Sixth Round: Warrington v Widnes Rugby League: Challenge Cup

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Sixth Round: Warrington v Widnes

Tanya Arnold presents live coverage of Warrington v Widnes. The draw for the quarter-finals follows the match.

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Warrington. Widnes. Two towns, six miles apart. One love, rugby league.


Warrington pressing all the time. This is for the try! The rivalry is


fierce. Passionate. Sometimes brutal. I should know. I played for


both clubs. Against both clubs. I don't think I ever lost in this


derby. Today, there will be no quarter given and no quarter asked.


With so much at stake. Warrington at their near neighbours Widnes...


Expect fireworks. Welcome to Warrington who are


hosting their noisy neighbours, six miles away, it's Widnes and it's one


of the few fixtures that we can take Jonathan Davies to Andy can walk


around the ground and not get too much abuse from anybody. We have


coming up the Derby between Warrington and Widnes, the game


kicks off at 3pm. After the match, here, we will have the draw for the


quarterfinal. We will then have the rugby league forum over on the BBC


sport website, but if you want an little bit of athletics, stay tuned


to BBC Two where they will have the highlights of the diamond lead from


Shanghai. Jonathan Davies is with us alongside


John, what is so special about this match? It's the proximity of the two


towns, six miles, the home supporters work together, they live


next door to each other. It's special and a lot of players have


gone from one club to the other, and the rivalry is very intense. It's


been a tough start of the season for both of these clubs, it seems


strange to say it in May but is this the best chance of getting


silverware? Certainly they will have highlighted the Challenge Cup as a


great chance, for Widnes, a bad season, they are bottom of the Super


League. Warrington are inconsistent in their start in Super League. So


they will be looking to get back to Wembley. Tony Smith is a big fan of


this competition. They will be highly motivated, both sides today.


You see the old school in motion and grit and determination in those


clips. We'd love to see that in the match today. In a moment we will run


you through the results from Round 6 so far. But let's look back on


yesterday's match when St Helens went to Castleford, and they had a


rough time. Here are some of the key tries.


They are grabbing at thin air, as Shelton goes in. He scores the


game's first try. Webster, it almost seems too easy. Jake Webster.


Walking through. Congratulations for the man who created it. Matty Smith


again. Again it's the kick, looking to measure it, Eden goes art and


Morgan in a midair. He catches that ball away from the Cassell said


Byrne and St Helens have the score. Here they go again. Castleford are


on fire. Wow, Castleford! And here comes Gayle, he will go himself. The


ball comes free. Now it's about whether Eden goes


into touch, he's in the air, grabbed the ball, that's a try.


Here's Gale, and in goes the flying Eden again.


It's a hat-trick, a second-half hat-trick for red Eden. -- Greg


Eden. They are reaching out for him, they


cannot put a hand on him. And Minikin, Minikin is underneath the


posts. The procession continues. I think we're just a group of fellows


who enjoy playing football together. We have fun at training and we bring


it on to the pitch, and outstanding performance and that what we got in


the locker. It doesn't get much worse than what we are at the


moment. My time, 15 years in the club, this is the lowest point.


So, let's catch up on all the results we had so far.


There were two others fixtures as well as ours today, Leeds will kick


off ten minutes late because Barrow were late arriving.


John, we appreciate you coming on, because that was hard for you


yesterday and you spoke incredibly honestly after the game. Is it it


any easier today? Not really. I think throughout your career you


have highlights and low lights, and days like yesterday were harder to


take. That will last for a long time. We are a great club, it is a


fantastic club I get the privilege to play for and captain. What we


produced yesterday is not good enough. It's nowhere near the


standard that the club sets for itself. And the history of the club


demands we are better than what we are at the moment. Both in Super


League and the Challenge Cup. We're out of the cup now at its extreme


sheeting to me to have to watch the draw today -- it is excruciating for


me to be here and have to watch the draw today.


We should not take anything away from Castleford, they played some


fantastic rugby. I love their approach to the game but the skills


were at the highest level. But their defence fell off in the latter


stages. There was a ten minute period pre-and post-half-time, the


attacking was superb. They are on the crest of a wave, and that was a


major difference yesterday. They were players playing on the top of


their game. Some key players. And looking back at St Helens, I've


played and won against them and lost against them, great clubs. But for


me at the moment, it wasn't that there was going to play and there


was not the aggression in the pack. So they've got to look at agreement,


the recruitment hasn't been good over the last few years. You can't


ask the youngsters to come through and perform at that level on a


consistent basis. So recruitment for me is key for St Helens, because the


supporters and the players understand the tradition and the


success of that club. And it will come back. But recruitment is so


crucial. You have recruited a new coach who is arriving this week,


what is going to be the key thing that he needs to bring? You are not


going to bring in a new team halfway to the season. He'll come and look


and learn and listen. And I think he's going to from all accounts


bring some attacking prowess. When you watch Castleford, the way they


play is an entertaining style of rugby. You're right, you got to


praise Castleford for their performance yesterday, it was


exceptional. We're really excited to bring him on board and start to see


what changes we can make to get back on track. I keep reading that St


Helens have had a poor start of the season, it's not the start now, it's


halfway through. We need to do get going quickly. We're all committed


to Justin and everybody to get this club moving in the right direction.


The one thing is, if you look at Super League this year, so many


sides have beaten each other, you can't really predict a game.


Sometimes they flog the side, they don't expect it. If you look at


getting the basics right, you can get back on the horse, you can get


your results and your confidence back. And all of a sudden things


don't look as bad as they do. You've got some tough fixtures. He is going


to have to hit the ground running. Yes, we played some big side, we've


got Wigan and Huddersfield coming up. We're keen to get stuck into


those games, it's hard but we've got some challenges ahead of us, but


with just in the new coach, we will attack the new games and see what it


brings. Let's go back to the game today because he might have gathered


that Jonathan Davies played for both sides, so we let him lead to the


camera and let him have a trip down memory lane.


The north-west, and especially Warrington and Widnes, it's a


special place because I spent seven years up here. Both towns are very


working class towns with some great people. And it is all rugby league.


He's going for the line, and another brilliant try! For Jonathan Davies


and! I thoroughly enjoyed living up here, I had some great times, I'm


lost now, I'm going the wrong way! I come down and look of this ground,


and how it's changed and I go to Halliwell Jones, and the stadium has


changed, how has the game changed? Its physical, it's fast. It is well


beyond your means now! Warrington and then their neighbours Widnes.


A little bit of feeling erupting now. They are too little turkeys


together. The rivalry is intense. This is


Widnes, and then next roundabout is Warrington fans. In those days, I


had my name is sponsored on the car. When I got stuck in traffic, and


with fans in the car next door to me, the kids were asking me, what


was the sign language in the other car? So I had to little bit of


explaining. The atmosphere, you can tell there's tension. Between the


fans. That's bragging rights. And we hear about it, when we have had to


suffer in defeat, we hear about it for awhile. Since I've been here,


it's been fantastic. We've been on the end of some really good hiding


is early on and we've managed to get a foothold into some competitions


and won a couple of games on way. And what that means for the town and


the players has a real knock-on effect. He's got support, inside


him, no 1's going to catch the man who will score, Jonathan Davies! Jim


Mills is the chairman of Widnes and he spoke to me officially once when


he signed me, when he signed me, and then the second time he spoke to be


officially coming he said, we've got to sell you.


What a score! Of course, you've taken their best


player. Well, he knocked on our door, I liked it that way. It's been


an indifferent start for Kevin, he's a terrific fellow and he's got great


desire and he came here for the right intentions. And he's going to


be very good for us. When we lost Kevin this year, everyone was


signed, and we did on our business so it was hard to find a half-backs.


And then we gave the half-backs to John Miller and invested in those


lads who'd been in the club and both of them got injured in the first


month. You've been at the top level, do you find it frustrating to


intimate your thoughts on to players? You -- it can be, it's no


good giving my CV to people and train to coach, it's no good how


good I was or how good you were, no good driving into them the real


tough environment that I came up in, Wigan was a special environment, and


trying to put that in place. The Challenge Cup is in trench in


Widnes. It would mean a lot to the club and the town to do well in this


competition. I've managed to be with my team at Wembley at four times,


three as winners, and the last few where we were awfully close and


beta. That's a great experience, not the losing part but being part of


something so special, to have a great drive and be back there again.


Once you have a taste, you get greedy.


Did you really get lost! I did. Times have changed. They've added a


couple of more roundabouts. It was difficult. We can't let you out on


your own, can we? It was great coming back, seeing places that I


lived. Two of my daughters were born in Warrington Hospital, so it's nice


coming back, I love the Northwest. Times have changed when you look at


some of that footage, my word they laid into each other. They did.


There's a lot to be said for the old school style. I grew up watching the


likes of Jonathan and Denis Betts play. That era is quite nostalgic


for me. In Denis Betts, Widnes have got somebody who's got a huge


pedigree in the Challenge Cup as a player. He doesn't speak about how


decorated he is, but he's got a lot of experience of going to Wembley


for finals. Tony Smith has also got great experience. So these guys have


got people at the helm who are embedded in success and will be


driving their teams forward. Let's have a look at how they sit in


the Super League table, and it's been a real tough start the season


for Widnes who have been by injury. They sit bottom of the table, but


Warrington were bottom of the table for quite some time at the beginning


of the season. But they are a team on the up at the moment. The team


news for Warrington is interesting, they've got their internationals


back. But we were given the team sheet which had Harvey Livett who


did so well in the middle for him, but he has had to pull out with a


hamstring strain, it's been a light reshuffle. Ben Westwood will start


in the second row. Tony Smith has a huge amount of assets in his team


who are very worth the tile, so actually it's not a big issue for


Warrington. There is quality throughout the team sheet. Brown


coming back from international duty, and Chris Hill, Gidley, Australian


experience, just quality throughout. We look at the Widnes side, there is


a lot of inexperienced but quality in the Warrington side. It is a


young team in places, this Widnes side. What a day for Lloyd Roby to


make his debut. You grow up wanting to play the Challenge Cup and it


against your local rivals. But they have got to take it to them because


Warrington, they have two manage expectation. Widnes get St Helens,


they're not doing very well with injury, everyone expects Warrington


to win. So it is expectation of management. But with Widnes, it's


the other way round, they will say we are battered, we are injured,


just get out there and play. What is going to be the key for Widnes


today? Widnes have not started the season


that they would like to. They got some big boys, Manasseh Monica


they might be to get some space on the field. The man who will be


tasked with leading them around the park is Joe Mellor. He's a great


player, one of my favourite players. When he gets a ball in hand and take


the line on, he can be effective. Can I have a quick word with you?


How the boys preparing today? We've trained well, we are just go to try


and complete and get in the game. What about the supporters, you're


only six miles away from the town, the supporters have turned out in


great numbers, is that a good way to turn the season around? Definitely,


we know it's not been a great start but these always turn up great for


us and we're looking forward to it today.


How key is Joe Mellor to them? Huge, he and Rhys Hanbury have got a


great, nation, Joe Mellor creates some space and you usually find


Hanbury popping up and taking advantage. The things will be


through Mellor, Hanbury and Heremaia, I think they'll be


imported through the fields. The challenge is the inexperienced.


Today is a great day for them but that could be exposed. They put


together a very good first half against Hull, how do they do a full


80 minutes? They go back to basics. If they complete the set up, they


get a good kicking game and defended very well, if you just watch,


creating and scoring tries, they're capable. Defensively, therefore.


It's not -- they are poor. It's not the structure or defence, it's the


one on one tackles. The support is so good, they just streamed through.


Hull scored a try just before half-time against Widnes and it


killed them. It gave Hull some hope, they came out in the second half and


went through them, through the middle of the field. Its attitude,


commitment, communication, and they've got to get that whites


today. If there's a team that can expose you the middle of field, it's


Warrington. They play flat and fast. This could be Matt Russell, they'll


expose weakness and they'll have to be at their best. At any level, you


just cannot fall off one-on-one tackles. As we mentioned, sport


sometimes comes back to mental toughness. Today witness will have


two front up and get stuck into that and make sure that defence is their


priority. What is going to be the key for Warrington?


Kind of like Widnes, Warrington haven't had the start of they wanted


but over the last six weeks, they've turned the season around. If you


look across the vast width of talent they've got, they should be batting


way above they are. They have world-class players, like number


six, Kevin Brown. We'll see if we can get a word with him. He was an


outstanding figure for the England team last weekend. Kevin, a quick


word? Of the back of the international last week, how's your


confidence right now? Yeah, good, it's been confident all year. We got


a really good lot out of the last week. You guys are looking very


confident at this point on, the last six weeks, getting wins under the


belt? Yes, we hit some good form, when not still where we want to be


but the boys did great job last week. Try to fit back in and add a


bit today as well. As you can see, he's got a real determination in his


eyes. These players love playing at home so what was on special magic


from Warrington today. Neither Stefan Ratchford zero Kevin


Brown were originally in the squad to travel down under but I am


getting the feeling they have come back with a lot of confidence. Yes,


they've gone out and done a great job last minute. They were both very


tidy in their performances for England. Kevin Brown was poached


from Widnes, brought all the creativity, guile and skill that


Widnes had. And he's been brought in and his start to this club was


exceptional. Since then, Warrington's fortunes and his own


personally have been up and down. But Kevin Brown's, quality, he


creates a space, you alluded to that. Yes, just watch him, he's a


bit of a slow player, he looks lethargic, plenty of time on the


ball. But when you move to a different club, there's not much on


here, really, last minute of the game, he kicks. It's about settling


here and I is adapting to him. I think he's got an unusual tempo to


how he plays the game and that takes some time to get used to. And


another example would be happy Mike Chase, he plays quite erratically,


Kevin Brown is very slow and deliberate. I find it hard to play


against players like Kevin Brown because he draws you to him, he is


of its smaller with his style and he draws people out of the defensive


line and creates space. Who better to deal with Kevin Brown van Widnes,


they know anything about him. He reminds me of Tony Myler, he was six


foot tool, I had to adjust runs off him because he would create space. A


slightly old-fashioned stand-off. You can't help but think, Kevin


Brown going away and playing well for England, coming back, he could


be the catalyst for Warrington doing good things this year. You look at


their side, they are too good to be where they are in the Super League


table. Certainly good enough for this group to get to Wembley this


year. Let's hear from the two catches coaches.


With Warrington in form, a local derby must get the juices flowing.


Yes, we are keen to build a wobbly doing at the moment. Our last match


was the best that macro to build on what we're doing at the road. Our


last performance of the best performance since the Brisbane game.


A number of players are returning to play with us. So we've got a bit


more to choose from at the moment. It's the crippling injury list


you've got, are you fearful about today? No, not fearful, it's an


opportunity, we've got problems and that creates opportunities for our


youngsters. We got a couple of 17 and 18-year-olds. A little bit of


that great opportunity. We're not fearful, which is going to take our


chances and all the pressure is off this group this group, we have just


got to go out and enjoy it. Kevin Brown is back from international


duty, how is that going to work with him and Harvey Livett? Harvey will


slip into the centres, we're missing Rhys Evans from last week. So


Harvey's natural position is centre but he did a great job in the halfs


last week. So he'll move into the centres. We're looking forward to


that. I thought Kevin was really solid for England last week and


we're hoping that he comes up with some big plays today. It's a big


game, local derby, the crowd will be nice and loud, if we allow them to


dominate and the physical, we will be on the back foot so we got to be


on the front foot. We have got a scrum half again, he will be able to


dictate the play for us. Many people will think that Widnes are therefore


that taking, no complicity in your dressing room? Unless you get


everything right on the day, you can get beaten. Enthusiasts usually wins


a game of rugby league. We need to be enthusiastic. They will be


thinking the same thing. Our boys have trained well this week and


prepared well so hopefully we can get off to a good start.


I should just say that we did those interviews before Harvey pulled out


with that hamstring injury, Jack Hughes comes in in the centres to


replace him. He spent time with most coaches this week, how did you find


them? With Widnes, times are tough. On the back of the defeat against


Barrow, I think Denis Betts's problem is the depth of their squad.


A lot of injuries again. So they are very much a struggling. And then on


the back of the result against another local rivals St Helens last


week, they are buoyant. But both these clubs have got great tradition


in the cup. And this game will be released from the Super League, and


whoever wins, it will be a nice thread throughout the season, as


long as they can hang on in there until August. It's an important game


for both clubs. With Denis a couple of weeks ago at Salford, and you


guys had been under pressure this season, but there was not a feeling


that Denis was under pressure, everyone understands what is going


on and this is a club which has been building through the years. Without


doubt, they've done a great job, Widnes, to be in the position


they're in now. The club was in some serious trouble, and Widnes have


done some great things with limited resources, Denis has. I feel like


they got of searching of the soul to do. But putting some young players


in now, you're going to get some diamonds. What better stage, a


Challenge Cup game in the sun like this, against local rivals, for


these young guys to step up. I'm excited for them young guys to have


a crack against Warrington, nothing to lose. Warrington have got the


pressure of expectation on them, but Widnes have got a great of the


surety to attack. We've talked a lot about the halves and the creative


play, but they've both got great wings, how much key has it been that


Patrick is back from injury? They are both exceptional finishers and


big guys who are hard to handle. Look at the tackle busts. 18 from


Tom Linder, so these guys are making a lot of metres and breaking speed.


-- Tom Lineham. Patrick Ah Van has been on fire with his tight that


work and strength in corners recently. A real asset for Widnes.


Patrick Garvan has not got headlines but he is a strong performer and he


knows how to finish. He just looks for he doesn't stay on. And then he


just comes off the wing. He is great out there. That's a great finish. A


great finish. In tight spaces, when you got a man whose that big, that


strong and quick, he's difficult to stop. He's a great ever had capture.


Both him and Lineham have a challenge for the opposition because


they can great opportunity. A quick addiction? I can't see past


Warrington. Same, Warrington, I can't sit on the fence. The players


are in the tunnel, so let's hand you to our commentary team.


A little bit of pre-match nerves there, Sunday afternoons in Cheshire


our usual gentle affairs, not this Sunday. It will be a blood and


thunder derby on the cards. We hope six miles of separation but a common


bond of mutual loathing between these two sides. Certainly the


supporters in the primrose and blue of Warrington in evidence, and the


flavour of the pre-match is that they start here today very much as


favourites. Especially given the adversity in terms of injuries that


Widnes have been having. Several youngsters in their 17 today,


including a young debutant, more of that in a moment. The black and


white of Widnes, the cup kings of the 70s and 80s, looking to restore


some of that tradition. They've got a big task on their


hands, that sliding black and white. Their supporters are here in good


heart. And with plenty of hope. We heard about the late changes. Benny


westward coming off the bench to start in the second row. Jack Hughes


in the centre. George King a late replacement on the bench for


Warrington. Let's have a look at that line-up right now. Warrington


had three players back from being on duty for England in Australia last


week. A kids collection for Widnes.


18-year-old Lloyd Roby making his debut. 18-year-old Johnstone and


17-year-old Walker. Those numbers give you the clues. 31, 37, 38, 35.


They are not in line normally. James child is the referee today.


Kevin Brown up against his former club. Not the most favourite in


Widnes these days, Kevin Brown. Hanbury gets the kick under way.


Ratchford underneath. Here comes Sims with the first drive on this


sunny afternoon in Warrington. Warrington against Widnes, a place


in the quarterfinals of the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup at stake.


Let's hear the early thoughts of Brian Noble. Widnes have to be


exceptional in these early stages. Warrington have been renowned. Team


games exceptionally fast. Widnes will have to be very careful in


these early stages. Yes, I think they've got a decent enough pact to


compete with Warrington and if they can handle their ruck speed, kick


pressure we saw. Tony Smith the coach. He's had Wembley glory of


course with Warrington in recent years. Denis Betts knows all about


Wembley glory as well. Seven Challenge Cup medals for him, the


Widnes coach. It is taken up by Heremaia... They've missed him this


season for big chunks, he's been injured. He grabs himself a penalty.


I'm just thinking, everyone has had the element of sympathy for Widnes.


You build up the fact there is every four kids in there. They are a big


chance today. If you can manufacture a response to that, they've


certainly got a big enough pact. They've got to start exceptionally


well. Runciman taking it in. Taking up position. Mellor going left and


straightened up by Jack Buchanan the Australian who is underneath the


sticks and 80 yards away. This is promising from Widnes at the moment.


Hanbury wrapped up well by the Warrington defence, out on the


fringes. A step and they drive back by Olbison, the former Bradford man.


Widnes still knocking on the door. Getting close. It came off the chest


of Cahill. And it came forward off that chest so Warrington get the


ball back here. A terrific tackle from Jack Hughes. Just watched the


play unfolds, his left shoulder really physical on Cahill. Good


early signs for Warrington. A tough catch, that one. Catching those


balls at the line for the Widnes players, against someone in your


face, it's a tough catch. Brent Hodgson alongside Denis Betts. He's


got some Wembley memories as well as a Huddersfield player. Gidley at


dummy half. He was named on the bench but because of that late


injury to Harvey Livett he has started. Ratchford goes left with a


wonderful pass out to Lineham his way is blocked by an enthusiastic


Widnes chased back. Warrington deep inside Widnes territory for the


first time in the game so far. Three and a half minutes played. Here is


Gidley... Ratchford puts it high in the air. Hanbury coming across,


Lineham was there and it came off his fingertips. Warrington come away


with nothing. We haven't spoken much about Rhys Hanbury. His attacking


prowess is vital for Widnes today. His speed and footwork might be the


difference. What we saw there was an attempt to catch the ball


defensively. I think Ratchford and Brown put the ball as high as they


possibly could. He's bigger than most of the big fellows, Ah Van.


Damien Johnson has news for us on the touchline. Harvey Livett felt a


bit of a twinge in his hamstring, ran down the tunnel complaining


about it and disappeared into the physio room. Thought it might be


cramped but on further inspection he was out of the game. He's been


playing well, Harvey Livett. Ratchford picks up, fresh from that


international adventure he has last week. He was a late call-up to


England and he made a claim the way he played. He is a terrific player,


Stefan Ratchford. Widnes are doing the right things, they are


completing early in this game. St Helens were at 40% at half-time,


Widnes can't afford to do that in this game. Ratchford throws off a


couple of defenders. Cahill just caught his ankles and slowed him


down. I think there's a bit too much going on from Olbison. The penalty


for Warrington. Footwork again from Stefan Ratchford. So good on his


feet, gets himself between defenders. One defender left in his


way. Gets his team a penalty. The first tackle settles Warrington into


decent position here. Five more to come. Gidley, Brown, Ratchford, seen


plenty of him so far. He was offering an off-load, there was


nobody waiting. Gidley again. It's a poor pass. Sims has to take it in


and rolls it back to Gidley. Cahill wrapped himself around him. Short


pass, there's the Frenchman. Jullien, he's an interesting


character, a real impact player. Last tackle. Warrington Wolves it is


to create here. Kevin Brown, Ratchford with the past, batted on


quickly by Hughes I think that was on the near side. It left his winger


with nothing really on, Russell. It was a small opportunity. Jack Hughes


trying to be a bit too fancy. Probably should have caught that.


Small opportunity for Warrington. That's why you hope Harvey Livett


was, but he's off the field. Probably Jack Hughes didn't quite


possess. It was 80 11 situation. Widnes surviving that first real


spell of pressure. They are up against it today, a lot of


youngsters on the field again. Lloyd Raby is 18 years old and making his


debut in a Challenge Cup tie at Warrington -- Lloyd Roby. Here is


Johnstone. Out of dummy half by Mellor. They are rolling forward


with decent intent, here. Keeping themselves a platform. Dudson


flicking it away, Buchanan can't keep old and too many knocks on in


the end for the referee's liking. Good play from Widnes initially but


just that one past too far from Dudson, couldn't quite take it in.


It's so important for Widnes Vikings to completing these early strangers.


Don't give cheap possession away to Warrington, they will feed off that.


Eight times Challenge Cup winners, Warrington. They had a really good


spell where they dominated the competition over four years. Beta


last year in the final against Hull. Here is Lineham. Bell fancy their


chances of a good cup run. Warrington especially, early form


poor but they are putting that behind them. They are hitting decent


form at the moment. Here is Chris Hill.


25 away. Growing in menace, Warrington at the moment. Widnes


offside, not square I think was the decision so a penalty for


Warrington. They hit the tackle count as well. They are on the try


line, basically. Ashton Sims. Warrington looking to push their way


over here. Tenth minute of the game. Ratchford puts it over the top...


When Atkins has it back again it would have been advantage. I know he


said a forward pass... It's important that Widnes take this


opportunity they've been given to complete the set, put Warrington and


a bit of pressure. They made a couple of errors, gave a penalty


away. As we see, Ratchford frustrated that pass forward a bit.


Vitally important set for Widnes. What are you smiling at? I thought


the decision was a bit strange. The Widnes defender touched that. The


best team in this competition are Warrington at picking and going.


When they win the ground in and around the ruck they put you on the


back foot with either a dummy half run or another carry in and around


there. I think Widnes are trying to get them a bearing game but you


can't give them the ball for nothing like that. Here comes Cooper,


straightening up. Think forget that quarterfinal draw after this match


on this channel. There is a rugby league forum as well. Don't forget


the Super League show a week on Tuesday. It's Magic Weekend next


week, every game in Newcastle in the Super League. You can catch it on


the Super League show a week on Tuesday. Gidley and dummy half. 15


out. Brown again. The two England players combining, Brown and tell.


Gidley the Australian. Options to his left... No smile this time.


Definitely good decision from the officials. Widnes are doing a good


job in the ruck. They know they can't often play at speed as we just


saw Livett stray that pass forward a bit. They know they can't allow them


to play quick and get them nice and tight in the tackle and Warrington


want to speed this game up as it progresses. Nervy at the moment.


Neither side taking an advantage. 65% territory for Warrington, 58%


possession. That tells you Warrington at -- are dominating.


They've now given a penalty away. Patrick Ah Van a master at winning


penalties. He manufactured the penalty, got himself through. I


think he found an advantage there, Ah Van, in convincing the referee.


They stopped him from doing that so the penalty was given. Here come


Widnes, 40 metres out, a set of six to work with here. Taken in in the


first instance by Liam Walsh. That clutch of teenagers in this Widnes


side. Buchanan driving it forward. Heremaia is a long way from his


teenage years, he's 34 years old. A ball is bowled back by Dudson.


Picked up smartly by Johnstone who searches for something on the


right-hand side. A little bit of give. Mellor... Offered inside for


Hanbury who's got the zip but he's also got Kevin Brown in close


proximity to make the tackle... They go short, he's over, he's reached


over and Widnes have the first try of the game. That's exactly what


they needed. Absolutely. Warrington with the territory in this game and


they've waited and bided their time to penalty from Ah Van. Just gives


his team the opportunity, they get the right position. They haven't had


too much of it in this game. When they did they took advantage of it.


Hanbury accelerated through the gap. The Warrington defence managed to


get him down. Heremaia with a lovely fat pass. Greg Burke right


underneath the posts. Brilliant try from the Widnes Vikings. It was a


good try and full credit to Rhys Hanbury. He created that try. His


surge on the inside beats Ratchford. The speed of the play of the ball


allows Burke to pick his spot. He's so quick, Hanbury. 15 minutes


played. That try was scored. Widnes had the lead. Patrick van, two or


three in the Widnes side who are capable kickers. That's not the


biggest test he might face today but six points to nil. Widnes lead. It


was vitally important for Widnes Vikings to get a good start in this


game. They have been under pressure. To be 6-0 after 15 minutes I'm sure


Denis Betts will be very, very happy. First try of the season for


Greg Burke. If you go through a season without scoring a try you


have to do a nudie run at training, danger you?! -- don't you. LAUGHTER


Here comes Cahill, Widnes buoyed by the early confidence. Can they do it


on the back of this? What is Warrington's response going to be


like? Rolling towards the halfway line but still a distance short of


it. Need to make some metres in what remains of this set. A couple of


tackles still to go. Heremaia dodging and weaving but no way


forward. Johnstone... Johnstone was a dummy half. Rhys Hanbury going to


go there. Back it comes to Mellor who puts the kick in, simply licking


her touch and he has found it. Warrington will stop midway inside


their own half. Smart play from Mellor. As we've explained, it gives


both packs the chance to go and talk about their defence. It's a tactic


as well. We know that Warrington are exceptionally good at bringing the


ball back. If you roll the ball dead it stops that threat. Warrington.


Tony Smith looking on. I think his side can provide a response quickly


here. Benjamin Jullien... Hughes pushing forward. Gidley picks it up


again and Hill takes it on again. Warrington getting territory once


more inside their opponents' half. Gidley collects... It's Cooper the


wider man he goes to. He's given it away and Cahill picks it up and with


this habit back and Hanbury will try to start the movement forward again


here. Still deep inside their own territory.


I think he slipped! He's OK. Here is Cahill.


Heremaia dodges and dances away from a couple of defenders. Johnstone


tries to put his frame through those three defenders, they hang on. Here


comes tackle six, defining moment in this set. Great high kick from


Mellor. Widnes hands get it and knock it backwards, it's still the


sixth tackle. It's out with Roby on the right-hand side but he can't get


away from those three Warrington defenders and it is at handover.


Terrific kick from Joe Mellor, right into the area where you don't want


it. Tom Lineham travelled to it. Widnes are growing in confidence and


they are starting to enjoy themselves. There's a little insight


into the game. That's good, good from Patton. Jullien is looking for


the outside. They are pre-drugs out of play-by-play penalty. The referee


decides the tackle was completed and then it was a second effort by


Hanbury that put him out of place. We saw a perfect example, Russell


finds the ball... The past to Jullien, that was a try saving


tackle from Hanbury but they adjudicate it's a penalty.


Burke was there to complete the job. Here is Declan Patton trying to get


through. But they hang on. Gidley with a dummy! Going but not quite


going the distance. Pushed back. Atkins! Ryan Atkins finds the way


over, it's a hands on hips moment for Widnes. They know they've let


themselves down. Atkins with Warrington's response. Great


footwork from Atkins. Gidley picks him out and it is literally just off


his left foot. A couple of times they could have gone there,


Warrington, and when they did the glass break because of the pressure.


Jullien gets on the outside of the past and Hanbury can't do that.


Gives Warrington the field position. Gidley nearly gets himself over.


Runs into Danny half. The Widnes defender can't regain his feet and


make the defensive player on the line. They'll be disappointed their


Widnes because they defended so well on their own try line for large


periods of this first 20 minutes. That was probably the easiest one to


defend. Unfortunately Joe Mellor didn't quite reactor that. He was


smart, Atkins. He saw that Joe Mellor stumbled. He was smart enough


to pick that ball out. Stefan Ratchford...


Missed a lot of the early season because of injury, Stefan Ratchford.


And he was missed by Warrington. They had that awful start. But he's


back, Warrington are back. A try scoring moment for England last week


in Sydney against Samoa. The flag confirms its 6-6. It's really


important for Widnes right now. Warrington looking to speed up the


game. Widnes need to take the momentum the game and make sure that


Warrington played a game at their speed. He made the mistake of


running at the start yesterday, it didn't last long! He's absolutely


spot-on. Yesterday the game was very tight. It was about this period


Castleford broke out and scored try after try. Warrington exceptionally


good at that themselves. Widnes have to be very careful, keep this game


their speed. Seventh try of the season for him. Ashton Sims bringing


it back. Warrington are looking for back-to-back moments of glory here.


Widnes closing them down. Gidley, again. Daryl Clark's missing so


Gidley operating in that number nine role.


And off-loaded away! Watch out youngster, not too many of those,


Brown with the pass, Russell slips. Can't get back to his feet and he


knocks on. Warrington had the numbers. He was going straight for


Russell on the wings. Would have had a walk in. The ball dipped. Couldn't


quite collect the ball. Is a great piece of skill from Ratchford.


Danger signs, they didn't quite control that set.


Patrick van wants to get involved early. Mike Cooper came across and


gave him a taste of his shoulder, I think. It's not often you see a big


man like Ah Van on the ground. Buchanan in a bit of strife as well.


Widnes will roll on for the moment without him. It's a dangerous period


for Widnes Vikings. Warrington are looking strong. They picked up the


pace of this game. Just have to make sure they complete the sets.


Manuokafoa is on the field, we've just seen him. Ratchford should deal


with that kick. Some confidence in that path. -- that path. Westwood


ranging wide in the centre. Those are some of the latest scores. The


quarterfinal draw is coming up as soon as we've finished here. Of the


wings come Roby. When you make that kind of play you've got to come up


with the goods, and he did. This is the last tackle coming up.


Warrington 30 metres out trying to execute the perfect kick, if they


can. An easy take for Patrick Ah Van. Kevin Brown is there. He's


stolen the ball. And then he's being held down for too long I Hanbury who


is shown a yellow card. He's in the sin-bin for the professional foul.


What a play from Brown that was. A massive winger, just stole the ball,


and they've lost a man with Hanbury walking off the field. Big ten


minutes for Widnes Vikings to defend. He's taken the longest route


off to give his team-mates a bit of a breather. Still going, still on


the field. Eventually steps of. Ashton Sims with the first big


bulldozing effort to test the resolve of those witnessed


offenders. Test passed. Brown, the man who created this open


up, looking to. Sims has another go and this time is unstoppable,


rolling over, touching down, this referee is not entirely sure. He's


going to the video so let's hear from our video referee. OK, we've


got a try, I need to check the grounding. So, just looking at the


grounding. And on this, I can't see the ball, I


can now. He's still in control of the ball. And at that point it looks


like... It's not got down. Right, I need another view on that, please, I


can't clearly see the ball on the ground from that angle.


So, on this, can I see the ball on the ground? It in his right arm.


This might give me something clearer. There it doesn't get down.


On that angle, the ball is held up. OK, can we have another angle,


please? So at this moment in time... I think it's held up. This can be


slowed down. This shows that the ball is up, it isn't down there, it


can't be down there because his arm is there. He's never got down at


that time. Does we have any more angles? I am overturning the


position because I can't see the ball on the ground, I've got


evidence to suggest the ball is up. I am giving no dry, the ball is out.


Take a bow, Eamon O'Carroll, what a try saving tackle that was.


Fantastic, he got himself in between defenders, he just got himself under


the ball. Made it difficult for him to get it down and he's got the


decision there. Great play from Eamon O'Carroll. He doesn't agree


with the decision. But he was held up over the line so they still have


position and possession here, Warrington.


If this is just delayed inevitable or can Widnes hang on? There is


another set of six tackles being given here. Six more tackles for


Widnes to depend on their line. That was an odd way of getting back to


his feet! Right-hand side, Kevin Brown, it was just a delay of the


inevitable. Kevin Brown against his former team, a little leap in the


air, a punch of the air. And Warrington do have the lead, for the


very first time in the game. How many times has Kevin Brown done that


in his career? He's one of the best in the world at the short goal.


Right into the heart of the defensive line. You cannot take a


dummy off Kevin Brown. We know he's going to accelerate through the


gaps. Here we see Atkins with the off-load, we knew that Widnes were


going to be under all sorts of pressure. Brown gets in at dummy


half, the defender gets out, he squeezes in a terrific try from


Kevin Brown. He's definitely hard to stop from there. He always had the


intention of running and beating him that Widnes defenders in and around


the ruck who moved up to give him the space. I think there was an


extra cheer for Kevin Brown because it was irritate the man macro fans


more, because he -- there was an extra cheerful Kevin


Brown because it would irritate the Widnes fans even more, he was once


one of theirs, and now he is belonging to Warrington. A terrific


kick, two out of two, Warrington now lead. Same rules, they have got to


man down now, they have got to top the ruck speed of this Warrington


team. They are going to try and get this depleted Warrington team, they


are walking back trying to get that time so they can get Hanbury back on


the field so they can look like a whole continent. I think we're going


to see the top line of Martin Russell and Stefan Ratchford running


out now, there will be along minutes for Widnes. They are a man up, they


have got to man down, that is a good line. I would like to say it is


pre-scripted but it just came to me! Surely that was a knock-on. Well,


they got away with one there, Warrington.


Was there a touch on that? So many questions.


Lineham has some power about him, but they've got him and dealt with


him. Warrington looking dangerous, looming large on that Widnes line


once more. A late decision, a poor pass, some dreadful handling and


Widnes get away with it. That's another slow scrum for Widnes,


hammering back on the field. Just a bit of miscommunication between


Patton and Gidley, Gidley so used to playing in the halves. And


Warrington so used to having Darren Clarke there, probably a little bit


of miscommunication. Certainly we knew about the Warrington side, they


very much like the physical side of the game, they will back up


defensively. But they have to the good with the ball. Warrington


looking to pin them down here for as long as they can as well. Widnes


backs against the wall, against their own try line.


They've got a bit of give, penalty, they will be relieved at that. A big


penalty for Widnes. They were under real pressure there. Warrington


opting the tempo physically. You can see Joe Mellor trying to relieve the


pressure for his team, get them up field and get some position in this


game. James Chapelhow the man here, his twin brother Ted is also in the


squad. They call him B one and B two, the two twins. They both played


tennis for Cheshire as well, one of the most unlikely facts. Two big


lumbering rugby players have represented Cheshire at tennis.


Buchanan, what a chance that was! Well, he looked one wet, past the


other. Through the gap. They will have to have a look at that. It was


close. He's not smiling. I'm not sure, I


think that's OK, I think that's a flat ball. I think that's unlucky.


Lovely stuff, lovely stuff. Great, nice soft hands. Territory still to


be debited by Warrington, what about this? Great tackle from Ah Van, the


two number fives in a real big combat, Russell looked to have got


the edge, and Ah Van said, you have not. He was making a mistake and


missed him in the first place, he thought, oh, my God, I better get


back here and do something. He got a brilliant result of the struggling


back and getting the play. He has run twice as hard to get to the


sideline and get the results. Mr Brooke, I think it is on this


side. Dominic Crosby on the field. He was


playing a while last week and was really, really good. So Warrington


will be hoping that he can reproduce that form again here.


Still with only 12 men against Warrington's 13, Widnes. Another


four minutes or so for Hanbury in the sin-bin.


One play to go in the set and it's a penalty, it penalty. Dell go again,


they got another six here. They looked dangerous with the ball in


hand, even without face macro, they look as though they're -- even


without Hanbury, they look as though they are causing problems for


Warrington. So, the tap, the Warrington players are being ordered


backwards, the Inc reached by an extra foot or so. Here comes the


first attacking moment. Oh Carol, try saver at one and, very


nearly a try saver at the moment. It's getting a bit predictable.


Maybe a play that isn't a runner from dummy half here.


That was a great recovery from Lineham to feel that ball, go down


his haunches and clean it up, because it was a smart kit from


Mellor. Did exceptionally well, Mellor, there was some real kick


pressure on him. He weaved his way through two defenders. Brilliant


from Tom Lineham. A bit of blood there you might be able to see. It's


on Eamon O'Carroll. Former Wigan man, Eamon O'Carroll, six years at


that club. About to be back to a full condiment of 13 players.


Hanbury ready for the return. Got to go off, you've got to go,


mate, you already been treated once. He has to go off, he's already been


treated, just take off, please. So, they're spilling blood for their


side, but they need to get cleaned up, shirts change, to come back on


again. Are you bringing somebody on? They've got 11 players on the field.


They've got to organise this a bit better, put somebody on change your


shirt and get back out there, surely. Still 11 players on the


field for Widnes. Manuokafoa is coming on, he's got a different


headband on. They are after 12. And Hanbury is back on so they are back


to a full 13 now. Cooper, that's not the kind of player you want on the


sixth tackle, wedded he come from, why did you pass to him? And it's a


very cheap handover. They are a bit rattled here, Warrington, not as


fast flowing and fluid as we expected them to be. Widnes have got


Willie under the skin of this Warrington side. Two they have


really got under the skin. It's back to one, because Atkins


played at that, and he says play on. It is play on. Well, there is a bit


of luck from Atkins. Super play, you make your own luck. Ryan Atkins kept


pressure on him, went again, managed to return the ball for his own side.


That was the initial kick pressure, aggressive, gets the ball back,


super play from Ryan Atkins. So Warrington advancing towards the


halfway line. Mike Cooper scored his first try on


his return to Warrington last year. He had spent a couple of years down


under. Standing up to the intensity of the


battle, these young fellas here so far. You can see the difference, but


a physical challenge, Warrington are going to the tackle, they are


winning most of their collisions. They have got to find a way of


winning the ruck to progress down field.


Warrington have got youngsters as well, young Morgan Smith there.


It's a big set here from Widnes, because last week they were in a


dominant position and conceded very close to that first half ending, and


that sets the second half so they have got to be careful here.


On tackle six, Warrington are close. There was a blow of the whistle


there. Well, I thought he was looking at an advantage, it sounded


as though he had blown his whistle but obviously not. People are


looking quizzically at him. But it's just the handover. A big defensive


play from Widnes. Ratchford had to scramble and bring him down short,


and this will allow them to go into half-time still in the game. The


referee blows his whistle, for half-time, but what a fine cup tie


that is in the first half. 12 points to six, and Widnes have brought


plenty to the party here so far. They are playing their part. Very,


very tight. Let's find out who Damien Johnson is


talking to. Is there a feeling of disappointment, you've not taken


more of your chances? No, I think the finishing of our set has been


the issue. We haven't built as much pressure as we could at the end of


the set. We had not the best kicks so we are going to prove that. It


should you have taken more of their advantage when they were down to 12?


Yes and no, there was an opportunity but they defended well. We expected


them to come here and put in a big effort. It is Challenge Cup, a


knockout game, we expect a tough second half. Thanks, Hep Cahill is


with me, that Widnes forward, to terrific first half from young side.


Yeah, the young guys put their hand up there with a big job for them to


come in, they made it tough for us. Another big half the fight, we have


got to back it up. What is the key to wake the game open in the


tut-tutting that effort in again, last week we fell away and we are


going to play well here. That was a heck of a first half. It


was really great, Warrington had better possession and territory, all


of the statistics say that Warrington are favourite but they


are only just ahead on the scoreboard. Widnes have been


dog-eared in how they played, they started the game very well. -- they


have been dogged in how they played. Widnes have been clinging onto


Warrington. How impressive have Widnes been for you? They have taken


the game to Warrington, they have had control of the game, a couple of


penalties lost them amends. They've had a really start. And it is


pointing at the crowd. They will be be pleased to only be six points


behind. With one yellow card. And Warrington are leading on the


scoreboard, but should be leading by more? Yes, they have made 181 errors


this year, and I think their opening exchanges, but really reflected


that. Mr chances. When you look at -- they missed chances. When you


look at Warrington, they are trying to create some space that they came


up with errors. That invited Widnes into the game. As we saw yesterday


with some balance and Castleford, and St Helens, we have to be


clinical. It was strange, some forward passes were inexplicable.


They had a little bit of lack of depth as well. There were not enough


depth of there. When you play a few overlaps, you have to work up your


depth to take apart and they didn't do it. It has been Warrington's


season, almost encapsulated there, it has been some great stuff that so


many errors. Yes, once they controlled the ball and got the


right part of the field, they were very dangerous. Kevin Brown,


Ratchford, grew in confidence, and as the game sped up, they looked


more of a threat. That is going to be key for both sides, the speed of


that run. We saw Widnes at the start, the opening exchanges,


utilising the ruck speedster getting going. It got them the first try.


Yes, it was an important part of the game, for Widnes and in parts are


crucial part of the game. The dummy half, you have got Hanbury and hear


my, running out at Danny half -- Heremaia, running out at dummy half.


That create speed for Widnes and challenges this Warrington team to


be accountable. It puts the defence under pressure. This try here, it


ricocheted around, and then Widnes move the ball and we see everything


that's good about Widnes here. Hanbury trying to isolate some


space, Chris Hill a little bit too aggressive, Hanbury will find space.


He pokes his nose through, you think is going to score and he doesn't.


But Heremaia spots it, calls people onto the ball and Burke is there to


score the try. That came from the ruck speed. Is that one of the keys


to beating Warrington, be in their face? Yes, they worked hard, they


had a lot of dummy runs, Heremaia is doing it. It is a lovely flat ball


which is difficult to defend. It is effective, stick to it. Not many


errors coming from it, so they are going to have to do more of that.


Denis will be upset with the first try they gave away. Yes, they were


under pressure. Watch this, they were short on numbers on the


left-hand side. Mellor goes in, he realises that the winger is on his


own. He shoots on out, but they get the numbers wrong. He shoot out to


the line and it is a lovely run by Adkins, he spots that Mellor's all


watching and doesn't spot him, and easy finish. A good line from


Atkins, he's difficult to spot near the line. If you are thinking about


other things than tackling Ryan Atkins, he scores. Widnes's problem


defensively is whenever Warrington have gone down to write the line for


Widnes, they haven't dealt with that. What do you think Tony Smith


will be saying, do you think you will be happy with that first half?


He will be happy with the way they have created opportunities, he will


be disappointed with the unforced errors, before it -- the forward


passes were inexplicable. They have got to have more composure and foot


Widnes away when they have opportunity. We see Kevin Brown in


the white boots, we talked about him before the game, he did not play


against Widnes earlier in the season, he has risen to this. Yes,


he chased a kick from Declan Patton, ripped a ball from Patrick Ah Van


which is not easy to do. This is where Warrington on dangerous. He


plays the ball so quickly, Widnes cannot get off their line as they


would like to. Kevin is a big man for half-backs and he falls over the


line. A great piece of play, a couple of pieces, once stealing the


ball from Patrick Ah Van and secondly to bring them forward


ball from Patrick Ah Van and secondly to bring them to the line.


It is great from Gidley as well, creating the space for Kevin Brown.


I thought there would be a few more points with the yellow card, because


the pressure was on. Widnes did well to hold up. What did you make of the


yellow card, fair? It was professional foul, as we have talked


about and what has been prevalent in this game, anyone playing the ball


quickly near your line is a threat. Rhys Hanbury makes the decision to


hold him down. I thought it was a harsh thing to sit within him in


that situation. It was not a try scoring opportunity but it was a


cynical professional foul. I was disappointed to see him go off


because he was having a real influence on the game for Widnes. He


defended well, he will be disappointed in that, and Kevin


Brown has ripped the ball off him. Widnes really did show, they only


gave up one try in that, they are defending their lives. The only


question is how much this effort is ticking out of them. What interested


me is that Widnes absorbed a lot of pressure and hit back. Manuokafoa is


pretty much though here to score a try. Some little efforts that were


telling, he puts Matty Russell in touch there, that is a desperation


to defend. When you've got players in your side doing that, a great


side, and his team-mate appreciate the effort. I think the forward


doing exceptionally well for Widnes, they are lovely for the off-load,


and that nearly went over. If he was in a gap, I feel though that they


are just hanging on at the moment. Because of the opportunities


Warrington have created. That's what cup games are all about. If they are


in this game, it's panic stations for Warrington. And the key for me


is the speed of the ruck. When Widnes are in control, they look


like they are in the ascendancy, and when Warrington are in control of


it, they have scored. Whoever controls that ruck will come out on


top. At the end of this game, we will have the draw for the


quarterfinals. Hopefully that will be on BBC Two, if not, on the


website. These are the latest scores in the other games. There was a late


kick-off against Leeds. It's looking like we will not have any major


upset at this stage. We will go on to the red button and onto the BBC


sport website at fourth time of this match, at 5pm. -- full-time. But you


could stay on BBC Two to watch highlights of the diamond league,


and then match of the day two tonight, tonight. And a special


match of the day tomorrow night which will be the homecoming for the


Premier League champions, Chelsea, as they take on Watford.


Let's go down to Damien. Denis Betts joins us, your players gave us a


terrific 40 minutes, what did you say to them? More of the same, I


just want them to compete. We are broken up, there are players out


there who shouldn't be out there. I want them to compete. We seen it in


the first half, we just have to care enough to go hard again. A learning


curve for the youngsters, isn't it? It is hostile out there, but they


are holding their own and we will be a case for another 40 minutes.


Denis Betts wanting his side to show how much they want it. Let's go back


to our commentary team. It's still in the balance at 12


points to six. The game might break open in the second half and little


more, but Widnes still in there and battling hard, and if they can


produce more, we might have, is upset to strong word? But they were


second favourites coming in. It would be an upset with the amount of


players they have missing. What is key to the success of the second


half is the completion rate. The ruck rate is important, but they


have got to complete the sets to give them charts. -- give them a


chance. I think that's a good tactic. You can make selective input


like Kay Hill made, as the kit -- I think it will help Widnes. If


they score next, it will give them a lift to go with the game. But if


Warrington score next, just might take the pressure off them and allow


them to express themselves a bit better.


Johnstone and the kick from Hanbury back in amongst his team-mates,


after that spell in the sin-bin, is a very decent kick. Warrington will


get it back but only ten metres from their own line. Reflecting on that


draw. Some heavyweight names already in Salford. Castleford, Hull,


Wakefield, they'll be licking their lips at the prospect of who they


might be facing. Leeds and Wigan at the moment leading against Barrow


and Swinton. There will be some tasty ties to come out of that bowl


a little later. Will it be Warrington or Widnes who will be in


there with them? Warrington having to start from deep. Jullien, the


Frenchman. He played in Brisbane for the feeder club at the Broncos as


well. Decent defence from Widnes at the moment. Warrington trying to get


themselves downfield. What news from the dressing room at half-time? Tony


Smith wants them to stop the Widnes off-loads, play more direct, and he


wants better last play options. We saw them spill ball and he said if


they can rule that help they can win the game. Atkins with the kick, this


is the sixth tackle. Dangerously close to his own goal-line. The


Australian hangs onto his position. I'm sure Tony Smith will be


delighted with that last play. Ah Van again, battering ram down the


middle. He's looking strong. Buchanan... He's had a good game,


Buchanan. Heremaia looking to his left, Johnstone trying to duck under


the tackles, Conte. Here's the play a game. Ratchford has to change


direction a little to field the ball safely off the bounce. Look where


he's going, almost doctor the 40 metre mark. There's a good return


and Warrington looking to get some foot momentum. But they are matching


him and pulling him down. Cooper this time, strong and direct. Which


way do they go? Towards his left hand side. Patton runs into a pocket


of defenders, bounces out but goes to ground. This is Hill. Ball


wrapped up in his arms so he can't get it away. Last play. Ratchford


running it, trying to, but showing the ball to his team-mates as if to


say, where were you? It's the play before, Patton really struggle to


make the space up. Ratchford saw it in the next play, unfortunately the


rest of the team-mates didn't stop me Warrington need to flatten up a


little bit. They are obviously missing Daryl Clark. Everyone plays


naturally flat with him. He's not there today. Wrestled down. There is


Daryl Clark, not happy with the fact his team have just given a penalty


away. The first one he was trying to buy a penalty there. It's that


fight, you fight on the floor, you get lucky. Seven time Challenge Cup


winner Denis Betts. What a career he had. At Wigan, then Auckland for a


couple of years, then back at Wigan. Here's the platform for Widnes. Ten


out. Johnson with the pass, that is good but Liam Walsh pulls down, just


short. Heremaia goes quickly again. Chapelhow! He has got there, Jay


Chapelhow, over to score. What a start to the second half that is for


Widnes! Hang on... A double check for obstruction. We are looking for


obstruction. He's now getting out of the way,


he's not obstructed anybody in my opinion there. He's not interfering


with play. I just need to make sure he's grounded the ball. I'm happy


about Hanbury not obstructing anybody so let's just check the


grounding. He retreats, that's fine, let's make sure the ball is grounded


cleanly. That is going to be a try. A try scorer, J Chapelhow. Great


grip on the ball. Find between two Warrington defenders and plonks it


over the line. Widnes clearly back in this game. Only his second ever


try. They look very dangerous, they haven't had it consistently in this


game. Heremaia picks the perfect pass as we saw in the first half.


Picks it again in the second. Great finish. If they can get possession


in that area they now believe they can score points. Denis Betts and


his assistant Mick Cassidy, happy days. They aren't going away here.


They are clinging on this game. Patrick Ah Van with a kick that put


them level. Is it accurate? Yes it is. It is all


square at 12-12. This game has just become hugely psychological. Widnes


have got nothing to lose and Warrington have got all the pressure


because they came in as the favourites. A psychological


thriller. Scoreboard pressure. Plays on the minds of all the players.


Widnes score first, we've got a game on. 12-12. Shirts are off. Cup tied


to be sorted here. Plenty of the second half to go. Here come Widnes.


Fuelled by confidence. Chapelhow the try scorer. Kept it alive, a little


bit of endeavour and enterprise. There's a little bit more. Here


comes Hanbury, look at him weave and dodge. They are not taking the


tackles, they want to get in their half. Great play from Widnes.


Off-load football, selective enabling them to march the


Warrington team down the field. Great tactics. Manuokafoa, deep


inside enemy territory. Mellor knocked down by Lineham so it'll be


another set here for Widnes, all things being equal.


Swooped around the back to create an opportunity. He had to throw his arm


out there to stop it. We know Widnes can score when they get in these


areas, another opportunity for them here. Oh Carol needs a bit of dental


work before he can come back on because of the bleeding. Gil Dudson


the Welsh international coming on. The fourth interchange for Widnes of


the day. Heremaia praise it left. They came out quickly there, the


Warrington line. 30 yards away, 12-12 the scoreline. Widnes looking


good at the moment. Buchanan. Somebody has just whispered, golden


point in my ear. It is a potential of course. Here is Manuokafoa.


Heremaia, Cahill. Johnstone helps it on... He manages to get that ball


away to Dudson but he has to go down with ball in hand. Last play of the


set and it's a messy one with a Warrington player lying all over it.


It's a penalty on the very last tackle Widnes get a penalty. It's


handy for Widnes but I thought that was a try scoring opportunity. I


thought they left the player on the ground, they adjudicated that J


Chapelhow has been impeded by the Warrington defender. I think


Heremaia wanted that penalty. He knew exactly what he wanted out of


that. This gives Widnes the opportunity to take the lead now.


This becomes psychological. Warrington were the firm favourites


before the game. It's amazing what pressure can do before the game.


There's an expectation they are going to go on and win. 30 minutes


to go, they are a long way from winning. You simply have to get out


of the way if you're in that position. No sympathy. Might not


have wanted to be there. Patrick Ah Van to give his side the lead. For


the first time since the 21st minute. He boots it hard and through


and 14-12, Widnes fans are having fun here today. So is the Widnes


coach. They came as underdogs, they are winning with 30 minutes left to


play. Can they keep the story going here? They are playing exceptionally


well with the ball in hand but their completion rate is over 70% now.


Warrington a bit under 60, 64-65%. On that basis they can keep this


going. Ratchford puts it high. Buchanan brings it back. Barrow are


trailing in the cup tie. Wigan winning against Swinton. He's lost


it! Just when they were looking dangerous again. Brilliant off-load


from Manuokafoa. He releases Hanbury. Not sure the second one is


as good. He dropped the ball before he gets the opportunity to drop it.


That's a moment that given plenty of encouragement to the Warrington


fans. Not only has that potential attack broken down but it's given


Warrington possession here. Again, should be, 90 members and of the


time they will get it back. In a very good position. Here they go,


Kevin Brown. Run in. Morgan Smith waits at dummy half. Again, the play


of the ball is slow. Here's George King. We weren't expecting to see


him today but for the late injury to Harvey Livett. Here he is pushing


the a little closer. Smith steps away. Patton with the pass. He's


just about kept hold of it, Jullien. Brown's through the gap! Brown


scores his second try of the afternoon. Chance given, chance


taken. Warrington back in the lead. It was the off-load from Widnes.


Hanbury couldn't hold onto the ball, giving Warrington the possession.


Able to launch another attack. If that man again, Kevin Brown. We


saw... Hanbury exonerated through, just couldn't hold onto it. Two or


three players later, here he is, that man Brown. He just exhilarated


through. Ball into hands, confusing the defence, great try from Kevin


Brown. Brilliant against Brisbane, super against Samoa, and here he is


breaking Widnes hearts. Ratchford's two out of two so far. Challenge Cup


finalist back in 2012 with Warrington. Would love to get back


to Wembley. Here goes the kick. Flags are up, confirmation, 18-14.


And the pendulum swings back Warrington's way. It's hard to be


critical of Hanbury. Here we see Brown, he's in the running


opportunity on the off-load. Picks the gap between Mellor and the


outside defender and just too quick is Kevin Brown. Smart play. It's


hard to be critical of Rhys Hanbury, the way they've progress themselves


in this game with their off-load philosophy has got them to the


points they have. I think they've come with a strategy and part of the


strategy is off-loading. It's all about risk and reward. Warrington


looking to build on that lead taken. Crosby running it in hard. There are


some young eager defenders there. King on the halfway line. Two


tackles and set to go. Sims crushes forward, takes on Buchanan and


Dudson. Now Smith goes left again... Patton just gets the kick before he


is crushed by Cahill. It's a good take by young Roby, the 18-year-old


has performed pretty decently today. Yes, that's the energy you want from


your players. Makes it exceptionally difficult to put a quality kick in.


We see Dudson putting pressure on him. Patrick Ah Van down the middle.


Their two of them on the pitch? We've seen plenty of him in the


middle and on the edges. There's the off-load. Picked up smartly. A


scampering run forward again. The kick is high, Ratchford has got to


cover some distance to get there. Having got there there is a threat.


Got a 17-year-old on the field as well, Danny Walker who wears the 45.


Those who followed Luke Robinson's career closely, just have a look at


Danny Walker. He is the spitting image of Luke Robinson. Lost, lost,


but stolen. Penalty. Widnes have controlled the ruck exceptionally


well for large periods. You just feel they've been given a bit looser


in the tackle. Warrington allowed to play is a bit quicker. Now create


opportunities from this team. Ashton Sims battling forward, getting an


off-load, picked up by Morgan Smith. Here he goes with a run. Declan


Patton skip some tops and tries to take them on, runs through almost


the attempts of Burke. The recovery from the Widnes defence is just


about in time but Warrington still have it. Not any more they don't.


That's a great tackle. They were going for the same plate Brown, the


little turn up play, jumping to a defender and flicked the ball back


for Brown for a run or a pass play. He flew out the line and him,


basically. It was a good bashing as well, good tackle from the young


fellow. It's the young hooker Danny Walker. Yes. I'm sure King's ribs


will be sought tomorrow. As soon as he took it he went right underneath


his ribs. 17 years old dishing out tackles like that. His Patrick Ah


Van. Mellor, in danger of having it


stolen. Did he get a touch on that? No, he


did. It's good tactics, isn't it? Don't allow Ratchford, Russell,


Lineham, any opportunity to bring the ball back. Find the sideline.


He's looking there. My apologies, Jordan Johnstone is


the Luke Robinson lookalike. Ratchford is 15 yards from his own


line here. Warrington needing to roll up their sleeves. They have the


lead back, but it's far from secure. Russell zooming in, put down,


Ratchford picks up, off he goes. Gets the off-load, giddily spins it


left. Now they've got options. Jullien goes back into the little


hole... Widnes recover, for the moment. But Warrington are coming


again with giddily. There's a moment of fortune...


There's only one tackle to go in the set. Penalty for Warrington. An


opportunity here, massive opportunity. Kurt Gidley just been


reintroduced at hooker, he's got lots of vision. You will be making


opportunities around the ruck and Widnes need to be very care. -- very


careful. I think I probably agree with that. That'll give him a bit of


confidence and pressure building up an Warrington just releases that


pressure a bit and allows them to play.


Stefan Ratchford looking to settle Warrington's nerves a little more


here. With a kick that goes over the stand, never mind the sticks. Four


out of four. 20-14. Leads still healthily in the lead


against Barrow. Got a trip to Toronto next week have Barrow.


Swinton beat Huddersfield in the last round and are now trading at


home to Wigan. A reminder that draw coming up after we finish watching


this game. Rugby league forum as well on BBC Sport, online. He is


King for Warrington. Atkins ran it in with no concern for


personal help on that occasion, just run in hard! Crosby, can't get the


arms free. Tackle five. One play to go in this set. Patton measures it


towards the corner. Just making hand very concerned. He has to get out,


he has got out of there. Measured response and measured finish that


Tony Smith was asking for at half-time. That's how you build


pressure on teams. Hanbury did exceptionally well. He's still made


another five yards with those on his shoulders, wearing them like a


necklace! Quick, play the ball. Very quick... A chance for the youngster


Danny Walker! Walker has got support, Patrick Ah Van, great


tackle from Lineham but Ah Van is over, touchdown. The referee wants


another look. We all want another look! Great build-up there, the


speed of the play that started it all off but how has it finished?


Let's find out for certain from the video referee. We are looking at the


grounding... He's fine, still up, still up, and that's down. Can I see


that at full speed, please? Full speed. OK. Full speed. He doesn't


lose the ball. That's a try. Patrick Ah Van's try with a kick to come and


need the sticks has made this a bill that again. Cup tied back in the


balance. Take a bow in Danny Walker, absolutely. He's been like a pocket


rocket in this game. Just exhilarated through. What composure


from the young man. Patrick Ah Van, Ratchford trying to buy time,


executed to perfection. Great finish from Ah Van. I can't think of any


similarity to Usain Bolt other than the speed. He flew out of the traps!


He kept going, he had his shirt dragged, he had everything


happening. Ah Van got to him in the end and found the right path. He's


changed the game, hasn't he? He's a dangerous throughout. He's going to


have identity issues at the end of the game, you said he looks like


Usain Bolt. It is all square, 20-20. Now not just whisper it, say at a


little louder. Golden points might be the way to separate these two


sides. Keeps his legs pumping, off he goes. Composed at the end with


the past. It changes the ball over in his hand. Go on, Dennis! 15


minutes to play. There's a nervous energy that is buzzing around the


Halliwell Jones Stadium at the moment. Warrington fans would have


come here today with high expectations and a level of


confidence tipping on the side of, we are going to win this. Just at


the moment, nobody knows who is going to win best. Widnes are


fighting and fighting hard. Stolen. Penalty. Anxiety levels raise a


little for Warrington. Hang on... Chris Hill against eight of them. So


his mates turn up. Jack Hughes wants to get involved. REFEREE: Walk away,


please. Walk away, please. With 15 minutes to go, we do know that


Widnes have got a lot of youngsters out there who are going to be high


on adrenaline and energy. It's very important for Rhys Hanbury and John


Mellor, the experienced playmakers, to really get to grips with the team


and say, we are in this team, we've got to complete and play the game at


the right end of the field. A cheeky little nudge... The 17-year-old


isn't going to take that. Well done, fella. He's got a bit of attitude


about him, hasn't he? The veteran England prop forward cheeks the


17-year-old and the 17-year-old ain't taking it.


I don't care who you are. A big call here for the referee, yellow card or


just leave it? Hill and men are being called together. -- Hill and


Mellor. The penalty has gone against you, you got to release the ball. He


came at me! Both sides, maintain your composure. Chris, that's it. I


don't want to have James Chapelhow here as well. No problem, sir.


That's great. Look at that. Chapelhow gets involved. I dig it


was more shock for Hill that he stayed up for him. Chapelhow was


only 21 but his little mate was in peril so he got involved. I think we


might be seeing more of him down the years, Danny Walker. We might see


more of him in this game, the way he's going. There's some anxious


faces on the cut line now because it is too tight the call. 14 minutes to


go. Young Danny Walker is in there


again, a big gap suddenly opened up. A great read by Atkins. Great


tackle, Atkins absolutely needed. Walkers in there, make the tackle,


great kick, great follow-up, the 17-year-old is having the day of his


life on the Challenge Cup stage. He's having the last five minutes of


life, anyway? ! We do talk about Joe Mellor and Rhys Hanbury being


experienced, it was Walker there. He took the ball at the line, squeezed


it perfectly executed kick in behind the goal, and another set of six


here. Don't be surprised if they tee up for our drop goal at some stage.


Dropped goal is a slap her, no room for flapping in this game. -- a


dropped goal is a flapper. Walker only made his debut against Leigh at


the 1st of April. Widnes have knocked on and Warrington have a


moment to celebrate. They need to dig deep again, get their resolve


back with a possession that they will get here. Tactically, it's been


right for Widnes, and it's right here at again. Juggled on the floor


but it's caused problems. You have got to take the risk reward thing


that Widnes have done today. How could that change around? 62%


possession. Eamon O'Carroll is going off because the referee has said he


needs to get the bleeding sorted out. I think it's the third time in


the game. Get back on the field! Card, boss, referee said I've got to


come. Where is this cup tie going, 12 and


a half minutes to go? Writes to the very end, that's where it's going.


-- right to the very end. Warrington have gone back to the


well. And they are coming up trumps at the moment.


That close with so many around him. But he's got a penalty. Do you put


that down too clever play by Ratchford, spotting the players? I


think it was more the power of Ryan Atkins, got the quick play of the


ball and they couldn't get back onside.


Still 11 and a half minutes to go so plenty of time in the game for three


or four more tries. Kevin O'Brien looking for a hat-trick, and he's


got it! Oh, it's not! The referee said play on and he's going back to


it. If you put it down, Kevin Brown will have scored a hat-trick right


in front of the Widnes fans. But has he put it down? The video referee?


OK, right, we've got grounded with no try on field. So it's if the ball


comes away from Brown's hand. You can't see anything from this angle.


Can we joke that back? Another angle might be better. The ball is in


Brown's hand. No separation at present. Still no separation. The


hand is on the ball with the fingers, and it keeps going down.


His fingers never come off the ball. Can we have another view on that


one? If you have one? At this point I'm giving a try because the fingers


do not come off the ball. That doesn't show me anything. Can we go


back to the angle I had before, please? And slow again. Slowed down,


the hand is on the ball, the top of the ball. OK. The fingers are still


in contact. Go back to the other one? And slow it down again. The


hand is still on the ball. The fingers must stay on the ball. Slow


this down, they're still on the, still on, still on, that is a try.


The forensic investigation comes through for the attack. Kevin Brown


with a hat-trick. And Widnes will think, it has to be him, didn't him?


It had to be him who might just have broken the hearts of his former


club. A third try in the afternoon it is Warrington back into the lead


and a crucial time in the game. The win Challenge Cups, you've got to


have players in your team that when you know are playing well, we'll


come on and produce that. Kevin Brown have done that on three


occasions in this game. Absolutely superb play from the player. He's


been the difference between the two teams. That's why it Warrington are


going to go four all six points up with less than ten minutess today.


He has pulled it wide but it is still 24-20. He limped out of the


2009 final while Huddersfield play against Warrington, but is he


providing a pathway here with these three tries? And his side can take a


giant step towards another Wembley final this year. He's had to do a


lot of work for all three tries. Shows great strength of the last


one. And agility. He spotted the gap, first and for most, and gives


his team the lead again. He had a hand in every one of England's


second-half tries against Samoa last week, a hand or foot, anyway. And


today he's scored three tries for his club side in this Challenge Cup


tie. There's still nine and a half minutes to go. But when decisions go


against you like that, Widnes might be thinking, it's not doing to be


our day today. That's the guile of Diddley, a dummy half, bringing his


experience back to the team. -- that is the guile of Kurt Gidley.


Absolutely no value in a dropped goal here for Warrington, they are


going to take the set to the conclusion. Her before a try.


Patrick R van picks it up and he is over. The referee has blown the


whistle for a knock-on and he's hurt himself as well. What a double blow


that is. Warrington get their head and feedback. What an agonising


moment that is for Patrick Ah Van. Fleeting glimpse of glory and then


sheer pain and agony. It's an issue with his knee, his


knee has just buckled. Oh! Just gone, the pain, the anguish.


There's a lot of weight on those knees, a lot of muscle.


With the way it's looking at the moment, it you to suggest this is


not only his game, it might be the next few weeks he's sitting out. We


all I hope he's OK, but looking at Denis Betts, irrespective of the


result of this game, he's going to be exceptionally proud of his


players, they're still in this game with nine minutes to go. A bit of


Widnes fashion with them there, making a spectacle of themselves.


Really? That was awful! The initial burst of paintings to


have gone. -- burst of pain. He might have heard the referee's


whistle as well, double exposure of pain, the knee hurts more than the


fact that he was denied an 80 yard gallop downfield.


In the scheme of things, it's just what Widnes don't want. They're


having a cracking game here today, eight minutes to go, they want all


their players healthy. If you look at next week and their week after,


they got 11 or 12 people on their roster not playing.


So, off he goes. We have the duty to come up with the man of the match,


we will come up with something shortly.


Another try will probably finish it here. For all Widnes's cuts,


determination and bravery, and no shortage of class here at times.


Being two scores behind would be too much with time ticking away,


although they are determined not to go behind. Another knock-on, there.


It is just desperation defence from Widnes, they have thrown bodies in


all afternoon, made it difficult for Warrington to get any momentum.


Again here we see players throwing their arms and bodies in. Whatever


it takes to stop the team getting over the try line. Still seven and a


half minutes to play. Still the potential for a twist. The way the


plot is stacked at the moment, it looks more likely that Warrington


will get another try. But if witnessed survive this set, who


knows? -- get Widnes survive this set, who knows? Russell! App


absolute determination but not absolutely certain that he's scored.


He thinks he has. But we have a look again, so again, we'll hear from the


video referee. OK, we're going to have a try on for you, we're looking


to make sure it stays on the field of play and ground the ball. So we


can have a look to make sure. But his feet are in the field of play,


slowdown would be better. Drop that backs, take it back slightly. OK, I


happy that that is a try. This is the matchwinner. This is the


moment that will be greeted with relief by the Warrington fans.


Because they know now, as Matty Russell scores the try that takes


him to 100 points in his Warrington career, it's also a try that takes


his side into the draw for the quarterfinals of the Challenge Cup.


Yes, he's an absolute genius at scoring in tight positions, Matty


Russell. We'll see, the error coming from Widnes to give them the


opportunity. Kevin Brown again teasing the defence, lovely off-load


from Jack Hughes and there is no better winger in the com edition


that finishes in tight spaces. Terrific finish, great from Hughes


and from Russell. Side steps on the inside, super play from Matty


Russell. Fifth of this campaign. 25th in all since he signed for


Warrington three years ago now. He had a spell in Australia with the


Gold Coast Titans. A Scottish international, who was born in


Scotland! Stefan Ratchford, and in which international who was born in


Wigan. It's drifted wide. -- he was an English international. Widnes


have to score twice. High and hanging. They have got it


back. Manuokafoa wants it for Widnes.


It's gone to ground, Ben Westwood, lumbers forward, safely collect it.


That was a last chance for Widnes. You would feel so.


Dummy half will tell around. The big players have showed up today,


Russell, Ratchford has been great as well.


One of play to go. And look at that big gap, look at that huge gap.


Chris Hill will not score and easier try. There was a moment of disbelief


there. The referee must have blown the whistle. I don't even think that


Hill can believe it was over until he touched it down, and the try was


given. And Widnes know it's game over now. I think it was the


disguise, and Kurt Gidley has been terrific in his second stint when he


came on. You will see the error from the Widnes Vikings, their last


chance to get back into it. And then Kurt Gidley just teased the markers


and that is the easiest try that Chris Hill will ever score in his


career. The big grin on his face, a big week for him, he was on England


duty as well last week. The second of the season.


34 points to 20. Warrington have won it. Still time to go but Warrington


have won it. Stoke Mandeville the match, who have you decided on? --


so, man of the match? To score a hat-trick is a fantastic feat and


Kevin Brown has been the difference between these two teams. If you look


at the scoreboard, his three tries and his incision at the right time


and his decision-making has been first class. He disagrees but we did


discuss it. We did. It's about moment of magic. If you put three


moments like that on the board, you put your team in a winning position.


So man of the match, Kevin Brown. Don't forget, the draw coming up as


soon as we finished here. It will be online, the draw, BBC


online. So get your laptop ready, your tablet, your phone. Your smart


TV, whatever it is. BBC online for the draw. We'll be streaming it. 90


seconds to go. Job done. They've just announced the man of


the match, and again, an extra big cheer because of who it is and who


they are playing against, and who he used to play for.


Yeah, I think Manuokafoa has got a responsibility there to hold onto


that ball. Yes, Ashton Sims hands him that. You've got full hotspots


ability to make sure you get control. They probably come up with


a couple of errors to many in the wrong areas of the field would have


given Warrington the territory and the right field position. So they


can take advantage. So, the last couple of plays of this


game. Warrington safely into the draw for the quarterfinals. But what


a battle Widnes have made for them today. Terrific effort from the


players in black-and-white, youngsters thrown in there to patch


up the gaps, left by injured seniors. They have pulled their


weight, they have pushed Warrington right the way to the finish. The


individual brilliance of Kevin Brown, the coolness and calmness of


Kevin Brown, the difference ultimately. But a great cup tie.


Warrington when it 34 points to 20. But Widnes will take wonderful heart


from this, into the rest of their season. They are not going to be


going to Wembley this year. They're still bottom of the Super League


table, but they've all feel they can begin to climb now. On the back of


what has been a wholehearted, wonderfully committed performance.


But it's Warrington who are the winners. It is Kevin Brown who is


the man of the match. And he's now speaking with Damien.


He's just picking up the bubbly, congratulations, they gave you a


real scare. They did, we expected it, they always raise the game


because of the Derby. I've been on the other rent of a few. It was


written that you'd come up with a big performance and get a hat-trick


against your old crew? I'm not sure, it was a funny reception. They gave


you stick all afternoon here. I'm not sure what they were saying but I


don't think they like me any more. Tell me about the third try, you had


no business dotting that one down. No, they were coming from


everywhere, and I just saw the line, I just thought, long arms, get it


down. Did they surprise you? They've been struggling in Super League all


season. They didn't surprise us, Challenge Cup is a different


competition and we expected a tough game. We probably didn't show enough


respect with the ball early on, we coughed up a lot of ball, they are a


good side and they can attack. But we are through and that's all we


wanted. Congratulation, Kevin, Kevin Smith is with us as well -- Tony


Smith is with us. That was a tough old game. It was, I will derby


match. And that's what we expected. All credit to Widnes, they had a


real good go today. It was a bit of nothing to lose attitude and they


just kept throwing stuff at us. Particularly off-loads. I thought


that really hurt us today. I thought our defence really good except for


stopping the off-loads. And they really took advantage of that. But


luckily my boys hung in there and had enough to come home with.


Congratulations, well done, Terry. Kurt Gidley is with us as well. You


are through but they gave us a real scare. But that's what you expect,


that is what people expect from their own team and we're expecting a


tough game. I thought we made it hard for ourselves at certain


points, our last place could have been better, building pressure at


the end of the set could have been better. For some of the guys they've


got out at the moment, they showed plenty of spirit and worked hard.


It's a bit of relief in the end, we came up with some things towards a


big weekend next week. Congratulations.


Let's have a look at the results or possibly a latest from Leeds because


they kicked off later than us. I think we can come to be say that


Leeds Rhinos are going to go through there. Wigan Warriors also through.


Quickly, that was a heck of a match, wasn't it? Yes, great game, Widnes


showed loads of spirit. People out of position and a lot of young lads


who did a great job for themselves. Danny Walker on the bench was


exceptional for Warrington. Widnes. Impressed? Great contest but more


quality with Warrington. At the end, it showed that difference. We will


have the draw for you on the rugby league form, that is going to be on


the BBC sport website. We will also have more reaction from this game


and it has been quite a game. The scoreline a little bit harsh on


Widnes. It's been a heck of a game here. Do join us that quarterfinal


draw. Who do you think, will everybody be wanting further stone?


They won't be wanting Warrington, that's for sure. That's the draw you


want, but you want to be at home for the quarterfinal? Yes, home, and you


want to avoid Castleford on yesterday's performance. It's too


late for us! We will see you on the BBC sport website, join us over


there for the draw for the quarterfinals. We've had a cracking


weekend of rugby league here. Stay with us for the quarterfinal draw.




Tanya Arnold presents live coverage of this Challenge Cup sixth-round clash between Warrington and Widnes. This is one of Rugby League's biggest derbies and is always a tense and tight affair. It is also a repeat of 2016's quarter-final which Warrington edged 20-18. But both clubs have had a mixed start to their league season - with beaten Challenge Cup and Grand Final finalists Warrington struggling to find their form, and Widnes also not performing strongly. The Cup is a competition both teams are desperate to do well in as they bid for silverware this season, and under the guidance of seven-time Challenge Cup winner Denis Betts, Widnes fancy their chances of a shock in what is sure to be an enthralling and feisty encounter.

Reporting is Damian Johnson with the BBC Rugby League correspondent Dave Woods providing the commentary, alongside Jonathan Davies, Brian Noble and Robbie Hunter-Paul.

The draw for the quarter-finals follows the match.