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Be world champion comes out of a gate. 12 weeks ago he competed in


the world's greatest tournament and became the world's greatest cyclist


of all time. His 6th gold medal. He is the greatest male Olympians in


the history of the sport. Britain's most popular sport -- bolts man


since 2008. His most recent honour, the Glasgow 2014 cycling venue has


been named in his honour. The �113 million venue was opened earlier


this month. But today, to honour the greatest ever cyclist, a two


hour extravaganza featuring some of the world's top rider. Among them,


former gold medallist and world champion, Jason Queally. Phil


Steele led the team in London, 2012. A former world champion and also an


Olympic silver and Paralympic gold medallist. And the most famous


cyclist in the world, Sir Chris Hoy it will be racing in the stadium


And we are here to bring you the best of the action. Today's riders


have been specially selected for the event. There are four teams in


this event. First, Scotland, then England, a European team and


finally, Braveheart, led by Sir finally, Braveheart, led by Sir


Chris Hoy. They will compete in Prix events. A team sprint, a match


sprint and this event. Points are awarded for each event and the team


How are you looking, Richard? a world-class field. It is a World


Cup event. It is a wonderful occasion and people are


enthusiastic. Much of the attention in this the Velodrome is on the


guest of honour himself and he is talking to us. Welcome! The idea,


it is very exciting. I have seen the plans and the pictures and the


preparations. And to finally be here am standing here and seeing it


coming to fruition is an amazing feeling. Very proud and a great day


for Scottish cycling. It is exciting and a lot of it is in your


honour. How do you feel? And I feel very proud. I feel a bit


overwhelmed. I started cycling 20 years ago at Meadowbank and I never


dreamt I would have a facility in my name of this standard. It is


really special to me. Can you put into words what this could do for


Scottish Cycling? When you look at Manchester, you can see how cycling


has flourished in Manchester. In 1994, the Hilton, we had it gone


MacGregor and other riders winning medals at the top level. And now we


have got world championships coming up. We are hoping that with the


right people and the right places, we will give athletes a chance and


the Scottish team will be successful and certainly we hope to


successful and certainly we hope to do well in the Games in 18 months.


And we saw the emotion and you were drained physically and mentally.


Have you come down off that yet? was a great chance to reflect. It


was a great chance to reflect. It has been fantastic. And today we


have seen a positive side of cycling. What about the Lance


Armstrong issue? It has been very disappointing. As a cyclist and a


fan, it is very sad for racing. We have heard things on the grapevine


about things that have happened in the past. We have heard from the


press and the media and the news headlines. It is getting worse. It


is very disappointing and all I can say is that at least it has sorted


itself out. This has happened previously and things have been set


up and it will not be tolerated. We do not want anything like that in


the future. We have got to get our act together. But it is not like we


have got anybody above the law. It reflects on all of ours. We will


still get that cloud of suspicion. It is frustrating and disappointing.


But we look forward now and as I had said, we have got a lot of nice


things to talk about. A lot of cyclists have got on bikes in theed


for years and we have got a fantastic facility and the


Commonwealth Games coming and good people coming through and they do


not have to do that to win. We want people to realise that. And we have


got Scotland, England and Europe and Braveheart and you are riding


for re part. Will you crush the opposition today? -- Braveheart.


am riding with John Paul and some of the young riders coming in. I am


keeping my end of the bargain up. Turn left at the end of the


straight and that is all I can remember. It is a little bit


difficult. I will do the best I can. It is a bit of an exhibition today.


I am going to the start line. are fast approaching the first


event which has been called the Big event which has been called the Big


Brother team sprint and we can find out more. The first event in the


Thunder Drome is called Big Brother because young Scottish riders are


leading the teams, four per team and after each lap, a rider drops


out. England have beaten Scotland before but it is exciting because


in Braveheart against Europe, one Sir Chris Hoy. We have got started.


The second sprint heat. Sir Chris Hoy riding competitively for the


first time since the Olympics. M Forsythe has got the honour of


leading out team Braveheart for the first of four that. He is dropping


out and a big role going up for Sir Chris Hoy. He has not been in that


position for a number of years. An indication of his state of fitness


perhaps. He has come out for a couple of laps and John Paul taking


over. And team Europe and Braveheart, it is pretty much neck


and neck. We have got one at rider on each team to drop out and it is


straight to the line. He is very at home with Braveheart. We have got


good riders from the European team. And it is going to be Jason Queally


that gets there first and that will be a winner for Braveheart. Europe


4th on one point. Braveheart second-bottom on two. Scotland's


The Velodrome has been pasting the Scottish championships and it is


one of the most exciting events. -- one of the most exciting events. --


pasting. Things are about to get interesting in this Scottish


championship. We have got two three laps left. This is when they are


getting away. The riders are fighting it out and it is game on.


We have still got Kayleigh Brogan. This is where the competition


starts. Two laps left and Kayleigh Brogan in the lead from Charline


Joiner. She has been looking very alert. Is anybody coming from


behind tea macro --? And she is leading in the Scottish


championship. Three riders in contention. Charline Joiner is one


of them. It is a sprint for the line and who is going to get there?


Charline Joiner comes through! It is the Scottish champion. A lot of


riders copying the tactic of Sir Chris Hoy, leading from the front


because that is a much safer place to be. Charline Joiner keen to keep


out of trouble. She is the Scottish Well done. Thank you very much.


was it for you? Tactically I think I did it well. I only had to come


round one person and tactically it was a good race and a great track.


As here you are, Scottish champion. It was a wonderful event. It was


great to get that under my belt. are back with a young man that


caught the eye of the great and the good in British cycling. He went on


to win Commonwealth, Olympic and world championship medals. And he


is going for Paralympic gold and we are talking to him.


extraordinary was that, the Paralympic gold? It was a fantastic


event from my point of view. It was essentially on behalf of somebody


else. It was hard to get into the emotion of it but it was great with


the aim kraut and the occasion was fantastic. What do you think of


this place? It is amazing. I did not think we would have this in


Scotland. To actually be racing on it is fantastic. What difference


does it make to young cyclists that might want to compete, having


something like this in Glasgow? timing is crucial. Straight after


the Olympics, people were able to come back and have a go at track


cycling. We have not been able to capitalise on that in Scotland


before. Because of conditions and so on. But it is great for young


cyclists. Thank you very much indeed. Now this has obviously been


named after Chris White. We can come here and we can cycle -- Sir


Chris Hoy. We can ask the fans what they think of it. Brilliant. It is


great to see the kids taking part. And the adults and the


professionals. He it is a really nice track. It is smooth and better


than Meadowbank. It is a great opportunity for people. And this is


a moment of madness and magic. This is the slow motion Mexican wave.


Now it is time to go to John who is going to tell us about the match


going to tell us about the match sprint. The riders are going in two


sprint. The riders are going in two frees are. It is top level


frees are. It is top level competition. -- going in teams of


three. He is out in front of his compatriots and rivals. Trying to


come round the outside. And at inside, he becomes! One of the


a win for him. That is a tough one there for Callum Skinner. That is a


difficult one for him. He saw him coming on be inside and he made a


sudden deviation on the corner and you cannot really turn the wheel


from there and he fell off at about the safest part and he fell a long


A broken collarbone for Callum Skinner. We hope he is OK. Time for


the semi-finals of the sprint and the semi-finals of the sprint and


in the first, it is all to play for and in the second it is Sir Chris


Hoy. Using all his experience to try and get past his opponent.


now the race proper begins. And here it is the bell for the first


semi-final of this match sprint with Scotland against England.


Craig MacLean, an Olympic silver medallist in 2000. And Craig


MacLean is beaten! The young legs slightly quicker than the older


ones and it is England that have beaten Scotland. A very good rider.


Robert Forstemann got a gold medal at the London Olympics and then, in


perspective, he has got very strong legs. A bit of history between him


and Sir Chris Hoy. He has surprised us with a fast start a couple of


years back and we have seen a different race here. He is getting


into position. And he is leading out and he is bowling. Sir Chris


Hoy in the Velodrome bearing his name. It is all at stake as we have


got one lap left and Robert Forstemann and Sir Chris Hoy are


wheel to wheel at the top end. He is trying to put on the fire. Sir


Chris Hoy response. And it is Robert Forstemann by a matter of


Chris Hoy and Craig MacLean have not made the final of the sprint.


They are in third and fourth place play-off action.


This was not expected! I have not been on the bike for about ten


weeks, but it would be nice statistic one offer with Craig. --


it would be nice to win against Craig. When was the last time you


line up alongside Craig? Probably about five or six years ago. But he


is all wily old fox. I will give it my best shot. The a see what Craig


has to say. Are you going to be that man over there. I have got the


experience, but whether I have got the legs remains to be seen!


nervous? Well, we cut our teeth together at racing against each


other, so it is kind of like old times. But I am further over the


hill then he is. It would be quite an achievement to beat Sir Chris


Hoy in this fella drum. He has offered to rename it! -- in this


Vella drome. Craig has a sports centre named after him in Grantown-


on-Spey, so both these riders have a sporting facilities in their name.


That tells you how much impact they That tells you how much impact they


have made. The banking is something like a 4546 degree angle, so to do


what they are doing is quite extraordinary. They are just


wondering which of them is going to break first. No rider wants to have


the lead, they want to be in the slipstream of their rivals. That is


why they are not moving at all. Once you stop, it becomes a point


of honour that you are not the first man to break. That can hand


the impetus back to the other riders. It looks like Craig has


lost his balance a bit. Go this is in the prime spot at the moment. --


Chris is in the prime spot. Craig MacLean, the Paralympic gold


medallist from London, versus the greatest Olympic cyclist of all


time, and Britain's greatest ever Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy. Craig


MacLean at trying to hold off the power of Chris Hoy. Craig MacLean


looking strong. Just on the mine! It looks like Craig MacLean got


there. Around of applause from Sir Chris Hoy. Craigie enjoyed that one.


-- Craig enjoyed. In a proper competition it might have been an


issue, but I am sure Chris will not be lodging an appeal. He will be


be lodging an appeal. He will be glad to see Craig wind.


celebration of cycling, not just about results. It's a carnival


atmosphere here. Exhibition racing is showcasing what track cycling is


to the general public, and hopefully they will come back to


support it in at the World Cup in November, and also the Commonwealth


Games in 2014. You are not ready for it to become Craig MacLean a


mean that! I don't know where that came from. We can name the toilets


after you. The final of the match day and was


a might be against Robert Forstemann. It shows the talent


that is coming through with the likes of Craig MacLean having


retired and Chris Hoy on the brink of retirement. It shows that there


is relief young talent coming through, not just from England, but


some of the young Scots like John Paul and Callum Skinner. A Mardi


being stalked by the bulky powerful figure of Robert Forstemann.


Forstemann looks like he is trying to do what Craig MacLean did in the


semifinal, take him up to the barriers. He does not seem to be


very comfortable in the tracks very comfortable in the tracks


stand. But he has managed to get out of that position. The race is


on! Forstemann on the inside, he will not let his rival in. The bell


tells you he -- we are in the last lap. Europe versus England. Robert


Forstemann is exceptionally powerful. And sell it proves!


powerful. And sell it proves! Robert Forstemann is the winner. --


and so it proves. After two events, and so it proves. After two events,


Away from the thunder drum, it is also the Scottish Championship. --


Thunder Drome. Sadly no exciting climax today. That injury to Callum


Skinner meant that it was a walkover for John Paul. It is part


of the race, so I am hoping he gets better soon. You are in a race that


Sir Chris Hoy made famous. He started off where you are. Do you


have ambitions to end up where he is? Absolutely, he inspired me to


start cycling. Watching him in Athens in 2004, that was the first


time I had seen it track cycling. It inspired be to try it. To follow


in his footsteps is what I have dreamt of. So it is fantastic.


Congratulations, even though it is not the right circumstances. You


are the champion. John Paul is the are the champion. John Paul is the


Joining me now it is David Mellor. What do if make of this? -- David


Miller. It is a world-class venue for Glasgow and Scotland. We should


consider ourselves very lucky. admitted to using drugs back in the


day in the Tour de France. Do we have a clean sport now? You have to


be careful making such definitive comments, because I don't think it


what ever be fully clean. But the difference is we have an anti-


doping culture. If you come into the sport now you are going to have


a level playing field. If you have the right people around you, you


can end up having no -- no regrets. Be the best you could ever be. A


few years ago, that was not the case. So it is a sport that my son


may be 14 months on, but even if he was 18 now I would let him get into


it. Do you think you and kids now will take up cycling? A I think


they will, for numerous reasons. If you get into sport, greasy a venue


or an event, it should be romantic. -- you see a venue. I think many


kids in the past have seen that there previously was no way they


could have started on the road to the dream, but now with this


Velodrome bacon make that happen. They are very lucky. Now it is the


big event, in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome - the keirin. Chris Hoy


it is riding, and the big question it is riding, and the big question


is can he win it? The climax to the Thunder Drome. The keirin, arguably


Chris Hoy's favourite event. He is after all the Olympic champion. And


we have another Olympic gold medallist in the field as well. His


team-mate Philip Hindes. This is eight laps of the track, 5 1/2


paced by the motor riced... For the final two-and-a-half laps, a


freefall. More riders than usual on the track. Normally there are only


six riders. You do not want to be too far at the back. Chris Hoy


ready in six the at the back. He usually is further up. But it makes


it more complicated and probably a little bit more dangerous as well.


It is a high quality field, a lot of Olympic medals from Craig


MacLean, Jason Queally, Chris Hoy and Philip Hindes. So it is Jason


Queally for the brave heart team, the Olympic gold medallist. Tucked


in behind the Doney, plenty can happen from here on in there.


are boxed pretty tightly together. It makes it difficult to move up


and down the line. You have to be careful. I would imagine Chris Hoy


able try out some. To get himself a little bit better placed. You can


see Mitchell coming from the back and manoeuvring for position. Three


laps to go. The donee will drop out soon and the real racing will begin.


Chris Hoy getting onto Craig MacLean's will. The race is on. The


closing stages of the keirin, Jason Queally leading out, Chris Hoy is


back in fourth place and now starting to make his move. Coming


up to the Basle, and Sir Chris Hoy one -- will he win at the keirin?


He's come up the it -- he has come up the outside. Is that a fast


finish? Es! Chris Hoy takes the keirin in the Thunder Drome.


have seen him in that position so many times in this discipline it


over the years since 2007. At think he has been beaten perhaps it on on


the two or three occasions. What a day. Team Europe on six points, in


third the English on seven, in second of Scotland on eight, but


second of Scotland on eight, but the winners are brave heart on nine


points. Go I was quite a way back, and Jason was driving hard. My next


a struggling a little bit, but I managed to get him on the outside.


A great feeling to win on this track for the first time. You have


been busy since the Olympics. What is happening next? On Tuesday our


goal on my first holiday for a week, then it is time to get back in


training. The difficulty is finding time, because you have so many


people to see and so many things to do. The requests are coming thick


and fast - so many charity events, media events, and you have to say


no to most of them, but even so do I still very busy. I am not going


to go for the World Cup this season, I will just keep its simmering away


and hit it hard for 2014. It's been a great occasion today, and well


done with the Thunder Drome. I hope everyone has enjoyed it at home.


that's it from the Thunder Drome. Well done to it all the Scottish


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