Quarter-Final: Match 3 Masters Snooker

Quarter-Final: Match 3

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Hello. Good afternoon to you, welcome back to Alexandra Palace and


the 2017 Masters. We at the quarter-finals stage. Big crowd in


here today. Always a special atmosphere on a Friday afternoon.


Ronnie O'Sullivan safely through to the semifinals. He will meet Marco


Fu, who at the age of 39 is showing the type of form that could land him


his first ever Masters title. The longer he looks at this, the


more it's on. It's on! It's guaranteed, as well.


He has apologised, I don't know why. No attempt to get the right side of


the blue there. Just wants to get on with it. He can get 140 with the


pink. He is asking. He is asking somebody else. He played it to the


top! Hello! Superb.


Absolutely superb. It gives him a 5-2 lead with the highest break made


in the Masters this year so far. 140.


Marco has been the star of the tournament so far. Ronnie O'Sullivan


beat Neil Robertson yesterday. Marco was sparkling last night as you have


seen. Tomorrow afternoon will be a cracker. Today our live match for


you here on BBC Two, world champion Mark Selby taking on Barry Hawkins.


Tonight it's Ding Junhui taking on Joe Perry.


Good afternoon to you, Steve Davis alongside me this afternoon. Great


to see you. Marco Fu, last night you were in commentary, a brilliant


performance. Yes and the form of a player is always changing and it's


obvious that Marco Fu is in great form but what is fascinating with


Marco Fu is he has been around in the game long enough you would think


we have already seen what escapable of, but somehow he seems to have


generated another level. He is walking around the table with an air


of confidence I don't think I have seen. He looks relaxed and


comfortable and confident and he doesn't seem to be worried about


winning or losing, he is just playing. He gave himself so much to


do in that opening match against Judd Trump that he won. He was 3-0


down at one stage. Never was there any sense of panic at all in that


match? . That's the sign of somebody superconfident about his game. Has


Marco Fu regenerated himself and gone to another level? Can he win


this event? Can he win the big ones? That's the question then. Can he


win? Yeah, he can. He is well capable of it. Obviously the


standard of players around is so strong and he anything can happen,


you need to get off to a good start is to help but he is in the form of


his life. Absolutely. At the moment Marco Fu is going to be ?10,000


richer because he has the top break of 140. We have been treated to some


magnificent snooker this week. Great noise inside the venue last night


when he made that 140. Mark Selby, you expect him to get


more centuries. In the format of this Masters 28 is the record, we


are on 18 so far. It could be broken.


Our live match this afternoon here on BBC Two sees Barry Hawkins, last


year's runner-up taking on the main man, Mark Selby.


Mark Selby going for the triple Crown. Marks out of ten for his


performances so far? I think he probably say five after the first


round against Mark Williams. Talking about form, I am not sure you can


judge the absolute counterform like you can judge form over a season. If


you are looking at the performances of Barry Hawkins and Mark Selby in


the first round, yeah, Barry Hawkins is in good, Mark a bit dodgy. But


every match is different. Do you find, I have just seen Mark and he


looks relaxed, do you think given the fact he is the world champion as


well that he relishes big moments, big crowds here today, quarter-final


match? Yeah, he is a big occasion player. Barry Hawkins is also,


perhaps not regarded in the same way but he should be. Perhaps the X


Factor is there extra pressure on Mark trying to get this triple


Crown? If he feels any more pressure it's a tougher job for him. He was


in that position in 2013 in the World Championship and Barry Hawkins


beat him in the second round so there is added pressure. Barry has a


good record against Mark, they're close in matches. So expect a tough


match today. Don't expect Barry Hawkins to fold either. OK, thank


you very much. Let's have a chat with JP in the commentary box with


our boys this afternoon. I am and this is a cracking match.


As for Mark, if you are building a snooker player and add all those


qualities together he is pretty much it. He is one of probably the best,


he is up there as one of of the best match players of all time. So hard


to beat. He has won tournaments playing his B game and that's very


difficult. Every part of his game is so good and even when he is not at


the top of his game he can still beat you. He is going for this Grand


Slam, he will be trying to put that to the back of his mind, he will


keep getting reminded of that with the press, is that bringing extra


pressure? Certainly think he brought extra pressure in his first round


match against Mark Williams, to be taken to a decider. One significant


thing, we all remember Mark Williams getting a kick on the blue. He said


after, I still thought I was going to get another shot. What a


clearance it was to win frame and match. He can do it under pressure.


He is the man to beat. Thank you very much. Let's see how Mark Selby


can do this afternoon. Can he keep up his brilliant form?


Ken, the smartest dressed man in commentary!


Steve, I remember Barry Hawkins saying that's the greatest result of


his career, will he think about that today as he walks out here? I don't


know. Every match is another day. You get yourself ready for it. Mark


will be considered the favourite for this, but when you look at Barry's


CV, finalist here at the Masters and the World Championship, it's a good


pedigree. If Barry is going to win does he have to get off to a good


start just hanging on in there? It's nice to get a lead because you put


your opponent under pressure. But you have to go with the employee.


Barry can play as well from behind as in front. It's always nicer to


get off to a good start. Am I able to put you on the spoz as I have


been doing all week and say who is going to win? You can but you will


be left hanging for the answer! Thank you very much, I will ask you


again throughout the afternoon. When you look at Barry and the way he is


playing and he has made this final and knows this venue very well. Does


he walk in with added confidence? Yeah, and he has proven to himself


that he can play in the one table set-up at the Masters, some players


struggle to do that. The other thing that occurred to me this week is the


standard we have seen is always of a high standard, the fact we have had


lots of 6-5s in the afternoon, are you surprised by that? I didn't see


the script but apparently the night-time matches are quick so we


can all go home and the afternoon matches are comfortable. I just


think that perhaps there is a little bit more fire in the room in the


afternoon sessions when it's live on BBC. The night-time sessions, once


were the big occasions, somehow seem to be more flat. That's just an


observation. The afternoon sessions, massive. Let's hope we have another


cracking afternoon of snooker live here on BBC Two. It's Barry Hawkins


and Mark Selby. Good afternoon to our MC, Rob Walker. Good afternoon,


ladies and gentlemen. We are edging closer to the Crowning of the 2017


Masters champion. Today we complete the line-up for the semifinals with


a match between a three-time champion and one of last year's


finalists. We are ready to go again here at Alexandra Palace!


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Please welcome a player who has


really found his form at the Masters in the last two visits. Runner-up 12


months ago and on Wednesday night he beat former Masters champion Shaun


Murphy 6-1 with a cracking first round win, a two-time ranking event


winner, he is poised, he is ready, here comes The Hawk, Barry Hawkins!


And his opponent, a laidback man who has an iron will to win on the


table. Coming through yet another final frame decider against Mark


Williams in the first round, he has spent more than 100 consecutive


weeks as world number one, he is your reigning world and UK champion,


the Jester from Leicester, he is Mark Selby!


Your sporting weekend starts here on BBC Two live for you. Mark Selby and


Barry Hawkins. Good afternoon again to John and Ken.


Good afternoon, Jason. Good afternoon everybody. Very


interesting match-up this. Barry Hawkins to break. The world number


one, world champion, UK champion, but the form that Barry Hawkins has


shown in his last match when disposing of Shaun Murphy in double


quick time, he will be coming into this match with lots of confidence,


Ken. Yeah, absolutely. I spoke to him afterwards and he was delighted.


Of course he got to the final last year so he has bags of experience,


Barry Hawkins. Loves playing here at the Masters. It's going to be facing


a different proposition today. Mark Selby a man in form as you said. I


am wondering whether a little bit of added pressure of trying to hold all


three majors at the same time, whether it will have any effect, he


is not that type of individual to let it affect him too much, John? I


wouldn't have thought so. He has gone through periods where he's


openly admitted that he has doubted himself and his ability.


But I think he is at one with himself now.


World number one for 100 weeks. Caught that a bit too thick.


So the first chance goes to Barry. Quite some way away from that pot.


That will unnerve him slightly. Yeah, no matter how much practice


you do on the practice table, I saw Barry with his mentor, Terry


Griffiths, nothing like when you come out here and the atmosphere.


So Mark will be relieved to get this opportunity.


He has a nice angle on the yellow. I don't think he will be going into


the pack of reds. He may try to get to the red to the right of the pink.


I am wondering whether he is drop the red in and try and take the


black next, John. He would have a nice angle on the black, if he left


the cue ball below the pack of reds and got a nice angle on the black


and he could go into the pack of reds from the black. Sounds like a


good idea to me. He can run this through and bounce


off the top cushion. Oh! He got a kick.


He has took all the pace out of the cue ball. I don't think the black is


on now. Got a heavy contact. Struggled to go in the pocket.


Can he cut the black in? I think that was the plan, the one


you suggested, Ken. Once he finished there and couldn't pot the black, he


will be frustrated with that. I have been speaking to a few players, the


table has been playing magnificently all week. Haven't seen many bounces


off the cushions or many kicks. That is one of the few occasions where a


kick has really stopped a player in his tracks. Haven't seen many of


these this week. Look at it again. Watch the red leave the table.


By and large, over the week - that's probably one of the reasons we have


seen so many century breaks, 18 so far in the tournament.


Well on the way to beat the Masters record.


I think the record is 31 centuries. That's when we had a couple of


wildcard matches, we had extra matches. I think 28 may be the


record without the wildcard matches. We are well on the way to beat that.


Yeah, the standard seems to get higher.


When you get to the nitty gritty of a tournament, as we are now, playing


for a place in the semifinal, tension does build.


A quick glance at it. He will play the easier safety shot.


That red closest to the baulk cushion is the problem red here.


Could be a little while rolling into reds and trying to get the cue ball


back on the cushion. You are not going to get much change from these


two guyses, John. No, the referee, from Malta, has declared a touching


ball, but that's not going to ease the situation because as Ken said,


you can't play safe to the baulk end.


Another attempter left here, the one to the left of the pink, to the


right middle. That's why players don't like this


type of situation, because you keep leaving attempts and eventually


someone goes and gets it and it can be a frame-winner.


He is thinking about it. He is looking at the potting angle.


But deciding against it. We shouldn't be in a position where


we have a rerack here. There may be a gap to this red, into


the green pocket but it's fraught with a lot of danger, particularly


where the cue ball is, tight to the top cushion. Again just rolling into


the red may leave a touching ball here again.


If Barry can nudge one of these reds away, because the fact they're so


close together it's easy for Mark just to keep dropping into those


two, but when he gets one away it will make his next shot more


difficult and that's what Barry is doing here.


Yeah, the essential part of this is to get a good cue ball tight to the


top cushion and he has not done that.


Is this the time when Mark Selby pushes the boat out?


As you say, now there is no easy roll-up, Ken.


The tighter he gets to this cushion the more advantage he will gain.


That's not close enough. Yeah, he will be disappointed with


that, Mark. If he was tight to the top cushion here, he would have had


Barry Hawkins in a bit of trouble but now he can easily dig into the


cue ball here and get it back to the top cushion. Got to be careful with


where he knocks the red. That's a very good shot.


APPLAUSE Now the option of rolling up to a


red is not there now. Mark Selby is going to have to find a different


shot. He is looking to see does the green pot into the yellow pocket?


Because he could possibly have a go at this red into the left centre and


put the cue ball up near the top right corner and if the red goes in


he may be on the green. But I am not quite sure from our angle whether


that green pots, John. Looking at the way the reds are


situated, the next player to pot a red could have a frame-winning


opportunity. There is no doubt about that.


All the reds are in the open, apart from one near the left cushion.


That wouldn't stop someone winning the frame.


The fact he keeps looking at the green tells me he is going to take


this red on to the left centre. He thinks if he knocks it in,


possibly a green. Yeah it was a clever shot. Had the


red gone in he was on the green and the green must pot, obviously. But


the fact where the cue ball is he has covered the red into the yellow


pocket and he hasn't left Barry a straightforward pot.


Red into the left middle is covered, as well.


It was quite a clever shot he played there. Barry has to find a safety


position now. He may be tempted which by the red


closest to the cue ball, play it to the right corner pocket.


It's pretty straight. I know it's the first frame and he


has the memory of the last pot he played he missed. This is a bit more


difficult but he is taking it on. Oh! So close. I think he thought


that was in. Has he overscrewed it and left the


red to the opposite corner. You can see the look on his face, he thought


it was in. It looked in, as well.


He has overscrewed that cue ball and left a straightforward chance now


for Mark Selby. Let's look at this again.


And how close it was to going into the pocket.


In these situations it's easy to pot red and yellow but you want to start


getting on the higher value colours and that's why he is going to play


this red now to the left middle and play on the blue. He would like to


get those reds around the pink. He didn't finish too good on that


red. He is going to play the blue. Has to avoid the cannon on the


brown. Don't think it would be a problem. Well, I said it wouldn't be


a problem! He will be disappointed with that.


That was the only thing he had to do, was avoid the kiss. Someone of


his quality you didn't expect him to run into the brown.


Didn't make the most of that opportunity.


Very edgy start from both players. APPLAUSE


A good shot. Certainly not a straightforward


safety here. This could go wrong. Would you


believe it? He might have left a path to this red. The red he played,


if he doesn't kiss it, it could get back to the Balkan end. Could Barry


just get back to the yellow? He certainly can. Oh, but at the


moment, just a fraction out. You would have expected him to get that


into the right centre. It just hit the near jaw. I did not expect the


cue ball to go that far. He was trying to cover this red.


The thing is he was so close to the condition, he just concentrated


fully on the pot, he knew he would run into other balls, but to go in


and having had the pink and the red, you have got to say it was unlucky.


This is another chance for Barry. This one is a nice easy starter, you


would think. That was nicely played and judged,


to get top side of the blue. Just looking at the two red is planted in


the centre. He is having a quick look at them now. He still has the


loose red, left of the bank. That will be handy.


I can only assume he is playing for the planned. If he was playing for


the red to the left of the pink he would not have missed. The planned


it is. He needs to be careful he does not overrun the cue ball. Well,


not bad. A little bit closer to the condition than he would like. I


assume the red to the left of the pink doesn't go to the right middle.


If it did he should have played for it. So, maybe not as straightforward


as it looks. This blue will put the points all square. So, they are all


square. They might stay that way. Nothing easy here. He is trying to


get a half ball kiss on the red, try to bring it into play. It is still


be on the other red, the right centre. This is a difficult pot. He


played it nicely. He has got an angle on the green. A nice angle.


Another good solid pot there. This black will put on 12 points in


front. He will only need the three remaining reds. The way they are


situated, it will not be easy. Being a left-hander, it is no


problem for the left-hand red a long vacation. He might be on the top red


as well. This is a little test here. Never


easy. If he wanted to be better on the black, he would have maybe


didn't touch the side. A tough black, as you say. Rolled it in. You


just saw there, the black didn't go in the middle of the pocket, it went


in off the right-hand jaw. If he had got it straight in the middle he


would have been on the red. It just went in the wrong side of the


pocket, which meant he had the black too thick. He is 20 points in the


league, but there are still 43 remaining.


Well, there is always the double. He wouldn't say he is perfect on the


black again, but he has given himself a chance. The crowd realised


the red was in even before we did. No, no, he has missed it. Had it to


the far jaw. I didn't expect him to miss that. The only saving ball for


Barry might be the pink ball. I am just wondering if he has an angle on


the red to try to knock the encounter. -- knock the pink pound.


That is what he has tried to do, but he hasn't. He has not finished in


the ideal position here. If he plays the black he will have to play it


mission first to get the ball back up for the yellow. The other


alternative is to play the green. The big problem will be the pink and


that is why he tried to disturb it when potting the red.


Well, later on in the match I wouldn't expect him to miss that. On


his first frame we have seen a pupil is missed. It is the nature of the


first frame in a very important match.


Not on the green. The green is what he is in need of. He is in the lead,


but there are 25 points remaining. He certainly will not be taking this


green on. It is too difficult to cut it into the right-hand corner


pocket. He will try to get the cue ball up behind the brown. That is


pretty good. It looks very good indeed. An excellent shot. He is


on the green, but it looks like he will have to play a thin contact. We


have seen players missing the ball completely in a shot like this. That


is superb. That is a superb shot. To hit it that thing to get the green


and bring the pink into play, remember. This frame is all now down


to two parts of the green. This was an excellent shot. Also


clever. He played that in such a way that he was going to try to bring


the pink into play as well. He is going to try to double this a cross


and get the green somewhere. The middle of the top cushion. I think


the other thing that is commendable when he played that seen in green,


if he had missed the green he would have finished up needing a snooker.


A tough shot but very well worked out. It is not difficult to play


saviour because if you knock the green to the left corner pocket,


which is blocked by the black comedy Green will be safe. Barry couldn't


have played that much better in all honesty. An excellent shot. I


wouldn't think you would want to risk playing it straight. You would


like to come off the top cushion first, but I do not think that is an


option. People have to be very delicate here, otherwise he knocks


the black in. -- he will have two be. Delicate he was.


He was lucky he was able to get to the cushion first. The green


The question is does mark Selby? If it does cut it is a thin one. It


would be a natural for the cue ball to go back to the Bocking End and


get a position on the ground. Well, he doesn't think it does cut. Using


the jaw, he could not have played that any better. Great shot.


Straightforward for Barry to hit this green. He will be careful not


to hit it too hard. He will certainly be happy with that. Mark


Selby will not be taking this green on.


The free time is just coming up to 34 minutes now. Didn't played the


pot there. Disappointed though, he could have picked a better is than


that. It is in the 35th minute now, this frame. I was expected to be the


longest of the match. I know both of them have a good tactical game, but


it is built around potting and brick building. It is just a typical first


frame. Mark Selby is 75%, Barry is 78%. You are looking at 98%. I am


sure that is what it will end up at. It is just one of these first frame


encounters that get tense. I don't think that Mark Selby


thought it would go. In it went. You see the little shrug. Snooker is


required. Didn't think it went. Just squeezed in. Good shot. Use it. 25


ahead, 22 remaining. One snooker required. Barry will not


be taking this for granted. Nice balls to snooker behind.


This was amazing. I never thought of this. Just about went in. Hit the


edge of the pocket. I did not think it was possible, especially from


that distance. An excellent report. If you don't get the snooker, you


have got to get the ball safe and he has not done that. Mark knows that


if Barry Potts is brown, it is frame over. Where is the brown going?


Barry thought it was in. Has he played in the middle?


Decided to play the brown because he didn't think he could get the


snooker offered. Now it is all about Snickers. Barry was walking round


because he thought it was in. Your chair is the other way. It could be


costly. With the pink at one end and the black at the other, definitely a


chance. They are close enough to be cushion, both balls, to lay a good


snooker. That's what they say, if your


opponent needs a snooker, you play one. Mark Wood get a snooker of this


and less he is very lucky. He has also got to get the blue safe. He


has done a bad pot well. He is still within a glimmer of a chance to win


this frame. He will be lucky to get away with


this. He lost control of that. If you don't think you can get a


snooker, your priority is to get the object ball safe. That will keep you


in the frame. He still cannot pot that belief. OK, the pink is not in


a great position for a snooker now. If you could sneak the cue ball


behind that it would be a very good snooker, a very tough one to escape


from. He would have to be so accurate. He will not want to pot


the blue. 40 minutes it has been. As he hit it hard enough? Is it hard


enough? Just an inch or two. Not a bad line. It would have been a very


difficult snooker to escape from. Barry will be aware, he will not be


taking any liberties here to try to get the blue safe or knock it over a


pocket, tried to force Mark Selby into potting the blue. As you said,


he will not want to pot the blue and stage. He might have a chance here


of two or three conditions. Now, can Barry pot this blue into the left


centre? Is it not too risky? He might be concerned about knocking


the black in, one of the black, all the negative thoughts that go


through your mind. As I say, everybody is very keen watching


this, but I think this will be the slowest frame of the match. It has


gone in. Avoided the case on the black. No way Mark Selby will carry


on. Three snooker is needed on the pink and black. An impossible task.


The referee just waiting for him to call a halt. After a frame that


nearly took 42 minutes it goes to Barry Hawkins. He leads the world


champion by 1-0. Throughout this Masters, the afternoon session, we


have had scintillating snooker and that is the largest opening frame we


have had. You are right. There was one shot at the start when Mark


Selby had a shock when he was dropping the ball in with the rest


which makes a difference to the frame. A brilliant chance because if


he drops this in, comes on the black, it is a natural angle. He


could have won the frame in one visit. That one child changed the


game. It is highlighted by the fact Mark Selby was in amongst the balls


and got a flick Nicely on the red. I am sure the


black pots into the bottom right. He will just push off the red above it.


He has managed to miss it. Still, nicely on the black. It is


imperative now that he gets on the red that is to the right of the


black and cleared the black. He is perfect and the black. I don't know


what he is thinking about here. Maybe looking a future ahead. He has


to play for the red to the right of the black ear. He didn't. That does


surprise me. He might not get a better chance. And a recent wife he


wouldn't play for that? He was hedging his bets. He was guaranteed


to be on the spread and he just wants to be on the black little


straighter and so he can take the red. He was trying to play two shots


in one there. If he overran that he was on this red, if the overheated


he was on the red to the right of the black. Still a few options for


him here. He wanted to be a bit straighter. This red is stopping the


black being available to both corners. He cannot get position for


the black onto the left corner. He has had to play the cannon. If it


has gone wrong, he only has himself to blame. I totally agree. He didn't


have the confidence a couple of shots to the red out of the way. I


don't think he can bend it enough to get that bread. It might be the end


of the break. Let's have a look at that black he


played. He is probably playing it in such a way that if the overheads


that he will always be on this red here. He was still on the red to the


right of the black and probably wasn't confident enough to track it


straightaway. The first time he looked perfect. He


had the line. He had to hit it a little bit slower. It was essential


to get that red away from the black. That's not the best safety shot from


Mark unless it creeps behind the brown.


He is a bit fortunate there. He could well have left the red...


APPLAUSE That was a good pot, not perfect on


the yellow or brown, but a lot of the players now would screw this


brown into the right middle and screw off the baulk cushion but he


doesn't want anything to do with that.


Just looking there at Barry's expression, pulled his face a little


bit. He wanted to be tight to this yellow to cut out the one-cushion


escape. He has hit it a little bit too hard.


Yeah, there is the escape. A little bit of side, just to widen the


angle. Just overhit the cue ball slightly.


Wanted to be nestled tightly to that bunch of reds.


You can tell from Mark's body language he thought he had hit that


red too thick. This red is on to the right corner


and I think the black is available to the opposite corner.


It's across slightly. It just decelerated. So a chance here.


If you just half quit on the shot, the cue ball doesn't go... The only


downside for Mark is he is tight on to the cushion.


A good shot. A little bit surprising, but


obviously part of his game plan. He doesn't take too many undue risks.


He's playing the world champion, the world number one, UK champion, so he


will give him every respect. Good attacking safety. And Mark


Selby is in a real spot of bother here. If it doesn't get this safe,


then Barry Hawkins, you would think, would win this frame.


Sensational. Helen lucky to catch the blue. What a tremendous hit that


was. Unlucky, as I say, to make contact with the blue, which stopped


the White in its tracks. Yes, that was the great escape. Let's have a


look at this again. Got a perfect contact on the red, just so unlucky


to hit the blue full ball. Chance again for Barry Hawkins.


Just overran the cue ball slightly. Going into the red just above the


black ear and... Has to just be careful. Just had a quick look at


the red to the right centre. No. No. Still a bit edgy, both players.


Didn't expect him to miss that. Neither did I, he set up the frame


winning opportunity and didn't take it. And when you miss those few


chances, it can really hurt if you lose the frame.


It wasn't the cleanest hotpots, but it has gone in -- of pots. And it


has given a chance to Mark Selby. The three reds around the pink spot


area, certainly one is available into the right middle. Maybe the


bottom one, the one nearest the blackspot, is available to the right


corner. He has played for that read you


spoke about into the right centre. -- that red. Doesn't look like it is


touching ball, it may pot. Good part, back, into the centre. Now the


two reds above the black, I think the top one will pot. Not sure about


the bottom one. If he pots this read, try and get on


the pink here. -- this red. He's so good in these type of


situations, John, the back is against the wall a little bit, a


little bit nervy, but when he gets a chance to win the frame, he is so


deadly, his positional play is always very, very good. But he has


great bottle, as we say. Yes, and as you say, the positional side of it,


the cue ball control... It is or was made a little bit easier towards the


end of the frame because there is not the congestion of the Reds, you


don't have to play Canons. Although he ended up playing one there. If he


had been on the practice table, he would have played that with a lot


more left-hand side and played for the opposite corner, but a little


more tension in the arm, you don't want to risk playing with a lot of


side. Could have been better on this red. No problem. No the cue ball is


having to travel up and down the table. I think he is just about OK


on this Brown, deep screw on the -- off the cushion.


Looking at his body language there, I think he played the cannon on the


red, to hold for the pink. I am not sure there was any need to, plenty


of room around the red. He is going to need a good part on this blue


now. -- a good pot. Nicely on the red. And he can pop


this red and leave the cue ball somewhere in the vicinity where the


red is now and have a nice angle to get up for the yellow.


Is he a little bit straight? I think he may be. He didn't want to play


the yellow. He didn't want to be playing the yellow into the far left


corner, wants to be playing it in the far right corner because there


is always a possibility that if you don't screw back far enough, you


could snooker yourself with the brown coming down the other side of


the table -- and coming down the other side of the table, it wouldn't


be a danger. You can overdo it but he looks to have played this


absolutely inch perfect. Yellow, green and brown required.


Good angle on the green. If he pots it, bound to be on the brown.


In it goes and nicely on the brown and this brown will take him 23 in


front with only 18 remaining. So the disappointed Barry Hawkins


there. Yes, that Mr Black, a good opportunity. He has had a couple of


opportunities in this frame, Barry Hawkins, but Mark Selby showing a


lot of character here. He did it in his last match in the last frame


against Mark Williams. He is so good when his back is against the wall


and if you give him a chance, that is what -- he will take it and that


is what you're up against in this man. A 76 break, Mark Selby the


match. 1-1, that is more like it from the


world champion, but when will we see the Mark Selby we are used to seeing


at this tournament? It goes to show that when you are number one and


fancied to win, you can be nervous and make poor decisions. In the


beginning of the frame, he had a red in the corner off the far cushion


and you know the middle pocket is there, you know it is not moving,


but why play it at that place where you can bring the middle pocket into


play? He has looked a bit nervous in his chair and that break was a lot


better than it looked because he lost the cue ball a few times. You


don't expect Mark Selby to be nervous in an event like this, do


you? You would think not but I suppose every tournament, every


situation you come into on the day, if you don't get off to a wonderful


start, you don't settle down. I do think the start of a match, you


can't make yourself play well first frame but if you are in the zone,


sometimes you get off to a good start. But your form will always go


up and down, so perhaps he is not in the best of form, perhaps he hasn't


been practising well over Christmas and has lost a bit. On the other


hand, it may be the way the games have started. If I was Barry, I


would be kicking myself, in with good chances, the Black off the


spot, he should be 2-0 up. If you flick through the newspapers, when


they talk about Mark Selby, they talk about the triple Crown, he has


won the world championship, UK Championship. Does that help or we


don't know, we are not inside his brain but we don't know how much he


is carrying around with him as excess luggage, if you like, but


maybe it is having a bearing. What do you think, boys?


JOHN VIRGO: Just nice to be in a position to win the triple Crown!


KEN DOHERTY: we wouldn't know what it feels like. But I would like to


have been there. And embrace it. Maybe it is wearing a little bit, he


hasn't looked at his normal imperious best. Showed great form in


the UK championship, beating Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final, but didn't


play particularly well against Mark Williams, although he made that


wonderful break in the last frame. Has looked a bit nervy in the


opening exchanges of this match, but maybe that last break will settle


him down a little bit. Yes, you have got to agree with JP in the studio,


Barry will be absolutely kicking himself. He played a terrific safety


shot, put Mark in trouble and then didn't take advantage.


Where has the cue ball gone? First time today, John. It is amazing how


many times that can happen. You have got a slight angle, you think you


can run through and you just catch it that little too full and bang,


you go in with it. And he had to force it back of the table because


you can see the black's tied up. Mark Selby will have do do the same


here. He knocks it in. And there is


probably value here in playing the blue and playing the cannon into the


king. The reason I say that is because the pink is tied up at the


moment and if he does hit the pink full ball with pace, there is a


chance the red could release the black. He has to hit this pink full


ball, lots of pace in it, screw. Well, it's not too bad. He didn't


get the screw but he is still on this red to the left corner pocket.


The only problem there is he hasn't brought the pink into play but he


will get another chance at it. It's amazing, when the red are just


slightly loose, he hit that pink absolutely perfect and hardly


anything moved. But they are just slightly loose, so


they are all going into one another and stopping one another from


moving. As Ken said, he has another chance to play the same shot. I see


no reason why he wouldn't, it is hard to win a frame with only the


blue and baulk colours available. There is definitely value going in


between the red and the pink into that little gap. He's a little


hesitant in case he may block that red but he should be OK. He needs


that pink into play. Didn't hit into the gap. And again, not on the red.


Just wanted to hit into the gap, but he cut the pink first -- caught the


pink first. Is this red on up into the green pocket?


Well, just about passes the blue but he will be more concerned where the


cue ball finishes, because there is a red ball over this right corner.


He doesn't want to leave that one, because this is a tough pot. It is


not there. A little bit surprised. I was


talking earlier about Barry Hawkins's game plan, I don't think


he would have been playing that red. It was a very risky shot to go for.


Just felt it was more out of frustration that he went through it,


he had an easy safety shot on. Pushed the boat out there.


Doesn't matter that he is the wrong side of the blue, that red on the


baulk cushion, he can play that easily enough. Points now all


square. It is not going to be the easiest to


win this frame in this visit. But there are more chances of you


winning it when you are at the table than when you are sat in your seat.


Yeah, well, not that last red, the second last red, has opened the path


of the pink into that bottom right-hand corner pocket, so have


got to wreck it on the brown and try and get the pink back on its spot.


It is a little straight but he can either screw for blue or pink.


He is coming around to have a look at the pink.


25 points, the lead now. So these three raids in the opener, with


pinks, would be enough to get into the snooker is required stage. So he


doesn't have to be concerned about bringing the black into play. Just


needs to keep close control of the cue ball.


He has become a very solid, reliable player over the last few seasons. He


certainly has. His all-round game is very good.


I think getting to the final of the World Championships certainly helped


him. And of course, he has got Terry Griffiths in his corner. He will be


giving him all the words that give relief to a player. -- belief to a


player. Sometimes you do doubt your ability when you are not getting


results. Yeah, he has been to, of course, the world final and won a


couple of ranking tournaments as well and was a finalist here last


year. That was a great experience -- wasn't a great experience, he only


won the one frame. But he has become very consistent over the last few


years and, of course, when you win those first ranking tournaments, it


gives you that extra little bit of confidence for the bigger stage.


Incurs the pink, nice can. Mark Selby won't be getting back to the


table here, I don't think -- in those the pink, nice cannon.


It is one of those situations, you might as well make certain of the


red because if he does that, Mark Selby won't be going back to the


table, you would think. So just make sure of this red, don't worry too


much about position. Well, it's not there, but as I say,


doubtful that Mark... Yes, another concession. So Mark Selby was all


guns blazing and no Barry Hawkins in a 2-1 lead.


Shia Barry Hawkins was very disappointing in the UK


Championships, but promising signs. Yes and from Mark Selby's position,


perhaps a few decisions he has made wrong. I hesitate to criticise the


world champion and UK number one, but I thought he was in trouble


playing this softer, he could have played it harder and this one, this


is eggs and baskets, I don't know how he was trying to get out of


jail, committing to a shot where he is guaranteed to stick his opponent


up. Very strange choice, he could be sitting there and will has knocked


it in but that's not the point. Percentage-wise, you go to the pack


and your disappointed you're not on one and force yourself to take one


but not Mark Selby, his shot selection is usually sorted out. Not


desperation but a little bit like trying to push the boat out.


It is easy setting up your end criticising. You do play the shot


you see. On another Day he would have taken different shots. Barry


Hawkins took his chance and he will keep taking them. He was nervous at


the start but that was an excellent break. It was very well constructed.


He had great shoot control. Barry immediately comes to the table. He


has a party to the left corner. It looks like a potting angle where he


could find a path back to the baulk and -- book end. He will be going


all out for this. A good opening red. He purposefully left the cue


ball short of the bold colours. Attacking the red just above the


black and it is absolutely inch perfect. He has a nice angle on this


red. He can push the red out of the way.


Just tidying up a few loose red Sea. Before he contemplates going into


the pack. He has a couple of choices here. They couple of reds to the


left corner. He has wandered to the right centre. -- he has won to the


right centre. The rate at the bottom of the pack is also available.


A little bit low. A little shake of the hit. He can pot this. There is


an alternative to the right middle that he has not look that yet. You


want to be on position where if you pocket you are guaranteed the next


ball. The red he is playing now, it is not guaranteed. Keep your eye on


the cue ball. Well, he just managed to get enough on it. That was a good


shot. When you play that type of back spin shot, the harder you


headed, the less chance you give it for the back spin to take effect. He


did that nicely. Obviously the pink spot is


available. He will have to get as close to his own spot as he can. It


looks to me as though it will be just above the black. For the red is


just above the black. Not touching. The direct line between the black,


the blue and the red. Pretty good. On the blue and I wouldn't think he


would risk playing a cannon here. From what we have seen so far, he is


quite prepared to take loose red balls early on in the break. The top


red of the cluster does go to the left corner. He undertook that a


fraction, but it shouldn't be a problem. If he gets a good angle on


the blue he might consider playing a little cannon. He has got to loose


red and he will be thinking he would be unlucky not to be on one of them.


He cannot win this frame without opening that little cluster of six.


He could play a little cannon, as you said. Just not the blue game. He


will always be on the red to the right centre if he gets a full ball.


He will have to get it from though at the apex red. And he didn't hit


the red at the top of the pack. Is he unlucky? Look at his body


language. He is not on it. I am surprised he played with so much


place. I did not think it was necessary. If he could've ended at


the top of the red he didn't need it. It is the end of the break. He


could be considered a little bit unlucky, but you always take a


chance when you play a cannon. A nice safety shot to finish with. A


44 point lead. Still 91 available. This is a big shock. He is more


intent on getting the cue ball back to the Balkans. He thought the red


might ruffle the jaws at this end, not at the other end.


This could be the frame-winner. Put it in a delightfully. He only has


two drop the blue in. He doesn't have to do anything with the cue


ball. That looks for my money likely will have a two frame advantage, the


interval. It has to be said, Mark Selby has still not found his best


form. No. The devoted could be coming at a good time for him to


gather himself, his thoughts, clear his hit a little bit, because he


looks a little bit nervous at the moment.


I think he is OK. I think you can avoid the kiss on the thing. He


couldn't. It has gone slightly wrong. What looked a formality is


not only more. On this the red is available. It looks as though it is.


Lucky to have this. He didn't have to do anything with the cue ball,


just roll the blinking. Just a red needed. He will go 64 ahead with 59


remaining. Well, it looked for all the world he could pot that red.


Maybe he couldn't. I would like to see that won the game. How did he


miss that? He has left a half chance here for


Mark Selby. 63 points behind, 67 remaining. This would be a blow to


Barry Hawkins, but this is the big shock. Not there. He won't be


getting another chance. It could have been a different game.


When Barry missed that red. Sometimes if you are having a bad


Day you give your opponent an easy start. That was a difficult shot he


left for Mark. Very difficult. He is trying to hold for the black as


well. Just came across it slightly. It has been pretty decent stuff


after the break Mark Selby in the second frame. It looked like he


would get going, but Barry rallied in the last two. I think Barry has


got a plan. I am not certain what Mark is planning. You can never


addicted what will happen, but in the last frame when he pushed the


ball out, played the very difficult rate, it is not something Barry


Hawkins would have played. We had a 42 minute first frame. We had a 20


minute frame and then one that only lasted 12 minutes. It has not been


slow since the first frame. He is taking these nicely. A break


of 63. His tea will taste nice during the mid-session interval. He


leads the world champion by 3-1. Initiative to Barry Hawkins. We will


talk about in a moment. Something is happening with Mark Selby. He does


look happy. That last chance was difficult. It was a difficult shot.


I don't know, he just looks so nervous. He is not imposing himself


at all. He is just not right at all. It is a two horse race but only one


is galloping. When I said, if you are giving marks out of ten for Mark


Selby you would give him a five. As we also said at the start, at any


one time in a game of snooker, there are players in form and going out of


form. We are so used to sing Mark Selby in good form, whether it is


imperious or great fighting form, it is a shock to see him a bit


underpowered. If he has come into some bad form, the fascination is


how does he dig himself out of this hole. Every time you go to the table


it is a new test. It is only snooker, it is not football that is


so energetic, but how much did the Mike Williams much to him mentally.


He went through the ringer. Has left a little sky. Barry Hawkins has the


lead and he has been talking to Ken Doherty because Barry was knocked


out quite surprisingly in the early stages of the UK championship in


York. Now he is keen to do well here and at the Crucible in April.


Welcome. Congratulations on your first round win. Six when -- 6-1


win. Not a bad start, beating John Murphy. Easier than you would have


expected. It a lot easier. To play pretty solid was quite pleasing. I


didn't expect to beat him with such an easy scoreline. He made a few


uncharacteristic mistakes, a couple of easy safety shot the giving me an


opportunity. I was delighted. You look very comfortable. Even from the


first ball. I felt pretty comfortable. I was very nervous. I


settled pretty quick and having the run last year helped me to settle a


bit quicker. Let's talk about last year. We have a lot in common


because Ronnie Beeney in a final. I was lucky to get one. I spoke to you


afterwards and he said I was embarrassed. Sometimes you get like


that. It hasn't affected you, is it? No, I was disappointed straight


after. You want to put a good show one for yourself. You want to win,


that is why you are there. To get battered 10-1 is demoralising. When


you are sitting out there, you just want to go home. Overall I can't be


too hard on myself. It was the final of the Masters. When you reflect on


it, easy it was a good run, a good experience. The next time, which he


did in the would championship, you got your revenge. Is that what you


reflect on? I think I did. I definitely worried about him more


than myself in the final. I didn't play my game at all. Taking nothing


away from Ronnie, when he starts steam-rolling, it is hard to stop


him. I was definitely worried about him. I did learn from the final and


tried to use that in the World Championship and not worry about him


as much. It worked out well for me. Was that one of the best


performances you have had on TV? To beat Ronnie was a love in as well?


Definitely one of the biggest wins of my career. To be Ronnie was


living in his own backyard, especially because he didn't play


badly at all cost of it was a great standard. Coming through that much


give me a little more confidence. We have won a couple of ranking


tournaments as well. The next stage is one of these majors. You have


been right at the business end of the would championship and the


Masters. It is good. You want to keep doing well. If I can win one of


the big ones, that would be great, because they are the majors. They


are the ones you watch on TV all the time. If I can win one of the big


ones by the time I am finished, that would be great. What about the


influence of Terry Griffiths, what influence has he had? Since you have


been with them you have gone up the levels. He has definitely help me. I


have been with them for maybe six years or something like that. As


soon as I started working with him I've noticed a change straightaway.


He covered a couple of technical things I was doing wrong that I


didn't notice. Sometimes it takes somebody like that to point them out


for you to realise you are doing something wrong. The only help you


can get is that. It can get a bit lonely out there. I listen to him


and I have been working with him for quite a while. He has definitely


made my game improve a bit. I would have known you for a long time on


the circuit. People watching you on TV as well. They don't know anything


about Barry Hawkins, away from the secretive. You keep your private


life private, but what do you do, what do you like doing, what other


sports do you do? Nothing. I just play snooker. I love going down the


social club and having a drink with my friends. When you are playing


snooker, it is serious. You are planning for your living. I try to


provide for my family and win tournaments and all that sort of


stuff. Behind the scenes I love having a laugh and joke and a few


beers with boys. I suppose, it has changed since the old days. It is


more professional manner. I am not but boring. As being a family Mann


changed a bit? Yes. Having a son, it is a cliche, but you look at things


differently. My life revolves around him and the wife. A term I get some


spirits and we do stuff together. It is so busy now, the jerk. You don't


get that much time at home. What about your next opponent? He is


going for the triple Crown. Only four other people have held the UK,


the world and the Masters in the same year. Mark Selby will be a


tough opponent. He is the best player by far in the world. So


consistent. He wins tournament with his second game. That shows you how


good he is. We have a similar game, a similar style. Not as well as him.


It is something that needs to improve a little bit more, my second


game. He inspires me. He works really hard on his game and I think


I am one of those players as well. If I am not of the time then I


notice the difference. I try to put the hours in when I can. He is


someone to the property and I keep working hard and he shows you what


you can achieve. Best of luck. What a lovely gentleman. What a nice


little watch that was. He is a lovely lad. I was chatting to him.


We were having a laugh and he is a good lad to have around. Have you


seen an improvement in his game when he has been working with Terry? We


have seen an improvement in his game over time. His stature is growing in


the game. There was a time when he was disregarded as a potential


champion in defence but he has got rid of that now. He is genuinely


guaranteed a top 16 players and has produced astonishing stuff. I am not


sure of the time frame from Terry Griffiths, if you do with Terry as a


coach, you have someone who is committed to you, not just your


technique, but mental well-being. Also someone who has been in the


pit. It is easy to live with someone when they have been there. Did you


expect Barry to push on? He unexpectedly made the final in 2013,


losing to Ronnie or southern. Did you expect him to push on after


that? It is difficult to push and because of how many players there


are cueing up with in the win tournaments. All you Kunduz put


yourself in the frame that you are now one of the elite. He has done


that. The next phase is can he have a period of time dominating the


game. It is so hard to do. Especially when there are so many


top players. The other players will look at the draw and see him and say


I am glad he is in my section. He is a great matchplay. Very confident,


thinks the game, works hard. You know you are in for a match with


them. He is 3-1 up against the world champion, a Mann he has trouble


against. I don't feel that in the situation today that if he gets the


chances he will baulk at them. After his first-round match, which him


well, it is not necessarily a yardstick. He might be in these and


a bit quicker mid-to-late than Mark Selby who struggled in his first


round match. The last three matches he played, he hasn't won a free over


Mark Selby. He has lost 4-0 and 3-0. Now he has a lead at the interval.


He can put the things that have gone before him behind and he is doing


that today. This is our first quarterfinal for you today. The


other is Joe Perry digging on Ding Junhui. Better a look at the hit to


hit here. They have played 14 matches. They first met in the


Masters in 2004, but Perry won the last meeting here two years ago.


Ding Junhui has been talking to Steve. Looking back at 2016, here is


a question, this moment? Winning the Shanghai Masters or final in the


World Championship? That is a big question. You want me to pick it?


What do you think? Winning is good. They would championship is still the


biggest event. I don't know. I think it is the final. This has always


been my dream, to get in the final first and then think about winning a


tournament. I've had one Shanghai before, this is the second time.


This is a good moment to win the second time, but they weren't final,


it was my first time. It is massive. You were very emotional when he won


in Shanghai. The few tears. Yes. I was so excited. That was your 12th


ranking event victory and only five players have won more than 12


events. You have a good record in building up. I hope I can do more. I


tried my best. I cannot stay in my best form of year, all season, all


of my career. I do however much I can because when I get older, I will


maybe not be as good. I want to win more. I wanted to try my best in


every tournament. If I can do better and better, when I am looking back


when I get older, I think I will have nothing to regret. I think I


have done a good jaw. There is nothing to think about, I missed


this or that. The only thing that really, and everybody talks about


it, the only thing left for the record it for you is the World


Championship. This last year he got to the final, it is another step


further forward. It is a big help. Mark Selby told me a lot. To do it


in a word final is a massive experience. You need to learn of the


tables, the different styles, because it is a different compared


to the semifinals. This is a new stage. And regularly practice


routines, you are just doing exactly the same, you are not changing


anything, you are not trying to get something else? I don't want to put


myself thinking too much, overthinking. I wanted to play


naturally. I try to play my regular game every shot. I want to be the


same in the match. Turning our attention to the Masters. You have


won the Masters in 2011. If you are back to the time of the famous match


with Ronnie, a long time back, you look at yourself now. DEV a


different person? Yes. I feel more relaxed. The crowd like you. Yes.


The one thing I will do good in is my jaw. If people come to watch.


Good luck today. Thank you. One of the first men through to the


quarter-finals and in many ways he has gone under the radar. We have


not spent much time talking about him. No, I don't think he is back to


his best. He did enough to win the other day. It's an interesting


match-up with Joe Perry. Originally he had a good record against him but


the last two occasions it's been Perry beat him 6-4 and 4-1, I think.


He has knocked him out in a couple of events. That's an interesting


match tonight. You sat opposite him, did you detect a more relaxed Ding


Junhui? We all do, it may be he has a better command of the English


language and you can have more chat with him, I think he has matured as


a person and player. He knows he can't win every match. He is a


little bit more philosophical I think because of that and probably a


better player. Yet the fact he got to the final of the World


Championship last year, even if there is no too much more room for


improvement he is still improving. You have to wonder as well whether


in many ways it goes back to what we were saying about Mark Selby and


talking about the triple Crown. We were always talking about Ding


Junhui and the world Crown and when is he going to win it? You wonder


whether he has come to terms with that added pressure? He has been


close. The semifinal before one year when he should have got through. He


is knocking on the door. It's so hard, so many good players about and


you have to hope it's your year. Maybe it's Joe Perry's year after


all he beat Joe Bingham. There's plenty of people that fancy the job


here. They know full well that every best of 11 matches is a winnable


experience these days. ' All fancy they're good enough. Every player


that comes to this tournament has won events, therefore, they have


inner confidence in some shape or form, even if they're not


necessarily totally in current form, they've won.


Yeah, Joe's going to be a dangerous opponent. The other day he was


saying he wasn't really enjoying his snooker and had been on a bad run


but nothing like winning a match to give you confidence. You can watch


it live on enBBC Two tonight. Then you will need to press your red


button and Hazel will have highlights on BBC Two.


Let's bring you up to date with this afternoon's quarter-final. Mark


Selby and Barry Hawkins. The world number one slightly


nervous as he walked out to the Alexandra Palace today.


Hawkins took the first frame with a fantastic pot. Mark didn't really


like that. Mark roared back in the second frame. With a break of 76.


Then this misread from Mark Selby allowed Barry Hawkins to get back


into it. He followed up with a break of 63 to lead 2-1.


Barry much more relaxed, move comfortable in frame four.


He leads at the mid session interval by 3-1.


Many a time the interval has changed the match. For him he will have to


hope it's happened today. If he plays like before he is in big


trouble in this match. We analyse these pictures a lot, Steve, when we


look at Mark there, there is something today that is affecting


him. Doesn't look content at all. I think once again he hasn't got a


good start. Every player would love to get off to a flyer. It hasn't


happened, so he is playing catch-up, hopefully from his perspective he


got a bit of rhythm going on the practice table. Can Barry Hawkins


seal a place in the semifinal? Let's join John.


Yes, a question to ask now for Mark Selby. When we talk about games like


this and I said before the interval, Ken, it's hard to have a game plan,


but there is certain shots you are going to take on and certain shots


you are going to refuse. At the moment I think that Barry Hawkins


seems more comfortable in his skin than Mark Selby. Yeah and


particularly in that frame where he took that risky red up into the


green pocket and left Barry a chance to win the Graham. It's amazing how


intervals can sometimes -- to win the frame. It's amazing how


intervals can sometimes win matches. He has left the pot here.


I didn't see him in the players' room or the press room in the


interval, Mark. Barry was in there talking with Terry. I assume Mark


went to the practice table. I did see him in the practice room. I


think he has to dig in now. You have to say there is not many


better players at digging in than Mark Selby. That's a mistake from


Barry. Left a chance for this red.


OK, it's not easy being close to the baulk cushion but it's a chance.


You can tell from the angle there it's not straightforward. Would have


liked to have been straighter on that red. The cue ball looks to be


going towards the blue. Again this is a tough pot.


If he misses it he will be leaving... Digging down into the cue


ball. Oh!


Well, thought he was going to get away with it there when the cue ball


careered into the red and black. Would have made it more difficult


playing it that way, John. As you say, if he rolled it in he would


have probably finished up not on a colour, trying to force the angle to


get on a colour. If this red goes to the right middle


he doesn't have a lot to do, Barry. He is bound to be on the black and


it definitely goes to the right middle.


APPLAUSE Played it very nicely.


A few reds in the open. He will be already contemplating about going


into the pack of reds. And working out how he is going to develop them.


Yeah, it's one of those situations, there is a red above the black which


is available sometime, if he could come low on that red, that's


separated from the bunch, he could pot that and bring other reds into


play. He has played on it almost


immediately. In potting this he can bring things


into play. Two ways of playing this, the run through or the screwback.


You felt as if you had more control with the screwback. Sometimes you


play with top spin it runs through too far.


How will he play it? Above centre or below centre?


Above centre. Keep your eye on the cue ball.


Controlled it lovely. Didn't play with too much pace so he


wasn't going to open too many reds but still brought in another couple


of reds into play. The red at the bottom of the pack to


the left pots, as well. He is not lacking in the cue power


department. He can play this both ways around the angles, or deep


screw it. He played it very nicely indeed.


Excellent shot. APPLAUSE


A similar situation, he could go up for the blue here, if he wishes.


Four reds, four blacks. But I am sure his main priority is winning


the frame. Will he stay on the black here?


Looks like he is going to. As I said, that red just above the


black to the left will pot into the bottom right corner pocket.


If he goes too far he always has the red into the left centre.


I don't think he will have maximum on his mind just yet. The obvious


shot here seems to be to play for the red to the left middle, leave a


nice angle on the blue to play the split.


He has not got a great angle on the black here to go into the reds.


The frame is more important than the maximum.


He didn't get op the red in the left middle to be able to play for the


blue. So it's back for the black. Needs a good angle on the black,


though. That's not it.


Too straight. More of an angle he could have


stunned off the top cushion into the reds. Now he is looking to see


anything is pottable by dropping the black in.


Maybe the outside red? Yeah, this red is the only one you


would say. Two reds at the bottom to the right and maybe a plant that he


could make into the right centre. But the obvious red is that one, the


extreme left of the bunch. That's not good, he is going to be


hampered by the black. Wanted to take that red on up into the yellow


pocket. He has looked at the two reds right of the pack.


Is is he going to have another look? No, he is going to take this up into


the yellow pocket. He won't be holding for the black this time.


Excellent shot! APPLAUSE


OK, wrong side of the blue but a nice angle - we watch that again. It


was a superb pot. Didn't go all out for good position.


He has got into the pack. What is he on?


Head down tells me nothing. You have to say a little bit unlucky


there. OK, could have hit it harder, but still it was a very good shot.


You would expect into a pack of seven reds and a pink something is


going to come out. Have to concentrate on getting that


cue ball tight to the baulk cushion. Yes, he will finish with a 62-point


lead, but still 83 remaining. In this situation you like to put a red


against the cushion, but don't do that and sacrifice a good safety.


Don't see the point in that. Mark Selby coming down this end of


the table, it must be pretty tight. There is a lot of distance between


cue ball and red, so he could swerve it.


It's a big shot. He knows if he makes a mess of it and leaves Barry


one more chance it will be end of frame.


But it's a terrific pot. APPLAUSE


A good pot this. Yeah, fantastic, wasn't it? As you said, John,


pressure on it, as well. Now, what can he do?


In a way it is unfortunate, I mean, he can play the brown, but the green


looks the obvious ball and the yellow is slightly hampering him.


Well, not really. Just about judging the pace of the shot.


He has played that very well. This would be a steal.


He has had a look at the red above the black.


That 62 point lead could soon evaporate with the position of the


balls at the moment. But again a bit of pressure on Mark Selby here. He


produced a good break in the second frame when he was behind. But since


then he's looked a little bit nervous, John. Yeah, doesn't look


comfortable with his game so far. But this could really be giving him


a big boost of confidence. 44 points behind and 59 remaining so


plenty of points to spare. That's the red he would like to get


on, the one to the left of the black.


I don't think the black pots. I think the red just above it does.


He will have to clear all these rip maining balls to win the frame at


this lift. -- remaining. He will be just happy to have the opportunity.


Yeah. A little awkward on this pink.


Wanted to be higher with the cue ball. He doesn't have the angle now.


Having a quick look at the blue. The problem is he if plays the pink


he will have to run around the two cushions. I don't think he is


straight enough to hold the spot. If he plays the pink he will have to


really cue this well to run around off two cushions.


He is leaving himself a red that he knows he will have to use the rest


with the extension. It's not perfect. He needs a good


angle on pink or blue here to get on the awkward last red.


Decided to go up for the blue and he's not quite far enough.


He is too straight. The pink is no good. He is looking


at the brown, swinging it round off two cushions. A tough pot.


Excellent pot. APPLAUSE


Yeah, it's OK. Would have loved to have been straighter on this red


because the cue ball is going into the black. Doesn't want to knock the


black safe. That's OK. Did that red go in off


the black or the cue ball? I think the cue ball just hit it on the way


around. Just have another look. Anyway, it went in. That's all you


are bothered about now. One good positional shot from pink to yellow


now. What a steal this would be.


He has played for it in the right middle. It needs to run.


Just about perfect, I think. Wouldn't fancy him missing now. Just


so good in these positions when he is behind and just enough points on


the table. He did it in frame two when he was behind. Yeah, it's like


his concentration goes up a notch. This could be a massive turning


point in this match. Barry Hawkins had a 62-point lead and went into


the pack of reds off the blue and nothing came available.


Well, just hold on a minute. Hold on a second. He has hit that much too


hard. With the black not being on its spot


and close to the pocket, you would think he would be able to get in and


out of baulk. Should have been easier than this.


It's OK. But it still needs due care and


attention. Superb! He leaves the arena. He knew


how big a frame that was. Barry Hawkins made a break of 62.


Matches and moments like this can turn on pivotal moments in sport and


that could be potentially be one. It's a tremendous clearance,


considering he has looked nervous and out of sorts. His cue ball


hasn't been great. Barry Hawkins, you are cursed. He has played a


brilliant shot off the blue, couldn't hit it any better. For all


those balls to split up like that, for all the world you think you are


going to be on one. Game over. To finish there He drops his head, so


unlucky. It's taken nothing away from the clearance. You couldn't hit


that harder, he controlled it as well as he could have done. He got


into that area of the pack. That's the way it goes in snooker, but from


there on in Mark Selby proves why, he may be a different style to


others in the game, he is still huge box office because the tightrope


walk he produces sometimes. We saw it in the World Championship against


Ronnie O'Sullivan under pressure. He is producing under pressure, where


other players would crumble and he is doing it on the table. That's why


he has great admiration amongst players and also the fans. John made


a good point in commentary, as if his concentration level goes up a


notch. It's like they need a challenge to get them going, it


might be the challenge that kicks him on, because he has been second


best. Your back is against the wall and sometimes you can think clearer.


At that point he is not woring about being champion, he has to clear the


balls. It probably focussed his mind. We have said this the mid


session interval comes at the wrong time for Barry, he is playing well.


Suddenly Mark has this opportunity to go back. There was a moment as


Mark was clearing up there, a moment our cameras caught Harry Hawkins. A


raised eyebrow. He knew what was going on. -- Barry. When you have


had a shot like Barry had and you know sitting in the chair the player


you are playing against is going to get the first long red, you just


know that. That was your chance to win the frame t didn't work out. A


funny thing and you are sitting there thinking he is going to make


this and it's the realisation he is going to clear up. Very much so.


It's all to play for. Barry Hawkins leads 3-2. Back to John and Ken.


Wondering will he take this red on? He could leave the cue ball in such


a way it would only leave the red should he miss, but a difficult pot.


He decided against it. He could have played that a little


bit better. He wanted that cue ball tight to this top cushion. He has


left a chance here for Mark Selby. Not sure he is on the red closest to


the black but he is on a red up into the green pocket.


Yeah, obviously can't get through to the red just to the right of the


black but he has this one to the far right.


No, so still not firing on all cylinders.


Here is the black in the last frame. A bit of a reaction here as well


from Mark Selby. Geeing himself up. He knew how important that break


could turn out to be. It only wins one frame.


Barry with a chance here. APPLAUSE


He is on the pink. He gets the first good chance.


The red above the black is the one I am sure he will be trying to get on


next because he can use that to open up some more reds. He has to stay


low on this, get the cue ball somewhere where it is now.


Could go into the pack here because he has a wonderful angle.


Normally he likes to mop up the open reds before he goes into the pack.


Certainly has a lovely angle here, John. Plenty of value going into the


pack because of the loose red. I was surprised when he potted the last


red he didn't try to screw off the bottom of the cluster and bring a


few into play. Once again decided against it. I


think he's come out, don't know whether he discussed it with Terry


before the match, not to take undue risks. Feeling that Mark may be


under pressure with this thought of winning the three majors and don't


push the boat out too far. So far, it's been working. You have


to say, as the guys in the studio said, in the last frame when he got


62 unlucky not to be on one of the reds. If he had been on one that


would have been the end of frame. He played that well.


He has landed perfect on the blue to play the cannon. He has to avoid the


loose one. That line of four, he wants to hit that one full in the


face. No, catch the loose one, or you're


likely to finish on nothing, and that's the case.


There's no need to miss this red. It just shows you he had a couple of


opportunities to bring the reds into play. He decided to play for the


loose reds, now he needs a good pot to keep this play going. He'll take


it on. But they are difficult, those.


Now, has he got away with it? P APPLAUSE


He can go back to his seat, now, Barry. He will be thinking he should


have made more of the chance, and he should.


He had a wonderful angle to go into the pack.


. Maybe he should have taken the opportunity then.


This is certainly no gimme, this red, into this pocket.


No. Overcut it! It wasn't straightforward. The cue ball in the


pocket... It make it is that much easier for Barry Hawkins. Cue


ball-in-hand, a choice of reds to play for. He's still got the problem


of bringing the reds, the main bunch of reds into the main play if he is


going to win the frame at this visit. But it's a chance. You would


think you'd want to do it now, Ken? Get a nice angle on this red.


Knowing you have the red in the far right-hand corner if it doesn't go


well. That's the reason he is taking this


on. Leaving the red as insurance. He doesn't have to go into the pack


with full pace here but he's got to try to hit that red right up the


pink spot for the ball, if he can. APPLAUSE


It's OK. It's OK. You know, when I looked at that


cluster, I thought, if that red were going off the pink into the pocket?


It was close enough. That would have deterred me from hitting it, it was


so much pace. But as you say, Ken, it's turned out all right.


It's a little thicker than was needed.


It dropped. Obviously the red in the middle of


the table will go. And he's landed on it absolutely plum. There was a


little shake of his head there, I don't know if that was a red he


would play for but he'll be happy with it.


I don't think it was but he'll certainly take it. This is a good


response from Barry Hawkins. Just a couple of pots away now to


reassert his two-frame advantage. That equates to just this red and


sexual abuse sexual abuse, as we have said, be two frames behind


again. Snookers required.


APPLAUSE It's always nice to win a frame when


your opponent has stolen a frame from you in the manner had did in


the last game. When you talk about turning points


in matches, you felt it would have been a turning point had Mark Selby


won this frame. . Yes.


But you could say that Barry's now steadied the ship somewhat.


Well, he won't be too bothered about missing the red.


A nod to the referee, on and Barry Hawkins reasserts that two-frame


lead at 4-2. What are we thinking chaps, one of the upsets of the


Masters? I don't think so. Barry Hawkins, by his nature is a top 16


player but at the moment he's in better form. The two players are


top-class. Mark is not firing on all cylinders and he's gone about his


game very well, Barry Hawkins. And a good temperament there, he had to


watch Mark Selby go ahead, and then there was a good response.


And there is a frustration for the player, you have some problems, and


it's not happening at the moment but he's running out of time.


And how much is it down to Barry catching Mark on an off day? It's an


advantage he has got. There are many times you catch a top player on an


off day and you crack at the chance of beating them. It is strength of


character. And talking about centuries earlier, 18 so far in the


tournament but yet to have one this afternoon.


Back to Ken. The obligatory red is being left on here.


Mark will take this on. He would love to knock this in.


Oh, at the moment he has a touch of the nearlyis and the kiss on brown


has not helped. As a player, Ken, that type of red


that Mark's played, halfway there, you would have thought he would have


potted it? He got so close, that's why he's left it.


His body language will tell us he might take this red on into the


bottom left-hand corner pocket, leaving the cue ball down on the


right-hand side. Pot a black. I think he was more concerned


leaving the cue ball near the top cushion.


If this has the pace, he could tie it behind the yellow here.


Just a fraction short, that was all. He doesn't have the edge of the


reds, then this could go wrong this safety shot. He could not the red


out of the right-hand corner pocket here. He's got to be careful.


He needs a cover. I think he may have got one. Fair play. He's got an


excellent cue ball but he hasn't got the cover. But the red being so


close to the side cushion is no gimme.


But... It begs the question, what's the alternative?


This is a possibility. A line up that red.


Trying to come back down the left-hand side of the table and try


to cover the red that's closest to the bottom right-hand corner pocket.


He could be knocking this red over the hol eas well.


Yeah, he needs a good cue ball, though, doesn't he? Oh, and he's got


one. That's an excellent shot. Top drawer.


Well, I can't see a pot-on. Well, not one that could get you on a


colour. He will have to be very accurate


with his contact on the red. So accurate.


He's got to catch that red just so. He's playing in another red but it's


a similar sort of line. Too thick. Too thick. So here's a


chance for Barry. I'm not certain of the availability of the black to the


left corner. a red to the left corner, that


wouldn't give him position on the black. Maybe that blacks just a


little too tight to go. He can still look for the blue. One


good pot and it will give him a great chance.


Excellent pot, right in the heart of the pock E


He's got an angle on the blue. Back up for the red close to the cue


ball here. The fact that the yellow and brown


weren't on the spots made it a simple shot. It's all about judging


the pace and he's done that perfectly. Let's have a look to see


if the pink is available... Not for now, I'm sure he'll play for the


blue but yes, that pink goes. Is he going to play for it now or


play this red with the rest? Head love the pink spot to be


available. I'm not sure whether it is or not. Where is the pink spot?


It's hidden! There it is. Pink won't go in its own spot but the highest


available, which would be the brown spot. He's going to have to


concentrate on the blue for the time being.


Yeah, this is the red that he'd love to get rid of. Thinking, a few shots


ahead here, he could get the top side of the blue and then try to get


on to that red to the left of the black. That's the one he's looking


at. If you can put the cue ball into a position to get on that red it


would be perfect to try to win the frame from this position, it would


open the black to both pockets. He has to be precise with this


positional shot. This is a good bit of key shot to


the frame. It looks inch-perfect. It looks


absolutely inch-perfect. Well, as long as he can pot this red and not


disturb the black... Nice little shot.


The chance is there now. Well, this game never creases to


amaze you. He looked as if he had done all the hard work. And maybe


that's what he thought. He just took the plaque for granted. You cannot


drop your guard for a second! What a miss.


He wants to play the red that's in the open. If he's straight enough, I


know he's close to the red but he's only got to dab it in, so to speak,


and he will be on the black. It was a good dab! It was a


dab-a-dab-doo! Now, what can Mark Selby do here? If ever he needed


another good frame-winning break, it's here.


He needs this start. He's done it on a couple of frames.


Well, Barry will be sat there, bemused and bewildered at missing


that black. Just thinking maybe he went too


straight on the red. Mark is in perfect position. Barry


will be sitting there and suffering. Just the angle to run around off two


cushions. He now takes the lead. He's got a


four-point advantage. Make that 11 points. So the red's in


the open. The one close to the right corner, he'll save that as a reserve


if he does run out of position. Just a matter of keeping your


concentration now, and not playing a careless shot as he opponent did.


Yes, and here's the black again. He got himself into a prime position


and then took his eye off the black, concentrating on the little cannon


into the reds. And we saw when Barry missed it, you


saw him stand up - it's a real shock to the system, isn't it? Shock


horror, it really is. Yes, this will probably hurt him a


lot more than the 62-point lead he had a couple of frames ago. And as


you said, John, it's the shock of missing it. It really unnerves you.


As you say, when he made the 62 break he could consider himself as


unlucky. And you can put that behind you, then.


But that wasn't the case here, 33 points to lead, red cover, red


required. He's hanging in there, Mark, no


doubt about it. He's been thrown a life line and he's Dooley taking it


so far. Just the blue and the red required.


He's got to be careful he doesn't cover the pocket with the other red


when he's screwing back to the side cushion. But no danger of that so.


This red to go 40 points ahead with just 35 remaining.


APPLAUSE So the miss on the black has cost


him the frame. And it's cost him not only the


frame, John but a 5-2 lead. One frame away from victory, it would


have been. Now all those negative thoughts will


be running through Barry's mind now. If he can get the pink, he can make


a century. He's got the red. He can make the century with the


black and the six remaining colours. Quite funny, Jason Mohammed in the


studio, said there hadn't been a century break in this match so far


but we might get to see one now. We've had 18 in the tournament so


far. This is again, John, it's been a


wonderful break under the pressure that he has been put under by his


opponent. Well not the right side of the blue but, the century's only for


record purposes. As far as he's concerned he's already made 452


centuries, which is amazing in the time he's been a pro. He played it


solid. Beautiful shot.


Took the gift that Barry hawkins offered him up. Easy, the black off


the spot. He's still one behind but he'll be


feeling a lot better now. We could be in for a long afternoon. That was


sheer class from Mark Selby. Yes, is the ultimate predator of the


game going to whoop in on the Hawk. But it is ominous, isn't it? All of


a sudden you get the feeling he is tuning in. It's a funny thing in


this game. He missed a spot on the black. He can't believe he's done it


himself. I'm not saying this is the reason for it but sometimes it


happens, after you have played a shot that is really good the one


before, because this is class. He is stunning this, not cannon the black


and miss the flick on the red. He is so happy with the shot he made, put


all of the cons station to that one and missed the next one.


And a they get into the comfort zone, and all of a sudden a lapse in


concentration? Yes, so glad to get that one done, and don't concentrate


on the next one. And sometimes, you put a fraction


more pressure on yourself. You could see the shock on his face. The hand


went like that, "oh, my God" And we read so much into the body language


from here. What I have to say is, where does he keep finding the


clearances from? He is second best, and when he comes to a clearance, he


keeps making them. And Mark Selby, he revels in all


different types of snooker. He enjoys the game. Everything's a


challenge and he rises to the challenge. 19 centuries. Very good


standards as you expect. The tables have been playing lovely. It will be


reclothed, the tables, they are only two days old. But it will be done


tomorrow night before the final. Steve, can you see us getting more


in the current stage as to where we are now? Could that record of


centuries be beaten? I think, from the current stage, I think that


record might be beaten. Not the best break off, Mark Selby. As I said,


when he stalled frame five, he's within one. He needs to get to make


the frames, turning points to get level. But he's given Barry a chance


here. And fair play to Barry. He is getting the disappointments


but it doesn't knock him off. On the next frame, he's potting.


Excellent pot. A little kiss on the red and it would have been top side


of the blue. But he's still OK. He can pot the blue and get down to the


two reds and the black spot. Especially the one to the right of


it. That's pretty good. He's on that red


perfectly. An excellent shot. Yes, he played for the red to the


left of the black now. Clearing the black for the corner pockets.


He won't be taking anything for granted, though. He looked as if he


was to win the last frame and missed the black off its spot, so that will


sharpen his senses somewhat. You could say he stalled all three


of them really. He's never really been first in and built up a lead in


any frame. He's always been playing catch-up in frames.


It's like he's been hanging on to Barry's coat tails. He will be


disappointed with that break, Mark Selby, to leave this opening red. It


was an excellent pot, nonetheless. He has plenty of options here,


Barry. This red will pot and when he pots this the one to the right of it


will be pottable, as well. Just kissed it into the pack. Certainly


to the right centre. He has a nice angle, as we see


Mark's break-off. Look at this. He has done this a couple of times,


just not swinging it in behind that yellow.


Yeah, you have - maybe a foot this side of the baulk line to get behind


the yellow. If you don't get behind the yellow


you are always going to - not perfect here but you wouldn't expect


Barry to miss this. Solid. I don't think the red at the


top of the cluster is available. We saw him nudge it into the cluster.


Ken mentioned it. He is going to have to play - there you see it


doesn't go. If he plays to the right of the pink he will cannon into the


pink. He may favour the one down the right side of the table.


If you can't avoid the pink, positional side could go wrong. Oh,


well, he could avoid it, so no problem.


Maybe a little bit more angle than he would like.


To win the frame at this visit he's got to bring some reds into play in


that cluster. Won't be happy with this. Won't be


happy with that. Yeah. Certainly won't. He was


stretching a little bit there. Didn't get the follow through and


the back swing. Should have got the little extension.


Schoolboy error there from Barry. A good chance to win the frame from


that position or put himself in a position where Mark would have


needed snookers. Now he is going to try and get green or yellow safe.


That was a golden opportunity, as you say, all because he didn't put


the little extension on to his cue. He was overstretching. It's little


things like that, just drop your guard as we have seen in a couple of


frames so far this afternoon, it can cost you frames. OK, Mark Selby has


the problem of getting this safe. Just overstretching.


A good safety shot needed here. He is going to leave a pot on here.


Needs the cover, hasn't got it. So Barry Hawkins is going to get


another chance immediately. He's been solid with these


particular pots. Got one at the beginning of this


frame. He has been knocking these in throughout the match.


Yeah, very solid and secure on that particular type of shot. It's not


too bad. Excellent pot. Got to avoid the kiss on the yellow.


This looks to be absolutely inch perfect. Two reds, two colours,


would be more than enough to put him one frame away from a place in the


semifinal. And the world champion firmly on the


ropes. Can't see a problem now.


The black and the red will be enough.


That takes him 62 points ahead with only 59 remaining.


And Mark Selby has only had two shots. Poor break-off and couldn't


get the next one safe that he had. That's how quickly and easily a


frame can slip away. No matter how good you are.


And that will mean Mark Selby will not be getting back to the table.


Really up against it now. Every time Mark Selby got himself


back into the match Barry Hawkins has responded. Just when you think


he might see the winning post, he's definitely responded in superb


fashion. Yeah, you know, a lesser player


losing the type of frames he did you thought it would affect his


confidence, but he's knocked in good long balls.


Doesn't matter about the red. He took the chances that Mark Selby


gifted him. Now with one frame away from a place in the semifinal. The


world champion with it all to do. If successful he will play either


Ding Junhui or Joe Perry, that match is live on Dean two tonight at 7pm.


He is one frame away. On the evidence of what we have seen today


thoroughly deserved, John. It's the right scoreline, probably should be


all over if we are honest. A couple of chances he has had, he has been


the best player in every department. His safety and score something bet


every -- better. He deserves to be in front. I don't sense Barry is


going to throw it away. Mark has to steal it from him. That requires a


massive upturn in his form. And he has left it late if that's going to


be the case. The boys in commentary said in many ways Mark Selby stolen


the frames from Barry. Is that a fair assessment? It seems to be, the


only time he gets his concentration levels up is when those clearances


can be made. The rest of the game his safety has been poor. Even the


safety shot off the side of the pack there that Barry knocked a long red


in, he is trying to hide the white but he hit it too thin. He has been


out of sorts. It's unusual to see the world number one like that. If


Barry Hawkins holds himself together he has won this match. One more


frame. Barry Hawkins needs to make the last four of this year's


Masters. Excellent break-off shot there from


Barry. I agree with the guys in the studio,


Ken, been the more solid player in this match this afternoon. Yeah, and


there is a good break-off, as well. The cue ball hiding behind the


green. Well, turned out he played it very




Needs a few more of those to keep Barry Hawkins at bay.


Left a chance for this red. There is an interesting couple.


Elaine and Mick, good afternoon. They met 50 years ago at a roler


disco here at the Ally Pally. Mick is 72 today.


You look well, bud! 50 years, eh! Roler disco.


That was a lovely pot from Mark Selby.


Great pot. The stage of the match now where he


has to play don't-miss snooker. Leaving the cue ball low on this


black, now needs a good split on the reds.


It's not an ideal pack the way they're situated to go in. That red


to the right - doesn't want to be hitting that full ball. Has to hit


the one directly above the black, almost like half-ball. He is blessed


with a lot of cue power. Maybe the gap of those two reds might help, as


well. The one thing you don't want to do is for the cue ball to stick


in them. Unless it's obvious if you nudge one


red you are going to be on another. In these situations you always rely


a little bit on luck. He found the gap.


He's just about on a red to the right corner.


And maybe one to the right middle. It may timent him even more.


-- tempt him even more. A bonus that the pink is available


to this left centre. The referee just checking to see the


pink spot. He has had a look at the two reds


above the black. Are they a plant into this bottom right corner


pocket? Doesn't look like it from that camera angle.


He will try and take these loose reds and look at a better


opportunity. If this red wasn't here he just


rolls the green. He has to put the cue ball on the right side of the


table. But that's not good. Particularly if Barry can get past


the yellow to play safe off the red near the baulk line.


Mark will be kicking himself there. He had a good chance. Poor


positional shot. He certainly knows his way around


the snooker table, Mark Selby. But he is not guaranteed to get this


safe. There is the player's view.


Easy to hit a red, but as I say, the main object is not to leave your


opponent the chance. Of course he will be thinking if he does leave


his opponent the chance, it could be end of match.


Foul and a miss. He turns away in disgust.


That was nowhere near. A miss? Could have been called a wide!


He has the red but he hasn't got position. Now, will he have a look


at these two reds. Can he make them into a plant? Needs to below on the


two of them. Yeah, I think the position he has landed on the black,


that's the only thing he can play is for the plant. As you say they're


not dead set. But because it's a chance to win


frame and match, is it worth the risk?


He can certainly make it. The first red he is going to hit is going to


be pushing into the other five reds and it's going to bring them all


into play here. He has left this red but it's


certainly no gimme. It's tight to that side cushion.


He's played a decent shot. I was going to say he may force Barry to


take it on but he's covered it with the blue.


It's funny, I get the feeling earlier on in the match Mark Selby


would have taken that red on. He is at that point where he can't afford


to make any more mistakes. He has a big target, he could slide


off the side of the pack here and try and get that cue ball up behind


the brown again. Has he left a path to this red to


the left corner? I think he may have done.


He's been knocking plenty of these in.


And there is another one. APPLAUSE


Just about on the yellow. APPLAUSE


A chance. A lovely positional shot. He can win frame and match with high


value colours and just the reds. What an opportunity.


Thought it was risky to play for a red into the same pocket as the


black, so will play for the red to the middle. This will release one of


the other reds into more open play. He is giving a little bit of


thought. The one on the right may be too


straight. Playing with top spin running up for the blue.


Cued it beautifully. APPLAUSE


It's a good sign when you can cue it as good as that under pressure.


Couldn't have played it much better. He will get on that loose red now.


Has he hit it hard enough? Just about maybe.


The only red that may pose a problem is that one that's close to this


bottom right cushion. Yes and in playing that awkward red, as you


point out, Ken, he is going to need a colour off it.


Another good solid shot. Seven points is the lead. Three reds,


three high value colours and world number one, UK champion, world


champion, will be out. Just lost the cue ball slightly.


Needs an angle on the blue or pink here. Looks pretty good. Doesn't


want to be potting this pink, doesn't want to be straight on the


red. A slight little angle with the cue ball will be able to come off


the cushion. He has a slight angle to drop behind


it and closer you can get to this red on the cushion the easier the


pot will be. But he will still need this red and the colour.


He is going to leave himself a tricky black because he has to make


certain he pots the red and he can't get the cue ball away from the


cushion. No! Would you believe it! If you


miss it, you leave it. I don't blame him for playing it like that.


Wow! Are we going to have another twist


as we see this red again? He wasn't comfortable on it. What has Mark


Selby got left? Could have played that a bit better.


Well, another missed opportunity from Barry Hawkins.


This positional shot from blue to yellow made easier with the brown


not being on its spot. But that brown being on - not being


on its spot makes it a difficult clearance.


It's bounced nicely. I thought it was going to be a little bit


straight on that yellow. It came off the cushion nicely.


The yellow is no problem now. He needs an angle on this green to


get over behind the brown. He has a nice angle. This is the shot. Yeah,


this is the one. Just got to judge the pace.


Just wants it to bounce just a little bit off the cushion.


Brown, blue, pink and black for another steal.


This is a little bit awkward. Would have loved to have been another


couple of inches with the cue ball off that side cushion.


A big shot. Just a little bit awkward. Thank


you, settle down please! Yeah, that type of shot, always


prefer to play it sort of around off two or three cushions. It's run


safe. All's not lost. But it was a golden opportunity


that's gone. No. You always err on the side of


hitting it too thin, it was such an important brown and Barry hau


conditions has a chance of potting it now.


If he was to pot this and get on the blue it would be the match winner.


Well, in the end he decided not to play it. Will he get a better


chance? Surprising he didn't take the brown on and just about fired


enough past the middle pocket. Mark Selby can't pot it there but... .


I'd' be careful here. If he plays the brown across off the side


cushion to get it into the middle of the ball cushion, there is a


possibility the brown could go towards that green pocket. If he


plays to try to bring the brown back towards the black he could get a


double-kiss. He needs a good length for the brown


here. He needs it to run. And it hasn't.


Well he's been knocking these in all day.


A bit of pressure on this one, though. Yes!


APPLAUSE Mark Selby, he knows it's all never


now. Barry hawk yearnings well, you could


say it could have been easier than this but never the less, he's played


some superb snooker. Barry Hawkins, last year's beaten


finalist is absolutely delighted and he's through to the Masters


semi-final. He wins by 6-3. Well played! The world champion,


Mark Selby is out of this year's Masters. That is Barry Hawkins'


seventh career win over Mark Selby. The last time he beat him was in the


Shanghai Masters, and goodness me, that was pulsating stuff.


Listen, Jason, he was the best player this afternoon. It seems


strange to say it but Mark Selby had breaks of 71, 76 and a century but


always second best. You can see how he won it, Steve? Barry was not


imperious but he did enough to win the match. Mark Selby was under par


and could not dig himself out of the hole he has been able to achieve in


the past. The miss on the brown, he will be disappointed with that


performance. Barry, he missed that brown as well but saw no signs of


being tetchy. In previous tournaments there have been brig


pressure moment, John, he has admitted it himself, there was


hesitation there. We didn't expect him to miss that brown? It's a


massive scalp to get through. A big event. I was more impressed for him


to come back on the frames he lost. Well done, Barry.


Big cheer, Barry, you are through to the semi-final, how do you feel?


Very good. I ain't going to feel bad, am I?! Well, you could,


sometimes people say, they have won but did not play so well? Well, I


have battled. You impressed us today. Obviously


you can get sickened by some of the mistakes.


Oh, yeah. I missed a couple but then started to feel good, then Mark


would punish me, and then I had to come back strong.


And on the brown, we thought you were going to get the brown. But


then the massive cheer from the crowd? It is a good atmosphere. But


a horrible sort of shot. You just have to play it right and drop it


in. Did you sense Mark had not settled


down and not firing? You were involved in your own game but he


didn't seem as comfortable? No. If he got off to a better start, he


might have settled quicker but the first round was a scrappy affair.


It was a long one. 41 minutes and 6.seconds.


And Mark Selby, with some of the shots, a kick in the pack and


another story unfolds. It is weird how some things happen.


And Barry, the moment at which you won the first-round match, did you


come into the match feeling confident? I would not say really


confident. Quietly confident in my game. I had played well against


Shaun. But the last couple of times I have played against Mark, I have


not settled at all. I played him and not the table.


What is it like playing against Mark Selby? I remember you gave an


interview after beating Ronnie, you admitted to being tetchy when Ronnie


is in full flow, it is really tough. What is it out there, playing the


world number one? You put the extra pressure on yourself. Not so much a


couple of years ago but off late, he's been a machine. So starting to


create that aura about him. Getting the way like Ronnie does, oozing


confidence around the table if you like.


Are you ever really comfortable playing players like that? They have


a way of digging themselves out of situations, and you think it could


happen to you. He is such a player, he is granite.


And did you think you had thrown it away? Oh, yes, I dropped in the red.


I had to drop the black, I came across it a bit. I missed it.


It was never going in. And did you think he would pot the


brown? I still fancied it for him even under pressure.


That's exactly what he said up here! It looked a little smelly.


From our angle, not totally smelly, just a little bit whiffy. A tiny


bit. And the next round, Joe Perry? You


don't care, do you? No, I don't care, I'm still in.


Joe has played great against Bingham, and everyone nows about


Ding. The crowd gave you a massive welcome


but when you walked out, in the last few minutes, what Foreign Secretary


does it have on you when you have the fans on your side? You are under


all sorts of pressure, when they start to go mad, especially if you


have had a chance, an opportunity to win. Then it can build. That is the


heart of it, trying to stay as calm as you can under a lot of pressure.


Well, Barry, the best of luck. And another treat, Steve Davis has


been out in the car, this time with Ding Junhui.


Anyone order a taxi? Right.


Are you driving? I'm driving. OK.


Are you a good passenger? Not sure. What it like for you in China? Me?


Generally, when you go out to a bar, can you do this? Or are you so


famous in China that they go crazy? What's the experience like?


Actually, I never did that before, so I don't know what is going on.


Every time, I am just on a tournament or between tournaments


and it's big. So on a normal day I take sunglasses. I just want my life


back. I live in the UK. I'm enjoying it, very relaxed. Nobody coming. No


excuse... If one person is coming, maybe. Some people are too excited.


They shout and then everybody hears that and it comes together. So,


sometimes it is mad. I step carefully.


And the equivalent of Twitter, Weebo, how many followers have you


got now? Over 5 million. 5 million! That's David Beckham


territory! Sorry! Surely if you go back to China, you can get a


helicopter everywhere? Helicopter? I haven't.


No? Why not? I haven't tried a helicopter before.


Have you never been in? It's great. More fun than a plane.


OK, I will take the chance. What have you got on your list of things


to do? Have you heard of bucket list? Bad list? Bucket list. It's a


thing, a bucket, you make a list of ten things you want to do in your


life. Ten things you haven't yet done.


OK. What would you say? Ten things you


want to do on your list. Would you like to jump out of parachute? Yes.


You want to do that? Yeah. That's number one.


Bungie jump? No, not yet. Do you want to? Oh, maybe I have to


take a long time to get ready! Do you think you would jump or would


you have to be pushed? I think I would jump. It's the thrill seeker


in you. The adrenaline rush! Sometimes I am like that, I go for


it, then there's nothing to lose. You have to trust that somebody has


tied the rope around your legs properly! Oh, yes, I have to trust.


You want your friends to do it for you? I would like my friends to pack


my parachute. Somebody you trust. Yeah, yeah,


totally. Yeah, thank you very much at the last event in China, I was


presented with a special tea pot from your father.


Yes. He makes tea pots? Yeah, my father


makes tea pots. How long has he been doing that for?


He likes tea pots. He got his business about now for about four


years. He loves that. He loves to fly with the pigeons.


Oh, racing pigeons?! Oh, yeah? Yes. Oh, great.


They are things I couldn't understand. Maybe too young for


that. But I like to have a tea, Chinese tea.


They are all waiting around! Where's he gone? Has he gone straight to the


airport? No, back to the hotel, first.


They are phoning up to find where you are! Cheer, Ding.


Thank you very much. Cheers. Thank you! Yes, thank you.


And Deng will be out of the car and into Alexandra Palace this evening.


He takes on Joe Perry tonight. -- Diing.


Ding to win tonight? I don't know. It's hard to judge. But if he gets


on a roll. Maybe. So, lots to reflect on. Mark Selby,


the world champion, out. Barry Hawkins deserved his win. A


bad day at the office for Mark Selby.


Well, that's it for today. The big story from Alexandra Palace is Barry


Hawkins has knocked out the world champion. Goodbye for now.


To break someone physically... Agh! ..is not a problem.


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