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it will be times for these teams to settle it. Touchdown! A1 that man


wrecking ball! Unbelievable. How did he do that? For the when?


Unstoppable! In a week where the LA Rams finally


decided the time was right to expose their rookie quarterback


to the NFL, Jared Goff now has to prove he's worth that four


year $27.9m contract. Also, the face of the Dallas Cowboys


franchise returned from injury this week, only to hold a press


conference to acknowledge he's now Dallas now have some back-up in Tony


Romo. Not so much NFL rookies,


but old weary veterans, joining me once again


is British-born Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora and former NFL


cornerback Jason Bell. There's been a look of disgust


recently on the face of Green Bay Packers quarterback


Aaron Rodgers, which if you watched last weeks show, Osi took


great satisfaction in. However, for Packers fans,


seeing their team give up 30 plus points in three successive


losses has given them Hoping to avoid 4 straight losses,


they travelled to Washington for a must win game to stay


in contention in the NFC North. For the Washington Redskins


it was an equally important game as they looked to stay in contention


in the NFC East. There is something about football in


the North. They have grown in leaps and bounds. Perhaps it is the


contrast between the heat of the NFL and the sinking thermometer, white


hot sport and sub zero states. But for the Green Bay Packers, this is


threatening to turn into a lukewarm season. And the Washington Redskins.


Kirk Cousins doing his best to fire at the furnace. Do you like that!


Sean Jackson in the slot, Kirk Cousins, close to Jackson,


touchdown! I watch the move by Jackson up the field. Fake out to


your left and hit hard. Going on between those split safeties, that


is where they think they can work all night long. It is a sweet move.


Third in gold, the pressure, Rogers eludes the rush. Nelson cannot hold


on. They say touchdown. They say he had it and knocked the ball out. We


had a flag, when the blitz was coming in. There is the grabbing of


the facemask, almost pulled it off and somehow 4th Down got his front


leg bag on the ground and found Geordie Nelson. A remarkable play.


After forcing the three and out, screenplay went on a nine Play Drive


on this Mason Crosby field goal. Corner blitz coming. There is read.


Jordan Reed to the 15. They will run with Robert Kelley. -- Mark Chapman.


-- Mark Chapman. Green Bay fluffed their chance to head back, the mess


by Mason Crosby give the Redskins the ball back late in the third


quarter. It is 3rd 11 now at the 34th. Down the field. It is caught


for the touchdown. Jamison Crowder, 44 yards. Straight down. A safety on


for the touchdown. Jamison Crowder, either side, taking advantage of


that speed. Kirk Cousins had made some nice riches. That was not easy.


He saw one safety, assumed the other and got him. James Starks is the


back. Seven carries, 19 yards. Wide open, there is nobody there, James


Starks will walk in for the touchdown. A passed by the Redskins


and the Packers starred the fourth quarter. They were pointing and did


not quite have it all figured out and then play fake and then nobody


around James Starks. That is just the gift of all guests. Kirk Cousins


takes the deep shot down field and it is caught by Pierre Garcon who


will score. Into the wind. 70 yards. Once this tight end goes up the


field, it is one on one road to the outside. Everyone in the league does


the same thing, these quarterback injuries are currently killing the


Green Bay Packers. If you had to say how does this team lose four in a


row, they have just run out our bodies in a key position. Randall


Cobb getting Green Bay down here. Looking for plays. Rogers gets


pressure, throws it inside to Jared Cook. He gets his first touchdown as


a pack. He is a big player. 4th down. A blitz coming for the


Packers, it is picked up, Kirk Cousins, caught by Jamison Crowder.


To be a zone, he is just shy of the goal line. A blitz Peter with


Jamison Crowder, first end goal Washington. Robert Kelley in for the


touchdown. His second of the night and at Washington are able to get an


81 yard Drive into the wind to extend the lead to double digits.


Quick flip. Coke. Washington has it. -- Jared Cook. The game's first


turnover could be the crushing blow. What a play by 29-macro. He paid


dividends on that 75 million. -- Josh Norman. He is the guy that


started doing it. They were team-mates last year in Carolina.


Did not even go for the tackle, saw his opportunity, got it out,


tremendous play. Two time-outs left for the Packers, Robert Kelley with


a lot of room, Robert Kelley in the open field, inside the 20, stays on


his feet to the four yard line, 66 yards, longest run of his rookie


season. This is one you almost had to get to give yourself a chance and


Rogers is coming in, three touchdowns, huge win for them. They


are trying to figure out who they can get on the field. Robert Kelley


will get the payoff with another rushing touchdown. 42-24, Kirk


Cousins out there. Tremendous performance. Disappointed, we


understand clearly what is in performance. Disappointed, we


understand clearly what is in front of us. Six losses which are as


against the wall. Tonight was certainly the culmination of what we


feel our potential can be. It is hard to do it week in and week out


but we were pleased with what we were able to do tonight because so


many people made a difference and contributed. We put ourselves in a


difficult spot. We have to find a way to get a win next week, approach


it one week at a time. That is all we have right now. It is a tough


stretch. The first thing to notice is that we all have got the brown


shoe memo. You can understand the frustration of Aaron Rodgers. He is


doing all he can to get his team in a position to win and it is not


working. The defense is disabled right now, it


working. The defense is disabled right now, it is not happening.


Fourth straight game they have conceded 30 points or more and when


we look at it, they are vulnerable against both the pass and the rush


which is not great. You cannot stop both the run or the past, then what


can you stop? It is ridiculous. You see them here. I know you want to


look at the DBAs, there is no pass rush, it is not getting to Kirk


Cousins and that allows them to sit in the pocket and find a wide open


receiver. I agree. You need a good pass rush but when you're on your


fourth corner, you're going to have that happen. Robert Kelley ran riot.


He did. They were out coach. You want to blame the players, but they


were out coach, too many hands on the football, ran right through the


gap, the Green Bay defense did not have enough people. I will not blame


it on the coach, he was my coach and he gets guys ready to play. I will


put it on the players. Guys, they got too many injuries. They were


ready to play, but on that play, there were too many people, they


pulled the guard, the tight end to the other side of the football field


and there were too many gaps left in the defense, you need to play like


that in the league and if you do not have enough people on one side of


the football, Green Bay ran right through them. If I'm going to find a


middle line between blaming coaching and not blaming coaching, it must be


hard if you are approaching an injury ravaged defense which is what


he is doing. At the beginning of the season, coaches know what they have.


When you start plugging guys in there, you're trying to figure guys


out on the run and that is difficult for a coach. You need to speak to


the point. A lot of times when a defensive coordinator does not know


who is playing, it changes the way they play and some of the things he


might want to do, he does not do because he does not trust the people


on the field. Punditry can be negative, so let's throw some love


the way of Washington, let's be positive and start with Josh Norman


who quite often, we talk about his battle with Odell Beckham Junior


Rather than focusing on his play and he was very good. He is aggressive,


he sets the tone. They call us the peanut punch. And that is exactly


what he does right here. He goes in and punches it out, the guy makes


plays and you have to give him that. He did that 35 times! Peanut punch.


35 times, Mark! When he had said, he goes off celebrating before the ball


has been recovered! He has his eye on the ball and that takes a lot of


precision to go win and punch the ball out. You have to be very aware.


They won the AFC East last season and given how well the Dallas are


doing that might not be a possibility this season. Are they a


better side this year, whether they win it or not? I think they are


better team and I think it is offensively they have a tonne of


weapons for Kirk Cousins and he is playing well, he has a grasp of


that. One line on him, first two or three weeks of us doing this show,


we talked about how he was playing for his


future and truly sorted, he will make a lot of money this summer. He


will make a tremendous amount. He deserves it. What are they going to


pay him? He is playing lights out football. They took a chance, he


proved that he is worth the money. What I like, even in praising the


quarterback, you manage to criticise another quarterback in doing so. I


am glad you noticed that. You cannot get anything past me.


Right let's take a look at our first round-up of week 11.


We will start with Detroit. They eased past Jacksonville and won four


of their last five games. Andre Roberts scored. Then there was a


spectacular interception and they turned at 39 yards. Detroit won


that. Tennessee who we praise to the held on last week show, lost this


week. 24-17 to Indianapolis. Indianapolis went 1-0 up in the


second quarter and that is their 11th straight victory over the


Titans. Next we will go to Los Angeles. Ryan


Tannehill and a duck with 172 yards. This wouldn't have looked out of


place at Twickenham. The second was a nine yard strike to Divan tape


Parker. The Dolphins have one five straight. Next, to Cleveland,


Pittsburgh winning 24 dash nine in this game. Don't laugh at them.


Next, Dallas, winners against Baltimore. This is a franchise


record, ninth straight win. Prescott throwing and three touchdowns, three


of them to Dez Bryant. Yet, you are still laughing at Cleveland. Stop


laughing, I get the complaints. Before we did this show, both of you


said to me, you still would doubt Dallas winning the Super Bowl,


despite the form they are in? Yes, offensively they have the whole


package, good quarterback, good running back, good receivers.


Defensively is where they are lacking. They don't have been enough


playmakers on defense to take them to the playoffs. The Ravens should


have won that game and the penalties hurt them. 12 penalties, if you look


at zooter, the penalties he conceded. You put yourself in good


positions and the penalties take that back. That is how you hamper a


team. If you are the Dallas Cowboys, why waste energy beating a team when


they cant beat themselves. This is the 15-yard penalty. This is bad


football. You cannot go in there and do that. You just cannot do that.


That is frustration? Frustration, anger, it is stupidity. He knows


better than that. Your thoughts on Dallas in the Super Bowl? They can


do anything because they built the team around the offensive line, but


I agree, defensively I don't like what they do. They stop the run


well, but they don't get after the passer. Sometimes it is easy to


forget they have a rookie quarterback. If we go to another


rookie quarterback, Jared Goff, his first start, horrible conditions in


LA. He is being put into the worst ranked offense in the NFL. It sounds


like I am trying to make excuses for him? Thank goodness he has a good


defensive of The Games don't look too terrible. He didn't turn the


ball over and nothing terrible happens. This is the crazy thing


about the NFL, Jared Goff, the number one pick in the draft. They


don't play him into week ten. He is a rookie. Prescott was a


fourth-round pick. People don't know as much as they think. Who would you


have said was a first-round pick right now? You don't know until you


get the product, these are two different teams. Different offenses.


Prescott and... Nobody knows, based upon the way these two are playing,


one was a first-round pick, and the fourth round pick. At Cleveland


Stadium since 1999, the quarterback with the most wins in Cleveland


Stadium since 1999, equal to this record is, Ben Roethlisberger from


Pittsburgh. While! Hold on. From the Steelers? How is that even possible?


You told me to stop making fun of Cleveland. Moving on. I am really


sorry, Cleveland fans! Kansas City had the same 7-2


record as the much talked New England Patriots heading


into week 11, but for a team on a 5 game win streak there's not been


much fanfare about Alex Smith For their visitors, 13 years have


passed since tasting Super Bowl success, but with a young core,


led by quarterback Jameis Winston the future looks bright for Tampa


Bay. It's been slightly longer


on the Super Bowl success front for Kansas City,


46 years to be exact, which mighy explain why Jason calls


them his sleeper team. From the AFC West division, the


Kansas City Chiefs who are making progress by stealth, almost


undetected, certainly understated. But still, very much in the hunt.


Just as unheralded, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC South, quietly


working their way through the regular season. It is the style of


Jamie Swinson, the star of baseball, football and not a shy and retiring


type. There is progress by stealth and progress with the sound turned


up. Let's go! Kansas City opening the scoring with a 22 yard field


goal. Tampa struck back with a 31 yarder to tie the game at 3-3 in the


second quarter. The Buccaneers are now five from six. This is the 2nd


down in 16 foot Tampa Bay following the time-out. Looking for Evans, he


makes the catch. Mike Evans inside the 5-yard line of Kansas City.


Again Stephen Nelson, subtlety is the coach was talking about with the


physical receiver on the outside. the coach was talking about with the


Let's credit Doug Martin for stepping up. Someone turn Chris


Jones loose inside the defensive tackle. After failing to score


inside three plays, they kicked over from 22 yards. The Tampa Bay


Buccaneers have a 6-3 lead. Makes the catch in Buccaneers territory.


2nd down and seven. He will take it into the end zone. Everybody has


their backs turned. Looking up, backs turned, man to man coverage.


When he realises that he has an easy run into the end zone.


They must get to the 37-yard line of the Chiefs. It is Humphreys who


makes the catch for the Buccaneers 1st down. Three plays later, they


cut the Chiefs lead to one point going into half-time. He later


kicked a career-best field goal of the game to give Tampa a two point


lead going into the final quarter. Smith on fourth and tenth. Kelsey


stepped out of bounds 10-yard line. You know how happy Alex Smith is


about this because he missed a couple of shots last week against


Carolina down the field. This is a well throw ball. Double move, gets


him open down the field. Nice throw by Alex Smith. Smith... It is picked


after. He brought one back for a touchdown last week and comes up


with the huge interception for the Buccaneers today. Just a little bit


of a deflection from the interior, but I think the window is too small.


If this ball comes through clean, he still makes the interception.


Winston, moving to his right. Throws and it is complete for Buccaneers


1st down. 3rd down and two from the third yard line. Winston close,


complete for a touchdown. He gets everybody's eyes focused on Brandon


Myers. You bring the action the other way. Doug Martin goes out on


Justin Houston. 3rd goal. Two possession game. Touchdown! Alberta


Wilson. The inside routs, him over the top. Wilson with the heck of a


Winston on 3rd down. He throws and Smith. 3rd down and three.


Winston on 3rd down. He throws and it is Evans who makes the catch. And


he stays inbounds. 14 yard pass play and that takes us to the two-minute


warning. The Buccaneers will run the clock all the way down once again.


It is Martin and he will be stopped just shy of midfield so they can now


run it down to 22 seconds. Now the Buccaneers, Mike Evans is back deep


on defense. Evans back at the 10-yard line. One final shot.


Defensive penalty from the 34-yard line. Complete. Ball comes loose.


That will do it. This is a tough place to play, a team that has won


17 out of 19 games. I am proud of the guys for the way we came in here


with this awesome atmosphere. Always an awesome place to play. We played


good football today. Kansas City was another team we praised last week.


We have to give Tampa credit for that. Yes, Winston is looking good,


I like what he's doing in the offense. He converted 11 of 16


downs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play were on third downs. You have to win


on third third downs. Andy Reid, Kansas City head coach took the


blame for the Alex Smith interception by Chris Conte, he


called it a lousy call on his behalf. That is looking out for your


quarterback. It was a lousy throw. He shouldn't have forced that into


that many defenders. The window was really tight. It was a bad decision.


I don't know how the coach takes blame for that. It was a horrible


decision by the quarterback. He's looking out for him. He has got to


jump on the pile. The bigger point, aside from that play is not having


Marcus Peters in that game. When we show what Marcus Peters has done


this season at Kansas City Chiefs, you can see why he is missing. This


is why you play your quarterback 's a tonne of money. He comes up with


big plays and I have seen this guy get beat deep and come back and make


big plays like this. Nothing really shakes him. This is a team that


needs to create turnovers and this is a big part of it. You have to


have your playmakers on the field. I remember when one of my coaches got


fired, he said he played straight left and then all of a sudden you


are -- I am not the best coach any more. If he is back, he will be


restricted. That is at the Broncos. They will need him in Mile High,


won't they? They need him. As long as he can get on and run around a


little bit because he creates plays just from opportunities. He can come


across the field and do things like that.


A quick reminder that you can get another dose of NFL with a special


Thanksgiving edition of the NFL Show this Saturday night


We'll review the Thursday night games, which includes


Washington heading to Dallas, and Minnesota's trip to Detroit


in a huge NFC North Game, and preview the rest


Back in October, heading into week 6 as the only


undefeated team in the NFL, Harrison Smith of the


Minnesota Vikings joined us on the show for a chat.


Excuse us if we're slightly paranoid here at NFL This Week,


but since that chat it's all gone a bit wrong in Minnesota.


Four straight losses, the offensive co-ordinator resigns,


and the Vikings have been pulled back into an NFC North fight


Looking to stop the rot, they hosted Arizona.


Apologies Arziona fans, but no prizes for guessing


Back to football in the north where the temperature has been dropping


for the Minnesota Vikings. Five straight wins followed by four


straight defeats. Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson injured. Can Sam


Bradford stop the slide? The Arizona Cardinals from warmer climes, Larry


Fitzgerald, the wide receiver who played in Super Bowl XLIII. The


Cardinals last event and the wait for a first Super Bowl victory goes


on. Bradford. To the end zone.


Incomplete. And he believes that was good and from up here it looked


awfully close to being good if he held on. And if he hangs on, that is


a touchdown. After I reviewed the play, he had both feet down, it is a


touchdown. Good protection and there is the tight end cells, spinning his


weight down near the 20. Extra offensive line. Into the end


zone for the touchdown is David Johnson. 24th touchdown for David


Johnson in 26 career games. On the next Cardinals possession, there was


a 34 yard field goal to give Arizona a 3-point lead. Little task to


Bradford, to the end zone for Phelan. A flag. Tony Jefferson was


down there defending and he interfered with Adam Phelan. They


had a chance but they draw the penalty. It sets them up down on the


1-yard line. First in gold. There are going to


mark him short of the end zone First in gold. There are going to


inside the one. The bigger one, he is there a short yardage goal-line


runner. Watch this. The elbow. That is a touchdown. It looks like it


from here. He will want to challenge. He came down on bodies.


There was a touchdown. Extra points have not been given. A block to keep


it a 3-point game as Justin Bethell got in and knocked it away. From the


23, protection this time. The path is to Fitzgerald and it is caught.


He putted about the only place he could, had to get it on the outside


and Fitzgerald... What a catch. 3rd down and goal. Palmer sets in.


Intercepted by roads. Xavier Rhodes down the sideline and goodbye


touchdown, Vikings, no flags. There is two or not one on the outside and


Xavier Rhodes he is playing outside and The miscommunication with what


the receiver was doing, I believe it was John Browne, he does not know


where to put the ball and Xavier Rhodes makes a huge play. Here is


Gresham. Jermaine Gresham is in for the touchdown. What an effort by the


seven-year pro, Jermaine Gresham and the Cardinals back in it. Arizona


are down by three and a half. Paterson will bring it out. Full


head of steam. He is gone. Paterson. What they start to the half.


Touchdown, Minnesota. Special teams. The score for the Vikings. You have


to make the block, the first one right here, to at least give him a


chance to spring it. You are one on one and at some point, you have to


make someone a mess and Paterson does just that. From the 31, Palmer


stepped up and errors it out, floating it downfield. Again, Xavier


Rhodes. After the interception, the Vikings went on 11 Play Drive which


they converted into A13 point lead, thanks to a field goal. 3rd 12,


ball is out, this one is a football and it is recovered by Arizona, it


was knocked out by Chandler Jones. Sam Bradford gets blown up at the


end of this play. They are fortunate on the previous one but it was not


ruled a fumble and they come back and try and get the ball down the


field again and they have not been able to handle the pressure. They


started David Johnson in the backfield and seeing what they do


with him. We see what a weapon he is. There he goes. Palmer, governs


it, touchdown, Johnston. The Cardinals take the turnover and turn


it into points. Four yard touchdown throw to David Johnson, his second


receiving touchdown of the year. This could be the final play that


means anything. It is 4th down and 19 for the four for the Cardinals,


down by six. Pass is incomplete but a flag on a hit on Palmer and this


would be an automatic 1st down. Tom Johnson. Foul. Defense, number 92.


Piling the quarterback into the ground, 15-yard penalty. Automatic


1st down. 4th down and five, does it continue with the four-man rush or


die lit up a bit more? Would not be surprised to see him mix it up.


Palmer was not ready again for this. He is in trouble, down he goes. And


the Vikings are going to snap their losing streak. Let's keep going,


let's get back to play, this is how the Vikings play football. Play


together as a team, take it down, it gets down the wire, so be it, we


figure out how to win. Way to rush a quarterback. When I tell you, right,


what did I tell you the other day? What we are going to do? We are


coming here to win the division. Let's go to work! If I had a


six-pack like that, I would do the show without my shirt. You were


there, you went to this game, because of the hoodoo that we


thought we had cast on them, you went in a mask, what was the feeling


around the place? You could feel the tension. Before, even the fans were


like, we need this. It was touch and go but afterwards it was lights out.


That was amazing. They feel it is enough to get them back on track?


Yes, they needed the win. I was there and after when the players


came in and they have this look that they were back on track. Let us look


at the touchdown from Xavier Rhodes, simply because there was a speed


going on during the touchdowns, he ran at 22.4 mph at one point which


makes it the fastest touchdown at this season. That is incredible. It


is a corner. Fastest guy on the field. It is a good play. The


rhinoceroses chasing him! We have this interception. To put it into


context, 22.4 mph, Usain Bolt goals at 27.7 mph and he does not have all


the gear on. Do you still think when we look at the NFC North, that it is


to tried and Minnesota, would you rule Green Bay out? Never. They have


been in a situation like this and they have came back and won. I do


not see Detroit or Minnesota as being that much better than the


Green Bay Packers. I do not agree. Just because of injuries. I would


not rule out Green Bay but with those injuries, I do not think they


can pull it together. Speaking about pace, the sound man at this game


could have done with the pace of Xavier Rhodes. That is one


horrendous hit. He got back up and continued with his job. The glasses


are not in a great state and the nose is bloody as well. That was the


strongest guy in the NFL! The strongest person in the NFL and that


is who ran him over like that? That is incredible. We can smile about it


now because he is all right, but that is dangerous! It is crazy, man!


Let's now look at our final round-up from week 11.


We will start with the Seahawks, they have gone three clear. Russell


Wilson threw for 272 yards including a 35 yard strike to Jimmy Graham.


However, look at this, he collected a 15 yard lob from the wide


receiver, Doug Bald went to go in for that. That is being creative. I


love them. They have won three on the trot. Houston and Oakland played


in Mexico and it was successful for the Raiders. Derek Carr walk up a


struggling offense by throwing two touchdown passes in the fourth


quarter and Denver were on a bye week, Kansas City lost, big


statement from the Raiders. Big statement and I like how they are


winning in the end, they find a way to win, this was not a clean game


but they came back and made it happen. Cooper going in from 35


yards, winning the touchdown. Buffalo against Cincinnati and AJ


Green suffered a hamstring strain, he was carted off by growing


Cincinnati, he will not require surgery, McCauley


scored on a seven yard run to help Buffalo even their record. The


Bengals kegger managed to hit the upright on two extra points


attempts. Next, San Francisco, New England returning to winning ways,


Tom Brady returning for his first professional game. Patriots winning


30-17. New York Giants beat another struggling side in the Chicago


Bears. Eli Manning throwing for a 227 yards and two touchdowns and the


Giants have now won five straight. Here are the divisions. Miami now on


a five-game winning streak and in contention for a playoff spot. The


AFC North is close at the top and the Steelers and the Ravens made in


week 16. In the AFC South, the Colts have crept into contention thanks to


a two-game winning streak and Oakland's four-game winning streak


sees them take Oakland's four-game winning streak


sees them take control of the AFC West. Dallas have won nine on the


spent and the New York Times, five, they are the top two with the


Redskins still very much in it. In the NFC North, we spoke about it


earlier,, the NFC South is really tight, you could argue any one of


the four teams there could win it and the Seahawks are coasting in


what you would say is a weak NFC West. At the moment. We have reached


the point in the show where we have our weekly what is going on with


kicking conversation and these two would disagree on it, but they had


their worst week ever this week! A windy weekend, it was rough to play


in certain places. I have to give them an excuse. It is the wind and


the pressure, look what is happening! Is of course it is the


pressure up the middle. 12 missed kicks, you have put some of it on


the weather. Some of the games took place indoors, though. It is the


the weather. Some of the games took rule they set in place, backing up


the kicks, it must be mental. They are not converting. In all


seriousness on the mental point, you could argue, kickers see other


kickers struggling and that panic spreads throughout the league, would


that happen with other positions or do you think it is specific to that


position? I do not buy into that. I watch these guys sit there on the


practice field for four hours, kicking and then for them to go out


here and be kicking a football like this, I do not understand. I agree


with you for other positions as well. Nobody can cover him and I am


thinking maybe nobody can cover him. You mean to tell me that you watch a


quarterback struggle and you will start struggling? I did not say


that, but it can happen. Blair Walsh was probably sitting out, maybe he


was sitting at home with dolls of all sorts of other kickers, but


having been cut by the Vikings last week, he might be thinking maybe it


was unfair I was cut, and may be there are plenty of other kickers


whose jobs I could take. He better be out there kicking and somebody


might call him, they will try anyone now. More kicks most than any other


week in the NFL. Let us move on to the Giants, we are talking about the


five-game winning streak, you have looked at their squads were you just


get on a roll at the right time, do you sense that with the Giants at


the moment? Not at this particular moment. In


2007, to get into the playoffs we had to go into the Buffalo Bills


Stadium, it was cold and raining and we beat them to get into the


playoffs. There is something knowing everything is on the line, going in


there and getting it done. It gives you confidence. 2011, we had a


battle between us and the Dallas Cowboys. Whoever won that game would


go into the playoffs. We took the momentum all the way through. When


they win a game they absolutely have to win, that is what will bring them


together. Jason? I agree, the teams that coast into the playoffs and


know they are going to make it, they can get a bit relaxed. When you are


on the edge, something happens and you have the magic. A five-game


winning streak, the first one since 2010, when you look at it, they have


a new head coach, a rookie head coach, but they have the experience


of Eli Manning. One go into this stretch, this competitive division,


how crucial is that experience of Eli Manning, having been there and


done it before? Absolutely crucial. He is the only quarterback in that


division that has this experience. That is why our back the Giants


because of Eli Manning and some of the other players who have been in


crucial situations and have come through. I would do it because of


coach spikes. He has done before coming in is how play football needs


to be conducted on how he needs to make it good for his players. We


cannot lay you talk about the Giants of the way into the end of the show.


If we take a look at the winning streaks, we have mentioned the


Giants are on this five-game winning streak, Dallas are the ones who


obviously lead the way there, with nine. Miami as well with five. We


saw them win against the Rams. But the AFC West is the competitive


division. Miami will be looking at that division in the hope of beating


one of those sites to a playoff position? What I like about Miami,


they are built on the offense. They can protect the quarterback, control


the clock. In the AFC West, all those teams have to play each other


so they will be knocking wins and losses from each other. If the Miami


Dolphins carry on with this winning streak, they have a chance of a


playoff spot. Let's look at your index, it is not sign this -- it is


not scientific. These are the most favoured teams last week. See how


much they have changed it this week. They haven't really changed it that


much. A couple of positional moves for Jason. Osi has with the same


five. You have moved those ahead of the Broncos? It is about those teams


who can squeeze it out. It takes a lot. That is what my wife likes to


say. I like to stay right here. You know what I mean? I met your wifey a


couple of weeks ago and I apologise to her about something Osi and


myself said. Back to the football Axel I have you stuck with Atlanta


and not put Oakland in your top five? I like the Oakland Raiders,


but I don't think they are a better team than the Atlanta Falcons.


They're Atlanta Falcons would beat the Oakland Raiders, that is why I


have them in there. Do you think New England and Seattle if they both


finish as the number one seeds, that will be the Super Bowl, as long as


they both finish number one and get the home advantage? I would bet on


that right now. Right now. Obviously New England is New England, but I


like what Seattle is doing now and as long as they stay healthy. They


have a couple of injuries on defense at the moment that are scaring me.


Seattle is the number one seed, nobody is coming out there


victorious beside the Seattle Seahawks.


One last reminder the Thanksgiving special NFL Show this Saturday -


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That's week 11 wrapped up, we're off to prepare


for Thanksgiving and three blockbuster games...


Join me and Alan for the new series of QI on BBC2.


There's something different about you, Stephen.


..actually dare to be prime minister.


The new generation who are going to unveil the plaque to Bill Richmond.


From a black historical point of view, it's monumental.


If you complained about me being black, that's who I am,


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