Day 8: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 8: Full Round-Up

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What a night, what a day, if you can't get enough the of the


Olympics, this would be right up your street. Some have gone crazy


and called it Super Saturday. You make your own mind up. An


unforgettable night in the Olympic Stadium, three incredible


performances and three gold medals. Two gold medals at sitting the


morning up perfectly at Eton Daunay. You can see why the Greg British


Your input is crucial. Our guest tonight is it from the Daily Mirror,


he sprinted into the studio. Where do we start? What about at this


stadium. Britain last one a medal in track and field here, 100 and


poured years ago. D was probably more pressure on Jessica Ennis and


If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance


for their doubting, too. If you can make... Brisket on one turn, and


lose and start again, never breathe a word about your loss, if you can


fill the unforgiving minute with a 60 seconds worth, yours is the


Earth and everything that is in it. And which is more, you will be a


What they wanted was no IFS, no buts. Ennis was doing everything


she could to make sure that happened. A fabulous morning


session, but even her Achilles heel, the javelin, went well. She left --


led the rest of the field with just Deprived of Sheffield, the pride of


Great Britain. Jessica Ennis is the Olympic champion. It is a perfect


day for Jessica Ennis. The best all-round athlete in the world. And


All this hard work, the disappointment of Beijing about


everyone has just supported me so much... Follow that, and how he did.


The rest Of the Field seemed to fear him, trying to obstruct him.


again! It is going to be a glorious, glorious when! It is gold! Oh, yes!


The crowd but so much behind me, it was getting louder and louder. I


have never experienced something like this, he doesn't come around


often, to have it on your doorstep, have people supporting you, it is


never going to get better than this. The greatest hour, and night, in


Oliver, we were privileged to be there tonight. You look at Jessica


Ennis, she didn't look worried, she almost enjoyed some of the events


and she produced her best when she needed to. Mo Farah cap of what was


almost a ludicrous night for British sport. Came you summarise


it? The best way to summarise it is the best day of sport I have ever


seen. Not just British Board, sport in general. It was taking place in


London. It was just an amazing, amazing day of sport. As a


postscript, I saw LeBron James take charge of a basketball game, and


that was marginal after all the stuff we saw in the stadium. I was


in the Velodrome to see the women's pursuit team absolutely smashed the


world record, almost catch the American team. That was astonishing


in itself a. By then that was before we even got into the stadium.


The way that Jessica Ennis finished was just the epitome of style. To


win that race, to motor down the home straight, and Mo Farah I found


almost unbelievable. I know it wasn't a world record, but just


unbelievable, the way he finished it off, I thought he was going to


get caught, he never did. British public have been amazed, we


have had hundreds of tweet. Michelle saying, Jessica or miss


out on Beijing, I have never seen a final like that in a 10,000 metres


race. It seemed that the plan was to inspire a generation, and it


looks like the Olympics have done that tonight. Gabby said to me


tonight, it is a year to the day that the London riots started, and


we feared for the city then, we feared the effect they would have.


It feels as though a lot of things have come full circle, there has


been a feeling in these games, I don't know how long it will last,


but of a healing process and everybody coming together. This is


the kind of night that does bring people together and inspire people.


We are not even mentioning Greg Rutherford yet, he went into the


long jump final, hoping to but years of injury behind him and


joined Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis in this stadium at the moment? Of


this would be the greatest night in British athletics history. Will


Claye is the only athlete who can deny him gold. That is a foul, and


Greg Rutherford is the Olympic champion. Not many people would


have put it down as a Libby champion at the start of this year,


perhaps not even at the start of this competition -- as a Olympic


It is the most amazing feeling in the world. Four years ago I had a


horrible time, I couldn't cope very well in the final, I knew I was in


great shape, I have got probably one of the best teams in the world,


my coach is incredible, my therapist is incredible, I get


support from the Rotary Club in a bed that I have the most amazing


parents you could ever have. A beautiful girlfriend, just


everything! Life generally is pretty beautiful right now? I am


not going to lie! I can't tell you how much everybody has worked for


me, this has been a long process, and to be honest, I thought I was


going to jump further, but I don't A couple more tweet. Jamie, I don't


think I have ever shouted so much as I did in the one how. Mark says,


his peers, sausage at sandwich, cup of tea, then more tears. Greg


Rutherford, that was probably the biggest surprise of the night. He


put in a great job, but we thought others would do better. Absolutely,


we all came into the stadium of for Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah, they


were the headliners. I went to see Michael Phelps, another postscript,


he one gold, I got into the stadium, and my colleague was saying, the


story is going on either there, where the long jump was. It is just


one of those enchanted night. Rutherford was amazing. The


marching out of his victory as well. -- the margin of his victory.


Tomorrow night 89 will line up in the stadium behind us in one of the


most eagerly anticipated finals in the history of the Olympics. Will


we see the best of Usain Bolt? Today at the world's fastest man


had to start in the heat like stadium of the fastest man in


It was a bad start, I stumbled. I am glad it happened now. Usage you


are 95% fit. Is that good enough to take gold? We will see. All the big


guns made it through. Yohan Blake, three British sprinters, a 9.88


from Ryan Bailey, Justin Gatlin looked good as well. The final will


be epic. It could raise the roof. It could. I thought Bolt looked, by


his own unbelievable standards, slightly vulnerable. We know he has


had injury but the performances of some of the other guys that you


just mentioned there, who also looked like they were easing off a


bit towards the end, it will be one hell of a race, and in Beijing it


was a procession for Bolt. I don't think it will be this time. People


are saying it is a fast track. Hopefully this will explain it. I


have a chunk of Beijing track and a chunk of London track. On the back


of the Beijing one, there are squares. On the back of the London


one, diamonds. The squares and will only move in one way but the


diamonds move in all directions, so therefore you can use the energy


more efficiently from your foot and go a little bit faster. There will


be more of that on BBC Breakfast tomorrow. Maybe that is why we can


see faster times. So much thought has gone into the design of a lot


of the venues, in the velodrome as well. The heat in there, a special


temperature has been requested. degrees. It is hot. -- 28 degrees.


Credit to the organisers, they deserve credit. Let's tidy up some


of the other news. Thirst to the final of the women's 100m, which


was one by Shelley-Ann Fraser. The Jamaican successfully defended her


title. Carmelita Jeter it took silver, with Campbell-Brown taking


bronze. Adia you better 10 failed to qualify it for the final --


Odepitan. She still has another race to come they have. There was a


shocker for Dai Greene in the semi- final this evening, eventually


trailing in fourth place. Luckily for him, he scraped in to the final


as one of the fastest losers. Significant improvement needed for


him on Monday night. Christine Ohuruogu looks to be returning to


her best at the right time. She set a new season's best and finished


her semi-final very strongly, coming in second behind Sanya


She remains on course to retain her title, which would be an incredible


feat. Oscar Pistorius made history today. The South African became the


first double amputee to compete in the Olympics. I watched him race


this morning. He received a huge roar and responded to it, and he


qualified for the semi-finals of the 400m. He described the


experience as mind-blowing. There is a debate about Oscar Pistorius.


Some say he devalues the Olympics but others, we have had lots of


tweets about this. An amputee, Adam, said watching him is the most


inspirational thing he has seen in the Olympics. Did you mean that it


I have heard that argument. I spoke to Oscar in Italy at his training


camp. His answer, of which I agree with 100%, is that he does not want


to be in a corner. Why should people put Paralympians into a box


and say, that is your box, stay there. It is incredibly patronising


to say you cannot do that and I think most of his Paralympian


colleagues feel, good luck to him. He makes the point that a lot of


Paralympians run in able-bodied meets in their countries. He is


just trying to be the best he can be. He just thinks of himself as a


400m runner. There are 40 interviews in the outside media


zone and Oscar stopped for all of them and smiled throughout. We are


nearly halfway through the show and we have not even mentioned the


rowing. Eton Dorney has produced some incredible scenes and what a


regatta it has been for Team GB. Four gold medals, two silver medals


and three macro bronze medals. Elation, success, joy and heartache.


The men's fall rode Shia their boats with their ghosts of great


British Olympian pasts -- the men's four share their boats. In Athens,


Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell gave their all once again. Then a


new era began with a gold medal in Beijing. History was on board the G


champions! We have done it! We have done it in style! Great Britain,


It is beyond words. It is epic, magic, emotional. The crowd is


phenomenal. I am so proud. history and expectation bearing


over Sophie Hosking and Katherine Copeland. Few thought them capable


of gold in the lightweight double sculls. They have only been a pair


for a few months but they won with ease. They are the Olympic


champions! Things have moved so fast, it took a while for it all to


catch up. I don't know...! We just won the Olympics! You will be on a


stand tomorrow! That is what I said! Overwhelming. A word used


frequently about events at Eton Dorney. The flag had been raised


four times at the regatta, more than at any Olympics in a century,


and there was a chance for another. Zac Purchase and Mark ready to


defend their title. Competition rules allowed for emergency delay


while win this seat came loose and a restart. Team GB led for three-


quarters of the race. The gold was Denmark just sneaking ahead of


Great Britain on the line! Denmark's for the Olympic gold,


Great Britain for the silver! Without good tonic of victory, this


sport can be unbearable. Few can know the demands of Olympic rowing.


Mark Hunter can lean on one who We gave it everything, we tried


everything, we wanted to win so badly. We are just... So rich to


everybody we have let down. have let nobody down. -- sorry to


everybody. The silver medal will hang heavy but a reminder that not


all Olympic heroes are created by victory.


What a day at Eton Dorney. Michael Sayers on Twitter, if we could


emulate as a country what the rowing authority and cycling


authority has done in terms of nurturing talent, surely we would


have similar success in other sport. They have been astonishingly


successful. Look at the cycling particularly, what Dave Brailsford


has achieved. The rowing is a similar success story. It has been


a production line as well. It has not just been a one-off. I mean,


that tweet you have got there, there are important issues involved.


I don't know the answer to this but, are there class issues involved? A


lot of money was behind this. A lot of public schoolboys... But a lot


of them are from outside public schools. Helen Glover came from a


programme that she saw in an advert in a newspaper that Steve Redgrave


had put him. We are so short of time, Oliver, but we have seen the


success and the celebrations and for so many rowers that have won


gold, we saw the heartbreak for Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase, and


even the silver medal wasn't good enough. That is what sport is all


about. In many ways, I thought that was the most moving story of the


day. They let nobody down. Those kinds of stories epitomise the


Olympic spirit. I know it is a cliche but they do. To me,


different people have different views of winning and losing. I do


not think they lost today. They gave their all, they did everything


they could and that is all anybody can ask. Talking about inspiring a


generation, they inspired me Still more British interest to come,


you would be forgiven for thinking you are missing out on some


These Olympics have been pretty hot so far, but they hate is called


Super Saturday. If you don't know why, you will after this. What a


start after the women triathletes. After the 10 km run, could you do


A identical time, Nicola Spirig taking the tape first - just.


Things aren't always that dramatic but they can be pant. They were at


the table tennis table for the small matter of South Korea versus


North Korea. Politically charged, just a little! South Korea defeated


North Korea to reach the final to stop no such luck for their fences,


though, China beating them. But then China are a machine that keeps


on producing the bullion. They want two badminton golds, the second of


which was in the women's doubles, the event might in controversy


after the disqualification of four au pairs earlier in the week, ended


Pretty impressive, but so was Jessica Rossi's achievement, a 20-


year-old Italian police woman whose family lived in a tent near Bologna


after damage caused by an earthquake, smashed the world


record in trap shooting her she hit 99 out of 100 clay targets. But if


there was a medal for lunges at -- that are bitty, captain Canada


would get cold! He is 65 years of age, he has been an Olympic


competitor for 40 years. He has now appeared in more Olympics than any


This man lifted nearly 66 stone. In the men's and 94 kilogram


weightlifting, he broke the clean and jerk world record, lifting 233


kilograms. That was special but not as special as what happened in the


Olympic Stadium today. Not Great Britain's success, but a super


Saturday performance from the man from the Marshall Islands, in the


second heat of the 100 metres, he came home last in 12.81 seconds.


Here he comes. Three seconds behind the quickest qualifier. He had


competed in his first track event We shall continue the round-up in


tennis. If you managed to win all four Grand Slams has an Olympic


gold, they call it and it Coria Slam, and she thrashed Maria


Sharapova today. It was a ludicrously one-sided match which


she one 6-1, 6-1. She has been the stand-out player, and she destroyed


Sharapova. The last person to achieve the Golden Slam was Steffi


Graf. She was in the stadium, watching today. I don't know, it is


so much... I never expected gold, I was so happy with my gold in the


doubles, a thought I have everything now, singles, doubles,


everything, I have it. Where do we go from here? You have won


everything. Now I can go to Disney World!


Andy Murray is enjoying his Olympics. He and Laura Robinson --


lips and reached the semi-finals, it was a pretty dramatic victory,


they one the match at 10-8 in the tie-break. They then had to play


the German duo, Christopher Kas and Sabine Lisicki. It went to a tie-


break, and once again, the British pair came through. The gold medal


match is on Sunday against Max Mirnyi and Victoria Azarenka of


Belarus. That is just after Andy Murray plays Roger Federer in his


singles final. It was the last night of the swimming. Can you


believe we have had a week of competition and Michael Farah ended


the week with another gold! He was part of the relay team, it means he


can now retire from the sport with 18 Olympic golds to his name, and


22 overall. He is the most decorated Olympian of all time.


dreamt of being the greatest. Bob and I have worked together to


become that, and we have been able to do everything we ever wanted to


do. I am looking back at my career, I know I'm hanging by see it up,


retiring, and looking back, saying I have done everything I ever


wanted. I couldn't be happier. I have said this many times, having


my mum and family here is the best feeling in the world.


There was a disappointing end for Team GB, Fran Halsall came 5th, and


there medley relay team came last. I just want to say that the support


we have had this week has been unbelievable, and the crowd have


been unbelievable, and I'm a bit disappointed I haven't been


unbelievable this week. That's not I think things are sent to try out,


and we are British, and we come back stronger, that is what we are


going to do. I think we need to finish the show


with a bit of a week later! Time to go to the Velodrome, the medals


keep rolling in. Those fortunate enough to have a ticket continued


Great Britain win the Olympic title and the gold medal. And another


world record! And so the great British domination of the Velodrome


continues. The Women's pursuit team the latest one to take gold. Over


12 laps up the trio of Laura Trott, Dani King and Jo Rowsell


systematically destroyed their American opposition and took half a


You don't know what is going to happen, you have to keep pushing


till the finish. I believed in us from the start, I knew we could do


it, it is just getting it done. We did the world record in the process,


that is a bonus. Incredibly they have now recorded world records in


each of their last six competitive races, but these are sporting stars


collide down to earth. Can you believe it! I mean, look at us! I


It was a slightly disappointing for Ed Clancy in the omnium. He fell


behind in the points race and the elimination race, that is where the


last rider to cross the line drops out every two laps, but it remains


tight, and Ed Clancy his fourth overall with three more disciplines


tomorrow. Overall, the news is good at the Velodrome. Four out of five


medals there have been one by Team -- have been won.


We have spoken about the cyclists are a lot over the last few days.


Seb Coe it said tonight that traditional British reserve has


crumbled as strangers exchange Olympic news. Volunteers, high-


flying travellers, when normally you get an angry stare if you brush


their umbrella. Is this just for two weeks or will there be lasting


legacy? I don't know. I hope there will be lasting success and legacy


and there has been quite a lot of talk about that this evening on


social networking sites. Will we forget about this magic, as we have


done in the past, when the football starts again? Every four years it


will come back. Things are changing in cycling. It is as light cliche


again, but our cyclists have become sport's new rock and roll -- a


slight cliche. Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, huge personalities


and they are not going to go away. Pardew the Tour de France and what


has happened here, cycling is big - - partly. That has had a big impact


Great Britain is in third place. We had 19 gold medals in Beijing,


remember. 14 at the moment. An impressive medal table to look at.


One tweet I wanted to share, my favourite of the day. Thomas has


said: I cuddled a very smelly man on the Tube tonight, I couldn't


help myself. A eyesore that quote from Sapcote earlier and everybody


has felt that feeling -- I saw that quotation from Seb Coe. It is like


the national character has changed and let's hope it lasts because it


rubs off on you and it makes everybody feel better. It is high


time we rounded off some of the other Team GB action. Boxing.


Safely through to the quarter- finals of the light welterweight.


The world number one in the red saw off the Indian, who was very


unhappy with the points decision. The women's hockey team were


boosted by the return of Kate Walsh today, although she was forced to


wear a protective mask after fracturing her jaw, but even her


presence could not stop Team GB slipping to a defeat against China.


They only needed a point to make sure of reaching the semi-finals.


On Sunday they will face the Olympic champions, the Dutch, and


they need a result. The dream is over for the handball team. They


had a pretty torrid time. Despite a decent first half, they were beaten


by the African champions, Tunisia. They are playing the reigning


silver medallists, Iceland, on Monday in their remaining Games.


The same story for the volleyball team, who lost their fourth


successive game today. Not a disgrace, because they were beaten


by the favourites, Poland. A tough match for Team GB but they still


ended up losing in straight sets. The final game is on Monday against


Argentina. Four defeats out of four so the men's British water polo


team. The latest defeat at the hands of Hungary. Team GB cannot


now advanced to the knockout stage, you will not be surprised to hear.


It was a mixed day for the British divers in the women's three-metre


springboard. Both failed to qualify for the final. The 17-year-old


Hannah Starling narrowly missed out on a top 12 place. Rebecca


Gallantree had a day to forget. She was well adrift and eventually


finished in last place. Huge disappointment yesterday for the


women's football team last night as Great Britain lost to Canada in the


quarter-finals in Coventry. Stuart Pearce's men still had the chance


in the Olympics! South Korea are in the lead! Why untouched, bang. --


They had been outplayed so far in this half. That has got to be a


It was a very similar penalty to the first one. It wasn't


this quarter-final at the Penalty heartache. South Korea go


on to the semi-finals, where they play Brazil. Mexico will play Japan


for a place in the final after they beat Senegal. Japan beat Egypt.


It tells you everything about today. The home team going out of a


football tournament on penalties is the eighth story of the day. Lots


of tweets today saying, have the football has learned a bit from the


way the Olympians have conducted themselves about their general


conduct and dealing with pressure? I am not sure. There is the subtext


that the footballers have let us down, whether cyclists have


excelled. That is what people are so you. But the suggestion is that


it is a question of character. I don't think it is. Why do we


criticise the footballers and say that Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase


are heroes for coming second? There is a subtext that somehow the


footballers did not try as much and it will not hurt them as much to


lose. I think it probably hurt them just as much. They are not second-


class citizens in these Olympics. There are issues with the


disconnect between the British public and football at the moment.


Probably coming from wages and maybe some off-field behaviour. As


you know as well as I do, they are not all bad and a lot of them a


decent fellows who are incredibly committed and devoted to their


sport in the same way that a lot of Olympians are. There is that


disconnect between the superstar footballers and the general public


at the moment, yes. Some of the other news from Team GB today.


Britain's best bouncer, Kat Driscoll, Mr up from the


trampolining finals. She needed a top eight finish -- missed out of


the trampolining finals. But it was still the best finish for Britain


in the history of trampolining at the Olympics. It has not been a


great day for British sailors. Paul Goodison is out of medal contention.


He has been struggling with a bad back. He has finished in 6th place


overall. Ashley Young is also out of contention. Team GB made a solid


start in the first qualifying round of the individual show jumping. Ben


Maher and Nick Skelton both made it through to the next set. Scott


Brash also qualified. The only downside was the elimination of


former European champion, Peter Charles. How is this for pushing


through the pain barrier? Peter Kirkbride tour his bicep during


this failed attempt to lift during this match. You would think, gamers


are. But he was not going to let that beat him -- game over. He then


went on to lift 190 kilos in the clean and jerk, setting a new


personal best. Heroic effort, but not quite enough for the British


man to make the final. The men's basketball team are out of the


Olympics. They let slip a 15 point lead to lose to Australia. They


have one game left but can no longer qualify from the knockout


Let's finish with a look at It is all about the same stuff, no


football, all about the Olympics. Will we ever see a day of


achievement like this in any sport? Or Prix will have to go some.


say never, but today has been an amazing day. We have all been at


fantastic events before, Champions' League finals, Ryder Cups, but for


a day of British Board across the spectrum it is going to be very


hard to beat today. Can you or Oliver have a word with Seb Coe,


can at London have the Olympics every decade? We a him a decade --


of debt. He has a vision for these Olympics come a has seen it through.


And so far, it is paying off spectacularly. It has been an


amazing thing to be involved with. It feels like the final might and


there is still a week to go! There could be far more a tale to tell.


There will be, but there is an awful lot to come. I am almost


dreading the end of it, it has been so great, you are starting to feel,


it is going to be such a let-down when it is over, because like Seb


Coe book was saying cover everything around it seems to have


changed. You need a hug from Sharron Davies! What a night it has


been. Thank you for all watching. I will be back tomorrow night. How do


you sum up things? Let's be thankful for our athletes, cyclists,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


all of our Olympians for giving us champions, a magnificent at that! -


- effort! An incredible, incredible scull. They go into the record


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