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There are storm clouds gathering over Welsh sport.


Two managers fearful for the future. And I have a keen threatening to


destroy European rugby. Good evening and yes these are


uncertain times for Welsh football and Welsh rugby, but one thing's for


sure - we have a jam packed show to keep you glued to Sport Wales


tonight. We travel to the south of France to


hook up with two Welsh exiles as we talk Wales, player exodus and


Heineken Cup. You want to be playing in a European competition that has


the best teams in it. We also go north to find out why the


Wrexham dream is turning into a bit of a nightmare for manager Andy


Morrell. If you are not doing well you will get wasted. -- posted.


And as it's "live well" season we pound the streets of the Welsh


capital with 19,000 plus runners in the Cardiff half marathon. It is a


sensational event. But first, it's less than an hour


until kick off in the match between Wales and Macedonia at the Cardiff


City Stadium, but is the clock also ticking on Chris Coleman's time as


manager? There are world class players absent


from his squad and a world class talent about to retire, so, as he


tries to prove that he is the man to lead Wales into the 2016 European


Championship qualifiers, it's fair to say a difficult job has just


become a whole lot tougher. There has been confusion over


contracts. There is two qualification games to go. If


anybody is judging me on the next game, if that is the case, I am not


sure that even if a contract was offered I would be signing it. It is


difficult to judge a person on one match. If he was on trial now


anybody would pack in now. There were insults followed by injuries to


several star men. It is a massive night for him. We are at home. I


fear for us going to Belgium. They are world-class side. It was never


meant to be easy, but who would be in his shoes when places and


catastrophe seem to work around every corner? After just three wins


from 12 business where the story ends for Chris Coleman westerner?


Let us look at the facts. I said I would never walk away from Wales. I


will stick by that. I cannot say that I need players should be here


and then if I get a good opportunity to go. The next one is massive. I


will go into these two games like I have all the games. We will see what


comes out the other side. Craig Bellamy places final international


before retirement. There are plenty in forcing him going straight from


which to dugout. He is up born winner. He can really that to his


team. Obviously Chris Coleman is still in the job. But if he weaves


Craig Bellamy would be my choice. He wants to give something back. He


wants to coach. I would not rule that out at all. Having seen him at


work in the dressing room and on the training ground he is an intelligent


lad. I would do my utmost to get up the goal-scoring charts. But that is


me. Craig Bellamy is his own man. He has made the right decision to stop


now. He will get the credit he deserves from Cardiff city


supporters. Our winning sendoff would be ideal, but even giving a


long injury list a daunting trip to Brussels means Wales need at least a


draw against Macedonia. Who would give them a chance of not finishing


last wish to mark. Nine or ten players are out of the squad. It is


a massive night for him. It will be very tough over the next couple of


games. Belgium are world-class side. They are merely the top two or three


sides in the world at the moment. First and foremost the idea is to


grind out a result against Macedonia to get off the bottom of the table.


They have beaten as. They have beaten Serbia. They have drawn a


Scotland. The lost narrowly to eligible. Macedonia are seeded


higher than as coming into this group. This will be a tough game on


Friday night. It will be a bumpy ride. It is a game we have got to


try and when. Let's talk more football now with a


run Roberts. -- Iwan Roberts. Wales, six points from eight. Can he get


the points tonight? It will be a tough game. I was impressed when we


played them away from home. We have got 11 players missing from tonight.


It be a tough evening. Well Chris Coleman still be in charge this time


next week? I think he will be. We need good performances. He has had


his problems of injuries. But I do think can the beginning of the next


qualifying campaign Chris Coleman. Be the man in charge. From one


manager under pressure to another. What is going on with Malky Mackay?


It looks like that. To get rid of a valued member of staff, someone who


has built a squad. How important has he been? He has got these transfer


targets. The players that have been brought in and have got them to a


cup final. They have had a decent start to the season. Malky Mackay


will be shocked, hurt and angry. Will he still be there? He will roll


his sleeves up. He will get on with the job in hand until he is told


otherwise. He will not be short of offers. He will be a wanted man.


Thank you for joining us. We will see you later on match of


the day. There are extended highlights of


tonight 's match along with reaction from Iwan Roberts and Mickey Thomas


on BBC Two to Wales. With the road over the future of the


Heineken Cup rumbling on and the threat of many more high profile


departures across the Channel, we decided to send Gareth Rhys Owen to


France to see what life's like there if you're a welsh rugby star. It's


time to say bonjour to James Hook. This has been the home of James Hook


since 2011. He is speaking to his friends in French. I wanted to get


signed up as quick as possible. If James Hook has a weakness it is


his versatility. But this summer arrival of Lopez has seen him such a


game. When I was first told I was playing fullback I thought, here we


go again. But I am enjoying it. I made more breaks in the first eight


games. It is going well so far. My versatility has got be to where I


am. I just want to keep working hard on all aspects of my game and


achieve more. At least he has been playing.


It looks off all. It is one of those injuries. It is not the pain. You


see it and you know it is season over and our long-term lay-off. I


have had a few weeks of training now. Heineken Cup awaydays looks


like being a thing of the past. Unhappy with their share of revenue


the French and English are threatening to form their own called


attention. We have learnt that the French clubs have normal attention


of meeting with the Heineken cup organisers.


You want the best teams in it. You want to be involved. Hopefully it


will get sorted out. This club remains very guarded when it comes


to the Heineken Cup. None of the French players, coaches or officials


were to us. That is to be realistic we need to travel north to one of


the powerhouses of the European rugby. Toulouse have won the


Heineken Cup on four occasions but as things stand there is no prospect


of them playing in next year 's competition. We are worried about


the future of the Heineken Cup. You shills by these? -- do you share


these worries? Yes. It is important that they find a solution. I can


understand why the Welsh are scared. We are scared as well. We want to


see it go on. It is not as that'll make that decision. Welsh regions


face another challenge from the French. The vultures are continuing


to circle for the stars will be out of contract next season. The


majority of us, it is similar to what it is back home. You cannot


just come to France and think you are a superstar.


It has been frustrating, especially the last couple of years. Or you


can do is play well and do your best. -- all you can do. Time now


to discuss all things Welsh rugby with Carwyn Jones. Let us start


with the players. How many more can we expect to leave? At think there


will be more because of the market pressures and I don't think all the


clubs can maintain their current players. The Welsh team have done


well. Sam Warburton says there is nothing on the table for him yet.


He is an exceptional case. If he goes to France and they just


mercilessly used him as a piece of meat every Saturday, I don't know


how often we will see him with a Welsh shirt on. The union need to


step in. But that is moving the ball park completely because we


will be heading into central contracts. People would like some


element of that anyway. We will lose these iconic players. Half


penny is the pin-up of Welsh rugby as well. -- half penny macro. We


cannot keep everyone. One will happen with the Heineken Cup? Will


there be a European Cup involving the Welsh regions? The Irish,


Scottish, Italian regions think that the ERC will run this Cup and


it is not going to happen. We are happy for European competition, but


we are not being run by the unions and the Irish. It will take place.


There is too much money involved, but whether it will happen next


season, I am not sure. Financially for the beach and then, how can


they exist -- for the regions, how can they exist? It will be very


hard. The Heineken Cup kicks off this weekend. What about the Welsh


hopes? The Ospreys need to win their home matches. It is read the


top. If they lose the first going, basically they have had it. That is


the pressure for them. This group is going to be decided by bonus


points. What about the blues, a way to Exeter? I don't think they will


beat Exeter a wave. There is a lot of tension in the blues outfit in


terms of the players and the administrators. I am not sure if


they are all pulling in the same direction at the same time.


Sometimes situations like this can galvanise teams, but that does not


seem to be happening bought the blues. What about the Harlequins?


They have got a solid back row, but it does not inspire you offensively.


They do not punch holes. It will be a tough game, but it should be a


good one to watch. One thing for sure is that the drama and


uncertainty in world rugby looks set to run and run.


OK. Thanks, Gwyn. Now, let's change gear and switch to the high octane


world of mountain biking We went to meet a rising star in the sport who


wants to go downhill as fast as she can.


Now, as it's the live well season on BBC Wales, we spent last Sunday


catching up with the 19,000 runners who helped make the Cardiff half


marathon the biggest road race in Wales. Cathy Williams joined them


on the streets of the capital. It has become a major event. It is


probably be Number Two race in Great Britain. Young people are


being inspired by it. Last year's Welsh champion was back again after


spending some time training in Colorado. I was shown the training


I needed to do and how to do it properly. It is the Commonwealth


Games next year. Maybe he will be inspired enough to get in to bat.


And D Welsh female favourite was hoping to win her first title. --


and the Welsh have been a favourite. There were also some people there


who were determined to finished. I had a stroke a couple of years ago.


I am still about four tippers and blind, but I have come up the other


side. -- I am about 40% blind. Here we go. The biggest road race in


Wales! It was no surprise to see be three world-class Kenyans setting a


fast pace which took the athletes from the city centre, along Cardiff


Bay and round to be Civic Centre and the finishing line. It is a


sensational event. The fact that be caused is quick and the tracks the


elite runners, it makes it easier for the others. The Kenyan runners


were in a race and class of their own. The top British runners were


trailing behind, but they received plenty of support. It is one of the


few sports that you can marry the best in the world and those who do


it for fun. The ambition is high for the infant in terms of raising


money. - WHITE for the event. If we get a fast time we can prove to the


world that we can deliver at the 2016 World Championships.


A I am happy with that. I have knocked about four seconds off. --


I am happy with that. Jessica Paris Williams came in third. I held back


a little bit but it was a struggle in the last couple of miles. There


was a sort of carnival atmosphere as the rest of the runners


completed the course. Some in better shape than others, but all


of them relieved and proud. I have never been so glad to see the


finishing line in my life. This is my pride and joy.


Now then, for three years running as Wrexham made it to the


Conference play-offs, they've got used to enjoying life at the top of


the table. But this season is a very different


story. These days they come in hope and not expectation. There have


been too many defeats, conceded goals and hard luck stories. And


more pressure than ever before on the man behind me. How are you


coping. It is constantly on my mind, but it is something I have to deal


with. I have my children to take my mind off of things and bring me


down to normality. How were there, as soon as you get here, your


thoughts are back on it. What has gone wrong? We have had some


injuries and lost a couple of good players. We have got to stop the


King calls. We don't have a settled back for which is key to doing well


in a season. We have not had a settled back for for the 13 games


we have had. You have said it would take a monumental effort to get


back to the top of the table. Are you throwing in the towel?


Absolutely not. Saying that, I might be out of a job at the end of


the season. Do you feel there? Absolutely. If you are not doing


your job, you are out. Senior club figures told us they are behind the


man who has twice taken them to the brink of promotion. If you look at


Andy's record, it is probably only second to Alex Ferguson in terms of


win percentage ratio. Pump more money into the team is the cry from


more fans. Wrexham did make a run for under £1,000 last season, but


Sport Wales understands that went on clearing historic debt. The


board insists Wrexham has one of the top six playing budget in the


league. The budget is not an issue or a problem. We need to get as


much money to support the players and win games. That is the story.


They is nothing else. Every penny this Business earns goes back into


two places. It either goes into Andy morale's budget or funding the


centre for excellence. And we think we have has been reinvested. Last


season and this season's players spend is exactly the same. They


have lost to six part-time teams this season, but not this time. A


vital win back left them just two points above the drop zone. We have


talked about pressure - how do you feel now? We sleep easier? Probably


not! I would say yes, but there are issues in the games that we have


got. However, the three-point have made the day a lot better. I am


working on stuff to get another three points. He is hoping that


Wrexham can build on that as they travelled to bonnet. -- Barnett.


Well that's it for another week. Good luck to Wrexham with their


trip to Barnet on Sunday and, of course, it's fingers crossed that


Chris Coleman and Wales get a result against Macedonia this


evening, but as they attempt to finish their campaign on a high,


Craig Bellamy will be calling time on an impressive 15 year


international career. 76 caps and 19 goals for his country. Craig


Bellamy, we thank you for the memories.


Bellamy finds the back of the net! And he has been sensational. His


number of caps and goals speak for themselves. He is a special player


and he is up there with the best.


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