Day 10: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 10: Full Round-Up

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Good evening, the Olympians. Welcome to the programme that acts


as a televisual shoehorn, wedging everything you need to know into 45


minutes. We have a lot to get through tonight. On the show


tonight, another day, another two gold medals for Team GB. There was


also a double disappointment when Dai Greene and Holly Bleasdale


failed to produce their best when it really mattered. Look at this -


how it can all go wrong even on the biggest of occasions. As ever, it


is your chance to get involved as well. Matthew Syed of the times is


here, tackling your questions. We will start with Dai Greene - he


came into the Olympics as the world 400m champion but only squeezed


into the final as the fastest loser. The crowd trying to play their part.


Coulson down the back straight, and Sanchez has started incredibly


quickly. Dai Greene has a lot of ground to make-up, the others have


started so fast. Dai Greene has got some room to make up just to get


into the medals. Sanchez is in this, Gordon is in this. Here comes Dai


Greene trying to get amongst the medals. Taylor trying to get back


involved, but Sanchez takes the gold medal. Taylor, Culsun, then


Dai Greene. He dominated the world for a while, and then years of


barren performances almost. Then he is back, takes the gold medal. They


can hardly believe it. So Sanchez crosses the line first. He ran a


phenomenal race. Dai Greene is just questioning if anything went wrong,


if he could do anything better. He will be bitterly disappointed he


has not got a medal Porth got I just feel a bit tired tonight.


couple of days ago it was a bit of a shocker, I gave it more tonight


but I was too tired in the end and narrowly missed out. Do you think


what happened to you earlier in the year, the injury problems you had,


the knee problem, has in any way affected your build up?


certainly affected my build up because I could not start until


October time. I ran my personal best a few weeks ago. I just think


the endurance was not there for the rounds, which shows how I missed


out on the winter work. You can't tell until you get to the majors. I


tell until you get to the majors. I could not have given it anything


else tonight. Matthew, some may have seen a fascinating piece you


made about the psychology of sport. What is your take on what happened


to Dai Greene? Firstly, I think psychology, nerve, being able to


hold it together on the biggest stage is crucial for the Olympic


Games. In his case, his post-match interview gave away the hint that


this may be physiological. He is running well but he didn't know if


he had the stamina to cope with the succession of races. It highlights


something else which is important - you need some good luck. I think he


was extremely unlucky. We have had loads of questions for you tonight.


Mike asks a bow at the contrasting emotion between Sanchez who was


shouting uncontrollably afterwards, and then when you see him on the


podium he is crying his eyes out. His grandmother died in the build-


up to these Olympics and he was running with a picture of her


inside his vest. Isn't that strange to see the contrasting emotions?


is. This is one of the great joys of the Olympics. It is like a


wonderful opportunity to experience emotional a tense and -- emotional


intensity. What they have gone through to get to this stage - the


sacrifice, the hard work - you can understand why the experience it as


a massive vindication. When you think about the neurosis bound up


in that moment, you can understand why it sometimes gets too much for


them. That was a wonderful moment. Holly Bleasdale, the British record


holder in the pole vault, was expected to challenge but she never


looked right from the opening round. After two attempts and facing early


elimination from the competition, she clear at this at the third time


of asking and the crowd went wild. It was a similar story on the next


height, and with that disappeared her Olympic dream. No disgrace


finishing in sixth place but she would have expected a lot better.


On Saturday, we saw six Olympians, six gold medals, and people


reducing their best when it really mattered. Tonight we saw Dai Greene


fail, we think it might have been something to do with his body, but


do you think the others might be negatively affected by the crowd?


It is easy for that happen. Anyone who has ever given the best man's


speech, or going to live Defining job interview will know the


phenomenon of having the knowledge, but blanking. This happens in sport


as well. It is like a sliding Doors moment. You win, you will of glory,


if you lose you are destined for anonymity. She looked nervous at


the beginning and I have experienced that, I have fallen


apart under pressure. I experienced it in Sydney. My coat was trying to


motivate me but it compounded the extraordinary pressure. The one


silver lining, think of Rory McIlroy who fell apart terribly and


we wondered if the psychological scar tissue would heal. He learned


techniques and won the next major title. He has dealt with his demons.


Yvonne says Andy Murray, we have seen him beat Roger Pedder, win at


Wimbledon, has he passed through a big psychological barrier? I am in


two minds about that. Tennis is one of the few sports in the Olympics


when the Olympics is not that a Nicol of the sport. Most players


would acknowledge the Grand Slams are bigger, and I wonder if that


will give him even more pressure. You have done it in the Olympics,


why can't you deliver in the Grand Slams? To show you that even the


top men and women are interested in this subject, Michael Owen has said


"can you make me think I am 18 Again when I was fearless". I felt


that I was better as well when I was younger. As you get older, you


are more aware of the consequences and that has a particular


psychological significance. The things sports psychologists work


with top athletes on - visualisation, positive affirmation,


and shutting out the enormity of what you are doing, pretending it


doesn't matter that much. Michael Owen was such a fearless performer


and I would love to see him get that back. There has been all sorts


of highs and lows in the stadium throughout the day. These are the


qualified. Local knowledge didn't seem to help in the 400m hurdles,


Perri Shakes-Drayton finished third and will miss the final. The


British competitor made it through to the discus final, and for 100m


hurdles - Tiffany Porter sealed her place for the finals. Andrew Osagie


finished his heat in third place. I've felt very comfortable. I was


in a position when I was outside the qualifying, which is not ideal


but I didn't panic. I was very comfortable and glad to get into


the top three. A Lisa Dobriskey and Hannah England made it through


their heats to the semi-finals of the 1,500m. No joy for Holly


Bleasdale, the honours in the end going to Jennifer Suhr. The Russian


world record holder Isinbaeva, who won gold in 2004, and 2008, could


not watch, instead hiding under a blanket. Russia took gold in the


women's steeplechase, Zaripova finishing to rapturous finish.


Kirani James took the 400m gold. Finally, after those badminton


players were kicked out after trying to lose, tonight we give you


this man. All smiles and patriotism before his heat this morning - he


had already qualified for the 1,500m final and something was


clearly playing on his mind as he left the track with 600 metres to


go. It would lead to him being banned from the rest of the


Olympics but he has now been reinstated and will be in the final.


A lot of questions coming through about young children.


In the swimming we saw a lot of young swimmers, and in the 400m


race of two 19 year-olds, Kirani James getting his first ever


Olympic gold medal - what is it about these youngsters coming


through and producing wonderful scenes in the Olympic Stadium?


is a wider phenomenon than athletics. People are often


starting younger than they used to. In any tennis club, there are eight


year-olds. They put so many hours in from such a young age so they


have already clocked up thousands of ours by the age of 13 so they


have that in the bank. It means they are peaking earlier. That will


be a big advantage for someone who starts young and wants to get the


top. There is a significant danger, the phenomenon of burn-out. If the


young person is pushed into the sport, not doing it for their own


sake, but to please a parent or a coach, that is too big a


psychological contradiction. They spend all this time doing something


they don't want to be doing. If you get these things in sync, the


across the Olympic Park and further. And we have the Lord of rings. This


is the global round up. Another day, another gold for China in the


Olympics. That is number 31 for the sporting super power. They won the


Laser Radial class. Australia haven't had much to shout about. So


Tom Slingsby's gold is a welcome relief. If you wonder why the


Cypriot fans are so pleased, it is because their won the first ever


medal. If you think of Italy, you think of food, romance and bad


driving. Now with can add shooting to the list. Gold in the men's 50


metre rifle three positions. It could have been a double


celebration, without not for the Croatian competitor. The quest to


become the Lord of the Rings was taken by the Brazilian Zanetti.


Shot of the day came in the vault. The athlete from South Korea, his


score was only bettered by the cameraman. There are often fine


margins in sport and this man may have had to lift double his own


body weight, but he was just one kilogram in front of his nearest


rival in silver. How a royal loves equestrianism. Britain has Zara


Phillips and Saudi Arabia's Royal Family have a medal. He can take


that home to his grand-dad the king. And at the Greco-Roman wrestling


the Honor nours went to Cuba and Iran. He had a special gift. There


you go, have some of that. They won't v got their money's worth at


Old Trafford tonight. One goal wins it. Headed goal wards and in. The


United States have smached it. The The United States scoring in injury


time at the end of exdra time -- extra time to beat Canada 4-3. In


the boxing the world number one light weight from Italy was bullied


out of tournament by the Lithuanian. And if a question of sport's


researchers are watching. Here is a classic what happened next. Oh here


you go. The first calamity. Stephan Feck set to become an instant


YouTube sensation - whether he YouTube sensation - whether he


likes it or not. Now music fans the last time Britain won a show


jumping medal, Frankie goes to Hollywood were op Toft charts. Now'


Hollywood were op Toft charts. Now' - were top of the charts. Britain's


equestrian team has already won silver. Today was about jumping.


The fences have elements of British history. There is Charles Darwin


and they have evolved as well. Higher, I'm six foot tall and this


one is close. The points of the course is to test the best. Nick


Skelton defied medical advice to resume his career after breaking


his neck. On Big Star his round was perfect. The combined total of


three riders get the score. Maher had four faults and Skelton could


only watch. Next was Scott Brash. If he could hold his nerve, gold


was in reach. Clear round. Outstanding. The crowd go mad and


Britain on on for gold And then the Dutch with a horse called London.


Another mistake and gold was Britain's. Made it. Both countries


tied and a jump off. It doesn't get better than this. The course


shortened, out came Skelton with a perfect round again. All the


country's riders were involved, was -- but the Dutch were making


mistakes. Now Peter Charles who fought back from broken vertebrae


and shattered ribs could seal it. Their first team gold since the 50s


with two men in their 50s. I must say the crowd have been


unbelievable. Even if they were watching the television for the


whole games, they have been outstanding. Without them, we


couldn't have done it. You get one shot to win a gold on home soil and


you have done it. Thifs is the place the win. I said it, people


said there is so much pressure. I said no, totally the opposite, it


is much to our advantage. And it was. I thank everyone. They're


was. I thank everyone. They're brilliant. A huge support and you


can tell you're having a good Olympics when you pick up medals in


things you didn't expect. And golds as well. Yes and fantastic. I 406


the - o' I love the pressure like a penalty shoot out and we won. It


was terrific sport. I think one of the other joys we learn more and


more about sports that we're not familiar with. One of my colleagues


-- colleagues called it the biodiversity of the world of sport.


Football is one culture. It is the same pattern. Here we have


different sub-culture and different emotions and different fizzologys.


There a broader debate as well. The money that all these sports get


comes from UK Sport and it is divided. Those sports that perform


well may get more and those that str underperformed will get cut.


There ains element of competition between the sports for that cash.


That is a powerful point. The UK Sport authority which distributes


public money to sports and is part of the reason we have done well, we


hire the best coaches in the world and get the best scientists and


they are brutally Darwinian. If a sport does well, the they get more


money. These people are not just competing for their own glory, but


for the next funding round. There is something striking that it is


one team and yet swimming will get shafted by sports that have done


better and their share. And one other thing. A lot of sports that


after the home Olympics that funding will get decimated, because


we're in an age of austerity. I think it will stay and there are


good reasons for that. They will be in trouble if they cuts that.


is competition between sports. Barely a day goes without us


talking about a cycling medal. Normally it is a gold. Four years


ago the men's sprints was won by Chris Hoy and this year the man who


Chris Hoy and this year the man who replace him didn't do too badly.


Gold medal number four. Chris Hoy is the Olympic sprint champion. He


has won three here. This man is unstoppable. When Jason was chosen


ahead of Sir Chris Hoy, many an brie brow was used. Hoy beat Kenny


in Beijing but said Jason deserves this opportunities. There was much


success for Kenny on his way to the final. Now against Gregory Bauge a


man he had never beaten, he phased -- faced his biggest challenge. But


he led before the second run. with one lap to go. Standing


between him and the gold medal. Bauge tries to come up to the wheel


of Kenny. He won't do it. Bauge will not take it. Kenny is the


Olympic sprint champion. He brings the gold medal and he has won it in


style. With fantastic confidence. That was a spectacular piece of


sprinting. You're the champion. How does it feel? It is amazing. I


hadn't thought about it until we were on that last lap. And then I


had the battle to get here with Chris and knowing you have someone


on the sides that couldn't give that second one away. I thought I


had better not mess this up. I was please and did it for team. While


in the female sprint, Victoria Pendleton is on course to replicate


Kenny's achievement and cruised into the semi-finals and looks to


become a gold medallist for the thirds time. And Laura Trott won


the third vent of omnium. She is top of the standsings before the


final day. Representing Great Britain, Jason Kenny. That winning


feeling becoming very familiar in the velodrome and any doubts about


the slerbgs of Jason Kenny have the slerbgs of Jason Kenny have


been extinguished. There may be more medals, but seven vents and GB


have won five gold, one bronze and been disqualified from the other.


They changed the rule and they will have to change them again, because


they're so dominant. It is extraordinary. It is so incredibly


striking. They will have to make it you're only allowed one British


athlete. Otherwise we will dominate again. In this sense success breeds


success. What happens I think is that you get a great deal of


success in a particular games and you have expectation that are high


and you have the internal competition between riders trying


to get into the Olympics. That is something which is powerful. We saw


that between Kenny and hoy and you have everyone wanting to be part of


team. But a lot of scientists and people wanting to be associated


with the wing ethos. You get people who you may well forget. Sam said


we know hoir, Cavendish and Wiggins and this man has won three Olympic


gold and he is the quiet one. don't know if that is something he


would feel bad about. But perhaps he enjoys the anonymity. But


success means some people do very well and get left to one side.


time for chunk one of our GB rounds up. We have split in. Into land-


based and water based acty. First the aqua action. Tim Brabant is


through to the final of single Cai yafpblgt he spent 18 months


recovering from a tendon injury. He scraped through. He said he will


need something special to make the podium. Richard Jefferies failed to


make it. Raichal Cawthorn and Angela Hannah are through to kayak


final. Despite the home crowd putting them off. They were so loud,


the crusade they couldn't hear their instructions. And Chris Mears


is through to the final of the three metre spring board. He


finished 18th in the end. But the other Brit, jack laufer - jack


laufer did not qualify. Enyou have lost four out of four, you can


expect the worst. The men's water polo ended with defeat today.


General Haran Dahl and Olivia Federici have qualifyed for the


final of the synchronised swimming. It is the first time in 20 years


there will be British representation in the final. That


is great news. Time for some gymnastics. Team GB have broken


some barrier and today the women were searching for the first


individual Olympic medal. Leading individual Olympic medal. Leading


the charge was Beth Tweddle. At 27 Beth tpwedle -- Tweddle is a jam is


in tick geriatric. -- gymnastic geriatric. She is outside into


fourlt. Tkwedle has fought injure toy put that rate. But she was in a


tough final. The standard was tough. The Chinese competitor is the


challenge to everyone else. Tweddle accepted it and Herr career and


some energy for the dismount. A big step back. Such was the standard


cover everything else she had done, perhaps she was just a step from


gold. Soon her bronze was looking unsteady. The Russian competitor


glided past everyone into first place. Beth Tweddle's medalled


could have been snatched by a flying squirrel. She gets this name


for flying so high from the bars. Beth Tweddle got the leaving


present she wanted. A lot of people asked me if I am disappointed, but


I just wanted any medal to finish this championship with and I am so


pleased to get one. A fantastic journey can be defined by one


single step, but for Beth Tweddle, We expected a medal haul from


sports like cycling and rowing, but Beth Tweddle has said on Twitter


tonight "well done, Great Britain" because it has really put us on the


mark. When Beth Tweddle got involved in gymnastics there was no


tradition, no expectation, no hope of winning a medal. She is a


pioneer. She finishes with an Olympic medal as well, which is


beautiful for her career. To end in this way it is beautiful. As a


wonderful way to finish, a great culmination of her career. She can


also take pride from creating a British gymnastics legacy. Other


people will dare to believe and people will start... When we get


success in the future, which I'm pretty sure we will, they will look


back and drove a time line from Beth Tweddle. Let's tidy up some of


the other gymnastic news. Kristian Thomas was one of those who got


team bronze last week. His first effort was excellent in the vault,


and he ended up finishing in a birthplace. The gold medal


performance was nearly faultless. The boxing tournament is reaching


an interesting phase where the medals are about to be given out.


Nicola Adams is guaranteed a bronze after coming through her quarter-


final. She dished out quite to beating to the Bulgarian, wobbling


her on several occasions, and she won by a big margin in the end. Her


semi-final should be a cracker, taking on an Indian sensation.


really happy with that. Over the moon. I was enjoying every minute


of it basically. What were the emotions like as you stepped out


into the ring? I was loving every minute of it, especially the song I


went out to as well, which was really great. I was quite nervous


but I thought I have a job to do, just getting there and do it.


Natasha Jonas was always going to get bashed about by Katie Taylor,


and despite the sterling effort she was beaten in the end. Arguably it


was the fight of the tournament and Taylor took it 26-15. Jonas said I


could have thrown the kitchen sink at her, I could have driven a bus


at her, it wouldn't have worked. A shock for Savannah Marshall as well,


Britain's reigning world champion, she was beaten by her opponent from


Kazakhstan. She couldn't shake off her opponent, who led by two points


going into the final round. On to the men, and Anthony Joshua won is


late-night court of final bout against Zhilei Zhang of China,


nicknamed the iron fist Prince. There is a bronze medal in store


for Anthony Ogogo, but he will hope to do better than that after


winning the quarter-final match tonight. He beat his man 15-tend to


make the semi-finals. That was hard work. I had a walk the other night,


and this man hit hard, but it Viki putting those wins out, I am not


going to stop until I get the gold medal. What does it mean to be


here? The two so hard. Anyone who has come here and done it for Great


Britain, represented this lion on my chest, they have earned it. I


have had it so tough, not just injury Wise, but mentally, problems


at home. I have had it so hard, and just coming home, bringing a medal


to my mum, that is just... I don't want to cry so I am going to tough


it out but it means the world to me. Great Britain's women's hockey team


knew before tonight's game against the Netherlands they were already


assured of a place in the next round, but despite that victory


would leave them with a better draw in the last four. The commentator


touch? She went for the shot. The corner by Christa Cullen. She can


use her entire body weight to get it behind the ball and slam it home.


kicked over the line. Left somebody on the post, and she tries the


on the post, and she tries the score. It is a well-worked penalty


corner. They have done their were five defenders there, and she


started and finished it. She gets that turn on Kate Walsh. What has


been in good team tournament for the Dutch. They have been top-


quality tonight, and that would have been a big psychological boost


for the Dutch, that victory. They deserve to be top of the group.


I finishing second, Great Britain I finishing second, Great Britain


play Argentina. That is on Wednesday. Let's hear from Team


GB's captain. We approach did exactly the same. We are here to


win the tournament and it is just another game in the pool stages.


Unfortunately we came away slightly disappointed but we got to the


semi-final because we did the hard work early. We will be fighting for


the gold medal. Kate, you pushed the defending Olympic champions for


the way tonight and that must give you great heart going into the


semi-finals? Yes, in the last couple of years we have proven we


can compete against them. We didn't quite have the game tonight but if


we played them again we would have the game definitely.


Can out of the second part of the round-up - earlier we brought you


water-based athletes, now we return to dry inland and the men's


basketball team. They beat China 90-58. Luol Deng and company end on


a high after not finishing at the bottom of the table. The men's


handball team had a standing ovation. The final loss of the day


ended against Iceland. They depart as heroes, but the coach is set to


depart and several key players will be calling it a day as well. The


men's volleyball team also went into their final game without a win.


They lost to Argentina 3-0. Let's have a look at the medal table


Before we go, our traditional look at the newspapers. This is the


times - a horse based theme. Blazing saddles, that was on the


back of... Was that the Mirror? The Mirror Has Gone For Jason Kenny.


The front page of the Independent has gone for golden oldies,


mentioning the names of those who won the show jumping. That terrible


headline of the day about Usain Bolt, a reference to the 200m. We


are going to rattle through some questions for you. I know you would


like to talk about stereotyping at these Olympics and power it has


changed. You yes, I think the Olympics has subverted some gender


stereotypes this time around. The founder didn't like women getting


involved in the marathon, thought it was not feminine, and I think it


is great they are punching their weight. Having women boxers, that


was the last bastion of masculine dominated sport. We also have the


first ever so deep female athlete competing in the judo, and in a


nation where women can't drive, can one vote, can't stand for an


election, in this case it could catalyse genuine change. If you can


do these questions quickly that would be great. What about the


psychological effects on the nation, how long would it last? I think the


jury is out on that. We will either look back and say there was a


genuine change in our national consciousness in 2012, and we will


trace other things to it as we do about 1966, this could be a


defining moment but the jury is out. A living in front of a home crowd


is more fulfilling - is failing in front of a home crowd even more


crushing than normal? Yes, the sliding doors are more severe.


are you looking forward to anything in particular from the rest of the


Olympic Games? I am looking forward to seeing who will be the iconic


athletes. It could be Jessica Ennis, it could be Usain Bolt. Mo Farah?


person have come to associate with this Olympic Games more than any


other... I think the jury is out on that as well. Her many gold medals


will Team GB win? We have a team at the moment. You said be quick. I


will say 22. That is it for another Olympic Sportsday. Pleasure as


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