Day 11: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 11: Full Round-Up

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Here we are again. Welcome Olympic comrades. This show at as a giant


jar of Olympic bonbons putting all the sweetness you need in one place,


and we have plenty to chew one tonight. Cycling comes to an end


with another two golden medals for Great Britain. Away from the


Velodrome, the Brownlee had a day to remember, and horse delight in


Greenwich. Not much to say about this - terrible technique, you will


not be surprised to find out this man won the discus. Of look that


and a few tales of British disappointment to come. You can


join in on Twitter, the address is on the screen. We will put your


comments to a man who has covered 10 Olympic Games. Patrick Collins


from the Mail on Sunday it is with us once again. The domination of


the British cycling team has been one of the stories of the Olympic


Games so far. If every sport had managed to win the same percentage


of gold medals, Team GB would be lying top-of-the-table. Another two


added today, and there were some the end of the Golden Road was in


sight. After today, Victoria Pendleton would retire. Fossa Chris


Hoy, this would almost certainly be his final show on the Olympic stage,


but time for one last go. With six Olympic medals already in the back,


Sir Chris Hoy knew that gold in the keirin would make him the greatest


British Olympian of all time, equalling the number of medals won


by Bradley Wiggins but Chris Hoy would move ahead on gold difference.


In the keirin, with a couple of laps to go, victory was far from


certain. Perhaps for the last time at the Olympics, he called on his


awesome power to show itself one more time. Chris Hoy get the gold


medal here in the keirin, that is his sixth gold medal. He becomes


the greatest achiever ever. Breaking the record of five set by


Sir Steve Redgrave, who was one of the first to offer his


congratulations. To me he will always be the greatest. He is an


inspiration and his four five consecutive gold medals, different


to winning multiple gold medals. They that is great to see. The once


again, there would be more British gold coming from the Velodrome, and


the second gold medal at these Olympic Games for Laura Trott. She


had already enjoyed success in the team pursuit, and her story was one


to inspire. She was born with a collapsed lung, but growing up she


was inspired by circling royalty. She blew away her main rival, Sarah


Hammer, in the final event of the omnium to take the gold medal. I


could not believe this is happening. I came into today not feeling as


good as yesterday and I was losing my head between events because they


were not going the way I wanted to. I can't believe it, I am so happy.


It would be a tearful end to the glittering career of Victoria


Pendleton. This narrow victory was ruled out, and in the second race


her arch rival, the Australian Anna Meares, sealed the gold medal. Not


how what was supposed to be as victorious Victoria Pendleton talk


about as runner up. I am so overwhelmed with emotion. I would


have loved to have won on my final race but I am so glad it is done


and I can move on. With Victoria now retiring, and Chris winding-


down, a glorious chapter of British cycling is coming to a close, but


with Laura Trott at just 20 years of age, the future looks like it is


of age, the future looks like it is in safe hands. The future is


certainly right. Let's deal with Sir Chris Hoy, he


has six gold medals, finished on a high, had a bear hug from so Steve


Redgrave. Understandably he was very emotional, and what a servant


he has been to British sport. the most dependable story in town.


The dignity of the man, the way he has handled the fame, relatively


sudden fame. No praise too high for him really, and six gold medals is


just absurd. Interesting to see the contrast between his parents'


emotions. His dad has always been able to watch, and his mum almost


permanently turns away. You forget what they go through, don't you?


course, and the great thing about these Olympic Games, the interviews


done to the media, they have meticulously mentioned their


parents and their coaches and the people they owe debt to and it is


encouraging. You don't hear too many sports people talking like


that. Goodness me, how many mothers do I know like that? It is a lovely


image. As I say, they have all been really good about remembering where


they came from and who they should thank. It is partly what has made


them so impressive. For a fantastic achievement for Laura Trott but I


wanted to mention Victoria Pendleton. There are a lot of


people on Twitter saying don't you dare say her silver medal is a


disappointment. It is almost a cliche to say you were in tears. I


have been in tears for the last 10 days, I can't believe it. I looked


around the press box the other day and people were openly weeping.


Just amazing. She is one of those who get the tears flowing. I felt


for her today. She has had a couple of rough deals in the course of


these Olympic Games. Some people have made the point that the


strength and breadth in cycling, more people are coming through to


fill the gap of Victoria and Chris Hoy. Someone is doing something


right. I looked at the coach today, so understated. The way they have


handled themselves at the cycling organisation has been an object


lesson for British sport. Until the athletics, and the best hope for a


medal this evening was the high jumper Robbie Grabarz.


He became the first British European champion for 50 years, and


any medal would have taken Team GB very good for Robbie Grabarz and


his right in the mix for this high- jump competition. If he can clear


this, he really is in a medal winning position. It was close. You


can't see the ring is coming down. He will have two more attempts.


Just his heels, so close. Massive crowd noise. They will ratchet up a


few notches for his third and final attempt. Oh, no! Hugely frustrating.


He sits in third place at the moment. He will have to see what


Jamie does in his third and final attempt. If he fails, we have a


bronze medal in the high jump to match Steve Smith's back in 1996 in


Atalanta. It is bronze for Britain, and bronze for Robbie Grabarz.


What a performance. The biggest night of your life and you have


delivered a medal. I am over the moon. I am kind of disappointed it


is a bronze, but it is a medal. If somebody had said I would get this


at any point in my life, I would have bitten there hand-off. A word


on Robbie Grabarz, it was surprising medal. He was clearly


delighted but there was not much reaction from the crowd tonight.


felt for him because I think in the stadium they were not aware that


there was more than one medal. I think he was denied some of the


acclaim he might have had. You remember the late run Pickering, a


great supporter of athletics, and the funding his wife set up in his


memory, rugby has been a beneficiary of that along with many


others -- Robbie Grabarz has been a beneficiary of that. It has


produced some very successful athlete. Plenty of British


interests this evening, but not in any of the four gold medals up for


grabs. How the mighty Wallabies have fallen. There had been quite a


few travelling in Australia's misery at these Olympic Games.


Sally Pearson looked determined not to become the latest green and gold


casualty in the 100m hurdles. The two Sally Pearson of Australia.


just get sit on the line. waiting for the confirmation of the


results must have felt like an eternity for her, but it was so


worth it. It is like a dream right now. I don't know what I am feeling,


but at the moment it is relief and now shock. It is a matter of going


through the motions and emotions, realising what I have done tonight.


You have seen me through the diamond leaks, everything else, you


know that I really wanted this tonight. My goal was to last year


when the world championships and this year when the Olympic Games


and I couldn't be happier. 1,500m event glorious memories of


races past. I wonder what Sebastian Coe would make of marker Oofy. The


Algerian was thrown out of London 2012 for not trying in an 800m heat.


He was reinstated because he was given a doctor's note, but no sign


of an injury here. Makhloufi of Algeria has destroyed the Olympic


field. Home advantage didn't help this competitor who competed in the


discus. Robert Harting of Germany showed him how we should be done,


then went on to reveal he has many with strange mascot so in the past.


And this time, this. We cannot end on a low point. Shara


Proctor qualified for the final of the long jump for her adopted


country. And this is definitely Team GB's game. And what a reaction


for Andrew Osagie. Just imagine what he will do if he wins a medal.


I wanted to ask you about Australia, because they have had a pretty


miserable Games. A huge audience at breakfast time for Sally Pearson,


and you almost feel she knew that because of the way she reacted when


she won the gold? Absolutely. She has worked very hard. Terrific


talent. I am pleased for. They have now won almost as many gold medals


as Yorkshire! -- I am pleased for her. And what about this chap on


the 1,500 metres? Taoufik Makhloufi. He was excused with a doctor's note


and then this. I think he is somebody we will hear a lot more


from in the future. Take that as you will. And quickly, Andrew send


only message - the best middle- distance runner we have seen. --


sent you a message. I think perhaps one of the Africans, the great


Africans, might be. It was a dramatic morning session in the


stadium, too. There had been a frenzied speculation over Phillips


Idowu will come into these Games. The big question was, is he fit?


The answer was a resounding no. He had been holding camp in Portugal.


He was where off his personal best and only good enough for 14th. Only


the top 12 made the final. -- he was where off. I have been out to


get my -- see my physio and get some treatment. I knew I was going


to be a bit rusty because it has been a while since I have competed.


The conditions were a bit difficult with the wind, and are expected


that. I have watched a few of the guys competing in the horizontal


jump. -- I expected that. I cannot remember a time when I have


performed that badly. heartbreak for Goldie Sayers. She


picked up a shoulder injury at the Grand Prix last month and it ended


up ruining the biggest day of her career. Three successive knows rows.


And too much for her to take. Can you tell us how you are


feeling? I am... I am sure people are criticising me for competing,


being injured. I did a throwing session that I was able to do a few


days ago and that went really well. I think I caught a nerve in warm up


and I can feel my hand. There is their loss of skill involved in


throwing a javelin and I could not get there progress going. -- there


is a lot of skill involved. I would like to say thank you to everyone


here and hopefully, I can do the country proud in Rio. Thank you for


talking to us. For we will talk about Goldie Sayers.


It is horrid to see that. But first I wanted to talk about Phillips


Idowu. A big reaction online today. The fact he was injured, the fact


he did not turn up to competition. Are we being harsh? No. He seemed


to be under the illusion that it was all about him. The Games. And


then the coach got into a pretty stand-off with him. But we don't


think he behaved at all well. And with his own coach... From what I


understand, his own coach was not terribly aware of what was


happening to him. Of course there is sympathy but it will be in short


supply. And knowing he was not fit enough to compete in the Games. And


now Goldie Sayers. She knows she is young and she will get another


chance but this was the moment she wanted to produce her best and do


it in front of my home crowd. there is the difference between her


and Phillips Idowu. She made no secret last month at Crystal Palace.


She was injured and she thought she could get away with it. But she


couldn't. At least it was played out in public. She said what was


the trouble and took the gamble. The management went along with it.


I think Phillips Idowu is very different. As she said, she is


nothing the best form of high life and she might have done something


wonderful. And she, like Lawrence Okoye, has a very bright future in


athletics. Because you want to talk about him? Two years ago, he never


completed. Never thrown a discus. And now we have the possibility of


him... And he got into and it was sent an amazing achievement by both


of them. If he hadn't taken up his law degree, he will be wonderful.


Good to know he is only 20. Usain Bolt fresh from his stunning


success in the 100 metres, and he started the defence of his 200


metres. As we expected, he coasted through, describing it as an easy


run. Yohan Blake also safely through, as is Christophe Lemaitre


as well. A Christian Malcolm also qualified. He finished second in


his heat. James Ellington ran the slowest time of the year for him.


21.23 was only enough for six. He went out. And then Bleasdale in the


heats this morning of the 5,000. Barbara Parker's best was not


enough to see her through to that final. Lawrence Clarke made it to


the semi-finals of the 110-metre hurdles but Andrew Pozzi's debut


lasted just a few seconds. A recent hamstring injury flared up again.


In a later he'd, new Shang's Olympic occurs shut -- struck again.


-- in a later he'd, new Shang's Olympic curves. A Andy Turner went


on to win the heat. Somebody called Paul approach to me today in the


Olympic Park and said, I love the global round-up you do. We have so


much to tell you about, so, Paul, this is for you.


84 years had passed without the Netherlands winning a gymnastic


gold. It seemed they had spent their time developing this man.


Much of what the Flying Dutchman was doing seemed an illusion. He


was not the favourite beforehand. He was everybody's favourite after.


Orange gold on the horizontal bars. And then the Chinese ruled supreme


on the bars and the beam. This is a piece of apparatus that punishes


the slightest slip. Gabby Douglas is the greatest all-round gymnast


in the world but got no special treatment. No further discussion


was needed after this performance on the floor. The second gold of


the Games. All through the Games, China had been plunging to new


highs and the diving. They had been supposed to bring back the latest


gold. His final dive looked good to continue the Chinese clean sweep.


But then the Russian took to the board. He has done it! So, they are


beatable! Out in the English Channel, a piece day at sea for the


Dutchman. His gold medal was a cure as long as you stayed on his board.


He duly completed a windsurfing lap of honour. And then Spain won the


final race for the women. 100 million people watched China's


female table-tennis team beat Japan. The Chinese completely dominate the


sport but there are clearly not board of winning. The Iranians seem


to feel the same about the Greco- Roman wrestling. They won their


third medal in the discipline. A big improvement because they had


not won any before this Games. Another strong man from Iran. He


picked up the gold expected of him in the 105 kilo division. At the


other end of the Olympic spectrum lies synchronised swimming. The


Russians won the title with a routine apparently inspired by a


horror movies, and just when you thought it was safe to go back into


the water! Back on dry land, Brazil will play Mexico in the football


final. The Brazilians beat South Korea. It was a bit closer in the


handball. All level between Montenegro and France, until this!


One shock for them to knock out the French. They will play Spain in the


semi-finals. The French women took defeat rather better than their


countrymen. In the boxing, the Frenchman thought he had done


enough to beat his opponent. He had not. His emotions when through rage,


then to sorrow, finally before his exit stage left.


Lots of people like that global round-up. Another couple of


brothers have said, can you mention us we also like the round but. On


to Nick Dempsey, and he secured a solid win. He agonisingly missed


out on a medal in Beijing. This would assure him of second place


and there was never any drama. He finished third. The Netherlands


took the gold. This will be the last race at the Olympics as the


sport has been dropped in favour of kite boarding for 2016. It has been


a pretty difficult four years but I always believed I could come here


and do well and just massively relieved, I think, more than


anything. I had always said it would be a disaster. I don't know


what we would have done had I got for the. But massively happy. Just


glad I could do it for the people who have helped me.


And Team GB will have another sailing medal on Thursday. We are


mathematically assured of at least a silver after amassing enough


points in today's races. They are ahead of Argentina. It is now a


straight fight with the Aussies for the gold.


In your first Olympic regatta, you are guaranteed at least a silver


medal. Absolutely. We will take that going into the middle race. To


be fair, they did a better race than us. But we are just a few


points behind going into the middle race in Thursday and they have got


it all to lose. We are in a win-win situation. If for there has been


much excitement over the last few days. Today, two Leeds lads were


hoping to add to the medal haul of Yorkshire. There were strong


favourites when the field jumped London, is city of great landmarks,


but could history be made in the Olympic triathlon? -- a city.


Alistair Brownlee and Jonathan Brownlee. Either or both? Could


they become medal-winners for Britain? They splashed their way


through 15 metres of Hyde Park serpentine hot on the heels of the


leaders. But in the cycling, the Brown thes and Javier Gomez began


to assert their right authority. -- the Brownlee brothers. But the


triathlon is full of dangers twists and turns. Oh, my word! I hope they


are both OK. At a 15 -- a 15 second penalty was added to Jonathan


Brownlee, but for Alistair, no such problems. He broke away from Gomez


midway through the run and sealed victory in a manner befitting such


We are seeing the first British Olympic her blonde champion in


Alistair Brownlee. He knows he has got it now, and it has been a


fabulous performance. This is effectively a matter of honour for


Alistair Brownlee. He has the Union Jack across his shoulders and he


can walk over the line. exhaustion was understandable, but


bronze for his brother meant this day, despite the fatigue, could not


have gone much better. Massively prowled. It has been talked about


so much that Great Britain have not won a gold medal in triathlon. So


much folklore has been put to bed today and that is great. To get two


brothers on the podium is absolutely... You could not ask for


any more. Great Britain could not have asked for any more from the


Brownlee brothers. They kept their end in the bargain and made history.


A few people mentioning this today - only 13 people who ran in the


10,000m on the track the other day run faster than Alistair Brownlee


after he had already done the swimming and the cycling. After all


you have gone through, you are then required to run 10,000m, it is


extraordinary. I liked at the end Jonny Brownlee was lying on the


floor. King needed treatment, didn't he? He did, he was quite ill.


Somebody said to Alistair Brownlee, what is the diagnosis? And he said,


he is knackered. Well done, very brotherly. Also the way that Jonny


Brownlee decided to run and take his penalty once he had helped his


brother as best he could. It was a special moment. You actually forgot


the level they were competing out, you forgot it was the Olympics. Two


Brothers, it doesn't happen. person here saying they had been to


two events, but it was amazing to see such a crowd. It has grown,


hasn't it? In the heavy ring of the women's marathon, they were out by


the tens of thousands. It was wonderful. The way London has taken


to these Olympic Games is like no other city has.


Boxing, and Great Britain now enjoying a successful Olympic Games


in the ring so far. Four fighters have already got through to the


final rounds. Andrew Selby was fighting against his -- this Cuban


opponent, but failed to get to countback, but the Canadians have


launched an appeal. Cast your mind back a few days to Greenwich Park


when Great Britain show jumpers took gold against the nervy


Netherlands. We dispatched Joe Wilson to see if home advantage


could bring home another slice of British bacon. The dancing hooves


and perfect boys of dressage. It is a discipline of great subtlety and


mystery, even for those who come to watch. We now know nothing about


dressage, we thought we would come to see the horses. We didn't


understand it but we are getting it, I think. The technicalities may be


hard to grass, but there is one thing that everyone understands -


the first time There is an outstanding British dressage team


in the Olympics. Carl Hester grow up in the Channel Islands where it


helps to learn how to ride - there are no cars. No horse has to


complete a series of technical movements, and he was judged at 80%,


that is excellent and the crowd new. Germany have had seven consecutive


gold medals before London. The kind of thing that is not supposed to


happen here. Charlotte Dujardin may sound French, but she was born in


England and choose the world record holder. She knew the solid score


would be enough, and this was the best of the day. Laura


Bechtolsheimer played a strong part as well. We have been riding three


great horses when London decided to host the Olympics, and here we are


winning gold. It is unbelievable timing. There is still time for


more - two further days of the more - two further days of the


equestrian. Dressage was live on BBC One today, and sailing was live


on BBC Three at the same time, and millions of people were watching.


Down at the other end of the Parc is the hockey arena. Great Britain


were taking on Spain for a place in career. A penalty corner has been


strong, strong protests. referral left. It was raised, it


was dangerous, but if it was inside he could shoot. Between the umpires,


they sorted that out. It needn't have been moved up to the other end,


surely? Another penalty corner has been given, and penalty corners


have to be taken to their conclusion. He hit it into his own


fought according to the other umpire. He did indeed. They got it


right in the end. The final seconds being counted down. And Great


Britain have made it through to the semi-final. My goodness me, the


struggle to get there, and the Spanish are still not happy about


it. That is for sure. Great Britain through to the last four for the


first time since 1988, and Spain were not very happy. Their coaches


accused the officials of bias towards the host nation. You can


tell we are getting towards the end of the Olympic Games when we are


able to wed the Great Britain round-up in to one section,


nevertheless we shall plough one. Rachel Cawthorn came through her


heat of the single kayak today. She will compete for gold in Thursdays


final. Not so good for the women's pair. Their Olympics is not over


yet, they're part of the K4 team. This is the first British duo to


make the synchronised swimming final in 40 years. They managed


14th place. Great Britain's women suffered a further defeat in the


water polo today. They lost 11-9. They are yet to win at the Olympic


Games. An admirable performance from Chris Meares, and a brilliant


last dive was rewarded with one of only two scores over 100. Five


years ago he was given only 5% chance of survival after rupturing


his spleen. The medals table continues to look great for Great


Britain, third behind the powerhouses of China and the USA.


Let's finish with a little look at the newspapers. The Daily Mail have


gone for the greatest, Chris Hoy on Redgrave in a passionate embrace.


What have we got here? The times have gone for Laura Trott becoming


the cycling Queen. The Daily Express - he might be able to spot


they have got Brownlee and Laura Trott, but that is actually the


Dutch team who finished in bronze position in the equestrian. They


have a question - have we seen a defining moment of the Games yet,


Patrick? What is the iconic image that will some little? The my


goodness, almost anything from Saturday night. That night was


perfection, I have never seen anything like it. For you to say


you have never seen anything like that, your first Olympic Games was


in Munich, that is saying something. It was the best British night in


sport, I would put it ahead of the World Cup. I know it sounds


sweeping, but six gold medals in one single day was immense.


needed a break in the middle of the Games has been magnificent, and


they have just gathered pace. What we will do when they are Rover, I


don't know. Some negative comments out there - people saying money has


bought the success. Look at the money they have ploughed into


cycling, should we be worried about that? No, the great thing was the


lottery, way back when that happened. To be successful in sport,


you need investment. Training camps need funding, coaches, and we have


done all of those things. Your best Olympic moment ever, what would it


be? Other than Saturday-night me be. He in 1984, Los Angeles, seeing


Carl Lewis running in a near empty stadium and he ran something like


19.8 teach in the 200m and he was the most beautiful runner I ever


saw. I remember seeing him by trackside and thinking you can't


get better than this. The run in the heats, there are 80,000 people


in the Olympic Park here. Yes, 80,000 people watching the discus,


it was fantastic yesterday. Thank you for your time and for watching,


and Patrick, we appreciate your insight as ever. It has been


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