Day 12, Quarter-Finals, Evening Session - Pt 1 Snooker: World Championship

Day 12, Quarter-Finals, Evening Session - Pt 1

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Five time world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan has been knocked out of


the 2017 Bet Fred World Snooker Championship losing 13-10 to Ding


Junhui in the quarterfinal, the Rocket scored a tournament high


break of 146 but he is going home A terrible result. I enjoyed myself, I


had a fantastic time out there. It has come to an end a bit early but


it has been a good holiday. The best win for my career is the


second time I met him, in the World Championship, and this time I win,


and also played snooker what I want. 2007 in the master, ten years on and


now instead of me beating him it is him beating me. It is nice he has


come through that period and he is a different player, he is still young,


in his 30s, he is is a great lad and great for the game.


What a lovely moment that was. Good evening, welcome back to The


Crucible. Ding Junhui, congratulations through to the


semifinals. The Rocket is out. Ding will play the man who beat him, in


last year's final, Mark Selby, he was due to be playing his third and


final session on this very table, but beat Marco Fu inside two


sessions. The second session of Marco Fu


versus Mark Selby, quite clearly Marco Fu has to win this session.


Just about to the inch. He has opened a five frame gap at 7-2.


Never in doubt. Very good. It looks like it is going to be a total


clearance. Awesome display, he leads Marco Fu


10-2. Magnificent.


So, is this going to be two total clearances, back-to-back, from Mark


Selby? Is it there? Brilliant. Magnificent


139, highest break of the tournament so far, and it takes him into an


11-2 lead. Brilliant. Off the cushion, what a


shot this will be. Oh, stop it! It! Magnificent. That


is one of the best century breaks I've ever seen. Highest break of the


Championship thus far, 143. What a tremendous performance from


Mark Selby, a standing ovation from this packed Crucible crowd. Mark


Selby goes into the semifinal a 13-3 victor. That is the first time I


have won, knowing I am getting taken off and there is another session


going on. Really happy, the best match I have played for a long


while, consistent scoring wise. I felt I played well, felt as though I


controlled the game. I could have come out 5-3 and I would have been


disappointed but to get out 6-2 was huge and just to continue that


momentum today. So this is how we are lining up for the semifinals.


Mark Selby will take on Ding Junhui, and John Higgins, the four time


world champion eased into his semifinal, he will play the winner


of Barry Hawkins against Stephen Maguire, which resumes shortly, live


here on BBC Two. Talking about the defending champion


Mark Selby, a former world champion is alongside me Peter Ebdon. Let us


start with Mark Selby. Magnificent snooker from him today.


It is incredible, how he has been able to beat somebody of the class


of Marco Fu, so comprehensively, just incredible, really, you feel he


is going to get stronger. Do you think those two exhausting matches


Marco had were a reason for perhaps his inability to put up a fight? I


think Marco would say no, I think it was just down to Mark Selby's class,


and he is such a tough player to beat, and you know, there is a good


reason he has been number one for such a long time. Ronnie is going


hope, your view? He did well, I I was impressed with the century he


made in the final frame of the last session, Ding was too strong for him


today, Ding showed incredible character to make the frame-winning


clearance, after Ronnie cleared up in the previous frame. The game,


Ronnie an outstanding champion, to do what he did and what he does


under pressure, is just incredible. That is a good point, because too


often we focus on Ronnie O'Sullivan, we should say congratulations, a


brilliant performance from Ding Junhui? Yes, this is a young man I


first saw when he was 15, come toing the UK, and I knew he was going to


be an outstanding champion, I was defending world champion that year


and I couldn't get near him in practise, I knew he was going to be


something special. Thank you very much. We are about to get under way


on BBC Two, let us say good evening to Rob Walker: Thank you. Good


evening ladies and gentlemen. I it has been a day of huge drama and now


there is just one more place left in the semifinals of this year's Bet


Fred World Snooker Championship, two heavyweights have been slugging it


out all afternoon and they are waiting backstage, ready to go




Please welcome a player who has bounced back brilliantly from 5-1


down in this match, one of the most aggressive break-builders in the


modern game. Bidding for his first Crucible semifinal in five year,


five times a ranking event winner, when he is on good, he is on fire,


it's Stephen Maguire. APPLAUSE


And his opponent, bidding for his fourth Crucible semifinal in the


last five years, he is now a player right at home, here on the sports


biggest stage of all. Runner-up in 13, winner of three ranking eevent


titles in all. They call him the Hawk, Barry Hawkins.


APPLAUSE Vent titles in all. They call


So the players are in. Barry Hawkins, versus Stephen Maguire. The


prize is huge, it is a semifinal spot, good evening Steve Davis and


Willie Thorne. The performance this afternoon was


superb. One of these two player, the chance to get to the semifinal, will


we have a third wonderful match? We have already had two today. Stephen


Maguire breaks off, trailing by 9 frames to seven.


And Steve Davis, what do you think about this match so far? Well, I


think an excellent performance from Stephen Maguire, to get back to a


respectable score after being 5-1 behind. I think he is still, with


his tail up in this match. Early chance for him as well.


Yes even though Barry Hawkins is leading 9-7, he he hasn't been


closing the games out in one visit in the latter part of the afternoon


session. No big breaks from either two players in the early part of the


session. The first chance falls to Stephen


Maguire. Of course Stephen Maguire a


qualifier this year, at The Crucible.


This is his sixth match in this campaign.


That's an excellent shot he's played there.


Didn't have too much room to work with.


Overscrewed that. Digging down now in this shot, makes


it missable. Got to trust a bit to luck with this


one, perhaps he can play it with top-spin.


Might flick past the pink though. It has worked out quite nicely. If


he had got a flick on the pink he could have ended up in no-man's


land, but the problem with playing these two reds he has choices of, it


is not easy to guarantee the next colour. Helps if the black goes into


the left conner though. Yes, he is just off straight on that particular


red and he can flick the black into play, it might go either obviously


on his own spot or very close to the red. That is why he is reluctant to


play it. That shot tells me the black ball


obviously pots, any way. Took a bit of time before he played


that shot. Obviously knew the black went. He considered other reds


though. Good chance here. I think it is only. -- on. To open the three


reds up. Push two of them away and he would


be on the third. That good shot. I think he has a


good angle as well, to play the cannon on to the red, next to the


black and that will make the black available into both corners. Didn't


look like a possible frame-winning chance until that particular shot.


He is hampered. I think to some degree he overscrewed that shot but


got away with it. This isn't certain, I don't know


exactly how this is going to resolve itself. This could go wrong. You can


see he is trying to dig deep there, to get that cannon. Got to be very


careful tot -- not to touch the other red.


Very well done. Still, it is quite close to the


black and the potting angle is quite a cut back. Judgment shot required


here. They do go off the far jaw, that was


quite high. Looks like he is going to cannon


into the black. So there is plenty to do with the cue ball here to get


position. Needs a good kiss, he would have the


pink into the green pocket. If it is got a slight angle it will be tough


to pot it. Close to the pink. Having a slight


angle makes a shot easier in one respect. It is less of a problem for


the double hit, but getting the exact judgment right, no side spin


on the cue ball is the problem. Flick to it that left jaw, it has


just about gone in. Yes, very nice. You see the slight nap just curling


the ball twands the centre of the pocket.


Doesn't curve much any more. Not much nap left on these cloths. Great


opportunity. And an opportunity you would expect him to take.


He sopped in his tracks a moment there, I thought he was going to be


hampered but he is nicely on the red. And barring accidents Stephen


Maguire should win this opening frame now.


The black is frame ball. And then he can start considering


the possibility of making a century. He still has the red in the middle


but he is expecting the visit on the two reds in the corner.


The break goes to 71. Possibly 138 with blacks but he will


be playing for the blue this time. Barry Hawkins sitting there, really


just waiting for the next frame to unfold.


I love the Stephen Maguire's preshot routine. Obviously slightly


different now he is over the line on this frame. The big shots, he stands


back and attacks the ball as he approaches in, he walks forward and


attacked the shot. Very positive. Stephen Maguire has only made one


century so far in this tournament. This could be his second. Second.


His highest break is 86 so far, this will be the highest break in the


match. Played these really nicely.


A 135 break. In years gone by it might have been enough to win the


highest break of the event, there is not much room for manoeuvre in


getting the highest break this year. 146 by Ronnie O'Sullivan.


Very unusual to get five total clearances in one day, but Stephen


Maguire clears up, that is what is going to happen, Selby made two in


the morning. Ronnie O'Sullivan made that 146 in the afternoon.


Every chance here Stephen Maguire is going to make a total clearance in


the opening frame of the evening. Some people think the standard is


not getting better! What a fantastic break from Stephen Maguire. Second


century. Stephen Maguire now still trails 9-8. JASON MOHAMMAD:


Something about the way Stephen Maguire looks this evening, he means


business, that is what he has done to the century board. 61. 86


record-breaking year, 2016 equalling the record set in 2015.


Peter Ebdon, there is something about the way Stephen Maguire is


looking, he is sup for it tonight? That was a magnificent break, he


potted a really difficult pink into the green pocket when the cue ball


was close to the pink and went on to make a wonderful break. You maybe


able to see that the chaps are fitting new cloth tons the practice


tables, that is because we are going down the one table set up. The


significance of that if you are a semifinalist? Playing on the one


table in this arena, it's a completely different ball game, it


goes from being a small and tight atmosphere, to having the whole


auditorium to myself. It is magical to reach the semifinal of the World


Championship and the cloths make a massive difference. Is What does it


mean for the players in terms of the cloth? When you are playing with


side and pace, the cue ball will throw off more, so don't be


surprised to see players hit a few shots thick until they readjust to


the cloth. It mean has the pockets will play slightly, just


fractionally bigger. Right. OK. Thank you. The chaps here are busy


reclothing and we have stopped them. You can get back to work lads, thank


you very much. Thank you, baulk to break. Barry


Hawkins, one frame in front now. Had his nose in front for a period


of time of this match. This level it doesn't matter much. As far as he is


concerned. Just played the balls in front of you. Don't look at the


Scottish. -- score board.


Perhaps surprised Stephen Maguire played that one. Knowing he would


leave the red in the middle. He was feeling very very confident.


Certainly didn't feel like he delivered the cue in a straight line


there. Looks like Barry Hawkins has got a


red he can pot into the left corner and get the cue ball out to the blue


or pink. Thought there was one that went


other than that, perhaps there was but guaranteed plant.


Barry Hawkins, in his eyes any way. It has not fallen perfectly on the


baulk colour. If that doesn't give Stephen Maguire


a built of confidence nothing will. A relatively straightforward brown


you wouldn't have expected Barry Hawkins to miss. He has had four


semifinals in the last five years has Barry Hawkins.


Very consistent, loves The Crucible. If he misses many more like that, he


won't be getting into another semi. What Peter Ebdon was talking about,


if the cloth had been brand-new, I mean absolutely brand-new, is the


possibility that brown would have just slid in the pocket, but even a


couple of days, makes a difference. Until he gets the black in play, he


can only work on the pink and blue at the moment.


I think the black does pot, Willie, to the left corner, if he is not too


high on it, the pink in the middle. If he were to get the right angle,


he could open things up. We can clearly see it does, so he may be


playing round the back of the black now.


Use that to slow up. He could play the cannon into the red to the right


of the black. There he has the perfect angle do just that.


He may be able to move the second red away to make the path, to the


one to the left of the black pot easy. Flicking that red away.


That surprises me. Didn't play that shot at all well.


Not too sure what was on his mind there, surely he expected to hit


that first red. Certainly would like to have it


again that one. I think his the red goes past the blue into the green


pocket, but he could play a semi shot to nothing I suppose.


That shows you how tough those pockets are. That caught the left


hand jaw, never looked like going in.


We have seen some go in, off the top jaw, this one just spit it straight


out. Barry Hawkins having missed the very


easy brown, a couple of shots ago, has now been given a lifeline. Comes


to the table only 13 points behind. He will just push those two reds


above the black, which Stephen Maguire tried to do, I'm sure, at


his last visit. Oh, you saw a lot of movement there


as he lent into that shot. I think we will not get the chance to see


exactly the body movement there but he kind of lead into that one and he


didn't fancy it at all. Amazing enough, that was a very,


very easy black and it was the first black he has missed in this match.


Until then he has parted 35 out of 35 and he missed a very easy brown


at the black was just as easily. Obviously the brown was begging to


be potted over the other pocket but too hard to get position so a much


more positive shot here from Stephen Maguire.


It is funny, with that brown over the pocket and choosing not to play


it it puts a bit more pressure on potting the pink, bizarrely.


There is certainly some value in a screwing back support the blue and


trying to open up the pack here, especially as the black is tied up.


He has got a couple of... Well, one red more to choose. He is looking


along the line to see if he can develop another red from this black,


so not necessarily going into the meat of the pack, he is too straight


for that, perhaps getting the outside red, the wing red that is


poking out. A bit risky though, this way. And there is the risk. I think


that was not really the right way to go about things. Yes, he can


presumably played to hit the left-hand side of that red and not


the right-hand side that meant he would have been pushing the red


towards the corner. But that was tough to guarantee. Yes I would've


played into the pit. The bit straight for that but he could have


played into the loose red the first and then try to get on a better


position for the blue but certainly hitting the right-hand side of the


red was asking for trouble. The fact that the brownies over the pocket he


doesn't have to do too much with the cue ball here, the pot is difficult


enough. That is an excellent pot. Made a little bit easier with the


fact he didn't have to do anything with the cue ball, if he had to play


out for the pink or the blue than it would have been a really tough red.


He certainly seems to be cueing the better of the two this evening. He


was 5-1 behind in this match and really struggling, but more


important to start playing well at the end of the match, as opposed to


the start. He was playing for the loose red at


the back of the pack there, he wasn't playing to go into them. Just


passing the six-hour mark for this match, it is the third and final


session. He hit that a little bit harder than


perhaps he needed to. Stephen Maguire, 18. It was very thin cut,


that he has left Barry Hawkins. An easy safety shot, although he


wouldn't be putting his opponent in any trouble. At this level you don't


get many chances, so you have to take some risky ones. He could play


it and try and hold for the blue, off two cushions, by putting backs


in on. -- back spin on. But the red ghost the corner pocket pretty


slowly and if he misses it will stay there.


He wouldn't be leaving the red on its own by the black spot. If you


played it plain-ball he would be coming down for the pink or the blue


lighting would have left that red but the way he played it it is a


shot to nothing. He got a bit too much screw on in some respects.


Perhaps a semi-stunned shot would have kept one side of the table.


He hit that so well, he just got a little bit too much into the cue


ball. I thought when he struck it he would be perfect on the red into the


black but he just got onto it too much. The black will be coming out


here, so a good safety shot required. Barry Hawkins, three.


Barry Hawkins is usually a very good safety play but that was a poor one


thing. It was a big target to get behind the yellow and brown and


green. A lot better safety. Barry Hawkins


can see the red on the black push their -- back cushion there, but


very tough to get safe, especially if he tries to play thin. So easy to


fit -- hit the spec. -- hit these thick. If it is slightly thick...


Stephen can play this, he doesn't have to hard -- play this hard, he


can hold for the blue and he knows nothing pots on the right-hand


corner. He can cover the red with the black if he plays it slow.


Playing at a nice pace. That could be a frame-winner.


Six. He is showing signs in the last couple of years of getting back to


winning ways. Getting to the final stages of the World Championship,


into one-table set-up would be an excellent performance by Stephen


Maguire, regardless of anything else. You have got to be careful


with this blue. You've got to get the line right on the side spin


right. He didn't get the line right. Just about got away with it. It


flirted a bit too much with that middle pocket but it ended up OK.


13. From 5-1 behind Stephen Maguire levelled at 6-6 and this is a chance


to level again for a second time in the match at 9-9. Of course, if he


does go on to win this championship he will be only one of the third


qualifier is ever to do it. Shaun Murphy in 2006 was the last.


26. Yes, I'm not absolutely sure back in the 80s have a qualifying


system worked. Joe Johnson maybe. Even tougher for a qualifier now to


come through. They have to play three rounds before they get to the


Crucible. Stephen Maguire, 33. That is enough


Barry Hawkins, Stephen Maguire levels at nine apiece. Maguire has


beaten Barry Hawkins on 11 occasions. Is he about to do it on


the biggest stage of all? He is certainly showing that. He certainly


has the momentum and he is looking sharper. Wanted to pick up from that


frame? They both made mistakes but this safety shot that Stephen


Maguire played was real class. He was very unfortunate not to leave


the snooker but it created an opportunity because Barry Hawkins


made a mistake from this so that was a top-class safety shot. Wonder -- I


wonder if Barry will be kicking himself for allowing Stephen Maguire


back into the match. It can happen at the Crucible because there was a


lot of pressure out there by having a commanding lead early in the match


and looking very comfortable when Stephen Maguire was all at sea, the


momentum has certainly changed. It is very much with Stephen Maguire


now and he is looking very strong and attacking. Barry has a very


tough agenda here now. If you want to get in touch with us and comment


about what you are seeing, any questions for Peter Epperson, then


get in touch with us. We have about 20 minutes left on BBC Two and then


we switched to the red button and the apt and the BBC sport website


that was a good point from Peter there when he was talking that


Stephen Maguire being all at sea when after nine frames he had only


made one break over 50. A delighted Stephen Maguire get in the 19th


frame under way. Can he win the remaining two frames in this


mini-session? Barry Hawkins really needs to one -- ring -- win one of


these frames otherwise he will feel he is behind the 8-ball, as it were.


He is really struggling this evening. He has missed an easy black


and an easy brown. There is always something that


changes matches. Could that be a turning point? He missed it by a


long way. When you consider the cue ball is supposed to be near the


baulk line, you can just see how far and how badly he gets it. Every time


you play a shot like that and the city puts a certain amount of spin


on the red ball and it is always likely to go back against the line


of the condition. The player sitting in the chair will sort of thing,


don't, not that one. Sometimes you think it is not fair


because Stephen Maguire has done all the hard work in the opening two


frames to take the man seen Barry Hawkins with those two easy shots we


have already talked about and then all of a sudden he has been gifted


an opportunity through good fortune rather than a good shot. He will be


seething. The red closest to the pack could be


used to open the pack up a bit. Certainly blocking using the black


bit at the moment. If you get low on the road you can pat it, glance


across the pack and nudge a few out. He has left it low as you suggested.


It is one of those where he will have to stand it to make the cannon


on the edge of the back and then he will need a stun run-through so it


breaks away from the pack. Screw it back across the face of it. He has


judged that pretty well every one of these balls that Barry Hawkins will


be porting will be hurting Stephen Maguire, knowing that it came off


that amazing fluke with the first red. From Barry Hawkins perspective


he won't be feeling absolutely marvellous so all of these are


effectively helping him to recuperate three more loose reds and


that will put about 60 points ahead so he will have to go into that


cluster of reds at some stage. Of course, Barry Hawkins will know how


much this is hurting Stephen Maguire and that is probably what has given


him a little bit of a boost. He was not feeling good at all in the


opening two frames. He may just click a couple of reds into play


here and glanced off them. He can play for the blue quite easily but


if he flicks another couple of reds into play at each go for a blue or


baulk colour then that makes things a little bit easier at this end the


table. It is amazing how different people


break-builder differently. He is going to have to leave an angle on


this blue to get on the red and at an angle to flick a couple of reds


out. Just come a fraction too far but he is OK and he can play a stun


run-through on the pink or the black. It is all about this Canada.


This could be a frame-winner, this shot. It looks like it may well be.


-- it is all about this Canada. He could have caught the red a bit


thicker and slowed the white down but... It is one of those if he pops


the black plain-ball and thinks he can kiss the ball on the left-hand


side that he can play that if he doesn't catch it full ball he might


not be on a red. There it is. The full ball. 66.


It can be a cruel game sometimes and this frame is certainly cruel for


Stephen Maguire. What a time to get a fluke when you haven't potted a


ball for two frames! The thing about this, Willie, if


Barry Hawkins was totally reeling, even the fluke is not good enough


because then he messes the positional play up so this is an


excellent effort because, no, obviously he didn't play the flute,


he just had to respond to the situation. But he has plenty of


experience here at the Crucible so he has the significance -- he knows


the significance of trying to hurt his opponent. We could have six


total clearance is one game -- day 's play at the Crucible today. The


standard today has been ridiculous. 84. Similar to Stephen Maguire,


Barry Hawkins until this point had only had one century so far in the


tournament. This is the first time he has had to play a difficult


break. It is amazing with the pressure of


what a difference it makes. He has had to work hard for this break,


hasn't he? We have had three frames are so far


this evening and this could be the second clearance. A fabulous start


from Barry Hawkins, although he did start with that amazing fluke. The


rest has been played to perfection. 104.


You have to take your hat off to Barry Hawkins, he couldn't pot a


ball in the opening two frames that he has just produced a total


clearance in the third frame of this match. Stephen Maguire will be a bit


aggrieved but Barry Hawkins once again lead by 10-9. To get into the


semifinal or final of any major championship in any sport you need


skill, but you also need a little bit of luck and Barry certainly got


that. He certainly did. This was absolutely incredible. Got through


this a little bit quickly on the right-hand side he is playing it


with. You can see he hit it they can for the reds to go in at that pace


was absolutely unbelievable. Completely change the momentum of


this match. Stephen Maguire will be absolutely seething. He has played


really well to get back into it and he really had Barry Hawkins on the


ropes. Harry wasn't timing the ball well at all but that one fluke has


changed everything because the way he was timing that ball during that


break, and it was a magnificent effort because having got the fluke


you still have to take advantage of it. You say that the way that


Stephen Maguire came out and you say he is seething but it is so


important, it is imperative that Barry Hawkins gets back into the


lead. Absolutely. Considering what Barry was going through, it was a


wonderful effort once he got that fluke but it has completely


changed the whole momentum for this match and Barry will be feeling a


lot better now. Stephen Maguire will be absolutely seething. Lots of


comments and questions coming in. Heat Scott here is wondering who


Peter Ebdon thinks has the best form in the championship this evening. I


think John Higgins is hitting the ball great. But Mark Selby is such a


hard man to beat. Barry Hawkins will be delighted with that break off to


start proceedings. It is not necessarily going to cause that many


problems for Stephen Maguire but at this level stopping your opponent


for going for that long red that usually pokes its nose that is


enough of a reward. Perhaps he has to be a bit careful. He has


misjudged this one. Foul and MS. It slid off the cushion. He misjudged


the slide. When we talk about the slide, the natural angle of the


escape of the cue ball off a side cushion, I'm relatively new cloth,


it always goes wider than it would do in a club. Through the gap


between yellow and brown, he has played this very nicely. He has come


betwixt and between on the blue. A little bit more. That would have


been ideally placed to Korea into the pack. Now, strangely, just a


little bit of a trap. A very thin cut on the blue. Perhaps it is still


the shot though. This is much harder to get position. Far, far harder.


Cutting his losses and leaving a red from distance. I can think of quite


a few players who have taken the chance of the blue there. If he pots


this red and gets nicely on that colour we will be saying it is the


right way around. I think I would have done. I know it is a cut, and


you can miss them, but the rewards were great. This is a tough one. If


he is going to play this with pace. That was a big shot and he has been


lucky in as much as he has hit it so badly that he has missed the pack.


Barry Hawkins, four. You can see Stephen Maguire 's big sigh as it


comes to the table, but he is going to be pleased he's missed it. That


is the trouble. You should be delighted that your opponent has


missed, not where it ends up. The cue ball is very close.


We talked before about playing a red that is so near a cushion it is very


easy to hit thick but he has to be careful here not to hit it too thin


rather than too thick. Does this red above the paint pot into the corner?


I think it does. He is just looking to see if the black pots. The red


certainly is. The black definitely pots so he will


be potting this and then getting on the black.


An excellent shot from Stephen Maguire. We are now out of time on


BBC Two so you need to press your red button for further coverage from


the Crucible or you can use the BBC sport at all website. We shall round


up all the highlights from today at the Crucible at 11:15pm on BBC Two.


We shall see you in a few seconds on the red button where we will be any


minute now.


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