Wednesday, 1st Round, Afternoon Snooker: World Championship

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Wednesday, 1st Round, Afternoon

Coverage from Wednesday morning's session and live coverage of Neil Robertson up against one of the qualifiers. Ali Carter plays the concluding session of his first-round match.

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Hello, good afternoon, and welcome back to Sheffield, Day five of the


2017 Betfred World Snooker Championship. Five more first round


places up for grabs, two former world champions looking to join the


likes of Mark Selby and Ronnie O'Sullivan in the last 16. Coming up


this afternoon we will catch up with Judd Trump's match with Rory McLeod,


the world number two in trouble yesterday. Twice beaten finalists,


and Ali Carter also faces an uphill struggle against Graeme Dott. It is


the 2006 world champion who leads Carter going into the final session.


That resumes at 2:30pm. The 2010 world champion Neil Robertson gets


his Crucible campaign under way this afternoon. Standing in Roberson's


way it is Thailand's world number 72. Will also talk tables in our


daily chat about the game in the appropriately named table talk. Mark


Allen is through to the second round taking on our daily challenge pop


quiz -- Pot Quiz. We would love to hear your questions and views, get


in touch using the #BBC snooker and we look forward to hearing from you.


All of that to come but first an update on the Ronnie O'Sullivan


story. This statement came in at 7pm last night following his outburst in


the press conference on Sunday. Ronnie O'Sullivan plays Shaun Murphy


in the next round. Let's stop talking about Ronnie and concentrate


on some snooker. This one got underway at 10am this morning, Judd


Trump got off to a flier yesterday against the world number 54 Rory


McLeod but amazingly the 46-year-old, the oldest player left


in the competition won five frames in a row against the second seed to


overturn a 4-0 deficit and lead 5-4 after an incredible opening session.


Take a look at these pictures because Judd appeared in a little


discomfort this morning during the frames. He looks like he has some


pain in his back as he goes down to play a shot and he will be in even


more pain if he loses this match. He has not been beaten in the first


round since 2007. This is where we will pick it up. Rory McLeod looks


as if he's heading into the second round. This will be the biggest


upset of the competition so far. This is live, the scene at the


Crucible from where we are in the Winter Gardens, let's join it live


in the company of John Virgo Stephen Hendry. Good afternoon, gents.


COMMENTATOR: Good afternoon, Jason. This is turning out to be a massive


frame. It's already been going on, it is in its 30th minute and still


only eight points in it in favour of Rory McLeod.


I have to say... This looks good, this could be tied up against the


APPLAUSE This is turning out to be a bit of a


dogfight here. Yes, that is a very good description. We have already


mentioned that Judd Trump has got to forget about pretty snooker and


high-scoring snooker, it's just getting the result at all costs.


That's the way I'd prefer to go. He could hit the black or anything


here. That would not have been my choice and if it runs on he will


leave an easy starter. Bad decision. I think it has just stopped short


enough. He has not left the pot on. That was fortunate. I don't think


you would have had it replaced. OK, it wasn't an easy pot. I don't know


what he doesn't go twice across. This is fraught with danger. He


could catch the ball over the middle pocket if he over adjusts. I suppose


the reason he has gone this way is there is nothing available into the


corner. Fair play to him, he got it right in that time. This is exactly


the sort of frame, if you can get a 20 point lead, it is so valuable.


Just thin edge sticking out from the black but he caught it much too


thick. Judd Trump has been a bit fortunate. It went close to the side


cushion making it not an inviting pot. He is having a look at it. He


would be a brave man to take this on. The longest frame of the match


so far. And probably the most important.


Decent length, but this red that's available to the left corner is the


type of red that Rory has been knocking in most of the morning.


He's not been making any Huybrechts, neither player has, but he's been


very consistent with this type of pot.


But not this time. He's brought the black into play. Jason was


mentioning before you came to us about a few twinges that Judd has


got and it appears to be in the right arm, the right shoulder. The


thing is when he uses the rest, when he's getting down there, he plays


with the rest right-handed and he's missed a few with the rest.


The fact he potted it, squeezed it into the right-hand pocket, has


given him a nice angle on the green. He did not seem to get into that cue


ball at all, didn't seem to get any reaction. Has he got an angle to


take the red of the cushion from this pot? Looks pretty good from


here. He could still be on the brown that take the red away from the top


cushion. He couldn't have played it better. When he pots the brown he


will go three points behind. So any colour from this red and he


can win this frame without needing the pink. He will need the awkward


blue but at least he won't need the pink.


Seemed to finish quite straight. Oh dear.


He did have an angle. It wasn't the best angle. But if anybody had the


power to get the cue ball out it was Judd Trump. He will be horrified by


that shot. Five point lead will count for nothing if he doesn't get


this yellow safe. All things considered he's played


that escape very well. What an opportunity he's missed to win the


frame. He's just having a look and a quick


look at the school five points behind, now Rory is going to need up


to and including the pink. This yellow pots as you can clearly see


but it's a tough one. Is not certain to run safe should he miss it.


He got close enough. The problem was with that shot if he didn't get the


snooker he would leave the cue ball close to the yellow. Easy enough


safety for Judd. It looks like he is looking at the


options of sticking it round the three cautions and sticking baby cue


ball in behind the black. He must get the yellow safe. Nowhere near


hard enough. The only way that that was going to


be a good shot was to cover the yellow with the brown. The last


thing Judd will want to do is bring this pink into play. Where is the


yellow going? Would you believe it? I can't believe he played, more like


a Yankee than anything else. He's played this well. What a shot.


Still needs the blue. I know he has tremendous cue power,


but that was a strange way to try and get on the blue. He will still


take this on to this right-hand corner pocket. Just the blue needed.


Not there. But he did play it with an element of safety. The downside


for Judd is the blue has gone adjacent to the pink so there is a


chance for Rory playing the safety on the blue could bring the pink


into play because that's what he needs. Rory Mac -- McLeod needs


blue, pink and black. Strange the way Judd Trump played that, it is


not his natural game. He needed the blue to win the frame, not bothering


where the cue ball goes. It is the pressure. It is, yes.


Hitting it from behind. Where is the cue ball? It is in the jaws. It


makes it a good safety now. When you get the cue ball in the jaws. I


don't think now he can definitely get through to the blue. He was not


angled, as he was early on in this frame. This frame by far and away


the longest frame of the match. Just coming up to 41 minutes.


And when you put this much effort into a frame, if you don't win it,


it really hurts. But here's another chance now for Judd to clinch it.


Only the blue needed. Will he play this with more conviction? No. Dear


me. And the worst thing is he has brought the pink interplay. But how


far away was he with that? Judd Trump, widely regarded as the best


potter in world snooker. There is no way that the ball can go anywhere


near that pink. Just an edge sticking out. Good


shot. But now that pink's in play, it's all about the blue.


Another thing to think about, this match is looking like it might not


finish in this second, so if Judd has a problem, physically, it may be


will give him time to recover, if he can just win this frame. Yes, the


cut-off line is 40 minutes before the next session starts. We have 15


minutes before two 30p -- before that rule will come in to play. So


maybe after this, if Judd, or even if Horie wins it, we will get one


more frame to play -- if Rory. Where is the cue ball going? So close.


That would have put Judd 19 points in front if it had dropped in the


middle. But the snooker. Easy hit. Can he get it safe?


You think if Judd can win this frame, win the next one, who do you


fancy coming back for through to get to get to the second round of the


World Championships? Look at this for a result. Look at this for a


result. APPLAUSE He may well look up to the skies,


Rory, there. No way he could have expected that to happen, and it


gives him the advantage in this frame. Surely you come of this black


cushion, no? Straight up. Playing at this speed, even if he hits the


blue, he will just hand the initiative to his opponent. Could be


snookered again next time he comes to the table. Good fit. As I say,


because that cue ball and object ball were so close together, they


could be another snooker. Looking at the possibilities of the pot down


the cushion, but if he was the play, he would certainly be trying to


cover the blue with the pink. He has got the snooker.


I know what Judd is thinking here, but this is so damaging when you are


in the snooker. I think you have just got the go-ahead and hit it and


just hope that you don't hit the blue full in the face. That is the


line. He is going the other side of middle pocket, try to hit it off two


cushions, is he? It would not have been my choice. It leaves a


freefall. It will just be replaced. It looks as though he could come


from below the middle pocket. I think particularly at the pace I


would want to have this, I would be coming from this side of the middle


pocket, you hit it hard, checks it slightly. Just got to hit and hope.


Maybe he can't get to the other side of the middle pocket. He has hit it.


But he has left a chance. OK. It is going to take a good shot to pot


this and get back up for position on the pink.


He had to play it with a lot of pace, that's what made it difficult.


Judd Trump, nine point front, still only needs the blue. As we watched


that shot again. Excellent shot. Is it a snooker?


Yep. Nice touch there. If he is playing this dead weight, he could


leave this blue on here. If he doesn't hit it right, he could leave


it on. PC. -- it is pacey. I know you would have taken it on,


Stephen. It is for the frame. Is it worth the risk? He has not got a lot


of room to manoeuvre. Judd Trump, committed, and he got it! Snooker


needed. And in goes the pink. Well, that


frame was in its 50th minute, and what a relief Judd Trump will have


been to have won it. Rory McLeod will be disappointed, just one in it


now, 8-7 Rory McLeod. STUDIO: Just to remind you that Judd Trump has


not been blocked out since 2007 of the World Championships. John


Parrott and Steve Davis, twists and turns that this one still to come.


Every time you escape from a snooker you never know how they will end up.


Simon on a good chance that could have done well. In the end it was a


great blue from Judd Trump. Brave shot. He got a good white ball is


well playing some insurance down the table but the difference between


winning and losing that frame was massive. Idlette like one of those


frames, the way it was going, that no matter what Judd did he was going


to lose it but all credit to him, it was a cracking blue he did it. We


showed a picture of Judd Trump having a bit of a twinge in his


back. He seems to have got better. Is that something that perhaps has


contributed to his poor form? I don't know. You'd left asking how


bad it is. He has been grimacing through most of the match -- you


would have to ask him. He is obviously still able to play so it


is not completely bad but at the same time it is losing your mind if


you have like that going on. Are you surprised how well Rory has played?


, Not really, because Judd let him back in. He gave him breathing space


and Rory is a player, he qualified for the Crucible. Anyone who does


that is a player, so therefore he got some breathing space in the game


and he is taking his chances. I have been impressed with the way he kept


it going. He would probably then be expecting more of a good performance


this morning but perhaps from the perspective of Judd Trump, perhaps


it is nice that this match doesn't finish in this session. Maybe so. It


is only 8-7, there is a winning post in this session as well. Obviously


the referee has had a word, maybe just had a word about the time going


on in this match and what will happen. Given the faction we have


matches touted at two 30p as -- given the fact. At 2:30pm.


Rory McLeod the break. COMMENTATOR: I suspect this is the last frame


that we will play in this session. It is the rule that no frame can be


started 40 minutes before the next session. I suppose if they got this


frame over in five minutes, we would have a chance. But it doesn't look


as though that will happen, the way the frames have gone so far. Judge


must have thought that was a plant, the speed he played shot at. --


Judd. That is a bad misjudgement. Looking at the playing time, 23.5


minutes. And looking at it, he had to catch the first red very thin. So


first opportunity for can one. APPLAUSE


Played the aggressive shot, a little bit unfortunate possibly not to have


an easy -- an easier pot than this. Just a touch of Czech side. Always


starts off addressing very low the cue ball.


Yes, just a little bit too much check side. Didn't play it with the


pace. The kiss on the green didn't help, of course. As I say, this is


the last frame, and when they resumed they will play the remaining


frames of this match on the first table available. It might not be


this one, it might be the other table.


Just thinking about the scenarios, if Rory was to win this frame, how


do you like having all day to think about a 9-7 lead? Obviously it is


not an ideal situation for Judd Trump, but he doesn't want to be


thinking about that whole day. That's close. APPLAUSE


Well, that was not a bonus was that he played safe there, he played a


very poor positional shot of the last red, that is why he did not


finish on the black. Played the safety on the black and potted it.


Not what he wanted. It's not bad, might have look like a


reckless shot from Judd, but as long as he got the red in the jaws of the


pocket he would stay at this end of the table. If you can just get past


the yellow, this might sneak into the right corner. He has hit it too


thin, and that's why he hit the red on the left-hand side of the table.


This is a chance for Judd, but, believe me, after what we have seen


so far this morning, take nothing for granted. As you pot success, you


always say 90% of both. What a test of character this is.


This visit to the table. As we have said before, how badly do you want


it? The has obviously got some sort of injury. He is not playing well.


He is 8-7 down, the first round of the World Championship. You can't


get more intense than this at snooker. That stat you are looking


at, Judd won the first four frames put since then he has only had an


82% pot success. As I say, take nothing for granted in this visit.


It would be a Herculean performance if he was to win it in one visit


here, and he has not helped himself by coming a little bit too Street on


the black. -- a little bit too straight.


That's no good. Unless there is a red that will squeeze into the


middle. Maybe there will. He will play for this, particularly if it


goes on but it is not there. He knew straightaway. 16 is all he needed


from that excellent opportunity. Solid putter, and he looks like he


will finish just about on the brown. Nine. We are using old money here.


You would never have thought that in a match involving Judd Trump. That


is the way it is playing out. He could have heard a better case


than that. He is going to be slightly hampered by the red and


pink. In all honesty when he potted the brown, all right, the brown was


tricky enough, he had to give it full attention, but just needed to


be trusting to lack a little bit as to what he finished on. He played


that nicely. I would think that type of shot when he was stroking down on


the ball doesn't have much affect on Rory, because he plays most of the


shots striking down. Judd had first chance and didn't


take it. APPLAUSE Needs another 40 points. To get to


snooker is required. Looks like this red still goes to


the middle. Not making it any easier.


I wouldn't be surprised he played the cue ball, there is more for this


red than I thought. I thought the left side of the table was a no-go


there. Still in good position, though he has let that cue ball just


loose. At the stage, when you want everything as easy as possible, with


the pressure. He has rolled it in, though. 40


points to lead. Two reds, two high value colours and the frame will be


in the bag. If you had said to Judd your highest


break in the match would be 65, he would laugh at you. He played that


pretty well, he has the red to the middle, just a nice stunt down for


the black. The red and the black will leave Judd Trump needing two


snookers. Worrying times for the number two seed. OK, he's going to


get a break and maybe have a bit of work on the shoulder, which seems to


be giving him a little bit of jib. He has to come back this evening,


there is a possible three to play, he has got to win them all. It is a


difficult situation for him actually because you have no idea when the


match is going to finish, so how do you prepare for that. Yes. Obviously


that is the both players, not just Judd. Anything but an ideal


situation. And that red going in means Judd


Trump will come back later this evening with an awful lot to do.


He's in a big hole here. Doesn't matter. Judd won't come back


to the table 64 points behind, 43 remaining. So it will be a handshake


and it will be see you later. APPLAUSE


And Rory McLeod, who came into this session one frame ahead of Judd


Trump, leaves its two frames ahead, just needing one. But that will be


decided later this evening. Rory McLeod leads number two seed, Judd


Trump, 9-7. Shock on the cards? Could be.


At IS ask the boys. The players have to come back for one frame, could be


a fume or, at the next available table really. -- let's asked the


boys. He would have been delighted to have got to the nine frames and


he now has the luxury of having three bouts of the cherry. When they


come back, and I don't know what the policy is on how much time they


would have, whether the tournament official would think tension leaves


three frames, I need to give that much of a gap. Because of the two


afternoon sessions went the distance, then there wouldn't be


enough time to perhaps even fit one frame in. Do they then have to come


back at the evening session right after? That is what they usually


have done. I think basically it is guaranteed that you have the table


with no interruptions. That is usually after the evening session.


We had a bit of a marathon last night, what happened if you had one


of those Anna Hansen night? They could come back at three o'clock in


the morning, it doesn't matter, it will be played this evening, or this


afternoon if there was a massive block that could be utilised. It is


horrible, you don't know, and there is something weird about going on


the other table. Yes, all the patterns are different. You have


been playing with the crowd on one side, your chairs there, and then


you are playing on the mirror image, the other side, and you have not


played on that table. You have to trust that the table is playing


excellently but it is not exactly the same table. If there is any


minute rolling off you have got used to on your table, that won't happen.


When we get back to the action, do you fancy Rory McLeod to seal the


deal as the winner? He has to sit on that for the rest of the day but I


would soon have it 9-7 in front. There was a really good frame that


we will show you. This could not have come out better. Over the top


of the reds. It was very missable. But by opening up those are the two


beds, he could not have foreseen that exactly. What a wonderful


situation to get into. He jumped a bit at the bit and messed up the


positional shot but got himself out of trouble. Pretty calm and


coordinated at the end. The problem for Judd Trump is, as we have seen,


he is in some discomfort out there. We do now how bad it is. It offers


replays on your mind. Perhaps he can get some work on it, perhaps a


massage of some sort, to ease the pain but he still has three frames


he has to win out of the blocks this evening, and it is tough coming out


cold, and it will become by the time they possibly go on. I remember


being at the Masters many years ago and asking you, Steve, what is going


to happen next, and you replied no, I don't know. What will happen in


this much? I would sense that Judd Trump is going to go out. Really?


Yes, because you are coming out cold for three frames. Perhaps if it was


continuing, Trump could go caution to the win, but coming out cold it


is a spin of the coin, and if it is 50-51st frame, then Rory McLeod is


favoured. It is a big story, the biggest upset we have had so far? He


was the joint tournament favourite at the start so it is massive. Rory


McLeod generally has not done is much justice on television


tournament and has not have the best season, so most people did not give


them a chance so it will be a shock. And the match, if it does happen


that Judd loses this, was lost in the second session of the first


session, so to speak of the second half of that because Judd was 4-0


up, and I think he resented it more on a plate to get ten one back into


the match. This is the first time at the Crucible in 40 years where there


has only been one Welsh representative here at the World


Championships, and that is in the shape of Ryan Day, who is taking on


Ciao good long. Ryan Broyles as high as clear


COMMENTATOR: Didn't play through well. Not the best there. Quite a


big target between the pink, blue and brown to study the have got the


cue ball tight. He chose not to play the shot that way. And he could be


ruling that, because Guodong has just fluked a snooker. Guess. Good


luck and bad luck. He has fluked the snooker, bad luck, knocked the blue


safe. That was very good because it was a


full ball swerve here to play and it was very difficult to execute that


type of shot. Is he going to have a go at the double? He is and he's got


it but has he gone too far? He needs to cut the black in, the pink is no


use. If he pops the pink he will need one snooker. -- pots.


When he got the double, he thought he was on the black but he just hit


it a little too far. The black is very thin. It is not an impossible


cut but it is incredibly thin and he will have absolutely no control over


the cue ball whatsoever because he would have to play it with lots of


pace. He is going to take it on. He will need the extended rest and the


extension on his cue and, as Peter said, the white will be coming off


this cushion with a lot of pace because it is so thin. If he plays


it with screw and right-hand side he needs to avoid the in off into the


right-hand corner pocket. He's played that brilliantly,


absolutely fantastic shot. Yes, it was all about getting the pot. If he


had been able to get onto the yellow it would have been a bonus but it


was a must pot on the black so he can still tie this third frame. Not


sure about that choice of shot. He's been rather fortunate because


he should not have been anywhere near the jaws of the middle pocket.


And is there enough sticking out for Ryan to take this on?


He might be able to go past the brown and snick the yellow in that


he has hit its too thick and he needs the brown to come to his


rescue. How is this for a shot? How is this


for a shot?! Wow! APPLAUSE Well, that snooker certainly got


Peter excited and it was a cracking shot! He has left the yellow away


from the cushion. This is not straightforward. Lots of side, two


cushions. He has slipped around the back of it but I don't think it's a


free ball. I don't think he intended that but


it has put the blue into a slightly better position. I think he was just


trying to get around the angles and get a bit closer to the green. What


a shock this would be to take on. He is almost straight on the green, he


would have to raise the cube as he is doing but what a shot this would


be. -- you would have to raise the cue. But there is no easy safety so


he has to have a go. APPLAUSE


That is the shot of the match so far.


And the fact that he disturbed the blue, he can swing this around but


he is fully stretched and this is awkward but he can get round to the


blue. And this looks pretty good as well.


Dear me, what a cracking positional shot.


Is he straight on this? If he is, he's OK. He would have to screw back


off the cushion if it's dead straight.


He had a bit of angle so he didn't have to do that. Is he going to


pinch another one on the black? This young Chinese player has pulled


off another clearance and he gets himself three frames in front now.


STUDIO: This is brilliant for lured but disaster for Ryan Day. But Ryan


fired back with three frames and then Xiao took the next to make it


5-3 and we pick it up in the last frame of the session. Back to Dennis


Taylor and Peter Ebdon. That is a tremendous pop from Xiao




And that was another tremendous shot, a lot of cube power, top


left-hand side. Wonderful shot. And after those two excellent pots


and positional shots, this is an excellent chance for Xiao Guodong. I


think he would be delighted to take the session 6-3. When he was 4-0 up


it looked like he would carry on but the mid-session interval turned it


round. Ryan did come out and played some fantastic snooker with breaks


of 125 and 72. But 6-3 would be a healthy advantage going into the


evening session. We have not seen the heavy scoring


so far in this match that we might well have expected from both of


these quality raked builders. -- break-builder 's. But there has been


a lot of pressure and a huge amount of tension, partly because they have


both been missing balls which has been most unexpected. But this is


much more like it from Xiao. His highest break was in the opening


frame, a break of 62. And Ryan had that magnificent 125, but the pot


success rate, neither player in the 90s but Ryan has certainly climbed


up. That wasn't the best shot he has


ever played. It is quite tight, the two reds he is looking at. Not sure


if he can pot the back red of the two. Just enough room.


Now the scenario is turned around. Ryan Day with the possibility of


just being one frame behind. But it's not an easy table to clear up


from, there are three very awkward reds and the two together, they are


not too bad, but it is the one on the right side cushion and the two


on the left side cushion, those are the key balls, you would feel.


He is already thinking about the difficult reds now and how he will


get onto them. If he doesn't want to play the


cannon, he would have to finish where I've got the other white to


lead them on but it might be a natural angle to cannon them.


He hit it a little bit too hard and flicked the reds.


And the cue ball certainly came off a bit fast from the black cushion


and a big square but that is an excellent recovery pot from Ryan


Day. That's another good shot, well


played. Has he got an angle to screw


straight back onto that red that is just above the middle pocket and


disturb it? It's not bad, he might be able to. The way he's looking at


it, he's going to lead a double so maybe he feels he can't screw back


and read it. -- and move it. I suppose the double is not a bad


choice with the other two reds safe. APPLAUSE


Well played. He's not absolutely ideal. On a


colour here. He is digging down into the brown.


Nice shot, he's left himself another double, Dennis. The reds were tied


up and if they are, you can keep doubling them. That will do. But not


this time. But it is a fine 47 at this stage in


the last frame of the session. 14 is the difference.


But now that the red is back in play, 14 points doesn't mean a great


deal, it is who gets the first chance here. Because all the colours


perfectly placed. Has he got away with this? Not


quite. No way he intended to cannon the red. But I think the fact he had


to play it with a bit of swerve and right-hand side, it took the white


into the red that was near the cushion. He hit it a little thinner


than he was hoping to. It's the green and I think he's got


a bit of angle to screw back for that final red. He is looking at the


yellow which is better to get him nicely on that red and closer to it.


That is careless. That is a big turning point because instead of 6-3


in front, every chance now that it is going to be 5-4.


Yellow to green might be a bit of a problem but what other miss -- what


a miss that was. Just enough side on that. Yellow and


green will do. And as long as he doesn't snooker himself on the green


with the blue, he should be OK, he can get onto it from this position.


Purposely leaving a little bit short to prevent going over behind the


blue so this is the shot. Well, the pressure, the importance of that


green and he cued across it slightly. 22 in front.


He will have to steady himself here, a bit of noise from the other side


of the arena. What a cracking pot that was. What a


gem he has pulled out there, and with all the noise going on he did


well. He is just about perfect, I think he


has got a slight angle here. He still needs the pink and black. For


all the world it looked like Ryan Bate would just be one frame behind.


-- Ryan Day. He needed a couple of chances and


Ryan Day will be a bit disappointed but having said that, he was 4-0


behind to the young Chinese player, Xiao Guodong who will be delighted


as he is taking a 6-3 lead into this evening session.


And you can watch that match live to its conclusion on the red button


with us from 7pm with every match is being broadcast here on the BBC, the


morning, afternoon and evening sessions, you will not miss a shot


with us. Join Hazel Irvine for the conclusion of that. If you are just


joining us here and you are wondering who is in and out in this


year's World Championship, let us remind you of how the first draw


stands. And you saw that England against


Scotland class, Ali Carter taking on Graeme Dott which is our live match


this afternoon here on BBC Two and you can keep up-to-date with the


latest news on the BBC sport website and app. It is time now for today's


Table Talk. Our cameras were here last week at


the Crucible as the tables were constructed for this year's World


Championships and just take a look at this. I wouldn't put a brand-new


table into any major televised event because you need something tried and


tested so these two have been selected from the season. It is like


a big jigsaw puzzle, everything is numbered up. This is what they call


the slate bracket, it screwed up and down. You put these in, there is a


metal plate on the bottom. That allows you to bring the level of the


centre of the table up so the slate is not like this and you can adjust


the level up and down. There have been heat is on snooker tables since


the 18th century. They used to used greenhouse heaters which are like


tubes but they are inefficient and they just heat above the tube


whereas these heaters heat the slate evenly and we can control the


temperature. Come over a bit more. We have


roughly positioned the tables underneath the centre of the lights


but for the television cameras, they have to beat spot on, anything


off-line and you won't be level on the TV. Our colleagues are running


lasers from a set point that will give the centre of the tables and


also when the wall goes up, the tables had to be level because there


will be shots going across so they have to be parallel. And the theatre


is so small, you are only five feet four from the table to the wall. You


only have six inches of leeway with the queues cues. You have got to be


very careful. Then you claim the top service to make sure that is


perfectly flat and then the slate will go on. They are very heavy, 50


millimetres thick which is normal than -- more than a normal table and


they weigh just under 200 kilos each. But you need the weight to


keep the level. If you don't have the level weight, you don't have the


stability. And we used these engineering levels which are really


accurate. This is actually perfect. And to show you how accurate they


are, if you put a ?10 note underneath one end... You can see it


now, the thickness of the paper has moved it over by 1 degrees and for


us that is not acceptable because the costs are so thin, there is


almost no tolerance. You want everything to be level. You fill in


the gaps with filler and clean it off and it looks like one piece. Now


we are about to put the role of cloth off and this is used for the


whole event, the practice tables, if we cover them again, or one cloth.


It is difficult to fit, it is like fitting a piece of cardboard. It is


down to experience. I can feel the tension under my hands, when it is


time to stop because you can rip it and you have to start again which


you don't want. The cloth is on nice and tight and then you brush it an


eye on it and then the outside part of the cushion go on. Each pocket is


like two templates, for the corners and the middle and the bigger one is


the top cut. That goes in and it should be firm with some resistance


but not compressing the rubber so that is fairly tight. The important


point is this, that controls the slate fall and the amount of


undercut on the rubber. The more you take off from under here, because


the ball is cylindrical, it makes the pocket easier. On these tables,


the pocket openings have not altered since 1990. So that is 27 years.


They have not changed. Then the outside freeze will go on which is


where the pockets are connected and basically the table is finished


apart from the marking out. Nobody likes doing it because you use like


a Tippex pen and you only have one chance so you can't make a mistake.


We have had accidents and we have had to start again! I'm still very


proud of what we do, I still get butterflies when the World


Championship starts but you hope everything is all right and you


haven't missed anything. If you want to get up close and personal as a


snooker player, this is the place to do it. It is the only tournament


when the players are this close together. But looking at the table


itself, it is pretty cramped. Just for starters, you have the cue ball


in the corner pocket... If it is in the jaws, you'll like it more or


less here and there is not much room and then you have to walk back to


Yorkshire and it is excuse me like this! Then you come by here, you


don't have a lot of room here to plate that shot. Especially if you


are the type of player who wants to walk back and into the shot and you


are so close. Nice to meet you! And they were saying, what was the


distance? The tournament director said that if this room, the width if


it was one yard less than it would never have been considered for the


World Championship which is astonishing. Of course we looked at


the tables and they have heaters which is a modern phenomenon and


they have come down a few degrees. They were at about 50 but come down


to 45 to make less problems. The reason there are heaters is the need


for speed, the top players like fast conditions and if there is any


moisture in the cloth it slows down the balls so they try it out and


that makes it faster. This look great. This is miles better than in


a snooker club. You have the luxury of space! You can walk around and


everything. You are forgetting one thing. Here it is. But if you're


here and I'm here! There we go! At last I've got rid of






What a double act they are. A little bit of a health and safety issue


there. Fantastic stuff from John Parrott and Steve Davis. Our live


match for you this afternoon is the conclusion of Graeme Dott, the 2006


world champion, taking on Ali Carter, a man who knows the pain of


losing in the Crucible final, twice. I think I've had a good season,


really. I have won one event, I give Lee should have won another one. I


have reached semis and quarterfinals. From where I was last


year as a qualifier, now back in the top ten.


COMMENTATOR: Play a good one, son. Marvellous! Marvellous! I've got


experience in every round. I have one in every round and sort of lost


in every round. I've made a max. I've been involved in some classics,


so a privilege to be here. What a place to make it. The best place.


The long format is always suit me. A lot of the tournaments are now best


of sevens, which is tough. My opponent a night, Graeme, he is a


longer format man as well. He's had a lot of success here as well.


Hopefully we'll be a good game. I've got lots of things happening in my


life and it is good. I feel healthy and I'm keeping myself fit, enjoying


my life at the minute. That is the main thing. Well, it's very tight in


the career head-to-head stats. They first met 16 years ago in the


British Open. Just the one meeting here at the Crucible, Graeme Dott


winning that 113-11 in the second round, when Dott went on to reach


the quarterfinals. This is the story of the first session. -- winning


that one, 13-11. COMMENTATOR: Ali Carter gets this


first round match under way. And he looks to have played this well.


Excellent shot. He's played it beautifully!


Beautiful play. What a cracker. Got it absolutely perfect. Graeme


Dott will be delighted. 4-0 in front.


Well, that will help. That will help, and he'll have a nice angle on


the brown. Graeme will stay in his seat, and he


nods the concession to Jan Verhaas. Ali Carter, just what he needed


after the mid-session interval, getting two frames on the board, but


Graeme Dott still leads by four frames to two. He may have left a


chance here for Graeme, this red in the middle of the table. It does pot


do the right corner. This fourth 6-3 overnight, and there it goes! And


Ali Carter is going to be three frames behind.


STUDIO So, there we are. The players are


standing by. There is Graeme Dott. Can he make it through to the second


round this afternoon? 2006 World Championship winner and also won the


China open. We will also keep you right up today with Neil Robertson,


world number nine and the world champion here in 2010, he starts his


match this afternoon against Noppon Saengkham, he gets that on the red


button, BBC Sport online as well. But for us live here this afternoon


it is Ali Carter against Graeme Dott. Let's get the players out. A


very good afternoon to Rob Walker. Good afternoon, Jason. What a


dramatic date has already been at the Crucible, Judd Trump and Rory


McLeod will have to come back this evening to conclude their epic


match. We are witnessing some superb matches to make it through to the


second round. Waiting in the wings to entertain us, we have four more


world-class players. Please welcome, first of all, the


last of this year's debutants to appear on the big stage, former


world under 1's -- world under 21 champion, quarterfinalist at last


year's China open, and the fourth player from Thailand to make it here


at the Crucible, he's Noppon Saengkham!


What a great moment. And his opponent this afternoon is a player


who has, without doubt, established himself as one of the game's greats


since his arrival from Australia just over a decade ago. 12 times a


ranking event winner, champion of the world here in 2010, can you hear


the Thunder from Down Under? Here's Neil Robertson!


On table two, here comes a man once again producing his very best here


in Sheffield. Three times a finalist, champion 11 years ago. He


has made a brilliant start in this, his 18th year in Sheffield. Can he


keep it going? Let's find out. He's the Pocket Dynamo, he's Graeme Dott!


And finally, contesting his 15th consecutive Crucible campaign,


winning his fourth ranking title this season. From 4-0 down


yesterday, he has given himself a foothold in this match. Twice a


World Championship runner-up, give it up for the Captain, Ali Carter!


Always looks super-sharp, doesn't he, Ali Carter? That is our live


match for you on BBC Two this afternoon. And what a wonderful


entrance from Noppon Saengkham, making his Crucible debut there. You


can watch that match on the red button, BBC Sport online and also on


our app. In fact, on our app, you can choose between table one and


table two. Let's say a very good afternoon to our match commentators,


Ken Doherty and Willie Thorne. COMMENTATOR: Could afternoon


everybody. This is the nitty-gritty stage, the best of 19. We saw if you


were watching the Judd Trump and Rory McLeod game, it can sometimes


be a theatre of nightmares. The pressure here at the Crucible, it is


a cauldron, and the one who can cope best with it usually goes through to


win. Graeme Dott had a very good start yesterday, went into a 4-0


lead. No massive breaks in the game to be perfectly honest, Graeme


Dott's highest was 50 and Ali Carter only 76, but Ali Carter has got work


to do at 6-3 behind, Ken. Absolutely. This is one of the ties


of the round without a shadow of a doubt. Rain dog, former champion.


Ali Carter, finalist here on a couple of occasions and of course


made that wonderful maximum break here. -- Graeme Dott, former


champion. It was always going to be a tough one because Ali of course is


the seed and Graeme qualified this year. Hate to see him back


Yes, he's -- great to see him back in good health. He has had his


issues away from the table, well-documented. Great to see him


doing so well. The things that worry me slightly about Ali Carter, Kent,


he gets himself at it a bit these days, he's had a bit of bad form, he


does a bit of head nodding and things, but he is an unbelievable


player. If this -- this red goes into the green pocket, he can get on


the black. He's got a wonderful cue action. Very confident, strokes the


ball lovely. Got to be honest, Ken, I think he's got possibly the best


cue action in the game now. We used to say that about Stephen Lee, now


he's doing other things these days. REFEREE: Sure, OK. No one has hit


it, have they? A little scratch on A little scratch on the black. Ali


Carter just point something out to Jan Verhaas. You hit the ball as


such ferocity, sometimes you can get a little scratch on it.


It could have been from maybe this morning's match that wasn't noticed,


but I'm sure if both players had a problem with it, it could be easily


changed. That was a nice result, lots of top spin.


Tremendous cue power, Ali Carter. He gets through the ball very nicely


indeed. Another thing I love about Ali


Carter, he never refuses the shop to get the ball in play very attacking


player. Made over 230 competitive centuries,


including that wonderful 147 here at the Crucible.


I think he's going to need a fast start, Willie. Looking good at the


moment so far. Lee's first four frames, try and at least get three


of the first four, closed the gap. That's what his target would be. I'm


sure anything above that would be a bonus. Yeah, that's it, always win


the mini-session. As you say, can, if you can win 3-1, it is 7-6 and


you're right back into the match. That bottom red of the pack pots, so


he could play a nice little cannon on the red to the right of the pink,


get in the open. He has missed the cannon. Has it


gone too far? I think he's OK. Just about OK. Like you, Ken, I thought


he should have played the cannon there but he is nicely on it, he can


bring a couple more reds into blade playing the run-through for the


black. Nice start, this. The only thing about not playing the cannon


there, now he has an awkward angle. If he doesn't get enough top spin on


this, he might end up in the pack. He's played it nicely. Good shot,


well controlled. Just wondering whether the bottom red of the pack


pots. If it does, he can play for that quite nicely. Go back behind


the back of the red that is out in open play and leave a choice of reds


into both corners. That is the art of break-building, if you're not


sure of the angle to try and play for two reds at the same time. He


has gone too hard, so he can try and take the red down the left.


And their use are -- and their use are Ali's cue power. Look at the


reaction on this cue ball. The reaction was amazing, but I think


that could be end of break. He probably didn't need to hit it so


hard. A little bit softer, into the packed a bit earlier.


He is a half chance of this red into the bottom right hand corner pocket.


Nice pot. Where is the cue ball going? It needs to slow up. It's OK.


Good pot. There wasn't as much pressure on that because the cue


ball was going back to baulk. But he has held it nicely short of the


baulk line. Now, good positional shot here. If the red wasn't on the


right side cushion, he may play the two cushions into the bunch slowly,


knowing that if he misses the case he is on the other one. Playing for


the loose one here is OK because it will free the red into the


right-hand corner pocket. He only needs two more reds and two more


colours. Purposefully left it high, so that


he can play for that loose thread. Well, that knocked a few times,


didn't it? But it has knocked another red out. 63 ahead, 75 left


on the table. Red and brown, blue or pink will do.


He may take the blue here. The red just below the pink spot will pot


into this left-hand corner pocket. He's coming to have a look at that.


I think the bottom red of the four will pot as well. If he can try and


knock the blue in and avoid the case on the four reds, he should be OK.


-- avoid the kiss on the four reds. This, of course, is frame ball. And


it's just the start that Ali was looking for. We said he needed a


fast start, and this is it. Particularly with a great break. The


breaks haven't been great in this match but if he could get a century


break it would give him a good boost.


When he pops this thread, it would release the other two into the


left-hand corner pocket. A bit straight on the black but


still OK. Two reds go into the right centre. If ever you needed to see a


tape of what you would call a perfect century, should he go on to


get one, this is it. An absolutely brilliant display of cue ball


control. The black for the century. He has a


nice angle on the black to drop on this red, so he won't play to move


it, he will just drop on it. That is the 25th century of this tournament.


Ali Carter's 23rd of the season. His 234th of his career. Excellent.


That was a lovely pot on the black, perfect angle on the yellow. The


highest break of the tournament is of course 136 from Ding Junhui. He


can equal it if he pots the remaining five colours. What a


start. Oh! What a terrible shame he didn't manage to get the clearance,


but a century for a good start and that's what he has done to close the


gap to two. He still trails, 6-4. Super start for Ali Carter and back


to that match shortly, but in the meantime let's bring you up-to-date


with what has happened with Judd Trump. He's just one frame away from


possibly getting knocked out in the opening round against Rory McLeod,


the world number 54. If you were watching earlier today you would


have seen every time Judd Trump went to play a shot, he seemed to have a


twinge, either in his back or his shoulder. In the past few minutes


we'd been talking to his manager. Judd is just having shoulder pain


which he twisted a few days ago therefore the tournament we cut down


on the amount of practice days we do. Generally he is fine but a


certain shot he can't play properly. We're actually going to assess how


bad he is at the moment. Probably have to take some painkillers. I


don't think any physio will actually improve the situation in such a


short period of time. Also, I talked to someone to see if there is any


stretching exercises he can do. If not, just take some painkillers. He


doesn't feel too comfortable about it. He's going to have some rest now


for a couple of hours and then he will come down here and hit some


balls to see if he can feel a bit better.


COMMENTATOR: Well, that was quite interesting there, about Trump being


injured, the pain in his shoulder causing some problems. Graeme Dott


has the first shot to nothing of this frame. Potting an awful lot of


these around the back of the black, playing for loo or baulk colour. As


Ali got such a good start, all of a sudden that looked a lot more


difficult, didn't it? It just shows you what you can do if you put


pressure on your opponent early on. He's just nodding his head, Ali. I


think the cue ball may be going towards the black but if he just


flicks a little bit of right-hand side, he can hold the cue ball for


the black into the opposite pocket. Oh! Well, he certainly could do


because there was plenty of room even to come off the cushion. A


slight misjudgement there, and very disappointed. A good chance to keep


the momentum going there, and he has missed it.


Well, that is a bit careless from Graeme Dott. Not what you would


expect from an experienced campaigner here at the Crucible


Theatre. This red does pot into the right centre.


Well, was that a kick? Was that a kick? It may have been, you know.


He's going to get the cue ball and the red cleaned. What a time to get


it. One thing I have noticed about


Graeme Dott over the last few years, Willie, is how much he has upped the


pace of his game. There is much more fluency now and speed. Yes, there


was a time when he was at the height of his career... Oh dear, that's


unlucky. I was just about to say, at the height of his career he would


sometimes take 30 odd seconds they shot and there was no need for that,


because he's a much better player when he plays fluently. Very


unlucky. Very unlucky, there. He is having a good look at the pink


here. The blue is obviously the easiest shot, but the blue veils the


best position. But it was obviously the hardest


pot. So that is three chances he's already had in this frame. Never


easy, those. Particularly when you know what you're going to leave your


opponent, should you miss. Extra pressure on them.


Now he needs one good positional shot, in and out of baulk. Three


reds in the middle of the table around the pink spot that he can get


on here, and this looks a bit hard. It needs to slow up.


He would love to play for the red just to the left of the black but


there was not much gap between that and the reds but it so maybe play


two cushions for the one near the pink spot. If he gets a nice angle


on the one on the pink spot, he can get onto the black and play a cannon


onto the two read just above it and it will open everything up. -- on


the two read this. There was a bit of disturbance from


the other table but it hasn't disrupted Graeme Dott's


concentration. Graeme also generates a lot of cue


power, we talked about Ali Carter's, but he played that green very well,


he didn't hit it hard but screwed back some eight or ten feet. A good


response, especially as he knows Ali Carter has had three chances in this


second frame. I was a bit surprised, having made a break of 111, that he


missed those three chances. Yes, he would have expected a bit more. But


still a bit more work to do for Graeme as he has a glance at the


scoreboard. He has to get top side of the blue here to get a nice angle


to go into the pack of reds here. It is always a bit of a problem. You


can overcompensate to make sure you have an angle and then you run a bit


too far. Now he is going to need a bit of cue power to force this brown


in, a lot of top spin, off two cushions and into the pack of four.


This looks pretty good. How is his luck? How could you get through that


gap?! Have a look at this. That is unbelievable.


Any sort of kiss would have been perfect apart from missing them


altogether. He has up popped in the middle pocket which he can play as a


shot to nothing. What a shot. APPLAUSE


He is buzzing. He is great to watch when he plays at this speed, Graeme.


And that is a good shot, that wasn't easy. 43 points in front, this is


frame ball. The crowd recognised that was frame


ball. This would certainly put it beyond doubt. This has been an


incredible break. Under a bit of pressure but he has had to work it


up and down the table a couple of times. Ali Carter is ruing those


couple of chances he had. He was a bit unlucky with the kick he got but


Graeme Dott has duly obliged. It is good stuff. He has started superbly.


You might have thought there would be some nerves in this final session


but they have both come out firing on all cylinders. And the average


shot time for Graeme Dott now is 21 seconds but that will come down


after this break. He won't be worried about missing


the blue, a wonderful break of 74 from the former world champion. He


takes the frame and is now leading Ali Carter 7-4. Ali was a bit


unlucky when Graeme played a poor escape from the snooker and try to


rest on the pack but he left a pot in the middle and the inevitable


happens sometimes when you are out of form. You could see the cue ball


jumping and it was a terrible kick but not only that, he left his


opponent right in. It wasn't like he made it from that chance, he split


the reds and one went in, but it was the pink that Ali missed, the tough


one under the cushion and there is pressure enough but the fact that he


knows he will leave reds and it was a golden opportunity. You did not


fancy him missing, particularly after the weight he started. I


agree, I thought he would knock it in. The pink was definitely the


right shot. I remember about ten years ago with Graeme when he had


won the World Championship, he went two years when he couldn't pot a


ball and I remember him leaving and he snapped his cue in half. He looks


a different player this year. And of course he came through qualifying,


three matches down at Ponds Forge. Good break off. He won three matches


there and his last was against Jamie Jones, former quarterfinalist here.


He beat him ten hibernate in the last qualifying round. And like a


lot of the other qualifiers, he has had some matches under his blood and


some confidence from the qualifying and it has given him confidence. --


under his belt. The top seeds are there because they are the best


players over the season. Great shot. But coming through qualifying is


such an advantage. We have seen it this year. Graeme is having a good


look at this one and applauded the shot.


There is an example of Ali Carter's cue power. The cue ball stops and


then zips, almost like a dragster effect. Excellent. It makes such a


difference when you have that in your locker room. I know because I


never had it! Ali is concerned about the angles on the black but surely


if he jabs the red in and lead the cue ball where the white is, the


black is only half ball but he is worried about finishing hampered.


Sometimes you can look for problems, can't you? As you said, I think if


he leaves the cue ball just above where the red is now. I think he


would be OK. He's going to need the spider. Maybe he can reach it with


the rest but he would have to hold it and be careful. Has to be very


careful with the wood of the rest that it doesn't clip any of the


reds. This is a little tester, when you


are bridging over a ball. He is looking concerned, he just has too


popped it plain ball and off the cushion. -- he has too popped it.


I think what is in his head, in that last frame when he got the kick, it


was similar, he was bridging and it might be in the back of his mind and


that is understandable. You can tell when a player is cueing


well, you can overscrew a shot like that and when you are not timing it


Craig Cumming you can underscrew it. -- not timing it great, you can


underscrew it. He could have done with overscrew


ink that cue ball a bit more to get down towards the reds, particularly


these two on the outside. He has got to negotiate position, this is not


guaranteed. He has played that very well. He had


to stun it in and force the angle. He looked up to the heavens then, he


feels a bit hard done by that he is not on anything easy. He just caught


the pack a bit too full. He is a little bit concerned, he has


had a bad run in the last two games, the kick in the previous frame and


he didn't get a good split their doorstep looking up to his friend on


the balcony thinking it is not going well but he is still well in the


match. He felt there was no way he could


get back to baulk so he put all his eggs in one basket. He has left half


a chance for Graeme, the red to the left of the pink pops. You can screw


these in, come in and out of baulk. But he is running it in, maybe


playing for blue or -- or baulk colour. You can roll those in, you


can always play the stun off two cushions and he played it perfectly.


He hit the wrong red then. He has got one into this right-hand corner


pocket. It is not too bad. And the pink pops into the right centre and


if he can hold the cue ball, he might be OK. This has to go in


almost dead weight. This looks OK. It is tight. You always look at the


body language of the player, even when you are sitting in the chair,


Ali Carter will be looking at Graeme Dott, if he is on it, if it is


tight. It does look tight but maybe not.


You used to give off some body language when you used to play,


Willie! You were still in your cot when I was playing! I never had any


luck, it was all bad luck. This is OK, he is a bit concerned about


flicking one of the reds and taking the pace out of the cue ball which


is why he is playing the more difficult want to get onto the blue.


He knows this is a frame-winning chance and a chance to go four up


with one frame to go before the interval. He has overdone that one.


He has done that a couple of times, just going top site of the blue and


overhitting it. Another good positional shot needed here.


This is underhit. He knows that was a great chance to win this frame at


that visit, the balls were perfect. A bit of value if you can reach it


without playing the rest, he can play it down the cushion for blue or


baulk colour but with the rest is a lot more difficult. There are many


extensions under the table. Great pot. Worth another look. Can


he get on the red? The second one up from the pink into the right-hand


corner pocket. That looks pretty good. He was on


this red early in the break and refused it but this is the perfect


angle and he does not have to do a lot for the cue ball, run through


for the black or played for the blue. As long as you get top side of


the blue if he plays for it. And one little kiss, that is all he needs,


the red to the left of the pink, he can float this blew in and get the


full ball cannon but he has gone a bit too far on the blue to make it a


certainty. He had to play some sort of a kiss here, that is for sure.


If he can hit the pink and the red at the same time, the want to the


left of it, that would push every ball into play but he has played the


other cannon and missed it. He missed it. Goodness me. I didn't


expect that. The red is available into the left centre. Very


difficult. Will he risk it? He has parted some


good balls into the middle pocket is already in the opening exchanges


here -- potted. This could be a frame-winner. He may


have pushed the boat out a little bit there.


He needs a bit of fortune here and he's got its. He shouldn't bemoan


his luck now, every chance to win the frame at this visit.


He would have loved the angle on this red to run through and bring in


one of the reds on the cushion but he hasn't got it. He can play top


side of the blue and then you have a half ball pot off the blue off the


cushion to try to bring one of them into play but if he plays for the


pink he could finish dead straight and not have the chance of doing


that. He has played for the pink, not guaranteed to get the angle. But


it is OK. Would you play the drop on the cushion in between them or try


to move the second out? I think the good shot is off the top cushion and


to try to just nudge that one towards the middle pocket and have


this one down the rail, but not too hard. He doesn't have to hit this


extremely hard. He doesn't want to lose the right. It is the right


pace. That is very unlucky, very unlucky. It was the right pace and


he's the just missed that red and caught the other, it would have been


perfect -- if he just missed the red. He caught it by a fraction. The


shot can put up was perfect and if he had missed it it would have done


exactly what we thought -- the shot Ken put up.


He has a lead of 27 points but really he would like to have one of


the colours safe just for a bit of insurance. You feel that if these


two reds are about to release -- are eventually knocked out into the


open, whoever gets the first child is favourite for the frame. --


whoever gets the first chance. It is quite easy to get the cue ball


is a good position but he has to be careful where the red ends up. It is


hard to do both offer this shot and that is why keep played the -1


because he was not sure about the red. --


-- why keep played the negative shot. This is not quite a plant but


I think it can make it. Because of the situation, 27 points behind. If


he was 27 ahead he would not take it on but this might convince him to


have a go at it. He can play the cue ball back towards baulk and hit it


with a bit of pace but he doesn't fancy it.


The only problem with that shot, you're guaranteed to be snookered


behind the yellow. Or certainly as long as he covers... That's not so


good. He got a good pace on the cue ball.


If he misses the black he can take the white up towards the yellow and


every chance of getting a snooker. He has to miss the yellow. APPLAUSE


That is a telling safety shot. Excellent shot and appreciated by


his opponent. Nice to see both players playing this match, a lot of


pressure on it, but in a very good spirit.


Well, it's a tempter. You've got to fancy him going for it. The fact


that he needs both reds, I'm not sure he can get high on the black to


leave a chance to get onto the last red. Because it's a little bit


straight, he may actually refused it. The only thing he might do is


just roll it in and then play the green or the brown colour rather


than try to get onto the black, because he doesn't really have angle


to do a lot with the cue ball. Just play a containing safety shot now,


and then he has got the snooker, obviously. 28 points in front, the


yellow safe. He can even put the blue on the side cushion, Ken, and


played the white towards the pocket. Yeah, I do think he can put the


yellow safe here because the cue ball would be going over to the


right-hand side of the table, and then play the pink or the blue.


Making sure of the pink on the side rail. But not really a great shot.


The pink is always there for a possible double.


Well, he will be happy with where that Lou went.


This is not nice at all. Oh, that's a fantastic shot. It really is.


Excellent cueing. Such a tough shot, particularly going up the table


against the map. Well, that was a clever little shop,


wasn't it? Just tried to bring the blue into play there. Could have


done with a couple more inches bringing it into play. Blue to pink


will still be the big problem. Brown is not easy either. Anything a bit


straight... Yeah, just any sort of angle on that


brown and he might have had a chance. It was very unlikely when he


came to the table that he could make a frame-winning clearance, but that


little notch on the blue. Yeah, this is too straight to get anywhere


close to the blue. Now, I'm just wondering, Willie, we talked about


that pink earlier, at did he put it in the right place? Should he have


put another colour safe? If he can get the cue ball around to just pass


the blue spot, that double may be on on the pink. That's what he's


looking for. He's going to have to play the blue very pacey to swing it


around three cushions. But if he does get anywhere near the chance of


playing a double, one thing is for certain, he will play it. Now, has


he got the pace right? Not quite high enough. Another foot of pace


and he could play the cross double. Now I think he can only play the


safety. He is right back in the frame. And a very good shot he has


played as well, excellent. At least he has snooker at Ali. If Ali hits


this full ball, he will get the snooker back. That is a situation


where, even though you have your opponent snooker, you don't actually


want them snooker! Because he could play cushion first and leave the cue


ball exactly where the pink is. If Ali could see this full ball, it


would be a much more difficult shot. He didn't get the intended stop on


the cue ball. Ali mis-hit it there, didn't he? He didn't play to hit it


like that. Well, he felt the table rolled off,


didn't he? Ali Carter just needs the one ball, but the fact that the


white is perilously close to the left-hand side cushion, this pink is


not straightforward at all. First frame of the match, I guarantee he


would pot this, but the pressure on this, to get 275...


-- to get to 7-5. But in it goes. Ali Carter will be delighted. He


closes the gap to two, at 7-5. STUDIO


Very tight in the career head-to-head between these two. You


could see this one possibly going down to the wire? When the draw came


out there's a few of them I thought horrible matches for Beagle two play


against. Ray. Would have been one of the qualifiers that most of the


seeds would have been trying to avoid because he is a previous


winner and a gritty competitor. You always knew it would be a tough


game. And perhaps another endorsement as to why this could be


a tricky one for Ali is because as well, and we've been talking about


this on the red button show throughout the week, all those


qualifiers who have come through three difficult matches, Graeme Dott


has had to beat Alan Taylor, Dechawat Poomjaeng, who have weak --


who we have seen here at the Crucible, and Jamie Jones in the


final round. You've got to think that the qualifiers are more match


it, and also the seed has got more expectation on their shoulders. Ali


Carter had a bad session, that first one. I bumped into him in the lift


on the way back last night and he was a bit deflated, he said he


couldn't play any worse than he did yesterday so he was hoping to try


and dig himself out of the hole. I think he's done that and he's done a


good job. It's about getting the frames on the border at this stage?


When you had a bad session like he's had, it's an old cliche but it is


each frame at a time. Build your way back into the match? Put out of the


back of your mind about winning or losing, just concentrate on winning


the frame you've got and every frame you have to give 100% to and try and


see the scoreboard that way. He started off with a century break in


the first and that was great, then one step back in the next one. Keep


plugging away and give it everything you've got. In many of the other


matches, when we see qualifiers come through without the same Crucible


experience, it's a question of experience them, but not with these


two, because these two are seasoned Crucible campaigners. If it was the


case that Graeme Dott got close to the finishing line, we wouldn't be


coming out with the same rhetoric about, have they got what it takes


to win and get over the line here? We know Graeme Dott can do that.


He's probably one of the players, ironically, that saves his best


performances for this particular venue. I agree with Ken in


commentary before, Graeme Dott is a much better player when he is more


fluid and around the table quicker. That's what we've seen in this


tournament. Thanks, chaps. Back to Willie and Ken.


COMMENTATOR: Yeah, nice comments from the lads in the studio. They


know a thing or two about playing here at the Crucible over the years!


As indeed these two lads out here are plenty of experience. Graeme, of


course, won it in 2006, beat Peter Ebdon in the final. Also lost to


Ronnie in the final. Going back to how Graeme is playing in the final,


I think after that final against Peter Ebdon, it was a very elongated


match and he may have felt he got a bit too much stick or not enough


credit for being world champion at the time because it was a slow game.


But since then he has really quickened up. As we can see, he is


getting some great results and he looks a better player, a more


confident type of player. And also a more frightening player. When a


player is bouncing around, playing confidently, it always puts a bit of


fear into your opponent. Well, he's got away with that. But for the kiss


on the black, he would not have done. He is one of the players who


saved their best performances for here at the Crucible. The longer


course of frames. Some of his best matches and wins have come here in


the Crucible in Sheffield. There we see it, absolutely packed. What a


session it may be. Looking down the line of that cue


ball, it definitely drifted out. I think that is what happened in the


last frame. Graeme played the pink, it drifted off going back up the


table, cost him the frame in the end. Let's have a look at this cue


ball going down... Of course, you're going against the nap as well. There


isn't much nap. Going past the baulk line, just watch it drifted out


slightly. There you go. I remember many years ago when we used to play


here that therefore the floor, it used to be a sprung floor and they


vaulted it over the years, that kind of thing happens all the time. Good


pot from Ali, though. He is right back into the match if he can win


this frame. It used to be on hydraulics, the stage. So hard to


get the tables levelled. Ali Carter held his hand up for


something there, I don't know what. And he played the pot, he held his


hand up to say sorry about something. I don't know whether it


flicked the other red before potting the intended one.


He's not nice on the blue, especially because there is no easy


red to get onto. He's going to try and missed the cannon on the green


and swing it around to cushions. He tried to swing it around and it


didn't quite happen. He will be very disappointed to have


only scored 12 from there. Needs a bit of help here... And I


think he's got it. I don't think he can put anything from there.


Could swerve it and pot this red, but he certainly can't pot it plain


ball. He's playing the delicate swerve.


Slow swerve to try to stay on the black. Foul. Graeme Dott, seven. Oh


dear. You would think having careered into


the pack he would have left something a bit easier than this,


but he can bounce this on and off the cushion and get onto the black


in the opposite corner. Not the tallest, Graeme, as you can see.


Having a bit of struggle here stretching. A little bit hard for


the black, but he still has the blue.


Yeah, Ali Carter very disappointed. We saw Liang Wenbo headbutt the


table yesterday, but a little mark on his head, there you see there


could be a mark on Ali's head, gave it a right whack, didn't he? He


might have walked the cue, there. This shot is so easy if he could


reach it without the rest, isn't it, Ken? But now all of a sudden with


the rest it is a difficult shot. He could certainly screw off the pack


of reds and back for black or blue here. Well, look at that! That shows


you... He had his little extension on at the bottom of his cue for


that, didn't he? Yeah. The little extension bit, what that did is


added weight to the cue. Because he had a bit more weight, that is how


he got into it. He got more force, cue power. Amazing, that, isn't it?


Totally agree. Thought he would be on blue or pink. And this green, I


don't know how he can play a safety shot here unless he plays the yellow


and tries to get on the baulk cushion somehow. OK if he plays the


yellow he could be on a choice of reds, but I wouldn't be playing this


green of them. This is very missable. What I would say is that


he has ported some fantastic balls into the middle pockets and he seems


pretty confident. It's a tough pot, though, as you say. I think you


would be playing... Well, not playing a pot here, this is tough.


Oh! I just don't know whether the


percentages were right, there, Ken. The fact that he is 7-5 in front.


That is almost saying, if I get it, I might go 7- -- I might go 8-5. If


I missed it, 7-6. I don't think it was a 50-50 pot. He's not shirking


the possibility of taking the big shots on.


That was quite a wide shot, just probably didn't get quite the right


result. To actually be on a red here is quite incredible, to find that


gap. He could even pot this red, he has done! He had the perfect gap


just to pot that red. Ali, a wry smile from him. He doesn't


understand how he didn't get the cue ball in behind the yellow, just like


that. The age-old problem. Hitting it, no


problem. Getting it safe, massive problem. What a difference this


would be, 8-5 or 7-6. Maybe we will see a hit and hope here because he


is not guaranteed to get this, but if he plays on the red on the right


side cushion here, just to rest on that one, at first glance I can't


see anything potting to the left side corner or anything to the


middle. Or he could swerve it, play the slow swerve and hit the red.


That wouldn't be bad. Just coming round now to look to see whether he


can do that. Play a slow swerve here with lots of side. Well, that's an


excellent shot. Very well played. OK, he may have left half a chance


in the middle, but he would have taken that before. Very good escape.


Trying to get the cue ball behind that yellow again, this looks pretty


good if it runs. Almost. There is a gap between the pack of


reds where he can stand this in and swing the ball round two cushions to


get onto the black or green. Got the gap perfectly, but missed the pot.


At this level, you can't afford to do that. That wasn't a difficult


red. He started off like it was a practice session, just knocking


everything in. Now it comes to the nitty-gritty stage, where it could


be 8-5 or 7-6 and all of a sudden there are balls being missed. Well,


that was a nice little result, wasn't it? Screwing the cue ball


back, hitting the black and knocking it over the middle pocket. Well, he


doesn't want to stick on the red here. Wow. Why did he come back for


the reds there? Why didn't he just play the red left of the blue and


green? OK, he has got this red but it is tight to the cushion. Not as


easy as it looks, this one. Particularly if you're playing it


with pace. If you're dropping it in you should pot it but with pace it


is missable. He has to play it with a bit of side. Unbelievable mistake


on the previous shot. But a good recovery. Good recovery. It was a


better shot than it looked. Well, Graeme will be amazed if he


has come out of this session 2-2, should he go on to win this frame.


Ali Carter has had chances in every single frame. Could have easily won


all four in this ashen. Some heavy breathing going on there as he sits


down in his chair. Yeah, that red that he missed with his arm in the


middle of the table, he's such a good long potter, you didn't expect


him to miss that. Just not ideal, here. He wanted to


be down a little bit closer to the black. Yeah, didn't want


-- yeah, didn't want that kiss. But he still OK. Let's have a look here.


Mid-distance pop, you would expect him to get that. Cue ball in the


middle of the table. Complaining about a bit of a bounce


off the cushion, there. Trying to get onto the blue into the right


vendor. Well, at the pace the cue ball was going on to the cushion, I


don't know... I didn't detect a real bounce myself, but obviously he felt


it was. He was quite lucky in that instance to finish on the green,


after playing a poor shot on the red. Well played. Needs that white


to travel a little bit further. Just about OK. 37 points in front. Three


reds, three colours, he will go to the interval 8-5.


REFEREE: Sorry. Wrong spot. LAUGHTER


Jan Verhaas just decided that the green does go on its own spot.


Not sure he can hold it for the red to the right of the black, but the


two reds near to each other next -- to the right of the black might be a


possible plant. There you see it. Pretty straightforward.


Oh! Didn't hold the cue ball. Stunned it instead of stopping it in


its tracks. Just watch the cue ball here.


He could do with a colour safe. I'm surprised off the plant he didn't


play up for the blue anyway. He would like to put a baulk colour


safe if he can. In behind the yellow. Got a little bit of a kick


there, otherwise the Green would have been on the side cushion.


Well... That's one way of getting out of snookers.


He's got to go all-out for the pink, surely? He just got a fluke,


everything is a bonus now in this frame. Either play the black slowly


or go for the long pink. Does the blue pass the green, Ken? Not quite


sure. I think the blue might be his best option if it does pass the


green. What he is 43 points behind, so he needs some colour. Blue it is.


Oh, good pot. Excellent pot. And good position as well. A shake of


the head from Graeme Dott. He can't believe it. How much will this hurt


if he clears up? Great shot on the blue. Perfect angle on this red to


come down for the black. Well, he can push the red into play. Wow! I


didn't see that coming. After potting that blue, I didn't see that


coming. He didn't make the most of that


slice of luck, Ali Carter. He's going to have it all to do. He's


going to be 8-5 down coming up to this mid-session interval.


He's got to win five of the possible six remaining frames if he wants a


place in the last 16 of this Betfred World Snooker Championship. It's


going to be a tall order. Ten. And the frame. He won't worry


about the yellow, Graeme Dott. Graeme Dott goes into the


mid-session interval leading Ali Carter by eight frames to five.


STUDIO To more frames for Graeme Dott and


he is through to the next round and they are on a mid-session interval


now. We will keep you entertained during that in just a moment. What


is your reading of this game, John? He's such a competitor. Ali had a


chance with a fluke after the Snooker, and it was a chance to get


a counter clearance, but he is up against it now. Obviously Ali is


putting in a better performance but the lead is still three frames. So


Graeme Dott is doing his job if he can just maintain parity. He is over


the line. Plenty to keep you entertained


during the interval and one of the things we like to do at this stage


in the data is having a bit of a pot quiz and today it is with Mark


Allen. Welcome to another edition of pot quiz and today the defending


champion, Mark Allen. APPLAUSE Last year a time of one minute if


you can do that again, but on the board Stuart Bingham is the only


other player so far, one minute 44 so you have some room. As long as I


beat him I will be happy. Here are your questions. Each one can take a


red of the table and then you pot the rest and finished on the black.


You reached the semifinals here in 2009, who did you beat in the


opening round that year? Martin Gould. Correct. That year you lost


to the eventual champion, John Higgins, but who contested the other


semifinal? Shaun Murphy and Neil Robertson. Correct! There have only


ever been two breaks of 146 at the Crucible, you made one but who made


the other. I remember because he stole half of my high break prize,


it was Graeme Dott! Could it be a clean sweep?! Name two the three


players you have played more than once at the Crucible. Barry Hawkins.


Correct. Ryan Day. Correct. The other person was Matthew Stevens.


Non-snooker question. What was the number one record the date you were


born on the 22nd of February 1986? Was it spirit in the sky by Doctor


and the medics, edge of Heaven by Wham or when the going gets tough by


Billy Ocean? The last one. Billy Ocean? Correct! Five out of five!


You can take off five reds, your choices.


I wouldn't have taken that one! Not sure about that... They all look the


same! That's three. Is it four? One more. I've taken three off! What?!


Sorry, your, that's why I gave up playing, you can't count! Your time


starts when you strike the cue ball. Good shot. No wonder he is the


fastest, look at that. Economy of movement with the cue action. Oh!


That will not help. I'm lucky it didn't go safe. Still in good time.


Not bad. Cue ball on a string? It's OK! 30 seconds so far. Putting


Stuart Bingham shame. To He hasn't even choked his cue once, it is


fantastic but out of position a bit here. Oh! Oh no! And almost a fine


from World Snooker! That is a great recovery, a marvellous shot at this


level. Nearly right-handed. Not as good as last year but still in with


a chance. A bit short on the black. Oh! The defending champion, the


curse of The Crucible! I'm on the ropes. This is a schoolboy stuff


now! In it goes! APPLAUSE OK, your time, with all of those


mistakes... What on earth do you think it could be? One minute... 35


seconds. So you are in the lead. That's bad.


What Alan is taking on John Higgins in the next round and that match


begins on Friday -- Mark Allen. And John Higgins will also be taking


part with pot quiz soon as well as Marco Fu. We are going to bring you


some snooker because there is a fascinating tussle on the other


table this afternoon which has 2010 world champion Neil Robertson taking


on the one camp. -- taking on Noppon Saengkham. I still remember my first


day is coming here, not knowing where I was going behind the stage,


it is a bit of a maze with the different doors but it is amazing to


see how far I have come. It is my 11th year and you always look back


and you can see the posters of the previous champions and everything.


It gives you a feeling that no other venue does. So many times I come to


qualify but I cannot qualify for the Crucible and this is the third time.


It was a big surprise for me because it is my dream. I have a good


feeling here, I look for this tournament all my life. My form is


pretty good coming in, better than in the last couple of years coming


in. It is obviously missing tournaments like the UK


championship, a couple of the big ones coming in but overall I'm happy


with how I'd been playing. My opponent, Noppon is very good


player, a young rising player from Thailand and very dangerous. One of


these players who is maybe more dangerous the underdog. Playing


against similar rankings he might struggle a bit but the goal is to


put him under pressure early and try to not let him settle into this


fantastic theatre that is the Crucible. That is very important. He


better than me a lot but I try, I tried to play relaxed. I'm in


Crucible now and I'm happy, just enjoy the game. Everything can


happen, I think so. And a lovely moment from Noppon


earlier, making his Crucible debut, this was the moment he worked into


one of the world's great sporting arenas. He almost missed the


entrance but a memorable day for the world number 72. Well done to


Noppon. And you don't see this too often from a former world champion.


How is that for a miscue! Leo Scullion as to scurry to the other


side to pick up the ball. Can we have our ball back? It didn't effect


Neil Robertson, he took the first frame and we join it in the second


with Robertson playing and commentary from John Virgo and Peter


Ebdon. JOHN VIRGO: he is just about still


on this red to the corner. That was a confident shot from Neil. He took


the risk and now he can reap the rewards.


There are not many players who push the cue through as straight as Neil


Robertson, Peter. No, he is a superb cueist. It goes through very


straight. Which is not always the case for player that is so dominant


with one eye. He is very dominant with his right eye, as you can see


when he lines up and puts the cue down on his chin. Very dominant with


his right eye and often when somebody is that dominant, they will


cue up to the right of the centre of the cue ball when they feel


themselves that are hitting centre and they come across to the left on


the way through to actually hit centre where they thought they were


aiming in the first place but he does not do that. He hits exactly


where he is meaning to and the cue goes through ramrod straight and it


is a huge advantage, especially on these cloths is so -- where it is so


important. Just another 25 points away from winning this frame. But


easier said than done. Those five reds near the left-hand side


cushion. He needs a couple of good positional shots. Now he has the


opportunity to bring a few into play but as Eddie Charlton used to say,


never bring a red out when you are potting a red because you're not


certain to be on a colour. And Eddie was right! He is on the colour but


not good on it. I thought he would have known that, Eddie was


Australian as well! I remember watching Eddie Charlton a number of


years ago in the World Championship qualifiers against David Rowe, a


former top 16 player, and Eddie played fantastic snooker, he just


kept rolling in long balls and he hit everything plain ball. And what


a sportsman he was. Yes, Eddie Charlton, a legend in the game.


Meanwhile, what a tremendous pot on the black that was. I think these


types of tables, where it is a bit scary to start using side, it would


have suited Eddie down to the ground. The more plain ball shots


you play these days, the better. If you use side it is at your peril.


But he has taken these well, Neil. Colour and one more red required. He


has got to avoid the kiss on the green here. And the did that. --


heeded. 59 ahead, 67 remaining but when he pots this read there will


only be 59 remaining and he will be 60 in front. Still a chance of that


500th century. He timed that well with the rest,


John, really got some action. And sometimes early in the match, when


we saw him miscue, you get a bit worried that you can miscue again


but he has obviously put it out of his mind. That was not a bad kiss,


bringing an awkward red into play. A little bit awkward here. He is


left-handed so he is able to play the pink.


A little bit betwixt and between here. I suppose he can play the red


into the middle and tried to disturb the one closest to the cushion but


it looks like he is just concentrating on the pot.


A little bit short of pace. And the brown goes.


It just meant he could get a bit closer. He needs a fairly big


bounce. This will test his cueing. He doesn't want to decelerate, push


it through nice and straight and firm. Just overcompensated but it


didn't matter and that break of 77 has given Neil Robertson 2-0 lead.


STUDIO: He is in the mood, 3-0 up and that is what happened in the


fourth frame with the players now a mid-session interval. Don't forget


you can watch this blip on the red button and also the BBC sport app.


This is what happened in frame number four. Neil Robertson with a


break of 49. Noppon responded with a break of 48 but it looks like he is


in the mood, John and Steve. And Noppon has not settled, he should


have won that frame, he had a good chance earlier. But he didn't take


it and he will have to go to the mid-session interval 4-0 down. And


let's not forget that Neil Robertson was beaten in the first round last


year by Michael Holt, 10-6. We have heard a lot of fans and pundits


talking about who they fancy but not many saying Neil Robertson. He seems


to have gone off the boil a bit, but he is a class player. Form is up and


down and perhaps coming in under the radar is good for him. It was not


the ago he made 100 centuries and it seemed like he would dominate but


things can change in the sport. I remember him sitting in that very


exceed talking about making the hundred of hundreds. He is what you


would term a sleeper, not many talking about him no one thinks he


can win and he has not had a great season by his own standards but he


comes here fresh and he needs a couple of results and he can beat


anybody on his data. And interesting, you look at his


Crucible record, the won in 2010 at not that impressive, first-round


exit on three occasions, to Michael Holt last time and Robert Milkins in


90 13th when a lot of people fancied him and to Judd Trump the year after


he won it -- in 2013. This venue does not necessarily suit every


player in the game, it is so different as we saw at the top, how


cramped and tight it is and every time you come here it is unlike any


other tournament. It is like a shock to the system. And talking of former


champions, Graeme Dott is breaking off and we can rejoin our


commentators for our live maps, Ali Carter against Graeme Dott with Ken


Doherty and Willie Thorne. WILLIE THORNE: thank you, Jason, you


join us at an intriguing part of the match in the last session with Ali


Carter adding it all to do. KEN DOHERTY: He is shaping up to


have a go at that but he doesn't feel like he wants to take too many


chances early on in this frame, trying to keep the pressure on his


opponent. That is extremely careless. He will be taking it on


now. The fact that it is nowhere near the cushion... He has a choice


of two now, that was unbelievably careless. He has been very


consistent into the middle all afternoon. Another one coming up.


You expect him to get this. Just the wrong side of the blue. I'm


not sure if the red at the back of the pack pots.


What a shot this is. Fantastic, excellent shot. APPLAUSE


And he has a lovely angle on this red. Worth another look. He can pot


this and brush off the pack. A nice little nudge on the blue as


well, that cue ball was running off into baulk. He has a nice angle on


the brown. Will he go on the loose reds or back into the pack again? He


needs a bit of luck and he hasn't got it. He was expecting them to


split far and wide but it was like he hit a brick wall! He got no


reaction at all. That was the explosion he was expecting.


Has the yellow come to his rescue? By the look on the face of Graeme


Dott, it tells of it has. -- it tells us it has.


He can just about -- it's just about glanced past the yellow. Either side


and it was a certain starter for Graeme Dott. Will he just play safe?


He went for the pot but he stuck it up. Now a chance for Ali Carter. He


needs a good break here just to get his momentum back and a bit of


confidence. He started off very well in this afternoon session. But he


lost his way a little bit in that last frame before the interval. We


discussed in commentary that Ali Carter could have won all four


frames before the interval and only shared them to Ball so he will not


have enjoyed his cup of tea. He can get a bounce back in his step with


870 odd break -- only shared them 2-2.


He judged that nicely. He doesn't have too much work to do with the


cue ball. But for the two read around the pink, almost every ball


is pottable here. It is like he might set them up in the practice


room just to get your arm going around the black. But there is a bit


of a difference between the practice room and the pressure on him.


Not too sure if he thought the blue might have been on its spot but it


is well off it and that means he doesn't have the right angle but


luckily he had a choice of reds to play for.


The way he started this match, or this second session of the match,


you would expect him to score heavily from these kinds of


positions. Keep the noise down, please. Thank


you. A bit of chatter coming from the other table.


The players on the other table are out on the mid-session interval and


the crowd was just settling back in all stop a beautiful view from the


back of the theatre here at the Crucible in Sheffield. No place like


it. He will be itching to get onto the


black. He has a lot of cue ball movement here, a bit of a cannon


into the pink could slow it down. He didn't play it, he knew he could get


on three reds anyway. But he can win the frame without going into those


two. I think he is just being careful here. He doesn't want


anything to possibly go wrong. I think the mindset as well, the


fact that, if he needed those two read out in the open he definitely


would have played that shot that you mentioned. He has gone about these


quite nicely. Now he has a choice. He can either


try to get in between the two loose reds or try to make it a little


cannon on the red directly above the black and below the pink.


Just wants to play on the loose one. And he has played it very, very


well. So, 36 is the difference. Red, black, red would be enough to leave


Graeme Dott needing a snooker. He would ideally like to finish the


frame from here. He says to Jan he might need the


rest again. I think he will. Well, he's going to play it with the


extension. Good shot. Good shot. Still needs


the red. Yes, he would ideally like to get


top side of the blue here, because he doesn't want Graeme Dott carrying


on full snookers, he would like to keep him off the table, when the


frame at one visit. Perfect. Now played a little slow cannon into the


pink and the left-hander Richard go over the corner. -- and the


left-hand red should go over the corner. And it does. So now a chance


of a second century in this session. There is the blue. Didn't have to


hit it that hard. Just judged the cannon very nicely indeed. This is a


good response from Ali Carter. Graeme Dott will be a little bit


disappointed. He was in first in this frame. And if we go back to


that safety shot where Ali Carter opened all the reds, just missed the


yellow on the way back to baulk, Snooker him over the red over the


corner pocket. Subsequently, Graeme Dott made a mistake and left Ali in


for these. He tried to pot it off the cushion. You don't blame him.


Its fractions, isn't it? Of all the matches he has played at the


Crucible, you could guarantee that three or four or maybe ten frames he


would have won if the cue ball had just gone an extra inch. But you've


just got to keep battling. Lots of check side needed to stay on the


brown. Unless he plays it in and out of the black spot area. No, check


side. Deserves a century. 25 centuries in the Crucible this year.


I'm sure the record will be smashed. 86 is the record.


How is the weight? Needs to slow down a touch. Very good. Well


played. Very well done, Ali Carter. His back


was right against the wall when he came to the table 8-5 behind. He


replies with a century. He is playing a trick shot, I think this


is very close. I think this is very close! Hello! Ali Carter played the


trick shot. He will be delighted to have forced his way back into the


match. He still trails by two, 8-6. STUDIO


We said this could go right the way down to the wire, Ali Carter not


giving up without a fight. Here at BBC Snooker we love our other sports


of course, while we're here in we say congratulations to Sheffield


United, congratulated to the Championship. Sheffield Wednesday


could well make the play-offs in the Championship and even get promoted


to the Premier League. There was a football flavour because the draw


for a very popular world footballing tournament for under 14 still under


16 is, some of the biggest clubs and teams in the world took place, 800


players from the world's biggest football club participating in this


prestigious tournament. Look at who they had pulling out the balls. Two


snooker legend is, as it said in the local newspaper, Ken Doherty and


John Parrott. Nice moment for you, John? Really popular tournament for


all the youngsters. I got a message, make sure you give us a nice draw! I


was under the cosh! But there are clubs from Manchester United to


Houston Dynamo, Newcastle United, FC Basel, scour


... Manchester United in that draw as well. Is it fair? I hope you


signed all the disclaimers to make sure you didn't give eight


favourable draw! Absolutely! Nice moment for you, Ken? Lovely moment,


Jason. The oldest football tournament in the world, been going


over 100 or so years, for under 14s and under 16s. Nice to see some of


the referees there who we are used to seeing now at TV screens.


Absolute pleasure it was. I said to John Parrott, probably the best


chance of Everton winning something, that under 16 tournament, but there


you go. I'm sure there will be lots of


tweets coming in from Everton fans now after that comment. There is an


Everton fan whose grandfather is 77 today, Joe Ryan, happy birthday,


debuting during the snooker. I didn't know who you think is going


to win this match, but... It's certainly a very high-quality match.


Yeah, the only thing that has been missing is a Dott century really.


His highest break is 74. He's played some really tight match play


snooker. Every time he has got in, he has scored 40 or above. Ali


Carter has been the better scorer of the two, but just losing the tight,


scrappy frames. Graeme Dott held his hand up for


being a little bit fortunate on his previous safety shot. Ali Carter is


very fortunate there. Slightly thicker on that red and he would


have left the cue ball in the middle of the table. There is a tempter for


Graeme but he can't get onto a colour, so he won't take it.


Well, he hasn't got away with it this time. The red is pottable into


the right centre pocket. Just held up enough for the blue.


Certainly didn't want to be this side of the blue.


Played that nicely, through the gap of the yellow and brown. He's going


to have to go in and out of baulk again, you feel, with this red.


He would love to get onto the one to the right of the black. He can screw


off the yellow in a straight line. Just looking to see if he can get


onto that red. My colleague Ken Doherty has put a little circle


there. If you can get anywhere near there, he is on to the red next to


the black. And he has the one in the middle. He may decide just to play


for the one in the middle. He has overrun it slightly but still


has the one in the middle. Well, I left the circle up there,


Willie. Maybe you might attempt to get up there this time. He's having


a look at it now. He's got a nice angle to get there, just to play it


off the side cushion with left-hand side. Let's see if he brings that


black into play, he would have a chance of winning the frame at this


visit. That's OK. He's got a choice of reds.


Now, he must get on... He's just looking if there are any plants in


the middle of the bunch, six reds. That one looks a bit close, the


first one. Well, the bottom red pots below the


black to the left. If he has enough angle, he can pot this red and then


he really needs to get the backing -- get the black into play. Let's


see, can he move the black? Oh, what a clever shot this is, if he gets on


the black. Excellent, very well played. He knew he was going to go


through the black there. Just had to get the pace right. I suppose he


could have got into either corner pocket. He definitely played to get


on the black, though, so we will give him the benefit of the doubt


that he played it into this pocket. Can you clean the white, please?


Sure. In some ways, it may be better to


play for one of the baulk colours here, rather than risk playing a


little stunt up for the blue. If you underhit it it is not in your favour


this time. Only two loose reds on the outside of the pack. Now, he's


going to need to go into them at some time. And he's got the perfect


angle to do just that. I just wonder if he's going to take that chance


now. Are those two reds a plant still? Or


is he playing for the loose one to the right? He might be able to make


the plant. Yeah. A little bit of distance between the two, but he is


taking his time. Oh, didn't hit that into the middle


of the pocket, and because of it, he has lost the cue ball. Now going


back to having a look at the plant again. We always say in commentary,


go into the pack early, but he still going to need to go into the pack at


least once here and he has not got the chance to do it off this ball,


so he has only got one more chance now unless the plant is on. When


you've got a chance to go into them when it is unmissable to go into


them. You tend to see what you think is the right shot and nine times out


of ten, the top players play it. As Ali got this plant on or not? -- has


Ali got it? Excellent shot. Held the cue ball nicely. Another plant to


the bottom left-hand corner pocket. He's come round to have a look at


those two reds. Just one more red after this blue.


I'm sure those two reds below the pink plant into the corner pocket.


Almost a dead set plant. Let's have a look. There you see it. That is a


handy little bonus. Just the red required.


APPLAUSE Very good. We can see a two plant


century here. What a response this is from Ali Carter. A break of 104,


and 72 and counting here. Another chance of a century here. Yeah, at


8-5 it looked like his head had sort of gone down a little bit. But he's


certainly got it back together now. Now then, does he have an angle or


does this top red of the two pass into the corner? It's very tight,


isn't it? He's got the perfect angle here, as long as he doesn't kiss the


pink full in the face, half ball either side and he would be pushing


both reds into play. Anything but full ball would be fine. Amazing.


What a shame there's going to be no century. This could go anywhere...


Get in! Oh! A very good break of 88 from Ali Carter. That is two in a


row now. There's only one in it. Aim. Still leads by eight frames to


seven. Almost ending that frame with a little exhibition shop. You can


just seek by his eyes and his body language and his demeanour, he means


business, doesn't he? Whoever gave him a team talk at half-time did a


good job because he has come out and made they century on that


contribution. He's scoring. Graeme Dott has just gone out to try to


compose himself, and I don't blame him. Steve, a very different Ali


Carter to the one we saw yesterday evening in the Crucible. That is the


fascination of the World Championship. When it gets to the


three session matches you get even more of a storyline unfolding. Just


because a player might be in form in one session doesn't mean that will


continue, especially overnight. The other guy goes into the match and


has a bad session, it doesn't mean he's going to continue that way, he


has a chance to dig himself out of a hole and probably has a bit less


pressure on him today, Ali Carter. He can play with a bit more freedom.


He's a great fighter, that is one of his great attributes, but he is up


against another great fighter, a clash of two people that do give


100% all the time. It's a dream comeback because it is two frames


won in one visit. If you have two graft, it is hard work. But two


frames won quickly. When you're scoring quickly, making breaks of


104 and 88, suddenly you are in the groove and you must think mentally


and psychologically, maybe this is my chance? Yeah, you've got momentum


on your side and the other thing from the perspective of the other


player, the frames slip away quicker that way. It's out of your control


and the panic stations set in as such. If you are playing and the


frames take 45 minutes, you've got more time to sort of regroup. Apps


that is why both players have gone out. Ali Carter pleased to go out of


the room first, perhaps let his opponent stew in the chair. Graeme


Dott thinking it is time to go out of the arena, perhaps regroup and


look in the mirror and give himself a "Come on". As the boys said, two


of the greatest fighters in the game. Needs a bit of a help from the


yellow here, that is not a good break. He can see this red. It is a


very poor break. Well, you have to say, a bit unlucky


to find the pocket, but I wasn't quite sure about the choice of


positional shot. I can't work out what he was trying to do, play into


the pink to open them up or Mr Pack altogether? I would say Mr Pack to


be honest. But he didn't go up or down the table, neither hold it for


the black nor go up for blue or baulk colour. -- he was trying to


miss the pack. I think he was trying to avoid the pack down the left-hand


side as opposed to the right-hand side. Anyway, done.


Two reds, he's coming round to have a look, a possible plant here. Two


reds look in a bit of a line and if not, he's going to try and make it.


We saw Ali Carter get a couple of plants in the last frame. Ali Carter


never came down to have a look on this side of the table and that


could have been a mistake. It is a mistake. That plant was always


there. Ali didn't see it. I wonder how much it's going to cost him.


A bit of value here going into the bunch, actually, from the brown.


That's what he's played. If this turns out right, it could be a


frame-winner. Amazing, isn't it? Just when you ask for a little bit


of fortune... He has broken the pack perfectly, unfortunately for him,


but a bad second kiss. Similar to the first frame after the interval,


he played the brown into the green pocket and it just stuck in the


middle of the pack. This time he came out. He has a half chance of a


red into the left centre. Or into the top left-hand corner pocket.


That's a bit risky. Nice to see a former pro with Ali


Carter. I saw Ryan Morgan here, very steady player, not on the circuit


any more, in Ali Carter's corner. I played Brian many a time in the


amateur days, the programmes. He was a professional review years. -- for


a few years. Qualified airline pilot now, I believe. Is Ali qualified


yet? I did know if he can fly any of the big planes yet. Oh, what a great




I never fancied flying myself, can, do you? He's certainly flying today,


isn't he? Another plant on, here? Wow no


holding back there. He knew he was going into other


reds. But took a chance. I tell you what, I know he hasn't had a look at


the black, but the black does pot into this bottom right-hand corner


pocket. The pink pots into the right centre. It's one of those, though,


Ken, isn't it? If you get it, you're proud of yourself, but if you missed


it, you go back to your seat with disappointment. This is tough. It's


one of those where you think, should I or shouldn't I? As I said, he's


been excellent at little pocket pots. This is one he would love to


get. -- the middle pocket pots. No. Graeme Dott, one.


The only problem with that, once you miss it, your opponent comes to the


table thinking, he's twitching a little bit.


A little unfortunate to have got the cue ball on the side, a similar


scenario to Graeme Dott's pink, very risky and Ali does not think it is


worth the chance, he is going to play safe.


We heard the big size from Ali Carter. He's unhappy with that shot.


It wasn't very good one. Cue ball should be tighter on that cushion.


Given Graeme Dott a chance, here. He is going to feel unlucky because if


he plays the red in the middle he will be cueing into reds. I don't


think there is a gap through the reds, I think he's going to have to


take a chance through the reds and hopefully play onto the black other


pink. He can't play with confidence here knowing that he's going to get


onto the black other pink. He came down... Oh, very good


effort. Trying to get into that circle. He may have had a


possibility of that black. Green ball. Graeme Dott, one. Ali Carter


will be delighted that that poor safety shot has only cost him one


point. This looks an excellent safety shot.


Very well played. Just needed because the brown. Because Graeme


has the same shot he can play Hill. -- he has the same shot that he can


play here. This is the first, what we would


consider a scrappy game, in this session. They have been very good,


the opening few frames of this session. And this looks pretty good.


Just a fraction too hard. Excellent pot. Didn't get the hard


kiss on the brown, we can see it again. And he's going to be in a bit


of trouble here. The only thing about these raids,


close to the pink, -- these reds, shouldn't be leaving too much, pink


and black tide up. That is so unlucky to go around the


back of that red. He thought when he had hit it that he had played the


perfect shot and somehow it has got around the back of that red. Will


Graeme risk playing for the pink? Oh! You are joking! Obviously there


was a kick but surely a little stunned short would have been


sufficient? You could hear the sound, it was a very dead sound.


Unlucky. He was unlucky, Graeme, there, he


doesn't fancy this. He will be happy. Looking at the


middle pocket there. Where is this cue ball going to


finish? Will it give Ali Carter a chance? It is not too bad.


I think it is worth taking the one to the right of the pink spot, he


can play it quite hard of the cushion. Didn't have to put any side


on the cue. A tough one it is, though.


Decided to roll it in, the same scenario as on the yellow. Can he


get back to where Any sort of angle on the blue, if he


could get close to the red just above the black, so he is pretty


straight on the blue. He could force it down and that is an excellent


shot. It almost balances the cue ball. Again, he has to make sure he


is top side of the blue. Break at these reds around the pink and


black. Got a good angle this time on the blue. Needs to go again. Same


shot. And that is careless, it must be said.


Might just have to take it in and take the red in baulk.


He will be making sure this time of getting the right angle on the blue,


doesn't have to do a lot with the cue ball here, to get nicely on the


blue. Decided to play for yellow, still got to do well to get up to


this end of the table. Too soon to risk playing, cannon Inc into the


pink would be ideal but he might play for the loose red. He has


played the cannon and missed it by a mile. A much harder shot from the


yellow. I think the mistake was made. A good chance missed from Ali


Carter. Just took the paint off that red! A


fine player, as they say. Does he go all out for the pot,


cannon into the middle of the three reds and bring everything into play?


I think this is worth the risk. He has gone all out for it,


unfortunately kissed the wrong ball. It was a good effort. Maybe we'll be


able to put it, does not have to have too much to do with the cue


ball. Very tight but the fact that he can play it to the right side


will help the part. 15. Good shot. When the frames go this close all


these valuable points... They mean much more, particularly when you've


got colours safe. This has been an excellent break. 15 ahead. Black


will put him ahead. Did not attempt to get behind the


red, a little bit of a surprise but that is such a big target, pink and


black here, the bit more prudent, playing a safety shot. Trying to get


on that red. What would you have done? I think


even if he had had a go at the red stem the cushion and it had stopped


over the hole it would have been very unlikely for Ali Carter to win


the frame at that minute. And if it had dropped and he would have needed


a snooker. A strange choice but if he had got the snooker it would have


set up the good shot. So strange, this game, sometimes, you can see


things differently. Ali Carter has played this pretty well. Too risky,


the cut. Ali feels that Graeme has been


fortunate that he got half of it right. If he plays this right he


could get a snooker back behind green or yellow. Played and a bit


too hard, needs a bit of luck, hasn't got it. It is portable, he


could use the pink. To hold the cue ball for the black if he wishes. Or


he could avoid pink and black altogether and screw around the


blue. He has to take the putt on, though. Good part. Nowhere is the


cue ball to finish. Excellent shot, Graeme come into the


centre. Four. Six. Ali Carter, very disappointed. Oh!


Well, hold on. Paul Dunne. Graeme Dott, six. -- hold on. 26 points


ahead, 25 left on the table but a chance. That was to put the frame


beyond doubt. And of course, pink and black, a


big, big target for snookers as well. Where the brown is I'm not


sure I'd want to put the green. I think I would rather keep the green


on the table, yes, like that. Foul. The concession comes, is it time to


be disappointed, Graeme Dott is just one away from victory. STUDIO:


Dramatic stuff. We'll come back to their briefly. Let's show you what's


happening on the other table. Neil Robertson, 2010 world champion, is


taking on his opponent from Thailand. He has just reached a


career milestone. He has just made another career century, the first


player, currently leading his opponent five friends to one and


that much is currently live on the Red Button. The BBC sport app and


the BBC sport website. Brilliant stuff from Neil Robertson. One


milestone. Phenomenal achievement, you are an elite company when you do


that, Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O'Sullivan, for people have made


that number of centuries. I'm not to sure you've got there. No, I am


nowhere near there. If you can help us out, get in touch. We think it's


John Higgins, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry and Neil Robinson.


And dropping like a lift down the lift shaft, I think outside the top


ten now. Your number 11! I've just been told in my ill. We've got the


same year! Let's go back to this much. But bit of anger from Ali


Carter, perhaps understandable. Graeme Dott has the game at ball and


thinks he has won the frame, how many times have you seen it, player


drops his guard, you saw him biting his cue, he knew well he'd left him


a chance at her Ali Carter to play such a bad shot has really let him


off. You can see the frustration there. Ali Carter has completely


misjudged his safety shot. And quite quickly whacks it in. He's given up


the frame. It wasn't total anger, he didn't smashes and on the table but


he will be fuming. And the path of the cheeks and Graeme Dott. He could


have ported it, game over, he could have put himself in a good position.


He's got a two frame lead. Here we go, Graeme Dott needs only one more


frame to knock at Ali Carter. Back to the commentators. COMMENTATOR:


Sank, lads. One more frame. -- thanks, lads. It has been a highly


entertaining match so far, this man only needs one for a place in the


last 16. He is a former champion, of course. Wow. Hold on. Might be in


the middle. Has it open the path for the black into this bottom left-hand


corner pocket? We think so. Just about. Not open before that. Ali,


you have to get your putting boots on! -- potting. One. Any time he's


gone in and around the pink and black he has been very proficient


indeed. He is going to be at his best now.


One chance and it could be it. Not quite sure what he can go on


here. Try and hole for the red? Second, please, Ali. Asking for a


bit of time, the pink goes directly in line.


Didn't get the desired kiss on that red, wanted just to clip it quarter


ball so he is closest to the same pocket when he put the black but he


is OK. He's got this thread into the right centre. May be able to get top


side of the blue from this. Perfect angle into the pack. Watch


the cue ball here. Excellent split. How is your luck? It's not bad.


Actually cover the pocket. The cue ball was held beautifully. Ali


Carter having a quick look, he can play the middle read from the three.


Settle down, thank you. Would be a bit reluctant to pay for it first


time, would you go for the blue? I think is going to hold the black and


he's pretty confident, there's plenty of room. It looks tight from


that camera angle that this plenty around there. -- but there is plenty


of room around there. 30. He would rather be dead straight on this


black than the angle that he has got now. He can definitely see the


centre of the pocket, can't he, at the right-hand jaw. Straight behind


it, as can rightly says there's plenty of room, he's given himself a


bit to do with this black that he's got. Could and should win the frame


now. Yeah, purposely taking this red to


free up the pocket completely. That's OK, he's going to be on


either yellow or brown here. Now, he's got to judge this very


well. Doesn't have a lot of room for error here. Yeah. Didn't have a lot


of room for error. Had to judge and screw back in between the two reds


for the black into the opposite pocket, and he's not on the black.


Come in... Well, that was a big mistake, wasn't


it? Putting a baulk colour safe, he is 43 points in front. Important to


get it on the side cushion, and he's not done. Should Graeme get the


chance at some stage, the clearance is on. Should have definitely put a


baulk colour safe there. Played that shot with a bit of disappointment


that he didn't get on the black. And now he wishes he would have put


the yellow safe, Ken, doesn't he? Yeah, absolutely. No insurance now.


What does Graeme do here? Does he hold the spot? Not sure about the


pink spot. Doesn't really want to hold the spot, he would like to be


on the red to the left of the black while keeping the black on its own


spot, of course. That's OK. Yeah, this one is a bit tricky. He


can play it plain ball and just miss the kiss on the red on the cushion


and still get onto the black, or he can play it through the gap of the


two reds on the cushion and still get onto the black. Played for the


gap. Now a little cannon on the pink and the next four reds and colours


should be straightforward, so he would be right back into the frame.


It's all about those two reds on the cushion. Now the frame and possible


match is there for the taking. Well, still got a bit of work to do,


as you said. But you mentioned that yellow, how much will that play a


big part in this frame? The yellow should have been safe, or at least a


baulk colour safe. Oh! He nearly missed that Lou. He


was up off the shop. -- that blue, he was up off the shot.


Oh! Well... Any sort of half ball kiss on that red. So, Ali will get


another chance. He is back in the frame, Graeme Dott. A good 45 break.


Yes. Tap of the table from Graeme Dott, it was a good shot from Ali


Carter. He's got to be careful here that he doesn't give him a chance.


Nice shot. Well played. REFEREE: Switch your phone off,


please. Not easy to play safe of the one


that is on the cushion, which is the only one he can see, because he


would be pushing the red towards the right-hand corner pocket. It's got


to be as thin as you like, this one. And that is pretty good. Excellent.


There's a gap between them, and now Ali has the same problem.


Well, this is the first pottable chance for Ali for quite some time.


If it goes in, he quickly goes favourite to pinch the frame.


Unlucky. And now the yellow ghosts date!


I don't think Ali can play the little slow roll up to get the cue


ball in behind the brown. He could play it quite firm and just get the


white to stunt on and off the cushion and in the jaws of the


pocket and the red would spring up towards the top end of the table.


Just playing the thin cut by the yellow. Got to make sure he gets


behind the yellow, and he has done. But will this red pot? Does this red


pot? It definitely does. That was very casual. What a chance he has


given Graeme Dott here. Yeah, good pot. And nicely on the


black as well. Couldn't get close to the red. The


yellow may be slightly hampering him. This is a chance he should


never have had. A very casual shot Ali Carter played. Will it be his


last shot of this year's championship? It may be, if Graeme


Dott can get on the yellow from this lack. -- from this black. Ali Carter


may have played his last shot. Well, Ali has one chance. This is


not ideal for Graeme Dott here. 18 ahead, he needs yellow and green.


This is tough, Willie. He doesn't have the angle. Yes, I was going to


say the only way he can guarantee getting on the green is playing off


two cushions. But he won't play that Kameni will just screw back and try


to have a green to win the match from tight on the cushion.


Just pop the yellow and then you have got every chance of frame and


possibly match ball on the green. He tried to make something happen


there. Ali Carter, you've been given a lifeline. I don't think the yellow


does pot. I've seen Graeme's hand go up to apologise. It never did help


me when they did that! Fractions. Only fractions, he could


have had a full ball snooker. Oh! That wasn't the best shot he's


ever played, Graeme Dott. He's going to leave Ali Carter a possible


chance. He may not take this on, the yellow.


The cue ball would be going close to the left middle, so he may just try


and play the snooker, here. He is on this yellow, but another


ball to the left and he would have had him snooker. That is twice. It


sometimes happens like that. There is a gap between the pink and the


black, he can save this virtually plain ball and have the green to the


opposite corner. There is the yellow. He has got the green may be


in the middle. I'm not sure he played it to there but he's


absolutely perfect. This is frame and match ball.


He hasn't missed any, not many into the middle. And that was frame and


match ball. What a match this has been. Ali Carter had a couple of


centuries in this second session, but it is the 2006 former champion


who is going to go through into the last 16, Graeme Dott has beaten Ali


Carter to a place in the last 16 in this year's Betfred World Snooker


Championship. He wins, ten frames to seven. Well played, Graeme Dott.


STUDIO Look at that from the Scot, Graeme


Dott. Delighted to be in the second round. As Ken says, former Crucible


champion, another one through to the second round. He is a fighter, and


all-round match player of the highest quality, and he never gives


in. When his game is their scoring committee is a match for anybody.


Terrific killing from Graeme Dott. He will take in a three frame lead


from the first session. -- terrific hewing.


He is a match for anybody on his day. If he gets a bit of confidence


behind him, which I think has been up and down in his career, all of a


sudden, no one is really a favourite against Graeme Dott, he's such a


great all-rounder. He is disregarded in many ways, but he is a superb


player. Let's hear from Graeme Dott, he is with Rob. Congratulations.


From 4-0 and 6-3 it all looked smooth but you must have been


feeling a bit edgy when he pulled it back to 8-7. I was always expecting


him to come back, he is too good a player to win the match against


10-4, although you are hoping you do! How big was that frame to


re-establish a cushion of two frames? The frame when the white


went in obviously helped. The next one may did good but I'm just happy


to get over the line. What is it about this venue that seems to


continually bring out your best? You're into the second round, I


think that is now ten times you've made the last 16 will stop whatever


is going on elsewhere at other tournaments, you always perform


here. I honestly have no idea. I've spoken about it with some of my


mates and try to work it out and we have no idea. Other than long


matches, I have no idea. I've had times as well when I've had


nightmares here but all in all I feel pretty comfortable here. Any


preference, Barry Hawkins or Tom Ford? Just hopefully it is a 10-9


but I'm not really bothered either way. Congratulations, Graeme.


Cheers. That match between Barry Hawkins and Tom Ford starts at 7pm


and Hazel will keep you up-to-date on the red button in our lovely new


red button studio. In many ways, Rob was absolutely right in asking


Graeme Dott, what is it about this venue? Because he seems to thrive


here. He can play in best sevens and best of nine because he is a


top-class player but I think it has suited his all-round game and his


percentages and the way he plays the game, I think the longer matches


suit him. I don't think it's coincidence because of that. It's


funny, he says he wants it to be a long 10-9, he forgot to mention


re-spotted black! Looking at his record company won it in 2006,


Graeme Dott, and reached the quarterfinals in 2011. After that he


was a runner-up in 2011 -- 2010 but it is littered with first round,


second round and losing in the qualifying round. That is the way it


is. When you come here for that best of 19 you feel like things can go


wrong quite quickly and you can't recover them. With the fact that


there is a 25 frame match in the offing afterwards, you tend to think


it's a short one and you can get panicked in the first round. With


Ali slightly losing his rag, did that have any bearing on the final


frame? No, that is come and gone, Jason. You've got to concentrate on


what is coming. It's only fractions but it was noticeable that Graeme's


tactical and safety near the end was a little bit more advanced than


Ali's. A couple of shots Ali blade were a bit loose. He shouldn't have


been giving him the cut into that corner pocket. It was a bit of a


loose one the shot he played. There a lot of players that, if they can


get a run on past the first round, they can go on and do some damage.


Graeme Dott is one of those players? So is Ali Carter but the trouble is


one of them has to lose. Let's bring you another bit of action from the


other match taking place today, 2010 world champion Neil Robertson taking


on Noppon Saengkham. We showed you kneel getting his 500's


-- we showed you Neil getting his 500th career century just a few


moments ago. We're going to take you to frame seven where they are locked


on 47 points apiece. COMMENTATOR: He desperately needs to


win this frame for his confidence. Didn't play that very well. No, he


got a bit too much stunned into that, didn't he? I wouldn't expect


him to miss this yellow, but here at the Crucible, anything is missable.


So you try to make it as easy as possible. But right in the heart of


the pocket. He's not quite recovered the perfect position just yet.


Once again, too close to the cushion. The longest frame of this


match. Coming up to 27 minutes and it's not quite over yet. He still


needs brown and blue, and he's not going to be nicely on the blue. But


fair play to him, made certain of the brown, and now this difficult


blue for the frame. Blue to go 18 ahead with their team remaining.


Building himself up for this one. -- with 13 remaining.


Well, that was his chance. Will he get another one? Just didn't have


that good cue ball control on the yellow, green or brown. That's the


problem and that is why he was left with that tough blue. Blue, pink and


black needed for 6-1. Oh! It's not there, and he's left


it! That's the problem, playing at that pace. If it doesn't go in,


every chance you can leave it. So, this blue for the frame.


Well, as I say... This is the Crucible Theatre. Take nothing for


granted. But I didn't see that one coming.


Noppon Saengkham will be struggling now. If he had won this week frame,


he could have set his sights on the next two frames and only even been


one behind. But not now. Well, you can see from Robertson's


reaction, he thought it had gone but he got another chance and he didn't


make any mistake on that one. He is now five frame is clear. He leads


6-1. A quirk of the draw means that this


afternoon we have seen two people in fine form, Graeme Dott on the other


table and Neil Robertson, it was Dott who Neil Robertson beat 18-13


in the Crucible final. Neil Robertson is wasting no time


whatsoever this afternoon, an average frame time of just 18


minutes and 17 seconds, and Robertson is storming away with this


one. Coverage continues on the red button and the BBC Sport website and


app. Terrific stuff from him this afternoon. It is but his opponent


hasn't really pushed him, only to breaks over 40 and that won't cut it


at the World Championship. A look ahead to denied and one of the


things we're looking forward to, if they get on, Judd Trump and Rory


McLeod. Judd Trump has got an injury, we could be looking at a


real upset here. He's really up against the wall. He's got to win


three frames and he's got to come in cold as if it is the start of


another session, and you never know how the session is going to go


anyway at the start. Perhaps there is pressure on from Rory's


perspective but I don't think so. He was really struggling with his back,


wincing when he was playing. That will be in the back of his mind as


well. He's got it all to do. Coming under a different table as well


tonight. Apparently it's a shoulder injury, so we wish Judd a speedy


recovery. Hazel will be back at seven o'clock on the red button.


Don't forget to get in touch using the hashtag BBC snooker. Anything


you want answered from our studio guests. Ryan Day taking on Xiao


Guodong, and we will round up at 1135 -- 11:15pm. See you later,


goodbye for now.


Hazel Irvine introduces coverage from Wednesday morning's session, before live afternoon action begins with former champion Neil Robertson up against one of the qualifiers. On the other side of the arena, two-time finalist Ali Carter plays the concluding session of his first-round match.