after that fluke... It


wouldn't have been very fair, really. But that's the way the game


can go at times. Didn't waste any time, picked out a


shot to nothing. Deliberately played short of the baulk line, giving


himself another opportunity. He's spotted eight out of ten long pots


this afternoon, and this red at the back of the bunch, is available. The


black is on from the right corner. He missed a similar one by putting


more pace into it before. Gone fraction to that left jaw, but


always in. Can he get himself on that red next to the black? That


would clear the black spot area completely. You see, where the white


is at the moment, if he was there he would be on the red. He has an angle


to stun in and leave that red on. He's just looking at other options,


but he'd like to get that red out of the way, if he could. He's trying to


work out a way he can go about this break without playing a cannon into


the pack from the black, I think. Sometimes when the reds are all


apart from each other, eight cannon into the pack is not as easy to


predict. -- a cannon. That's not great, just about got out


from that black cushion. So, big shot.


I think you can just drop this in and get a cannon and beyond one.


Yes. Pretty good. Lost control a little bit, but he's


got the option of the red into the middle pocket. This is a great


chance, he's certainly gone favourite in the frame.


Very nicely done. That's amazing. I'm looking Judd


Trump's breaks 102, 87, 67, 59, 112... And there's every chance he's


going to lose this unbelievably exciting match. 50 ahead, still


plenty of red is available. He's played superbly well. Just that


black off the spot in the previous frame.


Yes, most times in a match, the loser goes back and analyses where


they went wrong. Not too sure that man there has anything to question


about his state's play. -- his day's play. What a great match.


What a performance, Dennis even that shot he was hampered, it


wasn't straightforward. Such a cool customer. Amazing.


If his name was Luke, I'd call him cool hand Luke. He's just stolen the


match away from Judd Trump, who looked to be... You could argue if


he kept that form up, he could have won the tournament.


What an incredible performance. APPLAUSE


You can teach technique all you like, but you can't teach match


temperament like this. And Judd is a very popular player but this crowd


here gives Marco a terrific reception when he potted frame ball.


Well, it may be a long time before you see a match of this calibre. It


happens all the time in The Masters, always something crops up. But this


has been exceptional. Could he go out making his third


century? He's a very modest young man, is


Marco Fu. And his coach will be delighted, Terry Griffiths's son


Wayne is here. Wayne living in Hong Kong and works with Marco out there.


He will be absolutely delighted to see his player performing like this.


It was just a great win for Marco Fu, that keeps his momentum going


after doing so well in Scotland. The crowd has absolutely loved this.


A pleasure to commentate on it and it's just been a monumental


standard. I think both players deserve a


standing ovation for this performance, and I'm sure they'll


get it. It just doesn't get any better than


this. Brown and blue for his third century


in the match. And it will be the 14th in this


year's Masters. APPLAUSE Absolutely brilliant from Marco Fu!


Doesn't matter about the pink. What a match these two players have


treated us to hear this afternoon. Both players at the top of their


form, one has made two century breaks on the other has made three.


They are getting a standing ovation, and don't they deserve it? In the


end, the gentleman Marco Fu wins the match in the deciding frame, 6-5.


Amazing, what a match. I'm looking out at the crowd, looking at them


clambering to get a signature for Marco Fu. I saw people standing on


their feet, applauding, with our hands over their heads, just


applauding this man's performance today. Just incredible. Both


players, because to be honest that's what made the match. I feel sorry


for Judd a bit, he never got a single chance in the last frame but


boy did Marco Fu take them well. It might have started with a fluke but


it didn't get him over the line does a great long pot and going on to win


the match. It was a wonderful spectacle afternoon. Two and half


days of Masters snooker and 14th century breaks. Incredible,


incredible standard. And as you said, and a half days into the


tournament. We've still got another four or five days to go. On for a


vintage Masters. What's going on? He's 39 years old and playing the


best snooker of his career. That's as good as he can play. I asked you


before we came on air, having won the Scottish open in the manner he


did, if you walk into a competition like this thinking, come on, I can


beat the rest of you? That's what it does. When you win tournaments like


that... It gives you great confidence. Well done.


Congratulations, take a seat. You never led the match until you


actually won it. An incredible performance. What is that down too?


I think I did it the hard way, I missed three balls and 3-0 down,


maybe not the first frame but I could have won the second and third


frame. At the end of it I felt OK. I just tried to concentrate on the


good things I'd been doing. Maybe 94% pot success rate. It was not so


bad. Maybe if I could capitalise on some of the chances amongst the


balls, score heavily, then I could get back into the match. You made a


good point halfway through the match. He said, you find yourself


down and you've been playing really well. Word their lapses in


concentration, a few nerves early on? Yes, maybe a few nerves, because


no matter how many tournaments you've won before, this is


different, coming to the Crucible or coming to the Masters, they give you


an extra buzz. Sometimes it can work against you, if you're not feeling


that great. At the beginning I was feeling the nerves, definitely. The


good thing is, I said earlier, even though you are behind in the match,


the fact you are playing so well, it's not quite the same thing. If


you are behind in the match and don't have any form it's different,


but when you are playing as well as you are currently, you always feel


you are still in the game? Yes, when I'm in good form I think I handled


the mistakes, a lot better. If I've missed one shot it's over and I feel


vulnerable but now I feel a bit stronger. Miss two or three, it


doesn't matter, just keep going and wait for the next chance. Judd


played really well today. When you won that match in Scotland against


John Higgins, you came from behind there, why do thinking about that


match during this match? Thinking, I did it against John Higgins in his


own backyard, I can do out there? Differently, when I was 3-0 down I


was thinking of the match I played against John Higgins in Scotland.


Not quite similar because John made three centuries. But today I should


have won two or three. That's the difference. I know in the back and


-- of my mind I can do it. Sometimes I play better when I'm behind. You


go through spells in your career. Mark Allan next and that will be


another cracking match, I should think, what is your record like with


him? I'm not too sure, pretty even, I think. I'm happy to still be in


the tournament, I could have gone home. The way Judd was playing, the


way it went in the beginning, I could have gone home 6-2, 6-3, but


I'm still in it. We were talking in the mid-session interval, 39 years


old now. I hope you don't mind that going out onto a vision, it's gone


out twice. 39 and still playing as well as you are, what's the secret


of your success? Just looking at the players, the likes of Mark Davis,


Joe Perry, Stuart Bingham and Ronnie and John Higgins, still playing very


well, if not the best... John Higgins probably playing the best


snooker of his career. We can still do it. You certainly can! A number


of our viewers, they like your watch. They say they haven't seen a


watch that size since a grandfather in the household. It is a beautiful


watch. I designed this watch for a Hong Kong watch company. You can see


the mechanics inside. Sorry, this is the BBC, no advertising! A few of


the viewers say they like you watch. You brought it up! If you would like


to send us one, we will make sure it goes to the right person. LAUGHTER


I've not got one. Well played today, you have thrilled this crowd and as


in the studio and Dennis and Steve loved as well. Fantastic


performance, good luck against Mark Allen.


Tonight is all about Neil Robertson taking on Ali Carter and earlier


today John sat down with meal for a quick chat. -- with Neil Robertson.


quick chat. -- with Neil How is the form? If you asked me in


October or November, not too great. But since then... I've worked very


hard over Christmas and just before Christmas, lost in the last 16 to


Marco Fu 4-3 in Scotland and he went on to win the tournament. It was a


fantastic match and I could have quite easily got to the finals


there. The form is back, played very well in the championship league, a


couple of groups heading into the Masters now. Yeah, Phil really good


about my game. You made a lot of centuries in that as well? I did.


Defence of 100 centuries this season... But the way I started the


season, it's probably not achievable. I racked up few. 11 or


12 last week. The scoring is back and I feel really good, I've never


practised as hard over Christmas as I did. The season started well, a


winner early on and a couple of semifinals, but not like you, you've


been very inconsistent. Is there any reason it hasn't been happening for


you? When I went back home to Australia, I was back home for four


weeks, at a period of time when other players were sort of getting


back into things. I'm taking that time. When I came back, I was still


kind of not ready to get back into competing at the highest level. I


went out to China. Had a bit of a nightmare out there. Didn't really


want to play the game. I had some bad results and that sort of form


continued for another couple of events, wait you couldn't practised


properly. Got back from China, two or days and you're up to Preston for


qualifying, back home for a few games days, here and there. Hard to


get momentum. Nice I had a period of where I practice focus on practising


on the practice table. Playing as well as ever now. Some players,


things aren't going quite well and may ease off the gas and take it


easy. You're not one of those, you graft harder? Especially over the


last couple of months. I've been practising so hard. I was in Norway


over Christmas, I've never done that before. I feel as though my game is


in really good shape and hopefully it's not going to be too long before


I pick up another big one. This tournament, this venue has been good


for you. Three finals for you in the Masters. What you like about it so


much? I think this tournament in general, the top players love


playing here. This venue is absolutely amazing. Ever since we've


moved here I think it's been a real positive for the players. Great


crowds every game, one-table set-up, that's what the top players really


want to play in. It's a visit ornament with such fantastic


history, as well. What is your expectation for this tournament this


week? To play as well as I can. I've prepared as well as I possibly can.


So whatever happens on the table, I can't be disappointed, because I


have put in the work. Looking for a really good performance, like I have


done here in previous years. Good chat and Neil Robertson against Ali


Carter is live on the red button, highlights at 12.15 on BBC Two. If


you want to plan your afternoon tomorrow, two former Masters


champion is go head-to-head at one o'clock tomorrow. Mark Selby taking


on Mark Williams and Mark has been for a drive with Steve Davis.


How are you doing? Put your seat belt on. Click! Can't see a thing.


Hold on. I need some headlights. Oh my God! I don't even know how to put


the headlights on. Come on now, well done. Yes! Well done. That's not


headlights, is it? Is it too cold for you? It's all right. Apart from


that... Keep your eyes on the road! You wouldn't have a hobby you take


on the road, something you could occupy your time with? No, not


really. I've been known to go up the road and play bingo in the evenings


or the afternoons. Is that true question do you have your own pens?


Yes, my own pens in a case with my name on it. They are not just pens,


they are called dabbers. What is the biggest prize you've ever won at


bingo? Not much, about 380 quid. How much do you think you've spent at


bingo? Thousands! Break, Steve. Reactions of gone. What's that? I


don't know. What's that noise? Parking sensors. Parking sensors?


Green. LAUGHTER What was that?! The bus has


overtaken me, look! You just got overtaken by a boss and he's pulling


away from it. It's the 600 B. It's late. Where are the parking sensors?


Surely you should know that before you get in. Now you've put the air


conditioning on. Read red, red! Get me out of this car.


You just run a red light. It wasn't red, it was amber. That's the first


time I'd seen you... Is just getting bored, just trying to stop the noise


stopped I prefer you driving me than Stephen Hendry driving me. If you


ever get in a car with him, with gears, you will never, never


experienced anything like it in your life. Oh no, there's a police car.


There you go. Don't take it out and gear...


Terrible. You want to get that sorted for the next player. Second


is here somewhere. Somewhere. You are one of the seniors now, aren't


you? That's amazing. I remember playing you when you were an


ignorant potter and all of a sudden you turned into a player. I don't


remember him saying when I won the Welsh Open and dumped him 5-1 along


the way that I'll never win another tournament. It turns out he was spot


on. Fair play. But he denies ever saying that. But he definitely said


it. So what upsets you? Do you get upset


about anything? Not that much. You don't get upset on Twitter, you are


a wind-up merchant. I don't think I've ever been wound up in my life.


Loads of people have tried. They can say absolutely anything to me, to my


face, on Twitter, it makes no difference to me, I don't give a


monkey. Not much gets me going, snooker certainly don't. If I'm


watching snooker in the house, and this is yourself included in this.


Oh dear, don't tell me. Commentators, and the stuff you say,


not just you but near enough everyone, I just feel like pulling


my hair out. Sometimes I have to switch it off or turn it down.


Including Stephen Hendry? Including Stephen Hendry. You could do a


better job? Absolutely not! LAUGHTER I'm just happy to be alive. You


could have murdered about four people. LAUGHTER


Jesus. It's not easy doing everything. Knocked two cyclists


off, two old people walking across the road... That's why I haven't got


a licence! I think the less said about Steve


Davis' driving... Terrible driver. And Mark Williams' language.


Delighted to get out safe and sound if Steve is driving. Mark Selby for


Mark Williams tomorrow. Looking at the roll of honour, five Masters


titles between them. Two class acts, one who is in his pomp. Mark


Williams around the 2000 era, former world number one against the current


number one who is incredibly difficult to beat. Mark Williams,


1998 his first Masters title. Against Stephen Hendry on that black


ball finish. A tough match for him and a tough match for Mark Selby.


Mark Williams, you never know what will happen but he's fantastic. Hard


to beat what we've seen today? You never know. This tournament has a


habit of throwing up great matches. Fantastic. Thank you for your


company today. Every ball of the Masters live on the BBC from seven


o'clock. Highlights with Hazel from midnight. From all of us, goodbye.


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