The Final: Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos Rugby League: Challenge Cup

The Final: Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos

Clare Balding presents from Wembley Stadium as Wigan Warriors meet Leeds Rhinos in the Challenge Cup final for the first time in 16 years.

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Prowled. Passion. Pressure. Kevin Sinfield has kicked the winning


goal! Strength. Speed. Off he goes, foot down and funnels it in. At and


a little bit of skill. Mercurial genius! Rugby League. Rugby League.


Rugby League. Starring some of us from over here. Oh, my word!


some of us from over there. Battling it out for a place in


history. Leeds Rhinos. Wigan Warriors. The Challenge Cup Final.


The live from Wembley Stadium. teams, one winner. This time it is


ours. This time it is ours. It is ours. It is ours. Both sides have


superstar names who feel that this is their time. They have the power,


they have the skill and they have the determination. But only one


side will leave Wembley today with fond memories. This is the ultimate


prize in Rugby League. It has the history, the tradition, the


connection with at this stadium. And the place is a sea of cherry


and white and blue Anne Bamber erm, as well as the masses gather,


because this is the day that they want to say, I was there. It is the


Challenge Cup Final and it is Leeds against Wigan.


Strangely, as the two side have made it to the last stage more than


anyone else, they have only met twice in the final. Wigan won both.


In 1994 and in 1995. Wigan have had but for route here. They beat


Warrington and then arch-rivals St Helens to end their first visit to


the new Wembley. Let the glory days shine once more. Wigan coach


Michael Maguire, who is known as match, is on his way to Australia,


so this is his last chance for World Cup glory with a talented


squad for in this is a new experience. As for Leeds, they know


exactly what it is all about and are desperate to atone for last


year's battering at the hands of Warrington. Challenge Cup finals


have not been kind to this set of players. They are here by the skin


of their teeth thanks to Kevin Sinfield, captain, who slopped over


this shot against Castleford Tigers. Brian McDermott won the cup twice


for Bradford but now it is his brains and not his brawn that


matters. The Leeds players came for a familiarisation of Wembley


yesterday. Carl Ablett does play and he starts and so, too, does


Kallum Watkins. Jamie Peacock there, who could not play this it -- last


year. He can this year. Wigan are 4-1 on. That man is the shortest


man ever to be Lance Todd Trophy winner erm he is man of the match


to win that was stopped and we know that recent upset still happen. It


is all about how these players perform on the day as they tried to


win this trophy. It is the most historic and the sport in this


match, first played in 1897. Batley were the winners. It has huge that


the evidence. It was first played at Wembley in 1929. We have had to


be showers, then the sun came out and now we have just light drizzle.


But that does not bother the trio of brains I have around me erm for


Justin Morgan, Brian Noble and Justin Davies. You have your


various experiences of Challenge Cup highs and lows. Can you sum up


this occasion and what you expect today? Wigan on a hot favourites to


go on based on their form. Leeds here last year, beaten by


Warrington. But they have got his star-studded line-up as well. The


atmosphere is going to be first class. I am looking forward to what.


Brian, you know the Wigan players in particular very well. We are


looking for a new age for Wigan and they are the most famous team in


Challenge Cup history. They are looking very strong. Still top of


the table. They are a pretty young team. Some fabulous superstars from


their own town, so everything looks good for them. And the talk has


been about Wigan. Donovan, what do Leeds think? -- Jonathan? They have


Sinfield, Peacock, and they have all played at the top level. They


are confident of their own ability and can turn Wigan over on the big


occasions. They have to get on with the job and forget the past.


Control your nerves and turn Wigan over. At and we very much hope for


everybody watching, everybody here at Wembley, that we get he will


Challenge Cup Final Classic. It has the ingredients and so many of us


grew up watching this competition. Wigan have won this more than


anybody else, 17 times in total, and that is an extraordinary


unparalleled progression. Look at him go here! What a try!


does... Great tackles. He looks for support, he is still there. In the


corner at! He has got it! Trying to make some space... Surely he is


going to go the whole length! What The Challenge Cup, once again, into


hands of Wigan. And among those present today, Hanley is there. And


that looks like Stuart Pearce next to him. Andy Farrell is also here.


Those Wigan greats will be supporting the players on the pitch,


and a very exciting young side for Wigan, who could, one day, emulate


the achievements of these greats. Let's hear from the key people who


are going to be hugely significant over the course of this afternoon.


What is the team used? They will be good. Carl Ablett and Kallum


Watkins. We feared the worst there for him. He got a bit of a bang and


a twist last week but the physio has worked wonders with him. It has


been quite a journey to get here. What is it like to be here? We have


had a great week and the preparation has been really good.


We're looking forward to the opportunity to walk out and show


ourselves. Things have gone smoothly and I could not have asked


for things to go better. We have had a very relaxed but very focused


preparation. Last year, we were happy to be here and it was all new


to us. This year, it is different because we know what to prepare for


and what is going to happen. There's no excuses. You have to do


the things that got you here in the first place. You have to start the


game well. Most people have you as underdogs. Are you comfortable with


that? Yes, and buried. As an Aussie, what does it mean to you to be


here? It is something I remember and hopefully we will come away


with a victory but it is going to be a tough game.


CLARE BALDING: Pat Richards there, who will be the kicking machine for


Wigan. A first experience all of them of the new Wembley and a huge


number of Wigan fans are here. Her and they are expecting a big


performance of the team, but particularly from Sam Tomkins.


He is 22 years old and made his debut for the Challenge Cup in 2008,


and scored five tries on that occasion. Brian, you're the man who


spotted him? He is calm, competitive and professional. He'd


get his body into all sorts of shapes and sizes. He can catch.


Greater awareness and speed, and when he sees that gap, he is


determined to get to the line and get past somebody else. A fabulous


player and a competitor. Donovan, you sense this occasion will not be


too good for him? -- Jonathan? is very confident and I am thinking


that at the moment, anything he does comes off. It is a nice place


to be when you come to play the Challenge Cup Final. I cannot


remember who said it now but I read a comment that said you do not have


to know anything about run by -- Rugby League or sport to experience


or appreciate what Sam Tomkins can do. He is great returning the ball.


He will get the ball on a kick returns. The rain has eased off.


Surely we will hear Abide With Me. Basically, Wigan are 10 points


better than Leeds. What do you think? Are we going to win. I am


going to go for Leeds. I will even it up and sit on the fence. A tough


one. Tomkins is going to be people stop it is going to be closer than


a lot of people give them credit It is sung by the former X Factor


finalist. Please welcome at Rhidian at Roberts.


A big entrance from him and a good reception from the crowds assembled


here. He is in fine voice and getting very used to these sporting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


# Of abide With Me # The darkness deepens # Lord with me abide # Fade,


comfort and sleep # Abide it all with me.


# Shine through the gloom, # And. Me to the skies -- and point me to


the skies, # Then at life and death, APPLAUSE CLARE BALDING: What a


noise here at Wembley. A stunning sound from him. The


players are now coming out into that cauldron of sound. In our


commentary box we have a man who steered both Sheffield Eagles and


Hull FC to be a wins, beating Wigan and Leeds. He and we have paid what


-- Dave Woods. It is an extraordinary theatre for one of


sport's great dramas. This, today, featuring two of the great sides of


the Challenge Cup. 49 Cup finals between them. This is a competition


they have been playing since 1897. So much has changed in the last 14


years or so. But some things remain the same. The atmosphere being just


one. It is a terrific noise inside Wembley Stadium here today. Young


and old alike. There is talk of this as being a Wigan runaway


victory in some quarters. Leeds have got a lot to prove, and Jamie


Peacock leading members afternoon. I am sure they will be determined


to make sure they get their script It is a day when some of these


players become great. The chief of joint operators for the British


armed forces needs the players. -- meet the players. The mascot his


eight years of age. What a special day for him today. Brian McDermott


is looking a picture of control and calm but I'm sure there is a lot of


churning going on inside him and his players as off. Michael Maguire


with his young daughter and the owner and chairman of the Wigan


side introducing some of his players. These are the most anxious


moments of the maul. Players just want to get this over with and get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


things under way. Phil Bentham is Go Wigan are the heavy favourite.


Kevin Sinfield held his nerve to steer Leeds into this final with a


crucial goal kick in the semi- finals. This is how they are lining


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


in his first Challenge Cup final. He is about to get things under way.


That is what they are all fighting for, to get hold of that ball. It


will be Wigan first in possession and a chance to run from the end


with their supporters had gathered. -- queered their supporters.


atmosphere is a sensational. Today it will be decided in 80 minutes.


These two groups of players will give a absolutely everything.


something memorable today will be your lasting legacy. Here come


Wigan with an early surge. Wigan are temporarily held up but they


have a decent position. Plenty of Leeds players there. The ball has


been knocked on. The first knock-on was by a Wigan. What a start! It


was Ryan Hoffman who made the break. What a collision by Brent Webb. It


was a little unorthodox but it brought Ryan Hoffman down. Robbie


Paul is down on the touchline for us. What is the excitement like?


is so noisy. The fans are enjoying themselves so much. I can barely


hear a thing. It is absolutely brilliant down here. These types of


games can make or break a player's career. Phil Bentham has given a


penalty. It was for a high tackle. It was an illegal tackle by Jamie


Jones-Buchanan. Pat Richards puts the ball deep in the Leeds half.


Wigan are renowned for starting strong and they have started strong


today in this Challenge Cup final. The psychology Today is fascinating


given what Leeds went through last year. They were so disappointed. A


lot of these Wigan players have grown up with the idea that would


end of was have a birthright to play at Wembley but none of these


players have played in a Wembley Challenge Cup final. The ball was


knocked down by Ben Jones-Bishop. Clearly a knock-on. Wigan looked to


have settled. They are asking questions of the Leeds Rhinos


defence. The Leeds Rhinos are a bit tentative. This is a third set for


Wigan with ball in hand and a great field position. The Leeds Rhinos


defence is being tested here. 13 of these Leeds players were on duty


here last year. Sam Tomkins. He wriggles out of the first tackle


and finds the gap. He has almost found a way through. Harrison


Hansen rides another tackle. This is Paul Deacon. A push by Andy


Coley. Two tackles to go. This is Brett Finch. Sean O'Loughlin


holding and delaying. Here comes the last tackle. It is a grubber


kick. But it is overhead. Brett Finch was looking for the rebound


from the padded area of the post. Leeds Rhinos will be very happy


with that. Leeds Rhinos are putting three of four players in the


tackles to try and slow Whiddon Down. -- slow Wigan down. That was


a difficult pass for Ben Jones- Bishop to deal with. Driven in by


Brett Delaney who played in the centre last year but he's been


reconstructed as a second row this year. They have made it to the


halfway line. This is the last tackle. That is a good kick. That


has split Tomkins and Josh Charnley. What will Wigan do from deep inside


their own half? Paul Deacon has not got the pace to test the defence on


the outside. Pat Richards again. Good work in the collision by Jamie


Peacock. But it goes to Brent fetch. -- Brett Finch. You sense that the


Leeds Rhinos have felt their way into the game and they will be


happy that there are no points on the scoreboard. Wigan started very


strongly. The Wigan fans are finding their Voyce at the moment


but Kevin Sinfield does well to get the pass away. They started the


season as a very adventurous team and it Brian McDermott. -- Under


Brian McDermott. They have a range it in as the season has gone on.


The kick has gone out on the full and the referee will give a restart


in Wigan's favour on the halfway line. Look at the pressure from


Harrison Hansen. He worked very hard from inside to put Maguire


under pressure. That is a very good turnover for the Wigan Warriors.


Taken in by Andy Coley. He was a quantity surveyor before he started


playing rugby league. That is tidied up by George Carman. Ryan


Hoffman taking them on. They are working very hard in the ruck in


earlier are Leeds. Josh Charnley went on the inside but has he got


it down? Phil Bentham has confirmed he has. He sparkled and shone in


this Challenge Cup campaign. Now, history. That took some finishing.


He left a player in his wake and he carried two players over the try-


line. A lovely ripe for it stepped and to kick inside Danny McGuire. A


very, very good finish indeed. It is that right foot step that got


him that bit of space for him to cross. An outstanding finish from


the youngster. 48 tries in 28 games. He really is a talent. It is


amazing how he has come on in leaps and bounds. He has perhaps got a


bit underneath their headlights, hasn't he? In any other year he


might have been getting even more attention in terms of media


coverage. His day is today. Here's Richards from the touchline. But he


has put it wide. He had a disappointing kicking afternoon


last week in the Super League. He was practising on the pitch here


yesterday. But it is a disappointing start from the view


of Pat Richards. But Wigan Leeds 4- 0. Just the start that the Warriors


wanted. That is just rewards for the domination of their possession


and territory. Leeds will be happy that it is just a four-point reward.


Kevin Sinfield, just making sure his runners are well behind before


through it. Wigan are pulling forward again! Somehow Tomkins kept


hold even though he was floored by the tackle. Back to the middle.


Move away once more. What about offloading? Wigan are threatening


again here. Looking for a back-to- back score. Clever footwork to


Richards. Wigan are flooding forward again. Inside for Lima and


he is going to be held only five yards away. Advantage to Wigan and


they are piling on all of the early pressure. Hansen is going nowhere


there. Hoffman does well to get it out from a difficult set of


Tomkins. The first attempt at tackle and get the ball away. Here


comes Deacon. Leeds are clinging on with their fingernails at the


moment. Into the sunshine and Richards is climbing Highgrove. Has


he got it down? I don't think he has. -- climbing high. They did


really well to defuse that, Leeds, and that is a point that they use


time after time. Very well dealt with by Jones-Bishop. That is 9th


sets that -- 9 sets that they have started. A fantastic start from


Wigan. That is the first point against them and they are


definitely taking it out on Leeds. They are dominating so it is a


great start. But at the moment, only one tribal stop doing their


nerves need settling? Hopefully they are feeling better than I am.


I am as nervous as hell! But the lads are into the game so they will


just do the job. Enjoy the game. Thank you.


Com and 80 label after all of that, suddenly it is the turn of Leeds. -


- COMMENTATOR: And after all of that, it is suddenly the turn of


Leeds. Let's not forget the mercurial


talents of McGuire. Just on the inside there. Wigan are tackling in


numbers. Leeds are a couple of yards away. Sinfield with the kick


but no confusion caused. He did very well there, Lima. He looked to


his right, a little kick and he just to defuse the situation really


well. -- he just did defused the the tackle there. Terrific effort.


The kick is not as good as you would have hoped. Leeds can return


with their little bit of interest here. That is credit to the


pressure once again. Carl Ablett flew out and put Tomkins under


pressure. That will allow Leeds to build a bit of momentum now.


referee has decided that ball has been knocked on by Leeds. Brent


Webb, a soft error. He has let Wigan off the look. -- off the hook.


Carl Ablett came into the game with potential injury problems. How are


they Ferring so far? I think they are faring pretty well. There does


not seem to be any effect that line on the left hand side


this time. Here comes the final tackle. Finch would be kick. Webb


should have covered that and he has, but can he get through? That his


outstanding player there from our Webb.Why came out of the line and


absolutely smashed him. -- a Leuluai came out of the line.


comes Ablett to crush him out of the way. Buderus wants it quickly,


on the 6th. Not the best of positions for Sinfield there.


is a great reward, Wigan having tackled beyond the halfway line and


it is because of the outstanding defensive set. It is because of


tackles like this, up when Leuluai flew out of the line. I have got to


say that I am sitting in the sun and it keeps coming in and out. A


couple of blogging coaches were asking whether sun would be at


certain times of the game. We have already seen them put the kick in


the left-hand corner. The sun is very bright and will be shining in


the eyes of the winger. Lee Mossop for the interchange bench. He was


in the Grand Final last year with a shoulder injury. He will be


determined to do well today. A good last tackle player from the Leeds


Rhinos. This is a very composed collection there. Ryan Hall just


got the ball Inn and diffuse to the danger. Wigan have been


consistently outstanding for the season and lease town have been


consistently inconsistent, is how I think you would predict. -- Leeds


have been consistently inconsistent. It is tackles like that that are


put in Leeds under pressure. -- putting Leeds. They may well have a


point but the only one that matters is Phil Bentham. This is the point


at which the referee is likely to give a penalty. And that is Lee


Mossop, who was holding his arm and shoulder. We mentioned the injury


last year with a shoulder injury in the Grand Final. It would be


heartbreaking for him if he were to miss the rest of this final with


Just one try to their names so far but they are threatening another.


Tomkins cannot keep a hold of it. Let's give a nod to the Leeds


defence there. Trying to just offload and a bit of a lapse in


concentration for Tomkins that caused the knock-on. An absolutely


fascinating contest, David. Wigan really are putting the pressure on


the Leeds Rhinos but they are showing great character. A bit of


work to do here. Carl Ablett has had an ankle injury all of this


week. Leeds are trying to work themselves as far down the field as


they can here. Peacock, a real veteran of this side. Down the


middle with Delaney and driving away towards the halfway. That is


five gone and here comes the last. Sinfield's kick. It is out of play.


I have got Keith Senior with me. You must be reasonably happy that


you were stolen the game, given the amount of possession? Yes, they're


going to show what equality team they are. I'd think we can take a


bit of heart from how exceptional their goal line playing has been.


Wigan have been defending really well but we are playing a bit into


their hands. We are too tight and not looking at spreading the play,


some would think we need to become a bit more expansive. Thank you,


Keith. He is talking about defence there? That is correct. But it is


still only 4-0 and Leeds are going to take great heart from that


because they have been distinctly under in the is 20 minutes. And


they find themselves in trouble now because that is a knock-on.


would look and say, it wasn't under much pressure. That looks so simple


drop but if you sort of light of the kick there from Tomkins, it was


spiralling and he just dipped prior to Webb and made it very difficult.


Exceptional skill from Sam Tomkins Wigan try. A very good tries indeed.


And it came off the back of that error from Brent Webb. Wigan with


relentless pressure and they have been rewarded with a second try.


That is the error. A very difficult kick to catch. A lovely soft pass


from Paul Prescott to the supporting Jeff Lima. He sacked a


Leeds defender in and lovely soft hands to Jeff Lima. It was a great


try. You don't often Credit prop forwards with passing skills but


that was a peach from Paul Prescott to Jeff Lima. Pat Richards has a


chance for another two.. Wigan lead by eight points to nil. Pat


Richards puts it over and Wigan the lead by 10 points to nil. It is a


fair reflection of the domination and they've had so far. Leeds'


character is going to be sorely tested. A lovely pass. The wake of


the pass was perfect. He did not need to break stride at all and his


strength took him over the line. It looks simple but it is a very


skilfully constructed try. What to Leeds do now? How do they turn it


around? They need some ball and a needs and field position. The


possession and territory is heavily in at Wigan's favour. They need to


get some good field position and take advantage of it. Let go down


to the touchline. The injured player should be able to come back


on later. Paul Deacon Akhtar Brett Finch. -- back to. We go into all


the basics very well. -- Wigan do. When they played against each other


earlier in the season, there have been remarkably close games. 22


points apiece at Headingley. Wigan beat Leeds 26-24 in the of the


match. Here comes the final tackle. Tomkins with the pick-up. He finds


the gap and suddenly this is open space for Joel Tomkins who coaches


a wave when defender. He sidestepped between two. It is one


of the great Wembley tries by Tomkins junior and Tomkins senior.


Wigan are in complete control. talk about Martin Offiah's great


try in the past but that one was every bit as good. A sensational


try on the first player of the set. It was exquisite! It really was.


Sam Tomkins drifted across the line. He skipped across into open space


and gave the ball to Joel Tomkins. Defends one man off and a beautiful


step on the inside and he has too much pace for Jamie Peacock. That


is a sensational try. He is often the unsung hero but he is certainly


a Hero today. While! You have to take your hat off to Joel Tomkins


for that wonderful try. The hopes of the Leeds supporters are sinking


at the moment. It looks like being Wigan's they are so far. -- day.


Pat Richards converts and it is 16 points to nil in Wigan's favour.


This is absolutely exquisite. It is beautiful to watch. It is


athleticism, skill, pace, power and a great finish on the biggest stage.


What an absolutely sensational try from Joel Tomkins. There is a


moment that might just give the Leeds players the chance of turning


this around. Harrison Hansen clumsily put the ball out of play.


They need to make sure that they get something from this set of six.


It is imperative that Leeds score next. Ben Jones-Bishop. He is


carried out of play. They are dominant in attack and dominant in


defence. Leeds Rhinos do not have an answer at the moment and they


need to find on quickly. It was the first tackle play once again.


Back's against backs and it ended up with the ball on the wing and


look at that, three of the Wigan three quarters just put him out of


bounds. The coach will be delighted with that effort in defence. Wigan


are starting from deep. By the way, the biggest ever come back in a


Wembley final was from 14 points down. St Helens against Bradford in


1996. No side has come back from a 16. Deficit. Let's go down to the


touchline. You started the season at Leeds butNow with Wigan. I am in


Wigan's camp at the moment. Are you enjoying watching this? Definitely.


Wigan have put Leeds to the sword when it had the chances. Wigan have


not let Leeds into the game. Enjoy the rest of the game.


A lot of these Wigan players have not played in a Challenge Cup final.


We thought they might freeze and find the occasion too much for them


but they have not. They have risen to the occasion and a playing


really well. Here comes Carl Ablett, desperately looking to get Leeds


back into the contest. Kevin Sinfield with a little dummy. They


will have to kick again. The chase has got to be good. The chase is


better because the fault line and made the effort on that occasion. -


- fault line. You feel that need -- Leeds Rhinos need to score before


the break. This is George Carmont. That has gone backwards. Wigan


retain possession. Brett Finch with the kick. That is a chase for Brent


Webb to turn on some of that magical charm of his. It is not


just the kick, it is the Wigan chase. It is relentless. The chase


is always full throttle down there to restrict the yardage that the


Leeds Rhinos can return the ball with. It is first class. Look at


the effort being made of the ball. It cuts down the space for Brent


Webb to attack. Another six tackles for Leeds Rhinos and in a decent


position as well. This is Ryan Bailey. A penalty here for the


Leeds Rhinos. They really need it. A little chat with Ryan Bailey.


Leeds have tap and gone for the try. Brent Webb throwing it wide.


Terrific hands. Brent Webb in support. Jamie Jones-Buchanan


offloads to Kevin Sinfield. Leeds have scored a try when they


desperately needed. A vital score. A little bit of hope in their


hearts again. From the scraps of possession they've had, they have


engineered an outstanding try. It is essential for their hopes. That


is the penalty. This is the ball movement. Watch this at the end.


Quick hands and that created the space for the pass out to Ryan Hall.


I love this offload and the quick hands. Maguire to Carl Ablett and


the good finish in the corner by Ryan Hall. That is the best riposte


they could have come up with. needed the senior players to step


up and Kevin Sinfield has JUN just that. -- has done just that. Now he


has a kick from the touchline. He is already a Leeds Rhinos legend. A


record points scorer. He might suggest have added another two. But


he's hit the upright. A little bit of hope for the Leeds Rhinos. The


time is ticking away towards half time. This is an outstanding piece


of skill from Jamie Jones-Buchanan. Kevin Sinfield hands was lightning.


-- Kevin Sinfield's hands were lightning. A very good try by Ryan


Hall. The game passed them by last year but this year, that score just


before the break will lift spirits considerably. A little bit of


untidiness from Wigan and it is spotted superbly by Jamie Jones-


Buchanan. And much needed tackle by Pat Richards. Better from Leeds.


quick player of the ball and all of a sudden, Leeds have the wind in


this sales. -- in their sales. inside pass again. It goes out wide.


It is another Leeds try! The comeback is on. If you score once,


you may as well get the ball back and do it again. That is exactly


what the Leeds Rhinos have done. Some great skill at the end. This


is the quick play of the ball. Jamie Jones-Buchanan makes the


break. He was tackled by Pat Richards. But Rob Burrow has


speeded things up and gets the ball going forward. Look at this for a


finish from the unstuck. Outstanding work by Ben Jones-


Bishop to twist in the tackle and Tomkins and quite rightly, he is a


mercurial talent. But Leeds have got their star players, too. Jones-


Bishop being one of them. Another kick just moments after his first


conversion attempt. This is an extraordinary comeback from the


position they were in. It is. he has put it through! It is an


extraordinarily good kick from Kevin Sinfield, and portrayed


transformation. From 16-0 to 16-10 in the blink of Ray try. A lovely


little pass from Watkins. I tell you what highlight even more is


that conversion. Kevin Sinfield must be absolutely oblivious to


pressure. He just stroked it over me bars. -- over the bars. What is


going through the mind of Wigan at the moment? This is a very


professional and consistent out of it. What they want to do is get


back the control. The Leeds Rhinos have blown them out of the water in


the last few minutes. Robert Burrows has got in there and they


will want to get control of this game once again. Is air a deflation


of self belief? I have got to say, you do start to doubt yourself.


They will not be feeling comfortable any more. But, as Rose


said, one of the most consistent teams -- as I said, They will be


wanting to get the ball back into their own hands. Very interesting


as well how quickly the Wigan Warriors ran to the scrum to ensure


they got this set of six. Leeds are in danger of being absolutely blown


away before half-time but now it is Leeds desperate not to concede.


What are the odds on a kick for Richards? Here comes Deacon, who


was thinking about the drop goal. A long way away from the target,


though. My word, that was a gamble! Sam Tomkins picks it up and the


referee has given a penalty. Jones- Bishop was pushed off the ball and


he looks as though he is in a bad way. The hooter has gone. They


tried to kick the ball into touch. There it was. He certainly did


follow-through. He is saying he did not move to direct there is a


player at Jones-Bishop. He steps into Jones-Bishop and takes him out.


Quite rightly identified a penalty to Leeds. If you are the least Hull


coach, what are you thinking? you would have brave little chat


with him, I think, at half-time. -- you would have a little chat.


is, he has now got away with it. This suggests they are going for


something attacking. Here may come. -- here at they come. That was a


knock-on and that will be the end. It hasn't finished yet. It shows


how much it means to both of them. It has been a great half of Rugby


League. The referee has now got involved. I think he's just leading


them off the field. He is like a sheepdog from, rounding them up.


Making sure there is no more bickering. -- chic of -- sheepdog


farmer. It has been an extraordinary first half, it really


has. Wigan looked as though they were running away with it and Leeds


have shown fantastic character to get back into this contest. At


half-time, it is Leeds, 10, Wigan, CLARE BALDING: Those players may be


heading straight into the cold showers just to cool down. Wigan


have been dominating possession, piling on the pressure. Josh


Charnley went through three men to score the first. Wigan was then


given another chance and Lima scored. Then, sensational, the


moment of the half. Brothers in arms. Sam Tomkins running down the


line, passing to his brother Joel, and that put Wigan 16 points in


front without reply. And then suddenly from nowhere, Leeds


bounced back. Ryan Hall in the corn and Ben Jones-Bishop barely two


minutes later. Look at Rob Burrow there, dancing through. Leeds head


into half-time with her. The score is Leeds, 10, Wigan, 16. Let's head


Did you think it was Wigan's game already, being 16 head? I will say,


yes, and I was hoping it would not turn into we whitewash. Wigan were


completely dominant gang controlling the speed of the whole


game. They actually had the players that can turn the game on his head


and then they unlock the key by getting that quick player of the


balls. And that is what they need to work on. They have to get the


balls in. Let Rob Burrow do his job. They do seem to speed up when they


bring it Rob Burrow on, don't they, Leeds? It is one of their very


smart tactics. Hughes understands what Burrow brings to the game. He


is one of those players way you hold the breath when he has the


ball. All he needs is a little chink in the line and he will get


behind and just destroy you. He has the speed and he will kick on and


get the try. He causes a lot of problems. But again, it has got to


be Leeds to come out and taking it. Thank you for that.


CLARE BALDING: Let's just dig a few boxes and let you know what has


been going on in terms of And it almost looked as though it


was over at one point? Yes, but the weight of possession got hold of


them. Good to see Leeds bounce back They are putting a lot more


pressure on their half-backs and that has allowed their age people


to make better decisions. That has to be the key, as a coach, for your


players to be able to make decisions for themselves halfway


through the Hoff? Around the 30 minute mark a couple of things


happened with Leeds. They bred the structure of the Wigan defence and


they had some quick-play of the balls. -- they broke the structure.


It has made Leeds a whole lot more dangerous with a couple of finishes


on the fringes, to bring them back into the game. But what a start for


Wigan. Everything was working like clockwork? Yes. They come out of


the blocks so quickly in the first 20 minutes, and then, for some


reason, they let people back into the game. The early break for


Hoffman is here. The dummy runners have given them huge problems. The


defence was soft and they made too many errors. The tackle is there


but they are not completing. Leeds had not communicated and it has


been soft. Hoffman is there and this could have resulted in a try.


You usually see Tomkins or one of the wingers. On this occasion, it


did not happen. You cannot make mistakes like that when you are


forced into touch. Leeds have no blasted them and now they will come


back into the game. I was impressed with the way the youngsters on the


Wigan side did not seem to be bothered, Sam Tomkins, and also


Josh Charnley. He has scored against Warrington. He has been


pretty much off the radar, Josh Charnley. You can see the Wigan


centre, centre-field, the one who Charnley has to be the three people


to get to the line. Quality finishing and we will see one later


at the other end of the field. look at his upper-body strength.


His shoulders and mussels are incredible. The dummy runners make


that try and it is a great Finnish Charnley. But the dummy runners


finished. -- a great finish for Charnley. We saw Brett Finch


straight down the middle and Leeds were lucky it was only 4-0 after 10


minutes. Yes. Finch was working in conjunction and then Sam Tomkins


comes in, pushing through the middle. They will probably be


complaining there that they had not executed to finish that opportunity.


As well as the good attacking runs, went Wigan physical in defence?


Talk about big hits! This is a Whitaker love. He spins the attack


and get absolutely smashed by a Leuluai. Lee Mossop goes there, and


he is the big injury worry. I think they have been unlucky with a few


decisions, Leeds, to be honest. He seems to have slightly favoured


Wigan in his decisions. I think the referee generally goes with the


more aggressive team. What Leeds could not afford to do is make


mistakes and this is a shocker. is a difficult Hague but that is


what he is paid to do. From here, it sums things up. So soft. Delaney


should have stepped out. A very, We will show you the try of a half


in a moment, the end to end. A good ball there. Wigan are good when


they are tight and when they are wide. Leeds, although they have got


back to within touching distance, they still have a lot to do and


Brian McDermott is that on a picnic box talking through with his team


what he expects from them and how he needs them to adapt to be able


to contain the threat of Wigan. And this was the most exciting moment


or Wigan fans. It was Sam Tomkins dancing down the line and handing


the ball to his brother. Just watch Tomkins. He scans and scans. If you


can get to the last man that you It just shows, you cannot be


disorganised when you have a player like Sam Tomkins. You have to get


your chase organised and know where the kick is going to go.


Unfortunately for Leeds, it was a bit of an ad hoc kick. That is a


fantastic finish by the big man there. So Leeds was staring at a


16-0 deficit. Nobody has ever come back from that far back in a


Challenge Cup Final. They needed something special and something


Great hands from Kevin Sinfield. Josh Charnley has to come in and


Ryan Hall dived over the line. Fantastic hands. They did not have


the confidence to do that at the start of the game but they have to


try things and they kept the ball well. Rob Burrows was involved and


so is Kevin Sinfield. If you can offload, a defence can be


disorganised. A great give and take by Watkins and a fantastic finish.


We have a lot to look forward to in the second half. How is this match


going to go? If Leeds can promote the ball like that, they will cause


trouble. Offloads against a structured defence can sometimes


break them up so they will look to do more of the same. Wigan will


want to win the territory and get field position to get some points.


The game is not dead and buried get. It is still very much in the


balance. They will all be feeling the atmosphere. Rob Burrow in the


middle there, he has been key. We have international rugby coming


back to your screens this autumn's. It is the Four Nations


championships and we will see England against Australia for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


first time at the new Wembley Remember, remember, 5th November.


England against Australia is live on BBC One and the week before that,


you can see England against Wales. Lets hear from the England coach.


Your own Wembley date is coming up. It is important for the national


team to play at the national stadium. November 5th is going to


be a big day. What did you make of that first half? Wigan were really


good in the first 25 minutes. They executed their plan but Leeds hang


in there. Leeds have found their way back and they have clawed


themselves back in. Two Leeds going to the second half with the


momentum? Without a doubt. They finished very strong. It is not


going be easy for a Wigan. You must be excited about picking some of


these youngsters for England? of them are in some very good form.


I am looking forward to coaching them at the end of the season.


Enjoy the second half. The fans have some interesting hairstyles!


Brian Noble, what are you think has mark -- what do you think? Leeds


will try and get some speedy round the ruck. If they allow Wigan to


get back into the pattern that they will score again. Leeds Rhinos need


to scoop that the second half very well. -- start. Leeds will have


confidence from what they have done in the last five minutes of the


first half but they have the front up defensively. Wigan remain


favourites and they lead 16-10. second half. Leeds have somehow


found a way back into this contest. They will start without some


momentum in this second half. so interesting. The first five


minutes is vital for both teams. Leeds need some territory and Wigan


will try and slow the Leeds Rhinos play the ball down. Carl Ablett


claims there was a knock on. Wigan survive. Good work from Carl Ablett.


A bright start by the Leeds Rhinos. Confidence renewed. Here comes Paul


Prescott. Four tackles already gone. The kick by Sam Tomkins downfield.


It is collected and Paul Deacon a mix the tackle. Let's go down to


the touchline. Michael Maguire has told his players to stop the quick


play of the ball at that we were talking about half time. Leeds try


to bring it forward. Kevin Sinfield. Ian Kirke trying to inject some


power down the middle. Jamie Jones- Buchanan, who sparked the Leeds


revival. Rob Burrow to Kevin Sinfield. Wigan strangling the life


out of that potential Leeds attack. Not a bad Kate and Tomkins let it


bounce. An early sign of a lack of concentration. Poor work from Sam


Tomkins. That was a basic error. Andy Coley driving forward. A look


at determination from young a Sam Tomkins. Brett Delaney has been


effective at times today. He has been very effective. The coach has


instructed the Leeds Rhinos to work hard from the market position. Carl


Ablett did it once and Brett Delaney has done the same. Lets


hear from the Leeds camp. Brian the McDermott told his players to keep


up the tackling. He also wants his players to take their chances in


the final third. They have to establish some field position but


when they get some chances, they have to take them. You cannot take


again for granted, even at 16-0. The momentum has switched. They are


getting closer. He has been very good, Brett Delaney. Rob Burrows


has been instrumental in this revival as well. Leeds Rhinos


looking to score a third consecutive try. This is the last


tackle. Rob Burrow to Kevin Sinfield. The kick goes through but


it rolls over the 22. Look at the transition from Wigan from defence


into attack. Here comes George Carmont. The Wigan chairman top


last night about George Carmont being the best signing since he's


been at the club. Joel Tomkins with a good offload. He has a great


energy. Leeds are showing some commitment in defence early in this


second half. Wigan trying something to do the gut and it has given


Leeds possession. Kallum Watkins quick to his feet. That is not a


good pass. Do you feel the momentum switching


in your favour? It looks like it. The boys have died in deep. It is


looking good. What is the secret of turning this around? Just going for


it. Hopefully we can keep doing that.


The Leeds fans are in terrific oncoming Leeds defence. There is


nothing in it at the moment. Not at all. I am impressed with the way


Leeds have picked a game that. They have come out with renewed vigour


in the second half. It is up to Wigan are now to withstand this bit


of pressure. Was that a knock on? Has shown a lot Lynne had a quiet


game today? I think he has been very efficient. That he is swelling.


That is safely caught by Brent Webb and a good bit of distance gained


as well. That is the difference between Leeds in the first half and


in the second half. He made the error in the first half but he was


very assertive then. Carl Ablett still going strong. Rob Burrow from


dummy half but it is dropped by Kylie Leuluai. The Leeds defenders


are waiting for him. They pull them down. Off goes Sam Tomkins. They


are looking to create space on the far side. Leeds come away with the


ball through Ryan Hall. You have to admire the energy and pressure they


are putting on Wigan. Very good work from Carl Ablett. He threw the


ball inside and Leeds came up with it. Kylie you lie needs to make a


better impression because that was a soft error. This is boiling up


into a belter. Here is Rob Burrow. Kevin Sinfield. Brent Webb almost


getting through. Liam Farrell just did enough. The kick goes straight


Leeds. In the last two tackles they have slowed Wigan down, which


allows their defensive line to be set. They may well be building to a


classic. The pressure cooker is set on low boil at the moment. An easy


take for Ryan Hall and back it comes, straight to begin. That was


a poor kick as well. An easy take and the first player of the ball on


their own goal line. Chris Clarkson is the one feeling the heat at the


finding a bit of a corridor, but the door closes, slamming in his


face! Across comes Farrell with a second successive tackle. Sinfield,


just about having time to get it high. He did that very efficiently.


It is interesting now to see that Danny Buderus is back out on the


field. We have got Buderus back so we have Burrow, McGuire, Sinfield.


All your key players on the field at once. The captain has just come


off the field with a hamstring injury and he has gone into the


dressing room. That is going to be difficult. Deacon comes down,


forcing a flat pass. Tackle fire but seizing grounded. Wigan are


desperate to keep this momentum alive here. -- five tackle at


number five. Top word there from Carl Ablett. -- top work. Good work


from Ryan Hall down the middle. Coming in on the wing, giving his


forward to left. Here comes Peacock, the old redoubtable. Lee Mossop, by


the way, is on the touchline and about to come back on the field. If


you were worried about that shoulder been dislocated, it was,


but they have just popped it back in. Leeds have lost a bit of ground


here but they are making Wigan work hard. Five gone and here's the last.


Tomkins will not take the risk with a bouncing ball. Leeds will be


quite happy to force the scrums right down there. But a clever kick,


wasn't it? Outstanding from Hauraki. Wigan are being made to work,


taking the petrol out of the engine. McGuire put it out of bounds. It


has taken the counter-attack of Sam Tomkins out of the equation.


minutes gone. These suggestions are that it now, it is going to be a


close game. It was not always the case. If bidders all-square after


90 minutes, we go straight to a replay. -- if it is all square.


Wigan were not doing that in the first half, making early tackle


errors. This is a great opportunity for the Leeds Rhinos to potentially


get back on level terms. I think a hint of concern would describe the


facial expression of Michael Maguire there. Because Leeds have


position and possession. Here comes Delaney, looking to set the


platform. This is Buderus. Peacock will drive it in and drive it in


further. He gets so close. A needless penalty given away. See


what referee has to say. Here's the much, but Leuluai did not like it.


If it was accidental contact, he has taken the law into his own


hands. That is the penalty. A good explanation. He has made an error


from a personal Paris and then Leeds have got great field position


with that late drive from Peacock. -- a personal carry. A distant kick


here from Richards. Richards from the touchline. This next at five,


10 minutes for the Leeds Rhinos is going to be very, very important.


They are forcing Wigan to come up with a lot of errors. They are


thinking, we should be winning so easily, but when they don't come up


with the winning point, may start territory and how it is coming back


towards Leeds. And the possession is also for them. Outstanding work


from the Leeds Rhinos, to come back into this game. It is an obvious


thing to say, but the next try is going to be absolutely massive


falls stop what a game we have here. He has lost it. It is a penalty.


They had Leeds under pressure, grid it is settling down into a real


battle right now. A bit of May hop, Hanging on for dear life. Now it is


Sinfield. And well-marshalled by Tomkins. Superb position. Good


fullback play from Sam Tomkins and he put the kick through for the


trays of. But just look at this speed. Leeds are working so hard


defensively, though, to stop Wigan. He lost it and he will complain,


looking menacingly at the referee. That is the reward for speed of


line and good initial contact. Outstanding work from Delaney, who,


I think, has had an outstanding game today. It puts the pressure on


and forces errors. That is the way to win. Carl Ablett with his step


and a twist, and he is over. Phil Bentham puts it Square in the air.


We will have another look. For me, it looked all over. Ablett has had


a superb game as well. Some delay in his praises. That guy has had a


top game. The ball is certainly on the line, and if it is on the line


with downward pressure, that is a try. This will be a very, very easy


decision for the video referee. has confirmed that try. Leeds are


back with a Kevin Sinfield conversion of tying the supped.


This could be one of the game's most crucial moments. -- of tying


this up. Yes. Car abroad is a big man down that (Channel and he does


a really good job there could twist around and ground the ball legally


for a very good driver. -- down that alongside -- that are outside


Channel. This is a goal to put his side level again. All eyes on Kevin


Sinfield. He hits it but he has put it wide. Wigan at lead by 16 to 14.


There's the aggressive speed of line and there is the lost ball.


And they're very good first tackle played. Tomkins is back and Ablett


takes advantage. He uses that space to get over the try-line. A great


try. Kick-off again. An hour played and you can hardly get a cigarette


paper between them. 16, Wigan, 14, Leeds. Pick a winner from here.


has been a great hour of Rugby League football but for think we


are in for the best 20 minutes now. It will be a marvellous finish.


Full marks to Leeds whatever happens from here. They have clawed


their way back into contention deflection. The referee says play


on. That is Wigan's reward for pressurising the kicker. This is


Wigan's opportunity to get back into the game. Leeds Rhinos have


really turned the screw in the second half. It goes along the line


to Sam Tomkins. He gets away from a couple of tacklers. Here comes Liam


Farrell. That looked forward but it's allowed to play on and Jeff


Lima has scored. The referee says it is a try. He is an unlikely


Wigan hero. One try in the first half and one try in the second half.


Wigan have a margin that suggests victory again. That field position


came from pressure but I am not certain about this. The last pass


to Jeff Lima did look questionable. It is from Lee Mossop and for me,


his hands are going in a forward direction. Just watch his hands. Oh


my word. The referee and touch judges have missed that. It is a


great finish by Jeff Lima but there has to be a question about the pass


in the build-up to that from Lee Mossop to Jeff Lima. Before today,


Jeff Lima had only scored one Wigan trying 26 appearances. He has


doubled his tries calling tally and if you are going to do it, you may


as a do it at Wembley Stadium. -- may as well do it. Pat Richards


safe enough with the conversion. Leeds Rhinos have to score twice


again. Psychologically, that is tough. Paul Prescott to Jeff Lima


and a first half but that they will be talking about that final pass


after the game. Let us go down to the touchline. Hang on, Leeds have


lost it and a back in position. Again, it was the pressure from the


market. It forced the error from Paul Deacon. They are looking for a


quick response. Kevin Sinfield whether the sidestep. -- with the.


They have four tackles and look how close they are to the Wigan line.


Brent Webb to Carl Ablett. Wigan defenders there in desperate


numbers. Leeds Rhinos are working hard here. The Stet by Jamie


Peacock. He added those their Kallum Watkins. The flick to Ben


Jones-Bishop who cannot find the try-line. Excellent work. That is


great combination in defence and they receive congratulations from


their team-mates. Just look how well they communicate. It looked


for a second as if he has got to mark on one but they managed to


push Ben Jones-Bishop over the touchline. Great centre and wing


combination in defence that time. 15 minutes left to play. I think we


can go down to the touch line now. Emotions are going up and down like


a yo-yo. It is everything you want in a Challenge Cup game. We started


the game very well and we need to get back to that. We have made some


uncharacteristic errors. Still confident? Definitely.


Taken on by Lee Mossop. Sam Tomkins with the kick away. Ryan Hall has


caught it safely. They are consistent in the processes of


rugby league. If you kick with the distance, you need a full line


chase. The Wigan Warriors do that very well for will -- do that very


well. That was a knock on. Kallum Watkins from the tackle. There have


to defend a set in the middle of the field now which is more


difficult. It is a simple basic error. All of a sudden, you feel as


if Wigan have settle down. -- settled down. What does Brian


McDermott do here? Twice a Challenge Cup winger with the


Bradford Bulls. He has led Leeds here this year. What can he do to


mastermind a recovery? Wigan wanted a penalty. Thomas Leuluai said the


markers went square. That is victory for the Leeds defence.


good work from Danny McGuire. It was Danny McGuire from the inside


with a good leg drive that took him over the sideline. That one was


important for the Leeds Rhinos. Jones-Bishop popping up in the left


channel. He has lost it. End his determination to get a bit of an


advantage, he failed to control the ball. There is a lot of shouting


going on. This next set of six will be interesting. You have to credit


the Leeds Rhinos defence because it has been outstanding. Thomas


Leuluai has moved up to dummy half. Jeff Lima is pulled down. Here goes


Paul Deacon again. 10 yards out. Last tackle is the next. The kick


is taken by Ben Jones-Bishop. He just had his ankles tapped. There


was fresh air between Ben Jones- Bishop and the opposition try-line.


He really has a pace so it was a very important ankle tap. Jamie


Peacock. Terrific. Really good drive from Jamie Peacock. This is


Danny Buderus. Important work from dummy half. Still plenty of time to


go. 10 minutes to play. A high tackle on Rob Burrow has given


Leeds a penalty. It is hard to go low on Rob Burrow vole! It is but


you have to attempt to make a legitimate tackle. He is using his


speed and his foot work and he is a difficult proposition. This is a


really important set for the Leeds Rhinos. Six tackles to hammer the


Wigan line. Nine-and-a-half minutes the play. If Leeds score next, what


a finale! Here comes Ryan Bailey. Held up just short. It is swept


away by Danny Buderus. Kallum Watkins not backwards. Play on.


Leeds have lost a bit of ground. Jamie Jones-Buchanan thinking there


was something down that Blindside. Here comes Jamie Peacock. That is


the little play that Wigan have used for Jeff Lima. Kevin Sinfield


behind the line and the Ryan Hall is in. What a pass by Danny


McGuire! The referee wants another look. It was an important set for


the Leeds Rhinos and we said they had to come up with something and


have they? It was a superb last pass from Danny McGuire. A long


pass across the face of one player but it did need some finishing. Has


Ryan Hall finish at? Es! This is a great finish. It is well inside the


field of play. He has control of the ball and there is downward


pressure. That is a great try at a crucial time and boy, have we got a


Finnish! Here comes the confirmation. The try is given! It


is game on! 22-18 with a kick to come. What a time to score you 99th


try for Leeds. There will be a better when to score his hundredth


and that is in the next five minutes! It was a great try. The


great skill to give Ryan Hall the half chance but my, didn't he take


that have a chance. -- half a chance. Has Kevin Sinfield got the


angle right? No he hasn't. It is 22-18 and Leeds Rhinos are within


striking distance again. This was the high tackle on Rob Burrow is. -


- Rob Burrow. A peach of a pass once again from Danny McGuire to


Ryan Hall and what a finish. He is a big man and he had plenty of


space to squeeze in at the corner. Absolutely breathless at the moment


inside this stadium because there are eight minutes left to play.


There is no way of predicting with any confidence which of these sides


is going to win. Format points in it. -- four.. It was 22 all at


Headingley and 26-24 N Wigan. Here goes Ben Jones-Bishop. Up the kick


downfield. Maguire is after it. What a chance! What an opportunity!


But Wigan survive. Ben Jones-Bishop did really well. It was pure pace.


He would have been better passing the ball to Brent Webb. He took the


risky option of taking infield and Tomkins did well to get back and


challenged Danny McGuire for the ball. That may well have been the


ball game. That is how close Leeds Rhinos were. A flailing arm from


Danny McGuire. Wigan remain in the box seat, but only just. Both sets


of fans getting right behind their sides. They are trying to lift


their heroes to win final effort. Wigan. He looks very calm, but I


can tell you, David, she won't be. He looks like he is watching a


training session on a Wednesday afternoon! Not a Challenge Cup


Final with Wigan and Leeds in absolutely stunning comeback. And


likewise, his opposite number. Howard cool does he seem? The


coolest customers in the house. -- how cool. Good driving effort from


Coley. The winger looking for a solid set. They are taking it


deeper. Quickly played and here comes Sam Tomkins. But chopped down


in full flight. High to the corner and Richard Tate said. That he goes


again! Richards throws it to the middle. Leeds are back-pedalling.


Leeds have attacked on the 20. ball is back in play and it is Ryan


again. Looking for a Wembley hat- trick. Back to the middle from


Leeds, driven forth by Bailey, urging himself on. Wigan hanging on,


in the tackle. Now Buderus. The Wigan defenders are in the face of


Sinfield. Here comes tackle number six. 20 yards out. It is a tester,


it is a tester! The referee says no. Wigan will get the handover. What a


set of six that was. The Leeds Rhinos played, going forward


directly over the advantage line. It was ruled, rightly, as a knock-


on. My word! Have we got a Finnish! You can put all the training you


like in. This is adrenaline, sheer adrenaline. Tomkins has to keep


hold. He is reined in by the Leeds defenders again. They are going to


kick. It bounces awkwardly. Who did that come off? It is the Wigan fans


who are bouncing up and down. was the best kick from Finch but


what made it outstanding was that trays. It was Burrow that put the


ball on the side. -- mat to -- that chase. He has made a big decision.


Three minutes left to play. Here comes Hoffman, desperate to hang on


he might just have won it for Wigan! Tommy Leuluai is at the


heart of celebrations. He knows he has scored, does Tommy Leuluai. He


looked so determined. Oh! Has he lost control of the ball? That is a


good found macro from Phil Bentham to go to the video referee. Is


there any separation between him and the ball? -- that it is a good


call. I think he may well have lost that. But they will have to look at


it. The left arm got down under pressure... If it is the separation


here. The right hand and the ball separate. My word, this is a real


difficult decision! Is it a benefit of the doubt decision? I tell you


what, the Challenge Cup is on this. We can get this and they can start


winding their way up the steps to pick up the Challenge Cup.


Separation or not? Downward pressure or not? Well, she is used


to making these big decisions, isn't he? -- he is used to making


these big decisions. He won't have made many decisions bigger than


this. It is a big, big, big, big decision. If I were the referee, I


would give benefit of the doubt. The left arm definitely get


downward pressure. It is a question of whether he has lost it. Here we


go... Hold your breath... The try is given! Benefit of the doubt!


Wigan look as though they have won the Challenge Cup. It is cherry and


white delight. They will be arguing long and loud about that decision.


I think it was the correct decision and Wigan have now won the


Challenge Cup. Was a new way determined when he picked up that


ball. -- wasn't it Leuluai determined? He made us all question.


And the decision - benefit of the doubt. Pat Richards now, absolutely


no pressure on here, apart from personal time. He will put it over


for good measure. A 10 points difference between them. Before he


was born, the dad of Tommy Leuluai scored a try we all remember.


flew like a bullet at the goal line and hurled himself over the goal


line in a trajectory. What a great try. Forte again! What a finish! It


has got everything. -- what a game! They still believe in miracles.


That is what it is going to take. 60 seconds to go, and the


possession is with Wigan. They may well believe in miracles but they


are not going to get them today. There is not enough time.


Confirmation, by the way, of the Trophy winner, Jeff Lima. Two tries


to Dave. And 80-1 outsider. Tomkins will run the ball out of play,


quite happy to concede underneath the sticks. He will let time tick


away. Yes, that is the last play of the game. What a find all this has


been. This has been a classic. -- what a final. Michael Maguire will


certainly have enjoyed this today, as he marches down just a few of


those 107 steps, and his team will be marching up very shortly indeed.


Pat Richards with the drop out from underneath the sticks. Trapped by


Brent Webb. Leeds running at. -- running up. A second year, they


tasted defeat at Wembley. But here comes McGuire. The final hooter!


The referee has to get involved writer at the end. The tempers are


flaring. -- right at the end. But for Wigan, the Challenge Cup is


theirs. Winning in classic style. This has been absolutely brilliant


game of Rugby League. Wigan came out flying, but Leeds responded.


Such great character. They came back into the game, clawed their


way back into the game, before Wigan clinched it with a bit of


controversy at the end. What a fitting reward for Jeff Lima. What


a game we have had! We are all breathless. It has been a fitting


occasion. Absolutely superb! For Jeff Lima also becomes only the 5th


Kiwi to win that trophy. Another little bit of history. And Michael


Maguire, the Australian, coming onto the field. He has taken them


20 Challenge Cup Final this year and won it. What a day for him. --


to a Challenge Cup Final. You really have to feel for Leeds,


don't you? Yes, a great deal of sympathy for them, but you have got


to work by the character, determination of Wigan. This was


his superb performance for Leeds, even in defeat. It was coming back


from that 16 points shocked to start with. They have played a


great final and can feel very proud to have played their part in it.


has been a classic Wembley Cup Final. But it is Wigan who are the


Carnegie Challenge Cup winners of 2011. I think we have the man of


Many many congratulations. Thank you. First of all, we would like to


give thanks to our families who are upstairs and here to support us. It


has been so tough. You have only scored one try this season and now


you score two. Have you been waiting? Now is the right time, to


be honest. What has it been like on this occasion? This is overwhelming.


I can't express the feelings. It just makes it even better when your


family is in the crowd and the crowd is behind you. It must have


been nerve-racking in that second half? We knew that if we stuck to


our strategy we would be OK. We have the confidence.


Congratulations. Let's bring on your courage, Michael Maguire. A


quick hug for a man of the match. Many congratulations. How are the


nerves? I am sure of my nerves will settle down in the next hour!


grew up in Australia watching the Challenge Cup. Could you ever dream


of this kind of victory? It is unbelievable. The Josh Charnley


broke his finger and played on. The likes of Jeff Lima, everyone. All


of the players put their hands up. I have a lot of respect for them.


We had to withstand a lot of pressure and credit to the players.


They hung in there. You have got a Special Branch Shia? Yes. They all


got -- get on it really well. This is one that will go down in history.


Can you do the double? We will enjoy this tonight and we are back


next week. We will enjoy the next couple of days and then settle down.


We have got some big things in front of us. It has been quite a


journey? Yes. The quality of the people at a place like Wigan and


his amazing. If we keep going forward, we will be fine. A thank


you so much. A quick hug from the coach there. Have you got fed up of


certain people scoring all the tries and getting the highlight is?


He has done exceptionally well this year. It is a big team effort.


you talk me through that try? found myself in some space and got


the ball on the outside, but it has been a team effort today. And for


the home-grown boys, for the winning boys, this must be very


special? They have waited a long time? Yes. Being brought up in


Wigan and growing up in Wigan, you have their history and the


relationship that Wigan has with Wembley over the years, so to be


back here after 30 years and get the win is amazing. We you go on


and on, do you think? We have got the team and the backroom staff. We


have laid the foundations and whoever comes in next year, I am


sure we can carry that on. The rain is not going to dampen the spirits?


There were a few controversial decisions and Leeds will be feeling


a bit hard done by and we will talk about that later but this Wigan


side is class and as a club they encapsulate Challenge Cup history.


This is the 18th time they have won it. Kevin Sinfield has climbed this


staircase four times as a loser in the final. It is a very long


journey. This was the best final we have had at the new Wembley. An


intense competition right until the end but you have to fill for them.


It is a horrible feeling. They wanted so much to put behind them


what happened last year. A much better performance than last year


against Warrington and they were 16-0 down. Leeds came back into it


and eventually were beaten by 10 points. It could have been closer


and they could even have won. It is a desperate shame because this is


such a tight group of players who have grown up together. They have


improved together. Kevin Sinfield has led them with dignity.


happened to me once and it is not a pleasant memory. It is a great


place to come and play but it is not a place for losers. ETA has


been such an odd season for them. For Wigan, it has been one win


after another. Dave what, another impressive win for Wigan.


Absolutely. Their joy reflected by this Wigan side. Sean O'Loughlin's


dad climbed these stairs as a witness player. He has got the


chance to lead the side up and collect that trophy. He the smile


gives it a wave. He knows what it means. He knows what it means to be


the Wigan skipper in this position. He knows how important this trophy


is to that particular town. Cherry and White blossoms again a at


Wembley in 2011. They are the Carnegie Challenge Cup wingers, the


Wigan Warriors. There will be some celebrations tonight. Wigan fans


will stay in here for as long as they possibly can. They have been


long and lean years as far as this club has been concerned in terms of


getting back to this stadium and lifting that trophy. There are so


many Wigan born players in the side. They know the tradition in terms of


the challenge cup. Ryan Hoffman has played in so many big occasions but


none of them will so pass his experiences today. None of them


were also pass. Harrison Hansen, another whose father had his


moments. Thomas Leuluai, the try- scoring match winger. Josh Charnley


and hometown boy, Paul Deacon. Most of his career played with Bradford


but now back with Wigan. And how about 10? Jeff Lima. The


unlikeliest of Lance Todd Trophy wingers. He is the 13th Wigan


player to win the Lance Todd Trophy. You can just see the joy on the


faces. It means so much to them. The chairman there and Michael


Maguire bringing up the rear. He will return to her Australia at the


end of the season. He won the Grand Final last year and has now won the


Challenge Cup this year. For the joy, there has to be heartbreak.


That is what makes it a challenge Cup final. The Shia polarisation of


emotions at the end of the 80 minutes. All the joy today as with


the Wigan Warriors. A former Wigan great, Ellery Hanley, with a word


for the current coach. Their long journey home, they don't care at


the moment. There are only thinking about this moment and what it means.


Wigan are Challenge Cup wingers. am pleased for Sean O'Loughlin


because he's dedicated his career to this great club. He is so


delighted. Wigan looked like they were going to walk it at one stage


but in the end, they only just one. A dramatic challenge cup final but


Wigan have won 28-18. Jonathan Davies, did they win it in the


first half-hour? No. It was two decisions by the officials. I


thought Wigan were going to walk away with it but I might be doesn't


come back by Leeds. Wigan looked very tired. The forward pass for


Jeff Lima's second try was missed. And then the touch judge got the


call wrong for the scrum which Thomas Leuluai scored from. To


break calls determined the final result. -- two of big calls. Brian


Noble, how would you reflect on it? There was one other incident when


Jamie Jones Buchanan flew downed the try-line and it was almost at


try Andy had four players inside him. He should have passed us to


kick. In terms of this Wigan side, is this a great team? It is. A


great balance of players. Great local players and players from


overseas. They are top quality players. You have young players


then like Josh Charnley and Sam Tomkins and Joel Tomkins. It is a


good blend and I think they will be a difficult team to beat in the


future. You can see the way they play, they are a very tight-knit


group. They probably deserved to win. I feel for Leeds because they


put in a great effort. They can enjoy this moment because this is


what you put in the hard graft for. This is why you get your dislocated


shoulder popped back into get back around -- back out on the pitch and


make a contribution. The extraordinary acts of great bravery


out there. They were desperate for the victory. They did look slightly


jaded in the second half and Leeds were forcing errors. They shared


possession in the second half and it was unequalled game when Leeds


got some ball. But you have to take your hat off to Wigan. They got


through the bad patch and scored at the other end to win. Lets hear


from Sam Tomkins. congratulations. As it started to


sink in? Not at all. We have come a long way as a team in the last few


years. We wanted to win a silverware. We have the best fans


in the lead -- in the world. It was better than your last trip as a


spectator? Es. -- Yes mark. I have lived in Wigan for the vast


majority of my life. Rugby league is a religion in Wigan. These fans


are so passionate. You must be delighted for your brother. That


was some tries. He has been really impressive this year. He has a bit


of pace as well. What does it mean to your family? It is massive for


our family. They sacrifice a lot. But our parents want this is doing


well. We have somewhat brothers coming through as well. Many


congratulations. Let's bring in the captain, Sean O'Loughlin. Give us


an idea of how many years you have dreamt of picking up that challenge


cup? He does not just myself, it is all the spectators and the rest of


the team. To come and win the game is fantastic. How tough have the


Lee Mears been? This been a lot of history and we have not delivered


the challenge cup. It is very pleasing for us. What did it mean


to lift it up? It was very special. It was a proud moment. You've gone


through a lot of heart rate with this team. How far has this club


come in the last two years? They have been at Sandown's -- there


have been ups and downs. What was be back -- what would be like in


Wigan when you get home? It will be great. You have a bit of Challenge


Cup history of your own now. My Dad one at so it is good to follow in


his footsteps. Sean McLoughlin is only one of two of their current


players to feature in the last Challenge Cup final when they lost


to St Helens. In terms of the headlines of this match, the images


that you will remember for ever and the stories that will make the


papers tomorrow. A fabulous first try by Josh Charnley. This was the


better side of the Tomkins brothers. Joel Tomkins running the full


length of the pitch. The try of the match. Wigan were flying at that


point. Leeds got back into contention but perhaps this image


encapsulates that they were in touching distance and Danny McGuire


could not get the ball down. Thomas Leuluai scored the winning try.


In terms of statistics, which -- Wigan were hugely dominant. 52% in


possession. Let's hear from Paul Deacon.


Could you imagine you would be part of this? This is what it is all


about. I am lost for words, really. This will be with me for a long,


long time. You have some very special memories of the game.


Yeah... 10 out of 10 for me here. I have come nine times as a fan.


don't know yet whether you are going to hang up your boots. People


are saying you might, but this is a hell of a way to go out, isn't it?


Yeah. I have accomplished one of my dreams today. If I didn't play


another game, I would be happy. What does it mean to Wigan as a


town? Look at them! I. There as a child, growing up, and I know what


it feels like to have a good night. We have had a good night and


everybody is happy. Enjoy it. CLARE BALDING: Paul Deacon in his


last season as a player, as he is going to start as a coach. He has


recovered from a massive injury, when, in 2005, he had his upper


cheek bone and jaw smashed in a tackle erm merry gruesome. -- in a


and the tackles made. Leeds had to make a few more than Wigan and had


some missed tackles as well. Some moments of the match were decisions


that went against Leeds that some feel should have gone in their


favour. And I guess that is a difficult thing. It is hard enough


losing a Cup Final, but when you're sitting there thinking that you


should not have done because of the Previously, they have been other


top end of the play-offs. They have shown great character. It is tough.


Let's take a look. He tried to attack Paul Deacon. If he gets to


him, it would have been a 3-2. brought us back to 14-16. Had it


Sinfield converted, they could have got it. It has not been his day?


can't be too critical of him. He has had big kicks in the past. He


has a great strike rate but he has been a quality player for so many


years. He will be so critical of himself and it would be remiss not


to reflect on the mat she has had. Here we go for one of the critical


refereed decisions. -- reflector on Ablett and Bailey deserved to do


better. Sometimes calls go against you and you have to play on. He had


a little bit to do, got download. If they toughen up defensively,


Leeds, they will have a chance of winning. It didn't happen. Wigan


were then in the ascendancy. Leeds came back and Ryan Hall was the man


they were looking to be put the finishing touches. Good player, and


again, a great pass by Danny McGuire. I thought Ryan Hall might


have sneaked the Lance Todd Trophy. Everything he did... And he carried


the ball well out of his in goal. They fought back but it just wasn't


good enough. We talked about the Ben Jones-Bishop break and you, as


we were watching this, said, why had you kicked it? Great play. He


left Pat Richards for dead. The number's in the frame and you can


see the space he is saving for the kick, but at the end of the day,


you have to say, not the greatest decision to kick the ball. That


would have turned the match. If he takes the fullback back on, goes in


and out, that could have been an even better try than Tomkins' try.


What about the Leeds coach, Brian Can you give us a sense of the


feelings of disappointment in that dressing room? Well, disappointed,


especially with the start off our game. We gave ourselves a huge hill


to climb. But also very proud. We got ourselves back in the game and


within touching distance. What about the Jeff Lima Pass or the


grounding for Leuluai? I would be wasting my breath. I am going to


use the word "easy". Too many easy tries. There were things that put


us under pressure and we never seemed to get the hang of it in the


first half. But again, very proud of a group of people who have been


in on all of this. Did you feel this was going to be a bit of a


hiding, given he was 16-0? Yes. So many players have done things for


this game. That is what I am proud of. They did scare the life out of


Wigan. On occasion, they swung Disrespect from the fans and media?


The media, yeah. Had one or two things gone away, it could have


been. But who knows. They came out of the box and made it difficult


for us. But there are great people and this should never, ever be


doubted. CLARE BALDING: Extreme dignity from


Brian McDermott in reacting to the referee's decisions that went


against them. But an awful lot of anger in the build-up? Yes.


Everything has been written and said about Wigan because of their


form, and we did say that the calibre of players on their side,


if they had turned up, they could push within closer, and that is


what happens. So you can see that could have been the motivation for


Leeds today to show all of these doubters that we are a quality side.


And to be honest, it is always going to happen. You are always


going to get journalists writing stuff a-barrel you where you think,


they are not taking us seriously. - - stuff about you. They are a


champion team, let's not forget that. Whilst their form has been


inconsistent, they have shown signs of that team this year. I think


given the style they had, they won the second half. The last 10


minutes of the first half and the last 40 minutes, they weren't a


match for Wigan, for sure. But they have all played their part. All 17


players. Even the busted ones who went back on the field where a


measure. Do you think history will reflect on that or will there


always be that subtext that they have lost the Challenge Cup?


They are a top quality team. They will be remembered for that. As


Brian said, a huge credit to Wigan. But his team turned up and got


themselves back in the game. Nobody has come back into a game and won


that from 16-0. So that is a reflection of their character.


I go back to Brian McDermott dealing with the decisions from the


referee that were unfair. Maybe you could live with the forward pass,


but can you live with this? A kicked into touch that was coming


off a Leeds player when it came off He had to go to the 4th official,


possibly. They go to the 4th official and that is a try. A great


finish. He spots the marker on the floor. The try comes and that is it.


That is a winning try. But Wigan have been very consistent here.


Confidence grows from consistency and in winning games. But for Leeds,


what got them to Super League championship in the last three


years was their consistency. And because of the lack of consistency


this year, it cost them the lead and the big games. It is as if they


cannot trust themselves any more? They have had to do that before.


They have had people scoring from everywhere. And players like Webb


required today. Kevin Sinfield said in the pre-match that it has been


their inconsistency that has lost and games and it is what happened


again today. And it is a shame in a way, and obviously a huge shame if


you're a Leeds fan, but a couple of decisions were we could have --


where we could have had something really decisive? A couple of


decisions to be things at the end. Had they got a couple of call is


and a couple of decisions, we could have had that fascinating at nail-


biter to the death. But we didn't. Uncharacteristically for Wigan, in


the second half, they did not look after the ball as well as they


normally do. We saw a couple of people dropping the ball. Even


possession may be gained a whole lot more exciting. Definitely. It


put the wind up them. They looked nervous. Both sides now have to


focus on the Super League and Leeds have got to earn themselves a right


to be there? Depending on where they are finishing. We have


mentioned a number of times the champion team, and they have not


been champions for a number of years. Whoever comes across them in


the play-offs will have to be very, very wary. Wigan will be happy


getting the Challenge Cup trophy in their Cabinet but they will be


looking to do the double, and they have a good chance. I am sure some


teams are going to be looking to make sure that doesn't happen. No


team has done the double in the modern era. You can see everything


that has happened in the Super League play-offs on 18th September


at 4:30pm on BBC Two. Tonight on BBC for, a programme


about Mr Rugby League. That is on BBC Four at 8pm.


Also, tonight at 10:30pm on BBC One, Match Of The Day. Highlights of


Wigan against QPR. The Belgian Grand Prix, and the


grid looks like Sebastian Vettel is on pole. Mark Webb is the third


quickest. But a fair amount of controversy to do with Lewis


Hamilton accusing another driver of steering his car directly and


purposely across the circuit to smash into him. We will give you


more coverage of that Hungarian Grand Prix tomorrow.


2018, Wigan win the Challenge Cup for the 18th time. Maybe we are at


the start off another big one for Wigan? Possibly. They have invested


heavily in junior development. We have seen that with junior players


coming through. They had a number of players not playing today. So it


certainly could be. But in terms of the Super League, namely Warrington,


again, another high quality team, it could be, butter think the game


is in great shape. We have had some great young players come to the


stage and performed today. It is going to be good over the coming


years. For all his brilliance, if you were the Wigan coach, would you


be taking Sam Tomkins aside and saying, that hand gesture, not


clever? Young people need teaching these things in a quiet way. He is


an intelligent lad and he will see that. I don't know if he thought he


was going to get away with it with 80,000 people! Yes, straight down


the lens of a camera! It is not exactly the stuff of Hercule


Poirot! Who were the outstanding players for you across the field


Leeds have got Warrington coming up next week. The Super League is


their goal now. I think Warrington might do it this year. Wigan come


out of the blocks so quickly. They blow teams away but then they


retire. They looked really tired. It all depends how many points he


does go when they get tired. I fancy Warrington to win it. A it's


certainly makes exciting rugby to watch. 101 teams started out on the


road to Wembley and Wigan have come out on top. We hope you have


enjoyed this thrilling Challenge Off goes rob Burrows. He fires


Castleford celebrate. Sam Tomkins, here he goes. Up they are chasing


but they will not catch him. What a try this is going to be! It is a


match-winner. Yes Mac. That was easy! They hypnotise them and look


what it means to those living players. -- Wigan players. Kevin


Clare Balding is at Wembley Stadium as Wigan Warriors meet Leeds Rhinos in the Challenge Cup final for the first time in 16 years. Wigan's 30-10 victory over their old adversaries at Wembley in 1995 was the last of their record eight straight titles in the competition. This will be their first trip to the national stadium since it was redeveloped.

Leeds are back at Wembley just 12 months after they were beaten 30-6 by Warrington in the 2010 final. The Rhinos last lifted the trophy at the old Wembley in 1999, and are looking to end a run that has seen them end up as losing finalists in four of the last 11 years.

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