Day 6, Afternoon Session Snooker: World Championship

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Day 6, Afternoon Session

Neil Robertson plays for one of two remaining spots in the second round, whilst last 16 round action begins. Matches are increased to three sessions and are the best of 25 frames.

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Hello and good afternoon and welcome back to the Crucible in Sheffield.


Day 6 of the 2017 World Championship. We had a big shock


here last night, Judd Trump crashing out at the first round. However the


second round starts today and a former world champion is taking


centre stage. The 2015 Crucible king was pushed by Peter Ebdon in round


one, but is in good shape. But it is another tough test, Kyren Wilson


will be confident of seeing off Bingham. In 2010, the world champion


Neil Robertson is almost into the last 16. He leads Noppon Saengkham,


who made his debut here yesterday. And it is one of the biggest days at


the Crucible. Today snooker hosts disability day and we will talk


about the sport's ambitions later. It is an exciting day when the


second round starts. Neil Robertson needs two more frames against Noppon


Saengkham. Our live match sees Stuart Bingham taking on Kyren


Wilson. And good afternoon chaps, a big crowd here and this is where the


tournament starts to hot up? As a seed it probably is. You are looking


at the draw, thinking I don't want a potential banana skin. You're best


of 25 and you're past that. So this is where it kicks off. Does it the


get more tense? For the players thinking of winning this is where


the business end starts. Is there anybody standing out for you yet?


You know at the start you have got to look at Mark Selby, he is miles


ahead in the ranking and twice a winner. He will take a lot of


beating. Listen, there are is plenty of players and I don't share the


view the bottom half is easy. There is plenty of snooker to be played.


But Selby is favourite. We have lost Judd Trump, is anybody looking like


a future world champion. It is wide-open. Tonight we have got


O'Sullivan against Murphy, that could be a final. We have had a


number of big stories, Ronnie O'Sullivan's outburst and last night


Judd Trump is knocked out of this year's World Championship and he


possibly faces a fine from snooker bosses for refusing to fulfil his


postmatch media duties. He was beaten 10-8 in the fist round. His


agent said hoefs unable to -- said he was unable to talk to the media.


I feel good now, the pressure is dying as we speak. Anything you do


at the Crucible is brilliant to. Beat the No 2 in the world, I feel


good. It ain't sank in, but I feel good. I wasn't watching him, more


than seeing the balls he was hammering in. I'm 46 years old, we


have our own aches and pains. Can't be worrying about anybody else can


I? It is a great line for Rory McLeod and it feels right that we


talk about him first before the Judd Trump possible fine. A wonderful


night for Rory, but at one stage when we were watching that match the


day before it never looked in doubt. He was in control. I'm impressed by


holding himself together against something who was struggling and


#1250i78s you -- sometimes you think, he is not playing well. You


have got to hold yourself together and he did very well. He was in the


zone. We saw him in the practice room the night before. Yes and he


had to wait all day for that last frame. That must have been, it must


have seemed like an age. But a fantastic result for Rory. Now Judd


Trump, his agent said he was up able to do his media duties because of


illness. Now, I don't want to speculate, but a shoulder injury


shouldn't stop you from talking to the media. The world's gone mad. In


my day it was difficult to make a hundred break, but easy to go to a


press conference. Now you can't go to a press conference and everyone


can make a hundred break. It is just, he is gutted. He has thrown


away another opportunity at winning the World Championship, world No 2,


highest break 65, just wasn't good enough. He is very disappointed.


Does it portray the sport in a good light when O'Sullivan says he won't


talk to the press and Judd Trump not going into a news conference. The


press are there to do their job and report what is happening and he


refuses to speak to the press? It is difficult. It is difficult for me to


comment. I've nothing to do with it really. The press, snooker doesn't


get a lot of column inches in newspapers, so everything helps. If


they're not going to do press conferences it won't help. Well


dodged! Thanks! All I will say you have a contract you signed and part


of the contract is you have got to do the media duties. Just go in,


talk about the match, be as bland as you like. Just say one word answers.


Go in, say how much you enjoyed played, praise your opponent. It is


not hard. We will hear more thab that story. -- about that story. Now


back to st snooker and Kyren Wilson taking on Stuart Bingham.


Kyren, an excellent win against the sort of player who can beat anybody.


I have got to give David credit, he held himself together very well. He


would have had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He had a lot of lads


coming up to support him, being a local lad. . So I was happy to get


over the line. What are you expectation -- What are your


expectation and how has practice gone. I love it here, as all the


players do, it is the best place to play snooker. To be here as a top 16


seed this year is even more special on the 40th anniversary is amazing.


With regard to your career and your life in general, how much of it, of


a difference has it made to you being a dad and having young Finlay


around? Yes it is massive, it has turned from being a hobby to being a


job, I have got to earn a living for him and to have him here, as soon as


he sees me on TV, he is screaming, come on dad. It is nice to have him


here. And it is a nice lease of life if I need picking up. Stuart Bingham


will be relieved, as all the seeds are, to get this fist round out of


way. Looking forward to your next game with Stuart Bingham, former


worm champion. -- world champion? Yes he has won it before, so I'm


going to be an underdog. He is an experienced pro and I'm sure it will


be a tough match. I have got to put that out of my mind and foes can on


-- focus on my own performance. Thank you and I wish you the best of


luck. Cheers, mate. What a terrific interview. Here is


the head to heads and Kyren Wilson leads 2-0. They first met in 2013.


Stuart Bingham's record, knocked out in 2014 in the fist round here. --


first round here. And won it against Shaun Murphy. Got knocked out in the


first round last year. A victim of the Crucible curse. Here we are the


players are standing by, what do you think is going through that young


man's mind, Peter Ebdon thinks he can be a future champion. That comes


with its own pressure. It is wonderful to hear, but like all the


players, you need a good start. The players are standing by and let's


say go afternoon to Rob Walker. Thank you. Good afternoon. It is our


cross over day at the Crucible, where we finish the first round


action at the same time as the drive for the quarter times begin. It is


day 6 and you can sense the tension rising here in Sheffield.


Please welcome the last debutant left in this year's championship,


quarter-finalist at last season's China Open, a huge task, but he will


give it everything, from Thailand, Noppon Saengkham.


And his opponent, a player who has without doubt established himself as


one of the game's greats since his arrival from Australia just over a


decade ago. 12 times a ranking event winner, king of Crucible in 2010,


aiming for a ninth appearance in the second round, can you hear the


Thunder from Down Under, here's Neil Robertson slam sclam


APPLAUSE. On table 2, a man making his second appearance in the last


16. Winner of last season's Shanghai Masters, he made the final in India


this season. Now established in the world's top 16 they call him The


Warrior, they call him Kyren Wilson. His opponent here after knocking out


former world champion Peter ebb on the, champion of the world in 2015,


winner of the Welsh in February, these pride of Essex he is the Bull


Run. He is Stuart Bingham. Every shot covered for you on the


BBC from the Crucible. Neil Robertson and Noppon Saengkham is


available on the red button and the web-site. Dennis Taylor and Ken


Docherty for that. Live from the Crucible this afternoon it is


Bingham, Wilson and a very good afternoon to Willie thorn and Peter


Ebdon. COMMENTATOR: The first of the second round matches about to begin.


Now it is the best of 25. It is eight frames in the first session.


Peter, you're a big fan of Kyren, I think it is 50/50 this game? It is a


fascinating battle in prospect. One of the game's great ambassadors and


champions, former world champion, in Stuart Bingham. One of the hardest


workers on the sish kit, deserves everything he gets from the game,


against one of game's young talents and a future champion for sure. That


is not a bad way to start. The first shot if you get them, it gives you a


boost and you think, that's handy I'm cueing well. Like all of the


good players, rather than play a shot for nothing, they play a shot


for something. He is trying to get on to the red to


the left of the black. Could have done with coming down another six


inches. I'm not sure from this angle he can do that without moving the


black. If that white had been another foot


down it would have been an easy shot to flick the red away from the


black. As it is now, safety shot coming up.


Peter, you were practicing with Kyren, in practice he must be a


heavy scorer zm? Yes, he is a great all-round player. Excellent safety


player. His long game is tremendous. Scores very heavily among the balls.


One of the best players with a rest I have seen. And he also is very


central striking. To be honest, he doesn't have any


weaknesses in his game and in my honest professional opinion, he just


needs a bit more experience. But he is certainly capable of winning this


tournament. He is good enough, that is for sure.


He has a very tough opponent here in Stuart Bingham though. It is a


fascinating match in progress, that is for sure.


Wilson always plays the attacking shot.


Never afraid to play the right shot. The slight chaps he could run


through and play the black. But the black will be very difficult.


Played it in off the left-hand jaw actually. This is really tough, if


he decides to take this on. Very interesting to see Stuart


Bingham. He has had a new waistcoat made and he has a ruby back on it


and it is the 40th anniversary of the Crucible. It is a nice touch. To


celebrate 40 years at the Crucible. That is an unlucky kiss.


I must admit, I thought it was a green-backed waistcoat.


There is the badge the players have, 40th anniversary of this magnificent


Championship and we have at least another ten years to come.


That's squared up a bit off the second cushion. I thought that was


going to be perfect. They don't seem to be sliding off second cushions,


where they normally do, Peter? They have only been re-clothed recently


as well. So he should be getting some slip and slide from the


cushions. They shouldn't be squaring up too much.


That time there was a lot of slide. If this red goes, he certainly won't


be having the cue ball replaced. Obviously very tight. But from


Stuart's body language, this does go. Oh, that is really tight. You


can see the left-hand jaw. We talk about players pinching pockets


sometimes and he will have to do that to pot this. He has done


nicely. Well done. That is a poor shot from Kyren really. But he


escaped from the snooker. May decide to go into that cluster of six reds


just to open them up. He can play that pacy as well if he wanted to.


He has not gone into them. He may regret that in a moment.


Stuart played that very well. Never easy when you're digging down on to


the cue ball. With the butt of cue in the air. I is easy to put some


unwanted side on. He is not in prime position. Simply


because he is having to stretch all this green. May end up playing the


shot with the rest. He will hope to avoid the yellow and


blue. Avoided the yellow. Didn't avoid the blue. But that's OK. Well


played. In your eye line, you will think I want to finish anywhere


around the blue. This was the reason I thought he may


have played into the bunch when he had the easy black. He may have a


slight angle to play a cannon. If not he will have to play for the red


on the side cushion. This is where the work starts. He


has to finish low on this next black.


Always interesting to see how players play this particular shot.


To get it perfect, you need to hit the joint of the red, the three reds


in front, the joint of the one on right-hand side and the middle one.


If he hits one full ball, he may not get a lot of movement. That is the


problem with hitting full ball. You can't get full movement. If he had


caught it half ball it would have be better.


Stuart will consider himself unfortunate will, because he played


wit plenty of -- it with plenty of pace.


But didn't get the correct cannon. This is tough. Wow slam! Thought


that was in. There is a gap. There is always a gap.


That was the first real chance of Stuart Bingham. He may not get


another one in this frame. Kyren's finished a bit straight on


the black. But he does have plenty of cue power.


He has got into that too well. I think he's just OK. Interesting to


watch the white, because it is a new cloth, it skidded and then the side


spin took and the screw back speeded up.


Just playing for the bottom one of the four. No, played a cannon. Don't


blame him for that. Watch this a black he played, with a new cloth


they skid. The white seemed to stop for a while and then speed up. It is


a brilliant shot. To be honest, it was a good job he didn't get any


bounce off the side cushion, otherwise he would have snookered


himself behind the blue. That was a good indication of how


much cue power Kyren Wilson possesses. This is an excellent


chance to take this first frame of the afternoon.


It is a fascinating clash, because both of these top players score


heavily among the balls when they're playing well.


That is a nice cannon to hold perfect position for the pink into


the left-centre. Well played. He maybe should perhaps have had a


look at the black, because he will need the brown in a moment.


The brown is and the way the baulk pockets play, you would want to move


this brown into play. Yes, because if you get right behind the brown,


you have got to play it at dead weight to give the pocket a chance


of accepting the ball. It doesn't look like he had the


angle to bring the brown out. I think he has come back an inch too


far. May have to play this with with a lot of side. He will play the


cannon, make no mistake. There is the side. How's the cannon.


Missed it. No value at all in going for the pot. But how does he get


safe? Well, knowing Kyren and the fact that he is a very aggressive


and attacking player, I wouldn't be surprised if he took this brown on.


I'm not saying it's the right shot. But he has a tough safety shot. I


can't see a safety shot to be honest. Unless he played it cushion


first and tried to get the brown thin. But the brown's going to come


into open play. So that is not a good choice. Faced with a dilemma


here. A very tough pot. Or an equally difficult safety shot.


That was tough, he's been very fortunate there. I don't think there


was any way in the world heated play this low pot and leave himself on.


Has to make sure the brown comes to at least behind the brown spot


again. This is very good. This is tight. Just a little bit too much.


This is certainly a thin one if he decides to take this on. And


although it's not easy, this is a chance for Stuart.


I think he slightly earned on the side of caution there. Yes, holds


best hitting it thin rather than thick. The cue ball would be loose


if he bit thick. Kyren Wilson would like to get the white somewhere near


where it is now. If it goes in and he will be on the blue. The cue ball


will be in a similar position to where it is now. APPLAUSE


He got a good case. Or is it a bad one? It's a bad one.


23 points ahead with only 18 on the table. Stuart Bingham requires one


five point snooker to possibly force a restart. He could also choose, if


the opportunity arose to pot the blue and get a six point snooker.


The pink and black on the table only. That was very unlucky. But


obviously far more difficult to get the snooker when there are less


balls on the table. Barring that snooker, it looks like


Kyren Wilson will take a one-frame lead in this match.


He's just wondering whether to play it slow. As Peter said, he only


needs one snooker to win if he pads the blue. -- pots the blue.


Stuart has a real good chance to swing in round three cushions and


get it basically behind a blight. The blue will come to open play but


as long as he keep the blue shirt of the middle pocket, this is a good


chance. Maybe he feels he can't keep the blue near the middle pocket if


he plays a three-cushion. That was a perfect example of what


happens on the superfine cloth is when you play with power and side.


In that particular instance, Kyren was playing with power on a rock --


a lot of right-hand side, that makes the cue ball going to the left and


you hit the object ball thick. On these clots, that type of shot


requires Ruby Smith cheering. It just got through that one little bit


quick, a bit of tension in the arm, which is understandable. As the


first frame against a former world champion in Stuart Bingham. Now the


situation we spoke about a few moments ago. Stuart Bingham now


requires one snooker to possibly steal this frame it's not easy with


the black being so close to the cushion. And it seemed to me as if


the cue ball came off a little bit square with a bit of a bounce of the


side cushion. I thought he had to Stan to get the angle to get in


behind the black. Looked like he hit that playing ball. That was a real


good chance to get the sticker that time. -- snooker. That helps, that


chart, without that it would be impossible to get in behind the


blank, with a lot of right-hand side you could sneak it behind the black.


Absolutely. He'll be sending the pink down to the baulk cushion. Not


played that very well told to be perfectly honest. You'll be very


disappointed with that, that was a very good chance to get the cue ball


close to the back. Amused that the reaction he got there.


What a great effort this is. Slid off that cushion. I thought that was


going to be the angle he was going there, looked to be sure to be going


very close to be behind the black. As we mentioned before, new cloths


today overnight. For the morning session.


So we've learnt already in this match, this afternoon that the new


cloth has had a huge effect on the way the table is playing because the


cushions are really sliding now. There have been a couple that have


come off very square in this frame, but generally lots of slide, and as


we saw from the long blue that Kirmond missed with lots of


right-hand side and power, the cloth is also throwing off very much with


said. So it's going to be a real test of cueing for both players.


Until they become fully accustomed to the way the cloth is playing.


He will try to hit this thin enough if he wants to take the pot gone.


I'm not saying it's the wrong shot but could have left an easy chance


for a smoker. He was trying to push the black safe but a dangerous way


to play that. Although this isn't an easy shot, I think Stuart will look


to hit the cushion first and send the pink up the table and leave the


cue ball behind the black. It's a very tricky shot but if you judge is


it well -- if he judges it well, this can be a really tough snooker


to get out of. Decided against that. I'm not sure about that shot, Willy.


The shot was fine but if he could stand it and get behind the black


but at the minute he's not got it quite right. It's hard to 20 people


watching and people here live how difficult a new cloth is sometimes.


It takes a couple of frame sometimes to get used to the slide and this


throw. Let's see how the pain comes off the cushion. That seemed to be


OK. And this should really be the end of


frame now because Kyren is able now to play a drag shot. Push the pink


over the left-hand black pocket, this will either go in or go very


close. The thought would have been to get


right in the jobs there. There's a slight chance he could screw bits in


behind the black but I don't think you'll get the curves. The pink


could jaw and get the double-kiss. He's got second prize.


These pockets are a little bit tough. I thought they were quite


loose the first few days before they put on the new cloth. This is a


chance. Goodness me. Early days but both players have


struggled to get used to the cloth and the cushions and slide, as


Willie was just saying there. They're either underhitting or


overheating. This report contains flash photography. Overhitting. Very


difficult to get a snooker here. Again, an excellent opportunity for


Kyren to push the pink over the green pocket this time.


Obviously decided he'd had enough of pushing balls towards pocket.


Fantastic pot and that settles the first frame, Kyren Wilson leads


Stuart Wilson 1-0. Lots of people on social media using the hashtag


saying they agree with Peter Ebdon that Kyren Wilson will one day be a


Crucible champion. If there's any questions you have for John or


Stephen get in touch via social media, used the hashtag BBC snooker.


Good start. On the board. All he wants is a good start. It's also


held by the fact he has a good record. We mentioned at the start he


was 2-0 .com are played in minor events and he won both of those, was


held when you fancy the job against. What's your assessment of the


opening frame? No big breaks on one visits, but it's funny because the


longer the match is, I think it's more important to get that first


frame on the board. Kyren Wilson is relaxed straightaway, Stuart Bingham


has got to do that. It was a decent opening frame, he's done the job.


You tend to be a little cagey. When you've also got a thing like that


where he needs a snooker, you try to not call in off, not to miscue or


give him six point easy so you get quite protective and you don't get


the pink over the hole. Lots of people enjoyed that little item with


Peter Ebdon and Kyren Wilson sharing a few that Kyren has got all the


attributes to one day be a Crucible champion, do you agree? I think the


only thing that. And there's the quality of all the other players


around him. As he got the talent to do it? Probably yes but there are a


lot of good players out there and you have to go and do it. We see


lots of future players, it's easy to say, somebody is a future world


champion, but he's very talented, got himself top 16 and has won big


events, everything is there. To be world champion is a bit different


but as John says, there are lots of players, Judd Trump hasn't won one


yet. COMMENTATOR: Have chance for Stuart


Bingham here, regular shot to nothing. Quite a long way away. I'm


sure this red will pass the green. Not straight but he can screw


directly back. He could overscrew this. Playing for the red that is


free on the left-hand side of the pink. So concerned about the


overscrew he has slightly underscrewed it.


Not an ideal angle, whichever of these two grades he decides to take


on. One on each side of the table. As I mentioned previously, he is


normally a very good rest player. You have to say that's very unlucky.


He caught that red half ball rather than quarter ball. He would have


been perfect on the black. It was a good shot with the rest.


If he hits the bike he would have a better pot on the red than this.


Clever, didn't want to hit it on the right-hand side because it would


have left an easy red. Got it wrong first time, got it perfect the


second. Good opportunities year for Stuart to get the cue ball behind


the green on the baulk cushion. This is quite thin shot. Needs to be


careful with the enough. He needs to hit it first. REFEREE: Foul and a


miss, Stuart Bingham, four. There is a tendency on no safety


shots to go slightly too thin because if you go to thick comedy


enough is not too much of a problem, if the cue ball rattles in the jaws


of the pocket it's very easy to give your opponent a very easy


opportunity. Meanwhile, Stuart Bingham's played a much better


safety shots and that's where the cue ball should have been on his


previous safety shot. That's much better.


If this red is dead straight along the baulk cushion its an easy safety


shot. Obviously too straight to get onto the black. Looks like it is


possible to cut this red in. It's as fine as you like.


I don't blame him for playing it like that, obviously had to play the


pot and leave the white over the side of the table to make the cut


into the middle. Difficult pot, unlucky to have brought that red


back into play and made it easy for Kyren.


We've already mentioned that Kyren is a very attacking and very


aggressive player. I think you'll be taking the opportunity here to play


a hard stun screw shot into the pink. Scatter the reds. Certainly


don't think that's how he played it. He missed the intended cannon.


That looks like end of break. Needs to put the disappointment of that


opportunity wasted out of his mind and play a good safety shot.


He's left Stuart Bingham a tempter. This is tough if he takes this on.


Not quite settled yet this morning, Stuart Bingham.


Just came round to see if the potting angle was OK on this red.


One of those that you virtually screw it in and hit the white off


two cushions and that's what he's done. Well played.


Has a nice angle on the green. To go into the reds. Should he choose to


do that. There's a possibility of a plant that could be made at the


bottom of the. Slightly offset and there are a couple of inches between


the balls. Selecting to take the brown instead of going into the reds


from the green. He may well be on that plant, he may


well be able to make this but to be honest he was very fortunate to


finish on this plant like this. I think the green would have been the


easier shot to play, Willie. Finished absolutely plumb because he


doesn't have to do anything with the cue ball. This will take on nicely


onto the black. Needs another Kizzire, there's a gap between the


two reds above the black. If he hits the red full ball he'll be plumb on


two reds, so this is a good chance now. I agree with Peter, the brown


was fortunate but that's the case we were talking about. That becomes a


frame-winning opportunity. It was interesting to see before the


previous shot there that Kyren Wilson just held his hand up to


apologise to Stuart Bingham. He realised he was very fortunate to


finish up on that plant. This is not absolutely straightforward because


you've got the difficulty of the usage of the spider and he also


needs to avoid the cannon on both the red and the black.


There may I even be another plant there.


That is nicely played. Left himself a red in the middle.


After this red, all the reds are available. Doesn't have to play any


more cannons. A bit Exxon certained for Stuart -- concerned for Stuart's


supporters, he hasn't settled yet. His pace of cue ball and his safety


and his break-building has been astray so far this afternoon. We


used to play morning sessions, we have not started until 1 o'clock


today. The break goes to 36, the lead goes


43. Do more The break goes to 36, the lead goes


to 43, The break goes to 36, the lead goes


43. Do more reds, The break goes to 36, the lead goes


to 43, saw The break goes to 36, the lead goes


43. Do more reds, two The break goes to 36, the lead goes


to 43, saw two more The break goes to 36, the lead goes


43. Do more reds, two colours The break goes to 36, the lead goes


to 43, saw two more reds The break goes to 36, the lead goes


43. Do more reds, two colours and The break goes to 36, the lead goes


to 43, saw two more reds and two The break goes to 36, the lead goes


43. Do more reds, two colours and he will lead 2-0.


to 43, saw two more reds and two colours and Kyren Wilson will lead


2-0. The frame is now safe, can he get


the first century of this match? Played for slightly more difficult


red. Stuart Bingham not looking in total control of his emotions at the


moment. He is just trying to get his concentration right. That is not a


bad kiss, he can drop behind the red for choice of middle pocket or


corner. What a shame. No century, but an


excellent break of 71. Stuart Bingham trails 2-0.


Interesting to see the stats, one thing I noticed with the centuries


made, Kyren Wilson had been getting six or seven a season. And then this


season 27. So that has improved immensely with Kyren over the last


year or so. Perhaps he owes my colleague Peter Ebdon a lot. He said


he is a very good break-builder and that is beginning to show with his


tournament centuries this season. REFEREE: Frame 3, Stuart Bingham to


break. Stuart Bingham gets us under way. The third frame. In this second


round match. This year's Betfred World Snooker Championship.


Quite some way away. The attempted long pot there.


Can Stuart not miss long red into the right-hand black pocket and go


through the gap? Stay on the black. That was a good


pot. But unfortunately for him cannoned into the balls. Clean


strike. Right into the heart of the pocket. He was almost certainly


playing for blue. That is a very good safety shot.


Well played. Very difficult to compare this


safety shot, if he plays back into the baulk area it would have been


difficult to cover that red up that is loose on the left-hand side.


I was in the players' room before the start of match and Finlay was


there and he wanted the TV set switched on and as soon as he saw


the Snooker tables, he said, daddy! This is a better shot. Brought the


back into play. Covered the red up the middle. Very good safety.


Wow! That is fantastic cueing. Excellent shot, wasn't it? Head kept


perfectly still. He would love to get on to the red near test pack.


Couldn't do it from that particular shot.


What an excellent first red that was.


Din get into the cue -- didn't get into the cue ball enough.


Sometimes you have no option but to play containing safety. Knowing next


time you will be faced with a more difficult one.


I'm not sure Stuart has got the pace of the table at all, Stuart.


That is a good safety shot there from Stuart Bingham. Kyren Wilson


does have the opportunity to play a good return safety.


He needs to avoid the black. This needs to be thin. That is a very


good attempt. Slightly unfortunate not to just creep past the brown.


That would have put Stuart in a bit of trouble. Could be a plant on here


though. He is going to have a look at that plant. It is not the one at


the back of the pack. It is the possible three-ball pack in the


middle of bunch. He will be taking the cue ball back to baulk.


The plant wasn't on, so the safety shot was the easier option. He has


played that pretty well. Stuart will be pleased to see where


the white's ended up, because he thought it may kiss the blue. Thing


is pot is almost straight. He won't take the long red on. There is one


in the pack that cuts into the corner.


That is the one. Oh, goodness me - how close was that? Wow, that is so


unlucky. He hit that absolutely perfectly. Unfortunately the white


caught the jaws of the middle pocket and has left this on.


Just not happening for Stuart Bingham this morning. That was a


decent opportunity to get going. Just faced with a safety shot now. A


possible snooker. Just hasn't settled yet this morning.


There is just that one. I believe he has played off two cushions to hit


that red to be honest. Very hard to judge.


Very good shot. But this red is possibly on in the middle. Pretty


sure the pink into the opposite corner.


Oh he is on the move there. He thought that was in.


That was a reprieve for Stuart Bingham. He thought have thought


that Kyren Wilson was going to pot that red without a problem.


He he put the tip of the you is where he would like the white to


finish. And not leave anything in the pack. Slightly underhit. He has


played that cue ball two feet past the blue. It shows you how Stuart


has not yet got control of his timing at the moment.


I think he can just see the red to the edge of the pink. The one to the


edge of the pack. And he could get into the brown and yellow here.


That was a good reply from Stuart bank Bingham.


Kyren Wilson would love to take the red on that's closest to the black.


You mentioned Willie you thought the table was running a bit slower this


morning with the new cloth. That was a prime example. He hit that very


hard. OK he hit it slightly thick, but the cue ball's gone nowhere.


Luckily for Kyren the red has gone close to the cushion. So no easy


outlet for Stuart. You play a lot of right-hand side and try and get the


white somewhere near the yellow and be careful he doesn't go in-off.


There is the side you see, that what is I was worried about. It is not


too bad. That was a good effort at a safety


shot. Bar the in-off. Put Stuart in all sorts of trouble. Will he be


tremented here with this tempted here with this red?


Just not happening for Stuart Bingham this morning.


As you know this is the best of 25 frames, but each session, if you're


going to lose a session, obviously 5-3 is the worst you could hope for,


but you know you have got to be very careful now 3-0 behind, he has got


to get something out of this session. Two more sexes to go after


this -- sessions to go after this one. He is going to be worrying.


He didn't really want to take this red on. Presumably the pink spot's


covered. So he can play for the bottom red of the three. Or maybe it


does spot looking at that. He will be flicking off the red and


trying to leave the pink where it is, which means it will pot. He has


played that nicely. He looks at it. It is one of those that it pots off


the right-hand jaw, but he would be better off taking green.


He is cutting the blue into the middle. This has become a chance to


win the third frame. That was a very good recovery shot


from Kyren Wilson. Previously underhit the blue into the centre


and didn't finish in an ideal position. He played a delicate skew


shot with -- screw shots with lots of right-hand side.


Both players have been struggling for positional play.


The table obviously playing a little slower than it was previously.


With the new cloth that's gone on. That used all of the pocket. We see


a good example of Kyren Wilson's cue power. He played a deep screw and he


will try and get on to the red in the left-hand corner pocket.


He got too much on that one. So that is the end of break and a reprieve


for Stuart Bingham. Although this yellow looks


comparatively straight forward, if he plays this with pace, this is


missable. He played that really well. How is


he on the red? That is desperately unlucky. Yes, he would have loved to


have played it really hard. Because it was a big target to play a cannon


on the two reds to the side of the black. But it was missable playing


it hard. Unlucky not to have finished short. A good safety shot


required. He is only 31 points behind.


All with the balls being in play, there is a chance in this frame.


That is the first poor safety shot he has played. There is value in


kissing into the two reds. The key thing is bringing the two reds into


play. He would like to hit them not


cushion first, because he could ends up on the cushion if he hints the


cushion first. He got the white moving and that is


the only problem, brought everything into play for a chance to win the


frame and unfortunately he has gone close to the cushion.


Happy the table is running slow because he thought he overhead that.


The black pots on the left-hand corner. Doesn't have to do anything


with the cue ball. Will naturally come onto the red if it does pot.


The black is tight. So tight, didn't play for it. Still


a good shot. Under normal sons services you would


say Stuart Bingham could clear up but not too sure yet. -- under


normal circumstances. Certainly favourite to close the gap to 2-1. A


few moments ago he looked like it would be 3-0.


He got the bounce of the cushion, the first bounce we've had in the


afternoon session. Just having a little look. Took real big bounce,


still OK on the green but would have been perfect if the white was a foot


shorter. Jazz has to finish on the screen


nicely. That was the problem. Anywhere but there are. -- just has


to finish on this green nightly. It looks as if Stuart is going to


try to cut this in. There will be lots of right-hand side. Not so sure


that was the right shot because he had an easy snooker behind the


brown. He was so disappointed to be on the green. 100%, that was sheer


disappointment not finishing on the green. This was really tough. Lots


of check right-hand side. That was dangerous, each he overhead


that. This is a key shot. -- overhit. Nine points in front, just


brown and blue needed. He said he was good with the risk, every he has


played so far have been right in the middle of the pocket. Four out of


four. We get another indication how much slower this table is playing.


He will be mightily relieved to be going 3-0 up.


Kyren Wilson leading three frames to Neil. Very disappointing Stuart


Bingham sitting in his chair. Struggled to get used to the speed


of this course so far afternoon. STUDIO: The question at the moment,


who is the former world champion in this match? Yes, he's got himself


off to a poor start but he was a bit unlucky there, got a thing of the


cushion, played off the blue to come into the bottom cushion. You think


it's coming out normal space and it came off twice as much. One


situations where you feel you should have cleared up, you think you've


played the right shot. Wait a couple of good chance to start that break.


Willie discredit preferably, two said France, brought everything into


the open. Be really disappointed that he hasn't taken advantage. Lots


of people getting in touch with us via social media. Andy wants to know


what is the hardest world title that you won, which was the most


difficult? You have to say the 18-17, I thought Jimmy was go to


clear up unfortunately for me he twitched the black on the spot and I


could clear up. That was outrageous, couldn't you just give him one World


Championship? Everybody wanted Jimmy 2-1 and you couldn't give him one of


those. There is a fantastic documentary coming up because we are


celebrating 40 years of the Crucible and the World Championship,


brilliant documentary which has been made by BBC sport going out this


week on BBC Two. It's absolutely wonderful and a lot of that on


Sunday night at nine o'clock and the lot of that final and there are some


sparkling wonderful stuff. I think you're it as well. Bits and bobs.


People. Remember... They remember Jimmy missing that black but he


cleared up from their Andy he had a broken arm at the time. Jimmy missed


it but he cleared up. Final frame decider in the World Championship.


We're not making Jimmy White fans feeling any better. You said he won


get with a broken arm. It gets forgotten because of the fact the


black gets missed but he cleared up. Another couple of questions coming


in, which player most likely to get 147? From what you've seen so far


what might you would put Ronnie O'Sullivan in the top of that but


John Higgins is capable of it. Mark Selby can do it. You want people


taking the risk because it is only ?5,000 for 147. People might


complain, but the fact it's the World Championship and the maximum


price is lower than the high break prize. They have a rolling prize


that goes on through the season but you're not going to get any one of


the top players taking a risk tomb make a maximum. The original


question, it will be Ronnie O'Sullivan. Keep the questions


coming. COMMENTATOR: Algae interested to


watch the documentary, I'm sure they'll source -- show Stephen


Hendry's first visit to the Crucible.


I'm sure now, to be honest, with Stuart Bingham, he's 3-0 behind, he


has to put his foot on the gas. So it was a baptism of fire for the


great Stephen Hendry in his first appearance at the Crucible when he


came up against you in the first round. Absolutely but we knew from


then on he was going to be a great player. What a great champion he's


been. This could well be a re-ranking and


a couple of shots time. Going nowhere. A little look at each other


and they both decided to have a re-rack, so that's what's going to


happen. 3-0 to Kyren Wilson, re-rack coming up. Peter, talking about


Stephen Hendry's rain, the 40 years we've had at the Crucible,


undoubtedly the game's greatest champion at this moment in time.


Absolutely incredible, seven times world champion just so ruthless as a


player. When you play Stephen and a final, very often your 4-0 down and


you didn't need to play badly. They are bad safety shot or miss anything


and when Stephen got two finals, invariably he go something like 90,


120, 130 and you're sitting in the dressing room 4-0 down and you


haven't missed the ball or played a bad safety shot and that's how good


as he was. What a Stuart has decided himself now? The last brain will


hurt, it should have been 2-1 and it's no 3-0. -- the last brain will


hurt. They've both struggled with the speed of the table today.


Too quick on the conversation we were having, why is it the same role


of cloth can be played slower today than it was yesterday? It is not


something you can account for. You can't explain it logically, just the


way it is. Sometimes it can be atmospherics but this table are


certainly playing slower and at the moment Stuart Bingham is all at sea,


he's really struggling out there. Could be the fact that the role of


cloth has been kept in a place that stamp, which until they put it on


the table, the table heater hasn't had a chance to dry the table out


but it's at 45 degrees but maybe it will play better tonight. There is a


very good chance of that. Meanwhile, what are shot batters. -- what a


shot that is. That was very thin. It's really thin. Just flicks the


blue. He's got a result because the blue passes the pink.


Again, not too much reaction from the cloth. Kyren absolutely hammered


that into the right-hander back pocket. This is a tough pot. That


has over cups. -- over cut. This is pottable but Stuart has two players


lights where a few with right-hand side. Played it very well. Yes, we


actually saw the point move there. All of a sudden it starts to bend.


Controlled it nicely. Would love to play the kiss of the cushion, the


right-hand red. Get position on the other two reds. He can't believe


that kids. I'm surprised he didn't play the Czech side kiss there for


that whatever happens he's going to kiss one of them if he doesn't get


the outside one. Stuart absolutely distraught there.


That was a poor shot. He's been very fortunate. Leaving this on for Kyren


Wilson. This is quite a big swerve as well. It's possible but he could


just as easily missed the red. Trying to see if this cloth takes


the swerve, seems to take it quite easily. You know yourself, on the


superfine class, it sometimes takes an age for the cue ball to turn but


this might be the fact that it's running a little slow, the fact that


it's maybe a little damp. This is a really huge frame for


Stuart Bingham. He'll be disappointed going into the


mid-session interval no matter what happens. He'll certainly feel a lot


better if he can go into that interval 3-1 down instead of 4-0


down. This red is cuttable. No idea what's


happening to the cue ball. Looking to get the one to the extreme left


hand side of the pack. Can he cut that as well? Trying to get through


to it. That looked a bit dangerous. He was


pushing the boat out there. That wasn't shot you would like to


play. Trying to stun round the back of the black. Just Nice to get


nicely on a red to get some confidence. His highest break is


only 28 in the first three frames. Would just like to get something


happening. He is straight on this red, it's no good. There is a slight


angle, the black is only available to one corner at the moment.


That's another thing, when you know the table is playing well, sometimes


you overhit, trying to get the right angle. Yes, Stuart is doing his best


to readjust here. Really struggling to control the cue ball. The one


thing that we do know, Willie, is that Kyren can afford to keep giving


him chances because sooner or later, Stuart Bingham will click. His


positional play will come back, but not with shots like that. He will be


absolutely disgusted with himself. With that shot. He be furious. -- he


will be furious. Yes, the cue ball should have been at least a foot


further to the left than that. Once again, I hate to keep going over it,


when a table is playing a little bit damp, so hard to get the cue ball


moving. That would have come a lot wider on the old class, as it was.


Well done, good recovery. Pink clearly available but he needs


to get nicely on the next red. I don't know if the pink is going to


be tied up. Adam Humphries gives it a little


glance, the pink spot is obviously covered, goes to the brown spot, the


highest spot available. You can see a change in Stuart Bingham's body


language now. I think usually had enough with the way things have gone


so far. He's not in an ideal position. Just sense that he's


really had enough and the fires are burning knife. -- burning now.


There's a feeling of aggression with Stuart Bingham. Which is necessary


at the moment to make something happen. That was a very good pot.


Again, not an ideal position. But all of a sudden he is looking better


all the table. I mean he would love the pink on the spot but it's


probably not the right way to play at this time because it's easier to


play the yellow and with the choice of two reds. If he doesn't play the


pink perfectly, the pink will cover a red. Interesting to see what he


plays, I think the yellow is the best choice.


Not stopped him at all, that's a good shot.


Two more shots to play at our aggressive because he needs to get


rid of the red that's nearest the pocket. That's why he's playing this


one now as opposed to the other one. Once again, look at where the cue


ball is. Nowhere. Needs to be six or seven inches harder than that. He's


not got the power right now to get behind the back of the block colours


just matter the way the table is playing -- the baulk colours.


To power needed again, has two screw this round two to get to the top


side of the blue. -- cue power. Just wiped his feet, this time he is top


side of the blue. He's bemused, isn't he? Poor


positional shot. That's what happens under pressure.


Just went to the well one too many times. 34 point lead is not enough


where the balls are. It was missable because he had to


play it with pace, especially with the cloth playing a bit slower.


Fortunate to not leave Stuart something easier than this.


Decision time for Stuart Bingham, does he try to protect his lead? Or


does he push the boat out with an attacking shot? It's the former.


Trying to keep the pressure on. Well, he's left a long red here to


the left-hand black pocket and it's just the sort of shot that Kyren


Wilson likes to take on. It's fraught with danger, obviously and


he needs to get this. He was a long way away from that. Yes, it was one


of those, 34 points in front, there's no way he would play it like


that. He's 34 points behind Eddie thought it was a chance to pinch the


frame. Don't blame him for having a go at that but missing it so far


should cost him this frame. I've never seen anything like this.


Both players overhitting and underhitting shots.


If you play this delicately on the dipping into the middle because the


pink will go back onto its own spot, I reckon you can play a slow stunt


into the middle and still be on the red to the opposite corner. -- the


slow stunt. It wouldn't be surprised if he decided to play snooker behind


the brown of the cushion. REFEREE: Foul and a miss, threeball.


Kyren Wilson four. You've got to remember to reach the brown.


Relying on good fortune. Has he got any? Not too bad. Interesting to see


if the rest percentage stays the same. Five out of five at the


moment. Will it be six out of six or can he reach it with the extension


on his cue? Just wonder whether he'll play to


kiss the red that's next the cushion. Off one cushion, click the


blue. Will the red still pot in the middle? It's perfect angle to play


that cannon. Just bringing them red three inches


of the commission has given Kyren an excellent chance to clear. With the


right word was, he was definitely second favourite. -- with the red


where it was, he was definitely second favourite.


Not just about getting onto the next colour, it's about getting onto the


next colour and dropping onto the final red. There is another example


of how this table's playing. That cue ball would have expected to be


two feet further in the middle of the table than that.


This table is playing very slow. Because the previous stun shot,


Kyren played a hard stun shot and the cue ball just went nowhere.


That black was really missible. It was a very good pot under the


circumstances. Example of how good Kyren Wilson wis


the rest. -- is with the rest. This was the red that Peter was


talking about. Look how hard he played that and the white just


seemed to sink into that top cushion. But he has re-- retrieved


the situation. This will really hurt Stuart Bingham. He could have won


the previous frame. He was strong favourite to win this frame. And


barring accidents he will be 4-0. The match has come to the interval


on the other table, so there is a bit of movement, which doesn't help


the players. Is he as good with the long rest, Peter?


Again he seemed to get into the cue ball OK, but he didn't get the


reaction or spin that he was looking for.


He is going to have the play this quite firm to miss the in-off.


He needs the pink. Well I'm afraid that top cushion just looks like a


sponge at the moment. Hardly any reaction off that top cushion.


You have to take these on, don't you? You can't play safe. Game ball.


He will be taking this into the green pocket. And has the


possibility of screwing this in with left-hand side off three cushions.


Very thin. An excellent shot. Well played. He has dominated this first


session. Stuart Bingham will be horrified, in fact he is just


sitting there at the moment. He is going to play the black, but the


frame is over. He could have been 2-2, but Kyren Wilson has won the


opening four frames and he is in a strong position.


STUDIO: Plenty of thinking to do for Stuart. He will be kicking himself.


He hasn't played in that instance in the last frame to not get up behind


the brown when he is behinds it. Everything's going wrong for him and


when you do as much wrong as he has done, there is a feeling your


opponents is going to win frames like that. Kyren is purring as he


walks into the dressing room. Yes he knows he is going to be at least


level and at 4-0, you win a couple and you have a 6-2 lead. Stuart has


put in a lot of abject performances this season and already four down.


He needs to win the next session. He doesn't look loose. Usually he is a


heavy scorer and he is bouncing around the table. If you have that


record against somebody, maybe you're not comfortable playing


certain players. You have played someone four times and lost four


times, you won't be completely happy. And a lot of people are


talking of Kyren Wilson as a future champion. Do the players read


newspapers and listen to TV? You should use that for motivation, if


people are talking about their opponents, you say, I'm a world


champion. Anthony Magill was 4-0 up. You can give yourself a team talk


and think, you're not going to win today. Thank you for the moment.


Plenty to keep you entertained during the interval. Today is World


Snooker's disability day. The day when the sport welcomes disabled


people from across the counts richlt snooker was -- across the country.


Snooker was part of the original games. And they have opened their


doors to give players some coaching and we have been to see what the


sport has planned for helping disabled people get involved with


snooker. Billiards and snooker got together with Mencap to help


disabled players. I dropped in on one of their weekly session. This is


a brilliant initiative. Yes we are trying to reach out into the


community. This project is engagement with Mencap here in


Sheffield and it is partly funded by Sport England. This is a pilot


project to try and see how far we can push the sport into communities.


As you can see, it is starting to work. Aaron, you are the star of the


show, without your coaching, this wouldn't be happening. How did you


get involved? Thank you what it started was we got fund and went


down to the Crucible and they said would we be interested in doing a


joint protect -- project and of course the answer was yes. There was


even a chance for me to sharpen my skills. These guys are good, but I'm


going go for it. Stop. How many did you get? Let's


see. A big crowned of applause. Thank you. Christopher, you look


like a pro already. How long have you been playing. This is the eighth


session. This is Christopher's eight session and you have the shot of the


relay? Yes. I take my shot and I go at it nice and carefully and not so


fast. And the guys are really aware of it and they're great. Snooker's


an inclusive sport, everything can have a chance and he has put smiles


on people's faces and got them in a place where they might never have


been until they found snooker. Well, I have had the best time and this


initiative has been great and I got my own medal! It has been brilliant.


Snooker! I was pleased with myself for that. We had a great day with


Sheffield Mencap and now I'm joined by two people who you saw in the


film, the chairman of the WDPS. We are trying to get people with


disabilities out to play snooker and it is such an accessible sport and


running tournaments in the UK and we are talking to Denmark and Belgium


and China about running broader events. We have people who travel


long distances to play tournament. It is for people with any ability


and we want people to get involved. It is a brilliant initiative and we


saw from being at Sheffield Mencap how involved everyone was and how


much they got out of it. What is the future? The future is that snooker


was in the Paralympics until 1988 and it dropped out. Our ambition is


to get it back and we want to work to get snooker back in the


Paralympics, where it belongs. Chris, he is responsible for the


coaches, because these sessions can't happen without coaches. We


have a structured programme and have a specialist disability coach and we


have a lot of things happening. It is not often in sport that snooker


fans, people with disability, anybody can come to the biggest vent


and get involved. That is what this day has been about. Being a coach is


rewarding as well? We saw Aaron last October and he has developed into


running his own sessions and changed those people's lives from a snooker


point of view. We have five events in our calendar year and day one of


each is free for taking part and you may never have picked up a snooker


cue in your life. Come and get involved. We have experts on hand


and we will the door to something you may be happy competing in. Even


can get involved. Just from that session alone, I myself got to see


how much you can learn from playing? You got involved and picked up a cue


and potted some balls. Thane Veitation is open to everybody. The


vision is -- that invitation is open to everyone and we want people to


gets involved and get inspired. Well done on all the hard work and enjoy


the 40-year celebrations. Back to you. Well done with that medal.


You're not wearing it though? I will wear it tomorrow. Now time for


another snooker player coming in to answer general knowledge questions


and questions about themselves. We are here for another edition of Pot


Quiz and our guest is Marco Fu. You didn't have a go at this last year.


The best time so far to beat is one minute 35 pi by the defending


champion. The rules are five questions, for every question you


get right, you take a ball off the table and you put the cue ball on


the table, pot all the reds and finish off potting the black. First


question, which player have you played most times at the Crucible?


Martin Gould. Correct. I thought that was worth a round of applause,


but don't worry. What is your highest ever Crucible break? Ooh.


136? No. 138 in 2016. You made your Crucible debut in 1999, who


contested the final that year? Hendry and Mark Williams. Correct.


APPLAUSE. You reached the semi-final here in 2006, losing to Peter Ebdon,


name two of the men you beat here that year. Stephen Maguire. Is one.


Ken. And Ken Docherty. For a bonus, can you name the other one? Sorry?


There is no bonus points. Yourer your last question, in what year did


sovereignty of Hong Kong pass from the UK to China and we will give you


one year either way. 1997. Correct. Nailed on there. So you got four


correct. So take any four reds off the table. OK. That one. So far he


has gone down the middle. Hmm. ??TAKE? this long on the shot.


Another one. I don't know. You don't know. I'm not sure. That one. You


put the cue ball anywhere on the table and your time starts when you


hit the cue ball. Doing a bit of mileage early on,


wearing those new shoes in. Oh, he won't be happy with that. Careless!


That is a nice strike. That is somebody in form. You can tell. That


is something who has had the weightlifted off their shoulders by


getting through the first round. So far this is perfect. It looks like


the Hong Kong Fu we know. 30 second we are up to. Plenty of time. 1. 35


to beat. That watch keeping that bridge hand so still! Four reds


left. Plenty of time. 50 seconds. More or less half way. He is


studying the table, I love it. He is a bit wrong-sided on this red. Oh!


He has missed it! Time now is important. Minute and 10 seconds.


Still not rushing. He is not happy with that one. That was tension. He


has 15 seconds left. This has got to go in. It's in! APPLAUSE. Thank you.


It was tight. But at the end, it was one minute... 27 seconds.


Marco top of the leaderboard and he is back in the second round on


Sunday. Not long after that, was recorded Steve went for a drive with


Stuart Bingham. Quickly. Stuart, the meter's


running. He is paying for this taxi. I'm doing petrol in here. I have


other fares to pick up today. Smile. Remember that. A bit too tight to go


backwards. I didn't know reversing was in the contract. Is this going


to be like Driving miss Dazy? Hill. Wait a minute. Handbrake start. It


is like going back to your days of... Did you pass your test first


time? Yes. Did you? I did. I had immense pressure on my brother,


because everyone in my family passed go. He said, don't let the family


down. Did you... That is all right. I did that when I passed the test.


My emergency stop was like just spot on. I nailed it. Just failed hitting


the pedestrian by... It wasn't the emergency stop we thought it was


going to be. It was another one. I hesitate to say the words, because


there is people at home sitting watching BBC and there is a drinking


game where a presenter says certain words they have a drink. One is...


Crucible curse. Bosch! Something has nailed a whisky on this. If you say


Crucible curse that is another one down the hatch. How did that feel.


Did it build up? Yeah. It was an honour to have that curse. For


drink? Yes. But just... It was a big pressure. I had one of toughest


draws against Alex. Handbrake on. Traffic's is terrible. This is the


posh end of town. Nigel bond lives here. Are you a techno phobe. I got


the wife a fit bit watch. She hasn't got a clue how to use it. You


encourage her to do a bit of walking around zm? Have you the Wii around


and hoover. They're good. Are they? So I have heard. What about around


the house. I do my own ironing, my mum at 16, said do your ironing. I'm


one of few on tour. Have you tried ironing without a... I'm in the


wrong lane. I have to cut this bus up. You should have indicated. I


have done the windscreen wiper. I will wait until somebody lets me in.


I have a steam generated iron. Is that your own one. Do you let your


wife near that? Yes, she does her ironing. I do mine. Does she put


kreezs in her sleeve -- creases in her sleeves. It is an honour to be


in the same car as you. The last time you done this, you dropped me


back at the airport. That is your house. Nearly ran over Medal Man.


Thank you. Sorry we have missed the start of your match. But yeah. Good


luck. You have been docked three points.


Can you imagine being an a night out in Sheffield and Steve Davies pops


up. No wonder Stuart is 4-0 down. The quote was where I say it was an


honour to have the curse. I think we know what he meant. He means it


means you have come here with a chance. If people want help with


their game. Anything to do with it. If you have a cue action problem.


Film it side on and let's have a look at it and we can help you with


your game. Get involved via social media and if you want questions


answered, use social media. Massive game coming up tonight here at the


Crucible. We can't wait for this one. Blink and you will miss him,


Ronny o' Sol van. Happy to be in the tournament and every player loves


playing at the Crucible. You have to embrace it all. I came here in a


good form a few years ago and he swept me to one side. You're not


just playing Ronnie, but his entourage and most of the crowd.


Last time I got too involved with the other stuff and forgot to pray.


-- play. We don't need to build this up any more. Last 16, Shaun Murphy,


Ronnie O'Sullivan, live on the red button. Genuinely, John, and Steven,


can't way for this one. It should be a fantastic match. Whether it will


be, I don't know. I think Shaun has the game to beat Ronnie. I don't


know whether he is mentally strong enough. Do we this there is extra


spice given that Shaun Murphy piled into the row over so Sullivan not


talking to the press. Maybe. Shaun will have to concentrate like... You


know he has got to be at his best and his safety must be good. You


have to make sure he doesn't git chances. Is he capable of beating


him. He has to maintain his concentration. Ronnie looked good


the other day. So stop whatever you're doing tonight and switch on


that red button and the BBC Sport app. It could be a cracking first


session. Murphy and O'Sullivan tonight. Now back to or live match


and Kyren Wilson 4-0 up on Stuart Bingham.


The way the table's been playing he will have to hit this very hard.


He has not got away with it this time.


That is a nice opening red from Stuart Bingham.


That is a decent pot, the first red into the middle. Cut the red into


the middle again now. He needs to make a sizeable break to calm


himself down. 33 is still his highest break. Stuart is just


missing. I will give him the benefit of the


doubt, he actually got a kick there. The white did bounce when it hit the


cue ball. That was an horrendous kick. When


you're 4-0 behind, that is what you don't want. That was by no fault of


his own and still the reds are available and I think the black


maybe as well. Yes he feels it is, so it must be.


He can then bring both reds away from the black spot.


Maybe screw back and nudge the right-hand of the reds away.


The pink has gone on to the black spot, that means he doesn't have go


for the blue and bring the reds into play.


REFEREE: Somebody's ear piece is a bit loud, can you turn it down?


Deep screw shot there with lots of right-hand side.


You see the side taking effect off the cushion.


He has a red into the centre after this pink.


He is going for the blue after the red in the centre. Slightly underhit


that. He has finished straighter on this red than he would have liked


to. This was the red that was stopping


the pink going on its own spots, I think.


We talk about the tables tshs cloth being quick. We have known it is not


so quick today. But the talk about sometimes the greens at Augusta


being very fast and quick. We will show you a gentleman in a


minute who has just come back from Augusta. There is Andy O'Sullivan.


He lives in Nuneaton now. That is his son. He's great player and come


to watch the snooker live here. Whyatt with Colin Wilson 40 points


in front. He will take the brown. Could even play the yellow. That is


not a bad choice. Yes, and as ever, it will be a question of how the


cannon turns out. And that will do very nicely. Red into the left


corner, or the left-centre. He will be going up it into the blue here.


This is what will hurt more than anything, he knows that these could


and maybe should have been all his. That was another huge kick which has


taken all the base out of the cue ball. You see the cue ball jump.


Another example of how slow the table is again. Just the red needed.


Stuart was very unlucky to have had that kick and left Kyren this chance


was that he has had to sit and suffer and he knows that he will


have to somehow win two of the remaining three frames, if not all


three. He could bring these two reds into


play. No century but Kyren Wilson will be absolutely delighted. He now


leads by five frames to nil. And, Peter, you have to feel sorry for


Stuart. The first four frames, could easily have been 2-2. But when you


get such a horrible cake, it's just not fair sometimes. Yes, Stuart


certainly had chances this morning. You can see from this terrible


contact, the red jump, the cue ball jumped the red was thrown offline --


terrible kick. He looks a lot better in himself that he did in the early


part of the match because he really was all at sea. He has managed to


gather his thoughts and he is looking a lot more positive, a lot


more reflective. He will be very disappointed with the way things


have gone this morning. His positional play especially. I


totally agree, what is your view on why we are getting these kicks? It


is a never ending saga, so much more today. I don't we have seen as many


kicks in the first four days as we have seen on this one table.


Certainly there has been a lot more kicks this morning. It can be


atmospheric. You know, we really know. The balls play so differently,


and so more reactive and off more that a lot of players don't like it


when the polish is applied to the balls. Reflecting on what is going


to happen are not what has happened. The match has come to an early end


on the other table. They have this wonderful arena to themselves now.


Stuart has been left a shot to nothing.


Under normal circumstances, it would have been very difficult to hold for


the blue, from a cut like that. Because this cloth is obviously


playing considerably slower than the previous cloth, he was able to hold


for the blue there, and played it very well. What you tend to find is


that when the cloth is playing slow like this, just to move the cue ball


around the table, the players are not having to play a series of


either stolen or very hard stunt shots, when normally they would


prefer -- either stun or very hard stun shots, when normally they would


prefer to stroke them as smoothly as they could. The reason is that these


clots throw off an awful lot with side. When you are using power and


side you through the cue ball offline and you can miss anything.


So it is challenging for both players when the table is playing


slower. And the other important aspect with regard to that is the


fact that when you hit the ball is harder, obviously the object balls


are reaching the pockets with more pace and that makes the pockets play


smaller. Slightly out of position. But played that well.


Very shortly, Kyren Wilson will be looking to leave himself an angle on


a colour, to open up the pack of reds.


When the pink is just that inch of the pack like it is now, would you


rather go into it from the green or yellow than the blue, Peter?


Definitely, because they're all sorts of things that could happen.


You could be really unlikely, it's the pink and nothing could slide off


the pack if you don't get full contact on. So even though the green


here is a little bit thinner than he would have liked, he has taken the


brown, he will have to hit is very hard, with lots of right-hand side.


He would have preferred to have been on a nice angle on the green because


the angle he left himself on the brown, he had to hit that really


hard. Lots of right-hand side, probably got too much side. He will


be disappointed with that. How on earth is the gap between the


pack of reds and the thing? When things are going bad, you can only


smile. Everything going wrong at the moment. Played the safety shot, red


into the pack, and look at the red. Straight through the gap and over


the corner pocket. It is not fair sometimes.


No real advantage. He may try to sneak him behind the green.


He will be playing an aggressive safety here, trying to bring the


black interplay. He wants to make sure a red doesn't go over the


left-hand corner at the same time, the way things are going at the


minute. Just not happening, just not


happening. Can't hit a shot like. Another excellent pot. When you keep


saying when things are going right, the way he is looking to play. In


fairness, if you can cut the black in with Czech side and come down the


side, he would be on all three reds. He could do the same of the pink.


The same pocket as he is playing the pink now. He has found one in the


opposite corner, has he? Must be on. That's the one.


Just shows when you misjudge a shot, what can happen. He thought the red


was clearly available, but obviously not quite. Now then, Stuart, you are


39 points behind. You have got to make a frame-winning break.


Got to make sure he gets past the pink spot area.


Maybe he is planning to leave the cue ball somewhere near the pink


spot now so he has the reds in the middle. This is where he passes the


pink, the bottom red of the three. You can see it clearly does. That


shot has opened up the two reds to the opposite corner. All he has to


do now is be careful, don't do anything silly, because this frame


is there for the taking. Just lost the cue ball a touch


there. A bit thinner than he would have liked. Should be OK, still.


Played it well. He has got to go round the back of


the black, I think, and the way things are going he doesn't want to


go round the back. Maybe the only red he can get on is the one he is


nearest to now. Just about got there. Three or four inches of pace.


All of a sudden, from being in prime position. That is a good shot.


Choice of three colours, yellow, blue or brown.


This is the tee shot, needs to go round the back of the black. Never


at any point in that break at the cue ball under control.


I know the balls were there for the taking, but considering the way


things have gone. That thing, he did well to make 52 there. Not a good


shot at all. Perhaps fortunate that the red did not end up in a possible


position for Kyren in the centre. Didn't get a very good cue ball


there. There may be some value in taking on


the cue ball crossed table. The cue ball would be coming down towards


the black. That's what he's played. Yes, great effort from this time it


has worked in Stuart Bingham's favour. You can see this red. You


don't blame Kyren at all for playing the shop the way he did. It was


about the only way it could have jawed Peter and left a pot on, the


way it finished. Yes, there was and I suggested that shot is it is was


like a shot to nothing. It is very rare that you get a better one. That


is what happened. Stuart Binny will be mightily relieved.


He needed to win this frame and luckily for him he got the second


chance. APPLAUSE Stuart Bingham made the highest


break of the match so far, 52, and he will be very relieved to get a


frame on the board. STUDIO: Just something about Stuart Bingham


before he walked out today, usually you see him backstage and he looks


really relaxed and happy to chat but today there was something different


about him backstage. It is a big match and we have mentioned it a


couple of times, he doesn't have a great record against him so maybe a


bit of trepidation. But not the same dance about. It would be happy to


get the first frame and abroad. If he could win at least one of the


next two, because it is a longer match, the first to 13, it is not


totally desperate. Who would love to win the last two. Threw in these


long matches sometimes you will have a bad session. That is about damage


limitation. Sometimes the difference between 7-1, and 6-2, or 5-3 when it


comes to the final session can be huge. What would be the ideal


scenario? In the last two frames, simple as that. If he can get out of


this session 5-3 he will think he has won the pools. He has included.


Kyren has been by far the better player. You can't win the World


Championship having a perfect session every single time, not


likely to happen. When you're playing someone like Kyren Wilson as


well, there's the fact you are the former Crucible champion play on the


mind and they heavily on the shoulders? It shouldn't do. Stuart


is experienced enough to know that is in the past. This is a new match.


Kyren hasn't exactly blown him off the table. He is getting chances all


the time, Stuart Bingham. Kyren Wilson was in the balls, and made a


poor error, a poor misjudgement, it could have been 6-0. He has been


given a lifeline. Can he take advantage? Hopefully take the last


two frames. Let's find out. Back to Willey and Peter. COMMENTATOR: He


needs to break off better than that, cannons into the blue. Luckily for


him he has not left and easy opening red. Schoolboy error, this.


APPLAUSE Nice opening pot. Stuart Bingham.


Played the cannon well. He may elect to leave himself and angle on the


black to go into the reds. Get himself high, possibly. He has left


himself quite straight. And all of a sudden, having got his


first frame on the board, Stuart is beginning to move around the table


with his usual fluency. He played that really well. That was an


excellent shot. Three reds, three blacks. He can


certainly play this red to get onto the black here with the pink being


out of commission commune of a now. Whether he is playing well enough at


this moment in time to put in the magic number remains to be seen.


It's great when you're in this position you can play the choices,


three reds off one shot. Would you leave yourself a choice of shots?


One in the middle, one in the corner? Playing this red, it opens


up the other two reds. The thinking about the maximum,


finish low on the next black monthly in the cluster of five, knowing that


you will still be on the red in the bottom of the pack. He played the


screw into the pack again. No need to, of course. He will have to go


into them at some stage. Not this time. I'm sure now he will be


thinking of 147. The problem, should he decide to go


into the cluster now of five, he hasn't got a red that could come to


his rescue. He is going to play for the loose one.


Using that one to travel. Nowhere near where he played. Two feet short


of where he meant to be. And a maximum now. He may decide to play


the thin red into the right centre, but it is very difficult. Taking the


red into the left centre, on the black if this goes in... He has


overcut it. He will be disappointed, that was an opportunity.


Trying to decide if he leaves the white anywhere near the left hand


corner pocket, and whether Stuart could cut this sin. -- could cut


this in. Got to be careful, Stuart is 56


points in front and does not want the referee to say this is going


nowhere, you have three shots each to play an aggressive shot otherwise


it is a rewrite. Wilson will want that now, obviously, being 56 points


behind. 50 odd in front of Andy Hicks eight years ago, in the last


evening session, he warned us after some tip tapping, about the losing


frame. I was very pleased. It is not the sort of thing that


happens often, but it can do. A very big risk, Stuart to play that


aggressive safety shot. Whether he is prepared to do that remains to be


seen. This is a huge frame. The difference between 6-1 and 5-2.


John Parrott committee quite rightly said in the studio, if Stuart


Bingham can finish this session 5-3 down... He really would feel he's


had a tremendous result. Given the way that he has played so far.


You feel that it may well have to be Stuart Bingham that plays the


aggressive safety shot, because trailing by 56 points, Kyren Wilson


will just keep rolling into these reds, he will want there to be a


rewrite which is the last thing in the world that Stuart once. --


re-rack. Stuart cleverly taking that opportunity to push a read on to be


side cushion there. A bit of insurance. Should Kyren get a good


opportunity in this frame... Kyren has left a pot on. It is


fraught with danger, capable of pushing another red to the cushion


but this is going nowhere at the moment.


Kyren is looking to see if he can play a shot here to pot the red in


the middle, he must be careful not to have a push shot here. That might


have been a push... He called one himself, that is very kind of Kyren


Wilson, I'm sure that the referee would have called anywhere but he


made the decision of the referee easy by calling the foul on himself.


Well done, Kyren Wilson. The reason it was definitely a push shot, the


whites did not try and come back off it. Putting no spin on it at all. A


very relieved Stuart Bingham. A great chance for a maximum eight few


moments ago, the key thing was to win that frame.


The frame is now clearly over. Stuart Bingham has the chance


Stephen Hendry was talking about, to get


out of this session 5-3, it looks like he has won it, he was


struggling as much as I'd never seen him struggle at the Crucible, in the


opening four or five frames -- as I had ever seen him struggle at the


Crucible. A very relieved Stuart Bingham.


Winning the seventh frame, trailing now by 5-2.


STUDIO: What is your assessment of that frame, what did you pick out


for us? Obviously, we have a wonderful sport that we play and the


great thing is the integrity, no doubt that this is a push but the


first thing for Kyren Wilson, he held up his hand to it. Playing


close, each rise to drive the cue back but he knows straightaway


himself he has played a push shot. He tells the referee it is a push,


and the foul is against himself. Once again it's another example of


sportsmanship. We have seen a couple this week already? Stuart gave


himself one of the other day and never touched the black. And he went


on to call himself a plonker, what did you think of that frame? Stuart


was on at the beginning, the chance of 147, it went away. It is getting


those frames in now. As I say, we haven't seen many Huybrechts, the


highest was 71 from both players. Still a lot of good qualities there


-- hi breaks. But Stuart Bingham would have taken 6-2 but now he


could get 6-3. It would be bizarre, Kyren Wilson would be 5-3 up but he


would be disappointed. Stuart would be thinking, I've got out of jail!


These matches are all about momentum, frame after frame after


frame. If Stuart can get this one, you will... John is right, he could


feel more positive about my's session. Questions coming in from


the viewers. There is a theme running through on whether you guys


play at all still. Someone wants to know, do you have tables at home and


do you practice on a template and yes, one above my garage, I a knot,


-- I play a knock, to remind myself that is what I used to do! And


sometimes you practice on these tables? Last night I practised, when


they have all got a new cloth on, in the arena, even though I haven't


played for a while I thought they were slow. It's interesting that the


boys in the commentary said that the cloth did not acquit, that's what I


thought. I'd been out a while. I play rarely, the odd exhibition


stuff, I do not have a table at home. A bit of golf now and again? I


love golf, when I can. I played this morning. Who won? I did! What a


surprise! Stephen Hendry the champion! Did not mind me asking


that question either, incredible! At this point in the tournament by now,


it is day six and there is normally a little, perhaps, known from the


players, politely I will say it, about how the tables play but they


have been doing really well this year? Excellent, as I say, a few


brushes and irons on them, maybe they will quicken up a bit, but they


seemed on the slow side a little yesterday. And Peter, the


commentators are doing a fine job. A lot of people on Twitter say that


they are enjoying your commentary, what did you make of the tables?,


COMMENTATOR: Playing slower than has done in the event so far. Both


players have struggled with that today. It is shots like this where


you have two puts an extra pace into the cue ball, and he very hard.


-- put extra pace into the cue ball, and hit it very hard.


You can play it relatively smoothly with a touch on to the right-hand


side. You can see there, he hit it quite


hard. But, the white has finished this side of the blue, and it is the


right hand side you put onto the cue ball there, it through the cue ball


thick. Interesting to see what Kyren


Wilson's concentration is like now, in the last couple of friends he has


had some chances. -- frames. This frame is one that he will be


desperate to win. In a strange way, he's had the


opportunity to possibly go 6-0 up, you may be slightly disappointed if


he wins this to go 6-2? He would be devastated if he only gets 5-3? It's


a great chance, exactly how he would like. Four more loose reds. To get


this frame before he has to worry about going into the bunch but


ideally he should play into the pack here. As long as you missed that red


next to the black and screw into the pack this time, it will work


perfectly. He has that loose rednecks to the black as well --


that loose red next to the black. Kyren Wilson has do get that black.


A lifeline for Stuart Bingham. Got through that a bit quick. Going


on the right-hand side with power, through the cue ball to the left.


That is why the black went back onto the


far jaw. Stuart will be buzzing inside, he will be delighted if he


can possibly finish this session only 5-3 down. Kyren looking under


pressure there. A terrible shot from Stuart Bingham. If he's on the pink,


he is very fortunate. A massive slice of fortune, he played the


previous red, and mis-hit it. Plum on the pink. That is why he has got


the name Ballroom Bingham. That was such good fortune. And saying that


come he has messed it up. He just misjudged the cannon of the


red in the pack, wanted to screw back another four to six inches


there. He will have to take his medicine and play a good safety


shot. So, a reprieve. Kyren Wilson...


Stuart will be very disappointed that he did not make a telling


contribution from that visit, if not a frame-winning contribution. And


that is a plant. Those Stuarts are either very close together or


touching. -- those reds are either very close together or touching.


This is an almost certainty to go in.


Just needs to make it, slightly... One of those reverse plants. Except


for the far jaw, two inches from the pocket but he could hit it in. If


it's thin, I don't fancy it being a plant.


In fairness, it is his turn to be the unfortunate. Playing it's thin,


wanting to reverse, you have to go thick to make the angle. Will he


take the long green on to win the frame? Or did him a chance to win


the frame? Looking at the angle... This is the sort of shot that under


pressure, it touch at the left-hand side, you can get through the ball


quickly and go thick. He needs to cue this smoothly...


That was the problem, he got through that a little quick with a touch of


the left-hand side. And through the grain thick.


He saw another chance, for Stuart Bingham.


This really should be 5-3 now. I was about to say, it is amazing how many


times and interval changes matches but looking at the score, Kyren


Wilson came out after the interval and made a break of 70 to go 5-0 in


front. In that tie it was 33, Bingham has since made a break of


50, into two frames he has every chance of making a sizeable


contribution here, the black is out of play but the pink is available in


all four high-scoring corner pockets here. The two Middles and the two


Kontas. -- Corners. Ideally off one of the next two or


three reds he will get that green out of the way.


Playing the green now, but whether he will do or not... Yes, he is


playing it. Making it easy around the reds around there. Isn't it


strange, the Peter Dooley arrow keys of the psychology of snicker? Kyren


Wilson will be very disappointed if he leads 5-3 but if you gave him


that at the start, he would have been delighted. Before the ball was


potted? Absolutely. He would have taken it in a heartbeat. Quite


right, this was a mind game. When you have 21 days here, under this


much pressure, you will go through spells like this. Stuart Bingham


now, as they were saying in the studio, if you've got a bad session,


making it a 5-3 session, he has had his bad session here and he's going


to come out 5-3. Stephen Hendry used the phrase


"Damage limitation" in the studio... At the moment, Stuart Bingham is


doing a very good job of managing that situation. He will be


absolutely delighted. If he can finish this session only 5-3


behind... That young man will be very disappointed. Just one more red


is needed, playing for choice... You are kidding me? Wow. Did he have a


kick here? I don't think so, just getting on those two


reds. But with the black where it is an those two reds where they are, he


is still the massive favourite to get this frame. He will have to go


through the ringer for a little while now.


Another very good shot with the rest from Wilson, he is very strong in


that department. 11 out of 11, 100%! Wow...


You can see the statistics. This is tough, he will have to play this


with some pace. What a shot! Unfortunately he has finished


straight. You would have loved angle on this last red, second to last


red, sorry, he could have rolled the read out and coming for the pink. He


will play this snicker behind the green or brown, probably behind the


green, but every chance that he can snooker on both reds. Must make sure


that you cover the red with the blue and the green. That is not a good


shot committee can take this on... 35 points in it, this is frame ball,


he won't be kissing the red off the cushion. That last shot from Kyren


Wilson was poor? He erred on the side of caution. He made sure he


gave himself no chance of dislodging this other red from the cushion.


Quite a task safety shot here, playing with a lot of right-hand


side. He has played it really well. An


excellent safety shot. Slightly short... With pace but very good,


good line. He would love to have a go but if he plays this and jaws the


red, he could bring the others into play. I would refuse this one.


Refused it for that reason, probably. Has Kyren Wilson tried to


move the other red out? He is a very attacking player and


has already looked at it. The only problem with that shot is that


there's the possibility playing this with pace, that the cue ball could


stay where red is. That is brilliant! Absolutely


brilliant. He has been very, very unlucky. A wonderful pot, taking the


opportunity to move the red off the black cushion. He has got a


straightforward safety shot, but he will be very disappointed not to be


on a colour there. He has to play the brown, full ball.


The only problem is, he will need the black of the last red. He better


hope that this is a snooker! He's got the opportunity to bring the


black off the cushion and leave the snick


-- snooker behind the pink. He is looking there now. I think that


would be a very good shot, because Stuart not only has two hit the red,


he had to leave it safe. He needs to avoid a double-kiss on


the black here. Unfortunately, for him, he did not


avoid it. But I still think that he has got the snooker. A bit sticking


out there. That was not a very good shot.


Stuart can just clip this thread. -- read.


If he does clip it, the red will be heading into the middle pocket. The


fact that Kyren has brought the black of the cushion... May even


play it back into baulk. He had better cover it up.


There is a possibility here, if Kyren hits the cushion first, he


might be able to hit the back side of the red and send the cue ball


towards the green and brown, hopefully for him, behind the brown.


It is key to get the object ball safe here.


Not bad. Obviously from match .com he wasn't quite snookered. We didn't


realise he could actually see the red. Under the circumstances, that


was a very good shot, played with lots of left-hand side. Tried to get


the cue ball behind the brown depending on whether the cue ball


made contact with the baulk cushion. The safety shot the Stuart but he


could play this would left-hand side and send the red behind the black


and the cue ball behind the brown. That is what he has tried. It is a


great effort. Great effort. APPLAUSE


Kyren is in one of those situations where I don't think if he can hit it


hard enough to stun the red. He is bound to get some sort of shot on


the black, should he pot it. The White will be somewhere near the


blue spot if he plays it at pace. I don't think he has hit it hard


enough. He has left an easy snooker and the red made pass the black into


the green pocket. Would you pay the pot or the snooker? I would play the


snooker. Looks like he is playing the pot.


It is there. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Stuart beat me to --


five in the first round! Barring snookers, Stuart Bingham has


performed a miracle. Has got out of this session 50 red. Well played,


Stuart Bingham. -- 50 red. He has managed to pull this out of


the fire. He will be absolutely delighted.


What a wonderful second shot that is.


Just relax a little bit. The fact that he is delighted to have got


back into the match, just relaxed a little bit on that yellow. No


massive breaks from Stuart but has played great matchplay snooker from


5-0 behind. Got him three frames on the board.


Good opportunity to lay a snooker here for Kyren Wilson. That is far


too thin. And that is it. Well played Stuart Bingham. He will be


absolutely delighted to finish this session only 50 red down.


Studio-macro that is why we love this sport and this game. Kyren


Wilson, 5-0 up and cruising. He will be saying he has given Stuart


Bingham an opportunity to get back into this match. Yes, but if anybody


asked him, would you once 5-3 lead, he would have taken it. Stuart is


delighted, Kyren is disappointed. But tonight he will still be


thinking 5-3 down, not ideal and Kyren Wilson will be saying, once


you think about it, 5-3 lead, wins again tomorrow morning, ten -- six


going into the final session. You can see that at ten o'clock tomorrow


morning. In the meantime, let's bring you up today what is happening


on the other table. Neil Robertson taking on not one sign cam. We join


it in the second frame of the second session.


COMMENTATOR: Great pot. Unlucky with the position.


He has gone for the yellow ball. This is a different way. Three


questions to hit the yellow. Lots of side.


What a shot. Terrific escape and another lovely smile from Noppon.


Just got to be careful here. If he misses this time, he will be warned.


OK. The age-old problem was always the possibility of a red going over


this right-hand corner pocket. Can he hold for the black? He would like


to be able to screw the cue ball in potting this red along the top


cushion, if he could. He's going to be hampered slightly


with the red. Makes this pot a little bit more difficult.


Had to be careful on his delivery, the cue didn't hit the red. Played


it nicely. If he can get rid of the red after potting this black, the


wombat blocks the path of the black into the right-hand corner pocket,


it will open up both corner pockets. Two reds he can get on here. Bottom


red from the five underneath the black. Couple of choices.


He is going to need a nice angle on the blue again so he can disturb the


pack of reds around the black. That's OK, there is a red gone


towards the middle pocket and one towards the corner. He is on the


yellow. He took the opportunity there. Was unlucky not to finish on


the blue. But the yellow was always on.


That was a strange positional shot from Noppon.


But that's a good recovery. He has obviously got a lot of confidence in


his long potting. He is starting to enjoy being at the Crucible Theatre,


even though he is so far behind. I was thinking, the winner of this


match will play Marco Fu and he was 7-1 down against Luca Brecel and


came back and won that match. Incredible comeback, he played some


incredible snooker in the second session of that match. It looks like


Noppon is starting to relax and enjoy himself. He was very nervous


yesterday. But still enjoyed just being here in the whole ambience and


the Na style check atmosphere. It is a great experience for him. Now he


is just starting to relax. Smiling again.


He has made 54 break. Turnaround from Noppon. Fantastic break and he


wins another frame. But it is Neil Robertson, still only two for a


place in the next round. STUDIO: Noppon making a good start


in this session. Robertson is needing just one frame to set up a


tie with Marco Fu on Sunday. Early stages and Robertson is on a break.


This is a good chance for the former world champion here, Neil Robertson.


He has left himself a little straighter on the black. Just a


little bit careless but it shouldn't be a problem. He will have to head


up for the blue now. You want to keep close control, rather than


having to keep heading up for the blue and then back again. If he


takes the red in the middle pocket, he can stay on the black, which will


be better for him. Was talking to a friend of Neil


Robertson, sometimes practices with him. He says Neil has been


practising as hard as he has ever seen for this championship. Hasn't


had the best of seasons so far. His only win was back almost 11 months


ago. No one has been really mentioning Neil. The joint


favourites. Mark Selby and Judd Trump, but Judd Trump has already


gone. People talking about Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins, but


nobody mentioning Neil. He is doing very nicely here, he could be in


with a shout this year. He said, he has come in under the radar a little


bit. It might suit him. Not coming here with a big favourite tag on his


shoulders. Sometimes it can weigh heavy on the player. Once again, he


has come up a long way short. He made a string of breaks early on in


the match yesterday, including the 113. No, it is not their... Just!


Didn't think that was going in. Probably the new cloth has helped it


because it has gone in the angle. Thought he missed it. That looked


wide. Just the pace. Any harder, it


certainly wouldn't have dropped. No need to go into that reds, there


are enough loose red Baird to secure the frame and the match.


He looks a bit bemused. Overdone it this time.


That was the problem. Now he is left with quite a tricky one. Still


plenty of reds on the table as we show you the cannon. You never know


exactly where the white is going to finish. It couldn't have finished


any more awkward. He can see the pink. He can see the black. I think


the pink might be slightly easier pot. Only a couple of pots away from


winning the match here. Terrific cueing. That is the end and it has


to be said, the young player from Thailand, Noppon Saengkham, smiled


all the way through this match. Didn't get off to a good start. Did


well this afternoon, winning the two opening frames. I am sure we will be


seeing much more of Noppon. Has been a great experience for him. Some


good games against some top players. Anthony Hamilton being one of them.


Ian Walker as well, former quarterfinalist here. I think he has


enjoyed himself, hasn't he? A lot of them might have come through, Graeme


Dott had to come through the qualifying rounds. Although he is


such an experienced player here, Graeme Dott. Graeme Dott played well


and was too tough for Ali Carter. Wouldn't it be ironic if the former


champion finished a century break. No century break, that is wide.


Noppon comes forward. Congratulate the former world champion. I like


that. Charming gentleman from Thailand. He waves to everyone as he


leaves the Crucible Theatre. We will see him again. The Australian was


too strong and in the end he ran out of very comfortable winner. Neal,


you obviously want to bury the match as quickly as possible? It is a


tough position to be in, 7-2 and the match is still alive. But it is


difficult to lose 9-1 from there. Not quite the same motivation as


yesterday, but Noppon came out all guns blazing, putting in all kinds


of crazy balls. He made a bit of a match of it in the end. Very happy


to get through, that is what it's all about, the first round. I got


yesterday was a professional performance, some good play by


myself and potted some crucial balls. You can never take anything


for granted. Michael Holt beat you last year. As someone who is one of


the favourites, you must have noticed and had your own thoughts on


that incredible when Rory had over Judd Trump? Yes, that is the other


side of the draw. It is irrelevant with my hopes this year. Maybe, Judd


and I would have had to make the final for that to be significant.


Last year I played Michael Holt, who has been playing like a top-10


player for the last 18 months. This day, it was nice to have somebody


who is inexperienced and I put him under pressure early yesterday.


Marco Fu in the second round. It is a cliche, but there are no easy


matches, especially in the last 16? Apart from Judd, all the matches


probably went as what you thought they would do. It is fantastic for


the title to have the top seeds in. It is going to be so hard to win.


Well done. STUDIO: The key thing Neil Robertson


used, a professional job done by the Australian. Look at that draw. John


Parrott and Stephen Hendrie still with me in the studio, it is loaded


with big names? If you had asked at the start of the programme, who did


you think, you would pick Mark Selby, but look at the names in


there. And the bottom half is no easier to pick the winner in. Is


this the year of former champion wins it or can you see somebody


causing a massive shock? It would be difficult to choose. It comes from


the top half of the draw? I think so. Ronnie had a hard match and he


had to work hard. But if he is focused and here for the 17 days


with his snooker head on, he will take some beating. I don't know what


you have planned for the night, cancel what you had planned, but hit


the red button at seven o'clock but this. The rockets, Ronnie


O'Sullivan. Here comes the Magician, Shaun Murphy. I am happy to be in


the tournament, happy to be out there playing. You have to embrace


it all. I came here in good form a few years ago and he swept me to one


side. He is capable of anything. You don't just play Ronnie, you play his


entourage, the intimidation factor. You play the crowd. Last year I got


involved in all the other stuff and forgot to play. It is snooker, not


boxing. 7pm the night and we are on the red button every night. I am


cancelling my plans for the night. It should be a cracker. The start is


important, Shaun Murphy needs a good start and he has to concentrate


because Ronnie looked in good form. How much are you looking forward to


it? It will be great to see. Words have been exchanged so it will be


nice to see how Shaun Murphy comes out. Slightly earlier finish because


of this afternoon's match, but make sure you are ready for seven


o'clock. Ronnie O'Sullivan against Shaun Murphy. Thanks for watching.


Ten people affected by mental health issues,


You're convinced it can help? Most definitely.


I feel I'm not going to be able to do it.


..joined by some special guests... You're the heroes.


2010 champion Neil Robertson is aiming to claim one of the last two remaining spots in the second round this afternoon, whilst last 16 round action gets underway on Table 2. These matches are increased to three sessions and are the best of 25 frames. Jason Mohammad introduces coverage from the Crucible Theatre.