30/03/2017: Merseyside Special MOTD: The Premier League Show

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30/03/2017: Merseyside Special

Ahead of the 228th Merseyside derby, Gabby Logan looks at what makes the fixture so special, with Mark Lawrenson, Peter Reid, Tony Bellew and David Prentice.

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Welcome to the City of Liverpool. Home to one of English football's


most alluring fixtures, the Merseyside Derby. On this week's


meeting, the 228th, between the reds of Liverpool and the blues of


Everton, will this be a special one in the football mad cauldron. To do


this, I'm joined by an esteem panel of experts, steeped in local folk


leer. Peter Reid, a team player in Everton's successful history. Mark


Lawrenson a European Cup winner with the dominant Liverpool side of the


1980s, in a spell that included five wins. David Prentice, covering


football for 25 years fresh from his win, boxer, Tony Bellew, a


cruise you are champ and a die-hard every tonian. The present


incarnation is a complex beast, history, tradition, controversy,


drama. This fixture has it all. # So ferry cross the Mersey, cos


this land's the place I love... Liverpool children, they say, are


taught to walk by taking them to football matches. Would you like to


play for Liverpool? Yes! Everton, honour no object. There are two


teams in the city, Everton and the Everton Reserves.


It's a ball for Andy King. Oh, yes, he's got it.


Andy King, congratulations. Looking for Sharpe. He's behind


Lawrence, and there he is, Sharpe, what a fantastic goal.


Oh, a lovely goal. And Rush is on the far side. Is this three? It is!


Liverpool have won the double. # They can't have it


# You can't have it # I can't have it too.


# All together now # All together now


All together now... # Oh, lucky you


# There's nothing to lose... And McAllister has a fantastic goal!


# You will, you won't # You do, you don't


# You say you will # But you know you won't... And


surely that's the goal that will win the Derby?! So it's one of the most


eagerly anticipated derbys in the football calendar. Steeped in


history, romance, with wonderful statistics attached to it, such as


the most red cards in a Premier League fixture. But is it as


relevant, as important to the fans a it ever was? It is as ever, possibly


more so as far as the fans are concerned. The atmosphere is


different to the ones that I remember. And certainly Reidie and


Lawro. You are bringing me in now?! Yes,


and I probably say it matters even more so.


No. No. Not having that! It is weird. That concept of the friendly


Derby in the '80s, it was never friendly. I'll tell you a story. You


were not playing, I think it was Gillespie and Andy. For 20 minutes,


we were running on the ground. Barnsy had joined. He was nicking


it, we coat get a kick. After 20 minutes he missed control. I think I


know what is coming. I just about caught him. Any how, I hit him.


Barnsy, England team-mate on the dirt. I have come over, the punters


are up. You big-eared so-and-so, you this, you that, you horrible. I look


in the car, I go "uncle Arthur, sit down" He was a red? He was crackers.


Honestly. But it was a different generation. But even when I was


playing for Everton, two every tonians, they wouldn't go to


Anfield. Now, they are doing well. Losing by


the odd goal. Could you imagine yourself as a


Liverpool supporter? You are asking me to change my religion! This is


coming from an Everton perspective but as a neutral, is dislike or the


word hate, too strong. I know what it is. I will be honest.


I have friends that will try to wind me up, saying that I'm not their


Derby. The fact of the matter is, Liverpool and Everton Football Club


right now in my opinion are at a very similar level for the first


time in a long time. We're trying to achieve the same thing, a top four


or top six finish. That's why the game is massive. If


Everton win it... They are only three points off.


Is it too strong to talk about this rivalry, hatred? No, it's not. There


is a respect for both. But when playing it, it does not matter which


is at the top or the bottom, you don't think going in, who is at the


top or bottom, you just want to win. And they are horrible games to play.


Lovely to watch! Tell me your greatest Derby moment, Tony? The


fivery rut is probably Andy Johnson scoring the two.


No mistake made by Johnson. And Rayner is in all sorts of trouble,


allowing Andy Johnson, giving a wonderful afternoon to be an every


tonian. That has not happened to me for well


over a decade. You are showing your age! I have a dictophone? Really?


There was a press conference. We have gone out there, and the fans


are on Goodson Road, chanting Andy Johnson. He is trying to give a


press conference. And all you can hear is Andy Johnson. David Moyes


was loving it. It was a really good display. And


the last time I have seen Everton against a real class Liverpool. That


is all I'm saying. These two will have different memories. Mine is


when we were beaten in the Merseyside cup final.


Liverpool have won the double. Back in the old Wembley, the


dressing room, we all went to get into the bath. Remember the size of


the bath. You had to stand up in the bath. We went to get in the bath and


three of our supporters were in there in there suits. Soaking wet.


Come, in boys! Not only had they got in the ground, the tunnel, the


dressing room but in the bath. My favourite was the goal of the


season, Sharpe! There is Sharp. What a fantastic goal.


We hadn't won tor 17 year. But he hit this one in, every tonians from


Anfield... It was a wonder goal. Offside but it was a wonder goal.


Let's bring it back to the present day. Everton's last victory in the


dishaway was 2010. But the Toffees have made progress this season under


Ronald Koeman. Everton announced Ronald Koeman as


their new manager on a three-year deal. I'm the new Everton manager, I


play football for winning the game. It's a first victory in the Premier


League for Everton under Ronald Koeman.


Everton are enjoying the ride under Ronald Koeman. Seven points on their


first night. And Romelu Lukaku has a hat-trick


and the points are heading back to Merseyside.


Oh! Nicely done. Everton's best return from the opening five games


in a Premier League season. Stanislav. A corker! Ronald Koeman


says he dropped Ross Barkley to the bench against Manchester City to


give him a wake-up call. Pedro made it five.


A big win for Southampton! We're in the middle of a tricky one. A couple


of disappointing results. And it's headed in! Everton can


celebrate. A quite dramatic victory. And they've scored. If you're an


Everton fan, football days don't get much better than this. Bardley


celebrates and scores. Romelu Lukaku with yet another goal! I think


Romelu Lukaku is a good place to start, actually. In many ways he is


symbolic of where Everton are at the moment. The ability to keep a player


like him shows great intent and great ambition for the club. A


player who has scored more goals than anyone since Gary Lineker in


86. It is important that Everton sorts


his future out. He is difficult to replace. A centre forward for four


or five seasons in the Premier League. He is improving all the time


and he is 23. Your statistics are spot on. 21 goals and Gary Lineker


was the last person to do that. They need cleared off. Gary Lineker!


I know that they won the league in the following season, it was said


that they relied too much on Gary Lineker. By selling him, that they


could win the league. But you can't sell a player of that quality and


expect to progress for years. But Everton would be the same now.


But you can't hold on to a player like that at his age, breaking into


the top six or four is tough. With all due respect, he is


impossible to replace. Let's be honest, a player of Romelu Lukaku's


age is scoring 20-plus league goals a season, he is not looking to join


Everton. So if he goes, which every player in the world if you are not


playing for Real IRA or Barcelona, there is a place.


Are you resigned to losing him? It is not am I, it is win -- Real


Madrid. What if you get millions for him and


then strengthen the squad? As with Liverpool, they have the weak squad


at the top six. So Everton have a lot of signings to make to have a


possibility of breaking into the top four. Think it's the only way. With


top players, people always bite. So you have to get the recruitment


right. He must have a list ready to go. That is if Romelu Lukaku goes.


I'm for him staying. Listen, no one man is bigger than the club.


I agree. There was experience at Southampton,


Ronald Koeman lost a lot of key players. He had to sell them. You


get a sense that he is a man with.pigs. And hopefully, Everton


benefit from it. A successful Ronald Koeman is a successful Everton.


Romelu Lukaku, Everton were in the same position when they sold Wayne


Rooney in 2004. Finishing fourth without him. Didn't invest the


money, they didn't have it. Spent it eventually but became a better unit.


. This they are in top position. But you are going to get the money. The


marketplace. Then it is what you do with it. You


know how much money they will get. Everton are not a club to sell


cheap. You may have the money but can you get the players into a club


that is knocking on your door. How do you get Champions League


players that aren't in the Champions League? It's a clever buy. It didn't


happen for Manchester United but I tell you what, he is a top throw


player. Can they attract. We have attracted


one there, without a doubt. That is what they must aim for. That quality


of football. Allied with trying to get the young ones looked after.


And then the excitement around the new stadium, at last. This is it.


There have been a few almost moments but the Liverpool Water's


development. There have been milestones in the


past but this is as close as they have come to getting a new stadium.


There is excitement about it. This is part of a bigger project for


Liverpool but it means saying goodbye to Goodison. How do you feel


about that as a fan? For me it's like saying goodbye to a


relative who is about to pass away. The relative may be sick and going


onto a better place, but you're going to miss them. You have to come


to terms, it's for the best, that's the best way of saying it. I will


miss Goodison Park, I've many years there, season tickets... But we're


in a different era, in a different game, in a different business. If we


get this new stadium, we go to a whole new stratosphere. What we can


achieve and do. As much as I love Goodison Park, I played when I was


15 there, an iconic stadium. The atmosphere... You can't guarantee


anything in football, but I think it will be like a breath of fresh air.


And also adds revenue streams. I Goodison you can't make any money on


the day, and the match. That would be a massive thing. In a clever way,


what Liverpool have done with their newsstand, for me, call me


old-fashioned, but I think the best football grounds are the ones among


the chimney pots. To be fair, you've done well with our old ground!


Couldn't resist it. Liverpool are unbeaten against the


rest of the top six in the Premier League this season but has struggled


against a lesser likes. Despite their derby dominance Jurgen Klopp's


Reds remain a dominant proposition. # See the rivers filled with rain


# I wish it could be blue again # Hazy petrol lights... #.


Pushes Chambers aside and scores Liverpool's fourth! What a


performance from Liverpool! A superb end to a perfect day for Liverpool!


What a beauty from Jordan Henderson! And his team have secured a big


three points here tonight. Georginio Wijnaldum! Liverpool, six. The smile


says it all. Liverpool go to the top of the


Premier League. We are good, that's what we know, but we need to be good


in all the games. Oh, it's unbelievable. We gave it away.


The margin for error decreasing by the week. Llorente! Goodness me.


Firmino. And they've got it back to 2-2. Swansea back in front. You


can't just turn up and expect because you turn up that you're


going to win. Liverpool back on terms. We are


still there, we still can play football. Mane. Two in just Rennes


minutes. -- in just two minutes. Liverpool three, Arsenal one. And


Willie Caballero is Peter mistimed. It's a success to get a point when


you play like this. I kind of don't want to but I feel


like I have to start with Jurgen Klopp when we talk about Liverpool.


I don't know any Liverpool fans who don't love the man. They can't see


anything negative about him. I don't know many football fans who don't


love Jurgen Klopp. Outside of football. Yes, and when he was


appointed, correct me if I'm wrong, even Reidy said, what a good


appointment. I do like the way his team plays, I do. The next transfer


window is, for me, the crossroads moment for Jurgen Klopp. Depending


on where they finish this year, in terms of the Champions League... I


still think they finish fourth, which if you do, you attract a


different class of players and push on. He'll have done it with the


weaker squad out of the top six. But I worry a little bit about the team.


They are all nice. There's no Pete Reed, no Graeme Souness. I know it's


difficult to get them, but you'd take them all home to meet your mum


and I don't want that. I want a little bit of this... They're all


nice boys. They are probably tonight. Do those players still


exist? The players like you, Reidy? Since Roy Keane left, I haven't seen


a player like that. Idrissa Gueye... Not someone that make a challenge on


you go... The games are officiated in such a way, is there any point in


having too many of those players? I would be happy with one. Liverpool


don't have one, to be fair. And I don't think, with all due respect,


as another Tony and, I don't think Henderson is that the ideal captain


for that club because he doesn't carry them. I watched Steven Gerrard


carry that club for over a decade, single-handedly he carried that


team. That's what I'm saying... There's nobody else. In terms of the


perception of Jurgen Klopp and the reality, you look at the stats very


interesting, incredibly similar record to Brendan Rodgers. He has.


Statistics. On the pitch, the record looks similar, but the style of


football the Brendan Rodgers team played an Jurgen Klopp played are


miles apart. He's only been there five minutes, Europa League cup


final, cup final, and doing it with that squad... It's pretty light at


the moment, not much depth to it. Do you think he's a success? Made


progress. Brendan Rodgers got second. Suarez. He was embarrassed,


was he? As close as any of the managers have come and yet he is


perceived as a failure, in the shadow of Jurgen Klopp. I don't know


if he is perceived as a failure. I'd say it's a kick on from what he


achieved. Second place, is that an achievement? Yes, Champions League


qualification but it fell apart very quickly. The perception is Jurgen


Klopp has the team playing in his philosophy, need to add to it now,


add to the squad. That's why this summer is pivotal in his career.


You ask any Liverpudlian out there and I think 99.99% of them will be


absolutely delighted with Jurgen Klopp. What goes on after the summer


may alter that fact but for the time being... He fits the show a few


weeks ago, Liverpool above every other club need a manager that's


more than just a football manager. They have to be a character, almost


could do five minutes of stand up if they had to. They have that


charisma, personality and effervescence. I think that's


probably in the mould of Bill Shankly. You hate comparing people,


because Jurgen Klopp is Jurgen Klopp, but there is a bit of Shanks.


I met him on numerous occasions, charismatic, I loved him. Do you


love Klopp? No. He's all right, like. I always remember when he drew


with West Brom ended a lap of honour in front of the Klopp. That will do


for me. He's the only Liverpool manager I've ever liked. What he did


with that Borussia Dortmund side, and I haven't seen a Liverpool team


in all my years of watching football, play with the ferocious


pace they play with now. I think they tire out this. Equalled out in


January. It will throughout the season, but when they are on it,


they are hard to beat. They are a frightening opposition. Being a


former player, you look at him and think, I could pray for him. I was


going to say that. You don't know say that about many managers.


Predictions, Tony? I will happily take the draw I'm sorry. Reidy? 1-0


to Everton. 2-0, Liverpool. Liverpool have been outstanding


against the top six was even I think it will finish as a draw. Two


drawers and two wins. What is your prediction? That's it, that's all we


have time for. Gentlemen, I think we could debate this all day but time


to wrap things up. Before we go, let's see what else lies in store in


the Premier League this weekend. # I get knocked down, but I get up


again... #. Sensational goal!


# Error-free woman, every man, join a Caravan of Love


# Stand up, stand up #. Fantastic strike! And that is


brilliant! # I'm still standing... #.


Great reactions from Troy Deeney. # Meta- goal on Monday, took her for


a drink on Tuesday... #. Olivier Giroud! What a goal.


Brilliant. Subplots galore and whilst the guys continue to chew the


fat downstairs, that's all from us in Liverpool. Midweek games means


there's no show next week, so join us in two weeks' time. We leave you


this week with this take on a crazy season so far...


I'm a prime MC, before music I had dreams of being a footballer, even


Tottenham Hotspur. Now I spit bars for a living.


Now I see all these Premier League stars trying to get on this MC thing


from Yannick Bolasie to Paul Pogba. After all these years in England...


See what you've been missing... It's time I showed a thing or two. First


things first, you have to make sure you pick the right beat. Crime is


like football, fast paced, very energetic. Let's try one. -- Grime's


like football. The next thing is your concept. Today I'm going to


spit bars about the Premier League, the managers, the goals, the


players. Let's look at this season's highlights. Benik Afobe, nicely


done. Theo Walcott! Sensational Arsenal goal.


I've written my bars, now it's time to write things down.


Harry Kane is a force, Patrick 's # Liverpool the strangest


# Everton will be gone next year, you won't remember them


# N'Golo Kante, his pedigree # Leicester City won the late last


year but sacked their manager that's a wrap, one take.


That's my tip for any of you Premier League players who want to be a


grime MC. Next time I might even show you some skills!


Ahead of the 228th meeting of Liverpool and Everton, a look at what makes the Merseyside derby so special for generations of fans. Gabby Logan is joined by Mark Lawrenson, Peter Reid, boxer Tony Bellew and journalist David Prentice.