Day 7: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 7: Full Round-Up

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Welcome, fellow Olympic obsessives. We will shoehorn everything from


day seven into the next 40 minutes. Every GP Challenge, the world's


heaviest athlete, this is big, this is Olympic Sportsday. Another gold


rush for Great Britain. Plenty to sing, dance and cry about today.


The golden girl of delivers the business in style on day one of the


heptathlon. And a ding-dong but not in ping-pong from Hong Kong.


This is the show will we would like you to be as involved as possible.


Send your comments and questions to Twitter. Any gold medal means a lot


but some really stand out. The story of Katherine Grainger is


incredible. Three times at three different Olympics, she has missed


out on gold. She went in the final of there double sculls with Anna


Watkins the today. -- of the women's double sculls.


Rowing is amongst the most exhausting sporting endeavours and


few have been to the brink more than Katherine Grainger. In Beijing,


she was close, until that final stages. Another has silver for


Great Britain! They finished with their bodies and self belief


shattered. Yet she caught the Bucquet and


determined that she would be next. Sat with Anna Watkins in the double


sculls final, a gold medal almost within their grasp. This time,


there was no letting go. They are unbeaten as a pair since they have


been riding together. What we are seeing is that dreams do come true


and Great Britain's Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins are going


to win a gold medal in the women's double sculls! Their victory, at


once intensely personal, was shed with everyone. This is the people's


gold medal because so many people have been behind me and have wanted


this for me as much as I have, and it makes it feel so much more


special. After a struggle like that, this


was the perfect soundtrack. That is the only time the national


anthem was played at Eton Dorney today, but it wasn't the only


success. George Nash and Will Satch got an unexpected bronze. Alan


Campbell was caught by some to be a fading force. With 500m to go, he


was outside the medals. He forced himself forward to bronze, defying


everyone and everything, including his body. This is what Olympic


rowing came do to you. In the velodrome, Great Britain were


focused on a pursuit of gold. When Half a lap to go for the British


team! The gold medal is Great Britain's! Look at the time! It is


a new world record! And Great Britain have one the gold medal!


Clancy, Steven Burke, Peter Kennaugh and Geraint Thomas, the


latest Invincible entries into the ranks of British cycling


superheroes. Now for wonder woman, Victoria Pendleton, back to conquer


the keirin after disqualification yesterday. Victoria Pendleton has


got the gold! Meares is rushed away! Victoria Pendleton is the


Olympic keirin champion! I was just, like, Focus, Focus! It was so hard!


I can't believe it. Thank you so much for everybody who has helped


me to get here. It has been fantastic. There was very little in


it, but there was everything in it. Pendleton's journey from despair to


glory has taken just a day, Katherine Grainger. That whole


thing today. I know she has a partner at there but it was very


much about her. There were people into his this morning when she was


in the race, with Steve Redgrave afterwards, in the middle ceremony,


it captured everybody. It is interesting the psychology of


silver, silver, silver. There would not be the sympathy levels if she


had one three bronze medals, although you could argue that she


would deserve more public sympathy, but that is the way we view medals,


it is quite interesting. Everybody said that Katherine Grainger, the


first medal is fantastic news, the second silver medal, it shows that


she is consistent, and the third one is deeply disappointing and


almost worse than just coming 5th. It has been staggeringly long


journey. Steve Redgrave loves her and tells the nation to get behind


her. What every he says, we do. Somebody on Twitter, at last


Katherine Grainger gets what she has been working for her whole life.


The bowler drome. Records tumbling, gold medals growing -- their


velodrome. People say the noise is enough to get too emotional. It is


a very interesting building. I was there at the test event. The


cyclists testing it said the track is fast and they knew they would


break records, and they also set the acoustics were amazing, and


Chris Coyne would say, I didn't think I would ever say this but I


found that extras but its energy from the crowd -- Chris Hoy. They


were worried that the noise would not be as loud in the Olympics


because there would be corporate people and people supporting other


teams. I expected it to be slightly disappointed, compared to the test


event, which was followed Team GB cycling fans, but today the people


were much, much louder, which I find phenomenal. I am not surprised


we are seeing our team put in that extra spurt and defying the lactic


acid builds up, because it is an astonishing sound and it


reverberates. They've Brailsford, a master when it comes to cycling --


Dave. That has set us up nicely. Another thing has been the noise at


various other venues. The velodrome comet Eton Dorney, but when Jessica


Ennis stepped on to the track at the start of the heptathlon this


morning, the Olympic Park erupted, and she responded with something


special in the hurdles. Jessica Ennis has got the potential to set


the stadium alight. This is one of her favourite events. The Olympic


inside! This is a tremendous run by Jessica Ennis! Oh my goodness! The


fastest time ever! A new British record! The rest of her competitors


must be in despair seeing how far the British athlete has just run! -


I am speechless. When I crossed the line, I had to check, I could not


believe it was that time. I knew it was a fast track with good


conditions and it would be a good race with Jessica Zelinka and


Hyleas Fountain, but I could not believe it! The high jump was next.


It got a bit nervy at 1.86. She thought she had cleared it but


there are came off. Thankfully she was able to succeed at the third


event. That clearance gave her a 25 point lead. Next up was the shot


put, which did not quite go according to plan. It wasn't good


enough for 10th place. -- it was only good enough for 10th place.


She fell into second place. That left at 200m as the final event.


Jessica Ennis knew a good time would lead her to gold medal


position going into tomorrow's. -- it from Dafne Schippers of the


line! It was fast! The crowd carried Jessica Ennis home! 22.83


is a fabulous time in the I am so pleased to end the day with


that. Knowing it was a fast track and running with Dafne Schippers,


who is an amazing sprinter, I am made up to get a PB. Can you assess


the day? I am still in shock about the hurdles. A bit up and down, the


high jump was disappointing, the shot put, a bit disappointed. But


two personal bests is brilliant. I will have to have a really strong


day tomorrow and make sure everything is really solid. I am


glad I have got today out of the way but there is a lot more work to


be done tomorrow. That was after the first day of the heptathlon.


Just to talk about Jess Ennis, Allison. Michael Johnson said


before the morning session that it is difficult to respond to such a


huge crowd in there but her personality is perfect for getting


the best out of herself on an occasion like this, and we saw that


today. She is like that whether she is doing PR duty, training, a


photo-shoot, an advertisement. She is smiley and can't, and that is


not manufactured. -- smiley and calm. You cannot train personality.


You have either got some can't miss or you haven't. She smiles when she


doesn't do so well! But she knows something better will come. I did


train with her once. D D beat her?! I pulled out of a race and said, I


am not going to win so why bother? She said, you should just enjoy the


run. I thought, that is coming from an Olympian! She has that laid-back


personality. Had time in the hotels would have one four out of the last


five finals in the individual event, which is ridiculous -- at times in


the hurdles would have won. Is it harder for her being much smaller


than the powerful women? Instinctively you would think so


but when you train with her, it is all about technique. What she does


very well is make her size seemed an advantage. She does not look out


of place in any events. Javelin, it is all in the armpits. It is how


you use your core fitness and attitude. She has got that.


fascinating training in sight. Thank you. Katarina Johnson-


Thompson was 20th and Louise Hazel is in 34th place. Plenty at of


coverage on the BBC of that tomorrow. Let's continue to Hoover


up the action and go to the Aquatics Centre. Tonight Rebecca


Adlington was going for Great Britain's first gold medal in the


swimming pool. Michael Phelps was on track for the 17th gold medal of


his ludicrous Korea. The name of the game's "to inspire


a generation. You would think Great Britain would need at least one


gold medal. The country's greatest hope? This young woman. But behind


the mask, could Rebecca Adlington cope with such expectation? She had


more than that to contend with, thanks to 15-year-old American


Katie Ledecky, the youngest member of the US swimming team. She led


from fast to -- start to finish. The Briton to bronze and with the


pressure involved, that would do her nicely -- took bronze fox dock


the pressure, the expectation, everything caught up on me. I gave


it my all. I am sorry I did not got the goal that everybody expected


but I am so proud. I hate it when people say that silver and bronze


is losing because you have not done my sport. There are few better at


the sport and 17-year-old Missy Franklin. She one her third gold of


the Games in 200m backstroke and a new world record. Clearly doing her


country proud, as Michael Fox has done on countless occasions. A


third consecutive Olympic 100-metre butterfly gold, at 21st Olympic


medal -- Michael Phelps. He is retiring after these Games. You can


almost hear a collective sigh of relief from his rivals, and his mum.


I am just happy to be able to defend my title. It is a good way


to finish my last individual's whim ever. To be able to win it, it is


pretty special -- individual's whim ever. As one superstar goes,


another arrives. Florent Manaudou is that person. In the first events


senior final, he shocked everyone with the 50m freestyle gold. Four


gold medals for France in a swimming pool. For Great Britain, a


week of disappointment. One silver and two bronze medals. Has there


been enough home-grown talent on She was very honest after that


bronze medal tonight. As a nation we probably expected her to win


gold, I think she expected to win gold. She spoke about the fact that


maybe she got a bit of pressure in the build up. Do you think we have


been expecting too much for my hour swimmers, or have their editors


down in terms of the number of medals? -- and let us down?


wouldn't go that far. I think the difficulty is, in charge of Team GB


swimmers can what you cannot control is what is happening


elsewhere. You can only take the swimmers you have got, they do all


sorts of scientific tests on scientific streamlining, sports


psychologists, diet, you work with what you have got. There is nothing


you can do about young kids coming through in other nations. But is


the point that Becky made afterwards, and one tweet says, it


is such a short shelf-life that especially when such a 15-year-old


and 16-year-olds are coming through. It is reckless, it seems to be you


have to be 16 in the year of the game's to squeeze in. I know what


Rebecca means. She probably feels that Brunt is something people are


going to be -- people may be embarrassed to look at her, to


defend your title, to spend four years, she could have retired and


said, I will quit when I'm ahead, but because it was the London Games


she sort of had to. I think it deserves a lot of respect. In terms


of recycling in swimming, it makes the achievement of Michael Dobbs


even more ludicrous. He has now won 17 gold medals and 21 medals in


total. He has not been as dominant as in Beijing but he still an


incredible force. He is astonishing. He is superhuman. I think there


will be a lot of swimmers in the world will be glad to hear he is


retiring! Well, there will be another guaranteed medal arriving


for Team GB on Sunday, because Andy Murray is through to the final of


the men's singles, which means at least a silver. Just like last not


come he will be up against Roger Federer. Let's enjoy his victory


over Novak Djokovic. He won in straight sets to show the Wimbledon


final defeat hasn't affected him too badly. He said he wanted to


make up for being knocked out in the first round of Beijing, and he


has more than managed that. He had a lot of chances in the second set,


I managed to hang in, it was amazing, I wanted to try and win a


medal for the team, for the country, and lastly for myself. I am so


happy, I would love to try and get gold now. The other semi-final was


an epic encounter between Khedira and Del Potro. At one set all in


the match, it went to a decider. Federer eventually went --


eventually won 19-17, making it the longest men's single match in the


open era. The women's final will be between Serena Williams and Maria


Sharapova, playing her first Olympics. British judo looked to


have hit a low point inner-London until Gibbons yesterday, when she


thrilled us all with a silver. Today, Karina Bryant took a bronze.


Bryant, at her 4th and probably final games, beat her opponent from


the Ukraine and claimed a podium spot as well. Emotional scenes all


round. Everybody was in tears. emotional, just trying to keep my


head together, really. It is my 4th games, I just wanted to go out


there and do myself justice, I feel like I have done that today. This


to me feels like a gold medal. it definitely the last? I don't


know, I quite enjoyed it today, so who knows!


She might be back! It feels like it has been one of the busiest days of


the games are so far. Unless you are watching all 24 of the live


strings, you might have missed something. Thankfully, that is why


Track and field joined the party, and the first gold went to a


bearded giant from Poland. Majewski became the first man ever to retain


the shot-put title. To a moment that a teenager and a country have


been waiting a long time for. The first ever Qatari women to compete


at the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, at the beginning, a tragic


This was the opposite, Farah from Somalia, almost going backwards, to


be fair, her shoelaces were undone. Some very strange goings-on in the


steeplechase. Kemboi deliberately started slowly. And when the Kenyan


did get to the front... He headed straight for the canteen. He is in


a hurry, it must be lunchtime! It is, actually. Ever wonder why they


have a net in the hammer? Wonder no longer, it is to protect you from


the likes of this man when he has an off day. As one sport gets


underway and other finishers, and in style. Teddy Riner of France are


cemented his place as one of the grades in his sport. He won it out


right. It was much closer in the women's heavyweight competition.


What is of Cuba won the decision, and created it history. The first


judo player who hasn't represented either tie at -- China or Japan he


can call herself the Olympic champion. This man is the heaviest


man at the Olympics, he weighs in at 34 stone. This poll only had to


live to 33 stone to get his gold. The weightlifter from Kazakhstan


secured the women's gold. Right on cue, Schlangen and as our young lie


delivered in the mixed badminton. That was clearly -- closely


followed by Dong Dong, so good at trampolining, they named him twice.


China's neighbours are doing rather well in the medal table as well.


And here come the rest of the Korean team! They secured the men's


team sabre a gold, while archery, in all its glory, has never looked


so good. Who says you need all the latest equipment to win gold?


Circuit Martin of was using a 13- year-old rival. The old faithful


served him well, getting gold and a new world record in the 50 metre


rifle prone. In comparison, this Cuban looked positively Roebuck Cup.


Not sure that a celebration is all I have to mention the 34 Stony judo


man, he is six stone heavier than the entire Chinese penal gymnastics


team! It is one of my favourite things about the gymnastics, there


is something for every shape and size. One of the questions we have


had in for you is, how much interest is there in a paper like


yours in stories outside? Guisset is the London Games, there


is more of a bias towards Team GB - - because it is at the London Games.


I think that is understandable. When Britain are doing well, it is


very hard to get in other nationalities. When Britain are not,


then we are more likely to celebrate the great athletes from


other nations. It is biased, but I spend all my career trying to look


neutral, but we are allowed come at these Games, we are looking at each


other and we are starting to clap and cheer. Have you wept yet?


You do get those athletes can we get the badminton, the protests at


the fencing, but because there is so much success for Team GB, it is


hard to fidgeting on television or in the papers. We won't leave it


out but it won't get priority. Let's round-up the rest of the


day's action in the athletics. The women's 10,000 metres, the


defending champion Tirunesh Dibaba are retained that such -- title,


putting plenty of distance between her and her rivals. She is now the


proud owner of three Olympic gold medals. Jo Pavey came in 8th and


Julia Bleasdale 8th. We can round- up some of the other British


business. Dai Greene looked comfortable as easily qualified for


the semi-finals of the 400 metres hurdles. He said the 4th fastest


time of the heat with the world number one of Puerto Rico the


quickest. He admitted afterwards that he struggles to get motivated


for these heat. So he just made sure that he won! Christine


Ohuruogu is the only defending Olympic champion for Britain on the


track, and she got her defence of to a decent start by coming second


in her heat to qualify for the semis. Lee McConnell also made it


through. Yamile Aldama, who has previously competed for both Sudan


and her native Cuba, has reached the final of the women's triple


jump for Team GB. Her first leap was more than enough. She revealed


afterwards that her 71-year-old mum has left Cuba for the first time


ever to come and watch her at the Olympics. Alex Smith will compete


in the men's hammer title, he thought he was said for an early


exit but his throw of 74.721 metres to come through to the final. It


wasn't a good night for the denial sprinters,. Abi Oyepitan failed to


struggle from the first round of the women's 100 metres heats. She


was 5th in her heat. On Laura was also deaf to her. They are both


behind the gold medal hope for who qualified quickest. Greg Rutherford


and Kris Commons and qualified for the long jump final in 4th and 5th


-- and Chris Tomlinson. Greg Rutherford is comfortable about the


final because he was miles behind the board. Ross Murray and Andy


Baddeley are through to the next round of the 800 metres. -- the


More Chehibi stuff to come a bit later, but yesterday, Ben Ainslie


said his rivals have made him angry and that he would make them pay


today. He did. Christensen stretched his lead, but a bold


manoeuvre soar into the half that gap going to the medal race. A bit


of tactics, he slowed right down, the Dane has failed to deal with


the move and ended up being overtaken by the Dutchman who end


up finishing second behind Ben Ainslie. As long as he finishes


above the Dane in the final race, A little bit frustrated that it has


taken me to the final race to find my Turbo! But it was important to


get it back and now it is a good position to be in and it will be a


fascinating race on Sunday. All to play for. Iain Percy and Andrew


Simpson are assured of the podium finish in the Star class. They are


eight points ahead of their nearest rivals going into Sunday. Luke


Patience and Stuart Little also maintain their lead in the name's


fleet. The moral of the savings story is do not mess with Ben


Ainslie! We will start now with Larry Godfrey in the archery. He is


calling for a change of format in the competition after he was


knocked out in the last 16 after a one arrow shoot-out. Mohammed won


it with a 10. Godfrey said, it is so hard to finish on one arrow. He


was not a happy man. Great Britain are top of the team standings in


the dressage. 83.7%, a new Olympic record on her horse Allegro. Not


bad for Charlotte, who 20 months ago had never performed in a Grand


Prix test. Freddie Evans, in the red vest, is through to the


lightweight quarter-finals after his win against the Lithuanian


today. And Andrew Selby, in the blue, is through to them last eight


of the flyweights. A tight race against the man from Kazakhstan,


but Selby, silver medallist, kept his composure and sealed victory.


British interest in the table tennis is over after both men and


women's teams were knocked out today. They were always likely to


struggle against a strong North Korean side and we duly beaten


today. The men lost to Portugal. They were unable to upset the odds,


despite putting in some decent performances. All three are setting


their sights on Rio. We wish them well. In the past week we have been


expecting great things of Hope Powell's Team GB. Tonight they went


into the first knockout match trying to keep this back but they


goal it was! That is obviously a corner-kick they have practised a


lot in training. What a great connection she got to that. There


is not a lot that Karen Bardsley had plenty of time to get down to


Canada's second goal of the game! Her third goal of the Olympic


Games! Canada have put themselves in a really strong position to take


away the British dream. It was great technique. It wasn't quite in


the corner. I don't know if Karen Bardsley could have got to that.


Not a good start at all. They have ground in anger! It happened so


quickly, but she definitely touched Aluko's feet. Casey Stoney... Did


not quite make contact! Macleod somehow falls on the ball. Rachel


Yankey with the free kick. Karen Carney met it full-on up when she


tried to dedicate Li Keith Hackett. And that is it. -- delicate leek


kick it. The final whistle has gone. You have to say, well done, Canada.


Praise for their performance. They did the job in the first half. It


means that there will not be a medal for Great Britain in the


Huge disappointment. Canada will now play the USA in the semi-final.


The Americans, looking for a third straight Olympic title, saw off New


Zealand. Japan managed to get the better of Brazil. France are there


as well. It could have been an amazing day for British women.


Rebecca Adlington one a bronze, the GB women have gone out, but plenty


of medals -- Rebecca Adlington won Abrams. It has been an amazing


Olympics for British women. A lot of the papers tomorrow we have a


quote from Victoria Pendleton saying, this is all about girl


power, it is the goal's Games. It is. -- a girl's Games. She said she


took inspiration from other women at the Games and how they have


succeeded in the last few days. I think it is beautiful the fact that


women are feeding off for other women because that is the problem


with sport generally, when it comes to women. There are not enough


role-models and women around women who do things. As a woman who likes


sport, you are often on your own. It is incremental, isn't it. The


people who are now watching Victoria Pendleton, women, they now


see that cycling is sexy, she is a beautiful women. So many women


don't ride a bike because they think people will laugh at them and


it looks stupid. There is this thing about body image. All of the


scenes from the water... The women are fresh, healthy and beautiful.


You won't see happier women anywhere. That is fantastic. Make


young girls think, sport is cool. I want to do that. It is not just for


blokes. You don't have to be competitive and ugly, you can be


competitive and beautiful. Seb Coe will be happy to hear you say that.


That is part of his legacy aims. The women's handball team sadly


failed to make the last eight after a fourth successive defeat. They


were up against a team they had beaten at last year's test event.


Angola got an early lead and never it gave it up. It was a spirited


Karina Bryant was going well in her event, but Chris was cursing the


draw after being paired against a three-time world medallist from


Russia. He put up a good fight and only lost to a sudden death score.


Hannah Starling scraped through to the semi-final of the women's three


metres springboard. She is the youngest driver in the competition,


at 17. -- youngest diver. They will need to improve because only the


top 12 go through from tomorrow. The men's hockey team trounced


Pakistan today. Ashley Jackson scored twice but it was his


contribution in the build-up to Clarke's goal that got the crowd on


its feet. A good recovery from Team GB after their disappointing draw


on Wednesday to South Africa. The women's volleyball team had a


disappointing a loss to the Dominican Republic, who were at the


bottom of the swimming-pool. Darwin would have put them there are


through to the quarter-finals, but instead they are forced to win the


next Games as well. The water polo team were beaten by


Italy this evening and end bottom of Group B. Bizarrely, they still


go through to the quarter-finals. We have not worked that out yet.


They play Spain, the winners of Group A. We have saved the best


until last. It was drama at the Basketball Arena tonight. The Women


of Great Britain and France had to go to extra time, 77 points apiece.


Team GB had a free shot with 10 seconds left. They missed it, it


would have won the game. France got three points and that left Britain


with no time to respond. After losing like that, you know it is


still one of the most agonising ways to use any sort of sport. --


to lose. The USA have overtaken China today. Great Britain are up


return, and hopefully we will have You mention that it would all be


about the women, it has been about the women. A great day for British


women. Andrew, 14, says he loves the Olympics. What should he start


writing about? Start writing about something you love. Any sport you


laugh. Do you get to decide which event you go to? -- any sport you


love. I get told at 5:00pm the day before. It is like Christmas every


day. Clare says, my dad said he couldn't bear the Olympics but he


cried four times today. He wants to know, it is this normal? It is very


normal. I would be worried if somebody managed to watch the


Olympics and not well up. Some people don't know how to cry!


final question. 19 gold medals in Beijing. Do you think Team GB will


better that? Better it, I would put money on it. Thank you. Alison,


thank you for your time and thank you for watching and joining in. We


have officially had a week of Olympic competition. Drama,


excitement, courage, tears, anger, frustration, skill and achievement.


And we are not even halfway through. It is great, isn't it. From all of


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