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Community Shield Highlights

Manish Bhasin presents highlights of the traditional curtain-raiser to the Premier League season as Champions Chelsea face FA Cup winners Arsenal at Wembley.

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Hello and welcome to a sun-drenched Wembley Stadium for the traditional


curtain raiser to the English top-flight season, the FA Community


Shield. It's the league champions, Chelsea,


against the FA Cup holders, Arsenal. And all the proceeds from today


will go to the Grenfell Tower disaster fund, and the families


of the victims, survivors and the emergency services have


all been invited today. On a poignant afternoon,


let's join our commentary team It is only 71 days since they were


here for the cup final. Yet these two have already met since. Two


weeks ago on a bumpy Beijing pitch, a strong Chelsea beat the


mix-and-match Arsenal 3-0. This should prove more than a level


playing field. Arsenal give a debut to Alexandre Lacazette, signed from


Lyon, having been linked with the Gunners were quite some time. Sead


Kolasinac is a substitute. It is a team without Aaron Ramsey and Mesut


Ozil, nursing injuries. Alexis Sanchez is not up to match fitness


and with questions hanging over staying and going when August has


passed. Chelsea look familiar. Nemanja Matic is gone and Diego


Costa will be going. Pedro is fit despite suffering a facial injury


against Arsenal at fortnight ago. Michy Batshuayi scored twice in that


game and ended last season strongly. The ?60 million man Alvaro Morata is


on the bench. 53 days ago, the whole of the country and in particular


London was rocked by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Indeed, proceeds of


today's game will go to support those affected by the fire with the


FA and hoping to raise around ?1.25 million. Before take-off, flowers


will be laid. We will observe a period of silence to remember the


victims of Grenfell Tower. Alongside the FA chairman, Greg Clark, the


commander for Tower Hamlets in the London Fire Brigade. They are joined


by former Grenfell Tower residents. CHEERING


Bobby Madley is the referee with the honour of getting started the first


meaningful action for Premier League teams this season. A season that


promises to be exciting and might be a little bit different, starting as


it does with Arsenal playing Chelsea at the home of Spurs. Wembley will


be in the campaign to follow. I have the honour of sitting alongside Mark


Lawrenson. All the times I played in this particular game, it is about


fitness. Form is immaterial. Winning the game is not the be all and end


all. It is about being fit for next weekend. In Arsenal's case, they


play on Friday night. They do. Petr Cech is forced to leave his area


very quickly. Chelsea are looking to make a quick start to the afternoon.


Arsenal begin at home to Leicester City. The following day, Chelsea


will begin their title defence against Burnley at Stamford Bridge.


I am slightly surprised that Morata is not starting for Chelsea. If you


are Conte and you're thinking of playing him next weekend, why would


you not play him today? That went behind Batshuayi.


Oxlade-Chamberlain can gallop away. He is keen to take on Azpilicueta.


He brings in Alex Iwobi nicely. He has gone past David Luiz. Lacazette


wants it. It struck some Chelsea players before going behind. And


Arsenal bones was the last one. I would be worried if I was Antonio


Conte, looking at David Luiz. It was a non-challenge. Pathetic. Chelsea


have got away with it. Alexandre Lacazette scored 37 goals in his


final season at Lyon. 129 for his home club in total. The deal was


worth some within the region of ?53 million. Someone was saying on the


radio that Arsene Wenger does not spend money. They got rid of a chunk


in one go. You would have to lie down in a darkened room after


signing that deal. Antonio Conte would like to dispense more money


than he has, even though well in excess of 500 million has left


Stamford Bridge. They look thin on the ground considering the


competitions they will be end. So many players have been let out on


loan to all four corners of Europe. Not only that, the players that have


been let out in terms of the Premier League, they can have effects. That


is a chance for Welbeck. It was straight at Courtois. They did not


get any pace on the header. Those Chelsea players that have gone to


the Premier League, they can affect results for Chelsea. I find that


strange. I did late Arsene Wenger's Lane to the assembled media this


week. He started his press conference by saying, I am sorry


that I am still here, tongue firmly in cheek. Great. That ball was


always on. Victor Moses is coming in from the right. Mertesacker was well


positioned in the middle. I thought he made a mess of that, Iwobi, but


it worked out fine. That was a nice turn by Lacazette. Bellerin keeps it


in. This is Lacazette. This is Bellerin.


Arsenal are not done yet. That will be. There is the first real glimpse


of Alexandre Lacazette for Arsenal fans to enjoy at Wembley today. It


was a really good move. Nice awareness, Lacazette taking the ball


out of his feet, trying to bend it around. Very unlucky. Courtois was


not saving it. Into the challenge strongly goes


Danny Welbeck. It will be a corner. Arsenal fans will have enjoyed


seeing him tackle like that. It was a good tackle.


Fabregas. That is not away. It is Cahill. Rob Holding went for it.


That is not the way either. Holding went for it and caught when in the


face. I think it was accidental. It is a head injury. That is why play


has been stopped by Bobby Madley. Oh, dear. He has been caught. Yes,


they are both looking at the ball. It is the arm. Yes. Is entitled to


use the arm, Cahill, as leveraged to get off the ground. There is no


malice in that whatsoever. They are not taking any chances with Per


Mertesacker. It is not worth it. His season ended on a high note with the


FA Cup final 71 days ago. His Community Shield is ending early.


Monreal is now the commander at the back with Mertesacker having left


the field. Oxlade-Chamberlain. It did not flow for Arsenal. It was a


bit telegraphed. That is a beautiful pass from


Willian over to Pedro. Pedro takes an Rob Holding and Petr Cech as


well. Marcos Alonso. That was not his first offence. His name will be


taken. He can complain, but it is worthless. You knew that Pedro was


always going to get his shot away. It was a great ball by Willian. Ben


proud took it down beautifully. He is an underrated player. -- Pedro


took it down beautifully. Alexis Sanchez is in attendance today.


Pedro, half a touch and bang. I am told that officials will be having a


clamp-down on managers' behaviour in the technical area. Antonio Conte


will have to watch out for that. Cutting down on histrionics and


bleating into the era of in the fourth official. Was Willian


tripped? Bobby Madley says no, it was a dive. He will give a free kick


to Arsenal. He has already got the card out. He was a distance away,


Bobby Madley. Who, me? Let's see. He tripped himself. He made sure he


went down. There is a knock from Bellerin. It would have been soft,


very soft. It was the touch of his own leg that forced onto the floor.


He would argue that he was forced off balance by Bellerin. It was a


Lucy Bronze moment. It was not as bad as Victor Moses in the cup


final. It can be a grey area. You can fall without it necessarily


being a dad. -- dive. Oxlade-Chamberlain. Danny Welbeck


had to look. David Luiz has to be careful. Very nicely done.


Brilliant. It is probably only he who would dare that in that


particular situation. Very clever. It is a Arsenal who get the second


half started. Further substitutions have been made during the interval,


just one change, which was Mertesacker, off with a bloodied


nose in the first half and now Kolasinac is on in his place. The


second half begins with Chelsea conceded by Kolasinac. -- a Chelsea


corner conceded by Kolasinac. Gary Cahill is up. That surely missed the


kick. -- Batshuayi missed the kick. Stealing into school is Victor Moses


for Chelsea. Redemption for his FA Cup final and he really did steal


in. In the same box that he went down without any persuasion just ten


weeks ago. Quite simply, he gambled. If you are


watching the ball, Granit Xhaka goes up at the edge of the area and he


just gambled. That is what you get. Everybody else in the Arsenal


defence stood stock still. Took it nicely, Victor Moses. His first goal


since last November when he got the winner against Tottenham Hotspur in


the Premier League. And there is a bit of feeling in the celebrations


bearing in mind what happened to him in the cup final. Yes, as you would


expect. They will be back here in two weeks' time, Chelsea as their


first away game in the Premier League is against Tottenham.


Welbeck. Xhaka. Bellerin. David Louise takes no chances,


phrase we never used to say -- David Louise.


Elneny was given time to cross, but he did not cross. Well, I think he


did, and it turned into a shot but it was well dealt with by Courtois.


It was. I'm not convinced it was a shot on goal. It was going in the


goal. The Arsenal threat level has risen.


Mont Royale will attack on that one. But he never really did -- Mont


Royale. Nuisance value there. No, he did not


shoot on goal. Just hit across it. That is why he got the wrong effort


on it. Save made it look more routine than it was.


How tall is he? Six foot four? Six foot three. I don't know how long he


has been on now, but Arsenal will just not deliver the ball. Why are


you playing him? Get the ball in there, he will cause some damage.


Sometimes football can be extremely simple. It was Victor Moses who got


back to get it away. What a difference. All of a sudden you have


your opposition defenders running toward your own goal. It's a


completely different situation. Xhaka was urged to shoot, and he


does, and it draws a super save from Thibaut Courtois. It would have been


a goal to savour. A sweet strike. It seriously was. He only just got a


fingertip to it. The corn in, and the Cauna help. Goal kick, Chelsea.


Ball in the box, confusion -- the corner. He hit that at the same time


that the Arsenal fans were clearing their throat to shout, shoot! That


is a really good save. Has Morata had a kick yet? No. He


gets his head to that. That would still be no. Marcus Alonso to the


left, but Morata once it on the right. He looks for Morata, who was


in. Monreal thought better of it and let it run and it was just too far


in front of the striker. It is the pass of the game from Willian.


Nobody else spotted it. Great ball. This is a booking. Elneny was caught


as he said Giroud. Then it didn't go Arsenal's way, hence the free kick


for the Gunners, and Pedro will be treated, then get a card. And


rightly so that tackle. Yes, it is a poor tackle. Bureau overstretched in


making it. -- Olivier Giroud. Five yellow cards in the FA


Community Shield. But it has not been feisty, really. It's been


competitive. Oh, hang on. It is a red card. Forget that about five


yellow cards, it is for yellow cards and they read. A straight red for


Pedro. -- for yellow cards and a red card. That has got the crowd


murmuring. Pedro showed a straight red card for catching the Achilles


of Mohammed Elneny. But why, Antonio Conte a saying? It was reckless. It


was desperate. It was like a forward's challenge. I suppose the


phrases, does it endanger the safety of an opponent? I suppose it could.


Chelsea are down to ten players, as they were in the FA Cup final ten


weeks ago here. Antonio Conte a did not think it was a read.


Bobby Madley is one for the dramatics, because he did wait over


him a long time. I was going to say, what is he waiting for? It comes


from Xhaka, and into the net it goes. Arsenal are level, and their


new boy, Kolasinac has come to their rescue. It is a double whammy


against Chelsea. Losing Pedro, and then they just stopped defensively.


Nobody seemed to move. A game changing minute at Wembley.


It is one of those balls into the box that has brought Arsenal their


resort -- reward. Exactly. Just as Moses stole a march on Arsenal,


there are so many Arsenal players who could have scored the goal. Very


unlike Chelsea, defensively. There was a queue. Courtois Brilliant


Akiba Granit Xhaka not so long ago, but brilliant there -- brilliant to


keep out Granit Xhaka. He looked like he might be a favourite with


the Arsenal fans, and now he is. Seven minutes of the 90 to go, no


extra time, straight to penalties if level after 90. Morata is down and


they free kick. Clever play as well. He knew he was struggling a bit and


he held the ball up and just bought his team a free kick. Fabregas will


swing it in. Everybody up for Chelsea accept Azpilicueta. He is


trying to direct traffic from midway his own half. Fabregas has to find


the right ball, and it looks a good one headed wide but it wouldn't have


stood anyway. Just as well for Arsenal. A free header. Lovely ball


in from Fabregas. Here is Theo Walcott. He turns. What a good


challenge that is. Great block from Gary Cahill. That is what they are


good at, playing with three centre-backs. Courtois felt a twinge


as he made the save. Walcott was in there. Cahill flung himself at it.


Rudiger, beaten to it. Chelsea cannot take it any further. Moses


did really well and read the danger. Up towards Morata. Another head up


one. -- another header one. Given away to Musonda. Fabregas. Kante.


The last few seconds of the game, you would think. Five minutes of


injury time almost up. Cahill. Somebody is going to have to do


shoot soon if the game is to be one before penalties. Rudiger. David


Luiz. Not from there, not even him. That will do it for the 90 minutes.


It has finished honours even. 1-1. Chelsea in front as soon as the


second half started, through Victor Moses. Then with Pedro sent off for


a foul on Mohammed Elneny, Arsenal equalised from the resulting free


kick. A simple ball in, header from Kolasinac. Now we get ready for a


penalty shoot out with a bit of a twist, because the first time, we


are going to see the ABBA system. Team one goes first, then team to


goes second and third, then after that everyone takes one. A bit like


a tennis tie-break. There are, they say. Petr Cech won the toss to


decide which and the penalties would be taken. -- fairer, they say. Not


surprisingly he has chosen the Arsenal end. That was the damage


done to Per Mertesacker which saw him leave the field in the first


half. Nasty scar above the right eye.


Gary Cahill, having chosen to go first, is going to go first. Captain


against Captain. Gary Cahill favours a long, straight runner-up. -- run


up. And a blast into the net. One out of one for Chelsea. Good


penalty, and good body language as well, wasn't it? Very good.


Theo Walcott has not been on the field too long and not had too many


touches of the ball. One touch of it is all that matters here.


And Theo Walcott scores with the same effortless ease as Cahill. Yes,


slightly better I would say. Now Arsenal go again. This is where the


penalty system changes slightly from what we have been used to over the


years. You should know, you are a ABBA fan. There is a line about the


winner takes it all, but I won't. Nacchio Monreal. -- Nacchio Monreal.


And Monreal coolly sends Courtois the wrong way. Two out of two for


Arsenal, and now two in a row for Chelsea. He just guessed and decided


one way. Stepping up, Thibaut Courtois. And he blazes it will --


blazes it. That has gone so far over the bar. The gamble fails. That is a


poor penalty. Goalkeepers can take penalties and they kick the ball a


lot in the game. But that was a goal kick.


Two tried to repair the damage for Antonio Conte's please, it is going


to be the new boy, Alvaro Morata. It is saved by Petr Cech. -- Conte's


Blues. It goes wide of the post. Advantage well and truly Arsenal.


That was a scarf. It was nowhere near it. I thought he had got there.


It was against the post. Arsenal celebrating like they are nearly


there, which they are. They have to make to win a row. Score them both


and they win. -- they have two in a row. Oxlade-Chamberlain. He has done


it. Again, Courtois went very early. It is a really comfortable penalty


in the end. This is to win the FA Community Shield for the Gunners.


Olivier Giroud. He has suddenly become very popular with the Arsenal


fans. Can he make it a full set? Four


outdoor four? Giroud certainly can. It is Arsenal's FA Community Shield.


Lifting the shield for the 15th time. As the last time that they won


it, the victory has come against Chelsea. I think I am right in


saying a goalkeeper did not actually save a penalty. You are absolutely


right. Maybe that will be a talking point for Chelsea. Yes, it is the


Community Shield, but they are goalkeeper took one ahead of the ?60


million new striker. Discuss. 1-1 at full-time, but after penalties,


Arsenal have won the shoot out, 4-1. Four outdoor four for the donors.


Lennon from three for Chelsea. Disappointment for Thibaut Courtois


and company. Arsenal have a trophy. Congratulations. It was a dramatic


end to the game. How do you reflect on that? It was a good game. I think


both teams showed they are ready to compete and ready for the Premier


League. We had some players missing and everybody had to contribute to


today's victory. I am pleased with the way that we played, especially


when we fell behind and find the composure to play and keep going and


find the equaliser. It was very important. I think we showed good


composure during the penalty shoot out as well. All of our players did


not give a chance to Thibaut Courtois to save. What was going


through your mind when you saw a Thibaut Courtois take aspartic? It


is not the first time he has taken a penalty. -- sort Thibaut Courtois


take a penalty? We were together at Chelsea for the first year. Usually


he buries it in the top corner, the way I went. That is why I went that


way. I must have put him off. You try to change the corner and put it


too high. Bob Wilson will be smiling inside and outside as he hands out


-- as he hands out the medals to the Arsenal players. He was one of great


distinction. It is a coffee but it does not necessarily set out a mark


of how the season will go. As an example, the last time Arsenal won


the shield and went on to win the title was way back in 1935. Olivier


Giroud, the man who scored the kick to seal it in the end for Arsenal.


Per Mertesacker, who has got changed into his suit. He sustained a nasty


cut above his right eye. He has gone up to claim the shield in his role


as club captain. Koscielny, so than the regular captain on the field, he


did not play today, but along with Mertesacker, he will lead the


Community Shield for Arsenal. The season is under way with a trophy


lifted at Wembley. Will that set the precedent for good times ahead for


the Gunners? Congratulations, it is a ninth


straight victory for Arsenal at Wembley. What do you take away from


that performance today? It was a very team oriented performance in a


very strong way. When we had difficult moments, we were well


organised. When we were 1-0 down we responded well and kept our nerve.


Overall I feel we were unlucky to be 1-0 down. It was a question, do we


come back to 1-1 or not? From then on, I thought we looked like we


could score. Chelsea played well as well. It was an interesting and very


tense game. The game was very tough. Both teams tried to win the game. I


think that when we scored the goal, that was a good opportunity to


finish the game and to win the game. Instead, there is a free kick, and


also a red card for Pedro. I think it changed the game. A couple of


controversial incidents. You were talking about the Pedro red card.


Was that the right decision, as far as you're concerned? I can tell that


we are lucky. In the last two Michael game against Arsenal, in the


FA Cup and now in the Community Shield, we finish the game in both


cases with ten men. What did you think of Thibaut Courtois stepping


up to take a penalty for Chelsea? It is always... If he scores, he will


be stronger in goal. You are after. If he misses, it is not the same, he


has a bit of guilt. Maybe it can be a handicap. But it can go both ways.


The other controversial incident regarding Willian, who was booked


for diving. Was that the right decision? I think we were unlucky.


We were unlucky. It was very strange. In the last game, and in


this game. I can tell that we were unlucky. To receive a yellow card,


it makes you a bit angry. What else did you learn from today? That we


have to work very hard. Is this quite good enough to retain the


title, what do you think? I have already replied to this question.


Interesting I so you say to Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, to get involved


with the celebrations. How soon before we see them back in the


Arsenal line-up? Players, when you do not play, every player will tell


you that you do not feel as much part of it. If we are here today it


is because of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, a lot. And also Mustafi.


I wanted them to be part of it. How soon do you expect Alexis Sanchez to


be back in the line-up? As soon as he is fit. He works hard. He is a


fantastic guy. I cannot stop all the speculation. But I have come out


many times a mad. He is focused to do his job. Just to reiterate, as


far as you're concerned, Alexis Sanchez will be at Arsenal after


August the 31st? Yes. Arsenal pick up the Community Shield. I am joined


by Mark Lawrenson and Chris Sutton. Good to see you. It was clearly sent


is entered a penalty shoot out, but other are rather intense 90 minutes


for a friendly? Probably more intense than the Community Shield


would be. It is still very much a preseason friendly, but it is as


close as you can get to a competitive match. I thought the


quality was quite good today, apart from some of the penalties. We will


talk about that in a second. It was Moses Hougaard Chelsea in front in


the second half after being second best in the first period. I thought


Arsenal came out and were the better side in the first half. Chelsea came


out after half-time and Victor Moses did well with the goal. He gambles


were Cahill is going to head the ball. He gets in front of Bellerin.


Bad defending from Arsenal. That would have infuriated Arsene Wenger


after the first-half showing? Yes, it was such a bad goal to concede


early in the second half. Moses gambled and all the Arsenal whack


players did like statues. That is the worst thing. When you talk about


Arsenal and look forwards towards the season, can they win or get in


the top four, there are more questions than answers. Where are


the leaders? They do not have any. They went for zonal marking from the


coroner. I think it was Xhaka who cleared the ball. They were ball


watching. Credit to Moses, but Arsenal were terrible. Page one of


the defensive manual, even from back in your day. It was in black and


white. Chelsea had the chance to go 2-0 up. Willian was in the penalty


area and he went down. This is split opinions. He was given a yellow for


diving but you saw it differently. Ridiculous, for him to get a yellow


card for diving. It should have been a penalty. There was contact from


Bellerin's me onto Willian's left foot. It brought him down. It


should've been a penalty. Then he is booked to add insult to injury. I


did not think it was a penalty. The striker has gone for it. There was


enough contact to derail him. He was exhilarating. That is a good word.


No agreement as far as that is concerned. What about the Pedro red


card. I get the impression that you will agree it was justifiable? Was


it a former's challenge, yes, but was it endangering an opponent? I


think Bobby Madley got that spot on. I do not think it matters if it is a


former's challenge or a defender's challenge. It is a bad challenge. We


could not work out why Bobby Madley was waiting for so long. He was


waiting for him to get up. It was a double whammy, giving him the red


card when he was lying down. They can have no arguments about that,


Chelsea. Kolasinac scored at the death to take it to the penalty


shoot out. The Arsenal goal was after the Pedro incident. Chelsea


knocked off. As Arsenal knocked off for the Chelsea goal. It was the


reverse. And your impressions of Thibaut Courtois stepping up to take


a penalty when it had not gone to the sudden death is? There was


enough confusion in the stadium with this new ABBA system. It is not that


difficult. Some of the footballers were confused. It does not give


footballers are good name. You take one, we will take two. That was


bizarre, mind the windows with that penalty. I can understand. I wonder


why goalkeepers do not take more penalties. We live in a world of


statistics. The strike more dead balls than anybody else on the


pitch. It was a bad penalty. An interesting take on it from Petr


Cech after. He said that when he was at Chelsea, he knew that Thibaut


Courtois took a decent penalty. He also knew which way he was going to


go. It did not make a difference. Watford high road. I have been told


it has just landed. What can the managers take from today? Forget


about the result. Chelsea did not look too disappointed that they have


lost again. The fact is they drew. It is about being fit for next week.


Arsenal play on Friday. In these games, you're looking at your team


in relation to the opposition team, about fitness. I just think Chelsea


are short on numbers. They have let lots of the young players go out on


loan. I think they need to add. In the midfield area, they have


Bakayoko to come in. They need strength in depth. They are to meet


-- the competing in Europe this season. These sale of Nemanja Matic


was strange. This is a precursor to the Premier League season which is


only five days away. The whole game will be Phil on five live. It has


been a knockout day in the Premier League. One of the most sensational


Premier League games in history. A vital goal.


This is Daniel Sturridge. Round the goalkeeper and scores for Liverpool.


That could be a crucial goal. And the Premier League starts


under the Friday night Full commentary of Arsenal


against Leicester on 5 Live. Football Focus will have the key


action of that match at midday on Saturday,


followed by Final Score And then Match Of The Day will have


highlights of eight matches, including Chelsea starting


the defense of their title. We saw Chelsea in action today. You


have already mentioned the looking short in terms of numbers. Are they


good enough to retain the title? We know how hard it is for sites to


retain the title. Last season they did not have Europe to contend with.


This season, an two France, we want Chelsea to be strong in Europe. I do


not think they have an strength in depth. They have liked to many


players go. I do not think Conte is happy. He did not one Nemanja Matic


to go to United. There are questions over whether he has the power. He


will be knocking on the door of the chief executive, saying, we lost


that game, we need more players. What about Arsenal, a couple of


additions, notably Lacazette. He looked sharp. RDC is title


contenders? They have a chance. I would not call it serious. We cite


in moments today, they like real leadership and until the address


that situation I do not think they can win the league. We are always


optimistic about Arsenal, every season. I do not see it but I like


the look of Lacazette. He looked sharp and will be a good addition.


And your tip for the title? Manchester City. They have spent a


lot of money. And for you? I agree, Manchester City. I do not think the


Pep Guardiola will make the same mistakes as last season. They are


the bookies' favourite and they are rarely wrong. Thanks for coming. It


got off to a fiery start, the top-flight campaign in the Community


Shield today. Is that the sign of things to come with the Premier


League campaign around the corner? The first meaningful action for


Premier League teams this season. This is Lacazette. Was Willian trip?


Victor Moses for Chelsea. -- Willian triped. Pedro has got a red card.


Arsenal our level, Sead Kolasinac. Get ready for a penalty shoot out.


He blazes it ..this season,


the whole game in full It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League. The second half, Jermaine,


very much...


Manish Bhasin presents highlights of the traditional curtain-raiser to the Premier League season as Champions Chelsea face FA Cup winners Arsenal at Wembley.

Antonio Conte's team will be looking to quickly forget that 2-1 FA Cup Final loss to the Gunners at the same ground back in May, with both teams expected to show off some of their expensive summer signings.