Episode 9 Sailing: America's Cup

Episode 9

Highlights from the America's Cup from San Francisco Bay. First contested in 1851, the event boasts the oldest trophy in international sport.

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We believe we can win it now. We don't believe this is over until we


win one more race. We have one hell of a fight on our hands here and a


challenge. It's a battle. You have to fight incredibly hard for every


plan. We love a challenge but certainly got what we wish for.


So this America's Cup's entered a new phase. After 12 races, there's


still no winner. Frustratingly for Emirates Team New Zealand, they are


one win away from reclaiming the Cup they lost back in 2003. San


Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is the backdrop for an Oracle team USA


fightback, their fourth win of the series keeps the match alive for at


least one more day. These Reeve lugesry yachts have


changed racing for ever. They provide wire-to-wire action,


penalties and speeds close to 50mph. It's day ten, race 13, New Zealand


lead 8-2 in the first to nine series of this 34th America's Cup.


San Francisco is becoming one of the all-time longest America's Cup


Regattas. For all the excitement, this week has been about safety.


These yachts are at the cutting edge of sailing technology. However that


jestic it looks, this is the first America's Cup race with sales the


size of a wing on a jumbo jet. These upper wind limits were


introduced as part of a safety review following the tragic events


in May when Andrew Simpson died training in one of these boats.


Someone had to sit down and review what we were doing at that time. The


fact that we'd had a loss of life meant we had to work with the


authorities and competitors to come up with rules and guidelines that


everyone would allow this competition to go forward. As time's


gone on, the competition's come a alive, crews knowing how to sail the


boats, the systems on the boats have evolve and I always knew the crews


would grow accustomed to everything, but we probably underestimated that.


Hence I think everyone would be prepared to go another one or two


knots for agreement. That's unlikely and the competition's halfway over


so we are in a situation we are in now. There's nothing the race


officials can do. Despite the pressure of crews, fans and a


worldwide television audience, no-one wants a capsize. But it's


been close. The important thing is that safety has prevailed. We


haven't had an accident since May the 9th and no-one's been hurt. This


close to the end of the competition, that's something that we are really


looking to preserve. The Americans now with Sir Ben


Ainslie aboard as tactician know they must win to extend their stay


in the competition. His experience seems to have made a


huge difference to skipper Jimmy Spithill and team US's $1050 million


campaign. The defenders are beginning to dream the dream of an


campaign. The defenders are impossible comeback.


We have this never give up attitude. The boys are very hungry. The fact


we are at match point has almost excited the team. They love a


challenge and we have certainly got that, but we are confident we'll


make some great can changes and we are confident we can win this. New


Zealand, financially backed by their government and with their fans eager


Zealand, financially backed by their to celebrate, still find themselves


stranded on match point for a fanatical sailing nation. It's been


a long ten years without cup success. The Kiwis are just one win


away. It's even between the boats. The boats will have areas where they


are strong and maybe areas where they are weaker. It's a case of


playing to your strengths and minimise the weakness. It will be a


very interesting day. We have an unusual day, there's a front


offshore and it's going to play a bit of havoc I think with the


tradition traditional day. This is how it looks going into race


13: 18. New Zealand need just one more win.


Let's cross to Ken Reid, Todd Harris and a becalmed Gary Jobson.


It's obviously that ebb on the shoreline.


It's obviously that ebb on the an incredible


It's obviously that ebb on the have seen. This


It's obviously that ebb on the Bay as we


It's obviously that ebb on the last game of the


It's obviously that ebb on the seen. It's


It's obviously that ebb on the of circumstances. The breeze is


It's obviously that ebb on the to the left, really off the


It's obviously that ebb on the more than we have ever seen. We are


It's obviously that ebb on the going to have big sails up today.


It's obviously that ebb on the These guys have not been


It's obviously that ebb on the with the big sails. This is quite a


turn of events and we haven't even with the big sails. This is quite a


started yet. The course remains the with the big sails. This is quite a


same but it will look different. Look at the map. Where's the sweet


spot going to be? The left hand ships will be quite different today.


They can't really skew the racecourse directly up wind,


downwind, there's going to be a very favoured tack to the next mark


downwind, there's going to be a very almost every single leg. Things were


further almost every single leg. Things were


to realign the staringts creating an almost every single leg. Things were


anxious and tense atmosphere on the water. Tactics will be paramount


because this race certainly won't be about speed.


So, here we go for race 13. What could possibly go wrong?


So, race 13 is under way. It's almost a dead heat. Better time and


So, race 13 is under way. It's distance for Oracle USA. New Zealand


were concerned about getting across them. They got themselves too far


away from the line. Oracle taking advantage of this


right away. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw a code zero.


It's a strange, slow march. The Americans are just happy to push the


Kiwis off course. This is tradition traditional stuff


we have seen so far. Here we go. Code zero is out. Well played by


both boats there. Barker being patient with the advantage. And


they're close. Both boats get themselves across.


The irony of this is, how many races have been blown off because of too


much wind, and here we are in a drifting contest. They are not even


making a mark. Team New Zealand has to be careful here. The flood


current is going right to left on your screen.


So the Americans officially hit mark number one and the Kiwis extremely


slow. It's a ten second advantage to Oracle team USA.


These catamarans in these conditions, you will see dramatic


angle changes between the boats. They are always trying to build


speed, use height. It's code zero we are referring to. Used to call it a


spinner, but now it's a code zero. There's no such thing as a spinner


really. The boats generate so much wind.


They've been racing for three-and-a-half minutes. Something


that we'll keep an eye on on the clock. The questions I have is, what


is the upwind going to be like if this is downwind? That'll be a whole


lot bimpbt. They are struggling to build downwind.


Pull handling contest. Different scenario has to what each crew


member does on board when you are here. Any little mistake will be


magnified on a day like today. The irony right now is, we have had so


many races brought off because of so much wind, now we are talking about


the time limit not happening. Yes. Not sure I like the strategy of USA


by sailing a low course. They are going very slow. I think it's


by sailing a low course. They are costing them.


Right now, as we take a look at virtual eye, the Americans have a


shrinking lead. Less to 30 metres. Can they get across? They just stop


in the middle. If all of a sudden, Oracle get going and New Zealand


can't get across, it's a port star boar situation.


The angles are so dramatic between the boats. They can't get to them.


There's a 40 minute time limit. We have been racing now for just about


seven minutes. You've got to feel for the Kiwis.


Through no fault of their own they are struggling, but the wind Gods


have taken this away from them. Still quite a distance to the finish


line and they are nowhere near where they need to be.


New Zealand. I'm very sorry this is happening to you. Boy oh boy.


They've been sailing around as fast as possible. They weren't going to


make up five minutes. So with ten seconds to go, we'll listen in and


see if we hear the official word. Ben Ainslie, the tactician for the


Americans is with us. I don't know if anyone was happy about the


abandonment, other than the boys on board Oracle Team USA? Better to be


abandonment, other than the boys on lucky than good is the old saying. I


think that was the case in that race. We had a really nice start, we


did a great job and we were covering down that first run, but Ied just


did a slightly better job, enabling them to roll over us. So we were


obviously staring down the barrel of them to roll over us. So we were


defeat there. So race 13 was proving unlucky for


some. After 33 minutes, it was restarted. But with no real change


in the weather, there were no guarantees it would finish in time.


Because of the lighter winds, New Zealand's start wasn't the advantage


it previously was. And the Kiwis are in at 204.


So here we go, race 13, day ten. Moments after the Kiwis on their way


to winning the America's Cup, the race was abandoned, the time limit


exceeded. Is is mar of a traditional starting


sequence. Not the super light air one we saw an hour ago. They both


still have code zeros filled up. They think it will be light enough


for a non-foiling downwind leg. That's the difference if you can


foil. The wind is too strong to use the code zeros. I don't think we'll


see them unless the wind goes down a little is.


With this current, this should traditionally be helping out the


position that team New Zealand is in. They like that left hand lane. A


huge moment for Oracle, can they shake off this morning's beating


they took? New Zealand doing very good to set themselves up to be in a


very good position. Oracle are hopefully fast enough. If


they are too slow, they could get an overlap and they could be in


trouble. Barely stays clear. By barely getting going, he's going to


have total control. So Jimmy Spithill at the start of race 13


puts Dean Barker and the Kiwis in prime position.


Gutsy, gutsy move by Dean Barker, letting him close the gap so


tightly, yet keeping just clear ahead.


So the race for the America's Cup is on. New Zealand need just one more


cup. The cup is there as the Americans win out to retain. -- need


to win out to retain. Gutsy, Ken. I would say brilliant. Emirates Team


New Zealand has the lead. Can they make it stick? The wind is picking


up. Up to 12 knots now, peaking at Sa and the America just three


seconds behind. No code zeros. And Ken in the last race, I don't think


we were half way to Mark number one at this point. Exactly. Easing upon


we were half way to Mark number one their foils. That eliminates the


code zeros for now. Keep them in the air in case they need to use the


sails to get out of it. Doing a very good job sailing low here. That's


helping them. Right down into the bad air of Emirates Team New


Zealand. Usually a temporary game. They sail down into the wind wash


and can't make it stick. You are exactly right.


We don't know which boat is better in these conditions. We talked about


Oracle making improvements at the top end of the wind range. Will that


be a big detriment to what they can do at the bottom end? How much did


they change their boat over towards the lighter air configuration?


Certainly the boats are pretty even the lighter air configuration?


going down. The big test is going to win ward on Lake three.


Good discipline by Dean Barker not looking back at the other boat. I


like what I see. The lead starts to grow for Emirates Team New Zealand


on the right of your screen, over 160 metres over the Americans.


Must go back and look at the start one more time. This is where Dean


Barker earns his money right now as one more time. This is where Dean


we take a look at it on virtual reality. The guys talked about going


for the pin end, the right end and they decided the last second to


for the pin end, the right end and out probably too late. They went


toer the doesn't get too close to the line,


wins the start. Really well done by the Kiwis. No overlap. If there was


an overlap here, the whole thing changes. That is all the difference


needed by the which kiths to actually dominate that start.


As the Americans try to close the gap on Emirates Team New Zealand,


the Kiwis just one win away from claiming the America's Cup and


taking it away from Oracle team USA. It's all about staying under


pressure right now. This is where tacticians make their money. Ben


Ainslie, ray Davies, this is a Battle of Wits right now.


The Americans were down by 150 metres, now here they are leading by


15. So far in this race tworks pretty even boats. You get a little


breeze in your favour, you gain, it's that simple. They might have a


piece of these guys. It's a big cross.


And I have a feeling we have a protest. They are looking at the


umpires. This is going to be very interesting.


It was a bit of a Hollywood if it wasn't a foul. They should have


tried to sell it. Let us see if they sold it properly.


The umpire's taking a long time here, Gary. But you're right, Oracle


have taken the lead no matter what. This could be a game changer


depending on what the umpires decide. Not really because right now


they would make Team New Zealand get back anyway. They've done their


penalty already. I've never seen the back anyway. They've done their


umpires take so long. There it is, wow. The Hollywood works for Oracle.


Gary and I both thought there was distance in-between the boats, but


man, they sold it well. Instantaneously, the penalty is


completed. You called it right. The Americans sell it and the officials


say New Zealand fouled the Americans. So the Americans are now


in the lead by over 100 metres. Here it is again. That little thing. The


umpires determine that if the Oracle hadn't changed direction here, they


umpires determine that if the Oracle would have had a Coalition. So


listen, they have everything sorted out in that back room. -- collision.


Takes the pressure off the umpires because Oracle was going to take the


lead no matter what. Can New Zealand get down to this


gate? Here is another incredibly tactical situation. The breeze is on


the right side of the course in favour of New Zealand.


Right in front. The Americans pulled off right in front of the Kiwis at


gate two. The Kiwis decided to go for the other gate. They are going


to be really slow here trying to pull this manoeuvre off. Really


slow. Big mistakes. Can't get down low


enough to the mark. They are not going to be gaining speed very soon.


Cur rent is going right to left. Holy smoke. What a turn of events.


The cross. Spithill right in front of Barker and Davies. Bring them


almost to a complete halt. There is the lead, 100 metres. The difference


again is metres. If Emirates Team New Zealand could have gone lower,


#28ed have been a dead even split, but the fact they had to do the


last-minute manoeuvre, really slowed them down, put them behind here.


Let us take a look at it one time on virtual eye. The Americans


on the left, the Kiwis on the right. The mark on the lower left hand side


is the marker Oracle will be going after because the other boat is


inside. They get into the zone. They have control of that left hand mark.


Instead of following them in, the Kiwis do a last-minute move and get


super slow. So very well done by Oracle. They used the three boat leg


circle that we can't see loevent hand size of our screen. They do a


nice, fast manoeuvre around. Team New Zealand get really slow and


Oracle break out to a nice lead. You are looking at live pictures as


the Americans have the lead, 260 metres and growing. The Kiwis were


one leg away from claiming the America's Cup and mother nature


shout it down, the time limit was exceeded, the race abandoned and


here we are in the re-running of race 13 and the Americans are


clearly in control. The question that people all around


the docks here in San Francisco keep asking is, what took them so long?


The Kiwis were showing this off in the Louis Vuitton series, why didn't


Oracle pick up on that earlier? It might have cost them.


Back on board with Emirates Team New Zealand. Eight points needing only


one more to claim the America's Cup. Let's not forget, it's been a couple


of days since the Kiwis have won a race. Go back to day 9, race 12,


only one race was contested that day. The Americans won it. Fresh off


the abandonment of race 13, it was heartbreaking for the Kiwis what


they did in the first race today as they made the turn at mark four and


ran out of time. They are climbing back into this again. Do not count


them out. They've shown calmness and back into this again. Do not count


they are collected in tough spots. This is a tough spot, knowing they


have the cup in their hands. Going straight for a second. Get on


the foil. On board with the Team USA, they trial right now eight wins


to two. They need to win out the. The Kiwis need one more victory to


take the cup back to Auckland. In the middle of the bairks Oracle is


in a big left hand ship. The breeze has gone left for both of the boats.


-- middle of the bay. The Americans split the course. The


Kiwis forced the Americans into a bad situation.


It was all set up by the bottom mark where Team New Zealand had to create


a split. It cost them valuable distance. Distance and the upper


hand in this race. It's not over Todd. We have seen that too many


times. This is hard, hard conditions here,


this light, spotty windships. Oracle's not far from the line,


Kenny. Looks like they are going to hold it out and do one manoeuvre in.


They really lost an opportunity there.


The left hand shift is so dramatic that it looks like they are going to


land the mark. Sometimes, Todd, it's just your day and this big wind


shift right here is proof that today appears to be Oracle's day.


Bottom of the screen, the dark patch, that could be a right hand


shift. Oracle could get around in the nick of time and Team New


Zealand might get stuck in a right hand shift as they approach. And


gate three, it's the Americans' turn. This is well over 400 metres


as the Kiwis now will try to track them down knowing that a cut is so


very close. I think sailors around the world are


just shaking their heads at how quickly fortunes have changed in


this event. Remember, Dean Barker had the lead


at gate 1 by three seconds. A fantastic job by Jimmy Spithill at


gate two put them in a hole. Now they are starting to make it stretch


up to 46 seconds the Kiwis are behind the Americans. The Americans


head for Mark 4. The New Zealanders try to track them down.


In all your experience, around the America's Cup, have you ever seen a


team on the last leg of what would be the winning race and have it


cancelled because time limit only to come back in the next race and


absolutely just get worked on the water?


Well, the only race that is sum to this is race seven in 1983. Dennis


Connor leading. Australia passed them and won the America's Cup.


If the Leeds holds up for Oracle Team USA, they'll now need just six


wins to win and keep the America's Cup. The They are talking about


every snow owe that could go wrong. They are going through every


possible scenario and what the solutions would be.


They just said beat to the finish. This is going so far to the left


that for the first time in this event they may be going hard into


the wind going into the America's Cup Park.


Makes it good for New Zealand. Code Zoe row going up on Team New


Zealand. -- code zero going up on Team New


Zealand. The Americans execute a beautiful


drive. They'll make a right hand turn. If all things hold together,


the Americans will pick up another victory and it will take their wins


down to six with the Kiwis still just needing the one win to take the


cup away. Two beautiful jibes by Oracle Team


USA. They've come so far with the


manoeuvering and their boat handling. Very, very well done as


they come into the last quay. The Americans first to it and they


are now heading for home. The lead for the Americans is


growing in excess of 30 seconds and now they are close to getting to the


finish and getting to the win. For Emirates New Zealand this is a day


of what could have been. They were in the exact same position right


about here when the race came to termination point earlier today. It


was waved off. They were clearly over 1,000 metres ahead of the


Americans and just not enough time. I think we are too close to the


sailors in this case. We feel their frustration and we are thinking they


want to end. I know for a fact, talking at any to my friends in


Newport, they'll hope this thing keeps going for a long, long time,


because this is exciting stuff. This is sailing like sailing has never


seen before really. Around the aursst USA, let the


celebration begin. The America's Cup will continue on for at least one


more day. Oracle team USA have come through with a victory in race 13.


The Kiwis get the better start, as race 13 showed, but it was the


Americans that took it over and at gate two they made it stretch. They


were able to extend the Regatta for another day. We'll see a day 11. We


are going to find a lot out about this. We talked about pressure and


momentum change, but this is luke nothing we have ever seen, nothing


I've ever seen. -- like nothing we have ever seen. USA have won four of


the last eight races that Ben Ainslie has been on board. New


Zealand still need one more point. But it's the Americans who have the


momentum. If you look at the start of the


Regatta, it really felt like everything was going against us. I


mean, four days out from the start of the Regatta, we didn't know who


we could race with. We lost our wing trimmer. We were then told we had


lost two points and hadn't even started the race. It feels to me


like affecting the guys on board, it's


affecting the whole team and yes, we just feel like the tide is turning,


it's starting to go away. It's the third race now that we have been in


the lead. Today it was time limit. You sort of say, well, you know, any


one of the three points would have You sort of say, well, you know, any


been nice right now, but the team, you know, there's no loss of


confidence. We know that we can easily get this done. It's a case of


going out there again tomorrow and race racing hard. Saturday and there


was nothing bright about the Golden Gate Bridge as the crews trudged


through the rain. Even worse, the wind was blowing in


the wrong direction. It forced yet another delay to the schedule which


was already behind. The only man with a spring in his


step is a rejuvenated American sailor, Jim write Spithill. Him and


Ben Ainslie have found a winning formula. From day one, we got on


Ben Ainslie have found a winning well on board the boat and, as we


have gone through the races we have progressed, we've learnt a bit about


each other, what information's good, what isn't. Some of the conditions


have been quite trying. Especially yesterday. I think today will be. We


work the best we can but I really enjoy sailing with Tom and Jimmy and


we are gelling well as a team at the back of the boat there. After all


the talk, race conditions fail to improve in time. A familiar lacking


scene played out on the bay of San Francisco.


It was close, but the real thety is, we want to make sure whatever we do,


it's a quality race. It's only fair for everybody. The breeze was just


too far left today. Never got out of the 200 range which, in this course,


is hard to set up a fair racecourse. So we head into day 16, still


looking for a winner. New Zealand stuck on match point. It's slow,


frustrating, but thoroughly addictive. Can the Americans keep


their form going? Will the Kiwis get the win they are looking for? Or


will mother nature cause further scheduling headaches? We are back on


Monday at 1. 30 on BBC do Two to see if history will be made as this


becomes the longest America's Cup ever.


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