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Joe Hart in Turin

Steve Bower travels to Turin to talk to Joe Hart, who is on loan at Torino from Manchester City. Plus, Gabby Logan is joined by David James and Lloyd Griffith.

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STUDIO: Welcome to the Premier League show, this week, delighted to


be joined by Premier League goalkeeping legend, David Jaynes,


and comedian and amateur netminder, Lloyd Griffin. -- David James. We


have been speaking with Joe Hart about his adjourned in Italy. And we


have and is collusive interview with one of the biggest stars in


football, find out who later, but first we will look back over the


last seven days of what has been going on in the Premier League. --


sojourn. COMMENTATOR: That was the challenge


from Tyrone Mings on Wayne Rooney, and the boot catches Zlatan


Ibrahimovic's head, he knew who it was, and he thrusts his elbow into


his head, he has to go but he has not. COMMENTATOR: Roberto Firmino!


Such a crucial match. Alexis Sanchez watches on. It should be two and it


is. Miserable looking Arsenal. How do you explain the decision to leave


out your best option? COMMENTATOR: Carol, telling it in! Fernando


Llorente! We put pressure on ourselves to really get the win, I


think we thoroughly deserved it as well. COMMENTATOR: Riyad Mahrez, and


still, space for the shot... Back-to-back wins, that will


hopefully now give them the confidence to take into the last


part of the season. COMMENTATOR: Concede possession, Harry Kane,


Everton punished, Harry Kane against yellow Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Tyrone


Mings have been charged with violent conduct, the two players have until


tomorrow evening to respond. COMMENTATOR: Big danger here, Pedro


back to Hazard, big danger! 1-0! Corner, played in, into the net by


Diego Costa. This is good, but it is important to keep our feet on the


ground. COMMENTATOR: Avid Silver! Just wide. The defence was well


organised. We tried. I worked very hard for 20 years to make our fans


happy. When we lose games I understand they are not. Has this


taken a toll on you? Yes. It is the longest of long goodbyes


from Arsene Wenger, this latest press conference where he has said


that he will be guided by the fans, do you believe that? Will he really


take notice of what the fans are saying or is it down to them? I


don't think so, the interesting thing with Arsene Wenger, I love him


as a manager because this guy has had so much excess in real terms, so


much success over so many years, with Arsenal. I think what it does


is it buys you the belief that you will get more of the same in the


success from the owner 's point of view, as an intelligent man, and he


is a very intelligent man, you would think at some point he will say, I


cannot take this site any further but I know how to keep the side in


this position, let someone else have a little bit more influence. Alex


Ferguson, prime example at Manchester United, 20 odd years,


different coaches, getting the same top success, winning Premier


Leagues. Arsene Wenger could do that if he allowed somebody else to do a


bit more on urging side of things. Interesting that he has a knowledge


that the fans are annoyed, they have been annoyed for I think ten years!


You see it means net, they want him they want him out, looking at the


situation with Alex Ferguson, he left, he had been at Manchester


United for a long time, grass is greener, if Arsene Wenger goes, same


situation as Manchester United, you get rid of Arsene Wenger and then


you will have a number of managers in four or five years which will not


deliver as good as Arsene did and those fans will implode! Football


fans are never truly happy. That is the permanent state. That they are


entitled to be in(!) after being the undisputed number one at Manchester


City for six seasons including two Premier League titles, the arrival


of Pep Guardiola brought an abrupt end to the time of Joe Hart at the


Etihad Stadium, he has moved its arena on a season-long loan, on a


deadline day deal, he has a fresh start, and we have been to visit


him. -- he has moved to Torino. Good to see you. This is a little


bit weird, meeting you at Torino railway station. Fairly normal for


me, this has been my life for a good number of months. Show me around


Turin. Of course. It was an amazing surprise, when I signed, to see such


a positive I've come my way. The fans have been fantastic, the


people, the city, both sides. There is a divide, Torino and Juventus. I


need to keep moving, Juventus play Napoli tonight. That's right! Make


sure they are the right fans! Is it like Manchester City and Manchester


United? I would say so, we are not fighting on the same scale, but...


There is certainly a strong love for both. Derby day... They have been


great to me. Are you good? Thank you. No hard braking, Luca! LAUGHTER


He will get you there in time, put it that way. What has been the main


differences on the pitch between England and Italy? The crowds are


different, you rarely sell out the stadium over here, but, they are


always a lot of fun, you can range from a League 2 Stadium right the


way through to a Champions League Stadium in two weeks of away games.


The fans that turn up are absolutely brilliant, the atmosphere, the


flags, the tradition of all of the teams, especially our fans, behind


the one goal at home, that is a really special atmosphere. What has


it been like mixing in? Did you feel like the new boy at school in a


different country? Were you embraced and welcome? I was the new boy at


school but I am not special different to anybody else, I am


lucky that I have seen a lot of foreign people in England be the new


boy, someone will throw some banter in your direction, people want to


see how you react, when they see are open to being a part of the group,


then you settle in quickly. What did you think when you first


came? Did you think, wow, or did you think, OK, this has got to be it. I


came here thinking, I couldn't care less if this was a hellhole, I'm


here to play football. And that is what I am going to do.


COMMENTATOR: No bigger name in management, Pep Guardiola, starts


with a massive call, dropping Joe Hart to the bench, it is for me to


make the decisions, said but Guardiola, and I took it. How


difficult was it, to discover that the manager at Manchester City did


not want to make you number one and you would have to come somewhere


like this? -- said Pep Guardiola. Well, I don't know, I want to say it


was really bad but it was not, I kind of solid coming. From the


moment he walked through the door? No, I just... You just pick up


vibes, don't you, it certainly was not a surprise to me. It was


something I wanted to change, and I felt I was more than capable of


changing. But to get results, he needed to have a team that he felt


comfortable and he wanted, and I did not fall into that. No problem. I


would love to have stayed and fought and shown what I can do but I do not


have that time. You don't have that time, especially as a goalkeeper,


you cannot come off the bench for ten minutes and prove your worth,


you are in or you are out. I will fight my corner all day, but if you


don't want to win, no point fighting, especially someone as


powerful as that at Manchester City, like I say. Nothing personal on me,


I do know that, he is not that kind of guy. Do you respect his honesty?


I do, of course, he did what he thought was right to do, he didn't


do it to ruin my life changed my life, he did it because he thought


that was what was right for him to win as a manager. And so, I had to


look elsewhere and here I am. How is the Italian? A few lessons? I


am trying, I'm not brilliant, but it is not through lack of trying. It is


really difficult for me, I have been out of school since I was 16, 14


years, and learning does not come second nature, but I make sure I


learned how to communicate with my team. Nothing worse than me playing


in England and people did not make the effort to come and say, hello,


how are you. I have asked as many questions as I could, it has gone in


this era, gone out the other, sometimes it has come back in(!),


but it is not through lack of trying. -- it has gone in this ear


and out the other. Do they defend first and foremost? Have you been a


busy boy? That is not the mentality of this code, he wants us to score


many goals. It is not all about defence at this site. -- coach.


Maybe I came here and thought it would be very tactical but, one


goal, and the game plan goes out of the window and it turns into


organised chaos! It is fun! We say you have been busy, in terms of your


specific position, have you found the demands different in Italy? I


would say that it is not the demands of Italy, it is the demand of a


different manager, and this manager has demanded different things of me.


What he wants more, what he wants less, what is important, what is


not. Just to clarify... Does he ask you to Blake get out from the


back...? LAUGHTER -- does he ask you to play it out


from the back? LAUGHTER The side that I love is doing


different things, changing, developing, working on different


tactics together, that is the enjoyable side of it. What kind of


city is it, for people who have never been? A really nice surprise,


I have never lived downtown, always lived on the outskirts, we live in


the city centre here, a lot of history and culture. A lot of shops


for your wife? A lot of shops! Myself as well! Not the most modern


of places but certainly beautiful. Do you see yourself as someone who


could follow you now, it is a while since we have seen in display of


playing in Italy. I have certainly not done it for that reason. But it


might open a few more avenues. If anyone wanted to speak with me about


doing this, I would have nothing but positive things to say, the Italian


lads speak to me about it a lot, the Italian people, why don't in display


is come? They think it is because we think we are too good. I said, I


think the communication is not there, as much as English players


are not willing to go away, I don't think the contact is there from the


other side. Hopefully, people will realise, if you don't ask, you do


not get. The distant future... As we sit here now, Manchester City fans


will be watching this thinking, will he ever play for our team again? I


would say, I am pretty much... I am surplus to requirements at my parent


club, at the moment. Do you see that changing? Well, not really. You are


a realist? Yes, I have got to be realistic. And I love that club, and


I always said, as long as they wanted me, I would be there. But I


was always cautious when I said that because I am aware that other big


clubs -- at the big clubs, staff can change quickly, opinions, people in


charge, not everyone will like me, and want to play you, and that is


the business side of it, I have grown into that, and I am certainly


not going to take it personally. I want to play football, I love to


play football, if that opportunity is not given there, then I have to


look elsewhere, and may have to make somewhere else my home. Where are


you at at the moment, back in England, Joe Hart is linked with


this club, that club...? Frustrating to see my name thrown around so much


when I am just getting on with what I'm doing, and whatever needs to be


taken care of will be taken care of one way or another. I still have a


parent club that I need to respect and work with. I understand that is


the football business now, everyone has an opinion, a small comment can


be... Can be used in an article, or whatever, but I don't know, if I am


being brutally honest, I don't know where my future lies in terms of my


team, because certainly, I have had no communication with anyone. The


best thing that I can do is work hard, be ready for training every


day, do my best for Torino, in my best when I represent my country and


hopefully the rest will take care of itself. Gareth obviously replaced


Sam Allardyce, how important is it to be playing in regular football as


you are now next season for you to sustain their position as number


one? Is not the kind of guy to be saying, you need to be doing this,


you need to be doing that, he is a positive, interesting person, he has


come out here to see me, really good of him, just one afternoon, to check


in, he wants what is best the country, the only way that I can do


that is if I am playing well and regularly and improving. We have


some really good strong English keepers at the moment. I would like


to think we are all pushing each other. My level has dropped, then I


am gone, I understand that, I don't need any threats, I know how the


game works. I have been a part of it for a while. How different is it, we


see these last-minute deadline day deals, with outfield players,


striker, left back... Is it a roulette wheel with a goalkeeper,


you sometimes have to look around Europe or the premiere for one to go


and another to fit in? Yes, unfortunately! That is the truth.


Especially the top teams, because every top team has at least one top


goalkeeper. You need people to move, managers to change, you need


something to happen for something to happen, you cannot just charge in


somewhere. Thank you very much. Jack of all


trades. No problem, nice to meet you.


If you had a wisher 's neck season with the Premier League be your


preferred choice, if that window arose? -- wish list. I love the


Premier League, love Premier League games. Removing myself as a


footballer, I watch the Premier League, it's a great league,


fantastic football is played in it. I know it really, really well. I


wouldn't say... It's not top of my wish list, top of my wish list is to


play for a club that wants me to be their goalkeeper. We all want to be


wanted and you can't blame Joe Hart for moving as quickly as he did to


Torino and not staying to see how things pan out at Manchester city.


He seems a little bit bruised by the whole experienced, would you say,


and his departure in general? Yeah I think it's a very compelling


interview coming he was very honest with a lot of his answers. I think


the problem because he played the beginning of the season, was in the


club at the beginning of the season, the game in the Champions League,


then add the last minute the move to Torino was there. Had he known about


its two weeks earlier he would have had a better option. The move to


Torino is fantastic because it gives him an opportunity to play first of


all. And in some ways show people in England, more importantly at


Manchester, he's still a top drawer goalkeeper. From the goalkeeping


perspective in particular, the psychology of that, when you are


number one and feel you are not number one any more, it would be


hard to get back that shirt, that position, it must become


psychologically, different to being an outfield player. There is synergy


here because when I was at Liverpool Brad Friedel was brought in and


before that there had been a number of number two goalkeepers. I never


felt threatened in any way. You develop, like with Joe, six years of


relationship with a club that stretches beyond the changing room,


to the fans, the staff working at the ground. All of a sudden you're


not wanted. When Brad came in we flip-flopped a little while, then it


was obvious I wasn't going to be number one goalkeeper going into my


last season of my contract. I thought, I want to play, I'm not


going to sit on a bench. Like a joke he could have sat around for a year


and people would say, you could fight for your place if it means


that much. When you realise you're not going to play, it affects


everything. So you have to move. Do you think there was more to it than


playing the ball out of his feet, Claudio Bravo being a different kind


of goalie? Was there something about his personality that quality owner


wasn't finding synergy with? Not sure about his personality but it


was clear Guardiola didn't want in there. The last game he played he


played the ball with his feet more than he'd done in any other kind of


game. It was clear he wanted to be able to prove himself, adapt to this


new way of goalkeeping. I think as a semiprofessional amateur goalkeeper


you might be more qualified to answer this. This sweeper keeper


thing is a myth. It was trendy for a few months but you don't really see


it happening at the moment. Claudio Bravo hasn't had a great start at


Man City, with Willy Caballero has come in. Joe Hart is probably quite


happy about. If I'm a top-flight manager I might be in Torino on the


other side of the city, Juventus, I'm looking at Joe, whose to foreign


life. You don't think a move back to the Premier League is fait accompli


for him. You think moving around Europe would be good for him


career-wise? I would be looking at Juventus, looking at how bouffant is


getting on and saying, I could take his place. He's good enough to do


it. The only impish play at the moment playing abroad. For somebody


to go there just doesn't happen, he talks about it. It's rare for an


English player to be abroad. Hats off to him for going out there and


saying, I want to play, doesn't matter where he wants to play.


Hopefully he'll keep playing for England. I think that's what he


wants to do. There are lots of good English goalkeepers around at the


moment. You don't think you should be worried about that? No, heating


at Burnley is a good goalkeeper. Hasn't got the experience, but at


30, made 52 appearances in my 30s. He's got an opportunity to do that.


This is a great opportunity for you, Lloyd, to get advice from David.


Things haven't been going well lately for you. I let in a pretty


bad goal last week. I hope you can give me feedback. A free kick from


35, maybe 38 yards out. What do you think I could have done better to


stop the ball going in? My first thought would be had you been


standing somewhere else it wouldn't have gone in. Two. Maybe the wall


was to... Definitely obscuring your view. I've got an interview at


Sutton next week. It might not ballot rebounds as much on their


pitch. What about the pie eating? Only after 90 minutes. It's not


often you get a true exclusive but we are proud to announce the first


ever interview with one of the game's biggest stars. All right


lads, not now, big game, big game. I like to think of myself as a cross


between Paul Merson and Yann Mulberry. Come on, lads!


I liked George Best. No, no... I liked zippy best.


I like to go to the cinema. I saw from the other week and I sat next


to Arsene Wenger. Yeah, he didn't see it.


I'd like to go into management. There are a few jobs around. I was


driving up the on the other day and saw a sign saying there was a gap at


Watford. The worst injury I ever had was


claustrophobia. The club didn't believe me. They wanted to deal with


it behind closed doors but to be honest they didn't help.


I remember once I saw this steward run on the pitch and score a goal


for Manchester United. He had Martial written on his back.


Martial! This is a tricorn hat from the 16th century. I thought I'd


break up the own samey football interviews. With this it's all about


the three points. Well I'm always the last to leave


the training ground. But that's because I'm quite slow. I do like to


stay behind to practice my diving. What's that all about? Great dive,


great dive. At this point in time I am a real sociopath player and there


was no truth in the room as I might be going to the Chinese super


league. To put it another way... I sometimes get the feeling, I've had


it with you, David James, sometimes footballers are toying with us. To


make things more interesting for themselves when they do interviews


they either decide to go off on a tangent or avoid the question being


asked with a finance. Guilty? That cruel to suggest. Depending on the


environment and the occasion, if it is the international finals there


might be a theme going around the changing room you're trying to get


out there. Other times... I had a long time in the Premier League...


If you've got a good media backing you don't mind having a joke with


the media side of things. If you're getting hammered your more closed


shop. You go from one word answers, avoiding the conversation, really.


The best interviews are where you don't talk solely about football.


Look at Claudio Ranieri in the last 18 months, talking about pizza and


bells. If I was a football manager I'd talk about pizza nonstop. Pizza


or pies. Every manager should take a leaf out of his book and talk about


their classic car collection or if they have a chopper collection.


Maybe they are worried they will be forever labelled pizza man as you


were labelled the man who played too many computer games. Every time you


made any kind of... Not even mistake, let a goal in, it was


blamed... The line was bad, wobbly pictures. 20 years ago and having a


chat with what I thought was a friend of mine, journalist. I


happened to mention I played computer games, took away nervous


energy. I still got it now, people telling me, still playing Nintendo?


I said no, its PlayStation. Get it right! When Stockport and blossoms


took to the stage at Eddie had, the lifelong man city fans achieved a


lifelong dream. They've been back to reminisce. -- at the Etihad Stadium.


Tom and Joel at the Etihad Stadium. It's used for some of the biggest


gigs in the UK, we've seen some of our favourite bands. We had to look


at the marriages between eight professional footballer and being in


a band. This is where we first played at


city as an unsigned band. Some of our favourite memories as a band and


as mates have been in the stadium. Aguero scored, we had a season


ticket over there. Aguero! Different to our dressing. When you


have a dressing room at a gig doesn't feel like yours, doesn't


feel personal. Coral rehearsal space is more like their dressing room,


somewhere they come all the time. There's no beer fridge, though. That


is big difference. Seek what it takes to become a Premier League


footballer we're going behind-the-scenes. Ex-city player


turned coach Mark Kennedy. I've been a city fan all my life, you were the


first person on my shirt. It was a kids shirt so your name and 34 would


take that 95% of it. Being a city player in the 90s you would imagine


away cis... You can't avoid it. I was a massive oasis fan anyway,


around the time of Wonderwall, it was a big thing. I suppose it got


grip of the whole city. I look back at the team we had, we were... You


would get left behind now straightaway. You get back what you


put in. Like loads of bands, you've got to be the best. Work harder than


the rest. I love football but I played hard as well, I didn't


achieve anywhere near what I should have done. Because of the way I


lived my life. If I was more professional, you would assume you


would have had more success. Carry on doing what you do. You're doing


really well. That shot looks good. It's casual. Probably take the wage.


Yeah. Dressing room. It's good, that. Apart from that I'll stick to


being in a band. We've got a gig to do. Bourdy let's have a look at this


weekend's fixtures. The FA Cup quarterfinals mean a reduced Premier


League programme with just four games. Three kick-offs on Saturday.


A big game at the bottom of the table with Hull taking on a


resurgent Swansea. Liverpool will hope to avenge their early-season


defeat to Burnley. That's it from us by thank you to two goalkeepers


extraordinaire, Lloyd and David. We'll be back next week with Gary


Lineker sitting down to talk to Jose Mourinho. Until then, goodbye.


Steve Bower travels to Turin to talk to Joe Hart, who is on loan at Torino from Manchester City. Plus, Gabby Logan is joined by David James and Lloyd Griffith, comedian Milton Jones gives his take on player interviews and indie band Blossoms talk about their undying love for Manchester City.