2016: Scotland v Ireland Shinty Hurling International

2016: Scotland v Ireland

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This is what the sides are playing for this afternoon, it is Sinn T


versus hurling, Scotland against Ireland in a truly unique sporting


event. The winner takes all match in a truly unique sporting


confrontation with Scotland looking to make it a hat-trick of victories.


Stand-by, I hope you are sitting comfortably.


What a strike. You could see that coming. Scotland hoping to make it a


hat-trick of victories over the Irish this afternoon, it is the


shinty reach hurling final here in Inverness. It is glorious here this


afternoon, the sun has come out. Hard to believe it is October but it


is time for the shinty hurling international and a beautiful day in


Inverness. Shinty against hurling, it does seem a bit baffling, we will


get the three Wise men of shinty to guide us this afternoon. Former


Scotland international is, welcome to you all. Fraser, I will start


with you, shinty versus hurling, if someone has not heard of this


before, it does sound slightly crazy. Ella macro it does, but I


think the rules are there to be the best of both sports. We have had


good matches in the last couple of use and we hope to have more today.


Eddie, you have represented Scotland in the past, it is a proud occasion


to be Scotland players. In terms of the cream of the crop in shinty, it


is your own chance to represent your country. The sense of pride is


enormous, you only have one chance in the whole season to play this


game. To get selected above other players and put in the hard work and


the training, it boils down to this. Gary, you represented Scotland many


times, how is it for you? Talk about the intensity of this game? Two


different codes against each other, that must be challenging? It can be.


This game doesn't suit a lot of shinty players but with the rule


changes of the last couple of years it is coming through and it is


suiting a lot more shinty players than in the past. It is their only


chance to get together and represent their club and country in this


sport. It is a great occasion. One of the great names of shinty is


Ronald Ross, he is the man who is now in charge of the Scotland team.


The short time ago he spoke to our reporter. It is a beautiful day here


in Inverness, how much are you looking forward to getting the game


started? The preparation is done now, the coaches are desperate for


it to start, we have done the hard work, it is a case of getting going.


With it being a one-off match this year, does that suit you? Yes. Over


two legs, they become stronger, the first game is our best chance.


They're not allowed to kick the ball or handle also it takes some time to


get used to that. Asked experience has shown that over two games it is


difficult to beat them. We pushed them last year in the state game at


Croke Park. How do you like the make-up of your squad? We need a bit


of experience as well. The boys that have come in have played really well


for their clubs. It is competition in all departments, that is


important. Thank you for your time. There are the Scotland players this


afternoon, warming up. Fraser, Ronald Ross is a name so synonymous


with shinty, a bit of greatest player of all-time, much of an


impact does that have on the Scotland players? It is a special


honour to be selected by Ronald, the greatest player there has ever been.


He has played against many of these guys so for him to say that you are


good enough to play in his team, it will give them a lot of pride. Good


continuity this year because he has a good group of players together and


got them into a good system. Some key players on display for Scotland


this afternoon. Kevin Bartlett, he has been hugely good for Scotland in


recent years? Here we see him doing what he does best, a fantastic goal


and he practices this and has scored more points for Scotland than any


player in history. This is where Scotland will make most of the


points today, from his threes if he is on form. If Ireland flick trying


to minister to two points and one point, but it is where Scotland will


look to pick up their most points. He is a key player for driving and


keeping the scoreboard ticking over. That is what you need to do and he


will be their danger man today. Let us hope he puts plenty of points on


the board this afternoon. You are interested in seeing Glenn Maxwell


.com are significant for his club side but also the national team. We


saw him last month getting the only goal in the cup final. He holds the


ball up and what he wants to do is shoot and put it in the back of the


net but it will be important for Scotland to supply him with the ball


today and let him do what he does best. A player of a similar vintage


to yourself but still doing the business on the pitch? I was


surprised to find out he was the same age as me. He is still doing it


exactly. Plenty of miles left on the clock. He is doing well and


McDonald, another player, a very athletic player and a younger player


as well. A big matchwinner, his team have not had a great season, they


did win the Celtic society but they didn't really feature, it has been


his biggest day of the season today, people see Rory, physically he has


changed, stronger than before. Interesting to see if he can make


that count today. What is the key thing from the Scotland squad that


they need to do to win? They can give away silly fouls, that is where


Ireland punish Scotland. Stay strong and keep the ball as much as they


can on the ground because Ireland are used to playing in the air,


there are hurdles are bigger as well, Scotland are best on the


ground. A while ago we heard from Ronald Ross but what about the


island camp? We have been talking to their manager. How much have you


been looking forward to this day? For three or four weeks, training


with the lads, it is a special time of year. It is near the end of the


season, we have had a long hard year, many of us but the next thing


is to play for Ireland coming up to Scotland. It is a fixture they


enjoyed. A disruption to lose the McGrath brothers? Won we know they


have commitments to football. We knew it couldn't happen, what will


be the key to getting the grips of this game? A lot of the lads have


played it, 16 or 18 have experience to it and that will help a lot. The


first 15 or 20 minutes are vitally important to get a hold. That is the


Ireland manager. You take a keen interest in the gale exports in


Ireland, a thriving scene and hurling is a key part of that. --


Gaelic sports. Tipperary won the All-Ireland this year and it is an


honour to have Michael playing in this match. He is against Waterford


taking a fantastic goal. In the line-out, he played in the midfield


in the All-Ireland final, now he seems to be forward. He will be


looking to get points and goals for them but we have had big stars in


this game in the past and I have not managed to cope, we will see how he


does today. Give us a sense of the regard that these players are held


in Ireland? People not used to it may not grasp the scale of it and


how important it is to Irish life? It is huge. There are over 2500


clubs in the world, and they are held in greatest team by their


communities because they play for their parish and if they are good


enough, they go on to play for their county team, today it is the


national side. It is a fantastic sport and it is great we can get a


composite game here where they can play each other. How tough are these


athletes that have come over from Ireland? How much of a challenge is


it? When you start the game, it is barely even but the fitness really


shows later in the game. They built pretty well, their stamina is really


good and their strength. They get better as the game goes on. It is


important for Scotland to get a lead before they get to grips with the


game and put points on the board. It is shinty versus hurling, it makes


havoc, chaos and mayhem but are significant rules that make this


compromise event take place and this is how it works.


Almost time to get things under way, a quick prediction from the guys


before we get to the action. How do you see it going this afternoon?


After last year 's performance, if Scotland can perform near that,


island will have become whip up with it, they did not score a point from


open play last years and that is a huge thing. Confident? I think


Scotland will do it but it will be a close run thing. I think Ireland


will come but strong later in the game. What is your prediction? 21-15


Scotland. Sounds good to me, we will chat more to you throughout the show


but things are about to get underway here in Inverness.


COMMENTATOR: A warm welcome on a magnificent autumnal day in


Inverness. It has been island's day so far. The Dublin women winning the


women's match earlier this morning. The Irish under 21s overpowered


Scotland with a strong finish, more on that later. It is up to the


Scotland seniors to rescue the situation in this magnificent


setting as they try and establish a formidable record of a hat-trick of


home wins at the home of shinty in Inverness. The Royal British Legion


pipe band from Inverness and gaudy Stroud, warming things up.


They are introducing the formal party.


Being introduced to the teams. A wonderful atmosphere here. The


women's match attracted quite a substantial audience this morning in


the mist, which had descended, it was chilly and cold but plenty of


entertainment on offer. The Irish women winning by 11-2. Then the day


has improved as the forecast suggested it would. And it has


presented us with absolutely perfect playing conditions. Slightly greasy


on top of the grass, the groundsman has produced a wonderful playing


surface. He says he has never seen the grass grow at this time of year


at the way it is growing. The change in the weather or the climate but


all to the good full for these players. I am joined by Fraser


Ingles, who has come from that turf, is it greasy on top? It is a bit. A


lot of missed here in Inverness today. As the sun rises and


hopefully the temperature rises and it should burn off and the grass is


a good length, that is very important in this fixture. In


shinty, you don't want it too long. Ireland would want it longer.


Conditions are fair for both teams. Absolutely perfect setting. Many


international team captains do not have their father on their shoulder.


Being introduced to his playing compatriots. Looking down at the


geography of the situation, the town is to the right as we watch the max.


The big screen keeping the crowd entertained. Ronald Ross is the team


manager. And a formidable management trio as the teams line up for the


national anthems of the two competing nations. And first of all,


our visiting friends from Ireland. Their sport in Ireland has been


dominated by some very sad news, always a stirring rendition of the


national anthem and to take the Scots away, it is Robert Robertson.


# O flower of Scotland # When will we see your like again #


That fought and died for # Your wee bit hill and glen # And stood


against him # Proud Edward's army # And sent him homeward # Tae think


again # Those days are passed now # And in the past they must remain #


But we can still rise now # And be the nation again # That stood


against him # Proud Edward's army # And sent him homeward #


Tae think again. #


APPLAUSE Not a breath of wind hardly around


Bught Park as the lengthening shadows of autumn introduce us to


this fantastic contest between Scotland and Ireland. The two teams.


Scotland has a strong team, a clutch of award winners from last night.


Performance of the annual awards. Steven MacDonald and Finlay MacRae,


the two national Player of the Year award winners.


Kevin Bartlett and Glen MacKintosh are the men who will be finding the


net for Scotland. Freeman of Mayo out. Keep your eye


on Michael Breen of Tipperary. The captain is the goalkeeper, Reilly.


The referee today is Innes Wood. The ball put in between the two


competing sides as ever, Ireland are in green and are hitting from left


to right. Be warned, do not do any of this at home and strap yourselves


in for the next 80 minutes. Because this could be quite a match. Barr,


the skipper. I did warn you, the first few contests are absolutely


critical in this game. Indeed they are. They push in the back by


Patrick Kelly. This is a really good opportunity for Kevin Bartlett


already to get two points over the bar for Scotland. The Scotland under


21 team were somewhat profligate in their use of these free hits because


they didn't take their chances which were on offer. Bartlett however has


proven how to do it before and he has done it. It is a good start and


exactly what you would expect from Kevin Bartlett. That is a warning


for the Irish. If they want to give fouls away in that area, Kevin will


punish them. A nice, clean strike. The Irish defender nearly managed to


walk it but he just managed to get it over the bar and that will give


him confidence. I think it might have got a deflection but it doesn't


matter. Over the bar, between the posts from a dead ball, from a


free-hit off the ground, two points. One point from open play.


We saw earlier in the under 21 match also how the midfield is very often


bypassed here because of the length and strength of the hitting. The


ball being propelled for perhaps two thirds of the length of this


enormous pitch at Bught Park. The great glen down to our left with


the ball is heading. Scotland dropping it in on top of the half


forward, looking for the second ball coming out from the defence. Bunched


in midfield. Barr in the middle of it. Bartlett. Just the players


slipping and sliding as they get to grips with the surface. A massive


hit from defence. This is what the Scots are up against because it just


comes rocketing back. The player from Kildare goes down. This is the


kind of territory the Scots don't want to be giving away free hits.


No. I don't think Andy Mackintosh meant that, it was just his foot


caught the opposition's trailing foot. It will be interesting to see


whether Scotland decide to hit it off the ground and try to get two


points. Shane do leak has done his damage before so we will see if he


still has the radar. He has whacked it. He has put it wide. That is a


get out of jail card early on because we know what he can do. We


have seen it before. Historically, you have had a big influence in this


match. It is surprising he didn't manage to get it over the bar. He


pulled it wide unfortunately for him. Chances in the early stages.


Always the first quarter, our also, critical for the Scottish team that


they get in and they get their tackles in hard and early and they


put pressure on the Irish because it does take the Irish a little while


to settle down. Ronald Ross knows that. Two shrewd shinty-hurling


brains of their day. They know the men the mark. Keen to keep Michael


Breen under lock and key. Because if he starts to run the game, that


could be a very long afternoon. That is him on the far side. Up it goes.


This will be the pattern, the long, high ball, taste of the Scottish


defence and they need to clear it better than that. Finlay MacRae,


last night's national Player of the Year, one of three brothers in the


Scottish pool. His brother Keith is up in the forward line in the


starting line-up. Two best fullbacks in the game. This year's Premier


League Player of the Year. Steven MacDonald alongside Finlay MacRae


and Steven MacDonald tells me he is carrying an injury, he has his knee


strapped. When I asked him how he thought it was, he said we will soon


find out. I am sure we will. One of the best hitters in the game. There


is the evidence. Looking for Keith MacRae but it is too long. Not a


breath of wind here. Normally a very strong wind left-to-right but today,


it is absolutely still. Perfect condition because often, the wind


can spoil a match so it is good it is calm and not an advantage to


either team. That is a wasted ball straight out from the Irish keeper.


The captain Reilly. No stranger to Bught Park. Not happy obviously,


with that. That is beyond midfield. Good chance for Scotland. Certainly,


Reilly's distance is good. He will be looking to do something about


that. Distance wise, he got a good distance on it. This is so difficult


for the Scottish team to tackle. Dylan taking the ball. One-handed.


So easy to flick the ball on with an arm and a battle like stick.


Scotland trying to use their mobility and their pace and play the


ball along the ground. We found some of the under 21 players had


difficulty with the surface. These top guns should manage it well. Look


at that, taken clean out and away. But it is wide. The game is almost


as if an early change here, just below us we see the Irish making a


substitute. Seem to be making a change, a tactical switch. Rolling


substitutes as the game goes on and we will see this happen all the


time, players coming and going. I would say early on, Ireland were


quite dangerous upfront although they have not scored, they have


settled in fairly well and I think the warning signs. The need to be


historically, you have to rack up the points against Ireland because


they do get stronger as the game goes on. I think that will be the


case, Scotland will have to get in front because Ireland have started


quite well and you can only see them getting better as the game goes on.


Steven MacDonald has taken a run-up and that can only mean one thing, he


is going to go for a goal from her. At the very worst, he will drop it


right in front of Reilly in the goal. This is basically from the


middle of the field, halfway. Almost by the tunnel. He has got the range


and the distance but not quite the accuracy so there is a message. If


he's going to do that, he has to start scoring. A good effort from


Steven, that is a big distance he is hitting and it wasn't far away. If


you can get it in line, the goalkeeper has to deal with it if it


drops short. If you're going to be short, it is not a disaster.


Dwyer fitting it into midfield, that was a beautiful touch and a high


ball but it is wide once again. They asked beginning to pick up the


rhythm. The Irish team, fantastically athletic. A nice turn


by Michael Breen, he gets the shot off but he just pulled it wide. The


signs are there already that Ireland will be strong this year and they


will start getting points on the map over the bar. They haven't so far.


Steven MacDonald, Scottish full-back, when the ground. That is


wide again. That is the threat. Once the momentum is there for the Irish


players, as they roll forward, this is what happens. Dwyer with the


effort and he seemed to go for the goal, not the points over the bar.


Just wide. If that had been a foot inside, it probably would have been


an open score for Ireland. The interplay with the Irish forwards is


good. The natural instinct of an Irish player is to flick the point


through, not be too bothered about the goal at this stage. They like to


keep that school -- score board ticking over. They are on the move.


Look at that, beautiful skill. Stuart MacDonald in the goal.


Scotland had to be very careful because that was dropping right in


front of them. Chat has been in the game quite a lot already, picking up


a lot. Bain has been told by the Scotland coaching tough, tighten up.


-- the Scotland coaching staff. You need to get as close to your man as


possible. The closer you are, the less dangerous it is. If you stand


off halfway, you are in trouble but if you go right in, it swings right


round you and it is all fine. John Barr.


You get the feeling the Irish will be content to hold this opening


phase of play and then cut loose once they have mastered the


conditions. Last year, Scotland started strongly


but after 11 minutes here, island have been the better team, despite


Scotland having a two point lead. Has dropped into the danger area and


flipped over the bar by the keeper. That counts as a point in play. A


good effort off the ground. Fantastic effort and on target. We


mentioned before, Dwyer is a capable player and Scotland will have to


watch him closely. Tipped over the bar, that counts. It is the Irish on


the mark with their first point. So the danger signs are there but even


from that distance, hitting off the ground, it is a skill the Irish have


developed and worked on over the years, hitting off the ground.


Certainly looks more difficult than it does in shinty terms but with the


angle of the stick and the flick of the wrist takes it up in the air.


McDonald had to be careful but again, just wide. Again, the play


going left to right more often than not. Fantastic sideline cut, the


distance he got on it creates an opportunity. At the moment it is all


Ireland and that is ominous for Scotland, traditionally, Scotland


have gone into the lead but at the moment, island are pushing forward.


This might be one of the answers, McRae, there are three macro blue


shirts here. Kevin Bartlett just a bit slow off the mark there. A good


tackle. Two Irish players, they are moving in twos, cleverly. If one


misses the ball, there is way someone else. Len McIntosh slips


outwards. Takes the nudge in the back, knew exactly what he was


doing, drawing in the Irish player for a book -- push in the back and


get a free hit. Scotland have not been in the game much but Kevin has


an opportunity here for another two points. It would not be a reflection


of the game so far but you need to take your chances. 14 minutes in or


thereabouts. The referee, a bit of off the ball there, I think he felt


the Irish player was getting too close and tried to push him back.


The defending player, if we call it that, is allowed to charge once the


ball is flicked up at all. If they flick it up to run it on, the


incoming player can have a go. It is taking your life in your hands. That


was our friend from lasted, Damien Healy, he seemed to be involved in


every physical tussle and he is back at it again this year. I am sure


Roddy will help him out in that respect. Heading on for 15 minutes.


He went the goal that time. Well dealt with by Reilly. Always a


gamble but from that distance, very difficult to beat the Irish people.


Does it surprise you he didn't take the points? I think Kevin would have


gone over the bar here but as the first one, he didn't seem to get the


height on it so I don't think it was a deliberate effort to go for goal


just that he didn't strike the ball as he would like and it dropped


short and the keeper dealt with it. Plenty of action off the ball. All


kicking off all over the place now. Almost literally nothing between the


sides. No goals sent two points to Scotland, no goals and 1.2 Ireland.


15 minutes in, 40 minute duration in each half. Slightly shorter than the


shinty version of 45 minutes. That is due to the intensity of the game.


It is intense and the substitutes will all be used. It is not going to


run out. Makes a good job of the clearance. Makes sure he gets it up


to virtually halfway. Always really come under pressure, Stuart


McDonald, confidence in his own ability, he does the simple thing


and gets rid of the ball. Damien Healy, didn't quite get hold


of that one. Slightly spongy, the surface. Not getting the whole


underneath it. The grass shorter than they are used to, that is well


taken. That is a good score from open play. Cha Dwyer again, making


it count, the ball breaks across, he is on to it quickly and takes the


point for Scotland. If the chances are taken... That takes the scores


level, 0- two, 0- two. McRae. Oh, and again. You could see the first


tackle, I can see how the player was just late coming in but the second


one... The ball comes out, he swings through, to be fair, he didn't carry


the swing through, it is the next one on Damien Healy, the whistle had


gone when Damien Healy swung there so that was definitely not right. We


will see how Kevin hits is, can he get more height on the effort and


get it over the bar. The last one, he didn't get it high enough to


clear the goalkeeper. That is the view, directly in line, we will get


a good view of this because we will see exactly where it is going. The


Irish player charging in and he drifted, a little bit of a cut to


make sure but a good two point, that is more like we expect from him.


Well done by Bartlett. Island are trying to close down sooner is they


can and it was be down to Kevin not to let that distract him. A


beautiful is like by Kevin, head down over the ball and swing


straight through. Wish I had a swing like that. It them and hope.


Meanwhile, at the other end, sweet movement off the ball, that is the


kind of tackle you need from Stephen McDonald. The stick extended and


protecting himself but also catching the Irish man before delivering the


ball. And that is when the pressure leads to mistakes.


Stephen McDonald again on the sideline, this time he will probably


look to drop it into the final third and reach from there. He will be


looking to bring Glenn into play. They all have numbers on them and


the numbers relate to the players numbers on them back so they will


know right away. In the coaches here from Ireland won't necessarily know


some of these players because they are from all over Ireland so they


will have the number to know that. There was a day where you would be


given one and told to get on with it. The facilities are there. We


heard the message there, they are on top, that is what they think. And I


think they are right but the school doesn't reflect it. 4-2, Scotland


lead. -- the score. Another opportunity now for Scotland on the


far side, from the touchline. Stephen McDonald taking all due care


and attention. Inside the Irish half, just. Drop six short this


time. And Scotland, you see the tactic, even if it is dropping wide,


it was possible to have a go and knock it back into play. It was, it


goes to the right-hand side of the goal. McRae does really well but the


ball was out of place even before he could get on it. Scotland have to


make these opportunities count. If you knock them over the bar, you


have to try and keep them in play. Up it goes again. They've got the


distance on the measure of that but not the accuracy we would quite


expect of the Irish team at this stage. Another opportunity goes


wide. At the moment, the game is that way where both sides are


playing OK, island certainly with the best of it but neither team is


really making it count on the scoreboard. No player sticking his


hand up and causing havoc yet. Here is a chance for Scotland. Bartlett


pulls down. Look where the ball ended up in the net eventually. It


was done and dusted but he is claiming his shirt was pulled as


well. 61, half a dozen of the other. Kevin did well, it is a 50-50 and


Kevin wrapped his arm around Irish players and it looks like the Irish


player had fouled him. They are complaining a bit, he certainly


didn't think it was a foul but Kevin has the ball. Again, this is what


makes it count, if he can get this two points, Scotland will have a 6-2


lead and they can barely justify that with the possession Ireland


have had. The foul would have been all and sundry on the big screen as


well so everybody knows that Bartlett has got away with one here.


Now that took a touch so it is only one point four that. You can see how


the Irish player rushed him there. It is the second player who got the


deflection. It was indeed. He just catches the top of his Hurley. That


was a good intervention because it saved Ireland a point. Small


margins. I did see in the under 21 match, players and the elevation of


the dead ball, it is like the surface is sticky in some way. The


players will just have to combat that. No prisoners being taken and


no quarter given or asked. Just a little touch, sending the ball 30 or


40 yards up the field. The Scotland defence standing firm. And he gave


it everything there. That is a very sore Irish lake there. Have a look


at it, a chance for Scotland, Roddy McDonald. High and between the posts


and you would have expected a little bit better. I think psychologically,


the Scotland players, Kevin's swing, the ball was there, he got away with


it, played it through. Glenn tries to move in and Roddy is onto it, now


it is a big chance, he stretches really well but just too high. It is


a point but they would have been looking to get three points for


Scotland by hitting the back of the net. You would expect them to get it


on target. A chance gone begging. Some of the off the ball stuff is


very interesting actually. The players trying to get the upper


hand, it all counts to the next tackle I suppose. Look at the number


of players in midfield, it is astonishing. A nice turn again. But


you have to put that down to technique. The wind is not


interfering with play at all. Definitely not. Dwyer again going


forward, pressed by Daniel Cameron. From an Irish perspective, the


shinty stick is a bit longer and when you get hit by the shinty


stick, it is far more painful, it is laminated, a more solid stick. Some


guys are thoroughly bit wary of the stick getting close to them and is


affecting their composure when it comes to points. A great run and


McDonald comes out. The ball goes to ground, it is in the ruck of


players, Stephen McDonald trying to get it away. Not the biggest man on


the field, the goalkeeper and that he certainly punched above his


weight there and fired back in from the side. That is a point from open


play, a fantastic point from a way out there. It is Shane Dooley with


the point from the touchline out there. It was actually Shane Nolan


who ran through Rhyl you well. Stuart McDonald came at and blocked


him, Scotland struggled to get it clear and Shane Dooley from that


angle, a really good single point he took there. Flicking it up, best to


close him down, you can see the acute angle he is shooting from, a


well taken point. Absolutely nothing the goalkeeper can do that. The


referee lets it go. Scotland get it away. This time just a little bit


obvious. Shoulder to shoulder is fine. Most other things are fine but


not a push in the back. This is a save from earlier. Watch the


goalkeeper. He made sure that either the man or the ball was not getting


past and he got both. Eventually, the McDonald completes the


clearance. He liked that. Pick on someone your own size. Just a


question as to whether Ronald Ross was making a substitution there, no


was the answer. McDonald delivers bound into the corner trying to


stretch the Irish defence. Scott Law wasting some of the


possession at the moment. There is a substitution here though. --


Scotland wasting some of the possession. Trying to see who has


gone off, somebody has or is. I can't see anyone going off,


actually. There is MacRae going off just behind us.


Lovely play by the Irish. It is not all big blasts and knocks, there are


some lovely touches, superb skills. This is the direct approach though,


dangerous ball, well taken. Through the midfield. Just this lack of


precision in the Scottish passing at the moment. Andy Mackintosh having


to come back and work very hard. The Irish colour on the far side,


Michael Breen, a touch of something special. Technically, I think he is


allowed to get away with it but this is what he did, keep your eye on the


helmet. It is his face guard actually. Brave man! In shinty, that


would normally be a foul. Because you put yourself in danger. Another


sideline cut for Ireland and audibly, if he strikes it well, it


is in a reachable distance for him. Scotland defender get with three men


at the back. Once Bearman to try to pick up the second bowl is the first


offenders get it. Didn't quite get a handle on that


one. He has got it again. Still comes


away with the ball and he has got it up on his stick, danger for


Scotland. Turning the wrong way, facing the goal and the sticks are


flying. The referee says it is a Scottish free-hit.


Lee Bain goes to clear land Divilly grabs him by the arm. That was a


foul and Scotland benefit to clear their lines. Good play by Chabert


wire. That is the kind of pressure you see in hurling all the time.


All part of the trick of having to adapt to the compromise rules. The


Irish not allowed to kick or catch the ball as they would normally be


allowed to do. Sometimes, you see a hand going up or a kick. Just by the


nature of the custom and practice from their own game. That is a huge


hit again. Ten minutes left for one of these teams to make a mark in the


first half. Again, just snatching at it, Dwyer, again but he is key in


midfield, getting a lot of the ball. He seems to be finding a lot of


space and Scotland haven't really taken advantage of the spacey sound


because he has had a lot of opportunities in goals but most have


gone wide. The worry is how much space is finding. Why is he finding


it? If he is taking these opportunities, Scotland would


probably be behind at the moment. The crowd are very close to the


action. Good gathering of folk sprinkled all around the field.


Pleasant conditions. Three matches at Bught Park, it has brought a lot


of people out, and encouraging crowd. One of the key things in this


game is to be first to the ball, you must do that. At the moment, when


the ball comes through, Ireland are first to all the breaking balls and


Scotland are having to chase them. Scotland need to try to come around.


You must be first to the ball. At the moment, Ireland are making the


most of that. They are hunting impacts as well.


Beautiful skills from the back. Launching it. James Toher a


commanding presence at the back. There are three ships around John


Barr because they know they need to control him midfield. That is maybe


slightly soft. Paul Divilly put a bit of pressure on him but again,


that experience of John Barr, pressure on him and this would give


him the foul. If Kevin Bartlett puts this over the bar, it will be 8-3 to


Scotland. Another good view of Kevin Bartlett's hit, look at the Irish


player going to launch himself at him. This time there is no doubt at


all, it is that beautiful golf swing of Kevin Bartlett, and other two


points to him, eight points to Scotland. They lead 8-3. Exceptional


hit by Kevin Bartlett. I am not backed up on golf terminology but he


has hit that with a slight fade. Here egos, plans his foot and head


over the ball, swings right through. -- here he goes. Let's see the


balance of the Irish attack. Scotland seem to have conceded


midfield and just left it. Acres of space in midfield for both teams to


exploit but they are just not using it, just taking midfield out of the


equation entirely. The wood is flying. Bang. Up it goes. Some


tackling. It is just ferocious. The referee is stepping in here because


that is a little bit over the line, I think. Michael Breen was involved


in the two instances. He challenged with Cameron and I think he got


caught in the face by Michael. He just gets him in the mouth. Frasser


Heath comes in and tackled him and gets the tackle in but there is a


kick by Michael Breen and that is worthy of a booking certainly.


Michael Breen, he is a big, powerful athlete from Tipperary and making


his presence felt. You suspect he has another year as well because I


don't think we have seen the best of him so for. A beautiful hit again.


MacDonald is on Twitter but not quite quickly enough. The Irish


under pressure. -- McDonald is on it.


They will hope they can create space freighter goal or another point. Put


them under pressure. Now, you will try from the sideline, Bartlett and


he is taking it back, understandably, as far as he can. To


get a better angle. This, from the shape of his shot, is difficult but


not unachievable. Look at the right-hand post, Kevin Will aim at


that and look to fade it to the left. That will be his line. Cut it


in on the left-hand side. The Irish goalkeeper waggling the posts,


trying to make it as difficult as possible. And he has done it, a


spectacular finish, he bent it around between the two posts.


Exceptional, head down, the ball is up on a nice if -- divot. Kevin


Bartlett is proving to be the difference in this game so far. He


did the opposite of what we expected, hitting it pretty


straight. Two points, Scotland lead 10-3 heading for the interval. That


might... But hasn't... It is again wide. Not quite got the accuracy at


all. We expect better of the Irish forwards in the midfield. I think


another thing we must be aware of the major thing is that they can't


handle the ball and usually when they would go to hit the ball over


the bar, they would take it from their hand and distribute it to the


sticks. They have to use the stick to get the distance over the bar and


it is not coming that easily to them at the moment. But they get there,


we have seen before. You wait coverage to the second half, they


will find their range when they have to do. That is a good tackle. It is


the kind of tackle you need at the back to keep the ball... That is a


lovely touch into Steven MacDonald. And again, again... If I was being


cynical, I would say the Scotland are playing for this, they know the


Irish players will be at their back. He is first to the ball, close to


the Irish player. If you get there first, your opponent has to decide


the jockey or try to tackle and Damien Healy put the pressure on the


back and over went Thomas. This is again within distance for Kevin. The


referee indicated there are two and a half minutes left. Ronald Ross had


a wry smile, pacing up and down, he knew exactly what had happened. You


can imagine him schooling his young prodigy Borthwick. Off it goes. This


time, it is wide. He will be disappointed with that. A little


wide. He caught it slightly heavy. He may be just caught the ground.


Just pulled it slightly right, maybe distance wise, he felt he was right


at the end of his range and tried a bit harder. Any further out than


that and you would expect Steven MacDonald the come forward and take


it. A debate I think, someone has suggested the ball went through and


in -- Innes Wood was checking. No goals for Scotland but they will


come. There is a classic shot, I almost said a classic score. It


looked good. As it left the club. As it left the caman. But score. This


is what you would expect. It just goes wide and that is the key


factor, they are having to play it from their stick into the air.


Usually, they would catch it and distribute it and clean strike it.


At the moment, it is costing them because these missed opportunities


are the reason why they are behind. The only thing against Scotland at


the moment is the sun. Thinking ahead, that could be important in


the second half of this glorious autumn of Inverness because Scotland


will have the advantage in the second half. You can see the kind of


effect it has on the shadow of Ronald Ross. MacDonald already has


his cap on, having to deal with it, so the Irish goalkeeper will have to


deal with it in the second half. Particularly with dropping balls.


These three are dropping just under the bar and they will be difficult


to deal with because he is trying to find the ball and players coming in


on top of him and challenging him. Innes Wood has called it a day


because that is it in terms of the first half. Scotland have exceeded


all expectations in terms of the possession. A succession of points,


well taken by Bartlett who has been the key to Scotland's position in


the first. Under the cosh for part of the time but never really in


trouble in terms of threats. Scotland have defended well and


conceded three points, only three separate scores, a single point and


double point and then another double. Shane Dooley getting the


third one which has taken us to the interval where the score at Bught


Park in Inverness at the Marine Harvest international is Scotland


10-3 Ireland. Our three wise men have become two


because of phrase of being in the commentary box. Your thoughts on the


first half? Well played Scotland. They have dealt with challenges.


Ireland have been physical and have had a hands-on approach. Scotland


have adapted and taken that in their stride and come back and Kenny


Bartlett has been on form when needed. The significance for the


Scotland team at the start of this match, it was what we predicted at


the start of the programme. The we knew what we were talking about. He


started well, one of the free hips, it was taken back and he didn't


actually get it over the bar. But on a number of occasions, doing his job


and what he does best the fade inside the post and he his having an


excellent day for Scotland. What did you think of his early contribution?


He has more points than anyone else, stayed true to form, kept on scoring


the points and getting the points on the board for Scotland at half-time.


It was heartening for the crowd to see him, and we were talking about


the start of the programme as well, Roddy McDonald has played his part.


Unlucky not to get bought -- goal when the ball fell to him. Scotland


playing well at the moment. If they can carry this for the next 40


minutes it will be a good win for Scotland. How heartening has it been


to watch? It has been wonderful. You can see a great team spirit and the


Scotland team this year. They are working for each other and the big


thing that is disappointing is when you work so hard and get an


opportunity to convert points and don't convert them, that sends


messages to the team of uncertainty. But each time that is happening,


Kevin partnered is there to foot it over the bar. It comes out with in


waves through the team. The island got on the scoreboard, what have you


made of their showing? They will be disappointed they haven't converted


more, they have had a lot of wides. It is a great skill from the hull to


cut as high as that, going full two points instead of one. They might be


better to try and flick and put it over for the one and keep the


scoreboard ticking over. But the more they do that, the more it works


in Scotland's favour. Island have had their chances in this match, but


on occasion, they have not been able to take all of their chances. It has


been uncharacteristic of them because if they have half a chance


in the Scotland half usually, they will put points on the board. They


have had a lot of chances but been missing them. We will see something


in the second half where they try and get more points. They kept on


trying their chances and it didn't quite come for them, that must be


frustrated for them? Get when you work hard and not take your chances,


it creates a wave through the team. Ireland are playing extremely well,


they are passing well. Another opportunity snatched, you can see


them getting frustrated with each other and their efforts. McDonald


watches that one go by without any threat. It is not just the senior


shinty hurling international taking place today, earlier before this


match took place it was the under 21 team, the Scottish under 21 shinty


team taking on the Irish under 21 hurling team. Went pretty much as


expected, always a big gap between the sides physically because the


Irish side seem to be more developed physically. The first Irish goal and


was taken well by Jack Sheridan, outstripping the Scotland defence


and not giving them any chance to defend the goal at all. Then a lot


of pressure leading to this fantastic run from Tom Fox of


Tipperary who finished in some style to put the Irish well ahead. Really


he was one of the key differences between the two sites. The pressure


was incessant on Scotland but they stood firm. Watch this for a save


from the Inveraray goalkeeper, Scott McLaughlin. He was like the Dutch


boy with his finger in the dying, eventually it came 28 minutes into


the half, scrambled goal eventually but it was Will Cowie who forced the


ball over the line to give the Scottish team some heart because by


then they were under the cosh. The Irish were relentless in their


pressure. This time it was a Tipperary man, Andrew Coffey with


the third goal at half-time, Ireland had scored three goals to one and


led 16-9. Scotland hit back again with Charlie McDonald, number 13 for


the Scottish team, who got them back in the game. Still hope but the


Irish extinguished that eventually after they had traded points. They


made it 17-23 and then it finished 17-30 with Ireland celebrating in


the under 21 international. That didn't go so well. And and did not


go well for Scotland in the women's version of hurling. It was a


Scotland team up against the Dublin selector and unfortunately the


Scotland they lost 12-2. That took place earlier today. So far things


going better for the men's senior team. The silverware going to the


Irish there though. A quick break from the match itself because last


night was a big night in the world of shinty with a big awards ceremony


for the season 's best players. The best player of the shinty season


went to Finley Macrae, I caught up with him last night. It means a lot.


A lot of good players have got this in the past, to be amongst that I am


delighted. A good year. How would you sum up this year? It has been


quite a momentous one? Brilliant for everyone involved. We felt in the


last few years that we under achieved a bit so this year, we


upped it a bit and we should be challenging for cups and at the top


of the league. It has been a good day for everyone involved and hope


it will continue with more hard work. What does it mean to have


Sonny Kenwood shield players involved in the Scotland team in


this massive match? It is always good to be with your team-mates at


club level for an international. There is a whole buzz around our


area. I don't think we have ever had so many internationals in the team.


It is a proud feeling and it is really good. Scotland have done well


in recent times, how confident are you ahead of the match? Very


confident. All of the players know what they are doing and well


drilled. We just have to show it on the day that we can do it and we


have proved that in recent years. It will not be easy but we are


confident. The second half is about to get underway. COMMENTATOR: And


the referee has changed T-shirt just to make it a little bit clearer that


he is the official in charge. He was looking much like the Scottish team


in the first half. Scotland defending the goal to our left,


Scotland hitting from left to right as we watched the match. 10-3 at


highest time, no goals at all in the first half. That in the way is a bit


of a surprise but we know the goals will come. Yes, defensive times, you


want the ball to go in the net, I think Ireland will come out really


hard in the first ten minutes of the second half and try and get back in


contention. To be fair, there has not been anything in it with the


territory, but the scoreboard tells a different story. Ireland will be


really determined to get back into this game and try and win it. Some


shenanigans at midfield between the Scottish captain... There you go,


sorted. Just like that. Interesting exchange and maybe an indication of


the intensity of the game as the referee struggles, I wouldn't say he


is struggling but trying to exert his authority with his new yellow


shirt and yellow boots, matching colours. I notice he hasn't tucked


his shirt in. Some flying would there. Shattered timber on the far


side. Carry on is the cry. You get the feeling that the pace has been


upped straightaway. Steven McDonald was under that and gets a second


chance. The Irish picket up in midfield. A helmet flying now. Down


they come, Cha Dwyer did not quite get hold of the player going for the


12. And a hefty challenge, the Scottish defenders are losing their


composure slightly here. Another shattered stick and even with a


broken stick, what a save and a second time. The second time, it is


disallowed, the goal is disallowed. What a period of play that was.


Starting with a shattered stick and I think I am right in saying, it was


the broken stick he used to fire the shot in. Michael Green takes the


first shot, great save by Stuart McDonald. And number 18 was in an


offside position, he was in the circle before the ball. The swing in


by Michael Breen, number two get the shot and a fantastic save. The


intensity definitely upped at the start of the second half, the


challenges even more ferocious than the first. The Irish have fired a


few cannons already, some meaty challenges. There is another one. I


don't know what they put in the tea at half-time but it has worked.


Scotland battling away. The sun has gone so that is not as much of an


advantage as we thought it might be. It is all happening on the far side.


Some great entertainment for people just a few feet away from it. They


are right in the line, James Taylor I think not it over the line, there


is the line there. Another chance for Kevin Bartlett from the side.


This is certainly within his range. Patrick Kelly from Kerry coming out


to try and block him and put pressure on him. Bartlett from the


far side. A tight angle. Fires it low and it is wide. Didn't quite get


a grip of it. We will look at the disallowed goal again. Already you


will see the left-hand side, number 18 in the circle. You are not


allowed to be in that circle before the ball enters the circle. He was


in it before the first initial shot came in so he was completely


offside. Not just a little bit. That is why the goal was disallowed. You


have to have the patience for the ball to go into the circle before


you enter. All a matter of timing, split-second decision to go in and


anticipate or not. The Irish, Glenn McIntosh has been kept very quiet.


They know the threat he poses. Probably the best finisher in the


Premier League at the moment. Another helmet or some sort of


protection gone there. Maybe a hand guard. It is a boot actually. Damien


Healy did well, driving forward, then he came under quite a bit of


pressure from the Scotland players. He goes forward there. He slips but


he kept going and not putting pressure on him and try to retain


possession of the ball. At that stage, Scotland fouled him and a


chance for over the bar from Ireland, quite far out, he will do


well to reach and get it over the bar from there. Shane Dooley


certainly capable of putting it over the bar from here but we will see


how he gets on. Watch the balance and rhythm as he flicks it up and


leeches the shot, he has kept it low, making it looking for a


deflection. Stuart McDonald was quick off his line to dispatch the


ball out to the side. That is an interesting tactic that they didn't


go to take the point but create the opportunity for the goal. I am not


convinced, I think what has happened with Ireland, when they flicked the


ball up, they would normally step forward with the ball and the


momentum and they would put the ball up maybe two metres in front of


them, step forward onto it, you cannot do that here, you have to


lift and strike so they can't generate the same amount of power


into the strike. The Scottish defenders are onto it, they have


forced the mistake, the ball coming into midfield and then the second


tackle. One-handed hurling there. Just a small bodycheck to create the


space. They are quite intent and quite happy to play it backwards if


it means playing another player into a better position. The ball


underneath the body and deemed to be a foul, stopping the play. This is


great skill. Beautiful composure on the ball, sales around Roddy


McDonald, Roddy gets back at him though, managing to get the


challenge in and blocks it. This is a good opportunity, well within...


The referee explaining what Fraser Ingles explained earlier that if he


picks it up, he can't move and uses own weight and momentum, he has to


do it from a standing start and there is the result, it is not so


easy. Not the natural inclination or the natural way of playing it. It


makes it very difficult for them to do what they normally would do.


He went to the ground strike and it was a poor effort. Ireland paying


the price for not making the most of the set pieces. That is vital and


that really is the difference so far today. Scotland have made the most


of theirs whereas Ireland simply have not and that is the difference


in the score line. Steven MacDonald, another one on the left hand side


and the far side in front of the main stand and that has taken a


deflection. It was off and Irish caman and Kevin Bartlett trots over


and I think the rolling subs, both sets of management teams are allowed


to chop and change their teams, very important they do that. This is


Bartlett here, having a look to see what particular change the Irish are


making but we will keep an eye on Bartlett. Innes Wood has stopped the


game to clarify how many players we have on or not. The changes, Shane


Nolan has gone up front, from Kerry, gone up into the forward line. This


is Bartlett. Off it goes and again, I think it


got a deflection. Another hefty challenge and this is closer, well


within his range. On initial viewing of that, I don't know if there was


much in it. The swing from Patrick Kelly but the ball was certainly


there. It was a strong challenge but Scotland were slightly fortunate to


get that I would say. The Irish not happy with that decision. There is a


ball in the net so we get that one out so there is no confusion.


Bartlett with a great chance here. Still a debate about the decision


but it is too late now because the ball is at Bartlett's feet ready to


go. This time, he sends it high, straight and handsome. That gets


Scotland up and running in the second half. 12-3. Again, close


range for him, get it up quickly so the Irish defender can't walk in and


it sails between the posts, climbs really quick and in between the


posts. The Irish have set it in motion again and they will want to


respond to that. Stuart MacDonald weights and takes it down, beautiful


play, beautifully sent out where Steven MacDonald could pick it up.


Safety first but well dealt with, he can't catch it but just slap it down


and knock it away and he did it all in one movement, almost like a


hurling goalkeeper. These tackles are enormous. There is a shinty


stick on, Andy Mackintosh creating the chance and it is just behind but


unfortunately having to turn which gives the Irish defender a chance to


take it. Brought to a shuddering halt, a bone shuddering halt. Down


on the touchline. Innes Wood will have word. James Toher had a


beautiful run. Frasser Heath completely takes him out of the run.


Another opportunity for Ireland, getting the points over the bar.


Stuart MacDonald just knocked it out knowing the full-back would deal


with it. It is not a traditional corner, if you put it out over the


sideline, it is a good opportunity to get points over the bar so great


presence of thought from Stuart MacDonald. Smart play and good


coaching I think. It will have been drummed into them not to give away


what we would call corners. Because they are effectively free-hits. That


is a mistake in the Irish defence. A chance here. Scotland trying to put


pressure on and they managed to take three Scottish players out with one


movement. Scotland have it again, Roddy MacDonald. Brought the ground.


Every time Kelly goes near the ball he seems to get a foul against him.


Not a lot in it. I think Scotland know it is vital to get first


possession of the ball and they knew for sure opponent to try to get the


ball off you and if he does put any pressure on you, it is a chance to


go over and asks the question of Innes Wood, am I getting a foul and


so far, he has given a lot of fouls in these situations and Scotland


have cottoned onto that. Steven MacDonald fires it away and


fires wide as far as I can see. Yes. And again, a chance missed, chance


goes begging. He has got the length without a doubt and the technique,


everything bar the finishing accuracy. That is good play. Almost


a good tackle by Roddy MacDonald. You only get one chance to get the


ball away in this game. Flashing sticks. This is a one-on-one with


Steven MacDonald. That is good defending. A little kick out I


think. They will want to see this in the replay because I suspect... I


think he got away with it. I think they have given the free Ireland.


Watch how it finishes. They have given it for the foul presumably


because he did kick it out. He felt he had to. He was under pressure.


This is a good chance, will he give it a blast? He did. Well stopped by


the Scottish defence, they were ready for it but the chance is still


there and again, the second ball from play, they converted it. It


went over the bar from open play, one point. The first score of the


second half, remarkable. Micky Boyle from Kerry the first to react.


Mackintosh gets the clearance on it. The ball comes to Micky Boyle and he


gets the point over the bar. Ireland's first point which is very


poor for them. A few Irish men are hobbling.


Cha Dwyer has taken a knock. Roddy MacDonald getting involved. Now they


are all beginning to gather around Roddy MacDonald. He is heading for


the other side of the field understandably and Innes Wood has


warned Roddy MacDonald to be careful. This is what happened. Just


a careless slash, and a second swing and a third one. Scotland have to be


careful they don't lose their composure. Scotland teams in the


past have done that, they get carried away with the physicality of


the game. They have got away with that because that is wide. This is


wasteful. Ronald Ross has gone onto the pitch to have a word with his


players. I think he felt the temperature going and he has warned


them they need to win this by playing shinty, it is the only way


they will do it. The best way anyway. There is a lull in the game


at the moment after the frenetic start, the first 10-15 minutes of


the second half. That is a great block and the ball has gone through


but again, the player is in the circle before the long ball came. If


you keep your eye to the left, now Innes Wood has stopped the game


again. The ball comes in anyway and again, Shane Nolan that time, in


before the ball and I think for the Irish, the circle is far bigger than


they normally play in Ireland and they properly are not realising they


are offside. They need to be aware of that, when the ball comes in,


they need to take a look and see where the circle is. It is a natural


inclination from the regular game, the drift in and try to pick up the


pieces they are finding themselves today, a couple of times, they have


found themselves in the D area before the ball and that is illegal


in the compromised rules. A chance for Roddy MacDonald, his long arms


and legs, didn't quite have the final push. Bartlett holds back. A


crucial intervention by the Irish defender. Coming in at the back.


Just enough to put them off because the ball fell kindly to Kevin


Bartlett. Eoin Reilly having to readjust, he was going to take a


quick one but the ball fell off the Keep it to yourself, right?


Unfortunately for him. The ball was taken by Bain but plenty of pace in


this Irish attack. That is well cleared by Finlay MacRae. National


Player of the Year, the new one, from the Marine Harvest awards last


night. Another good chance by Bartlett, how many does he need? He


is certainly getting them anyway. The game has really descended into


set piece opportunities and we haven't seen many good attempts on


goal and I suspect that is detracting from the game because it


is just coming down to these points over the bar. The game needs a goal


from Ireland to make it a even contest and the game into life.


Someone has to start chasing it because if the game finishes level,


the trophy will stay with Scotland as last year's winners. There are


some tactics going on off the ball. Changes being made. Thumbs up from


the official. Kevin will do well to get it over the bar from here. He


has a bit of an angle to deal with. Deep breath, big swing and he


slashed it. You could hear the contact made with the ground before


it hit the ball. He made the 10-15 yards and that will make a


difference. It dropped short but the key thing, it was still in play so


Glen MacKintosh could go in and put a bit of pressure on. This now, you


would feel Kevin has a good chance. It is a more acute angle but


distance wise, it is reachable for him, so his technique doesn't come


under so much pressure. This is within range for him.


It is a great block. It is still live and Scotland were not quite


quick enough to capitalise on the block. They have sussed out the way


and pace of the ball. Look at how he jumped up, it is his body that


blocked it. Karl Murray got his body in the way and stopped it and


Scotland couldn't take advantage. Still an 8-point game, we have 20


minutes left. For the two teams to sort this all out. You get the


feeling there is more to come. There comes a point in every game with


somebody decides you have to try to win this. The same applies to


Scotland because they cannot sit back. They can't defend 8-point


because it is easily manageable by the Irish, just start rattling the


ball over the bar if they can get near enough. This is a great chance


for them. What a save. You want it text book shinty goalkeeping save


from someone who knows what doing? Here it comes. Cha Dwyer hits it low


and Stuart MacDonald is down. He stopped that with his stick. He says


it and clears it all in one movement.


It is a free-hit, he scoops it up and he is looking for the second


shove from the players coming in but it is a breathtaking save. This man


won the cup for Lovat. A different style of goalkeeping, most


goalkeepers just go to smother that ball with their body but Stuart


MacDonald has the confidence to go and volleyed the ball away. Number


19 is Mark MacDonald coming on. And the number six Lee Bain has put in a


good shift and he is replaced in midfield. Probably less of a


defender and more of a midfielder than Mark MacDonald. Lee Bain is a


straight defender says Scott and needing something in the field I


think. Just not managing to get the ball to the forward line. We have


hardly seen anything from Glen MacKintosh. This is a chance. On the


left-hand side, cutting inside. A good ball, first touch. The defender


carefully, good intervention by the defender, making sure Roddy


MacDonald had to run further and couldn't get to the second ball.


That is more efficient to move, we have not seen many of those, not


many passing movements from either team because they have been so


reliant on set pieces. Here, Ireland again, Dwyer releases it and just


lack of composure there because he had more time than he thought I


think. You could see the desperation and frustration on his face. I think


his team-mates are getting exasperated with him now because any


opportunity he has, he is shooting the goals and he is not making it,


the two Irish players there waiting for it coming, neither a shot nor a


pass. As the clock ticks down, Ireland are not really closing the


gap at all to Scotland. Just a sense I have backed the pitch conditions


are slightly less manageable, with the pitch becoming slippery because


of the evening due. Fraser Heath trying to defend from the front.


Better play from Scotland, Cameron played it down to the corner flag


allowing them to keep Ireland on the defence. That is what Scotland need


to do, get the ball in the wide areas. A wasted ball from Ireland.


Some sloppiness coming into their play at times. Their captain,


shirtsleeves at the end of October, moral less, McDonald. Asking for a


new ball. Some stuff going on off the ball. Picked up by the referee,


eyes on the back of his head. Some little nudges going on here and


there. A few stoppages -- remarkably few stoppages in the game as well


and even more remarkably, very few injuries. Such a physically


demanding contest. Not the prettiest at times but it is hard and it is


tough with sticks buying. Even without them, the frustration, you


get the feeling the Irish team is frustrated, they haven't quite


adapted to the circumstances are some of the island teams over the


years. Michael bring carrot on to try and play without his whole, that


of course is a foul because he has nothing to protect him serve with.


Ireland have been closing down the free hits from Scotland, a good


tactic by them but somehow they haven't had the quality to make it


count in the final third, getting points over the bar and that is the


difference so far. Kevin Bartlett has the quality to take points when


Scotland have an opportunity. Had the McGrath brothers been here, I


think we would have seen that from them, playing up front. It is just


unfortunate there are other commitments didn't allow them to be


here. They might have had that X factor to stand out from the rest of


the team. Trying to close the gap from last year, Scotland were really


dominant and ran out worthy winners. Ireland have contested it far better


but when it comes to the vital aspect of scoring points and goals,


it has not been there for them. Kevin with another opportunity to


extend the Scotland lead. Giving the flag the heave Ho so he can complete


his swing. It is high and long and it is good. That is a good hit. That


has given Scotland a bit more comfort. Yes, just cutting inside


the left-hand post, that slight fade. I don't know if that was over


the bar looking at it. It looked like it cut before the left-hand


post, we will look again, not convinced it went over the bar. It


has been given, that is the point I suppose. Just in the gathering


gloom. Let's have a look and see if we can see that. A perfect view of


this. As Kevin strikes it, the ball starts to fade left and it goes more


and more left. That is in. I think that is in. You think? I will keep


quiet then. The Scotland sub, number 20, Greg Matheson, this is a man we


think is not fully fit. An exceptional forward, a beautiful is


Tiger with both hands but has a recurrent hamstring problem. He is a


danger. Scrapping away. Just on the field and picking a fight. Damien


Healy again. They are at it all the time. That is a distraction Scotland


can't afford really. They need to concentrate and focus but they are


looking for Matheson to get a goal. They are in the lead, just play the


game out, play it wide and take the two points when they come and try


and get a goal but no need to get involved and have a man sent off or


anything like that. Heading for the final ten minutes in very short


order. All of a sudden you get the feeling Scotland are getting more of


the ball and being more creative. McRae being up front has helped


that. There is a chance if Glenn McIntosh can turn it. The goalkeeper


is off and running and away with it. He is gone, good night. It is the


captain, he is off, happy. How far will he make it. He has taken it


well up and created a great chance and what an ovation he got because


that is simply outstanding from Reilly. He is a bit of a showman in


these fixtures over the years. He will is that if his team-mates want


going to do it, he would do it himself. A tremendous run, it shows


you the goalkeeper but how fast that fit he is to carry at that distance


and Scotland doing their best to chase him but he realises he had


better get rid of it and plays it forward. I like the look on them in


touch's face. They are trying to create a chance for further play but


Scotland have it, they don't quite get it away. This time it is gone.


The Irish are filling the space much better now. Quite keen and able to


pass it back but tempting fate because Matheson is on top of him.


They are starting to throw men forward, Stephen Donald basically


playing as a sweeper now. Just marking space, not picking up any


individuals. I am not sure that is a wise tactic because if you don't


pick up the men, Glenn McIntosh has come way back into midfield.


Matheson and Roddy McDonald upfront. Bartlett, McRae. Keith McRae in the


red helmet on the far side. They are trying to load midfield. Scotland


need possession, they are going to knock this back to the danger area.


Across the face of the goal, still live for Ireland. Scotland need to


get it out, rammed across the goal and it has gone what we would call a


corner but is a free hits to Ireland. From midfield. And again,


we have reached the point in the game where they decide whether to go


for goal or a point or create the chance up from the back. This is


going to go for goal. He is just asking for guidance here. I think


the message is, Ronald Ross intervening to try and disrupted by


bringing on a sub. It a clever move. He is only allowed one movement, the


referee has told him. Look at the Scottish player. He is getting ready


to pounce. Conor Cormack is a defender coming on, Scotland are


defending this. Conor Cormack, he injured his hand on this very pitch


as I recall in a semifinal and hasn't, I don't know if he has


played at all since then. Maybe once or twice. Up it goes, it is long and


it is wide. He's going to stay up, he's not going back. He's decided to


hang about in midfield and picked up some loose balls. Heavily strapped


about the leg. Maybe not quite as fit as he should be. It was not far


away but not but Foreign Office far as Scotland are concerned. Again, it


drifts out. The Irish move it quickly. They are sensing they have


to make a move. Time is rapidly running out. They're managed team


will have told them they are in the final ten minutes. That is a good


ball across the goal but it will run all the way into touch. That is a


wasted ball again. It is the lack of flair and creativity in the top


third beating Ireland at the moment. They haven't made the possession


count, it is probably 50-50 over the game at the scoreboard doesn't show


that. Island in open play have not taken many single points or goals


but to clarify that, they haven't taken any of their set pieces either


which is why for all of their efforts, they only have four points


which is a really poor return for the effort they have put into this


match. Some manoeuvring and substitutions being sorted out.


Scotland have it. The spare man is a blue shirt. Gets it away and that is


a good tackle. That is more like what is needed now. It was Rory


Kennedy, he has had a good game. He has been exceptional for Scotland,


as he was at Croke Park last year, doesn't put a foot wrong. He has


been a huge feature for the Scotland today. Down to six minutes, in the


closing stages. It has been an enthralling if not highly attractive


contest in terms of skill value but it has been competitive all the way


through. It is still there for the taking because a ten point


different, three goals and a bit. You can see plenty of opportunities


but they have just passed them up. I think Ireland will be disappointed.


They started the game a lot brighter than last year but it has not


materialised for them. And they don't have a second leg where they


can peg it back. Here is what the McDonald with his own second leg,


gets it to Matheson across the goal. Reilly on the move but he was caught


off balance. Just falling backwards but he did enough to get it away.


Rory Kennedy again, a crucial intervention. That is good play to


send it up into that area, if it is out of play, it doesn't matter, it


eats into the time. Ireland have got poorer and poorer at the sideline


cuts for some reason, Rory Kennedy reads the game and distributes the


ball away, he doesn't mess around. That is ironically one of the best


cuts they have put in from the side field in a long time. Scotland


having a couple of spare men floating about but that has gone,


the flag has changed and the referee has overruled the flag to give the


ball to Ireland. You can see how they are hurrying the play now. They


know the clock is against them. They would certainly need to score a goal


very quickly to get back into this game. Scotland are loading their


players, pulling as many of their forwards back into midfield as they


can. Some clever play, with some time and space. McDonald tries to


get it but slips. The surface beginning to be a challenge. There


were three Scottish defenders ready for that. There was a flag up at the


back. He tried to break forward but as the ball hit the ground, he


kicked it. For Irish players, they are allowed to kick it in the normal


hurling game and whether he reverted back to instinct, he kicked the ball


and called up for the foul. The coach still manoeuvring but Ronald


Ross trying to outmanoeuvre him by changing the players. Roddy McDonald


coming off and Thomas Borthwick of Carnoustie replaces him. He has done


a lot of galloping about and got his knees dirty so will heal -- he will


feel he has contributed all afternoon. It has not been the


easiest of days for him. Well the least, a good chance now for


Scotland. -- Pol east. The Scottish player in the bus, needs to get out


and Macintosh hits it and gets it the way out to the left, that was a


good chance but I suspect Bartlett might have been offside.


That doesn't matter now because the Irish on the move. There was a


deflection so it is Scotland's ball. They have the seed time out and


basically then they are home and dry. It is barely conceivable could


get what they need in two minutes of regular time. No, they have only


scored four points in 78 minutes. Hardly likely they will score ten


minutes in the time left. I think it is sad to say Scotland will win


today. Looking at it neutrally, the game has failed as a spectacle, we


needed goals and we needed Ireland to take more of a chance. Scotland


have ground it out here without being fantastic. Ireland have a bit


to do in terms of taking advantage of the set pieces and becoming more


potent in the final third. There is a chance here. Kevin Bartlett, a man


not in a hurry, he knows full well what the clock says. Ronald Ross


will be satisfied with the results, not so sure 100% satisfied with the


performance. The result is all that counts in the first instance and


Bartlett has the chance in the final minute to put the icing on the cake


and increase his own personal tally. Remarkable performance. It is low


and he tests Reilly and wryly managed to get it away from


Mattheson I think who snuck in at the back. Almost managed to get it


in. Will they get it in the net before the end of the game? Wryly


under pressure again, no messing that time, just sends it away.


Scotland will go for another goal if they can but they have wasted that


ball. Ironically, in the last minute, they just about reached Eoin


Reilly's wall. Eoin Reilly gets his stick on it. Greg Matheson comes in


on the ball broke. Takes another touch to compose himself but Greg


Matheson block set and the ball when to Glen McIntosh. He did the right


thing because he anticipated a drop of the ball and where it would be.


Ireland may very well in the last minutes, they will go for a goal.


They don't want to go home not having breached the Scottish defence


and I suspect they want to give it one final flourish. They have done


that with a point from open play. Five in total now to Scotland's 14.


Nice play by Michael Doyle and Cha Dwyer. Michael Doyle taking the


point. A bit of quality and composure from a player which would


have been nice through the whole match. They have not been able to do


it often enough. The result will tell the tale. The back story is


irrelevant for the moment. A chance again, Mattheson has been trouble


since he came on. Really rattled them. He has offered something


different because that is what the game has needed. A little spark, a


bit of flair. A bit of fancy footwork, whatever, something


different just about the run of the game. Because it has been


predictable in areas. Disappointing for the Irish but you will suspect


they will enjoy the rest of the weekend before they go home. You


have to look at how they can make a better spectacle of it, how can both


teams improve? Perhaps traditionally, ten years ago, only


goals counted, you didn't have any points over the bar. I think perhaps


going back to goals counting only might be a good thing. They


certainly need something. Tactically, the two teams have


negated so much of the other side's skills. The manager will be happy


enough. This is an exhibition game, an international, you want to see


the best of both teams and we haven't seen that today. We haven't


seen the best of hurling nor of shinty. It's been no control


incidents the game has turned out the way it has because the coaching


is now so intense and accurate and players are marked out for treatment


in the tactical sense, their skills are tied up and the scoring


opportunities are there, in set pieces for the great part on for


today, for the whole part of the game.


Kevin Bartlett has been excellent. Scotland B to C at the time


carefully now. The Irish won the women's game


earlier today. Mattheson will take this one himself, he won't bother


Kevin Bartlett who has disappeared to the far end of the pitch. Maybe


looking for a goal. He is by the back post looking for this at the


moment. Greg is a really good striker of the ball. It'll be


interesting to see what he tries to do. Right into the danger area but


the offside flag is up. He was looking forward to the back post but


unfortunately for Greg Matheson, he couldn't do it. The referee Innes


Wood has called a halt to proceedings because at the end of


the day, Scotland have emerged victorious and retained the Marine


Harvest trophy with a comfortable, if not spectacular victory over the


Irish. The two managers have acknowledged the excellence of their


own contribution to the game. That is the man of the match for me in


terms of getting the points, they are allocating each other's shirts


before they go off. Scottish captain John Barr will be delighted with his


team's performance no doubt and the celebrations and the rest of the


entertainment can begin. Let's see what the Scottish captain thought of


the proceedings. Congratulations, what does it mean


to win that game? Fantastic, it was cagey game. I don't think either


team were really flowing. Great effort. The man creeping over your


shoulder, Kevin Bartlett. Just a word on his performance. He had a


good game. Meeting the ball first and with free-hits, always potential


to put them over the bar. He did well today. Congratulations, you are


making a habit in this fixture of knocking over all the points. It was


a good game. Probably not one of our best performances but we took more


chances than they did. They missed a lot for them. Usually they are very


accurate. Probably wasn't the best game I suppose but we will be back


next year. Good victory for us. You seem to thrive under pressure. I


don't mind it, if I'm hitting well. I missed a lot today myself but


thankfully had quite a few to take. John, you will pick up the Marine


Harvest Quaich from your dad, that must be special? I asked him to do


it especially so I hope he has polished it! Good for the families.


For you, your last shinty- hurling game? That is vicious rumours, I


never said that! We will see! We will see how it goes. Good to see


the dream lives on? To represent your country is an unbelievable


honour. Always proud to do that and happy working with the coaches and


players. Many talents on the pitch. Honoured to do it. What is likely


you to pull on that Scotland jersey? It means a lot. It is something


different, you play every weekend and it is the same but this is


different. All the boys together and it is always fun. It is a good


match. Very enjoyable. Well done, enjoy the celebrations. STUDIO:


Glorious victory for Scotland. We should revel in the moment when we


can. John Barr also is, also a future politician career ahead of


him! A great day for Scotland and the players can sit back and realise


they have won the Marine Harvest Quaich. That is well-deserved. I by


former Scotland international 's Gary Innes and Eddie Tembo. A


deserved victory for Scotland? They have worked very hard. Scottish


defence outstanding. The forwards did their job. Kevin Bartlett gave


them the points when required. We just heard from Kevin Bartlett and


he is such a key player for Scotland. Absolutely. The


consistency he has got is second to none. He has got 13 points I think


today which is an enormous hall for him. That is what we needed to do,


keep on the points, going on the board and that is what he has done.


We spoke at the start of the show, he was just always going to be so


important. Always. So influential. If Kevin is hitting well, it lifts


the rest of the team and gives them momentum to move forward. Stuart


MacDonald, and other Lovat player, he played his part. He did. He did


his job fantastically. Keeping a clean sheet in these conditions must


be a hard thing to do and he managed to do it. Another consistent player.


He put himself on the line, it takes real guts. He is a special


goalkeeper. He makes an exhibition of saving the ball. He does it so


well. And so easy, makes it look like the most natural thing in the


world. Absolutely. A great day for Scotland, the players are they


waiting for the trophy presentation, let's go straight back to that in


the company of Hugh Dan MacLennan. It is not often we get the chance


these days to celebrate a Scottish victory and no doubt, both sets of


players will get together this evening and complete the job. No


doubt have a look forward to next year and renew the rivalry. Steve


bracken of Marine Harvest issuing the awards to the Irish players who


will have mixed feelings I suspect, going home. They may feel they did


not acquit themselves as well as some of their predecessors. No. Last


year in Inverness, they were beaten by an excellent Scotland team and


they were determined to come back this year, they seemed very


determined as we saw from the start. They were intense but the challenge


did not materialise and it all came down to not putting points on the


board. They will be really disappointed. Five points is a poor


return for their efforts today. All credit to the Scotland coaching team


for making sure that is the way it ended up as well because they


managed to close down Ireland and the captain, Eoin Reilly, always a


bit of a character. We are grateful to him for his superb run up the


near side of the pitch. The referee Innes Wood had a good game, never


reach for the card, kept the game flowing.


Here is the man of the moment, Ronald Ross, still able to jog up


the steps. Yet another medal to add to his illustrious career.


Ally Ferguson has also been in charge of the team. They have got a


good system no. They know what they are doing. I think the key with


Ronald taking the team is, he has got a system but also got the


players to play for him to make the system work. We didn't see it so


much in evidence today but over the last few years, they have played


nice shinty and moved the ball around really well. All the top


players are now playing for Scotland. That is what Ronald has


brought to the team. The question will now be whether Ronald will


carry on to manage Scotland for another year or not. I can't see any


reason for changes mind. I think he enjoys the role and the task and the


challenge. It is a massive challenge the pit your wits against some of


these players. Some of the top-class hurlers are


semiprofessional. Everything available to them in terms of the


competitive structures that we in the shinty world could only dream


of. There is Steven McDonald, his customary big hitting game at the


back. And the goalkeeper, what can we say about Stuart McCall that has


not been said, he proved what a good customer he is. Now the pub quiz


question for years to come, which Scottish captain went up to take the


trophy from the president who is is his father. Steve Bracken doing the


honours to prevent it having to take it from his father. The winners of


the International this year Scotland, the winning captain, John


Barr. And the beaming face to his left, our right, is his father Jim


Barr. Who has played his own part in the great history of shinty on the


Glenn and in terms of Scottish action. Another wonderful afternoon.


Fantastic stuff. How do you sum it up, a great day for Scotland? It has


been. A great performance, from the management, the whole squad. They


will have a massive party tonight. In terms of the Irish, they will be


disappointed, a frustrating day for them. It has, some uncharacteristic


misses from the Irish which I have not seen in internationals before.


They will be disappointed and will have to go back and think what to do


for next year. Intensive John Barr, vicious rumours. John has been


travelling the whole year to get to games, his life is changing,


Scotland captain last season. 32 in the programme, think that is dubious


as well. But what a way to bow out if this is his last match. I believe


the Scotland manager is with our reporter. He is indeed and is all


smiles, what does it mean to win the day International? Everything. We


have to take heart from the last couple of months, it culminated


today in a hard-fought victory. A special group of players, what did


you get today? Everything. Last year we got more of the ball and got down


and passed it. Ireland closes down a lot this year so it was more


difficult. The closest space we got, we gave it 100%. Rory Kennedy was


outstanding. We had no fails, the goalkeeper pulled off a couple of


fantastic saves. Well done. Ronald Ross was undoubtedly the greatest


shinty player of all time, he has turned into a fine coach as well. He


certainly has. He has the best players in Scotland wanting to play


for Scotland now and turning up to all of these training sessions. I


hope he carries on. Will he stay on? I hope so but I don't know. He has


such a great rapport with the boys. Everyone wants to play for him. I


hope for the sake of the sport that he does. If he tells you to do


something, you listen. Absolutely. He is the best in the game. Thank


you very much, it has been a great day for Scotland in terms of the NT


Sharelink -- shinty hurling international. Thanks for being with


us and until next time, goodbye for now.


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