England v Australia Netball

England v Australia

Live coverage as England take on Australia in the International Netball Quad Series at the SSE Arena in London.

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Good afternoon. Rugby has Six Nations, netball has its Quad


Series. It is the climax of the series today at Wembley Arena in


front of a big and noisy crowd of 7000 people. If you haven't seen


netball for a while, stick around. It's definitely not what you will


remember. It's probably not what you are expecting. We're going to be


watching these fantastic teams, England against Australia, all of


them professional sportswomen. And for a famously noncontact sport, at


least that is what it was in the olden days, things have changed.


This is very, very fierce indeed. It is one of the fastest, most agile


and most watchable sports around. We're going to share it with Natalie


and Jess. I wonder what we are in for today. I talked about


noncontact. I don't think it does the physicality of this game justice


now? Noncontact may be what it says in the rule book but it is full


contact. It is like a chess match, judo, hockey. It would be fantastic.


Australia can wrap up second Quad Series title this afternoon if they


beat Tracey Neville's England side. How much does netball matter in


Australia and New Zealand? These players are superstars there. It is


a massive sport for females. This is the pinnacle of their sporting


career. They want to be number one. How big a challenge will this be for


England today? In any sport, facing the number one is a huge challenge.


On the back of some disappointing results for England and a formidable


Australia side, this is the toughest it has been for a while. We will see


the Australian captain and the goalkeeper, she is a terrier. She is


a bulldog. She encapsulates a lot of the things about being an athlete


and being a woman. She dominates that court. She directs players, she


is vocal. She is what every woman wants to be. Whatever plastic


opportunity -- what a fantastic opportunity for everybody here, and


also for the England team to get a chance to play against the world's


top teams, twice a year. Invaluable? In World Championships we always


felt short. This is absolutely perfect. Here their come, led by


Sharni Layton. There she is. The world's number one side, the


Australian Diamonds. They are supremely difficult to crack. They


are coached by Lisa Alexander, who steered them to a first Commonwealth


gold for 12 years in Glasgow, and a third world title in a row in Sydney


in 2016. Their captain, Sharni Layton, would love to lead them to a


winning her first campaign as captain. These netballers are about


to become the highest-paid sportswomen and Australian domestic


sport. They are part of the new professional super netball league,


that gets under way in a week. They are tall, agile, physically very


imposing. And here come England. Led by their goalkeeper, Ama Agbeze.


Five members of this England squad are going to be part of this new


league in Australia. Another two play in the New Zealand Premiership.


As we familiarise you with the personnel. Number seven will take


the court in each team. Only two can score goals in netball. The goal


attack and the goal shooter. Here comes the most experienced member of


this side. Geva Mentor. What a task these ladies have in front of them.


Great atmosphere. Add in terms of what we might expect as a game, we


talk about the physicality. Describe what that means in terms of the


jostling and the juggling proposition out there? There is no


assumption that any ball is for them. What that means is the ball is


in the air, both players actually believe the ball is for them. They


can do anything in their power to gain possession.


It is time for the anthems. # A beauty rich and rare.


# In history's stage, at every stage, advance Australia fair.


# Advance Australia fair. # God save our gracious Queen.


# Long-lived our Noble Queen. # God save our Queen.


# Sound her victorious. -- centre. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. # God save our Queen.


CHEERING. So the England Roses taking on the


Australian Diamonds. It is an hour-long contest. Four quarters. It


will be described by Gary Burgess, who now works with England netball.


In the commentary box, the owner of 101 England caps. And leading the


team is Caroline Barker. Good afternoon. If you thought


social media blue up when it was revealed Beyonce was having twins,


it'll go crazy if England beat Australia. This is the Australia


team. As for England, Chelsea Pitman in wing attack against our old side.


And Beth Cobden, who has impressed this series. Where do England need


to exploit? The shooting areas. We have got the defence for the


Australians. They are trying to build a new defensive unit. They


have had a few retirements. They have people not here. We need to


exploit that defence. They have got the captain, Sharni Layton. England


get under way. Mishandle and the Aussies have picked it up. The roses


need to take a breath. They started slowly in the previous couple of


matches. I really think they need to turn this back over again. We can't


led the Aussies get this fast start. We were 8-1 down against the Kiwis.


We can't afford for that to happen. We need to turn this over. Nice


tight defence on Hadley. Australia on the scoreboard. That was good


from Cobden. She had a great game against New Zealand. We need her on


fire today. Australia going two up. There's shooting is phenomenal. The


percentages are really high. We have to break the ball down before they


get to that. Let's go. Brilliant. Great start. There is the difference


from England already. Name-macro comes out firing. Fantastic to get a


first shot in. -- Corbin. We will take up some of the calls


with Gary Burgess in a moment. There we have a defender out of the


circle. Two attackers in. Nice easy ball. We probably need to see Agbeze


doing a bit more movement. Susan Pettitt doing Australia 3-1 ahead.


If you want to be part of our commentary team this afternoon, you


can get in touch on social media. You are already seeing the


physicality we spoke about earlier. Another great shot by Corbin. Good


girl. Let's get a quick check on things with Gary Burgess. Umpires at


Super League level and international level. We're talking about the


physical ability that comes into it a national netball? I think the


biggest difference people will probably see is the level of contest


in the international game. It will vary as the levels go down. But the


umpires are looking to squeeze as much physicality out of the game as


they can and to apply as much advantage down the court to make the


game flow. Jade Clarke with the centre pass. She is one of those


players down under with such experience. That was a good take by


Pitman. She will be used to this Australian style. They challenged


every ball. Such frustration for England and for Tracey Neville.


Those moments that can turn a game. Yes, we have to eliminate the basic


errors. Any basic area, they look for a shooting opportunity. The


Aussies will score off everything. We cannot afford for them to have


any possession. Just over 11 minutes of this first 15 minute quarter


remaining. OK, we're 5-2 down. We need to turn this centre pass over.


We are doubling now on the goal shooter. We so Agbeze with Mentor.


We have turned that over. Here comes Sharni Layton. She will


be having a major effect on this game. And as you can see and hear,


she is directing play. She is telling the defenders in front of


her what she wants them to do. I think she is actually directing the


cameras! What we can't really do is risk anything. The easiest ball to


intercept is a diagonal pass. Easier said than done when Australia force


you out there. Yeah, it is. England's ball. Chelsea Pitman


against our old side. Those are the sort of shot Macs you would expect


Helen Housby to put away. She rushed that one a little bit. She needs to


take our time and set it. Easy to say when you are up here. Good.


Better from Helen Housby. Draws England back to within two. We need


to score from our centre pass. That one made me a little bit


nervous. Everybody running away. Somebody needs to make it easy for


her. We have got a contact there. Brilliant. 5-4. We've got a game on


here. Of course we do. Australia with their hands on the ball. They


will transition, move quickly through court, looking for options.


What you can see at the defenders trying to stop the winger getting to


that circle edge. It is important to stop them. Australia are so deadly


under the posts. You have to try to keep them out of that circle. Good


girl, Beth Cobden. We have got good energy here with England.


Gary Burgess, on the sidelines, the umpires getting in early, trying to


cut stuff out? Yes, I think the umpire will always issue a caution


once they have gone through the standard sanctions. They will have a


quiet word with the players. The caution is similar to a yellow card


in football. The players need to tidy up the infringement caused. In


that case it was contact. They will have a quiet word in their shell


like. Let's see if it works. Brilliant tip by Geva Mentor.


Fantastic. Bringing in the indecision with the shooters.


Australians under pressure will Sloth up. They don't mess up this


time though. Back to within two. It is so important England make their


centre pass count. This is good because we are staying with them. We


have had a good start. Brilliant interplay. Big split landing to get


herself close to the post and a fantastic shot from Corbin. Back to


Australia. Edge of the circle. Paige Hadley has some of that experience


for the Australian Diamonds. Not very much pressure on her. We need


to break that down. Make sure we are nice and tight. Great ball-handling


from Chelsea Pitman. Fantastic. That is good. Trying to be patient at


feeding. An official warning. Stepping from Corbin. Off the back.


Those are the opportunities again. They are the pressure ones that need


to go into Paul us to one goal. We need to turn this ball over. They


are hesitating. Great defence. You can hear them calling. That is


another good tip. Cobden so close to getting hold of that. Fantastic.


Pressure from England. That was all pressure from Agbeze marking that


shot. Jade Clarke takes a tumble. Well held by Pitman on the edge of


the circle. Another great take. So agile. Good collection of the ball.


You can see their -- they're that Simpson was trying not to go offside


taking the ball. We were looking at the match up, Gabi Simpson. At the


moment she is having a tussle with Jade Clarke. She is. The physicality


is coming in. But Clarke actually is doing a really good job. That is


brilliant. Good cover. Again, indecision from the Australians.


Stick with it England, come on. Just battered away. She will get another


chance. And Pettitt makes it 9-7 to Australia. Pitman looking for


options. Goes back to Agbeze. If we can't see anything at the front, we


are resetting to the defenders. That was a fantastic ball from Corbin.


She is on fire. Just the end result from Kadeen Corbyn. She has to put


it through the net. Australia coming back with the ball. They take a


breather. Look for movement. Good movement from Ravaillion.


They don't mind where they are in that circle to have a go at goal,


Australia. We are now 10-7. We could have done with that. Well played,


Jade. It is so difficult to see at international level how quick that


footwork is. They are still making basic errors.


England have to keep an eye on this and make the centre pass count.


On the reset line we need to make sure that we are holding off the


space so you get a good ball side pass. They are working really hard


here. Come on, girls. Jade Clarke back to Helen Housby. Back to


Clarke. Just over the top. Again Pitman was there to make sure the


ball counts. Good girl. The shooters need to set their shots will stop


they have missed the last three, I think. Chance to put an end to the


errors. Through the net it goes. England back to 8-11. We need to


turn this centre pass now. We have to get as tight as we can and make


it difficult. Good girl, Geva Mentor. The error then, just


offside. We seem to just get to the moment where we need to push it on


and then a basic error just turns it back to them. How about the defence


for England? There we go again. The pressure from Ama Agbeze. She rolled


off the back of Caitlin Thwaites. She let her know she was there. That


was a hospital ball. We are getting opportunities here. But it is about


capitalising on them. Contact called against Ama Agbeze. Lots of calls


being made in this first quarter, Gary Burgess? That was a good


example of where contact interferes. The umpires are judging whether the


contest is balanced. When the contest is balanced and it doesn't


interfere, they will let it go with an advantage or might not even blow


at all. But in those were the ball is either dropped or it interfered


with the player's actions, that is when they will blow up. Australia


take another ball that England wanted to hang onto. We seem to be


running away a lot into the corner. We need to make sure that we have an


offer that is short and come into the ball-handler. Still getting the


joy under the post, England. So near, yet so far. The problem being


Australia's centre pass. Come on, Roses, let's turn this one over.


Brilliant play by Geva Mentor. World-class defence from England.


Geva Mentor and Ama Agbeze boats plying their trade in England. --


Australia. Quick hands from Corbin. She finishes it off. Well done. Take


a breath, let's go. The final ten seconds. They will have to be quick,


England. The umpire has held it. Five seconds. Can they get it into


the circle? Time taking down. She has to take this. It is after the


whistle. Helen Housby unable to put that away. England so close. Each


time, a mistake. That is what they need to cut out. They do. When we


get a turnover we need to make sure we sink in that shot. We have had


opportunities but we are throwing them away. So much can happen at


international level. Four goals is absolutely nothing. England came out


of the blocks. Australia got in front. They reeled them back in.


Just the four goals behind. England found themselves three


behind New Zealand. Four behind the world number one. Each team takes it


in turn to restart the match with a centre pass. The idea is to try and


capitalise on the other team's centre pass. At the moment we think


it is 8-5 to Australia. How does that work in your mind? Is a


positive start for England? Definitely a positive start. They


are putting pressure on the Australians throughout the court and


thinking about their options. What we did really well was we closed


down the space of the Australians. I think Agbeze, Mentor and Cobden are


working so well as a unit. It is like a diamond formation on the


court. It is making it so hard for a stranger to pick their spaces. They


got their balls through but they have to be pinpoint. Really


positive. So difficult for a relatively new England combination.


Cobden and Housby. How do you think it is working, the telepathy? To be


a must, I think that is where it is at the moment. The worrying sign for


me is that the centre pass is not good enough. We lost our first one.


When we take our centre pass, it goes into a shooting opportunity


straightaway. We are funding the ball, losing possession. Having to


work twice as hard. It has to get down there fluently. You have to


help the inside circle attack. There is this imposing presence in the


Australian circle of Sharni Layton. My goodness, you said to me in the


middle of that, what was she like as a child? She doesn't stop moving.


She doesn't. Her feet never stop. She will go hunting. When you say go


hunting, you stop marking your player and rugged marking everybody


else. She is the anchor that brings the defensive units together. That


is making it so hard for England to know where to go. However, there


have been opportunities. There are gaps. We need to keep on doing that.


One thing really positive about the England attacking movement, when


they are not happy with what's in front of them, they will reset it


and start again. They will have to do that more. The defensive unit is


so tough. You have to be 99.9% sure the ball is gone to get to your


players. If you were Tracey Neville, the England coach, what would you be


saying to your team? The centre pass attack needs to go direct to goal


every single time. Capitalise on the turn-off -- turnover from our


defensive unit. They have been fantastic. The crowd


back on their feet. Australia, the number one team in the world know


they are in a match at the moment. It is whether England can cut out


those mistakes and drive forward. Lucia style beside me. We spotted a


couple of things England could tighten? The Centre Court. We need


to be tighter on their centre. They are getting easy ball in the centre.


Geva Mentor and Ama Agbeze are doing a tremendous job. But we need to be


tighter. The Chancellor England to make that footwork error count.


Name-macro will set herself. -- Corbin. Helen Housby could not get


the rebound. Such is the agility of Corbin, she made sure second


attempt. She did but it needs to be going in second -- first attempt.


Now possession has changed over hands. OK, come on girls. Let's sink


those goals one we have got the chances. Some leaders needed


crosscourt for England. It is not like they are not getting the


opportunities. That is much tighter now into the corners. Tracey Neville


has had a bit of a chat to those guys to make sure that we are tight


in the corners against their wing attacking centre. Great rebound from


Geva Mentor. Ama Agbeze applauding that. Her whole body position,


dangling her body so she can protect the ball coming down. Has be de


Klerk. Great movement. -- Helen Housby to Clarke. Always good to


turn over and Australia centre pass. Can England get back?


That was a great role off, any youngsters watching that, that was a


great roll off into the corner. Again, Kadeen Corbin. She needed a


bit more knees. She mustn't lose her discipline to get the obstruction


call because then we take it back again. It is going short when she is


shooting. Maybe the old-fashioned take a breath. Good advice. Feel


free to use it. LAUGHTER Into the circle. Great defence, the


switching. One going front and one going back, always covering each


other. Greg Hands. -- great hands. Long ball out to Clarke, made


herself free again. She gave the eyes to Housby and needs to reset


herself. Vision again, back to Pitman. Housby showing her


confidence, and she will shoot from here. This time Corbin will hang


onto it. Come on, kidding Corbin. That was really patient build-up


play. -- Kadeen Corbin. To make sure they are scoring from their own


centre pass. England are now back to within two. That was a good


challenge. Keep going. Really important we are challenging on


every ball, that England are going for every ball. And again,


hesitation from the shooters. Still sunk it, though. Good running around


the court from Pitman. Now the confidence is back. Brilliant. Nice


shot from Corbin and nice footwork to get onto the back line and give


herself the mid range shot. Hopefully that will give her


confidence. Australia not happy with that call. Some booing from the


Australians inside Wembley Arena. It is important that England used those


moments and take the opportunity. The focus for England is to play the


game and not respond to anything which they think is cynical. It is


up to subjectivity. They have got to stay cool and play the game.


Fantastic feed from Chelsea Pitman. During the defender and popping it


up and over into the space. As Gary mentioned, one side can get blown


out of the game, the whistle can frustrate them. England want to be


frustrating. When I say frustrating, they want to frustrate the Aussies.


Yes. Come on, girls. We are back to within touching distance of blowing


the Aussies out of this one. Keep the momentum, turned this over.


Amazing. -- turn. It is a Captain's performance. The breath we told them


to take, now it's time they can go in inside Wembley Arena. The


patient, build it. -- be patient. Oh! What a fantastic game. This is a


turnaround from the New Zealand game. They have fire in their


bellies. Such great defence from Australia. Yes! Amazing shot from


Housby. Nice patient work and now the centre pass, come on, girls.


Great turnover Australia. They look to Sharni Layton when they need


leaders. She got her hand in the air and said, come on, let's calm down.


Australia responding. Great movement. The little step in. And


this is international netball, how the momentum can swing a game. They


can't miss that. Back to 15-15. Really important that England try to


keep with their centre pass. Again the physical presence of Australia.


In that circle. Important we score from theirs, availability of the


centre pass, that was very good, Beth Cobden.


Wing defence, persistent contact. A little talking to for Gabi Simpson,


she's a strong player for Australia. Now come Australia game, they don't


let those moments get to them. Really important, the shooters need


to take a breath. We've had so many opportunities here. That is exactly


what Australia do. Lisa Alexander's side going back to two in front.


Jade Clarke talking, dictating what is going to happen on the defence of


the centre pass and very tight on Hadley. That is a good tip. The


calls are going Australia's way, as well. Thwaites makes it a 3-goal and


-- advantage. Just under seven minutes of the half remaining.


Fantastic vision from Pitman to see that. And a good centre pass from


England to keep them in it. That is two goals. Good defence from the


England girls. Forcing them away from the ball, so they are looking


for a long ball. Chelsea Pitman thought she might have some luck for


England. Uncharacteristic, for an Australian to drop the ball. England


are being patient, working this through. Need to be available,


girls, they need depth to this ball. Pitman, back to Agbeze. Looking for


the feed on the edge of the circle. The relationship has been very good


between Corbin and Agbeze. Edge of the circle, Thwaites. Caitlin


Thwaites, just telling her team-mate she was there, to pass it back to


her. Great intuitive movement and combinations from Australia in the


circle. It will be interesting to see the shooting statistics from


Australia. Thwaites has missed a few under pressure. England need to keep


working hard, to offer and be available and make sure we have


plenty of options on every ball. We need depth, we can't go Square every


time. She was a bit unlucky, there, Brandley. Back to within two. Jade


Clarke, having a sniff of it, very easy for the Australians.


Very calm from the Australian shooters. Lots of interplay between


the two of them. To make their shots longer.


Sharni Layton is hunting for the ball outside the circle. She is


looking for the ball that is going to the wing attack and the centre


around the circle edge, but that leaves Corbin under the posts. We


are here at Wembley Arena. England umpire Gary Burgess is with us and


we are hearing less whistle in this quarter. Yes, that is right, there


is less whistle compared to a few years ago, especially in a game of


goals. It makes the game more watchable. The thing to note, wing


defence of Australia has received a caution and then official warning,


and that really is a decision to be made about that player. The umpires


will go on that game management ladder. That is one thing to look


for, really. The England attack there was fantastic. That was so


lovely to see. That is exactly how they can play against the world


number one. Anything you could do, we can more than matches, is says


Australia. -- match you. Gabi Simpson is on that caution, that


warning. Interesting matchup between her and Chelsea Pitman. There is


Pitman, that was a great call from Kadeen Corbin. And then drive under


the posts. Tracey Neville, on the bench, roaring her side forward.


That is the caution against Kim Ravaillion, a big player for


Australia. But England can't make it count. Reverse hand from Brandley,


the ball not accurate enough. That is good circle defence. Oh! But


popped over the top. They are making it hard. A bit of limbo. LAUGHTER


Just the average Sunday afternoon. When you see that space open up, so


difficult to defend against. It is, because you have committed to the


forward one and then the backspace opens up. Ideally you are looking


for the other defender to maybe take that. Jade Clarke, swinging that


out. The option open? Probably if it was pushed more into the corner, but


you have got to be careful with the long ones when Sharni Layton is in


there. She's the goalkeeper and captain for Australia, Sharni


Layton. There goes Corbin, just off the back. Housby, the long arms.


Great rebound. We are within two of the world number ones, England are


doing a very good job. They need to stay within two. The last 30 seconds


of the half. Big defence from England. 20 seconds left. Australia


are very good at wasting the time and making sure the ball ends up


there. Ten seconds left. Caitlin Thwaites, doing what she has done


throughout this half, improving as the half went on. They are so


dangerous under the posts. England, much better start to the second


quarter. Fantastic start, much more patient build-up, there was wobble


with the shooting at the beginning, but much better towards the end and


they have got to draw confidence from that. Great quarter. Australia


take the opportunities, though, they have the calmness on court. We have


got to use those opportunities and go forward and we have done that in


this quarter. Plenty of positives from Tracey Neville's side but Lisa


Alexander's Australia have got the break here at Wembley.


The difference was for goals, but now down to three. -- four. England


went in front, but four unanswered goals against them, they had a


nosebleed. Generally speaking, what a performance. They have tried to


capitalise on the turn of, they were doing a lot of defensive work. --


the turnover. In the first resold mistakes creeping in the second


quarter they started to get on the end of it -- in the first half we


saw mistakes creeping in. They were settled and they have the confidence


to play it around until they were happy with the ball in front of


them. What has been the hallmark of that performance in the second


quarter from the England perspective? What is interesting.


Caitlin Thwaites has been uncharacteristic under the posts and


I've never seen her miss so many for Australia. They have played into our


hands, the defence, because they are reliant on her in the circle and


when she exits, they are not in quick enough, Pettitt, and I thought


our attacking unit was much better and we got more depth. It is a


struggle in there, if Housby and Corbin tucked in behind defenders,


that will be a tough ask against Sharni Layton, so we need one player


nearest to the ball with no defender between them. People who have


watched netball after maybe a long time, not seeing it, in a test


situation, it has changed in terms of contesting for the ball. What is


the essence of what is new about this? When you are looking at the


context of your looking at the balance between two players and


umpires will try to promote the skill and the flow of the game. The


difference would in contact and contests, contact interferes and


stops a player from what they are trying to do and contest is a equal


activity, really. I was asking you before we started, those who


remembered netball from 20 years ago will remember more whistle, but many


fouls are not being called now, why not? I spoke to the chair of the


international role is by no and she has been involved for about 40 years


-- international rules panel. They are looking at infringements which


potentially would have been called, and they are now not being called.


The physicality and the strength of the players means they can work hard


on these things. One of the biggest things for viewers at home they


might notice, there is no whistle for a goal and obvious low ins and


that has reduced things that turn people off from watching -- obvious


throw. This was a pivotal moment, the warning which was given. The


warning that was issued, the umpire has gone through the normal


sanctions, contact, and all of those, and gave the win defence from


Australia caution but the contact. The player did not change their


behaviour, that is the goal of the umpire, to change their behaviour,


and the next step on the game management ladder is the official


warning. Gabi Simpson, the wing defence, we saw her on her backside


in that one, that is a real contest developing with Chelsea Pitman at


wing attack. Chelsea Pitman is a form Australia player herself, and


that contest, you have been watching it and enjoying it. I love it, I


used to play in that position. Gabi Simpson is one of the new generation


of players. Very fit and fast and agile. Chelsea Pitman is very good


at just timing what is going on, so she doesn't run all the time, she


picks her time to run. That makes it hard for the defender because you


have got to know what she is doing and react to that. What she also


does, she makes another move to counteract, so you have got to


constantly readjust. At the moment Chelsea is having the better of that


battle at the moment. It is important she is calm under


pressure, she is getting her hands over, and it doesn't bother her.


Maybe a bit of needle, because Chelsea Pitman, the wing attack is a


very significant player, she was a World Cup winner for the Australians


in 2011, but her Yorkshire born father here means she can compete


for England. She has decided to play for England, the first time she has


played against her former colleagues. Jess has been speaking


to her about this amazing switch. You could have played for New


Zealand but you chose England. So many reasons. Tracey Neville wanted


me and for a coach to have confidence in your ability, that


goes a long way, and for her to like the way I play an thing I could have


a difference and slot in, that was enough -- the way I play and to


think I could have a difference. My dad is English and my brother is


here. Have you found many cultural differences? Outside of netball,


many cultural differences, but in terms of netball it is just trying


to find England, the identity of what they want to put out on court.


In Australia, when you start at school, it is the most participated


sport in the country, 1.8 million people, registered members, so


everyone plays, male and female. Over here at the grassroots


programme is where it starts and then it slowly builds. Being


instilled in older players, the basic skills, but England have real


war talent, it is just getting funding, it is just a problem that


women have, funding and professionalism and getting to the


full-time level -- real raw talent. It is heading in the right


direction, especially with Tracey Neville doing the full-time


programme with the English girls. I've spoken to a few people, I can


see things they may not have picked up on. I have a fresh pair of eyes.


And the fresh excitement, you are representing your country, that is


amazing. You are representing the boils, that is pretty got down


great. Little things you have to remember -- representing the Royals.


So many people want to be here. For me, I know what my goals are and I


want to be at the top of my game and I want to be in one of the best


attacks in the world and I want to achieve things with England netball


and I want to go to the Commonwealth Games and win a gold medal and win


another World Championships. I want to give it my all and have a great


season and hopefully at the end be a part of the England full-time


programme and go from there. Those are my goals. I don't know if I will


achieve them, that is down the track, but I will work hard on my


stepping stones and put myself in the best position to be able to do


those. She could have chosen to play for New Zealand Silver Ferns because


her mother was born there but as a former Australian that would have


been a step too far. Chelsea, along with four other of the Roses will be


heading to Australia in eight days' time for the start of what is a


brand-new era for your sport. Super netball. For the first time in nine


years the Australians are going it alone, they used to be with the new


Zealand league, but this is the first time that netball players will


be paid to play every week and they will be paid around ?40,000 basic


per year. How exciting are these times? So exciting, I want to come


out of retirement, it is great for these athletes, they trained so


hard. They are like footballers, they put in the same amount of time


and effort, it is dedication. Before it was about passion, but now it is


also your job, and they are very good at it. The girls are going to


treasure this opportunity to be a professional athlete and to have the


support and they can really elevate their game and continue to improve


and stop not just netball. Generally in women's sport. You can be a


professional cyclist in women's cycling, new can be an Olympian, but


rather like in the men's games of football and rugby, to be a week in


and week out professional, that is a new ball game. It is making such a


big difference, I've been fortunate to coach in the last ten years,


coming away from plan, and the difference it makes, you have do


absorb yourself in it, if you are going to make the games which will


tail on the international stage, the whole sport needs to keep moving in


that direction and it is about time that women got that recognition --


which will tell on the international stage. In order to make the leap to


the Olympic Games, clearly more men have got to play. It is not unusual


in Australia, so what would you say to that? Tracey Neville said a few


days ago that that was one of the big things for netball, to get into


the Olympics, they need to have more men. England have the first


international umpire. The argument I have, you don't see men in


synchronised swimming, so why can't we just see netball in the Olympics?


That is a good man. That is for another day. In the meantime, the


World Cup is coming to England in 2019, so not long to go, that is a


big opportunity. Some of us can remember working at the last one in


1995 and that was a very long time ago. Back to this game, England with


32 shots and Australia with only 29, it is the percentage of conversion


that Australia have which is superior so far. Very unusual


situation. It is unusual, but not unexpected. Then we have the ball we


know we have a chance. It's about giving us more opportunities. And


fewer for the Australians. It is anyone's game at the moment. Here we


go, the third quarter. COMMENTATOR: As a former England


player, it is those moments which England have got to make count? Yes,


they do, you don't get many chances against Australia say you have got


to capitalise when you get them, and the shooting seems to have been a


bit of a deciding factor. The fact we have opportunities is amazing. We


have got to make sure we put them away. Changes for Australia. England


sticking. This is Kadeen Corbin, to get England off the mark. Great shot


and we need to carry on with that. That is one of those changes for


Australia. Tippett in at goal attack. Unusual style. Very quick,


former basketball player. She's 23 and I think the Aussies needed a


change the shooting circle. She is a bit taller. We will have to get used


to the quick shot she's got. Personal-best 20 goals against South


Africa last time out, relatively new in terms of international


experience. We need to keep moving in the circle. That is good, round


the edge. Pitman is always available on the edge. England then, that is


Sharni Layton, they are so quick with their passing, Australia.


Tippett with the movement and she makes it count. England have gone to


four now, we need to turn this centre pass over. Movement again


from Gretel Tippett and she has come out firing. She has. The England


defence have got to be a bit tighter. Thwaites is coming out to


get the ball and Tippett under the posts. Pitman combining with Housby


and back to Corbin. Those hands, the long reach of Sharni Layton, and


Australia with the ball. Pitman needed to send it wider. To Corbin.


The match just getting away from England at the moment. Jeevan Mendis


needs to stay tight on Thwaites. -- Geva Mentor needs to stay tight.


Making the space for herself again, Tippett. Gretel Tippett shooting at


100% so far, four from four. The England defence needs to liven up.


The call not going the way of Agbeze, contact call against her.


Caitlin Thwaites makes it Australia putting themselves further in front


with a seven goal lead now. England really need to score office now.


They have gone seven down -- score off this. In a very short amount of


time they have gone seven down and they'd need to pull this back.


Housby. That is a good shot. Confident short shot. Ellie Cardwell


on the bench appreciating that from England. Key moment. Slap of the


thighs from Agbeze. Thwaites did not have the best first half. Unusual


from Caitlin Thwaites. This is not perhaps the attacking circle that we


would always expect from Australia but it is the defending they have


really been trying new combinations. She has hesitated and she has missed


a couple of shots, which is uncharacteristic. Simpson just


taking that ball. Running into the corner. Thwaites will shoot from


here and she sends it through the net. 30 up now for Australia. They


are making those moments when things go their way count. Clarke, edge of


the circle. She will shoot, Housby. That was a good shot from Housby.


Composed shot. The ball getting into the Australian circle seems to be


easier. We have to tighten up on that defence from the England girls.


Those the thoughts of Lucia Sdao. You can get in touch, too. A good


little pop from Corbin to Housby. You get a shorter shot. A short shot


that is easier to put in. Great vision. Graceful play. Body on by


the insight that circle. The contact called. -- body on body inside the


circle. Step in from Tippett. Uncharacteristic from her. But the


options they have to get the ball back, although swatting from Agbeze


and Mentor or inside that circle, just a shame England could that --


could not make that kind. It is. But it was harder to get that ball


through. We need to move one of their shooters. Those lifted balls


around the circle edge make me nervous. When they lift them up, it


is an ideal opportunity for a circle defender to come flying out to take


it. 32 plays 26. Australia coming back


down court. International umpire Gary Burgess watching. A lot less


whistle in this half? Absolutely. It is a good game for this kind of


thing. The umpires are playing a love of advantage. It adds to the


flair and allows the players to perform within the rules. How much


would the players have had a little chat with the umpires? Anything they


will be looking to shut out? Nothing really. The captains have the


opportunity to ask the umpires. I didn't see that happen. The umpires


showing a good representation of themselves today. 27-32. The ball is


ending up in Aussie hands. We have to take a moment before we send it.


Agbeze gets a round of applause. She is working her socks off. Ama Agbeze


relatively new to the England captaincy. We have seen Geva Mentor


in that position lately. What's the backspace here. The roll of. Good


defence by England. Fantastic. Men tour being forced to hang onto


the ball longer then she would have wanted. -- Mentor. Corbin sends it


through the net. Just over six minutes of this third-quarter and


England back to within four. Fantastic. Came down the sideline a


bit too close for comfort. But Corbin taking a nice ball. Cobden


nearly turned that over. Beth Cobden one of the few of that seven for


England plying her trade in the Australian Super League. -- in the


Super League. Another missed shot for Tippett. Three on the run. It


doesn't happen very often. Gretel Tippett's shooting percentage has


dropped down to 24%. That won't help it. And England transitioning


quickly through court. Driving right down to the third line. You can see


the defence bring it to the third line.


We are being as patient as we can. A good swing across the circle. Great


shot again from Corbin. Taking us to three now. A word from Sharni


Layton, the Australia captain, to the rest of her players. The England


girls gaining much more depth. Now the crowd on their feet. Well


played Kadeen Corbin. Great defence on the centre pass by the England


girls. England were three down at half-time. Back to within two. A bit


of a tussle. Rove Aylan and Jade Clarke. -- Ravaillion.


Mentor got a hand to that. A bid of aggravation happening in the centre


of the court. World-class defence though. Turning the ball. Giving


England plenty of opportunities. Simpson hunting. Good shot from


Corbin. England come back within one goal of the number one team in the


world. Jade Clarke with the centre pass. Can they draw A level? --


level. Helen Housby! We are back level.


32-32. We are just seeing a change for Australia.


They're reacting, Lisa Alexander reacting with a change.


Pettitt on as goal shooter. Not sinking her first shot. But she


sinks her second. Gary Burgess behind that post. We have seen some


niggle. The good thing to know from the umpires here is there are times


when the game becomes frenetic and the umpires will stamp their


authority to bring it back under control. It's like a runaway train.


If you let it keep going, it is hard to bring it back. The umpires will


not play advantage on things and pull the infringements. No puffing


out on court for England at the moment. Good rebound by Housby. We


are on 33 all. A poker face from Tracey Neville. Great interception


from Cobden covering the circle edge. And backing up as well. Always


available. Ahead of this series, Beth Cobden said her dream one day


was to play and Australia. She's Australia at the moment. A plank


from Helen Housby. But she held onto it. And a great shot. What a


fantastic shot. When is the last time you could do a plank and see


your side in front? Just over a minute of this quarter remaining.


The England girls have been patient. They just need to keep the ball.


Such a key contest between Ravaillion and Clarke. Great


rotation. Housby goes into the space. Two goals the lead. 50


seconds. Big defence needed from England. Australia so strong in that


attacking circle. They won't let this phase them at all. Contact


called outside the circle. Australia, the best in the world for


a reason. Pettitt just telling the rest of side to calm it down. They


can handle these pressure moments. Sharni Layton is hunting. She nearly


came for the long one. Amazing. Here goes Kadeen Corbin. Brilliant,


brilliant! Australia will need to be quick to get the ball back down the


court and to make these dying seconds count. Surely not enough


time on the clock. England went into this quarter behind, 20 -- 24-21.


They have kept their patients. They have kept the skill level and made


those moments count. They go into the third quarter Liam Byrne 3611


34. A chance for Tracey Neville to tell her side to take the deep


breath and make those two goals count.


It is England, the world number three side, leading the world


champions and Commonwealth champions by two goals. They were seven behind


at one point. These are very, very extraordinary times. Do England


really have to grasp the nettle? You seldom get a terms to finish off the


number one in the world? England A worked so hard. They have


capitalised on their opportunities. It is so unlike Australia to miss so


many goals. When you have an opportunity where they are not


performing at their best, let's be honest, we need to put the boot in.


Look after the ball down the court and convert. We can take this. It's


an amazing quarter. We so Gretel Tippett coming on for Susan Pettitt.


-- saw. It wasn't just that quarter. I would have gone with that change


with tepid at half-time. I was hoping that Thwaites would be able


to get herself right. -- Tippett. I think Pettitt was uncomfortable. She


had to work hard to get back in. People can see how hard it is to get


free of Geva Mentor. A lot of passing within the circle. Not


taking your passes. Trying to off-load. Rather different to see


from an Australian goal shooter. At best she gets the ball and she turns


to the post. The style they chose to start with didn't work in our


favour. Gretel Tippett was fantastic. If you want impact off


the bench, that was great. The last ten minutes, England outscored them


12-4. That is no mean feat. A fantastic achievement. In the third


quarter against New Zealand it was even Stevens. That surpasses it.


Just tell me, again from Tracey Neville's perspective, they have


kept pace. They are in the lead. What will the words of advice be


from the coach? Back to basics. We need to treasure the ball. We just


need to convert our centre pass is. The intercept will, and the result


will takes back -- take care of itself. Four years ago England beat


Australia, their first time. What kind of opportunity is this right


now in the last quarter? It is a fantastic opportunity. Exactly what


the Quad Series was designed to do, to give our girls and opportunity.


The Aussies are having a Wembley wobble. This is a ground they don't


like playing in. Composer from both sides? Exactly. They have two focus


on the basics. 15 minutes will decide the outcome of this match. It


could mean that Australia will have to come back if they are to win this


Quad Series. What a chance that England will score a significant win


against the world number one side. Australia have won 28 of 32 tests on


English soil. 15 minutes left. Jade Clarke plies her trade in Australia.


England sticking with the seven that started. We have had a quick


turnover already. England have to keep this. As Natalie said, it is


about keeping the centre passes, scoring off you run centre passes.


Nevins has come on for Australia. Lucia Sdao in the commentary


position here at the SSE Arena. Let's see what sort of impact she


makes and if she has any impact on this for Australia. A bit of a loose


pass to Tippett. Tippett was shooting round about 40% in that


last quarter. Australia draw themselves back level. That second


phase ball for England has been really successful. A great take by


Corbyn. Footwork called against Kadeen Corbin. They don't like that


inside the arena. Good movement again inside the


circle. Pettitt has got lots of experience. She has got World Cup


medals, Commonwealth medals. That is what the Australians need at the


moment. But they are not without error, the world number ones.


Improvement from Australia in that circle. Are few boos in the crowd.


-- a few. Australia making England's mistakes count. England have to


think about ball placement. Making sure it gets to the player it is


intending. Pettitt so calm under the post. Another centre pass gone. That


is three now. England and need to keep an eye on this. A good tip by


Beth. Australia are out firing but A call against Tippett.


Pettitt really taking control of that attacking end. You can hear her


directing the play. England need to cut her down, really. Not literally,


obviously! Patient build-up by the England girls.


Good pressure again from Australia. Gary Burgess, staying on the legal


side at the moment, but such a key moment for the umpires when the


pressure grows. Absolutely. The boos in the crowd, potentially a lot of


it on fire to the umpires. These guys are experienced. Lisa McPhail


umpires in the Super League. The other umpire has had four ANZ finals


in Australia. There will be keeping their vision wide and making sure


they continued to try to play as much advantage as they can. What a


shot that was from Kadeen Corbin to take England back within a goal.


Should we need this, it could go to extra time if we are at level. If it


does, we will have seven minutes each way. If we are still level, we


will play until there is a two goal caution. -- cushion. Geva Mentor are


being told to cut the backchat. England needs to be getting up on


those three bands. We don't want to give the Australians any more shots.


-- rebound is. We have to make sure we are keeping


the ball. Natalie said we have to treasure it. We have to keep our


centre passes. Chelsea Pitman just saying hello. Leading Gabi Simpson


know she is there. -- letting. Tippett is a former basketball


player. The old fake hands. Back into the circle from Australia. Good


play by Nevins. And a good take by Tippett. I'm not sure that even hit


the ring. That one did. 41-38. Centre pass for Australia. Nine and


a half minutes of this match remaining. You can see the England


defence are trying to cut that second phase ball out. And Tippett,


tall and strong, holding the space to take that ball. Another gone for


England. Australia not afraid to move and use the whole court.


Tippett is tall and that ball over is going to be easy. That was good


defence by Helen Housby. Great pick-up. Movement from Kadeen


Corbin. Just when things were starting to pull away from England


and they take us back to within four. Good change in direction and


great vision from Pitman. Australia will make this work. Any


rebound, any turnover and the Australian record -- transition Dean


Court so quick. The England defence have to be right on it. -- down in


court. A missed shot by Pettitt. And an


England backline, what can they do with this one? Geva Mentor, former


England captain, to the current captain, Agbeze. Close hands. Nevins


was nearly on that one. Pitman resets. Great hot potato,


back to Housby. Just off the back. Corbyn wrestling this one through by


herself. Good call by Beth Cobden. What a great rebound. They have


really got to look at that long ball. If ever you wanted to know


that Sharni Layton was on court, that was one pulled contact there.


Housby and Corbyn shaded off. She has actually been quite quiet in


this game. -- shake it off. Ravaillion trying to make things


take for Australia. Geva Mentor so close to taking the ball. Great


support for Australia inside the arena.


Four goals is nothing with six minutes left. Not at all. It takes


ten seconds to score a goal. Make that three. England need to stay


with it. Turn this over. And as if by magic Agbeze comes out with the


ball. Great turnover by the captain. Sharni Layton will gobble those up


every day of the week. Contact called again. Jade Clarke really


trying to turn that ball over. Good land from Australia. We're back out


to four. Five minutes of the match remaining. Still close. Cobden...


Lots of lateral ball. We need to get some depth on this. That was


unintentional. Or I just being kind? I would not like to be


unintentionally taken out. Everybody is contesting. Four and a half


minutes. Three goals for England to pull back. Big defence needed.


England really putting the pressure on. They could do with a turnover to


take it to two. Edge of the circle. This is where Australia are clever.


They are just running the clock down.


OK England, let's go. We need to score from this centre pass. You


said Sharni Layton was having a quiet game. Australia won't mind


that kind of quiet game from their captain. Looks like Corbyn got an


injury. She has got -- she is going to have to come off. She took a


finger, a hand in the face. 30 seconds, she has to get off court.


Yes, I think the action that came was a by-product, really. It was a


really good tip. A lesser umpire may have blown it as an infringement.


Unfortunately, the player got Mac -- caught on the way through.


Haythornthwaite 's -- Haythornthwaite comes on for


England. She is about to ply their trade with wasps. Let's see if she


can make our mark with three minutes remaining. Contact called. Cause


this be another swing for England? Haythornthwaite will give you the


legs inside that circle. Pitman calmed things down. Housby makes it


count. Back to within three. Great confident shot from Housby. Good


second stage defence by Clarke. Nearly got the first one as well.


Mentor gets it. England get the call. Pettitt not happy with that.


Great switch by Mentor and Agbeze. Caution cold against Gretel Tippett.


Let's see where this one goes. Big moment for Haythornthwaite. And a


contact called. It gives England another goal. England back to two.


Two minutes remaining. Pitman trying hard to get free on the circle edge.


And a contact called. An offside call. What a two minutes at the SSE


Arena. Some any times before we have seen Housby in those pressure


situations. One goal in it. Centre pass to Australia. England needs to


be tied. All seven tied. -- England needs to be tight. All seven tied.


It is anybody's game. Mentor ends up on our backside. Agbeze, too.


Pettitt sinks the goal again. 47-45. Just over a minute. England needs to


be quick. Pitman to Clarke. Haythornthwaite not in her


traditional position, where she has been playing all her life. Putting


that away fantastic. Can England turn the ball over? Into the last 40


seconds. Australia will move the ball around court. They will get the


clock counting down. When they get that opportunity inside the circle,


they can make it count. They are trying to make -- use up all the


time. The call goes with Australia. Just making this movement around


court, Australia so clever. The call has gone the way of England, time


called. Caution against Pettitt, the last 16 seconds. Then England tag us


into extra time? -- can. Time called. Contact called. They will


have 11 seconds. Here we go again, Haythornthwaite. England need to get


it into the circle. No. Sharni Layton, the big player for the big


moment, she turns it over and there goes the hooter. England have taken


Australia as close as they have run them for many years but too far in


the end. What an amazing game. Tracey Neville will be delighted,


fantastic performance from England, who really gave us a performance


against South Africa which was not up to standard and lost heavily


against the Silver Ferns but this is a great performance against the


number ones. Tracey Neville is happy with the performance from her side,


but how close they have run the world number one team. Ultimately it


ends in defeat here at the SSE Arena. Nothing between the number


one and number three teams in the world. It is the moments again, you


could not have told much difference in level. Not that all. It is the


basic mistakes, the mist shots, it all counts in the end. You are


playing for a whole hour and those little moments can. They have got to


move on from this, a brilliant performance and something they can


move forward on -- those little moments count. Well done, girls.


There is the hard all from the Aussie Diamonds, but England are


done on one knee, they know they have taken the number one team in


the world right to the brink, but Australia will defend their Quad


Series title. What a performance from the Roses, but oh so close at


the end. It wasn't to be. It finishes here inside the SSE Arena


47-46, two Australia. That is international netball at its


absolute best, what a fantastic Test match. England have run the world


champions and the world number one team, the Aussie Diamonds, very very


close. Just one goal in it in the end. It means that Australia, the


Diamonds, have won the Quad Series with three wins. But my goodness,


Tracey Neville's team pushed their mighty hard today. -- pushed them.


How significant a match was that for both teams? Both teams put out a


world-class performance. Australia uncharacteristically missed a lot of


shots but they worked their way through it. They brought on Pires


who had an -- players who had an impact on the game and they were


always able to find a way. Sharni Layton came alive in the final


quarter. Anything that was potentially lose, she was on it. It


was a true captain's performance galvanising her team. England needed


to get the last goal to go to extra time which I was excited about it,


and Sharni Layton got the match-winning interception, to make


sure this game ended in on an Australian victory. World-class.


Many people were delighted to see such a competitive Test match, but


should this have been England's victory? Without meaning to be


negative, the opportunity was there. It will be very rare that you will


see Australia missed that many shots under the post. And allow teams to


come back at them. Not just a couple of goals, but 5-6, seven, that is


uncharacteristic and Tracey Neville will be regretting the fact, because


you have got to seize those moments. The message it could have sent. This


is fantastic, they will take confidence from the fact they got


themselves back into the game, but those statistics will frustrate


England when they look at them because there were opportunities in


every corner. They got back, they went up, as soon as we took the lead


we could not hold the lead. That will be the area they will want to


work out how to do. To be fair the Australians are well rehearsed and


hence why they have been able to get through it today. It is handling the


lead and capitalising on the lead, that is the next step forward for


England. Absolutely. There were options for both teams to seal the


deal, and it was who got it on the day. Let's go back to the key


moments in the final quarter. We have seen over the years, you have


officiated in games at the Commonwealth Games where Australia


and New Zealand has been decided by one single goal. Composure, handling


the moment, you have got to be in it to experience that. So how important


is this for Tracey Neville's squad? Invaluable, this is a packed


stadium, it is very tight, and thinking about being precise with


what they are delivering. Decision-making under pressure, the


errors reduced as we got close to the end, and we saw that our team


was able to get interceptions. Unfortunately for us, Australia were


bit better in terms of doing that. We now have Tracey Neville. I'm not


sure whether it is commiserations or congratulations, but that was an


absolutely brilliant advertise -- advert for your squad. I apologise


to my team, I thought against New Zealand they had only given 30


minutes, and when I looked at the footage they had given 45 and I said


to them, 15 minutes, you completely destroyed yourself, you can't do


that. It was about feeling comfortable and uncomfortable, and


those girls, I'm so proud of them. I said you have got to back each other


and respond to everything we do on court, and I'm proud of them. We


were just talking about being in that moment and being able to handle


the final quarter like that, and getting used to being in the lead


against teams like Australia. Unknown quantity for many of the


team. How'd you them all used to it? -- how do you get them all used to


it? It is all for coming someone had said would you like to be in this


situation, I would have said yes. In training I would have said, what


have you done that for? It is lessons learned. You can look at the


critical moments where we could have got ahead of Australia, but we have


to look at the positives. The way we pick ourselves up, we showed and the


girls bought from the start until the end, and we made them make


changes and that is something we have got to do because as a coach


you have got to challenge the coaching staff as well as the team.


There is a target for you, the World Cup, the World Championship, in


Liverpool in 2019, but that brings its own pressures. It is


interesting. The target is to produce a gold medal at the 2019, as


Australia will tell you, that is not easy. My biggest challenge is about


getting on the same game plan and getting these players together and


training them and building into the Commonwealth Games. We said we had


to improve as a team and our culture and our behaviour and I think we are


going in the right direction. That might not be seen externally at


times but internally the girls have been real positive, and


behind-the-scenes, they are challenging me and hopefully I'm


challenging them in the same way and we have got to keep doing that. And


never take second best. You have a lot of targets ahead of you, the


World Cup and the Commonwealth Games, coming up next year. After


that performance, at this Quad Series, have you a clearer picture


now of what you are going to be doing for the squad? I'm not going


to lie, I need thinking time, and I think this next visit, will be very


good to see them back in their clubs, to see the passion fly


through, which we see all the time, but that gives me a bit of step back


period, to assess where we are at. We start the programme in July and


it has to be nailed on this time, it has to be absolutely perfect, be on


perfect. If we are going to have a chance of getting into the final. --


beyond. It has been a joy to watch that match, very well played to you


and your team. It is good to see you back covering the netball. It is


good to be back. There were a lot of changes in the Australian personnel?


Yes, I need the team out in front of me to make my life a bit easier.


What about the closing seconds of the match? Did you feel calm? That


is my job at the back, to keep it calm and to be the anchor for the


team, and we were a bit slow off the mark every time they made changes,


but we got back into the swing of things and we just had to get the


ball in the defensive end. We are knackered, but we were ready to go


into extra time, but unfortunately we were not able to score. But so


proud of the girls this afternoon, they have done so well and they


turned it around after the lousy performance in the week. We have


been trying so hard. Finally, is this one that has got away?


Absolutely, I'm away stepping out to win, credit to the crowd and


Wembley, they got us over the line, we felt the energy, and I'm so proud


of the girls and what paper in in this last performance. It was a


great game to watch and congratulations on your most


valuable player award. The Australians, what will they take?


That England are forced be reckoned with and they need to look at their


attacking players on court, they are missing the likes of Natalie


Midhurst. The second line coming through, they felt under pressure by


the England defence, so they might have to look at that and see how


they can develop their game. From the England perspective, the main


positive to take? The fact that when things weren't going well, they got


back out. The centre pass attack was not consistent, statistics will


prove that, so it is around consistency, and they now know when


Australia go ahead by seven, they can get it back. Punishing Australia


when they are not 100% is the first building block, really, to be able


to build them. For people just watching netball for the first time


after many years, what do you hope it has shown about this sport?


Netball is no longer just for the playground, we have had a great


battle on the court. And we are showcasing the sport as a really


credible international sport. Gone are the days of girls on school


courts, this is where it is and this is what it is all about. It is a


career choice for women now. If you are good enough you can play in the


UK Superleague and in New Zealand you have a new premiership and you


have this magic Superleague which is starting in Australia. These are


exciting times. It has been fantastic to share this with you.


Thanks for joining us. I hope you have enjoyed it. This is what is


happening next. You have a chance to see athletics with a brand-new


format. It is a team event. Old and new races in that event, and that is


coming very shortly. If you are hooked netball, we will


show the first of two frilly matches for Wales -- the first of two


friendly matches. England have shown their horns, but it is not for


nothing that Australia are nicknamed the Diamonds, they are tough and


resolute and they have shone just a tiny bit brighter today. From all of


us here, goodbye. Secure your place at


the 500 Words Final, BBC Radio 2's writing competition


for kids with our honorary judge


Live coverage as England take on Australia in the International Netball Quad Series at the SSE Arena in London. The competition brings together four of the top five sides in the world rankings, with old rivals England and Australia joined by New Zealand and South Africa in the battle to be crowned champions.

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