Portsmouth Highlights Sailing: America's Cup

Portsmouth Highlights

Highlights from the latest leg of the America's Cup, in which Ben Ainslie continues his attempt to guide a British team to one of the most prestigious trophies in sport.

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It's beautiful, isn't it? That is the oldest trophy in world sport,


the America's Cup. 165 years ago it was won for the first time by an


American boat in a race around the Isle of Wight. This trophy has never


been won by a British team but this time around we are back in the game.


After over a century and a half that game looks very, very different. Oh,


wow! Oh buoy! Steaming along. Fantastic racing. Just lost control


of the boat. Oracle Team USA! The America's Cup World Series this week


lands in Portsmouth. Six teams made up of the very best sailors on the


planet racing the fastest race boat ever built. It's quite a spectacle,


its high-speed adrenaline fuelled sailboat racing. But it's not the


first time it's come to the UK. Last year here in Portsmouth thousands


flocked for the first round ever of the 35th America's Cup World Series.


It was the first time the six teams went head-to-head. Sailing fans had


never seen anything like it. The event was a resounding success. Not


least because the man they all came to cheer topped the podium. British


team Land Rover BAR took a spectacular win here in Portsmouth


last year to the delight of the very partisan home crowd. All here to


cheer on their sailing hero, Sir Ben Ainslie. Ben Ainslie and crew, their


first debut, and they have done it. Before we find out just how the rest


of the World Series has been going for Ainslie since his win here last


year we will take a quick time-out for a quick history lesson. As we


have already seen the first ever race for the America's Cup was


sailed around the Isle of Wight Way back in 1851. At the time it was for


a new trophy then called the Hundred Guinea cup, awarded to the first


yacht across the line in a race around the Ireland. That yacht was


called America. And in winning the trophy her owners decided it was


appropriate to rename it the America's Cup. They took the


silverware back to New York and in doing so they started the longest


ever winning streak in world sport. For an astounding 132 years the


trophy stayed with the New York yacht club until, in 1983, Australia


two wrestled the trophy from the American sliced like grip. They took


the cup on US soil for the first time since that race back in 1851.


Since then the cup has been contested a further nine times. It's


only seen three different winners. But it's the most recent cup, held


back in 2013, that really caught the attention of the sporting public.


And that is where our man Ben Ainslie enters the fray. Held out in


the waters of San Francisco Bay, the last cup was raced on the most


advanced, most expensive, fastest sailing machines ever built. The


previous winners, Oracle Team USA, were defending the cup against the


challenging team, Emirates Team New Zealand. 8-1 down in a first to nine


contest it was all over for the Americans, the cup was on the way to


New Zealand. In a last throw of the dice they changed tactician and up


stepped Ben Ainslie. Fresh from London 2012 Olympic success, Ainslie


helped mastermind the greatest ever comeback in sporting history. As the


USA sailed to an incredible eight straight wins and thus keeping their


hands on the oldest Choate fee in world sport. And still the defender


of the America's Cup, Oracle Team USA -- the oldest trophy in world


sport. For Ben Ainslie, that win was a career defining moment. He would


return home cup winner. But the cup would remain in the USA. The next


big challenge was to set about winning it again. But this time as a


British team with British backers. A team that could win the America's


Cup and bring the oldest trophy in world sport back to where it all


began. You know what it is like, the final build-up, you are a cup winner


already. How different is it now you are in charge of the whole thing?


Well, I think having founded the team, and sort of being involved in


every area, you realise just how much more is going on other than


just the sailing or the design. Whether that be commercial or


illegal, or, you know, we have a lot of investors heavily involved with


the team as well. -- legal. So yeah, there's a lot to occupy the mind, a


lot to think about. There are so many things going on with the team


on a day-to-day basis that you have to learn to take it all in, cycle it


through and try to make the right decisions and then move forward and


keep, ultimately keep the team going and pushing to get the desired


results. I was going to ask you about your relationship with your


competitors, particularly Jimmy Spithill. Team members three years


ago, batting for the same side. How has that changed as you become more


competitive? We have always had a great relationship, Jimmy and I. We


first met back in 2001 or something like that. We came back together


many years later for the Oracle Team USA. I think there is our healthy


respect. We are very different people, but opposites attract to a


certain extent. One thing is for sure, when we are both out on the


water, we want to win and we want to beat each other. That's great,


that's what you want can sport, you want those rivalries. Certainly from


my point of view I love knowing that I'm going out against the best guys,


and if you can actually beat them you know you've achieved something


special. I wonder if you take a moment of thought when you go into


work in the morning and there are over 100 people working towards this


common goal, do you take a moment to think you can't believe what's


happening and what is going on? Sometimes we definitely have to


pinch ourselves, because it is really amazing, building the base in


Portsmouth, getting it to where we are now, performing well on the


World Series. We are and we should be very proud of what we have


achieved as a team but we are also hugely competitive. We want that


America's Cup back home. Until ultimately we win it, you can't


relax, you've just got to keep pushing, keep trying to improve, and


work out things to be better and smarter. That team is all working


towards that goal, and they are pretty focused on it. Having raced


the required funding, Ainsley's team set up base in the city of


Portsmouth, the home of the British Navy, a city steeped in British


maritime history, the perfect environment to mastermind the return


of that elusive silverware. Ainsley's team set up here, built an


impressive base and are well into a cup campaign. We are about to head


out onto the water but before we do and going to take a minute to


explain how this America's Cup business works. The teams are all


currently racing on the America's Cup World Series. It's a preliminary


series of nine rounds that being raced in the build-up to the


America's Cup 2017. This will take place in June in Bermuda a year from


now. When the World Series finishes the six teams will then gather in


Bermuda for the cup qualifiers. First and second in the World Series


will take points into these races. Once completed, the top four will go


into a final Challenger series play-off. As we've ready seen


Ainslie himself helped the Americans win the cup in 2013. That means that


Oracle Team USA are the defenders and they will race in the America's


Cup against the winner of the Challenger series play-offs. Put


simply that is how this edition of the cup is going to run. In June of


next year over in Bermuda Oracle Team USA will go head-to-head


against the successful challenger in a battle to win the oldest trophy in


world sport. So that's how this all works. Finish in the top two in the


World Series and you carry points forward to the next H and so


performing well is vital. It's round seven here in Portsmouth and to date


competition between the teams has been nothing but fierce. Lying sixth


in the table at the moment, French team Groupama, late to the America's


Cup party as the last team to confirm entry but on the racetrack


they are a force to be reckoned with. Helmed by a French sailing


legend Franck Cammas, he knows a thing or two about competition. He


won the gruelling Volvo Ocean race at first attempt and is desperate to


take the trophy back to France for the first time ever. SoftBank Team


Japan lie in fifth place. Run by Kiwi Dean Barker, at the helm of the


losing entry last time out. Chris Draper is on the boat, Barker's


right-hand romance. Great to see you in Portsmouth, is it nice to be


home? It is, and England has been turning on the weather. Nice to see


friends I have not seen for a long time and really enjoying being back


here. It certainly feels that SoftBank Team Japan have been


getting better and better. What can you expect to do here? I think we


really don't have any expectations. We've been working really hard in


Bermuda on our testing boat and that's been the priority. We are


trying to focus on improving in this when we get the opportunities at the


offence. At the same time because we are a small team we only start


focusing on these events when we arrive at them which makes it tricky


to improve. But we have been thinking about strategy and the way


we position people in the boat and trying to make the most of


opportunities and I think that can improve our performances. I think


with any sailboat racing you learn a lot, it's about ticking the boxes


and making sure you execute everything well. Making sure there's


none of processes missed an if we do that we will get good results.


Fourth place in the rankings sits one of the powerhouses of the


America's Cup. Privately funded campaign, Artemis Racing from Sweden


come support Smith without their usual Olympic gold medallist who is


in Rio preparing for the games. They are one of only three teams to have


won a World Series event. In fact they've won twice. Run by British


double Olympic gold medallist Percy Dunne Iain Percy. You are fourth in


the table, two of them wins, how happy are you? We've won a third of


the events but lying in fourth sums up our series so far, really. Had


some moments of great sailing but also some stuff we really should


have done better. So overall I'm not happy about being fourth, not happy


about those bad results. What it probably fit in more with our


programme where we are concentrating on the events in 17. You've been in


the Olympic team with Ben Ainslie for absolutely decade and you are


great friends. As rivals, both running and America's Cup team, how


has that relationship changed? In friendship turns our relationship is


as good as ever. The important stuff in life we can chat about as old


mates. Maybe in a lot of ways it is enhanced because we are both in the


same role now, running and America's Cup team comes with a lot of


pressures. In some ways it is quite a lonely position. Having an old


mate going through the same things, there's often a time we will grab a


beer and just wine without giving much away about our respective


pressures. But here we are getting on really well. This weekend weather


looks promising, of excitement building, what can we expect? I


think it's going to be fantastic racing. These boats, for those who


have not seen them, are incredibly fast and spectacular. Faster than


most cars go on the road flying above the water. At the same time


very tight, close racing. I think what people will realise is that


they can understand sailing in a way they never have before with TV


graphics. Those on the sure we'll have a great show. I think any team


can win which is where we sit with these boats now which adds another


element to it as well. We've already established who the defenders of the


cup are this time around. Team Oracle USA are currently third in


the rankings but unbelievably hard yet to win a World Series event.


Helmed by the tenacious Aussie Jimmy Spithill, they are desperate for


their first series win. Every single team that goes to a World Series,


their goal is to win. And that's exactly our goal, to come here and


win, especially this one in front of Ben's home crowd. How much would


that mean to you to beat Ben Ainslie's team here? Oh, it would be


great. Not just Ben, it's really all of them. They all are so tough now.


There's no weak links in the fleet. And for sure, I think this event


will be even bigger than a year ago, just given what's happened, his team


has been set up. It will be awesome. But also we are under no false


illusions, it will be very tough, very competitive, and saving these


boats, man, you can't be perfect. It really is the team that can make


fewer mistakes. are, the team based here in


Portsmouth. They kicked up with that victory here and the whole team are


keen to repeat in front of thousands of fans. Plenty of expectation to


put that cherry on the cake and get the second win here. We want to go


out, we are desperate to get another victory here. It will be really


tough. The competition is getting higher and higher. If this sea


breeze kicks in, it will be amazing, incredibly tight racing. Great for


people to watch on TV and on the shore and on the water. Leading the


rankings at this stage of the cup, Emirates Team New Zealand have


sailed a consistent series. Two event wins and helmed by an


up-and-coming star of the America's Cup. He will also be looking for


gold in Rio, the responsibility in Portsmouth relies on Ashford. You


are top of the leaderboard for ages, can you hold that position? We will


see how we go this weekend. The racing will be fierce whether it be


windy or light. It is a fairly new crew sailing here this weekend and


for me in particular, steering. I haven't done so for more than about


15 minutes on an A/C 45. The guys had better give us some room on the


start line because anything could happen. That is the form guide


coming into this event, what a day we are going to have. The wind is


building and thousands of people are lining the shore and race one is


about to kick off. COMMENTATOR: All set to go, race one on the America's


Cup World Series here in Portsmouth on the historic waters where it all


began way back in 1851. They are away. Three other books -- three of


the boats are a way early. The two rookie helmsman, Francesco Bruni on


Artemis and Glenn Ashby on Emirates Team New Zealand. You can see two or


three feet can make all the difference in the world to being a


hero or zero off the start line. Just as we saw yesterday, the French


off to a flyer. The practice races yesterday, that was a mark of the


French team. Franco mass leading them towards that first mark. A


relatively tight manoeuvre. Not a huge amount of margin for error. He


flew the hull up and over the back of Oracle there, that is confidence


in your ability, I tell you that. We also see group, team France in


front. Then a easy going 12 or 13 knots, the other guys going 11. He


did a nice job clearing the pack and sailing his own boat in his own


breeze. The French have taken off on this leg, they are in their own race


and gone, literally. This would be only the third race the French have


one in the entire America's Cup World Series. A massive boost for


this team and their supporters. They have struggled as a whole but they


take victory in race number one. They may have to wait for British


victory, the French have taken control. STUDIO: Not the hope the


British team would have hoped for, a fifth-place finish but a quick


turnaround for the next race, there was no time to dwell on the


disappointment. The team had to refocus and refocus quickly before


race two. COMMENTATOR: About to get underway in the Solent in front of a


big crowd. The jostling for position as intense as ever. There will be a


lot of the boats going over early, five of the six boats are over early


team France is the only one not over the starting line early. The current


did not hold them back quite as much as they wanted. Groupama will have


to let them through. Around the first mark, Land Rover BAR in first


place. Emirates Team New Zealand behind Artemis racing and not


enjoying themselves so far this afternoon. Land Rover BAR certainly


caught a break. They are over early with the rest of the pack but did a


better job burning off their penalty than anyone else and came at in


second place after a penalty. I guarantee you Ben Ainslie has never


had a penalty before and still come out in second place. Emirates Team


New Zealand trying to gybe in front of the group. Ben Ainslie going


several knots faster. Emirates Team New Zealand trying to get across.


They were the burden boat, the give way boat. They had to stay clear of


the starboard tack is, they could not get across and this will be


really costly as all six boats pile into the first gate with Ben Ainslie


poking through. Artemis racing seemed to be picking up speed at the


bottom of your picture right now. But still in front by a religion of


Lee small margin, Land Rover BAR who have taken a very different path.


Again they have done a nice job of splitting. It is part of their


strategy, Land Rover BAR to try and stay away from the group. Artemis


coming across right now, they are on port tack, the give way boat, they


have to get out of the way of Groupama team France, which they do


successfully. Single-minded sailing from Sir Ben Ainslie and company as


they head to date three clear of the rest. Something for the home crowd


to cheer. Oracle Team USA led by Jimmy Spithill, the man to the right


of the picture. Still around 200 metres off the pace of Land Rover


BAR. This is business, it is all about


winning an home waters in front of the home crowd, giving them


something to celebrate as they head into gate four and contemplate the


finish. Land Rover BAR well in front of the rest. Picking up some speed


as well now. On this final flourish for Land Rover BAR, there will be no


catching them now. Look at the crowd, do you think there will be


much of a raw? This is real stadium sound. Time to celebrate in the


sunshine for the British sailing fancier. Sir Ben Ainslie, owner of


four gold medals as done it again on home waters. Leading them in. It has


been a commanding performance in race two from the British boat, much


to celebrate. A win for the home team in race two, a great comeback


from Land Rover BAR, can they take that winning streak into race three?


The last race of the day, the world's best going head to head in


the scramble for points in the Portsmouth sunshine. They will be


getting away to a flyer this time around? Penalty on Oracle Team USA


and Softbank team Japan, what will stick at to any sailor at home is


how good these guys are at getting close to the starting line.


Literally a foot is deciding if you are a hero or zero coming off the


starting line. Ben Ainslie again shooting that the top-of-the-line to


stay clear of everyone else. He may not be the favourite but getting


himself clear. It looks like he might get off into second place. And


there is the French boat again, starting much better. Didn't pull


off the slingshot but he was helped out by the two boats were over early


and he might be leading coming to the mark. Heading into gate two with


Groupama team France leading the pack against -- ahead of Softbank


team Japan. As they look to head closer to shore and those


spectators. The French skipper asking which mark, at the top of the


screen, it looks like very glassy water. And the better pressure where


they make games is offshore a tactician is called for make the


manoeuvre and go back offshore again, it looks to be better


pressure out there. A breakaway of three, the French, Japanese and


British. Oracle Team USA in very light air trying to get around the


other bluey, do they have to give ground to Artemis racing. The moment


of truth in this race right now whether they can cross or not. It


looks like they will cross Softbank team Japan who are dipping in behind


them. Let us see what happens with our friends at Groupama. Nothing


between the two. Ben Ainslie said to focus on the handling, he has got it


so it may not have gone as smoothly as he would have liked. Will


Groupama have enough speed and not let Ben Ainslie roll over the top?


The instructions clearly working because Land Rover BAR have moved


ahead of Softbank team Japan and the French, hitting the front. As they


head into gate three. Wonderful third to first move in this last


leg. Ben Ainslie on Land Rover BAR saying they are in a match. That if


Ron start to gybe, Land Rover to one macro will start to gybe. The


decision taken in a flurry of activity. Working so hard to


minimise the time lost. The French have simply sailed better so far in


this event. They are really in the hunt, they are sailing and more


aware and confident with each other. But did they just put themselves in


a tough spot? Gybing right into bad air behind Ben Ainslie. It has


allowed Land Rover BAR to take the lead that they are building towards


as they round gate four. They are ahead of the French by a small


margin. Emirates Team New Zealand suddenly back in the picture as


well. Softbank team Japan have to give way straightaway, the French


have do gybe they have to go around the mark. This a dangerous spot for


this time in the race. Every sinew being stretched but it does look as


if British sailing fans will have more to celebrate here. On the


shores of Portsmouth as Ben Ainslie and Land Rover BAR storm their way


to the finishing line, they both put up a handy lead and this would


represent an excellent return for their hard work. Still powering the


boat forward. Two victories for Land Rover BAR and Ben Ainslie with


another special moment for British racing and the man at the helm


congratulated by his team-mates. A job well done, two wins out of three


and giving the crowd exactly what they came for. The racing was very


tight, as you saw. A lot of boat handling was critical. Especially


going round the gates, the guys did a good job in stressful


circumstances. You have five of the best teams in the world breathing


down your neck so it is not easy. We have all seen Ben Ainslie,


particularly in the Olympic arena pull something out when he had to,


way surprised at how he came back from the first race? Absolutely not.


He has so much more experience in this type of boat and at this venue.


It would be amazing to me if he doesn't come out on top this weekend


frankly. They have probably done 100 more days in this boat than anyone


else out here. That doesn't excuse the performances from guys like


ourselves and some of the other top teams who didn't do well today. We


just need to start making less mistakes around the racecourse. Day


one imports must and not the easiest day? A tough day for everyone. A


locked position changes, you can be first or last in an instant. Not a


bad day for us, we are sailing better yesterday. Two second places,


we made a mistake in the last one but it is all tied up for tomorrow


and it is really open, the regatta. After three complete races here on


day one in Portsmouth it is the home team who topped the leaderboard.


Courtesy of two race wins. A good David Dean Barker and


Softbank team Japan. Jimmy Spittal and Oracle Team USA will not be


happy down in fourth. It is quite a sight watching these boats fly


around the Solent but in Bermuda next year they will not be racing in


these boats, these machines promise to take the sport to a whole new


level. The teams are not allowed to launch


the boats for next year 's cup until just after Christmas but they are


allowed to make test builds which is exactly what they have been doing


and the results are spectacular. The boats the teams are striving towards


will be 50 foot long, and just like the World Series boats they will be


foil and wind powered multihulls. They can only build one ultimate cup


built, so they have looked outside of hailing and are drawing on


technology from all manner of industries. And at Land Rover BAR


the man running the show is a very high-tech person. Martin, sailing is


not your world, where have you come from? I was 25 years motor racing,


mainly Formula 1. I got involved in this as a non-sailor knowing nothing


about the America's Cup. A lot of people wondered why I wanted to do


this, and it is a much smaller environment compared to motor racing


but that is part of the appeal. I think it's fresher. The rule book is


more open, there's more opportunity to differentiate. Formula 1 has


grown stacks of rules and regulations such that it's


increasingly difficult to make a difference. Here I think there's a


great opportunity. 165 years after the cup was made, it's never been on


our mantelpiece in this country and I think to be part of that process


which hopefully achieves that I think is exciting for all of us.


From a technological approach just explain to us what you have to do to


do that. Well we don't know yet. But we think we know. I think the


history in America's Cup is generally the quickest boat wins.


Simply put within the confines of the class will we've got to give


them the quickest boat and that's what we are hoping to do. What are


the challenge to making that happen? These are big, powerful, complex


boats. America's Cup has really changed. They were already complex,


big powerful catamarans, foiling has changed the sport. The challenge is


how to develop these technologies. When they are performing well, less


than 1% of the surface area is in water, so they are not boats as we


know it. That means the sport changes, the technical challenges,


materials, control systems, electronics, hydraulics, all things


that were present before are probably orders of magnitude more


complex and critical. What do you think you have brought to it? Well I


think more importantly I think there is a fantastically strong team here.


We've got a team where we've got America's Cup grandees, these are


guys who have been around for awhile, done America's Cup


challengers, they know what it's like to win the Cup. More recently


we've brought people with backgrounds such as myself,


automotive, aerospace. They bring, commentary skills which is crucial


to us getting the most out of the process -- complementary skills. The


crowds are back in their thousands on day two and Land Rover BAR are


the team to beat. In the world of the America's Cup Eckel Sunday super


Sunday because it's double points racing which means we could see


dramatic changes on the leaderboard. Setting up for the first race of the


day in these iconic waters, a brand-new opportunity, then, for the


whole fleet. Very different conditions to yesterday. The wind


has picked write-up. The first race of day to, the breeze


having kicked in, the fleet ready faction to make their mark on the of


the Solent. Double points on offer, and they are away at speed. Lets see


who can get up on the foil the quickest and Ainsley starts the


closest to us. He's been doing that consistently you just want clear


air. He has confidence on his ability to get through the fleet if


he gets behind and he doesn't want to take the chance of getting spat


out the back. Good, conservative start by Ben Ainslie that might have


him first coming into mark number one. Sucked and incinerating site to


see these boats upon the foils. Really going for it in the early


stages, as they hit Mach one, Land Rover BAR and Sir Ben Ainslie in


front. All action on the Artemis Racing


boat. They are heading down wind at high speed. Everybody chasing the


home team boat right now. Ainslie has come to play, two out of three


race wins yesterday. Nice little jump today. At Oracle Team USA, it's


amazing how close they are to the leaders of the overall series, yet


they haven't won regatta. So come into gate to, and it is Land


Rover BAR rounding it the quickest, they are informed by some 20 metres


or so. But Oracle Team USA are hard on the heels. Coming a little bit


deeper. You see the other boat struggling to get their angle is


correct behind them. This will be a nice gap for first and second placed


boats. It could turn into a two boat race quickly. Everybody chasing Land


Rover BAR currently, who are ripping their way forwards. And once again


we are seeing this battle between Sir Ben Ainslie and Jimmy Spithill,


former team-mate but great rivals. They will be relishing this battle


together. What a sight for tens of thousands of sports fans. These


aren't just sailing fans. You walk around the waterfront and talk to


people and ask them, are you a sailor? At least 50% of the time


they say no, they are just here to watch a cool sporting event, and


what a venue for it. Amazing location, amazing sight. Another


thousand or so boats on the water watching as well. This is what the


modern America's Cup is all about. Land Rover BAR and Oracle Team USA


locked in battle. Ainslie will definitely be keeping a close eye on


Oracle Team USA. These two boats had a big jump. They had a big jump on


the rest of the fleet. So it turns into a bit of a match race, they


will watch each other, and Ainslie will not let Oracle out of their


sites very far. Teamwork in action. Going up wind, they overstepped the


mark a little bit which means they probably went a little too far onto


their lay line, onto the closest course of the mark, but it allows


them to pop up on the foils before they go round the mark, probably net


even when it's all said and done. Lose a bit of ground but go quite a


bit faster. We saw those manoeuvres taking that much longer yesterday,


didn't we? These are altogether different conditions, hence the


flight time for Land Rover BAR, time spent literally in the air.


The beauty of this course, as we were mentioning throughout


yesterday, just how close they are the 30 metres offshore. Stadium


racing here in the Solent. Sir Ben Ainslie ripping through the gears.


Ripping through the gate and 24 knots right now. This is not your


grandmother's America's Cup. Ramsgate four and back up wind they


go. Very smooth rounding. Nice smooth job getting from on the foils


back into displacement mode as they go back up wind. That was a perfect


mark round. So still it is Land Rover BAR who are bossing the race,


this opening race of day two of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World


Series. Unlike five of seven. You look back at the pack, Oracle racing


has a nice lay line meaning the direct cause into this gate down


forward on the right-hand side of our screen is Artemis Racing who


have passed Emirates Team New Zealand. Into third place the


Swedes, behind Oracle Team USA. Land Rover BAR leading from the front as


they round gate five. Artemis Racing might make this mark and actually


get around and be very close to second place. Bit of an over


stand-by Oracle racing which means they've allowed Mr get right back in


the hunt. Great regatta last time out in Chicago for the Swedes.


SoftBank Team Japan disputing fourth and fifth, and the French in six as


they head down wind once again. Very close call between Emirates Team New


Zealand and Artemis Racing. Land Rover BAR flying across the water,


46% of the time up on the foils. We are going to see this time and again


in the coming months particularly as we had to Bermuda where the boats


are very much built for this kind of thing. Exactly. They are talking


about for healing in Bermuda up wind up as well as down wind, so they are


flying all the time down wind, and they are not flying upwind. In


Bermuda we might see it close to 100% of the time. Absolutely


steaming away to the finish line. Land Rover BAR and Sir Ben Ainslie


driving the boat to the finish line to the delight of thousands of


supporters revelling in these conditions, revelling in the success


of seeing their men, the hometown team. STUDIO: So Land Rover BAR


start dating with another win putting them one step closer to


victory here in Portsmouth. They are a tight-knit team, fully focused on


winning together in whatever they do, as I found out last week.


Sailing America's Cup boats is really full on, you've got to have


some relaxation. To get a bit of time off, what do they want to do?


Something competitive. I want to see a good 200 yard are


here unleashed. You be quiet. Heh heh! Nice. That's quite the opposite


of mine. Grown-up sailing against each other in the programme and


started match racing. In every book I have sailed with him I've always


wanted him to be the guy at the front, got confident he will do the


right thing at the right time, and then you can abuse him afterwards


when he does and which is just as much fun. We are good mates and


we've known each other for a long time and it's part of what makes us


so strong, when we get into the nitty-gritty bit of it, we just want


to work for each other. It is massively important, if you all pull


together you will be much better together. You are going to win this


hole, I can see it. He's the only one who can beat me. He's the only


one who can't hit the ball off the floor, can't hit it far enough to


lose it. Great guys to have on-board, you can guarantee that not


only they will give 100%, at the boat handling will always be spot


on. You can suggest something to them, it's all constructive just to


try to make the boat go faster. It's good to have that relationship with


the guys that everyone can say what they think and know one will take


offence and everyone will take it on board. I thought you were going to


get it close. No chance. Ho Ho! Bend's are really amazing guy.


There's a lot of joking. When it comes to getting serious it gets


properly serious. He's a mate all sailors and everything but he's


also, he wants to win as much as anyone, more than anyone, and is


pretty serious about getting the job done. He's probably the most focused


out of everyone that we get on the water, and he's a good example for


all of us. Then is probably the biggest man in our team. It's his


name above the door, he's the one that brings the money in, gets the


team rolling. He's putting everything into this and we need to


be doing the same. Come on then, you've got to make it off the tee.


Hey hey!. It's great to be part of something British. Everybody goes


that extra mile to try to help bring the cup home. To achieve something


that no other team has done that's represented this country basically


means everything and this is a massive opportunity for us to do it.


So all we want to do is get it done, bring it back. They are a passionate


bunch Sir Ben Ainslie has on-board. It was a lot of fun filming that.


There's no messing about now, they've got their game faces on.


Let's get back out on the water. COMMENTATOR: Lined up for race two,


the penultimate race of the Portsmouth event, just two more


chances to snaffle the valuable points, with the boats all vying for


position already. You could see it was all clear. Artemis Racing and


SoftBank Team Japan with really solid starts. Four boats in the


front line going into Mach number one with Ainslie getting spit out


the back a bit. On-board Oracle Team USA in these early stages as they


get up on the foils nice and quick. Just radical action! Oh, that's


fantastic. We go on board with Artemis Racing.


It is more like stockcar racing that anything we have seen. Cutting in


front is not exactly drafting but you are in a position to go three


wide going into a corner. Testing racing for all of these sailors and


everything happening at breakneck speed. Not a perfect job for Oracle


Team USA but they come out of it OK. You can see how unstable things get


from time to time, especially when gybing for positioning going into


gate number one. Fascinating on the water views of these things foaming.


Oracle Team USA setting the pace from SoftBank Team Japan and Artemis


Racing and Land Rover BAR contesting fourth and third. The French at the


back. Roles reversed in the second race of the day. It is the Americans


leading the way currently with a 90 metres lead over Land Rover BAR who


were victorious in the opening race of the day. Jimmy Spittal Hill and


Sir Ben Ainslie going head-to-head once more at the front of the fleet.


They will love this battle. Jimmy Spithill arrived with the stated


intention of spoiling Ben Ainslie's day. So many people have turned out


to see him. The most decorated Olympic sailor in history. A tight


battle between all three of these guys, Emirates Team New Zealand come


across ahead of Japan and Britain. This is a change of events. --


Britain. One point is so desperate for these guys. Ben Ainslie


concentrate so much on SoftBank Team Japan that he is passed by Emirates


Team New Zealand. These are the runaway leaders.


So well led by Jimmy Spittal, the youngest skipper to win the


America's Cup way back in 2010 as a 30-year-old before producing the


goods in 2013 in the waters of San Francisco. Tom Slingsby saying they


are on a match with Ben Ainslie, so they want to stay between Ben


Ainslie and the mark. Another fascinating dynamic. They want to


know how much the Americans are keeping a close eye on the Brits.


Are they keeping one eye all the time on Ben Ainslie and Land Rover


BAR. Right now they are. For two reasons, they want to beat them in


the race and they want to give Ben, if they are close enough, as much


disturbed air, wing wash as we call it, not much Jimmy Spithill can do


from an interference level on a downwind leg like this. He could


throw a bit of bad air, 34% of flight time in this race, not nearly


as good as 48% that Ben Ainslie had in the first race but not bad. It


will be interesting to see a comparison against everybody else


when the race is over. That number seeming to rise as they powered


downwind towards the finishing line. The Americans are some way out in


front, 26 knots being cranked up here. Land Rover BA are and Japan


occupying second and third places. The Americans are runaway leaders in


race two. Oracle Team USA and Jimmy Spithill rounding gate six and the


short stretch to the finish. They have been incredibly consistent here


in Portsmouth. They have yet to top the leaderboard. That will happen


here in a few moments time as they reorganise themselves and power


towards the finishing line. It will be a first victory here on the


Solent for Jimmy Spithill and Oracle Team USA. One in the eye for the


British crew and it has perhaps come from their main rival, Jimmy


Spithill and Oracle Team USA. Not far away, Land Rover BAR and Sir Ben


Ainslie but having to settle for second this time. The Japanese


following in behind them. That win for the American set up a tense


finish in Portsmouth. Land Rover BAR just three points ahead of Oracle


Team USA. This is it, the final race of the weekend. The points are so


close that it is all on. Last chance for the fleet to show their


capabilities in front of this huge crowd on the waterfront, the final


race of the day and of the series. Emirates Team New Zealand riding


very close to that marker but they are away. Oracle pulled the trigger


better than anyone else in that start. Ben Ainslie caught up in a


ball of four bugs but it looked like he might have escaped it but Oracle


mailed the timing. Oracle Team USA off to a great start. All hands to


the pump as they reach for the first mark with the bank looming


interview. We already have battle joined between Oracle Team USA and


Land Rover BAR. Sir Ben Ainslie looking to guide his crew to a


second victory today. So to, Jimmy Spithill, huge imbalance by the Land


Rover boat there. Not the smoothest gybe but this is a game of inches


right now so I don't think you can make any mistakes and come out


ahead. One bad gybe and look how big the lead is now for Oracle compare


to how it was before that gybe. Oracle Team USA hard at work.


Forcing that boat further, faster and stronger. Trying to apply


pressure at every key moment. The current leaders of this race. Oracle


Team USA. Streaking ahead and downwind to gate four. If the race


were to stop now, it would be Land Rover BAR who led the series as they


head to Bermuda next June. The first and second places in the America's


Cup World Series over all carry points through to the America's Cup


qualify as proper in Bermuda. With this setup right now and the double


points, I was not very good in mathematics at school, the Americans


are one point by kind, they need a boat between themselves and Ben


Ainslie. Will they be computing that on board? They will be talking about


it. They have to be talking about it. It depends if they are happy


with second place overall in the event. They could slow them down,


team New Zealand are not far behind now. Can they slay Ben Ainslie done


enough to get team New Zealand back in the game. It is tricky, they


would have to get one boat in between and going at speed it is not


easy. A game of cat and mouse out on the Solent. For the time being, no


sign of respite from Oracle Team USA. Oracle Team USA really sailing


high right now which means close to the wind. Land Rover double tacks


and so do Oracle, there is cat and mouse going on, I am surprised


Oracle has not come back a little more to affect them even more.


Interesting move by Ben Ainslie. He let team New Zealand go in the top


left of our screen. In order to stay with team Japan on this side of the


racecourse, he just needs to keep in second place. If he does too many


manoeuvres, he slows the game down and lets the others back in. Heading


towards gate five. That'll well and truly joined. Oracle Team USA 130


metres in front of the British boat. Going at some speed now. Another


manoeuvre from the Americans which will slow them up a touch. The


Americans tacked right on the lay line. Ben Ainslie tacks right on top


of Dean Barker to make sure he stays in between but where are the Kiwis?


Did they make enough of a game? It looks like Ben Ainslie is still


ahead of that pack as we go back out to the wide screen in a. You can see


Ben Ainslie racing right on top of SoftBank Team Japan. Same strategy


that Oracle would doing to him, he is doing to them. Using wing wash to


affect them and push them backwards. He now just needs a smooth ride into


the finish. Land Rover BAR into gate five, Emirates Team New Zealand are


in third place. Ben Ainslie and Land Rover BAR just need to finish


second, the regatta will be theirs and the series lead will be theirs


were just a single point. That is how tight this is right now. I was a


bit ignorant with my mathematics earlier on in this game but that is


the case. One boat has to be in between the Americans and the Brits


for the Americans to win. The Brits have been so smooth downwind. He is


looking around to deciding what to do, will they stop at this next gate


to mix it up on the last gate. Is that a possibility? Absolutely. Land


Rover BAR operating at speeds of up to 19 knots, slowing on the turn.


Looking to apply a little extra heat to Oracle Team USA. SoftBank Team


Japan some 130 metres behind the British boat. Seemingly second-place


in the bag but nothing can be discounted at this stage. Up towards


gate six. The final gate, it is a short finish remember. Oracle Team


USA seemingly intent on heading there at some lick. No slowing up


from the Americans. Land Rover BAR at ten behind them looking to finish


in second place and take the regatta and the America's Cup World Series


lead. Cheered on by the thousands on the waterfront, the union flags are


up but it is Oracle Team USA who win the race. And they are some 85


metres clear of Land Rover BAR who will scheme in for second place. It


will mean victory in the regatta here in Portsmouth. Active back wins


for the British boat. The double in Portsmouth for Land Rover BAR and


four Ben Ainslie. With it comes the series lead over all. Fantastic


racing, obviously a little bit of emotion. Everyone works hard out


there but to win in front of your home crowd, there is nothing more


special. It is amazing for us as a home team to be able to win these


home races. It is why we train and compete. We try and do Portsmouth


proud, a fantastic event. I cannot say enough about how well the guys


sailed these boats, it is meant to be tough to sail around these tight


courses. It was as good as anyone, if not better and put us in good


stead for the weekend. That is it for the weekend, what a win for the


local team, Land Rover BAR, topping the leaderboard import smut.


Ladies and gentlemen, the local team, Land Rover BAR. CHEERING


And there is now just one point separating first and second on the


World Series rankings. Land Rover BAR jumped up into first place but


right behind them, Oracle Team USA. Emirates Team New Zealand drop-down


two places to third. It has been quite a weekend here in Portsmouth.


That if that is a taster of what we can expect next year in Bermuda, we


are in for a real treat. This weekend will be remembered for the


home team Ben Ainslie and his boys delivering when it matters most.


Another special moment for British racing, victory in the regatta here


in Portsmouth and with it comes the series lead over all.


This place is home to more than 80,000 refugees,


Highlights from the latest leg of the America's Cup World Series, in which four-time Olympic sailing champion Sir Ben Ainslie continues his attempt to guide a British team to one of the most prestigious trophies in sport.

Ainslie masterminded a spectacular comeback for the Oracle Team USA in the 2013 America's Cup. He subsequently set up Ben Ainslie Racing in Portsmouth, where his team will be vying for a repeat of 2015's victory at the start of this preliminary series.

The British team went into this seventh of nine legs in second place overall, with the top two finishers due to go head to head next year for the right to face the reigning champions in Bermuda.

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