Sixth Round: Castleford v St Helens Rugby League: Challenge Cup

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Sixth Round: Castleford v St Helens

Mark Chapman presents live coverage of the Challenge Cup sixth-round clash between Castleford and St Helens. Dave Woods provides the commentary.

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The 120th year of the rugby league Challenge Cup. I could list the


great names, the players, the clubs, the legends.


I could talk about community, the togetherness, a sense of pride. I


could talk about tough, rock-hard. I could talk about the sheer undoubted


talent. Goodness, gracious me! He's scored! That is one sensational try.


Listen to the noise! But I'm not going to because you know it.


Welcome to Yorkshire for our coverage of the 2017 Challenge Cup.


I try to get the directed to turn the camera towards Lancashire but


she's from Yorkshire and she is flatly refusing. It could be a long


old season. Anyhow, we have two of the great names in the sport to kick


off our coverage. Castleford against St Helens in the sixth round of the


Ladbrokes Challenge Cup from here, the Jungle. We will have all of the


build-up to the match and the highlights of the games that have


taken place so far this weekend in the cup, and we will have analysis


of England's victory over Samoa last week. And we want you to get


involved. Hashtag BBCRL for your comments across the social media


platforms. This is how your coverage looks across the BBC this weekend.


We will look forward to the World Cup from 4:30pm as well as bringing


you interviews and reaction to today's game.


I am delighted to say I have got three of the game's greats alongside


me. Sam Tomkins from Wigan, former Leeds and England player, and Brian


Noble, former coach of Great Britain. And does it feel like this


tournament is particularly wide open this year? I think so. Just looking


at the games from the start of the season, there have been shocks all


over the place. Just looking at Huddersfield getting beaten by


Swinton, it is wide open. It is good for everyone that any team could win


it. And we say this most years, but it is important because we hope to


have new viewers all the time, but unlike cup competitions in other


sports, this is a priority for Super League clubs, for clubs across rugby


league. It is not just about winning the Super League title. Very much


though. It's true that comes with this competition is over 100 years


old and it means everything to every club. For the leather gloves, it is


like increasing revenue, like the FA Cup in football, but it is an


opportunity for upsets. -- for the lower clubs. I don't know if we will


get one today. The game today is mouthwatering. A humdinger. I don't


think we could ask for a better game. To me and teams playing a


brilliant brand of football. We will talk about the field than amides


which are massively important today in relation to Castleford. -- the


field dynamics. They have been up and down a bit but they can be the


breathtaking team we talk about on their day. We will fight with the PA


system at the Jungle for the next few minutes and we will also bring


you the following. They have scored 83 ties so far this season, so we


will show you just how Castleford do it. And how have they become the


best of British? We will ask Darryl Powell the secret of their success.


St Helens used to be number one by 2017 has been a nightmare. We will


talk to three of their legends to find out what has gone wrong and how


they put it right. And we will have highlights from some of the sixth


round matches already played, including Hull who started their


defence against Catalan last night. We will get into all things


Challenge Cup in just a moment but first international rugby league,


with England's World Cup starting in the autumn. Their preparations began


last weekend when they took on Samoa.


This is a big, early chance for England. Tackle number four. Back


towards the posts. They probably could have done with more and they


get more. Second phase. Hobson, look out. Ryan Hall doesn't need much


instruction! He finds his way to the try line. That is an easy one. The


32nd of his test career. Now Hodgson. For Gale. This is a big


moment for Stefan Ratchford. He scores a try in his England jumper


proudly worn. Stefan Ratchford goes over. Wigan born, over 200 games,


and a try for England. This is their best chance to bring the crowd back


into the contest. Slow playing the ball. Trying the power play and


direct and he scored! And as he did for Samoa in 2013, he has got


something going here. Now Laughlin unloading. Back to


Brown. What a pass. To Gale. What the finish. The referee collided


with a cover for Samoa. Hodgson has scored! England have their third


try. They looked anxious. They lose all shape here. They all want to


have a crack. They are trying their hearts out but it is not all that


smart. He runs around Gale to score! Last tackle. England clearing


wreckage. For which to James Graham. -- forward to James Graham. They are


going to say try to James Graham. Brown has thrown it to James Graham


to basically fall over the try line. If England was to score in the final


minute, that would be some tasty icing on the cake. Hill with the


ball. They are looking a bit dispirited, the Samoans. Heads down


on the bench. Gale with the ball. Brown is going to get. And he does


know how to score! Just like the first try that went to the left


wing, the last one goes to the right wing. MacGillivray scores and the


icing is most definitely on the cake now. Kevin, what should we take out


of that win and that performance from an English perspective? I just


think we should be massively positive. Only a few months out from


the World Cup now. We should not underestimate how tough challenge


that was for the English blokes to go out there in under a week and


play against a full Samoa side, who are big, powerful and physical.


Horrible out there. But they did a terrific job. Our performance was


talk and cheese from the for nations. They looked composed. I


don't think it was a good performance from anybody, so a


massive tick. What have the guys that you have spoken to about that


performance fed back to you? They have said the full week was positive


and as Kevin touched on, we look good for it and solid for the win.


Samoa are tough side and we looked dominant for the full 80 minutes and


that is what we have lacked in internationals before. We have


dominated and played well for 60 or 70 minutes and then lacked


composure. But against Samoa, we looked in control for the full 80


and things clicked and it couldn't have been better prep. I can't


remember a better England performance on foreign soil. I would


have to go right back until that Great Britain side in 2006 which got


that win. I think it is right up there with that one. Wow. I agree


with the boys on the positivity. I studied the Samoan team and I


thought they had a game on their hands. To travel 30,000 miles and


pull of that kind of performance shows an element of composure and


patients going on. To put the cold on these two, my worry is... That is


why we employ you, Brian, to dampen down the broadcasters! Being healthy


at the end of the year and being fresh is very important when it


comes to the World Cup. My worry was in the middle of the season when we


have two weekend blocks on where players are playing in the Super


League in a four day period, with mental pressures that puts on you,


it is difficult and challenging. For example we had three people pull out


and some people were not available through injury in the R.N. L. The


final line-up might be the same but the essence of the squad will have


been given more discipline in terms of moving forward and what Wayne


expect in the World Cup. As an exercise, I probably got something


is wrong, and it was worthwhile. Knowing how they performed and how


they did, that has actually got rid of your doubts. Not entirely. I


think you have got to pick inform players at the end of the season,


players who are mentally fresh. And we won't know how it has affected


them in the long term. Another double-digit weekend. I am an


unbelievable fan of international football and the England team and


they are doing well and it is positive. If two brays like this are


telling me there are positive noises, they played some good stuff,


then it has got to be worthwhile and I will take it on the chin but I


just hope they recognise it by not be the final line because there are


lots of good players when you pick an England team and form and help is


essential. Hashtag BBCRL if you want to get in touch. This will form a


big part of our discussion from 4:30pm on the red button. You are


one of the players missing at the moment. How are you and what is the


latest? I am coming on pretty well. I had the metalwork in my foot a few


weeks ago and since that has gone I am running more freely. I have been


running all week. About one month off now. I did want to push it.


Having to hold back. It must be quite hard because it is a World Cup


year. And the competition for places is fierce. That in patients must be


hard for you to control, is it? Definitely. -- that impatience must


be hard for you to control. I want to put on that jersey like I have


done many times before. That is at the front of my mind when I am in


training having a tough day, or in rehab doing things I don't want to


be doing, at the end of the year I want to do everything I can and at


the end of the season though I did everything I could to get my place.


We have asked Brian and Sam to pick their squads for the opening game of


the World Cup, so we will find out later whether Sam has put himself in


the squad. In the starting 13 maybe for that first game of the World


Cup! We can bring our attention back to the Challenge Cup, Castle but


against St Helens is the game we are at which kicks off at 2:30pm. But


games have been played so far. Let's round up the best of the action.


Round 6 kicked off on Thursday night as Bellaston hosted Halifax. Heaton


put Halifax ahead but the lead only lasted four minutes at Keele Carlyle


spun out of a tackle to set up Davis. A brilliant finish from Scott


Turner and then Anthony Thackery's drop goal gave the hosts a 7-point


lead. Turner cleverly put the ball in the corner for his second try.


Zachary kicked his second drop goal of the night before Josh


Hardcastle's try Hull opened this one with a free-flowing move. Then


this combination set up Griffin. The odds and Scott Taylor all went over


this great work from Watts and Kelly. There was a 28 point lead at


the break. Michaels dived over acrobatically in the corner for his


third try. And collected short pass gave this player his second try in


Hull colours. Thompson went over. Sean scored two late tries on his


100th career appearance. And Connor grabbed a try to complete the round.


This was the most Matic moment of last season, the million pounds drop


goal that sent Hull Kingston Rovers down at the expense of Salford. The


men from East Yorkshire had revenge on their minds last night and there


couldn't have made a better start. Sean Howden from 60 metres after a


scrum and followed that up by racing through unchallenged from ten metres


to help the visitors opened up a 12 point lead. Ryan Allen went over


just as the half-time was coming to close to reduce the deficit to eight


points. Salford made a dream start after the break and the lead as they


ran in under the posts, then followed by crisp riding going down


the short side to score. Criswell and then knocked down a high kick to


secure the victory was offered. -- to secure the victory for Salford.


Confirmation of who has gone through so far. Wakefield thrashed Dewsbury


last night as well. Those are the size through to the next round. Over


this weekend, the games that you will be across involved cattle herd


Wigan -- Castlford and Wigan. Now let's put this game into context for


you as regards the Super League table. Castleford top, scoring tries


for fun. Saints have not had a great season. They are mid table and


fighting to qualify for the super eight. Now the team news for today's


gain from Tanya. Castleford boast the two leading try scorer is in the


Super League. They line up like this, with Zak Hardaker starting at


full-back and playing in the centre for England. Jake Webster in the


centre is fresh from signing a new one year deal. The big team news for


Castleford is Tom Holmes starting alongside Luke Gale in the halves.


Upfront, the evergreen Andy Lynch, their oldest player in the Super


League, playing up front alongside MacShane. And look at the Jesse


Sene-Lefao. There is no place in the 17 for Rangi Chase. As for St


Helens, they welcome back Mark Percival and add a Montaly who


travelled to Australia but did not play for England. -- ad while Alex


Walmsley. James Roby is starting at hooker.


They have captain Jon Wilkin on the bench. He pulled out at the last


minute in last week's warm up and he is hoping to start the game today


but he is heavily strapped up. Thank you very much, Tanya. Jon


Wilkin leading things out for their warm up. We have shown you where


they are in the table. Not a good season for them. There is a new head


coach on the way as well. Our rugby league correspondent has been trying


to find out what the problems are at the club.


For 24 years there has been a constant around these parts. He grew


up at the club in its most successful period. He came to define


what the shirt was all about. Canning! -- Kieran Cunningham. When


he was appointed head coach at St Helens in 2014 he seemed the obvious


choice to take the club back to glory, carved in his own image. But


a month ago the hometown hero was sacked. So what has gone wrong and


how can St Helens get back to those glory days? When you first walked


into that dressing room, were you told this is how we play at St


Helens? I was told that we win and they expect nothing less. I joined


Saints because of what we did on the field because of the players that


were there. They were a successful club and I wanted to be part of


that. One thing when I came to St Helens was that my skill had to be


the best it could be because of the people in the squad. The people in


the squad had high standards for my skill. I had to improve or I was


gone and I think we need to get back to that. This seems at the moment


seem to have gone along with quite a few clubs in the game, so that the


game appears programmed from the first minute to the last. Almost the


situation whereby we have lines drawn on a pitch and you stand there


and you run there and in the 25th minute you take the bullpen. -- you


take the ball then. Is a starter missing from the squad? Some of the


Australians that I have played with at St Helens, whether we can still


attract those players with the budgets that we have and the salary


caps? I think the game has changed in that respect. Teams are having to


bring players through. Ready or not. At the moment there is myself and


James Roby and Matty Smith who have been to Wembley with Wigan but are


not a lot of the other lads have had that connection with the cup and I


think we need more winners. Either we win this trophy this year or we


recruit more winners in. I think that is fundamental to improving


standards. I think they need some more additions. A footballer, a


ball-handling forward of the old-fashioned type, and I would also


say in the back division as well, somebody with pace. There is talent


there. Don't write them off. If they want, they can play rugby. The new


coach. Will you have spoken with him or has anybody before Saturday? I


think we have had some feedback indirectly. I think he is going to


be a huge part of turning this club around. We are looking forward to


having a new set of eyes on us because that is so powerful. When


you are insular all the time it is very difficult to learn. This club


is ready to look out and see what else is going on and bring the eyes


from outside the club. Just be aware of the success of the club, just be


aware of what the town is about. And the history of the way the game has


been played in St Helens. If you got the chance to meet Justin Holbrook


before he met the players, what would your advice be? Get rid of the


diagrams. Simple as that. Play rugby. There are about 20 different


themes that come out of that peace that we could discuss and debate and


it would take is about an hour if not longer. The balance between


being programmed and just playing rugby. Is it a fine balance? Yes,


really fine balance. Different teams use it in different ways. Saints are


known for it. They throw the ball around historically. They score some


brilliant tries. Recently we have not seen as much as that from them.


Whether the new coach who comes in will recapture that for Saints, I'm


not sure. It seems like that is what worked for them for a long time. As


far as the new coach is concerned, do you agree with Jon Wilkin that


they need a fresh verified? Somebody from outside of Super League,


outside the country, seeing what they are doing and how they are


operating? -- do they need a fresh pair of eyes? We need someone with


inside for the game. We saw Paul talking about the standard of


overseas players not being what it was ten years ago or five years ago


for Saints. And insight from the club as well, suggesting they are


not getting it right for the fans. It is inside with purpose and they


have done that. They have gone from Justin Holbrook from Australia who


will change the dynamics. There is nothing wrong with playing football


with purpose. If you have an idea behind what you are doing... We are


at the Jungle today and they play a great brand of rugby league but it


has purpose and people fail to see that. It is the principle is that go


on. The fly drives and the kick, if it is more expensive, there are


risks and rewards that come with every type of football. If you're


prepared to throw the ball around then you have got to be prepared to


bend your backs. It is interesting that Castleford bending their backs


this year as well. The defence on top of their willingness to play


good football. I wonder if it comes down to the basic fact that sport is


cyclical and nobody can stay on top for ever. There is no example in


history of anybody staying on top forever. Even the Wigan side


eventually disappeared in a Challenge Cup. Manchester United in


the Premier League, whatever, it is cyclical. Very much so. Saints are


very good cup team. It is not very long ago that you look at


Scunthorpe, Cunningham, Martin, and you can reel out a list of names


that were fantastic at football and throwing the ball about and asking


questions. You started this question with balance. And they need to get


the balance right between structure and playing. You know when you have


those club legends, and you will have seen it, the next couple of


generations below will miss out because there are so many legends


who continue to win. You have got to wait for the kids to come through to


take on the mantle, don't you? There is always a transition phase. Leeds


a few years ago, when there were people like Kevin, JP, they were


going through that. When you lose three people like them out of your


team, it is massive. A big year for Leeds to get young lads in. It


wasn't great for them. The amount of experience young lads will have got


that leaves will put them in good stead in a few years' time. -- at


Leeds. I remember being at Wigan and we didn't get to the Grand Final and


we lost at the semifinal and their year later we had fresh eyes on the


team. We went on to win the league. Saints are not flying at the moment


but it is not as though they are millions of miles away. What would


you look like in your squad at club level in terms of balance? James


Roby has a Challenge Cup in his history. What do you look for in a


balanced squad? I will put something else into the mixture, staying


healthy. It is massively important. If you look at the top squads at


both teams, it is good but it is who manages the help of the teams and


looks after the players. I answer it in a different way. They have been


healthy all season long and that is a huge advantage. Let's hear from


one of the interim head coach is here at St Helens. It has been a


tough season for you so far. Are you scratching your head is that what


has gone wrong this year? It has been up and down. We know what we


can do to get better. There is uncertainty of the field with a head


coach coming in in the next few weeks. We are trying to steer the


ship as straight as we can and play the best we can with what we have


got at hand. We have seen signs of improvement. We have been


inconsistent which has been our problem all year but there has been


good stuff in there. We have got to get more good stuff out and less bad


stuff. How much talk has been going on between the coaching guys and


Justin Holbrook this week? Has he had any input today? He has let us


get on with it but it is difficult for him. He is being very supportive


of myself and Sean and Derek. He has been on the phone a few times this


week and given us advice here and there. He has been conscious of


letting us get on with the job and making sure the players are fine


today. Let's get an idea of how St Helens will play today. Our man on


the touchline will talk us through their game plan.


St Helens haven't started this season with the same as they would


expect from themselves. But one player has been outstanding,


literally head and shoulders above the rest of them, is this man here,


Alex Walmsley. A big man, a big frame, and while I have his


attention, quick question. How important is it today that you


control the speed of the rugby and the middle of the park? It is


important. We have seen all year has Castleford like to play. It is a big


job for us to control that and give ourselves a good chance of defence.


How has the team trained for the game this weekend? Motivation has


been easy this week. It is a cup game and we have been off all week.


It has been easy and we are looking forward to the game. We are looking


forward to putting in a good performance and getting through


hopefully. Good luck for today. A big man. When he carries the ball,


he splits the defence. Keep an eye on him when he tries to get in


behind the rug because he will be one of two things, split the defence


or get a quick play of the ball, which is hugely important to St


Helens. They need to go with him today. If they do play well


consistently, together, they have the stroke power within the team to


cause Castleford at the top of the Super League a lot of trouble. you


can do all the analysis you want but sometimes we just want to watch


tries and Castleford this season have scored lots and lots of them.


Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy.


they are classy and they are the great entertainers this season in


Super League. If you take a look at the Super League tries table, they


are on 83, nearly double the number that St Helens have scored and


nearly 30 ahead of their nearest rivals, Leeds. Are they going to


just throw the ball around and score lots of tries today, here's Robbie


again? When we talk about the Castleford Tigers team, normally the


those we talk about other world-class halves in their squad,


they are amazing, the talent they have. The guy that I want to focus


on at this point in time is this man here, Junior Moore 's. He goes under


the radar a little bit because we focus on the world-class halves they


have but when he's got the ball in motion, he causes the opposition in


problem. Good luck for today but just quickly, I just want to know,


he has the team prepared for this weekend? Easy motivation for us.


Fresh in our memory. How important is to have a good cup run because


you going so in the league? It takes one game at a time. It takes that


and we will take each game as it comes. When this guy is carrying the


ball, he splits teams, Castleford went to get him into one-on-one


position so they can play off the back of the quick play-the-balls.


In all the praise of Castleford, Saints have beaten them this season.


With it being the cup and hopefully Saints come here with freedom.


Everybody had written them off this week. Take the shackles of fun,


play. Throw some stuff on the pitch. Castleford are dangerous but


brilliant players there. For all the Castleford do score lots of tries,


they have also got the meanest defence. That has been the biggest


improvement for Castleford, they have always been able to score a lot


of tries. The Kameni Luke Dorn has scored. Not a problem when you play


at the Jungle. This year, the defence has looked up to dear and


that's why they are worthy art. You are on top, Wigan, when you played


in first half and you couldn't break them down. They have a good


defensive system and strong with it. The pressure for Castleford is to


keep it up and not get carried away. Scored ATD tries but but they will


soon dip. They are on the field throwing the ball around. That's not


bad. I wish we could find more of that. Do you need me as your


assistant? They throw a lot of shape at you and Sam has mentioned


something that's usually important at this ground. They are prepared to


run and pass. Castleford Tigers lot of good athletes and the support


play is superb. Anybody that makes half a break generally supported by


three or four players but they play good ships. We talked about purpose


and process but they get to a certain part of the field and throw


a lot of numbers at you, lots of players behind the line and they


have the imagination to look up and click to see who is in space. They


are the full package and that's because in this ground in particular


they can play to the fringes because they are always in attacking


positions. You have to hold your nerve. Saints's biggest challenge


against this progress and support play, expansive football, all the


front rowers have the ability to pass at the right time and you have


people and the halves who go on the line and commit defenders and make


pass play. You have to expect everything. You've got to manage


this game if you are Saints because they go into spurts of tries as


well, they score and a score again, so if you concede once you have to


galvanise to what you do for the next five minutes. Unbeaten year


this season, averaging over 50 points. You mentioned the pitch is


short, we did a Challenge Cup game here when they played Salford and we


discussed this. You will have they do, do you have to alter your game


slightly because it is a shorter pitch? You have to prepared to


defend your online quite a lot and play a lot of attacking rugby. For


the figures it's easier to get out your own end. You don't spend a lot


of time in yardage and if you got a decent kicker like both sides have,


you put your foot through it on the other end of the field. It's


different preparation, it does change. This year for the man who


was responsible for turning Castleford into these great


entertainers. Their head coach Daryl Powell.


Your players are playing so well particularly here at home, did you


get to sit back and enjoy the style with which they play. You are always


thinking games can turn so quickly, so unless you get a really big lead,


you just do your job. I enjoy watching the guys play. A little bit


more than they have too. We have been playing with a lot of


confidence and hopefully we can back that up. What has been the


difference from last season. They played great attacking stuff. What


has been the difference this season? A bit more of a cutting-edge. We


have played well for quite a few years, defensively we've been so


much better this year and we've been able to back up our errors by


defending well. We had the desperation to keep teams out, so


that's been the biggest difference. The counterattacking game has been


growing and maturing in the last few years and this year we've had some


games where we've really been outstanding. Today will be a tough


game. They will be different. Whether we can impart that game on


St Helens, they will be desperate for it today. Should be special. How


do you feel with how the club have developed since you made the


Challenge Cup final in 2014? It's been significant. When I first came


in 2013, people were saying to me why would you take that poisoned


chalice of a job for stuff for me it was the ideal job, you could see the


development, this is a rugby town are known -- bar none, died in the


wool, Castleford. The town has grown in terms of its love for Castleford


and our ability to play rugby league has announced all of that. The


business has gone well with the people behind the scenes. We are


growing every year which is positive for us. Three players off with


England, Luke Gale seems to have cemented his place at number seven


for England. I have you developed him as a player since he came in


because he is in charge now? He's a typical half-backs. Got a lot of


confidence about him. Got the skill set to be able to play at


half-backs. Got the voice. The booming voice, he is confident in


his own ability. He's developed in all sorts of ways, his patience is


much better nowadays than when he first came. He has fitted in and


grabbed hold of the way we play and he is a pivotal part but there are


many other people in there as well doing a fantastic job. He is the


controller and she found us a special job for us in that regard.


What a job he has done. He's been some. The man of steel today, his


combination with Zach Hardaker was always interesting for me to see how


they would get on but they have hit it off and they've been incredible.


I'd like to mention. He's a schema, an old-fashioned style dummy half


but he gets the best set of Luke Gale and knows when to give him the


ball. The head to head for Luke Gale and Patti Smith. We can have a look


at the stats which shows what a great season Luke Gale has had. You


know Matty Smith, he was at Wigan, no one seems, are you surprised he


has struggled a bit this season. The form of St Helens, down to Matty


Smith, on his day he is one of the best in the country and he's playing


internationally to prove it. Both these lads have a similar role, they


gave the team and they kick which is a huge part of the game when you


play here. Watching Luke Gale play internationals, he has to get one


over him today. Bluegill is playing in a confident team, the support


game becomes easier, the kicking becomes easier and with the


challenge Saints have got the third form Matty Smith has to dig deep and


find a lot of players. They have had some injuries in and around there.


Tough season for Matty Smith. A couple of the wingers that we will


watch this afternoon. Reagan Grace, the young lad on the wing for St


Helens. 15 tries. He has not played that many games and he has already


got plus 18 tackles. He has bounced onto the scene. Came over to the DW


Stadium, his first game, nobody knew anything of him. Didn't do any


preparation on him. He was on-farm. Ran 200 metres and we knew nothing


of him and he's a great product. It's exciting. Very much so, you're


looking at the back three for Castleford. You have Reagan Grace.


I'm looking forward to seeing him today. We are in rugby league


heartland on the BBC this afternoon. Castleford Tigers Saints in the


sixth round of the Challenge Cup. There it is, the Ladbrokes Challenge


Cup and the first game of what we hope will be a memorable tournament


across the BBC for you. Just a word on Castleford as we wait for the


team to promote, the town has a population of about 40,000, 10,000


and watch them here at the Jungle. You might call me a sentimental old


fool, but this is what British sport is about. Mark, you sentimental old


full, absolutely. A vote of the population in a community club. This


is the heartbeat of our game and its one of the clubs that have been


successful over the years with their community spirit and this particular


ground as well brings a brand of football that is recognise right


across the globe. The same for St Helens, right in the heart of the


community and the two clash this afternoon, so let's bring in our


commentary team, Jonathan Davies alongside the BBC's rugby league


correspondent, Dave Woods. COMMENTATOR: This is a game that had


simply can't wait stamped all over it from the moment the tie was


drawn. There is a real lip licking gobsmacking potential to this one.


It could be terrific today, it really cute. Castleford have been


running in tries for fun but don't write off St Helens because they


have already beating Castleford back on Easter Monday and they will have


a certain determination about them as well. Jon Wilkin will start the


day on the bench. The Castleford players, most if not all have scored


at least one of their 83 tries so far this season. Alex Walmsley at


the tall fellow who went all the way to Sydney and back without playing a


game, Mark Percival, his team-mate at the centre likewise. Run the


world in eight days and nothing to show but a suntan but I'm sure


they'll be hoping that they can reproduce their recent Super League


form again today in the Challenge Cup, the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup. So


how do they line up? The Castleford side, three players on England duty


in Sydney last week, all Star today. Zach Hardaker, Luke Gale and Minikin


and 21-year-old Tom Holm stars only his second game of the season at


stand-off. Interesting selection with Roberts on the bench. The


winger Reagan Grace mixes six successive appearance.


Here is our referee for the day, Mr Phil Bentham. We have a video


referee as well, Robert Hicks and we will hear from them should the need


arise at any point. Mr Craven and Mr Roberts are the two touch judges and


Zach Hardaker is the man to get us under way. Both entertainers these


two teams by reputation. Castleford have lived up to all of that in


thrilling fashion all season long. Is today the time St Helens caulk


their fizz. Good time to do it, stage like this, cup competition.


This is the time and everybody in rugby league gets excited because


the realisation dawns on you, you win this round of 16, you are two


games away from a Wembley appearance and I'm certain there will be a


great spectacle on show with that goal in sight. Great place to play,


great atmosphere. You know what Castleford will bring and they play


with a lot of confidence. As a St Helens player you have to close them


down, disrupt them on the kick and chase has to be good and you can try


and blame them. What a kick and chase that was. The referee decided


there was no Castleford Tigers show a bit of enterprise from St Helens


with that kick. Castleford a little bit cautious but they have got away


with it. Great kick, kicked short or Zach Hardaker into the space and


reading by St Helens. It's certainly a good place to turnover was that


you have a set defensive of so they can really get off the line and put


some pressure on the Castleford ball-carriers. Greg Eden on the


first occasion trying to burst things through and St Helens are


caught of side and they don't want to give too many penalties are


winnable seat Castleford inside the St Helens half. Line speed is very


important, you can't give simple penalties away. This is the first


real attacking opportunity for Castleford. It's a really colourful


occasion looking down there. The white and red St Helens, the gold


and black of Castleford. It's noisy as well and it will get noisier as


the day goes on. McShane at dummy half. Andy Lynch will roll it


forward. 20 metres away. Great position that Castleford find


themselves in. Holmes puts it back. Hardaker, left of Shenton. Good


defence from St Helens. But Castleford are moving in. Lynch has


to take it in hard. Plenty of fight about him, all this fancy dan stuff,


they have plenty of grip. Gale with the pass away and grabbing at thin


air as Shenton goes on to score the game's first try with barely three


minutes played. Absolutely clinical from the Castleford Tigers. Really


top-quality work as Jonathan Davies said, penalty, you give away the


penalty, you concede field position, you could Castleford in great


attacking shape and my word they have taken full advantage. You can


see there, offside at the play-the-ball, trying to cut down


the Castleford ball-carriers's time and space but what a well executed


play. Luke Gale perfectly just a lie at the centre, Michael Shenton, to


get on the outside of the St Helens defence. Superb. Outside Morgan and


that is the gap he goes through other great try. After a very good


defensive set from a good play by Castleford, Morgan just showed


himself, he went early, caught himself in no man's land and the


pass on the outside shoulder just put Shenton end, had to stand off a


little bit and hold the line. As far as England are concerned, Michael


Shenton is the forgotten man of the moment. He played in the first test,


his last appearance in the first test against Samoa in the four


nations two years ago and has been overlooked since but the way he has


played this season. He is 31 later this year. I wonder if he might be


somebody who catches the eye before the World Cup squad is announced.


The kick, trying to fit in but has put it wide. It remains 4-0. Michael


Shenton, discuss. Certain he would be far away, when Bent and is clued


up, he knows he can play in the left-centre position as he


demonstrated so well with that bounce line in the last minute to


score of the outset of Morgan. What Brian Noble said at the end of the


year, when there is a big competition you need a big form


player and the way Castleford are playing, he's going to be in the


frame. An awful season last year when he was injured in the first


game, Michael Shenton but what a year he's having this year. That's


his sixth try in his 12th appearance. St Helens, what have


they got, looking for a big response in defence on this tiny pitch,


looking to keep Castleford deep inside their own half and making a


decent fist of it with the opening three tackles. Millington put down.


Less than 15 away. McShane goes left. Milner steps.


Good effort so far, the one picked up from McShane. The off-load sees


Castleford continue. Back to Gale, big boot from him. Beneath it it is


caught safely by Makinson and St Helens can give themselves a pat on


the back. As Sam Tomkins indicated in the build-up to the game, even


though they restricted Castleford's ball-carriers there was a kid and St


Helens started their set within ten metres of the goal-line. As a


kicker, you enjoy coming here,. The crowd is on top of you. Small field.


Percival running into the gap and he's intercepted. Tom Holmes Hazard.


Hardaker now. -- has it back. That's a shame because they stripped


Castleford, got on the outside, good work by Holmes, the young half-backs


caught between the ball carrier and support player and picked off the


pass. May concern is holding his chest, he might have injured


himself. -- Makinson. Here's Lynch. The next will be the


last year for Castleford in this set. Steepling high. Pushed out of


the way. You can't do that. That's clueless, what is running through


his head? It was blatant to everybody in the ground. Just pushes


him. Hang on, case for the defence, might be a collision with Morgan,


might have been his own man. Not as obvious. Whoever is underneath the


ball and going to catch it, they tend to look after them. They


certainly do and rightly so. Like the goalkeepers in football, can't


touch them any more. Seven minutes play, one tries so far. St Helens


looking for a response but having to start from deep but in reality, that


far away from the line because of the proportions here. Roby and at


dummy half, has got some eagerness to his left, will run himself for a


while and Smith gets us on to Fages. Asking a lot, Mach Douglas


was expecting that, the bowl is built and Castleford switching the


on button and looking to attack. The one thing you have to do is complete


your sets. You can spill the ball and the previous two sense they have


given the ball away and given Castleford good field position to


start. Millington. Cast your memory back to last year in the Challenge


Cup tie be covered against Salford, Millington was playing in the


halves. With Paul McShane. The off-load has gone to ground, zero


tackle and Castleford get it back again. Morgan who neutralises the


situation. He then feed for Castleford. The Saints are under the


cosh at the minute. Possession and territory going against them and


play the ball coming to make the tackle. Ricocheted off the hand. Got


to be patient. You're not trying to score every time you go wide. Staff


Castleford of possession. -- star of Castleford of possession.


Sean Long makes up the trio looking after Castleford before Justin


Holbrook takes over. Ten away. Ripple of and has the Castleford


fans. Morgan got a hand on it and knocked it forward. Almost got the


intercept. You lament you can see his reading defensively is correct


-- you can see. Needed to do something because once again they


created numbers on the outside. Shut out of the line and they wanted to


Rio bowl in but at least he diffused the attacking situation from


Castleford. If he doesn't get that ball it is try time. They are asking


questions of the right-hand side. Have a look at the position in the


early stages but first ten minutes, 64% possession and 72% territory.


Enjoying a little bit more of both now. Five tackles for Castleford. To


unpick the St Helens door. Driven in by Lynch. St Helens defending on


their own line. Holmes, look at the numbers. Webster. It almost seems


too easy. Jake Webster walking through. Congratulations to the man


who created it. Didn't get the numbers right defensively. It was a


simple play, just got the numbers wrong on they waltzed through. They


have to communicate, pool defenders when they are short. Such an easy


walk for Webster. The play-the-ball as you rightly state, that was at


the post, so you expect a split. Really it was man on man and when


its man on man, four against four with such space, there's bound to be


some problems on your own line. There is the error by Morgan. Chills


to come out of the line to close it. These are the numbers. Four against


four. Some ship from Castleford, so difficult to defend when its man on


man at slip when you're on your online and there's so much space.


Make hay while the sun shines. You have to have questions from the


defence. As a St Helens supporter and coach, you would expect the to


drop off and block the runner. You suspect Justin Holbrook is watching


this and there will be smoke coming from his pencil in the first ten


minutes. Possession, territory and on the scoreboard. Luke Gale looking


to take Castleford into double figures, which he does with relative


ease. 10-0. Webster the try scorer. Seventh of the year. Looking a bit


nonplussed at the moment. They will be because it's been a barrage of


pressure and that man is so important to St Helens. One of the


senior players, out on the field and has two lead from the front. My


word, there are questions being asked of this St Helens team


already. Have had no possession and Northern Territory, have they?


Talking about English centres, Jake Webster is a British citizen these


days. Former Kiwi International, so they might not go with him. This is


McShane. Millington again. Jonathan, you write saying they have had no


possession. Made four errors already. Exactly. You just can't


spill the ball over. In a cup game, keep possession. Field position,


staff Castleford, especially when you know they are on fire.


Gale's kick, which grace will pick up. He is a superstar in the making.


He is a superstar. They know the field so well. They are constantly


making St Helens start in their own centre zone. Davis is definitely


looking forward to that one tomorrow! The only fixture he can go


to without anybody abusing him! Warrington and Widnes fans actually


quite like him! Percival trying to keep it alive. At least money back


on the gamble but it didn't quite come off or go wrong. Look at this,


the path on the inside. Looking to attack deep inside their own half.


The transition from defence into attack of Castleford is the best in


the league without a shadow of a doubt. As soon as they have sold


their defensive problems, the foot goes down and they try to attack


immediately. They put it through their hands. It is very simple but


very effective. Near the halfway line, it makes it very easy for


Gale. There is a vibrancy and verve about Castleford at the moment.


Milliken has got to come inside -- Greg Minikin. Suddenly St Helens


have a bit of relief. There is a new role, brought into Super League and


the Challenge Cup. If you catch the ball inside your own in-goal area,


you get seven tackles. On a full pitch like this, inevitably it means


St Helens will have good attacking options later. It is a good change


because the kicking has got to be precise now. Alex Walmsley is doing


well. Many of us were surprised he wasn't in the England 17 last week.


St Helens looking to build foundations here. They have a couple


of plays still to go with 15 yards to cover. Morgan. He will be held at


right there. Last play for St Helens. Best attacking position they


have been in for a while. Matty Smith, keeper extraordinaire. He


tries to measure it and does well but it bounces awkwardly. Referee


says play on. James Roby tries to make the tackle. You can see the


benefit of that tackle that. Ask the question on the right and then a


good kick. Tried to land it on Tom Holmes, one of the smallest


Castleford players, landing at right on his head. Challenging for the


ball. He has gone under the radar this year, hasn't he, Milner? The


enthusiasm man for Castleford but he is a man that leads the defensive


line, believe you me. I kick again from Gale, into the


corner. Putting it right there. Grace, what have you got? This is a


dart and a dive and he gets back to safety. Well done, the young winger.


They all look so comfortable. The ball has been stolen by Millington


who touches down! Pockets picked but not confirmed as a score yet.


Referee is going for the big screen. Were there too many in the tackle?


You think there might have been but we will get it definitively from the


video referee. OK. The decision is no try. We are checking whether the


ball is stolen two on one. In goes personal. Milner comes into the


attacker. -- in goes Mark Percival. Is Milner still holding? That


becomes a new tackle. The ball is stolen by Millington there. Have we


got another angle from the other side to see if any player is on him


when the ball is stolen? The line decision is no try. We are into a


new tackle and that is play on. Incomes Millington. He appears to


start to steal the ball. Jesse Sene-Lefao's arm is on him when the


ball comes out, so there would be two men in the tackle, so the


decision of no try would be correct. I am going to confirm the line


decision of no try. Penalty. That is such a lucky call for St Helens. The


hand came in, he lost the ball. A loose carry. That is so lucky for St


Helens. I think Daryl Powell's face says it all. I think it is the right


decision but only just. Instead of conceding potentially six points, St


Helens have got the penalty to clear the lines and remain at only ten. A


chance to rebuild again here. Mark Percival. James Roby. James Roby has


regained it this season. On the injury bench. Back on the inside.


James Roby goes left. Alex Walmsley with him once again. Trying to


wrestle the path clear. He needed a machete to get through those


Castleford players. Better from things. Smith. Alex Walmsley again.


No Swift pass. Throwing his body at the situation. Down he goes. Matty


Smith again. Again the cake. Again looking to measure it. Eden goes up


and in midair Morgan catches that ball away from the Castleford man.


No questions this time and St Helens have got their score. An referee


decisions, it is allowed try at one end -- an referee decisions, a


disallowed try at one end and now four points for them. There is


nothing in that. Very lucky. St Helens have not looked very


dangerous. Beautiful kick, well timed, that is try, simple as. An


excellent kick. Matty Smith really does put it on a sixpence. And I


like Morgan's attempt. He times it very well. Outstretched arms and a


good try. He didn't just jumped very high. He got in front, the winger,


and he brought it down. They haven't had any opportunities, going against


the run of play. But once they have got there, once the ball goes up and


it is competitive and to compete for it, anything can happen.


Mark Percival looking to narrow the gap to just four.


Plenty of expectation all around the Jungle as Mark Percival just puts it


wide. It remains 10-4. Disappointment in the eyes of the


Castleford players. Danny absolutely ripping into the Castleford players,


telling them to keep their eyes on the job. -- Daryl Powell ripping


into the players. He is making sure they are focused on the job at hand.


The coach is not happy. His assistant beside him. Robins of


discontent all around the stadium but St Helens fans will be


encouraged by what they have seen in the last three minutes. They will be


encouraged by that play but not by the fact that Ben Roberts has


entered the fray. He has swapped with Tom Holmes. He will be playing


with pivotal spot and he is a handful. We watch out for his left


foot, Ben Roberts, with his kicking game. Can Matty Smith unlock


Castleford's defence? Roberts will be similar. 40 metres out. Last play


here. Matty Smith again. Zak Hardaker. I is on the job. Simple


take. What comes next? The chase from things is good and very close


to the line. Castleford fans want a penalty for hanging on. His arm was


swinging. They have worked their way back into the game, St Helens. They


have caught them out, gaining field position and this is more like the


cup tie that we expected. They have got to keep them coming from deep.


Making Castleford work. Slightly different in their own 20 metre


area. The off-load came with a little one back towards Ben Roberts.


Gale with a kick, looking for a bit of territory here. A wonderful kick.


St Helens have got a job to do again. And it is being done superbly


well here. Wonderful break from Tom Makinson from behind his own life.


He is still going here, all the way to the halfway. What a recovery run


that was. And a penalty. As John said, they have certainly pulled


themselves back into this game. Holding possession, getting


position. That was a magnificent piece of individual play from Tom


Makinson. First of all the magnificent carry up to the halfway


line. Then urgency to bring the ball back into play, the quick play of


the ball, resulting in Castleford having a second effort. That one


play from behind their own line to 20 metres away from the Castleford


line. Great play. Matty Smith was barking out orders and instructions


to his team-mates before he kicked the ball out of play. They know what


comes next. A couple of settlers and then play as they try to drag


themselves back level. It is taken by Luke Douglas, the Scottish


international. What great formation they had last autumn. Matty Smith


again. Back into the hands of Tom Aikens -- Tom Makinson. Castleford's


defence has been much improved but this is the test. Can they withstand


the St Helens pressure? They try to take it in and create space. Roberts


all over him. Matty Smith back again. Thompson with an honest


effort. But only one play to go. A dummy! And very close, very, very


close. The referee? Does he think it is close enough question to be


asked? He does. Going to the video referee again. Again he says no try.


It is all about whether he hits the or not. Robert Hicks will give you


the answer. The line decision is no try. OK. Tackle. Looking to see if


the ball hits the line. Taia takes the ball. If we can go slow here?


Short. Dirty then go to the line with the ball? -- does he then go to


the line? That could be touching the line. In fact it is touching the


line. Can we take that replay back? It does hit the line. OK. Keep going


back. It has only got to touch the line. There we go. Go slowly now.


Does that ball then hit the line? The line decision is no try so I


need sufficient evidence to prove it has touched the line. The ball is


out of shot I haven't seen it hit the line yet. Have we any other


angle to show bit on the line? If you pause it there, that now is on


the line. Can I see it at full speed, please? Yes, please. I have


got to check now whether it is double movement so we have got to


see it at full speed. I am OK with that. I haven't got sufficient


evidence. The line decision is no try and I will go with a turnover.


I had a tape to say you can't argue with that decision. -- I hate to say


that you can't argue with that decision by Jonathan is poised. I


think the ball did touch the line, whether it is momentum or not. At


normal speed there is a bit of momentum there. I thought it was


either a try or a penalty to Castleford, one or the other. One or


the other, you are right. Saturday afternoon, watching rugby league and


arguing! I think if it was a try on the field, you would have given it.


That is how important the referee's call is on that occasion. Roberts


has entered the fray. And Junior Moors. Looking pretty strong. They


must be thinking that they have stolen momentum away from


Castleford. Put the big boys on. The kick is more than sufficient. Very


good. That is clever. That has taken this bit of a mentor that St Helens


had built. Rolling over the sideline, walking to the scrum,


getting oxygen in their lungs and composing themselves. Very clever


scrum. It shows how important it is to keep possession. Keep your


possession, finish the set, put pressure on the position and that is


what Saints have done. They haven't created a lot from the possession


but it has starved Castleford of being on the front foot. 12 times


Challenge Cup winners, St Helens. They haven't been in the final since


2008. Tough route to Wembley this year for them if they get there


because they have got to overcome the Castleford team. The last time


they played Castleford in the Challenge Cup was 1996 with a new


coach then, his first game in charge. They won the cup that year.


So that is important potentially. They have done all right here, St


Helens. Challenge Cup and Super League titles. Hunter Paul scored a


hat-trick at Wembley in 1996, didn't he? A couple of tackles to go for St


Helens. They are set fair, maybe. James Roby putting it to his right


and Amor. Amrit Karra is lost it will stop what it stolen? -- Kyle a


Amor lost it. Was it stolen? The referee says no. You can see that he


just lost control. That is what Saint have got to do. Stop the ball.


Bit of contention about whether Amor lost the ball. No contention here,


certainly. Mike McMeeken is looking to off-load and he just spills it.


Right decision. For everyone at Castleford, after ten minutes, they


were leading, and St Helens looked to be at sixes and sevens in defence


but it is a different cup tie now. Taken in by Morgan. John Keogh got


his Welsh debut for him. Creeping closer, St Helens. 13


minutes of the first half remaining. James Roby goes left. Step back by


Mark Percival. A couple of tackles still to go. St Helens less than ten


away. Matty Smith across the line. Amor, setting the platform for the


last play in the set. James Roby out of dummy half. Mark Percival trying


to crash over. Castleford in numbers. That was clever what


Castleford did, controlling the ball of the St Helens players. They were


happy to back their strength and their control to get that ten


metres. Not a bad place to finish. Some consolation for St Helens. It


leaves Castleford with a big job of getting downfield. Lost it, lost it.


St Helens have got it back again. The mistakes are being made by St


Helens in the start of the game. But a lot of the players have been


playing in the Castleford half now. The St Helens defence, they are


getting some numbers in the tackle, cutting down the space with the line


speed. Pretty good defence by Saint and they are earning these errors.


Kyle Amor has taken the ball right up the middle. He will be much


happier now. John Lowe was a three-time winner, so plenty of


Challenge Cup final pedigree. -- Sean Long. McCarthy-Scarsbrook will


get death penalty for the contact made on him. -- get a penalty. We


carried on regardless but the referee said it was not fair. Four


penalties conceded by Castleford but none by St Helens. That has changed


the momentum, it really has. James Roby, five attempts to have a really


big go on this Castleford line. But that is the Castleford response.


Great defence. Leading by example. Thompson looks to take it back from


worried game. Listen to the roaring from behind the sticks from the


Castleford fans, urging their side's defensive effort on. Taia, big and


strong, but Castleford players clambering all over him and pulling


him down. James Roby goes back to the middle. Matty Smith. Thompson.


Another thunderous hit. They are getting shoulders in the way of


things. The Castleford defenders. The last play. Matty Smith with a


kick again. Isolation for the winger there. And all he can do is catch


it. I think he caught it on the fall in his own area. The referee is


checking this. A big decision. I think it is a penalty. Yes, penalty.


Matty Smith will be disappointed. All the pressure was on. It is an


easy take. The referee has got it exactly right, just as you called


it. Everybody has been talking about how great Castleford are with the


ball in their hands. Daryl Powell will have enjoyed those last bits as


much as anything because they were in control defensively. If Swift had


held off, he would have pushed him into the area. I think on those


kicks, you have got to try and score. Nathan Massey is one of the


honest labourers. We have got a cup tie now! Junior Moors rumbling


forward. McShane. Gale. Zak Hardaker getting involved. Eight and a bit


minutes still to play. Nathan Massey running in hard. Already up to the


last. What are they trying to create here? Back with Roberts. A left


footed kick. And with the cat and nobody can stop him what he has got


his ball in his hands and Webster gets his second of the afternoon.


The precision of the boot of Ben Roberts. Determination in the air


from Jake Webster, meaning another Castleford try. We talked about


Roberts kicking and I think that is what was meant with the previous


one. Give him a bit more time in the hour. It allows Chase to time his


challenge. There is the penalty. And it is rightly a penalty. Swift


challenge. This one is lofted that bit higher. As it is higher, Webster


holds off, then accelerates, takes the ball and it is four points. When


it is a flatter kick, it is easier for the defence to gather it. On


this occasion, he can run and attack it. If it is hanging, it is very


difficult for the defender to jump. He has got to wait and wait. Just


watch. He is not sure. Because he is running towards it, it is easier for


the attacker. That is what you have got to do. On those occasions, the


kick is to score the try. I love it when you prove me wrong! I didn't


say anything! I will get you after. 14-4. 16? Never in doubt. Never in


doubt. Two out of three. 16-4. How do St Helens react now? Jon Wilkin


is on the field. How do they react? In a positive manner because they


scrapped their way back into the game. This isn't supposed to be


easy. There is a big prize at the end of it. Castleford look far more


threatening in attack. They have got to bring Tom Makinson, Swift and


Grace back into the attack somehow. The only weapon they have is the


kick. Castleford look so dangerous. Good defence by Mark Percival.


Nathan Massey. They are going wide again. Going wide again. What about


that pick up from Eden? He is away now and he looks for support with a


dummy. Great cover tackle. Absolutely vital tackle from James


Roby. Hangs on as long as he can. Here comes the flood, the tide,


washing up against the sea wall of St Helens as Webster is held up with


one tackle to go. But Shane goes right. Dummy, twist, turn, over the


line and touches down! Not the prettiest try you will ever see in


the end, that there was plenty to admire in the build-up. And never


mind the finish. Heal the force of the celebration from the Castleford


fans again. -- feel the force of the celebration. There is no other team


in Super League capable of scoring back-to-back tries. They have just


scored one so what do they do? They look to how may you and they look to


score once again. That is exactly what they did. Superb play. What


skill from Greg Eden. He picked that up from his bootlaces. What do you


do to get back in the team? What James Roby does. Work hard and


tackle well. Then a shift once again. This is when Kevin indicated


how important Paul McShane is. A canny old campaigner. Scanning,


scanning, scanning. Looking at where St Helens are weak. A little twist,


a little turn, four points. A very good finish again. They won't be


happy with the defence. But brilliant play. You can just feel


the confidence oozing from this Castleford side. Supportive players.


They are playing brilliant rugby. They are just smart, Jonathan, just


smart. Everyone feels comfortable with the ball in hand and that is


such a bonus. Brilliant pick up. Brilliant by Greg Eden.


27 tries they have scored this season. As he curled it wide? Yes.


Too much work on that. 20-4, Castleford with the lead. It was


clever. He virtually puts the player out there. Looking all the time. He


has got the ball with two hands, looking to pass it. He sees somebody


jump the line then he twists and turns his way over. Great try. It is


not enough just to tackle Mike McGeechan. You have got to get the


ball. Paul McShane was looking to get the ball as well. Here they go


again! Castleford are on fire. Roberts looks on the outside, goes


for the chip, Greg Minikin! Wow! Castleford! That tells you their


story. In 30 eye-catching seconds, you have got what Castleford are all


about. Razzle-dazzle, risk-taking, flamboyant, try scoring. You have


just got to sit back and admire it. The individual talent, the spotting.


Roberts picks a big forward up and he goes. Zak Hardaker on the inside.


He lives for him first and he could have gone but it is a beautiful get.


-- he looks for him first. That is not easy to do on the hoof. A


bouncing kick. And it is Greg Minikin. Back to back-to-back tries.


Great assessment by Roberts. James Roby was stopping that path on the


inside. He assessed the situation, rolled it onto his boot, trusted


Greg Minikin's pace and that is the end result, three tries in three


sets. They have reinvented rugby league!


Do you want to go through them all? Classic Castleford in the modern


age. Reinventing rugby league. Is there a rugby league team in the


world that's playing like this at the moment? Unless you're playing


against them, it's the best 80 minutes you can have, just sit back,


get a cup of tea, put your feet on the sofa and just enjoy it. So many


decision-makers, quick players, brilliant play. Brilliant ten


minutes. He's not got it right, to far right it started.


Body language is a lot to go by when things are going well and they are


not. St Helens players looking up the field, Paul Wellington getting


right into the players, making sure they get their heads back into this


game. How do you respond to this? If you're Paul Wellens, how do you


respond to this? They have to complete a defensive set. The last


three sets they've ended up with points against them. They have to


focus on this defensive set, not giving any penalties away and


executing the tackles and attempting to pressure the kicker. Stop the


off-load, they are on fire, they will chuck everything at them. You


have to be aggressive, pick support runners up. Just be in their face.


You can't just let them steam-roll you because they are too


comfortable. We've gone from cup tie to short time in three breathtaking


minutes here -- show time. Castleford the entertainers. McShane


left again, the step from Junior Murez. Just when you thought the


fringes were under threat. That fellow comes crashing to the middle.


It's going to be a drop goal. Everything comes out of the box.


Luke Gale with a drop goal. I was on to say what's the point of that,


it's one point. What is the point of that. Slow play of the ball. Four


sets, three tries and a drop goal. Just keep the scoreboard ticking


over. The ball was back. I can feel the DVD coming on. Three tries and a


drop goal. He hasn't kicked so well, the only downside of that


performance. Not made many conversions. I don't think he lacks


confidence! This time last year, Luke Gale, 13 appearances, one try,


43 goals. His 13th appearance this ten tries and so far 65 goals. 20


more goals than his gold, nine more tries than in the same period last


year. He makes things happen as well,. Gets near the posts like


every good half-backs. Here she is. Seize the gap and ashes into it.


Shenton holding him off if he can. Dragged back. Tackles to come. Gale


stepping again. Good step from McShane. Another of the big fellows.


Snisla Gale. Massey. Nathan Massey, if he's


got this it will be his first try of the season. The referee on the field


thinks it's a try. Is he going to be added to the list? The roll of


honour. He keeps hold of the ball all the


way to the right, it's in his hand and he has possession, still has


possession it goes out of shot. The ball is out of shot still in his


hands and that's a try. Can Miguel from the other angle if he gets his


hands all the way on it? Whilst he may lose it, he can get his hand


back on the ball before the line, still has his hands on that, that a


try, confirm the decision, it's a try. Wait for this cheer. We


wandered the Saints have any answers. The answer is no they


haven't. They had been cut to pieces by this Castleford attack. There is


the coach. Across the pitch before the half-time hooter sounds. What a


job he has done but what a job Luke Gale has done. That pass for Massey


was absolutely perfect. It invited Massey into that gap. Over it goes,


that will be the last action of the first half. Gale puts it over, 31-4.


He's a happy man, he deserves to be a happy man, they are happy fellers.


They have provided an answer to St Helens's fightback when it came and


they responded in unbelievable fashion. Michael Shenton is now


speaking with us. Tough first half but when you look at the scoreboard


how happy are you? We knew it would be a tough battle against Saints,


one of the best teams. We wanted a fast start and we got that. You just


ploughed away for 15 minutes at the end. Once we got on the role, we


kept executing. Real positive first half but big 40 minutes to go.


Castleford, remarkable half. Particular remarkable last ten


minutes on the first half. They lead 31-4 and we can assure you various


stats from the first half, although whatever stands you see probably,


Castleford with more possession, territory. Conceded more penalties


and when they conceded the penalties, it was when Castleford


fans were at their most nervous. Sam Tomkins, the one thing it doesn't


show is that approaching the half-hour, they were only 10-4 up


and they have blitzed St Helens in the last ten minutes. A period in


the middle of the first half when the tide was turning, it was with


Saints and spending a bit of time on the Castleford line. The longer it


stays like this the more likely they were looking. Elect Castleford off


the hook, Adam Swist in the corner with a silly penalty. Someday let


that shouldn't be giving penalties like that. They kick the ball ten


metres downfield and go from there. You could just start to feel a few


nerves around Castleford fans and that will come when you are 10-4 up


and you're scoring 50 pints a week and you are not doing it for a


period then they started to get nervous. I thought that was


incredible. Great performance. 10-4 when the try gets chalked off, you


think Saints are in the game and then they bring on Ben Roberts who


had a massive influence in the second part of the first half. When


the stats came up, completion rate for St Helens, 43%. If you're going


to play a conservative style of football, 43% doesn't do it. If you


throw the ball about, you can maybe get away with it, not playing


conservatively. When we go through the tries and there are a lot to go


through and we start with the Shenton try. A tweet came into as


saying it's another shocking defensive performance from Saints,


they have to close the gaps in the line. Is that fair or not giving


Castleford enough credit? It's a fair reflection, what happened in


the last ten minutes of the first half we'll talk about later about


momentum and managing the game but there are some decisions being made


by certain defenders and they don't do it purposely, shape and speed


thrown at them. Just happens to be that this is a poor read from


Morgan, the centre. Looking at the inside and what might happen on the


inside because they are man on man, have enough defenders to make a play


and Shenton bounces outside the defender. The next time he sees it,


Shenton is over the line. Shenton has halted his line and bounced out,


running the outline and left him for dead and Morgan is looking to the


inside to the ball carrier and gets caught called. Machis has done


everything you would want him to do, gone off the lead and Luke Gale put


him under pressure, three on three. -- Matty Smith has done everything.


Smith with the first two IC has got. This is big on little. He gets too


far in front of St Helens defensive line which leads him on Jake Webster


who is huge. He needs all the help he can get and it's interesting to


see big on small. Stop there, Percival has got in front of it.


Webster can't help pages in relation to the defence -- Fages. He can't


make the decision to go out to stop the sweeping play around the back. I


think Jake Webster on Fages is a mismatch at any time. That's another


poor defensive read. The past selection from Castleford today has


been outstanding. Great width from Paul McShane, the wide pass through


either of the haves and on the back of that they have had options and


picking the right pass every time. At that point we were thinking that


Saints would get blitzed away but they got back into it, Ryan Morgan


got his try. They got straight back into it by doing the simple things


right. Cat although the ball for a few cents, they didn't try to score


on every single play. Matty Smith, the perfect kick a great catch. That


got them straight back into it. We were talking earlier on, that kicks


selection, just inside where the winger is. The winner has to make an


effort to come. Later on with the Castleford try. If that kick as a


metre shorter or further it's not a try. Perfect kick and catch. That


emphasises the fine margins in kicking. We will look two kicks know


on which the game could have turned. It did turn in that half. Matty


Smith with a poor kick and Ben Roberts on the kick that led to


Castleford's next try. I think it's a very good kick, just the decision


from Swift to make the tackle on Greg Egan whilst he in the air and


that gives away penalty. The kick is a very good one. On the flip side,


Ben Roberts puts this click right above Fages, we seen a real change


in kicks selection from halves. Instead of clicking on the double


winners, the kick on top of the opposite haves because they tend to


be shorter in stature. That's bigger big difference in the game? The


turnaround from that penalty and then to concede the try, that give


the advantage to Castleford and St Helens seem to crumble on the back


of that. That it allowed try at one end and scoring a try at the other


end gave Castleford the start and momentum for the last ten minutes


and we all thought, was it four tries, in 6 cents. Wow. In six sets.


You have to give manage. If they score one they are looking to be


more expensive, they will find the off-load and I thought defensively


St Helens could not build a defensive set to get them back into


the game to kick the ball as they did for the middle 20 minutes of the


half, they ground their way in there and got to the right end of the


field and were in the game at 10-4. The game is gone now those of the


last ten minutes and at times their reluctance to not defend and not


even making these decisions defensively. We will see the McShane


try in the run-off prize at the end and four sets of defenders scrambled


back to make a huge play but it is cup tie football, trapdoor football.


You have to be better than that. Let's look at the Paul McShane try.


You mentioned it pre-match but Saints have to take responsibility


for this. A lot of the good play from Castleford today has come from.


This is the break first. Great pick-up from Eden. When he's in


dummy half he's got a shimmy, step, spin, he asks questions. When he


gets here he ends up being too strong and has the presence of mind


to put the ball over the line. Here he comes out into the picture. You


can see, Brian, there are six defenders, four and round him. Take


nothing away from Paul McShane's progress, strong and quick and he


will take any opportunity because he is a sniping little half-backs,


hooker but four defenders at the end of the day and you would expect


that... Soft dry. When the preview this game they would have previewed


Paul McShane, he's short, stocky and really strong. When Saints review


this game they will be asking questions about the defending


because that would have come of this week in preparation. Let's have a


look at the Minikin try it happened below us. Had all of us applauding.


It's what you want to see, great rugby league. One-on-one and he's


looking around for somebody to pasta, cannot find them and to be


running at that speed and to put a kick in that accurately is a tough


thing to do but makes it very easy. Ben Roberts introduction was a


masterstroke. Saints were right in the game and he has come on and


sparked them up. I cannot praise Ben Robertson. These people have kicked


the regularly in rugby league. I never got anywhere near that speed


but to run at a speed to kick the ball with such accuracy is a skill


in itself and we cannot praise enough because basically he has to


pick the ball up and put it down. We will see the Massey try as well


which was Castleford's six of the half. Is it too simplistic to say


that Saints are shell-shocked? They have been blown away. If this is the


first minute of the game they don't score the try. Saints have got


energy, concluded that 40% and defended a lot. At this point they


will be blowing pretty hard and it doesn't look like your defensive


line is as you wanted. Although it was a decent try, I think it was a


build-up of the last ten minutes of that game which made Saints defence


soberly. That was a Saints try from ten years ago. It has been role


reversal tonight. Castleford have been brilliant. Jon Wilkin didn't


actually come on until half an hour of that half and here is what we


could broadcast from his microphone during the last 40 minutes.


Old school shirt. What year is that from? It's your mums. Borrowed it


from your mum. We've got a job on here, this bench. Now let's go,


boys. Keep going, do that exact same play again. Here go, this is what


you get. This is what you get. Good stint.


Brian Noble, what do you say in the dressing room at half-time after a


last ten minutes like that? There's an element of shock, you have to


find a couple of things you can Bath the second half on. Got to get into


position. When they are in decent position, Castleford were defending


well. If they get one try, Saints, they will think they can compete in


this game. They have nothing to lose. We'll be be more expensive or


give a suffered more opportunities? They have two of their element of


control with the ball. They have to stay disciplined. They have been


reasonably disciplined and they have to find three things you can hang


your hat on and give them relief to go out there and if this happens, if


you prepared to invest in this side of the game, you have a chance but


you have to defend better than they have. Daryl Powell is out of the


dressing room and is with Tanya. I pleased were you with the first hour


from your site? Particularly the last 15-20 minute we were awesome.


Got into a battle when Saints got on top but found our way out of it and


some of the attacking play was sublime times. First ten minutes


will be keynote, we have to start well and not give St Helens a sniff


that there is something there for them. Do you feel the key is with


your site and errors and things like that? I thought that all along, if


we were on our game perhaps we would be too good. People always saying


never write St Helens off and we won't be doing that.


Thank you very much to Daryl Powell for talking to us at half-time. All


the other sports coming your way. I know Italy is your favourite, you


love the Italian entry. I went for Finland! Castleford Tigers St


Helens. 1986 the last ten Castleford won the Challenge Cup final itself.


They were in the final in 2014 and lost that day against Kevin


Sinfield's Leeds side. 23-10. They didn't have sufficient belief going


into that Wembley final. If they make it to Wembley this year,


they'll have belief. That is taken as read. The way the club has


evolves, the way the team has evolved. There is an indication


straightaway in the second half, early in the tackle count, right on


their own line, they shift the ball. Is the ability to vary their play.


The distribution that they have. Everyone is comfortable. They take


it up and they go wide and the yardage, getting most tackles. Makes


it such an easy kicking game for the half-backs. Up on tackle five. On


the sixth. The young fellow was back on. Tom Holmes and another young


fellow up there will catch it and not able to keep it in play. The


pressure on him. We talked about Robertson 's kicking. Pretty


standard for Castleford. Putting the ball into the corner. If you catch


anywhere near the sidelines you get walloped. When he went over the


sideline, I don't know. Might have been dealt a rotten hand, Reagan


Grace. Very unlucky. Castleford fans watching will wonder if Grant


Millington had been given that, for example. You think Ben Roberts...


It's been seen that he's done enough. A bit of a reach from Gale


from Sene-Lefao. The St Helens defence continuing to work. Pushed


in. It's with Cook pushing hard. Gale


left. Shenton stands. St Helens players round him up and put him


down. McShane threatening again. Webster coming from deep, into the


hands of Minikin. Looks like St Helens are in constant scramble


defence mode. Scrambling everywhere to keep the Tigers out. Sean go from


Junior Moors. Takes something to get him closer to the line then he would


have wanted. Gale is going to go himself. The ball comes free.


Hardaker flicks it back. This step and well, has he touched it down?


Was there an issue in the build-up as well? He thinks try. Looking at


the grounding potentially. Let's hear from the video referee. First


to check the flawed and whether the tackle is complete. We will have to


work out, Gale had the ball, whether his elbow at the four and whether he


has off-loaded. I could do with that replay again


slower so I can see it all from further back. Gale has the ball, he


goes towards the floor, his arm doesn't hit the floor on that


replay, he's still up. It is still up and appears to off-load. Doesn't


off-load backwards and then is the St Helens man. Wasn't tackle but


there could be a knock-on, so we have to check if you lose is it


forward or back. From the site we might be able to tell. The live


decision was tried, so Gale reaches out, he then doesn't hit the floor,


the ball comes out it then appears to be lost into the St Helens man.


Can we have that one again? The live decision is tried, so we need


sufficient evidence to prove it when forward. Gale has the ball there.


Starting to reach back and reach back and he loses it back into a


Saints man and then backwards again, that's play on. I just won the


grounding now please. It's about whether Egan goes into touch. He's


in the ear, grabs the ball, that's a try. -- he is in the air. 16th try


of the season for Greg Eden. Only his 14th appearance. Seventh try of


the afternoon for Castleford, six different try scorers. Again, you


have to look at it, the half-backs goes on, you have to wrap that all


up. It's another off-load, brilliant finish by Eden. I agree with John,


it's as if they're scrambling all the time in this game. They knew


Castleford would throw everything at them, they knew they are playing a


fold of confidence. So many tries, you have to get in their faces,


chuck them on the floor, hold them down, take support runners. Yes,


it's not legal, it doesn't matter, you have to win the game and in


their faces and be aggressive. They are so passive. They are just


struggling. Great athleticism there from Eden brilliant finish. Another


spectacular finish. It's like Castleford are on fast forward and


St Helens on normal play. Just for anybody wondering, corner flags


don't count these days. There is a knock-on. Minikin for the second


time of the game is furious with that decision. He needs to be


careful. Could be giving a penalty away here. Got a bit of reaction


from that, it's going to be a penalty. Basingstoke on Minikin --


Basingstoke on Minikin has given away the penalty. It's a penalty


because of his reaction. McCarthy-Scarsbrook drives it in.


Smith. Left without it and McShane instantly looking to try and launch


something forward. Ambitions quashed by the reaction of Fages.


Sene-Lefao. Thumping tackle in the back. This is meant to be a long


second half for the Saints players, management and supporters. Junior


Moors on the ground again. Doesn't mind taking passengers with him.


Lovely. Wants to catch it, wants to play. The referee says play on. I


think it was unnecessary what he did, he pulled the St Helens player


away from the ruck area. That may well be part of his frustration from


his early last ball but it was a little petulant. Just pulled him


away and it's cost Castleford here a great attacking position.


Six penalties conceded, the penalty count normally would suggest you are


reading by 35 - four -- the penalty count wouldn't suggest you are


leading 35-4. Hill indicates a couple of things, Castleford can't


defend and when -- Castleford can defend them when they get the ball,


they are pretty ruthless. Smith has given it to nobody. He's away


Minikin. Support from Holmes. For the corner. Swift living up to his


name but Holmes rolls over and touches down. Is this going to be


given? We're off upstairs again to the video referee. Now try, in


touch, he thinks. We will hear from the video referee again.


We'll check each runs the ball. He's sure there and has momentum, we have


two check if it takes him with them. Whether his feet go into touch. He's


in touch, we don't need to go any further than that. He's in touch so


it will be now try. Scrum. That passage of play sums again up


for me. Poor passing from St Helens and then they get down the field.


The execution is bought by St Helens and they don't look creative. A pat


on the back for the wingers there. Swift continued the good work and


put Tom Holmes into touch. Something to build on that in terms of spirit


for the Saints. The World Cup will be on BBC TV at


the end of this year of course. November to December.


Wilkin. Amor! Look at the body language. You don't need a


microphone to tell what Jon Wilkin is thinking. Restoration would sum


it up best. -- frustration would sum it up best.


Well, Justin Holbrook might be watching this. He will think, my


word, I have got a job on. I think he has gone to bed now!


Paul McShane. Mike McMeeken tackle. Keeping it alive. Dale puts it over


the top. -- Gale puts it over the top and in he goes again! Second try


of the half, second of the game. Easy, easy is the chart. Easy on the


eye? Very definitely. Easy to execute. You need very high skill


levels but that is what Castleford have got. It is difficult to execute


those skills as accurately as they are doing. The other thing that


Castleford have got is decision-making. Superb. That is the


header from Jon Wilkin to Gale. It gave the position. They are looking


to come from the right-hand side. There it goes again. This is what I


mean about execution and decision making. He sees where the space is


and he nails the pass for Greg Eden. Superb pass and great finish. They


will try and off-load it every time there is an opportunity. They chuck


it out the back door and it goes to ground, twice. Defence is dragged


in. A beautiful pass. The execution has been brilliant this afternoon by


Castleford. Top scorer this year in the top flight, Greg Eden. There


will be plenty more. Plenty more this afternoon if St Helens don't


tighten up. He steadied himself again. Has he found the range this


time? Yes, he has. His fourth success out of eight. 41-4. What do


you say, Robbie? Interesting changing dynamics on the last time I


was on screen. And how the St Helens players are dealing with it. Nobody


talking and everybody looking at the field. They know Castleford are


white hot and they have just got to hold on. Have you noticed Robbie is


getting slower and his delivery is more breathless? I will leave that


with you! 41-4! A proper cup tie after 30 minutes played. It was


really close, know this stuff, 10-4 at that stage. When you see the


draw, Castleford have lucked out and St Helens, you salivate and you


think it will be tough and tight and it could go either way. But the guys


have struggled. Any eight minutes before the break and the ten minutes


after it, they have scored 31 unanswered points. -- in the eight


minutes. Luke Gale is off again! Take your pick but he took the wrong


pick. He thought he could do it himself. If he had passed, it would


have been a Greg Eden hat-trick. Probably the only thing he has done


wrong all afternoon except missing those goal kicks. This fellow can


fly given half a chance. Alex Walmsley.


An occasion where we have not been able to admire the brilliance of


Alex Walmsley because of his side in general. Another pass. That is the


difference, the execution and the passing. Castleford make it look


easy because it is absolutely on the nail and St Helens are looking


scruffy. Wilkin. Watching it come down. We had decided to twist on


that and let someone else take responsibility. The bounds of the


ball takes it out of play. -- the bounce of the ball takes it out of


play. The first thing that Justin Holbrook will have to do is lift the


spirits of this team. And the fans. By doing it with the team will make


it happen with the fans as well. Their body language, it just looks


like a dispirited group of people. There is no sharpness, no control


from half-backs. They have a new tradition, they play a song, and


usually it is a boy of celebration from the fans. Webster comes an with


great sticking to him like a lipid and pulling him down. -- Webster


comes on with Grace sticking to him like a limp limpet.


Jesse Sene-Lefao is caught but not with the ball. The chase is on. Zak


Hardaker after it. Was he knocked out of the way? Yes. Obstructed on


his way through and penalty for Castleford underneath the sticks.


Shoulder charged off the ball. That is what I mean about the


decision-making. We saw it with Roberts's kick. Just before the Luke


Gale try. They got the ball behind them. It is good decision-making but


I doubt that he would have got there. Usain Bolt wouldn't have got


to bed. Theatrical dive, good decision and they have got


possession back. You can't use your shoulder, whatever the situation. It


is like watching the Harlem globetrotter is at times.


Eden to Gale. Tom Holmes across to Mike McMeeken. Arms pinned to his


chest. The quickest player of the born-again. Millington, Gale, the


path picked up by Greg Eden. Greg Eden's fires inside. Zak Hardaker to


Webster, Webster injects. Hanging on. They have got the number here


down the right-hand side. They might have the numbers but not the


wherewithal on that occasion. Final play to go. Luke Gale from a


standing start. Touched by a St Helens player on the way through.


When Morgan takes it, he knows he has got to take it out of play.


The Castleford fans are really enjoying their afternoon. You can


see what Luke Gale was trying to do with that kick. The bit short but it


ricocheted off the Saints. 20 off-loads by Castleford and 19 by


Saints. But you can see the support play in the second wave of attack,


that is the difference between Castleford and St Helens. And the


decision-making. Castleford's off-loads have been really creative


and they have asked questions of the Saints defence consistently. Luke


Gale stoops and collectors. Zak Hardaker gets away. Eden back


towards the middle. Gale begins his scamper. Over the top. Greg Minikin


finds Grace in his face. A bit of attitude still in the St Helens


defensive line and there has got to be. Shoulders in and charge. Two


tackles to go in set. Like a boiling pan of water. Will it bubble over?


Tom Holmes. Collection again. Last play. Webster trying to overload the


numbers. Into the knees of Theo Fages. I think that was an


accidental offside. A variety of play. The whip, the passing, the


off-loads, but when they need to go forward, the forward sticks it under


the arm and takes it in. Round the back with a knock-on. It


is Tom Makinson. That is what the offside was. Castleford double the


amount of metres that St Helens have made. It is reflected mostly in the


scoreboard. 40% set completion has now dropped to 37. Threatening to


carry the defenders with him. He has to play the ball. Sometimes in


training you have got to attack the defence and it seems like that is


what it is. Mike McMeeken, he has given it to the wrong fellow. No


advantage to St Helens. Brief respite there! Forward as well, Mike


McMeeken. I suppose they can take the chance, or chances. They are


certainly going into the bag for the next round. The draw is after that


game tomorrow, by the way, Warrington and Widnes. You can see


that on the Super League Show on Tuesday, the 23rd of May, a week on


Tuesday after that Magic Weekend in Newcastle, and don't forget the


podcast as well every Monday afternoon.


They have barely been out of their own half, Saints. It is just


defence. I am certain that Daryl Powell will be very interested now


in Castleford's attitude and application when St Helens have got


the ball. James Roby, and was there a touch by


Mike McMeeken? Yes. An advantage play, if you like, where they can


take a risk because if it doesn't come off, they just go back to the


advantage of getting ahead and the scrum. There is an indication of the


difference between the two. When Castleford get the free play, they


use it as a run in play, and put the ball through hands, but that was


just an aimless kick. Nothing was ever going to come from that.


Sets completed, it isn't always true science. Castleford will not


complete as many as others because they take more risks and they score


more tries and they do make mistakes, but I think St Helens have


only completed eight out of 21. Terrible statistics from their point


of view. Fages with a short pass. Webster came over the line


anticipating. The ball has gone to ground. The referee says it has not


gone. First to St Helens. Castleford celebrate that moment of the


defensive when. It will mean a lot to them. When the ball went loose,


just look at the urgency of the Castleford players to claim that


loose ball. Good work here by Tom Holmes. The ball goes free and


Castleford look hungrier of the two but they are 41 points up. Greg


Minikin made his name in the Challenge Cup in his debut for


Europe against Catalan a few years ago, in 2013. He had a really good


game and that is when he got a lot of people's attention and ended up


signing for Castleford. Penalty for Castleford. I believe he played for


York against St Helens and Jon Wilkin identified him as a talent to


watch and he really is. He has developed, hasn't he? Great kick,


that. Big kick. I suppose he has done everything else, hasn't he?


Luke Gale may as well put one in. 18 minutes of the game remaining and


Castleford with their entertainment heads on will feel they have got


more razzle-dazzle moments to produce on. On their way to the


quarterfinals of the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup. Greg Minikin pops it


back. It is a hat-trick! A second-half hat-trick for Greg Eden.


When you are on the end of play that comes his way, sometimes it is


simple to score tries and that was one of those moments. He is a great


finisher and he just had to be in the right place at the right time on


that occasion. I think he does a lot to enhance the attacking play. He is


always a threat. A high shot in the face, beautiful kick by Luke Gale.


Just watch Zak Hardaker in the back. Bang. That visit. We have the


option. The blaze at Bob. He creates the extra man and he has done that


on numerous occasions. All of that is done without breaking stride. To


the front of the player, straight into the hands, and they don't break


stride. That space down the outside. They keep their depth. If they need


to be flagged, they are flagged, but lovely give and take by Michael


Shenton. The coaches are enjoying himself. He can relax and enjoy the


last minutes. -- the coach is enjoying himself. Daryl Powell


probably never thought he would have 20 minutes of playing against St


Helens. Today he can. They took Leeds and Wigan apart. They have


taken a few people apart. They certainly have. Kicking boots back


on. Five out of nine. Greg Eden is a hat-trick hero. Three tries, all in


a second-half. One or two have taken some finishing. One or two have been


provided on a plate. It doesn't matter how you get there as long as


you get there. He has now got 18 tries for the season. It must be a


dream to play on the left wing for Castleford. They have such a great


left side with Luke Gale and Zak Hardaker and Michael Shenton is a


quality centre. The wing man, so long as you hold your safe, you are


quick and acrobatic, you will score if you tries. Run-ins as well,


aren't they? -- you will score a few tries. What was the most you scored


in a season? I don't know, tell you the truth! It has been tremendous


since Daryl Powell has been here. The structure and the shape and the


execution that Castleford have got, and the decision-making. Changing


the subject very quickly. Better side than he ever produced on the


field! To deep? Yes. A friendly bump from behind by Paul McShane. St


Helens are hurting. This is the end of their cup run. It is not a Super


League defeat that they can bounce back from next week. It is over. For


me there hasn't been the edge. If you come in here top of the table,


you have got to have some dog about you and you need to do whatever it


takes to knock them out of their stride and I think they have been


too nice. A major rebuilding process to go on at St Helens with the new


coach, Justin Holbrook coming in in the next couple of weeks. The


coaches holding the reins can only look on. They both remain at the


club along with Derek trainer, who has been responsible for the academy


and he has done a great job. He will carry on doing that. It is the main


man Justin Holbrook who will have the big job on his hands. James Roby


at dummy half goes back to Smith and Fages. How many times have we seen


that over the season? It puts pressure on when the centres are


working hard like that. Forward pass. Great things he is over to


score a try but it was a forward pass. -- Grace thinks he is over.


Forward pass? No way! But her dad said forward pass. You


have to feel for the Saints players. You're under the glare of national


television. You're just getting walloped.


Here goes the other winger, Minikin. Reaching out for him, cannot put a


hand on him. Minikin is underneath the posts. The procession continues.


It's quite a gala day at the Jungle today. Castleford, I think it's


their tenth trial of the afternoon. They are romping to victory.


Beautiful pass, I think it is Tom Holmes. The quickness of the hand


just tax it in. The beautiful pass. The skills, the quality of the


skill. Bang, bang, gone. Has a lot to do. Poor communication. Slips


three defenders and he's away. Greg Eden on the left wing and Minikin on


the right. Anything you can do, I can do better. Cracking finish,


shows pace, power, the termination. Marvellous try, these two wingers


are on fire. Combined total of 33 tries this


Castleford's 40th game of the season. Gale looking to add another


two. One of the simpler kicks, right under the sticks. Castleford playing


with a huge smile on their faces. Got a lot to do. You have to


communicate. Shows on the inside, Burns you for pace. The matter how


good Castleford are, one of the purist Saints side I've ever seen.


Nothing in attack and nothing in defence. There's a lot of rebuilding


to do here. Matty Smith is going short. Trying to get the ball back


but all he has done is give Castleford possession. Prodigious


leap. Webster now. Matt Cooke. We have waxed lyrical


about the three quarters on the half-backs. Those men in the middle


do a good job as well. They get them forward with purpose and play the


ball quickly and they find a space for the hookers and the half-backs


to play. Andy Lynch, 37 years of age. Still one of the most effective


props in the game. There are big side. We saw the line-ups. Very big


side. Pumps it back to Gale. St Helens on the chase. Adam Swift has


it, trying to get out of the in-goal area. Back to the relative safety of


the field of play. Another set of six to get themselves downfield.


Trying to find some space betwixt and between the back three.


The ground is strangely quiet. Just waiting for the next try. Especially


with the quality football they are playing. Sunday afternoon,


entertaining. Ready for the big celebration at the end, I think.


Gale, ball carried in one hand, Shenton is there to take it. Inside


and out of Wilkin. The game is on again. With the real honest


endeavour. They're always ready to go, with every play. He's back


there, bit of space. Cover the space quickly, almost got away. He just


had his. Saints's turn to take the ball quickly.


Angle right down the middle. It's Morgan. Wrapped up and slow down.


Now it's Matty Smith. Jon Wilkin. Taia is the go to man. He looks the


only threatening runner they have got. Basically against Tom Holmes


and there is a big difference in stature. He is off-loading their and


creating some problems. Castleford defensively are very good. Clear


push. Let's see if they can defend their own line. That was on Morgan.


Just ensuring that there is no further repeat of the first-half


try. Can St Helens find a way over here


to lift their spirits. Douglas is in! They St Helens fans celebrate as


though it was a matchwinner. Even the Castleford fans are applauding


that. Irony and sarcasm from one end to the other. Shenton giving away


the penalty and great field position for St Helens. You felt if they were


going to score it was either a kick or a clothesline barge over. That's


exactly what has happened. The kick goes over as well. Taking St Helens


into double figures. They have ten points. The other lot have got 53.


Five and a half minutes to go. Some reward for the big prop forward but


it's been basically an onslaught by the Castleford attack. Efficiency in


the Castleford defence to snuff out anything that Saints have had. Zach


Hardaker with the restart, Castleford stung but having conceded


but still leading by 53-10. Pi will drive it through. Taia will drive it


through. A Amor picks himself up. Pryor to the


left-hand side, Little step. Douglas is driving it in. Trying to


finish the game with a little bit of restored pride. He didn't play that.


Belated from the referee but fairly obvious. The touch judge said it was


a knock-on. It's been a great collective effort. Could have given


it to anyone of them. Challenge Cup mile of the match,


Luke Gale. Ben Roberts was fantastic for about 20 minutes he was out


there. Luke Gale has just been in amongst everything.


Hardaker is hurt. Little bit of late concern here.


Pretty sure Daryl Powell, they have won the game, he can get to the game


and not finishes with injuries. This will be a concern. We were going to


show you the replay but we had a look at it and it's just a little


bit too graphic. A bend against the normality of biology. The


ex-professional player himself out there. Current England physio. Will


look at Nick -- more make sure he's looked after.


Gets caught. I'm sure the coach will be indicating who he wants to


interchange. And what amendments he has to make to his team for that. He


is being helped off. There will be some encouragement at the way he's


going off. Andy Lynch taking won towards the


halfway line. Another moment of sparkle to be produced by Castleford


at the end of the game? Do St Helens show some backbone? Luke Gale stands


and waits, Andy Lynch to his right. Here comes the last play. What is in


the locker this time? Luke Gale with another kick into the pocket. It


doesn't hold up. Seven tackle play back on the 20 metres. Two and a


half minutes to go. Don't forget the Warrington Widnes game tomorrow. It


should be cracking. The guys in amber and Black have really put a


marker down in this competition. They are saying we are interested in


this. We fancy a trip to Wembley and we fancy a successful trip to


Wembley. It will take a good aggressive defensive effort to stop


them. Three tackles to go as Fages goes


down the blindside. Running into a brick wall but they keep it alive.


Smith. Richards. Smith. Back to Jon Wilkin. This is nice. Richards


again. Fages nearly smuggles through. Play on. The quarterbacks


pass from Jesse Sene-Lefao to the near side. The news we are getting


an Zak Hardaker is ligament damage but we are not sure how serious.


A bit of nonsense going on. There we go. Ankle. Yes, the pizzas are


ready. Not a bad dressing room to be in. You have won the game, cup tie,


and you get a pizza! But Zak Hardaker is not too happy at the


moment with that ligament damage. Paul McShane. Jesse Sene-Lefao. Adam


Milner. The crowd response to that pass. Trying to duck through.


Carries it. Back to Paul McShane. Walking start. Jesse Sene-Lefao how.


Michael Shenton has to go on his own because his winger has disappeared.


Down the middle. Paul McShane was aware of the time


on the clock there. Absolutely right. 80 minutes. It has been


joyous and jubilant as far as Castleford are concerned. Big job


ahead for Justin Holbrook, the new St Helens coach. They are out of the


Ladbrokes Challenge Cup for another year. Castleford are in the


quarterfinals and Daryl Powell can reflect on what has been another


wonderful performance by his side. Another in a catalogue of great


performances this season. 53-10 and ten tries scored. When the draw was


made, you thought it was a tricky one for Castleford. They are riding


on a crest of a way that the top of the Super League, yes, but they


dispatched St Helens very clinically. Great attacking play. If


they can keep their players fit and healthy, they have set a marker and


they will be very difficult to beat in this knockout competition. We


could comment on St Helens but we have got to compliment Castleford on


their excellence. They have been first class. Luke Gale is with


Tanya. You look like you had fun out there, you guys. We are just a group


of fellows who enjoy playing footie together. We have fun at training


and we bring it onto the as well. Our standout performance and that is


what we have got in the locker. What pleases you more, the point or the


defensive performance? Last year we were criticised by our defence and


we knew we had to improve on our defence that we have done that but


we do enjoy throwing the ball about. You can tell from our performance.


What a couple of weeks for you, playing for England, great


performance. How do you sum up the last few weeks? Read few weeks. Went


and got a suntan. -- great few weeks. We have backed it up today.


Very happy for the boys. A special group of players down here and


hopefully we can go a long way in this competition. Another 50 points


racked up. We like to send the fans home happy. These fans are great. A


special shout out to them. We can hear them now. They are fantastic.


Well played. Thank you. I am not sure what to say to you. What was it


like out there for you? Firstly congratulations to Castleford. They


have been exceptional all year and they have really set the standard


and they have played an exciting brand of rugby. Credit to


Castleford. The Castleford of old is back. All credit to them because


they were exceptional and Daryl Powell has done an amazing job with


the team. They will go a long way in this cup and also in Super League.


From our perspective... It is a long road ahead for you guys with the new


coach coming in. It doesn't get much worse than we are at the moment. In


15 years at the time, this is the lowest point. Will that be the


toughest job for him, picking you guys up? It is a big job, huge job.


At the moment confidence is gone and self belief disappears and then you


are in that negative spiral and we are not at the moment and we can't


get out and we need something to break it. -- we are in that at the


moment. Castleford have turned us over in good style and they were the


better side all day and we need some self reflection. We have got some


really hard work to do, to be honest, the honest answer. I


appreciate your time. A gutted Jon Wilkin shakes Robbie's


hand as he goes off the pitch. This is the sport coming your way on the


BBC. We are going to move to the red forum very shortly. #BBCRL if you


want to get involved. Sam, Castleford have polled 50


points on Leeds, Huddersfield, Wigan and Saints of the season. That is


some record. Everyone has said it, Plassey Castleford. They threw the


ball around really well. We touched on it earlier. The defence has


improved. The only reason they get him a chance to throw the ball


around is because the defence is solid as well. Plenty more


discussion of reaction on the red forum. But you can see how


devastated Jon Wilkin was. This is big work for the new coach at


Saints. I thought he spoke eloquently about, especially off the


back of that defeat. You talk about confidence and self belief. They


need to work hard and try and get it back. Don't address made a difficult


it was coming here at this moment. 50 points on most teams this year.


-- don't underestimate how difficult it was coming here at this moment.


There is so much rugby league coming your way in 2017.


Mark Chapman presents live coverage of the Challenge Cup sixth-round clash between Castleford and St Helens. Joining Brian Noble and Jonathan Davies is former Leeds and England captain Kevin Sinfield. Reporting is Tanya Arnold, with Dave Woods providing the commentary.