Cortina, Italy Ski Sunday

Cortina, Italy

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It's the biggest race on the circuit. Fear becomes anticipation.


Nerves become excitement. It's you against the mountain. You need to


focus, to visualise. Every turn, every jump, every gate. In the


starting hut there is time for last-minute adjustments. The clock


counts down. And it's all you. You follow those in history who have


gone before you. Fantastic, brilliant stuff. And hope


to write a new chapter of your own. Sensational!


Can Lindsey Vonn winner? Yes she can. She leads the way.


Hello, and welcome to Cortina D'Ampezzo.


We're in Italy this week for the biggest downhill


It's one of Lindsey Vonn's favourite hills.


With 11 World Cup victories. Five of them on this fast and flowing


downhill course. After victory in Garmisch


last weekend, Lindsey's an overwhelming favourite today,


but just getting to the start hut is no mean feat given how


tough her latest comeback I pretty much became ambidextrous


because I had to put on my make-up with my left hand, I couldn't even


sign my name. I was... Crazy. It's still not great you still can't


straighten it can but you can hold a ski pole. Oh yeah, she's still got


it. Later in the show, we also have


highlights of the epic night race from Schladming,


featuring the best slalom A group which includes


a history-making Brit It's crazy around here, I can't even


walk down the street without being hounded by people, which is cool,


you've got to embrace it. I didn't think it would happen, it caught me


by surprise. No matter how many times I watched it still incredible.


Anyway, this week's programme really is a feast for fans of alpine,


and first, it's the women's downhill from Cortina.


Ahead of the race, Chemmy went to talk to Lindsey Vonn.


of the all-time greats, and continues to prove it's tough


She's refused to vacate the top of the podium. You said it was your


hardest injury to come back from but I thought it was interesting you


kept back until you had come back to the sport about this numbness which


must have been the most scary part. Yeah, I got out of surgery and


couldn't move my hand at all. It scared me to the point where I


didn't want to tell anyone. I pretty much became ambidextrous because I


had to put on my make-up with my left hand, couldn't even sign my


name. It was crazy. You still can't straighten it? But you can hold a


ski pole. Oh yeah, she's still got it. Can Vonn win? Oh yes she can.


That one in Garmisch, even you said it was an emotional win. I didn't


expect that to happen. The last injury was really scary and took a


lot out of me emotionally. You know, to come back and get a win so


quickly was more than I expected. I kind of had a little meltdown.


Winning may have become habit, but it's still special. Garmisch was her


77th World Cup victory and she's getting closer and closer to the


all-time record of 86 World Cup wins, held by stem mark. I met him


last year at the Stockholm city event, he was so nice. -- Stenmark.


He said if I ever get close to breaking his record, he'll come and


watch me. I was like, that would be awesome. That's a true legend, it


sounds like he wants you to break his record. He wants me to, he's not


fake about it, he was very genuine and very sweet. It was really nice.


It was an honour to meet him. If Lindsey stays fit she will beat


Stenmark's record. She wants to test yourself against the men. It's


something she's tried to do before. In 2012 her bid was rejected by ski


racing's governing body. She will lobby them again for a race in 2018.


The question is, why? I train with the guys all the time and I'm always


better when I'm with them, it pushes me to ski faster, push the line,


that's what I want in a race. I want to push myself to the limit. You say


you train with the men, who has given the best advice from the men's


World Cup? Andrew Weibrecht, we were training in Portugal. I couldn't get


this turn right, a double coming onto the flat, kept getting bounced


around, I was like how you running this? He explained it to me. I did


exactly what he said and I beat all the guys except for him. Amazing.


The only beat me by like a tent. He's like, not giving you more tips.


Yeah, you'll be fine! That's what I want in a race, wants to see where I


stand against the best skiers in the world. It's a fact, men are a lot


faster than women. So I want to see where I stand. It's clear watching


that have driven and determined she is. She's come back from serious


injury, three or four times. Is there anything Lindsey Vonn does


that surprises you? Not really, she talked about targeting the 86 wins


Stenmark record. At 77 having released a huge chunk of racing


through injury, 322 days was out of the sport for the last injury alone.


She'd be around a hundred wins if she'd been competing that time.


Stenmark won on slalom and giant slalom and Lindsey has won in all


five disciplines. She is racking up wins in the toughest disciplines.


She's putting her body on the line every time she pushes out of the


start gate. The all-time greats, Tina Maze and the like are still out


there. They are greats from women's skiing, is there anyone in this era


who is a true rival to Lindsey? Beginning of the season, the three


back-to-back wins that Ilka Stuhec achieved were phenomenal, she's now


finally. She's starting to threaten Lindsey Vonn's crown. She's an


amazing character who has been around for ever. She won three world


junior titles. Her mum is still prepping her skis today. The ski


company that she skis on, they employ her to teach the technicians


to do skis fast. There are other women in the competition and Lindsay


had a crash. Her confidence might be dented. Though historically Lara Gut


has never done well on this course, this could be her season. And the


local favourite, an aggressive and dynamic skier, very entertaining.


Lindsey Vonn is the odds-on favourite, but don't count out an


upset. After all, this is downhill skiing,


decided by fine margins. Racing


on the edge of control. This Olympic course is one of the


most beautiful vistas from the start. It was cut for the 1956


Olympics. Let's go and have a look at it. Out onto the start. Really


important. As you go past the refuge, onto this bumpy Traverse,


you come through here, a blind gate you've got to nip inside. These top


turns are so crucial. To carry the speed. There is a little jump in.


Accelerate from 50 to 80 mph in a matter of seconds. The speed going


into this turn is much greater than before. You've got to come high on


the gate, work the outside ski as you come through these terms.


Heading towards the panorama turn, so important to carry the speed


through this section. Because the course starts to flatten out from


this point. Heading towards the last jump. It's a cheese wedge drop-off


right in front of the crowd. Quite a nasty little slap of philandering.


And across the line. An absolutely beautiful course to ski but make no


bones about it, you have to be completely on your game if you want


to win on this course, no letting up from start to finish. Matt Chilton


with the commentary. Not a great deal of snow in the dolomite, but


this has been prepared to perfection ready for the sixth women's World


Cup downhill of the season. Victoria Regensburg on her way for Germany.


Clear German number one since the retirement of her rival a couple of


seasons ago. Plunges down with pillars of dolomite rock on either


side. A truly spectacular backdrop. The Italian is leading at this


stage. Regensburg has the quickest time through the speed trap at the


top of the course. Nice aerial turn. She made the turn moving her knees


to her chest mid-flight. Wonderful skills on display from the German.


Showing improving form in downhill. As the forthcoming World


Championships approach in San Moritz. Regensburg running out


beautifully, good gliding skills from the German. As to adjust the


visibility as the course constantly changes from shade to sunshine.


103.3 kilometres per hour. Regensburg moves into the green, she


leads the Italian white quarter of a second. Now Regensburg flies the


final jump, tucks in for the line and she leads for Germany. From that


point on, she accelerated through every single split. That will take a


beating. Ready to race is Ilka Stuhec. She secured three downhill


victories this season. She's yet to podium in 2017. Can she return to


form today? The World Cup downhill standings leader. She wears the red


bid to signify that. A big, strong start from Ilka Stuhec from


Slovenia. From Maribor, where the women race World Cup every season


and have done most seasons since the World Cup again 50 years ago.


Celebrating its 50th anniversary. In 2017. Ilka Stuhec stands on that


left the dives down one of the fastest parts of the course. Indeed,


of any World Cup course the women race. Look at the speed. 123.5. She


has the green light by six tenths almost over Rebensburg. Spectacular


turn, but she skidded slightly lower, but worryingly close to the


safety netting. I wonder if it might have done a little bit of damage to


her time on the second half of this course. Another speed check here.


.58, still in the Green zone. Still in the hunt for the lead. She won


both downhills in Lake Louise in the early part of the season, the


beginning of December. She backed it up with two wins in Valder said, one


in downhill, one in Alpine combined. She's the star of the skiing season


as far as the women's World Cup is concerned, and she's dead level with


Rebensburg at the second speed trap. At the third split.


Now, Stuhec. Open stance, flying the final jump and tucks in for the


line, and she goes. First, by just 0.0 six. That was tied. Ilka Stuhec


spot on the top part of the course. Absolutely flying into the Daytona


turn but took the air going in and then got pushed a bit wide, but made


it up, crucially, on the final move to the right. Those skis running


superbly for her. Nicole Schmidhofer, from Austria, next ago.


Looking for her first World Cup win -- next to go. She's been close on a


few occasions this season. Seventh in Austria on the home snow, and


went one better last week and. -- last weekend. Through the speed trap


just at the bottom, and Schmidhofer trails by almost half a second. That


is a good turn, higher line and we saw from Stuhec. -- than we saw. A


more direct object tree from the Austrian. Rebensburg is second. --


trajectory. She reaches the second half of the course and closes in on


the lead. She now trails by just 0.12 seconds. A big weekend for the


Austrians as they chase qualification for the world


champions in St Moritz were only four nations, plus the defending


champion, can take part. Schmidhofer is skiing a beautiful ride. The lead


may well change in Cortina. Nicole Schmidhofer staying low over the


skis. She sets up for the final jump and flies it. Barely moves from the


tuck and now the finishing line, and Schmidhofer has missed it and has


gone third. In the start-up is Sofia Goggia. The Italian is enjoying her


best season in the World Cup, securing two podiums in downhill.


She likes to celebrate with her best friend. Will she have a rough time


on the Olympia course, or will her tale be up in Cortina today? Sofia


Goggia. So many hopes pinned on her this weekend in Cortina. She has


been the star of the show as far as the Italian team is concerned this


season. Yet to win a World Cup, but it can't be too far away. She


attacks the flats at the top of the Olympia course. Sofia Goggia looks


to be in good shape again. Fifth last weekend and she has had podium


places in super G and three top three positions in giant slalom.


What a season for Gobbi. -- dodgier. -- Sofia Goggia. She has real


charisma and flair and a natural ability. Has no fear of the


high-speed courses and could really make a difference for the Italians


with an eye on the World Championships next month in St


Moritz. Goggia has moved in front by 0.2. The Italians sensing something


special at the bottom of the mountain as Goggia cards away to the


final third of this Olympia World Cup course. Goggia has gone further


in front. A big green light for the Italian. 0.50 one. Goggia is skiing


beautifully on home snow in Cortina. She has not moved from the tuck


position. The final jump is approaching. She squatted it


perfectly. Goggia will lead by 0.42. Great run by the Italian. What a


crowd pleasing run by Sophia dodgier, skiing like we expected. It


was messy, on the edge and came into the end with half a second of lead


and then kept the speed going until the end -- Sofia Goggia. Living on


the edge, and it paid off. Number 12, Siebenhofer, and a poor start,


got stuck and needs to move through the gears to make up the time from


the start. Siebenhofer, travelling nicely after that poor start to her


downhill run. She is not far away from the time of Goggia. 0.6 away at


the split. She is off track and in trouble. She clatters the safety


netting. Siebenhofer going down in the turn that caused all the problem


in training. Lindsay Ron crashed and so did three others. She went into


the Daytona with no direction and landed heading straight towards the


fence. There was no coming back from that.


Next to go is Lara Gut. She almost regards Cortina as a home race


because she cart -- comes from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland


but she has been skiing start over the world, and she has been in a


movie and a documentary on her is due for release soon. Will she be


ready for action on the Olympia course today. Lara Gut is ready to


race in Cortina. An explosive start, as ever, from Gut. Seven or eight


stabs with the ski poles and then into that Familia, low, attacking


aerodynamic downhill position. Eating up the ground on the flats at


the top and she will take the most direct line possible down the


Olympia, and she goes. Full speed ahead for Lara Gut. Emerging into


the sunshine at the bottom, and then on the clock, she trails by 100th of


a second. A nice turn from Lara Gut, that is where Siebenhofer came


unstuck. Sophia dodgier leads for Italy but Lara Gut is on the charge


and the Italian celebrations might be short lived -- Goggia. Lara Gut


has not won a World Cup downhill but she has been unstoppable in super G.


Three races, three victories plus a win in giant slalom at the end of


October. She is second in the downhill standings behind Ilka


Stuhec. She would love to get one over on the Italians and the


Slovenians today and win here with the last downhill of the season


before the World Championships, which will be a home race for Gut in


St Moritz. So far, so good. 15 hundredths of a second away. Gut


looks to be in solid shape, off the final jump. Has she clawed back the


time? Yes. She takes it by five hundredths of a second. The top two


separated by just five hundredths of the second. Gut and Goggia, and


neither of them had a perfect run. Gut was great on the top part of the


course but took the foot of the gas as she went around the panorama


term, but then on the last turn, coming on to the cheese wedge jump,


she took a little different line that is Bobby Watt gained her the


lead, but they could both be beaten -- that is probably what gained her.


Vonn back in style with a victory at the weekend, and the last time that


the women raced here in Cortina, Vonn did the double, winning the


downhill and the super G, 12 months ago on successive days. She would


love to beat Gut. The two enjoy a fierce rivalry and Vonn has the


early green. Terrific start from Vonn. No, she's down. She is in


trouble. She is only just back injury, remember. There we see it,


Lindsay Vonn not as invincible as we thought. That definitely played on


her mental confidence, she speed checked and then was passive over


the Delta skip and it was almost a carbon copy of a crash yesterday.


Vonn is fine, no damage done. Lara Gut takes her first downhill win of


the season ahead of Sophia dodgier -- Sofia Goggia.


The last race, even the super G that I won, I was not 100%. You have do


put everything together to win, and it was great to win here, and it's


amazing in the sunshine and it's cool. I had confidence going into


today and they shaved the jump a little bit but I still caught some


air and I caught the edge funny. That is the ultimate test for your


body, two crashes back-to-back. I do not want to be testing my body any


more. I am too old and broken to be leading the fence that hard. The


classic Olympia course claims Lara Gut as the winner.


Earlier this week, the men's World Cup classics


concluded in Schladming with the incredible night slalom.


After Dave Ryding's historic result in Kitzbuehel,


British interest there was higher than ever, including our own


It is the loudest and most raucous race of the year. 50,000 Austrian


fans will go absolutely bananas if they see a home win. But there is


one man in top form who could ruin their party. Britain's own Dave


Ryding. Dave Ryding away and out of the gates. Holding his nerve, and he


is rocking, and Dave Ryding rewrites the record books. He is second. That


is sensational. The first British racer on a World Cup podium since


1981. It has gone crazy around here. I can't walk down the street without


being hounded by people. It's cool, and you have to embrace it. I didn't


think it would happen, and it's caught me by surprise, but at the


same time it is nice. I will just focus on my skiing are not think too


much about it. We will see. I am been watching Dave skiing for more


than five years and when he showed up for the first time in Europe I


already knew that he is very keen technically, very smooth and very


keen, and now he has the speed it is just amazing. If, you are for


example, from England, you have to do everything by yourself. This is a


really, really awesome story. You are in the top seven in the world so


you get to draw a number from one up to seven. There must be some nervous


about going first in front of 50,000 Austrians? For sure. Any new


experience in life is nervous, so we have do step up to the plate and do


some good skiing. Dave Ryding might have looked out of place at the


draw, but he was a picture of determination and focus in the


start-up. Keen to prove that he belongs among the slalom elite. If


there was any extra pressure on him after his performance in Kitzbuhel


well, no signs of it as he skied beautifully to lay down a


competitive time. The question was, how many could beat him? Well, only


three. It was back to business for Henrik Kristofferson after crashing


last weekend. Last year 's winner looked imperious, knocking out a


1.18 second lead. Marcel Hirscher skied in typically aggressive


fashion to lie second, but over half a second behind Kristofferson, and


Ryding's training partner lies third after an impressive run. Stefano


Gross could not be the time of Ryding but matched it to take joint


fourth. The Italian will race after Ryding in run number two. Notable


names behind the Britain include Manfred mole in a disappointing 12.


Daniel Yule finished the first run in 11th but he did well to finish at


all. The Swiss number one ended up on his back but, crucially, kept his


skis on the right side of the gate. The pressure on Dave Ryding going


into the race must have been enormous. Kristofferson and Hirscher


are in a league of their own, but Dave Ryding is as good as anyone


else in the world and is perfectly positioned for the second run. Matt


Chilton has a commentary. Manuel Vilela is next to go, 11th after the


first run. -- Feller. His advantage over the leader is just under half a


second. He brings 0.46 to the second run. An explosive start from Manuel


Feller. No mistakes so far. Skiing with beautiful turns. Feller still


in front on the next split. It remains around the half a second


mark. The turns in that section were slightly more laboured, but he's


starting to accelerate again now. An advantage of 0.2 four. A cacophony


of noise now at the foot of the course as Manuel Feller takes the


lead. Into first position. A great run from Manuel Feller and that has


upped the level of the volume in the finish, but it is an important race


for the Austrian because there is only four of them that can race in


the World Championships in just a few weeks' time, and that has booked


Feller's ticket to St Moritz. Brilliant skiing top to bottom.


Felix Neureuther next to ski for Germany. Didn't finish the second


run near a year ago. He's been runner-up here in the past. He has


ten slalom World Cup wins to his name. On his way. The German drives


hard out of the start gate. A huge fan club for him here tonight. Can


he make it count? Comes in with a lead of 21 hundredths. It's been


reduced to seven hundredths. By the time he finds himself. 32 years old.


He's not going to finish again. Neureuther's woes continue for a


second year in Schladming. The Frenchman, 37, .35 his advantage


over Feller, who leads the way for Austria and waits at the bottom of


the mountain. He didn't finish the second run last weekend. .35 is his


lead. Whittled down to just .1 three. As Lizeroux starts to settle


into the rid of the pattern of gates. Set by one of the French


coaches. Skidded sideways. Didn't seem to lose too much speed. Is


advantage had increased again. He was up to two tenths. Lizeroux using


all his experience. He's now. Seven tenths. Bit of home advantage here.


The French coach responsible for the pattern of gates. Lizeroux has taken


full advantage to lead in Schladming. The 37-year-old


Frenchman, first in the night race. A great run from Lizeroux. Stumbled


a little bit on the top of the course but when it got onto the


steep, the Hill hanging away from him, it was so good, able to bend


that ski and shorten the radius of the turn. Brilliant skiing from the


Frenchman. Dave Riding is ready to race in Schladming. The number one,


the Pathfinder in the first run. Equal fourth. Ryding ready to go.


Runner-up on Sunday. The first British World Cup Alpine skier


racing podium since 1981. On his way. Three hundredths is advantage


over Lizeroux. It's been reduced, trailing by 1300. .39, going in the


wrong direction for Dave Riding. Needs to find a bit of speed and


acceleration. We saw it from Lizeroux. Can we see it's now from


Dave Ryding. Gone the wrong way, .67 down. He can't fight back from that


sort of deficit. Top five still possible. Ryding skis for the line.


Dave Ryding not able to find the clean edge he found on the first


run, skidding ever so slightly in the terms. It still skewered him a


top ten result in the last race before the World Championships. --


it's still secured. Stefano Gross fourth quickest after the first


round. The Italian is on his way. The 30-year-old. As, clean turns to


start. He won't be far from Lizeroux's time. He's in front. Nice


opening from Stefano Gross. Third in Madonna on home the snow just before


Christmas, his best result recently. Living dangerously, two hundredths


behind, Lizeroux, who leads for France. Couple of mistakes,


struggling to of the rot. This is where Lizeroux really got going.


Stefano Gross is three tenths behind. It's going to take a miracle


finish for the Italian to get past Lizeroux. He's gone second. It was


almost a miracle finish. Lizeroux clings on by the skin of his teeth.


A few Russian fans here tonight. There is their man. He's had one


World Cup win and it came here in 2015. Third after the first run.


Five hundredths of a second quicker than Lizeroux. 15 hundredths of a


second quicker than Lizeroux after the first run. His lead is almost


intact, it's been reduced fractionally. In good shape here.


The taste of victory still relatively fresh. Nine hundredths.


Green all the way for the Russian. Can't afford any mistakes. It was


the second half of this course where Lizeroux seems to accelerate into a


different dimension. You will need to do the same, Khoroshilov, he's up


by almost half a second. The Russian is carving sensational terms. Will


he lead again in Schladming? He will, massive advantage for


Khoroshilov. Nine tenths of a second.


He loves this hill in Schladming and has a similar technique to Dave


Ryding, doesn't look too aggressive. Makes the speed by being ultraclean


and it works on the super steep hill. Neureuther has run down a


great run but there are some fast skiers left. -- Khoroshilov has run


a great run. The World Cup overall standings


leader, Marcel Hirscher, the last but one man on the mountain bidding


to win the night race for the second time. Beautiful through the first


few terms. He is attacking, look at him go, brilliant start. Half a


second turns into almost a full second advantage for magnificent


Marcel Hirscher, one of the greatest slalom runs I'd ever seen on Sunday


to beat Dave Ryding into second. He's turning it on again tonight.


The noise level is absolutely deafening. Marcel Hirscher rips it


up. More than a second in front, it's been reduced now. A massive


advantage of .7 four. He goes for glory. He's got it by half a second.


What a start. Interestingly, didn't hold that speed all the way down.


The gate is still open for Kristofferson to take the win here.


A study in deep concentration. Looking for his fifth World Cup win


this season. The winner in Madonna. He didn't


his second run in the night race, a race he has won twice before. .32,


his lead. His lead sliced apart. It's still green for Kristofferson.


Steady terms now. .02, that has brought a cheer. The red light on as


Kristofferson stumbles through a few of the terms in the middle part of


the course. Is it aggressive enough? Kristofferson is behind. .1 four. It


might be Marcel Hirscher's night or can enter Kristofferson carved his


way to victory? He's done it! Nine hundredths of a second. Marcel


Hirscher beaten by a whisker. Christophers and doesn't like it


when the gates are closed together with not much offset, so he couldn't


match Marcel Hirscher on the top of the course, lost all of his


advantage, the light turned red. Over the last roller, where the gate


is really offset, he was able to generate enough speed to claw back


the deficit from the top part of the course and nicked it again. I'm


getting closer to Henrik. He deserved it. He skied excellently.


Did you have a point to prove after crashing out or did it put more


pressure on you? I said it didn't affect me. It affected me a little


bit for sure. It's only human to be affected. That's life. I charged at


the bottom, so pretty good. I was feeling in my legs between the runs.


I did what I could. I couldn't commit to going straight and getting


that quick snap on. I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but I had more in


May, couldn't get it out. Kristofferson takes the win by nine


hundredths of a second. Khoroshilov third for Russia. Ryding continues


his excellent run of form with ten. At the world Alpine para skiing


Championships, Billy Knight and Brett Wild took gold in the downhill


event. -- Millie Knight. A busy but brilliant few days for the GB Park


and pipe freestyle athletes. Jamie Nicholls won silver at the World Cup


slopestyle event on Friday. Billie Morgan and Rowan Coultas finished


fourth and seventh. Amy Fuller placed fifth


in the women's snowboard event, while Katie Summerhayes took fourth


in the ski slopestyle yesterday. And at the prestigious


Winter X Games in Colorado, James Woods just missed out


on the podium, finishing fourth The GB success didn't end there.


Katie Ormerod won bronze in the snowboard slopestyle and fifth in


the big air competition. On Saturday, you can watch Katie


and the world's best snowboarders at the Innsbruck Air and Style


big air competition. It's live on the red


button, BBC Sport website We'll have extended highlights


on next week's Ski Sunday. We're nearly at the end of the show


but before we leave we've got time for ski social.


As is so often the case after you've done a course run,


you've had a few questions about how you do it.


Andrew asks why you don't wear a helmet or chest mounted camera,


If I have the camera on my chest or helmet whenever I land from a jump


the picture will get a real shock. If I have it in my hand I can use


the gyroscopic stabilised gimbal which makes the pictures incredibly


stable. And Nik wants to know


what percentage you go I'm about 30 seconds out, but I lose


most of my speed on the flat part of the course. On the steep where the


races are going 90, I'll be doing 75. I'm not kidding myself, if I was


to race nowadays I would be soundly beaten, these guys are much bigger,


stronger, and a whole lot younger than I am. You're still doing the


strike past 50. Don't use the F word. Now I am going to do is the S


word, this is Christine Still shedding aged 78, congratulations.


If I was still doing that Hanan Khan at that age, I'd be pushing. This


proves it can breathes life into anybody. I think that is the


schnapps. Now we couldn't have a programme


entirely devoted to racing without sneaking in a little


bit of snowboarding. If you ever wondered


how good the pros were, check out what Arthur Longo's done


on the relatively tame Just goes to show you don't have


to be in huge back country terrain or a super park to shoot


beautiful video parts. To watch the whole clip, you can,


it's called euphoria. Keep sending your questions,


videos and pictures in. I'm afraid that's


all we have time for. And after indulging in Alpine this


week, next week we have something we're in Innsbruck for the Air


and Style big air competition. It'll be loud, and the riders


will be going large, in the battle Tom Jones, obviously.


Winston Churchill.


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