Wales v England Highlights Rugby Union

Wales v England Highlights

Jason Mohammad introduces highlights of the Test between Wales and England at the Millennium Stadium, as the two sides continue to fine-tune their World Cup preparations.

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Hello, welcome to round two of the Rugby World Cup warm-up season.


Week one belonged to England, but only just. New international career


has got off to the best possible start for some, but for others,


Lewis Moody limping off. This first try for England in his first game!


Morgan Stoddart will miss the World Cup. Shane Williams will score!


Wales still have numbers to the Each side gets closer to nailing


their World Cup squad. Some players will go to New Zealand, others will


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


Some big names returning for the game at the Millennium Stadium.


Jeremy Guscott is alongside May. All week, Warren Gatland and Martin


Johnson have been defending the World Cup warm-up matches.


If we did not play a game, we might as well not go, because we have to


be ready. The southern hemisphere teams are coming from four seasons.


Nothing prepares you more than playing again. These things happen,


people can get injured in training or in the gym. We lost a guy a


couple of years ago, falling down the hotel steps. You cannot wrap


them in cotton wool. There have been some changes in the squad, we


will deal with that. It is an opportunity for us to lay a marker,


it is our first away game. Every game is now an away game. I always


enjoy playing against England. You always grow up watching these


matches. It is no different now. For us to be serious contenders, we


need to send out a message that we are good enough to beat England at


home, and to that next week as well, to build up some confidence. But


also, send a message that we are capable of doing well.


Wales have won just one of debt last eight Test matches here.


Warren Gatland is right, if Wales are to go into the World Cup as


contenders, they have to win today. Yes, I am sure they are thinking


that in every single game. He has put pressure on his players, and


that is their weakness, they have not been mentally up for these


Games, they have not been able to score tries at crucial times. This


will be interesting to see how they cope. Four changes for Wales, James


Hook and Gavin Henson are back. James Hook should always be playing


at No. 10 or in the centre. He is their playmaker, everything happens


from him. He is the spot. At full- back, I do not know how much he


will touch the ball. This is the last chance for Gavin Henson, he


has got to have an impact if he feels that he will challenge for


those two spots. Chris Ashton is out, Matt Barrett and comes in, it


is a stronger, exciting back line. It is to a certain extent, but


there are questions about the centres. Can they be creative and


mate in dense into the Welsh defence? In the Six Nations, there


was not much ambition. When you have got people outside, they need


the ball. The pressure is on Shontayne Hape and Mike Tindall.


They are old and experienced. They will be confident in their ability.


It will be interesting to see how they go. One of the big things, can


be Welsh pack cope with the physicality of the English pack?


Courtney Lawes is an awesome athlete. He tackles, he runs with


the ball, he is great in the line- out. The Welsh have the advantage,


they have had the fewest changes. They will be hoping to start here


where they left off at Twickenham, scoring all of the tries. Will the


crowd have a role to play? They always do, they are passionate and


emotional. Here we go, can Wales last week, and the same here today.


Wales will be looking for more home comfort this afternoon. The truth


is should, not ideal preparation for the World Cup, but ideal as


regards the conditions. As we expected, lots of changes from


England, but it is the same from Wales. On paper, England looked


stronger, but they finished it the poorer last Saturday, and Wales


were stronger, so they will be looking for a month -- more


cohesive 20 minutes. Wales could get in front and pull away. Matthew


Rees is in danger of missing the World Cup, so Lloyd Burns has his


first international start. Luke Charteris is the only other change


up front. James Hook comes in for Morgan Stoddart, and Gavin Henson


gets the chance to stake his claim to make the World Cup for the first


time. Wholesale changes from Martin Johnson. Alex Corbisiero the only


survivor in the pack. Courtney Lawes makes his first international


appearance of the year. The late injury to Chris Ashton means both


windows retain their places. Mike Tindall is back to lead the side.


There is no doubt which Bennett looks the stronger. Huw Bennett is


the only experienced replacement for Wales. For England, or of the


replacements have over 20 caps. Alan Rowland was in charge for the


World Cup final between England and South Africa. This time, the men in


Black of Wales. -- men in black are Wales, --. A lot of credit must go


to the young fly half. He had a younger -- like a good game last


week at Twickenham. That is the advantage of having a tall window.


would have wanted. A chance to get last week at Twickenham. Any nerves


could well have disappeared within 90 seconds. The ideal start for


Rhys Priestland and Wales. It is always important to get a good kick


in for any kicker. England have got the ball. Anything that Wales can


do, England can do. Wales are caught offside, and it is tit-for-


tat. England wanted to take it quickly, but Richard Wigglesworth


was not allowed to do so. How often do you see this? A side get points


on the board, and they contrived to give the advantage away. Nick


Easter doing the job there. Wales are caught on the back foot. Toby


Flood, a study in concentration. A carbon copy of what Wales did. It


for Jamie Roberts, but he did not hold on to it. That would have been


an opportunity. It was not meant for him. A good two or three yards


infield. As a converted No. 8, it is difficult to learn some of the


skills. Throwing is extremely important. A slight weakness,


perhaps, as to why he is not necessarily the first choice.


good scrummage from Wales. They have got the penalty anyway. Wales


getting the shunt one. England not having the experience arch -- scrum


panicking England. There were times when the Welsh scrum crept up at


Twickenham last week. It all depends on the latitude the referee


gives to the front row. When he allows them to drive. Unfortunately,


the disparity between the interpretations is so wide, that


front rows have to take it game by game. Rhys Priestland reports his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


forwards for their effort, and break down, a little bit over eager


on that occasion. He came through the centre of the breakdown and


there -- and therefore was not coming from an offside position.


His opinion is not the one that Thompson and safely brought down by


Courtney Lawes. England are looking forwards, still in possession,


Shane Williams just a bad brought him down, Banahan loses possession.


-- just about brought him down on it. Did he get to the ground before


he lost it? Shane Williams doing possession there, spilling forward


desperately try to get that ball back, they put their hands in where


they shouldn't. Wales under decisions by some form of score.


England are looking for tries this afternoon. Front-rows are up, they


hooker himself, Warren Gatland. would have thought it was three


Alain Rolland has penalised Wales concede another penalty from here,


they would be directing towards a transfer though, they were through


90 degrees and will all go back strong. Net again they have got a


penalty coming. Surely Alain Rolland's patience is running out?


Martin Johnson's is. be appreciating what England are


doing to try to drive home his advantage. Out quickly this time,


offload happy. And Wales have won the ball and the chance to clear


the decks. Suddenly England find themselves back in that only 22 and


it is safety-first. That was a certain chance for England. England


issued the opportunity to kick the ball three times and came back with


no points at all. A good tackle by Gavin Henson there and good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


functioning. England getting all of scrum advantage, England referred


to the boot of Toby Flood to try to back to level terms. It is bad news


for Gavin Henson, being led off the field by Professor John Williams.


Whether it is temporary or permanent, we will have to wait and


tried to drive home their advantage here. They have got the draw is on,


they have got the numbers there, they are getting towards the Welsh


try-line. That ball should have been to the back and much more


controlled, it would have been over the line. They have still got


possession, though. Still asking England. Will England players are


within a 50 metre radius of that breakdown. Wales applaud each other


in defence, but Martin Johnson will be as gained, surely you would


expect better in attack? That might be relief for Wales in the free


kick. They have been under the cosh and will be glad the decision went


Care. Out go as the ball to Toby Flood. Wales are trying to get


through fury. Wales have done well there, they have got back in


numbers. England now have to contend with this lowball. -- with


They were getting isolated because they could not make more of the


first attack. England have one more defending for all they are worth.


The English forwards arrive. They have not managed to break the Welsh


defence so far. Now they are again, they have managed to keep


England out time and time again in the first half. The crowd are


celebrating and the Welsh players were look at this as a moral


victory because England, for all the world, had a try to go on ahead,


but they could not complete it. England had all were pressure, all


the chances, but it is two penalties apiece. At half-time,


Martin Johnson must be wondering how this is 6-6. Have English be in


-- have England been guilty of poor finishing or is it a good Welsh


defence? I think it is beds. The opportunity for Banahan in the


first half squandered. The in six foot seven, he still should have


clashed over. If Chris Ashton was here playing this afternoon, he


would have been in support. We to alter that how the Welsh pack will


come up against the sheer physicality of the English scrum.


Wales have been guilty of some poor discipline? They have, they have


given away some poor penalties. That is keeping England in


possession and eventually bat Welsh defence has to crack. But at the


moment they are holding strong. England are predictable, but


understanding and predictability, you have to overcome it and Wales


are not. It is a slow game, which falls into England's hands. Gavin


Henson's big comeback has ended prematurely. I did not think he


will go. I think he will, because Wales may lack a bit of quality in


the back line, so I still think he will be if injury is not bad enough.


6-6 at half-time. There have been 12 draws between Wales and England.


How will this one end? We will find Aled Brew on four Rhys Priestland


in the Welsh side. They will have to keep their width about them,


Mike Tindall getting the early ball again, and a yellow card in needed


it. They will be missing Jamie Roberts on the back line as well,


and Wales will have big problems to contend with it from the start of


the second half. Alan Rowland thought that was sufficiently


the tackle. Once he gets to his feet, he is allowed to play that. I


think he's quite a lucky there. Certainly unlucky for a yellow card.


This should be a straightforward minute in putting England ahead for


the first time. With a one-man advantage to come as well. Again,


the creaking scrum. England have the opportunity to take on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


touch to give them a breather. -- teacake. That had to go well into


touch. The referee made the right penalty. That is tremendous defence


from Wales. Yes, but that is the third or fourth occasion when the


England pack have not been successful, because they do not


know how to set up steady and drive the maul properly. The ball has


been spun out around the sides. They need to get the ball set a


straight, keeping it to the back. Heroic defence from Wales. That is


the fourth occasion when England have not been able to do a simple


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


it is desperate defence from England. James Hook has got there!


After one of the pressure and all of the possession, it is Wales that


get the first try of the afternoon, and it is James Hook! One of the


rare occasions that Wales have had the ball, they have looked more


likely to make ground. But they have not had much of the ball at


all, but the opportunity that has come has been put away. What a


player James will kiss. It does not matter where you play him, he has


an effect. That is a lesson for England, the direct ness of the


Wales attacking. There is the mismatch. He takes on Dan Cole. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


his own try. -- James Hook. He hangs on to it. Another England


attack comes to nothing. They concede another 10 metres. Mike


Tindall is about to come back on. If this goes over, it will take


England a converted school to get level. England have not looked like


getting over the line so far. You would not put a lot of money on


superbly. That is a massive kick from James Hook. My wonderful


effort. Now, England need a converted try to get back on level


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


gone against Mike Phillips. That could be costly, with less than 10


minutes remaining. For the remainder of the game, down to 14


men. But Wales Today points the last occasion they were down. --


Wales took points. England were not particularly threatening. If there


is any DUP, step back and defend. Have confidence in the defence that


James Hook to Shane Williams, and he was more than happy to see that


one cross the whitewash. Sam Warburton has been very quick on


any loose ball. England will be sued -- so disappointed to lose


that so easily. It just takes a few more seconds off the clock for


They have not succeeded before, and they have not succeeded again,


because Nick Easter crashed into the man in front. The fifth English


Henson's day. Will it cut short his Charlie Hodgson will be so


disappointed. Even if the ball had bounced into touch, bearing in mind


the last two kicks like that, what is the point in doing that anyway?


England have shown a lack of imagination or a lack of clinical


thinking throughout the afternoon. I can understand if the ball had


been put high for Armitage to take it, but England did that twice


before, and the Welsh have dealt with it and cleared it. That has


given Wales another minute of the clock. They do not want to rush


the clock down. Wales will hang on James hawks knobs out the attack. -


Mitchell has been struggling, so Paul James will come back on. The


clock is stopped for this. It is knees, but they have got three of


the most important minutes of their careers facing them. If they can


get away with a win, it would be such a Suter boost for them. That


is another added some -- that is another example of inaccuracy from


English forwards. James Hook has not gone for touch, he has gone


between Mark Cueto and Ben Foden. The crowd were already cheering the


scrum, but it has not been given. Now, Wales have a penalty. Do you


go for goal or put the ball out and secured possession? You go for goal.


England then have to buy the run the length of the field or the ball


goes dead. We have got at least a minute to kick this. If it goes


face of Warren Gatland as he looks out on James Hook taking his time,


using up as much of the minute as situation whereby his defence has


been tested as thoroughly as it has been, but they have worked so hard,


of James Hook's range -- this kick. He put in a superb effort earlier


to give Wales a bit of a cushion. from James Hook will give Wales the


most unlikely of victories against England and a huge boost on the way


Wales defensively. England will be scratching their heads, but Wales


will be cheering all away from the Millennium Stadium to Ellington.


It's a home on in there, they did deep, they found tremendous


resources. That was a remarkable defensive effort from Wales.


loss. They couldn't take their chances, they couldn't create many


chances. The rest of the time, Wales defended so well. They will


not want to be defending right that every time in the World Cup,


because they will flak occasionally, but today they should be pleased


with their effort. If ever a game was won by Stirling defence, that


was by Wales. No wind at they are all congratulating each other. They


have given every single ounce and with the only try of the game going


to James Hook, and a couple of Munster penalties as well, Wales


are celebrating. In the return leg, they have finished the stronger


once again and beaten the old enemy. Are you happy? I am proud, more


than anything. For 73, 74,000 people to turn out to supporters


today, I take our hats off to the Welsh public. I want to thank the


Welsh public. It was a massive team effort and everyone is over the


moon. We have not had a scalp over a big nation like England for a few


years. I have never seen a game like it. To be so dominant at half-


time and the only level, and then to let things stick as we did in


the second half, frustrated is not the word. We got down into their 22


quite easily but unfortunately we did not manage to turn it into


points and get points on the board, and that is something we need to


look. At the same time, credit to the Welsh boys, they defended


extremely well on their try-line and turned us over a lot as well.


It is a case of scratching our heads. It is frustrating,


disappointing. The last five minutes I was near the bench and I


could see how much is meant to Wales. Why was that? After losing


so narrowly last week, I think the work that we put in in Poland,


building up such team spirit in the squad, the boys deserve that for


ourselves and for the fans who came down in force.


Joy for Wales, frustration for England. Martin Johnson must be


described in this game as the one that got away? I think there will


be stronger words than that. There were a few opportunities in the


first half it did not take, which would be annoying. When you make


clean breaks Mike Tindall did, you expect support. They were missing


in action. The forwards were good but became anonymous, and they


don't expect an England side to do that, especially on the back of a


Six Nations Championship. A step backwards, they have to be better


against Ireland. Martin Johnson is very frustrated. Is it plan it?


Some players might be nervous. They see people get injured, they will


not be taking part in the World Cup, but there are places up for grabs.


I would expect to see Tindall and Shontayne Hape being cohesive


because they have played so much together, but they did not. Toby


Flood did not have a massive impact and will be what he will lose his


place to Wilkinson. How would you assess Wales' performance?


second half was excellent. Christened looks comfortable in the


first half. James Hook is Wales' man -- will it Rhys Priestland.


Still a lot to think about, but very happy with that win. Warren


Gatland extremely delighted with what he described as magnificent


defence. It was, and a better side would have finished those


opportunities off. I am not taking anything away from Wales' defence.


If that was New Zealand, three tries, I'm afraid. Warren Gatland


has to look at the Defence that allowed England to make the game


line breaks. Mentally, they will be in a good place because they


delivered. For the moment, thank you.


Argentine up next for Wales next Saturday, and England go to Ireland


in a fortnight. Some of the guys have had their


final chances, are you closer to knowing your final 30? It doesn't


seem like it's now! We know what is going on, you have to look at the


detail and go from there, but there were boys on that field to have not


played for a few months. You need a couple of games under your belt


before you can fire on all cylinders. We will not cut the


takes an there are things we can improve on. There will be a lot of


changes next week and it will be an experienced side with players like


Gethin Jenkins and Adam Jones, Martyn Williams should get a lot


fragility. It is a nice position to be in that you can have an


experienced side, not an experimental side, to play against


Argentina and the pressure will be on them to perform. In the past we


have made changes by bringing youngsters in, but this time we


will bring experience into the side, give one or two players an


opportunity. For those players, there is a hell of a lot to play


for. We still need to keep working on our game. We will set about next


week building confidence that people do not think on 11th


September that it is a surprised Wales team. Argentina is a tough


test? There is no easy game at international level. Argentina will


be aggressive up front, but said these and they can test the


breakdown area. -- good set pieces. Hopefully we can Jubber games


together. You started off at full- back and ended up at 10. Where


would you like to play in the World Cup? I would like to play and 10,


but with be injuries, as long as I am on the pitch and involved I


really don't mind. But I do like playing tend. James Hook wants to


play 10, he told me. So does everyone! I understand that, and he


will get a chance, hopefully next week. Rhys Priestland's pulled his


eye and Stephen Jones, we are not 100% sure where he is, and probably


would have looked at playing James at 10 today, but we wanted to be


careful. If James picked up an injury, it was only with Rees


picking up the injury that we gave There is always a battle in Wales


for the number 10 jersey and Warren Gatland has the luxury of James


Hook and Greece Priestland. I am particularly priest -- pleased for


Rhys Priestland because he has made the Test. Stephen Jones is a banker,


but happy days for Warren Gatland and the number 10. James Hook said


he wants to play at 10. He may 12, but it is about thinners and where


the players are available to. James Hook has gone to France to play at


10 because he was not happy with Ospreys, but international is


another level. He proved in the Six Nations he is capable of playing


there, but we will see. Ahead of the England game, what will happen?


Martin Johnson will pick his best 15. Hopefully Ben Young will be fit


to play. What he does in mid- field, I think he will stick to what he


has in his mind, generally not been too wild in his experiments,


sticking with shone 108 and Mike Tindall. But the performance needs


to sharpen up -- Shontayne Hape. I want to see such aggression, tempo,


playing at speed, delivering the ball quickly. That is what -- that


is when England are at their best. We have seen them play extremely


well against Australia last year, and now they need to bring their


performance back up. There will be so difficult conversations over the


next three days. That is internationally would be, they have


to say to some of the players, sorry, you will not be on a plate.


That is the way the cookie crumbled. Feints. There is plenty of rugby to


Plenty of rugby to watch, but it is worth remembering that it is less


than a year to go until the end in big games. We have a special


programme coming up devoted to some of the sport and landmarks which


will form the centrepiece of the London Games, from Mark Cavendish


on the road race to the World Championship triathlon,


Jason Mohammad introduces highlights of the Test between Wales and England at the Millennium Stadium. The sides met a week earlier at Twickenham and now continue to fine-tune their World Cup preparations on Welsh soil. Martin Johnson's England enjoyed an encouraging Six Nations campaign earlier this year, winning 26-19 in Cardiff, but they missed out on the Grand Slam after losing to Ireland in their final match.

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