Day 15: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 15: Full Round-Up

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Well, here we are for the final time for us. If this is your first


time, this show gives you everything Olympic you could


possibly need in 45 minutes. Tonight we have something of a


feast at to labour for you. It is 5,000 Fahrenheit! Mo Farah raises


the temperature in the stadium as we see another Super Saturday.


More goals for Great Britain, one in the ring and one on the water.


And madness in the modern Pentathlon. It is all coming up in


the global round-up. We have also had a really to


remember for you and Tom Daley, too. So another packed programme in the


last of these Olympic Games, but please don't get sad. You still


have 45 minutes to get your questions and comments in. Send


them to us on Twitter. Where do we start? It is obvious.


The 5,000 metres. Could Mo Farah first Briton to win the title of


10,000 metres. He is running magnificently now. The crowd on


lifting him, they are cheering him on! Has he got enough? Mo Farah has


got gold! It is going to be a glorious, glorious win! Mo Farah


for Great Britain. It is gold! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! The stadium erupts!


Mo Farah took on the Africans, showed them how to do it.


Unbelievable! Farah admitted winning the race had taken plenty


out of him. Only six had ever won both at the Games. Did he have


enough in the tank to join that illustrious group?


Next time he commits it has got to be for real. No second chances here.


He wants to hold that position. Exactly, and that is what he


normally does. He is just sensing that the best way to hold the


position is to get to the front. This is not the big kick, it is


positioning. It is Briton himself in a place -- pool himself into


place. Another pressure will start to be applied. -- and now the


pressure. Lagat is close. And now he says, right, mate, new and died.


Words have been exchanged. -- you and me. He is coming into the home


straight and he has got to be very careful not to let anybody get


ahead of him. He is doing it right, holding position on the inside.


They are queuing up around him. It is going to be a fierce last lap.


He is running himself into medal position. He is running perfectly


well and he has got a chance now. Four athletes on his shoulder.


dangers 1,500 metre man is in third. Dejen Gebremeskel takes the inside


route. Farah holding the inside curve. The crowd on their feet!


They are trying to roar him on! It looks dangerous to me, the man in


third. The arms have got to come, the knees have got to come up high.


He has got to find something extra! I think he is going to get this!


Farah is going to make it two gold medals for Great Britain!


Beautiful! The place erupts! He's Unbelievable. A loss of confidence


going into the race. But I have to say, I felt tired. -- a lot of


confidence. They helped me a lot so it was pretty good. When you hit


the front, there was no way anybody was going to come past? Yes, the


American tried but I knew I had to hang onto it. I just want to thank


everybody who supported me. All my coaches in previous years, those


who have been a part of my life. I cannot think everyone enough. It


has been a long journey, grafting and grafting. But anything is


possible. It is just hard work and grafting.


Twitter continues to go mad for Mo Farah! But rightly so. It was an


epic night in the stadium and it must have felt very special? If you


rewind 3,000 years to the ancient Olympics, Aristotle, Sophocles,


Plato, they would write a crow about those occasions of 30, 40,000


people cheering. But today in the stand with 80,000 other people, I


got so caught up in it. Often journalists are quite low-key and


they think, we are not supposed to be celebrating, we are supposed to


be writing about it. We were all up and shouting ourselves horse. It


was such a powerful, collective and emotional moment. Lots of people


asking, what was he doing in the semi-final? Was he genuinely tired?


Was he trying to outfox them? Whatever he did was brilliant and


his tactics tonight, super. It was wonderfully constructed as a race.


If there was a deliberate tactical ploy to lull his competitors into a


false sense of security, we can add that Machiavellian slant to his


tricks. Apparently, this takes it out of the legs of the distance


runners but to have done it on home soil with the pressure he has faced.


It was just so wonderful and so emotional. His last few words to


fill Jones in the interview were, it is all about hard work and graft.


-- to Phil Jones. And that is from an average athlete to came to the


Games who is now on top of the world. He took such a gamble to go


to the United States to put extra miles on the road. That is a


tremendous part of his narrative. And something else I might say, if


I may, if you are wind one year, and to something threatening to


destroy our cities, multicultural are t -- at multiculturalism can be


tricky. But now 80,000 people were cheering him. I am not saying one


athletics victory can solve the problems of a nation but I thought


this was a really profound national moment. Yes. And he said he was so


proud to run for Great Britain even though he is from Somalia. A


fantastic flag-bearer. The other highlight on the track


was the men's sprint relay. A tussle between America and Jamaica.


A fraction of a second between them in their qualifying times but Bolt


was back for Jamaica. Would he give chased. But not being chased hard.


He has had a good first leg here. The war changes are good. -- the


baton. Blake is right on the Americans, between these two. Bolt


is going into the lead and you know what that means! Here egos! He has


got no chance. Jamaica are the gold medallists again and it is a new


world record! He smashes it into pieces. He two great teams but only


It is a beautiful thing to end on this note, so for me it is a


wonderful feeling to end on a high note. The team came out and they


gave it their all. I knew it was possible. Which we could have gone


faster but I guess we leave room for improvement! Obviously people


love you and the sport needs you. BEUC yourself going for another


four years and trying for the triple? -- do you see yourself?


am sure there will be a lot more young cats coming up, so for me it


is just wonderful. One step at a time and we will see, the next four


years. So many Jamaican fans have come here. We have seen you give


the Mobot. Hang on... Yeah, boys! Ha-ha! You cannot not like the man!


He has a high opinion of himself but rightly so. There really is a


joy to watch and it was done so well tonight, with the Americans


just behind. -- he is a joy to watch. Yes. Blake on the bend and


when Bolt got it and was away. Beautifully called by Steve Cram.


When you think about the pressure, the moment they have to deliver.


For him to not only look relaxed but to be relaxed. I saw him


gesticulating before he went out and the cameras were not on him. He


was having a bit of a joke with the audience. How does somebody have


the mind set to do that when he is under that pressure? I think there


is an authenticity about him that is so engaging and even if you look


at the results, for me now, just behind Jesse Owens he has to be the


best track runner. When you talk about four years down the line, he


says, yes, a one to do the long job. -- I want to do. But one thing is


for sure, athletics needs Usain Bolt. And absolutely. It was


struggling after a litany of drugs scandals. Is dotted with Ben


Johnson and then all sorts of other heroes. -- it started. He and its


future are inextricably linked to go the.


Let's ground up the other events. Caster Semenya was in a shake-up


for the medals but she made her move far too late while Mariya


Savinova timed it perfectly and took the gold. Making her burst in


the last 100 metres, she made it home well clear of the chasing pack.


Another Russian, Ekaterina Poistogova, won the bronze, with


Semenya in silver. The women's Quartet in the relay


were anchored by Sanya Richards- Ross. They destroyed the field and


won by a huge margin. Great Britain with Ohuruogu in the final leg


finished 5th. The Russian won gold in the women's


high jump. This was her winning league. United States took the


silver. And the men's javelin. This man


only qualified in sick. He was competing as a junior recently,


Keshorn Walcott. He took the gold ahead off Oleksandr Pyatnytsya of


Ukraine. Antti Ruuskanen claimed The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


have been all over the Olympics. I was sent an e-mail saying that some


bookies are offering odds that at least one of their children will be


called global round-up. I know it sounds mad but such is the


popularity of this part of the show. It is the last one we will do, it


is the biggest one we have done, it is the global round-up.


Fencing, swimming, riding, then shooting and running at the same


time. Modern pentathlon, part Olympic sport, part Olympic movie.


The creator of the modern Olympics intended it to replicate a soldier


behind enemy lines. It is fair to say that this man doesn't use his


fencing skills at work any more. He followed that up with a dashing


display of horsemanship. Riders have just 20 minutes to bond with


their horses before hand. This South Korean had a certain lack of


chemistry with his. Both horse and rider were OK, but it was a case of


just getting to the end and going their separate ways. Svoboda just


had to protect a lead. With a steady hand and steady pace, he


went through to his first goal. Try telling him this event is an


anachronism. The mountain biking is simpler in format but not in


execution, as the Olympic champion found out. This wasn't quite the


rocky road to ruin, but it is allowed the French rider a clear


run to gold. Amy last finished, eighth. Calamity can strike at sea


two, you are always a wave from a problem. -- can start -- can strike


at C2. The skipper, Olivier uprise, had to be picked up. Spain took


advantage on their way to gold. The consequences of overbalancing are


less severe in rhythmic gymnastics but points mean -- Polly's means


points. This was the first woman to mean all around -- to win two all


around colts. Montenegro were just two. Behind Norway in the women's


handball final. They simply applauded their opponents' defence


of the title. This was the USA Women's 5th Olympic title in a row


at basketball. France, the latest to have to shrug their shoulders.


The American volleyball team can empathise. Beaten by Brazil in the


final four years ago, and again now. This means the painful end to an


error. Difficult to know how crushing that might feel, unless


you have wrestled anyone from Azerbaijan. There was gold in one


division, then a triumph in the 84 kilo division. His Pakistan were to


grapple the headlines. The super- heavyweight in red won his third


consecutive gold. -- is Pakistan -- Uzbekistan were to grapple the


headlines. In the women's taekwondo, there were 15 seconds to go when


the Italian landed this kick to rescue his gold medal hopes. The


Rome policemen eventually won Bay judges' decision. Late drama in the


women's race walk. There was a place change with just 20 yards


40 minutes later, travelling a little slower, Dominic King of


Britain. Sometimes the pace of life can get too much. At least he had a


few thousand homes took -- fans to help him home.


That is the beauty, he finishes last and gets a standing ovation.


It is only the Olympics, I think. We do celebrate the people who are


gutsy and heroic. What was the name of this when there? Eric the Eel.


Are you trying to test me on general knowledge? Sometimes it is


hard to remember that Tom Daley is still only 18. He was sitting here


with Gabby less than an hour ago. He shot to prominence as one of the


youngest ever Olympians when he finished 7th. Four years later,


Daley was expected to contest the Back two-and-a-half somersault,


two-and-a-half twists in the pike getting massive phone support. He


is getting frustrated. I don't know what he was saying there, maybe the


flashes put him off. You can see the flashbulbs going off. It looks


like a floodlight. Oh, he is allowed a re-dive. Here we go. The


referee has given him permission. Tom needs to compose himself. The


crowd will be asked not to take photos. Tom Daley, with the re-dive.


Turn your flashes off, please, and give this boy a chance. Yes, oh,


it's better! I don't know who is writing the script, whether Danny


Boyle has got in on the act, but you could not get in on more drama


That is the one that we got! To Tom Daley, into first. Good luck, Tom


Daley, the country is behind you. Oh, yes, it's a good one. David


Boudia, no pressure, then. Fay he has performed it. Tom knows that is


really good. 102.60. Tom Daley's on, or it is American gold. I don't


know which way it will go! 100.80, it puts him in second place. David


Boudia gets the gold. Tom Daley, it It was a final of incredible


quality. You have to be so precise. Tom Daley was so good tonight. He


got a bronze medal, silver and gold went elsewhere but he was so happy


with his performance. You could hear the aquatic stadium everywhere


in the Park tonight. It is such a huge vindication for an


extraordinary young man. There was a documentary in the lead-up to the


Games, he came across as a terrific role model, he also got straight As.


I think it's changed a lot of people's perception, a lot of


people were ready to jump on him if he did not succeed. That programme


and maybe the build-up to these games, maybe change the way people


think about him. There was a depressingly critical criticism. He


is a very difficult sport, China are not mac -- China iMac but isn't


ant he was a warning. People say the -- China are magnificent and he


wasn't winning. People would say he was not focusing enough. I think


when you consider the emotional roller-coaster he has been on, in


the public spotlight, it is difficult to relate to how much


attention he gets. If you're not used to being surrounded by people,


cameras flashing all the time, it is difficult for young person. He


was bullied at school, he has dealt with so much and to have achieved


on that stage was incredible, psychologically and a lot of other


ways. We have watched him change from a boy into a man. If anyone


else had at camera in their face for that amount of time, we would


see some ugly things but we have seen him mature and produce.


think we have seen that and I think he will grow. The extraordinary


thing about this sport is that every dive in the final count. One


mistake and you are punished. A lot of the field events, you have the


opportunities. He was consummate today. As soon as he had a poor


first dive, he was out and challenging the referees to change


it. I think it was justified but I think we have seen him grow into


it... It is a cliche to say grow into a man but he has grown in


stature. As we told you last night, the 200 metres is a new Olympic


event, shortened to make it an imp more exciting. Team GB have taken


to it particularly well with Ed gets out quickest? The noise is


pouring down from the stands. McKeever is out first. He is


powering on. He has such great strength. He will try to reel them


in. He is holding on at the moment as they come into the final 50


metres. He is still out in front, he will have to work hard. They are


not going to reel him in. He is still holding on. It is gold for Ed


McKeever for Great Britain. The quiet man leads out a roar as he


becomes Olympic champion. He went out fast, he held on strong, he was


I was focused on the first two or three strokes. I just wanted to


nail those, get out cleanly and hopefully the race sorted itself


out. The start is so important, you got


an early advantage and from that moment, we were thinking, he is not


going to lose it from here. Hopefully the competitors thought


that way as well. Yes, so happy. The moment you crossed the line,


what did you feel? Just kind of relief. It sounds stupid. Not


elation or those other things. More relief. So happy I could do it in


front of the home crowd. Jess Walker came in 7th in the women's


single kayak. There was a bronze medal for Jon Scofield and Liam


Heath in the men's double, they win the silver position for much of the


race, only to be beaten to the line by the Belarus crude. The


impressive Russians took the gold. -- Belarus crew. They have made


these changes in canoeing to try to make it more exciting. But when the


rowers keep winning the medals, they will continue to be the water-


based beast when it comes to the Olympics. I think the spectacle was


so emotionally intense. It gets up, it is active and it is overpowering,


almost, as a spectator. Somebody mentioned the other day that these


British sports are in competition for each other for a single pot of


funding. Canoeing has done terrifically well, a gold and


silver in the slalom, a gold in the sprints, bronze in the doubles


sprints. They are going to get more funding. That is the growth they


will get over the next four years. They are likely to do better in Rio


given they will be able to hire better coaches, doctors, support


staff. Shall we do some boxing? Not since 19 away it has Britain had


four fighters in the finals. -- not since 1908. Tonight, Luke Campbell


was hoping to be victorious in the men's bantamweight final. What a


final it promised to be against just keep on giving for Great


Britain. But for one more gold, Luke Campbell would have to give


that little bit more. In a thumping atmosphere, Campbell and John Joe


Nevin produced a thrilling three rounds of the Olympic boxing. The


first round was Campbell's, he scored with the better shots to


gain a small lead. The second was Nevin's, he eliminated the


favourite and the world champion from Cuba in the semi-finals and


produced a similar standard here. After years of training, plane,


sweat in the gym, it would come down to the final three minutes. To


be an Olympic champion, you have to seize the moment. Luke Campbell did


just that. Nevin needs more shots, I think there was a punch there.


Nevin, desperate to get back into it. Campbell covers up. 10 seconds


to go. Here comes Nevin. Good work to the body by the Irishman. This


is going to be a nail-biting... The winner, by 14-11 and Olympic


champion, in the blue corner, representing Great Britain, Luke


Star You are the Olympic champion. How are you feeling? I am lost for


words, very emotional. Some think I have been waiting for my life. I


can't believe it. There was plenty of disbelief elsewhere, but for


very different reasons. The crowd and the fighter from Thailand


thought gold was is in the men's lightweight final. When the result


went the way of the Chinese fighter, shock, anger and tears followed.


Elsewhere, victories for Cuba in the light-welter category, and for


Japan in the middleweight division. In the heavyweight final, Ukraine's


fighter edged out the Italian for gold, but quickly proved his boxing


is far better than his dancing. This is pretty spectacular for a


And so if after two weeks you were still not sure what the Olympics


was all about, Luke Campbell's face says it all. Nine minutes had


changed his life and made his I love that story, and boxing has


provided some wonderful stories. Where has that comes from? Is it


talent, is it funding? Because we need that for all sports. I think


it is the coaching and a really talented generation of young boxers


coming through. And we cannot discount the money that has


transformed the future of these boxes. If we go back to 1988 and


the disgraceful decision that cost Jones a medal in Seoul, there was a


list of terrible judging decisions that made a mockery of the sport.


We were watching, seeing somebody win and having the judges come up


with a completely different decision. They have tweaked the


scoring system and now they have some incredible and the public


believes in it. And a point others have made is that boxing has a huge


social factor to it. Particularly for young men, but we have seen


young women as well, for them to change their lives forever. It is a


great socially transformative sport. It has been that way since the


rules were invented. In America, it was a way out of the ghetto


And out immigrant communities. And if you go to these gyms and see


what these wonderful coaches are doing to the youth... They have all


sort of other things they could be doing that would not be


particularly socially benign but boxing is a great support and a


centrepiece of the Olympics. would love to have a wander around


your head at some time! So much knowledge! Now over to the hockey,


and the women manage to get the bronze by winning to New Zealand.


The men set out to put things right today against Australia after their


chance and an opening goal. Mrs Jackson. And it is a goal!


And the green and gold have got the bronze. Britain leave empty-handed,


and on the day, you have to give credit to Australia. They were the


In the semi-finals, we finished 5th, and between then and now, although


it is an improvement, it is difficult to take. To come away


with nothing. We are devastated but at the same time, that is a


performance that we want to be remembered for her and one to


deliver again and again. We desperately wants that semi-final


back. -- wanted to deliver. No joy for Team GB there. The final was


won by Germany with a win over the Netherlands. A brilliant solo goal


put them ahead. The Dutch then equalised. Then the Germans struck


again with five minutes left to ensure it was Germany going home


from London with the gold medal. You have written famously about the


power of the mind and the psychology of sport and that sort


of stuff. When it comes to the Great Britain's men's hockey team,


that defeat when they wanted so much to perform and they needed so


much to produce their best, how big a stain will that leave? It clearly


affected them today as well? If I can just draw on my own experience,


if I ever played a round robin and had a particularly difficult to


feed, I found it impossible to go out hours later or even the next


day, and compete. -- difficult to feed. I needed a few weeks to


recover and move on. And I can understand however devastating


performance can leave psychological scar tissue. I admire those


athletes who can get over writ within seconds, minutes, hours, and


re-establish their performances. But there were very badly hurt.


has been a few weeks without much football. But tomorrow is the


Community Shield. It has been out of commission during the Olympics.


Today, Brazil battled Mexico for gold. Amazingly, they had never won


gold. What they needed was to get off to a good start. The


commentators did not see the start Brazil. A chance! And the first


goal of the game goes to Mexico after just 30 odd seconds. An


absolute stunner! Brazil gave it away and Mexico are 1-0 up at


Wembley. And now the man who scored the fastest of goal it in Olympic


history in the first minute. they have a chance. Off the right


foot. And they are into this Olympic final of London 2012.


Waiting for a drop... Goodness me! What a chance! It sends the game


into extra-time in the Olympic men's final. Two goals in stoppage


time. But the moment is gone. The gold medal is Mexico's. The moment


They seemed destined not to win this. They will be up for it and


that will be a key moment for them. But how have to be brutally honest.


I find it so difficult to get excited about Olympic football.


was going to ask you this. Has it not been centre stage as some felt


it would be? It has not been centre stage. It has been on the outside


and that is right. The British footballing public and the global


footballing public is very sophisticated. We all know about


the European Cups, the international cups, and they are


the defining moments for a player to win. They tried hard and it was


competitive. The second half was terrific in places but it isn't the


pinnacle and the players know that. That is why it is absolutely right


it should have been a peripheral part of the Olympics story.


golds now for the home nation. And incredible for us to be third,


trailing behind the might of China and the United States. Germany and


France, the only other nations into double figures. Time for our usual


look at the papers. This is the times paper. The Observer have got


to Mo doing the Mobot. But his disbelief, joy and everything


wrapped up. The Sun - Greatest Mo on Earth. And also a free beach


ball in the Sunday Express! The Independent - they have gone for


"the greatest". The epic victory in the 5,000 metres. And this is from


page of The Daily Mail. And a free poster of British sporting stars.


That tells you everything you need to know about tonight. Everybody


thinks that was the story - Mo Farah. And they are probably right,


Anybody watching on television will not forget what they saw. It is a


moment we will be talking about in 10, 20, 30 years' time. Where were


you when he won his medals? If he were to score this out of 10, the


Olympics in general, what would you give it? 9.9! A Albert wants to


know, surely the committee have realise they have to bring the


Games back to London in the next 20 years? I think unlikely because


they will want to spread it around but I think London has given a


template other cities will want to follow. Incredible volunteers,


beautifully delivered. The athletes have responded. Perfection is very


difficult but it is nearly there! Challenges after these Games. What


do you see as the biggest challenge? Is it school sport or is


it a wider than that? One, to sustain this level of performance


in four years time, because that will be very difficult. But also


whether this big social transformation will happen, with


lots of people taking up support for recreation, with all the health


benefits that should provide. No previous Olympics has managed to


deliver that upsurge in participation. And it is a question.


We see it at Wimbledon. The tennis courts are full for a few weeks


around the tournament and then there are empty. It will be


fascinating to see whether this catalyses the change everybody is


hoping for. A because lots of people have said on Twitter tonight


and elsewhere, and David Cameron has mentioned it as well, an


interesting statistics saying 10,000 school playing fields have


been sold off since 1979. Is this an area that has to change and the


importance of sport in schools if we are to see... Yes, funding can


make a difference but it is heritage and culture and the way we


deal with sport? It is fundamental for a number of reasons. With


facilities, if you don't have the playground, you cannot do it. With


so many sold off, that makes it a strategic challenge. For too long


in the 1980s, left-leaning education authorities also did not


like competition in sport. We need to re introduce competitiveness in


sport. But the other thing we have to do as well, even if people take


part in sport at school, it is no guarantee of the transition into


later life, and that could help with diabetes and so on. So I don't


think it is an inevitability that it will be delivered. And I have


asked people for their best and worst moments. Many people have


said, Chris Whare, Jess Ennis, Bradley Wiggins. The worst, Britain


being disqualified in the sprint relay and Jess Varnish with only


one chance in the velodrome, who was disqualified with Victoria


Pendleton. That tells you there are so many choices for the best moment.


He Olympics ought to be a mosaic that we can pick and choose from. -


- the Olympics. But the moment of the -- of Sarah Stevenson in the


taekwondo. -- of Gemma winning her silver medal. Looking up to the


skies and saying, I love you, mum. Thank you so much. It is always


great to have you on. Finally, Jessica says, the best was when the


Olympics started and the worst is when it finishes! That just about


sums it up! Thank you so much from # I will be giving you day when you


don't want the night # I will be keeping you awake when you cannot


shut your eyes are # Or I will be staying up late, keeping right by


your side, # Or I will be giving you everything I've got.


# Won the sun has caught your eyes and you want to go down, # Or I


will be following close, making sure you take care, # And if you


hit the wrong notes, I won't leave you.


# I will be giving you everything It is old for Ed McKeever and the


quiet man lets out a roar! -- it is gold. Jamaica are the gold


medallists again! And it is a new world record smashed into pieces.


Luke Campbell is the Olympic bantamweight champion. He polled a


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