Day 14: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 14: Full Round-Up

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Evening all. It's the final Friday night of the Olympics so thanks for


joining us. If you're new to all this, this is your one stop shop


for every snippet of news from Day 14 of the London Games. If it


happened today, you'll see it here on Olympic Sportsday. This is what


we have coming up: The Americans don't just take the relay gold -


they make history in the process. No golds for team GB today but


there were a clutch of medals including two sailing silvers. And


float like butterfly, dance like a goon. We'll bring you the best of


the rest. You've only got two more nights to get your comments and


questions included so send them in to @mrdanwalker on Twitter and


tonight we are joined by Laura Williamson of the Daily Mail.


Plenty of talking points today but we shall start with a world record


on the track. The best women's 4 x 1 time in history - before tonight


- came in 1985 by the East Germans. 27 years on it was finally beaten.


rise but gets off to a good start. But so does Madison. The American


is flying into the back straight. There goes Allyson Felix. They are


being chased by the Jamaicans. Sherone Simpson has a lot of work


to do. The Americans are really going well here. On the third leg


for the USA, Bianca at night will hand over to Carmelita chatter.


What can Kerron Stewart do? At the moment, nothing. The clock will


stop at a marvellous time. Carmelita Jeter wins it for the USA,


Jamaica in second to the Ukrainian in third and it is a new world


We have had some great runs on the track, that was up there. Very much


so. It was great to see an old record go because it comes from an


era which was tainted. That record was set in 1985. And also with the


American and Jamaican rivalry, to see the way the Americans went out


there, built on Allyson Felix winning the 200m, half a second


they knocked off that record. American men have been well beaten


by the Jamaicans and may well be in the 4 x 100 as well. Allyson Felix


won the 200m, it is a great rivalry to go forward into the


championships. Definitely. The Allyson Felix Veronica Campbell


Brown's dynamic was excellent. To come through with a wonderful


running style she has got was brilliant to witness. There are


still people coming through so this is something which will build and


build and build. We have had some tweets on this one. Kylie says this


is a twenty-seven-year-old record and what has happened tonight is


something we will be talking about for a long time. That was seismic.


The women's relay final was overshadowed because of the British


success, it was almost an afterthought. It was wonderful see


the Americans and Jamaicans get their just deserts tonight. Well


the Americans showed how to do the relay there. In the men's


qualifiers, Great Britain, once again, showed how NOT to do it.


Team GB have an awful record with baton changes and the curse struck


again here. Daniel Talbot was on leg three, but he and Adam Gemili


made a right hash of the handover, only completeing it when Gemili was


outside the zone. It means Great Britain were disqualified, just as


they were in Beijing four years ago. I don't know what happened there. I


felt so bad for the team because they have tried so hard with the


training. I'm gutted that we have been disqualified, it is


devastating. I went off, I have got to see the video, maybe I went


early or too hard, I do not know. It is disappointing because we ran


37.9, that last changeover will supply. I thought we could have


been in contention in the finals. Jamaica went on to win that race,


despite resting double sprint champion Usain Bolt. It sets up


another highly anticipated clash in the final with the Americans, who


also won their heat. Justin Gatlin led them home in a time of 37.38


seconds, with the Jamaicans just a 10th of a second slower - the third


and fourth fastest times in history. When it comes to relays, we have to


say the same things. Lots of comments on this. One says: Team GB


are shambles, they have a 100% failure rate in championship sprint


relays this year. They always seem to get it wrong, don't they? I know,


it is shocking. We have dropped the baton in four of the five Olympic


Games and we won the one we got around. That is how good we are and


can be. Somebody has said they need a designated coach. This sounds


ridiculous but it is practise, practise, practise. My view


personally on this is his anyone as an individual going to win a medal


in the 100 metres or 200m? No, they are not but as a team this is


somewhere we could pick up medals. Why we had Gemili on the last leg


who only started training and general, I do not know. Fred says


there was a mess. Mahmood says in the interviews they said they were


proud to be here but that was the wrong attitude. They're not showing


their talent, they should be on the podium. Can you imagine Dave


Brailsford in the cycling saying well done, you had a good run.


you look at the history, it is catastrophic. In Helsinki, the men


did not finish, the women were disqualified. At the World Juniors,


the women did not finish and the men were disqualified. And now they


were disqualified. Now the final of the men's 4x4 relay always tends to


be an exciting one, and tonight was no different. Team GB selected Dai


Greene for the race, hoping that he could put the disappointment of


missing out on a medal in the 400 hurdles on Monday. We join the race


as Greene takes the baton for the fantastic 400m here. He has been


brought in. What is his flat speed like? Cuba have pulled up. There is


a big, big gap. Look at the ground which has been eaten up by Jonathan


Borlee, past Dai Greene. Can he hang on here to give Martin really


a chance in the last leg. -- Martin Rooney. Belgium have got a


fantastic run on the last leg. The USA changed over first, then the


Bahamas, then Trinidad and Tobago. Martyn Rooney is in 5th place at


the moment. The USA are going for title number 17. Angelo Taylor has


a huge amount of experience. Martyn Rooney is done with a chance of a


medal. He has Trinidad and Tobago and Russia ahead of him. The


Bahamas are challenging the United States. Martyn Grimley is into 4th,


can he make third? The Bahamas will be the champions, USA second. Great


Britain are just run out of it for What a run from the Bahamas.


Let's round up the rest of the night's athletics for you, starting


with the final of the women's 1500 metres. Lisa Dobriskey was the best


medal shout for Team GB, while Laura Weightman made the final as


one of the fastest losers. But neither featured in the chase for


medals in an incredibly slow race as Turkey's Asli Cakir Alptekin won


Turkey's first gold medal on the track. She finished ahead of


compatriot Gamze Bulut, with Bahrain's Ethiopian-born Maryam


Jamal claiming bronze. Dobriskey came in 10th with Weightman,


coached by Steve Cram, 11th. The women's 5000 metres provided a


big shock when Ethiopia's Meseret Defar overtook compatriot Tirunesh


Dibaba in the closing stages and held on to take the title. Dibaba


won gold in the 10,000 metres a week ago and was the defending


champion in both disciplines from Beijing. Kenya's Vivian Cheruiyot


was second with Dibaba getting the bronze. Britain's Jo Pavey finished


7th with Julia Bleasdale 8th. A strong final leg from Christine


Ohuruogu ensured Great Britain came third in their heat for the 4 x 400


relay which put them through to tomorrow's final. Ohuruogu, along


with Eilidh Child, Lee McConnell and Shana Cox, set a season's best


time in the process. The hammer was won by Russia's Tatyana Lysenko who


threw a whopping 78 metres 18 - setting a new Olympic record in the


process. She adds the gold medal to the world championship she won last


year Britain's Sophie Hitchon finished in last place. Her best


throw was 69 metres 33, but just getting to the final was an


achievement in itself, as she only picked up a hammer four years ago


and was the youngest competitor in the field.


France's Renaud Lavillenie, the world indoor champion, took gold in


the pole vault in an Olympic record 5 metres 97. He finished ahead of


German pair Bjorn Otto and Raphael Holzdeppe who took silver and


bronze. Britain's Steve Lewis had to settle for joint fifth place


with a best of 5.75 metres. The crowd went wild for that.


Lot of people on mentioning the fact that there are a few medalists


who Wyatt tinged with a drug past. Two of them tonight, Lysenko and


Alptekin - have both served two year bans for doping. It is like


people feel like booing them in the medal ceremony. The reception


tonight was muted. Lisa Dobriskey, who has always had a strong stance


against drug cheats came out and said, I do not think I was


competing on a level playing field. That is quite something to say, I


would suggest. That are strong words from Dobriskey. Very. What is


the answer? Two-year bans are not long enough. The reason Olympics


work and are so special is because they are four years and you have


one chance and that is it. To have a two-year ban, you could compete


in these games, server ban and be back for Rio. That does not make


sense to me. We have all spoken about how great Saturday night was


and the three medals in the Olympic Stadium but there are some serious


questions about British athletics and some big areas where there is


massive room for improvement. field events is the obvious one.


Sophie Hitchon did brilliantly to throw a national record to get the


final but she finished 12th. Our discus thrower got to the final but


finished 12th. This is not good enough. There are areas which need


to be looked at. Do you think that is what Charles van Commenee


targets between now and the next Olympic Games or championships?


think so. It is about being a bit savvy. If you look at some of the


other sports like rowing with the talent I D programme by getting


tall people, or good county standard athletes in games, perhaps


athletics should look at something like that. We received a message


from Ben today who said he was forced to miss last night's show


and his life has felt incomplete ever since without the knowledge


gained from the global round-up. Well Ben, tonight prepare for golds


in swimming, synchronised swimming, taekwondo, wrestling and the best


volleyball rally you're likely to see. Patrick Gearey has tonight's


global round up. For Oussama Mellouli, it is water.


He does battle with it outside and in the pool. He becomes the first


athlete to take her part in the pool and the open-water swimming.


He had to battle illness before jumping into a swim which took him


to hell and back. So Benjamin shelter from Gram was in that race


with two laps to go. He conquered it but 14 minutes after Oussama


Mellouli. This may well be the team is in's


last games as he says himself nothing can top this achievement.


The one form of swimming he has not conquered yet is the synchronised


variety where supremacy is guarded fiercely by Russia. Queens of the


chlorine since Sydney, they have won every gold going since then.


They were not going to throw this one away. Throwing away is the name


of the game in wrestling. Russia when narrowly ahead in the final of


the under 55 kilogram three-star so George or desperately tried to


-- the move was not completed in time. The Iranian against the


American. His Twitter name - all I see is gold. Burroughs was the easy


winner. Some of his university friends were among the crowd. Maybe


the best road trip ever. All the more tactical in taekwondo. This


kick enough to give gold to the kick enough to give gold to the


Taekwondo is coming home as South Korea get the gold.


And in this football match, Grace is married to the grunt.


In basketball, the USA are finally beat. But France are not quite so


exulted in the world of handball, there are pretty tough to beat.


They are into the final at the expense of Croatia. Their opponents


will be Sweden, who snatched victory by a single point from


Hungary and litter out some of that pent-up tension.


Not quite so close in the volleyball. How did he do that?


Still, surely Italy would finish them off now? There can be few more


That was brilliant. Well worth waiting for. Let's head off to


Weymouth. The men and women's crews were growth in action after


problems with a lack of wind yesterday. The men competed for


gold with the Australian crew. They have their work cut out to eat into


the Australian lead. In the end, there had to settle for what was a


very respectable silver. The pair were chuffed and will be hoping to


go one better in Rio in four years time. We got the better of them at


the start and managed to sneak ahead but unfortunately we snuck


ahead of the rest of the fleet and we were hoping they would be there!


But they sailed a fantastic race. We tried to tie them. They held


their nerve. They are the champions. We are happy with second! First


Games, silver medal... It is fantastic! Great, isn't it? It has


been three, four years hard work together and 15 years out there,


and will here standing on the Olympic podium and it is not gold


but we have plenty of time. We are young boys and we mean business. We


will be coming back. Stuart is an absolute legend and we are happy,


happy boys. Impossible not to like those two, isn't it?! The women


were facing the New Zealanders. The Kiwis won the race to claim the


title, leaving Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills to climb the 4th


silver-medal of this regatta. -- to claim. Feeling a bit gutted, really.


We had them on the start line and we let them go to the right. We


were wedged in with a few boats and did not follow them out there.


Halfway up the beach, we knew the race was gone from us. Courtesy of


his great partnership, you are on the podium and you must take so


much pride from that? -- this great partnership. Hannah is such a great


partner. When we started sailing 18 months ago, we tried to qualify for


the team, so to come away... At that time, I don't think we were


even thinking about qualifying. So to come away with a medal. It has


been up and down all the way but we have had a wicked time. Always good


to finish with a power hug. If the semi-finals and finals today of the


BMX. Phillips cannot believe he is


competing after breaking his collarbone a few months ago. And


Shanaze Reade was trying to get rid of the demons of the last Olympics.


I think Beijing made me... Oh, she has crashed! She has touched the


wail and she has gone down. Great disappointment for Shanaze Reade.


just want to be Olympic champion so Floating very nicely over both of


those jobs. Having an absolutely dream start and a dream finish.


Shanaze's dream was going all the way to make the final. She was


ready for redemption. So close to weigh medal in Beijing before rip


all went wrong, this time she just wasn't in the race. -- before it


all went wrong. Bitter, bitter disappointment for Shanaze Reade.


at the moment, I am pretty much without emotion. I don't have any


emotion in me yet. But the Olympic Games is the biggest platform you


can raise that and you have to give it your best. So, an anti-climax


for Reade. But Liam Phillips, still a favourite even after breaking his


line, Phillips began the final, making up for lost time.


fantastic start for Liam Phillips... Unfortunately, all his good work


came undone. Phillips is down! weeks ago, I was having surgery on


my shoulder, broken ribs, collarbone. I have defied all


expectation, really, just to be here, Littleham be a contender.


Sport has a nasty habit of not reading the script. Now another


four years of hurt before they can A disappointing day. Somebody here


things she has just been spooked by Beijing. It did not happen in that


final. -- somebody thinks. She had a good gate and she was on the


inside on the first bend. She had a sluggish start. At the end, she


said she felt a bit of fatigue but I think mentally she was gone.


good news is BMX has been a huge hit at the Olympics. Huge crowds


down there on the track and most people talking about it and saying


what a fantastic sport it is. You never know where the Big off is


coming from. Absolutely! Seven of the big riders went. You were just


counting who would get to the finish line. So exciting. I just


don't understand why the final is not a best of three and just a


straight one. And it is not down to talent. It is very much a lottery.


Mostly it is to produce is their best in -- it is who produces their


best in the moment. Yes. I do not know why you don't have the best of


three, because then you have a chance to even it up. But then I


suppose if you are going to crash right some of them did, you don't


want to ride again! A disappointing Games for the men and women's


hockey teams. Both were beaten in the semi-finals and had a chance to


make amends. Today, it was all about the ladies. New Zealand were


the opponents and the winner would take the bronze. The losers would


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


medal. We were heartbroken after that semi-final and we promised we


would not go home empty-handed, and we went out and played our best


game of the tournament by miles and swept the New Zealand team aside. I


am so proud of them. The whole 20 his squad. We did it for all of


them. I don't think it will hit me for several weeks. -- the 28 squad.


And think in a few weeks' time it will hit me and then I will realise


what a crazy two weeks it has been. -- I think. And then the Dutch


retained their title after beating the Argentinians. The victory was


secured by the Dutch skipper. A superb penalty corner into the roof


of the Net making it 2-0. It is the third time the Netherlands have won


Hold onto your helmets - it is taekwondo time! Our squad has been


Lutalo Muhammad's selection was a rather controversial one. Chosen


ahead of our Aaron Cook. But a 3- point head kick led him to a 7-3


final score. I just want to say thank you to the home crowd. They


made the atmosphere terrific. I did try but I guess it wasn't enough


today. If he could drag himself up from that disappointment we still


had the chance of a bronze medal. This time, he's started


aggressively and explosively, Upper against the Iranian with the big


reputation. He was screened on by the crowd to an 11-7 victory. Then


he was fighting for a medal against the Armenian but the Londoner was


flying. This is why they picked him. A comfortable win in the end - 9-3.


There will still be arguments that Aaron Cook could have done better.


But Muhammad got a bronze medal and overcame his own test of character.


Oh really wanted to deliver and bring a gold medal home. -- I


really wanted. A tyre and happy to get a bronze. Earlier in the day,


so much emotion for Sarah Stevenson, competing for her deceased parents.


She had also defeated a knee injury. She could do little against page up


fears and here. -- against Paige McPherson here. My dad wanted me to


be here, so I am really proud. Sarah Stevenson had won her


supporters simply by being here. Muhammad said he did not feel he


had a point to prove, but do you think it was tough because of all


that talk about this election? It must have been difficult to focus


on his job? Absolutely. If he hadn't gone for the bronze, it


would have been a matter of, it has been a flop. And then he gets a


bronze and it would have been, it would Aaron got a gold? He has been


left to take the heat. So unfair. They were asked, what would Aaron


Cook have thought about that It is what IFS and he did not win


medals on that. He would have said I would have done that differently,


I would have done that differently. The way it was handled by the


selectors seemed to be a disaster. It is great their Lutalo Muhammad


won the bronze medal. Sarah Stevenson was in the stadium on the


opening night doing the reading and I think the nation wanted her to


achieve more than others because what she went through with her


family. It is what sport is about sometimes, you build someone up and


she is deflated and the people of Great Britain feel for her, just


watching the interview afterwards. It breaks your heart. She stopped


training to look after her parents who both died of cancer. How you


even have the strength to go one after that, never mind the Olympics,


she was injured as well. In this case, it was an achievement to get


there and it was the taking part which counted and we should not say


she failed at all because she succeeded in getting there. It was


great to see her. Tom Daley was certainly one of the


faces of the Games and tonight he did qualify for the semi final of


the 10 metre platform diving but it's a long way off the smooth


progress he would have wanted. He was far from his best and after a


terrible fifth dive needed to nail his last one to be sure of the top


18 finish he needed to go through. Thankfully he did it, but it was


still only good enough for 15th and he'll need to improve tomorrow when


only the top 12 will go on to contest the final. It was a tough


competition. I wanted to get through it and qualify. It is tough


to compete at this time of night with 32 competitors. It is the


biggest ever event. Normally it has the least number of competitors. It


was really long, really tiring and my legs were failing towards the


end. The home crowd got me through. It was bad news for Pete Waterfield


though - he won't be diving tomorrow. His second dive was


particularly bad and left him with too much to do. He eventually


finished in 23rd place. Waterfield won silver in Athens eight years


ago. After an epic night of boxing


yesterday there were another four British boxers going for gongs in


the ExCel Arena today. Anthony Joshua, Luke Campbell, Fred Evans


and Antony Agogo were all assured of at least a bronze. All four were


desperate seal the big one. Jonathan Sutherland was watching


the lot. It has been another good necked for British boxing. -- good


night. Anthony Joshua's semi-final against Ivan Dychko of Kazakhstan,


was hugeness personified, standing at 6 ft 9. Joshua did what he had


to do. By the end, the giant cows that's nose was bleeding. Joshua


could start dreaming of a medal. Four Welshmen Fred Evans, a chance


to win the Olympic final. He boxed against Ukraine's Taras Shelestyuk.


The Crown -- crowd roared them on. Come the end, he thought he had


done enough. He had, a momentous win for Fred Evans. Evans is now


guaranteed at least silver. So, too, is Great Britain's Luke


Campbell who earlier earned his place in tomorrow's bantamweight


final. Campbell always had his opponent on the back foot, winning


by 20 points to 11. A Olympic final for Campbell without a single


shadow of a doubt! And in that final, Campbell will face Ireland's


Jonjo Nevin who caused an upset over the defending champion Alvarez


of Cuba. The final between Nevin and Campbell, one boxing fans will


be keen to embrace. Nevin next, you know him, and narrow victory last


year? Yes, in the championships. A top fighter. It will be a great


find a - a final. No final for Anthony Ogogo. The power of the


Brazilian opponent was too much. Ukrainian showed his best foot work


after he beat the Mongolian opponent to reach the light


welterweight final. That was like a Cossack shaking


Stevens thing going on there. Boxing could end up being one of


Great Britain's most successful sports at these olympics if things


go according to plan in the finals? It is just phenomenal. It has been


going on at the ExCel arena but you just keep hearing about British


success. Nicola Adams, for me, was one of the highlights of the Games


but the men are doing it as well. They are paying back all the


investment which has been put into them. You were only the second


female journalist we have had on this programme, we have asked them


about the women, what have you made of not just Nicola Adams but the


rowers and so much female success across the board? It has been


wonderful to write about it and feel part of it. I think in 1996 we


won won bronze, Denise Lewis won that. But now with Victoria


Pendleton and the rollers, these women are brilliant role models.


Where you look there are role models across sports. No excuse not


get involved, you ladies. Right let's whizz you through some of the


British competitors in action today. We'll start with canoeing the 200


metre sprint made its Olympic debut, replacing the old 500 metre races


in a bid to make the sport more exciting. And it's proved a fairly


successful move for team GB with three of the four boats making the


finals. Ed McKeever stormed through his heat and semi final in the


single kayak, setting the fastest time. McKeever is being heavily


tipped for gold in tomorrow's final, especially as his arch rival, world


champion Piotr Siemionofski from Poland, was knocked out at the semi


final stage. Jess Walker also qualified for the final of the


women's single kayak as she put in a late burst to rise from 4th to


2nd over the closing stages in her semi. She was fairly pleased too as


she's admitted to having "a rubbish year" so far. And in the Kayak


Double, Liam Heath and Jon Schofield, European champions and


world silver medallists, came 2nd in their semi final. They finished


behind the Russian boat, which is expected to be their main


challenger tomorrow. Daniel Fogg was the madman who


leapt into the Serpentine for the mammoth 10k swim. Kerri-Anne Payne


narrowly missed out on a medal yesterday, but the chances of Fogg


coming so close were fairly remote. He's already competed in the pool,


coming eighth in the 1500 metres final at the Aquatics Centre, and


although he was well off the pace after the fifth lap, he hauled


himself back to eventually finish a creditable fifth.


Frankie Jones has missed out on a place in the final of the


individual rhythmic gymnastics. She went into today's ribbon and club


routines in 21st place but dropped down to 24th, and last, after


losing control of one of her clubs in her final routine. The top 10


will now compete in the final. And it was a similar story for the


group all-around competition. They were ninth overnight and needed a


top eight finish to make the final. But they slipped back after today's


ribbons and hoops routines to finish 12th out of 12. There was a


more encouraging performance from the synchronised swimming team in


their first ever Olympics. They finished the final in 6th place,


reaching the target set by their coach. They performed a Peter Pan


themed routine today and hope to reach Neverland - or Rio - in 4


we near the end of things. Four more medals today for Team GB, two


silvers, two bronzes - no golds but still safely in third behind the


big two, China and the USA. Right, paper time this is what


you'll see on your front and back Owens. He said he would love to win


a long jump gold as well. The Times have gone for Faruk aims


for perfect finish to the Greatest Show on Earth and a picture of


You have had some grief tonight having a go at British athletics,


that would be a wonderful finish to the games? Too did the double, that


would be extraordinary. I hope people do not think I am being


negative. There is so much young talent out there and it is


frustrating that it has not kicked on. There have been highlights,


Andrew Osagie getting to the final of the 800m. Our sprinters, there


is promised there. It is just frustrating sometimes to watch them


when it does not quite come off. have always had questions about


what you highlights of the Games would be so far. We have banned


people from talking about Saturday night. What is the story that you


will remember from these games? me it was the British gymnasts in


the all-round team event, the men who won bronze. It was bronze,


silver and bronze. It was such a wonderful, and expected brilliant


bronze, being there and seeing the roller-coaster of emotions. And the


fact it had not happened for a century? It was history being made.


And watching the first female boxers come out as well was quite a


moment, I thought. No one quite knew what to expect because it was


a new sport and how you feel about women being punched, but the


atmosphere was incredible and then we won. What is your take on the


legacy she? In a year time -- a year's time, we will not be talking


about it because football is king and it will take over but how do we


make sure that there is a legacy from these gains in terms of


equipment, stadia and bringing people through the next generation?


I think the ultimate legacy will be, hopefully, people sitting at home


and thinking, that could be me. It feels so immediate, because it is


on home turf and because we have done so well. You will never be


able to measure it but we will only know in so many years, that would


be it. I was on the Duke and there was a girl trying to recreate Steph


Paulton's Gold. On the Tube. It was quiet, I was coming back from Wales.


What sports will you be taking up after the Olympics? Handball.


Dani wants to know who put the pole vault bar on where it falls off. I


would like it to be a man on stilts but they wind it down and back up


again. Breakfast kicks off at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. We shall


return for our final show, one final global round-up, one final


guest, one final chance for you to send in your comments and hopefully


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


a few more golds to talk about as Anthony Joshua has just booked his


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