First Round: Mark Selby v Mark Williams Masters Snooker

First Round: Mark Selby v Mark Williams

Three-time Masters champion and reigning World and UK champion Mark Selby begins his campaign against two-time former winner Mark Williams. Hazel Irvine introduces live coverage.

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HAZEL IRVINE: Good afternoon, three days, three deciders, that is what


this Dafabet has produced at Alexandra Palace. It has been a


fantastic tournament to date, with thrilling afternoon drama and


compelling theatre in the evening as well.


Here are the stats, 15 centuries have been made in only six matches


so far. Five of them in that memorable showpiece yesterday when


Judd Trump fell to a very cool and classy Marco Fu.


It seemed like he hit that harder than he needed.


A massive steel, so much more than the last frame.


That's 3-0. Possibly tempted with the double


here. What a shot that is.


Judd Trump will be sitting in his chair thinking that Marco Fu's away


with this. What another cracking frame of


snooker. He is only one behind now, 4-3.


Well, there's a bit of naughty snooker from Judd Trump, a beautiful


century break. What a fabulous response. It's 5-4.


He's missed it. He missed everything in that.


Kick, and he has still got the pot. What a way that would have been to


have lost a match in the Masters. Where's the red going? Wow... what a


fluke that is. It just doesn't get any better than


this. Absolutely brilliant from Marco Fu.


Both players at the top of their form, one has made two century


breaks, the other has made three. They are getting a standing ovation,


and don't they deserve it. He is going for the black. Oh! What


a good pot that was. Another solid pot from the


Australian. Didn't he strike that well.


Pretty impressive display, this, tonight from Robertson. A brick of a


century here. It's there and there is no way back


now for Ali Carter. What a great match and what a performer, Neil


Robertson is absolutely delighted, and has booked a date in the


quarterfinal. HAZEL IRVINE: A watchable


quarterfinal draw is shaping up. Ronnie O'Sullivan is safely through,


only just. He will now play Neil Robertson, who defeated Ali Carter


last night. It might have been Judd Trump against John Higgins, that


Marco Fu won the day against Judd Trump, and he will play Mark Allen.


Joe Perry is through to his second quarterfinal, taking on Ding Junhui,


who finally won a game at Ally Pally. And we will sort this out,


Shaun Murphy against Barry Hawkins this evening. This afternoon, it is


Mark Selby against Mark Williams. Everyone is still abuzz with that


match yesterday featuring Marco Fu and Judd Trump. Five centuries,


eight 100 school breaks. Marco Fu is now playing the best snooker of his


career. I think he is. He has reinvented himself. It was not


unfair to call him a journeyman, but now he is a winning machine. It


looks like he has got a leaf will stop I know another man with great


belief, Mark Selby. He has been world number one, at the


top of the rankings, for 100 weeks, almost two years. In some respects,


does he remind you of a certain someone like Steve Davis? You were


the Rumford robot, the winning machine. You were teased and derided


about that, do you see a resemblance in that regard? I think so.


He is a great match player. There is nothing he does wrong in the game.


He does great interviews, he turns up when he needs to do. He is a


winning machine, but there is always an element of people that watch that


don't want to see that relentless winner. They prefer to see the


vulnerable entertainer. But long-term, I think people come


around to valuing his commodity, and also liking the person.


So by the end of his reign, I think he will be much more liked than at


the moment. It is interesting. You talk about popularity contests,


you never saw it like that, yet you won one. You have the most top three


nominations of anybody in sports personality of the year. Is that a


career path for him outside snooker somehow?


I think it will be in the end. People accept gestures of champions,


and great triers. But the most important thing is, true snooker


fans like Mark Selby. The people that I don't care about are the ones


that don't like Mark Selby. They only like certain types of players.


The proper snooker fan likes all types of snooker players and what


they bring to the table. We will be watching this match with


tap in Steve Davis. You are one of the few people that have won all


three majors, the triple Crown, the World Championship, the Masters and


the UK Silver Vase. And held all three simultaneously. It is a


difficult thing to do. Mark Selby can complete a Selby Slam if he wins


the trophy this week. He would join this group of players. Only Steve


Davis and Stephen Hendry have done it twice, together with John Higgins


and Mark Williams, owning all three at the same time. Now, that is a


club. To win the triple Crown, I think, is


a fantastic feeling of satisfaction that you have truly dominated. But


the type of person that is likely to win the Triple Crown is the type of


player that has a relentlessness to their game.


In order, I would place the World Championship first, then the


Masters, then the UK. If I went through a season without winning any


of them, it would be a huge disappointment, it even if I won


three or four others. Those are the three that you'd grow up watching on


TV, and you associate with being the best player in the world.


Very few players have done it, Ronnie has not done it, amazingly,


and such a great player he is. It must be difficult if someone like


Ronnie O'Sullivan has never done it, and there are only four players that


have ever done it. It tells you how hard it is.


It lends itself to a John Higgins style player that day in, day out,


plays a bread winning game under all conditions. But as they go through a


tournament, can move through the gears as well. That is the vein that


Mark Selby is in. Coming here, knowing that I am in a


chance to join that elite group that you mentioned to hold all three


titles at the same time, it is going to be tough.


If anybody could do it and make it look not easy, but look like he was


in control, Mark Selby is the animal, the ultimate animal. The


predator. HAZEL IRVINE: Only four men have so


far done it. Steve Davis, what does it feel like to have these beautiful


things in your possession? Your own personal trophy cabinet at one time?


You have all the keys to the sweet box, you are a superhero and you


have an invincibility shield around you that lasts a bit longer for the


rest of the season. And perhaps the season after that.


Is it even harder to achieve now than it was in your day? It is 14


years since this was actually done? I think I would have to say it must


be. To do it it's hard enough. To always be on your best form, or good


enough form to get through all of the matches that you had to play


even on a bad day, is tough. But when you look at the standard of


players you come up against now, it is harder than it has ever been,


definitely. The irony is, the last man to do it,


Mark Williams, is the man that Mark Selby is playing today. It is worth


reminding you of Mark Williams's incredible invincibility back then.


He reigned supreme, 2002- 03 season in particular.


He had the code to winning matches back then. He had the formula for


getting over the line, the tightrope walk of brinkmanship with Mark,


potting pressure balls to get out of trouble. The trouble is, that bubble


at some stage bursts, and it is tough to get it back. Mark Williams


is somebody that is a potential banana skin for any player in the


game, because he is a great match player.


Let's look at the head-to-head series between the two, it is


interesting. Williams, making his 19th appearance at the Masters, he


comes with a stronger record. Selby won their most recent contest at the


Welsh last year. This is the first time they have met in a major for


four years. So John Parrott, pick the bones out of all of that. I


would do, but I don't have too. I have commentators in my midst.


Stephen, I know you don't like saying nice things about Mark


Williams, but it is his credit that he is in the last 16.


He is still winning matches, but if you look at the Golden generation,


Higgins and O'Sullivan are still winning. Mark it on. I worry if he


has given up on winning. When I speak to him, he says he does not


care if he wins or loses, he turned up, he likes his life, he doesn't


bother. That is a worrying attitude for me, but that is the way he is.


How important is it for him to school today? It is tough to play


Mark Selby. You had to compete in all departments. -- score. You don't


get many chances. If there is a weakness, he hasn't scored heavily


enough. He is up against somebody that is


brilliant with ring craft in Mark Selby, but Mark Williams's own ring


craft has given him bob runs in the past.


It would give any player problems. But Mark Selby is on a high. He is


number one in the world. -- problems. Saying about the Grand


Slam, he has the pressure of that. Maybe that could work to Mark


Williams's advantage, to keep the pressure on.


But I think Mark Selby at the moment is head and shoulders. He is


confident and everything else. He has an unerring habit of winning


not at his best, and that is a fantastic thing to have in your


armour. You could say the same thing about


Mark Williams at his best. I agree with Stephen, Mark Williams is


reinventing himself, but he needs a bit of silverware, or you lose the


will to play, if you like. Looking forward to listening to you


this afternoon. More of the same from these players, please. It has


been a fantastic week. Rob Walker, take it away.


Today, we complete the line-up for the quarterfinals of this year 's


Dafabet Masters, which so far has been a brilliant tournament. Now to


a match to be two men that have lifted this title five times between


them. Could be a lot of fun here this afternoon at Alexandra Palace.


Please welcome a player who first appeared at the Masters 22 years


ago, twice a winner of this once, twice a world champion stop he


jokingly refers to himself as the Welsh Has Been, but we know there is


a touch of magic or two left in the cue, please welcome Mark Williams.


And his opponent, a player of immense composure on the big


occasion, five times a Masters finalist, three times a champion. He


has just passed his 100th consecutive week as well number one.


Reigning UK champion, reigning world champion, he's The Jester From


Leicester hummer Mark Selby. HAZEL IRVINE: Here we go, Steve and


John, all yours. JOHN VIRGO: Thank you, Hazel, good


afternoon, everybody. This could be a very interesting match.


REFEREE: Thank you, the first frame, Mark Williams to break.


Mark Williams gets the match underway.


And a good break-off shot it is. APPLAUSE


An excellent return from Mark. Look at that. Good shot.


Two fantastic tactical brains up against each other today.


Snub you see a return back to walk here, so you'll have UK. -- it's not


easy to see. I am not sure whether the right to the left bank goes to


the right middle. No, it doesn't. So safe enough.


-- the red the left of the pink. A little bit loose there, and his


opponent with his hand on the table. You should have played a better fate


than that. I could say the same about Mark


Williams there. That was a poor shot.


The worst thing that has happened there, he has opened the black up to


the left corner. He may have two just swerve this a


touch. Should be able to hold forth black mud playing it with swerve.


He certainly didn't want to hit the red that full. OK, it has gone in,


but he wanted it a bit more on the left. He will be straight on the


black. He can still pot the black, but he has had a look at the blue.


Although the blue is an easier pot, he will be struggling to get back


amongst the reds, so he's playing the black. It's a bit high.


-- high. I don't know if the pink goes. It obviously does. Not a


problem to be on the side cushion. APPLAUSE


As we were saying before, he has got to school today from these


opportunities, winning frames in one visit.


A little bit awkward, this position of shot. Two reds beside the pink


Dodd pot. I don't think he would play for a red. Not straightforward


to get nicely on the next red. He's played that well. He now has


the natural angle just to drop on the pink.


Now, can you put this red and avoid the kiss on the pink? I am not


certain he can. He would love to... if he was


straight on the red, he could screw back for the pink on the same


pocket. But if you can't avoid the kiss on the pink, he won't be on it.


He didn't want to take the risk, so played it firmer. Always knew he


would have the blue in the far right corner, but he doesn't really want


to be playing the blue. So he's just run out of perfect


position now. I think you can pot black and screw


back for the red to the right middle. I don't think the will do


anything like going into the bunch from this shot.


That's OK. APPLAUSE I think the one thing that could


suit him two days, Stephen, because he's not really a power player, he


likes floating bubbles in, a quick table suits his type of game down to


the ground. So that could lead to his advantage. But having said that,


on the table, he's just been a bit unlucky there. I don't think he's on


anything. You could have done with another


couple of ounces of power going into the pack there. I agree with you,


John, he's a touch player. Walking to the baulk end. That tells


you he's going to play safe with his next shot. It is not a


straightforward return to baulk, though. He has got to be careful. He


has the red near the right corner. Normally, he could glance of a red


quite easily, but I don't think that is the case here. He thinks he's


found a path. Just a touch short of pace. 38.


APPLAUSE A little unlucky.


As you can see, you can get past the brown to play a thin safety back to


ball. He is not guaranteed to get this safe. He also has another


opportunity on the left-hand side of the table. It could win him the


frame, or lose him the frame. It is decision time.


He just tried to hedge his bets slightly there. Well, he's not left


anything easy, let's put it that way. He didn't fully commit on the


pot. Yeah, there's a bit of pressure on


the spot. If he misses it, it could cost him the frame.


No, a mile away. So, that should cost in this first frame. -- cost


him. Ever since I have been covering the


snooker, John, sorry, the last two, three, four years, watching Mark


Selby, it is amazing how we first round he doesn't play well in and


goes through. Then wins the tournament. He is definitely


vulnerable in the first round of tournaments. As we said, chasing


this Triple Crown, joining the elite club, that is putting a little bit


of pressure on him as well. There are no easy matches nowadays.


I think if he has a weakness, Mark Selby, sometimes I don't think he


believes in himself as much as he should. He is a tremendous player,


and a man to beat at the moment, for me. Sometimes he doubts his own


ability. He certainly does, but a chance for Mark Williams to get a


good start you felt he needed. He should win the frame at this visit.


Obviously came very straight on the yellow, and couldn't do much with


the cue ball. So you would think, just make certain of this red, and


play the blue. I wonder if we will see one of Mark


Williams putted shops where he puts you under his arm. He wants to make


sure of the pot. -- Mark Williams's shots.


He doesn't want to make contact with a baulk colour.


You almost missed the putt there. That is why the cue ball ended up


there. He is on nothing. So that frame-winning chance now has gone.


53 points the lead, but still 75 remaining.


He will be very disappointed. Had to win the free from that visit. When


you are playing against Mark Selby, he will punish mistakes. That is


what has been happening in all the other matches in this Masters so far


this week. The standard has been incredible so far.


Touching the red, so there is not a lot Selby could do there. He is not


going to gain any advantage. Mark Williams should still the upper hand


in this tactical battle. Mark Selby is in a lot of trouble


here. He will have a play off one condition that is on the black


commission. Also Mark Williams has a 53 point


lead, the way the red Star, if Mark Selby is to get the next


opportunity, he could quickly be favourite for the frame.


He has left a red. As John said, there is pressure on it now. Look at


the way the raids are situated, if he misses it could cost him the


freedom. He is taking a while getting down to it.


I am sure Mark Williams will take this first freedom. Oh dear. I think


he has been a bit fortunate. That now puts on 60 points in front. He


played to come past the green, not come into it. He has needed three


chances to win this first frame, as Mark. He won't be counting on


getting that in most of the frames. You have got to take your hat off to


him. There was a time only a cute seasons ago when he dropped out of


the top 32. He has got the talent. We were talking about John Higgins


who turned professional at the same time. He is as talented as him. It


is strange to me that he seems to have this attitude that he is not


bothered about winning any more. Maybe in a way that it takes a bit


of pressure off. It is a get out, if you lose you have not put any


pressure on yourself. For me, he should still be competing for


tournaments and titles. Giving every shot the right care and


attention. This is the free and well and truly over, he just wants to


make sure he keeps getting the queue through straight.


So in those of the black. He reduced the world champion to only scoring


one point there. Mark Williams is 1-0 in front. A nice little emphatic


statement. How dangerous is Mark Williams? Very. I think it was


important for him to clear this up because even though he was a key


point in front, he still looked nervous, had a couple of chances to


get the points in front. That will settle down even more by the fact he


cleared the table. Steven Smith at that point, he feeds, and he knows


Markwell, perhaps he is not as bothered by women is often now. Is


that a product of age or a protection on his pot? It could be.


It could be the fact that you are getting older and you go softer in


the middle. It could also be the case that Mark has always been like


that. He has always been the most laid back, even when he was the


ultimate winning machine. It is in his nature can not put so much


emphasis on the importance of winning or losing. Perhaps a


statement that he has another life. You wonder if you have to pay the


price, but it has to hurt and if it doesn't hurt when you lose, then you


are past your best and that is what Stephen is talking about. Is he


still a player that strikes nervousness into the heart of


someone like Mark Selby? Everyone respects his game. John Baird the


point, we were talking before and I said Selby has a habit of winning


when he was not in his best. When you get too scrappy frames at the


end, he was one of the best I ever played. Very clever. They all


respect. That is why I mentioned the scoring, if he can ally that with


his ring craft, that will make in a match for anyone. The point John was


making about the fact Selby is going for the slam, how much pressure did


you feel that will exert? It could inflict pressure. But Selby doesn't


necessarily put pressure on at the start, it is when the stakes rise at


the end. That is when Mark Selby asks a lot of questions. He asked


some questions at the start of this. The boys have been answering them.


It is an interesting matchup with the two players. I am certain the


bookmakers have made Mark Selby the big favourite for this match. As


John was saying, you can never discount Mark Williams. Snooker for


the connoisseur, this is. Sit back and enjoy.


We always say, if you are going to miss that type of shot, miss it


saying, if it is too thick, the cue ball will never get past the blue


spot. First opportunity to Mark Selby. A chance for him to get his


hand on the table and partly few balls.


Well, that just shows you when you have not had any table time. If he


had the black in the middle, he looks like he has a second prize


here. Just off straight. It looked for a moment as if he had nothing to


go out. Fortunate to be on it, but a good


pop nonetheless. It goes without saying, they wanted


to get rid of is the one to the right of the black. He will be able


to do that now. He won't be going into the punch


from this shot. He will be starting to think about it in the back of his


mind. It is nice to leave that shot when there are one or two nice


reference. He might choose to play for the open


and to go into the bunch. That was the first black of the


fifth red. He will not be playing for the black now. He is hampered.


He will have two wrote this in play for pink or blue. There is a ?10,000


prize for the highest break. Held at the moment by Stuart Bingham who


made a 13 break. -- in 132 break. It was in the only match 30 one.


He is not going to hit the blue, he is just thinking about where he


wants to leave the cue ball. Maybe thinking about trying to hold the


spot. He decided to play the screw shot in the end. He felt if he did


stun run through, he would be at full stretch. Back in prime


position. He mentioned Mark Williams always


missed that long ball by a long way. It looks like it will cost him the


frame. Another possible reason why Mark


doesn't get those long pause as regularly as he would like. Applause


as that puts Mark Selby in the position where his opponent needs


snookers. You don't have to do a lot wrong to lose a frame. Still the


possibility of beating the 132 break. ?10,000 is not to be sniffed


at. Missed the cannon, but he will be on the red. Still a chance.


This had been pretty impressive except for the shot of the first


black where he was fortunate to leave a red at the pocket. He has


been flawless since then. Cleverley and purposefully potted


that. Now, I don't know if he knows what the hybrid is. We might see him


ask the referee. I think someone like Mark Selby will know. On the


right-hand side of the cue ball here. Beautifully constructed brick.


With the red and black, a possible 139 on. You would think to win the


prize you would want 142 plus. Absolutely. I was chatting to


someone about the pot of a maximum break and it is only about 8- one.


We have talked about how good the playing conditions are. The top


players love that for brick building. They never have to hit the


ball a. -- that hard. There will be many big breaks this week.


Just about perfect. He might have to just stun one of the top cushion.


Like most shots in this break, inch perfect.


That equals the hybrid. This lack to set the bar that little bit higher.


Wonderful. This is why he is the world champion and world number one.


That was exquisite. Well, that is Mark Selby's track


record at the moment. It is one each and I am really enjoying this match


from the point of view, can Mark Williams somehow get a result here?


I think the first frame took him three opportunities. That does not


bode well for me for the rest of the match. He has two step that up. If


he doesn't he will lose the match. One chance for Mark Selby and that


was it, frame over. Can he get past the green to the


right corner? I think you can just about get through to the potting


angle. We played the cannon on the red to the black.


Green looks the obvious colour to take here. If he brought the cue


ball back to where it is now it would be ideal.


A little bit more of an angle on this pot than he would have liked.


It makes it missable. Sometimes you miss these. It could hit the right


job of the pocket. Safely in. Mark Williams looked on for most of


the last frame. He will be hoping he doesn't gain. If this cannon goes


right, he could. He is on the black. A little bit thinner than he would


like. If he can get the cannon from the black, this little cannon on the


red. That was careless. Didn't get into the cue ball at all. It was a


very comfortable shot in the end. He will be very disappointed that the


break has ended this quickly. In the last frame he would have been


looking to win this frame in one visit again. He will go back to his


chair a bit frustrated. Mark Williams is playing off the


main bunch. Looks too sick. And a little bit harder and the red would


have dropped. He played the safety much too sick. Without having to do


much, Mark Selby is back at the table. Another chance to take the


frame. I can only assume the pink doesn't


go to left centre because I thought he might have played for that.


He has hit this one very well. He got into the cue ball so well there.


It goes in between the green and brown and it picks up pace.


Nice control of the cue ball, which he will need to win the frame on


this visit. The red balls are spread, but there is maybe only two


that are easy to get on. To red balls to the left of the


black, I am not certain if one or both of those are available.


As he puts one, he brings another one into the open. He still needs


three of these remaining reds to clinch the frame.


Maybe trying to play the black here. There was a little gap and he has


played it absolutely inch perfect. And after this black, he is looking


for one more red, that is why he played for the black.


Losing with confidence. -- oozing. As I say, by playing on the black,


he was able to nudge the red into the open. He is now 65 ahead, with


67 remaining. Yeah, he's beginning to make my


comment in the first round that he is vulnerable, seem like nonsense.


Yeah, he's really looking on top of his game, here.


Well, the frame was over before he missed that red. Mark Williams


concedes, and Mark Selby leads to- one.


HAZEL IRVINE: We talk about fine margins, and a safety shot from Mark


Williams went awry, and the rest is history.


There are shotguns to go where you think you can afford to hit them a


bit thick -- shots in snooker. It looks like there is no danger, he is


playing towards the left-hand side, but somehow, a bald orchestrate its


way toward a pocket that was never in that direction. But as an


experienced snooker player, that happens a lot.


The players will have a tendency to hit it thin with a bit of side. Near


a cushion, you cannot put aside on. From the sublime to the ridiculous,


there is a fair bit of chat on social media about Mark Selby's


hair. He is rocking the great Gatsby look.


It is like his cue action, it is rocket straight. A bit of hair


product has been squashed over that. Not that we should analyse it. I


can't talk! Nothing wrong with a bit of product


in your head, that is what I am saying. Back we go.


REFEREE: Frame four. Mark Selby to break.


JOHN VIRGO: Mark Selby get the frame, the one before the


mid-session interval underway. As always for the man behind, it's a


big frame. You don't want to be two frames behind calm the mid-session


interval. -- come the mid-session interval. Decent line and length.


Yeah, talking about how well Selby has played in the last two frames,


he should come to this event with the best 16 players in the ward. I


loved it as World War I, competing against the other best players, and


proving why you were the number one. -- as world number one.


You can't get much closer. And he was forced into playing it.


But that, as we say, is the advantage of getting the cue ball


tight to the cushion. It makes cueing that much more difficult. And


so close, and the fact he got so close, he got the double-kiss. He


has left a nice and easy start on for his opponent.


Just about stopping short of the baulk line.


You always feel it is a good chance when the black is in the open,


available and to both corners. And a nice angle on the yellow. Now


he will be thinking about making a sizeable contribution.


Not the best angle on this black. Just coming around to see it. He


would love a red, so you can follow through to both cushions. The line


of three to the left of the bunch, the middle one may pot to the right


corner. Excellent positional shot there.


Absolutely perfect. There you see the shaking of heads


on the shot. It is almost like a swing, John, not a shake.


Yeah, I suppose it is an unnatural position that snooker players get


themselves in. But it doesn't seem to affect him.


He is pushing the cue through straight as they die.


It is almost the whole body moving from side to side, but as you say,


it does not affect him one bit. That is just the way he plays. Nice angle


to go into the bunch here. He is not going to do it this time, playing


with top skin. -- top spin. I think he will play for and angle


this time for the black. Yes, and he has got that perfect


angle now. Always knew he would have this red


to the left corner. It is just an awkward positional shot. I thought


he may have played more of a stump. He comes back he is playing now, he


could have had to the right corner. That is the problem when you are


running into another red, where is the cue ball going to finish? He has


not finished too well. If the blue is the natural angle to


miss a baulk colour, that is what he will play. If he doesn't, he could


have a problem here. Doesn't look as though he can roll


the blue in and avoid the kiss on the green. He is looking at the


black, which is eight shot. But as I say, so far, he has looked full of


confidence when he has got in. So I can't see him refusing the pot.


You have to forget that you are in perfect position, and you have a


really tough shot to play. He is so full of confidence.


Immediately pointing his cue, so he's going to play the cannon from


the blue, hit a pink fall in the face. He doesn't have to play it too


hard. The reds are loose. He would be unlucky not to be on one here.


That was the intention. Whatever, he has a nice, easy red to continue the


break with. Yeah, I think the reason he missed


was because he wanted the pink and the line landed a touch.


Fair comment. He didn't want to risk anything going wrong, because he


knew that he needed a red to carry on, and he would win the frame from


this. I think Mark Williams is resigned to that fact now.


Only potted one ball, did Mark Selby, in the first frame. But as we


say, mark needed three chances, and it's now up to 281 points without


reply. APPLAUSE 70 points the lead, 67 remaining. It


looks like a two frame advantage going into the mid-session interval.


Those two reds together to the left of the pink, one is available to the


opposite corner to this lack. -- to this black. You have to say, he has


really settled in now. He has the cue ball on a piece of string at the


moment. And that is the key to this game. If you get good cue ball


control, then you more or less make every shot that much easier.


Yeah, this is as good as I have seen Mark Selby play in a first round


match. Well, since my camera member. Still possible, this red, to the


left middle. -- since I can remember.


Yes, nicely played. A second century now looks a formality. He can't


better the 139. Lots of left-hand side here. APPLAUSE


I have to say, Stephen, at the moment, he is making the game look


ridiculously easy. Yeah, there's no better feeling than


when you are out there, and the pockets must look three feet wide at


the moment to Mark Selby. Just a little shake of the head


there. He will be disappointed with that positional shot.


And in the and, he missed the yellow. -- and. Mark Williams won


the first frame, but since then, Mark Selby has replied with some big


breaks. He goes into the mid-session interval leading 3-1.


HAZEL IRVINE: We saw Mark Williams in frame on, but not much sense. You


used the word surgical to describe what we have just seen.


That is what we have seen from Mark Selby, and that is why he's on the


brink of doing the triple Crown. Two centuries and a 62 in four


friends. Yeah, what was really impressive was


that he lost the cue ball for the one and only time in the last half


hour. He left himself tight on the cushion with a horrible black. He


got down and stroked it in. Stephen said it was the best shot of the


session. It looks like he will not everything in.


When you are winning, you enjoy the challenge of that shot. When you are


struggling, you don't want those types of shots. It is the optimism


of enjoying the challenges set for you. If you are in that vein, you


are a dangerous player. There are loads of time you come to the table


and you are at your worst, the one at the side cushion is a dangerous


one. If you can enjoy those moments, you are so strong.


It looks like it was going Selby's way at the moment. One more first


round match to complete this evening, Shaun Murphy will come


bounding into night to Disco Inferno, taking on Barry Hawkins.


That will be live online and on the red button this evening. Every ball


is live with us at the Masters on the BBC. It will certainly be well


worth watching. As you might remember, Barry Hawkins hadn't gone


past the first round of the Masters in ten years of trying until he went


on that run to the final last year. And recently, he embarked on a run


that was arguably even more risky. In the car with Steve Davis.


Hi. How are you doing? Not bad. Do I need a crash helmet? I haven't


driven a gear changed since I last had a big accident before I started


driving. You had an accident? A big one. Really? Reversed instead of


forward. I drive automatics now. I wouldn't go back, to be honest


with you. You passed your test? I have passed a test. I passed first


time. The best drivers always passed second, apparently!


Any accidents? A couple of close ones. I had a


little one in a retail car park. That's not bad.


Oh! Nearly had another accident then, that would have been funny.


Do you know your blood type? No, I don't, actually, that's


terrible, isn't it. You are in a car with me. Why don't you know your


blood type? Have you got it on your phone?


I might ring my mum. I don't know if she will know, even.


Her son... you were adopted, you never knew.


Mum, I am in the car with Steve Davis, what blood group and my, do


you know? It's not important. She hasn't got a clue. He nearly had an


accident, it was in case I needed some blood!


She doesn't even know what her owners, that's handy as well! Oh, my


God! Thanks, mum. Speak to you later. By, ma'am!


If you were going to go on, what show would you go on, a reality


show? Probably the jungle, I would say.


Strictly? No, I have got some sheds. Me and Joe Perry can throw some


shapes on the dance floor. What's the favourite style?


Wants the beat gets going, we are. The leg starts twitching. We must


look like old men on the dance floor, but we don't care. We are


having a good time. It doesn't happen so often, we so busy now. But


we make sure we enjoy ourselves when we go out.


Like any cooking programmes? Not much of a cook, to be honest with


you. What about gardening? I like it. Would you get somebody in? No.


Would you sweep up the leaves in the winter time? We tidy up a little


bit, Tara sweeps. Tara? The other half. She doesn't doom nothing else,


we have to get are doing something. Sorry!


I don't mind doing things that. It's all I enjoy that.


No, I'm lost. You have come past it. Have I gone past it? It is only a


small tent... ! I might have to do another U-turn.


Do a right at that building. It is down there. That's it. Do a U-turn.


You are good at them. I am getting used to them.


Thanks for taking me to work, Steve. Good luck in the next part of your


career. Yeah, thank you.


HAZEL IRVINE: Yes, U-turn Steve Davis and Mr Hawkins in the car.


Tara, the freight is domestic engineer, that's what it is. Don't


let them tell you different. We have been joined by Stephen Hendry.


Rumour reaches us, not about the shapes on the dance floor with you,


which I am sure are fantastic, but you are picking up the cue again


cost is this the start of a comeback? I don't think so. I will


play in the world seniors, there is a revamp, and that is in March. I


will take part. John Parrott might be dabbling as well. It is certainly


not a Faure back into the full-time arena, but I am looking forward to


it. It is a revamp, John, and you are a


former senior world chaplain as well. Can you believe he is not


playing? There is a banging techno evening I


am going to! You are so 2010, you really are. In


terms of this revamp, we are not getting any professional players


over 39 now, and that is a big change. It is open to amateurs.


It is a fantastic story for someone. Anyone that is an amateur, it opens


on Monday, anyone amateur over 40 that plays a decent standard could


qualify, beat John Parrott or myself. However wins gets to the


World Championships. Exactly. Whoever wins this one will


join in where the world another 17 will be, with three qualifying


matches. A great storing in the offing for you John, and indeed use


Stephen, getting back to the Crucible.


Luckily we are seeded for the quarterfinals. Is that a proper


incentive for you? Is that what is driving it or not?


I would have to win the thing first, both of us, to even start thinking


about that. But I look forward to it. I miss playing, it is what I am


best at. Do you think he will be trying?!


It is also a fantastic opportunity for people that have never come into


the professional game to play the likes of U2. It is a brilliant


chance. That is the biggest story of the


whole event. Some other plays do a good standard, perhaps local league.


It is best three, isn't it, so a chance to beat anybody.


Anyone over the age of 40 that is a lunatic can enter, and you could get


a complete loon in the first round. Two up against each other.


If you want to take part, it is on the website on Monday. Good luck


with that. Stephen, we are talking about the main man, Mark Selby, you


had 420 odd weeks at number one, he has reached 100, and we will hear


your thoughts on Mark Selby in a short while, because you know what


it is like to be at the top of the pile. It doesn't happen very often.


There have not been that many world number ones, but what does it look


and feel like at the top of the pile looking down on the rest of this


move is seen? Mark Selby has been talking to Ken Doherty about that


very feeling. The Masters, one of the big three


tournaments and one of the majors, of course, but this is a tournament


that you absolutely excel in and love. You have won it three times


and been in the final another couple of times.


It is a fantastic tournament, and the history of the Masters is really


special. Going out there, just one table, so every time you go out, you


feel like you are playing in the final. I love that occasion.


What is it, is it the atmosphere? Is it the history of the tournament, or


you just like the one-table set-up? The one-table set-up, because the


eyes are on you and your opponent. No other distractions, no tables


either side of you, so you can focus on the job in hand, which is to win


the match and get it won. What about this venue, the Alexandra


Palace, how does it compared to the venues you play in? It is the home


of the Masters now, it has created its own home. But do you like it?


I do. I prefer it to the Masters arena, where I won a couple of


times. It held about 15,000. The venue was 2500.


This one, I am not sure how many it holds, but it is more compact, and


the atmosphere is better. You beat me in the semifinal there,


I vaguely remember, it set you on its way. I got all my confidence


after that! You are one of the few players that


can hold all three majors at the same time, along with Steve Davis,


Stephen Hendry, John Higgins and Mark Williams. That would be very


special, wouldn't it? It would be. I still have a tough


four matches if that is the case. Just to even be in this position to


try to join that elite group that you have mentioned is a fantastic


feeling. I will go out confident, looking forward to it, and who


knows, thinkers crossed at the end of the week I can join these people.


Hopefully I will. Does it make you try harder? Do you


want to be part of that history? I think so. Winning in general, once


you have won one tournament, and you have the feeling of the winning


mentality, you want to repeat that all the while. I want to try to


repeat my one win so far. If it is winning another Masters, that is


what I entered it. You have had a few peaks and troughs


through your career, but you are on the crest of a wave at the moment,


what is the difference this season? I think a few years ago, beating


Ronnie in the world final to win my first world final. From then, I have


doubted myself before that, people said I shouldn't do that, but I have


always been that kind of person, doubting myself about my game. But


to beat Bony world final in the biggest Ford would we play in live


on the BBC, and the way I won it, coming from behind. I told lies, if


I do not get confidence on that, I will. From then, I have been


confident and believed in my own ability.


Winning the UK as well, just before Christmas, that was a nice notch on


the board as well. That will give you tremendous confidence coming


into this one. I played well. It was a great final


in the end, especially the second session, me and Ronnie both played


well. Sometimes coming back, the wave he wasn't coming back winning


frames, one visit, one visit, for 4-5 frames, to stand up and do the


same bag of him, I was proud of it. Your relationship has simmered a


little bit over the last year, it seems that way looking from the


outside in. A little bit, to be fair, I would


see him at tournaments and say hello, not knowing him as a person.


But over the last few years, we have spoken more, and seen eye to eye a


bit more, doing a few exhibitions together, and spending time


together, and we are getting better, which is good. The media seem to


hype it up a little bit. But I don't hate anybody, hate is a big word.


Playing Ronnie, one of the greats of the game, it is a great feeling


here. You are also playing another great


over the last number of years as well, Mark Williams. He has won this


tournament, the world and the UK, always a tough opponent as well. How


is your history with him? I'm not too sure. I have played him


quite a few times. I played him many is ago on my first year on the tour,


and he beat me 9-0, which he reminds the opt out! He was world number one


at the time. Mark is one of the all-time greats of the game as well,


like you say. In the last few years, he has struggled, but in practice


this year he has played some great snigger. You sometimes looks back to


his best. I know it will be tough, he will not go out and freeze,


because he has been out there and done it. It will be a tough match.


That is the beauty of the tournament. The top 16, any match


could grace the final. That is why someone like Stephen


Hendry puts this in front of the UK tournament, because it is the cream


of the crop, the top 16 in the world, and every match is capable of


being the final. What would it mean to Mark Selby to


lift the Masters trophy on Sunday night?


Yeah, it would be amazing. Holding or three tournament at the same time


would be a fantastic feeling. To win it for a fourth time, and join the


group United before. Better than Leicester winning the


premiership? Yeah, I have two be selfish.


He traded number one spot with Neil Roberts. There was Judd Trump and, I


forget actually, Ding Junhui. He wasn't comfortable with the mantle


of the first time. What is it that hard to get used to about being


number one? You put massive expectation on yourself to prove


what you are number one. You come to events, you are introduced as that.


Sometimes players feel they have to live up to it. When Stuart Bingham


became world champion, the season after, he put himself under huge


pressure. Some players, when it first happens, it maybe takes you a


while to get used to. Not Mark Selby is completely comfortable. He wears


it well. It might be why some players who win the world champion


don't do well at the Crucible. When he completed the win over Ronnie in


the UK final, that was in effect a triple Crown final against Ronnie.


He has done the plot against Ronnie. That is a massive thing. And beating


him as well. He is as good as you have ever seen. I don't say that


lightly. O'Sullivan is as good as you have seen. For him to beat him


in those finals, if that isn't a boost, nothing is. We talked about


his popularity. He is greatly appreciated. He went through the


period where is the game was all he was producing. Clearly, that has


been wiped away and we are seeing more great stuff from him. He has


looked vulnerable in first rounds of Germans, but today, when you come


here as a top 16 player, you are with number one, world champion, you


want to enjoy this venue and prove what you are the best. He is loving


every minute. As the standard gets ever higher and the players bunch up


in what is achievable, it becomes a psychological game. It becomes which


player believes the most. Mark Selby has the ultimate belief. It is


amazing to think, he was sending text messages saying do you think I


played well? I am thinking, you have just played as good as anyone could


possibly play. That has stopped happening and he is not asking the


opinion from other people. Let's get back. These men have won the Masters


between them five times between them. Three for Mark Selby and two


for Mark Williams. Well, Mark Selby is playing brilliantly so far in


this match. He will not be scoring off this one. That is the break from


Mark Williams. He is not guaranteed to get this safe. He is going to


have to come off two cushions, nestle into the cluster just below


the pink, avoided the blue. As he judged it? He has. Perfect. Very


well played. He may have left a pot on to the red


corner, but with the cue ball tied to the Kishan, it is a tough pot.


The black isn't available into the opposite corner. Is there any value


in taking it on? Playing the containing safely. I the


road to the left of the black is not going be available.


Looking for a position to leave the cue ball where you would not like it


to be. There is the view from behind the


pocket, so to speak. It is always difficult, cueing when you are right


in the job like this. Not much room to bring the Chewbacca. No attempt


at a pot, just trying to play the containing safely.


Caught the red to sin. He just avoided the double-kiss.


When it here, he courted too soon. Just avoided the double-kiss. Had he


got the double-kiss and left the cue ball by the blue it would have been


a good chance. Nothing that will tempt marquee. He is playing safe.


Cat that much too sick. But he has left nothing. When you're playing


well, you always seem to get the run of the balls. Mark Williams would


like to have that one occasion. -- that one occasion.


It is not a straightforward return to the baulk end. At least with his


hand on the table he can venue for the cue ball better than he could


have done had it been paid to the baulk cushion.


You could save Mark Selby certainly did not want but interval. He was


absolutely flying. He was more concerned with getting


the cue ball back to the baulk end. Had it gone in it would have been a


bonus. More than 40 minutes since Mark


Williams last pot of a ball. -- potted a ball.


They were good shots, but just thinking, is there a gap, is there a


red that might be pottable into the red corner here. He can just get to


the potting and. He might have a chance at this. There was no easy


safely. He was so close to the cushion so he


had to just put the blue in. He would have liked to court the red


ball a bit harder to catch the cue ball. It is a little bit awkward,


this. That was really well controlled.


Very well played. He has got an angle if he wanted to go into the


black and the red. With the pink being in the open, he does not have


complained that shot. The way he was going in the last


three frames, I would have to say, there is a strong possibility of 4-1


from this visit. He has not scored a point since winning the first frame,


Mark Williams. Of course, that is one of the things


that is unique to snooker. When your opponent is at the table, all you


Kunduz sit and watch. You have no right of reply. You have to sit


there and suffer. He has a problem with this right


corner pocket. There are five Red Bull is all covering each other.


He would like to finish high on the pink to give him the angle to


stumble across. He is going for the blue. If he finished high on the


pink he could stun off the black cushion and go into the five reds.


He can still do it offer this glue. Brilliant. If he had another 50


shots, he would not do that again. How has he not made contact with a


red. That is amazing. If the cue ball had gone another couple of


inches he would have snookered himself. The balloon would have gone


back on its spot. He held the blue spot and the brown spot was


available. Had to bite the bullet and put every


effort into playing a good safety, which he has done.


That was a bit careless. I think he has left this red on. If he has left


the red, that is as bad a shock as you will see Mark Selby play. He has


an angle to go into these five reds as well. The first ball he has


partnered since the first frame. Gifted it, you could say. There is


pressure on this pink, I will tell you. Good shot. It is not easy when


you have been frozen out. This was the gift. He just caught the red


little bit too thick. Mark their needs to screw back. He was playing


to hit a bit thinner. When you're flying in a match and everything is


going well, the thing you battle against is a lack of concentration.


He is on the pink in a fashion. He might be able to pot the pink and


carried the two reds on the right-hand side of the table.


Stunned across. The one on the extreme left, he must feel he can


get through to that. A good shot on the pink. The only thing he doesn't


want to become too straight on the pink. He has. He might have the


angle to play top spin and cannon into the two reds on the side


cushion. He won't have angle to force into the black, will he? This


is tough. He will have to play with a bit of Pierce to get the cue ball


out. He will probably just play for the


pink it was always going to be tough. That was a pretty good


contribution. Remember he hadn't potted a ball for three frames. Then


he had the mid-session interval. He got some good balls there. He got


himself right back in this frame. Just 11 points behind.


Excellent safety. I don't know if he can play the pot on this red and


avoid the case and the two reds. In the end, I don't think he even


played the pot, he just had the city. He could not afford the colour


on the baulk line. It is never going to be that good a safety. It is


quite a big target now. Green, brown, blue, to try to hide behind.


It is going to be a bits and pieces end to this frame. You wouldn't


expect the next mistake will cost the frame. I just get the feeling


that this is the type of frame that Mark Williams has got to win.


That is probably the recent Mark Selby has taken that red on. He


knows it would not have cost them the frame. In fact, it hasn't. It


won't cost anything. Even if he left the red on, you could safely say,


Mark Williams would not have cleared up.


It is going to be a game of cat and mouse.


Why was he looking at the pot on this red?


I thought the only red he could leave was the one he was playing. He


got close, but he has not left that one. That was a sort of half-hearted


attempt at the double. As you say, Stephen, Mark Selby


looks to me, and the opportunity he will go for it. If he knocked the


red in, it could build on his 11 point advantage. He got close, but


once again, I think, looking at Mark Selby's facial expression, that Mark


Williams can just get past the yellow. As we said, the chances of


winning the frame on this visit, practically impossible.


That was a lovely little shot. A beautiful touch.


That one was as bad as the last one was good. Just got into the cue ball


a little too much. The little flick on the green ruined his position.


There are only five points in it now.


That was a good head. Excellent shot.


Well, Wilma pink stop or drop? It stopped. He was a bit fortunate


there because the red knocked the pink out of the way because it might


have run into the pink. Believe it or not, I'm sure that was


an attempt at up pot, when you play that sort of shot, you always error


on the side of hitting it to sin. -- seven. Quite easy to play safe now


with the pink in the left corner. I wonder if he'll play the shot we


saw Ali Carter play, the red tape to the cushion, fitted full ball and


get the double-kiss to get the cue ball back to the baulk end. That's


what he's played. But the problem is with that shot you're never certain


how much the cue ball's going to go back on the red is going to come out


and he's left the pot on for his opponent.


APPLAUSE Good pot. Didn't overhit it. Stroked


it in nicely. That was a good shot. That's


unlikely. -- unlucky. Slowly but surely he's got a two


advantage in this frame. The reason he wanted to play safe


from the red, he feels he can get in behind the yellow, blue or brown but


he doesn't feel he can get it with this red at the top cushion. He


didn't hit that one at all. Norway she should be leaving pot on.


Misjudgement. I think he oversaw tip, really. -- over thought it.


Mark Selby has definitely been knocked out of the rhythm he was in


before the interval. Long way away from that pot.


APPLAUSE Good pot there from Mark Williams.


Here's a short maker. And he pulled one out there. -- shot maker. But


didn't play that position will shot very well but is a good opportunity


to get the cue ball back to the old cushion and get the snooker behind


the yellow, blue or brown to give them a real good advantage. I


wouldn't be concerned by the red finishes, just get the cue ball down


in that area. He's got the snooker. To take it to the frame now, ten


points in the lead. Mark Selby faced with the age-old problem, got to hit


the red and somehow get it safe. So here's a chance. But he cannot


this red in and get on a colour, it should be a free man. A frame he


needs badly. -- should be a frame-winner.


Yes, you can almost see it was like a typical Mark Williams winning


frame. Always been so good at winning this type of frame. He's


just left a tricky angle where he cannot avoid the cannon on the blue,


can he? He could, comfortably. Don't know what the problem was there.


It should be all over now. Just the brown needed to go 24 ahead with 18


remaining. Battled hard to get this frame on the scoreboard. And that's


why I thought it was an important frame for Mark. If you can't win


scrappy once he's not going to get anything out of this match. As you


alluded to, Stephen, knocked Mark Selby out of his stride here a


little bit with this type of frame. But they all count. There are no


pictures on score boards, Mark Williams is back in the match, just


one behind, 3-2 to the World Championship. STUDIO: It's not a bad


effort considering that half an hour of playing time he didn't pot the


ball and then had the interval, so almost on our he's had to wait


before getting himself right back into the thick of this match. I hate


seeing vintage Williams because he's obviously a scoring machine as well


at his big but that frame is why he's been a champion he's been


because I don't know many players who can play and quite horrible type


of frame better than he can play. Mark Selby's good at it but Mark


Williams was absolutely superb. Individual pot, lost position a


couple of times. Individual potting, Aqua charts, leaving his opponent in


awkward positions, that was a fabulous frame for Mark Williams to


win. Stephen put it, potting the champion out of his stride, the


world number one actually looking slightly uncomfortable for a minute.


Possibly, the interval changes thing sometimes, one of those types of


frames. Mark Williams had a chance with the second to last red and


potted the black and failed to get position. He's not clinching but


he's scrapping and would be very unfair to criticise him because he's


3-1 behind and playing against one of the greatest players of the


modern-day game. Every credit in that respect for him to win this


match, somewhere down the line he has the stamp his authority more in


the match and win a bit more comfortably in frame. Job done. He's


got his way back. He dollar Mark, you're looking at 4-1 and probably


all over. Very much so, very much with Mark Selby in the form he's in.


In the context of the match, a very important frame. Vintage Williams,


it was a nightmare playing against them when you had things like that,


so you think it's a clever shot, I'm in trouble here, clever shot. He's


very adept at it. Makes you think, that's the mark of a champion. Two


great champions out there. It's getting close, only one frame


between them now as we head into the sixth.


Fees on the green. Doesn't look to have the perfect angle.


Just dropping in, that will ease himself that long straight red. The


black is available to the opposite corner, soulful concentration on


this one. Got to fully commit to these. And dead and played it


superbly. APPLAUSE Yes, good confident pot. That was a


valid point that Steve Davis made in the studio,. You can hang on in the


match in those scrappy frames but when he gets opportunities like that


he's got to start winning frames in one visit.


Needs to run. He's on the red but hampered. It's amazing how many


times Mark Williams gets out of position. He still on this red...


Again, didn't play that with the power a lot of players would have


played with. It's end of break. So, again, not able to win the frame in


the first scoring visit. Much too thin and very fortunate.


He's cannoned into the green but the blues covering the red to the left


corner. As you can see. Typical Mark Williams. One of the


best ball putters the game has ever seen. -- potters. I was gone to say


that but I never understood really what it meant. I think what it means


and I remember Ray Reardon, they always seemed to be able to pot


these balls with an element of safety, they always aimed to see it


as shot to nothing. There's no doubt, he has started to knock the


long ones in. Four in a row the last of frames. I think a lot of players,


when they actually play to pot a ball, they're determined to get


position on the next one but I think Mark has bat that he thinks it's a


difficult shot, you can just put all concentration into the red and not


be too bothered about position. Sometimes it's hard to tell yourself


to do that. Yeah, I suppose, it's like when you bring a pot and you


know you possibly not going to get anything from it, just making sure


of the pot so you're playing the next shot. So close, just the pace


kept it out but fortunately he missed the cannon.


APPLAUSE Was only the pace that kept it out.


Rattle, rattle, rattle. APPLAUSE


Good length. Asking a question of Mark


Williams, 32 point advantage in this frame. We'll have to be a good


safety year. -- will have to be a good safety here. That's the


player's view. He could hit the red on the


left-hand side of the table but you'd try to get back to baulk of


that, you could easily get a double-kiss. Just nudging into it.


Feels as though that's going to be safe enough. He didn't want to risk


playing off the main bunch because he could have knocked one over the


corner pocket, so just played a containing safety.


Struck it beautifully. Struck the right side of the blue but couldn't


have played that much better. Trace of right-hand side. Not enough


right-hand side. That's careless. I mean, that was so


obvious that red was going to go to the right corner. He's just lost his


focus, it appears, at the moment. I did see. That's a shocker from Mark


Williams. I did say the only thing that Mark Selby is going to battle


against this lack of concentration when everything is coming so easy


for you. This is a tough black that Mark Williams has left himself.


Lovely shot. At first glance I don't know how the next red is coming


from. Typical Mark Williams pot this. Dropping it in dead weight. I


think he's on this one along the black cushion. How will he play it?


As a shock to nothing so he comes away from the pocket? He's gone all


out and it's a great pot. Looks like he might have the natural


angle just to miss the yellow of two cushions for a choice of raids to


the right corner -- reds. Just picked a lovely time to leave the


arena. Hard enough, is it? Maybe he can


just get through to the bottom red. He do it and it was commonly easier.


Only the red required that 55 points in front with one remaining.


Comeback complete. Highly unlikely that Mark Williams


will be asked to play on here. Mark having a look. 62 points difference,


51 remaining. That equates three, four point snooker is


required. Where's the blue ball going? Only a half-hearted attempt,


so unbelievably of the mid-session interval Mark Williams is now all


square. 3-3. And would you believe it, Mark


Williams is mopping them up again? He's been in float mode.


I disagree with you. You don't have to win in one visit, he are


uselessly at this level but is 12 things with 36 and 59 breaks. In a


perfect world is one of the few. Full of shots raising heavily saying


that Mark Williams Bilis 's office says that once again. Yes,


Featherweight frothing device if this affect positional shot. Potting


along the top position to commit to the positional shot. Nothing wrong


with his bottle, perhaps he just needed a bit more confidence and we


all need that. Fascinating the first four frames, saying we have the best


-- the best we've seen absolutely. You can play well for the two is a


different contracts. Mark Selby can graft as well and a great match


played at the end of matches. A strike rate winning the last rate


was important. I think Mark Williams's style, definitely


contracting the world number one. Real test of nerve for them both


coming up. COMMENTATOR: All look so good at


3-1, 3-3 now. We're going to show you a shot year. Playing the blue


into the five reds in the corner, if he makes contact with a red dirt on


its 4-1 and it could be a completely different match. In the late lost


concentration and focus. But now that shot the opening long red Sea


life of the mission. Unless he's lining up an angle on this thread to


make a cannon on the black. It's very risky. -- lining up an angle on


this red. Olly tempted to play the cannon on


the black. It might bring one of those players well. In the cannon


and got the cannon. Might just have one of the wrecked it is just that


it out. When that black move, just like a red and black is available


into the same pocket. When it's free spotted.


Just watch the black it just nudges this red. Was that enough to make


the black available? He can play the cannon you possibly.


The red to the left corner of the cushion. To the right of the black.


Can he do that without missing the black? He didn't get anywhere near


enough side on the cue ball. He got no reaction.


Make the best of that opportunity. -- didn't make the best.


Missed it. And left it. One of those reviewed play date shot and think


the only red you are leaving is the one you are playing. You don't want


the red to come back to the baulk with the cue ball.


Not the best positional shot from Mark Selby. Clear


From here onwards, the best it is going to be tough match snooker of


these two. Yeah. And this type of frame, as we have alluded to a few


times, suits Mark Williams more than Mark Selby. It is probably the only


time we would say that, that this sort of friends sued someone over


Mark Selby. -- this sort of frame suits someone better. A better way


of explaining it is to say someone is comfortable playing this type of


frame as Mark Selby. A mistake. The green is not coming


to his rescue. He is certainly rolling back the


years now. Well, I say that, and he misses it.


But he may have just about got away with that. That was pressure. It was


like he had seen a chance to go 4-3 ahead. That was a much easier shot


than the peak he just ported. But the black and pink have come to his


rescue. I thought it was a bit too thick,


but such is the pace of this table that he has played it perfectly.


That is a bit thick. Mark Williams can't get through to the red.


Is he forced into playing the plant here? I don't know if the red that


is nearest the black goes past. It is one of those situations where the


safety is as difficult as the pot. Very difficult, the plant.


Sometimes, when you're in this type of situation where you can't see a


safety, you try and put your way out of trouble. -- pot your way out of


trouble. But he can't even do that, I don't think.


Coming up to one and a half minutes of thinking time.


He thought he could find a safety, and boy, that's a good shot. That is


an absolute cracker. It's funny how the run of the ball


is just turning slightly. Not like that good safety shot from Mark


Selby. The blue this time comes to Mark Williams' rescue. That is more


like the Mark Williams of old. I think he used to say the same thing


about you, Stephen! Has he got away with that again? I


think he was half-heartedly playing the plant and then he was saying he


thought it rolled off, but he has not left the easy read. There are


couple of other reds that are pottable, but they are very awkward.


Funnily enough, Mark has put his hand up and apologise. But I just


looked at Mark Selby's face, and he was getting a bit frustrated it all.


As we said before, bar for the cannon, he probably would have been


4-1 up. When things start running against you, there have been three


occasions here were Mark Williams was entitled to leave with a pot on.


You think, is it not my day? Well, he has got the plant. He is on the


brown, so a chance. Let's see if he can get back to focusing on where he


was before the mid-session interval. This brown is not as easy as it


looks on the screen. Before the interval, you said this


was frame over. He needs to be straight on the blue


than this. Just over two hours of playing time.


Still not back in prime position. The pot on the red is easy enough,


but he has a bit of work to do with the cue ball. He has got to Matt


Angle on the red. -- too much angle on the red.


The two reds to the left of the pink, at least one of them is


available into the opposite corner. Would you believe it? He kept slowly


but surely running out of position and in the end, it caught him out. I


didn't see him missing that, but of course, when you have to do a little


bit with the cue ball, you can always just take your eye off the


pot. And got one. Excellent shot. He


would love to be open to play the red below the black for the right


corner. It is a good shot, but he never had


the perfect angle to screw a bit further across to be on the red.


He's not going to win the frame at this visit.


Just one red left on the table, easy to hit. But you have got to get it


safe. The lead that Mark Selby has no count for nothing if he leaves


the red on. Would you believe it? He has left


the red now. Boy, this game sometimes will have you tearing your


hair out. He looked to have hit the red


absolutely perfect. The yellow must have been too


straight. He is just the wrong side of this green. I don't think he can


drop it in dead weight, he will have to come in up and off the table.


He has thought about playing it into the corner pocket.


We have seen him so many times drop these types of shots in dead weight,


but he would still be living a distance between himself and the


brown if he played it that way. He has gone for the corner pocket. Oh,


so close! But not there. A great effort at the pot, but he


has missed a fantastic opportunity to win the seventh frame. This isn't


easy. Never easy to judge when the object


ball is right in the jaws of the pocket. Still needs brown and blue.


Well, it's wobbled its way in and the blue is all he needs.


Mark Williams missed a golden chance and he won't be getting another one.


Mark Selby led 3-1. He was pulled back to 3-3 and looked to be


wobbling a bit. Mark Williams let him off the hook there.


HAZEL IRVINE: and stopped the rot after the last couple of frames,


having won by Mark Williams. There was a really good opportunity for


Mark to close that out and make it three in a row. What was the


situation you are about to refer to? Mark Selby has knocked the red


towards the bolt and unluckily gone off in the corner pocket and he


leaves Mark Williams with the cue ball-in-hand. Here is the situation.


I might have been tempted, the yellow into the green might be the


awkward position of shot. I might have been tempted to drop that in


and leave myself virtually straight on the green. I pot the green with


the rest, I'm on the yellow and the rest of the break is easy. The


difference between a player who is confident and absolutely on former


is that they make clear decisions under pressure. He plays the shot,


he's got a bit of an angle. He gets on the blue, he gets back on the


green. He probably thinks he will be able to play yellow to green well,


but he misjudges the pace of deep positional shot, which he has done a


couple of times already. But putting the green on its spot is so much


easier. So this is the pressure manifesting itself when you are out


there. To think clearly is easier said than done. Of course it is. It


is a lot easier sitting up here in judging it, but if you showed that


to Mark Williams again, he would go, you're right. But there is such a


dramatic change in the rhythm of this match. This is the key thing to


it. I haven't been in the seat that long, but I can't remember playing


Mark Williams. It gets bitty and awkward. The frames become horrible.


And to score when all of that is going on is why Mark Williams is


brilliant at winning these friends and other people find it more


difficult. Mark Selby is one of those that can do that, but it is


difficult to play. It is the world number one who is on top again.


They just had to play a slight swerve. There was a possibility he


could have parted the red, but that was the last thing on his mind. Just


wanted to contain the situation, which he has done well enough.


He needs a bit of luck here. Is he on one? The one to the left of the


black is available, but is the one above the black? He thinks he can.


A difficult pot, but a good one. Wrong side of the blue.


Every time Mark Williams gets to the table, you sense that he is battling


the whole time to keep the break going. He is eyeing up this red to


the right of the bunch. Excellent reply there. We have seen


some very good safety. What we are seeing here is the fact


that Mark Selby and everyone saying he is the number one player and has


been now for nearly two years, and he is the man that everybody has got


to beat. But fair play to Mark Williams, he is certainly bring the


game to him. Absolutely. He is maybe not winning frames in one visit, but


he is in this match. Another excellent safety shot their,


and I can't see another path back to the baulk at first glance.


Touching ball, which means that Mark Selby can now fire away.


Steady hand needed. He has not managed to do it.


These players are both excellent at playing Finn glances -- thin


glances. not as thin as that. But again, no


damage done, I don't think. Looking at this plant but it's the


safety shot that's the most important part of this. He'll be on


the green if he gets it. That cue ball travel.


If you could easily get black and played. But he can't. He's just


playing the safety. They clapped in the wilderness. But


that's the only thing he could do, of course. That's the danger ball to


the right corner, got to cover that. Needs to. Have done. Good shot, that


was a more attacking safety. Having replaced because he can get


through to this red to the right corner.


And that's where it was, that's for it is now. Looks pretty good to me.


Had to catch it didn't, he caught it too sick. -- caught it too sick. It


might be Mark Selby's turned to be fortunate.


Unless someone does something drastically wrong, which you


wouldn't expect or these two players were in for a long frame. The red


just below the pink might be available to the right corner. And


it is. There's up path back to baulk, so he can play this. Caught


it two Extra seven. He's not got a bad cue ball, not bad at all.


Well, better to miss them than them on the way down. There is a red left


of the black spot that is portable to the left corner.


Surely he can't refuse it. He is, he's having it put back. Surprises


me a little. Me to. The way the balls are situated on the way this


frame is going, it's half chances that you've got to take.


That looked almost all. Mark Williams missed a trick there.


The red he's looking at, he could come off


Is hoping to force a mistake from Mark Selby but could be a long time


waiting for that. Did well to take on that red there. Good pot from


Mark and just a little bit too far. We'll just add to his frustration.


Not certain how much she can get on this. Might have to play a little


bit site. That's one way. Just don't want to


put too much side on it and hit the reds on the way down. Follow the


white line all the way down. Brilliant.


Now this is top quality. Tactical smoker. -- tactical snooker.


Looks like just another containing safety here. Get the ball up to


these riots. -- these reds. Is it going to reach? That's so careless.


Left with choice of three reds. Just trying to drop on the red and as


soon as he hit it he knew he didn't hit it hard enough.


The cue ball. He's got three reds near this right corner. , the


right-hand one will go to the right corner pocket, got to be closer to


control the cue ball. Yes, this moment in time, and


definitely getting two marks. 34 points is the lead. Four reds by


slit open. But as it would be enough to get because at that stage.


And he does win the frame at this minute, it would become the best of


these. Red and colour. He's on the pink.


That will put him 62 points in front with just 59 remaining. Mark Selby


has caught about along here. Bart Williams is potting Mark Selby


under a lot of pressure. STUDIO: He seems to be unsettling him. Doesn't


matter how well you've been playing in the past. Number one in the


world, well ahead as number one. You have to keep proving it every time


you go on the table you can turn this around. You really want the


entry, top quality and safety we're watching. Paramedic or Stephen


Hendry in the commentary box! He's absolutely right. It happens in the


Gimelstob and Mark Williams at the moment is playing a brand of sticker


that's very difficult to play against. Done that everything gets


petty, look at the scoreboard, 139, 69 and 100 and since then Mark


Selby's biggest break is 39. Mark Selby is used to playing a lot


more open, aggressive Snooker amongst the players he is bumping


into often, so he is not getting so much of the style.


As it is, it has become an old-fashioned style game and that is


more to Mark Williams' likely than Mark Selby, who is becoming pretty


free amongst this scoring department. It is fascinating. 100%.


I think they are matched up in that department. Ring craft is a massive


part of the game. Maybe is not as much as it used to be, but both


these players have tonnes of it. So when you get these two players,


where it is going, Mark might even be favourite. Best-of-3, boys.


They were talking about winning frames in one visit and since the


interval, that break from Mark Williams has been the highest break


on offer. They say there are no two friends alike in snooker. But the


last four frames have been very tactical. Any idea what Mark Selby


could do to change the flow? I was about to say, maybe play a more


aggressive safety shot, get the reds opened up early, force Mark Williams


into scoring again. At the moment, Mark Williams is outSelbying Selby!


He thought he could play that as a shock for nothing. Has he got away


with it? Has he covered it? Mark Selby must be thinking, what has


happened here? You can't take away from Mark Williams to get back into


this match. He has scrapped so hard. The boy has had a tremendous run of


the ball since the interval. The strange thing about this one is that


if he could hit the right-hand side of the cue ball, he could maybe


swerve this slightly to pot this red, but he can't because the yellow


is in the way. It is a double whammy. Look at the opportunity if


he can get the black in the open. If you tempted by a double here?


A puff of the cheeks. It is hard work at the moment.


Come on, JV. In all honesty, I can't see one. I can see how you could hit


a red, but to cover or not leave a pot on is nigh on impossible for me.


It is one of those situations where you just hit in hope.


You would think he could flick on. But he is so tight to the green.


He would love to nestle on the red that is near the corner pocket.


Looks like this red just goes past the red that is closest to the


pocket. He doesn't have to do anything with the cue ball to get


position on the pink. He let that cue ball run three


inches too far. Still shouldn't be a problem, but he has had to think


about it. I think the red immediately below


the pink is available. Those two reds to the left of the


red he has just put it look as though they are almost set for a


plant. He is just having a look at it now. It certainly could be made.


If he does have to squeeze it, he will not be playing for the black.


He's going to have to hit the right-hand side. The positional side


of this is not straightforward now. It is not a formality to get


position on the pink. He could play the red to the left of the two


together and stun up for the pink or blue.


He is on the pink, but not as he would like.


Hmm, not there. He was taking full advantage of those types of


opportunities. He has dried up since the interval.


He was automatic before the interval. Didn't have to think about


any shot. Almost every single shot in that break, he had to get up and


down, look at the situation. And remember, that plant is still


there. He could play it. I can see no reason why he wouldn't. He is


nice and high with the cue ball, so he can play this comfortably. I


understand why he is not playing it already. From where the cue ball is,


it looks unmissable. He had a huge margin for error to


finish on a red there. This was where he thinks he had a big bounce.


Poor shot. It is situations like that that might just make Mark Selby


settle a little bit. When he missed the pink, he thought it could have


cost him the frame. It hasn't done. In fact, it didn't cost him much at


all. A chance for Mark Williams. It is


getting tough out there for both of them.


15 points behind. That will equate to taking the remaining reds with


colours to get to snooker's required stage.


This pink to just go one point behind.


That wasn't a clean pot, but in it went. The red that is close to the


blue, I think he can get on that to the left middle.


It was a bit careless to leave himself short.


Not the best positional shot, but this gives him another opportunity.


The only problem with leaving the red behind the black till last is


that now he will have to play a decent positional shot to get on


that. And it is not going to be easy from there.


You see the disappointment on Mark's face that he didn't win the frame on


that visit. He is a big favourite now.


Good hit, and a double-kiss. Mark Selby suddenly put his hand up to


apologise. I don't think I would have been apologising. He has been


favouring his opponent for the last couple of frames. But even though he


has left this red safe, there is every chance that Mark Williams can


lay another snooker here. That wasn't the best shot for me. He


has not put Mark Selby in any trouble here. So any advantage he


had in this tactical exchange has gone now. Mark Selby is brilliant at


digging himself out of holes in matches, and he is going to need


that. He is in one here. He is scratching his head now. I know he


can't hit the right-hand side of the wreck, but he could try answering


around behind the angles. Normally, he wouldn't think twice


about it. I think he has left this red.


Certainly, he has left a pot one. That does surprise me a little bit.


I thought he might have been tempted by the pot there.


You wouldn't believe there was a gap around the back of that read. You'll


have it replaced. The fact he's got this natural two


cushion escape. He is looking to hit the red full in the face, leave the


cue ball at this end. Just a minor adjustment required. But misjudged


it again and now this time we will be taking this red one. This is a


test, this first red. He's not been comfortable, not comfortable at all,


since the interval, certainly since that break he was on in the fifth


frame. There is pressure on this. Good shot. Here, Mark Williams will


be fearing the worst now. Still a little bit to do of course.


Particularly with the Brown not being on its box, makes it a little


bit more awkward. The blue will be going back on its spot after this.


Couple of key shots coming up now. Position from yellow to green, then


green to brown, if he can cope with those three, then the frame's at his


mercy. Yeah, he needs to be closer to this yellow. The shot from green


to brown is the deciding shot in this frame but because he's left


himself a tough shot just to get on the green... Even tougher to get the


right angle on the green. He's up there saying it's a bad


contact. It certainly looked heavy. The cue ball seemed to jump. That's


the thing, if you're striking down slightly. Unless he's got the


perfect angle to roll this green in and can the Brown... It's a tough


pot. Tough to get good position. Good pot, where is the cue ball?


Flicks off the Brown. Nearly went in the middle. The other downside,


knocked the Brown safe. The difference, three points. Both


players now needing brown, blue and pink.


Good line. Isn't length, the only problem with this is if Mark


Williams can come off the top cushion and hit this brown full in


the face, he could get a snooker back here. Not beyond the realms of


possibility. Didn't hit it full in the face, though. So Mark Selby gets


another chance. He looks very much under pressure,


to me, at the moment, the world number one.


This is a tough shot. But he's had a look at the potting angle, so you


feel as if he's going to take it on. So close. He hit that good, didn't


he? He's left a very awkward Brown. It's difficult to say from our


commentary position whether it's easier to cut it in the right,


Middle or... Looks like the right middle. He's played it well, where


is the cue ball going? Where is the cue ball going? Four. Still needs


blue and pink. Whatever happens with blue, it'll be a pressure pink from


distance. That cue ball is a little bit closer to the side cushion than


he would have liked. Big shot. Right into the heart of the pocket,


puts his cue down. You storming off to the dressing room. He's a mighty


relieved man just one frame away from a place in the quarterfinal.


He is, really having to work hard for this, a fight on the Brown, then


the difficult cue ball went over the pink. There was a situation early on


in the frame, Mark Williams possibly could have passed on from here. This


different from Mark Williams in his prime and now, perhaps the thinking


process isn't as good. He's in full control of the table. You don't


leave the last red on the top cushion, as Stephen Hendry said,


until last, it can go wrong positionally. He gets himself a bit


in trouble and has to play the safety shot. It was good, but let


his opponent back to the table. Mark Williams of old would have


identified it quicker, made sure he got on the last red, second to last


red, then all of a sudden it makes it easier. In that break we were


talking about it, he only had two reds left, what next the blue


committee should have made sure he was high the other side so he didn't


have to play the cannon on the blue, making the top red easier. You sit


here watching but in the pit it's a lot more difficult. Mark Williams


still sitting out there. Is there one last gasp left in him in this


match? He played a good shot with the rest, could have gone in, he


played it to the far jaw, the right place to play it. Still skin of the


cheap stuff. Not easy to predict the outcome because both players are


looking slightly wobbly, no one has quite got control of the game.


Williams has to take confidence the way he's come back into this match,


the way Mark Selby was flying before the interval. The old craft has come


back. I don't subscribe to him not caring about winning or losing, it's


a mechanism for taking pressure off. If somebody was like that he


wouldn't be trying as hard as he is this afternoon. He is still in


there. I agree with Stephen in commentary, he's had a good run of


the balls as well. People may expect me to go out, nothing to lose, I'll


keep plugging away. Mark Williams is still in the top 16, hasn't been


winning events. It's a step back up the ladder to beat Mark Selby in the


Masters. It's an OK win for Mark Selby if he gets over the line but


it would be an excellent win for Mark Williams, the position he's in


in the game, players struggling a fraction. I read some very funny


quotes from him the other day, he said he had to laugh at himself, the


fact he's still in the top 16. He's very self-deprecating, does himself


down, that could be a mechanism. No danger of that, Hazel, he's too good


a player, he knows deep down. His game still stands up to as close


scrutiny. If Mark Selby comes through this, this will have been a


proper work-out for him, make no mistake. I was about to mention this


time last year when Ronnie O'Sullivan was in here and it was


Mark Williams who gave him the toughest work-out of the entire week


with a final frame decider. We've got history when it comes to causing


quite a few banana skins for top player Mark Williams. Here we go,


with the break. Hoping that his last break shot of


the match. If he wins this frame he's through to the quarterfinal.


Mark Williams has put him through the ringer. Friends have started to


be a bit more drawn out, that's why we're onto the three hour mark.


The obvious frame time is practically 20 minutes.


He came over to look at the black. Thinking about the red, to the light


of the pink, stunning the cue ball across... Now, this shot, you can


play it more positively around the ankles, thicker contact on the pack,


or you can just brush it, which is what he's done. That was a nice


little brush off the yellow, blocked the left-hand side of the pack. It


certainly was. Stopped the escape room down the left-hand side of the


table. He's taking this red one. Tremendous shot. Look at the cue


ball control. Brilliant pot. If Mark Selby doesn't get the lucky brush


off the yellow he plays a safety shot, Mark Williams. Absolutely. He


was forced into playing it because he couldn't see safety.


Again, doesn't take him long to get out of position. Frustrating to


watch, never mind how he must feel. He's got this red to left middle. He


likes it easier than this. In it goes. He needs a good angle on the


blue. Then he just dropped this in and hole for one of those two reds,


to the right of the cluster. He couldn't, he's having to play for


the red along the top cushion. These are tough. Especially because he's


going to play it with a bit of pace to get out for the black. Plenty of


shots into the pack. A bit tentatively so far. How is he going


to play this one? Again, played a touch shot. It's not worked out.


This red does cut to the right corner and he can play for the


black. With lots of bottle. On the left-hand side, with the cue ball.


That was a Mark Williams special coming up there, the only player in


the world who can do that. Now, is he on a colour? Does he get


a good angle on the green? It's not a bad one. It's not bad. The red


that's loose is available, amazing how he can contort himself into that


position. Textbook. Rolled it in and it's perfect on the next red. Choice


of two reds and in playing this one he will nudge another interplay. --


into play. What a time in the match to win a frame in one visit. It'll


take us to a decider. Once again, under hit it. Should


have been straight. He'll go for the blue now. But it gave him an


opportunity. His wife, Jo, feeling every anguish, willing every ball


into the pocket. It's worth watching them playing.


This is a good positional shot. If you're being picky, you would say


maybe it should have been a fraction more.


It doesn't. I think he can stun down for the black. No problem. He's got


a nice angle on the black. Mark. It can only be a little bit of


tension in the arm, can't be anything else.


A disappointing round. He was going to win the frame in one visit there.


A strong 53 point lead. The last thing he wants is the pink


tight against the cushion. But then I suppose he is forcing Mark to


bring this red away from the cushion. He's not played it well. So


here's a chance for the counterattack now, for Mark Selby.


Well, I think decider here we come. Looks like Mark Selby is going to


win this match, he'll have to fall over the line. -- if Mark Selby is


going to win, you'll have to fork over the line. He can't buy a


positional shot at the moment. Nope. He's looking at the scoreboard, he


needs red - colour- red. Played it well, upload it nicely. It's on the


Brown. And he's on the red to clinch the


frame. This red will put him 65 points in front with just 59


remaining. It goes. We're going to have a decider for Joe to have to


live through. -- for Jo to have to live through. Mark Selby will not be


coming back to the table, even now he will be preparing for the


deciding frame. Should you go out the arena and wash your hands or sit


there and wait for the referee to set the balls up? We've already had


three of these first-round matches that have gone to a deciding frame.


I don't supposed you'd expect to have any runaway victories.


Particularly with the top 16 players in the world. I'll be honest with


you, Stephen, went Mark Selby went to the midsection interval three in


front, I didn't see this. No, not at all. We have mentioned that shot


that went wrong for Mark Selby when it looked like he was going to go


for one up. Every credit to Mark Williams. He keep mentioning he


hasn't won a frame in one visit. Tremendous character, tremendous


matchplay. As we all say with a decider, it


literally can be the toss of a coin. World champion, UK champion, world


number one... And the chances of holding the three majors at the same


time are all going to be down to a deciding frame. Not on the blue, but


he's not bothered. Once again, we have parity. This


time it's five apiece. First to six. Decider to come.


Isn't it ironic, the man who last held all three of snooker's majors


simultaneously, Williams coming 2003-2004, goodness me, could he be


the man to prevent Selby from doing it? Yes, not necessarily in the


style you were big, nicking this particular match would be a feather


in Mark Williams's cap. It would be. Mike Williams cue ball patrol is not


vintage but he's getting away with it. You said it's an under suit at


the moment but he's finding a way. Yeah, he was always very good at it.


He is under enormous pressure. I still believe he wants to win as


hard as he ever did, I'm not falling for that line. He's in they're


competing, his matchplay has been exemplary, he's not been scoring in


one visit. He's tough to play against and the games get fractured


and broken up and you have to beat him when he plays like that. You


come to the table and every time you come there is something awkward


about him. He's saying, that is the shot I played, play better than


that. I say, Mark Selby has been on the end of it this afternoon, it's


been a very hard work-out for him. Does he seem like a man under


pressure this afternoon? The hole has been dogged by not keeping the


pressure on Mark Williams. Whilst the? May still be if Mark Williams


gets a chance in the last frame can he hold it together and keep


position? There are? Over whether there is a little bit of tension.


And expectation. More so on this man than we think. He's succumbed a bit


to the problems of thinking too much ahead, as to what it would be like


to hold the grand slam victories. He's now in a pressure situation in


a match and it's about a pure fight, how much but has he got? Is that


you're reading? The fact these factors might come in. Stephen made


a point about the concentration, when you're playing that well and


things are coming easily, how easy is it to lose focus when it's going


your way? The hard bit is getting it back, it's not some you can switch


on and off. One point he made, we've seen time and time again, the


interval came at the right time, Williams and the wrong time for Mark


Selby. Mark Williams lost the final frame decider. At this point last


year, to Ronnie O'Sullivan. Will there be a sting in the tail this


time? Can he defeat the world number one?


The brake off. Left a possibility of a pot. Not getting the cue ball so


close to the cushion. Not too difficult a safety shot either.


Looks like he's just going to play the containing safety. Surprises me


a little bit. I assume he's not left this red to the right of the black.


I wonder if he can play the double. A kind of shot to nothing. He can


maintain some sort of position on the black. He's played it. He


thought he would leave the cue ball further to the right-hand side the


table. This is definitely on. It doesn't appear he can get a read


to the left middle, the only problem with the one to the right middle is


it's definitely miscible. He has to play it and he's not happy, though.


If he was comfortable with the shot he would have been down by now, so


he's feeling it. The comfort zone has long since gone in this match,


Vermaak. I'm shocked that he has refused that red. Fair enough, the


cue ball might have been cannoned into ball colours. Will he get a


better chance than that? He is looking at this long red to


the left corner. A dead weight for the black or is he looking at


another containing safety? I I suppose if he rolled it in he


could get position on the black, but... I think he's getting a bit


bogged down now, it can get you, the game, it has not been smooth, smooth


running in the last few frames, and he is just getting to him a bit.


Yes, I can only presume he couldn't see the red on the left hand cushion


because of the yellow, a simple cue ball to bring it back to where it


was. That could be a mistake, he has left


his red on to the middle. He won't refuse this one.


This is, again, one of these that looks very easy on the screen. But


under this pressure, it is very smelly indeed. And the fact that you


have to roll it in dead weight, if he plays it with any pace, he is not


certain to be on a colour, he wants to roll it and be on the blue. You


have to trust the table and trust your cueing and hit the centre of


the cue ball. Oh, and he missed it. So the first


chance falls to Mark Williams. Like the red to the left middle is


the one to play, but slightly hampereded so no gimme.


-- hampered. Surely not! Surely not. He had a


choice of two reds, the one below the pink and the one past the pink,


to the right-hand side. Surely he is on one of them. Again, it is the


position that has let him down, isn't it John. Yes, but to be fair,


you would have to say there a bit unfortunate. I mean you play to an


area, as you say there was a couple of reds you could be on, but to not


be on one of them, it is unbelievable really.


So he is now having to play this very risky pot.


Good shot. To wipe the dispointsn't of not being on an easy red, that


was fantastic temperament. -- disappointment.


That is what it's like, folk, watching your hubby play snooker.


Ooh, he got the kick. Has it thrown the blue off line? It has. He has


had a very good run of the ball since the interval but that was


cruel. If that has cost him the match, that is awful.


This is horrendous. And the worst type of bad contact, the fact that


it threw the blue off line. Count have played this better. Yes, why


was he playing for the blue? Well, OK, he might think he wanted it on


the spot, but I mean you play it hard enough so you are on blue or


baulk colour. Now using the rest, OK, I mean he's, he is quite capable


of playing the deep screw and getting the cue ball back to this


end. The more distance the cue ball has to travel, the more likely it is


to not get perfect position. He has played this well. At this


stage, it is just one shot at a time. Can't start thinking ahead of


yourself at this stage. Now referee Paul Collier probably


here him say give me a second Mark, because I don't think the pink spot


is available. There is one red that is on. So it is not going to affect


the next pot. Close to its spot, not touching the red, as it can go. He


will pot this and try and nudge the red near the right middle. Just


nudge it over the middle. He will still be on the blue.


That is where he played. Didn't want it to drop. That is the last thing


he wanted. He didn't want that, he wanted that


red to stay over the pocket. Now it has gone in, he will have a


problem getting on the next red. Oh, that is is a good shot. Well, a


good shot. He has cued it well, but, you have to say sometimes it just


dedepends on the potting angle and it was perfect to play the blue and


bring that red into play It was a natural, wasn't it.


Unfortunate to knock the red in the middle, but a bit fortunate to have


that natural angle. Now, green and into the bunch of


five reds and the pink. This could be the frame and match winning shot,


coming right up here. Could have been better. Could have


been better. Yes, absolutely once you got into


them, you thought, well, he will have a nice easy red to continue


with, but that is not the case. He almost needed to hit the pink


there to get the perfect split. And this red he is looking at, to


left middle. I think he can play for the black to perhaps the left


corner, but he won't leave anything should he miss it.


Looking to see where the cue ball... He is locking at playing this to the


far left corner, the yellow pocket. Again playing for the black, but, I


wouldn't like to be playing that shot under pressure.


Back to this one. Good shot. He won't be taking this for granted.


Liang Wenbo will tell you that. Great shot.


OK, can't play for the black after this, but this was a much better pot


than it looked. The kick on the blue, it would be a


terrible way to lose a match. This was it, straightforward blue,


you never fancied to miss it. You got the heavy contact and you see


through his cue on the table, apart from the heavy contact, it threw the


blue off line. So 18 points the lead. Three reds,


three colours. And he has three reds in the open.


Would take him into the quarterfinal. He may have to take


this red with the rest. He has finished awkward on that red beside


the pink. Just got to put a positive stroke on


this. Decelerate in any way, he will miss to it the left knuckle.


He is screwing back for the blue to take that out of the equation, this


is a more positive way of playing. He has not gone far enough.


He will probably play in between green and brown, lots of right-hand


side, baulk cushion, right-hand side cushion.


That's a good shot. I thought maybe he wouldn't play it, because if you


have too much side on it you end up nowhere. He couldn't have played it


better but if the black doesn't go to the right corner, it is not a


formality to win the frame at this visit.


Good pot. What song of angle on the blue? Absolutely inch perfect.


Is he too hard? Is he too hard? He's too hard.


And I don't think he can see enough of the red above the pin. To pot it


in the right middle. So the chance of winning Frayne and match has


gone. -- frame. He was looking at the


cushion, like a big bounce, unlike you I thought it was too hard toe


start with. As soon as it came off the blue it looked like he has too


much pace on it. Can he hit enough of that red to pot it in the middle?


It is not what he played for. I don't know, it is tight.


Needs a red and colour, he thinks he can pot it.


He is lucky to have this alternative. It is not the red he


played for. If you are in the practice room you can play this


right-hand side, to make the angle thicker to allow yourself to pot it.


Brave man to play that shot here. I think he is convincing himself to


go for it. It o only when you are right down


behind it you feel you can pot it or not. This is decision, he is playing


it with right-hand side, you can see that, to try and square the red up.


And he did it. He has done it. And that is frame and match.


He knows he didn't think that red could go, he didn'tn't play for that


red. -- didn't play for that red. Mark Williams must be cursing his


luck, how hard he has battled in this match.


APPLAUSE Fortunate to still be on this red,


but he looked comely -- completely under pressure, out of sorts.


Terrible bad fortune for Mark Williams but this has been an


awesome break to win the match. Yes, Hazel said in the studio, last


year, Mark Williams took Ronnie O'Sullivan all the way. It is a bad


habit to have, just losing in the odd frame. It is a heart pill to


swam hoe, particularly the way it has gone, without bad contacts on


the blue. -- swallow.


Extension in hand, ready to leave the arena.


In goes the pink. APPLAUSE And in goes the black, so


Mark Selby, world number one, world champion, UK champion, eventually


gets over the line, every credit to Mark Williams, really really pushed


it all the way. But the Triple Crown is still on. He is in threw to the


quarterfinal. He wins 6-5. HAZEL IRVINE: It was tough. Very


very tough. The world number one knows all about that, if it hassen


been for that kick on 20, from Mark Williams, it moo have been a


different story. A fourth day afternoon, on the trot we have had a


decider. People think we are setting it up. Unbelievable match. I feel


sorry for him. There is no way worse to lose than a kick like that. He


was playing the shot and I thought we haven't had many kick, the table


seems to be good. He gets a monster kick, after that Mark Selby showed


why why he is world number one. The cue ball jumped up in the air. It's


a horrible way to lose. It is not great. Mark would be honest and say


his positional play let him down, sometimes if you start at the top of


the table you wouldn't have got that anning but in the end Mark Selby


showed what he was worth, he has been under pressure situations so


often you fancy she going to get out of jail. Mark Williams, there is no


way it won't hurt. Yes. And Mark Selby thought long and hard there,


but it went for him. You said it was going to go. Steve said it would


pot. It is one of those you don't want to play. Congratulations Mark.


Briefly, he put you through the wringer there. Yes, he showed his


class, he didn't win that many frames in one visit but he is such a


clever player, he puts you in trouble. Pots a great long red and


that is how he found his way back, to shut me out for a while. You had


the run of three, two on thes and a 60 break and what happened to turn


things round? Frame five. I was in control. I played a blue to go into


reds, went through the gap but later on I played like, just amateur


safety shot. I am clipping off the red and left him a cut back in the


middle. He got back and showed his class then the match seemed to turn


on that point. It did. We were talking about that kick in the final


frame. If I am playing I would probably punch it in to take the


kick out, but that is the way Mark play, he rolls everything and it has


won so much so why should he change, it is unfortunate. Selby slam is


alive but how much extra weight does it carry? That was on my mind coming


here, it is such a tough tournament to win, but it will be better if I


go out there and just play and I did that at the start. Well played. We


will have to leave it there. You can get your breath. Thank you for


coming in. Mark will play either Shaun Murphy or Barry Hawkins, you


will see it live on the red Button and online, Jason will be back with


the highlights at 11.15. But, goodness me, another afternoon of


high drama, after noons are made for pure neat a at Ally Pally. Thanks


for being with us here. Tara for now.


-- pure theatre. To break someone physically... Agh!

:30:40.:30:52. not a problem.


Three-time Masters champion and reigning World and UK champion Mark Selby begins his campaign against two-time former winner Mark Williams.

Hazel Irvine introduces live coverage as the players vie for a quarter-final place.

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