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Premier League champions Manchester United are preparing for life


without Sir Alex Ferguson. After 27 years in charge, Swansea City will


be his final opponents at this ground on Sunday. We will react to


the news that rocked the world of all, plus plenty more on tonight


Sports Wales will stop. Breaking news, Sir Alex Ferguson has


announced he is to retire at the end of the season. He has taken


Manchester United to 13 Premier League titles. He has won 36


trophies for the club and will become a director and ambassador.


Manchester United has announced its new manager will be David Moyes.


Well, in a moment, I will be catching up with Manchester United


and Wales legend Mark Hughes. First, can Swansea City spoil Sir Alex


Ferguson's big Old Trafford farewell? And how does Michael


Laudrup reflect on his first season as manager? And what does the future


hold? He has been talking to Ian a special, specific club. I don't


make lands for the future. I live in the present. -- plans. How many


years do you think you will be at Swansea? I don't know, I want to be


here next year because I think it's important. I've extended my contract


for another year because there were so many rumours every day. I had to


answer the same questions all over again. Even if I extend my contract,


there are still people that ask me, are you staying here next year? I


want to stay here. Pure speculation, like when some of my players are


linked to another club, when some players are linked to our club, it


is speculation. I don't want to comment on them. If Barcelona or


Real Madrid were to come in for you, it's impossible to say no,


isn't it? Or is it? It's impossible to answer that question. The


question you are asking me, if I say, yes, of course, I can say no,


the next day, I can say no to them. But nobody asks me yet. If somebody


comes and asks me, I will have to look into it. Still, compare it to


what I have, where I am, how I feel. It is like in life. You make


of your mind, you take decisions, it takes some days. You talk to people,


you think it over and then you decide. Winning a trophy for the


first time ever in the history of a club, that's amazing. When we scored


the third goal, two or three minutes into the second half, it was such a


special feeling, standing on the sideline, knowing, while the game


was still on, that we had won the trophy. Spain is a good market.


There are a lot of big talent is there. But I know that a lot of the


other clubs, they are there as well. They have seen what we have done.


Maybe it is our fault, because we, last season, took people in and it


was the case of Mitch you as well. -- Michu. They are all trying to


find their own Michu. Managers don't want to put a number on it, but do


you know? I don't know, if no regulars go, I think we are talking


about five or six. Swansea City have hammered a nail into Wigan's


coughing with their first away win of 2013. Winning against Wigan was


very important, after only winning one game after the cup final. If you


play, seven, eight, nine, ten games, without a win, you can bring


it into the next season. Now we can have a different view. We could end


up being eighth, ninth or 10th. Plus the cup, it would be an incredible


year for the club. Who can be prepared to fill shoes like that


after 27 years? One thing is the trophies. Thirtysomething? This must


be the most difficult job in world football. The most difficult man to


replace. This is like an institution. This is what makes it


special, his last game at home. I'm very pleased to be there as an


Trafford is fantastic. But I have to say, already this season we had some


good moments. You asked me about good moments, to play at The


Emirates, Stamford Bridge, Anfield, to actually win, that has been some


terms with the prospect of a Manchester United and a Premier


League without a Sir Alex Ferguson, I am delighted to say that we have


been joined by a man who knows him very well. Marcuse. Welcome to


Sports Wales. You have played under him, what are your memories of your


time with Sir Alex Ferguson? brilliant time, very successful,


obviously. Always in his death that he brought me back from Barcelona.


My time there had not been great. After a slow start, we started


winning trophies. I think the one thing with Sir Alex, in comparison


to when I was first there, was the discipline, the demands, what he put


onto players was a step up from what I experienced before. It's what we


needed at that time. Did you get on with him? A lot had been made of the


hairdryer. Did you experience that treatment? I didn't miss out on


that. The only person that didn't get it was probably Eric Cantona. He


was a special case. He could take exception to the demands that he put


it over to you, he could be quite aggressive, as you would imagine.


The demands he placed a new enabled you to be a better player. -- placed


on you. If you could deal with that, you are a Manchester United player.


David Moyes will take over when Alex Ferguson retires. He seems to be cut


from the same type of cloth. He had longevity in his last job. I think


that is attractive to United. They don't want huge changes. They have a


model that is successful and they want to keep repeating it. One man


will feel the change more than anybody, Ryan Giggs has not known


anybody else at club level. Could you see him becoming part of the


coaching set-up sooner or later? Hopefully. I think he would be a


huge asset to them, given the success and the career he has had.


It would be a great shame if he was not able to impart that knowledge to


people that were working their way through the game and trying to get a


career, like Ryan, which would be very difficult to replicate. Swansea


visit for Sir Alex's last game at Old Trafford. A good time for them


to be visiting? I'm not sure about that. Going up against Manchester


United in the last few games, anybody might find that a bit


difficult, it given the issues surrounding the last games that they


have. It could be a difficult fixture. Is he. But they've had a


great season and they want to finish on a high. They had a slow end to


the season. What have you made of Michael Laudrup? He's done very


well. We had experience when they came to Loftus Road on the first


game of the season. They have a great model at Swansea, the way that


they play. They have a real foundation there now. That is why


they have been successful. Michael has come in, a great pedigree, great


credibility. He has come in and has not made too many changes in terms


of the players. He brought in the likes of Michu, who had a huge


impact on the Premier League. It's been a great season for him. Michael


Laudrup, that success, there will be other teams looking at him. There


are gaps moving up everywhere, can you see him moving on? You'll get an


opportunity, just because he's a big name in world oil. He's played in


Spain, he's got a huge reputation. -- world football. People abroad


will look at his CV and think, well, he could be the man for us. I


think Swansea understand that. They've gone through that process


before. If they lose him, they'll look for a similar kind of manager,


I'm sure. Now, to another Welsh superstar. Last year, Jade Jones's


life completely changed when she won gold at the London Olympics. This


summer she will attempt to win the European and world titles. So, we


sent James Pontin to find out how superstar from North Wales is the


Olympic champion. At first it was a bit, what do I do now? I built the


Olympics up to such a big thing, just constantly dreaming about it


and what it would be like. Then when you have got it it is, like,


well... Sort of thing. I took a bit of time out and it took me a while


to get mentally sorted again. will always be Jade Jones, Olympic


champion. All of these opportunities that I've been getting to do, it


doesn't seem like it's me going on all of these TV shows. I got chucked


into the depended on it. I've enjoyed it. Did you ever think you


would be a celebrity? I would love to star in a martial arts movie.


That would be good. Has anything bizarre happened when people come up


to you? It's a bit mad, nobody even knew what taekwondo was. Now they


know my name, they know the sport. It was really nice. You get a few


freaky things, random tweeting and stuff. You get a bit scared to look


behind you. I've just had a ridiculous amount of letters through


the door. Just saying how well I've done. Random presents. It's a bit


bonkers. People asking you out for dates? Funny tweets asking if they


can take me out for a burger! A burger? Dealing with the fame under


tension has brought other challengers. She is now the person


to beat. Since returning to competitive action, she has only won


the German open. When I go to the other competitions you can see how


much people want to be cute. If they do, they celebrate like it was the


world Championships. Everybody wants to beat the Olympic champion. --


want to beat you. I'm just taking little goals at the time. I've got


the world Championships coming up. I have stuck pictures of the girls I'm


going to be fighting up in the world Championships, so that their faces


are looking at me. On top, it says, who is training the hardest? They


are all out there to beat me. I've just got to remember that I have two


train harder so I can be one step ahead. Is there any a point when you


go home and think, I am not Jade Jones any more, this is totally


different? Know, to me, I feel exactly the same. Even my mum says


I'll just stay exactly the same. Some people do change and get


overconfident. I think I got less confident after the Olympics. I just


feel like I'm just me, no matter how many gold medals, I don't think I


will change. More on it today for Jade with Prince Charles presenting


soccer? Robert Earnshaw is now playing in Canada. As Gareth Rhys


Owen's discovered, he is loving life in Toronto. Rob Earnshaw started has


carrier with Cardiff city 15 years ago. He has had numerous clubs, too


many to mention. He then began travelling the world. Initially,


Israel, no, Canada. Dash-mac now. You notice how nice that people are


there, and how good it is to live here. But the move came at a price.


He left his hometown club just as the party started. It was


frustrating to sit there, not playing. You need to be playing. If


you are not playing, you will not be happy. Was there a part of you that


regretted not being a part of it when they clinched promotion?


you are still going to be connected to that. I have come to a good club.


I am scoring goals. I you to play football, Stewart to do well.


Dash-mac Ali and see your, here to do well. I will not be looking at


retiring any time soon. This is the training centre. It is all


high-tech. These are the physios. It makes me proud to say that. This is


the dressing room. All the banter. He is a professional goalscorer. Has


movement and finishing is terribly. He has been a quality addition.


Dash-mac has movement and finishing as great. He has done everything we


have ask him to do. I hope we can keep him here. Before a game,


normally I get ready, get fresh. lines, for the three goals he will


score tomorrow. Now I am ready for the game. Robert Earnshaw is looking


to add to his total of five goals in seven games against New York red


Bulls. He is my favourite player. can put the ball in the net. He is


so good because he scores goals. almost got off to the best start


with this cheeky effort. But it was the visitors who got off to a flying


start. Toronto pushed hard and got the equaliser with ten minutes left.


But New York had the final word, sneaking a 2-1 victory. How


important will Rob Earnshaw be to Toronto this season? You guys know


about him, I know about him, he is an amazing goalscorer. He will score


goals in this league. If you do not attack the ball, he will attack it


for you! It did not quite go to plan, but you can be a great asset


for Toronto. Coming from a player like TLE Henri, that is amazing.


Your Cardiff City contract will end in June. Then you have loaned real


will finish also. -- your loan deal. I have virtually left Cardiff


already. It will be made official when my contract finishes. I hope to


stay there. It is the beginning of a new chapter. I feel like I am 22


again. I have energy and a spark. If you do not embrace life here, you


are sent packing. It has been amazing. I am wearing shades, we are


in Toronto, I am doing it properly! And why you'll Rob Earnshaw was in


Toronto, it was a day of celebration for Cardiff city players and


supporters with the parade around the capital. They will hope that the


party can continue, despite speculation linking Malky Mackay


with the newly vacant Everton job. Newport County are preparing to


return to the Football League after 25 years in the wilderness. It comes


after a 2-0 victory over Wrexham at Wembley in the play-off final.


have realised what this could all club means to people. A 65-year-old


man came up to me, crying his eyes out. Newport County are proving that


dreams come true! Pride has come back to the city. It has been an


epic 25 you fight! I am happy to complete the journey! The squad have


been celebrating hard. It was an emotional day. I was immensely


proud. You dream about and visualise this kind of thing. I always try to


visualise good things but I did not realise this could happen. The


players deserve all the accolades. They are a fantastic group to work


with. They give everything, every day. This standard has been


excellent. Plans for the new season got underway as the celebrations


were still continuing. It will bring expert patient upon the manager. --


expectation. I wanted to keep the squad together. It is a fantastic


squad. And add the bits of quality that will make us competitive in the


foot volley. -- Football League. I would not change any of it. I have


learnt so much along the way. We have grown as a club. Now, to tying


up important players. I am confident we can secure everybody we want to.


The flip side of the celebrations as the MPhil in Wrexham. -- is being


felt. They look ahead to another conference campaign. I congratulated


Andy on the good season that they had. They did well to get to the


play-off final but unfortunately there is to be a loser. They have


shown consistency over the last three years and will be there or


thereabouts again. Achieving league status as a one thing, maintaining


it will take hard work. I have seen it done before. Teams go in and are


competitive. We want to maintain our league status and continue to build


what I have started here. Cardiff City, have you kept an eye on them


this season? It has been a great season for Welsh football,. Full is


-- full stop. We hope that it is nice and calm and all the action is


on the pitch! I went to the play-off final. I was disappointed for


Wrexham, because it was vitally important for them, but the fact


that it was Newport instead was a little bit of corn -- compensation.


We must mention Gareth Beale. The plaudits and goals keep coming.


Bayern Munich is said to be interested in him. Is it a matter of


when, not if, he moves? Financially it is more advantageous to go to


Italy and Spain -- it was, when I was playing, that was one of the


motivating factors. But Gareth does not have to read the Premier league.


-- leave. It is a huge worldwide and has profile would be as big there is


anywhere. Manchester United?I would love to see him in a Manchester


United shirt, it would be made to measure. There are very few clubs in


world food all however that can afford the amount being put on his


head. -- world football. So that made force matters in that respect.


What have you made of the efforts of press Coleman with the national


team? We all know the tragic situation that got him the job. But


with the group of players that he has and the way they are trying to


play, hopefully we can finally qualify for a major championship. It


gets more difficult every year because of the lack of qualification


but we will keep our fingers crossed. At some point, it has two


happen. There are people watching who will wonder what you are doing


next and when we can see you next on the touchline? Sooner rather than


later. I was disappointed to lose my last position. We did very well to


stay in the league the previous station with -- season, with only 17


games bash that was a huge job, to achieve that. But that is down to


results. If you do not get them, you are under pressure. But I felt I


should have been given more time. Everybody understood what we were


attempting to do. We had to clear out deadwood and change the


mentality of the entire club. It just depends what happens, the


taming, when one manager leaves, the Carousel, as we call it. People


jumped off and on. Everton?I have never been one to speak about my


qualities to other people. If people are interested in acquiring my


services they can look at my record and what I have done in my


managerial spells. I can stand up in the Premier league. If I club was


making a change I would like to think I would be rate for those


opportunities. But sometimes it is about timing, sometimes a different


type of manager is sought and you are not the right guy at the right


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