Day 5 Snooker: World Championship Highlights

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Day 5

Jason Mohammad presents highlights from Wednesday's first-round matches.

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Finally, one of the most exciting players of his generation. Judd


Trump. Good evening. A big story was


brewing here at the Crucible and it centred on the world number two and


the joint favourite to win this Betfred World Championship, Judd


Trump. He was in big trouble, big trouble against Rory McLeod, and man


almost 20 years older than him and ranked 50 places beneath him in the


world rankings. McLeod, with a gilt-edged chance to create a great


big story. Was Judd Trump about to come to a juddering halt?


But pot. In the middle of the pocket. That is what he needed. I


don't know if he is doing meditation or resting his eyes. And that is in


love. Now, all square, five apiece. That was a great shot. Rory McLeod


started the session this morning one frame in front. He has still got it.


Definitely something wrong. Must be something to do with the back, you


would have thought. Certainly going to have to do something. Judd Trump


does another examination to get this safe. He has failed. That is the


frame. Rory McLeod, 8-6 ahead. Six hours, you would never have thought


that in a match involving Judd Trump. But it is not there. He knew


straightaway. And Rory McLeod, two frames ahead. Just needing one. Not


enough time to complete the match and to make matters worse the Judd


Trump, a shoulder injury was restricting his movement. Judd Trump


is having some pain, he twisted his shoulder a few days ago. We cut down


the amount of practice he has been doing. Generally he is fine, but in


certain shots, he can feel the pain. He will see if he can feel a bit


better. At 9pm the players returned for unscheduled overtime, third


session in this match. Judd Trump, having taken some painkillers.


McLeod, on the brink of his biggest victory ever, this is frame 17.


McLeod to play, trailing by eight points.


COMMENTATOR: That was about the best he could do but it has given the


advantage to Judd Trump. He can send the white up. Just got to be careful


he doesn't cannon into the brown if he goes twice across the table. Got


to keep the object ball safe also. Bit surprised with Rory. It was a


Conservative type of safety shot. He could put himself in a lot of


trouble here. Judd is looking at the bottom corner pocket. He feels the


black being so close to the pocket, it is a big pocket. Very risky, if


this doesn't go right, he might leave the red over the pocket.


APPLAUSE He thought he had a big pocket but


he doubled it straight into the pocket and the fact he didn't go


anywhere near the black means the black is available to him and he can


get over to the reds. He got too much action on that.


Surprised he played it with so much top spin. He could have played it a


lot slower. Would have been a natural angle going towards those


reds. He has got himself into a 16 point


lead has Judd Trump. Is there are a few more twists and turns to this


match? Didn't quite get into that. Wanted


the cue ball near the cushion here, behind the black. He has looked at


the long pot and that that the other red for a safety shot. It is the


safety shot that has won the order of the day here.


Hasn't played it very, very well. Given Rory McLeod a half chance.


Will he take it on? He has been potting some really good long balls


all day. He is debating whether to have a go


at this. Reasonably safe. He has got a safety shot also. And that is a


pretty good one. I like that shot, much better than risking the very


difficult pot, under the circumstances. This was his shot.


Possible shot here for Rory McLeod. He has hit it all wrong. Chance for


Judd Trump here. That read, he has got to avoid the


red in the baulk area and avoid the yellow while potting this red. Needs


to miss the red. He has done that and he is on the yellow. Excellent


positional shot. Couldn't have played that much better, Dennis?


That could be a frame-winner, just that one little shot there. He has


got an angle on the red, so no problem getting onto the next


colour. I must say, he showed a lot of courage and bottle in this frame.


He was under the cosh right from the beginning. Pulled out two tremendous


long pots. Got himself back into the frame and it looks like, for all


money, it's going to be denying- eight. One down with a possible two


to play. All of a sudden, it is anyone's match. But some of the


balls he parted, as you say, he clipped a red into the corner


pocket, it was a stunning shot. Well, Rory may come back to the


table, but barring snookers, Judd Trump has got one back. Frame 18,


Rory McLeod to break. Look where the two reds have gone


from the break of shot, one either side of the black. Let's see if Judd


cannot this in, get round the back of the reds and black. He has made a


bit of a mess of that one. Because he didn't get the pot, he careered


into the black and red. I tell you what, Dennis, it could have been a


lot worse. If he was on this red into the left centre. He is not on


it but the black has gone a bit tight on this top cushion as well.


What can Rory do with the cue ball here. He has plenty of cue power.


Can he get out? Wow! Does the pink pot? Didn't expect to get onto the


pink into this bottom left-hand corner pocket. If it does, he has


had a result because he has flicked the red. To me, he is coming round


to have a look from the other side, but I think there is a chance of


putting it in-off the right jaw of the pocket. He is having a really


good, long, hard look at it. Little shake of the head. I am like you, I


think it can just go in. He has got to roll it almost dead weight, give


it a chance to go into the pocket. Let's have a good look at it now. It


is tight, what do you think, Dennis? As the camera moved round slightly,


let's have a look... I think it will go in after left-hand jaw as we look


at it. Are you brave enough now? It is one of those shots that snooker


players don't like, when there is a ball in front of the object ball. It


is almost like an optical illusion at times, it distracts you.


He doesn't fancy the pink. Just a safety shot and maybe Judd has got


away with it? He has covered the rednecks to the


yellow. Judd Trump has quite a bit of trouble here. If he can try and


rest that you ball down this bottom end near the black, somewhere along


the cushion there. It is very, very difficult, not straightforward this.


He couldn't have played that much better, that was an excellent shot.


It looked pretty simple, but it was the weight of the shot to try and


get the cue ball close to this bottom cushion here next to the


black. There is a possible pot into the left centre. The red just below


the pink pots into the left centre. He would finish on the brown if it


goes in. It is a bit of a free shot, really. Very well played. Good


opener. Bit of pressure on that one. But he has given himself another


chance, as he did in the opening frame. Just ran slightly out of


position when he was in amongst the balls. In fact he had a bit of bad


look on the cannon he played into them. But he has the first


opportunity here, even though the black is near the cushion. The pink


and blue are in the open. He was trying to get on the red,


left of the blue. He has overscrewed it.


Got to be careful of the red near the cushion. He is going to have two


lean over that. Tucking his waistcoat in. The last thing he


wants to do is foul the red with his waistcoat. Got to be careful. OK at


the moment. That is a fantastic pot. Stretching


over the red. He cued that wonderfully well.


Keeps overhitting things and underhitting things. Just not in


prime position. Needs one more good positional shot here.


Now, will he dropped nicely on one here? I think it has finished


awkward. And they are all covering each other into this left corner


pocket. I think that could be the end of break. He cued the green


beautifully to get back up the table. Bit unlucky to drop on the


red. Show it to you again. Lots of top spin. He just hit it so hard. He


didn't need to hit it so hard. He was trying to get onto the two reds


to go in the right centre pocket. He just overhit it by quite some way.


Now, as he found one? He looked pretty set. It could go wrong.


Dangerous shot to take on at that angle. But if it goes in...


Nice time to find one. That plant came to the rescue. But make no


mistake, he looks pretty cool. But this is probably the biggest moment


in his career. He has got a tremendous amount of


cue power has Rory. And there again, the adrenaline just overrun it


slightly. As long as you keep potting them.


He doesn't want to nestle onto the pink. He was urging it to stop. He


is OK. Again, he has overshot that bikes some way, but he is still OK.


The red into the right centre. Doesn't want to kiss. He is OK.


One more good positional shot. He had a similar green previously when


he followed through to get in amongst the reds. If he drops nicely


this time, what a chance. He has the green or the brown to get


background. Green again, it is. Plenty of top spin.


Choice of reds, but he would have liked everything to be a little bit


easier. Can't get in close imposition. He's going to need


another good pot here. Just slightly out of position.


I think this could be frame and match ball, Dennis. If he pots this


red, get on the blue, it doesn't matter what angle he has on the


blue, but I think if he pots this red and gets on the blue, even if he


is low on the blue he has the red. This could be frame ball. And it's


there. Right in the heart of the pocket, he has overshot the cue ball


once again. This is tense. He keeps potting them. I think everybody is


getting tense. That lady is saying a little prayer for someone.


This looks good... If he can get himself onto the pink. 30 points in


front. Can he keep this break going? Can he pull off a very famous


victory? Joint favourite for this year 's bet Fred World Championship


along with the defending champion, Mark Selby.


Needs to pull up. And it has. Might be able to hold further two reds


just to the left of the cue ball. Or has it gone that little bit too far


to do that? He is playing it with a lot of screw, as you can see.


He couldn't screw back for that, he has had to play for the one to the


left of the yellow and that one just wiped its feet a little bit. Any


more pace, that wouldn't have gone in. I don't know how many reds and


colours he has parted. I think it is eight. It is incredible, this break.


-- potted. Oh! He has missed it. Frame ball. After all that, Dennis.


Wow! He has got to watch his hand there,


Judd. No. That could be his last shot. He


was distracted with the black. He just wasn't comfortable on the


shops. Having to talk his waistcoat in again because of the red. So the


second bite of the cherry for Rory McLeod. Needs to pull up.


If he's got a slight angle, you can get on those two reds.


And he had enough angle. What a chance this is. Already 43 in front.


Not many more pots away from a very, very famous victory here.


The pink, one more red and a colour. Then he is in the last 16 of this


year's World Championship. This has been an incredible performance. What


will he be feeling like inside? It is hard to describe. He has worked


years and years for this moment. Judd Trump will have to wait one


more year. Rory is one of the nicest people you


could ever wish to meet. Very unassuming, very modest. He deserves


this victory. I know Judd had a problem with his shoulder, but he


did lead 4-0. Well, we see the handshake. Judd


Trump offers his congratulations and what a magnificent win for young


Rory McLeod. Absolutely brilliant. He clenches his fist. One of the


best victories of his career, he beats the number two seed, Judd


Trump, 10-8. Brilliant! I feel good now. All the


adrenaline is dying as we speak. Anything you can do at the Crucible


is great. To beat the number two in the world on the main table it's


good. It hasn't sunk in yet, it feels good. I just tried to be


myself, play the ball is in front of me. The desire to win had an effect,


maybe it had an effect on him, in the end. I just kept going. You


can't beat experience. I don't feel 46. It is how you take care of


yourself plays a big part. I think that my Mrs picked care of me very


well. I feel good. I wasn't watching him, apart from the balls he was


hammering in. I wasn't paying attention to him. I'm 46 years old,


we have room aches and pains. I can't be wearing about anybody else,


can I? A fantastic win for Rory McLeod. He is the fourth qualifier


to beat a seed and come through. The world number two has gone and it is


the most significant win at Rory McLeod's career. Judd Trump did not


go to the press conference after that defeat or do any TV interviews.


He will be fined for failing to fulfil his media obligations. It has


been a painful day physically and financially and ensure emotionally


as well. I'm sure his -- I hope the shorter gets better soon. Let's go


to another match, featuring two Crucible heavyweights. Between them


they have graced five finals at the Crucible.


Graeme Dott on the table here, he was pushed hard, but he pulled away


to win 10-7, his first win here since 2015. I felt comfortable


through the match. When the pressure was on the most I seem to handle it


OK. That was the most pleasing thing. He is such a good player, he


has been in the final here. I knew he would go down easily. Gutted,


really, lost it in the first session. Pretty much everything that


could go wrong did go wrong in the first session and I was always


chasing. Graeme Dott was a tough player. He is like Alex Higgins,


you'd think he'd is going to miss at any moment, he moved about, which is


a bit. All credit to him. I'm so happy just to be here. You can never


tell when it is going to be your last time and all my best memories


from snooker are here. Neil Robertson made his intentions clear


in the clinical open session against Noppon Saengkham, he endeared


himself to the crowd when he sank to his knees to say thank you for being


in the Crucible. This evening, Barry Hawkins, who has an enviable record


here, pulled away from a frustrated Tom Ford, who set the early pace,


but Barry Hawkins then won six in a row. We have had three matches into


concluding sessions. Welsh number 1677 macro was in rearguard action


against Xiao Guodong, he held a 6-3 advantage coming into the last


session. Xiao Guodong won the first of the evening to go 7-3 in front.


We will join them in the arena with MS and Ken again.


KEN DOHERTY: there is a chance. Into the right centre. He has to fully


commit to this type of shot. If he gets it, it could win the frame. Big


shot. DENNIS TAYLOR: we will show you the


attempt again. He would have been on the blue if he had potted it. Good


test here again of his cue action. The man in the studio next day he is


or will it had not the same about any problems. Belinda Bencic was


terrific from the cushion. -- John Parrott. That is not bad, perfectly


played. John Parrott would've been proud of that one! He obviously


bought John's book, how to pot of the cushion in five easy lessons!


Did previous red. Ryan Day took, if he had fully committed to it without


the safety in mind, he would've had a better chance of getting the pot.


Sometimes you have that little bit of doubt your mind... That is an


amazing statistic. He is only two points ahead of Ryan Day. You would


think he would have every chance of leading 8-3 in the can keep his


concentration and not do anything silly. He could've done with


screwing that back a little bit further. It wasn't the best


positional shot. He leaves himself a slight problem. Not quite sure why


he didn't just roll the cue ball through and tried to take the red


away from the black. Sometimes when you have the balls


like this, you are not used to this kind of situation so you have to


give it more thought and make sure you get nicely on to the next red.


I think the red that is closest to the brown spot will pot, and the one


closest to the centre, as well. They have only played each other


once, at the German Masters, and Ryan Day managed to beat him 5-2.


I tell you what he has done in this match, he has not been some cracking


long pots. He is good at them. His positional play has been quite good,


as well. He has kept close control of the cue ball, made everything


very simple. A choice of reds, right of the pink


or the one above the black, even. He looks very composed


uncomfortable. He has lost in a ranking tournament


final, and all Chinese final, against Ding Junhui a few years ago.


I think he has got enough angle to spin onto the red


it is amazing how much ankle you can make on these clots. That was just


off the street and he managed to get the cue ball... Yet, go back to the


frame before, the last frame before the interval, Ryan Day had made a


break of 47 and looked certain to be just one frame behind, and I think


taking that frame has taken the young Chinese player the confidence


to come out this evening and played the way he is doing. He won that


opening frame with virtually one visit, a break of 67. This is the


one that you mentioned, Ken, it is tight, just to the left of the two.


Just enough room. APPLAUSE.


It looks as if he is going to take the second frame this evening with


the one visit. It has kept going. Again, a


wonderful positional shot. The highest break of the match so


far. For all the centuries we keep talking about, he has only made a 60


odd break and he will be leading 8-3.


APPLAUSE. Good consistent snooker.


He seems to be really enjoying himself out there.


Well, the red doesn't go in, but what a wonderful break of 78 by Xiao


Guodong. It takes into frames away from a place in the next round. He


leads Ryan Day 8-3. They shared the next couple of frames. We go into


frame 14 and can the Chinese player close out his first ever win at the


Crucible? Xiao is to play, leading by 38.


That is a bonus, there. It could've run out of position. One more good


positional shot and Ryan Day could have played his last shot at the


Betfred World Championship. What are pot that was, Dennis. He took quite


a lot of time on it, steadied it up, steady get up, then, bang. Worth


another look. Bang! Fantastic. He has managed 22 out of 29 long pots.


76% return. Most of the top players would be happy with that.


He will need one more pot, you feel. If he gets this then gets on the


black, you can't see him making a mistake.


It's there! And he is on the black. You can't see him making too many


mistakes from here. This has been a highly impressive performance by


Xiao Guodong, only his second time here at the Crucible. He threw the


three qualifying matches, beating Mark King in the final one. It has


been very impressive, Dennis. We know he is waiting on him if he does


clinch this match, the defending champion, Mark Selby. That starts on


Saturday night, the defending champion back in after a very


impressive opening win. Just checking the scoreboard to make


absolutely sure. I think he did all the damage in the


first four frames, to be 4-0, the whole match went away from Ryan Day


in those opening for frames. He just couldn't settle. Then when he did


come back, that last frame, the ninth, was so important, wasn't it?


Use of the green that he missed to close the gap to 5-4 to come into


this evening session just one behind, but instead he came in the


6-3. That was probably the turning point of the match, Dennis. Xiao's


game has been really good. 88% breast pot success. Ryan Day has had


a bad day at the office. He would have been expecting so much. You


will have put an awful lot of hard work in, but just couldn't get off


to the start that he needed. Take nothing away from Xiao Guodong, he


really has been pretty consistent. No really big breaks. 78 was his


highest, but a lot of breaks in the 30s, 40s. He has been very


consistent and done what he has had to do. He will have to up his game


against Mark Selby, but at least he is there with a chance to upset the


defending champion. Doesn't really matter about that. Ryan will come


forward. He is a happy player indeed, Xiao Guodong. He ran side


are very, very comfortable winner and he defeats Welshman Ryan Day


10-4. He will face Mark Selby on Saturday


night. He becomes the fourth Chinese person to make it through to the


second round. Thursday is a crossover day at the Crucible


because we will be finishing off the remaining first-round matches and


the second round gets underway, so we have a mixed bag for you in terms


of offering tomorrow. We are back at one o'clock on the air and we will


be seeing Neil Robertson hoping to complete a quickfire win over Noppon


Saengkham, and Stuart Bingham is back in the house to take on Kyren


Wilson, this time over 25 frames. It has been a very eventful day, the


world number two has gone, and an evening session where we brought you


three for the price of two. Added value! Good night.


Jason Mohammad presents highlights from Wednesday's first-round matches.