Day 9: Full Round-Up Olympic Sportsday

Day 9: Full Round-Up

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Good evening. More gold medals on the wake. And more tears before


bedtime. Coming up on Olympic Sportsday: Lightning can strike


twice. From Weymouth to Wimbledon. The two


winners will Team GB today, Ben Ainslie and Andy Murray.


The gloves are on for the women, Olympic history made again today.


Over the next 45 minutes, we will squeeze in the best of the action


from the 9th day of the Games. On hand to help make sense is will


from the Telegraph. From a produce perspective, the superlatives run


dry it -- but his perspective. But tonight, we had the international


blockbuster. If you remember one event from past Olympic Games, it


Johnson when is it! Linford Christie!


-- wins it! Unbelievable!


Justin Gatlin is going to win it! That is superb! That is a new world


The men's 100m final. We had the semi-finals this evening. Usain


Bolt went alongside Dwain Chambers. Chambers was the quickest British


sprinter but missed out on the final by 300s of a second. Justin


Gatlin looked extremely quick. Only one of the eight finalists failed


the last nine days has provided some of those iconic sporting


moments you just never forget. But the men's 100m final transcends


even sport, and so does he. Usain Bolt! His bravado and brilliance,


the vital ingredients in a race predicted to be the greatest of all


time. The moment of truth has finally arrived. The 100m Olympic


champion becomes a legend! Why did we ever, ever, ever doubt the


brilliance of Usain Bolt? I think even for him, this has more meaning


Remember I told you what my coach said, stop worrying about you start.


The best part of your race is at the end. So I stopped worrying


about the start and I executed it and it worked. What do you say to


the doubters? It all worked on the track. All they can do is talk.


When it comes to the championships, it is all about business, and I


brought it. He brings it more than most. He had to. No man over nine


seconds got a medal. But when you are as good as Bolt, you can afford


to be confident of your ability. And they were equally confident in


Jamaica. At JAMAICAN COMMENTARY: Usain Bolt,


the big man means Business! Dominates in London, he is the king


of sprinting, undisputed! The best in the world, Usain Bolt triumphs


in majestic style! The big man is back in business!


No one can deny he is very much back in business, and in London, on


the eve of Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence from


Britain. If these Olympics are about creating legacy, Usain Bolt


has cemented his. Never in doubt. The big man turns


on the bigger engine. Jamaica heard all about it. Was it ever in doubt?


I think it was, and that is why he was so delighted with what he has


done tonight. This is comfortably his greatest performance. It is not


his quickest time. In Beijing, it was the wildest thing I have ever


seen. It was a procession. And in Berlin three years ago. But this


was a race. He was under genuine pressure, particularly from Yohan


Blake, but in the big competitions, he performs and that is what he did.


This track is lightning-fast. Should we have seen a world record?


It wasn't far off. The temperature was down to 17 degrees. The


temperature gauge went off in the stadium. They were cool conditions,


great for distance running, but not optimal for sprinting. A world


record would have been the icing on the cake but that was fantastic.


man was arrested at the start. bottle was thrown, just as the


runners ran up into the set position. It lands in lane five,


behind Yohan Blake. The organisers are saying they have arrested


someone, the met Police have. Suggestions that there was an


incident in the crowd after he did it. Edith Bosch is claiming to have


pushed the man who did it! No idea if that is true. Clearly, it is


slightly embarrassing for LOCOG. Quite fitting Olympic justice!


one person you don't want to be sitting next to it is someone who


is competing in judo! Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce took the women's 100m.


Jamaica it continues to produce the greatest sprinters. Fantastic. The


50th anniversary of independence, this is a huge moment for them. And


now they have Yohan Blake as well. Many thanks. Four years ago,


Christine Ohuruogu came back from Beijing with Team GB's only gold in


athletics and since then, has not come close to that form, but no one


in the British team can feel more at home and her. Her family live


just outside the Olympic Park in Stratford. She was worried about


getting her mum and dad and seven per Scissors Sisters enough tickets,


and she has a silver medal to show them tonight -- seven brothers and


Richards Ross. But Christine DeeDee Trotter is trying to get


into this. Christine Ohuruogu has got a chance, right on the outside!


Six of them altogether here! DeeDee Trotter are coming through! Sanya


Richards Ross is coming through, and Christine Ohuruogu, can she get


there?! Will she make it?! Sanya Richards Ross takes the gold,


Christine Ohuruogu, a Stirling, Your reaction, Christine? I was


stunned. I was stunned. I don't know, I was heartbroken actually. I


was heartbroken, I really was. To have, you know, to use your title


like that... -- to lose your title. It was tough. Sanya Richards Ross


is a worthy competitor and she ran a good race and I have to be happy


with what I got, it could have been worse. It looked like it could have


been Beijing all over again. I know. But I tightened up. I could feel my


shoulders lifting. It is really hard to control when you are under


fatigue. I thought I still had some time, but then the line came too


soon and I thought, no, it has gone, it has gone. Let's look at how some


of the other British athletes did in the stadium. He MLA at Dannatt,


the final of the triple jump. The 39-year-old posted the second


longest jump in the qualifying stages but it was only good enough


of Seth -- Yemi let -- Yamile Adana. Perri Shakes Drayton breed true the


first round of the 400m hurdles in really good time. She is one of the


quickest in the world this year, and a local girl. She can see the


Olympic stadium from the end of her street. There will be no British


runner in the final of the men's 1,500m. Andy Baddeley was eighth,


Ross Murray was 10th. Oscar Pistorius failed to make it through


to the final of the 400m. The first double amputee to compete at the


Games was never really in contention will. The British trio


also went out. Alex Smith was a surprise finalist in the men's


hammer. He finished last with a throw of 72.87. That was about


eight metres short of the winner We didn't quite reach the height of


Saturday, but are really gutsy run from Christine Ohuruogu. Fantastic


to see her perform and get a silver medal. She has had a dreadful time


since Beijing, it was nearly a repeat performance, the leader went


out far too fast, and she overhauled the guys at the front.


In Kenmore metres, she would have won. -- in Pennymoor metres. She


had a real shot at goal. I have just had a question for you, "I was


more impressed with what Oskar Pistorius did tonight than what


Usain Bolt did, the effect will be Worlock -- long-lasting, as well".


It is quite stunning to see what he has achieved to get here. To hear


people suggesting, as they still are, that he somehow has an


advantage, is an affront to common sense. He still has the relays to


come. Many thanks, you are right up to date with what happened in the


stadium tonight. Let me down to Wimbledon, where Andy Murray is


champion. We would have loved to You just have to take your hat off


Well, he was back on Centre Court today against the Swiss, Murray was


blubbing again, but it has been almost routine. He got a silver in


the mixed doubles, but in no way would that take the gloss off what


he has already achieved. The way he played today, his a medal macro was


only going to be one colour. He absolutely thrashed Federer today.


What did this mean to Andy Murray? To revisit the scene of his most


heartbreaking scene go by to take on the man who laid in solo four


weeks ago. Andy Murray had excelled, it is not just the ticket that has


changed. Since he lost at Wimbledon final, perhaps he had lost his


inhibitions, too. The first set, 6- 2. So the first set, one in


impressive style. Everyone realises, this is now or never. Grand Slams


will come and go, Andy Murray will never again have the chance to win


the Olympics here, on Centre Court. Centre court, Federer threw himself


into it, still Murray was better. Now it was his gold medal to lose.


Not a hint of a mistake in the third set. Victory in straight


sets! Simple! It is a golden triumph for Andy Murray! He went


directly to those who have supported him through thick and


thin, he said his extra inspiration have come from watching Mo Farah on


Saturday night. That was the number one for me, the biggest win of my


life. This week has been incredible so far. And I have had a lot of fun,


the support has been amazing. wasn't finished. Even after


collecting the gold medal, there was one more job to do, the mixed


doubles final. They took the first set but eventually lost to Victoria


Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus. Now I Olympic champions always have


fresh demands on their time. Centre Court has already enjoyed seeing


his sensitive side, now he can say The critics say that tennis has no


place in the Olympics because the players care so much more about the


majors, the Grand Slams. Would you dare say that to Andy Murray


tonight? You have to look at the attitude of the best players in the


world to these events, Rafael Nadal one the Olympic gold in Beijing and


was desperate to do so. -- won the Olympic gold in Beijing. The


Olympic spirit is so strong, not strong enough to make a British


team one on penalties, as we saw last night! Everybody from G4S has


just been raving about how Andy Murray seems to have embraced the


Olympic spirit, and the ideal, he was a man possessed. Absolutely,


that is the point have made your part of a wider team, part of 542


at leads, he has bought into it. He has one it for his country, not for


Andy Murray, that can relieve some of the pressure. And he has won it


the hard way, while playing in the doubles with his brother, fantastic


for him to get through to the final, a silver medal for him and Laura


Robson. Yes, probably too much to hope for a double, but they still


have a medal. 23 gold medals to be grabbed across the games today.


There was also some punching other sort never seen before at the


It is all about the agony and ecstasy. Emerging from the spangly


tunnel, or women, allowed to compete in boxing for the first


time ever. This Russian made history with victory in the first


bout. In the's five-time world champion came out of retirement for


a double special occasion, her little boy's 5th birthday. She's a


sisterly pummelled her Polish opponent. To the protagonists of


synchronised swimming, it is a heavy schedule of painful bending


and Son House smiling through a thoroughly taxing ordeal. Russia


lead on day one. As with table tennis, the rest of the world


should give up when it comes to badminton and let time I get on


with it, or so we thought! Suddenly Malaysia or were ahead. But China's


finest got his act together to make it 1-1 before winning the final


game in something of a nail biter to take the gold medal. They


eventually calmed him down enough to give him his medal, and the


Chinese have the weight would also win the Double. This brings us


nicely on to weightlifting. The showdown for the Gold between China


and Russia. After victory in this match, the Russian looked like she


was on the way to glory. But eventually, a world record was set.


52 stone! Her coaches were delighted. Tatyana, less so. There


was yet more Chinese success in the diving. An exemplary display it in


the springboard to stop --. Germany one bronze despite at this injury,


he went careering off the piste. There was controversy in the final


when the judge awarded a point to Italy even though the Japanese


dancer touched first. It proved to be the turning point. There was no


stopping Serena Williams at the tennis, along with her sister, they


wrapped up another gold for the USA, and from the tranquillity of the


All England Club to be swept pit that is Greco-Roman wrestling. The


first Iranian to win a gold in this discipline. Clearly, it meant a


great deal. We finish where we started, in the boxing. Something


of a controversial decision, the Azerbaijani one the fight on


countback after the score was even. -- won the fight. His opponent


refused to leave the ring. He had We saw the first female boxers.


Natasha Jonas was the first woman in an Olympic vest, in a


lightweight contest against Queen Underwood of the USA. They were


involved in a right royal rumble. The American in read it tried to


take the fight to Jonas, but she held on. The Queen was dethroned,


and Jonas now has a chance of a medal. She faces Katie Taylor of


Britain are guaranteed their first boxing medal of the Games. The Luke


Campbell is a short at least a bronze after a tough encounter


against the Bulgarian. Luke Campbell turned a deficit around to


win the contest 16-15. What a fight! A win against Japan on


Friday it would give him a shot at goal.


Boxing will always start a debate, but what do you think about the


women being included? If the IOC is going to press for every country to


be truly represented at the Games, you have to have all sports for men


and women. We have come a long way from the days when it was


considered bad for a woman's help to run 800m, which was not so no


word go, so I will commit. We see professional boxing champions born


from the Olympic Games. -- I welcome it. Do you think this


should have come sooner? It has come as soon as it could have come.


The debate is always slow moving. When we get to the climax of the


boxing competition, it is always a brilliant moment in the game's.


Let's head to Weymouth, where Ben Ainslie won gold to become the


greatest Olympic sailor of all time. He has had a tough time this week


as Jonas Hogh-Christensen looked to have the measure of him, but today,


Ainslie was king of the men. Flares are designed to attract


attention, something Ben Ainslie should not need. He has built an


Olympic legend, and not on the seven seas but on a fair few of


them. He got silver in Atlanta, gold in Sydney. He won in Athens


and Beijing. At his home Olympics, a chance to have his achievements


properly appreciated and in perhaps the game's' most beautiful setting,


things have been turning ugly. He claimed that Jonas Hogh-Christensen


and another man had forced him into a turn. They teamed up on the


basically. I was seriously unhappy with that. They made a big mistake


because I am angry and they did not want to make me angry. So one of


the Olympic battles was to take place in Dorset. If Ainslie beat


Christenson in the final race, he won gold. You might think sailing


is a sport of wide, open spaces. Not so. It requires immense clarity


of thought to craft a route through the courts. Ben Ainslie wins his


fourth Olympic gold! It has been the hardest couple of weeks of my


life. I have not slept much the last couple of days. You just have


to deal with that and when you get racing, it disappears and you just


get on with the job. Jonas Hogh- Christensen denied, having led


right up to their end of the race. Sailing can be a very lonely sport.


Ben Ainslie was greeted like a victorious Admiral's. His finest


moment has come on what it seems will be his final her Olympic four


yet. I don't think I can do this again, it is killing my body.


his final Olympic voyage. I don't think you will see me in at Rio.


Although he never competed within 100 miles of the Olympic Park, Ben


Ainslie will be one of the abiding heroes of the Games.


Perhaps it should have been double gold. Andrew Simpson and Iain Percy


were defending their Olympic title in the Star class with an eight


point lead, but they only took silver, as the Swedish pair of


Fredrik Loof and Max Salminen got the gold. You are never 100%


confident, it is kind of a lottery and the last race proved it. We


didn't get it right. We cannot blame anybody apart from ourselves.


Fair play to Sweden. They did a great job. And so did the


Brazilians. We are really frustrated. Sorry to everybody


watching, we feel really bad. We tried our hardest but it wasn't to


What about Ben Ainslie? He said this was the toughest medal he has


ever had to fight for to win. have got used to him having Olympic


regattas won by Thursday, and having to proceed through this, it


has been fascinating to watch him. Coming under a bit of the treatment


he has dished out to others. He has not been averse to doing whatever


it takes in the past. When he did that interview and said, you do not


want to make me angry. That proved to be a bad call. He ripped the


Dame apart. That skulduggery of any upon him. An intriguing twist and


he probably needed that. -- skulduggery of hanging up on him.


Yes, he was being beaten. The scale of his achievement is enormous.


That is five medals now in consecutive Olympics. The first


individual event person to make five consecutive medals. Steve


Redgrave apart of -- was part of a team. He is an absolutely stand out


Olympian. He is probably not going to go to Rio, he said as much. He


has big ambitions in the Americas Cup. It would be fantastic to see


him devote that incredible Brana fears and that drive and commitment


-- brain of his. It will be well worth watching. Denmark were


defeated on the water by Ainsley but they had something to cheer


about at the Velodrome in the omnium, which is a new events in


the cycling. Six different disciplines and Ed Clancy was in


fourth place at the halfway stage. Three events today, four kilometre


pursuit, 15km or, and Ed Clancy was down to 5th in the final one


kilometre time-trial. Only good enough for bronze. Lasse Hansen is


the new omnium champion. I have always said I came here for the


team pursuit. I always put my eggs in one basket. Perhaps mentally as


well. It is so hard getting up the very next day to go into a full-


blown omnium. The pursuit, the flying lap, a personal best in all


of them. It is just a shame that in the bunch races, I got torn apart


by the specialists. I always knew it would be touch and go to get a


medal. It is an emotional roller- coaster. One minute you are winning,


then next you are completely out of the race. That is the story of the


last two days. At one point, I was looking at gold, but it slipped


away. We have had so much support. I even had the great Mark Cavendish


on the phone to me this afternoon. The support has been unbelievable.


I would like to say thanks to all of the staff, the management, the


physios, they all worked so hard. They are the real heroes behind


this. Victoria Pendleton has thrown through to the quarter-finals in


the sprint, fresh from her keirin gold medals. She posted a new


Olympic medal at before -- Olympic medal. -- Olympic record. Jason


Kenny is through to the semis after setting the fastest time in


qualifying. He bumped Chris Hoy of the bike for this event, which


Chris won in Beijing. Tough call. That gold is to be won tomorrow.


British Cycling, so driven to perfection, to women. That is the


decision they make. Absolutely. It looks like a tough call but one


suspects that Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy, either of them would struggle


to win gold. The Frenchman is number one in the world by a long


way. Fantastic for Ed Clancy. The disappointment in him, and the


sailors, in not winning gold in those for the lot one sports tells


you everything about how high the standards are -- for those top


British athletes are either celebrating a gold medal or


apologising for letting people down, and they are not letting anybody


down. Louis Smith missed out on gold by the tiniest of margins in


the gymnastics. He thought he had won with a faultless regime on the


pommel horse. The judges gave him the same score as Krisztian Berki.


It had to be decided on who had executed their regime the best, and


that was the Hungarian. Silver for Smith and a bonus bronze for Max


history. Never before had Britain had an Olympic gymnastics champion,


it was a 116 year wait. Was it about to end? First, a surprise


British contender, Max Whitlock, who produced the routine of his


life to take an early lead. He is challenging for a medal! That was


super stuff! Hiva still second and guaranteed a medal when Smith took


centre stage. The pommel horse is the ultimate test of grace,


strength and have no. Marks are awarded for difficulty and


execution. The crowd held its breath. Until finally, deafeningly,


they roared their approval. What an ovation for Louis Smith! All around


me, the thousands of fans here are on their feet! But will it be good


enough? To score to date, by hungry's Krisztian Berki. Guess


what? Snap! Because Berki's execution score was higher, he got


Do be beaten by anyone apart from Max, Christian Becky is that guy. -


- Krisztian Berki. It is indeed be proud of. The with Whitlock taking


bronze, Britain had two of the medallists. Proof that British


Let catch up with some other British performers from today. The


last chance of a fencing medal has gone, but we gave the eventual


winners Italy a scare. They made their last eight and gave it their


all before losing narrowly, 45-40. All over for the women's volleyball


team, they have genuine hopes of qualifying after beating Algeria or


last Monday, but subsequent defeats mean they cannot reach the quarters.


The latest loss came at hands of Japan, who one in straight -- won


in straight sets. The medals will be decided in


showjumping tomorrow. The surprise leaders are Saudi Arabia. Scott


Brash, Nick Skelton and Chris Mayer are all true.


Gripper's men only need a draw against Spain at in hockey. --


Group -- Great Britain's men. They stormed back to draw 3-3 after


Australia have the lead. Great Britain, down to 10 men. Oh know,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


another mess. And the Australians Where were these players at the


position that looked impossible. Goals were given away, again, it


looked impossible at 3-1. But suddenly, Great Britain came to


life and played really well, and Teresa -- story deserved to take a


point against the best team in the They absolutely love it down there,


we were watching Australia against the US, everybody is incredible. We


talk about the fans at the park, but now the venue, the Olympic


stadium, we were at the aquatic centre, have you been impressed by


it? The turnout has been huge, a few issues around committee stage,


but essentially the public have turned out in huge numbers. The


enthusiasm sparked by these games has been really striking, Christine


Ohuruogu was talking about how fantastic the crowd was for her,


but every non-British at leads had committed on how fair and warmly


they had been treated -- non- British at elite. We saw Greg


Rutherford at last night, in first position, every one of them was


applauded down the runway. This might have been taking hospitality


too far, but the crowd has been a credit to the Games. You do get a


sense that the crowd are pushing the athletes over the line.


just have to think about the incredible race, with Mo Farah,


that roar that distract him around the stadium, that can only have


helped him. A few more British athletes to catch up with, the


synchronised swimmers gave themselves a chance of qualifying


for the final. The top 12 go into the final. The women's handball


team have suffered a disappointing end, four straight defeats. They


finished with a 37-14 hammering against Croatia. Could be the end


of an era, they only formed in 2006, its future hangs in the balance, no


decision is made yet I have to post gains funding. Women's basketball


team all so, bowing out, the Brazil team were far too good, winning 78,


its -- 7266. The women's water polo team contested a quarter-final


tonight, they made quite a fist of it, only losing 9-7 to explain. She


was under water with 20 seconds left, victory for the Spanish, they


are now playing Hungary for a place That metal table will be in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


papers tomorrow. Let's have a look We haven't got your paper, but I'm


sure that Murray will figure! full of all the finest Olympic


coverage! I'm sure it will be in the shops. What did you write about


tonight? I wrote about Bolt and a remarkable performance which


established him as the greatest ever seen. Was it easy to write,


because of the doubt, or did you just immerse yourself in the


moment? It is tricky because of how late it is, and several people are


trying to write... But the story is so powerful. He is such a


compelling athlete. The epicentre of the Games is the stadium now,


with the athletes arrive, you feel that the Games have gone into six


gear. Do you feel you are missing out with all the other sport? It is


always remarkable how few of the French sports, if I can say that,


you get round to see. -- a fringe sport. You would love to get out


there and see all the people in the Stadium macro -- but they have had


a fantastic time. But nobody can see the cauldron. It is something


you notice more if you have been two previous games. It is a slight


shame. But the court itself as a wonderful idea. A week to go, what


are you looking for in this final week? You would like to see some


metals come from nowhere. -- summer medals. We were treated beyond


anyone's wildest dreams. Rutherford was the first cold before -- the


first told no one expected. That is about it. Dan Walker is going to be


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