18/09/2011 Match of the Day 2


Colin Murray introduces Premier League highlights including Manchester United v Chelsea, Tottenham v Liverpool, Fulham v Manchester City and Sunderland v Stoke City.

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Hello everybody. A lot of football for you tonight. I know we say it


often, but every game is entertaining. The big dogs are on


the sofa and we bring you 80 minutes of action. Four games from


today and all that goals from yesterday. We begin at Old Trafford.


The goals had been raining in for United. It is 18 from four matches.


A perfect start for Sir Alex's bays. -- boys. Villas-Boas has already


shown some timely moves. He has been up and down and spinning


around as the Blues have taken 10 points. However, life isn't all


that rosy at the Bridge. Sir Alex Ferguson says his team are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


breaking new ground. It is Fergie's goes to Chelsea. Unorthodox perhaps,


but the goalkeeper was effective is one-0! The Chelsea defence gave


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


a free header. Seven minutes gone, A terrible error by Anderson. In


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


previous seasons, that would have like his old self. Not quite in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


move? It looked level to me. That the last minute of the first half


it is 3-02 Manchester United! -- 3- 0. Rooney has broken at ban Nestor


Roy's recalled. -- and install a's master to the youngster in the


Premier League managerial game. Villas-Boas makes an attacking move


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


time substitute. Storage is on the brilliant finish by an Torres. He


is back to his old self. Terrific pace and a wonderful game of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Manchester United have switched off. to see it an advantage could be


gained and it wasn't. -- if an from under her Rooney there. Echoes


of the European Championship shoot- out for England in 2004. He's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


today, but he is not back to his another hat-trick. He scored one,


missed that penalty and then hit the woodwork. He could have been


the first player in a long time to score hat-tricks in a three


consecutive games. I think the assistant referee is saying they


might have been a foul on Hernandez. Cole called him before the ball


United side get the headlines, but He did everything right.


Brilliantly timed run. Yes, this is the old Torres. Oh No, it's not.


The miss of the season. The goal gaping and ghastly in front of his


disbelieving eyes. The finish wretched. He has worked


so hard today. He didn't deserve Rooney, who has been so brilliant


Manchester United could have had What a game. Manchester United


maintain their 100% record to give Sir Alex Ferguson his best Premier


League start ever. For Chelsea, their first league defeat. A


classic, great goals, unbelievable misses and talking points applenty.


REPORTER: How do you analyse it? you do you analyse it because there


were so many mistakes. It was like a basketball game.


Oh, it was agony. We made it so open for them in the first-half.


Nanny's finish was sensational and at 3-0, we didn't deserve to go 3-0


up, but we did produce some great football at times.


To be fair the scoreline doesn't represent well what happened in the


game. We had good chances in the first-half and in the second half


it didn't fall our way and it fell Manchester United's way in every


kind of opportunity and every kind of refereeing decision.


REPORTER: Do you think two of their goals were off side? I haven't seen


it, but apparently both of them are off side.


They were bad passes. The ball went up. It was difficult for Berbatov


to connect. Torres, of course, was unbelievable.


Some things that happen in the game Rooney got the penalty. The worst


thing that happened to the strikers today and that was the case. It was


a crazy scoreline at half-time, but a good reaction from us for the


second half. Phil Jones is very special, isn't


he? He is a marvellous young lad. He has been senational.


--. Sensational. In your match programme, you said


you are privy to something special? We're privy to a few few injuries.


We could do well, this this team. Special is the word of the day. We


have been spoilt this season already. Where does this game rank?


It is the best game of the season I've seen. I think this was


pulsating. It was end to end stuff. The quality of the play. The


intensity of the play. Chances created. Chances missed. Open play


like you never believe. I mean I cannot believe Chelsea would play


that at Old Trafford. It made for a great, great game of football.


I've not seen a game like for a good few years especially against


these two. It is normally a cagy affair, but the game had everything


and for Chelsea to go to Old Trafford and have 19 shots at


Manchester United's goal is unbelievable. The goals tell and


Manchester United were worthy winners, but Chelsea took the game


to it and that's what Alan said, it created for an exciting game. It


had everything. It had a lot of things that it


should have been that weren't. It was what didn't happen? We are


going to show the goals and great play, but the best misses as well.


play, but the best misses as well. The best misses first.


A double hit penalty and Rooney skies it. A double hit.


David Beckham, John Terry. This is another one he should score.


You cannot believe he is missing that.


A tackle we will see later on. Berbatov does everything right and


outsprints Ashley Cole. He played well as well, he looked


sharp. I thought he was a threat upfront and not with his left foot


like that. You are you're scoring that.


I have a massive question for you. In the playground it was always a


Rosen tile? To miss that with his left foot it is a Nando.


There were a few misses from the referee as well that's up for


debate. Chelsea will be aggrieved. The


opening goal. You have got the line. He is just off side, but just far


enough it ends up in the back of the net and Nanny comes back from


an off side position for the second goal. Should that have been given?


Probably not. It is unbelievable. Then This one


here. Some people are saying that when he makes a tackle, the ball is


dead, but certainly when he goes into the tackle initially the ball


was in play and for me that's a penalty kick and a red card. He


should be off. The ref mouthed the ball was out of


play. Therefore he can't give a penalty, but why didn't he give a


red card. It is a grey area. The game had everything and if you


had won bottle of champagne, you would have to get glasses for this


Manchester United team, you can't pick one out.


For me the two players that stood out were Jones and Nani. Yes,


Chelsea created chances, but this this guy seems to have everything.


He is mature and comes off out of the defence there. He gets a


brilliant tackle and this is his run for the goal. He had done a


load of hard boot. Watch his determination to keep the ball in


play and put John Terry under pressure and it is a tap in.


Awareness, getting closed down, knows the player is outside,


technique, fantastic. Look at this. Torres can make two runs in front


of him and behind him. He has a great body position. A strong


shoulder and he reads the game so well. This bloke has got everything


this season. Unbelievable ability on the ball. Taking on arguably one


of the world's best full Backs, what a pass that is. Brilliant and


this is his goal. Cuts inside. Finds a space. No back lift. As I


said, took ashy Cole on time and time again. He creates all the time.


time again. He creates all the time. Again, look at him here. He sucks


players in. Players come to mark him. It took a highly for him to


settle down. He had his critics, but overall, he has everything.


The great thing about him, he wouldn't be a certainty to get in


Manchester United's best line-up. You have got a player of that


talent and ability and the shooting left left foot and right foot,


It is great to have a a game that lives up to the Premier League hype.


It was oldest against youngest manager wise. Did that show?


Alex Ferguson would never have adopted the tactics that Chelsea


had gone away from home. They played a front three that had pace


and quality, but behind them, they had Lampard and attacking mid-


fielder player. Meireles will be in fielder player. Meireles will be in


therapy! Their first move. They have to get


back to cover Mata. That has never been a tackle, but the two of them


don't get close. Another touch. It is a fantastic goal, but should


have been avoided. There is six of them around here. The one thing you


do not want is them to breach the six and to get into that position


there and run in with the ball, but it is constant, it is a knife


through hot butter. And then they are all over the place defensively.


If you look at Rooney and Hernandez and then the penalty kick. Again


the Chelsea defence is all over the place. They are coming in too


quickly. Nani comes in. It is too open. We talk of such a great game.


Chelsea contributed massively. They played well. They had the vast


majority of the chances and the majority of the play, but that does


not matter a jolt because they got beaten.


The positives for Chelsea, you have to take positives. The second half,


they played better, but no points. Indeed. Many more positives to


bring you tonight. If you are looking for drama on the


television, there is no need to change the channel. Acts Two, three


We are at the Lane for Spurs against Liverpool.


We are at the Stadium of Light for Sunderland versus Stoke.


And we look back at yesterday's action including a belter at ewood.


Manchester United are not untouchable with Manchester City on


maximum points as they headed to craven Craven Cottage.


Fulham have been working hard all season. This is their 14th


competitive game and in the Premier League they are feeling the pinch.


Two points so far and that's a worry as nine Europa League matches


have taken their toll. Four wins from four, scoring for fun, 15


goals in the league including six each for two players. They looked


the real deal and seemed fit for a title challenge. Breaking sweat is


title challenge. Breaking sweat is title challenge. Breaking sweat is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Mancini will be scratching his head watching his goalkeeper do that.


Dempsey did really well to recover the situation.


Manchester City were grateful that Hart wasn't tested more in that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


lovely touch in to him by Silva. Aguero. A lovely cross by Aguero


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


at full stretch. That was a clean Fulham will be delighted it is only


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


second half. -- start the second They are back in again. -- in the


game. An emphatic finish. No chance for Hart. From nowhere, Fulham had


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


2-2. What a turnaround at Craven Cottage! Manchester City only had


themselves to blame. Nothing they could do about this one. At big


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


deflection there. -- a big over. Fulham fought back for a


famous draw. I am very happy that they could come back out of nothing.


If you are 2-0 down and you get a goal it is a bonus. They showed a


lot of character to come back. Today, we dominated the game for 60


minutes. We do feel like the first when his around the corner and if


we play like that in the second round, there are more points to


come. It could be a lesson for us because when we had the chance, we


should have scored. Do you think the second goal was a foul?


course. I'd do not think it was. you are going to be up there


challenging for the title, are these the types it gained you need


Another game you could not have written. Fair game to Fulham. Man


City took full control, but to come back like they did and get back


into the game, when it goes to 2-0 straight after the kick-off, in the


second half you're thinking 4, 5. However, Fulham came back.


would not have thought after 46 minutes that Fulham would have got


The line is just about spot on there. For some reason, Man City


just seemed to stop playing and sat back. Joe Hart did show his quality.


A couple of great saves. Another good opportunity missed there. That


was definitely a free kick to Dzeko. When the ball comes out to Danny


Murphy, there are eight of them behind the ball and nobody


attacking. It is an element of luck because it is a deflection, but the


disappointment is etched on his face. Every week we say that City


Art contenders and then we have again like that. -- a game. I don't


think it is about paying for them. The start they have had, all of a


sudden to have a bit of a not back and then for the manager to pour


his players in and say, we are not as good as we think. We need to get


back to wait. -- back to it. They lost a couple of valuable points.


Fulham, if you look get their next couple of fixtures, you can


actually see them winning. They have gained so much confidence from


that game. To combat the way they did, and they could have won, it is


fantastic. -- to come back. Let us get over to White Hart Lane now,


our third match tonight. Few have had a tougher start than Spurs.


They were taken apart by Manchester in their opening game. The new boys


Parker and Adebayor should help. They have had decisions go against


11 after resting and number of players. -- a number of players.


first chance of the match and what a good chance it was as well.


Inside the first three minutes of Seven minutes played. Tottenham


perfect start here. Tottenham fans enjoying their Sunday lunch time


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Liverpool. Not the start he would it had been the other way round,


Pete May just have got a second not. It has not been given.


Something else for Kenny Dalglish to add to his list of complaints


about officials. Let's have a look at it again. Liverpool have hardly


been in Tottenham's 18 yard box and now as the ball is played forward


of the match so far. Not a great place to give away a


free-kick. Liverpool are not happy about it. But the referee is going


to have a word with Charlie Adam here. Abam has already been -- Adam


has already been booked. And Charlie Adam is off and it goes


from bad to worse for Liverpool. Charlie Adam sent off inside the


first-half an hour. Adam and Parker going for the goal


and the boot went into the side of Scott Parker's knee.


What a rotten Sunday out it has walk a disciplinary tight rope


between now and the end of the match. Harry Redknapp will be happy


with the first-half showing from Enrique.


Kyle Walker, real pace, taking him away from Enrique. He is on side as


the ball is played forward by Adebayor.


Skrtel should win it in the air against Defoe, but he hasn't and


Liverpool could be in trouble. It all over it once Skrtel had been


taken out of the game. It all referee. And Skrtel is off!


Liverpool are down to nine players with just under half an hour to go.


Skrtel booked in the first-half for holding off Gareth Bale with his


arm. Bale receives the ball, he was


caught by Skrtel. A great shame we can't have eleven


against eleven here. So many attacking players on show. It is


Jermain Defoe for Spurs and it's two!


And if it wasn't already, it is all over now.


Liverpool are going to have to write this one off as a bad day at


the office. Enrique did his best to close him down, but the little


Spurs striker squeezes it home into that bottom corner. Defoe scores


his third goal of the season. The sort of noise being made by the


Tottenham fans is what we heard during the Champions League run of


last season. A great atmosphere inside White Hart Lane unless you


A first goal him to celebrate in front of the home crowd.


Fans who have have goad him all day long in the past when he came here


with Arsenal Enjoying his every contribution here this afternoon.


Tottenham 3, Liverpool 0. Adebayor with a goal on his home


debut. Charlie Adam there. He was sent off. It seems a while ago in


afternoon for Liverpool. Two goals from Adebayor. He made his name


when he came to England in the red and height of Arsenal. He is very


much enjoying life in the height of A great win for Spurs. Liverpool


were outplayed from the start. It was all one way traffic.


We moved the ball around quickly and got the one goal, but I felt we


could have been two or three goals up at that stage. The worst thing


that happened, I was dipointed when Charlie Adams got sent off because


we were so much in control of the game with eleven men against eleven,


I thought it might change the way we played, change the attitude of


the crowd. They took the lead. And then the


other incidents are what you want to talk about, but it is probably


best left unsaid for us because it only takes away from the


performance if Tottenham. You wouldn't want to comment on the


yellow cards your players received? I would love to comment.


Maybe another time? Maybe another time.


I think I showed good character, good personality and that I didn't


come to this club to be a lazy guy. I came to play football and I think


the fans feel that straightaway and that's the reason they sing my name.


He has done nothing wrong. He played for Arsenal and he played


for Manchester City. The Tottenham fans love him.


That's as clear cut a result as we will get this season.


It was total domination from Tottenham. I saw Modric play, but


today he was in a different league. Parker is a perfect foil. He is a


wonderful mid-field combination. They passed it quickly. The tempo


was quick. Every time he picked up, look there is three Liverpool


players there. He picks up again. Takes three out of the game again.


Takes three out of the game again. And it is a wonderful ability.


This is all about the pace. He sets it up there and the pace is perfect


and a great chance in the box. Phenomenal ability. A good save.


He plays it and to Walker, inch perfect and then to Bale. He gets


on to the next one and boy, does he get on to this quick and bashes it


into the back of the net. Parker great on the des destructive side,


gets into into Charlie Adams face. It is Parker. He wins it again off


Kyle and the added bonus, can he pass it? A brilliant pass there and


a remarkable performance from the two of them and a great Tottenham


performance. I agree. Alan didn't want to do


Liverpool so I will I will do them! How good a performance does it need


to be? Did Liverpool contribute much to their own down fall. Harry


Redknapp said, eleven men, ten men, nine men, we were just superior?


nine men, we were just superior? The sending offs affect the game.


Liverpool were poor. Tottenham threatened down the left side. Bale


against Skrtel. He terrorised him throughout the first-half. The


early part of the game. This is a first minute Modric. Skrtel nowhere


near him and the ball goes out of play. The ball gets thrown to Bale.


This is trouble. We know if he gets running like this, you will have to


do something desperate and Skrtel do something desperate and Skrtel


does. He drags him down with a little bit of help from Lucas. This


sums Liverpool up. Eight men, throwing for Tottenham. Watch when


the ball comes over, Modric, not a pacy move. One ball, bang inside.


All of a sudden you are in big trouble. Bale sets the chance up.


Look at the four Tottenham players. Look at how much space they get.


Liverpool have got men back. Lucas trying hard to get close to the


ball. Look how much space he has. Liverpool players have got men back.


Lucas is trying to get over. It is going to be a little one, two. A


dangerous position. Liverpool have not nowhere near the ball and they


have men back. They were off the pace. They were off everything and


this summed Skrtel's day up. He gets another yellow card for a


reckless challenge. That's the second yellow and the seconding off


didn't really affect it. They used to say start quick, slow


down and if you start slow, you can never pick up the pace. A reality


check for Liverpool? Absolutely. I think Liverpool have signed good


players. They have kicked on since then and the supporters are are


expecting great things, but there is no doubt they made progressive,


but there is a lot to do before they will contend for the major


trophies. Every goal from yesterday is still


to come. Now to the Stadium of Light for a battle of the red and


They took flight early following a poor show against Chelsea. They


have just two points today. Stoke have never had it so good. Unbeaten


in all competitions, the Potters are storming Europe and sitting


pretty in the league. They were spot on beating Liverpool last week


and with their high-profile signings on board, they are fast


becoming a force to be reckoned with. Alistairman has the --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


turned in any way by Bramble. He had a crack at it and if the 5th --


and in the 5th minute, Sunderland are ahead. It is an own goal now


barely in the first 10 minutes of player has made so far. Larsson


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


tackling. That is where he was caught by Huth. Larsson! Brilliant.


look at that school board. -- scoreboard. It has gone all the way


through. There had been so many moments that have summed up their


afternoon for Stoke, but I think this one more than any other. What


a way to register your first win. Sunderland and Steve Bruce get off


the mark at last. As for Stoke, and lacklustre performance. We will


make no excuses. When you see what happened in Wales to the miners, to


make an excuse about it being travel. We know what has been set


in the papers and the media, but we have had some decent performances.


We were quite be confident going into today's game. It is OK.


However, they have been writing a lot of nonsense in the press. Some


of the journalists need to look at themselves. They reckon I'll be


Not good for Stoke? It is a reality check. Some of the pundits are


saying they will be top eight. I think possibly top six. Sunderland


had been struggling for a long time and find themselves 3-0 down after


28 minutes. They are the type of team that will pick themselves up.


Tony Pulis made no excuses after the game. No excuses. They had a


tough game midweek, but they did not use that. As far as Sunderland


are concerned, a great win, but for Steve Bruce it believes some of the


pressure. He taught about it in his afternoon -- interview afterwards.


They are playing at home, they have not won all season, they scored a


couple of goals before today. Bent is in there now though. A great


ball from Larsson. The club is solid and they are optimistic.


Results change that, but the manager has it become bad overnight.


But believe that has been lifted today, they have got Norwich next


week which is a massive game, they need a little bit of a brief run.


Let me ask you a question. What is at the Bijan playing at? He has


gone for the money. Now, all the goals from yesterday to come, but


If your Saturday nights are spent dancing and romancing, here are all


the goals from yesterday. Six games in all. We begin at the Liberty


A penalty. He wrapped his legs around Alan, who went down and


Martine Atkinson had no doubt at all. Scott Sinclair will take it.


At last, at Swansea City have scored in the Premier League and


considering the importance of that kick, or Sinclair was very cool


Joey Barton in the thick of the Park Rangers have taken the lead


and it is the new captain, Joey you believe this?


Oh and the shot hit the post. Well, was he pushed? Well, he was nudged


certainly there. Watch the shot by to his right. He has got so much


pace. And Campbell!


And it's 3-0 and it is Campbell. This late foul almost tipped Joey


Barton over the edge as he had to be dragged away at the full-time


wrissle. card is out. Klasnic is off. Oh, it


is next to nothing. It is next to nothing. Stupid, stupid action from


Klasnic. I'm not that impressed with Tierney's reaction either. A


penalty! Is this a way back for Bolton Wanderers? No contact with


beautifully tapped into the corner. Everton came from behind to put a


wriggle through will be the question that Everton fans will be


asking? He took it away from Tim Howard. It


with ligament damage. Everton sealed the win.


He has no way back now. Lyon Best Newcastle goal.


Best! Leon Best equalises. He just might have been level with


Richard Dunn when the ball was played.


for Rovers and got better and better. For Arsenal, it was


Now they have found Ramsey. A good ball. Arsenal is back in the lead.


waited and waited and didn't get it. Arsenal created and missed another


chance. Are Arsenal going to rue Arshavin set the tone for the


I think it went in off Song. Goodness me, that's marginal, but


It's an own-goal. It was a tame one goal if it, it was backs


against the wall. Robinson saves from van Persie. A moment of


controversy, Robinson and Theo Walcott clash. ..


A lot of pressure valves released. Yes, three promoted teams.


Blackburn, their win against Arsenal and Steve Bruce will be a


happy man. And maybe a few tightened as well?


Arsene Wenger. There were doubts about a player before he signed him.


They play Bolton next weekend and Tottenham away. All the very best.


Coyle as well? He is under pressure. The big finish now, let's start


It's famous five for Manchester United as Chelsea suffer at Old


United as Chelsea suffer at Old Trafford.


City slip-up as Fulham pull back thanks to cottage industry.


Spurs run riot over Liverpool. It is a good game for for Brucie as


they hit Stoke for four. City blink first as Manchester


United go two points clear over their neighbours a the top. The


reigning champions scored 21 goals to main tar main -- their 100


percent. Fulham's hard earned point is


enough to lift them out of the bottom three where they sit


alongside Bolton and West Brom. Wins today for Sunderland.


Colin Murray introduces highlights from one of the biggest games of the Premier League season, Manchester United v Chelsea at Old Trafford. Between them they have won the last seven league titles and it was United's 2-1 win in this fixture last season that all but clinched the championship for Sir Alex Ferguson's side.

Plus highlights from Tottenham v Liverpool, Sunderland v Stoke and Manchester City's match at Fulham, with City looking for a repeat of last season's emphatic 4-1 win.

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