Day 13: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 13: Full Round-Up

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Welcome, one and all. After a day without medals, the gold tap was


turned back on again. We'll show you every twist and turn from Day


13 at the Olympics and wedge as much action as we possibly can into


the next 45 minutes. You know the name by now. This is Olympic


Sportsday and this is what's coming Not one but two sensational


performances in the Olympic Stadium tonight. Usain Bolt and David


Rudisha both dominate their disciplines.


After a medal-less day for Team GB yesterday, three golden girls


turned it round today in dressage, boxing and taekwondo.


And we'll round everything else up for you - including some right


As always, we love it when you get involved. @mrdanwalker is where you


can find us on Twitter. Your comments and questions are welcome


and Paul Kelso of The Telegraph is standing by to rifle through them.


Let's start with the man who went into the evening session in the


stadium behind us here hoping to complete the 100, and 200m double


He has blown the more away! Usain Bolt triumphs in majestic style. He


Bold turns on the big engine. pulling away, he is going to win


the gold medal! When it comes to the championships, I brought it.


The champion becomes a legend. There was the normal overflowing


confidence in the build-up to the race - Bolt was preening, posturing,


playing with the crowd. Once again his countryman and training partner


Yohan Blake was the man most likely to concern him once they settled in


This is what I wanted and I got it. I'm very proud of myself. I had a


rough season, I came out here and I did what I had to do. Is it more


special book to celebrate with these guys? Without a doubt. My


coach will be going crazy now. We pushed each other. This is the end


product. What about this guy? You pushed him hard all year. First and


foremost, I have to thank God. And the coach, he has been there. Usain


Bolt has motivated me all season. Everything has been going good.


hope you might break a world record, was it in the air? Definitely, I


think it was possible. I guess I wasn't fit enough. I was fast, but


not fit enough. I could feel the strain on my back a little bit. I


just tried to keep my form and brought it home. When I came off


the corner, I could feel it. This year has not been the easiest for


you. You said you were 90 does so - - 95% fit. Sum up what this means


for you. It is hard. I am really dedicated to my work and I know


what London meant to me and I came it -- came here and did my best and


I'm proud of myself. I really wanted to get the world record, but


I am happy. He has managed to become the first athlete in history


to retain the 100 and 200 at consecutive games and he did it


with a bad back. Another incredible performance. Not bad to run the


same time as Michael Johnson in 1996 with a bad back. In 1996 that


seemed like the most amazing time you had seen in your life. But what


a performance. He was completely composed. That first 120 metres was


astonishing, he destroyed the field. He only had his team-mate to worry


about and he had enough in the tank. The first thing that broke the line


in the picture was the finger he brought to his lips. A lot of


people asking about him being only 25. He might have the best years


ahead of him. He will probably never be 100% fit again, but how


long can he go on for? He said this evening that he is thinking about


Rio. He is very conscience that Yohan Blake is 22. He has said many


times this evening that I told Blake two years ago it that this


Olympics is my time, but next time is yours. I suspect we will see him


in Rio, but the question is how good he will be. A Jamaican one-


two-three as well. Not much word from the Americans, but I imagine


they will be disappointed. For all the changes we have seen in Team GB,


there is still not a sprinting challenge. Absolutely. We have a


population that should be producing sprinters. We've had a debate over


Dwain Chambers for too long. The question should be why we are not


producing kids. It is not bad to go back to the Jamaicans. It is not a


bad team! I imagine there really is quite tasty. Did he say anything


about a possible career in football? He was asked about all


sorts of things. Including his ideal woman. He was asked whether


he would be a better partner for Wayne Rooney than Robin van Persie.


He thought he would be the perfect winner to provide service for them.


Be it could fall into place perfectly.


From one man who's dominating his event to another. David Rudisha has


ruled the 800m for the past couple of years, and at the age of 23 has


a long future ahead of him. As he lined up for tonight's final, there


was an expectancy around the stadium that those lucky enough to


be inside were about to see He wants to son -- he wants to make


sure his performance goes into the record books as a great one. Andrew


Osagie is hoping to run the race of Osagie is hoping to run the race of


his life against the world record holder, the world champion. He is


now attempting to become the Olympic champion, David Rudisha. He


loves to be at the front. A beautiful running action. Kaki


comes across. The others have been sucked into this. For now, it is


following the script everybody thought would happen. Rudisha at


the front. He is stretching it out. A fast opening 300 metres. He is


looking for a decent time of 50 seconds. Kaki is following him. The


medals might be decided by the people that don't follow him. 49.2


is a phenomenal opening. There have been Olympic records -- world


record set in the Olympic Games at 800m. David Rudisha, the great


athlete that he is. Key they have gone with him down the back


straight. Can they hang on? Look at this. That is really, really quick


through 600. A Mars moves into second place. Kitum has moved into


third. It is all about David Rudisha. Already the world record


holder, already the world champion. Striding away to become the Olympic


champion. How quick will it be? Watch the clock. World record!


ever 800m race anyone has ever seen. ever 800m race anyone has ever seen.


What a privilege to be here. This is the moment I've been waiting for


for a very long time. To come here and break the world record is


something unbelievable. To plan to win the gold medal is one thing, a


world record is another, how long has that been in the making? I was


well prepared his ear and I had no doubt about winning, but I was


waiting for Dirk Kuyt -- perfect conditions to break the world


record. Today the weather was beautiful. I decided to go for it.


We glad he decided to go for it. Incredible achievement. Seb Coe has


described it as one of the greatest runs in Olympic history. It was


fantastic. I was looking forward to seeing him more than I was looking


forward to seeing Bolt. We have probably seen the athletic


performance of the Games. It was astonishing. He ran that without a


pacemaker. He didn't need to run that fast to win the title, but he


went for it. He said the weather was perfect and he felt like it.


Kenyan says the weather was perfect in London! It was scintillating.


Afterwards he said it would be fun to take on Usain Bolt at the 400m.


He one thing that tells you how good this race was. Andrew Osagie,


who has really come through, he came last but his time was quick


enough to win the last three Olympic Games finals. That is


ridiculous. It was. You look down the field and the stats, everybody


had run a personal best, and national record, a season's best.


They trailed in his wake. A fantastic run from Osagie. People


do come from nowhere and he can take heart from that. Some thing


else a lot of people has asked about. Where of the great middle-


distance runners we have had in the past? Is that coming through? Was


that maybe a golden period? certainly was. That period was


started by Seb Coe, Steve Cram and Steve Ovett. That was before they


were facing some great African runners. Before the real boom in


East African running particularly. That is what has changed. We are


not producing runners that quick and that good. But there's huge


competition in the distance events and that is what made Mo Farah's


victory on Saturday so great. We saw a run for the ages tonight.


number of people saying that Bolt is fantastic for the Olympics, for


athletics in general, but the problem is that when Bolt does


anything, it detracts from Rudisha, one of the great track performances.


It is up there with Michael Johnson's 400 in Atlanta in 1996.


Atlanta -- absolutely. You don't see distance records going in


Olympics. Some people I was talking to were uncomfortable with the Bolt


lap of honour going on as David Rudisha was receiving his medal.


The anthem was playing and I'm not sure Bolt was entirely aware that


he was possibly distracting the crowd. But in the TV interview, he


stopped to applaud the Rudisha. Half the guys in the stadium were


still on the man in yellow. Probably not his problem, our fault


for adoring him so much and looking it at the wonder that he produces.


Let's wrap up some of the other action this evening, starting with


a gold medal for America's Christian Taylor in the triple jump.


He added the Olympic title to his world crown with a superb leap of


17.81, the longest in the world this year. He finished ahead of


fellow Team USA member Will Claye with Italy's Fabrizio Donato taking


bronze. Another American took gold in the


decathlon, with Ashton Eaton claiming the top prize. He set a


new world record at the US trials and although he couldn't repeat


that here, he proved too strong for the rest of the field. He had a


151-point lead going into the final event, the 1500m, and never looked


like relinquishing it. He took gold ahead of team mate Trey Hardee,


with Cuban Leonel Suarez with the bronze.


Czech Barbora Spotakova has won the gold medal in the women's javelin,


successfully defending her title. A throw of 69.55 was good enough to


claim the competition, with two Germans, Christina Obergfoll and


Linda Stahl, taking silver and bronze.


The other notable event tonight was Caster Semenya qualifying easily


for the final of the 800m. She won her semi-final, setting a season's


best in the process of 1:57.67. Britain's Lyndsay Sharp failed to


make it through to the final. A couple of other bits to wrap up


in athletics. This from the morning session. After failing to make the


final of the 400m, Oscar Pistorius was hoping to have his day in the


4x4 relay, but it looked as though his Olympics were over following


this. While he waited to run the third for South Africa, his team-


mate Ofentse Mogawane collided with Kenya's Vincent Kiilu and was sent


sprawling to the track. The Kenyan continued, but Mogawane dislocated


his shoulder and was unable to carry on. Kenya were disqualified,


South Africa won an appeal and have now been allowed to run in the


final where they will go from lane While all that was going on, the


British quartet qualified comfortably for the final. Martyn


Rooney took them home as they finished a close second to Trinidad


and Tobago. The final four matches tomorrow. High time we got on with


the favourite part of the show, and more Tweeds came in about the


global round-up. Mike says he loves it so much he has shaved it into


the back of his head. We have beach volleyball, diving, tae kwon do,


and wrestling. Every single day of the Olympics, China had struck gold


and it was never going to be was never in doubt. Now, your


mother always told she could never count your chickens. The Australian


water polo team must have been under water when the lesson was


dished out. Seconds away from the victory, they started celebrating,


McCormack has lasted! Hungary have the equaliser. A on face for a


little while, but the Australians but hated their coach by winning


the bronze in the overtime. In the final, the USA outclassed Spain for


a golden moment. According to the internet, Brazil has 47 beaches of


note compared to one in Germany. So the Germans won the men's beach


volleyball, obviously. In sport, it's not often you see the best of


the best, but here she is. The Japanese wrestler made it three


Olympic titles in a row and has obviously had plenty of time to


This Russian has time on her side for more of these moments, only 21-


year-old. People are don't look -- of going out to start -- stop


laughing at Australia as they creep It is now three golds on the water


for Australia in two days. When it comes to sprinting, it seems the


German rule in both the kayak and the canoe. The women's pair became


Olympic champions, as did the men. And just what you need when you


have reached the pinnacle of your sport, a nice, slobbering kiss.


There has been a lot of talk about inspiring a generation at 2012, but


it seems Afghanistan arrowhead or verse. This was the reaction back


home -- ahead of us. This was the reaction when they got through to


the quarter-finals of the tae kwon do back home. They would have been


even more happy when they secured a I don't seem to remember this


happening on Daley Thompson's decathlon on the ZX Spectrum. He


clears the bar easily, only for the of Ross -- the US who ran the last


bit of the relay with a broken leg. Hard as nails, tough as teak. We


Lot has been said about the crowd at the Olympics and the loudest


venue has been deep excel arena during the Katie Taylor fight. --


The Excel Arena. Nicola Adams was hoping to make her own bit of


history by becoming the first woman to take an Olympic title in the


The winner by a score of 16-7, and Words that 29 year-old Nicola Adams


had waited more than half her life to here, and believe it or not,


this was not the punch that sealed a place in history as the first


woman to become an Olympic boxing champion. In the amateur code, and


knock down scores just one point, the same as any other successful


blow. But there were plenty of them as well. Adams, with a significant


advantage as we move into the final 30 seconds of the third round.


the more impressive to take 814-5 lead against a woman she described


as her nemesis, Cancan Ren of China. And British rock Singh -- boxing


had a new hero. The 20th goal of the game celebrated in style by the


woman who had fought so long to win it. I dreamt about this since I was


12. The moment has finally come. I have my gold medal for Great


Britain, number one, this is what I have been working for. We got the


tactics spot-on. I have trained hard, worked hard and after my


injury I didn't think I would box again. To get a gold medal, I


couldn't top it off. This is what dreams are made of. If they thought


she took a good reception, they haven't heard anything yet. Katie


Taylor carried the flag at the Irish opening ceremony, and she


carried their best hope for a gold medal into the ring. She got off to


a slow start against Ochigava or a -- but she struck off -- rubbed off


the hopes of a nation and their worries in staff. She won Ireland's


first goal of the Games. After the first bell she knew she had done


enough. How long will the celebrations going Ireland? I don't


know. I'll have a great time and I go home, so it will be many, Meli


celebrations. In the third final of the night, Claressa Shields made


history. The 17-year-old Greek -- beat Torlopova to become the sexist


youngest boxer to win the gold. -- the Russian boxer. And Nicola Adams


says she wants to defend her title in four years time. Why to


spectacle in the arena, but Nicola Adams, the way she conducts herself.


So many people saying it is the smile both during and after. There


is something special about are the main issue smile when you see her


in action, even though she's hitting someone. It was incredible.


I was in the press centre, just up the park, and you don't often see


her room rising to its feet and I think there were even more smiles.


She just has a smile that lights up the room. A fantastic performance.


A real tear up and she boxed her ears off. Her mum took her to a row


Bix in Leeds and when she was sitting watching she sure the boys


boxing -- a row of bricks. Incredible single mindedness. She


was not even in the Olympics back then. It has been a big campaign to


get the sport into the game's which gathered pace after London winning


the right to have the Games because you need quality along the sport,


and that is one of the aims of the IOC. All sorts of professional


promoters have said that they do not agree with women's boxing, but


it is fabulously entertaining and she's a great champion, as is Katie


Taylor. They have silenced a few critics. One room I hope is truer


than Nicola Adams is that apparently her dog was in the


kennels and she paid for a TV so the dog could watch it. Please be


true! Katie Taylor, the Irish have at champion and they were so


overjoyed, the crowd, thousands of Irish fans. You wonder what could


light up the crowds even more, and lots of happy Irish people. I


walked past the big screen she won the medal, and the trickle laws


came out and it was amazing. Amazing to watch them both taking


gold today. The build-up to the tae kwon do competition has been about


the controversy with Aaron Cook -- airing Cook and the story of Sarah


Stephenson. But there were two other competitors keen to make


their mark. Jade Jones and Martin Stamper were in action, and they


did rather well, especially Jade Jones who became Olympic champion.


She beat the world No. 1 from Chinese Taipei, with a late rally,


including a kick to the head but her three. It followed earlier wins


against the Serbian. Then, in the final she was up against the


Chinese, and after a cagey opening, she went into the final round with


a two-point lead, closing out to seal it 6-4 to become Britain's


first tae kwon do gold medallist, and she loved it. She took my world


championship final, and she would not let me -- I would not let her


beat me here in front of my home crowd. The last two and a half


years, and you must be so proud. She knows I am so proud of her. The


work this girl has put in over the last six months has been ridiculous.


Getting up at 6am, doing extra training. Ridiculous. We have had


ups and downs, she has been in tears every other day, but she is a


fighter and she works hard. She is like a male athlete. In the female


department, she really is. I am so proud of her and she delivers under


pressure, and she did again today. You have achieved something that


even Sarah Stephenson has and. to be the first ever British


athlete to win an Olympic gold in tae kwon do, it is amazing. Martin


Stamper also made the semi-finals of the 68 kilogram category. He


came unstuck against the top seed from Turkey who was that 2011 world


and European champion and a bronze medallist in Beijing. Stamper gave


it his best but was beaten 9-6. He got the chance to fight for a


bronze, but the Afghani we saw in the round-up was too good on the


night. But still an impressive performance from Stamper. I have to


ask you about Jade Jones. Excitement about Nicola Adams, but


also a bad Jade Jones. These young women have flourished on become


superstars. The first time I have seen the celebration and it is


fantastic. A huge amount of controversy with the tae kwon do.


They have taken a battering and I have dished some of it out in those


situations but I always said it was a world-class programme and that is


a vindication. You are going to see Mohamed tomorrow, and there will be


some questions, and the performance will be scrutinised. He will be,


and it will be tough on him, because he is there instead of the


world No. 1. That was an unfortunate by-product of a


contentious selection. All he can do is see what his team-mates have


done and be inspired. He will get the backing from those crowds and


everyone watching, regardless of what went before. Well done, Jade


Jones. A wonderful moment when Sue Barker handed from the individual


dressage to the women whacking each other at the XL arena. We have seen


the boxing where Adams won gold, but time to find that he won the


battle of the dancing horses with Joe Wilson. A final day of the


equestrian at the London Olympics and the one they waited for. 20,000


people gripped by the spectacle of the freestyle. Horse and rider are


judged not on just control but creativity. For those involved in


the sport, it is the ultimate. Laura Bechtolsheimer was the first


to go, in time with the medley from the Lion King. The judges said


83.4%. First place, for a while. The Netherlands are strong in the


sport. She excelled, with a Charlotte Dujardin. The Great


Escape? This routine broke the British record in the competition


before the Olympics and it seemed to go pretty well. Then the wait


for the score. Look and listen. Over 90% for the north Londoner


with a French name. She'd only been competing internationally for a


Unbelievable. I'm emotional about it. But he gave it everything today.


And gold and bronze for Dujardin and Bechtolsheimer. Five equestrian


medals at the game, a record. With the last event complete, the broad


reflection on the event is encouraging for the Great Britain.


For the first time ever they won medals across all disciplines. For


the riders and equine athletes, they have never been Olympic Days


Four years ago in Beijing, Keri- Anne Payne won Olympic silver in


the open water swin so today, in Hyde Park, the world champion was


one of the strong favourites to take the gold in the Serpentine in


front of a noisy home crowd. The weather was perfect, conditions


ideal, and this is what happened. ideal, and this is what happened.


20 minutes or so left and Keri-Anne Payne started well. She normally


likes to start quickly. Leading from Australia. How on earth do you


find your staff in that? Are your staff! You can nick somebody else's


bottle. Absolute mayhem. Total wipeout. That is nonsense. That is


like a bad night club. She is looking more comfortable now. We've


got about 150 metres to the next feeding station. Not that far to go.


About half an hour to go. It looks like they are bunching up a little


bit again. Keri-Anne Payne in an efficient place. She is going to


get the gold, for a Hungarian. The Silver has gone to Andersson of the


USA. Keri-Anne Payne did just USA. Keri-Anne Payne did just


behind in fourth place. So close! It just didn't go my way from the


start. I really tried to get back up to the lead. I guess it shows


that they played me at my own game. She did such a great job. How much


were you hoping during the last lap? I was hurting most of the swim.


I missed the bottle and from then I really struggled. I was probably


working too hard. Then I just had to get back to a good position. I


got there but I did not have enough at the end. Is that it for you in


open-water swimming? Is that your last one? I don't know. I'm not


sure how things will go. It will be my last one for a while. We will


see. It is not the last of me in swimming. For a Hungarian wins the


gold Medal in the women's 10,000m open water. She led almost from the


stunt -- gun and deserved everything she got.


A lot of people treating about Keri-Anne Payne. Emily says she was


in Hyde Park today. People saying it is so hard to watch somebody put


in that much effort and come so close to the podium. An obvious


disappointment. Four hundredth of a second after 10 kilometres is quite


harsh. It was an incredible swim. They took it out so early and


stretch them. Keri-Anne Payne tends to win from the front. That is the


hardest way to do it. She was never really been the place she wanted to


be. Another swimming hope he got a lot of hype who hasn't delivered.


Michael says please remind people of how violent open-water swimming


is. It is not the greatest spectator sport in the world. But


there's so much fighting going on in the pack. It is incredibly


physical. It is like Swan wrestling! An underwater camera


showed us how violent it is would be a great tradition.


Wembley was packed out tonight for the women's football final. A crowd


of 80,203 was the largest ever to see a women's football match at the


Olympics. After their last minute injury time win over Canada in the


semis, the USA went into the game as favourites to retain their title


as favourites to retain their title against the world champions Japan.


And they started very well as Carli Lloyd gave them the lead inside the


first ten minutes And shortly after half-time, Lloyd struck again with


a great goal to make it 2-0 to the Americans Yuki Ogeemi pulled one


back for Japan, and with half an hour to go had plenty of time to


complete the comeback, but the USA hung on to clinch the gold medal


and retain their title. The bronze medal match was decided


in dramatic fashion at the City of Coventry Stadium. Canada won it


against France with an injury time winner. They were largely outplayed


by the French, but Diana Matheson struck to give the Canucks their


Now, regular viewers of this show will know that when Team GB are in


hockey action, we like to bring you all the highlights in a nice two or


three-minute chunk with a bit of Barry Davies magic. But we can't do


that tonight because there were just too many goals in the men's


semi final against the Netherlands. And most of them were in the Great


Britain net. The Dutch took an early two-goal lead, but when Team


GB pulled one back, we thought a GB pulled one back, we thought a


fightback was on the cards. How wrong we were. The Netherlands then


went on to score another seven to GB's one, making the final score 9-


2. It really was a humiliating defeat for the home side who are


trying to win a hockey medal for the first time since they reached


the final, and won it, in 1988. Two Dutch players, Billy Bakker and


Roderick Weusthof, scored hat- tricks as they inflicted the


heaviest Olympic semi-final defeat At 2-1, we were back in it. Even at


4-1 at the start of the second half. We had a few corners and then had a


good chance against the goalkeeper. They got a little break and they


scored. The timing of the goals hit people. It knocked us back a bit


and when they get a head like that, they are brilliant players and they


just went and played hockey and they were pretty special. The Dutch


will meet Germany in the final after they put in a brilliant


performance to beat world champions and red hot favourites Australia.


They were trailing 1-0 and then 2-1, but scored three unanswered goals


to complete a memorable 4-2 victory. Germany will now set out to defend


the title they won four years ago in Beijing. Australia will meet


Team GB for bronze. You saw the dejection on the great British


hockey team. Same for the women last night. Both had high hopes in


this tournament and there has been 15,000 there for every game.


Unfortunately bronzes the best they can do. We really did have high


hopes. We thought this was an opportunity for one of them to come


through, the women particularly. The women lost three in a row in


the final analysis. Something slightly familiar about an 11 aside


British team losing to Dutch and Argentine opposition. We can say


they will take encouragement, but the Olympics were a great chance.


Hard to come back for bronze-medal match when you have been hammered.


That will be hard. The Australians will take anything they can get at


these Games. A tough game coming up. I said to Sally Pearson yesterday


that Australia were not having a good games.


BMX bandit Liam Phillips is through to the semi-finals of the men's


competition after a very encouraging performance in today's


quarter-final runs. Phillips finished second to American Connor


Fields in each of his first three runs, which was good enough to put


him through to tomorrow's semis. He also finished second to Fields in


the time-trial at the World Championships in May, only to


suffer a fractured collarbone a day later. He thought he'd never


compete at the Games, but made it thanks to a remarkable speedy


recovery. But if you needed a reminder of what can happen in BMX


races, look no further. How about this for a multi bike pile-up,


which apparently drew an audible gasp from the spectators. Pretty


spectacular but thankfully no-one Even him! He had a cranium full of


tarmac. I'm not sure that phrase will catch on.


Now let's round up all things Team GB from today. We'll start at Eton


Dorney, where Rachel Cawthorn was in the final of the single kayak.


She went into the race after having won her heat and finished second in


the semi-final and was hopeful for a medal. Unfortunately, she


couldn't repeat that form and eventually trailed in sixth. She


admitted afterwards that she allowed nerves to get the better of


her. Francesca, or Frankie, Jones is in


21st place at the halfway stage of qualifying for the individual all-


around rhythmic gymnastics competition. She was among 24


gymnasts who competed with the ball and hoop today, with the ribbon and


club routines to come tomorrow. The top ten will go through to


Saturday's final. Meanwhile in the team competition,


Great Britain are 11th overall and need to finish in the top eight to


make the final. It is the first time Team GB have been represented


at an Olympic Games in the group all-around competition. The team of


five - Rachel Smith, Louisa Pouli, Francesca Fox, Lynne Hutchison and


Jade Faulkner - put in one of their best performances and were overcome


with joy when the scores flashed up. The competition continues tomorrow.


From gymnastics on a mat to gymnastics in the water and Great


Britain ended day one of the synchronised swimming team final in


sixth position. There are eight teams competitng for gold, with the


technical routine today and the free tomorrow. Ice skating gold


medallist Robin Cousins has been helping Team GB with their


preparations. Olga Butkevych's Olympics lasted


just six minutes after she was beaten in the opening round of the


wrestling. The Ukranian-born Briton was a controversial selection,


having only gained British citizenship in May. She was Team


GB's only wrestler entered for the Games and was expected to reach the


quarter-finals. And patience required for Luke


Patience and Stuart Bithell - their bid for glory will have to wait


another day. A lack of wind in Weymouth meant their 470 medal race


had to be postponed. The British duo are guaranteed a silver and


will race against the Australian crew for the gold in the


Three more golds for Team GB today. 25 golds and 52 medals in all and


look pretty secure in third place, Predictably, most of the paper talk


tomorrow is of that man - Jamaica's gold medal machine Usain Bolt,


after his record-breaking double- The one story that has come out


tonight is apparently the police are studying footage of Usain


Bolt's victory lap. Somebody has nicked his necklace, which he is


not happy about. Hopefully that will turn up tomorrow. I hope he


has got a good turn of foot because Usain Bolt will catch him! They


will be in trouble. In the wonderful world of technology, why


do athletes still have sheets of paper on their chest? Some of them


now have chips in them. They fall off far too much. The numbers and


labels fall off. David says, he is enjoying these Olympics but he is


worried about the future of -- sport in schools. That is right.


There's a danger this opportunity passes us by. We've known this is


coming. School sport has to be a priority and it hasn't been in the


past. We've seen the benefit of the enjoyment the country has drawn


from this. I would love to see it as a major policy commitment.


always get people asking for your highlight of the Games. Most people


have gone for that Saturday night. Has anything stood out for you?


many. They are stacking up. I thought it was a clear picture


after Saturday night. Rudisha was as good as anything I've ever seen.


But I was saying that about Mo Farah a couple of days ago. If Mo


Farah doubles up on Saturday, he will still have it. Those track


moments stand out. There's a negative opinion if of the media in


this country on occasions. A lot of people saying you must be desperate


to write a negative story because there's been so much positivity.


We've come into this and been surprised. You will always cautious


about saying things. Everything has gone fantastically well. We are


running out of superlatives. That's it for us. Two to go. Thank you for


watching. A hat-trick of appearances for you, Paul. We will


be back tomorrow. No gold medals on Wednesday, but today GB hit back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Charlotte Dujardin has iced the cake in style and Britain has got


another gold medal! The teenage kicking superstar from North Wales


is the Olympic champion. Nicola Adams of Great Britain has just


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