Day 15, Semi-Finals, Afternoon Session - Pt 1 Snooker: World Championship

Day 15, Semi-Finals, Afternoon Session - Pt 1

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Good afternoon. We know there are walls waiting to be painted, shelves


and begging to be put up and Gardens longing for some TLC. Let them wait.


This weekend is all about invents indoors here at the Crucible


Theatre. We are about to find out who will stride force into our


final. Things are not pretty but John Higgins is somehow finding a


way in his semifinal. He is inching towards a sixth world final. Barry


Hawkins cannot seem to get going. He has banned chance after chance with


Higgins therefore the taking. Mark Selby has thrown everything at his


opponent in the other semifinal. Ding Junhui will not be broken. They


resume at 12 frames appease afterword the greater sessions we


have ever seen in 40 years here. We will introduce you to the tournament


director, if he can stay still for long enough. You can send in your


questions and videos. We will look at those, picked the best ones for


the day and we will try to make your snooker game better. If you were up


early this morning for the full life experience from the Crucible at


10am, well done to you. The first four frames between Barry Hawkins


and John Higgins will have done nothing to seize any sore heads. It


was painful stuff. Nevertheless compelling forgiven what is at


stake. John Higgins helped the four frame advantage at 10-6. He is


searching for the magic ingredient that will bring back the emphatic


form. Barry Hawkins chasing the game but it has been a curiously


tentative performance from the Hawk. Bwemmy left at midday on BBC Two,


Hawkins had fallen six frames behind, trailing 13-7. Higgins is


eyeing an early finish. He needs all four remaining frames to book his


place in a sixth Crucible final. Settle down. Harry Hawkins to break.


-- Barry. This is a much better break off from Barry Hawkins. He has


made a few poor break of shots so far in this session. That was


better. Well, that good break of shots from


Barry Hawkins has left himself with a chance here. John did not return a


good safety. These are what you call confidence boosters. You must start


knocking these in. It will be tough for Barry. 13-7


behind. It really is. He is usually so good at that type of shot.


What Barry has to do is win at least one frame of this last four to take


the match into the final session tonight. John Higgins could get a


night off which maybe he would like. He would not mind that at all. I has


had -- have had a text from Les in Southport. He told me John was there


last night. He drove to Southport. John was in his club knocking balls


around at one o'clock this morning. He has had to drive back to


Sheffield. That is probably why he is looking a little bit tired. Just


over five hours there and back. He may be thought he pushed it


there. He called the push himself. He was trying a little shot where


you deliberately miscues so you do not push it. The referee would never


have spotted that. But Barry... He is trying to miscue and he felt that


he pushed it slightly. He will play it again. Yeah, that was OK. Surely


they can get off this thread and get the cue ball back near the yellow or


something like that. -- this red. Well, what was that! He hit that so


hard and has left them read on. That has baffled him, that last shot. --


left the red on. Aid to refit reception for that long


pot. The Crucible crowd would like to see a bit of a comeback. -- a


terrific reception. Stunned it into the reds rather than screw it.


Played it to perfection. If he screwed that, he would have


stuck into the back of the reds. You have to hit it half ball and not


full. He could not have played it better. He needs to give himself a


little bit of competence. -- confidence and


He has done that so often this match. Finishing straight on the


black. Another three or four inches of pace, it does not matter. As long


as your hand is on the table, the black is unmissable. He would have


loved to have gone into the bunch went knowing there is a break off


over the middle pocket. -- a red over the middle pocket.


Just looking at the bunch, in a couple of shots time, he will


probably play for the green. That suggests the red with a nice angle


on the green. From the blue, the pink is in the way. Definitely worth


playing on the green here. Has he gone far enough across? He


can still pot the green right-hand side. If he misses the pink but he


can open the reds up. He has hit the pink and that has spoiled things.


Did not quite get the cannon, as he intended.


Yes, he called a shot at the previous visit when Barry Hawkins


was playing the green into the reds. This is the line you would expect


him to take. That is what he was trying and he caught the pink.


He is playing the safety shot that saying, just maybe, I might be able


to knock a plant in as well. I suppose he would call it a plant to


nothing. No. Just the safety. He did look at the plant but he has a good


one. It is in behind the yellow by the look of things.


Left a tempter into the middle. If he can find a way to play it as a


shock to nothing he will take it on. Otherwise he will go safe.


He can get through to the one that is comfortable, to the right of the


blue. If this one cuts, he will definitely take it on.


Barry Hawkins comes to the table 29 points in front. An easy read


start-up of the couple of the reds are available into the corner


pockets. -- and easy red. Now, he has been finishing straight


on a lot of blacks. He will have some sort of shot to play on into


the bunch. Bringing that through quite a long way. If he gets nicely


on one in the middle it will open another read -- red up.


That last shot on the break off and into the middle was a terrific shot.


At that angle, to pot at that pace was top class. -- that last shot on


the red and into the middle. He is the only player that does that. Now


the cannon into the right side of the reds. The two reds near the pink


will open everything up. He played beautifully.


Absolutely spot-on. You do not get a better split than that. This will


make Barry feel a bit better. I will tell you what. That will not


make him feel very good. That was a relapse in concentration. What a


time to miss an easy pot! Looking at that, I think the pink


lifted. It seemed to jump a little bit.


Let's have another look at this in slow motion. I am sure the pink


jumped here. It did a little bit. Maybe we are doing Barry and


injustice. 51 points behind as we speak. In


normal circumstances we would be saying it is a great chance for John


Higgins to pinch the frame. I'm not sure either parents playing well


enough to do that at the moment will stop -- either player is playing


well enough to do that at the moment.


He almost missed the pot. That is why he flicked the black.


He will take that. He is still getting used to the new tip. Five


and a half hour drive to Southport his good friend, Les Dodd, to put a


new tip on and practice. Then the drive back. It is not like a tennis


racket where you can just pick another one up.


What a steal this would be! It will not be straightforward. As John has


a look around, he is 28 behind. You would think it would all be about


blue to pink. If he gets that far. That is amazing. He has overrun by


five or six inches. I am not saying he is going to miss the green but I


would rather him play the blue to get onto the yellow than the green


at distance. Anything but straight is fine.


Another couple of inches would have been fine. He looked a little bit


down on himself. He did not get a good angle on the green.


He has an angle to come off the top cushion. He could leave it for the


corner. He must be so precise here. A bit too much side on it. A


misjudgement. That is the new tip. That shot is the natural shot when


you are used to the tip. That means he has not had enough time with this


tip to judge that shot was not that shot he would definitely have played


where Dennis said. That was a strange shot. I agree


with the run-off. Barry could play this as a pot. Get the white tight


on the baulk cushion. I wonder if he will take it on. He is not playing


it. He is playing safe. He has played it well. It needs to bounce.


It needs to balance. It has not stop this will cut. He is just looking up


and back at the table. He knows John can sneak the pink in and the White


will come automatically to the black.


It is there by way of the cue ball. It will be a tough black, a very


tough black. It is 14-7. The four-time former


world champion has pinched that frame from Barry Hawkins. As I say,


it is now 14-7. The 22nd frame. John Higgins to


break. He left one in the middle which he


will be taking on. Might be worth a double here for


Barry. The free shots will be on the black. Wouldn't leave a great deal.


John now has a seven frame advantage. He might be tempted with


the red. The white will be going towards the green for them he will


be going towards the red which is right middle pocket.


A prolonged round of applause. He had a little bit of help from the


green. And now, one good angle probably on the yellow here and he


can go right into the bunch. Could be a good chance in a couple of


shots time. Played for the blue. Same thing. Into the pink full ball.


Make sure there are no plants on. I don't think those two reds will go


near the black so it hasn't worked out perfectly for John. And now that


the bloom is up next to the pink, the red into the middle pocket... --


the blue is next to the pink. Not quite full ball but he was still


unlucky not to drop on one. He is going to take this up into the


corner and played for the black, it is a bit of a freak shot. APPLAUSE


-- a free shot. Perfectly played. He is growing in confidence now, as he


should do with a seven frame advantage. Playing a little flick


off the red to open those two up just by the black. He has got second


prize, pushed one over the middle pocket but he didn't play for it. He


did open the two reds to the right of the black and there is a gap


between them so he will be playing up for a baulk colour.


You can tell by the shots he is playing, he is not anywhere near


used to his tip but he is somehow 4-1 up in this session.


Has it come far enough for the straight one or will he have to take


the one closest to the black? It is the one closest, it shouldn't be a


problem, a nice little stone shot. -- stun shot.


It is not always essential to break into the pack when there is a red on


because he knows he does not have to go into them because when he pots


one ball, another will become available. If they were applied up


-- if they were tied up he would have played the black into the bunch


to stay on to this red. John Higgins highest break in this


match amazingly is only 89 and that is in winning 14 frames. His highest


break in this session has only been 48 and he has won four frames.


It has run a little awkward if he can't get past this red because the


one near the corner pocket is tight on the cushion.


Just enough room. He has to head up the table again, though. He could


hold for the black. It is a portable black but he could not have help it


any more than that -- pottable. John Higgins, 45. He probably played


it with a little touch of right-hand side and didn't allow for the throw.


Well, he's having a bit of a nightmare now, Barry Hawkins. He


knows this semifinal has slipped away from him.


There was enough room for the red to pass the black but it wasn't a full


pocket. When he touched the black, that was going to happen.


I thought for a second he was going to kiss the red full ball and be on


nothing. He played to go round the back of it without cannoning it but


he did move it into a better position. He only needs two more


reds to be assured of it and to leave Barry sitting in his seat. One


more red and colour would leave snooker is required but if he pots


to more, which he should do, Barry will not come back to the table.


He will be so disappointed at not even competing, really. John Higgins


highest break is only 48 and at this level you can't win frames with just


48 but he has won five of them. Regardless if he wins this match


with a session to spare or not, he will be on the practice table with


that new tip. Because all the odds are he will get through to the final


and he will want to play as many frames as possible to get used to


it. Even that one, it doesn't matter about the black. Barry leaves the


arena, as does John, and it is all too easy for the former four-time


champion Andy is now leading 15-7. Racing toward you would think of six


Crucible final six years after his last. We are in the practice room,


Mark Selby the defending champion getting some practice and work done


before his final session at two 30p against Ding Junhui after a


sensational session last night in which Mark went 12-10 up and Ding


came straight back at him with back-to-back centuries. It is


beautifully poised in that one and we can't wait. I will not disturb


him any more, we will get back to the match between John Higgins and


Barry Hawkins and John definitely has eyes on the winning with a


session to spare. Two more frames remaining in their third session.


Can he win them both? Another good break-off shot from


Barry, he has hit a different red to normal, you don't see them spread


around like that. Barry will give it his best shot, playing for pride now


and give it frame by frame, give it your best shot. That is not bad,


really. Better in the pocket than wobbling in the jaws and staying up


amongst the reds. The pace of his safety shots this


morning has been the worst I have ever seen from Barry.


Good pot from John Higgins but he should not have had it that easy. He


didn't have to do an awful lot with the cue ball, it was a plain ball


pot. The pink and black are tied up, I wonder if he will try to do some


big about the black, if the powers in the blue with side and comes off


the cushion he might be able to cannon the black and red and make


something happen because they are tied up at the moment. That is what


he has tried. He has brought the black into play. Is he on a red?


That is unlucky, Dennis. He played your shot, and it is amazing he has


not gone onto a red. I mean this semifinal means so much


to both players but John Higgins, it is 2011 since he lifted the title


here, beating Judd Trump in a fabulous final. He has had to wait


another six years to get back to the one-table situation. Another loose


safety shot. Exactly the same think he did not find the baulk cushion


again. Somebody just come into the press box, John just had to get up


off the shot. You always fancied him parting that on, it was almost


identical to the previous one. And those types of pots always give you


confidence with a new tip. They make you feel pretty good.


Needs a bit of luck here. And he has got it. It is usually the case when


you are out in front, I would say John is at the top of his form, but


when you get a lead like that you tend to get the run of the ball and


he got it there. And with that one little flick off the reds to finish


on a red he has a great chance here. Just a little bit thin on the blue


but doesn't have to do much with the cue ball, a bit of left-hand side to


straighten it up off the cushion. There is one loose red at the bottom


of the pack but he will need some sort of cannon in a minute, he might


as well played to finish low on it so he can pot it and bring others


into play and he has done that so he will be flicking off the pack and


going up for blue or baulk colour and all of the reds will be in play


after this shot. And that is perfect with the two


reds below the pink potting in the corner so he will be playing for a


choice off this yellow. You can see, 54 is the difference,


he needs a few more pots to secure the frame. It should not be a


problem and he will have one thing in the back of his mind now and that


is to win the match with a session to spare. Then he can relax this


evening and play that new tip in but it looks pretty good at the moment,


he looks very comfortable with it. This is already his highest break of


the morning session, Dennis. APPLAUSE


That is frame ball. Can he make a century? 22 frames


without a century! I never thought I would be saying that about John


Higgins. But they only win one frame. And the next shop will


determine if he can possibly get it, if he misses the pink and cannons


the reds... He has got a bit of a chance. This will go into the


corner. He might play it firm to try to flick another read off the


cushion and that is what he has done. APPLAUSE


He's playing to pot this black and cannons into the second Kroos, the


one nearest the cushion. What a good shot.


John Higgins is one of the best players of doubles in the game. He


has been a fabulous break-builder over the years. I expected him to


pot that's what a shame, note century break this morning but he is


now just one away from victory with that 90 break and it is 16-7.


Floyd Mayweather, from the recent time watching boxing. Celtic being


the first British to win the European cup in 1967. The Ryder Cup.


We had a penalty kick competition and I was chosen to go and I want


it. I would love to win the world title again, that would be amazing.


The Crucible. Followed by closely where we used to play the Irish


Masters in Ireland. I would love to play for Celtic! Lately it has been


stopped. But you do a bit back home. I would have to invite McGuire, he


would bring the alcohol! Ricky Walden, he throws a few shapes


around the table. And Andrew Higginson. I think the bags are a


bit tight right now! So John Higgins breaks off in what


he hopes will be the last frame of this semifinal. But Barry Hawkins,


he has got a lot of pride, and I would love to see him knock in this


long red. Unlucky. There is one that will cut


back, I think. But that has tied up the black. He wasn't far away with


this. No cutback, just a safety shot. He hasn't put the cue ball in,


has he? Very good judgment, John! Got the pace of the table. You lucky


boy! Barry was banging the table! If that


White did happen to drop in, I think it is only allowed about two or


three second and then it would be replaced, not like one of your


putts... Gravity normally takes it! Barry is looking at a three-ball


plant, if he takes it on the reds will be spread far and wide and I


think he might as well have a go and try to make a 147 to beat Ronnie


O'Sullivan's 146. The reds will be going everywhere if he is playing


it. He has played it and what a shame! The White has gone in! He


went all out to try to bring the black into it and make a sizeable


break. He wanted to throw his cue into the crowd. He is such a lovely


fella but he is struggling out there. But have a look at the focus


on the face of John Higgins. He did not get involved in all that


laughter. He is out there to do a job. APPLAUSE


That is the hit, he needed to be straight on this, I don't know if he


can pot it and miss the bunch but if he can eat and get on to blue or


baulk colour but the harder he plays it, the wider the white will throw.


He has managed to hold it for the black, amazingly enough. But this is


missable am by no means easy. Having missed a just off straight


black early in the match, that was a tough one, but he had a feeling it


could win him frame and match if it went in. And earlier in the week


that might have gone in off the far jaw, they aren't now. Come on,


Barry, take us to the last session with a century.


That just shows you how much he is struggling, he played to finish on


the blue half ball. All at sea at the moment.


He wobbled that want into the pocket.


-- that one. He is doing well here, playing for pride at the moment,


Harry Hawkins. -- Barry Hawkins. Having a bit of a laugh with the


crowd and I think they would love to see him take this frame. John


Higgins wouldn't. That black that he missed, he put himself under a bit


of pressure even though he is so far in front because he wanted to win so


he did not have to come back this evening. But the way things are


going, he might have too. It wasn't a sitter.


We just watched the black for a second time as Barry overhits that.


Those blacks were going in off the far jaw but they aren't any more.


Barry Hawkins has lost position, he is 40 in front, it doesn't appear as


if any of these reds would be easily attainable from a positional shot.


He will have some sort of pot into the yellow pocket if it goes in,


maybe one into the middle. He needs this red and Green or


above. No. But he is odds-on favourite, especially now that the


white has finished up their. APPLAUSE


He is having a little smile, a nice time to get a good run of the ball,


16-7 behind! He will not be taking the miss


because he now just needs to pot this red. 52 in front, don't go in


off! Every chance we are coming back this evening.


No. No, you are kidding. The white disappears. Barring sneakers, we are


coming back this evening. -- snookers. Only the one snooker


needed. The way they are situated, the


colours, a bit of a chance that John could still close the match out in


this session. I just wondered if he pops the three reds and the yellow


then he could make a really telling snooker. A great call. Let's see if


he will do that if he got in behind the green, he could put a telling


snooker in behind the blue. Where do you see a player not leave the last


red on. Trying to get onto the yellow.


That is exactly what he is going to do. It is all about getting a good


angle on the yellow so he can get behind the green and leave the


perfect angle to get in behind the blue. Has he got the angle? He would


love to be able to get over that and roll the green tight behind the


blue. I don't think he can do that. I think he has finished a little


straight on the yellow. Yes, absolutely straight full study can


still send the green around the table and get in behind the blue. --


absolutely straight. Another example of the new tip. I'm


not sure he can get behind the blue now without a kiss. He has potted


the green. Can you believe it? He got the dreaded double-kiss. He


might get another double-kiss if he plays really thin on the left-hand


side of the brown. If you can avoid the double-kiss this time he can get


right in behind the black. Just seeing if there is any value potting


the brown. Three cushions and he could get right in behind the black.


It looks like he will pop the brown instead. -- he will pot.


I think he would have to go thin if he were to get in behind the black.


It would have to be a very precise shot. A little thin one might just


get him there. He is trying it off one cushion but the middle pocket is


in the way. He will hit the black. Safely in. A terrific cheer for


Barry Hawkins. It is not all over just yet will stop handshakes. Well


done, Barry Hawkins. Playing for his bride. They have to come back this


evening for the John Higgins only needs one frame to come back for his


sixth final. That was a pretty tough session.


Both to play in and to watch. It looks like he is there. Do you see


any way back for Barry Hawkins? No it is all over. Barry Hawkins showed


his character. It is easy to think, do I really want to come back


tonight? Get my suit on and pretend I am practising hard. He has done it


but the match is over. John Higgins could probably have done with a


night off. Tip gate has reared its ugly head again. He has been away


half the night to Southport to see Les Dodd. How much of the toll will


all of this play on him? I could have told him the end 62 has had a


lobotomy. That has been wrecked for 20 miles. He has come in on back


roads to get back here. He was panicking thinking, is he going to


get back here? It is psychological. If it is in your head that it is not


right, go and see him by all means. He did have the journey in hell.


Even when he is playing well, he is searching for something. I think it


is nerves of the occasion. That is getting to him a bit. The whole send


-- semifinal he has not had a break. He has got through because his


opponent has not put him under any pressure. He has had a comfortable


match. All of this is sheer pressure of the occasion. He has not been in


the one-table set-up for six years. You just wonder, at the tender age


of 41, whether the pressures and stamina levels required are now


beginning to catch up. They could be. I spoke to him yesterday,


messing around with the tip and stuff. His sleeping patterns are all


messed up. This is a marathon. If you have not done this for awhile,


you are waking up at three o'clock, four o'clock in the morning, leaving


the menu in the hotel. You're not going back to sleep or it can be


like that for all the players. You have described how difficult it is


to last and keep performing to your best. The two tournaments he have


one -- has one this season have been 16 man offence. It is a completely


different test of everything. -- events. He has one to go, he hopes,


this evening from seven o'clock. The other semifinal everyone is itching


to see is the concluding session between Ding Junhui and the man he


beat in last year's final. They played frames lost at which will go


down in Crucible folklore. It really does not get much better than this.


Going to be a important session in this semifinal. -- a very important


session. Good at the Angles. He is pretty good at the angles. A few


whistles as well. That is a magnificent break of 128. Mark Selby


extends his lead. Oh! A great shot on the pink. The


standard here it is absolutely superb. A screw off the side and top


cushion with loads of side. Have a look at that for a shot! That is one


of the best positional shots you could ever wish to see. He could do


with this one. Wonderful! He takes the frame. Now he is just one behind


the defending champion. Colour red required. Would you


believe it! That is a great shot. That is a terrific shot. Boy, is he


good under pressure! It is there. What a frame that was!


What a steal! What about that! A fabulous pot. The


pressure was right on him for that he came straight back with that


magnificent frame for them here's just one behind again. -- that


magnificent frame. He is just one behind again. This is the icing on


the cake. To finish the night in style. Ding Junhui takes is standing


ovation. He has dug deep and one that session 5-3. 12-12. They are


just in the practice room at the moment. Ding Junhui with Terry


Griffiths. Ding Junhui has been with Terry Griffiths for eight months.


Bobby Lee is in the background with Mark Selby. There were back-to-back


centuries last night when he was 12-10 behind, Ding Junhui. I think


we learned an awful lot about this man last night, didn't we? We did.


From the start of the semifinal I think he has been competing any time


-- better than any time but I have not seen him compete as well as he


has done in this event. He had the time to get over the line against


Ronnie O'Sullivan. That, last night, that, I think is the best you have


ever seen him play. He went up a level for me last night. He went up


a level when he beat Ronnie O'Sullivan. And he has done it in


style. He has been a machine in this one in so far. Even when Mark Selby


had a really good run of balls committees that in his chair,


Serena. Nothing was bothering him. -- serene. Sir macro he will be


looking at the other semifinal and thinking the standard was not as


good. You must put that to the back of your mind. This is the best I


have seen Ding Junhui compete I cannot wait. We will see who gets


into the final. Steve Davis is with two men who think they have won the


lottery getting the commentary seeds today. Here in the commentary box


with Dennis Taylor and John Virgo. It feels so exciting. You have


commentator Don loads of stuff. There is something special about


this one, isn't there? I have never seen a session like that. It was the


best session I have ever commentated on. Unbelievable snooker from both


players. I am so impressed with Ding Junhui. I think he has another


little bit of help out there. His mum passed away suddenly in February


and I think he is out there to bring it for his mum because I know


exactly how he feels. I watched it again on the highlights last night.


It was so exciting. You are just involved in the match. There was an


air of anticipation in the crowd that they started to get behind Ding


Junhui. This is fascinating. He has more support today and he has ever


had from an Englishman, Mark Selby. Mark Selby is defending champion.


They are looking at what they thought is the underdog. He embraced


the crowd for study made a foul in a session I went back to his seat,


laughing. That is why he has the crowd on his side. The snooker he


produced has been fantastic for the peak gave them something to cheer


about. I will not even ask who will win this. It is great for us all to


sit back and then enjoy. Over to Rob Walker.


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. As we have just heard,


this is developing into one of the all-time Crucible classics. Eight


breaks over 50 and nothing splits ahead of this last session. There is


only room for one. This is sporting drama of the very highest quality.


It is showtime in Sheffield. Please welcome home, a man whose


importance for the global game should not be underestimated. Winner


of 12 ranking titles, he has inspired millions back home. His two


big breaks late last night to level the match were superb. 13 centuries


from him in the tournament so far. A national hero in China. Enter the


Dragon, Ding Junhui. And his opponent, ten years on from


his first world final. He is now established as one of the sport was


my key players. World number 14 two years. Winner of 11 ranking titles.


He so often demonstrates nerves of steel exactly when it cancelled the


UK champion and defending world champion. Here comes the Jester from


Leicester, Mark Selby. Well, the real Ding Junhui stood up


and was counted last night. Such composure and nerves. Mark Selby is


renowned for his legendary strength under pressure in the final stages


of matches. He may need that again today. First to 17th wins it and it


will be one this afternoon. Dennis, John, over to you. Thank you very


much. Good afternoon, everyone. What a reception both players had.


Especially for Ding Junhui. He is Sheffield's own snooker champion.


Look at that picture! Ding Junhui to break. Put your cameras down now,


please. Thank you. He gets the first frame under way. Is it possible the


standard can continue that we witnessed yesterday evening? It is a


big ask. What a session we have in store! First 217 for a place in the


final, to be played to a finish in this session. He has outplayed Mark


Selby in the safety success department. Who would have thought


that? Looking at Mark Selby, as he was being introduced, he has his


game face on. He looked very focused. He has been up and down the


corridors, 40 minutes before play. Pacing up and down. A little bit


like the great Steve Davis used to do before playing.


Not really an attempt at the red. Mark with his hand on the table. He


expected a better safety. But that one is a little bit pacey


as well. If it runs behind the green, he will not mind.


That is what he is looking at. Not a lot available. Into the side of the


bunch. That is close to the pink. Foul and a miss.


He wants to get into the reds, as close to the pink as possible.


It is that way. You can see the monitor, that is perfect. The cue


ball... A bit back. Perfect. It is not crucial with this position but


it is -- that it is absolutely spot-on but sometimes it can make a


difference. That is better. APPLAUSE


I don't know if Mark can get back down the table or not here, John.


That will be a thin one. Yes, he can do it.


What about the first frame of the session last night. 18 minutes


without a ball being ported. The crowd loved every minute of it. The


safety play was extraordinary and stop -- was extraordinary.


That was a better length for the safety shot. In that frame, Mark


Selby made a century in it, eventually when he got a chance.


Last night's session just had everything. Everything that snooker


can give you. The enjoyment you can get out of the game. I agree with


you, Dennis, it was the best I have ever had the pleasure of


commentating on. It was fantastic. Everyone I spoke to last night and


this morning, they were all buzzing about it. It was a feast. There was


a lot of pressure in this session, of course. Two players who


desperately want to make it through to the final. Did not play the pot.


It was not the right potting angle to go back around the black. That


has been the game plan of Mark Selby throughout this match. Keeping it


tight. Trying not to gift any easy openings for Ding Junhui. The way he


has been scoring, 13 centuries in that one in so far, he had a chance


in amongst the balls. A lovely length of cue ball. That has been so


impressive about him. The fact he has matched Mark Selby in safety


play. I did not really think he had that in him. I think he has


played... Have a look at that exclamation that is the safety


success rate for the tournament. -- have a look at that! So, that, as we


see this red come towards the corner pocket, that safety success rate


with 13 centuries, Mark must have a few friends up in the balcony. He


was doing a lot of that last evening. That is Vicky, his wife,


and Bobby on the left. Just trying to work out whether cue


ball will go. I think it is one of these. You just concentrate on the


pot and you have to trust little bit of luck for position. The main


objective, do not miss the red. He is not on pink or black. Will he


play the blue? As you can see, the pass of the cue ball just trusts a


little bit to luck. It is not over here. He knows the importance. If


this were not the first frame, I would expect him to play the blue.


Because it is, he may not. How did that Blue Nile drop in once


it ran along the cushion? -- that blew not drop in? Look at that! It


was clinging to the cushion. How did it stay out. A three shot from Mark


Selby. The blue is right across the pocket if it goes in.


As you say, Dennis, it is a free shot. He will be disappointed he did


not get closer to the pocket than that.


They are tough shots. Just a fraction off. He has missed it and


he has left Mark Selby with an easy starter. It was not easy.


Understandably, the players will be just a little bit edgy in this


opening frame. It is so important to get your nose in front again. There


is a red in the baulk end. He will be looking to bring the cue ball


down into the business end. It is never easy to judge. Judging the


pace is all important. This looks superb. What a touch!


This shot, as we zoom in, shows you how big a snooker table is. 12' by


6'. Mark still has that bit of a shake


in his head, it is something he has always done. It is not as bad as it


used to be but it doesn't affect his game. It is just the natural way he


plays. You could see on the side bar, another 43 points required from


this position to get to the snooker is required stage. He is going to


have to open some more reds, there are not enough there to clinch the


frame without having to play a cannon of some kind. And you could


see his eyes, they were on the object ball as he delivered the cue,


looking from the cue ball to the object ball back and forwards and


then focusing on the object ball as you deliver the cue. You can see his


eyes, focused on the object ball. The fact he is taking so long over


this blue, he is just a fraction too straight. There looks to be a red


two down from the pink that is available to the left corner but you


can see he is fairly straight and looking at that virtual image, maybe


that one second down from the pink doesn't go to the left corner. I


think he would have to play for the one behind the black. Watch the


side. The first side and he has got a bit too much on it. That is the


problem when you are trying to force the angle. He has played the stun


screw back but with the side as Dennis said, see how it flicked off


the cushion and this is a tough red now.


APPLAUSE He has played it well but this is


the difficulty with the red, he put all his concentration into potting


it and he is not great here. A bit of pressure on this brown.


Just looking at the angle he has on this red, you might choose to go up


for the black here. He would love to be able to hold for the blue and


straight into the pink but he might still be able to do that. Yes, just


about. But having said that, the only way into those reds, he is dead


straight on the blue so he can't get to them now. Look at that. Almost


dead straight. This is a big shock he is ticking on, to pot the brown


and split the reds. Nowhere near. Has he got away with it? I don't


think so. That was a bit ambitious, that one. Strange choice of shot. He


had played a controlled match so far and that was out of character, have


yet played the match in the previous sessions. I don't know if he was


consciously thinking of attacking a bit more but that was probably


pushing the boat out a bit too far. What has he done here? He is not on


a colour, he was hoping to be on the blue. Is a little bit of a tense


start for Ding Junhui here. And as per usual, and that has been


the impressive thing from Ding in this match, when he has run out of


position like he did there, he has put the disappointment behind him


and played an excellent safety and he looks to have snookered mark on


Allred 's. Tight would be better. Almost. And


that is the problem with that shot. You always feel you would like to


leave it tight, and he has left a plant as well. A bit of a gap


between the two reds but it on if he catches the first one right. That's


the thing, you try to get tight behind the green but if he had left


it tight on the book Mac -- tight on the baulk cushion, this would not be


available but Mark now has control of the cue ball and you fancy this


plant. Right in the heart of the pocket, with his hand on the table


he could control the cue ball and this is a chance to take the first


frame. He already has a 38 point lead with a colour to come.


He could do with getting the blue out of the way here. If the red is


dead straight he can drop it in for the black but if not, he can roll


through and leave the black in the opposite corner.


No reason why he shouldn't take the frame from this position, already 43


in front. And this black, he is having a look at the blue, obviously


the red immediately to the left of the black will go he could play


black and play for it in the same pocket as the black. This is to go


50 in front with 67 remaining. He is looking for red, colour, red


now. It's OK from that little cluster of three, one of them goes


to the right corner so if he drops this in and plays for the blue


because the black doesn't go in this pocket. It is just a case of potting


the blue and playing the left-hand one of the three reds and that would


be the frame clincher. He took on a very ambitious brown in this frame.


It didn't cost him. The red to go 57 ahead with 51 remaining.


If he knocks in this next red, no way back to the table for Ding


Junhui. He would like to clear the remaining


balls here. He made a magnificent 128 break to lead 10-7 and then Ding


bounced straight back with 95 to take it back to two and it was just


awesome snooker but this is a good start from the defending champion.


Looking very good here, just that one shot that John mentioned, the


brown which was a bit ambitious and he missed it by a long way but it


did not cost him in the end. He has had that cue ball in the


perfect position virtually every shot in this break.


APPLAUSE That is a terrific way to start for


Mark Selby and he has come out with a determined look on his face and he


has taken the opening frame and is now leading Ding Junhui 13-12. It


was Ding who led 5-3 after the first session but has been playing


catch-up ever since and just when he gets on level terms last night, the


defending champion gets his nose in front again. Typical. Absolutely,


and Ding looks a bit edgy because he had a couple of shots and his cue


ball was not controlled and I put that down to his arm being a bit


tight. Steve? Mark Selby missed the most glaring pot, he was not


absolutely comfortable at that stage but got the best chance after the


luck of how the pack sorted itself out when the plant was on and he


capitalised on that. And the opening exchanges. We have 13 world titles


between us here in the studio and there is another who has one, John


Parrott, he is there to improve your game. If you're having a few


problems with your cueing, you can send him a message or a video of


your style and he will attempt to put you right. 7-3 to contact John,


but back to the serious business. Mark Selby will be nicely settled


after making that lovely clearance at the end of the frame, but as I


said, there was a sign when he played the brown, which did not cost


him, but maybe he will be a bit more on the attack than he was in the


first three sessions. APPLAUSE


That is in the heart of the pocket and it needs to kiss the green. It


didn't but I think he has got the green to the middle. Has he got the


potting angle to get back to the reds? Yes, there is the angle and


there are three he can get on. That was so close. He thought he had that


but it hit both jaws of the middle pocket and he played the cue ball


into the perfect position. Have a look at this green, touching the


near jaw. Mark Selby in with a very good with


another three reds available here -- a very good chance.


He did very well there, he was almost straight and widened the


angle with a stun run through to get on these reds. Excellent positional


shot. Here you go look how he widened the


angle and the cue ball bouncing but it landed perfect. And it is one of


these situations, particularly with the green near the left middle,


there is a red to the left and bottom of the cluster. If at some


time he will play for that, he can leave himself low and in potting it


bring others into play knowing he will have the green to the left


middle. Just underhit that slightly. I'm


just wondering if he might take the chance here, that have a look at the


angle, if the pot of this and careered into the reds, the green is


available but he is screwing back so he will not be moving any reds here.


He still has that want at the back of the bunch that is available. And


he has an angle to go straight into them here, it depends how he feels.


He has played for the single one. It is not a great pack to go into from


the black. It surprises me, I wouldn't question his break-building


for a moment but I can't believe he hasn't tried to leave himself low on


this and try to nudge reds open. It is not a great pack to get into, as


you said and as Willie Thorne describes it always, a flat back


pack. He has got to play at stun shot into the left side of them but


he is screwing it. That was never going to work, unless he is


fortunate. No. Unless he pulls off an unbelievable pot, it is in the


break, but there is a chance this could go into the middle. He could


get on the black but what an angle he is faced with here. It bare.


-- it is their and he flicked the black, which helps.


He split them but the problem with that shot, because of the back spin,


the cue ball will always come away from the reds. He has want to the


middle and if he knocks this in it could be a frame-winner but there is


pressure on it. APPLAUSE He sacrificed a bit of position to


make sure of the pot, straight on the pink would have been better.


Another little cannon needed here. And just about. 50 S head. -- 50


ahead so not much more needed to secure this frame.


It is a great start to the session from the defending champion.


He has just got a slight angle, you would think he would run round off


two cushions for the one just to the left of the pink for the right


middle. He just has the angle to play the runaround. Didn't hit that


to welcome he tried to force the angle, felt it was a bit straight


and if he had run through normal he might have got in the jaws that you


could see the cue ball was bouncing when it hit the black and the black


bounced and it took all the pace out of the cue ball. He didn't seem to


be striking the cue ball right at the top which creates the top spin


in the follow-through. As you said, John, it was more of a stun shot.


He has a tough red into the middle pocket. This is another.


No danger, right in the heart of the pocket and that is frame over now.


Just the red required and he is perfectly on it and it will be


followed by pink or black and leave Ding Junhui needing two or three


snookers. It is all about fractions, this game. Ding Junhui played a


green and just flicked the near jaw and stayed out. And this has been


the result. This was the green, it just caught that near jaw and it


looked for a second as though it might just drop. He needs a chance,


Ding in amongst the balls but you don't get that many chances against


Mark Selby. Good pot. And every likelihood now


we will see a century here. Mark has already had six centuries


and we are up to 69 in the tournament. Yes, 86 is the record, I


don't think it will be beaten but you never know. As I said, Ding has


had 13 centuries. I think the record is 16. I think that is John Higgins.


In fact, it is Stephen Hendry, sitting in the studio, sorry,


Stephen! I think John Higgins had 14 in one


year. This red and a colour. What a pity. No century but Mark


Selby is proving once again that he is going to be very tough to beat


and he gets his two frame lead back. It is now 14-12.


Ding had that chance with the green and missed it and I wonder what


these great champions are feeling about the start from the reigning


champion. It looks like he is smelling blood and sensing weakness


and that is what he does, he pounces. Is a great visit, a couple


of tricky red into the middle, but the way he played them, neither


looked in doubt. You can sense signs, when is the time to put the


foot down and the hammer down and so far this session that is what it


looks like. Are you hearing that mood music as well? It is always the


case that Mark Selby to give since every chance to win event like this


because he is relentless. While Ding put in a fantastic performance to


get back level last night, and if the match had continued into the


night it might have been a different story, you reset for every session.


Mark Selby, you can see the look of determination on his face when he


came out, he is there to do a job today. I'm not saying Ding Junhui is


not, but every time Mark Selby makes it difficult for you and it is tough


for Ding Junhui but we know he is up to the job. We do and it will be


interesting because there is a huge amount of support for Ding Junhui


here. He is one of Sheffield's adopted sons, he has been here for


the last ten years and think a lot of people would love to think it is


his time at the World Championships. He has a lot of support, back we go.


90% pot success rate for both players. Mark slightly ahead in the


longer pot success Department. In fact I'd been told 59%, Mark


Selby won the tournament with that pot success rate last year when he


defeated Ding in the final, 18-14. That could be a useful little flick


off the yellow. It certainly was. Not a problem getting out of the


snooker but a little flick like that can make a difference.


Just means that Mark as the slight advantage here in the safety


Department and if he can get another good cue ball...


Important for Ding Junhui to return a good safety and hopefully not push


a red over the corner but there seems to be four balls that might


send one out of the bunch towards the right corner pocket so he will


have to be careful here. He doesn't want too thick contact otherwise he


will do that. Yes, he got a thin contact which sacrificed a little


bit of what he could do with the cue ball. There can't surely be another


plant on? It would be a three-ball plant. You never know with Mark


Selby. One red onto the other two, it is going to the left of the


pocket, he might be up to make this. He would be playing the safety shot


at the same time. Not quite a plant but he got a good


cue ball. There is this red to the left corner but Ding Junhui has to


be very careful if he plays it. He looks bound to run into a red or


even the black. There is no shot for nothing. Is it worth the risk? That


is the question. He has lost the first two frames and he needs to get


a foothold now in the session. He found the gap. Where is the red


going? That's not too bad, safe enough. He did well to find a gap


through the reds in playing that pot. And of course he will be more


concerned with the gap than the pot. There is a shot on, I'm wondering if


Mark Selby will have a go at it, he can send this into the pink and red


and screw back into the safety zone. He is looking at the very thin snick


which tells me if he can pot the red in the right middle, could he get up


and down the table? No, he is going for the one I mentioned, screwing


back and sending the red into the pink and reds. That's a good cue


ball. He was always going to have plenty of stoppers to prevent the


red from coming back up the table. He has a bit of a problem here, Ding


Junhui. All things considered, that was an


excellent safety. He did not find Bob cushion. He was in a spot of


bother and he had to catch the red perfect, so as not to leave


anything. He has not left anything. That is the art of safety. It is the


perfect example. You do not kiss baulk colour. The pace Mark got on


the cue ball, Ding Junhui once again has quite a bit to think about. I


cannot see a return to baulk unless he catches the red so Finn. If he


catches it sick, he will run into the red in the end he did not want


to risk it and played the containing safety. I think it is all right.


Just. As I mentioned, Ding Junhui needs to


get in among the reds to get a bit of confidence going. That is what


the game is all about. At the moment he cannot get that chance. Mark


Selby is keeping things very tight. He had breaks of 74 and 96.


He might not have blocked the route off down the table. He needs a thin


contact but he needs a telling safety to try to force an error from


Mark Selby. That is a pretty good return. Very good. Excellent. A


superb shot. Normally in these situations you see a player tapping


over the table. This is of proper match. Excellent return. Excellent


return. It is very difficult to force a mistake from Mark Selby in


the safety exchanges. That is what Ding Junhui needs to do full Tubby


cannot rely on Mark Selby getting in amongst the balls. That and in the


first frame of this session, in all honesty. He needs to try to force an


error that he is on the back foot. That might have rocked back. It


could be touching, which would have helped mark. No, not touching. He


can still play of that red. Touching ball makes it easier. But he can


just glance of this. -- off this. He can not pop many balls when you


are stuck on the baulk cushion all the time.


In the end, a fraction too thin. If he leaves Mark Selby with his hand


on the table, he is asking for trouble.


For once, he did not take advantage. Nearly had a result but the cue ball


just stopped short. I think there is a gap between blue and pink. There


is. If you cut down the escape route


down the left-hand side of the table, your opponent is in trouble.


Ding Junhui has just gained initiative.


That is what Mark is looking at. There is very little available to


him. Looks as if he will have to leave


the white at this end of the table. He is trying to find a spot. He is


having quite a bit of thinking time to pick that spot out.


It just means at the moment that Ding Junhui has the slight advantage


in a tactical battle. He's looking at the possibility of the red into


the middle. This would be quite some pot! He could maybe finish on the


brown and draw the green. The last time he potted a ball. Well played!


Just a little bit too far as we show you that terrific pot again. The


white just ran about 6-8 inches further than he intended. Brown


ball. Ding Junhui, one. I think he has


just got the snooker. Maybe he can just hit the edge of this red on the


right-hand side of the table but he cannot get back to baulk. He is


having a good look around. If he cannot see the pass, it is an escape


route for him to land the red left of the black. If he can get to land


read he is cueing up to, that would be just as good. There might just be


a gap through to that done the right side of the table.


That is a bit weak. It is not good. The initiative in that tactical...


This tactical exchange. He may have handed that initially back to his


opponent now. There is a pot on to this right corner. Hard to see how


he could get position on the colour. It is obviously not a straight run


back to the baulk end. If he was tight against the baulk cushion, it


would be almost impossible. With his hand on the table you would expect


him to find a path. He did not find that path that you


said, John. At first glance, he might. There is a red available the


left corner foot once he got the cannon, he cannon, he knew he would


leave something. Now... One good pop here... -- pot. This is his first


chance in amongst the balls. The black is ad of commission but it


all depends if and when he pops the pink. He will pot it at some time.


Where the pink will go. He may have to pot a few reds around the pink


spot. This is his first real chance. Can he now stop producing the form


of last evening? Just about OK. Two wonderful


centuries last evening to get back to all square. He has coming towards


the table. That has showed the angle he has faced with the brown. He must


play a nice screw shot past the middle pocket. A few reds available


to him. Is he going to drop nicely on one? Still not in an ideal


position. Can he cue past the pink? This will make all the difference.


If he is hampered by the pink, this is a tough shot. He is hampered.


Decision time. He will take the pot on. Does he make the pot more


difficult by trying to play a stunner for them baulk colours or


does he totally commit to the pot. Nicely in. What a shot that was! Now


in perfect position. Playing for the pink now. This is


where he is so good, in and around the pink area. He will have to try


to win this frame without the help of the black. He can forget about


the black completely. Does the pink go to the right corner when it is


re-spotted? It does. This is a good chance for Ding Junhui but there is


pressure. There you go. Another 33 points from


this position to get to the snooker -- snookers required stage.


When he pops this, it will help the situation. The two reds left of this


will then be available. He did not play that very well. That was just a


little edgy one. It just means a little bit more to do. Should be OK.


Well played. He has those two reds are mentioned. Cleared the path.


There is a couple of Ding Junhui supporters. A great shot from the


balcony. And, once again, he has come up a little bit short. Now he


will have to go all the way around the angles if he is to get on one of


the reds. There is one to the right corner. He has just underscrew that.


A wee bit of pressure on this. He will get a terrific cheer if he pops


it and gets on a red. Here comes the white. He misses all the colours. It


is not bad. Ding Junhui, 52. Coming up a little


bit short of clinching the frame. He was playing to get on the one that


was near the black spot. He still lords on to win the frame. You know


what Mark Selby is capable of... And look at where the red is situated.


They are never easy. If it were straight, you would not expect him


to miss it. A good safety shot now required from Ding Junhui. 53 points


the lead and 75 points remaining. He is basically looking now for eight


couple of reds, a couple of colours. A good safety once again.


He has looked long and hard to see if he can get the edge of a red that


he cannot. Hands to come off the edge of the side cushion. Just


feathered the red. A good shot. I don't know if he can get past the


blue to clip that read. I don't think he can.


Yes, and he's not got the option this time to nestle near the reds on


the top cushion on the right-hand side of the table. If he tries to go


twice, of course for that is very risky. Will he play the two cushion


escape with a bit of pace? That is where he is playing. Played it


lovely. Where is the red going? Where was the cue ball going? He has


the cover. He has the cover. Or has he? Hold the front page. Settle


down, John. Settle down. He can just get through to it. He will have to


swerve it slightly. Still needs another red after the


blue. He can just avoid a kiss on the red when potting the blue. He


has played it perfectly. He is pulling 60 points ahead with 59


remaining stop That is a bit unfortunate.


Glancing around at the scoreboard. Could have worked out a lot better


than that but it is only one snooker that is needed. We know what Mark


Selby is like when it comes to finding slippers. I cannot think how


Ding Junhui can knock it on to another cushion. By Megahey will


play the correct option. That black being tied up, OK, we are saying one


snooker required. Yes. He has gone for the pink.


That should be the end of frame. It was going to be a tall order with


Mark Selby with the black tied up there. Nestles in behind the yellow.


Hopefully on to the brown. Mark should stay in his seat, you would


feel. Yes, he nods to the referee. Ding Junhui lost the first two


frames. They are some of his fans. They are delighted. Just one behind


now. 14-13. The defending champion is keeping him at arm 's length that


is having to send him off once again. This is a great, positive


attitude we are seeing from Ding Junhui. It is not exactly the bully


versus the kid who has been beaten up in the school playground every


day. Let's assume that is the case. You keep pummelling somebody but


they keep coming back for more. In the end, finally, you will end. He


was fighting a bit with the cue ball. Do you think he is settling in


a bit now? Not one ' visit stuff. We are used to him knocking in


centuries all over the place was that it did not matter how he did


it. It does not look like a three frame gap opening. He keeps coming


back. That is back to one frame. We will be saying it all afternoon. A


big frame coming up before the interval. He is having to play


cagily and wait for his chance and then have to pounce. He has shown as


he is capable of doing that. Last night there were signs he was asking


questions of Mark Selby in the safety department. He had an easy


safety shot that would have kept the pack together. He really would blast


them open. It would risk a ball over the corner pocket. Mark Selby, in


the end could did miss a green ball that cost him the last frame.


Wonderfully poised. I can only guess what the ratings would be in China


right now. Skyrocketing into the 150 million at the moment. Mark Selby


gets the frame under way. There is a mid-session interval after this.


Every frame now is so important to both players. It looks like a good


break-off shot on the face of it. Can he just get past the blue? He


obviously can. Needs to catch the red thing though. Caught it little


bit too thick. That is why the cue ball has only just got past the


blue. He has left a read on. The few weak safety shots he has played in


this match. -- he has left a red on. A little bit of a tense one hour


from the defending champion. We expect him to not back in. Temple


Micra has a similar type of shot. More difficult than the one Mark


had. -- Ding Junhui has a similar type of shot. He is taking the one


nearer the pocket to get himself on the black.


No. Where is the red? He has left a long, straight one past the blue. If


it goes he will be able to go back onto the black. I am not sure if it


pops. He will be disappointed to have missed that. He knows he will


have to play his best game today. So far he is not there. The chance for


Mark. Straight red into the top. We don't see that very often. He gets


the first good chance. Ding Junhui took the very positive


shot to try to get onto the black. He had the other one he could


possibly have potted and come round for a baulk colour. I think he was


just thinking very positively but did not execute the shot as he would


have liked. He might have to sit in his seat now for a while.


I think sooner rather than later Mark Selby will play for the red


that is immediately above the black. Leave himself low on it and he might


even elect to play the cannon on the end of the cluster, but it's not


leave himself low on it so he can pot it and bring others into play


and that is exactly what he has done. He can open them up here and


it is all about keeping control of that cue ball to retain position on


the black or even on the pink. Good control needed because he will be


bringing reds into play here. I thought he would hit it a bit harder


than that, he was obviously frightened of screwing back and


finishing on the cushion but it was sooner than he wanted as you can


clearly see. Safely in. -- it was thinner than he wanted. Four reds,


four blacks. Playing for the red, straight is no


problem but if he plays the run-through he is going to kiss the


red just below the one he is potting so he has to judge the cannon off it


or he is maybe even looking at screwing into them. You would think


he would be able to judge it. It is hard to tell unless you down on


shot. But straight would not be a problem. If he has a bit of work to


do with the cue ball, it could go wrong.


That is quite a thin cut to take the pink on. He was hoping to just push


that pink into a better position than it has finished up. 41 in


front. Does he keep things tight here? He is back looking at the


pink. That is where he would like to put the cue ball if he can, cut the


pink into the middle pocket and that is what he is going to play. Key


shot. No. Has he got onto that red or has


he been fortunate? If Ding can get through to it, he can get across the


table for blue or pink. Yes, he can get through it but he has to be a


bit wary of the in off into the middle pocket. He will be aware of


that. Had struggled in that he has landed


absolutely perfect on the blue. There is one loose red at the site


and I think the reason it struggled, he was a bit aware of the


possibility of the in off. I think he should play the cannon here, not


play it hard, a gentle cannon to open the reds. It is too difficult


to play for a particular ball but he needs a good split. And he has got


it. What a chance now. Mark Selby


thought long and hard about whether to take the pink or put a colour


safe and play a safety shot and he decided on the tricky cut into the


middle and it did not come off. He came to the table 41 points behind.


All of the reds in the middle of the table. But it needs total


concentration and, in particular, good cue ball control. That will


make it easy, or easier. He doesn't have to play any cannons,


the little triangle of reds, if he pots the one to the left, it will


clear the other two. It is all about keeping close control.


Concentration. He was thinking of running through but it could go


wrong so back up for the blue. If he had played the run-through for the


black, he would have been running into another red but he has just let


that slip. Has he got an angle on this blue? I think he might just


have one. He needs one. He is almost straight but I think he can still


get on that one to the left of the four. He is playing the run-through


so he feels he can pinch of it here. -- pinch a bit here. This is where,


psychologically you start thinking about the frame. He is seven points


behind, red and a black would put him one point in front and then he


knows exactly what is required to clinch the frame at this visit. He


has not thought about it so far, just thinking about getting those


points. And he has missed it! And he missed it because he did not get the


right angle on the blue, if he had done he would have been closer to


the red. For the first time we see a reaction from him, he is annoyed


with that. That was a pretty easy pot that he missed.


He is on the pink but he might be absolutely dead straight here which


means he can't do much with the cue ball.


He feels he has got a slight angle here, it looks straight, there is


not much of an angle. This is a similar type of shot to the one that


Ding missed into the other corner. This is a frame that I am sure Mark


Selby was sat in his seat a few moments ago thinking it had passed


him by. He is favourite to take it now and go to the mid-session


interval with a two frame advantage. It was just a little lapse in


concentration from Ding. I mean he would normally knock that in 19


times out of 20, even more. But it just shows you how you can play one


poor positional shot, he was just too straight and even though that


red looked easy, it was just off straight but if it was straight he


could have stunned it in and no way he was missing it but with the angle


he was trying to pinch a bit of the pocket. That black going in now, 29


points ahead, no heroics on this red, just roll it in and go 30 ahead


with 27 remaining. He will be birdieing this. Not bothered about


the colour. He will be quite happy just to roll to the black and play


the snooker, 30 ahead with 27 remaining. And Ding Junhui has


missed a golden opportunity to square the match before the


mid-session interval. He will have that interval to think about the


missed red. Ding, you never know, if he can hit


this yellow and get it says, once snooker. It would not be the first


time we have seen it happen. It is coming over the corner pocket,


hang on! I thought he might have fluked the snooker. Maybe he can't


pot it. It is tight. He can't risk playing a little swerve because he


could hit the black. And at all costs you would not take that


chance, Dennis. He is looking at the side cushion to come off it and pot


the yellow, that is quite ambitious. Not sure about that one. I think he


could have played thin off the yellow. Up on the balcony there, a


reaction from family and friends. Ding didn't quite get the required


screw to get in behind the black. It was difficult but if the yellow


doesn't pass the brown, at least it is safe and it doesn't. He will


still have a chance here and with that black there, it is not a bad


position to try to lay a snooker behind. I was thinking exactly the


same, John. But will England wait to get a chance to get in behind it? --


will Ding Junhui get the chance. Mark Selby is pretty good at playing


snooker 's as well. Just one four point snooker needed by Ding Junhui.


That is usually the best way to stop the opponent getting a snooker,


snooker him. Easy to hit, he has got to get it


safe. He has got to get it safe. Hang on! He is in behind the brown!


Would you believe it? The twists and turns that can happen on a snooker


table. A puff of the cheeks tells me that Mark Selby can get to this off


one cushion and if he can, easy hit. This frame is not over just yet.


There could be a possibility to get this cue ball in behind the black. I


know he can stun it and get the snooker behind the pink but if he


can get tight behind the black... He is just playing the up and down


shot. I don't blame him for that. It needs to slow up to make it


difficult and it has done. This is not a guaranteed hit. Mark Selby


does not miss many, that is for sure. And I suppose that was the


right way to play it because you were more or less guaranteed the


snooker but you do not fancy him to miss this. Is he going to push the


black? It is not quite as good now as it was before. For the snooker in


behind. It is the first to 17 that goes through to the final.


Can he get the snooker that could bring it back all square? Mark Selby


just with a bit of nervous energy. Obviously a good favourite to win


the frame but you never know, you are on a knife's edge when somebody


need the snooker but the imperative thing for Ding is to get the yellow


safe. If he can't get the snooker, at least if you get the object ball


safe you can get another chance but if he leaves it on, that is end of


frame. If he hits the cushion first, there is a way of knocking it up


past the black and possibly getting in behind it. If he comes off the


side cushion and hits the yellow football, it would double the yellow


out past the black. That is not a bad effort. There


might be a gap. If it is full ball behind the blue, but there is a gap


between brown and blue to hit the cushion. Another easy escape. That


hasn't helped, putting the green safe, that hasn't helped Ding but he


might be able to get white behind the black this time with a little


screw shot. It is more difficult to get behind now than before it was


moved. Here it comes but where is the


yellow? Almost doubled the yellow but has he got the snooker? APPLAUSE


You have got to cut out the one-cushion escape at this level if


you are going to get any reward for the snooker. Where is this cue ball


going? Mark could have a snooker of his own here. That is amazing, to


get the yellow over that pocket and the white over this pocket from that


position. What a result he has had their.


He has left the yellow on. I think it is into full-time. -- it is


interval time. Ding might decide to play on because you would not think


that Mark could get position on the green so it is two snookers required


and where the black is, it might encourage Ding to play on.


Absolutely. He has no intention of walking out of the arena just yet


for the mid-session interval. A chance here, push the green up and


down the table and get that cue ball in behind the black. He needs it


tight behind but it just swung off the cushion. He might have the


snooker but even if he has it looks like an easy swerve. He doesn't need


the swerve. Mark trying to knock the brown near


the top cushion but he has left it in a position where, if he got a


snooker behind it, it would be good but he will be trying to get in


behind the black again and this is at a better place and a good line


and is it tight? APPLAUSE Has he cut out the one-cushion


escape? He needs so much side on this, he


will have to try to make the angle with loads of left-hand side to


swing it over towards it. He had a bit more room than I thought and


there was no problem. He can always pot the green because the brown is


not in an ideal position here. It just means there is one less ball to


snooker behind. He would love to lead the green on the table but I


don't think he can avoid putting it. He had to. He couldn't have finished


much worse than that in all honesty. He can't get in behind the black,


just maybe get the snooker behind the pink. But if he is going to


force Mark Selby to miss, he has got to get it tight to these snooker


rink balls and so far he has not been able to do that. -- snookering


balls. That was a good shot from Mark. Can


Ding get the brown safe? He didn't want to risk trying to cut


the brown in because there was a possible in off to the right middle


pocket. If he doesn't get the double-kiss, he might get over


behind the black here. The double-kiss is on.


But if he pots it, it is definitely frame over. APPLAUSE


And in it goes and Mark Selby, he started this session with a two


frame advantage and was pulled back to 12 or at the start of this


session. He has now won three of the first four frames and nonchalantly


knocks in the pink and tries to pot the black while it is moving. That


is what Mark Selby wanted, winning three of the first four frames and


Ding Junhui is two frames behind again but don't rule him out.


But as you said, Mark is only two frames away from a place in a fourth


final and has shown such positivity. There was just a sign from Ding


Junhui when he missed that red after failing to get position from the


blue that he was getting a little agitated. By this time of the


tournament, you are not supposed to be missing anything but of course


it's impossible. You are forever trying to pinch part of the pocket,


not always right in the middle and you would have hoped that Ding


Junhui could have rolled that in. But unfortunately, as John Virgo


said, if you play a dead straight stun shot and hit the ball with


authority you usually get it in but when you parole them in, there is


always the possibility it might roll off -- you have to roll them in.


Mark Selby is obviously not impervious to pressure and there was


a couple of moment he thought he did not get a good run of the balls. He


has friends in the gallery and if things don't go right he is smiling


at the commentary or the studio and he is feeling it as well definitely.


There is no need to begrudge bad luck because he has had a fair share


in this match, it tends to even out over long matches, but it was a


differs -- a disappointing miss for Ding Junhui. A couple of times he


has given it the heavy shoe walk back to the chair, trudging a bit,


and that is a bad sign because he has looked pretty positive through


most of the match. If you were in his corner like Terry Griffiths will


be, what encouragement can you give him at this stage to keep punching?


I don't think there are many words left. It is a case, he knows what


yesterday when he comes out, he doesn't have that much breathing


space. He will probably get himself in a better frame of mind for this


second session because he will go, I've got nothing to lose, I've got


to go for it. He doesn't have the worry of anything behind him,


looking over his shoulder, it is foot to the floor and let's see what


we can do and compete. He always goes to the practice table, whatever


the score, he will always be on the practice table, it is just what he


does. He will be getting a bit of rhythm going and hopefully if he


gets a chance he can get active at one visit scoring which has been his


strength. I know you were both very dominant champions and Mark


currently is that add his opponent is the underdog and getting quite a


lot of support, a syndrome you both recognise? Exactly come interesting


how the crowd are responding, it is the ultimate testament to how good


Mark Selby is. Nobody is doing yet! He is not at our level yet! --


booing. He is certainly getting to that level where people expect him


to win. We will be back very shortly over on BBC Two because while they


are at the interview will -- at the interval we will switch channels and


we will be back for the deciding session. I hope you will join us


there in just a few moments. Put the kettle on and we will see you in


about ten minutes. Goodbye for now. The East End girl who became the


nation's favourite. We don't know what it is,


but she definitely has... Something.


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