30/10/2011 Match of the Day 2


Colin Murray introduces highlights from the day's Premier League games, including Tottenham against QPR. There is also a comprehensive review of Saturday's eight games.

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No five-game bonanza this week but we are going on all out, with 15


minutes of Match Of the Day 2. As ever, we will look back at all


yesterday's goals an incidents, and we sent Kevin Day to Norwich. Let's


start with the only game in town, an old-fashioned London derby at


White Hart Lane. Neil Warnock and his Rangers out that have been


jamming troops to establish Premier League status, and hard work has


paid off, because last week they beat Chelsea, and Rangers dug deep


to cause a huge shock. Tottenham will have to be on their guard at


home, but in Dutch master Rafael van der Vaart they have a player


who can brush aside anyone with the greatest artistic. He has scored


five in the last four and is on top first episode of this London derby


for 16 years. -- the blank canvas. Queen's Park Rangers will try to


find a formula to stop free-scoring Spurs. Sebastien Bassong cross to


the bench, Kyle Walker played 20 times on loan at Queen's Park


Rangers last season to help them into the Premier League. Neil


Warnock affairs Armand Traore to Clint Hill at left back. Anton


Ferdinand plays, after what he Good save from Paddy Kinnock. Van


der Vaart, the man of the moment, looking to score for the third game


running. Good save from Paddy understandably, with plenty of


bodies back behind the ball. It is Park Rangers. Van der Vaart


delivers the free kick. Free header, and Adebayor could not accept the


gift. What a chance. And he does not need telling. All about to


delivery. Poor marking from a Queen's Park Rangers point of view,


and, fortunately for them, they foot. That could have gone anywhere.


It was an instinctive reaction from Heidar Helguson. And that might


Gareth Bale is free, and that is Gareth Bale! 1-0, Spurs. Clinically


finished. His first goal at White Hart Lane since January. He has


broken the deadlock after 20 minutes. It was brewed one from


Brad Friedel's kick, but watch Gareth Bale. Nobody picks him up.


He had time to take the first touch, and the second touch was emphatic.


There was no stopping that. And it had been coming. Gareth Bale's


second Premier League goal of the comes through to Assou-Ekotto, and


over the bar, from Gareth Bale. Adebayor did well to get away from


King, the flag stays down, and Rafael van der Vaart scores again,


for the theft Premier League game running, to double the league,


Foster's. Six goals in five games for him. That was not what Ledley


King originally intended, but the outcome was perfect. The clearance


from Danny Gabbidon went straight to Ledley King, and his way when


shot went straight to van der Vaart, who duly dispatched it. -- wayward


shot. No chance for Paddy Kenny, and routine for van der Vaart.


Jermain Defoe and Roman Pavlyuchenko cannot get a start at


the moment because of the performances of van der Vaart, in


penalty area, he goes for goal. He just tried to curl it into the top


corner. He didn't quite get the execution correct. He is gathering


his thoughts for the half-time team talk. Not sure what he is going to


prevents the corner kick, too. Van der Vaart - billion shot! Clock


away by Paddy Kinnock. -- brilliant short. -- Clawed away by Paddy


are in possession. It spins out for Rangers with Joey Barton, could


jump by Helguson, and it is in, from Jay Bothroyd. His first goal


for the club. And it has got them back in it. It has been a spirited


response in the second half. The second header was simply nodded in


by Jay Bothroyd. Not the best defending you will ever see from a


Spurs point of view. Queen's Park Rangers will not worry about that.


kick to Spurs. -- Luke Young. Last time Queen's Park Rangers beat


Spurs, Les Ferdinand was the scorer of four goals at Loftus Road. -- of


both goals. Paddy Kenny atone for his mistake to deny Gareth Bale.


What a roller-coaster few seconds that was for the QPR keeper. First


of all, he did not hold a free kick from van der Vaart, which was


routine, then he spread himself, to up, instead. -- van der Vaart,


instead. And Gareth Bale as the nation Mark stunning strike!


Magical goal from Spurs. Two for Gareth Bale, three for Spurs, and a


two-goal cushion is restored. Lovely interchange between Gareth


Bale and Aaron Lennon. And what about the finish from the Welshman?


or two at 2-1. And the Match will argue, normal service is resumed. -


will not go in for him. He will be wondering how he has not scored in


kick in the last minute of stoppage came Luke Young, and that was clear


virtually off the line by two goal Gareth Bale, to keep the two goal


advantage intact. Luke Young again, that time, it is clear by Younes


Kaboul, and then as a poor challenge by Aaron Lennon. This


will be the last action. The corner kick from Joey Barton. This time,


Spurs deal with it. Back in, and a header back across, and away by


Adebayor. A pulsating game, and it means that Spurs go marching on, 19


points out of 21 for Harry Redknapp's team. Two for Gareth


Bale, and it could easily have been more. Queen's Park Rangers mounted


a spirited response in the second half, but the third goal from


inspires Spurs again to more success. Harry's Euros move up to


5th. QPR were somewhat overran and despite pulling a goal back, they


did not have enough today. The amount of chances you created by a


frightening. Yes, we created loads of chances. I loved the way we


played, passed the ball and the movement off the ball is top class.


We have smashing players and I am pleased to be part of it. It was an


enjoyable game. In the first half we played great football and went


in at half-time world deserve to have the lead. In the second half


we came out a bit too relaxed and they hit us on the break and got


that goal. The final goal eased the game off. Even I was clapping when


the third goal went in. It was a fabulous goal. It is a pity he is


Welsh! You do not mind it when it is as good as that. You do mind it,


but you have got to appreciate quality. What about the performance


of Scott Parker? It was an amazing performance. It was a complete,


all-round performance. You hate to mention anybody in the same breath


as Dave Mackay who was one of the finest players to play at this club,


right up with the best, and Dave would have been proud of that


performance. The way they played in the first half, where can spur as


good this season? It will be a good team that finishes above them for a


4th position. I think they will be very close. Knowing Harry Patch, he


is probably thinking about a third. He has got my vote. Harry is the


How excited are you about Spurs? Just amazing. We have got some sexy


football back at the Lane, that is for sure. The way they played this


afternoon was just tremendous, all the different lines, the way they


passed the ball. It was just brilliant and as a former player I


would love to play in a team like that. They were good all over the


park. I thought they were irresistible today. They were so


difficult to play against, especially for QPR going there on


the back of the result against They attacked from every area of


the pitch. Parker keeps pinching the ball for them. When you play at


this kind of pace it is virtually impossible to defend against and


they were absolutely brilliant. Adebayor does fantastic. Lennon


comes in from the right. He makes the goal for Gareth Bale. That was


just under 10.5 seconds. The passing, the movement, the


understanding of where players can play. Again Adebayor this time and


he whips a great ball in. Still they managed to get a half chance.


He has even got Adebayor making tackles, so he must be got. This is


how clever display is, van der Vaart. That was his early chance.


Paddy Kenny does fantastic. He thinks, where is the goalkeeper


going to go? He is a real top player, what about this for a goal,


though. It is absolutely fantastic. You cannot play against that kind


of football. The thing with Tottenham, in the end they can slow


it right down. We have had left from right, right from left, down


the middle and great football. The appreciation of the passing the


ball and everything. Look at the space they create for themselves.


It was an outstanding performance. As Liverpool found out when they


went to White Hart Lane, they cannot start slow. A Neil Warnock


will be disappointed about how they set out in the first half. When you


go to somewhere like White Hart Lane, you have got to be solid in


front of your back four and cover that space with players. Also, you


have got to do the basics right, the corners, the free kicks and you


have to defend in numbers. Getting men back like this is not enough.


You have to protect the area in front of the goal. They are play it


around and QPR have got men around the ball who think there is no


problem. They are not closing the ball down. All of a sudden van der


Vaart is in that area and on goal and he gets his shot away. In the


end it was saved by the goalkeeper. The danger is there. Five men back.


They are in a circle. Gareth Bale gets the ball and passes it too


easily into that space again. It is Adebayor in the space. Getting men


back is not enough. In the end the clear it. QPR, easy possession.


Concentrate when you have got the ball. Away from home, do not give


the ball away. That was too sloppy. Parker was brilliant and he won the


ball high up the pitch. This time, no real pressure, but there is


nothing to be fearful of. Tottenham are popping the ball around. Van


der Vaart gets it. Adebayor brings it down and all of a sudden they


are popping it around in the last third. Too easy. A great ball into


the box. Luka Modric gets on the end of it. Getting men back is not


enough. That was one throw and all of a sudden they are in on goal.


That is not good enough. In a corner mark your men. As good as


Tottenham were in the first half, when you go away from home you have


to do the basics right. QPR did a lot better in the second hat.


Manchester City for them next. You said you would like to play in this


side. How much do you rate than their bite? This player has got so


much strength in his game. Look at all the set pieces, there is always


a danger in front of the goal. He can place the ball perfectly for


the strikers. He can score. His left foot is brilliant. He always


puts himself in a fantastic situation. He is concentrating on


the goal and he has got pace. He was the perfect signing for Spurs


this season. He will make a contribution to their success.


Cheap as chips in today's market. Even with van der Vaart out of the


equation, are there four better midfield players than theirs? If


you keep them fit, there are some side. Laura, you are not usually


worry about QPR. I would be worried about who will score the goals. In


the bottom 10 teams they all need a goalscorer. They have got money. It


is a no-brainer for QPR in January. Go and buy a centre-forward. Even


if it cost you 10 million, you have got to do it. Two clubs who have


had contrasting starts to the season. Norwich started the weekend


in eight and Blackburn began the weekend at the bottom. With the


home side buoyed by an historic point in Liverpool, Kevin Day


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


# Every night in my dreams I see ROCK MUSIC. # You are here, there


When it comes to the Premier League they say getting there is easier


than staying there, so broadly speaking we broadcasters would have


expected Norwich to struggle. Instead they have gone full speed


ahead and now they are safely in mid- table. There is no better way


to get to Carrow Road than by a relaxing boat journey. On newcomer.


Welcome aboard the 12th 30 pm to Carrow Road, calling at Carrow Road


only. Have you been surprised that progress has been disagreeing?


Absolutely unbelievable, especially this season. Eight. Again we would


have been happy with, but we are three points ahead of target.


atmosphere at home is fantastic. The crowd are completely and


utterly behind the manager, the backroom staff and the team. We are


getting 26,000 every week. You have got Blackburn today. Our Norwich


fans always patient? They are patient but realistic at the same


time. It is in games like this we need to take points. My best image


of the season so far was her celebrating the goal at Liverpool


last week. It was fantastic. It sums up what football means to


people who own the clubs. She is a real fan and she is the same as us


and if we were in her position, we would do the same thing, embarrass


ourselves occasionally. Grant Holt scored a proper centre-forward's


goal last week. He epitomises everything that is right about


Norwich over the past few seasons. He is all muscle! Come on, City.


Are you surprised by the start to the season? It is going right at


the moment, but it will get tough in the second half. Keep your


fingers crossed. You are optimistic and pessimistic in the same


sentence. It is not just a wall of yellow, it is four walls of the


Ella. They are playing well, their confidence is up, people expect


goals and entertainment. It is a bigger game for Blackburn today


than Norwich. They need a result. It is about three points. Norwich


are buoyant, but it could be sink fabulous from Junior Hoilett for


back in front, that is what matters. That was a great delivery. Lunching


in there was samba to score again back in the game. He could do


nothing about it. Can Norwich find one more chance? They claim a hand.


The referee says it is a Norwich penalty. Was it a handball? Just


there. That is harsh, it is ambiguous. Grant hold for Norwich


to save the game. Just listen. A Norfolk cacophony as the Canaries


complete their comeback. Did you expect to come back? Yes, you do


down here. We got what we deserved. Blackburn will feel worse.


played well for 80 minutes and controlled the game. It was the


best performance of the season up until then. I am devastated.


Typical Norwich. The first half was not a good performance, but in the


last 10 minutes we showed them what Do. What about Paul Lambert? Paul


Lambert is doing a great job. The way they played yesterday was great.


And they are competitive. Together everyone achieves more and it is


true with a club like that. They have got a manager who is


completely driven. It is sleepy Norfolk and everybody is nice when


they go there, and people think they cannot be good. They are a


difficult team to play. They have gone to Stamford Bridge, Anfield,


Manchester United, and got a point at Liverpool. They have created


loads of chances against all those teams. He has been brave and he is


not afraid of sending his team out and saying, have a go. They created


14 chances away from home at Old Trafford. They have got no fear.


Between X seven and 12, I do not know how long we have to go back


the promoted teams were set up. pours. They could have taken a


pours. They could have taken a point but it feels like a defeat.


The players were down, and rightly so, because they had the game, the


three points, and lost them. Catch Match Of the Day three on the BBC's


Board website and on the red button. This week we are all doing our best


to avoid having to be honest! That is next week and it will be the


first show from the new studio in Max offer. That means this is the


last show from a hallowed match Of the Day studio at BBC Television


Centre. We have a trip down memory lane later, but we should pay


tribute to our elder statesman, the man, the legend, Lawro. How many


years? That was last week! I was in the YMCA! There is a common


denominator - can you spot it? Edu re invent you look so many


times over the years? I don't know, I have had no botox either.


look younger now than you did then. Botox! Looking back at yesterday,


we begin with Manchester City. United went to Goodison Park with


their tail between their legs after that thrashing. The Champions' get


it tight at the back, but only just. Everton have started like a train,


and what a one that was by Seamus Coleman. Danny Welbeck years away


from Tony Hibbert. He gets into the box. And Tim Howard keeps it out


from Ji-Sung Park. Big chances at Javier Hernandez is one of them,


and he scores! Manchester United have the lead. Leighton Baines, off


the woodwork. David De Gea was a spectator. He did everything,


almost perfectly. David De Gea then get out Jack Rodwell with his nose,


an unorthodox approach. And no penalty for this clash, said


referee, Mark Halsey. Manchester City keep to their winning ways,


beating goals for the second time this week. Wayne Hennessey did his


best to stop them, stopping first Samir Nasri, then Sergio Aguero,


and Edin Dzeko, but there was a strange case of Dr Jekyll which


came over him in the second half. He is going to be a goal for


Manchester City. The goalkeeper who played so well in this first half


gets into a real mix up and Manchester City take the lead. So


my Nasri coming in from the side. That is beautifully set up, and


Wayne Hennessey makes the first save but not the second, Kolarov


made it 2-0. World's centre of a comeback after Vincent Kompany was


sent off for fouling Kevin Doyle. Have red card and a penalty. And


Stephen Hunt scores. And suddenly, Balotelli is away. Balotelli is by


himself. He is not buy himself now, because Yaya Toure has joined him.


And so has Adam Johnson. 3-1. The decisive goal. Alan Hansen had


plenty to mull over as two defence has literally fell over themselves


to show which was the most porous. More chances in the first 10


minutes than most games have in 90 minutes. Robin van Persie missed a


sitter. Lovely ball, 1-0, Josue. -- Chelsea. Lovely ball from Aaron


Ramsey to Jo have been your, and Robin van Persie, into the back of


the Chelsea net. -- to Gervinho. Then the Chelsea captain restored


the lead. I and it has crept in, Sanders, and he has scored. Arsenal


are level again. -- Andre Santos. Now a Andre Marriner will call over


the Arsenal goalkeeper. It is a yellow card, with the Chelsea fans


screaming for a red. There was a covering defender in the middle.


Good save by Wojciech Szczesny. Theo Walcott. He has got through.


And he scores! It is 3-2, to Arsenal. How he wriggled through,


an outstanding individual goal from Theo Walcott. Given away, and Juan


Mata, brilliant goal. It was a pile-driver. 10 minutes to play. It


has had the feel of an end to in classic. John Terry has slipped.


And Robin van Persie cruise Arsenal 4-3 ahead. -- puts Arsenal. It is


Tomas Rosicky, and it is four against two in Arsenal's favourite.


They can finish it here. Robin van Persie is on a hat-trick, and he


scores. Chelsea three, Arsenal five, scores. Chelsea three, Arsenal five,


Robin van Persie hat-trick. He is unplayable at the moment, Robin van


Persie. It is just amazing when he can score hat-tricks, week in, week


out. The doesn't matter which took defenders push him on to it. Yes,


obviously the his left foot that, but he can play with both feet.


That is the perfect example. Good job at Arsenal have got them at the


moment. Or, Burnley, Stoke or Chester estimation Mark he is


carrying the team. Much better performance going forward. Arsenal


were unstoppable and to score five goals at Stamford Bridge. Overall,


there is a lot of work to be done, defensively all over the place at


times, by scoring five goals at Stamford Bridge. That is the best


since 1967-68, and Manchester City won the league that time. Why have


there been so many goals this season? Numerous reasons. Players


are scared of tackling more. There are more yellow cards and red cards.


The standard of defending in general is poor. Teams are having a


go at other teams. The big scores, Manchester United playing a weaker


side, the Manchester City game, three goals in the 90th minute,


these have a little bit false, but overall, teams are having a go.


reason is, once the bottom 10 teams suddenly realise they are


struggling to stay in the league, they will become so much tighter.


It is not just also of a equality of the players. We can see that


quality is there. Teams are pushing forward, a lot. And that is what


makes the difference. And that is why we're seeing so many goals.


words are getting better, offenders are getting worse. It is a good


combination! Manchester United, defensively, you can really get at


them now. That has not always been the case. Four more games now.


after Darren Bent in the form of modern Irishmen. Here is stand bit


of an a shooting position. And he takes full advantage, Stilian


Petrov, with a brilliant finish. Lovely ball. Conor Wickham, a goal


her! His first goal in the Premier League, the teenager from whom so


Westwood. To the absolute delight of all of those who have come to


boo him. And at last, the goal that has been coming. It was James


Collins and Richard Dunne he got -- to come for it, I think it was


Richard Dunne who got the touch. Stephane Sessegnon makes it 2-2.


Life at the top is a breeze for Swansea. They still have not lost


at home, and their scoring boots are on. It drops to David and Ngog.


Fabulous effort. Ricardo Gardner picked up a yellow card for this


challenge. We will show you the second a little later on. Danny


Graham tries to time his run. He has. And he could not find the


target. That was a heady touch from Ricardo Gardner. He has already


been shown the yellow card. He is in trouble. And Ricardo Gardner is


sent off. Still, Joe Allon! 1-0 Swansea. Joe Allon, the goalscorer.


It has opened up. Sinclair. Beaten away, by Jussi Jaaskelainen.


went from bad to worse when Darren Pratley conceded a penalty for this


trip on Nathan Dyer. Scott Sinclair. on goal. Danny Graham,


inadvertently, fires that passed Michel bomb, the first goal that


Swansea have conceded that home this season. -- Michael Vorm. Scott


Sinclair! The woodwork keeps Bolton in the game. On site, Danny Graham.


And surely Swansea have to select, here. At last! -- to seal it.


Another weekend, and another defeat for Wigan, bottom, and having not


isMurphy. -- there is space. Yet again a Clint Dempsey scores


was beaten completely. It hit the there would work for a Wigan, but


Fulham were clinical later on. That has wrapped it up. Roy met his old


blame at his new gaffer. As always, the extras were looking rather


attractive. The Reds were awarded a penalty. It was the assistant


referee that gave the call. Liverpool are in front. Andy


Carroll had a reasonable share for a penalty with this Steven Reid


Bromwich Albion. Liverpool dominated the rest of the


Wide. We are at the quarter way stage. No more sitting on fences.


Who are you leaning towards? Well, at the moment it is too easy,


Manchester City are flying. I will go for Manchester City, but I still


think Manchester United can make a comeback. It was interesting 30


minutes into the game when it was 0-0 at the weekend, the fans were


not aggressive, but you could see little whispers. They will have to


handle expectation. And they have got to get used to being chased.


Manchester United can cope from January to May with all the


competitions, let's see if city can do the same. They will have a bad


run at some point out it is how he keeps that squad going and how they


keep motivating them when somebody is chasing them. Do you know what


has not happened yet? No manager has been sacked. Yet. The big


headline from today. Gareth Bale and pays an did QPR today. Gareth


and Rafael with an impressive performance. That is six wins out


of the last nine for the Lilywhites. It moves them up to 5th. Newcastle


could go above Chelsea if they beat Stoke tomorrow night. You can be so


-- listen to that on BBC Radio 5 QPR are six points clear of the


danger zone. It is time to turn the lights out on our famous London


studio as much of the day and Match Of The Day 2 enter an exciting new


era in Manchester. I am more used to sitting on that side of the


camera, so this is only right that I leave the goodbyes to the legends.


Ready? 1, 2, 3. We hope you like the new-music. We have a few new


ideas. We will be best to be our sharp at the front. Where were we


when we were so rudely interrupted? Shearer has gone in behind and


scored. Look at that! He is on the pitch. What a goal! Here comes the


pot of paint. Glenn Hoddle strikes one. A beautiful goal. It looks as


if it has broken out again. Absolutely beautiful. Dalglish is


Colin Murray introduces highlights and reaction from Premier League games - including the London derby between Tottenham and QPR.

Spurs and QPR renew their rivalry after a 16-year gap - and if you check the history books, you will see the two clubs have three wins apiece from their previous Premier League meetings. However, this fixture is best known for the 1982 FA Cup final, when Spurs needed a replay to overcome their then lower division opponents.

Expert opinion and analysis comes from Lee Dixon and Mark Lawrenson - and there is also a comprehensive review of Saturday's eight games.

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