04/12/2011 Match of the Day 2

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Colin Murray introduces highlights from the day's two Barclays Premier League matches. Everton host Stoke, while at Molineux Wolves play Sunderland.

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We have high legs are both today's games plus all the goals from


yesterday. -- highlights. Robbie, it's over. Nobody wants to see you


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


dance any more. The public have Hello, everybody. Match of the Day


2 is here to place a full stop on your weekend of football, all


watched in the company of former footballer Pat Nevin and former


dancer Robbie Savage. A big show tonight, eyes down. Sunderland


travelled to Molineux, with new manager Martin O'Neill's eyes


peeled. The eyes were also firmly focused at Goodison, as Everton


hosted Stoke. And which super strike has the look of a winner?


We've November's Goal of the Month. We'll also show you all 25 goals


from yesterday. And we should point out that you can now watch the show


in HD, although you may need sunglasses given Robbie's teeth.


Off we go then, to Molineux. Martin O'Neill is Sunderland's new manager,


and his brief will be to get the black back -- the Black Cats to


winning ways. They managed only two victories this season. Eric Black


takes charge today with the new man watching in the wings. They


travelled to Molineux to face a waltz side desperate for three


points. They were even top for one brief stage in August, but since


then they've lost it and have won just once. The Premier League can


be a cruel mistress. Steve Wilson Ellis Bauer did to the wish of it


Sunderland fans. Eric Black is in charge for one game only but Martin


O'Neill is in the stands before starting tomorrow. Mick McCarthy


can partner Fletcher and Doyle up front. O'Hara and Stephen Hunt


return, too. Eric Black's team is affected by an injury to Michael


Turner. They have only won one of their last 11 games here. Wolves,


Welsh internationals Eduard and Hennessey plus David Vaughan of


Sunderland. They carry a red and white wreath to the centre circle


walks. -- Wolves. It's across goal. Fletcher stepped on the line. They


a push on Edwards. It's definitely Sebastian Larsson has. He is the


man for a set-piece. The downward header from Brown. Hennessey made a


Two penalty shouts now, one at either rent and are both ignored. -


- either end. Fletcher might be offside in the middle. He is. Saved


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


anyway by Westwood, but Fletcher are a little short handed at the


Richardson. Good, quick feet by Bendtner. He put it wide. They


delayed and delayed until finally Bendtner had the pot at goal. Ji


Dong-won could have got it here. He didn't fancy it either. Bendtner


Sunderland here, they've got four forward. Good strike, excellent


finish. Kieran Richardson with a cracking left-footed finish. And


Sessegnon. Look how far Richardson has to run. He must have run 50


yards to get there, and Tennessee - innate good position. Low into


Penalty kick. Craddock complaints to Larsson that he took a dive. But


Phil Dowd has said penalty. Conceded by the former Sunderland


defender. Right on the edge of the Hennessy! Who might have been


beaten easily for the goal but he wasn't beaten from the penalty spot.


It is one apiece. And from the depths of despair, of Wolverhampton


Wanderers find salvation. Last and hides his face. 25 seconds


separated the penalty save it from Fletcher's goal. And they could be


the biggest 25 seconds in Wolverhampton Wanderer's seasons so


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


side. O'Hara, Fletcher! What a turnaround for Wolverhampton


Wanderers. Stephen Fletcher with Look at this, is that handball by


al-Hara? It's a brilliant finish by Fletcher, but is that handball by


Jamie of horror? Elmohamady is claiming it. Fletcher found the


from losing. At last and's penalty was saved to and from somewhere,


through Stephen Fletcher, they found a means to wind and


Sunderland start under Martin O'Neill next week on the back of


another defeat. Welcome back to the Premier League, Martin. Mr O'Neill


takes over at Sunderland tomorrow and has a tough job on. The Black


Cats looked likely winners but the game turned in a matter of seconds,


following Hennessey's penalty save. Stephen Fletcher then scored and


netted again for the winner. Fabulous match. He insisted it


didn't touch him. When it came to us I thought they'd send him off. I


didn't see the card. He done his hamstring. If it wasn't a penalty


then the goal they deserved, because it was a great save it.


missed the penalty, that was the turning point. The confidence then


goes with the team that has and one that many games this season. It


just drained as of energy and it became hard after that. The few


weeks ago they will have heard my comments at the Swansea game but


today I thought our supporters were wonderful. They stuck with the team,


with me, there were no dissenting voices. They deserve the huge pat


on the back for their efforts to date. Martin O'Neill moves in on


Monday with good players to build on. It's a really strong squad. The


work ethic is fantastic, they are a good bunch of lads. They are


desperate to do well. Globally Marton will get a bit of confidence


back into them. I'm sure he will galvanise them and get them going.


What happens to you now, it's a limbo situation? I'll just have to


see what happens. I leave the club Another really enjoyable game.


was very poor at the start, technically, a lot of mistakes, but


it got better as the game went on. There was a crazy minute, centred


around one decision. Great play from Sunderland's leading up to the


out, he made Larsson go down too easy. It was outside the box, not a


penalty. That was a dive with bells on. Such a shame. Larsson has


generally been brilliant this season. He let himself badly down.


And a second time in a row. Not a terrible penalty. Not just a game


changing moment, possibly, a seasoned changing moment. Well held


up by Fletcher. A great header. Poor defending from Brown. The


momentum was with them. Fletcher You can measure loads of things,


shots on target. Possession. Momentum is so important. When


Hennessey saved the penalty. The winning goal was eight minutes


great finishing by Fletcher. I think that came away from his


shoulder. A brilliant decision. Because he leant towards it, it


looked like a penalty, most penalties would give it. But you


shouldn't, and the goalkeeper thinks it is a penalty as well. The


most important thing is the referee, unless you know it is a penalty,


you cannot give it, he made the right decision. Referees get a lot


of stick. 15 people watching that, we all said, hand ball. He deserves


all the credit. This will never catch on, being so


positive for the referee's! If Martin O'Neill, the statistics


speak for themselves when it comes to this man. When he takes it


further over, he generally improves them. I was fortunate to play for


him at Leicester. Aston Villa, he proves at every club he can do it


well. At some clubs he has money. Martin O'Neill took his seat as


manager elect. All the best players weren't available. However,


goalkeeper, that saved by Westwood is top class. For me, I think, if


you are looking at players who can play left back, left wing, anywhere


on the left, Richardson it is as good as there is. Defending. And he


scores a great goal. Sessegnon has looked better and better. Work


ethic is one of the most important things. Bendtner. Heskey. Joe Hart.


His captain, Cattermole. Martin O'Neill, it is all about his team


and when you let your team down, he won't accept that. Martin O'Neill


will be disappointed. The big thing is, he has an order around him,


players respect him. Robbie, you played under Martin O'Neill. And


Steve Bruce. What will be the difference at the training ground?


One of the big things at Birmingham is you are only as good as your


strikers. He hasn't got any, basically. Martin O'Neill will need


a couple of centre-forwards in. Steve Bruce was more hands on it


the training ground. Martin will come out for five minutes. Everyone


lifts their game, it is amazing, the Europe of that man. Both


fantastic managers. Bruce will get another job. As he walked away from


the stand, the expectation rose. We saw the evidence. He comes in and


improves. What is the realistic The top half of the table, that is


what you would expect from Martin O'Neill. Don't get relegated, as


simple as that. Get a structure, don't give away silly goals. And


build, going forward. Right then. With Martin O'Neill in mind, you


can see his first game in charge of Sunderland next Sunday on Match Of


The Day 2. The Black Cats are at home against Blackburn. There's


also Stoke against Spurs. And next week we're on BBC One at


10.25pm. Nighthawks, take note. The UK


Snooker Championships continues at midnight tonight. You can catch it


later, and all next week, on BBC Two, and on the red button. Check


your listings for details. From next Saturday, Final Score is


on the HD channel from 2.30pm. And I can tell you, Garth Crooks looks


even sexier in HD, if that's at all possible!


On the red button and BBC website on a Monday, you can join the


hordes of people watching Match Of The Day 3, which this week includes


the inside story on Robbie's humiliating exit from Strictly.


A reminder that Goal Of The Month, and all the action from yesterday


is still to come. But on we go to our second Barclays Premier League


game of today, with a trip to Often slow to start, Everton look


like they are gathering pace. Last week they want at Bolton. Following


a previous home success against Wolves. Stoat celebrated a


milestone in their history, qualifying for the last 32 in the


Europa League. Unbeaten. But they have struggled in the League,


losing their last four. No doubt they will be looking for success


top scorer is a teenager who today makes only his second start for the


commitment, Stoke have played nine games more than Everton. Tony Pulis


has shuffled his pack with a Woodgate coming in, Shotton


replacing Pennant on the right. Delap is out. Whitehead takes his


place in midfield. One week on from the tragic death


of Gary Speed, his father Roger joins several of his former Everton


team-mate at Goodison Park to take part in one minutes applause in


Gary Speed's passing, his memory reflected at Goodison Park, as well


as making 65 appearances in the 90s, Everton was the team that Gary


Speed supported as a boy. Fantastic reception for Roger Hooke I'm sure


would have watched his son play at Goodison Park many times. You can


see the expressions on the faces, how heart felt the memories of Gary


Speed remain. Tony Pulis, a fellow apart from Peter Crouch behind the


ball. A bit a space for Coleman on the right. It was too high. He


should have done better. The best chance of the game so far. It did


Baines. Shotton could be in there from Stoke. Out for a corner. Not


the best piece of control from Baines. Shotton probably had a bit


more time than he realised. The Stoke corner taken by Etherington,


headed by Bilyaletdinov as far as Whitehead. It took a deflection


right in front of the goalkeeper, Robert Huth will claim it. He


scored against Everton two seasons ago it in a draw at -- up at


Goodison. Robert Huth made sure it ended up in the bottom half of the


net. Bilyaletdinov. Hibbert on the righthand side. Fellaini. Coleman's


pass. This was a chance, Sorensen the linesman's flag is raised.


Robert Huth, does he get a little tug on Vellios as they run for that


ball? Maybe there wasn't so much in it really.


Peter Crouch is in a round the back of Hibbert. Etherington. That is


out for a corner. He is a fall-back naturally. Flicked on to the front


post, Shotton should have scored. Fellaini felt that he was being


held on to buy Shawcross. A very nice delivery from the corner.


Fellaini was appearing he was being held on to. That bomb from


Shawcross doesn't lead selling macro the whole time. -- that arm


from Shawcross doesn't leave there. Tony Pulis, very unhappy


defenders. Peter Crouch at the back this game, to find an equaliser,


they might leave a gap at the back. Cahill, hesitation by Sorensen. The


goalkeeper is staying down, motionless. Sorensen has hardly


moved. Cahill had every right to go for that ball. You can see, his hip


on their head of the Sorensen, the goalkeeper. -- on the head.


Cahill, Baines. Vellios didn't get any touch on it. Coleman and


Fellaini battling to keep it alive. Once again, Stoke City getting away.


The goalkeeper Sorensen was dazed. From back challenge from Cahill a


few moments ago. He doesn't look to be 100% right. Keep your eye on the


goalkeeper here. As selling macro and Coleman tried to salvage the


ball. Keep your eye on Sorensen. Begovic will keep goal for the


follows it up. After all of that it's just going to be a goal-kick.


Rodwell had the best of the chances chances in one for Everton. Baines


put it in with a lot of pace. First of all Heitinga and maybe even


they qualified for the Europa League knockout stages and today


they beat Everton to move back into the top 10. Robert Huth's first


League goal of the season was the difference ending the run. Those


three points as valuable as any you three points as valuable as any you


will get this season. The it was a classic Forest. We got three points


at Everton, Everton are a good side. We are delighted. Qualifying for


Europe, it was a massive achievement for us as a football


club. The started OK, we'd done OK without really hurting them. We


passed the ball well, be tried to get out, not quick enough for my


liking, then obviously the goal. Very few opportunities all day. We


defended the corner quite well but we were short at the edge of the


box. There seemed to be an awful lot of tussles in the penalty area


in that game. It goes on in every box. I'm not saying it's right or


wrong, am sure there will be people saying they should have been a


penalty here or there. It's going to be our -- it's going to be a bit


of carnage every so often. thought the supporters were


terrific. All supporters in football have been great to Gary


Speed. Everybody respected him. It was great that his dad was here


today. In some way, if it is a send-up, hopefully it was a good


one today. I thought Everton Football Club did brilliant. A


great football club, do it that -- traditional, old-fashioned English


football club. The people who organised it today, it was


fantastic and a great response from the crowd. It's hard to think back


seven days ago and how horrible it was, but seven days later and six


days later there was something very uplifting about seeing the entire


football community paid tribute to Gary. And rightly so. I spoke to


his father last night. He can't believe how the football world has


come together to show such a tribute to his boy, Gary. You could


see he said, absolutely amazing. The tears were streaming down his


face. It was a little bit like last week for everything that was said.


It was the Swansea fans saying, we don't want the minutes' silence, we


want a minute of applause. It is the fans that had defined the


mourning. No matter who you supported, the footballing


community in Britain have come together to pay tribute to one of


the biggest legend be seen, in my eyes. And those emotive scenes, it


was really charged. The game got under way. 90 minutes later, plus


half-time, Stoke had another win under their belt and absolutely


flying. Yes, they've had a fantastic season. Because they play


generally to their strengths. We all know what their strengths are.


It's because they know how to defend. They know how to work hard.


They know how to organise the team They know how to organise the team


in a powerful way. They Ra powerful team. However, defending. Look at


Howard there. For me, he's getting blocked. I think that is a file.


The ball breaks. He is blocking him, he is backing into him. He is


standing still. He's not moving. That is not a foul. It is. Fellaini,


is this a foul or an assault? is not a fault. Fellaini disagrees


with you. That one is. The referee is spot on, right behind it.


Fellaini is getting more and more frustrated. Here is another one. Is


this a wrestling match? But goodness sake, they knew that


Fellaini was the one danger. That is 50-50. Come on! Is this a nudge


at the back? It's very good defending. Here? It's a nudge.


Eventually the Everton players get a bit fed up with it and that's


what they complain about. I can't understand why he gets infuriated.


Every team does it. I accept it happens all the time. Stoke are


happens all the time. Stoke are particularly good at it. Mark


Hughes said to me, give the centre half a nudge and move away from him.


Everybody does it. But if you aren't playing the ball, you have


to play the ball. It one referee clamps down on it and every day -


mad game he clamps down then you would see it eradicated. They are


mergers. The difference between the two teams was in the tunnel before


they went out on the pitch. Yes. They are the biggest defence you


They are the biggest defence you will ever see. But they're good


defenders. Really impressed with how they work here. He's got six


players in front of him in red and white. What has he got to aim for?


If he plays it in their, their keeper will come out and take it.


He has nothing to a map. Time and time again he went down the line


and put crosses in. It doesn't matter because there are so many


big lads that are very good defenders and want to win the ball.


They do. Everton today, what they're missing, Tim Cahill's goal,


I think the top scorers got three goals. They miss him and Number 10.


But the number 10 have got through this? Nine players. 30 seconds to


go. They wanted that, didn't they? For me, Stoke, they suffered when


they came back from the Europa League games. This one, they came


back and thought, we will have to defend, work hard, close down and


get a clean sheet. That is why Tony Pulis said that was a classics Doug


game. And a classic away performance. You need your keeper


to perform as well. It has to be said, keepers in the Premier League


at the moment, not a weekend goes by it but we are not marvelling at


them. Sorensen today was big, brave, he came for everything. He was


terrific. You look at the defenders they've got. The keeper is also


attacking everything. Is this a penalty? That is a penalty. I think


Sorensen has played his knee. I think that's a penalty. Once again,


he was really brave. He had to go off after because he took a real


hit. The referee, I would argue it was a penalty. The referee cannot


give that unless he is sure. I have to say, I didn't think it was but


you are so visible tonight but I'm going to agree with you and move on.


Everton, no money to spend again. David Moyes has them in the top


half of the table. They deserve some much credit, the way they


battle of wits. I went to the game at Bolton last week and they look


sharp and fit and are playing for their manager. For me, David Moyes


has no money to spend, there's only a matter of time that he can


continue to under-achieve. Much of the day has given us this season's


Goal of the Month. We are happy to What a strike from Ryan Taylor!


chance. Milner is charging forward. Silva. Great first touch, even


better second touch. In a side full of stars, Silva shines the


clearance from Begovic. He goes for goal and finds it. Brilliant finish


again. Get it back from Bale. Three minutes will be added on. It is


Lennon for Spurs. He goes all the way, and Lennon scores! Spurs' goal


two up. It's a well-taken Persie for Arsenal. It is 2-1. Van


Persie's second of the game up. You can't give van Persie the ball in


that sort of position and expect to run. Adam spotted it. Johnson, good


first touch. Johnson for Liverpool. He scores! Liverpool are in front.


Glen Johnson, once of Chelsea, puts Liverpool in front against the run


Pat Nevin, not as straightforward as most months we have here. What


is your choice? Only wanted to pick Silva but I can't. However, three


goalkeepers, all of them trampling, could not have saved Taylor's goal.


You have to agree with that. Maybe a bit above the others. Taylor's


technique is fantastic. He's got great technique, from free-kicks.


That wasn't a free kick, that was a dipping volley. He deserved it.


Good choice. At last they agree on something! All the goals, Golden


moments and scrambles from yesterday. We have Chelsea and


went home happy. This could have been a very different game, had


this been a red Winstead of yellow poor lewes macro. The referee then


gave Chelsea a penalty at the other end, but the Red Hot Tim Krul kept


Frank Lampard out from the spot. The keeper in the post men kept


Sturridge at bay. The same combination at the other end of


water Demba Ba. The slightest of touches from Ryan Taylor went


unnoticed by home fans, but not the referee. A decision, which was to


prove beneficial for Chelsea. Drogba! Chelsea have the lead.


Didier Drogba heads the blues in Chelsea quickly trying to switch


the emphasis. Ramires is in for 2-0. Tim Krul keeps him out. Frank


Lampard didn't take kindly to being substituted. And walking into one I


unposed definitely wouldn't have improved his mood. Don Perry wasn't


the right place to keep Chelsea in front on the pitch. -- John Kerry.


depressed rates Sturridge. But it at first you don't succeed...


Throughput Torres. He is away from Perch. Is this the chance for


Fernando Torres to score? He gets another opportunity. It is Kalou.


Chelsea have won it now. Chelsea could yet get another goal. It is


Sturridge. Finally he beats Tim Krul. He has worked for that.


are still a cut above, as they keep cool heads and shoulders at the top


of the league. On saying that, they did their best to give Norwich an


early goal for Stobbart and heavy touch and the imposing presence of


Joe Hart saved the blushers of Kompany and to rape. Aguero then


missed this. Only to redeem himself with a toe poke through the eye of


a needle. Alarm bells ringing at the back for Norwich City. It's a


Yaya Toure into Johnson. A lovely turn. A smashing goal. A superb


goal from Manchester City. What the team work. Vincent Kompany.


Brindley interspaced. Johnson rolling it in 45. The Spurs look


defenders. The Welshman is holding up the boot in on Gary Speed.


Bolton were down to ten men after Cahill was deemed to be the last


man when he brought down Scott Parker. Jaaskelainen came to the


rescue. Before Brad Friedel got friendly with the ball, to repel


everything that they threw at him. Until Lennon made the break through.


Lennon. Oh yes, Lennon. The second goal comes at last. Assou-Ekotto


was unlucky not to win a penalty but Defoe made sure of the points.


Gareth Bale, near post, Defoe was in there. Iford wouldn't have


flattered Spurs. But Jaaskelainen kept it respectable.


Givet has an opportunity. Yakubu. What a very good goal that is. No


wonder he punches the sky. Against a background of dissenting


supporters. Blackburn take the lead through Yakubu. On that towards


Lita. That is a wonderful goal from Swansea. Delivery from Petersen.


The mood around Ewood Park changes have enjoyed that more than his


manager. Swept wide. Routledge has it. A dangerous ball. Smashed in on


the rebound. Swansea pressed the self-destruct button. Allen picked


up his second yellow. Can Yakubu kick his nerve, he can! Steve Kean


is indebted to Yakubu for a bad fall of goals. A much needed when.


When Yakubu scores, it is easy to stand on high and condemn that.


Things have deteriorated really badly. They're all screwed up, the


relationships. With John Williams, the chairman. Now, the manager


coming out and saying we have forfeited a game. The owners, a


don't know what they're doing. Frustration towards the manager,


and the owners. M seriously worried about that football club. It's not


just about winning games. Steve Kean had to take the job, a great


chance for him. The owners, I don't know what is going on. Winning is


everything at Stamford Bridge. not convinced winning is everything


for Andre Villas-Boas. It is all about excitement, intelligence.


Entertainment as much as possible. 3-0 yesterday could have been it 7-


3. Talk about intelligence, it is nice to have you on the show.


have seen you on Strictly Come Pat Nevin is a rare breed of its


COMMENTATOR: Yes macro -- yes! Would he try one from here? What a


Well taken by Pat Nevin. Genius! What was it like? We think


of the 80s as being a booze culture. There was you, drinking fine wine.


There was a blues culture. For one of the clubs, I got fined for not


being drunk. I went to see a movie instead and the manager found out


and find me. I don't buy this, he says he has never died in his


entire career. Never ever? It is precisely the opposite. That's how


much the game has changed. The idea when you are tackled is to stay on


your feet, it is pride. A few years ago, used to get a sledgehammer to


hit you before a penalty kick. Where were you happiest? You


started at Clyde. You ended up as Chelsea Player of the Year. Everton.


Tranmere. They were good in different ways. Chelsea was fun. I


first year there was fantastic. Then back to the end of my career


with Kilmarnock, it was fantastic. A great bunch of guys. It is this


moment I remember more than ever. Listen to the commentary.


COMMENTATOR: Pat Nevin. Dear, oh dear. I don't believe it. I hope


I'm not being too unkind to Pat Nevin, a player of undoubted


quality but that has to be the worst penalty I have seen at this


level of football. You probably didn't take many.


got fined for that as well because the manager spotted me laughing. He


find me for laughing. You have given us a lot of laughter


in Strictly Come Dancing. This was my favourite moment of your entire


time. I can reveal the couple leaving


tonight is... Robbie. And Ola.


Well done. Look at that face. Gutted. I did like your slide


across. Let's move on to yesterday's


kept a grip on a city's coat tails. An injury for Hernandez. Lead to


goals scoring duties to those less gets a big wave from the manager. A


goal of real quality. It was then Della's turned as Shay


Given tweet a hand screen -- equaliser for Villa, no second for


down, they don't. There is the end result, Mikel Arteta, with his


third goal for Arsenal. Ali Al Habsi will be unhappy with the


outcome. Van Persie to deliver the corner. A deeper one and a very


effective one. Vermaelen. For a van Persie brought out the best in Ali


Al Habsi. Van Persie has gone for the return. Beaten away by Ali Al


Habsi. Game, set and match. only thing missing for Arsenal was


a goal from their captain who was after his 14th of the season.


Onside, can he get there ahead of Gary Caldwell? He can. Van Persie.


Four for Arsenal. Long left it late to rescue the


Baggies. Mackie. Can't find Barton. Another


chance. Barton. They are queueing up. Helguson gets his 6th goal of


the season. Wright-Phillips is found. Brilliant goal. However, the


flag is up on the far side and it will not count. And, that goal


a big everyone was expecting a second goal for Queen's Park


Rangers. Morrison. Terrific ball from Morrison. Odemwingie, a


deflection, Long. West Bromwich Albion are back on level terms with


We should be shown the sad passing away of Socrates, the Brazilian


legend. I remember that World Cup. The best team ever to win the World


Cup for me. Clarke c, intelligent, stylish, more than any other one,


the most elegant player I have seen in my life. Don't go to bed just


yet. It's time for the big finish, New man Martin watched his Black


Cats slide, as Fletcher's double gave Wolves the win.


And Huth's a pretty boy, as Stoke ended a wonder week as they chewed


up the Toffees. Manchester City remain ahead of


That rivalry has spilt into the FA Cup, with the two clubs pitted


together in today's third-round draw.


Stoke move into the top half, ahead of beaten opponents Everton.


Martin O'Neill inherits a Sunderland side a point and a place


above the relegation zone. Wolves are up to 15th, with a win for


Blackburn not enough to change the bottom three.


Here are some things you may have missed. At Villa Park, Fergie's


security enjoys his moment in the And, double bubble here.


Clattenburg clattered. And no joy for Foy.


Finally, wig and a scarf, you're That's almost the long and the


Colin Murray introduces full highlights from the day's two Barclays Premier League matches and a comprehensive round-up of the previous day's incidents and action.

Everton host Stoke looking to preserve a seven-match unbeaten home record against the Potters, a run of results that stretches back 30 years. Stoke travel to Goodison Park looking to improve on their away form which has been poor so far this season.

At Molineux, Wolves hope to extend their winning run against Sunderland to three league games and gain more precious points in their bid to keep out of danger in the bottom half of the table. Steve Bruce's Black Cats meanwhile have been inconsistent so far this season and have struggled away from home, registering just one win on their travels.