23/12/2012 Match of the Day 2


Mark Chapman presents highlights of the day's Premier League matches, with analysis from Alan Shearer and Dion Dublin. Fixtures include Chelsea v Aston Villa.

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Christmas time, mistletoe and Wine? Not in the Premier League. Here it


For most of us work has taken a break, school is out and the party


season has begun, but for the players and the manager's other


Barclays Premier League it is the start of a frantic and crucial


fortnight. We featured a final two Premier League matches watched by


Alan Shearer and Dion Dublin. Colin is in Lapland where at this very


moment Father Christmas is struggling to get a word in


edgeways. We begin in west London and the clash between Chelsea and


Aston Bellow. There should be goals in this one because the last five


matches have produced 28. Paul Lambert's youngsters are friends


from scoring three in Anfield. Chelsea have put Japan behind them


and will want a victory to halt their longest winning streak at


home in a decade. As we know, you do not always get what you ask for


at Christmas. Steve Wilson was watching a. This could be the


League Cup final in a couple of months' time, but in the meantime


Aston della have taken more points from their last four gains and


Chelsea have won in their last side that beat Liverpool. They are


yet to lose since they switch to three-5-2. Agbonlahor is still


missing. If Chelsea want to be involved in the title race, you


would feel this is one they would want to win. Fernando Torres with a


header and Chelsea in front. Two minutes played. What a terrific


header. It is his 14th goal of the season. There was no hesitation


It is not the best defending from Aston Villa, but it is a terrific


header. Ciaran Clark was flat footed. Chelsea have the perfect


start. There will come a time when the Roberto Di Matteo commemorative


16 minutes round of applause celebrates a goal. He was almost


the Aston Villa half of the field. Was that a foul on Fernando Torres?


He took a chance and he had a look in the referee's direction to see


This is a free kick in a really good position for Chelsea. David


Luiz scores. That was a well-struck free kick. Chelsea are 2-0 up and


number three. Unlucky for the goalkeeper. Good reactions from


Branislav Ivanovitch. Great control by Gary Cahill. Good reactions from


Ivanovitch. A lovely turn from Gary Cahill. It is a question now of how


many? It is his 5th goal of the season. For Aston Villa there may


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Brad Guzan. It was a fingertip, but stand. Fernando Torres pulling out


the party tricks. Chelsea are a little over elaborate at times in


the second half in front of goal, but Aston Villa are helping them.


He hammers in his 119th for the goalscorer at Stamford Bridge. 500


Premier League starts notched up over the place, giving it away.


Eden Hazard has put it over the bar. It should have been. You really


worry for Aston Ballack at the moment. They keep giving Chelsea


touched the bar as well. It is definitely onside. This is a young


man of whom much is expected. Lucas From one Brazilian to another.


Ramires rattles in Chelsea's theft and there are still 15 minutes to


play. Lucas Piazon has been on the pitch only about 30 seconds and it


was a lovely ball. A terrific finish as well by Ramires. The


damage is being done to Aston Villa's goal difference apart from


says a penalty. It is getting worse for Aston Villa. There is a touch,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


there is not a lot in it, but the Seven goals, seven different


goalscorers. And seven minutes to victory was Manchester United nine,


it switched 0 in 1995. Chelsea might have time to match that. --


I do not think there is any doubt about it. It is going to be a young


man who was fouled for the benefit will stop this might be a bit of


history because Chelsea could make it 8-0 with eight different


goalscorers. Saved by Brad Guzan. penalty. There are six Aston Villa


defenders back here. The question about defending became irrelevant a


very long time ago, but even so. I think Aston Villa might be training


on Christmas Day. I am not going to stand here and make excuses. We


were second best all over the pitch and we got beaten up a pretty badly


from start to finish. But the lads know themselves that was not


acceptable and they have got to go again on Wednesday. De you have a


magic touch with Fernando Torres? He needed a little bit of


confidence. As soon as he started scoring goals, he had more


confidence and for him that is the key. He was working hard before,


but now the team is doing well and he had more chances. You are now


Chelsea's all-time top goalscorer, three behind Gary Dixon in total.


It is something to aim for. They definitely. It feels further away


than it has ever felt. They are great legends here, but you go goal


by goal at the minute. It was a great team performance and it helps.


I have been done -- done so much here that I have been proud of, and


if that comes, then fair do's. Chelsea that could all work Aston


They were absolutely won't fall. I have never seen an Aston Villa side


play that bad, even when I was in the side, we never played as bad as


this team today. I was very disappointed. One Rafa Benitez said,


they worked on some stuff that they thought would trouble Aston Villa.


What do you think it was? Crossing. Doriva reasons. They have looked at


Aston Villa and thought they are vulnerable to crosses and have


conceded a lot of goals this season. We have seen him trying to help


Fernando Torres by getting the three midfielders closer to him in


recent weeks. Also, they got the ball out wide and they got it in


that. So he could push its wide there. Early ball, no one in the


box apart from Torres. A great ball, but what a great header that is.


Lampard into Moses this time. Takes another touch, then ball into the


box. It does not fall to anyone that time. But their intentions are


clear. It is only Torres in the box again. A very good ball again. It


does not work the first time, but look what happens here. Has it.


It's it's it's a very good save. Just offside. Bash macro has it.


When Villa were still in it and fighting a bit, they did get the


balls in early. Combination of playing two Torres's Strentz. This


is horrible to say when you are on the end of that scoreline, but it


could have been double figures? For it could have been. The you have


got to be honest. So many chances. Guzan was fantastic. Look at the


spaces. The ball goes wide, and it was a great chance. For Guzan pulls


off another world class save. Moses coming into the picture. Nobody


within miles of him, and Guzan has to make another save. This chance


falls to Loskov. He should score. Another good save from Guzan. --


fails to score. Guzan was the man of the match Aston Villa? By a mile.


No one in a Villa show it can hold their hand up and say they played


well. There was no energy. Have they are a bunch of young players.


You expect energy. More than anything else, if they don't have a


lot of experience, it run around and make themselves hard to beat.


If you look at the space they have got. If you give quality players


stays like this. Look where Aston Villa back off to his. Look at that


time players like Juan Mata have to play command Lampard. Then they


will her to use. Look at the space they have to keep it, to play. But


there is no intensity, nobody is organising and nobody is talking.


Is it a fine line between sitting back, but also pressing to the


extent good players can pick you off? Frank Lampard's goal. If you


give Frank Lampard time at this, he will score a goal. Four players


around Ramires. He plays it wide. They were ball-watching. We know


Ramires can finish. Stay with your man. You cannot do switch off. It


is sad to see a team that played so well last week, Place so Port this


week. Willie Young Player stand-off a little bit? At saluted. Everyone


has to be careful in criticism. -- absolute pig. Last week they got a


great result at Liverpool. Her they have a game in a couple of days'


time and they can get it out of their system. They now have the


chance to rectify it. They don't have to sit on it for 10 days or a


week. They can get it out of their system and that is important.


Spurs next on Boxing Day for Villa. I wonder if they will take heart


from last time they got a Tom King in the Premier League. When they


went to the jetty at they got beat 5-0. They got stuffed 5-0 at a


Manchester City but then went on a decent run after that. It is


difficult for Young Boys coming in. Normally they have the experience


of a few older players around them. But they have not. They need to


show a bit of character in the next game. This is where a manager like


Paul and what -- Paul Lambert earns his money. Does he have a go at


them or does he encourage them? You have got to know your players at


times like this. You mentioned experience around young players.


That leads to young players like Chelsea. You have Frank Lampard,


Ashley Cole, experienced players who, in the summer could be off?


They still have a lot to offer. The no better left-backs around and


Ashley Cole. Frank Lampard can still score goals. Look at Old


Trafford with what Alex Ferguson did with Paul Scholes and Ryan


Giggs. I am certain Frank Lampard, can not only offer things on the


pitch, but also of the pitch for the players coming in to Chelsea.


Speaking of Manchester United, let go to the Liberty Stadium. United


went to Swansea with their lead down to three points.


United have led the way our Christmas seven times and Alex


Ferguson, but have been chased down on three occasions to lose the


title in May. Despite the firepower, then Defence is still leaking goals.


The Swansea to take advantage, they will have to get a shot on target,


which is more than they managed last weekend. But they can be


brilliance one minutes, not so the next. Which one it will turn up


today? Martin Fisher will provide the answer.


The League Cup semi-finalists and six points better off than a year


ago. These are exciting times at Swansea City does stop claiming the


United scalp would be a fitting way to end 2012. Manchester United are


in terrific shape. 10 wins from 11 games and they want to re-establish


the six-point lead over City as with any injury, Nemanja Vidic is


back to captain Manchester United. A lovely touch from Robin van


Persie. We expect a bright, open game. Swansea are a fabulous team


to watch. We all know about Manchester United, of course. A


half-hearted shots a handball, led by Valencia. It is there for arm.


Last time the referee was here, Swansea beat Arsenal 3-2 last


first League Cup semi-final. They have got Chelsea next month. They


spilled it. That was a real test for one since his return. He got


always knew he would be tested trees ever again. His third headed


goals from corners this season puts the league leaders into the lead.


15 minutes gone at the Liberty Stadium doorstop Evra puts United


in front. Sir Alex Ferguson has found another goalscorer, it seems.


But trees every has doubled his tally for his career in one season.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Michu has caused us Swansea t. Could not miss that want. United


players are not happy and they believe Chico fouled or van Persie


at the start of the moves. That is Persie as the top scorer in the


Didn't really get hold of it. Hit it into the ground. The referee


blows for half-time. As the officials come off, as Sir Alex


Ferguson wants a word with Michael of art. I wonder if it is to do


with the foul by to go on Robin van Persie in the build-up to the Swans


equaliser? It has been a well Agustien has never scored for


Swansea. He certainly got hold of with his right foot. Still plenty


of time to win this game. Robin van Persie against the bar! Out of


nothing, Robin van Persie almost restored United's lead. But it into


an area and is Wayne Rooney hooking it over his shoulder. It is a


record attendance at the Liberty Stadium, 20,650. There are plans at


the end of the season to increase capacity by an extra 12,000.


afternoon. His face is a picture. Van Persie goes down. A free kick


Manchester United and it has all gone a bit ugly at the moment will


stop van Persie response to what Williams is doing. The referee


needs to take such action here. It all got very unnecessary for a


moment. Swansea will be dealt with first. A yellow for him. What


colour card for a van Persie? Quite a discussion going on. A yellow for


the United striker as well. Williams smacks a ball against the


head of van Persie who is not happy with that. He grabs hold of the


Swansea man. The outcome is that Manchester United have a free kick


right on the edge of the box. It is a corner kick. Manchester United


want to make a change now. Wayne Rooney is not surprised to see that


it is his number on the board. He makes way and on comes Ryan Giggs.


Michel four have helped it on to the bar. That was a really


A hint of an arm? It appears that is what they are appealing for a.


It would have been harsh. It should have been more than a foul when he


fouled van Persie a. But the referee is a young refereed.


are taking a point of Chelsea here and a point off Manchester United.


They are playing for other things. I am happy for everybody because I


know the result is so important for everyone in this club. As I said


before, and I repeat it now, it is even more important to win.


somebody said you would be four points clear at Christmas, you


would be happy with that? Yes, we are in a good position. There is a


lot going to happen between now and the end of the season. We look


forward to the next game. Were you disappointed with the way you


conceded the first goal? If you look at our team we do not have so


many players that are 6 ft 5. It is no surprise that sometimes we pay,


we have smaller players, but that is what we want. The games are


coming thick and fast and it is about swapping and changing your


players. Robin Van Persie is very lucky to be alive. What that player


did today it is the most horrendous act I have seen for many years. He


should be banned by the FA. He could have a broken neck. That is


disgraceful. Everyone has an opinion poll stop I tried to


apologise on the pitch, but it off flared up. I kicked the ball in


frustration and I did not try to Three decisions in particular that


denied Sir Alex Ferguson. Take us through it. I can understand his


anger and his frustration. It is a tough situation because Manchester


United have not really played that enough people behind the ball and


still enough time to defend a properly. Not enough pressure on


the ball from Manchester United. It is excellent play from Swansea.


Lovely into changing. It hits the target and it was a decent save.


Michu is their once again. I think it would have been very harsh to


give that as a hand ball. He could not really get out of the way it.


This is the main talking point. It is not nice to see. It is a mistake.


Dangerous? Yes. Could he have killed him? No, he is up straight


away. That is a slight over- reaction from Sir Alex, but I can


understand his anger. You have got to take Williams' word for it that


he did not mean it and he has apologised. I think they should get


Do you think Alex Ferguson's anger means we talk about those decisions


first and depart the stops us talking about Manchester United's


performance? I think he would have been angry with his team's


performance because he knows they can play better and that is part of


why he was so angry with the van Persie thing. Maybe it is to gloss


over the Manchester United performance. There are not many


times when we sit here and say van Persie did not fire and Rooney did


not fire when they came on. You have made a good.. If we look at


Swansea's defending a. If you had been lying in that position, you


would have been as a night as Robin Van Persie it. Absolutely. He is


totally right in being angry. It is not a nice situation, but you have


got to believe Ashley Williams who said he did not mean to do it. He


has apologised and he has said sorry. When Alex looks a bit more


and he has calmed down, he is not the type of guy who would want him


banned for five games. I would probably want to kick the ball in


the back of his head because he is an absolute nuisance. You would


have probably missed. Swansea are quite a small side, so does that


put added pressure on them? The two centre halves or Swansea today were


throwing his body in the ways so that is keeper does not have to


make a save. That is his job and he has been superb. If he gets that


wrong, that is a penalty and his timing today was fantastic. Two


defenders and perfect positions. If the first bomb comes over, the


second one has to come over. It is Williams and he is defending a game


and it is perfect. They look out for each other and they make sure


they keep their distance is. A little touch of the hands means,


let's stick together. We are doing exactly what we have been told to


do and they were superb today. did both say that centre halves it


should not have a pony-tailed. are we to top? I did think it was


motivated out of jealousy. Normally when we talk about Manchester


United we would focus on Rooney or van Persie or Ashley Young, but


Needs. His range of passing is brilliant. You know where to pass,


just put it in that little area. He did that all afternoon. It sets up


another forward. Rooney should have done a bit better there. Again, a


good ball and a good decision by Karic. Now he turns defence into


attack. This is into van Persie with his left foot. Forward


thinking all the time from a midfielder. For a centre forward


knowing when you are going to make those runs, it is brilliant. That


was a fantastic save up wishing that onto the crossbar. He has made


42 starts in the league out of the last 43 games, which tells you he


is a key figure in the midfield. He is their number one midfielder.


Whenever the back four got the ball, he was always their first option.


He also tries to protect in front of them as well. When he gets the


ball, his first thought is, can I pass it forward? He has got the


range to do that. Clever leaders of his running. He sits there and he


passes it nice and easy. He is a clever player. To a clever player.


All the goals and talking points from yesterday still to come. We


will have the festive period covered on the BBC in between the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


We have splits all of yesterday's games into two sections. The first


one involves all the controversy. Some claim there are more arguments


at Christmas than at any other time of the Year. To prove that the


Barclays Premier League is an ongoing real, live drama, the post-


match chatter was dominated by rows about dubious goals, soft or stone


wall penalty is and harsh red cards. The true Christmas spirit very much


wasted. They believe he was pushed as he went into the box. I think he


just told his running libel stop I do not think that is a penalty.


Reading will see that completely differently. They will say that he


was impeded. Barry was attacking. Manchester City have one of the


most precious goals of their season so far. Barry really wanted it. Was


he climbing? Was it a foul? He can put it on a sixpence. 1-0 at


Everton. The referee has rolled it out. Everton are incensed. The


official line is a foul on the goalkeeper. When you consider week


in, week out, you see his strikers grabbing shirts and shoving each


other all over the place, if that is a foul, and goalkeepers are the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


been sent off. No one expected that. Least of all Carlton Cole. It is a


high, there is no argument his foot is high but his eyes seemed to be


on the ball. It is a foul, it might be a yellow card. But a red card


waited and waited. Everton have referee do? He sends him off. The


referee did not have a choice because he has laid a marker with a


red card for Carlton Cole. That had Snodgrass again, away from home.


Foster got something on it but not enough. It has gone in. The goal


stands, and Albion, who had their chance in the first half, level


before the break. Zoltan Gera provided the finish will stop Ron


not get their. What a chance. Penalty. This 6th penalty Wigan


have conceded this season. Mikel Arteta who has scored two and Mr


one of his three penalties in the Premier League so far this season.


It is to break the deadlock to give Arsenal lead. Is and the goalkeeper


the wrong way. It nice and cool not give it up. Calls a handball,


more from the stands for Van the We don't have time to go through


all the controversy is. Let's pick out a couple, starting with Gareth


Barry's goal. You have two centre- forwards. That is an excellent


header, poor defending. If the defender attacks it, then he clears


it. Just desire and passion to get the ball across the line. So Brian


McDermott's fury at that being allowed is misplaced? A I think it


Looking at Carlton Cole. It should be a free kick it and a yellow card.


Yes it is high, but he is going for the ball. Leyton Baines? Boat


players have their eye on the ball. Studs into the chest. Now he has


given the first one. You think straight away, is he going to do it


again. That is not a red card either. Yellow card, maximum.


he gave the first red card, at least he was consistent.


Consistently wrong. If he had done one and not the other, Lee would


have criticised him. He could have been honest and said, I got the


first one wrong. Tie in for the rest of the game's over the weekend.


-- time. It may be the short breaks for players for Christmas, but we


shouldn't underestimate the tonic of a good win before the festive


season. As second successive home defeat for Liverpool was


unthinkable. For one or looking to hold a mini side. Southampton and


QPR's made the point was obvious, but you could say the same for the


North-East opponent. Spurs and Stoke were looking to consolidate


their decent positions before settling down to enjoy a small


celebration. Skrtel. And no one came to attack him and there was


nothing the goalkeeper could do about it. Luis Suarez he hopes the


ball in Liverpool possession. Agger, how did he miss it? 99 times out of


100, he would have put that into the back of the net. Steven


Gerrard! He makes one of those trademark runs not seen by


defenders. He puts away his 4th goal of the season. Gaps opening up.


That was not the best Paul Luis Suarez has played in his career,


but Liverpool retain possession. Downing went for goal and scored.


His last goal came against goal. The night's work is completed.


His many barren spell comes to amend or stock 4-0 is a pretty good


That is a bit of magic is game has been crying out for. Supplied by


Shola Ameobi! Took up a good position. Has got a lot to do. Goes


past one challenge and the finish Steven Fletcher, their top scorer


has his 8th of the season. Half a missed it will stop Kenwyn Jones


was as surprised as anybody when the ball was played to him. Could


not get his shot on target. Are we going to get a dramatic late


fluent performance against Fulham and Daniel Sturridge on the verge


of arriving? Good business from Liverpool. He will be the massive


plus. It can take a bit of weight off the Luis Suarez shoulders.


assume he is going as a forward... A rather than wide of the front


three. As far as Harry Redknapp's comments were concerned, players


were not just to find their wages? And yesterday's performance, I was


at the game, and I agree with him. If you look at hard-working, honest


professionals. They must look at some of the players coming into


their club and think, you are not rolling your sleeves up. We do not


know what contracts they are on, but we assume they are on big money.


You look and wonder if the desire is there. I did not see that


yesterday from QPR. The final word on what we have seen this


afternoon's. Chelsea Buzsaky performance, seasonal stunner.


Amazing. They looked so comfortable against a team who have possibly


have their worst performance in the history of the club. Terribly.


have seen Wayne Rooney had the worst game I have seen him have.


Not often you will say that. But he is due one with some of his


performances of late. It has been another good weekend of goals.


Chelsea Buzsaky performance do anything to convince you it is 8


two horse race? A stuffing it is a two horse race. Chelsea have enough


to push their way into that, but they have to be consistent. That is


the last word from the two of them on a day when Chelsea had seven


different scorers as they hit eight against Aston Villa. Michu's


goalscoring run continued as Swansea drew with Manchester United.


So, despite dropping points, United have their biggest Christmas lead


for a dozen years. Chelsea jumped for places to third and they are


now 11 points off the top spot, with a game in hand. Defeat at City


ensured Reading remained bottom. They must defied the Christmas


curse if they are to stay up. Aston Villa are still three points above


the relegation zone, but they have the worst goal difference in the


United are top at Christmas but City have reduced the lead over the


weekend. Chelsea have sent their own message today, they had better


watch out. Merry Christmas. Feet up for Christmas, unless you


# Santa Clause is coming to towns. The # he knows when you are


sleeping. # he knows it you have been bad or


good. # so be good for goodness sake.


Mark Chapman presents highlights of the day's Premier League matches, with analysis from Alan Shearer and Dion Dublin.

Aston Villa travel to Stamford Bridge, where they scored an impressive 3-1 win against Chelsea 12 months ago.

Michael Laudrup's Swansea take on Manchester United, who became the first visiting side to win at the Liberty Stadium in the Premier League last season.

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