16/10/2011 Match of the Day 2


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Hello. Hope you're all well and ready for your Sunday night


football fix. Live in the studio, two men who never get splinters in


their backsides. Lee Dixon and QPR manager, Neil Warnock. And here's


we've got for you over the next 70 minutes.


Unbeaten Newcastle faced Tottenham at St James's - that's first.


We've a tasty Midlands derby between West Brom and Wolves.


There's stuttering Arsenal against struggling Sunderland.


Plus, as always we'll have all the goals and incidents from yesterday.


So off we go, starting in the north east for a battle between two of


the Premier Leagues in form sides. Alan Pardew is a happy chap and


just loves his new P and P. Ba and Best have scored seven goals


between them in Newcastle's unbeaten start. Their form has been


outstanding and more of the same will keep them up there where the


air is clear. Spurs are also on a formidable run. Four victories over


Wolves, Liverpool, Wigan and Arsenal have propelled Harry's hot


shots up the table. Kyle Walker's winner against the Gunners last


time was particularly special. They'll be hoping to register a


famous five from five today. Calling this one is Guy Mowbray.


Newcastle field the same team for started the last three league games.


The back four has been the meanest defence of the season so far.


Jermaine Defoe is on the bench and Emmanuel Adebayor has been passed


Emmanuel Adebayor has been passed fit.


Gutierrez has been on duty for Argentina. That has been given as a


free kick. No real connection with the opposition player but it was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


in out of the corner of his life. - into. Here is Gutierrez. Demba Ba


was on his way down when the ball is a penalty. He seemed to take a


while to think about it. Yes, it is a penalty. Tim Krul defending. Van


Der Vaart to try to silence it. He has done that and Spurs have the


lead at St James's Park. The penalty smashed in by a good Dutch


man. He gives Spurs the lead. has come against the run of the


general play by and large. Here is Gutierrez. He gets past Walker. And


here is Demba Ba and it is in! It has just taken two minutes of the


second half to draw level. Just the sort of response that Alan Pardew


will have ordered. Gutierrez heard the call. Demba Ba scores again.


Adebayor is on side and he has not missed by much at all. Taylor did


well to close down the angle for the shot. Gabriel Obertan has gone


for goal. Brad Friedel had it covered. The French man has never


scored in the Premier League. He did not find the accuracy he needed.


Defoe beaten by Tim Krul. Spotted the danger from very early on.


Cheik Tiote. Simpson has to go back Defoe's finished! What a good one


it was. He has not been on the field long. It is the first chance


he has really had an Jermaine Defoe has put it away. He found Tim Krul


in his way. There was no chance this time for the Newcastle keeper.


Classic Defoe. Shola Ameobi kept his feet and kept the ball. Cheik


Tiote is teed up to hit it and it is tipped over the bar by Brad


Friedel. Brad Friedel was almost caught off guard. That was a good


save. Defoe not ready for the return. Just another age, enough


for a Newcastle free-kick. -- just a nudge. Ryan Taylor. The


goalkeeper was ready for him. Ryan Taylor, this is the Shola Ameobi.


What a goal! That is a Thumper from Shola Ameobi. And Newcastle are at


level again. The 71st goal of his Newcastle United career. There


cannot have been many stroke better than this. Good control. Realised


there was not anything else on and just hit it. Super strike. And one


of the greatest joy D's -- Geordies block by Tim Krul and another


excellent reaction from Newcastle's Dutchman. A free-kick to Newcastle.


Is that one foul too many committed by Luca Modric? It is. Stephen


Taylor is waiting for it. Over it comes. Fabrizio Coloccini! Off


balance and off-target. He'd just about got it took Ameobi. Didn't


quite know where the posts where. Claims for hand ball. I think that


would have been very harsh on Spurs. Gutierrez! And that will just about


do it. A thrilling end to a thoroughly entertaining match.


Newcastle United's two, topknot Newcastle United's two, topknot


Spurs, two. -- Tottenham Hotspur's. Newcastle


maintained their unbeaten record. Spurs again showed their quality


but were denied a straight win. Once they scored, it looked like if


there was going to be a more winner, it might be them. We did not finish


them off when we could have done. We came in one - nil down but in


the second half we created enough pressure to warrant a draw and


perhaps even to have won it at the end. I was not happy with the first


half. We did not keep the ball and I do not like that. I like us to


play. In the second half we did much better. We started to run with


the ball, created some fantastic positions. And Germaine came off


the bench and took a great goal. There were complaints about the


Spurs penalty. Do you still have them? The only disappointment was


how long it took the referee. It created pressure. If you're not


sure then you should not give it. You have to beat 100% sure and I do


not think she was. But it was a penalty. And then Stephen tackled


with the wrong leg which is not like him. 71 Newcastle goals. Was


that one of the best? I think it will have to be. My memory is not


that great! But coming off my left foot, that is certainly the best


goal I have ever scored with my left foot. What Newcastle fans want


is a team that is going to have the go. My teams have always been like


that. I have set them up on the front foot. And in the end we were


taking a few chances to try to win it. And so were Tottenham so it


made from a great game. Surely a draw away for Spurs was a good


Harry will be going home, and he will be going over all of those


chances, which will not make it any easier. It is one of those games, I


think at 2-1, he would have expected to win. But it is a


difficult place, when the crowd get going, they never give up. After


the first half, we were thinking how we were going to get any


highlights out of it, but the second half was really good. Apart


from the penalty in the first half, there was nothing really worth


watching. Both teams were giving the ball away. Then we go into the


second half, expecting more of the same, but it was end-to-end stuff.


The story of the second half was substitutions, goals, chances. This


is the equaliser from Demba Ba. Gets into the gap between full-back


and centre back. Then we go right up to the other end, Adebayor gets


a great chance. Then back to the other end, the shot comes in from


Obertan. Then the substitutions. Harry was asked, was a genius? He


said, if it was genius, I would have put him on from the start!


He's as good as anybody in the He's as good as anybody in the


division, when he finishes like that, Jermaine Defoe. What a free


kick this is from Taylor. Another good save. And Shola Ameobi's goal,


what a strike that is. And it is not over yet, back up the other end.


Defoe, is he a bit greedy? No, any striker would have shot there. And


then this was the last minute, chance for Coloccini. It could have


been a penalty at the end, but I don't think it was. No, I know I


have criticised referees, but Lee Probert had a very good game today.


That was a big decision, and he got it right. There was plenty of


tackles in that game, but he kept his card in his pocket. It is good


that we haven't had to talk about decisions so far this weekend. Two


games to go. You're the northerner down self, Alan Pardew is the


southerner up north. How has he done? I think he has calmed the


place down. The owners have taken a gamble on him, they wanted a big


name. I think he has always been sold a bit short, at West Ham and


definitely at Southampton. He has got a lot to prove, and he was not


going to get a job like Newcastle, so he snapped their hands off. He's


a very good manager, well-organised. Against us, we were unlucky not to


beat them, but they hung in there. They do not know when they beat.


has lost some really high-calibre players, but he has replaced them


almost seamlessly. They all want to play for him, which is a good sign.


It is not like it is harum-scarum stuff which we sometimes associate


with Newcastle. So far, it has been solid. Today was the first day they


have conceded more than one goal! Yes, you could look at the fixtures


and say they have not been the most difficult so far. It is important


to look at the next fixtures coming up. Certainly the next three are


winnable for them. But then you look at the three after that. So,


some tough games coming up, but a fantastic start. Alan Pardew will


be more than happy. And they have got two strikers who are doing


their job. Three! That is the difference with the Premier League,


your strikers have got to score goals. Clubs coming up can struggle


when they do not have enough of that. But Newcastle at the minute,


they're all firing. That's why they're doing so well. He has


hardly made a change at the back. The midfield have been steady, and


The midfield have been steady, and the forwards are scoring goals.


Decent goalkeeper as well. Much more still to come tonight. Not a


week goes by without a good Derby in the Premier League. A win for


either of these teams today would give them a massive shot in the arm.


And if you know your history, West Brom and Wolves, one of the oldest


derbies. They first met in 1883. John Motson was commentating, and


Albion gain 4-2. This year, the Baggies have struggled, and have


won just once. Wolves had two victories early on, but have lost


victories early on, but have lost their last four. This is Jonathan


Pearce. A black mood hangs over the Black Country derby, given the


gloomy form of these two. West Brom have not won here in five months.


If Wolves are defeated, it will be their worst top flight losing run


since 1984. To stop the rot, West fired across the face of goal by


Adam Hammill. Forces Foster into their. His shot was blocked by


Berra. The flag has stayed down, 1- 0! In the eighth minute, West


Bromwich Albion have drawn first blood in the big derby. And it is


Chris Brunt celebrating his 150th league appearance for the club.


Wolverhampton Wanderers looked for the flag which did not come. Jones


made the run from the wide position. have defended that better. This is


a bright start for Roy Hodgson's good effort. The summer signing


from Reading, up against his former teammate Kevin Doyle today. So far,


could not finish because Olsson was there. The defender made sure it


must have moved in the air. But no- one was following up. Oh, it was


deflected. It was a good stop. The young full-back Jones. But Shane


Long is off down the other end. Wolverhampton Wanderers are badly


stretched. Scharner arriving. Simon Scharner! It was floating


afternoon. Really good front- Foster to deal with. It was Berra


who has shot was deflected off the redundant formation, but an old


fashioned 4-4-2 for West Brom today has caused Wolverhampton Wanderers


all sorts of problems. This is where West Brom have looked so


threatening. Shane Long claims he was fouled, the flag stayed down,


and Johnson would have been the last defender. That was a big


moment in the game. This is Ebanks- Blake in between the lines. Plays


it in towards Adam Hammill, and that was a terrific save! Hammill


took the shot early, and Foster and they are in a bit of trouble.


Corner. He went down holding the outside of his right knee. He may


have knocked it against Tchoyi as he went to make the challenge. That


was just over from Long. It was a brave block from Ward. Olsson was


claiming he was being blocked off by Berra, and he had a really good


case. That's really brave defending. Why isn't that a penalty? I know


the critics will say, if referees give penalties for that, they will


be giving nine each game. Well, if opportunity. He cruised forward,


West Brom were unaware of the danger. And he should have scored.


That was set up for a big equaliser, heel to Odemwingie. 2-0! The


victory surely his West Bromwich Albion's. Their first at The


Hawthorns this season. Simon Jama was given too much room, he was


allowed to come into the box, and once it was slipped through to


Odemwingie, he was allowed to get the shot off, the man who had such


a sparkling season last year Wolves get one here, who knows? The


free kick was taken by O'Hara. That rights. It was their first home win


of the season. Wolves had their of the season. Wolves had their


chances but could not convert. I think I have just seen one of the


best front running displays by any player in the Premier League this


season, from Shane Long. Of course, I agree. His ability to hold the


ball up, his pace, he caused lots of problems. I thought that he and


Tchoyi in the first half were a constant thorn in the side of the


Wolves defence. We must give Bulls credit, they started well, getting


in behind our full-backs, but of course, that contributed to the


quality of the game, because when we got the ball, we were dangerous.


You have had to wait 11 months for a goal from open play. And you had


to wait as the ball came into you. Yes, I saw it for a good few


seconds before I got contact on it. But it was a good ball back in. I


just concentrated on hitting the target. The chances that we had, we


have to do better with. We got opened up by somebody getting


behind us, and it is a great finish. The second one equally is a great


finish, something from nothing. The And captain's example from Chris


Brunt. The that is five defeats and from a managerial perspective, and


the only place to be. In this league unless you're in the top


four or five you are going to get some defeats on the bounce. But the


team have improved every year. They have got some good players now.


They just need to defend a little better. They need to just get up


and go again because they have got some good players. It is hard


against this side. They were led from the front. I thought that


Wolves were unlucky. But they played some good stuff and


contributed to an entertaining game. West Brom were tight at the back


but Shane Long at the other end, for me he was outstanding. It is


not a coincidence that nearly all the clips we are going to show now


the clips we are going to show now involve him. Not great defending.


Should not be allowed to get there. He goes and creates a chance for


himself. Again here it falls to him. And all of a sudden he is on the


edge of his own box. Brilliant running. Again, a long clearance


down the line. He just knocked it past that defender. He picks up a


great ball and just gets it wide. This is in the second half. He


drives on. Bad defending a gain from walls. He brings it down, sets


up a chance for Odemwingie. I thought his performance was superb


upfront. Mick McCarthy there shaking a few hands. He has had a


good game. He was at Reading last season, you would have played


against him. I tried to sign him about three times! I offered a


couple of million for him at one stage. But he is a very good player.


You know what you're going to get. Anybody would have him and he is


the type that you need. He is worth more than 2 million now! He knows


what he is doing! But he is just a good lad. I thought make might have


good lad. I thought make might have a go for him at one time. -- make.


The chances they had would probably some of the best in the game,


some of the best in the game, Wolves. Hamel gets a chance this


time. It is just wide. And then Johnson, the centre-back, the


equaliser. So they created a lot of chances. But five losses on the


bounce tells its own story. You are the firebrand, is Mick McCarthy one


manager you would not square up to? He was good to meet at Barnsley.


But he is sensible, you know. I was with him on at their stay at a


dinner. They lost Fletcher on Thursday and you do miss your main


players. When you talk about goalscoring. Chances are he would


goalscoring. Chances are he would goalscoring. Chances are he would


goalscoring. Chances are he would have put one away.


On we go, then. Arsenal have yet to win on Match Of The Day 2 this


season. While Sunderland enjoyed their only victory of the campaign


so far on a Sunday. Means absolutely nothing. But this does


mean something. It is mid- October, and Arsenal on year at the bottom.


The last time they failed to reach the top four was 1996. There was


also a black cloud hanging over the Black cats. The Sunderland boss


will want to see a positive will want to see a positive


attitude to date. Van Persie uses the match programme to deny that he


is considering leaving. Sebastian at last and it returns to Arsenal,


and hero in his native Sweden having helped them qualifying for


Euro 2012 as the best group runners up. Nicholas Bendtner it is not


eligible for Sunderland as he is on loan for Arsenal. Howard Webb is


the referee. And Sunderland get the match under way. And here is Van


Persie. It is a chance - it is one - nil. Robert Van Persie for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Arsenal! What a start. And what a missed it! Robin Van Persie!


Fabulous! So unlucky. What a lad off for Sunderland. And what a


glorious piece of skill from the Van Persie. He deserved better than


to see this come off the inside of the posts. A little bit of Dutch


mastery. The real Arsenal have turned up to play today. Arsenal


have not played like this in a long time. Van Persie again! Well, the


build up was classic Arsenal. Rumours of their demise would


appear to have been exaggerated. Arsenal have got away with that.


Back into the hands of the goalkeeper. But the alarm bells


were definitely ringing. No question that Stefan says in Jong


was definitely onside. -- Sessegnon. Arteta's raises his left arm and


catches Lee Cattermole. Bang on 30 minutes, it will it be bang on the


bus and -- on the button from last and? It is! Sebastian Larsson,


absolute quality. He comes by to bite the hand that used to feed him.


He turns it Square, a fantastic save by one Czech Szczesny. This is


a contender for the save of the season. Lee Cattermole cannot


believe it. That is over the top. And that is a great chance for


Theo Walcott running back to Ciaran Richardson. Nothing given. Is that


handball? It bounced off Richardson's arm. But for me,


Howard Webb from recalled that right. -- probably called that


right. Attract full challenge. -- a


too high. Van Persie - here is the chance. And mean you lay makes the


player who frustrates as much as he delights. It only needed a finish


and it would have been right up there with the best moments he has


produced in a red and white shirt. Wes Brown has already had a yellow


card. No punishment from Howard Webb beyond the award of the free-


brilliant! Arsenal captain, twice Arsenal goalscorer today. And now


figurehead, leader and star of the show. Two great free kick goals


today. That one every bit as good as Seb Larsson's. And a yellow card


for Robin van Persie for removing Mertesacker. Great turn from


Wycombe. Offside, Ji Dong-Won. It was played into Connor Wickham, and


Yossi Benayoun... Arshavin! Good save by Mignolet. That would have


finished it. Arsenal seem like a one-man band at the moment. Van


Persie again was the hero. Sunderland could easily have got


something from the game, if it had something from the game, if it had


not been for goalkeeper Szczesny. We had a great start, Sunderland


scored with their first chance. Up to half-time, we were a bit wobbly.


But the spirit in the team is exceptional. In the second half we


came out and played in their half. It was a special free kick from van


Persie, which got us the three points. We had an awful start, just


like last week. But we showed a bit of character to get back into it.


When you have the big chances, like we had just before half-time, to


win at places like this, you need to take them. That has been the


story so far, it has not been quite happening for us. But I'm sure we


will turn it around. I thought it was a good save, but I suppose it


was a poor finish, because you're supposed to score from three yards


out. But it was Robin van Persie who changed the game and showed why


he's probably the top striker in the Premier League. He is a special


player, he showed that again today. There is no doubt about that. He is


blessed at the moment. Touch wood with injuries. Nice to see a Arsene


Wenger in a good mood for change. He has been getting it in the neck


as a manager. Absolutely. I always think, be careful what you wish for.


I was at the Emirates on Thursday. I think he deserves to get support


for what he has done. You look at the players he has got, when you


have got somebody like van Persie, you're not going to struggle for


long. Quality players. He is top- drawer, no doubt about that, I


don't know if he can play centre half, though! We were watching the


game before the goals, and you were seeing some of the same problems?


They were scintillating for the first 25, a nervous team needs to


start quickly, and they certainly did that, with the goal after 29


seconds or whatever. He knows where the space is. He's going to spin


into this hole. Richards and's too far away from the centre-back,


leaving the gap. He gets over and nearly makes the tackle. But it was


a lovely bit of movement. Arsenal are in the ascendancy. Great


football, a chance after chance, football, a chance after chance,


this was probably the best one. But then they give a free kick away,


and Larsson comes up with this. What a free kick that is. A little


bit of nervousness sets in, it is 1-1 now. These are the old problems,


giving the ball away, Sunderland can smell blood. This is probably


save of the season so far. Stephane Sessegnon did brilliantly. That has


won them at the game. You could say he should have done better with the


header, but we will give the credit to the goalkeeper. Second half,


Arsenal back on top again, magical run from Arshavin. And then the


winner in the end from van Persie is world class. It is just


perfection, no goalkeeper in the world would have saved that.


Absolutely brilliant. And good news on that front as well, Arsenal fans


will be hearing him say that it is laughable, all the talk about him


moving house. He says it was up for sale already, he has bought a new


house in London. Because he was class today. Arsene Wenger says, it


is about honouring your contract and playing to the end of it. So he


is still under contract, still playing brilliantly, he's blast, as


Arsene Wenger says. I was lucky enough to play with Dennis Bergkamp,


and van Persie is the closest I have seen to emulating the magic of


Dennis Bergkamp. This is just fantastic. I think that's the best


move and I have seen this season. He just knows where the centre-back


doesn't want to go, he doesn't want to come out. So he just stands


there and draws him out. And this is the free kick. If you were a


young boy, you would pay to see him. That's why this league is so good.


From the Sunderland Point view, problems with strikers, he had Bent,


then he had Asamoah Gyan. It is difficult, because strikers win you


games. To replace Bent, no matter what money they got for it, how


many more players they bought, you cannot replace the quality that


Bent has got, no matter who you bring in. Not for a club like


Sunderland. The top clubs can bring the very best in, you look at


Aguero, and Suarez. But it is difficult for Sunderland to get


somebody as good as Ben. And they have not replaced him. But in all


fairness, Steve Bruce has planned it all week, you go to Arsenal, and


you're losing after 29 seconds. It kills you as a manager. They have


kills you as a manager. They have got some good players. Before we


move on, let's pause for some With Neil Warnock being our special


guest, we thought we would focus on QPR a bit more tonight. Yesterday


they were at home to Blackburn, it was the latest chapter in their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Their first goal back in the big That nearly ended up in the back of


the net. Heidar Helguson celebrates his 100th League goal in English


Joey Barton! It was so nearly in for a second goal. The stresses of


being a Premier League manager. Blackburn were behind for less than


Wright-Phillips! That's an illustration of the quality you can


Good save, Paddy Kennedy. QPR's Good save, Paddy Kennedy. QPR's


goalkeeper really tested by Martin Olsson. What a season it has been


common meal. Take me back to that first game of the season, you're


the favourite with the bookies to get sacked. I had a tenner on that.


I rang him to tell him! Half a week's wages for dissent. Was it an


anxious place to be for you? think if the owners had come back


in, I would have been the first one to get the sack. It was like a


breath of fresh air for me. We lost that first game, 4-0, and Tony


Fernandes started talking about players, who do you want? It has


just been, you know, we have got a fighting chance now. They are all


positive people, and that is how we should be. We have got a chance now.


What would Premiership survival mean to QPR, given that the owners


have deep pockets? Should QPR fans be dreaming of bigger things?


said we had deep pockets last year and we did not spend anything. But


the way Tony wants to do it, he wants us to stabilise the club in


the Premier League and go forward. We're talking about academies, new


stadiums and everything else. You look at all of the good clubs like


Stoke City and Bolton, teams like that, you have got to stabilise


yourself in the Premiership. You do not kid yourself and say, we want


to be mid-table, you have got to stay in the division for the first


year. It is all about getting better players, you're only as good


as your players. What kind of owner is he? Is he in the dressing room?


No. I speak to him two or three times a week, he's all over the


world, but he's always trying to help me. He will be watching


tonight. But that's good. We can talk and discuss where we want to


be, that is all you can ask for as a manager. If you will get a new


stadium, you might want to get rid of those moles. I was reading about


your tactics and what you do in training. There was a few shocks


this week with injuries, and problems with Adel Taarabt and


Heidar Helguson. It was allegedly on a QPR fans' website. I will make


sure they can all e-mail this guy, whoever he's, and tell him he is no


longer a fan. Next three games will The next three games will test your


mettle. We have Chelsea at home. I cannot see as getting more than


seven points out of those next three games if I'm honest.


Right, if you spend a Saturday night partaking in a tipple or


busting a move on the dancefloor, you should take note that Sunday's


Match Of The Day 2 is your friendly catch-up service. All the goals


from Saturday guaranteed, and we start with the other two promoted


clubs. After forgetting his shooting boots


for the United game, Pilkington it showed the Canaries that he is a


home bird, finishing up with a brace. Antony Pilkington! In the


brace. Antony Pilkington! In the opening minutes. By Annette is


there. 2 - nil! And unbelievable have had in Norfolk to this match.


This goal owes everything to the persistence of Scott Sinclair.


Norwich were to restore their two goal lead in the second half.


into the middle and turned in by Pilkington! The third goal of the


season for Antony Pilkington. Norwich's third of the afternoon.


Everton's record against Chelsea took a bashing at the Bridge, their


first defeat to the Londoners since 2008. It has taken half an hour but


Chelsea are in front! Lampard's free-kick. It is in and John Terry


has made its two on the stroke of half-time. Evidence starting the


second half on the front foot. And it has clipped the post. Didier


Drogba. Ramirez - 3-0! And he scorers - he has only been on the


pitch for about 10 seconds and he has put the ball in the back of the


Chelsea net. Happy days are back at Bolton after a tough start to the


season. A win over Wigan brought in it much needed points.


A brilliant goal! Davies takes it from them comfortably. And Bolton


have the half-time advantage. Into the path of Reo-Coker. And it would


not go in. Wigan's woes continued when a spot kick was conceded.


Habsi - his former team-mate, denies him. Is another mistake


going to cost Wigan dearly? And it has.


A routine victory for Tony's team at the Britannia, but it took a


while to get going. And the best chance of this first half.


Danny Murphy was in the right place to stop Mark Wilson scoring the


open air. And at Fulham also went close. -- the opener. Turned in by


Jonathan Walters, in the right place at the right time. Rory


Delap! That was all too comfortable. Two undefeated teams met in


Manchester but only one of them left. Villa have provided a scary


moment for the home faithful. Mario's slip led to a bit of banter.


That made him a little bit upset. And then came the inevitable.


Johnson delivers. And hooked in to the net by Balotelli. Brilliant


improvisation. Balotelli instinctively know where the goal


was to put the ball in it. Kolo Toure finds Adam Johnson. And


Johnson knocks the ball in. Manchester City have doubled their


lead within 90 seconds of the restart. And City now have affair


it. And they surely have three points. Lashed in by 8 Stephen


was a magnificent pass. Milap! Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic.


The atmosphere was as fiery as ever at Anfield. Two great Scots went


into battle once again as did an England legend. But this one was on


the bench. Luis Suarez! The first big chance of that game. Liverpool


thought that this was a penalty when the ball struck Johnny Evans


arm. The referee thought differently. It is going to be a


caution for Rio Ferdinand. Suarez is upfront. The tumble was


exaggerated, but there was contact. Rio Ferdinand likely to stay on.


Gerard it is - Steven Gerrard scorers. The deadlock is broken! 10


minutes to go. Ind -- and it is in it! Despite the late equaliser,


Liverpool still had time to lay siege to the United goal. And


Henderson came up short right at the death. There were several spats


between Patrice Evra and Suarez throughout the game. After the game


Patrice Evra accused Suarez of Patrice Evra accused Suarez of


racism, which he denied. In a moment a look at the table,


but first let's recap on today's headlines.


Unbeaten Newcastle were over the toon, hitting back twice to draw


with Spurs. The Baggies bagged the spoils in


the Black Country Derby, beating Wolves 2-0.


And Van Persie was Robin Reliant as his double for the Gunners saw off


the Black Cats. So the table sees City edge ahead


of United. They meet next week. Chelsea are third and Newcastle


stay a dizzy fourth. Spurs are sixth, with Arsenal back in the top


10. At the other end, Blackburn are bottom and they share the


relegation places with near- neighbours, Wigan and Bolton.


Sunderland slip to 17th with Wolves just above them in 16th. That's


your lot. Don't forget, a massive five game Match of the Day 2 at 10


o'clock next Sunday, including that Manchester showdown. Tonight, as


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