06/11/2011 Match of the Day


Colin Murray introduces highlights from the Premier League, including Fulham against Tottenham. There will also be a comprehensive review of Saturday's eight games.

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How do. This is Match Of The Day 2. It's a pleasure to relocate to the


region that brought us LS Lowry, Anthony Burgess, Emmeline Pankhurst,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Sir John Alcock and Bez. It's time I hope you've had a good weekend.


Thanks very much for ending it with us. A full Sunday service for you


as usual, live and in HD, in the company of a guy who grew up in the


neighbouring city, Lee Dixon. And beside him, a man who is currently


celebrating his 25-second anniversary as a Match Of The Day


pundit, Jason Roberts. We are super sized yet again tonight. Here's the


Bolton hosted a rumble at the Another Sunday, another London


derby. Fulham and Spurs at the Wolves and Wigan battle for the W


at Molineux. We've also got October's Goal of the Month. All


the action too from yesterday coming your way. But we start at


the Reebok. Not a happy home for the Wanderers, as they welcomed the


Europa League's golden boys. This is Bolton's 11 consecutive season


in the Premier League but as they enter the 11th game for this when


there was reasons for concern. After a tough schedule, Owen


Coyle's side have lost eight, conceding 27. More worryingly


though, they haven't picked up a point yet at home. Stoke are also


not in the best league form, losing three out of their last four and


conceding six in their last two. On Monday they were beaten 3-1 at home


against Newcastle but away form is their big weakness. With just one


Eight days since Bolton last played and Owen Coyle changed half his


players on the starting line-up and Swansea. Most eye-catching is the


Premier League debut for Riley at days. Only Andy Wilkinson has been


picked to start all three games. It's the first meeting between


Bolton Wanderers and Stoke City. Since the FA Cup semi-final back on


Sunday 17th April, which you will remember was won by stoke City by


5-0. Some say Bolton wanders have never recovered from that defeat. I


think that is debatable. It's a matter of fact that Bolton have won


only three of their last 16 games. That is from Glenn Whelan. Was it a


back pass? Yes, it was. They have take it quickly. The referee has


given it. One minute 25 on the clock. Stoke will protest about


that, and for certain. The referee will have none of it. That was


smarter by Bolton. Intentional back pass, Glenn Whelan? Just watch


Begovic here. Very quickly taken. Out of his hands, by Ivan Klasnic,


and given to Kevin Davies, who had the simplest of tasks. He was very


accommodating, Begovic to Ivan Klasnic. He effectively gave him


the ball. In Bolton's position they needed a bit of fortune. Not a


single point at the Reebok Stadium this season and what a gift that


was for them and certainly not what Tony Pulis wanted and clearly he is


extremely upset about the way that goal has been conceded. Here is


Chris Eagles. Wilkinson. He was in got away from Robinson. Scuffed


contact, really, from Peter Crouch. Chris Eagles start on the left-hand


from Begovic. Mark Davies given far too much space there for so stoke


City have lost all three of their games they have played immediately


after their Europa league matches this season. Davies with the flag.


Ivan Klasnic, it too much of it to Huth. Chris Eagles finds the goal!


Brilliant from Chris Eagles, greater awareness and precision, as


well, with the finish. 2-0, Bolton wanders. -- Wanderers. Chris Eagles


thing about Bolton going 2-0 up midway through the first half is,


clearly it's given stoke plenty of time to get back into the match,


but I don't think a Jussi Jaaskelainen has had a save to make


since they went 2-0 up. Walters. Clawed away by the goalkeeper, no


whistle. The defenders are looking at the referee. Jussi Jaaskelainen


Are they going to take a quick one? Here he comes. It is a good one.


Huth, nodded away. It might have been going wide anyway but Mark


Davies made sure on the post. This Also, another throw-in to defend.


Huth went close with the header from the last one. Here it comes.


Danger. Crouch couldn't get there and away by Chris Eagles. Tried to


win the free kick. Away by Robinson. It struck his arm, but he can't


have known anything about it. Walter's appealed. The Stoke


supporters are appealing, as well, behind that goal. Tony Pulis has


seen its strike his arm as well. I'm sure it does, but no, it hit


Bolton! And I think Bolton can celebrate now. Still half an hour


to play but a 3-0 lead. It opened up for Bolton. That was perfect for


the left foot of Ivan Klasnic. He just grabbed his foot around it.


And he couldn't have plays did any better. They are shouting, we want


five, the Bolton supporters. Remember the FA Cup semi-final?


Nigel Reo-Coker. He's absolutely their system now. Lovely finish


from Chris Eagles, his second goal of the game. Level. Correct


decision and look at that. Lovely. Just nicely done. Just tucked away


and, with that, Bolton Wanderers are heading for victory while, for


Stoke, it's going to be a 4th consecutive defeat away from home


With the little glance and this is undoubtedly revenge now for Bolton


Wanderers. Just a little touch. Remarkable scoreline. That is his


block. Really, really good chance for Fabrice Muamba. Could easily


O'Reilly! Very nearly a goal on his So at the sixth attempt Bolton take


their first points at home this season thanks to this 5-0 win. And,


at the same time, avenge that 5-0 FA Cup semi final humiliation. As


for Stoke, they are finding life hard after the Europa League. This


is their fourth straight defeat following their continental


excursions. I've managed the club I think for


over eight-and-a-half years and it's a disappointing performance as


any that I have managed. We just didn't compete. We look second best


all over the pitch. It's very very disappointing. It was a massive win.


It showed what the players, even when we went 1-0 up, we knew the


job was not done because a team like stoke can bounce back. Today


we showed we are a great team together and individually, as well.


Have you got grievances about that goal? Not at all. I had a grievance


is about the way we played but the get the opening goal. It was


clearly a back pass and the referee blew and it was great for Ivan to


set up the skipper. It gave us a platform to move forward. We played


at a high intensity. The supporters have had a horrible couple of


months and we gave support there something to smile about today. I


had a good feeling come into the match. I'd like to thank my parish


priest. Someone was looking after him for the Jason, if that semi-


final defeat which was crushing last season psychologically damaged


this squad, but the ultimate therapy. Yes, when you take a


defeat like that it's hard to deal with, but what can help us coming


back and beating aside in a game you played against them in the


future, so they will be feeling good about that. Help early doors?


Yes, away from home, you want a good, solid start. Begovic didn't


help his team up. When it first happened, we thought the referee


had got it wrong but he didn't. He got it spot on. Quick thinking. The


important thing is the game, when it started, you get straight into


you think it's a free kick but he hasn't. It's a back pass. I'm not


sure he got that right. The ball comes down. Glenn Whelan A Shanks


it off his foot. What you don't do, you don't give it to him again. The


referee, quick-thinking, Davies put it in the open goal and a fire as a


manager, I would be having a go of the goalkeeper. Do not let go of


the ball. Quick thinking by Ivan Klasnic But that should never


happen. The ball gets put down. And literally, from then on, he


explains to the players it was a back pass, so they got it spot on,


the referee, but Begovic didn't get any better. Second goal, 23 minutes


in, horrendous kick out. Didn't do a lot to get back his goal. Great


thinking from Chris Eagles but I think the goalkeeper had a


nightmare. He wasn't only to blame. The back four, the worst


performance I have seen. Tony Pulis disappointed most - hard to pick


out a Bolton player who pleased more than the others. That is your


job? Klasnic had a great game. Eagles was great today. Everything


he did, he did well. What a game for him! If you look at his first


goal, which was fantastic. First here, he sets it off. He's outside


the box. He hits the strike off. The keeper does well to get hold of


that. Here, you can see him making his way forward. It's not a great


clearance from Begovic. What a strike that is. That's the only


place it could have gone in. A nice pass setting up a move for Bolton.


Here, he wins the first header. He's not happy with that. He makes


a run-in. Shows desire to make his way here. He is gambling they will


get that. He's playing confidence and he'll put that goal in. A


lovely little dink over the keeper. There you know he will score once


the ball is bouncing like that. He has a nice sandwich under it. That


is a player playing a loot of confidence. As for Stoke, the last


time they played in the Europa League they lost at the weekend.


You look at who they play - is it as simple as that? Pulis has tried


to improve the squad because of the our rope pa league. He tried to


pack that squad and get the quality. They've had four away games when


they've come from from Europe. Travelling all over the place. Four


away games, not easy. They are better at home. Today they were


poor from the front to the back. This is your little bit of


moonlighting. On a Monday morning you turn up for training after what


Bolton have been through. What does that mean inside the dressing room?


D They will feel confidence. A result like that can kick-start


your season. That is what will happen to Bolton now. Next we head


to the banks of the river Thames with the home side looking to leap-


frog up the tight table and the visitors hoping for three points to


pull level with Chelsea. You never know what Fulham are


going to do. Sometimes they are hot, sometimes they are cold. They enter


this after a league win and a victory at Wigan. Their last match


saw them freeze. A 6-0 win against QPR. Four te feets in four draws,


they are as changeable as the weather. Since Scoty Parker entered


Spurs he has shown intersurprise. Six wins in seven is his, following


his move from West Ham. Van de Vaart has six goals in five,


as Harry's men go in the right direction. Over to our spaceman,


captain money. With Harry Redknapp convalue


lessing. Van de Vaart needs a goal today, to


set a club record of scoring in six successive preemyeership games.


Martin Jol was manager of Spurs for minute's silence is being observed


Riise on the overlap. He's forced a corner.


Fulham starting the way they left off on Thursday night.


They had that impressive performance in the our rope pa


league. -- Europa League.


Where was the marking by Tottenham? Friedel, at the age of 40, his


opposite number is 39. It makes it just on the line there. He gets his


hands to it. The header was by Cydonia. That was close in Fulham -


- by Sidwell in Fulham's first taken the lead.


Fulham were stretched, first one side, then the other. Gareth Bale,


who was signed by the Fulham manager, Martin Jol, from


Southampton when Jol was at Spurs has really started things off here


for Tottenham, just when Fulham appeared to have got the better of


the early stages. Walker, the right-back may have


made an impression to get into the England squad again.


Adebayor can't get there. The move and speed of the Tottenham attack


and Tottenham take the lead. Now, Lennon. Adebayor making


strides in the middle, so is Bale. This is Lennon - deflected.


Martin Jol took Tottenham to fifth in the Premier League, which at


that time was the highest they had finished since it started. Only


just missed out on the Champions League, if you remember, when the


team fell ill on the last day of the season. Lennon, on the left


It's Lennon for Spurs. He goes all the way. Lennon scores!


Spurs go two-up. Right on 45 minutes.


The switch where Lennon came across to play on the left has suddenly


worked for Tottenham. They swap the wingers over during play. Lennon


here picks up the ball on the left hand side, from Bale, who moved


inside. Look at the way he teased Baird.


It's a well-taken individual goal by Lennon, who hasn't actually


scored since he got one at Hearts in a play-off early in the season,


in the Europa League. He was then injured. There is a suggestion that


if Lennon can come up the right wing and move across the line, he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


can do more damage. He has made it Oh, what a trip over by Friedel.


One goal and things could change Spurs' players have got their


bodies in the way of Fulham shots. You wonder whether Fulham can make


one of these corners pay? It's gone in.


They made one this time. It seems to have gone in. Possibly off a


Tottenham defender. One defender on to another there. One Tottenham


heading it against another. It may be an own goal. It is. It has come


I think. Kaboul and the referee has gone to his pocket. Yellow card.


Well, I don't know about that - I thought it was more ball to hand


good save by Friedel. Baird had a go there from a


distance. angle. A corner.


Dembele, around Friedel. King, what fouled here. He was pushed by


Cydonia. Nothing given. Another day he -- by Sidwell. Another day he


How on earth did that not go in? They are appealing now for a


penalty. How many shots did they have there in the six-yard box?


Everybody was having a go. Friedel, handball there. It looks like a


handball. It looked like Walker who had the


ball under his arms there. That's what Fulham were appealing


for while that was going on. Then Dembele went down.


-- then Dempsey went down. It's a corner only for Fulham.


What a finish. An amazing goal.


Modric on the line there stopping Dempsey. I don't think Friedel


knows how that stayed out. I don't think any of us do. It came off his


body. It was Dempsey and Modric on the post saved Spurs and protects


the lead. They've had enough excitement for one afternoon,


Schwarzer. Spurs have got it now. It went in off Kelly. Defoe with a


snapshot to make it 3-1. The Spurs' fans celebrate. Last minute of the


added time. Spurs get a break.


Defoe will doubtless claim the goal. It's Fulham, 1, Tottenham, 3. That


does not reflect what has happened STUDIO: That's eight unbeaten for


Spurs. With seven wins in that run without Harry, today they did their


job for the caretaker crew. A few years ago, we would not have one


those games. But we dug in and showed that quality. We had to hang


on in there. For a good half an hour. We were not holding the ball,


not passing the ball. Not the way we did in the first have and we


have been doing all season. We consider ourselves lucky to get


away with the three points. Fulham's hot and cold streak


continues. But big positives to be taken from their performance today.


The first goal was a bit unfortunate. We had some great


challenges with Steve Sidwell and can Dempsey. Replayed well in the


second half, of course. We had to force the issue. -- we played well.


We should have had at least a penalty or scored the goal.


will be talking to Harry tonight. When will he be back at work?


this gives them a good two weeks to sit down and take it day by day and


consider along with the doctors, where his next step is Platt the


moment, there's no rush. Best wishes to him, of course. This is


my favourite part of Match Of The Day 2. You go to say nice things


about Spurs. You have to. Seven wins and a draw. I thought


especially, in the first half, they played a very good game, attacking


and their movement in midfield was brilliant. Lucky in the second half.


Perhaps if Fulham should have a penalty. I think it was an


important victory for Tottenham to keep the momentum going. Fulham can


consider themselves unlucky after the second half performance but


they were bad in the first half. When they played Liverpool, Spurs


were very fast out of the blocks, Jason thought up they were under


the Premier League, you have to start fast and they did that.


of the features of the game was Carl Walker getting forward. He


shows unbelievable pace to get there. John Arne Riise thought he


was getting in there. That is his go on his left foot and finish. A


great bit of skill. He can hit a fantastic finish right in the


corner of the net. Another feature was a him getting on the ball, as


bringing the ball from right to left. Different angles. Luka Modric,


he is looking up to see a people can make and have a run for him. He


makes it look easy for so we see another side of his game. He takes


the ball, trying to make something happen, and gets another free kick


for his side. Here, he shows his defensive qualities. He has got his


head up and is looking to pass it That is the positives. Is there a


little bit of anecdotal evidence that they may be fading a little in


the second half? The today they didn't play as well in the second


half. For an increase the tempo. -- Fulham increased the tempo. Did


they step up too much? They dropped off in midfield a little bit.


loads of space, on his right foot, they have got to drop off,


Tottenham. Ledley King drops off. Suddenly, a dangerous position. He


plays it back. Gets a shot on goal. A space in midfield. Looker much


time John Arne Riise gets. Sets it up on his left foot. Luka Modric


has got to close it down, get tighter. They can pick any line he


wants. Dempsey through the middle. Spurs torn apart on what occasion


and should have scored. Parker and Sandro doing the same job for the


Dempsey in the middle. Luka Modric has got to help out and it leaves a


big hole on the right and this is too easy. Look how much space he


has got. He doesn't get close down. Too easy. Not enough pressure and


then, right at the end, this is the penalty I was talking about. He


scrambles, a handball. 2-1. The ball is cleared eventually. Parker


puts a flying block on and then Luka Modric. This is what Brad


Friedel thinks about it. He knows he got away with it. Overall,


A Jason, you played against them. Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, man City,


how serious should be be taking Spurs this season? Very seriously.


Kyle Walker gives them another dimension. For me, Luka Modric is


the best in the country. They are title contenders. Both played in


Europe. It just shows different in the squad. You look lovely in HD,


by the way. I wish I could say the same about you. Whatever. Goal of


the Month still to come. But these two teams would be happy never to


hear the word October again. Wolves picked up just one point. Wigan


didn't get any. And the less said about September the better. So


today's game, put simply, was massive. Even at this early stage,


Wolves and Wigan enter this desperate for points, with managers


Mick McCarthy and Roberto Martinez dreaming of a win to ease the


pressure. At the end of last season, these two survived on the last day.


But it could be a worse scenario when they meet again on the final


day in May. And that's because they just can't buy a win. Mick's men


have lost six out of their last seven. Wigan's record is worse.


They have lost seven on the trot with their solitary success coming


on August 27th. So who dares wins side. Gary Caldwell suspended. A


Squeezed away by a Al-Habsi. So often injury-hit, returning to the


side of late. The first appeared on the goal in the game was a worthy


one, two. Best corner of the game at the far post. Headed away by


Hugo Rodallega. Giving a headache for his pains. 16 goals conceded by


Wolves in their last seven games. Here is a chance for Stephen Hunt


at the other end. The goalkeeper put that back in the middle. East


away by Watson. Had he gone down, he would have got a penalty. Well,


I think Stephen Hunt treads on the goalkeeper and goes beyond him, and


I think the referee got that right. Johnson with the header down and he


is claiming a hand ball. The referee was well placed. He would


have been blind side to that and needed his assistant to flag. Well,


hand came down on the ball, but I Johnson again. Had it not been for


him, Wolves would have been in real man whose goals kept Wigan out last


season simply cannot get one this miss. It will come back to haunt


for Wolverhampton Wanderers by Jamie O'Hara, moments after Wigan


miss a gilt-edged opportunity and Wolves had the lead after 31


minutes. The game of football so often can twist on a hit or miss.


There was a miss. There is a hit and Wolves lead. O'Hara finished


sweetly but the defender was beaten too easily by the ball in the air


across. WHISTLE BLOWS It's a penalty kick.


Foul lot by Stephen Hunter. It was an enterprising run. Head down.


penalty. Watson will take the spot kick before half-time to level it.


A big moment. Hennessy blocks. Watson, from the rebound, 1-1. It


was a wretched a wretched penalty. But, in the end, Hennessy was built


in and Watson was relieved. Awful support. A little bit hesitant


initially. Momentum is slow. Wigan defended well. Henry. From the


charge. Henry. Splendid keep it out. Terrific run here by


Henry. Saw the gap, went for it. Good initial save from hunt.


Brilliant for Al-Habsi. Was it over the line? Edwards made sure anyway.


Edwards credited with the goal in the ground and he certainly lashed


it in. Let's see if it was over the line? No, it wasn't. Edwards's goal


10 minutes into the second half. Wolves's lead is restored. Johnson.


overlap now. Here is Jarvis. wanders a two-goal cushion. -- Ward


gives Wolverhampton Wanderers a two-goal cushion and once again,


the good work of the goalkeeper Al- Habsi means nothing. Jarvis got to


the byline too easily. Pushed back into the danger area via a


deflection. Wolverhampton Wanderers, around him seems to have caused him


problems. How Kenny complain about the free kick being given? It was


his second bite. We Johnson has gone for it. A brilliant save! He


has had such a good game. Cruel fortune has dogged him today. He


deserved to see that one fly over. Brilliant reactions. So bringing


athleticism. -- springing athleticism. Albert Crusat. On his


interesting. Help is on its way. Moses with the corner kick. Edwards


had a good shout and left it. Tempers begin to rise. Gohouri in


the thick of things. Why all the pushing and shoving? Somebody needs


to calm him down. He seemed to spit their and that is what enraged the


was. It has come to Crusat. Moses is screaming for it.


It's Diame. Ripples the side of the side


netting only. Wigan will look back on this game


and know they missed big opportunities when they come.


Wolves stopped the rot to win for the first time since August 21. As


for Wigan, it is now eight defeats on the trot with Roberto's boys at


rock-bottom. No better time than today, against somebody who looks


like being one of our rivals down at the bottom of the table. A huge


win. Really valuable. Much needed. Today you feel really down because


it was a game we had high hopes. We started well enough. Unfortunately


we conceded three goals. We've got another opportunity, an


international break. I want to make sure we are as good as we can be


for our next game. It got hot under the collar. What did your players


say? Generally no idea what it was about. Come on, the game, it should


have been hot under the collar, shouldn't it from the start? We are


fourth bottom. They are at the bottom. Needed points. Desperate


Wigan cannot take a chance. They get this after 30 minutes. What a


miss. 35 seconds later Wolves go from the


other end. Doyle does better with his second touch. Pressure on Wigan.


Fabulous save. This is a better one. Al Habsi, but no luck. 2-0.


The trouble with Wigan is they cannot score any goals. They had


enough chances in the game. The pressure is on them. A chance here.


Rodallega, fluffs his lines. Unbelievable. That is what Martinez


thinks. Believe it or not, Mick McCarthy is happy here. He gets the


win. It is massive because Wigan have a string of results where they


have games where they have got to pick points up and they cannot


score goals. Played all right today. I have a moral question for you.


This is Stephen Hunt. This is him with the wind this his sails. Got


through into the box. He's very honest. Applause that. He went down.


There's enough contact for him to go down. If he stays down, I think


it is a penalty. For me, the answer is yes. I am staying down. Would


you go down? I am staying down after that one. He gives the


penalty away. Ironically. That is a foul. If he had gone down the


referee would have looked at it and said there is contact. The


goalkeeper tried to pull his arms away. If he goes down it is a


penalty. He would have gone down if he had not gone anywhere near him.


I would still be down now! You said the deflected goal you would


celebrate that as well. Badly deflected is OK? I would be kissing


the shirt. Now we have to highlight this, because it happened in the


game. Some of the players were really angry at the spiting


incident. Berra with Alcaraz. There is a spit from Alcaraz there. It


hits Stearman. There's nothing worse than spiting. It is the worse


thing you can do on a football pitch. Has id happened to you?


I cannot remember his name. Centre- back. I had a foul. He was standing


over me as hi stood up. I looked up at his face. He was six foot four.


He cleared his throat and spat right in my eyes.


Red mist came down. I was swinging, I could not get near to him.


Horrible thing to do. Horrible. time back to football and countdown


eight of the best in our goal of the month. Jason will pick his


favourite. More importantly it is gone past Johnson. He scored a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


brilliant goal! D Drenthe - what a goal! What a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


That's delightful! It couldn't be easier for you, all


this pressure. Open goal. easiest one. Goal of The Month?


Ruiz. What? Are you surprised? choice.


This reminds me of one George Best. They were all good goals this month.


Gareth Bale was the best by one million miles! You may or may not


have heard that Sir Ferguson has been celebrating 25 years.


Highlights of the latest game, but a journey back to the days before


Can you please welcome Sir Alex Ferguson.


I am delighted to say that today the North Stand is to be renamed


the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. Thank you for this wonderful, proud


moment. Thank you! It's gone in!


Manchester United lead. I think it went in off the defender.


It's Wes Brown against his former club.


penalty. The decision is overturned.


Manchester United can breathe a sigh of relief.


He thought it was a United arm. That is why he had the penalty. He


had a chat with him and it was rightly overturned.


How about that for a stop!? What a double save. The first is at


him. Rooney hits it. The second is a magnificent reaction stop. I feel


honoured and emotional. When I saw my name in that stand. Was it a


bombshell for you? Did you know about it? I did not know anything


D We have got Fergy's first 11. easy. He picks himself smichael.


Gary Neville. Vidic. I come from the school of


Adams, so Vidic, left a couple of centre-backs out. Obviously well


known. Erwin. A legend. I don't think you


can leave this guy out as well, Mr Manchester United in the middle,


Scholes. He can do anything. You've got to have a bit of tackling


ability, the way he tackles. Can't leave him out. Mr Manchester United


on the left. You cannot leave the great man out - Cantona along side


R -- Ronaldo. We put together a second 11 if they


were to play a training match in a Ferdinand has to be pushing to get


in there and Rooney. I would have stuck him out on the left there. He


would have made his way in, maybe pushing Rooney out -- Ronaldo out


on the right. Talking of teams, the England squad


for the looming friendlies has been announced. John Terry confirmed


Rodwell and Steridge get called up. If you spent your Saturday nights


away from the sofa, we'll look after you. We start at Loftus Road.


Man City stay top of the table. QPR made them work for it in a cracker.


They were fortunate to win a free kick in this challenge with


Bothroyd. There was no disputing Bothroyd. There was no disputing


Bothroyd. There was no disputing what followed.


Bothroyd, for Queen's Park Rangers Milner. That's a good ball.


Inside he's done ever so well. It is a brilliant goal.


Bothroyd a bit of work to do. Now Dzeko.


his head and, for me, it has to be his goal. Decent ball. A 3-2.


Manchester City. Barton. Heidar Helguson. Off the woodwork. Great


off the early season's surprise package, Everton.


COMMENTATOR: Three in the penalty area. It's an own-goal. Away by a


Rodwell. Taylor, again, encouraged to shoot. What a strike from Brian


Taylor. A lifelong Liverpool fan. With one to remember against


Everton. Phil Neville. Louis Saha, Louis Saha. But it came back to


Louis Saha. Deflected wide for a double as the claret and blue is


moved up to eight with a win against the plucky Canaries.


COMMENTATOR: Pilkington, brilliant, stunning goal! A sumptuous free


kick by Antony Pilkington. Gabriel Agbonlahor. He has done well. A


Gabriel Agbonlahor will surely give them the lead? They have committed


Anfield, they lost 8-0 in the FA Cup. There were no goals this time


around but plenty of incident. COMMENTATOR: Andy Carroll is at the


far post. What a chance and he missed. Danny brain gave up Pepe


Reina ahead they all day. -- a headache. He played a provider. It


is wildly blasted over. Glen Johnson. Dirk Kuyt is there. It


won't count. In it comes and Dirk Kuyt is offside. They had a hero in


stop by the goalkeeper. It was routine at the Emirates Stadium as


Arsenal racked up their 4th victory arsenal goal! Roy Hodgson


pesticides Endeavour -- praised, but the header was easily saved.


After two defeats, Chelsea still appoints a Blackburn but this one


was far from comfortable. What a chance this could be. It is wide,


would you believe it. Yakubu had a golden chance. Peter Schep was


injured but his team mates would thank him later for sticking it out.


to put Chelsea in front. Pedersen hits it hard. Petr Cech! There were


shades of last weekend as John Terry got in a muddle but it just


wasn't Blackburn's day. Yakubu turning black -- back past Terry. A


Blackburn corner. Against the bar. So lucky that did not going. It is


a day to forget for Fernando. is Fernando Torres. Dear me. It


Jason, you spent almost every day with Steve King. Give me an insight


into the man himself. The he's positive, confident. On TV, people


think it's something he is putting on, but he's like that every single


day and he believes we can turn things around. What I want to work


out is, when the demonstrations are going on after the game and you go


in the dressing room, it's embarrassing for the players to


hear the fans outside saying Kean Out. Is that hard? If we are


winning, it's hard. Football is a result business. If you are winning


games, everything seems OK and we want to get back to doing that as


soon as possible. It's such a bleak situation at the moment because the


circle of that ball from the boardroom to the management into


the dressing room, back to the supporters, and the boardroom,


there's no harmony at all. It's one of these things people may have


gripes, but the only way to move forward is together. The fans, the


management, the players. It will come from winning games. What would


you say to Blackburn fans watching tonight? In terms of the fixtures


you're capable of winning? I would say, look at the performances,


aside to want to do well, who are playing for the manager, the club.


Hopefully we can turn it around. We haven't had a lot of luck but we


are remaining positive, training hard, and we hope to put it right


as soon as possible. This season, you haven't been smashed out. You


have played teams and there has been a lot of big results this


season, but Blackburn are losing by the odd goal. Performances are not


far off. That's the frustrating thing. We are playing well. Luck


has not gone for us. We must two penalties against Everton. We had


10 minutes to close the game at against Norwich. The Chelsea game,


we could easily have won. Football can be like that at times. At the


moment, it's not happening for us. How optimistic are you a Blackburn


staying in the Premier League? positive. We went to the last game


last season to do it, and by more positive now we will stay in the


league. OK, many thanks, gents. Nearly finished. I hope you enjoyed


the last 70 minutes or so. Here's a Stoke come unstuck. Spurs stun


Fulham in a Craven Cottage cracker. And Wolves find their bite as


victories for the top five to stay level on points with Chelsea. The


Manchester clubs still lead the way, but Arsenal move neck and neck with


Liverpool. Wolves' first victory since August moves them up four


places. But it's another grim day for Wigan who are looking


increasingly forlorn at the bottom. Bolton's big win sees them take a


small step forward as they go above Sorry, Jason. So, thanks all from


Match Of The Day 2, on a weekend when we're not sure whether actions


spoke louder than words, or words spoke louder than actions.


# How can I find a way to make QC I love you?


# Words don't come easy. # It's a simple song I have made


Colin Murray introduces highlights and reaction from three Premier League matches which include the London derby between Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur.

Fulham boss Martin Jol will have approached this match with relish given he was manager of Tottenham for three years. Still a hugely popular figure among Spurs fans, the Dutchman will put sentiment to one side as he bids to end Fulham's dismal run in league fixtures between these sides. The Cottagers have only beaten Tottenham in one of their last 10 league matches, but they triumphed easily against Harry Redknapp's side 4-0 in the FA Cup last season.

The other fixtures include struggling Bolton hosting Stoke at the Reebok Stadium and Wigan travelling to the Midlands to play Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux. As always there will also be a review of all the goals and incidents from Saturday's matches - with the analysis led by MOTD2 regular, Lee Dixon.

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