Day 14, Semi-Finals, Evening Session - Pt 1 Snooker: World Championship

Day 14, Semi-Finals, Evening Session - Pt 1

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Hello and good evening and welcome back to the Crucible Theatre in


Sheffield. Tonight we have the third session of the semifinal between


last year's finalist, Mark Selby taking on China's Ding Junhui. It is


set to be another gripping night of snooker. Mark Selby trails by five


frames to three. You can stand there all day and try and hit that shot


perfectly. Excellent reply. Very well done, his fifth century of the


tournament, but more importantly, he has closed the gap again. He going


for it. He has got it, what a shot. Tremendous pot from Mark Selby. Ding


Junhui, not having much run of the ball. Mark Selby came into it two


behind, he is going into the interval two in front. Mark Selby


has something to think about now. A little bit of luck for once. Well


played, brave shot. He has got a beautiful line. If he


misses the brown, this is sensational. What a shot that was.


And the black, for all wonderfully compiled century break. Wonderfully


played, Ding Junhui at his best. Mark Selby started the session two


behind, finishes it two in front. This is how it stands this evening.


Look how tight it is between these two superb players. Selby's 12 wins


the Ding's 11. Ding winning in the quarterfinal in 2011 and Mark Selby


winning last year's final at the Crucible. Stephen Hendrie is


alongside me. Let's talk about third session mentality, what is going


through their minds now? It is moving day, you have to get yourself


into a nice position. Mark Selby has given himself the opportunity to do


that. The big night for Ding Junhui commie has to win this session to


have any chance of winning tomorrow. What was your assessment of the way


Mark Selby came out and performed so well? He put all the doubts to bed


in the first round, his safety play was as good as it always is. Ding


made a magnificent 139, Diaz to do more of that. He virtually hasn't


got to miss the ball. He didn't get much luck in the first three frames?


No, he didn't get a good run of the ball, but it normally evens itself


out. Ding Junhui knocked out Ronnie O'Sullivan, does he walked out of


here thinking, this is my night? He beat Ronnie, magnificent. He has got


to step up another level in this match. The session tonight for Ding


is so important, he has to win it. Cheeky question, does the winner


tonight on and win the title? I have thought Mark Selby's name has been


on the trophy from the start. Let's said hello to Rob Walker.


What an epic night in store at the sport's spiritual home. This is a


battle is be part of the 2017 BetFred World Snooker Championship


final. We sat for a cracking night of here at the Crucible.


Please welcome first of all, a man who has helped pave the way for a


new generation of snooker players and fans back home. He won his first


ranking title when he was just 18. 12 years later he has a dozen big


victories to his name. He has been brilliant here this year and will be


ready to produce that form again tonight because he is a national


hero in China. So enter the Dragon, Ding Junhui.


CHEERING and APPLAUSE And his opponent, 12 years after his


Crucible debut, he is now one of the sport's key players. World number


one for more than two years, winner of 11 ranking titles and three


Masters crowns, the reigning UK champion, the defending world


champion, the Jester from Leicester, he is Mark Selby.




against Ding Junhui live on BBC Two. Good evening to John Virgo and


Dennis Taylor. COMMENTATOR: Great to be sitting


next to John Virgo for what will be an important session in this


semifinal. It is Ding Junhui that gets it


underway. I am with Stephen Hendry, John, Ding has to win the session


5-3? Yes, but if he can go into the final session tomorrow afternoon


just two behind, I think it is still all to play for. But to be only two


behind of course. This is a big session.


Not a lot of difference between the important stats, both made high


breaks, the pot success. Little bit lower than what you would expect,


89%. But they are both on the same mark, so both have missed some you


would expect them to get. This is a lovely line, it is a lovely length.


Behind Biyi Alo. Good shot. Nice shot. -- behind the yellow. Got the


pace of the table. It looked as if it wasn't going to


reach there, but because he had so much side on that to create the


angle, it just kept on rolling. Can he get behind the yellow again? He


will be trying to do that. Bit too hard, I think.


He still got behind it. Great atmosphere this evening in the


Crucible Theatre as the players were introduced. The crowd were really up


for this session. That is what Mark is faced with there. I think when


you get evenings like this, there is tension in the air. We all want to


see great matches and this has the potential to be one. Mark Selby,


world number one, defending champion. Playing a man who has


proved, and he proved against Ronnie O'Sullivan, given half a chance can


win any frame in one visit. So Mark has to be very careful. But


shouldn't leave anything with a shot like this. He is somewhere in the


audience, not sure where. A good mate of ours, in the sponsor's


Lounge, the Silver Fox, David Taylor, world amateur champion,


great professional for many years. 74 years of age, doesn't look a day


over 50. Great to see him here. This is a more difficult shot than


the snooker, funnily enough. Beautiful line. Well played. It is


very, very difficult to trap that man. He has got lots of moves on a


snooker table. He has missed the blue. Good safety


here from both players. Who is going to get the first chance?


Had to catch this very thin. Good line and the horrific pace. We know


where this is going to finish. Superb shot.


Is there any player in the game that knows the angles as well as Mark


Selby? That was judged to perfection. And what a situation


Ding faces here, as we show you it again. Went off for questions before


it went behind the yellow. That is why I have christened him, Sat Nav


Selby. The only way Ding Junhui can get self if he gets to the red


closest to the top cushion. It is a great hit.


We haven't had a ball potted yet, but the applause from the audience


for some of these safety shots and escapes, the refit. -- the horrific.


There is an interesting stats, Ding just slightly ahead. Unlucky. May


not cost him too much, but a bit unlucky to flick the yellow and go


in office. I wonder if Ding can return the


compliment? I think that was a half-hearted


attempt at the plant. This frame is in its eighth minute and I cannot


think of a pot that has been available for either player. Just


coming up to the eight minute mark. There is a pot left on here, but


whether Ding Junhui will be tempted by it, is another matter. Having


said that, it is very difficult to see the safety. And sometimes when


you corner a player and don't give him an escape route, you force him


into playing the pot. This is his view. He can't get saved


down the left-hand side of the table, as he looks. But those three


reds on the right, the outside one of the three, it does pass the


black. He doesn't fancy it. So nestling up to the red near the top


cushion, the one he made contact with before. Good line. Beautifully


judged. Back behind the yellow again, if he


misses the blue. It is on its way again. Not quite


this time, but still a pretty good safety shots.


He can hit reds, but he doesn't feel as though the red pecan hit, he can


get say. Bit more difficult this time to judge. But looks like he has


judged it to perfection. Unbelievable, this.


Not that you would be allowed to do, but one player could stand at one


end of the table and the other player at this end of the table and


it would be a bit like a tennis match.


This time he has a possibility to play safe down the right-hand side


of the table, as we look. But he has got to catch this red thin. You


can't catch it much better than that and what a beautiful line. And all


of the sudden he gets the advantage in the safety exchange. Well played.


There is no escape route for Mark Selby down the right-hand side, so


he is faced with the problem but Ding Junhui has been faced with, his


last four visits. He is trying to think of another


escape route. But Ding Junhui, twice had gone across the table and landed


on the red behind the black spot area. Mark has spotted another


escape route. No gap this time, but I think he has got away with it.


Only one possible pot into the right middle pocket, but I can't see a


colour from that. Not much value in taking the pot on, unless he could


get onto the pink. The early part of the second session, Ding Junhui


didn't have a very good run of the balls. It is so important, he


deserved to get the first chance. But Mark Selby, played a poor


safety, has been very fortunate. Caught the red much too thick and


that is why it went into the black and then the black covered the red


that would have tempted Ding Junhui. I don't see another. No, he had no


pot on. I think he can see enough of this


red on the right side of the table to come back down off. But he has


got to be careful, he could get the double-kiss. So he doesn't like that


one. I suppose the other way is to come off the top cushion and nestle


into the red. He is thinking of something.


The red is on to the middle. How is it just run that inch too far? I


think it will cut in, John. It is a very thin one. But he's not looking


at it at the moment. I think he can get past the black.


He's now looking at the angle of the red. If he cuts this in, he wouldn't


have any idea where the cue was going. There is not a lot of value


in coming back up the table because pink and black are awkward. Pink is


in the open somewhat, but he doesn't fancy that cut in.


He caught that a bit too thick, but he has still covered the safety. We


are in the 16th minute. Hardly a sniff of a pot for either player.


That has opened the reds up nicely. I suppose this is one stack we


wouldn't have. I can't remember a frame with still 15 reds on the


table and they have been going 16 and a half a minute without a ball


being potted. I can't remember one. And I have been coming here John, 40


years. Every year playing and commentating, and I can't remember a


frame going this long, the opening frame of the session. So close, but


he has got a good cue ball. Good cue ball. I have been coming here the


same, Dennis. Normally when it takes this long without a red being


potted, we are thinking about every rack, but not on this occasion. The


way the Reds are spread, who ever gets first chance, could get plenty.


He looked at sending this red in off another red. Far too thin. Surely he


can't get away with it this time. There must be something available


into the left corner. He can pot the one next to the blue. But there is


certainly a red available but can he get onto a colour? Now he's back


looking at the one next to the blue. He had to avoid the kiss on the


yellow at all costs. No problem doing that. Ding Junhui gets the


better of Mark Selby. In an 18 minute safety battle. That doesn't


happen often. It is not going to nestle on the


red, surely? You are playing the wide into an area where you think


you will have a choice of five or six reds, and look where it has


landed. You just think to yourself, but the whites in the area and you


are bound to have a pot on and look where it landed. Anything he is


faced with, is not straightforward. There is one possible red and that


is just above the pink. He would be on the yellow, should he


pot it. He's going for the more difficult red. He needs to get this.


Where is the red going to finish up? I think he can get past the yellow.


There is a gap between the brown and yellow. Maybe he has got away with


it. With a prolonged safety bout, you


lose a little bit of rhythm. Can he knocked this long one in? No. He


might have got away with this. I am just having a quick look. One will


go in the middle but there is no easy start again. It is quite


unusual this, to be right in amongst them and then not have an easy


starter. They all seem to be covering each other into the left


corner, covering each other into the left middle. Full.


Just the one read that will pot, the one to the left of the pink.


This is a slightly better chance for Mark Selby. He has been fortunate a


couple of times, John? Unbelievable sometimes, the run of the balls.


Once Mark Selby had missed the red in the corner and the cue ball


stayed in this half of the table, how did he not leave anything easy?


He can just forget about the black, concentrate on the pink and the blue


if he needs it, it's on the spot. It is a pretty good chance this.


What is there? At least five, six reds, nicely placed.


Looking for a 70 points, to leave Ding needing a snooker.


Just got to be careful now, he needs good close control of the cue ball,


the reds are becoming a little more awkward.


I think there will be a time when, there's three reds to the left of


the black, the bottom will go to the corner, he could play for the black,


the black would be available into both corner pockets.


Might play for that red now. The one immediately to the left of


the black. Straight run would have been better,


but he can play for the black off this red now.


You would think roll this in and then cannon the red just above the


red he's potting. Nicely played. Now he can get the black in play, then


it does become a frame-winning opportunity.


I've noticed with Mark Selby he is comfortable striking and bridging


over a ball when he is hampered. He is quite a tall lad, he's got


longish fingers which helps but he never seems to miss, he always


seems, and even with power he seems to be able to strike over a ball and


create enough pace. So there you see it. Just another 19


points needed to get to the snookers required stage.


That basically equates to three more reds and three colours.


He should be OK up this end of the table but he has the red up next to


the yellow that is in a nice easy pottable position, if he should need


that. He has done very well here u but it


has to be said he was rather fortunate, he got away with a couple


of shots that he messed up, and didn't leave Ding Junhui in.


Yes, it's a cruel game sometimes but Ding Junhui did have a good chance,


you could say he was unlucky when he potted the green and finished on


nothing, but... You have to make the most of every half chance you get,


particularly against this man. He doesn't give many opportunities


and this black, the moment he is 58 points in front, there is 59


remaining. Manufacture This black, two snookers will be needed.


It looked like it was going to be a really long frame, it was 18 minutes


before a ball was potted but this break has been going just


seven-and-a-half minutes so.... It is still going to be under the 30


minutes, you would feel. This red as I mentioned was always


going to be available, but his hasn't played it too well, unless he


finds the gap. He might pot this off the side cushion. A trick shot. Dead


weight, if he knocks the red in he will get a terrific round of


applause, he is good at the angles. He is pretty good at the angles.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He certainly enjoyed that, and we


had a few whistles as well for that little trick shot.


Wow! Look at this for a shot. Unbelievable. Wow! Where did this


come from? A possible hundred from the situation the balls were in.


He has already had five in this year's World Championship.


66 we've had in tote 8. 20 away from the record.


-- total. He may be faced with quite a thin


cut back here. This is a very similar cut back to the one in 85.


Right in the heart of the pocket. It didn't look possible to make a


century break from where the balls were situated.


But in it goes. Fabulous effort from Mark Selby.


That is his 54th century this season.


He made 47 last season, and that's why he is world number one and has


been for just over two years. Yes, and a bit when he missed a


couple, but this has been a sensational clearance. And I say


clearance because I expect him to concentrate fully now, and pot this


blue, pink and black. He has had a 139, a 143, but Ronnie


O'Sullivan holds 146. But this is very timely.


It was a very tactical frame at the start, over 18 minutes before a ball


was potted but that is a magnificent break of 128, and Mark Selby extends


his lead, he now leads 10-7. The 67th century of the tournament so


far. Why have two former world champion, you have an extra one


here, Ken is with us this evening, absolutely brilliant from Mark


Selby. Yes, a fantastic break, I mean he potted some fantastic balls


to keep the break going but he got a lot of luck. Ding was beating him


with safety. His safety success isn't much higher than Mark Selby.


Before he played the shot. Ding was left in. The red has covered the


red, into the middle. It could have been, that break could have been


Ding Junhui's break. He went for a tough red in the middle. Trying to


get on to the black into the left corner this is what happened.


Sometimes you need a bit of luck. But when you do get the bit of luck


as Mark Selby did, he dually converted and what a fantastic break


it was. Yes, this shot, I mean, wow. That was just like cueing, the


highest order. I know the frame is one but to cue that like that, the


power and control that is required. It is difficult to teach that sort


of thing, Ken is right, the luck was frightening, how he got away with


that, but from then on, it was just flawless. Flawless. I mean I


commentated in the 143. That was the same. On our highlights show later


on, if you have been watching on BBC Two we have shot of the day. Do you


think we have a contender? That is shot of the Championship.


Not the best break-off shot there. Mark Selby. Ding Junhui. Just having


a look to see if the black is available into the right corner.


If it is, I think it makes this pot a little more easier. He didn't have


to do much with the cue ball. The black did go, where is this red


going? He's going to be hampered, Mark, but will he take it on? The


black goes to the opposite corner, he tried to play that red.


The question is, has that red run safe? Just waiting for someone to


take their seat there. As I mentioned Marking ore a red


seems to play them so well. This is a tester for that. Very solid bridge


hand there, but a bit of unwanted side, you can miss these.


He plays them so well. That was about the best he could


imagine, he is the wrong side of the blue but he can get back up to the


reds here. Well not as he intended but it might


work out to his advantage, he will take this on with the rest and maybe


open the bunch. He put a bit too much left-hand side side. It may


work to his advantage but this red is definitely missable. See when it


checks up, that the left-hand side that caused that and it just sent it


too straight on for the red. As Dennis said it may work to his


advantage, the fact in potting it he will be bringing in the pink and


other reds into play, he has to play it with a lot of pace and using the


rest makes this red missable. 93%, he has only missed one with the


rest during this match. He has missed that one. What has he left?


Nothing. Amazing. He would have thought I must get in


otherwise I'm going to leave Ding Junhui right in among them and he


has covered everything. Doesn't half make a big difference


if you miss and you get away with it. I think from Ding Junhui's point


of view, Dennis, he is very debilitating, you see your opponent


make a mistake, it is quite a walk to the table and you are looking for


something, anything, and that is about three time, and of course, now


we are at the one table situation, there you see, players sat quite a


distance from the table. Mark Selby, he is playing his luck


here. Nothing lucky about that safety


shot, played to perfection. Just a little point while we show


you the players's view, we were talking to Ding Junhui's friends up


in the champions lounge, from China, and Steven Hendry said what do they


call him in China, do they call him Ding? They said it is all right.


People call him Ding, even though it sound like you are calling him by


his surname. You have Selby and Ding, so it is a


surname but it is OK to call him Ding, he is quite happy with that.


That's all he coiled do. He has made -- could do. He has made a good job


of it. The one to the left of blue is pottable. He must be very


anxious, wants to get his hand on the table, have an easy starter.


You can't blame him for thinking he is entitled to get one.


It is like when people fluke a red and make a big break, you say yes,


but apart from the fluke, the rest of it was flawless. . If it hadn't


been for the fluke he would never have had the opportunity.


To the line. I think he is using all his experience, he is not going to


risk a long pot, and leave Ding in among them. So he is keeping it


tight here. Got a three frame advantage, that is


why he didn't risk the long put. Keep your opponent in trouble.


Yes, I think that has been Mark Selby 's game plan from frame one.


He is more inclined to play thin safeties rather than the attacking


safety. He knows how dangerous Ding Junhui can be, when he gets in among


the balls. He is frightened to play the


containing safety to this end, because there is is a red, the one


furthest away from this top cushion would be available to the right


corner. He can't get to the side cushion, to


nestle on the red because the yellow is in the way.


So another headache for the young man.


That red that is just away from the top cushion the furthest away, he is


trying to nestle on to that. He needs to judge this well.


Needs to judge it well, if he slips by it he leaves it. Well played.


Haye had threes capes like that in the opening flame that which


particulared to perfection. -- that were played.


Couple of reds he can get back down the table off, but he is looking for


the one that will make it as awkward adds possible for his opponent.


Needs to miss the brown, and he hasn't.


And brown, now it is next to the yellow is a nice target, Ding might


be able to get in behind those two. Two.


From this position. You have to say this, start of this


evening's session is absolutely wonderful snooker. Snooker for the


connoisseur. Some of the safety has been


absolutely brilliant. Called it a bit too thick. And he's


left to a chance. You would think he would be looking at the red close


toast the cue ball. Just got to avoid the left middle


pocket here. A lot of support here in the


Crucible Theatre for Ding Junhui. He has been living in the Sheffield


area for ten year, believe it or not.


But this is a pretty good chance. Can he return the compliment and


make him a sizeable contribution here? You have seen Mark Selby make


that magnificent 128. This is his response.


He's OK. A bit straighter on this red would have been ideal. Needs


another 49 points from this position, to clinch the frame.


He may not be too happy with that. Slightly hampered. It all depends on


the potting angle of the pink, if he can roll it in and get on the next


red, fine. He's OK.


He was OK. He just said the agile where he


could roll it in, max time, just over seven hours.


-- angle. OK, he has a red just above the


black spot, if he has the right angle he can play for.


Could decide to play for the black. Got the perfect angle on the pink.


When you have these long-drawn-out safety ex change, when you get these


opportunities, you have to take them, so there is pressure on every


shot. And when he pots this red it is


clearing the path for the red to the right of the four, for the left


corner pocket. So those four reds are all available


towards the pink. Playing out for those, rather than the difficult one


on the cushion, he could have done with hitting it a little harder. He


is just slightly out of position, but he should be OK, there is is a


little gap there that he can screw through, to get on the pink.


Just a delicate little gap that he has found perfectly.


Looked at his body language, he looked up there. I don't think he is


perfect on this pink. He can just hold it. A little stun


run through, he found he can drop it in, dead weight. Still retain nice


position. And those three reds in the middle


with colour, you would think he would put it past the point where


Mark Selby needs a snooker. And removing that red has cleared


the path for the other two to the right corner.


So good response after that opening frame.


It was always going to be cracking semifinal. It would have graced any


final, this match. Well, it was a final last year,


wasn't it. When Ding had to come through the


qualifying stages, and got himself through to the final. So now, this


red, and the black, to go 66 points ahead, with only 59 remaining.


As you say Dennis, what a response this has been. He could have been


forgiven for feeling a bit down after what happened to him in the


first frame, but none of it. Very well played.


Very well played indeed. 66 points the lead, 59 remaining.


And I suggest that he just rolls this red in, he doesn't want Mark


Selby to be playing for snooker, just make certain of the red.


That's exactly what he does. That will mean no way back to the table


now for Mark Selby. Good play. Oh great shot on the pink! The


standard here is absolutely superb. Chance of a century. Who would have


thought it? Yes, who would have thought it in the opening frame


after the way the match started, over 18 minutes without a ball being


potted but the standard has been superb.


He has had 11 centuries so far, way ahead of anyone else in this year's


Bet Fred World Championship. If he could get one here he would


have twice as many as the next player.


Mark Selby and Mark Allen are on six.


He just didn't get the right angle. For 100, what a century this would


be. Oh he got a kick. He got a kick.


Well, it doesn't matter, well done Ding Junhui, Mark Selby seemed, he


got one chance and he did the business. Marvellous play from both


players. Two in it again, 10-8, Mark Selby. Almost another ton. I wonder


when I look at the quality of match play here, whether we could be


looking, one of The Crucible semifinals. Yes, absolutely. I think


the most impressive thing, when you have long bouts of safety it is hard


to keep concentration, we went 18 minutes without a pot and Mark Selby


got one chance and made a century. Same with Ding there, he had been


kept out for so long, but the one chance he can make a wonderful


break, under pressure as well, that has been very impressive. Mark Selby


has got away with winning the first frame, Haye has got away with


another one, Ding has come to the table. Long safety bouts but when he


gets in he is a machine Ding Junhui, an absolute machine. It is the


perfect response. See where he has his arm now. When Mark Selby is


parading round the table, he is looking comfortable there, Ding was


in that position, and I was looking at him thinking he looks a bit


forlorn there, thinking I can't do much there. The way he made the


century, the balls he was potting, Ding could be forgiven for putting


his head down a bit. Tremendous testimony transplant. Maybe a few


years ago Ding said you know he might have put his head down. I


think over the last couple of years he has matured. Getting the the


final last year here has matured him a lot and working with Terry


Griffiths as well, it has to be mentioned. Yes, absolutely. Dennis,


Ken is right, we have seen a very different Ding Junhui haven't we.


Yes, his temperament is totally difference. He doesn't beat himself


up the way he used to do, he used to go back to his seat and slouch in


the seat, and the body language was always pretty poor but that has long


gone. The white is close. Only going to


cost him four points and there's nothing available.


That is a bit short of pace. He might be tempted here. He might just


be tempted to have a go at this long red because he can get on the black.


It is a tough one, but he can come around and see what he would leave.


I don't think he can hold for the black of one cushion if he takes the


pot on. He is an attacking player and that is what he is going to


attempt. This will be some shot if he can pot it and hold for the


black. Where is the red going to finish? It might just be tempted


here to take the double on. It is a thin cut back. The double would be a


free shot. He's pretty good at doubling balls is Ding Junhui.


It's not far away. Look at the cue ball. He would have been right in. I


am sure, for a second he thought it was in the pocket. It was so close.


But once again, Mark Selby close to the Reds. No intention of bringing


anything out. He is playing thin safety is all the time, trying to


keep this much very tight. You see the other side of it, Ding Junhui


will be more inclined to play a thicker safety and bring the Reds


into play. Good length of the cue ball was needed and got. He has left


a half ball pot on. But he has made so much more difficult with the cue


ball tight to the baulk cushion. If he takes this pot on to the right


corner, he will do well to avoid cannon in into the red to the left


of the bunch. And he didn't avoid the cannon into


that red. It will still cut this red to the left of the bunch and he


could get himself onto the blue or baulk colours. We will show you the


attempt. Maybe if he had potted it, he might have avoided the cannon.


Well played. Just the wrong side of the blue. Medium pot red into the


corner. Not quite certain what Ding Junhui


is looking at, is there a plant somewhere? You would think he would


just drop it in and play for the red that Dennis suggested. I think what


he was looking at, John, got to play for the thing in such a way to leave


a good angle to get into the Reds. If he plays for the pink, the pink


won't go on its part and the red to the right of the pink will be


available. -- spot. He has decided to go for the blue. He has got a


good angle on the blue. I would suggest here, he might be better, we


normally see a player cannon into the pink, but I would cannon into


the red, just to the right of the pink here. Catching the pink,


because it was loose. But he is OK, just about got this red to the


middle. It is not perfect, but it is a pot. That is all you can hope for.


Just missed the pink and hit the red, I think it would have been more


beneficial. That was a good shot. But it's not


the perfect angle to pot the yellow and get into the bunch. It is a


little bit thin for that. He might possibly, just looking to see if he


could do that. It wasn't on. It wasn't quite on. It was just a bit


too thin for the shot that he attempted.


Just a misjudgement. He would have been better off playing for this


red. But once the pink went over the corner, that red was no longer


available. It was a good opportunity, tried to break the Reds


wants. They didn't break nice. -- once.


I think he may just have covered the path down the left-hand side of the


table. I think he can just get to the edge of the reds.


Of course, with the pink over the pocket, it is not completely over


the pocket, it makes this a bit of an awkward frame now. It has to be


said that once Ding Junhui could get back the yellow and hip The Reds, he


should have found the baulk cushion. He had a good line and he could have


had Mark Selby in trouble. Probably an opportunity now the mark to put


Ding in trouble. Much too thick. OK, he's not left anything, but


didn't make the most of the opportunity to play a good safety.


Can Ding Junhui play one here? If it misses the yellow, it could be


pretty good. Just got to be careful he doesn't


send a red over the corner pocket where the pink is. There is one red


that will cut towards that pink. So imperative he gets a good cue ball


again. Hasn't blocked off the escape route


down the left-hand side of the table, but the reds are gradually


going to get push towards the pink. There is another red over there and


we might have another one joining it shortly. If the pink was right over


the pocket, it would be stalemate. At the moment, you cannot leave a


pot into that corner pocket because of the pink.


He has made a complete mess of that shot. I think he took the pot on in


the end. He could have left something much easier than this for


Ding Junhui. Big pressure on this red that is roundabout the black


spots. It is hard to imagine what he was playing. Maybe he thought he


could play the pot I get to the gap. Mr pot by so much. What pressure is


on this? Got to go on. Brilliant. Superb. This young man's


temperament to do it on the big stage. We all had great hopes for


him. He had a couple of years in the wilderness. Had a few bad beatings


by Ronnie O'Sullivan and it affected his confidence and his belief. But


he has got it back now. Yes, only a few seasons ago since this Chinese


player 15 ranking tournaments in one season. Trusting a little bit to


look with the cannon. He might just be OK. There is a red that will go


to the right middle pocket. As we show you the shot again, he is


playing a cannon just to open things up.


He can play this red, drop it in dead weight, he can be on the pink.


Right in the heart of the pocket. Playing it firmer, it made the pot


that little bit more difficult but is nicely on the blue. Choice of


Reds here. You would like to be on this red below the blue so he can


get a nice angle on the blue. Needs another 36 points from this


position. Little bit straighter on this blue


would have been better, but the red below the pink, you would feel he


can play for. He may be looking at a cannon on those two Reds together. I


will give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he played for this


red. Difficult to tell from the commentary box, exactly what the


player can see, but he's perfect. He is very good with his little


stubborn screws, as good as anyone I have ever seen, in all honesty. --


stun screws. Just one slip-up from Mark Selby and


it's going to prove costly. He could play for either of the reds


for the left middle. Using the opportunity to cannon off the two


Reds. What is the potting angle like?


He doesn't like the potting angle, so this red and back-up for the


blue. That is inch perfect. Just that one mistake. Mark Selby thought


if I could pot the red, he could find the gap. He got nowhere near


the pot and then messed up. But hasn't he took full advantage of


that mistake? As you said at the time, we referred to it, that


opening red, there was so much pressure on it, tight onto the


cushion. Just rolled it in beautifully. This was the one. Right


in the heart of the pocket. He never got into the cue ball. He never got


into the cue ball. Oh dear. That was amazing because if he overdoes it,


he is on the blue. He didn't get any screw on it, he just stunned it.


Little lapse in concentration. How many times do we see it? Think the


job is done, done all the hard work. What a mistake.


Snookered on all colours. Who would have thought that from the position


he was in? Can he see the black? He is looking


at that. I think he is snookered on that one. Maybe he can just see the


black? Just about. Well, he had to play it with a touch


of side and he has left a possible pot. He is 59 in front and there is


lots of points on the table. It doesn't have to be all blacks. He


might have been better to try to play the green from that situation


rather than risk that little swerve. This would be a body blow if he was


to lose this frame now. As to sit there now and suffer. The


big problem ball from Mark Selby will be the one that's very adjacent


to the black. But he'll just be happy to be back at the table with a


chance of winning the frame. Didn't see that coming.


53 behind, 59 remaining. A few points to play with.


That has cost him the frame. A lot of pressure on him, and he had a


chance and he took the slightly more difficult pot for good position.


Once he missed that, he knew it was the end of frame. He holds his hand


up to apologise, but the frame was safe anyway. Just to absolutely make


certain. He is showing a lot of composure here, is this Chinese


player. He really is. How relieved Will he be, Dennis? I read, after


the mistake he made an Mark Selby didn't punish him. So Mark Selby


will feel the repercussions of that. Ding Junhui, he can forget about the


careless positional shot. One more frame to be played before


the mid-session interval and every chance we could be all square. Mark


Selby might have other ideas. Doesn't matter about that. Can just


try a double. A treble even. Doesn't matter, Mark


will stay in his seat. That is a great frame for Ding Junhui. Now he


is only one frame behind. It is the -- nine to the defending champion.


STUDIO: This fascinating semifinal tussle takes another dramatic twist?


Yes, fantastic opening red from Ding Junhui. Look like it was going to be


a frame-winning break before he played the poor positional shot.


Ding has great cue ball control. When we started the show, you said


it is so important Ding stays in the hunt tonight. You do not want to be


going into the final session chasing the match? He needs to win the


session at least 5-3 to give him a chance. Mark Selby, edgy on the red.


It is a long match. You're going to have lapses of concentration, but


Ding looks to be cueing very well. The opening red, we saw the century


attempt in the last frame, but the opening red anti-platelet that pays,


it shows you how confident he is. If he loses this frame, he goes back to


where he started. Lots of people on social media absolutely loving that


Mark Selby blue. It is the shot of the tournament.


COMMENTATOR: it has been snooker for the, Sir, the safety shot.


Considering he had all that in the first frame, hasn't Ding Junhui done


well to keep tabs with the defending champion? Big frame now before the


mid-session interval. And Ding will get the first chance. What a


terrific reception for that long pot. He has got a lot of supporters


here in the Crucible Theatre, for this very popular player. He's


looking at the two Reds just below the cluster. He thinks there may be


Uplands. And there is. Can he get to it the yellow? -- Uplands. We'll


have to force those of the side cushion. Well, he didn't. He will be


OK with that. Puts his hand up and apologises. But he won't apologise


for potting the rest of the balls, if he can.


For me, I am certain that plant is still there. He just didn't feel as


though he could get on it last time. You play them at pace, you have to


be so accurate. First chance has gone begging. You catch that near


jaw and it is not going to drop. That is well negotiated to get onto


a ball colour. The only consolation for Ding Junhui is the Black went in


amongst the reds and is out of commission. The pink is available in


a few shots time. And Mark Selby will be hoping the


pink spot is occupied. That will make a big difference.


Not sure if he's got a good angle to get onto the pink. He might have to


go up for the blue again. This is going to require a very


accurate shot. He's going to have two pot this blue, go between yellow


and brown with left-hand side to head towards the pink and Reds. Here


comes the cue ball. How is your luck? Not very good. He turns away


and that tells us that he's not on a red. He played it well.


Loads of side, you could see it pick up pace. Bit unlucky. He thinks he


can just get through to the thin edge of the red and put it through


to the corner. And he could. Once again, bridging over a ball. I


have never seen anybody as good as this player when he is hampered like


this. One thing you have got to do when you are striking down on a ball


is find the centre of the white. It is hard to describe how good a


shot that last one was, positional wise. To screw up from where the


green was anti-finish in that gap, you can't really teach someone that.


Another 41 points needed from this position to get to the snookers


required stage. And those two Reds we thought was a


plant, they are still there. Are they still a plant? A lot of balls


have moved around them. Mark is interested. They are not far off.


Just likely to the right of the pocket. He has got the loose one


there as well. He is playing the loose red. Just


going to the left of the pocket, that plant. As you can see. You can


see better from that angle. If he can't follow through and bring the


reds into play, he might have to play for the plant. But I think the


other red next to it might stop him from making the angle. We will know


exactly whether he thinks it's on with the way he plays the pink.


There's a bit of distance between the two Reds and he doesn't think


the plant is on. Because he was looking at swinging this around the


ankles. What a shot this is he's taking on. -- angles. Have a look at


that for a shot! That is one of the best positional shots you will ever


wish to see. We talked about the long blue, but this was tremendous.


It really was. And the amount of side he has put on it, I don't think


he's got a tip problem. Good point, the new tip he had put on. If you


weren't confident with it, you wouldn't even attempt a shot like


that with that much side. And that one shot he played there could well


be a frame-winner. He is already 32 in front. It is worth seeing this


again. So much right hand side. Look at the white pick-up pace.


These two players gave us a great final last year. 18-14 Mark Selby


beat Ding Junhui. And the semifinal here could quite


well be a classic. You know, things got to within one frame, but look


how Mark Selby's responded. Yes he did have first chance of course,


Ding Junhui. Missed the black, along the top


cushion. And such is the standard and the standard that these two


players have shown this evening, you miss when you are in, it is going to


cost you. That was the black.


And he's been sat down ever since. 53 points the difference, 59


remaining. Pot this red go 54 in front, with 51


remaining. He is a tough player to get the


better of, isn't he? That's why he has remained at number


one for so long. To two years. He really is one of the best match


players we have ever seen. Well, pity about that, but that will


be enough for Ding Junhui I'm certain. He came out this session,


he is having a look at the score board, he is going to give it a go,


fair play to him. But he is 60 points behind.


REFEREE: Can you switch that off please? Just 51 remaining.


So three four point snookers erequired.


Every credit to him coming back, wouldn't normally, wouldn't normally


be in his DNA to play for three snoc, but, -- snookers, but as we


always say, one snooker and a free ball, is the equivalent of three


snookers. Highly unlikely against someone with


the knowledge of the angles like Mark Selby but he will pot the black


and try to get the snooker off the last red. Get the snooker, free


ball. Now the idea is to try and get this


cue ball tight behind the General Pinochet and try to get the road


close to any other colour. -- pink. Maybe in behind the yellow


or something. Something that could possibly give you a free ball.


REFEREE: Ding Junhui 16. Three Three snookers needed. If he


gets one with a free ball, one snooker would be sufficient.


Yes, one cushion escape, he would have to be very accurate. He is


going to slip past it. And he will be snookered in again, in behind the


brown. All of a sudden, we are waiting for the mid-session


interval, we thought this frame was all over. There is the second


snooker. Well this is is a lot easier than the first one Mark was


in. Looking at the angle here, can he


get twice across the table and in behind the pink? Not a bad effort,


just a bit too hard. Left Mark Selby a chance for this red, he won't


refuse the opportunity, obviously, because if he pots the red, that's


game over. Now then. Possibility here, push the


red down to the top cushion, try and get that cue ball, tight to the


blue. He may have got it, but he hasn't cut off the one cushion


escape, that is why he needed to be tight to the blue. I think he


prefers the two cushions. Believe it or not it is sometimes


easier hitting two cushions than the one, John. Yes. You won't want to


pot this red. He wants to leave it on, so he only has one snooker


needed. That is if he can force the free


ball. Didn't want that red in. Oh, it wasn't going to be a bad shot,


really. May still have the snooker here. Maybe an edge of the red but


Mark will be very careful he didn't clip the pink on the way to it.


Because if he did, Ding Junhui could then win.


Now he may play this red off the bum of the middle pocket and send the


red ball back this way and triand get over behind the yellow.


I don't know whether that is on but that is the thought.


Oh well, that's unlucky. And that's enough for Ding Junhui. He concedes.


What four marvellous frames they were. Great safety, snooker for the


connoisseur, but the bottom line is, at the mid-session interval Mark


Selby still has a two frame advantage over Ding Junhui.


Well, the morning started and you could say that Ding Junhui didn't


have a run of the ball, didn't have much luck, and half way through this


evening's session and that bad luck is still perhaps going with him. He


is fighting against it to be honest but he is doing very well. Steven


said it was an important frame more for Mark Selby to keep that gap, but


it has been fantastic snooker, it is, it is snooker for the purist


because the safety has been top quality and when they getting in


they are making big breaks and it is good match play snooker, you know, I


mean this, this is, we already saw a fantastic shot from Mark Selby


earlier, probably shot of the tournament but that is up there


within the top ten shot, to keep that break going. Yes he has all the


shots in the game Mark Selby. As I said before it is so important when


you are chasing the game, as Ding was, he is three behind, he wings


two brilliant frame, then Mark Selby wins that one, then he is back two


behind. It is so important to get leads after going into the following


sessions because you are up against it constantly. It is amazing


quality. Let us go in the dressing room, let us deal with Mark Selby,


what do you think is going through his mind? He will be happy to keep


the gap, even if he gets two of the next four, still has that two Graham


gap, it is hard the see Ding get a run of three or four frames or


anybody to get three or four runs against Mark Selby, because he is so


difficult, it is very hard to Forsterers from him. We have seen a


few, but they are few and far between. Ding is up against it. Ding


has to go through tonight's session and not make a mistakes, to get a


lead going into tomorrow. But that is virtual him possible. Possible.


We're have seen the standard, it is phenomenal. Night and day to the


other semifinal, but, there is still two frames behind. Stephen thinks


that the winner of the match is no disrespect to the other two chaps as


well, the winner will go on to win the title and Steve has been


unequivocal in saying it is Mark Selby, he thought Mark Selby's name


was on the trophy, do you share that view? No, you would say it on form


but as we know, you know, semifinals is only one match, when you get to


the final, on form the way it has panned out, yes, we all know in


sport, one day one match can be different, when you have someone as


good as John Higgins who has been a four time winner, you can write him


off at your pearl. Everyone Barry Hawkins, he can raise his game over


you know a four session final. I understand what Stephen is saying.


On current form you would say the winner is coming from this but you


don't know. We are in a small space here, we are no looking at a fight


out here! We all love each other here, let us bring you up-to-date


with what has been happening in the other semifinal between Barry


Hawkins runner up in 2013 taking on John Higgins four time world


champion. In happened very early on this afternoon, in the first frame


of the day. Now, guy, talk us through this, right. So Barry


Hawkins, he has missed, that is his second miss, and so he is going to


get a warning here. Yes. Now, watch what happens here.


I was in commentary, he has tried this shot twice... Just seen two


shots there. I think he played the shot twice, I


think he, the pot was on an he didn't want to play it. If you are


sat in your chair. Look at John's reaction He is fuming because


onthinks when he left the table that pot wasn't on. So whether Barry had


to use side to get to the angle, you know, there is no blame on Barry at


all, as far as I'm concerned, and even when he is playing pot, in your


chair, you are hoping your point is going to take that red on because it


is so risky, that is like a two 30 shot. So at the mid-session it was


7-5. We will show you the best of the action. Frame 13, commentary


from Stephen and Dennis. Quite close to the middle pocket


with the cue ball. REFEREE: Foul. And what a chance for


Barry Hawkins. Surprised he didn't just anticipate the possibility of


that happening. A bit unlucky for it to go in but it was always on.


So nice cannon here, can open things up and could give himself a very


good chance. He had that superb century break,


just before the mid-session interval. Can he continue?


The important score line is, he is two frames in front.


Just let the cue ball runway Stephen. That was careless. Very


careless. I don't know if he can get into the four reds together from


this angle into the black. He has to really nip the cue ball.


Perfect timing. And don't forget to pot the black as


well. He went to go round the table but


yes, forgot to pot the black and you take your focus away for one second,


plays a careless positional shot, looked to be in with a chance to win


the frame. He will be horrified with that.


Barry Hawkins, sat in his chair. This shot here looks like it is


going to open up all the reds. It is an important shot. That's a cracking


shot that he's just played there, an absolutely belter of a shot. If


Hawkins didn't feel bad enough going back to his chair, having seen the


outcome of that great shot from John Higgins, he will feel even worse


now. Let's see how John Higgins is feeling. Can he respond to that


magnificent century break that his opponent made?


That is pretty good. It wasn't ideal to be straight on the black there


but this is about as good as he could have done.


That was a delicate little screw shot to get himself on the pink,


this is much better. Now a normal plain John Higgins,


this would be perhaps be given the frame from here, the way he has been


playing today, I wouldn't be quite so sure.


It is hard to see where it can go wrong.


Well, there is no-one knows John Higgins game better than the


gentleman sitting next to me, Stephen Hendry. I used to go up to


Spencer's club for the odd week and practise there, John turned


professional in 1992. You and John were always playing together, and I


think practising with you Stephen, helped to get John Higgins to world


number one and world champion in six seasons.


He has put a little bit of a careless shot there. He is OK, he is


on this red, but unless he wants to follow through the cue ball off two


cushion, he will be further away from this black than is perfectly


positioned. Because he was going to be further


away from the black, screwed the cue ball back for pink.


Needs another good shot with the rest. If he was to get a red and a


black, Barry would need a snooker, but it is not a gimme by any means,


making sure his hands are nice and dry. He knows the importance of this


next shot, in fact he was cleaning the little ex tension there.


-- extension there. You could see the focus on John


Higgins' face there. The concentration, in his eyes there, he


knew the importance of that shot. Have a look at that. Just... Well


played. Just made sure of the black, 36


ahead with just 35 remaining, so not quite safe yet, this frame.


Didn't want the little double-kiss there, he was hoping to get a


snooker behind the black, but... He will be pleased with that effort but


he mows the frame's far from safe just yet.


That really was terrific cueing to knock that long red in. Doesn't


matter about the black. Barry's thinking about it. And he's nodded


to the referee. And John Higgins will be delighted, because Barry


Hawkins almost got back to one behind, but he opens up that three


frame advantage, it is 8-5. So 8-5 turned into 10-6 at the end of the


second session and the boys will return tomorrow morning, you can see


that live with us for the third session. That is just about it for


now here on BBC Two, but we will be turning on to the red Button


shortly. BBC short website and BBC sport app. The players Mark Selby


and Ding Junhui out very soon so press the red Button now, and there


has been lots of chatter on Twitter. Gardenerers world fans wondering


where their programme is, well turn over for the red Button now for more


pots and plants. We will see you soon, bye for now.


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