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Good evening and welcome to Sport Wales. So tomorrow the 2013 Six


Nations tournament starts right It is going to be a try. And Wales


Jamie Roberts! John Davies. It is a The try has not been awarded to


England. Wales have won at We'll bring you all the latest from


both Wales and Ireland camps plus Brian O'Driscoll talks Six Nations


and Lions with Jonathan Davies. this going to be your last Six


Nations? There is a strong possibility this could be the last


one. And we meet the Welshman aiming for the 2014 Winter Olympics.


We're on the road with Wales manager Chris Coleman. Eventually.


I have had could -- had this car six months, it has done 20,000


miles an hour I have a flat tyre! But we start here at the Millennium


Stadium where Wales will be looking to stop a run of seven successive


defeats tomorrow. We've been into both camps to assess the mood ahead


of the RBS Six Nations opener. The luck of the Irish? Hardly the


case in the last two Six Nations meetings with Wales getting the rub


of the green. Remember the try two years ago that should never have


been given? That was not the right ball. The ball went into touch. The


line-out was taken with a different ball. That cannot happen. The score


stands. In Dublin last year, it was the referee who got the blame as a


late penalty decision went against them. Stephen Ferris is going to


the bin. And Wales will have the kick for the match. The batwing set


Wales on their way to a third Grand Slam in seven years. In the


meantime, things have gone downhill rapidly for Wales. A drubbing in


the autumn and the record which now stands at seven successive defeats.


It will be a try. A we spoke about that when the boys came in. It is


important that the motivation and that experience you learn as a


player and a coach, we do not forget about that and you look back


at that and learn from those moments in the game. But we are


grand-slam champions. We are at home first up and we can take a lot


of pride from that. Ireland's struggles continued in the autumn.


But there were some promising signs. The selectors have kept faith with


the youngsters. Whenever you play for your country, it is an honour


and we will be looking to put - to the jersey proud. We know what


Wales are about. They are late great side with some great coaching


staff. They will be tough to beat. But we will be looking to do that.


Brian O'Driscoll, a true legend of the game, a-day man that has halted


Wales plenty of times in the past will be playing. It is going to be


a try for Brian O'Driscoll. Once more, Wales are blighted by


injuries and have given an unexpected injury to Dragons second


row Andrew Coombs. The it was a bit of a shock but I had been watching


it very closely unfortunately, people -- and fortunately people


have been getting injured -- unfortunately. A island will be


missing some big names. That gives Declan Kidney a few selection


headaches. There are several positions. It is a compliment to


the guys when you think that we are missing players such as Tommy Bowe


and Stephen Ferris. We have Rhys Priestland on the sidelines, Dan


Biggar gets the nod at number Het - - Number 10, ahead of James Hook.


And he has a real chance to make the position his own. I think his


form warrants a start. I think, I watched him in the Heineken Cup,


and the challenge for Dan Biggar is now to bring back form into the


national jersey. And also for us to step back from the number 10 jersey.


Dan Biggar is a confident young man. He has only had a handful of caps


for Wales. He is going to flourish. He needs time to flourish. A lack


of specialist line-out options has tipped the balance in favour of


Aaron Shingler in the back -- back- row. There is a lot of options at


back-row, to be fair. It is one of those possessions that have been


strong for us. We have a strong squad of back-row players. I was


not entirely sure at the start when I was going to play. Do I have been


learning roles just in case. But I have been picked at number 7 and I


am happy to be playing there on Saturday. But with Lions selection


on the horizon, there is even more pressure on the skipper to display


the format he showed at the World Cup. -- the former. Quite a few


times, I have come into campaigns are people do not expect us to do


very well. People did not expect us to do very well last year. Until


that first weekend of rugby, it is hard to predict what will happen. I


am always an optimist and am very positive, as are the coaches. The


players are the same as well. When you come into the Welsh environment,


you put what has happened in the past behind you and start afresh.


We have got together a couple of weeks ago and we are defending


grand-slam champions and that is while -- how we will approach the


campaign. The yard grand-slam champions and we will not give it


Like last year, Wales kick off the tournament against Ireland. Many


thought that Wales won the Grand Slam last year in that first game.


It is hard to look past this first encounter this year. It is always


the same. We talk about it every season. It sets the tone, sets the


momentum. It puts you in the end of the championship at least. -- hunt.


It is so important that you get a good start. Where are the


expectations are fat -- from the Welsh public? For once,


expectations are not as high as usual. Regional rugby is a report


in Europe. Injuries have blighted the side. For once, expectation is


not quite as high. But people pay their money and they expect a


performance. Let's look at these elections. There was a clamour for


Justin Tipuric to start at open- side. I feel sorry for him starting


on the bench. Through this season, he has been the best number 7 in


Wales. But when you compare Justin Tipuric's performances to Wales


compared to Sam Warburton's performances for Wales, you would


say he has been more effective in the physical battles of


international rugby. The second row. Andrew Coombs get a start. If we


can get some sort of committed, energetic, powerful, robust sort of


performance from him, I think he will be happy. We are so unlucky to


have lost all four macro second rows. Ian Evans has not played for


the best part of two years. It just underlines how much trouble they


are in when they have to resort to him. We have not got any one else.


Let's look at the backs. We will start with Number 10, Dan Biggar


gets the nod. Agree with that? There is a lot of talk about it. I


have not seen James Hook play rugby properly for about two years. I


have seen him play twice for Perpignan and I cannot judge a


section on that. Maybe the Welsh public can do that because they


watch Perpignan regularly! But the best outside-half for me in Wales


has been Dan Biggar. No Polish training camp, no Warren Gatland.


What difference do you expect that to make? It has changed the dynamic


and the preparation but probably they wanted to concentrate more on


team issues like the line-out, like the scrum. There are so many new


faces in the second row, the back- row, without Dan Lydiate. Added is


a chance for Robert Howley to change things up a little bit. It


is not quite the same and he wants to put his stamp on it. They all


took a fair bit of flak over the autumn. How hungry will they be?


For some of them, it is the first time they have had that public


criticism on their backs. They have been eulogised since coming into


the side. But you can use that motivation to drive yourself


forward and to make sure it does not happen again. And to prove


people wrong. Most people have island down as favourite. I do not.


And I think they can prove everyone wrong. Thanks Gwyn, more from you


in just a moment. But stay with us.# coming up we sent Jonathan


Davies to Dublin to catch up with Ireland's talismanic centre Brian


The captaincy has been given to Jamie Heaslip. What are your


thoughts on that? My initial thoughts were a disappointment, it


is something, I have been captain for 10 years of the national team,


added his something that's a pretty comfortable on my shoulders. -- and


it is something. Well, Chris Coleman's Wales team are also in


action next week, a friendly against Austria in Swansea before


the World Cup campaign resumes next month. But what's life like for an


international manager in the long weeks and months between games? Ian


Hunt spent some time with Coleman to find out what he does away from


the big-game spotlight. For 25 years, club football ran in


the blood of Chris Coleman. He played centre-half for four


different clubs before converting to management at Fulham and


Coventry and clubs in Spain and Greece. Then came International


Management, a job they say that it is a bit more lonely, always


waiting for games to come around, watching, phoning, planning, but


during the downtime you will find your modern Wales manager out on


the road at roadshows and school visits, trying to find new


followers and gets off the old ones back. Along the way, we have lost


40,000 fans back -- and the wet -- the best way to get them back is to


win games. We know that, ultimately. It is my job to speak with the


Welsh supporters and speak with the next generation of Welsh fans. And


tried to get them to follow us. During your time at craven cottage,


how would you describe your relationship with the other Premier


League managers. They're British guys, I had a good relationship.


And then Chelsea signed Joe say Mo Reen owe. I had a good relationship


with him he had good time. We played and they won 2-0. I spoke to


him after the game and said maybe I should have done that. But he said,


bottom line is, don't forget I have got better players than you!


Bearing in mind I'm used to talking with adults and dealing with


players or agents and the media. When you're speaking with children,


your terminology has to be different and you have to remember


you're talking to young children. So you have to change your words.


So they can understand what you're trying to say. They're kids and


they're so sweet and great and innocent. One school talk done.


There is another one to go. So the mimes must be adding up. -- miles.


I have had this car six months. It has done nearly 20,000 miles and


now I have a flat tyre. You're joking! Chris, all fixed, what's


happened? We can't see him he is behind the camera, but he has put


the wheel back on. I'm going to go to this other school and do another


talk and get it to a garage as fast as I can. But thank you very much.


I'm with the kids, with the adilts. Have you had a real stinker of


question? Where you have thought? Once a kid asked me for my PIN


number. I didn't give it. But no, I have never had any bad questions.


I'm as hopblest as I can be with them. In the sense to be successful


at anything it is not a smooth path. There is loads of knock backs and


criticism. And it is just trying to save to them, -- say to them look,


Foyers and foremost, academically you have to get that right and


leave school with something. Whatever sport you're in, work hard.


And I never did. Touch wood, you know I made a career in football.


But if I hadn't I don't know what I would have done. If this public


speaking role shows another side to Chris Coleman, are we seeing


another side to him on the touch line. He said he is less volatile


than he was. The referee got it wrong. When I was younger I


couldn't hide what I was feeling. I used to say it. It is all right for


you guys, it is good TV. After I had to pick up the pieces and get a


slap on the wrists from the FA or whatever. As you get older, I still


do it from time to time, sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve. But


I'm probably better at hiding... What I really want to say. You


can't always say what you want to say. When I was younger I was more


feisty and aggressive than I am now. But that never got me anywhere. So


you know, there is certain things that I changed that I wanted to


change. The emotions can still run high when you're struggling for


victories, with one win from their first four qualifier, Wales' World


Cup Qualifier if Iing resumes in March. Austria is a tough time for


us. They're an aggressive team and it will be a good te. We need a


good result going into the games with Croatia and Scotland. How good


is it to have Bellamy and Colin son back? Jack has worked so hard and


he deserves it. He is a great kid and nice to have Craig Bellamy back.


He has done brilliant for Cardiff. But he is in a good place,


physically and mentally. We will take it game by game with Craig.


There is no pressure on him. He's souper plair. Hopefully we will


have it back. All the best for Austria and good look and -- luck


and good luck changing the tyre as well. Changing sports and Britain's


ice hockey team play in the final round of qualifying for the 2014


winter Olympics. Steffan Garrero went to visit the Webbman hoping to


sup jet the -- Welshman hoping to upset the odds and join the sports


elite next year. It has been 65 years since Britain last played at


a winter Olympics. Now a group of Welsh men from three clubs are on


the verge of qualifying. Our first stop is in Cardiff. This is the


biggest year in the last 0 years. We have played three games in the


pre-Olympic qualifiers. -- 30 years. We have the Olympic qualifiers in


Latvia and the World Championships, which we have got a good shot at.


Take us back to Japan and the tournament there. We didn't get the


best start. We lost to sft Korea, but no one got down and we knew if


we won against Romania, the game with Japan would be a winner takes


all. That is how it turned out. There was a great atmosphere and it


was one of the best games I have been involved in. The whole team


stuck together and you look at the others and they're Geding --


getting funding and they have played exhibition game and you're


meeting two or three days before and it is good when you see the


results coming through from that teak work. The second destination


is the home of Nottingham Panthers and the home of a Welshman who went


past the 50 cap mark. We are in the second round of qualifying. The


guys loving to be together and everyone work towards winning.


much would it mean if you could get through this round and come up.?


would be fantastic and hopefully then we will get more exposure and


the nation will get behind us. Because just to represent your


country in an Olympics it fantastic. It would be unbelievable if we


could get through. We play three teams ranked above us, Kazakhstan,


France and Latvia. So it will be a tough group. But there is no


pressure, nobody expected us to be in this round. We played -- if we


play at our best we could get through and that would be fantastic.


But there is no pressure the pressure is on the top seeds. They


have got to deliver and come out and win the group. That is what


they expect. It will be tough playing a team like us who tepd to


play better against better ranked teams. Hopefully with can make


their nights a nightmare. Here we are at on our final destination in


Sheffield, where Britain will play their om warm up game. And we are


here to meet the British captain. You dream of playing for your


country and then to captain your country at the World Championships.


It is a massive honour. The three Welsh guys, have you known each


other all the way through? Yes, we have played since we were kids from


the under 12s and went right through and Matthew went off to


Nottingham. Phil came with me to Sheffield. Then he went back to car


difficult we have always remained friends. We have got three games


before we could make the Olympics. If we win three games, then if


things go our way, then you know the kphrans of playing in the


Olympics is -- chance of playing in the Olympics is massive. It is


everyone's dream. You can listen to the Team GB games next week live on


BBC Radio five live. Back to rugby and Wales have had some memable


games with Ireland in the last few years. Tomorrow, Ireland will be


bolstered by the run of one of their all time greats, the man they


call God. Brian O'Driscoll. Last weekend we sent a Welsh legend,


Jonathan Daveies to Dublin, to spend the day with him. -- Jonathan


Davies. You're a life member here? Yes I am. I got membership in any


my local club. Ridiculous. Gareth Edwards, even he has got to pay and


you get it free. He won't be happy with that. Should have been born


here. He should have been. You like an old duck to? I have every shot


in the book, but I don't know when I'm playing it. How your injure --


- injuries. Yes got. The operated ankle became the good ankle. But


I'm hanging together. That is a scabby one. That is a lovely bunker


shot. I will give you that one. will take that half. Cheers. All


the best, mate. Here we are up the road from your golf club in one of


your local pubs. And back from injury, is this going to be your


last Six Nations? There is every chance. Yes, listen, I haven't


allowed myself to think about finishing. I think if you start


deciding early, you have one foot into retirement already. I haven't


allowed myself to think about it. I'm contracted to the summer. I


will see that out and then see thousand body feels. But there is a


possibility it could be the last. And you can relax this year, the


captaincy has been given to Jamesy Heaslip. What were your thought on


that -- Jamie Heaslip, what are your thoughts on that. It is


disappointing, I have been captain for ten years. I suppose it sat


comfortably on my shoulders, but Jamie did a good job in November.


And declan is looking to look forward to the 2015 World Cup. And


I'm not going to be part of that. So you have to look at it and be


real is tib. How are have the Irish preparation gone? Quite a


successful autumn series, maybe disasoipbted against South Africa,


are you ready for the six nations? Yes we have had a good last week of


training. The first game is pivotal. If you win it you have momentum f


you lose it you're on the back foot. We have to use the positives in


November to carry forward and hopefully yuz use -- use that in


getting going. There is a lot of fresh new faces? Yes, there is a


new team and a huge freshness. But there is an element of the unknown


and sometimes blissful ignorance can be great. I remember being that


person in the 2000 season and not understanding the enormity of


occasions. Sometimes that can work in your favour. COMMENTATOR: What a


try. O'Driscoll keeps Ireland in the hunt. A great pick up.


O'Driscoll again. Here is the hat trick for the youngster. Brian


O'Driscoll. You will have mixed emotions in Cardiff? Yes, for me


the millennium is the best rugby stadium I have played in. The


atmosphere is incredible. You always get a good vibe with the


fans. I have had a lot of games where there has been a lot of


things to play for when we could have won the Grand Slam and then


there has been a couple of tight games, small decision going one way


or another. That is the difference. There is not huge amount between


the teams. We will have our work cut out. There is an injury list in


the second row with Wales, but they have good strength in-depth. After


the end of this, the Lions go to Australia and selection will be


tough. Maybe the toughest choice would be who will be captain. Would


you the -- be delighted to accept that? That would be an honour that


would be too big to pass up. I did it once, only for 45 seconds, but


it would be nice to have another opportunity. But first I have got


to put myself in a position to get on the tour. And deserve my spot.


Good luck with all the rugby this season. Thank you. A mint there


that this might be his last Six Nations. Ten years of international


rugby. Do you see evidence that has taken its toll on him. Is he the


player he was? He is a different player than when we saw him in that


first season and he ripped through Australia. He had such incredible


speed. He has lost some of that. He is a bigger guy now across the


shoulders. But he has gained in other ways. He reads the game


better. But he is still a remarkable player, the most attack


player of his generation. Where duepg Wales can win this? I think


we want this to be a game where we have lot of phase play and can run


our runners at them. I don't think we will change a lot from the way


we have played last season. But Ireland will know that is coming


and will want to stop us. O'Brian may be put out to take the runners


on. Before the autumn internationals I asked you for a


predction you said three wins out of four. I was right? Were you


watch something Come on, we can't look further than Ireland. How do


you see it? I say why not us. If we can get our runners in, I think we


will beat them. I think we will win a close game. Score stkph Oh I


think we will win by three points. Great to see you and that is your


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