Day 2 Olympics Tonight

Day 2

In the company of star guests from the world of sport and beyond, Gabby Logan looks at the stories and personalities that have made the headlines on day two.

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The Olympic flame burns brightly in the stadium, as the second day of


the 30th Olympiad enters its final hours. And yet the live action


continues. There is basketball right now on BBC Three. Boxing,


beach volleyball and volleyball are all still going on. Tonight's show


is packed full of action. On my sofa this evening are two very


I am delighted to welcome five-time Olympic champion Ian Thorpe, and


nine-times Olympic champion Carl Lewis. Great to have you guys here.


You have hot-footed it over from the basketball. Yes, I was watching


the game, it was a pretty good game. Could it are wondering how it ended.


We will let you know. And Ian Thorpe, you're putting in a big


shift today. I lost my past, and I cannot get out. Tonight, on the


show, we have got all of this... The women hit the road today, with


defending champion Nicole Cooke amongst the hopefuls. Beijing's


Golden girl, Rebecca Adlington, was defending her title in the Women's


400m Freestyle. Life is a beach, for some at least, here in London.


We will be catching up with the beach volleyball, a month other


things. We will start with the cycling. It was the men who started


and finished on the Mall yesterday. Today, it is the turn of the women,


themselves facing a long day. Nicole Cooke got our first gold in


Beijing in this race. Matthew Pinsent has the story. Yesterday,


in the men's road race, Britain expected. Perhaps too much. The


gold rush that was meant to begin with a Mark Cavendish victory down


the Mall never materialised, as Team GB were derailed. But today,


there was a chance for British cycling to put that behind them, as


the women took to the roads. Beijing gold-medallist Nicole Cooke


was joined on the team by Emma Pooley, Lucy Martin and the inform


Lizzie Armitstead. Reports that a? And Cook might not be the best of


friends seemed off the mark before the race. But there was even more


pressure to open Team GB's medal account following yesterday's


events. Not at all, we have done our preparation, and we are ready.


Everybody wants a medal, and hopefully we can do it.


HUGH PORTER: And they start the Olympic road race. They are getting


stuck into it straightaway. Here's the first attack, it looks like the


Ryder from Brazil going away. Emma Pooley, how she got a problem?


think she has got a puncture. were no early breakaways today, as


the peloton set a good pace. Nobody was prepared to make the decisive


was prepared to make the decisive burst to the front. It was far from


easy going. Heavy rain, crashes, punctures and other obstacles made


conditions tough. Even so, the riders began to take risks.


HUGH PORTER: We have got an attack, and it is the rider from Holland,


Vandyke, having a go. CHRIS BOARDMAN: Well, this race


seems to be getting animated now. Italy are in trouble as well. The


world champion is having to change a wheel. The world champion, and


one of the big favourites, has got some work to do. The British team


had managed to steer clear of trouble so far. The aggressive


approach was paying off, so far. HUGH PORTER: We can see another GB


Jersey coming up behind her, and it is Lizzie Armitstead. So, a brace


of riders from Great Britain are just showing that they are in


really good form, and anything that the course offers, they can handle


it. Nicole Cooke, the defending champion, has come right through


them here, to the sharp end of the contest. So, it is Cooke right at


the front. Look at the crowd, absolutely astonishing. There are


thousands here! It is Pooley that is attacking now, she is the one


that's trying to keep this strung out. Vos is having a go, clearly


the best woman sprinter on the Zabelinskaya made good her escape,


but Lizzie Armitstead managed to bridge the gap with two others.


They were heading back towards the They were heading back towards the


capital. Just to confirm that leading group, it is Olga


Zabelinskaya, Lizzie Armitstead, Shelly Olds of the USA, and then


the hot favourite, Marianne Vos, of the Netherlands. We have lost a


rider, and it looks like Shelly Olds has gone, she has lost contact.


The gap is now 40 seconds. If that is the case, I don't think these


three are going to get caught. the closing stages, it is touch and


go. It is a nail-biter. And then there were three. Lizzie


Armitstead and Marianne Vos seemed the most likely of the trio. Lizzie


Armitstead is gesticulating, saying, come on! About 12 minutes remaining


in this Olympic road race. And we have a British rider who are poised,


possibly, to take a gold medal. Each of the trio were guaranteed a


medal. The only question was, which colour? They made their final


sprint towards the finish line. On the Mall, it is still Zabelinskaya


at the front. Boss is leading this out! Can Lizzie Armitstead


challenge? Both riders looking for the line! Boss takes gold, and


Lizzie Armitstead takes silver. Many congratulations, how does it


feel to come up the Mall like that? It is a wall of noise, then it is


just a sprint to the line. Lizzie did a really good job. It was a


good sprint. I am really happy. Lizzie, huge congratulations, such


a thrill for everybody to see you taking the silver medal - how good


does it feel? I don't know, it is just really strange. I don't know,


I am a bit shocked. An awesome performance from your teammates as


well, early on in the race. Yes, Emma Pooley did exactly as was


asked on Box Hill. I committed to that break. I wasn't sure whether I


should go with it, I should have just jumped her earlier, but never


mind. You could see that she was focused and determined, there was


no way she was going to let that gap open up. To finish second


behind Marianne Vos is incredible. Marianne Vos deserves it, but we're


so proud of Lizzie, the way she has stuck in there.


So, it may have come a day later than many had expected, but a


cyclist succeeded in delivering the first British medal. Lizzie


Armitstead proved once again that, as in 2008, the women's road race


seems to be a very British speciality. I am delighted to say


that Team GB performance director Dave Brailsford has also joined us.


It was a better day today, the plan was executed perfectly? Yes, it was


a fantastic day. It really was. Lizzie showed absolute


determination. She took the initiative, it was a big gamble,


there was an hour's worth of racing to go when she made that move, and


it was all-or-nothing after that. But she committed, and what a


brilliant, gutsy ride. She still berated herself, thinking she could


have jumped Marianne Vos on the Mall. Marianne Vos is a worthy


champion, she has been a dominant force for a while now. She deserved


the gold medal. Sometimes you lose gold or you win silver, but today,


Lizzie definitely won the silver. She showed incredible competitive


spirit. She is a really interesting product of your talent


identification. She was spotted in a school playground in Otley, if I


am not mistaken. How do you know when you see a kid like that that


they could do this? Well, we did some tests, we went round schools,


but really, the acid test is whether somebody wants it or not.


It is the drive inside them, do they really want it? If that is


there, you can work on the rest, and Lizzie has always had that.


Very hungry, very determined, absolutely professional. It was a


team effort - Emma Pooley did fantastic work as well. Yes, she


did a brilliant job. Emma Pooley kept attacking, which forced the


other competitors to keep chasing her down because they knew she was


a threat. Then just when Vos attacked, Lizzie went with her, and


they did not see them again. Yesterday was the complete opposite,


wasn't it? We were desperately hoping that the chasing pack would


not catch up today, but yesterday was the opposite. An American


commentators said the only way Team GB were going to win yesterday


would have been if they had not one the Tour de France. Because


basically, everybody wants to beat you. Was there anything you could


have done differently? I don't think so. The only way we could


have won that race, or the best chance, was to try to get it to be


a sprint finish for Mark Cavendish, and that is what the guys tried to


do, to control the race. It was a big ask. When they got to the top


of the final climb only a minute behind the breakaway group, we


thought it was game on, but it was not to be, it did not come back. We


saw that again today, the breakaway group did not come back. So if we


went back and started again tomorrow, we would use the same


tactics and see whether it worked. No regrets. How are Bradley


Wiggins' legs? They went really deep yesterday, they gave it their


all, Chris Froome as well. But I think they will be fine. They have


just got back from the Tour de France. They have got a couple of


days to take it easy now. They will be giving it everything on


Wednesday. You both know what it is like to go into a major tournament


in your home country - the expectation of a nation is on you,


so you can appreciate, everyone wants to beat you? Yes, basically,


you have to be a moving target, that is what I always thought. I


always told people that my competitors were excellent, so I


was always trying to be excellent. When the race was over, I would go


back and evaluate it. So, when your competitors get to you, you're


already in the next place. It is a different kind of pressure, I


imagine. If we're talking about the expectations of their home Olympic


Games, it is significant. It is the heightened anticipation of what the


nation wants. When you look at the competitors that you're up against,


the world continues to move forward. This is why the Olympic Games


continues to be relevant, that we are pushing the limits of human


performance. As a coach, is it almost a different challenge for


you, this Olympic Games, because it might be said that you over


achieved in Beijing, and you had massive target coming into this


While we have done a lot of Olympic Games in the past and been


successful, none of us in Team GB has had a home games and


experienced what we are experiencing now. It is special and


very different. It has given us all a boost. We now want to thrive off


the back of that. We will take the challenge on and support the riders


to be the best they can be. And hopefully, bring back some great


performances. We saw tonight in the pool, the support Rebecca Adlington


had was incredible. Having done a home games, what is it a golden


nugget of advice you could give? I had two at times, Los Angeles and


Atlanta. I thought it was great to embrace it. Walking down the street,


someone was always saying good luck. There was no language barrier. It


is tough with the weight of expectation, but if you can embrace


it and say while, what a wonderful opportunity, you can enjoy it.


you enjoy it? I was the opposite. There are contrasting opinions here.


For me, going through all of this when people were saying to me


"can't wait to see you win an Olympic gold medal", I don't know


what to say. I was like, thanks, I am just trying to do my grocery


shopping here. There was a point when I was nervous before my first


Olympic final, the 400 freestyle. It was the first race for Australia


to win a gold medal. I am usually really cool, calm and collected.


And then, when the crowd roared, I just couldn't believe it. In that


instant, I was like, OK, I am ready to race. And I could use that


energy. Then there is more than one way to skin a cat. It just took him


longer to figure it out. You had two goes at it. We will do the


which is the more difficult sport debate soon. Thank you for that


fantastic in sight. Dave, thank you for coming in. Please pass on our


best to the team. We hope to have you back, talking


about more goals later. On Wednesday, Bradley Wiggins, Emma


Pooley and Chris Frome are going in the time-trials. Now, we herald the


return of Team GB's golden girl from Beijing. Adlington is a gold


medallist! Great Britain have won a gold in the swimming pool! Are I am


standing up to salute Great Britain's new heroine of the


Olympic Games, Rebecca Adlington. Two gold medals. Rebecca Adlington,


you are absolutely brilliant. Double gold medallist Rebecca


Adlington was the star attraction in the pool tonight. She was going


for gold and glory and aiming to defend the 400m freestyle title she


won in China four years ago. Earlier in the day, Chemmy


qualified 8th fastest for the final and lined up in lane eight as a


result, a tough place from which to defend an Olympic title. One of her


main rivals was in lane one, Federica Pellegrini of Italy. The


French swimmer qualified in lane Centre in London for the start of


the women's 400m freestyle final. Got off very fast indeed, slightly


scarily, Camille Muffat of France. She has been working on her pacing


all year. I expected Schmitt to lead out the charge in lane five,


but Moffatt has been the fastest by about two seconds this year. Muffat


has been practising to come back very strongly. We did not expect


her to start out the strongest, so I think she has been waiting all


year for this moment. There could be a couple of for a friend --


French swimmers on the podium. Schmitt is doing what we thought


she would do. This is a dominant swim from Muffat. I can't see


anything else happening here. It is an interesting way to do it,


because if she has a strong back end, why go so fast at the start?


Also, Allison Schmitt... Becky is in lane eight. She looks OK at the


moment. She is maybe in third, 4th or 5th. But the two in the centre


are very fast indeed. Pellegrini is also very good in the back end. She


is lying in third place. Her world record of was the slowest first 200


and a very fast second 200. These girls are going to beyond that time.


Becky is down the bottom. Decent place, the bronze medal at the


moment is up for grabs. These two front swimmers may have gone a bit


too quick. We saw it in 2008 in Beijing, when one swimmer went much


too fast in the third 100. If you go too early, that can be what


happens. Becky is still looking good. Becky Adlington is not out of


it. Muffat is leading in the centre. Schmitt second. And Becky Adlington


is moving up slowly. Schmitt is not giving in. She is training with


Phelps' coach. Very strong, tough swimmer. Muffat stretching out,


very casual stroke. The second part of this 400 is absolutely awesome.


It is between these two are now. Adlington in a good a third place.


80 metres to go in the final of the women's 400m freestyle. Leading at


the moment is Camille Muffat of France. But coming back very


strongly, Allison Schmitt. Adlington is down at the bottom,


starting to move into the bronze medal position. It was not far-off


this position that she won the gold four years ago. Come on, Becky


Adlington! About 40 metres to go. Camille Muffat of France is leading,


Allison Schmitt second and Becky Adlington in the bronze-medal


position. Come on, Becky! This is not over. Muffat of France has led


from the start, but Schmitt is still coming. It is going to be so


close for the last 50m. Schmitt will just get the silver. Dr Muffat,


silver at Schmitt and a fantastic bronze medal for Becky Adlington.


Isn't that marvellous for the 800 as well? Well done, Becky Adlington,


from lane eight. Excellent, I am really pleased. Look at those guys


in her home town, supporting Becky. Really good. We did not expect her


to defend the title. All year, Muffat's name was on the gold medal,


and she swam a master forest. Adlington could probably not see


the rest of the swimmers so much. She showed a lot of grit and


determination. That bodes well for the 800. It was an easy win for


Muffat, Andy! Very impressive swim. Camille Muffat of France. Great


swim for Becky, though. Adlington Becky, there is relief there, isn't


there? So much! It was so overwhelming, the crowd. 12 years


of hard work went into that. It was hard. It is always the 400 that


feels tougher for me. I am so pleased. They were so far ahead. I


did not know where I was coming. I am so glad I got a medal at their


home games. Not many can say that. Wonderful cheer for Becky Adlington.


There are her parents. She came in as defending champion and swam


faster than she did in Beijing four years ago. And she has added a


bronze medal to those two golds. She gets a kiss from the Prince.


Standing ovation from the majority of the crowd.


Fitting that she should be the first Brit on the podium at their


Aquatics Centre. Hopefully, she will go higher later in the week. A


brave, gutsy and emotional swim. This was a great swim. The key put


herself on the line from the beginning of that race. There are


different strategies she could have put in place to get the result, and


this was the one that was the most painful, so hats off to her. She


swam a brilliant race. Everyone should be really proud of their key


to secure a that bronze medal, because a lot of people were


starting to doubt whether we would pick up medals here. It looks


fantastic for their 800. When she said, that really hurt, you said, I


know what she means. We all know what that means. That is what you


feel when you first cross the line. But after you reflect on it at, you


say wow, it was worth it. A she swam faster than four years ago,


when she got her gold medal. It shows you how the sport moves on


and evolves. Do you think if she had been in lane four or five, it


would have made a difference? feel as though it was perfect for


Becky in lane eight. It meant she needed a strategy for how she was


going to perform. She did not get caught up in the wash of the French


woman and the American. They went out really fast, and Becky would


have been sitting right at their feet and getting a lot of waves off


them. Talking of the expectation of a nation when you come back from


four years ago, at that time she was not expected to get a double


gold medal haul. That relief, you could almost see that in the post-


race interview. No question, but the most impressive part was that


she improved on her time. She really did step up. The other


ladies perform well, but she did exactly what she was supposed to do.


Is it possible to describe the pain you are in when you are hurting so


badly? I remember. It was really difficult. It is a numbing pain.


There is a part of you wear your mind is telling your body to stop,


and your heart is saying to go, and it is this battle between your


thought process and how you are feeling. It is the same when you go


bungee-jumping. You walk to the edge, and everything tells you you


are going to die, step back. This is how your body responds. This is


how you feel. It is painful that you have to force your way through


it. Do you kind of enjoy it, the pain? Do you have to? I feel like


you do. It is funny, but when you look back on your career, you don't


talk about the easy races, you look at the hard ones. Remember that


tough day, that tough finish? That is what stands out to you. This is


why you train hard. When I heard myself in training, on race day, I


am prepared and I know what that pain feels like. I have been


through it and got past it. And you are still doing it. Do you miss it?


You know what? Might time came, and that was it. No more pain. We will


talk about your time later. I could fill your motion there. About pain?


Yeah. I was feeling you're paying. Thank you for that in sight.


Well, the Olympic Park where we are now, the sport is continuing. The


crowds are milling behind and The beach volleyball is one of the


hottest tickets in town. Beauty, power and graced - could do GB


women's gymnastics team follow what was achieved yesterday? And our


boxers aiming to get through their first fights. But it is now time to


catch up with one of Britain's greatest ever Olympians. Yes,


three-time gold-medallist Ben Ainslie began his bid for a number


four today, as the sailing competition started. Shortly, we


will be going live to Shirley Robertson. But before that, here's


Rob Walker with all the news of the day from Weymouth. There has been


such huge expectation ahead of the start of this Olympic regatta.


Great Britain have three returning defending champions - Ben Ainslie,


Iain Percy and Simpson. We can give you an indication, it is almost


sold out every single day here. There is a big screen for all the


supporters to view the action, and to give the men a big cheer when


they come round the mark. And we have got 50 square kilometres, that


is the size of the field of play for these British Olympic sailors.


It has been a fascinating start to what we hope will be a fabulous


fortnight. This was one of the most eagerly-awaited campaigns in the


history of Olympic regattas. After all the attention, Ben Ainslie must


have been relieved to return to a familiar setting, on familiar


waters. A sluggish start saw him outside the top 10 at the first


mark, but showing all his experience, he settled into the


race, his trademark downwind speed propelling him to second place.


Britain's traditional slow starter had reversed the trend of previous


had reversed the trend of previous Games. In the second race, it was a


chance to consolidate. But today, we were watching two men with


composure. Jonas Hogh-Christensen had the audacity to be Ben Ainslie


in the second race, just as he had done in the first. It is far too


early to talk about a two-horse race, but these two men are at the


very peak of their powers. The next instalment will be fascinating.


Britain's other defending champions today were Iain Percy and Andrew


Simpson. But the Star class attracts big names and reputations,


and the wind and waves can prove tricky mistress for even the most


experienced. These two lifelong friends have been here before, and


they found their form. The battle with the Brazilians went all the


way to the line. Second place, a great end to a tough day. Well, it


has been a pretty good first day for the British sailors, Ben


Ainslie, Iain Percy and Bart Simpson. But there is an awful long


way to go in this Olympic regatta. Our first medal races do not start


for another week. Shirley Robertson was on the water all day long, she


is on dry land now - good evening, conditions there looked absolutely


conditions there looked absolutely fantastic? It was a fantastic day,


we had wind and sun, and the crowds came out. You could hear them


cheering for Ben Ainslie. It was an absolutely fantastic day. With me


now, I have got the coach for the Finn class. What was it like when


Ben was going around those marks? It was fantastic. There was Union


flags everywhere, the whole area was packed with people. Every time


Ben got close, the crowd went mad, the commentators were screaming, it


was fantastic. He does not always make the best start in the Olympics,


I cannot comment on the endings! But two second places today, he


will be happy with that. Yes, he really showed his intentions today.


As you said, historically, he does not make the best starts. But he


will be really happy. It is the start of quite a long regatta.


that first race, he went around the top mark in 11th, but ended up


third at the bottom mark, what a great move. Just explain what magic


he has got. I'm sure the spectators know as well as I do, but it is


years of sailing, and the physical effort that he puts into it. All


those training programmes, and also sailing with a bunch of training


partners who are second to none. You can take some of that credit.


You train those training partners, and we have got such quality in


this country, haven't we? Absolutely. We had a training group


of five guys in Weymouth for the last six weeks, and that group


included three world champions. The other guys are fighting for medals


in the top 10 in the world themselves. But in the Olympics in


sailing, only one person does, which is a shame. But Ben is doing


us proud. Thanks for that. There is lots more action tomorrow,


including two more races for Ben Ainslie.


Thank you very much. The live sport goes on now, and you can watch it


right now on the red button, or on the website. We have just seen one


of our Olympic legends, in Ben Ainslie. This man here was all


right as well. COMMENTATOR: This great man has


accumulated more gold medals in World Championships and Olympic


championships than anyone else in history. Carl Lewis, on his way to


four gold medals, and that's number one! What a jump! It is another


superb jump for Carl Lewis. Lewis is flying. The last few moments in


the Olympic Stadium have really been electric. The big man has the


baton! He is so elegant on the runway, and he has nailed one! Oh,


yes! And look at Carl Lewis go! Carl Lewis has taken them home


tuition. Great memories for us, it must be fantastic for you to look


back at that. Yes, it was a wonderful time. I look at it more


than just the performances, because I had wonderful teammates, my


family were there, my parents were coaches, my brothers and sisters,


so I regard it as a great time in my life. It is easy to put it into


perspective, and say, that was then, because it was such a wonderful


time. I loved to train, to compete, to practise, and I loved the meets.


What do you make of the effort we are putting in so far? I love the


Olympics, because it is one of the few events where everything stops,


people want to be a part of it. Where can you get so many people


that want to volunteer to be a part of history in their own community?


I have been around London here. They talk about the traffic, but


the bottom line, the energy of the people, everyone is smiling. They


are just proud to have the Games. This Olympic Park is amazing. The


fact that you could put these stadiums here, and bring everyone


here from all over the world, it is a great time, I am proud to be a


part of my eighth Olympics. Can you two actually get around? If it


rained a bit, I might be able to swim. I have a buggy, I am one of


the spoiled ones. But it seems to be just as slow as walking! But it


is a nice hassle. It really is. Because everybody is in the Olympic


spirit, it is great. We are at a sporting event. You see athletes,


and you expect people to come up as fans and want photographs. I


remember being in my first Olympics and wanting to take photographs


with every one as well. And of course, the 100m, the event that


everybody looks forward to. It has been really building, with Yohan


Blake and Usain Bolt. When Usain Bolt came out in the Opening


Ceremony, it was one of the biggest cheers of the evening. He has got


his huge reputation, and it is building towards a really good


final, with that extra spice? it is going to be an amazing final.


What is interesting is that he is trying to become the first --


second person to do it, but also, Gatland has the chance do the same


thing. I think it is going to be an interesting race. Look how cool it


is tonight, that change is the dynamic. I think it is going to be


an interesting race, and there will be some surprises. Everything else


that is going on, do you look forward to the athletics more than


anything else? What I love about the Olympics is that it is 32


sports, and every single time I come to an Olympics, I Pick two new


sports. This year, it is BMX and fencing. So, I do not get to the


track too much. When I was competing, I could not go to any


other sport, in four Olympics. you been down to the ExCeL? I am


going this weekend, I just got tickets. I am going to go. This is


the first time I can see every other sport. I respect these


athletes so much. A I love the back stories. We think about our sports,


but they have the same stories in every other sport. Of course, one


of the big stories from the pool is this great big American rivalry


between Phelps and Lochte. We had the first instalment of that


yesterday - have you seen it building in the American press?


big time. Michael is just a tremendous athlete, but what is


interesting is that they are very similar in age, and they have been


around a while. So it is a challenge. We can sit here and say


that the challenge is to keep your mind focused in the Olympics, but I


think Michael woke up this morning saying, either, you have got to be


kidding me, or, I will see you later. And I would say, probably


the second. Because he is that kind of champagne. We have all had those


kind of races. Thank goodness people forget them. But I think the


rivalry and will be tremendous for the rest of the Games. It is a


different kind of pressure, coming in as a champion. I think this is


one of the things which is unique about sport, the willingness to be


able to give up your Mantel, or to be able to maintain it, retain the


title. I think Michael Phelps, coming out here, he is swimming in


multiple events, and I think we saw his reaction to what he did the


night before last, we saw that reaction this evening, when he came


into that 4x100m relay, he had a fantastic swim. And I think he is


on track now. He will swim will, so will Lochte. But at the end of the


day, these to are rivals. But at the end of the meet, we are all


friends. Do you need a nemesis? don't think so. I had teammates,


Leroy Burrell was my teammate for many years. It see these people


were teammates. I think you find that strength in them. It is not


really a rival, or a nemesis, it is a competitor. I think they look at


each other as competitors, more than rivals. Usain Bolt has said


the same thing about Blake. It is very different. You go out to


compete, with your game face on, and then you walk off. I was asked


earlier about the swimming, do you actually see each other, and do you


know where you are in terms of the position? When you turn your head,


you can see people. It is the only turn that you can see them. Some


swimmers only breathe on one side, which means that someone can slip


past on the other side. But sometimes you do not want to see


other people, you just want to focus. And it is one of those


things, you can feed off your competitors or you can focus on


yourself, and make this your own space. You did not eyeball your


opposition, did you? What's interesting, the surroundings are


there, but I was trying not to be affected by them. Thank you so much,


guys. Right now, we're going to Horse Guards Parade, for some beach


volleyball. Last night we saw Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.


Tonight, their male character ports took to the court. -- their male


counterparts. We are joining this one with the USA having won the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


first set. Ed Leigh is the lessen the options, but Shiratori


went for the lob. And it was placed perfectly. Rogers receives and then


goes to the net. A wonderful big from Shiratori. A sa he just


couldn't get the jump to make again. Then you see the second


and a real treat for the crowd here. A definite statement of intent for


any of the other teams watching. Phil Dalhausser, those huge arms


again working in the Americans' favour. A great point for the


Japanese. They went hard, and their determination paid off. The never-


say-die attitude is Quay in Phil Dalhausser gets back. The


crowd are bowing here. The ball comes on to the net. I am not sure


there, having the time to take your eye off the ball. Look at where


your defence are, and then choose your shot. It is a rare talent.


Phil Dalhausser got the block, but it deflected out of the path of


Rogers. So the Japanese are not going quietly into this dark night.


They are putting up a good fight here. Unforced error on the serve.


Not what they need. Phil Dalhausser has done so much damage. Plenty of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


involvement by the crowd here. And using a sideways motion on that


served to get a lot of spin on it. reaction dig from Shiratori. But


that is it. The final point for the Americans, and a very convincing


victory for the duo of Dalhausser Earlier today, the British women's


pair of Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin had a great win against


Canada's Annie Martin and Marie- Andree Lessard in their opening


preliminary. They lost the first set, but came back to win 2-1. Well


done, girls. Archery in London is being staged


at Lord's. Yesterday was the men's team event. It was the turn of the


ladies today. Who knows that they knew better than former England


cricket captain Michael Vaughan? It is not cricket, but he is willing


You can feel it, you can sense it. There is nothing quite like the


buzz and anticipation at the start of a day's play at Lord's.


# I don't like cricket. For the next two weeks, Lords is


home of the archery. The crowds are going nuts. Cricket doesn't get


this kind of noise. GB went forth in Beijing. Can they go one better


here and get into the medal slot? Russian Federation 50, Great


A really close game, Alison Williamson with a 10 in the second


set. It is going to be tight. will be disappointed with that shot.


It is her sixth Olympics, her first being back in 1992. What an


experience. After three sets, both teams are level. Six arrows left.


Naomi Folkard with a four. It is all over. Britain cannot win.


disappointment for the crowd here. The GB team have done the same as


the men's team yesterday. Out at the first hurdle. Such an expectant


crowd, but I guess that is the nature of the halfway stage. The


Russians were neck-and-neck at that time, but they did better in the


last three sets. Great disappointment for the crowd.


Do northern Agnew, you have been here a few days. How has it been?


loved it. I came here with some trepidation. I have been coming


here a long time now. I first played here in 1976. It is


fantastic. To be M archer and to shoot in front of those 5000 people


was wonderful. I did see the groundsman out there in his shorts


this morning, looking worried, because they are shooting straight


over the pitch. It looks fine. It is different. Credit to the MCC for


having done it. It looks fabulous. It has been a great event. That


Givet joining us, Alison Williamson. What happened this morning? We had


a match against the Russians. The Russians shot very well, and


unfortunately, we lost. Was there any reason why? We did not score


enough points! I am wearing this hat for a reason. Can you teach me


how to fire a few? This is your shooting line. So you have one foot


over the side. Clever, arrows, armed guard. Put your thumb and


finger out of the way. Pull the string back, keep pulling, now let


go. That is a nine! That is all right, isn't it?


It is the final, Korea versus China. Korea have all the support, and


they are attempting to make it seven gold medals. They have six


already. Can they make it seven on the trot? It is a nine! And Korea


have done it again. Korea take the gold medal. No surprises there,


they were favourites from the start. I have rarely had my eyes opened


today. Lord's has never seen anything like it. A three-hour


lunch break, they play are made in the rain. It is not cricket, but I


like it. I think he had a good day. It is a


sport you definitely need to hold your nerve. You have not been to it


yet? You do two new sports every day. May be in Rio. I Alison


Williams from the GB team, it was her sixth Olympics, incredible


longevity. She has obviously got the bug and can't put it down, but


Olympic dream. I always tell people, retire when you are ready. You know


when you are ready. Sometimes you want to come back, and that is fine.


Just make sure you are ready when you finally stopped. I knew I was


ready when I stopped swimming. I never thought I was won again. And


in a moment's time, I just went, you know what? This is probably the


last opportunity are will have in my life where I can do this. I was


at a different stage in my life and in a different had space. I really


wanted this back in my life, which was great. I have loved being back


in the sport. Where do you want it to go? Commonwealth Games? I could


not say when I stopped that I loved being in my sport. My targets are a


long way away. We are working in 12 month blocks. And then we might see


you in Glasgow. But you will not commit now, I understand. I think


he said yes. There are a couple of Olympians I would like to draw your


attention to. A Ian Millar is doing his tenth. He is an equestrian.


Under Japanese equestrian team member Hiroshi Hoketsu is 71 years


old. He is the oldest and Olympian and debut in 1964. I hope they have


new horses! So you never know, that bug might keep biting. Imagine


pulling your shorts on... Keep going as long as you can. Talking


of carrying on, back in the bill tonight, Japan's Kosuke Kitajima


was attempting to become the first man to win gold in a swimming event


at three consecutive Olympics. It is the 100m breaststroke final.


Kitajima made the final as 6th fastest, so he lined up in lane


seven, but Cameron van der Burgh from South Africa qualified fastest


breaststroke. There is a lot of noise around the pool, but a good,


clean start. Kitajima in seven does not normally get the fastest 50m.


Look at the world record holder going so fast down this first 25.


He was nearly a second ahead of Kitajima in the semis. He did a few


fly kicks as he entered the water, which is not allowed, actually. But


the judges won't have picked that up, you can only see it on the


camera. Kitajima is in the black cap closest to us, struggling with


the pace. He is going out very well. Cameron van der Burgh is in very


good shape indeed. They are starting to come back. The


Australian retired from the 200m because he had had enough. Cameron


van der Burgh from South Africa in lane four gets the gold. I think


the silver has gone to Sprenger of. Amazing. He went out so fast and


hung on. He held back a bit from his semi-final. It was a great swim.


Some pretty excited people behind Van der Burgh wins the gold, for


South Africa. So, another world record. I love


the conservation -- conversation which has just taken place here.


Carl Lewis said, is it a first pool? And the reply was, there is


no such thing. And Carl Lewis said, there is no such thing as a fast


track, either. There are so many variables, but they are all the


same, and the same company makes them for each venue, usually. The


atmosphere can be different, I have to admit that. Kitajima did not


make it to another gold. You do that by not realising it until you


get to the fourth. I took it one the Olympics at a time. The third


time around, my friend had just set the world record, so I was trying


to win the gold medal back. Each time, I was distracted, until I got


to Atlanta, and they said, this could be the fourth in a row..


did not put you off, obviously. didn't, it was amazing to go back


to Atlanta. Honestly, if it was not in Atlanta, I might not have gone


to the Olympics. It made that much of a difference for me, to be at


home. I had been around the Olympics for so long, the first


ceremony, I was in it, the last one, I was in the show. It was such a


long time! I knew that being the oldest person there, but I was in


everyone's head. Once it happened, everyone just freaked out. Amazing


achievement. Let's taking the final of the women's 100m butterfly now.


Let's handover to Andrew Jameson final of the women's macro 100m


Butterfly. The world champion on the 100m Freestyle goes in lane


three. Lane two, the American, is a finish that was! Vollmer Has done


it, with a terrible finish as well! It is the second women's world


record here. The 400 medley went, and now, to 100 Fly. It was a


wonderful swim from Vollmer. The world record-holder finished fourth,


Ellen Gandy finished eighth. It was a very consistent swim. The yes, I


would have liked to have gone faster, but it is a great to be a


part of this. part of this.


It looks such a beautiful stroke when it is done properly, but it is


brutal, isn't it? Not really. It is a struggle to become quite good at


it, and there's two speeds in Butterfly, slow and fast, and there


is nothing in between. Slow hurts more than fast, so you want to get


to fast as quickly as you can. It is all about efficiency, it is very


rhythmical. You want to sit really high on top of the water. If you


start to drop your hips, you then have to pull yourself out each


stroke. The freestylers course is quick. The final race that we have


not seen yet tonight is the Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay. Australia


and USA were renewing their old rivalries. But everybody knew that


France could be dangerous, the silver-medallists from Beijing. He


is the fastest 100m Freestyle swimmer in the world, from


Australia. Australia was looking for a lead here, we were expecting


half a body length here, going into half a body length here, going into


the next leg. And it did not materialise? It didn't. James


actually comes in in second place. This was unexpected. This was the


unexpected start which upset the order that we had, and it gave the


French and the Americans the opportunity to start dictating the


race. Disappointing for Australia? Australia had huge expectations for


Australia had huge expectations for this one, and Australians will be


very disappointed. Great scenes at the end, the French


were magnificent. They were, and they were really unlucky not to win


this one in Beijing. The French team was good. It was also the


start of the diving programme today. You do not need to understand every


nuance of the sport to appreciate that timing, grace and precision


are everything. COMMENTATOR: Five dives completed


by eight different pairings from around the world. It would be safe


to say that the gold-medal favourites, by quite some way, are


the Chinese. But anything can happen, it is a straight final,


every single one of the five dives counts. Alesha blag and Rebecca


Gallantree, going for Great Britain. That might let them down, letting


go of the shape just a bit too early. It is a shame, because the


synchronisation was good. Tom Daley, showing you with his expression,


what I am telling you with my words. Now, Wu Minxia and He Zi. Pick the


bones out of that one! My goodness me. That's got nines written all


over it for me. That is the dive of over it for me. That is the dive of


the contest thus far. Now, the dive. The Chinese, looking to get a


clean sweep, as they did last year. I would say that's one gold in the


bag. They have done it! I think that's going to be the US on the


podium. I did not predict that one. The Canadians' final dive of this


competition. They have just got into third place, and put the


Italians down to fourth. Third gold medal in the 3m springboard, with


different partners, for Wu. China, the dominant force in world diving.


There are eight golds to be won in total, and China have won 24 of the


last 32. Tomorrow, the men's 10m platforms starts, which means the


We will see if Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield can rise to the occasion.


They are diving at 3 o'clock tomorrow. They are certainly no


underdogs, but this lot are. This was the athlete from Tony Denis Ten,


in the women's 400m Freestyle. -- he was at it again, in the single


scull.# because of a technicality, and an disqualification, he can at


least say that he was not last. Is this a peculiarly British thing,


the love of the underdog? What's that music? That's Benny Hill, the


Americans love Benny Hill, don't they? We loved Benny Hill,


absolutely. And now, some more headline makers from today. Stuart


Pearce... Stuart Pearce's Team GB were in action again, getting their


first victory of the competition, beating United Arab Emirates. Great


Britain's women got off to a flying start in their opening hockey match,


beating Japan by a four goals. Eventing, and Zara Phillips was in


action on the second day of the dressage. The team are currently


lying in third. It is is the highest placed Briton at the moment.


Paula Radcliffe confirm today she will not be competing in the


Marathon, due to injury. So, the world Marathon record holder looks


like ending her glorious career like ending her glorious career


without an Olympic medal. The volleyball is still going on at


Earls court, and the beach volleyball is also still going on,


long into the night. The volleyball, down at Horse Guards Parade, looks


absolutely spectacular. Great Britain's men's gymnasts were


magnificent yesterday, qualifying in third place. Today, it was the


It is quite nerve-racking starting out on this first piece. Oh, and


out on this first piece. Oh, and that very unfortunate. It is


important that she finishes off strongly. It is a new dismount for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


She will get the crowd right behind judge, I dare you to take something


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


away. Here is the youngest member combination. Winds up for the big


dismount. It is there! What about that? The double world champion has


the chance now to go for Olympic Well done to GB's women, joining


the men in the team final. Can we doff our caps also to the German


gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, who qualified for the vault final today


at the age of 37, which is about 58 in gymnastic years! Her story has


more to it. In 1992, she won gold with the Soviet Union team in


Barcelona. A few years later, she married and had a son called


Alisher. He contracted leukaemia in 2002, so she accepted an offer to


train and earn money in Germany to raise money to help treat her


little boy, which is how she ended up competing for Germany are all


those Olympics ago. 37 years old and to be competing in the Olympic


Games at as a gymnast, that is a different level. And it was over


for me at 35. It is the human spirit, that is what it is down to.


She waited until she was ready. It is a wonderful story for anyone to


know. She had to divert herself for a while, but she was not finished


yet. And it was the love of her child that led her to get treatment.


This is the extraordinary part, that the motivation was for the


child. We see the performances at the Olympics, but we also see


humanity. This is why we celebrate. These are the stories which give


the yay Olympics that unique spirit. Time now for this.


This is the magnificent seven men fighting here in London for Team GB.


Anthony Ogogo went through yesterday. Today, welterweight Fred


Evans was first in action. He was up against Airbus a baddie of


Algeria. We join the back at the Britain in the red. ILEA so badly


boxed in last year's world championships. He lost to a


Georgian -- Ilyas Abbadi. With that one-two combination, Evans has


finished on the right hook. Make it a three Punch combo, right, left,


right. He lands a one-two, but he stays there as he is breaking away


and gets caught now and again. think the Algerian corner have said


to their man, this British boxer is a counter-puncher, so let him come


to you. He is not taking all the steps forward that he did in the


opening round. He is waiting for Evans to come to him, which changes


the dynamic of the contest. A bit wild from Evans. He has got to hold


it together now. When the draw was made, I was quite pleased. But this


Algerian is a decent boxer. So Evans has to find their way. Lovely


shot by Evans. Well-timed punch. Come on, Aref. I did not agree with


that. It is the second time there has been an admonition. It is just


a caution, don't do it again. If he does, he could find himself in


trouble. I have not seen a warning so far in any of the other contests.


Good defence by Evans. Watertight stuff from the Welshman. He is a


counter-puncher, Sophie has to trigger off his opponent. Maybe a


little fainter to make the opponent lead, and then go back at him with


a fast, crisp, sharp counters. Another close round. Ilyas Abbadi


had his moments. Evans is slipping back into old ways and waiting a


little too long. They have tried to correct this in Team GB. Lovely


shot there by Evans. But he took a What a good contest this has been.


What a good start to his Olympic boxing career by a Freddie Evans,


mud but there is still a lot of work for him to do. It is by no


means in the back. He is a teasing, saying come forward, let me have a


crack at you. Another good round by Evans. He has opened up a five


point gap. Some of his work was better and more accurate. Freddie


Evans is three minutes away from earning himself a place at the


second round of the Olympic boxing tournament. It is a very


competitive division, the welterweight division. The world No.


2, the reigning European champion, the twin pride of Welsh boxing at


the moment. He is less than three minutes away now from taking a step


further towards an Olympic medal that many have been tipped to win.


Just got to tighten up a bit as he is moving away. That is better with


the tight guard, but as he is throwing punches, he is a bit open.


He does not get back to be on guard position. This fellow, Ilyas Abbadi,


is really working overtime. He has a problem with his club, it seems.


It was the gumshield that has come out. That is an old trick. If you


do lose your gumshield and the referee reckons you spat it out


deliberately, you can get penalised. The discipline in London 2012 has


been fantastic. More importantly, Freddie Evans is doing just enough


to win this. Lovely combination again. What a solid right hand from


Evans. He is loving this. He has just got to get his timing right as


his opponent comes in, and then pick him up as he comes forward.


Good footwork by Evans. Lovely change of tactic. Great screw shot


from Evans. Just found the right angle. He whipped the elbow


underneath the guard. Evans was 12- 7 up at the start of this round.


Took a decent shot to the midriff. Evans has just got to get the


timing right now. The Algerian is piling on the pressure. He has


upped the tempo a bit because he knows he is behind. We will see


more of Ilyas Abbadi, the youngest member of the very good Algerian


squad. 19 years old. Good footwork by Evans. He is keeping himself out


of trouble, losing with confidence. That is what amateur boxing is


about - hit, and don't get hit. Lovely footwork, moving out of the


way of his opponent. Just teasing, trying to draw the lid. I think


Evans thinks he is winning. crowd know he is winning. What a


great start by Freddie Evans. the white corner, representing


Great Britain, Freddie Evans! Congratulations. How do you feel?


For feeling good. I am always a bit rusty in my first fight competition.


Next time, hopefully you will see me step up. Was it tougher than you


thought it would be? Not really. I Next up is - Taylor from Scotland.


The lightweight Commonwealth silver medallist this evening faced Robson


Conceicao from Brazil in his first- Britain in Bloom. His boxing out of


the southpaw stance with a 1 point lead after the first round of


boxing against Robson Conceicao, wearing red. There is a furious


exchange in that red corner. Robson Conceicao was warned for punching


incorrectly with the wrong part of the club. You have got to get close


to this man. This may suit Taylor. He has just got to stay nice and


tight after he has delivered his blows and get those hands back to


the guard position. Scored with a good left hand to the mid-section


of the Brazilian. But the compliment was returned. These two


men are really waging war in the trenches and trading body shots.


Beautiful combination from Josh Taylor, came forward with a


combination of hooks to put Robson Conceicao on the back foot. Nice


stuff from Taylor. He works with a straight left to the body. The


right hook is probably his favourite shot. It is delivered


with a lot of speed and power. Finishes on a right hook. That is


not a bad combination to throw at this Brazilian. Three-time national


champion at three different weights, Robson Conceicao. Hugely


experienced at 23 years of age. Again, beautiful, tight guard being


demonstrated by Taylor. That has been one of the hallmarks of his


boxing. He has an almost watertight defence. He demonstrated that when


we first saw him in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi two


years ago. He keeps getting caught with the odd shot downstairs,


though. Taylor keeps going back to the ropes. He is moving well, but


he has to stay in the spaces of the ring and keep off the ropes,


because that is a bad position to be in. But he is not boxing too


badly. Just get the timing right and bring the Brazilian on to his


punches, that is what he has to concentrate on. Taylor is up on his


toes. Good footwork to get himself out of the way. Terrific boxing.


Good use of the hands and terrific use of the legs and feet to stay


demonstrated by Taylor. Yes, it is nice, neat boxing by Taylor. That's


a great round for Taylor. Just got to hold it together now for the


last round. GABBY LOGAN: Well, that impressive


second-round put Joshua Taylor fully in control. He ran out the


winner against a highly rated opponent. So, great victories for


our boxers today. As the day comes to an end, that is the scene at


Olympic Park. The cry Aids -- the crowds are filing out. This is how


the medal table looks. Great Britain getting off the mark today,


in 16th place at the moment. We will be moving up, I'm sure. Don't


forget, coming up in just a few moments time, Olympic Sportsday.


Right, I have been wanting to do this, but obviously we had not won


any medals until today. We have got a little prop which we have had


specially commissioned, which is just next door. Guys, would you


come with me, and put the faces on, so that we can build it up? You


both look slightly scared. Do not worry, I will explain all. The guys


are happy about the fact that -- unhappy about the fact that they


cannot see the Olympic torch, but it is going to get moved! I know


that is the one gripe that you have got. Now, do you see what I was


talking about? Obviously, we have not done this before. You can stand


up on the stage. I am guessing this is the gold. This is the silver,


and this is the bronze. So, we will go in reverse order. Would you like


to do the bronze? I will do the bronze. Congratulations. Rebecca


Adlington, bronze medal for her today. Congratulations. And Lizzie


Armitstead, with the silver medal, she is going to go up here. I like


that position, because that says optimism and to me, it says you


think we're going to get more medals. We are 16th in the table at


medals. We are 16th in the table at the moment. The gold medals will


come. We have that slight paranoia that we have not got our gold yet.


It will come. Rebecca Adlington, that was an encouraging performance


today. I could say with confidence that Rebecca is definitely up there.


On the track, if you had to name one Brit, who would it be?


Christine, although... Really? Although, one of the Americans is a


great friend of mine, so that could be a really interesting race.


Wonderful having two legends with us tonight. That's it for today, as


In the company of star guests from the world of sport and beyond, Gabby Logan looks at the stories and personalities that have made the headlines on day two, which saw 14 gold medals being awarded. Plus some of the action still taking place in basketball, beach volleyball and boxing.

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