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South Coast Special

Gabby Logan presents the Premier League Show from the South Coast, charting Brighton and Hove Albions rise to the Premier League, and sitting down with Charlie Daniels.

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This week we've followed the sunshine to the


an area quietly emerging as a hotbed of Premier League football.


Tonight, we delve inside three of the region's clubs


Brighton have travelled from the brink to the big time


We join next season's Premier League new boys as they prepare


for their first season in the top-flight


With Bournemouth securing their Premier League


we talk to their king of the assist, Charlie Daniels,


about his and the club's journey from the lower leagues.


And we've gathered together three Southampton legends


But first, we take a look back at what proved to be a pivotal


COMMENTATOR: Back in... Chelsea cannot win the title this weekend


but tonight, Tottenham have surely lost it.


COMMENTATOR: What a strike from the Manchester City skipper! Space here


for Raheem Sterling... Kevin De Bruyne with it, looking for a touch,


and there is the touch, for Nicolas Otamendi. Crystal Palace cannot


relax just yet. COMMENTATOR: In from Larsson,


Jermain Defoe is there and he has bundled it in! That might be the


goal that ultimately takes Hull down with Sunderland.


COMMENTATOR: Knocked up towards Fernando Llorente! That is huge for


Swansea, their fate is their own to decide, two to play, if they win


them both, they stay up act or real -- if they win them both, they stay


up! COMMENTATOR: Claiming handball, big


call, lucky break for Liverpool... But it is handball. Can James Milner


fire Liverpool in front, he cannot! It is saved!


COMMENTATOR: Granit Xhaka will have a go from there... Danny Welbeck,


2-0! The race for the Champions League place again for Arsene


Wenger. COMMENTATOR: Fabregas... Did not get


there, Diego Costa did, and the top scorer has just calmed the nerves


inside Stamford Bridge. Fabregas, Nemanja Matic! Chelsea are one win


away from the title. Complete contrast in a motion for


Middlesbrough, they are relegated from the Premier League for the


fourth time. -- emotion. So Chelsea just need a win away


against West Bromwich Albion this Friday night to secure


the Premier League title. Can Antonio Conte lift a trophy


in his first season in England or can serial fun-spoiler Tony Pulis


ruin the party and leave the champagne on ice


for another weekend? Joining Chelsea in the Premier


League next season will be who finished second


in the Championship after narrowly They haven't played in the top


division of English the year they lost in the FA


Cup Final and were relegated, We are a club that has been knocking


on the door of the Premier League for the last five seasons. It is an


exciting time for the club, we are looking forward to testing ourselves


in the Premier League. The connection with the supporters and


the wider community has always been very strong here at macro


Lucky hat, each time I wear it, we score. Just amazing, after


everything that has happened. Epic. Amazing. We have spent 34 years


waiting. It is unbelievable. CHEERING


Everybody has always looked at Brighton as a nightclub, people have


found out things about Brighton that perhaps in the history of the club


they did not know, and that is a good thing.


No club ever before has had the imagination to use the modern travel


being employed by Brighton today. Welcome to Seagull One, the same


helicopter used for the visit of the Pope, any significance? Well, if it


is good enough for the Pope, it is good enough for Joe Melia! The FA


Cup final, 1983, against Manchester United, first game was amazing, the


atmosphere, the crowd, the number of brighten supporters. -- Brighton.


COMMENTATOR: Howlett... Smith! It is there! 14 minutes! Stapleton!


Manchester United equalised. Wilkins... That's absolutely


magnificent! The corner, he has pulled it back to


Grealish, little touch for Stevens! 2-2! Gary Stevens equalises! Three


minutes remaining. Ball played forward to Robinson,


going forward strong... He's inside his own penalty area... Smith...


Must score, has not scored, and Bailey has saved it. That was the


moment, that was the moment, first time I have been to a cup final, the


only time I have been to a cup final! Apart from the replay.


COMMENTATOR: Arnold Muren makes it 4-0. -- Arnold Muhren.


Very recently we have the 20th anniversary of the last ever game at


the Goldstone ground, when Brighton were fighting for their football


league lives, the game ended with them winning but the fans tearing up


the ground. One week later, they went to Hereford for a relegation


decider, had they lost that game, and they were losing, at one stage,


they would have been out of the Football League. So, two decades on,


to be in the position where we are now is pretty extraordinary. I think


it was one of the first times that a club's ownership had almost sold the


club from under their own feet behind the backs of the supporters,


that sense of betrayal was deeply felt. Not just by the fans, but by


the wider football community, because if it could happen to a club


like Brighton it could happen to anybody. Incredibly, four motorways


to get to a home game! One hour and 20 there, one hour and 20 back, 2000


die-hards to watch games at gelling, for Dick Knight got them back to the


city, this was their home ground, and then they went to the with Dean


Stadium. Not ideal, but it was definitely arrows. I think they sat


50 yards away from the pitch. I thought, somebody plays football


there, that is where my school sports day is, it was nothing... Now


we are here, it is unbelievable. -- Withdean Stadium. No viable eternity


to farming exists... I had it painted blue, quite a few


years ago now. You have got to back them, you have got to support your


local team! Had some great times. I think they've done so well, to get


where they are now. The players we have got, they all fitted in. And


they are a great team, they really are, it is like a family there,


actually. This club has been through a


struggle, when you go through a struggle you come through it or you


do not. We do not have aspirations to go into the Premier League and


take it by storm, we are humble, we have work to do in the summer to


improve the facilities, but this training ground is world-class,


probable one of the best 34 in the country, those key pieces are in


place, we have a very good squad and a very good manager. -- probably one


of the best three or four in the country. Everybody's excited to get


there and start the work. We will need to strengthen because


we are going into the toughest league to play in, but I don't see


wholesale changes, we mustn't take away a lot of what we have had, the


spirit, the togetherness this season, similar to what we have done


in the last few windows. A little bit of quality is needed. The gaffer


plays a massive part, never to hire, never too low, that goes for


everybody around him and it has worked wonders for us. Tony is a


lifelong brighten phone, devoted a vast part of his fortune getting the


club ready to be -- ready for the Premier League, he sets the tone, he


has ideas about how things should be done and that is reflected through


the club. -- never too high, never too low.


It is about staying up, if you are able to come away from the first


Premier League season and be happy overall, that will be enough. Losing


the Goldstone ground, going to gelling, the Withdean Stadium, and


coming here, it is just perfect. Go back to the dark days of the


Withdean, soaking wet every game that you went to, to come here on


this stadium is unbelievable. We model ourselves on Southampton or


Stoke City, if we do that, we will be fine. I am so excited, I cannot


wait, I am wearing the hat everyday! Seventy six miles as the crow flies


along the South Coast from Brighton is AFC Bournemouth,


a club who've trodden an equally Eddie Howe's side finished 16th


in their inaugural season in the Premier League and look set


to improve on that this time around. One of the men who's been with them


throughout their extraordinary journey is Charlie Daniels and he's


been talking to Caroline De Moreas. Charlie says, always tell your


mother when you are going somewhere... You recently major 200


appearance for Bournemouth, how did that feel? It was amazing, yeah,


didn't actually realise until one week before, when somebody told me.


I feel really honoured to have made 200 appearances for Bournemouth, and


for us to be in the Premier League, very special. You started your


career at Tottenham Academy, was that a great basis for you, because


there was incredible talent, yourself, Harry Kane, David Beckham,


but before then, you were with Ridgeway Rovers? Semi-players have


played there and gone on to be professionals. I don't know what it


is, it is around that area, it is very tough, if you want to become a


professional, you have to work hard, I am really grateful I have done.


COMMENTATOR: Daniels still going, it is four!


The core of the squad have been together since League 1, do you


think this side is an example of perseverance within the game? I do,


and I think it is a credit to the football club as well, for sticking


by us, they could have just let us go, you know, could have said,


thanks very much, maybe bigger names, we have all come up together,


as a whole club, and from that side, it has been fantastic. How important


have the goals of Josh King been to the club? Incredibly, he has scored


a hell of a lot of goals, he has been settled down, off the pitch, he


has a young son and that has helped him. It changes you as a person. His


workrate has been unbelievable. He is a very important part of this


team. The manager is part of that, what is it like working under Eddie


Howe? He has probably been the biggest influence on my career. When


we first heard that he was coming in, a couple of the lads that played


under him before, they said, he trains you really hard... We are


going to improve. We might actually get promoted. I think we was in the


relegation zone at that time, so a lot of us thought... It is not going


to happen... As soon as he stepped in the door, first training session,


high-intensity, very forward attacking thinking and if we did not


do that, then we were not playing, as simple as that. Definitely helped


me progress as a player, on and off the pitch as well. He comes across


as personable. He has said he can lose his cool?


Well, that is not pleasant for anyone. He does that for the right


reasons, not very often but you will know about it. Bournemouth on 42


points and pushing for that top ten finish, how does this season fit


into the long-term progression? We have said ever since the gaffer has


been here, if we keep improving every year, which we have done, but


will improve the club and if we keep doing that hand in hand, there are


no limits. Looking to next year, if we can keep the same high levels and


improve the squad, hopefully it can continue for a fee more years.


Financial stability, a thriving academy and bold


managerial appointments have seen Southampton held up as the model


But Claude Puel's side have failed to build on last season's sixth


place finish under Ronald Koeman and another exodus of


We've gathered together three Saints legends to run the rule


My name is Jason Dodd, I was lucky enough to play for Southampton 483


times. I am Mark Gatiss, I played for five years and was in the 1984


squad that finished second in the league. I am Francis Bonaly, I


scored one amazing goal! -- Benali. Where do we rank first season of


Claude Puel in charge? It is the expectation, get to the Cup Final


and finish in eighth place on the table, if that is not a success,


that tells you how far the club has come. Mixed feelings, I look at


Claude, he has taken over the side, doing quite well in the league but


what hurts me is the fact that we are still a feeder club and that is


a massive problem. Throughout the years, we have lost huge amounts of


players or players have moved on, what sort of side could we have


built that we kept them? Amazing, we would be winning the league for many


years! We must have so much money in our bank accounts! The players we


have sold, and we have not been paying a lot to get players. They


want to play in the Champions League so it is not a money issue because


they are more than well looked after but they want to be tested and to


me, that is hunger for the lads, you cannot want them to go off to play


for these big cups because they want to be challenged. From Matt Le


Tissier, to Gareth Bale and bridge, the Saints Academy must be the envy


of the Premier League. That scouting network was there from years ago and


it has gone from strength to strength, we touched on how keeping


the players can be a problem but they have churned out that conveyor


belt of players... Gareth Bale! If I was a player or a parent, I would


want my boy or I would want to be at Southampton as opposed to Chelsea


because it is a pathway to the first team. When you look at the other


teams, at Arsenal, you would have to be exceptional to get near the first


team, that is not say they are not exceptional at Southampton but just


means that you have a chance. When will the new crop of fans get their


1976? We came so close in 2003, we could not get that extra step to


lift the trophy and try to replicate in 1876. That is the next step, but


some silverware on the mantelpiece. Be honest, can we do what Lester


did? I'm not sure. We will not see that again. Why don't we focus on


that? On that silverware to get in there? What a great day, not just


for those supporters but everyone, the players and management,


everyone. Just brilliant. If I could have a Cup Final every year I would


be a happy man. What will make a successful season next year? Keeping


hold of the best players and that includes Bertrand, in the top half,


with some silverware and we will be happy. Somebody without any


management upheaval or players leaving. But we need to invest, the


club has got some money so which direction to be want to go? Can we


win something? That is a fantastic place to be. Talk to me about South


Coast football. It has been coming up for a long time, Brighton first


and foremost. I fancy them to stay up. Good backers and good management


and I think they will do well. For the south coast to have three sides


in the Premier League is great for this region. It builds that rivalry


more as well. I think there will be some great games and I am looking


forward to all of the side is doing well. None more so than Southampton,


we are a little bit biased! Good luck to all South Coast


clubs for the rest of And if you think it's tense


in the Premier League, the stakes are just as high


in the fantasy world. Nathan Caton tells us what it takes


to become a Fantasy Football Fergie. Do I play Fantasy Football? Of


course! I never used to but I thought of Andre Villas-Boas can


manage in real life, I must be able to do that in fantasy! Fantasy


Football has to be one of the most frustrating things I have endured


and I am an England fan! We spend the entire summer baking and the


perfect job, spending ?100 million, I once spent ?25 in costs go for


some condom is because I thought it was a bargain! The price for some


players is ridiculous. ?11 million for Sanchez. Ten for Eden Hazard?


But Claudio Bravo? You would be lucky to get five! You plan and plan


the team and the next thing, the summer is gone and you are missing


important dates in your life. Sorry, mum, I will make up your birthday


next year! The season rolls around and you have the perfect squad. I


say perfect, more like the perfect 11. Working out some things, talking


to the players and agents. Stephen Ward, golden. Why would you include


Stephen Ward? After all much graft, the perfect 11, Pogba, Ibrahimovic,


should win the league easily, right? Then comes the most difficult and


most important bit- naming the team. Not a normal name, new owners to? It


must be a football pun, men behaving Chudleigh. You have the squad,


happy? A thing so until the end of week one and you panic and you


attempted to play the wild card. They should be a transfer deadline


in Fantasy Football, it might look something like this. I am outside


Nathan Caton's bother's us, we believe he is inside working on a


free transfer to swap the Walton with Michael Cain and he said,


Swansea keep conceding, man, costing me points. What a head of transfers


is if you take the player out of the team you know they will start


performing. I learnt this the hard way, after his first season at


Spurs, I had Harry Kane then he didn't score the first four against


the next season and I took him out! Harry Kane! The worst is when you


support teams and players you normally cannot stand. Pass! Get in!


Diego Costa! Getting, my captain! Gosh! I feel so dirty! Or that


frustration and Agony and from what? I had a mate got into the top 15 in


the world and what did you get? A pen and a key ring. In the last nine


months I have missed my mother 's birthday, my anniversary of my


girlfriend and the birth of my first child for a pen and a key ring,


although we do like a good key ring. Get out! I must sort my team for the


weekend! Go! Nathan, we're backing


you all the way. There's ten days left


of the Premier League season and nothing should be taken


for granted - not even the title! With Champions League places and one


relegation spot still up for grabs, there are still plenty of teams


with everything to play for. And here are the key games to look


out for before the season's end. Will Chelsea seal the title before


Tottenham kick another ball? At the bottom, can Swansea


continue their remarkable recovery, condemning Hull City or maybe even


Crystal Palace to Championship football next year alongside


Middlesbrough and Sunderland? And don't forget that huge FA


Cup Final between Arsenal and Chelsea to round the season off


live on the BBC. And you can keep track


of all the Premier League twists and turns online,


on the radio and on TV across the BBC over


the next two weekends. That's all from us here


at the Premier League Welcome to The Premier League


Show... We are in lovely Leicester with very special guests. Welcome to


New York. Fancy seeing you here! We are going Dutch! Everybody is


different. After you! Manchester United sold players that I would


never sell and bought players I would never buy! Three goals? We


have a couple of pictures of you! Good to see you. Beautiful. He is


very happy to stay with us and fight for the title. I would give him


another three years... To get to the level of Ronaldo and Lionel Messi


you must work exceptionally hard. You are an Olympian? You are? I


think he has broken out! Were at the Etihad Stadium. All right? I am


surplus to requirements. At my parent club. I would not want to be


a manager if I changed what I believe in. There is a great


opportunity to come here and work with the best in the world. You


cannot write a Song and think, this will sound good in a football


stadium? You can! He was crackers! The players were not happy. If I


could see another person doing what I do, I would think, is he crazy? If


you think this is a holiday it will not work. Will we finish in Arizona?


Good to see you. I am a human being first. Definitely not Liverpool in


the top. That job affects everything. Do you ever lose it?


What do you think? Thank you very much, from the bottom of your heart!


If you lie your whole life, you cannot escape.


Gabby Logan presents the Premier League Show from the South Coast. The show charts Brighton and Hove Albions rise to the Premier League, sits down with Charlie Daniels and speaks to Mark Dennis, Francis Benali and Jason Dodd.