France v Scotland Six Nations Rugby

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France v Scotland

Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of France v Scotland in the second round of the Six Nations. With commentary by Andrew Cotter, Chris Paterson and Ali Williams.

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Scotland fans are arriving in Paris. They must be pinching themselves.


The win against Ireland last week was their first opening weekend


victory in more than a decade. It sets up the afternoon clash against


France nicely. They are looking back to back opening wins in the six


nations for the first time ever. The clashes here have been tied recently


but you have to go back a long way for the last Scotland victory.


Townsend. It is on the line. And at the finish. Still on that side. A


first try for France! Just the start to the half Scotland did not need.


And he has got it in touch! This is heartbreaking. He has scored again


for France! They are now moving beyond Scotland. All of the points


for Lopez. It is a missed opportunity. And Duncan Taylor


reaching for the Linux! And still what a finish. -- reaching for the


line! A win for Scotland. Stuart Hogg. It is two. A sneaky way


through for the try. Scotland have won the opening match of this Six


Nations. Yes, it is a numbers game. Of course, Scotland will hope they


are on the right side of the numbers today. Welcome to Paris. Three men


alongside me played in many of the fixtures in the last ten or so


Scotland have failed to win. Tommaso Cassio played the last time Scotland


did defeat France in Paris. You know how hard it is for Scotland to grind


out those victories here. We love having you with us all the time,


Thomas. Especially this fixture because we can dig into the archives


and relive the moment when Scotland were storming of the first half,


really shocking from that day, going on to win the old five Nations. We


started really well. We scored that tried. We were surprised by the


quality of the Scottish game. That was the sort of thing of the team.


They played really well against us. If you do not play a very open game


against Scotland, if you get too conservative, you know you can be


punished. That is why we are scared to play against this Scottish team.


We like to see his blonde peroxide hair that day! That was a mistake. I


think Scotland produced some of the best attacking rugby, five tries in


the first half. Townsend pulling the strings. Michael Leslie going over


for the tries. We have compared this squad, Gabby, to the 1999 squad. I


think this is the first time we have a team that can match that. In the


first of against Ireland we saw an attacking performance almost as good


as that one. The challenge is to come here to a place they have not


won since 1999... Go back over the last ten victories and in the last


few years the victory for France have been quite small. Four points,


seven, seven. It has been closing. How important was that win last year


in Scotland, Skype and -- psychologically? There were lots of


close games, as you said. I remember Scotland leading into the last 20


minutes of the game. France making some changes with a couple of brig


-- big props. Playing the power game. We have to get away from that


this week. How much will it be in the mind of the coaching staff that


at the end of the tournament in May those rankings really count? The


polls are decided for the next World Cup. Scotland are at seven and


France and eight. You need to be a top aide side for those rankings to


be effective. It will be important to be in a good group. Even when we


lost in 99 in the Six Nations, we reach the final of the World Cup.


Maybe losing will not be a bad signal but we have to win this game,


especially in Scotland at home. It could be the start of something for


the French team. Forget the World Cup qualification. If Scotland win


today they go at six, but South Africa, their highest ever position.


Incredible to think we are on the countdown to the end of the career


of Vern Cotter as Scottish coach, he is moving on at the end of the


season. It feels like everything is aligning for this team now. And this


time this squad have been together for at least two or three seasons.


They get to know each other well and they are bonding and you can see


that on the pitch now. We will talk more about these teams in a moment.


This match in Paris as the final instalment of this weekend's Six


Nations. First let's go to Rome. Ireland were the visitors yesterday.


It was a particularly profitable afternoon the two players in


particular. Played back by Sean Healy. Advantage against Ireland. A


number of mistakes. And out wide it goes. CJ Stander! The South African


turned Irishman with his fourth try in green. Ominous for Italy. Still


they go. Within four meters of the line. It comes back to Keith Earls.


CJ Stander once more. From a stand still he drives and scores! What a


try from CJ Stander. CJ Stander again! CJ Stander! It is a hat-trick


for CJ Stander! Ireland have another try. They are ripping Italy apart.


And CJ Stander, three tries for Ireland. What a man, what a moment


and what a game he is having. Gilroy skips inside. Gilroy winning that


debate. Another try for Ireland and Gilroy has his touchdown now. Try


for Gilroy. Defiance to the last. Luke Maclean the... Rolled on from


the RG. He thinks he can do everything. The kick ahead from the


inside flanker. It falls for Gilroy and it has done. Gilroy will be true


for another. Craig Gilroy, his second and Ireland pass the


half-century of points. Fortune favoured Gilroy on that occasion.


Cruel bounce for Italy. This is cruel punishment for Italy.


Advantage being played, how it goes and Gilroy has a hat-trick! -- out


it goes. The tries are raining down for Ireland. They finish with


another, passing 60 points. A record win for Ireland over Italy in the


Six Nations. STUDIO: The first ever bonus point for tries in the Six


Nations for Ireland which could be crucial in the final day if they are


still in the contest. It is hard to see what the positives were for


Italy at all. We know in the match against Wales we had that


stereotypical performance of 50 minutes withstanding the pressure


but yesterday there was not even that for Conor O'Shea's team. It was


based on power. The first half they blew the Italians away and they


could not stop any attacks from CJ Stander, Henshaw, O'Brien. Ireland


are very good at what they do. I have to say Italy, that is 96 they


have conceded in two matches so far. Nine tries yesterday. The next game


is against England at Twickenham in two weeks. We knew Conor O'Shea had


a tough job. We are seeing just how difficult it is. It takes time for a


coach to change his style and culture. I would not judge them too


early. I think this is the start of the journey. They won against South


Africa in the Autumn Internationals. Maybe this match came to early and


they thought the job was done. But they are in front of reality and


they have difficulties against teams like the Irish. And they lost


against Tonga. They are very up and down at the moment. It is important


not to allow those kind of critics who say they should have a


relegation system and give Georgia a chance, these kinds of defeats give


oxygen to those arguments. And they are valid discussions to have with


Georgia. If that continues in the next few matches, England at


Twickenham, be honest, you could see another scoreline, the evidence


suggests they would. That conversation really becomes top of


the agenda. We are about the same page. Have you ever watched the hit


man and her? I always wanted to broker from a disco. Apparently we


are! Apology for being drowned out by the DJ. We love it in Paris.


There was a big game after that one, Wales against England, always a


highlight in the International rugby calendar. Yesterday at tea-time it


did not disappoint. COMMENTATOR England still have it. Jonathan


Joseph. Long. Leigh Halfpenny. Makes the tackle. Here comes Mike Brown.


The Welsh defence is still holding out. Until now! Do not move your


feet! And Wales turn pressure into points. Liam Williams can and


scores! They take the lead. James Haskell.


Joe Launchbury. Change of direction. Brown. He loses the ball. The


referee has the whistle to his mouth. But he is not sure. He's not


sure, he says. And England are one foot short. They drive. Pushing


forward. Young's has to go digging for it. They go over on the right.


Interception! By Dan Biggar! Elliott Daly. Footballing skills from


Elliott Daly. And the position goes from England to Wales. Alun


Wyn-Jones... Wales in no rush but at some stage they are going to have to


clear the lines. Jonathan Davies. Straight down the field towards


George Ford. Farrell. Runs down and scores! England are


going to win again. Danny Care. It has been an outstanding game of


rugby. Eddie Jones is team remain undefeated, 15 games goes to 16


games. England have beaten Wales at the principality Stadium in Cardiff.


Wales, 16. England, 21. STUDIO: So this rocking stadium. Beneath it you


can see the table looks like this heading into the final match of this


round. England of a maximum of eight points but they have not picked up


any bonus points. Ireland have a losing bonus point for coming within


a try and conversion against Scotland and the winning bonus point


against Italy, who knows how significant are those points will be


come the final day of reckoning? Italy yet to get off the mark.


France looking for their first win today and Scotland will be hoping to


join England on eight points or more at the end of today. Let's discuss


that incredible England victory. Wells have been a dominant,


producing a performance we have not seen in a while, especially since


the autumn tests. -- with the autumn tests. -- Wales have been a dominant


force. It had pace, intensity. A fantastic advert for the Six


Nations. The policy was right up there. It came down to a 75 minute


performance by Wales. They could not keep it going. Fatigue set in. They


withstood a lot of pressure. All they are looking to do is clear


their lines. Dan Biggar is not in position. There he is, getting back.


Jonathan Davies is not used to clearing his lines. Doesn't even get


close. That is the 15 yard line. You have got to applause two brilliant


passes but in particular this one from Owen Farrell asked Elliott


Daly. He holds Roberts and Alex Cuthbert. Then a race which Elliott


Daly wins. I thought Cuthbert was going to get him. I thought fatigue


set in. Their semi-different parts. Wales looked like they were there to


kick -- set up Davies. Sinckler ready to make a charge and a great


effort from him. A front row player making the game changer. The angle


that Jonathan Davies is trying to make the touch, because of the


pressure from Sinclair, he puts the ball into the middle of the field.


That is a shortened line Wales have to defend with. What I like about


this English team, they play every movement like the first one. You can


see the quality of the past, the running, Elliott Daly, England, when


you run after Dan Biggar ten minutes earlier, how he managed to go around


and convert and score, unbelievable. They are finding ways to win games.


Owen Farrell is pivotal to that. I think he has had that winning


mentality that he brings. All the players we have highlighted,


Sinclair, that effort was what nobody really sees but Farrell is


the beating heart of the team. You can see him bossing it. When we were


talking about watching... He goes up to the referee and asks how long to


go, he says, ten minutes and he says, I am taking the points, he is


bossing it. It is a squad game. It is an 80 minute game. None of the


starts in the first 20 -- starts the first 20, and the last 20, you play


the whole match. If another team fatigues England are going to


pounce. The England bench made such an impact. Same with France when


Danny Care came on getting the ball away. We saw it again against Wales.


Eddie Jones calls them finishers. Not the bench, finishes. A 23 man


squad, hate guys coming on, they are going to finish the game, and they


have done it two weeks running, so are really affected. They have got


their aura as well. -- effective. Let's go back to last weekend and


find out how these two teams got on. The excitement of the Six Nations


remains a constant. Good John. And a try is going to be scored. Two


chances, two scores. Two tries for Scotland. This is great from


Scotland because they have one. -- won it. France made more metres than


any other team last weekend but that loss against England leaves them


with four straight defeats in the Six Nations. Gina theirs has made


just one change today, in at flanker, Goujon. We will hear a


fascinating story shortly. Just one enforced change as Gough and try to


win the opening two games in the Six Nations for the first time ever.


Ryan Wilson is injured. There was plenty to enjoy last week for the


head coach Vern Cotter and he has been talking to Lee McKenzie. You


have a lot of expense in French rugby with playing and coaching, I


think ran about 17 teams. -- 17 years. Does that give you any


advantage in knowing what France are going to be throwing at Scotland


today? I suppose a little bit of an idea. It is common sense. I suppose.


They have not won a game for a while and they are desperate to win and


they will throw everything at us. They are passionate when they get on


their home soil and gets to 80,000 people supporting them. We've got to


play smart, execute well and try and put the pressure back on them so it


works against them but it is going to be tough. France have a huge


pack. What have Scotland worked on to counteract that and just to be


able to get another hand against Guy Noves side? It is body position and


trying to get down underneath and work hard and try and turn them


around. They go well going forward but probably have trouble turning


around at times. So trying to get them to turn around. Take the wind


out of their sails with some smart kicking. We had to be ready for it.


And what opportunities we do get we had to be able to score with them


and keep the game is as close as we can in the last 20 minutes. And


hopefully try and put some pressure on. And some smart play. The one


thing we know is that there are a lot of Glasgow players in this


Scottish team. Eight of them today. Jones set to join next season. You


coach them on a day to day level. You can see all sorts of reasons why


that would be an advantage. For one thing Glasgow are doing very well


and they bring great optimism and team spirit into the squad.


Confidence is massive at international level. You have got


players here that have defeated Leicester away from home, 43-0. Last


week the win against Ireland was fantastic. They are brimming with


confidence. Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg, when they are on fire they are


difficult to handle. International coaches do not have a lot of time


with their players. We have a nucleus of one club who know each


other and it is a similar style of rugby, Gaby, there are some nuances


which are different but the star they play, off-loading at pace, high


tempo is how Gregor Townsend coaches in Glasgow. Greig Laidlaw, Hugh


Jones, they fit in seamlessly into a well oiled machine. We said earlier


the first half against the Irish last week was a wonderful way to


stop the campaign, the whole Six Nations. It looks like we are on


free fantastic 80 minutes of rugby. The Irish came back a bit in the


second half and thwarted that. Mike, you look closely at how Scotland


took advantage, the forwards in particular, gaining the extra


metres, setting up really quick ball. The back three took the


headlines. The Ford carries were sensational. That got them on the


front foot. Hamish Watson initially get it here. The Irish use a


slightly different techniques to try and hold him up. He moves on. He has


taken a next seven, eight metres. The cow quick that ball is. He


unleashes Finn Russell on the outside to make full use of the


players. Josh doing the same. Players on the pitch making it


regards. Look at that first contact, where it takes place. If that is


stopped here we lose momentum. An extra seven, eight, nine metres.


Ready to play front football for Finn Russell. Will that be harder to


do against France? It will be because France will initially tackle


low. The Ireland team tackles low but the ball comes back here really


quickly. It is difficult to get quick ball in this scoring area of


the pitch. Look at the numbers Finn Russell has got. Keith Earls is the


last defender. There is an opportunity to score but he went


short. There is going to be a difference. This French term, I


think the way they come out, they will come out really hard. -- French


team. Really low to start with. But as I see fatigue, I see the tackles


going higher, soaking up a little bit. It is going to be an 80 minute


game. I think the intensity that you put in the game is so high but after


60 minutes we might struggle. We think the bench will be very


important for us. Last week against England we struggled with that. I


think we need to but some power in. The French back is the area we have


had in the last years and that is why I think we will try to, get into


the contact and try and drop the ball from you guys. International


rugby is a game of inches. You see them getting across the gain line


here. But the accuracy of the passing, Finn Russell, Hugh Jones,


fizzing out very flat passes to get the space to Stuart Hogg. If those


passes are slightly behind he has to slow down and does not get in. It


was a brilliant combination of hard work and executing good skills. We


saw that from the French a moment ago. They have got plenty of inches.


The biggest pack ever for France. Today the scrum is going to be so


important. And maybe for Scotland it is about doing what they did last


week and making it not as effective as the opposition would like, not


gaining as much from the set pieces. The first two scrums, this is the


very first of the day and the ball is sitting there and the more it is


sitting there the more power came through from Ireland. The Scottish


scrum was obliterated here. The second scrum which we are showing


now happened again. This is going to be a long afternoon, you thought.


In. It was sheer dominance but the modern game is such that was only


six scrums in the whole match. It did not have the influence it might


have had in years gone by. This is what Scotland are up against. Look


at the French pack. Destroyed England last week. This is what


Scotland need to do, try and make it the same game as last week, not set


piece dominated or focusing on that, get it fast, wide, get the big


forwards running and they have a real chance. This is where Fraser


Brown over Ross Ford is interesting. Because of how Ross is built he is


so big and has such big hits, he does not really hooked the ball. He


relies on power and the weight coming through. Brown does hook the


ball. Maybe they are -- maybe they are looking for the quick heel to


move the ball away. The French are keeping the best props for the end


of the game because the coaches thinking the most important scrums


are at the end of the game. Slimani is on the bench. Maybe they will


make the decision. Fraser Brown's opposite number is the French


captain. His grandparents came over to France from Spain to escape the


Spanish Civil War and it is that background which are shaped him as a


person and his playing career. Louis Picamoles in charge of it. He


has to be, surely... That is good play. And who is there


again? The French captain. Brilliant. Guirado for the try. What


a try for France and it is the captain who scores.


A story of a French sportsman who is incredibly proud of the position he


has earned for himself. And what does he bring to this team? He is a


hard worker and a great leader. He moved from Perpignon and became the


captain of Toulon. You can see against Scotland last year, his


passing is much better. And he gets the support in this attack and he


manages to score a try at the start of the game. He is very strong in


the scrum. Very efficient in the line-out. Even if today the French


bank is very heavy and it will be hard to find the target, especially


against the greys, he's very efficient to take the ball and slow


the pace in the ruck, especially with the back row, which is a big


choice from Guy Noves. A big choice in the breakdown, you would think.


That is what Scotland did well last week against Ireland, who normally


dominate the breakdown. The likes of John Barclay, Hamish Watson, can


really make an impact there today. A man who knows the French captain


very well is a former team-mate from Toulon, a former all Black, Ali


Williams, he also knows a bit about French rugby and Lee McKenzie is


going to find out what the things about this French side. You have


played alongside some influential captains in your time and you also


know Guirado. What does he bring to the French team? Is a special guy.


One of the ones who leads by example. He is fearless with his


body and gets himself in positions he probably should not. Is one of


those leaders were you look at him and go, if he is doing it, I had to


do it as well. I really enjoy watching him play. I think is having


a big impact on this French team. There has been a bit in the press


about the French side not being quite as fit as they should be. Do


you agree with that? What other witnesses do they have Scotland must


exploit today? Fitness is one of those things in terms of, is the


individual fit, or is the team fit? I think the style of French play in


the 14 is more difficult and physical and more stop and start. We


will see in the Six Nations this year the intensity that all the


teams are playing with, maybe the British and Irish Lions have


something to do with selection, but they are playing with a real


intensity will stop Kirby catching the French out a little bit but


generally I do not think they are that unfit.


This time last year, Guy Noves had just got his hands on this French


side. How much have improved from last year? I think you are talking


about cohesiveness. They have had more time together, got the ball,


they have said that their priority as a French side, a national side,


-- they have got Rand Paul. They are resting, maybe there is a bit more


priority in the French side, the club side. I think some good


positive changes are happening for the French side. Thanks, Ali. We


will hear more from Ali later as part of our commentary team. This


man, Louis Picamoles, was certainly one of those worth picking out. He


made 131 metres, seven defenders, four off-loads, great game. He has


had a journey to the Six Nations very early. We missed him. Every


time he has the ball you need to three to -- you need two or three


guys to stop him. Between eight and nine, he is very important in the


French team. Serin is very quick. His power and speed can make the


difference. The guys improved a lot. They are much better. The French


coaches are wanting a bit more from him in terms of defence. You need to


chop him down the legs. If you go upstairs and tackle him, no chance,


he has so much power. That is one of the things Scotland are really good


at, they take the legs away and get him to compete on the ground. It's


not the whole picture for him, is it? The French would like to see him


work a little bit harder than he does. There are two sides of Louis


Picamoles. There is the attacking side, where he has got 20 out of 20,


and the defensive side, where the French coaches need a bit more from


him, they want him to be stronger in the head. I think you can do a bit


more on that. He is like you, Thomas! Yeah, I never tackled! You


have to tackle when you play rugby. Scotland have plenty of attacking


runners. In the autumn internationals, Huw Jones made a


name for himself. His journey in international rugby has been


slightly unorthodox. Choose life, choose rugby, choose self belief


when others doubt you. Choose a gap year in South Africa and take it by


storm. Choose your future. Choose Scotland. What a game to get us


under way here. They have beaten Ireland in the opening match! Did


you manage to calm down a bit after that fantastic win at the weekend?


Yes, definitely. We spoke about how we didn't win our first game in the


Six Nations for a long time. Beating Ireland was massive. It was probably


the hardest game I've ever played, the most defending we have ever


done, I think. Tell us about your journey into professional rugby? We


you went to South Africa on a gap year, were you heading over there to


become a professional rugby player? No,. Particularly. I thought taking


a gap year was a great idea because I didn't really want to go uni


straightaway. I took the opportunity to go down to Cape Town and join an


amateur club. I think one of the analysts saw on our university


Wikipedia page that I was Scottish because I was born in Edinburgh. And


obviously immediately made a few calls, got in contact. It's always


been a dream of mine to play in the Six Nations. To finally got some


might get my first time in the Six Nations and to get a win is a dream


come true. This is imperative for a centre of Scotland. This was the


final one. Usually those players are joking and thinking, imagine if we


did this? To go for it in the game was quite brave but it paid off. How


would you sum yourself up as a player? What are your qualities? I


am an instinctive player, I play the situation as it is, as I see it.


Scottish rugby is really lucky to have you one side. I suppose if


there is any concern about you, you could sum it up in three words, jam


and eggs! What is this?! I don't know where I got this from. One


morning I just decided I was going to have jam on my toes, and then I


was offered eggs as well and thought, why not put them all


together? It's one of my favourite breakfasts, it goes really well, I


urge everyone to try it. Let's dared to France. Our big occasion are you


expecting this to be? It should be massive. It's my first ever time in


Paris as well. So I'm quite excited about that. Coming here, I think it


will be a massive occasion, a massive game. They lost their first


game so they will be wanting to bounceback, we want to keep this


momentum going, really. It should be a huge one. Well, the gap year is


going from well! It got him to Paris for the first time. What a find he


was, clever scouting. Born in Edinburgh and very much part of the


Scotland setup. He showed his nerves in the autumn test with this moment


right here. Nobody knew much about him but we certainly did after the


first couple of games. He took that try really well. He was an


instinctive player, this is what he does. Just a little butter footwork.


The pace was just so good -- the drill bit of footwork. He is not


just a try scorer, he a tri-. The off-loading to make them. He did it


in the autumn Test. He had a relatively quiet game last week. It


might be his turn this afternoon. I think he is going to be better this


week. He hadn't played since the last November Test. I think he had


six weeks' holiday after that Test because of the changing seasons. He


has so much talent and I think you will be even better for this week.


What is great with the Scottish backline, it's not just one


attacking force. It's not just Stuart Hogg or Huw Jones, you have


firepower all over the place. It might be a Seymour or Maitland or


Russell. It wasn't necessarily Finn Russell's greatest game last


weekend. He is one player who you can rely on with consistency, but he


didn't have many moments in the games developed he has that ability


to do something. Sometimes it might not be him making the break, but he


has ability to make space for somebody else. A key part of the


Scottish game. There is so much talent and excitement in that


backline. Stuart Hogg will today on his 50th cap for Scotland before the


age of 25. I mean, this is a phenomenal record when you look down


at the history, you see the players that he is jumping ahead of in terms


of that cap rate. Look at the confidence he has scoring tries,


flicking it over to Tim Visser to go in the corner. You thought he was on


good form last year in this game, but last week he took it to a whole


new level, scoring a try like this, which you would expecting to do.


This was a team try. This is what he has got, the pace, the balance, the


vision, the awareness, just fantastic. He is so relaxed, though,


and he is loving his rugby. I sent him a message this morning to say,


good luck in your 50th game. I asked him, what are you up to this


morning? EZ, I'm hiding in the cupboard, Tommy Seymour is in the


toilet and I'm going to give him a fright! That is when he is at his


best, he's a free spirit. The French team, you know, they will have to be


careful with the kicks. If give some balls to him, he will make the


difference. He has got a lower gravity, you know. He can run very


fast, he is very skilful. You told me he is getting 50 caps today. He


said he wants to get 53 caps because that will make him the most capped.


I'm sure Jim would be happy to see him go on to 100 if he keeps playing


rugby like this and keeps being at the forefront of famous Scottish


victories. It brings me round of the inevitable question. Predictions,


Andy? I said earlier, if Scotland can play the fast and fluid game


that they have last week they have got a real chance. If it is set


piece dominated, that brings France right input. The confidence Scotland


have got last week, winning that game when it looks like they were


coming close, you cannot quantify the confidence you get from winning.


We have shown that we can compete against the best, the French team. I


really think it is time to win now. I get the final say, do I? It's all


down to you! It shouting out for a draw, isn't it with Becks mark you


can't have one vote for Scotland, one for France and won a draw! If


France are able to get in from a physical point of view it will be


difficult. I believe this team are ready to win for Scotland. We have


to get take falling all over us. The atmosphere is incredible. We know


the crowd can turn on the team if they don't like what they see.


Scotland are going to try and get a very famous victory. You have to go


back to 1999, the last time that Scotland won here. As they line up


from the anthems, you are going to hear from your commentary team,


Chris Paterson, Andy Williams and Andrew Cotter.


# Of Lara Scotland # -- oh Flower Of Scotland


# When will we see you again # And in the past they must remain


hatched But we can still rise now # But we can still rise now


# And be the nation again # Allons enfants de la Patrie


# Le jour de gloire est arrive! # Contre nous de la tyrannie


# L'etendard sanglant est leve # L'etendard sanglant est


leve # Aux armes,


citoyens Marchons, marchons! #


COMMENTATOR: Great noise around the Stade de France. We had some moments


of reflection. Yesterday came the news that a former All Black had


died. And of course, last week the news came that the very


inspirational South African player had lost his battle against motor


neurone disease. A moment of pause to remember Lewis van der


Westhuizen. What a player, Joos van Nawaz


Tewson, was. He remembered here. Look at this enormous pack that Guy


Noves has chosen once again. Atonio the biggest of them all. Maestri a


vast creature in the second. There is one change with Goujon coming


into the back. And in the backs, same again, the dangerous fullback


Scott Spedding impressed last week. The wingers will certainly be a


handful. The one change to Scotland comes in the form of Ryan Wilson.


John Barclay in at the flag. Allan Dell had a tough time last week. He


will opt to get underneath Atonio in the scrum. Zander Fagerson at tight


head. No changes to the backs. Dunbar and Jones looking to tighten


up defence today. A French newspaper said that Russell and Hogg are the


best attacking players. Slimani for Scotland. John Hardie


has made it timely recovery from injury. You can see, the South


African referee. A charity kick-off before we get underway in this that


the France. The pitch as well is pristine. They have been having


problems with the pitch at the Stade de France in the past. It has been


delayed and it looks superb. We're about ready to get underway.


Vakatawa, so dangerous in the wings. Scotland were gathered in a huddle


for a long while Blair as France were relaying information. Full to


capacity at Stade de France. The final game this weekend of the Six


Nations. Camille Lopez will get us under way.


Stuart Hogg will expect today. So, Camille Lopez it is to get the


game going in this that the France. Taking a real stretch by Jonny Gray.


Then carried by Richie. Immediately, the captain, Guirado,


taking down by Alex Dunbar. Serin complaints. The penalty is earned by


Scotland's defence. France hanging on. And interesting setup. Great


kick off with Jonny Gray. Scotland tried to exit. They were turned over


to midfield. A really good one down the channels. Finn Russell cleared


the penalty. It is a kick. You would have been proud of that. You have


really got to settle yourself. He sets himself quite well bear and


takes it. That's going to be interesting. Fiercely contested in


the middle. Jonny Gray got it down for Scotland. Spins into the


challenge. Scotland's first visit to the French, up against a few of his


team-mates today. Hamish Watson, flat ball inside, carried in by


Tommy Seymour from the wing. A little false start. Tries to carry,


hold him up. Comes back from Laidlaw. Back by Sebastian


Vahaamahina, who is sizeable. The brass band is playing. Strauss


carries again. A little spell from Zander Fagerson.


France have the ball. They don't need the scrum is. Nakaitaci this


time. Still going. Great power. France making good ground. Still


with France. Nakaitaci again, gets it to Vakatawa, things looking up


for France. Goujon! Into the 22. Guirado throws his body in, and the


ball comes back. Maitland is a flyer. The last line of defence was


there. France hurled bodies upon it. Hamish Watson has to leave. And now


France in that intersection. Huw Jones flying up, couldn't quite get


it. Wow, what a start! That was


incredible. By the way, there is a mad Fijian running around there with


no but on, makes it even more interesting! Soap -- no but on. The


turnover left to right. Duchamp carries outside channels. A


turnover, Scotland play a lot of pressure on. Look at Allan Dell,


flipping it away. We thought Sean Maitland was going to make it all


the way. Such an open game, such physicality in the contest. Such


physicality in every tackle. He has taken an early knock, Serin.


Machenaud could come on for him. It was actually Serin who made it back


to make the tackle. Maitland is brisk and has a yard of


pace. He is very, very quick indeed. So, I think all players welcoming


the pause there. The opening three minutes have been entertaining. So,


heading towards the first scrum, which will be interesting as well.


France have the bigger men, certainly. This will be an


interesting contest, because you have smaller men such as Allan Dell


for Scotland against Antonio. It doesn't necessarily follow the great


scrummagers, big men, there are ways around that. Definitely. France are


going into this game with a huge mindset of the scrum, the first one


is important. There is a difference in the pathways, an enormous


difference. Scotland holding firm at the moment.


Serin takes and gets to Camille Lopez, he took his time there. It is


high, Maitland underneath it. Nakaitaci getting his attention.


Scotland's ball to play with again. A little shuffle forward from


Barclay. Now Rosol. Tries to chase it down himself. Finds its way to


Camille Lopez. Deep into the Scottish 22.


Stuart Hogg loves a spiralling kick, it's old school, a beautiful kick to


watch. It will be France's line-out just outside the Scottish half. A


controlled exit, I thought Nakaitaci could have put more pressure on Sean


Maitland. Finn Russell identified the space behind him. It was


actually Guirado, the French captain, who was in the line.


Straight over the top. So, France, a bit of invention at


the line-out. Carrying the whole ten metre line. Serin again, just held


off by Sebastian Vahaamahina. Serin points the way. They will try to


venture down the blindside. But Scotland strip it, illegally so,


says Jakupovic. -- says Jaco Peyper. Both sides are being direct in the


first and second phase. The forwards coming round, creating a bit of go


forward and going wide. The French have contact us well, already have


three or four off-loads. They have averaged almost 19 off-loads in the


games in the last few months. You can see the big ball-carriers. A


shot at goal for Camille Lopez, who scored all 15 points in the win here


against Scotland a couple of years ago. This is the reason for the


infringement. Josh Strauss was OK initially, he was in a good


position. He went back with his hand and was penalised for not supporting


his own body weight. A good strike! Three points for


France. Six minutes gone inside the Stade de France. And the home side


Leeds. A tough kick for an opener, almost


50 metres on the angle on the left-hand side for the left footer,


but a good strike by Camille Lopez. He is really important to how the


French play today if he is on song, you can affect the game as of late.


-- he can affect the game massively. Well taken on the far side.


Given to the giant, Atonio. Back to the cow, and an! -- back to


Scotland try and hold their man up. France tried to get it to ground,


but they do not. Scotland get into the scrum. And explain what's going


on there, trying to get them all to ground. There was a couple of things


on there. It was well taken, Gael Fickou decides to take it at the


last minute. I think the ball slipped out by hand of Spedding.


Barry is an side. With the help of Jonny Gray, they managed to hold the


player off. And then the ball is turned over. If you can't get the


ball to ground, you lose possession. Duchamp in on the flank for France


today. A good attacking position. We have the blindside.


Interesting, the referee, Jaco Peyper, taking the weight, he wants


the Scottish team to put more weight and engage more rather than sit back


a bit. A lot of weight coming through from the French side.


France, Strauss, has to be quick. Just without into touch, was it


Serin? France will have the scrum. But again, it might be a hard


afternoon for the Scottish scrum. France or in control. Scotland


wanted to go the opposite way. Opening up the play. France wanted


out on the left, a lot of the power coming through from Cyril Baille.


That makes it difficult for Scotland to feed the ball to the right-hand


side. They are forced to turn over. So, French ball now.


Atonio rep linger way. Down he goes. -- rippling. There were not that


many scrums in Scotland versus Ireland. I think there were five or


six. That played into Scotland's hands. France would want to use an


obvious area of superiority. They look to dominate that set piece


area, they want to dominate it. Looking at the French backline, they


all very flat. It suggests they are going to kick to clear. Sometimes if


you have real confidence in your set piece scrum, you know it is going to


be stable or you can manipulate it one way or the other. The flat


lines, as a Scotsman and you are thinking, who is able to kick that


and have that chase? Down it goes, square and steady. Square and steady


from Scotland, free kick to France. You can see from the shots,


launching their bid for the France 2023 World Cup. It's a sorting out


period of their front row. What's your technique? Are you engaging, or


do you want to take the battle? Hi from Lopez, taken well by Hogg. Who


has got himself away. Flat ball, Richie Gray, the power drives on


through Serin, the slight figure at scrum-half. Scotland on the front


foot again. Huw Jones, Goujon gets to him.


Pacult up so quickly. Fagerson, -- tackles up. Fagerson, a lump of a


man who allows what is to hit him. Scotland half a dozen phases, but


heading backwards at the moment. Hamish Watson, trying to stand still


with the ball rolling on. So, the decision, through Spedding


with plenty of time, it sits up for the fullback. And he puts but an


ball. Again, Scotland, plenty of ball to play with but not much


doing. They are being met with very fierce defence. The cat this


contact, leading by example. Fagerson being hit by Picamoles --


look at this contact. Rolling hard onto the ball, putting pace, but


being met with the physicality from the French defence. When Stuart Hogg


kicked that goal away, it looked as if it was a great option. But I


think they had to get the ball and put pressure. I think it says


something about Scotland's front row options at the moment that Fagerson


was asked to play 80 minutes last week. The youngest man in the Six


Nations. If the line-out goes wrong. And, a chance now for France. Given


to Fickou, onward to Spedding. The winger, Nakaitaci. Scotland use


touch as their friend, and it helps them out in the end. The set pieces


are not going well for the visitors. No, we talk about props, they play


60 minutes now effectively. You know how important the depth is in a


squad. A lot will be asked again Fagerson today stop like this is


actually a good defence. Huw Jones helping out Sean Maitland. I like


the fact that props are playing 80 minutes. It should be expected of


them. I think credit is on the Fagerson, he did that. He has a


strong game. -- credit to Fagerson. He has a huge workrate. Barclay


lets, got it down to Laidlaw, and Phil Russell sees a little bit of


open countryside. Beautifully placed kick by Russell. Quickly taken by


France, and in two attack you. Under pressure. Does well to get that


pass. Scotland will have the line-out an


hour in just about the same place. Taken back into the 22. Worked very


well for Scotland. The universe. Scotland are very confident with


their line-out. I think this will be a big platform for them for the


whole match. Just to attain a bit of certainty around the clarity of


staff. Kicked by Finn Russell. Jonny Gray took it down for Scotland. Held


at the back by Fraser Brown. Scotland going nowhere. They have


used it once. Brown spins it to Laidlaw. Out it comes to Russell. A


risky pass. Nakaitaci stops him quickly and the French crowd


appreciate that. Watson. Such a low sense of gravity always gets


forward. Richie Gray. Laidlaw almost through. Scotland looking for the


quick ball. Johnny Gray now. Flung himself into that challenge. Strauss


and Richie Gray alongside each other. Scotland making inches and


then feet. Johnny Gray plays it back. Trying to secure the turnover,


it is just still there. And. John Barclay, a hard effort. Good defence


by France but Scotland making a little more ground. Strauss and


Richie Gray again, the big men for Scotland. Sapping both attack and


defence. Still Scottish ball. And again you can hear the hits as John


Barclay is wading in. Just a bit slow for Scotland and Strauss once


more from a stamped -- Stan still does well. Taken without the ball.


Fagerson hazard. A free attack powerful Scotland. Might be a little


poke over from Russell. Still skipping through. Still advantage.


15 faces. Not quite going to hand. He gets away and Stuart Hogg scores


in the corner! He has done it again! Four games in a row he has scored in


the Six Nations! You cannot stop this man. It was his tribe at 18 try


as well. He had the advantage which gave him the attack. Hugh Jones with


a full account. Lopez as well. He was never ever going to have any


other outcome than a Scottish try. That came after near on 15 phases of


really hard ball carrying from the Scottish team. Hard attack from the


French as well but credit to the players up front for continuously


kicking the ball with the contact wearing down the French defence.


Stuart Hogg has done it again. Three tries in two games. Great return for


Scotland in the opening quarter of the game. The energy levels have


really picked up in the commentary box! I'm going to have to bring it


back down and give more credit to the French. This is incredible.


Not the most difficult of -- the most difficult of conversions for


Greig Laidlaw. Not quite got the energy. Will it prove important at


the end? John Barclay is not a ball-carrier. His strength is more


in the breakdown. A linking player. But one of the rules is to carry


hard. That is a perfect example of doing exactly what you'll team needs


you to do to set up that platform. This one is taken by France. An


immediate chance to launch an attack of their own. Lopez gives it to


Gourdon, the open side flanker. Quickly through the hands. Spending


just gets it away. With the charge again, Spedding. An advantage to


France as well. A penalty is coming their way now. He gives it to


Atonio. Out wide now, Picamoles. Picamoles just barging his way into


the 22 and France making huge ground. Still pen is the advantage


for France. Death penalty advantage. Looking for it. All the way back now


for the penalty, obstruction by Scotland and France will have a


chance to take the lead again. Obstructing number nine. Do you have


a number. The interesting element for me is Scotland are defending


well in the centre of the field but pushing France White to play with


wit and that is when they are really attacking the ball at the breakdown


and getting the fruit Saborit and getting the odd turnover. We can see


how dangerous the French are. Scott Spedding drives through. Well


tackled by Finn Russell, I think. Already there was an infringement.


Hamish Watson put the block on the French scrum-half. More great stuff.


So two great games yesterday. The third game this weekend not letting


us down so far. Different games, yes. Different games. Both good in


their own right. Camille Lopez. Now his second attempt.


Through it goes. France lead once more. 20 minutes gone and a very


exciting opening quarter. And France with two penalties from Camille


Lopez hit the front. One thing for me is how hard they had to work for


their try and how quickly the French scored points after conceding points


to go back ahead. Starts again. Once more, good work by Vakatawa. Serin.


Wonderful carry on now. Again it came from very little. Gael Fickou.


Picamoles. Just behind him, it went backwards. Picamoles salvages the


situation. And France still in a promising position. The pass goes


loose but also backwards. Now taken in by Nakaitaci. Again and loose


with the tackles coming in for Scotland. The ball is out and


Scotland tried to take it on. A little knock forward so it is a


French ball at the scrum. Dunbar taking a never -- another thump


there. He is down and taking more treatment. Absolute chaos, wasn't


it? Vern Cotter has been trying to create chaos but that was chaotic.


No lack of physicality or bravery but pretty chaotic. The French loose


head getting treatment as well. Dunbar has now been down twice.


Looks rather more serious than a Dunbar. It's back on his feet. -- he


is back on his feet. You can see it is a clear message the French are


sending, we do not want to go into the tackle with the ball, we want to


try and off-load before the tackle. Create that uncertainty and the


old-fashioned French style, which is open play. Sean Maitland's need


going down on his back. Scotland have had slightly more possession


but France when they have had possession have looked quite


comfortable and just making the ground a little more easily than


Scotland. Scotland do not want to be sucked


into too many scrums. Dunbar is attacking in midfield.


France will look for a penalty from this scrum and it will be coming.


There is only one outcome here. Penalty advantage and a little


forward pass and a high tackle. Back for the penalty, a forward pass has


been spotted. Penalty from the scrum. It is not a gift, it has to


be earned but the scrum on your own ten metre line and the penalty and


suddenly France deep into the Scottish 22. This will excite the


French forwards. They are beating them on the impact. As soon as they


engage they are beating them and putting the Scottish on the back


foot. Knowing French rugby like I do they will keep hammering away at


this until the Scots can try and fix it. Camille Lopez kick is OK. French


liner midway between the 22 and ten metre line. -- line-out. Greig


Laidlaw is in real bother as well. He is limping around. Scotland


effectively 14 men at the moment. The captain is hobbling. Taken down.


Laidlaw. Also some difficulty for France. Walking it along towards the


22. And France now on the rampage. Penalty goes to Scotland and nobody


will receive that more gratefully than Greig Laidlaw. The crowd like


it's not. Laidlaw is looking in serious bother. -- like it is not.


Clear line taken at the front and the organiser, a really dynamic


ball. Picamoles blasting through the middle. Usually see the attacking


tailoring of the side and they came straight through the middle. I think


they will be buying Fraser Brown a beer after that because he really


saved them then. So often at the heart of it, Picamoles. Stronger


with the ball. He used to play on the back row. Laidlaw is struggling,


Andrew. Price is going to come on now. A significant blow in terms of


kicking. I think his match is over. Finn Russell will take the kicks. He


is more a running scrum-half. Price is very quick. Has played


particularly well for Glasgow. Almost number one choice after his


displays in Europe. He is very quick, very quick passing, he will


look to take a quick tap and bring a tempo to the game. One from the


bench late against Georgia. Hands above his head, Laidlaw. Celebration


last week and now sheer frustration. Price is on at scrum-half for


Scotland. Use it once! Flying in, Fraser Brown. He saw Atonio in front


of him. All around him, really. He did well. Richie Gray sends it back.


Price's first touch. Russell scooping it up. A bit of a slice.


Usually advantage to the man running onto it. So it is taken down well.


France again now. A bit of space out wide through the middle first of all


goes Guirado. On again they come through Goujon. And then Gourdon


almost back on his feet and driving along. Now to Gael Fickou. Fickou on


to Vakatawa. Lovely ball inside the back. Looking for the return. And


France again making huge ground. Flat pass carried in by Yoann


Maestri. And a dummy runner making a bit of a mess of it and gets


Scotland a chance to play but it might be turned over. Price has gone


in. Well... It that penalty is turned over that will be hugely


frustrating for Scotland. -- if that penalty.


Leave it. That is it. That is the way to deal with it. I will wait for


him to finish first. He will calm things down. Let's hear


the chat. First of all, his assistant. Now standing captain


shoved a player away. I think the reason he shoved him is because he


is trying to take the ball away. He cannot just run up and shot him. It


was Luke appears saying the reason he shoved him was this but it does


not matter. Here is the problem, previous penalty, you did the same.


I want you not to do it. All right? Do not take the law into your own


hands. I will deal with it. I am going to reverse this penalty for


discipline. It is price just on the field in his frustration and the


penalty is reversed and Camille Lopez will have a shot at goal


again. French just realising the penalty has been reversed. France


will play sharply. I have noticed Louis Picamoles, such an influential


player last week, has been on the outside channel carrying the ball


outside. Goujon came too quickly and that was a penalty for obstruction.


Lopez had the ball, dropped it and Alex Price gives him a push. --


Alistair price. And now they are going to face another three points


possibly from Camille Lopez. There is enough excitement in the game, we


do not need that, labs -- lads. You have got to keep it clean. Lopez


hooked it. First to react is Russell. Scotland ultimately are


spared on that occasion. The relieved man is Alistair Price this


time. A great talent, one from the bench against Georgia in November.


Here in the cauldron at the Stade de France replacing Greig Laidlaw.


Guirado again goes on. Spilled. Lost forward. Strauss has it. Under


pressure from Gourdon. And Russell... Advantage is over now.


And Spedding gathers. That is a curious kick, just taken by Richie


Gray. Russell gets it out wide. And Hogg now. France very aware of his


danger. Price to Russell again and onto Brown. Most pass on the inside.


And now he gets it onto Vakatawa. Onto 11 macro. On the Lopez. And it


is on for Gael Fickou. Two, three, four blue shirts taking him down.


Serin again complains. Scrum-half wave. Vahaamahina. Out it comes to


Lopez. France look to make good ground again. Goujon. The yardage


coming a bit more easily for France. Picamoles, shrugged it off. It is


still with France. Through goes Nakaitaci. Atonio... Through to


Lopez again. Here comes Lamerat. Gael Fickou. Gael Fickou is still


going. Now with Sebastien Vahaamahina. Ten metres out. Inside


ball. Still from the giant. Picked up by Vakatawa and out to Lopez. And


Spedding into the blue shirts. Half an hour gone. And all France at the


moment. The forwards, Maestri, leads them on. Advantage to Scotland, to


France. Guirado. Still advantage. Still the penalty advantage to


France. Within six metres of the line. Serin looking once more to the


forwards. Carried over by Goujon. And once more Sebastien Vahaamahina


taken down by Berkeley, still penalty advantage, inside, it comes


to Vakatawa. He tried to get the final off-load. Now out wide they


try. Camille Lopez. Serin. Wide. Spedding. And the try eventually


comes. It had to come for France. The Stade de France roars its


approval. The French public are looking for an impact, what a score.


So great in defence from Scotland but sometimes no matter how tough


and Brady Watt in defence the attack outflank Siew. Brilliant play by the


French. -- can outflank you. So much about what we love about French


rugby. Fast, off-loading, determined and always willing to give that


extra pass and Gael Fickou diving over in the corner. We are talking


about great young talent. He has been around for a long time. He made


his debut as an 18-year-old, Gael Fickou, now 22. And his fifth try.


Scored against Scotland last year. Does it again. A chance to make it


13-5. The way France come forward it is just that little bit harder for


Scotland, seems harder work. France are getting the ball so quick at the


breakdown of the Scottish defence cannot set. The line speed is slow


and they cannot attack and cuts down the options for France. Lopez on the


touchline. A left footed kicker. Just inside the post this time. 15-5


France lead. Gael Fickou's try. There are so many uploads in there


as well. We spoke about the size and the weight of the French pack but


each and every one of them, look at the hands-free contact, trying to


play at a tempo and that was a fantastic drive. Again looking for


Vakatawa. A wonderful take coming forward. And Ali Price digging away.


Scotland have a platform. On the edge of the 22. Finn Russell. Lovely


off-load to Strauss. Batting aside 11 macro. Scotland within seven,


eight metres. Penalty advantage now to Scotland. -- batting aside Serin.


He runs into the wall and Hamish Watson now, rolling forward. Great


power. And still advantage for Scotland. Carried in now by Johnny


Gray. Still advantage. With the men in blue. Fraser Brown, Richie Gray


trying to drag them along. Still the referee has his arm outstretched for


advantage. Johnny Gray planted for it and drives. France said their


defence. Almost through the middle. Plays it back. Ali Price giving it


on again. It is Brown who carries. Price looking for it. Russell.


Russell almost threw himself. Looking for quick ball now. Price,


white it goes, it goes, intercepted, they will come for the penalty. The


chances that have to be taken. They will have that penalty. It was


Baptiste Serin giving away the penalty. Two or three times E has


played long advantage which has helped this game. Because there is


so many opportunities and attacking play, it took a long advantage for


France and a long advantage is there for Scotland. It is great to see


because we are seeing some fantastic rugby. They are going for the posts.


It comes with the frustration that they were so close to the try. But


still very early in this game. The uploads stakeout, don't they? 12-2.


I think that is a conscious decision. -- stick out. I think they


are really trying to wear down the French which is a very brave thing


to do. In both the Scottish set up now for many years and in France as


well, a great second row player, Heinz. Russell now taking the kicks.


Which he does regularly for Glasgow. They have got some pretty


interesting salons here in Paris. -- selling armour here in Paris. --


selling along here in Paris. He has struck it well. Five minutes to go


in this first half. Greig Laidlaw can only watch. Again the tell-tale


signs. Again, they are very concerned, concerning signs for


Scotland going forward. Russell gets Scotland within a five. It all came


from the restart. He has been taken off the field for a head injury


assessment. Who is captain now, they are asking. That half hour has taken


its toll. John Hardie will be on for that head injury assessment to John


Barclay. Both teams are choosing to attack the ball, to try and get it


back. You often see teams saying, I will go for field position and kick


it deeper. But both teams are really trying to attack. I think the


mindset is clear that they are both wanting to play rugby, which is


obvious, they want to play rugby, but attacking. I imagine it is


Johnny Gray... In the leadership group, he has captained Glasgow.


Here is Johnny Gray. He takes it down. Trying to get the maul moving


forward. The ball at the back. John Hardie, number 20, on four John


Barclay while he is having that head injury assessment. Mackay touchy


waiting for that one. -- Nakaitaci. The assistant says it is fine. The


crowd obviously disapproved. I think I would want to check that challenge


here. Scotland get it and Scotland get the penalty as well. Since that


spell of French dominance the last couple of passages of play have gone


Scotland's's wave. They have had a look. -- Scotland's way. This is the


penalty. So much pressure. We mentioned the outside channel. Going


back to the fair contest. Well... Finn is not going for the ball, is


he? I think he is off the pace by a yard and still competing. What saved


him here is he is looking at the ball and he is in the air. It is one


of those decisions which can really go either way. Scotland are being


given a real opportunity here a couple of minutes from half-time to


draw within two points. It is straight enough. And bang on


the camera. Scotland, it seems certainly against the tide of the


match, they are within two points. They have lost their captain, lost


their stand in captain at the moment, John Barclay. It is hard


work, it is taking it out of them but they are in touch heading


towards half-time. The restart again is so important. Lopez and Strauss


watching this one for Scotland. And Nakaitaci, got to him. And Ali


Price, his second for Scotland. Russell. The laser that pass. Onto


Hamish Watson again. -- he delays that pass. Scotland still deep in


their own land. Up it goes from price. And through they go now to


Goujon. Towards the Scottish 22. And just before half-time France looking


to find that try one more time. Vakatawa carried it in. On it goes


through Baille and Goujon. Scotland looking to weather the storm one


more time and get into the dressing room. A crashed ball from Gourdon.


They come forward, they have taken some points, France. The ball is out


but it is still there for France as we go towards 40 minutes, carried by


Gourdon, John Hardie got them around. Still with France again.


Still that sharp all and forward at the heart is over. Scotland will be


mightily relieved to get out of this half two points adrift because they


were up against it at times. It has been a physical opening 40 minutes.


France really carrying the line and hitting Scotland hard. Scotland have


taken the physicality to France to try and really wear them down.


Should maybe help in the second half. An interesting first half with


two fantastic tries. France have the lead, 13 points to 11. STUDIO: That


Stuart Hogg try briefly but Scotland ahead on the scoreboard. The bit


Scottish player to score in four or more Six Nations games. Gael Fickou


likes scoring against Scotland. That helped to take it out for France,


putting them ahead 13-11 at half-time. One of the interesting to


statistics, metres made. You got to think at some point that will


exhaust the French players. That is the Scottish home. Possession even.


Tackles made a bit more to France. And carries also fairly even. I


guess it isn't even, tight, exciting Test match you would expect from a


site that has just defeated Ireland and one just lost against England.


It has been tight, physical, intense. We have seen injuries and


tries. A good 40 minutes. Their white will Vern Cotter be pleased


with how they weathered the storm at the end? I think this is the vital


period. With the injury to Greig Laidlaw there was an adaptation


period when Alex Rice came on. A couple of penalties at the end. That


is a solid first half from Scotland. -- when Ellie Price came on. They


missed an opportunity when the penalty was reversed. Thomas, we


can't hear you at the rumoured, and we want to hear it back on what


you've got to say, so let's get you a mic that works. We showed patience


and determination. We have been tremendous, you know, in this first


half. The power of our scrum is very interesting. It brings us a very


good platform in that game. That smack look back at some of the key


moments. Stuart Hogg, a record equalling four consecutive Six


Nations tries. We know when he he doesn't always do the obvious thing.


Hard work from Finn Russell in this. It was team try, wasn't it? It


really was, so many phases. His dancing feet, he takes it back on.


Off-loading, trying to off-load all the time. We saw last week,


sometimes a bouncing ball can favour the attacking side because the


defence are drawn in. But Stuart Hogg just finish us off brilliantly.


We can see from behind, the running off the ball that Stuart Hogg does.


They are lined up, that is fine. Look at Cyril Baille, doesn't work


off the ball as well as Stuart Hogg does. Looking in, I is on the ball,


Stuart Hogg has been run. It could have been Hamish Watson. The key


thing was that Scotland had an advantage, a penalty advantage. You


could see when that was given, there was a raising of the tempo from


Scotland. Greig Laidlaw could afford to throw a riskier pass. As we know,


we built careers on throwing bad passes to create tries. It can be a


key to score. I think Vakatawa, you know, he should have stayed on the


wing. He got involved too quickly. He didn't really help his team in


that action. It was very similar to the setup for the Argentina try


which we saw the start of the programme. Off-loaded it, Scotland


were under the cosh at that point, it got them back in the game, got


there offensive game going. In many ways, it was the boot of Lopez that


was going to keep the scoreboard ticking over for France. But the try


of Fickou was very similar, it even try with 18 phases in the end. It is


the kind of try that we wouldn't have scored a few years ago. France


has changed, we are more patient, you can see that. Fickou was asking


for the ball for a very long time. You can see, this French team worked


really hard, the forwards worked really hard, and we managed to speed


the ball up on the breakdown. All the time we made some off-load and


kept the ball for a very long time, which was quite unusual in the last


few years. They played with such ambition before that, coming out of


their own half, there off-loads, trying to get that ball in. It


reminded me of Toulouse in the mid-2000s, when Guy Noves coached


them. The French team attacks from the home 22. It was an extraordinary


opening three minutes or so. There were two potential interceptions.


Maitland nearly made them pay within the first couple of minutes of the


match. A breathless start. The passage of play was just incredible.


You know, it try from France, they looked very dangerous there.


Scotland's defence was good, the ball comes off Mike Brown. Allan


Dell gives it to Sean Maitland. -- off the ground. Look at them come


virgin. We thought that was stopped, especially when the ball in is


knocked on here. France decided to attack in their own half. Big long


pass from Spedding. You can see, Huw Jones read the game very well. Look


at that he almost got it. He should have had back there. Maitland, look


at this. Nakaitaci. He had his boot taken off, watch it very closely.


Alex Dunbar has got the red but in his hand. Are you going to put it


down? No, I'm going to lob it 40 yards down the pitch! Is that


sportsmanship there? I saw the brute emerge I think three times, and then


things settle down a bit on the tries came. Picamoles was a man we


need to pick out. We talked about him ahead of the match. His workrate


was impressive today. The defensive side of his game that you were


saying you were hoping you were going to see more of. Exactly, we


know how good he is ball in hand. We saw that even in defence today he


was quite effective. He made the yards, his tackle was very low, very


powerful. And his threat, you know he has the ball on his legs, he uses


them very welcome even in defence. He tackles very low. He puts so much


pressure on the Scottish players. And they thwart a lot of the


Scottish momentum and attack because of that. When the try came from


Stuart Hogg, Scotland were able to get an extra foot, next regard, you


know, making the next phase a lot easier. It is interesting as the


name goes on -- the game goes on, how that affects momentum. He has


carried four times, 44 metres, he is doing like a quarter of the meters


made. He made three of the off-loads, nearly as much as the


Scottish team. A Scottish team which is very dangerous, he might put some


pressure on them. One of the things that has impressed about Scotland


was the decision making, particularly towards the end. Greig


Laidlaw happy composed head on him. To lose him early in this game is


undoubtedly a bloke. He has been the go to player for bunker. For so


long. His point-scoring and goal-kicking has been exemplary --


for Vern Cotter for so long. He played the first 160 minutes in the


autumn. He got a knock, you can see his ankle, it looked like it got


caught on there and he wasn't right. We were watching it closely, he


certainly wasn't happy. He jumps in, it looks like he has maybe got over


his ankle. This is a massive baptism by Alex Rice -- Alistair Price. He


has been on fire for Glasgow. He made his debut against Georgia, now


here he is in the heart of the Six Nations. He has adapted well. He had


a wee moment with the push on mopeds, but since then he has passed


well, he has organised -- the push on Lopez. He has organised box kicks


and have them on the money. His discipline has to be right as well.


He wanted to get the ball back of Lopez. He pushes him. You know, keep


your head a wee bit. You're not going to get away with that in


international rugby. But he reacted well. Another thing. Finn Russell is


two from two, that transition it saddled everybody down. When you see


Ellie Price next week, what are your words of wisdom to him in a moment


like that -- Alistair Price. There was a time when that Bush would not


have got you a penalty in international rugby but it is more


under the microscope these days. I would say, Alistair, don't do that


again, that was rather silly, he'll learn fast, though. He is an


experienced player, but he learned fast in Glasgow and he will learn


fast today. Plenty more sport to come for you on the BBC this


weekend. Ski Sunday is on BBC Two from 5pm. The Baftas mean that much


of the day two switches to BBC Two this week. -- match of the day two.


That is followed by more Six Nations action.


And Lee McKenzie hosts that, she is also inside with Ali Williams. I am,


bruising physical first half, just how you like your rugby, Ali. What


have you made of it? I think it is a fantastic game. Both sides are


really wanting to play attacks, but the defence, the importance of it


and the physicality, as we spoke about, is huge. I think the British


and Irish Lions are bringing the best out of this competition. I


mean, the Scots are really playing with huge energy and desire, and


individuals are standing up and saying, what about me? Count me in.


For a spectator, I think it's a fantastic atmosphere. Warren Gatland


is somewhere in amongst the crowd. What will he have seen that he


likes? He will like the energy, the spark and excitement that


individuals are showing. It will show the cohesiveness and the times


that they are choosing to attack. Now that Alistair Price is on, I


think you are getting a bit faster ball. But Laidlaw is a lot more


conservative in his approach to attack, it is different. I think the


second half might open up even more. We could get an even more exciting


day. We knew that France were going to be a big pack. We have seen the


scrums and line-outs, the way that the game is being played. There is


going to be a big storm coming in the second half. Who is going to


whether it best? There is definitely some energy. We saw that with the


handbags and fisticuffs before. Which every rugby follower like! But


I think what's happening is a set piece, you have got quite even in


the line-outs, the scrum, the French have definitely got the dominance


there. It's going to come down to a small little factor, whether it is


an interception or a decision by Jaco Peyper, who knows? This game is


going to open up even more, and I think we in store for a pretty good


second-half. You can see how hard both sides had to work for the


price. A number of times the ball was recycled, but quickly a penalty


makes all the difference. It is called scoreboard pressure. One team


is getting the lay of the land and they get points, and the other team


is on the defence, but then it changes, men so bike momentum


changes. In a game from becoming your time comes. Defence is huge.


Most tries are conceded after 10-15 phases of rugby. So, hold the ball


on the fruit will come for you. You have dusted off your rugby boots


again and you are back playing in France. Does this were the appetite


for an international comeback? Or those days over? Those days are well


and truly over. The club days are over? I'm still hanging in there, I


still have a few more seconds left on the clock. I enjoy living here in


France, the energy and excitement they have rugby is second to none.


Very exciting, but looking forward to the second-half. Upper back to


the commentary box. Enjoy your second-half.


Good strike, three points for France. Stuart Hogg scores! He has


done it again! It's ever so tight, two points in


it. If there is anything that Scotland will want to take from the


statistics, in eight out of ten matches from Guy Noves, France have


failed to outscore their opponents in the second half. They will be


looking to put more daylight between themselves in Scotland. Will you


think especially with the weight of the pack, the heavy pack means


potentially not as mobile, not as cardiovascular a injury and, being


kind? We expect the bench to bring a lot in our team. We know it is going


to be difficult. It gets complicated to play against Scotland, because


they can score in any breakdown, they can rob you the ball and score,


like Maitland did, and go over the line. You need to score very quickly


and put some points to be ahead and be confident. You don't want to kind


of go along with the cliches of French fitness within the domestic


rugby setup, but, you know, we hear the tales of the fact that there is


a big gap between the two. You have experience of course, how was the


fitness that? It wasn't something that they focused on. They focused


on what happened on the pitch, which gives you greater gain sense, but,


you know, in an intense game like this, you know, I expect France to


tire. That can only really come into effect if Scotland can control the


ball. This is a really tight game. Scotland will take confidence and


belief from winning a tight game last week against Ireland. I think


this will come down to decisions about fitness. If Scotland can


control the game and get a bit more fluid, Scotland won this game to be


as open as possible in the second half. If they can do that, they can


hire them down and still win it. I think Scotland will be happy in the


way that first half has gone to a newbie two points down. That gives


you a boost in the changing room that they can come out in the


second-half. The opportunity for thin -- Finn Russell to have two


attempts at goal and score, that gives you confidence. The transition


has been made, Price is on, that's it for the second-half. Greig


Laidlaw is fantastic, I think he is 85%. Finn Russell is high 70s, early


80s kick-out. Not bad for a back-up. He does it week in, week out the


Glasgow. You can see him lining up with a smile on his face ready to


take the kick. He will enjoy this challenge. What are your hopes for


France in the second half? I hope we can score quickly. We know that


Scotland can move the ball really well. But they will take some risks.


We can maybe score on the mistakes that they could make. But I really


hope that we won't change our half-backs to early like we did


against England, because I think these half-backs, you know, are well


into the game again to date. The crowd behind France. You don't


always get that after 40 minutes here. We have heard booing ring out


before now. They hope the French team can score themselves the first


win of the Six Nations. But Scotland have other plans. Let's drawing our


commentary team, Ali Williams, Chris Paterson and Andrew Cotter.


COMMENTATOR: Scotland start the second half as they finish. There is


Greig Laidlaw. Up against Wales in a fortnight. Scotland within two


points. One of the points we are talking about in the studio is


fitness, which is to favour fitter sides come the final 20 minutes, the


fit of 15s, but that's not the case any more. Have you got players to


come on and play 20, 30 minutes from the bench. Fitness is not as much of


an advantage as it used to be. But France, from Goujon, a bump from


Hardie, and I think Hardie might have done himself in mischief there.


And Chardy... Well, no, Hardie and Goujon, I think both players are in


trouble. There was a big collision. Goujon was running hard, Hardie hit


behind. It is good that the players pointed it out to the referee and


the referee stepped in. You could hear that. I think it was on the


head. Oh... A sickening thump as they came


together. Yeah, they will both have to leave the field, I think.


Certainly for an assessment. You can see by the body shape. He has to go


and get checked. Both will have their head injury assessment, that


is a maximum of ten minutes to be assessed by an independent doctor.


John Hardie throws himself in, as quite a lot of back rows do, but the


pictures tell the story there. Not really an assessment here. The right


thing needs to be done. It's probably his day. He played a match


last week for Leinster against Munster, just on the back of an


ankle injury sustained in the autumn. James Robinson goes off and


Tim Swinson comes on, and John Hardie, Loann Goujon is in a


slightly better way. But Tim Swinson is on. By nature a second row but


can play back row as well. It will be interesting to see of Swinson


goes to the second row and maybe Jonny Gray drops back. It looks like


Swinson is going to go to the blindside. They both can play back


row. As you can see, the duty of care and the accuracy of how head


injuries are treated, it is of vital importance. The most important thing


is that he is OK. That is a big loss on top of John Barclay. Scotland


have lost two very heavy back rowers. There he is, Swinson,


packing down number 19 on the flank. Early in the match today, using up


the reserves on the bench. Got to keep it up, got to keep it


up. If there is confession, it's three weeks to go. There is a whole


set of protocols you need to go through -- if it is concussion. They


have to do the protocol. You get a maximum of three weeks, if you are


under 18 it is mandatory three weeks. But the best junior cow will


always be taken with these guys. First scrum of the second -- the


best duty of care. It goes to France.


Every side does it. There is still a little letter in the law that it is


supposed to go down to a straight -ish channel. But it just goes


straight into the second row now. That is one of the strangest you


will ever see. It's what you can get away with.


It's knowing the referee. If you can get away with that... Taking down by


France. An opportunity to come forward again. The French national


anthem is ringing out in the Stade de France. Penalty vote Scotland.


Quickly taken by Alistair Price. The replacement scrum-half takes


Scotland to the ten metre line. Comes off the legs. A little knock


forward for Scotland. The referee says it's OK. Dunbar carries it.


Russell under pressure. Flips it well to Tommy Seymour, red touch for


him. Chasing it down. Seymour on his own, looks full support. And its


Swinson! Tim Swinson, fresh on the field, and takes Scotland into an


unlikely lead! Again, the bounce of a rugby ball can do strange things


to a full-back. Spedding undone by it. The quick hands gives you more


the opportunity. It is this pass from Finn Russell, the footwork, he


slid the ball away to Seymour, whose was pretty high. Tim Swinson coming


on, usually a second row, but he has got the support right down to 80,


right up the middle of the field, staying in the game. First try for


Scotland, Tim Swinson. He has been the man for Scotland, for Glasgow.


Oh, my word! Looking at the replay of the try,


rather than looking at the replay of the conversion, look at the bounce


on this fob or old Scott Spedding. -- for poor old Scott Spedding. He


was rushed, he got told to speed up and the ball flops over right at the


last minute. It's crawling along the ground like a caterpillar, no good!


Slimani is an, Atonio is off. Gordon Reid is going to come on for


Scotland is well on the front row. It comes down to fine margins. That


kick will be watched time and time again. Time running out. 90 seconds


to take a conversion. From the try being scored you have 90 seconds to


take the conversion. He must have got a call from the referee to hurry


up, and an heeded. You have got a couple of seconds to compose


yourself before having a kick. Spilling forward, France have it


through their captain. Guirado looking...


Gourdon barges through. France within five metres. They come all,


Russell digs away at him. Slimani, try scorer at African last week. And


-- at Twickenham. The swell of sound inside the Stade de France. Baille,


the loosehead prop, sets it back. A little much forward from Nakaitaci.


Like a tower runs for the advantage. Penalty coming their way. --


Vakatawa. A penalty now. Stuart Hogg got away with murder


there. That was a hell of a tricky play. He made the tackle, got


back-up, and came back on the line of the tackle. So they took out the


supporting player. It was brilliant. It is all from the kick off again.


Both teams have tried to win it back. As you said, the first half,


as soon as the French get a sniff they come alive. The atmosphere


comes alive. Scotland will be quite content, content to concede only


three here after this light break from Gourdon. He did this last week.


Powerful, blasting through the space. What Stuart Hogg, this is


brilliant. He gets the tackle, gets back up on his feet. We missed it!


Anyway. Mike even stopping Vakatawa in that corner took a lot of effort


from the Scottish backs. So much rugby being played in this game, is


a joy to watch. Camille Lopez. After that bizarre conversion miss by Finn


Russell he has an opportunity to bring France level.


No such mishaps by Camille Lopez. 16 points of these. -- apiece.


Finn Russell looking to get going again. But the referee says to stay


steady for a moment. Given that a bit too much perhaps. Straightout.


Bacca Tower, a mistake at the restart. And all the way back. They


talk and talk about them, but the restarts in this game have been


telling. A frustrating mistake from Finn Russell. Not a lot in it, but


it carried too far. It's no surprise they have opted for the scrum, it


opens up both sides of the attack. Is solid base as well. Goujon is


waiting to come back on after his assessment. So he is deemed to be of


sound mind. A reminder that Scotland have lost


Greig Laidlaw to an ankle injury, John Barclay with a head injury


assessment. He didn't return after half-time. John Hardie was certainly


worse for wear, he came off. Scotland digging into the reserves


early on. So much to play for in this match towards 50 minutes.


And France but the drive on, penalty coming, held that the back. It's


within kicking distance. But with bad level of superiority at the


scrum, it's just such a platform to build upon. It is a warning sign,


especially when they are playing such attacking rugby, you get the


lock on. There it goes to the scrum. It gives France the ability to


settle, gain a penalty like this. And start again. Just a reminder


that Scotland have first choice props in Allan Dell and Dickinson,


Dickinson should be back sooner. It is hard work today. Even there, so


much dominance in the scrum. As a rugby enthusiasts, you see the ball


being played. They are so dominant, yet they haven't had a goal. They


always come back for the penalty. Lining up from 50.


A penalty reminder from Jaco Peyper. Distance is not necessary for Scott


Spedding, he can kick them out from 60 easily. Not necessarily in the


right direction, however. But a good nudge.


He was interrupted, from Jaco Peyper as well.


Scotland flinging it about ahead of this 22 restart. Half an hour to go.


All tied up. Have we got to the bottom of Finn Russell's hairdo? His


headband? He took a knock against Zander Fagerson, and since then he


has worn it. It looks like he has got his GPS on the front of it, to!


Sebastien Vahaamahina, a little bit of space for Spedding.


Fine for somebody to claim, says the referee. Baille through Nakaitaci.


The roar from the crowd as they get into the 22, Dunbar tries to get


over that ball. Oh, and they spill. It was Goujon crying for it.


Hogg can't work miracles there. Richie Gray. Trying to pile his way


through the diminutive Camille Lopez.


And spreading weights. To launch another attack. So strong at


Twickenham, Spedding. And Strauss is still going. Some tired looking


bodies for Scotland at the moment. As Maestri took it in.


A lovely off-load as well. Gourdon doing his bit again. This time he


hangs onto it. Swinson was there to take the pass. Swinson has played


his part since he came on. Twice. Price was on the way. Down the


blindside. Chipping and chasing. He has got Maitland onside. The ball


comes back. On through Strauss and Jones. A chip through. Is it too


long? Heading towards the corner. And all the way out it goes and back


they come. Just the wrong weight on it. And Spedding and many others


taking a rest. A great counterattack by Spedding. Hamish Watson is


putting a lot of pressure on in the contact. I think we all need a rest


after that. You heard on the referee microphone calling for the chip from


Stuart Hogg. Really good communication. I think Jones should


keep this in hand. I know it is after a long period of play. But you


have got France on the black -- a back foot and they are doing really


hard. Ross Ford is waiting to come on. France are about to make a


change with Huget just going through his stretching. He will come on for


Vakatawa. Interesting change. He is obviously a very powerful player,


Huget. Scott Spedding was stretching. Looked a little bit


vulnerable after the last contact. He gives way for Huget. He will make


an impact. Very dangerous with the ball. Very power. A scrum again.


Some trepidation by Scotland. There he goes. Crouch, bind, set. France


will look for the drive again. Just looking for the penalty here.


Scotland will be splintered a bit. This time it is Picamoles, with


those big arms, handing off. Ten yards made. Lopez gets in the way


well. WHISTLE Penalty for Scotland. Applause again for a defensive


effort. Just a little bit wasteful but good work again at the breakdown


by Scotland. Every time Picamoles is carrying he is making metres but


he's almost running away from the support. And Scotland are coming


back in the maul and ruck situation, giving them a few more


opportunities. I think they are going to have a go at goal with the


big boot of Stuart Hogg. He has got the distance on this one. Fully 54


metres or so, however. This should be an issue. After conceding yardage


from the line break from Picamoles and one two others they are coming


out really hard in defence and forcing the attacker towards the


contact, supporting where players have come from and trying to put the


pressure on and winning penalties at the breakdown. Alex Dunbar is


playing like a fourth flanker. He is putting so much heat on that maul --


ruck it is incredible. Hogg. The atmosphere is fairly still at the


Stade de France. Not much breeze. And in trying to get a bit of a next


to nudge he also does what Scott Spedding did. And a wild one. And


France are ready to bring on Maxime Machenaud. Baptiste Serin will head


off. He is much more combative, Maxime Machenaud. He will get in


among the breakdown. I like Baptiste Serin as a player. Very fluent, very


good player, but Maxime Machenaud is far more aggressive in the


breakdown. A long 22. Russell taking it above his head. Strauss. Strauss


into Picamoles. And Slimani. He does well. Russell again. A spillage and


a chance for France to come again. Maitland getting back their decides


he should do the job. Scotland under pressure now. A setback for Ali


Price. A penalty. Then gave away the penalty. And Ali Price, pretty quick


to take the running penalty sometimes. A calm ahead, a more


experienced head... Working hard to get back and then the ball pops in.


It is not in the ruck so he cannot use his hands. Into Fraser Brown and


the turnover. Maxime Machenaud tipped it up and his first impact


was to keep long. I think it was Alex Dunbar. I was talking about the


work, Alex Dunbar, he has been down a few times. He has often been that


extra plank. He is a physical player. Both in defence and


offensively. Then it will come on. He is just getting his tracksuit. --


Mark Bennett. The game opens up, it may suit him. I think Vern Cotter,


we will see it half-time, he was really speeding this game up,


challenging the French fitness wise and challenging their vision. Are


they seeing what we are seeing? They are waiting for Mark Bennett to come


on. Here he is, for Alex Dunbar. Three knocks for Scotland with


Berkeley, Hardy and now Alex Dunbar. As Chris was saying, Mark Bennett is


a very different player. A very talented attacking player, slighter


than Dunbar. Strauss. Does very well. And Russell holds it out. He


had to leap to take it and try and get something from not much. Johnny


Gray. And on through Richie Gray. Russell seeing what is available.


Just carries it in, setting it back again. Fraser Brown. Vahaamahina.


Strauss once more the ball carrier and that is a heavy hit by Slimani


and Goujon. Mark Bennett. And every time the crowd is groaning and


loving Beckett -- the hit. Battering away at the half lane -- halfway


line. A flat pass taken in by Mark Bennett. The blues is the cry.


Fagerson and Russell. Strauss. Did well taking that path. Spinning to


Lopez. It is stolen. And France have got a chance to counter. And an


ugly, ugly pass coming out for Picamoles. It was forward and


Picamoles with the mistake. We do not say that very often but the


Scottish scrum... Strauss is taking aim to himself as well. He is having


to do so much of carrying full Scotland. Every contact is maximum.


A hard tackle by Lopez. This is the one I think which resulted in the


turnover by France. Guirado patching the ball and bat is a poor pass. It


is a little full Scotland because he was outside for Gael Fickou and


Huget. The game is so physical. Simon Berghan is going to come on


for Scotland. Scottish back row reserves are expired. What is


important now, because it is so attritional and exhausting, you have


to play in the right areas of the field, so territory becomes more


important. Maybe at the start of the game when there was more


free-flowing rugby, you have got to apply pressure, territory and look


for the penalty, look for the drop goal to get your sob ahead. Which I


do not think unfortunately papers Scotland. A loose game is profiting


Scotland a lots more. The lock is coming on. And another change in the


front row for France as well, Xavier Chiocci. He is such a strong loser.


He is a big man. I have had the pleasure of being behind him on


quite a few occasions in some dark and ugly places. And Christopher


Tolofua is going to come on. He is a big man himself, making his debut. A


New Zealander with a family from sterling. And straight down with the


tight head. For the first time in international rugby. Crouch, bind,


said. And the decision is a free kick. Strauss. Strauss is just


giving his body to the cause, literally. A bit of damage there.


Goujon with the stop. Goujon again. I think it is Picamoles. Collision.


No, it wasn't. It is a yellow bird. It is Goujon. Goujon has taken a bit


of punishment today, as well. Another shoulder drive in there but


you have got to get your head out of there. It on the side. You should


drive back. But he goes to his dominant left. Always takes a risk


when you put your head in front of your knees all your hips. Moving


very slowly towards the final quarter of the match because we have


had so many breakdowns now for injuries, for impact. It is a brutal


game. And France are ready to make two more changes now. Damien Chouly


is going to come back on and Christopher Tolofua is going to come


on. Let's go. Avenue to play. Referee is saying you have to play.


-- you have to play. I have had enough! Let's call it a draw. 20


minutes away from the first to draw since 1987 in the World Cup between


these two side. 27 points apiece. A classic 3-3 draw was the last in the


capital macro-5 Nations in 1996. 20 minutes. 16 points apiece. I am not


sure this scrum is going to last too long. The referee says play on.


Strauss just try to get through full stop he has done so well. Past


Gourdon and Scotland still moving forward. Price. Offside. Penalty for


Scotland and an opportunity here again from just inside the French


half. Might well have another go at it. It is going to be a pop to the


corner this time. A better scrum, it has gone much lower. The height is


so much lower. Gave him enough control in the last two scrums,


coming from the back and doing really well to make yardage. Every


time he gets up it looks like it is his last play but it is almost like


there is something in him and he is giving it everything and it is


amazing. In the back row already, he played back row before he swapped


the hooker, so I assume he would be the natural replacement if Josh had


to go. The positive for Scotland, Dunbar is coming back on so he has


passed the head injury assessment. Mark Bennett is off. Maybe appearing


again later. Josh Strauss has gone beyond the call of duty today for


Scotland. The Linux taken down by Swenson. Try scorer in the Stade de


France. -- line-out. -- Swenson. A pass to the finish. And France will


get there. Leave it. Once again tempers are expiring. This time it


is Johnny Gray and Damien Chouly. Johnny Gray back for a bit more,


alongside his brother. It would be an interesting dinner table


conversation. Where were you, mate? I was on my own! It is French ball


at the scrum. I would expect to see Picamoles launching from the back


again at this scrum. Lining up inside. Lopez as well. The crowd


that area. Penalty to France. Immediately taken by the front row.


For Scotland. And it will be a much easier territory for France now.


Will try and poke it all the way down the field. Those scrums are


getting messy. Just trying to say, look, let's not get away with


anything, just resetting the game and a slowing it up. I would say it


sort of terms the Scottish to favourites at the moment with the


scrums. They were much lower, not looking for a big shop but actually


stability and it was better. Line-out taken safely. He was


therefore France. Held at the back by the captain, Guirado. The


Scottish defences are splintering. And through the debris comes France


once more into the 22, rolling along. What grounds they have made.


Advantage to France as well. The penalty is there for them. Points


are on offer. Picamoles. And France still come. They know that penalty


is there. Machenaud feeds in. Wide it goes now. They come for the


penalty. 17 and three? And an opportunity for France again to take


the lead. One after the other from that driving maul. It has moved a


fair rate for the French. I assume they will try and kick for the gold.


But after that last line-out, will they go to touch? You would admit


quite happily that he would accept the three points, because of the way


the matches going and the momentum France have, and that is what France


is doing for the corner, they are going for the jugular, with 15


minutes to go and the Stade de France is applauding it. It is


mixed. I think that is a crazy move, to be honest. I think points are


valuable at a time like this. The crowd are getting. And a wave again.


They would love to see France over that Scottish try line. Along it


goes. They try to take it down. They pile up. They missed the ball. Four


or five average players. Picamoles. In the heart of it. Right at the


centre of the old now. The ball is therefore France. Within five


metres. Can the Scottish defence stand firm? Picamoles. Takes it back


now. Maxime Machenaud giving it on. Carried forward by the replacement


prop forward. Advantage for France as well. Another penalty is coming


and Lopez, so close. Through to the base of the post. Cannot quite get


there. France forward and then back into the heart of things, carried in


by Johann Boucher. Penalty advantage. Well, they want the try.


It may still come. But they will have to try again. Maybe the scrum


this time. Another Scottish man is down injured. Just so much


courageous defence from Scotland. The French just keep coming at you,


wave after wave, power, every ball-carrier. Brown is down injured,


as well. He has been so brave in the tackle and in contacts today. You


saw how hard France had to work for that try with Gael Fickou, I think


it was 20 phases. So much courage in defence and attack. Picamoles, like


you did last week, carrying hard. Inches in the ground. Keep trying to


make another inch. Inside defence covers, I think that is Fraser Brown


in the collision, taking a knock. Another interesting decision for the


French. A penalty underneath the posts. A dominant scrum. Almost


guaranteed three points. Fraser Brown looks to be leaving the field


as well. Watson comes on. Ford earning his 104th appearance. And


France are waving inside the Stade de France. But this will be a scrum


right under the posts. Scotland would have been quite happy


to concede just three points there. But an opportunity. France will be


targeting the shop impossible penalty, penalty try. Picamoles. --


a key note in this match. In it goes. From Machenaud. Not yielding.


Using it, says the referee. He spills it! He has spilled it and


they have tried to clear! We will check. Machenaud flung himself upon


it. Plenty to look at. John Lacey coming in. There was a spilled from


Lamerat and then a kick charged down. The spillage. He is reaching


for the line-out. No, that is a try because of the line. Control? The


TMO, it is his decision. You can see him watching it. I would give that.


I think it is a try, as well. There has to be minimal contact between


the ball, hand and the ground. He has got contact. His pinky finger


has gone through. And the decision is... Got a decision for you. He has


lost control, the ball has gone forward... I think that is harsh.


Scrum to the defence. That is a huge decision. That has amazed me, to be


honest. The word was control, wasn't it? Lost control in possession. It


looks to me like he just managed to get that down. It does not get


Scotland out of the woods. They have to take the scrum. I imagine huge


pressure coming from the French. Loads of people watching that will


not be able to believe it. Scotland still under huge pressure on their


own scrum. Holding that ball. Ali Price. The


referee says, get it in now. And the crowd are baying for Scottish blood.


Ali Price showing a lot of maturity there. That was a good skill to hold


off. He could see his team had not got that dominance, that stable


platform. I assume if you are Scotland you just once this ball in


hand to clear your lines. Finn Russell is quite fast. I wonder if


Strauss is going to try and get a view more metres out and get a


better base to clear from. -- a few more. Stable at. France pile


through. Penalty. They are moving it around, France. How they have


emerged from that with a penalty to clear without conceding any points,


astonishing. Not driving straight. Across. The angle, he went out and


he came back in. It is one of those things where you really want to try


and do a dominant piece of play down there and you give yourself a


penalty... That is a good kick as well from Finn Russell. Almost to


halfway. He has come round on his left. He is not pushing straight.


That is a penalty all day. A very powerful scrummage player but legal


on that occasion. Heading to the final ten minutes. The Scottish line


at just inside their own half. Scotland looking for a first win in


France since 1999. That is certainly not straight, is it? The referee has


a look and he says it is fine. Hamish Watson. What an effort he has


put him. Gordon Reid plays scrum-half. Johnny Gray setting it


back. A long final ten minutes coming up. Russell off-loading.


Dunbar is there. Trying to help out but again avoiding the red and blue.


They come in. Hugh Jones taken down by Slimani. A penalty now to France.


Holding onto the ball. And it is certainly gettable. Maxime


Machenaud, isn't it? He does that so often for his club. He is so


combative at the breakdown. Penalty for his side. I do not think there


is any doubt about the decision here. They are going to try and take


the three points. Jones picks and goes for the tackle. Strong as an


ox. Wide base, over the ball. Two or three Scottish clear and cannot get


him. And around the neck, you cannot clear out as easily as you used to.


Just limping over it. Setting it up here for Lopez. He could not score


moments ago from the attack but France have an opportunity now. You


cannot help but think about the conversion. Well, exactly. Finn


Russell. That may be looked at later on. But Lopez now... It is good from


Lopez. Silence turning to roars of approval from the Stade de France.


France in front. Just over eight minutes remaining. They craved this


victory. They need it. They came close against England, Australia,


England away. They simply had to beat Scotland at home, according to


French supporters. And finally... Christopher Tolofua on for the


restart. And now Lopez. Hogg is there. He had to take an awkward one


bouncing in front of him. Gourdon gets him down. Forward. Off-loading.


Still flinging it around and Russell is almost through and still going.


He is looking for the upload but it is risky and it is France with the


ball. Staying on. It is a French ball. You can see how dangerous


Scotland still are if they get their hands on the ball. It gets them out


of that. The pressure they have been under. It gives them the opportunity


to launch an from Russell. He tries to get his hands free to get the


ball away. He should hold onto that. Hold it and try and apply pressure


to the French. You must say, another cracking game in the six Nations. A


lot of drama left in it yet in the final six or seven minutes. -- Six


Nations. The Scottish players that have not been replaced, the grey


brothers, Strauss, I mentioned, Hamish Watson on the plank. So many


injuries with Laidlaw, Dunbar and Hardy. -- on the bench. WHISTLE This


will be stuck to the corner. Again, there is only so far you can go with


a competitive scrum. It is unusual because the Scottish Crown -- scrum


is a sort of shared and the French are going directly through them. Was


there much difference between that one and the one where the Scottish


won the penalty on their own line? Yes, but the French stayed straight


on this one. They try to do what the French did last time and this is


what is creating indecision, as well. A replacement at fly half.


Duncan Weir is on for Finn Russell. Finn Russell might have expected to


play the final five minutes but Duncan Weir comes on. Looking to dig


them out of this position, three points adrift and France with the


ball and playing to the line. Here comes the driving maul for France.


And down to ground it goes. And advantage to France. Penalty. Hope


is running out now for Scotland. Louis Picamoles, starts at number


ten to have another kick at goal. Just a reminder as well, the bonus


points in Six Nations this year, is losing bonus point is a defeat by


seven points or fewer. Scotland are within that at the moment, and still


would be if France were to knock this Cachova. Strange to be talking


about losing bonus point as something. You think about how close


it is at the end of the championship, the difference between


the teams in the table, you want to come away with something. You can


see, that last image shows how difficult it is to be a referee.


There's so much going on, players are part and players low. You need


to know where the ball is in and around them, so difficult. Another


opportunity for Camille Lopez. Yes, he is clinching his fist and


celebrating. France now have a 6-point lead. Scotland looking for


miracles in the final four minutes. Barely threatened the French try


line for so long, but they need a converted try. Some moments from the


second half, the impetus put in by both sides. Earlier in the match as


well, so Greig Laidlaw. He has long since departed. The restart crucial


again. Taken well by Julien Le Devedec.


Scotland needed to claim that. Brought to a brief standstill by


Ford, and on once more. And from deep, Lopez swivels. Takes it to


Duncan Weir. Infield to Maitland. The Ulster. -- little step. Alistair


Price doing well. The young scrum-half sets it back. Jones comes


into play at scrum-half. Scotland in desperation on the attack. Jonny


Gray, back from cordon. -- Gourdon. Scotland making ground. They need


more than a penalty, more than a drop goal. Hamish Watson. Scotland


looking for something magical here now. Still going. Le Devedec gets to


him. Just over two minutes remaining. For all this effort. And


the Gray runners linkup. Duncan Weir. And Gordon Reid. Round it


goes. Nakaitaci has it for France. Chasing


it down himself. Bit of open space for Stuart Hogg.


Slips, remains on his feet and still going on. And again breaking up. A


final chance for Scotland. Machenaud slows things down. Takes his time.


On comes Christopher Tolofua. Towards the final minute. Scotland


still within seven points. But they still dream of a win in Paris for


the first time since 1999. They need that ball. And the scrum strikes up


again in the Stade de France. France, so close to the win to


revive their title challenge. Ball is available, available to be


cleared. France taking things down now, Tolofua.


No mistakes from France. Little pockets of three weight and carry.


Gray tries to script Gourdon. Still with France, seconds remaining. And


again, the forwards weight. And carry, and soak up the clock. And


the countdown is on until the clock goes red. Back it goes. And goes the


ball. And victory for France! Celebration in the Stade de France.


Well, it shows that it means so much to France to have that win. But it


is a French win. And they simply had to get that to relieve the pressure


to satisfy their followers. And for Scotland, it's not quite nothing,


there is a losing bonus point, but they wanted, expected and hoped for


so much more. They gave so much effort. A huge amount of effort,


courageous and brave. They really managed that final minute and a


half, they wanted to retreat into their own 22 so they could kick them


out. It is a win from France as a hugely bruising encounter in Paris.


A fantastic match, both teams played with an attacking mindset, they


don't want to win. I think the Scots can be extremely happy with that.


Playing at home for France is huge. Emotionally it is huge. To be


honest, not a bad result. In. You want to win, but not a bad result.


France really stepped up, they're off-load start and they really


attacked. It has taken its toll on these men. Some are having treatment


elsewhere. Laidlaw is off, Barclay and Hardie. Two tries for Scotland,


but victory from France. 22-16. STUDIO: At times it was a compelling


Test match. And really there were moments when France should have been


two scores up, and Scotland's defence, magnificent to keep the


score down to give themselves in the game. But France really, you can


give their massive credit over the past 12 months, where they have come


from and how well they have played. That is their only third win in ten


Test. A very physical performance. They deserved it. They just deserved


it. They showed a lot of courage and bravery. They had a lot of injuries


to deal with. A lot of these guys came through very well. Ali Price


showed the quality international player he is going to be. Lots of


guts and effort. Fraser Brown, Hamish Watson and Richie Gray. They


pitted a big shift. It was just so physical. I think that just told it,


France were able to control the second half a bit more, and just


have those big moments. Scotland never looked like scoring a try, and


when they did, they got a good bounce of the ball. They bossed it


quite well, France. We talked at half-time about the game may be


cutting loose, that helped Scotland, but it didn't work out. It was


almost smacked different halves of rugby. The French pack really


dominated the second half. It was hard for Scotland to get themselves


together. It is so hard to win games in modern rugby. You can see the


French bench and especially the forwards made the difference. As I


said, we needed to score very early in the second half, that is what


Scotland need. We managed to come back row quickly into the game and


put that penalty, you know, it made as comeback 16-16, it was very help.


Like at that point, Scotland should have been a little bit further


ahead. There was a controversial moment with the conversion. Let's


might look at the Lamerat tried, the no cry. All of us here were gassed


that this went away -- were aghast. It was in front of the post and


decided to go for it. There is a finger on the ball, that's all it


is. It's downward pressure. Look at this here. The referee said forward


motion of the ball. I think if you look, we try to close up there. I


think there is a hand, a finger on that there. I think he would be


wanting that tries. He said it lost control, it doesn't matter if you


have got control, if you have got downward pressure, it looked like


the finger was there. We were aghast when the try wasn't given. I totally


agree with that. We will get the reaction from Stuart Hogg, who


scored today, the fifth player after so boring in five consecutive Six


Nations matches. Stewart, such an entertaining match -- after scoring.


A bruising wants everyone to play in. They board of attrition. It was


indeed. France have a massive physical pack. We chucked it away in


the end, I think. What ultimately did it come down to? Hard errors


cost us. We got ourselves in good positions, you can see our patience


in attack. We got a try from it but we didn't respect the ball enough.


Ultimately it cost us. A try from you on your 50th cap, a great


milestone for you regardless of the score? I'm chuffed, a dream to play


for Scotland, but at the end of the day it is not the result will of him


for. Our next job is Wales in a couple of weeks' time so we have to


get ourselves back and go against point. About relations, a


hard-fought battle but ultimately France on the right end of it,


unlike against England. We made a lot of mistakes on the first half


and we can get our game into place. But we desperately needed a win, so


we are going to take that. It was a bruising encounter for both sides, a


real war of attrition. Where did France have the edge over Scotland?


We know it was a big pat? I think it could have gone either way. We were


really lucky to sneak it in there. But we threw away a lot of


opportunities and made a lot of mistakes. We kept Scotland and the


game. We disappointed with our performance. Thanks very much,


Scott. France's first win of the Six Nations campaign means they are up


and running on five points. They got a bonus point last week. Scotland on


five points as well. These bonus points are coming into play, look at


how tight it is making the table. That's my go back to the Tim Swinson


try, a brilliant way to start the second half. ... The try was


interesting, but what happened next? Tommy Seymour gets a nice balance to


the ball, but great work rate by Tim Swinson. Watch this could...


Scotland are celebrating, you have got 90 seconds to make the


conversion. Plenty of time to allow this to happen. The kicking is not


on yet. But look at the time, only 20 seconds going. This code at the


time have really been a tight, tight game. Imagine if Scotland had lost


by a point or two points. Again,... The momentum... Russell is down on


the ground as if he is about to take it. Which you never see, he has


still got plenty of time. Nathan Hines is coming on, throws the


kicking tee. With urgency. We could hear on the ref mic saying, take it,


take it, rush it. It was a really strange is coming on, throws the


kicking tee. With urgency. We could hear on the rest mic saying, take


it, take it, rush it. It was a really strange set of circumstances.


It was just a bit weird. It's quite extraordinary coming the anomalies


and the things that you see. It didn't matter in the end because the


score was not as tight. They will take heart from many aspects of


brilliant performance but they will be gutted to have not got that


second win in the opening games. Of course they will, they could easily


have won the game. We could have been more pragmatic in the last ten


minutes. Finn Russell chose to move the ball a couple of times. But


that's the great thing about Finn Russell, he is going to have a go


and try and win that game. Sometimes it doesn't quite come off but


equally we by saying how brilliant it was and he. For France, this is a


huge step in the right direction. It is a huge step. We had three losses


in the last three games against New Zealand, Australia and England, the


best teams in the world. It is important to win. You can't build a


team on losses. We really needed to improve. Andy, I will give you the


last word but it is going down on the red button because we are going


over there right now. Plenty more action at interviews as well.


Scotland can get the back-to-back opening win in the Six Nations. They


will try again next time. See you on the red button.


MUSIC The roar from the Stade de France


gets the game going. Stuart Hogg scores the point! Spedding!


I've got enemies in Bourton-on-the-Water.


Gabby Logan introduces live coverage of France v Scotland in the second round of the Six Nations. Scotland have never won in Paris in the competition, with their last victory there coming back in 1999 in the old Five Nations. But the Scots did end a ten-year winless run against France at Murrayfield last season, so will be hopeful of a similar outcome at the Stade de France.

Match commentary is by Andrew Cotter, Chris Paterson and Ali Williams, while Thomas Castaignede, Andy Nicol and Mike Blair are with Gabby in the studio.