England v Wales Rugby League: Four Nations

England v Wales

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It doesn't matter what sport you play. Whether you are professional


or amateur. The ultimate accolade is pulling on the shirt of your


country, and this is the captain's shirt. Jamie Peacock will be


wearing number 10. The players will be crowding into the dressing room


to discuss their tactics. They take on Wales this afternoon. But most


of them, it's the end of a long season. Kevin Sinfield, this is his


38th match this year. But it's worth it because the Gillette Four


Nations tournament gives them a chance to play the very best in the


England now are running riot! Kiwis can't believe it. Kevin Smith


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


is over. Here they go again. touches down. It's a thrilling


So New Zealand are the current Four Nations champions and are also the


World Cup holders. You into this tournament this year are Wales.


They earned the right by beating France in the European Cup finals.


You can see that they are making use of their status as underdogs to


motivate the whole team. They want them to stand up, they want them to


put their best foot forward. Their captain, Lee Briers, has said,


there is no pressure on us because no one is expecting anything.


Bookmakers make them 100-1 to lift the trophy. Australia are the


favourites. We will see highlights from their match last night. The


kick-off here is just under half- an-hour away. England made the


final of the Norgrove Four Nations at 2009, eventually losing to an


Australian side inspired by a Billy Slater and Darren Lockyer.


Australia won 46-16 at Elland Road. We are now looking at established


global stars in the shape of its Sam Tomkins, Kevin Sinfield and the


probing strength of James Roby. And into the mix comes Rangi Chase. A


controversial but arguably inspired selection by Steve McNamara for the


New Zealand-born star, who qualifies under residency rules.


Make no mistake, this is a huge day for Wales and their coach, Iestyn


Harris, who represented his country with distinction in both codes of


rugby. He will be watching from the sidelines, plotting and planning an


upset. And they will be trying to revive the spirit of the 90s, when


Wales made a to the semi-finals of the 1995 World Cup, losing 25-10 to


England. No idea what happened to Jonathan Davies! We are expecting a


sell-out at the Lea Village Sports Centre. It's in the heart of rugby


league country, halfway between Wigan and Warrington. Wales are


coached by Iestyn Harris, they are hoping for big things. England are


the heavy favourites. Sam Tomkins A Steve McNamara, he wants to make


sure that Rangi Chase beds in with the other players, that they bond


well. Adrian Morley winning his 47 th cap today. He made his debut in


1996. The stand is gradually filling up. It's an overcast day, a


chilly breeze, no rain at the moment. Very good conditions for


high-scoring rugby league. That is what we are expecting. I am joined


by Brian Noble, who is about to appear in panto. A very lovely


beard. It's an audition for Captain Haddock. And a man who starred for


rail -- for Wales, Jonathan Davies. We know what happened to you. Where


do you think Welsh rugby league is right now? It's difficult. The


Crusaders, as a Super League side... I know they are working very hard


at grassroots level, trying to bring youngsters through. In 95, we


will all established as Super League players, whereas this side


now is not. On the back of a great World Cup, maybe that was the


opportunity to build Rugby League in Wales. This was the side that


made the semi-finals in 1995. You were huge name but you were


surrounded by experienced, capable players at their Peek. Yes, Anthony


Sullivan, Harris, Devereux, Moriarty. Established international


players in union and league. We were very lucky that we had a


strong call of international players for that competition. We


enjoyed it. That was my last ever rugby league game. It's a tough


time when you retire. In 2000, Wales made the semi-finals again


and played brilliantly against Australia. They led them 20-8 after


22 minutes. It was an incredible first half. Everything Wales did


that day came off. They just played on the adrenalin, they played off


the cuff. They defended admirably. They found themselves at half-time


in front against the world champions. I think people like


Kennedy came to the fore in the second half. But Lee Briers played


sensationally well on that occasion. He has to do the same today. If he


can have the platform he did in that first half then they will go


well. He is such an exciting player to watch because you never quite


know what he's going to do next. But he does need that platform that


you alluded to. He will need some good going forward. I liken it to a


championship game against a Super League Tain, it's that much of a


hill they have declined. If they get the bounce of the ball and the


odd penalty, get a bit stronger at first 15-20 minutes, we could see


something similar today it's a Lee Briers could kick it really well.


It was an exceptional start but on this occasion now, their win


against France last year was the win that they wanted. It put


themselves in this position will stop now it's all about performance.


Make no doubt about it, they are by far the weaker side in this Four


Nations. They've got to perform. I don't think they will win any of


the games but they have to perform exceptionally well. And they are


missing a huge presence with the news earlier this week that Gareth


Thomas has retired from both areas of rugby. Such a massive player for


Wales in union and league. He scored the try against France that


made sure that Wales are in this four-nations tournament. He broke


his arm in the summer but... He was an inspirational play in league and


union. Maybe he came a little too late at the Rugby League and didn't


realise what a difficult step it was. Maybe realising the next three


games for the last three games of his career and looked he would they


were up against. He must have thought, hang on, it's time for me


to retire. You know when you are finished. You come and play against


England, Australia and New Zealand when you have doubts in your mind,


he has made the right decision. Absolutely no criticism of Gareth


Thomas from this field, from a man who knows exactly how to get his


timing right. The four-nations tournament kicked off last night


tournament kicked off last night with the two big sides. The hot


favourites, Australia, against New Zealand. Look at this Australia


side. Darren Lockyer on his farewell tour, he retires at the


end of this tournament. He was captain. The usual suspects there.


Taking on New Zealand, captained by Mick -- captained by Benji Marshall.


pass from Billy Slater. This is A little bit of into play. They've


got the big guns, taking it straight over to score a try. Too


easy. New Zealand need to dig a defence from New Zealand. Thurston,


isn't it? I think they will give it. This is what Australia are trying


to do, they are trying to create one-on-one positions. Benji


Marshall against Tony Williams. It just came down to the laws of


physics bed. Tony is just too big the ball they have three or four


players around them. And they make 40 to 50 metres. All of this is


down. Brilliant leader played by Smith and Thurston again. This is


what is great about the Australian halves. They run at the line.


Has Nightingale got it down? I think he is looking to see who it


The Australian handles that. New Zealand will get this. At last, a


smile or two for the Keavy put their support behind the men in


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pass out wide and a good try at the corner. Trial by Boyd, beautiful


running. Tried-and-tested combination. Again, Thurston just


goes to the line, he get in behind damned puts the ball in to Boyd in


just slips! Did he flick it back? Did Peacock's call? If he did, what


a wonderful piece of rugby. -- did Peacock score. What wonderful


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


pressure. That's a try. -- You can't be happy with defeats in


Test matches. So I was disappointed. I thought we did some really good


things in the second half to call ourselves back into the contest. We


got within four points and we had a couple of opportunities, but we


lacked the polish to finish them off on the try-line. It was a very


slow game. A lot of holding down, offsides. If those are going to be


the tactics allowed by AEP officials, we will play those


tactics as well. Are those things that you have looked into, to have


a look? I've spoken to them, whether anything is going to change,


we will have to save. Expressing his disapproval of the refereeing.


A fair amount of fall-out in the Sydney morning Herald on a tackle


from eyes that look, what is called a carrot and ball tackle. --


I'm joined by another England coach, John Kear. What do you think of his


beard? If it's a cracker. No, what did you think of Australia?


thought they were very good and skilful. They looked after the ball.


Few errors. They were very dangerous on the attack.


Defensively, very compact. I thought their kicking game was


magnificent. They played that game so well. If the Rochus speeds up,


my word, we will see some skill from those guys. We will discuss


the match and the ramifications of it in more detail later on. After


we come off air on BBC One, we will go to the red button for him. Any


question you want to ask, you can send us an e-mail. If you are using


Twitter, the hashtag is BBCRugbyLeague. The team there


includes players from more than just one nation. Born and raised on


and North Island of New Zealand, Rangi Chase has been rechristened


Roger to make him sound a bit more English by his team-mates. Only


last year he was playing for the New Zealand Maoris against England.


But he was man of the match on his debut in an England shirt against


France last week. And he is the man of Steel for 2011, thanks to his


efforts for Castleford Tigers. He qualifies through the three-year


residency rule. Garratt would up was born in Halifax, but he moved


to Melbourne with his family at the age of 16. He played for the


Australia affiliated under-18s. Last year, Steve McNamara called


him up to England and he scored in the Four Nations against New


Zealand. Now 22, he has played in every game for Melbourne Storm this


season. As far as England are concerned, he came off the bench to


devastating effect and helped set up Jack Reed's try against France.


Now, this is a dream story. Jack Reed was still working as a


bricklayer 12 months ago. Born in Castleford, his family moved to


Australia when he was two. He scored a try on his England debut


last week against France. His girlfriend and his parents are here


to support him. Reed says that his heritage means a lot to him. He is


strong in defence and he's got great vision. He's a good team


player. Jack Reed could be the difference for England this year.


Delve back into Chris Hemmings and's past, before he was born, you


will find out that his father was born in England. His great uncle


and various cousins still living Paignton in England. Benji Marshall


describes him as the heart and soul Kevin Sinfield made an absolute


point of going to the newcomers and shaking their hand in front of the


crowd, saying, they are with us, they are on our side, they will be


wearing the white and red of England. Let's hear from Steve


McNamara. You have trawled far and wide to


put this team together. Is that an indictment of the English system?


Not whatsoever. We've got fantastic English players coming through.


We've got a programme to supplement that. For our young players to


enter that environment, they've got responsibilities, the head coach


has to pick the best players available, if they show the right


commitment. You've had a very professional set-up, how have they


bonded? Very good, the dynamics have been very good. In January and


February we were a group, albeit a slightly different one. What needs


to be done is to make sure we are successful in the back end. The


team dynamic is very good. It's about playing, we want to get out


there and perform. You start with the same 17 as against France, what


improvements are you a people? consistency, continuity, a belief


in the group that we have got. You know, that will reap dividends for


ourselves. For this week, we are going for the same group.


Again, we can see from those shots how important the bonding process


is. Brian and John, you know about that, getting players from


different clubs, players that have been based in different countries,


to work together? It's a huge commitment. Probably not worth


Garratt would up, but certainly the likes of Rangi Chase, they have


burned their boats, in effect. Steve used the right word, it's all


about commitment. I have no problems. I think Steve McNamara


has a job to pick the best team possible from the available. That


is what he has done, in my opinion. If we win the Four Nations, come


the end of November, there will be no fury whatsoever. That is true,


the controversy would disappear. What are they going to deal on the


pitch? Here is Robbie with the game plan. Wales can into this match as


massive underdogs. The reason is that this is truly a star-studded


England team. There are three players in particular that I want


to pick on. The first one is this man in the background, number nine,


James Roby. He's had an outstanding season for St Helens. The more he


runs out, the better England will play throughout the whole of the


season. The second player to keep your eye on his Sam Tomkins. The


number one for Wigan Warriors, he was picked to be the man of Steel.


He's had a fantastic season. One of his strong attributes will be the


fact that when he returns the ball, unless Wales confronted with a flat


defensive line, they will have a long day at the office. The most


talked-about player is Rangi Chase. He is an outstanding player. When


he gets the ball in his hand, don't think you are going to know what he


will do. Most of the time, he doesn't know. He is instinctive,


creative and innovative. One thing about this young player, he truly


has the X Factor. Those are the three players to keep your eye out.


James Roby, Sam Tomkins, Rangi Chase. That is how we are meant to


pronounce it! In the Wales dressing room, a huge task ahead of them.


Their coach, Iestyn Harris, has been talking to Tanya. You have


said this will be a tough ask for your team. What will be deemed a


success from this tournament? Improvement from as. We have spoke


to the grip over the last couple of years about their own individual


improvements. Collectively, we have improved. By the end of the three


weeks, if we can look at ourselves and so we have improved as a team


and individuals, the results will be what they will be. There is


nothing we can do about the results, we just got to worry about


ourselves and make sure we give ourselves the best opportunity to


play well. How revved up are they? They are excited. They are really


nervous, but what is important is that they send that in the right


direction. We've done some work with that this week. Turning that


into energy. The group are really excited about it. There is a big


challenge ahead, not only this week but the next two weeks as well.


They are really excited about it. They are not afraid at all. They


are looking forward to a challenge. It will be an occasion they will


seriously enjoy. Lee Briers, the Wales captain, it is all about what


he can do. Both Whizz-Kidz hands and his boots? -- both with his


hands and is that? Wales deserve to be at the table. They went through


a tournament last year. The only way they will improve is to play


the likes of England, New Zealand and Australia. A big day at the


office. It has the feel of a really big occasion? It certainly does.


Wales have got nothing to lose. I think there will throw everything,


including the kitchen sink, as England. England have got to show


the wherewithal to put in an outstanding performance and a big


win. Here they come, to be greeted by the roars of the fans. This is


it, the first of our BBC live matches in that the Gillette Four


Nations tournament. Your commentary team is Jonathan Davies, alongside


Dave Woods. It's a rivalry that goes back over a century. It is


England that have dominated that rivalry down the years. So, the


Welsh are hoping to rewrite a bit of history today. England are


looking to set a platform for the rest of the tournament, nothing


less than a convincing win is what is required to set up next week's


Wembley showdown against Australia. It's a Four Nations tournament. But,


all due respect to the Welsh, I think they are expecting to finish


4th. But they are looking to put up a big show today. Steve McNamara,


England coach. He's done all he can to prepare his side for this


contest. One of his assistants alongside him. We are going to have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


the National Lankans, -- national There have been some momentous


Welsh occasions along the years. I wonder if this will be one of them.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Iestyn Harris, the coach, will reminder of how they will be lining


up today. The same England side had a slightly stuttering outing


against France in the warm-up. Tomkins and Chase in the back line


up. The first English outing on English soil for Reed. A familiar


England pack. Heighington, an Australian, has qualified to play


here because of his English dad. Injuries to Lloyd wide and Lupton


have forced a reshuffle of the season as an international. Ian


Watson, it's his 17th year as an under way, or at least when the


ball is balanced. We are very privileged to have the man


alongside us today that we do, Jonathan Davies, one of the greats


of rugby league and rugby union. his rugby league in the Royal


Marines, he's a tough character. But at the moment he is not sure


where he is. There wasn't a clash of heads there. I don't know if


they clipped him with the elbow him, down here goes. Let's just


an international stage, that's the way to do it. It was innocuous


really. Didn't really look that bad when it happened. But the contact...


I think he's going to be all right. Steady to his feet. He's got to go


off a. He is not fit at the moment. One of the veteran figures in this


side as well, Jordan James, he's got a couple of brothers playing in


the under-18s this weekend. They were looking for a triumph with the


family involvement but I think Jordan James might just have played


his last, or at least he'll be given time for a full recovery.


Kopczak is the man who takes his place, the Bradford Bulls prop


finesse their set. They've got to get a good kicking game and make


England attack from their own 20 metre area. They don't want to be


way over Betty can't put it down. - with a 56 seconds played. --


Tomkins. England have announced their early intentions with a try


in the opening minute. The first mistake, turn the ball over in the


danger zone. You can feel it coming. Just watch the late run. The dummy


run. Lee Briers is poured in, he then Mrs the tackle on the outside.


put your weight on your left hand that England were hoping for with


the inclusion of Rangi Chase and Sam Tomkins. It has given them


their opening try. Kevin Sinfield, Mr reliable in terms of goal-


kicking. It couldn't be a worse plenty of big kicks this season


didn't make a very good connection here for Wales, isn't it? Yes.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Start again, good kick, the defence on his way to the Bradford Bulls


next season. Let's hear from the touchline. A very difficult start


for Wales. Jordan James looked very groggy when he came off. They


haven't brought him out of the dressing room yet. He is being


assessed. I'm sure he will come back on at some stage in the game.


There's a lot to look forward to in this Welsh side. Here is one of the


reasons to have your mouth watering, Tyson Frizell, 20 years of age.


He's got a Welsh father and a Tongan mother. He played for about


three or four different countries and in the end decided to pitch for


Welsh players. Again, that's the difference. Quick-play of the ball.


Although he was under intense pressure, Tomkins, the spiral kick,


he gets under the tackle. Just watch how quickly gets up on his


and Graham and Ellis, you've got to control the tackle area and slow it


down. Otherwise James Roby will repute to pieces. -- report you to


caught short on to the right-hand side but defence got into position


again. Just watch James Roby asking something with ball in hand here,


but they are having to start from Was it a dislodged Paul in the


tackle? -- dislodged the ball in the tackle? Tomkins put in such an


effort. He couldn't get there. Lee Briers has pushed his side forward


and gets the high-fives, because now they find themselves in a real


10 yards away from the England line and six tackles to try to batter


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


in his chest... There is the knock- chance to get ball in hand again


think the referee said he wanted a quick game today, which won't help


ball. It's a great tackle by chest then the momentum would have


was doing. Least of all his team- mates! He almost found a way


short and fat to Westwood. One more to go and they are going to press


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


observation? I think England are starting and playing this game


really well. They are taking the game to Wales, but they have been


very consistent and patient. That's what they need to do. The one area


where Wales had been on top of England is in their kicking game.


England need to cut down Lee Briers move away. Peacock will move


chasers. Wales, there is the take, after the first session and the


disappointment of conceding an Ilie try, they've done well. Keep the


really making a difference since he came on. A little trip across,


Elliot Kear stance and waits. -- Roby. The call came to the referee,


a little bit too early, so he just missed the tackle. Maybe should


Wales are putting up a really good Kopczak, who has played all of


their lives in rugby league. Then you've got the likes of this man,


Danny Jones, one of the lower- league players. He really lives for


interesting interpretation, in terms of how long you can hang on


to the tackle. I'm sure we will be hearing lots of boring debate about


how long referees are allowing can't afford to do that. The first


tackle, you have been under pressure, that is a basic error.


Just handles the ball over. You don't want to be giving England too


magic. Was there a Wales handled trying to play too much football at


will slither his way underneath the desperate Welsh defence. For a


second time, Tomkins writes his name large on the scoresheet.


England lead by eight-0. He is a threat. Any time he is anywhere


near the ball, so elusive. I'm sure the Australians and New Zealanders


are just watching this player. he is the X Factor, him and Ranjeet


chase? There is the late hit, goes down. The ball goes the right hand


side. Just a late, dummy run. They've got to pick him up, Wales.


There he is, he just got a shuffle out. Get the defensive line


organised. They are attacking the encouraging reception that Sam


Tomkins is getting from the England supporters. He was booed at


this time, to make it 10-0 to simple dummy run. You got to drift


out quicker than that. Christiaan Roets, just a little bit slow. It's


Peacock. It's OK doing it in this game, but you don't want to be


handing possession to the Kiwis or the Aussies in this position.


all about ironing out the errors. They have got to set the tempo.


They've got to set the pace, defence. Wales have come close on


occasion and probably deserved a try-line is and how much of a


threat to the Welsh Cup providing efficient. They've got to quicken


up the play, Wales. It took them an eternity to play that Paul pulls up


the defence is organised and they minutes, both coaches will be


reasonably satisfied with what they have seen so far. As you said, a


many caps Morley has won from England and Great Britain. But he


is closing down on the all-time record. He is certainly the longest


serving England player of all time, Jordan James has been sacked worth


an ice pack on the back of his neck for a while. It will take a while


to assess him. -- he has been sacked with an ice pack on the back


start, a difficult couple of opening minutes? It's been


difficult, a few decisions gone against us. But I think the boys


have just got to stick together and they'll be fine. Thank you very


much. The one thing they have to do is just hang on to possession. They


are turning the ball over, the hits are going in, but you've got to


secure possession, get a good kick in and try to force the error on


of the best named teams I've heard of, the fighting Irish. This is a


good fighting afternoon for England, they have another try. Kirk Yeaman


slides over and England are fighting their punch. They are


finding the try-line worth regularity now. They lead by 14-0.


Again, in attack, it is down Lee Briers' channel. That is where they


are going. The Wales defence are standing off. Rangi Chase goes


across. Again, the dummy run. Too many numbers. Rangi Chase, dummy,


Saturday at Wembley Stadium, Australia, a game that you can see


live on the BBC. That will be the really big test of this Four


Nations for England, with New again. But it is for mean-0. -- 14-


0. Rangi Chase goes across, a couple of dummy runs. They target


Lee Briers. You've got to make the tackle. But you've got the number


up, you've got to to get through of the best players in rugby league


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


of view. Making Wales start from sequence for Wales. A big kick


I'm really impressed with England's is put the ball out for England, so


the ball down, make the game play Jack Reed plays for Brisbane and


Seamark is with Manly, so it was his hand. As Robbie said, slow the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


-- up here. A penalty and another and keep his balance and catch the


but... Someone got in the way. Just The doctor has been on a couple of


times. Kevin Sinfield took a heavy knock to his jaw bone. There have


been on to assess how he's doing. bad tackle. -- who completed that


next, catch the ball and then get a big whack in the back. But he held


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


game. Four errors by Wales, three by England. That is the difference


at this level. The last time Wales won on English soil was back in


1977, when they won at Headingley in a year and -- a European


Championship game. Of the 66 meetings between these two, the


very first one back in 1908, England have won 48, Wales 16th.


England very much the dominant force over the years. You've played


in one of two Wales wins over England, haven't you? I've beaten


England to win the European football. Just get it wide. They


are trying to force the pass all point of view. If you look at


Australia, you know who runs the show. Thurston and Lockyer run the


show. Slater chips in. The same thing for Benji Marshall. At the


moment, I am not sure what Sinfield and Chase are doing together. They


should be directing from half-back, award, voted by his fellow players.


He's had a great season, so has Kevin Sinfield. But they've got to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


the Welsh in this little section of hit in the first instance from Gil


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Dudson. But a p get. -- but up he do you make of England so far?


started well and put some pressure on. The last few sets we've had a


few unforced errors. If we can keep them to a minimum and get down


there end of the field, I think we can score some more points.


have rearranged your stag do? I've had to. But I've had a good


or something. Jamie Peacock has always joked that Ablett is the


tightest man in the camp, so he tackled in the field of play and


then pushed back, so the penalty restart for Wales. Just over 20


going up around the crowd. Your last ever Welsh game of rugby


league was in Welsh colours, wasn't it, Jonathan? Yes, semi-final, 95.


It was a World Cup that featured one of the best games of rugby


league I've ever seen. Western Samoa against Wales at Swansea. It


was quite a night. Here is Webster on the right-hand side. A terrific


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


South Wales Scorpions at the moment. He does have a good job outside the


game, he is a sales rep with a brewery in South Wales. He is 31 as


well, so he's probably left it a little late. Dudson, 21, very much


making a career for himself out of the tackle isn't good. Ryan Hall


with a bludgeoning run of his own, play by this man once again,


went to Wales for an adventure. He has certainly had one. The Tourist


Seamark. James Graham was standing welcoming Jack Reed. That will be


the final act to the first half. There has been some stuff to savour,


some stuff from both sides they would rather forget. Such an


horrendous start by Wales. They have settled, but I think they know


they are not going to win this game and they have to play to their


limitations. They need to finish their set and get a good kicking


game. Whatever happens then, happens. But they can't afford to


give away possession. England have been trying to play too much


football. They are not letting their half marks control the game.


At half-time, England need -- lead Well it may have finished with a


whimper, but that half started with a ban. In the first minute,


Westwood Court Jordan James and Westwood Court Jordan James and


basically knocking him out. Sam Tomkins got through for the first


England try. Kevin Sinfield hasn't quite been landing the conversions.


Wales have done their best to fight back, but every time it looked like


they might score, it has slipped through their fingers. Tomkins, his


second, his 9th in 10 matches. Kirk Yeaman gives them a 14-0 lead.


Slightly underwhelming at half-time. We will analyse it in full. First,


England were on a hiding to nothing, they were expected to win and it


was all about the performance? is part of the pressure. Everybody


has been saying that Wales are not going to be anywhere in this game.


But Wales are playing for pride and I think they are enjoying


themselves. They are getting stuck in. Lee Briers has a great kicking


game. I'd probably like to see him kick the game -- bore out more. But


I think England have done had very good job. They been very patient,


tried to build pressure and take that energy out of Wales. Still, I


think there were a couple of times and that half where they were


pushing the passes and playing too adventurous. You have been peering


at times about Rangi Chase. What do you make of his relationship in the


middle? That is possibly one aspect you would like to improve more. You


compare the Australian and English hearts, there is a lot of interplay


between the half-back and the fullback. We have talent like Sam


Tomkins. We probably would see more of Rangi Chase and Sinfield. I saw


the first try, he did the big dummy and put it into the corner. There


was still a little bit to play, but there wasn't much between the three


Good reaction. Let's have a look at level because of a last 10 or 15


minutes. Erez made an penalties conceded, England have conceded


five. In terms of errors, they have made six, to Wales's 5. Too many


mistakes being made. Jonathan Davies has been very critical of


Wales, as you are, when you support You guys have been quite critical


of England? Critical of their decisions. One of the things I was


interested in was the quality of England's execution, at the right


end of the field. We have seen a couple of examples where it has


been good and we will go through those. Some of the decision-making


in relation to their skills in different parts of the field needs


to improve dramatically. Wales had a poor start. They conceded a try


early on and they were dropping the ball over the place. They were


giving the ball to England in the wrong parts of the field, and that


is fatal to your game plan. They should Transit at the other end of


the field. Is it difficult for England? Will they up their game as


they play better sides, without being disrespectful to Wales?


very difficult and there was a great illustration when Sam Tomkins


had the ball four or five metres from his line. He put Ryan Hall


away. He tried to make it impossible offload. Against


Australia and New Zealand, you can't do it in tackle number one.


You've got to build pressure. The way you do that is through field


physician, camping on the opposition line, looking after the


ball. -- field position. players have a fair about to


recover from. Paul Wales, that happened in the first minute. I


can't quite work out how he was caught so badly. Ben Westwood's


shoulder? He's very good at spotting a single ball carrier and


putting him into the third row of the stand to send a message. He got


it right this time. The way that he reacted, there might have been a


slight contact. I think it was a legal shot. But he wasn't going to


play any further part. Reaction from people watching at home. This


is of Twitter. He says, Wales are giving away too many penalties, and


a lot of talk about penalties. Simple truth, Sam Tomkins is one of


the best rugby league players on the planet. And this is why.


can see, time after time, they send the league run it through. Tomkins


is round the back. Lee Briers turns into the lead runner. That just


shows Tomkins half of a gap. Over he goes, a very good try indeed. He


turns in, there is the gap and Tomkins is over. That partnership,


Rangi Chase and Sam Tomkins, that is going to be key. Another Twitter


user, he says that England are winning because of them. He's


sitting on an upturned box, there, because it is glamorous! He's


calmly going through, this is what I wanted to do? I think he'll be


talking about War Horse and Les Carter. A bit more going forward,


quick-play of the balls, it will allow us to play the way we want,


with fast play is. -- a little bit more horse, less cart. I agree,


totally. We have seen lots from Sinfield, Chase and Tomkins. It's


very good. But you have to dent them in the middle. I'm


disappointed we haven't seen more from James Roby. He shows it week


after week in rugby league. Was the Saints' forwards get the opposition


rolling back, he makes the brakes. We need to do that before we can


look to Chase what Tomkins. Let's look at the impact of Craig Kopczak.


I thought Wales were a little lucky not to score? If he has that two


hands in front of his chest, he might get that over the line. He


had a good year with Bradford. cite him as a 16 year old? Playing


for Dudley Hill Club. I think the referee called him out there, he


didn't make the tackle. I think that is a mass of the system from


the referee. Generally speaking, good refereeing? I think he's been


very good. He showed great authority. A lot of composure.


is only young. He is only 31? has good mannerisms. He is calm


with the players and decisions. He takes decisions when he needs to.


He's been anonymous and that is all you can ask from a referee. So we


need to discuss her no more. Let's have a look at Sam Tomkins' second


try. He just has this ability to her snake through? We have Westwood


trying to attract the centre. He is just speeding a hand-off. You might


not make the break, but you make space. Look where he comes from.


Christiaan Roets has the ability to run on and tackle him, but that is


easier said than done. He sticks that big handout and it is all the


space he needs. An interesting comment from Paul Booth and. Jack


Reed looks the best player since Gleeson was at his best? It again


two and he has played France and Just to remind you, you can get in


touch through the website and Twitter. Turkey men scoring the


third? This is clever. Everybody on the fringes is bigging Sam Tomkins,


Sam Tomkins. Kevin Sinfield Things, Kirk Yeaman. -- he thinks Kirk


Yeaman. He gives him the ball, and Lee Briers puts his hands up saying


they have been impeded. A fantastic decision. A short ball, through the


hall. This is why England have taken their opportunities. Iestyn


Harris with his players, how difficult is it to make the


transition from being a player to being a coach? It's very difficult.


But I think he made a good fist of it. Last year, his Welsh team were


very good. As they remarked in the build-up, they have earned their


right to play. They haven't made a bad fist of the first half. If they


convert a try, there might be some jitters from the England camp.


atmosphere would change completely if that happened. It's very dark


out there. I think that is deadening the mood. My word, it is


going to be fireworks next weekend at Wembley. A double header. We


will be live for England against The biggest and best, Wembley


Stadium! A good ball! It's an try. He's got some space! He's going for


Wembley, once again, the ideal If you want to be there at Wembley


and show your support for England or Australia, the ticket


Wales have to up themselves, take a little bit of heart from the fact


that they have got close, without yet getting any points on the board.


They've got to come out in the second half and scored, then you


don't know what might happen. It certainly not over yet. What do you


would see from the second half? don't think Wales do think they


have done their job. They need to integrate themselves again. They


need to think, we can play better than that. We can look after the


ball in our hearth and take it to England's half. They have no one to


kick to the touchline and when to kick the ball. -- they have known


when to kick to the touchline. can afford to be created and


invented. England, your messages keep it simple? If we are going to


win this, Sinfield has to have an outstanding game. We know that Sam


Tomkins can play consistently. James Roby is key. If we are going


they could put the cat among the pigeons. Apart a bit of self-doubt


in English minds? In the studio, as they were saying, England know they


are going to win the game. It will get nervous, it will score next.


England have got to go forward first. There has been no way for


them to go wide. You can chords a wedge, then go wide. They are


playing a lethargic game. There is sharpness to it. We were talking


about statistics in the first half, a man who has been a master of


stats, Ray Fletcher, he has had a setback with his health. We wish


you well. We look forward to you coming back and putting us straight


on whether Adrian Morley is going to become the King of British rugby


seven days hence. Wembley Stadium and Australia. But they cannot look


too far beyond these next 40 minutes, because this is still a


make sure that Danny Jones didn't one that will give it. He tries to


pick it up and be clever but then hard way through what is now


becoming a real flourishing rugby league scene in Wales. Something


like 54 Welsh clubs at the moment. 68 schools in Wales playing rugby


league as well, which is a real rise in the last couple of years.


The Welsh Rugby League have done a This is the role he loves to play.


The big for any weakness or slowness in the defence. -- looking


for any weakness. Rangi Chase sliding it through. It is being


chased hard but it is dropped on in point of view. Wales have a lot of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


sounds familiar, it is. He is the Jones-Buchanan are sliding through.


Chase. The break is made, they've got to get organises -- organised.


Poor option, poor execution again. We know they are good players as


individuals. They've got to put it together collectively if they want


controversial pick for this English team this year. He qualifies on a


residential basis. Three years he has been in England, that's why he


to depend on that role now. So what judge on the other side.


ridiculous decision by the considering what a quality player


wants his commitment to England decent effort from a Welsh side


that is very much second best in terms of man-for-man ability.


that sums it up. When you get Jones-Buchanan taking the kick on


a little frustrated with the way England played that first game


against France. He certainly wasn't absolutely content. But he has


named the same 17 here today and said there were mistakes made, it


wasn't as good as it should have been, so the same 17 have the


chance to go out and rectify it. Do you think he will be making changes


for Australia? It's difficult, because a lot of boys haven't


played. He has put his faith in this Saeed. - Matkin this side. I


think he will be disappointed that the intensity and pace they are


playing at, there are too many errors. I think there is no real


general who is running the show for has more news. I just heard word


from the dressing room. The word is content for England. They need more


direct decisions. When they are not making them, that is when it is


leading to errors. But overall content with the first half. As for


Wales, the coach has told them to stop making errors. They need more


time on the good ball than at the other end of the field and to show


The Welsh side of playing exceptionally well, defending well.


England should not be content. Far too many errors. They have got to


dictate the pace of the game and go last few minutes that England are


just beginning to find a way through. Ellis, Tomkins. He runs


away. Reed points the way and Sam Tomkins scores at hat-trick in


England colours. They lead by 18-0. That is better. Directors from the


forwards. -- Direct nurse. Support play of the full back, that's a


very easy try for Tomkins are made by Gareth Ellis. That's all they


need to do. Simple, direct - that England's point of view is that


good cheering, having been booed on his previous England performance in


this country. They were thrilled to 20 minutes, Wales, of course they


will. Australia and New Zealand won't. It's a little trite, but if


it stays like this or gets better, they are top of the Four Nations


table at the end of the day. But let's not read too much into that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Welsh worker rather than providing McGuire. Danny, what do you want to


see from the England side this second half? It will be nice if the


boys could push on and put some points on the board. They've had a


good start to the second half. We've completed quite a lot of sets.


Sam going in and scoring, that is good for the boys. Conscious you


will have a slightly tougher test next week? Wales, it's an


international game, Wales have given it their all. We understand


we've got some quality out there but hopefully the lads will push on


now and put us in a good place for next week. You want the guys are


chomping at the bit to get your chance? Yes, it's a squad effort.


We are chomping at the bit and from an English point of view? I


know it's a ridiculous question to ask you. Remain neutral stand-off...


I just want them to do the basics well. The forwards go forward and


the half-backs have direct play. Bring Tomkins in, bring Reed and


Yeaman in. Just play it simple. Because of the difference in


standard, they are trying to play too much football. They will


increase their standard next week, they will increase their intensity.


Reed scores a second try it for to more expected proportions now. -


- the Gapper is beginning to open defensive speed line has gone now.


They are trying to come across to make the tackle. Instead of going


up quick lines began getting organised, they are just chasing


across field. That is not going to for Jack Reed. He'll be delighted


with his second try. A bit of heavy duress from the three Welsh


defenders that got to him. If you look at the English back line,


you've got Hall, Reed, Yeaman. A very strong. They are going to be


difficult to stop. You just got to get that platform. Sinfield, with


the kick. It has just gone wide. He's not had his kicking boots on


of numbers, easy finish. -- there great English. I don't think it


matters, he is a world-class rugby league player. They always seem to


find these ginormous Australian well in the second half. You think,


England's Chase is good. That's a very good kick, to be honest.


Competing for the ball, or watch. The referee has decided he tackled


behind the dead-ball -- dead-ball line. Robbie Hunter Paul has his


thoughts. Just before this game get away from Wales, I think it is


funny that it is doing just that. At the moment, England are getting


a lot of yards forward. It's good to see Brodie running forward. The


one place I will be critical is in their defends. I think Wales are


making too many yards out of their half. The Australians will be


jumping out of the box. I've seen his brother, Henry, try one or two


drop out in his time. Lee Briers is but they have decided to go for the


six, as you would expect. Graham Sinfield, try number four for Sam


Tomkins. He is having an absolute field day. That was a very good


ploy. If they can isolate this guy, one of one, with any defender, he


will cause problems. Especially in that area. That's all they have got


to do, isolated, one-on-one. There is the mistake. He doesn't put


enough on it. That is the penalty. From the penalty, again, it is a


late run. A dummy run as well. Again, Roets is caught, the number


four for Wales. Just watch. That's just enough time for this man to


when a dummy run goes through. Nobody is picky Temata. The outside


man is stepping in and creating space for the outside. -- nobody is


so far. Sam Tomkins is having a bit of a party. Watch it, it is that


the dummy run again. Number 12. Plenty of players on the inside. No


communication between second row and centre. It's very, very easy


from why else. There are still 20 minutes left of the game. A along


20. They are tiring. I think you have got to slow the game down. As


His side had put in a good show up to this point. There was a little


bit of danger. But that the possession, England, 71%.


territory. 75%. It's just by doing the basics. The forwards do their


job,. Jordan James is back on the field. He's recovered from that


tired. The back three have got to Just outside their own 20 meet area.


He started with the Gloucester what role he takes in this English


side, as the Four Nations evolves. Whether he takes more of a starting


of hanging on at the moment. They Llandaff threatening much, much


more. Wilkin kicks, but much too sitting on the sideline, so what


are two combinations been tried out by the English coach. -- one or two


combinations being tried out by the English coach. They put a good kick


didn't take it cleanly, but it went really good lad. A very fleet pair


of feet. I would like to see him given some space. England, rolling


forward again. Wilkin. That was arms about that. But he gets off


with a warning. Dangerous tackle. Feet at 90 degrees. That's it, get


on BBC One, you compress your red button and hear the discussion that


takes place afterwards. We will be be a try! Terrific finish by Kear.


Listen to the noise from the Welsh supporters in sired this ground. At


last, something to cheer about, provided by Kear. Good distribution.


Good dummy runners. They are Great pass. Good dummy run as well.


Won't be happy with the defence, England. Just watch. This is the


dummy run. The next one, here. Yeaman goes in there. Great finish,


habit of scoring on the BBC. He gives the Welsh something to smile


that, but he didn't get the distance. He will be disappointed


is the dummy run. There is nothing on there. There is one more Derby


runner. No communication with won his own. Three players to take


coach to think about, head of one he has done. He made his debut


for Wales in the unlikeliest of circumstances, in Philadelphia


against the United States in 1995. That is what international rugby


league is all about, isn't it? 17 years later, very nearly, and he is


this level. These are basic, basic errors. Keep your concentration.


Gosh, who would want to be a coach? A big day for him, as well. His


rugby career started up the road. Briscoe. He steps back inside and a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Widdop is back in support. England playeds in the red, the danger zone,


there wasn't a half back anywhere near first play of the ball. First


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


about whether to have a double on his own and put the kick in or


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


was the right option again. I think they have to look at their options


in the Reds loan. They have to be a bit more clinical against the


better side. Not waste opportunities. They might know the


game is easily one and are trying a eye on the role of his substitute,


Gareth Widdop. He is a regular starter with the Australian club,


such a long time last night, that's a sign of how good the Australians


though the floodgates were about to open. But the Welsh have closed


them rapidly and provided a good It's a shame he couldn't get the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


books as the first Australian to score for England. Heighington goes


in, England have another 34 points Just folds of Frizell and then the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


gap opens up for Widdop. Watch after we finished here. Pressed the


red button and you can see the Where do England go from here? They


for the English for taking the gamble there on the left leg. But


has it paid off? The first question be covered by a Welsh player, that.


Two Welsh players there. Rangi Chase comes flying in. He hasn't


that is a knock-on. The England players have all gone inside their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


naming today's man of the match. I'm sure his impulses will have


seen him sort out to play in red, but it's got to be a player in wide.


It's a simple call. Not many people score four tries for their country.


My Gillette Four Nations man-of- the-match is the England full-back,


to the crowd and they agree with can still attack. But they've given


it a way to Ryan Hall. Here is Gareth Widdop, going for the corner.


He scores! What a way for England to finish. On the highest of highs.


A try with the last touch of the ball, to maybe carry them on the


way to Australia next week. Gareth Widdop searing them for pace.


thought that Wales might break away and score. But just watch the


overlap. Miracle ball that Ryan Hall takes. You think he might


score. A lovely offload. Widdop just pins his ears back, goes for


Momentum. It is. England have a little bit of momentum now going


of kicking days today, very unlike him. But he will be forgiven given


them margin of victory and the quality of the final kick of the


afternoon. Five goals out of eight for Kevin Sinfield. 42-4. The final


thoughts of Jonathan Davies. It as expected, Heavies score for England


against Wales. Wales played very graciously. Maybe too many mistakes


for Iestyn Harris's. But they've got to pick the intensity and tempo


and play collectively as a team if they want to go further in this


tournament. It is win number 49 for England against Wales in this


history. More significantly, its Dorwin number one in the four-


nations tournament and temporarily, and as I said before, let's not


read too much into this, England are top of the Four Nations table.


But there's an awful lot of rugby league still to be played. 42-4 is


The man-of-the-match trophy is presented to Sam Tomkins by Alex


Murphy. I suppose he could claim to have been the Tomkins of his time.


Four Prize for Tomkins and, most importantly, the adoration of the


fans. Congratulations on being the man of


the match. How was that out there for you question of it was good.


were looking to build on last week. We had a tough game in France. We


played better today. For you, nice to get a good reception from the


fans because you've had a few hiccups with them. It's a nice


change. The fans have been great today. You must be conscious there


will be tougher tests ahead in this tournament. Yes, it's only going to


Congratulations. Let's bring in one How are you enjoying being an


England player? It's great, and enjoy myself, we got a great side


and we got an opportunity to go all the way. How have you bonded with


your team-mates, has it been tricky coming in halfway through the


process? Not really, they are good blokes and they have invited me


into the team. You will know more than some of them what is ahead


when you face that stray? -- Australia? I can give them a couple


of heads up on what they might do. How tough for it be? It will be one


of our biggest challenges of the competition. If we really pull


ourselves together, we can rattle on. Gareth Widdop, you are almost a


veteran of the England team compared to some of your team-mates.


Where do you think the team is? think it was a good performance. We


started off pretty scrappy, but we came away with a win, which is good


for us. Where would you like to play? A happy to play anywhere, as


long as it benefits the team. As long as we do well, I'm happy.


was saying it will be tough when you come up against Australia. This,


to a certain extent, was it about building combinations and getting


to know each other? Yes, but Wales were a really good team today. Next


week it will be a tough challenge down at Wembley. But we are ready


for them. Thank you very much indeed. It is a conveyor belt here.


Chris, congratulations on scoring the try? Yeah, I don't get many.


Wales were really good today. We played really well. A good platform


for Australia next week. A how are you settling in? It's been great,


from the officials, every player, they'd all been awesome. I'd like


to take this chance to thank them. It's been hard coming over from


Australia and beating a whole new team. But they have welcomed me and


it has been great. How tough a decision was it to come and play


for England? A not at all, it feels right for me and that is the main


thing. When I step out onto the park, I give 100%. That is the main


thing. Will it be strange for your next week, if you get the call?


don't think so, it should be all right, hopefully it will start so,


42-2, the final score. The second half was a bit different?


second half, they were more direct. I think they will take some time to


break them down. But once they started breaking down the middle,


they made the fringes easily. I think that Steve Mark Mardell will


be pleased about that aspect of the second half. We are talking about a


team that have only just met, some of them? They are having to grow


together. In the second half there were some encouraging signs. As


Brian has alluded to, we were much more direct. I thought it worked


when Widdop came on and Sinfield moved to Derby half. There is


another possibility for Steve McNamara to look at. I think they


can take a lot of positives. The game as a whole, an improvement on


the French game. Building nicely for Australia. Let's have a look at


the statistics, you have a point to make about errors made? In the


second half, England's declined, gain. That is why they competed and


ultimately beat the Australians. That is what we've got to really


aim for. Set completion, pretty good, but we need over 80% to


challenge and beat the New There was a lot of talk about the


new players in the England side. Paul Wales, they are dejected. They


have New Zealand to come next weekend and then they will face


Australia. Despite the talk of the new players coming into the England


side, the star of the show was an England born, England-based player,


Sam Tomkins? He is on the world stage already. There is no doubt


that he is the extra player, at the bit of strike, if you like. He's


going to have to get used to this against Australia. He had a field


day, running around Christiaan Roets. You've got to be good,


because he's got such body positions. You really have to score


simian these positions. -- a squash him in these positions. He beat the


first chase and puts the when away. This is what we haven't seen from


him as much. Like any good fullback, he should be hunting up the middle.


He finishes off his 4th try. legs are so wrong, looking at the


length of his stride, he is such a fluid mover. He is a thoroughbred.


He really is. He is a cracking player. He's growing and developing


as a player. He'd challenge to get in any team. He is a joy to watch.


I enjoyed watching him all the time because he Sue Eardley his The X


Factor man. He is one that opposition coaches and players are


bound to worry about. I wonder if, given the reception that he has got,


that he will relax the debt and start to enjoy it a bit more?


don't bigot would bother him at the slightest. He's a competitive guide.


He wants to win at everything he does. He's proud to be English and


to play for the Wigan club. So I think he loves the ball in his hand


and he loves running. It's great to see a Reading player that wants to


entertain. I said at the beginning of the programme that one of the


stories is the emergent star of Jack Reed. 12 months ago he was


still a full-time bricklayer. He worked his way up to the side he


plays for in Australia. He scored his second try for England, on his


second appearance. A great moment? We highlighted Frizell, go again.


That gave England the three players against two Welsh players. It's


just a straight foot race to the corner. He is too big and strong to


stop, despite the attention of three Welsh defenders. Thoroughly


deserved. Again, a poor decision from a Welsh player, young Frizell


had to Coburn of Westwood. They have done that particularly well,


that execution element. Steve McNamara will be pleased with that.


I think they need to raise the intensity for next week. So, Sam


Tomkins, a great day for him. For Wales, eventually, and we will see


that in a moment, this is Tomkins's 4th try. That is the little bit of


space that he needs. He just has to take the one step in. You can see


the Welsh number four. That gives Tomkins the space to get that great


body lean position, get over the line for his 4th try. Absolutely


fabulous. I nearly used to borrow as a verb. But Rob Burrow was not


selected. I know he had a rib injury. But there were times during


that match when we would have loved to see him out there?


exceptional rugby league player, as he showed with the Grand Final


performance. Steve has gone with this team and they are improving.


Let's hope that continues and let's hope that it peaks for the final.


Another step next week at Wembley. Let's get the reaction from Steve


Pleased with the result, were you pleased with the performance?


A tough game, played Wales first. The players dealt with it well. We


could have been a bit more intense in different areas. But the control


we played with in the second half, to come away with a comfortable win,


no injuries, as it happens, we are very happy. A few words were said


about the error count at half-time. You are not going to want to do


that next week? The players were aware of that. We were tried to


play lateral and we were seeing opportunities. I think we fixed bat


at half-time. We started to build a little bit of momentum. We started


to get into the rhythm. There is enough to suggest we can be a very


good team and the players are pretty happy. The second half,


there seemed to be a switch around with personnel. Were you trying out


different partnerships for the rest of the tournament? We had a little


luck. Gareth needed to gain time, we had a look to see. We had a


really balanced squad. I was really pleased with how it worked out.


What will you be concentrating on this week, before a fairly bigger


test against Australia? What, just wedding. But what will you be


concentrating on? -- wedding. Setting out his stall and saying


that it is simple, this is what we need to do. England that top of the


table, with a better point of differential. Australia and Wales -


- New Zealander and Wales are yet to score any points. Next weekend,


we will be at Wembley for live coverage of England against


Let's get a reaction from the Wales coach. Do look at your faith says


it all. A tough afternoon? -- the look on your face says it all.


England are a good side, quietly confident going into this campaign.


We knew it would be a difficult afternoon. I'm really proud of our


bunch. I thought that mentally and physically they stood up and


defended very confidently. They just had a little bit too much to


do and probably some selection situations with the ball, where we


were poor. I allowed them to have a bit too much for the ball in the


wrong areas. When you give teams with the likes of Sam Tomkins,


Sinfield, the players in the side they have got, good possession and


lots of it, eventually you are going to crack. But I am certainly


happy with the effort that we put in. You said before it was going to


be quite a steep learning curve. You've got to pick everybody up for


next week? I think they are disappointed with themselves, some


of the things we did. Like I said, I'm super proud of their effort.


But there are lots of things we need to work on. They are a good


grip. A great group to work with. We are looking to approve this week.


We are looking to do a little bit better against New Zealand and


hopefully we will put in a performance and get a result.


the one try for Wales from Elliot Kear. We will look at that if we


Final score is coming up after this programme. You will get all of your


button forum of the red button, as You can reach us on Twitter as well.


Let's have a quick look at the Waddock try that Wales scored.


Elliot Kear, your namesake but no relation? Bell, but the skill level


is really good. There are enough England players to defuse it. He


takes the ball at the line and it makes Kirk Yeaman just bite in.


That creates the space. It takes some finishing, that is a pretty


good finish, despite the attentions of Sam Tomkins. There were plus


points for Wales, but many more for England. We had a couple of tries


to look at once we get on to the red button. Including Alan


combination of the exiles, Rangi Chase, Widdop. A really good


instinctive final try from Widdop as well. Marks out of 10 for


England? First half, probably six. Second half, eight or nine. They


are certainly going to have to increase their emotional effort and


intensity next week, which they will, because it is Australia at


Wembley. That will be a terrific day four of the players. It's going


to be a great knock out this week. We all know we have to raise the


England meet debutants Wales at the Leigh Sports Village on the opening weekend of the Four Nations tournament. This is the third year since the expansion of the Tri-Nations series, and Wales are looking to avoid going the same way as France and Papua New Guinea, who suffered heavy defeats when given their chance against England, Australia and New Zealand.

Wales secured their place as the 2010 European Cup winners, but a victory over 2013 World Cup co-hosts England would rank as the greatest achievement in the country's rugby league history.

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