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Good evening. The so Wells' Six Nations is back on track after a


thrilling win in a Paris. Our football teams are doing well and


this weekend a Welsh boxer from Newbridge will fight for a world


title. The 23rd team is shaping up nicely for Welsh sport. Welcome to


Sport Wales. Coming up. We follow Gavin Rees to the Big Apple ahead


of his bout against the undefeated Adrian Broner. They could be a big


upset. Jamie Roberts reflects on a win in France and is not afraid of


showing his softer side. I can get quite emotional. That just that


release and that team feeling of winning. Ahead of the final between


at Swansea and Bradford we speak to the man who has managed both clubs.


I might go for the minnows and hope they do it. Bradford needs


something. In the early hours of Sunday morning all eyes here in


Newbridge will be on the other side of the Atlantic as Gavin Rees


fights for the WBC lightweight title. Bookies rate him as an 80-1


outsider to beat the undefeated Adrian Broner. Steffan Garrero


reports from the East Coast of America. For the past month, one


Welsh boxer has been honing his skills here ahead of a world title


fight on a Saturday night in Atlantic City. Gavin Rees is the


latest in a long line of Welshmen to fight in Nick United States,


including it Nathan Cleverly. He was a world Championship back in it


2007 and he is fighting at lightweight now and on Saturday he


takes on Adrian Broner. What are you like it before a fight? Not too


bad. They do want to look at me wrong. Is this the first part of


the training? There are two camps. When you get another go? Once you


are world champion and it is gone, it is gone? While his self-


confidence is tongue-in-cheek, he is a Poland seems convinced of his


invincibility. I do not train for opponents, I do not watch them, I


do not look that biographies, I do not do that. I trained to stay in


shape. As long as I am in shape, I will not lose. I am very respectful


to him, but once that Bell rings, I do not care about them. This is a


new error of boxing. I will own and the sport of boxing. I will run


boxing. What do you make of the way people are profiling you here?


is a bit disrespectful. Some people say I do not have a shot. There


could be a big upset. You like to party. I like to party, I like junk


food. I like the training as well. I got through a lot of the fights


on natural ability. Is there a wake-up call? I think it was around


about prize-fighting. Everything has gone great. You have got the


confidence of a man who thinks he can do it? Of course I do. I lost


one fight. I had a 39 fights. I have nothing to lose, that is what


people are saying, but I have everything to lose. This fight


could lead to so many openings. When this bite and who knows what


his next? Is it in this or bust? Yes. This is everything for me.


Training camp over and his team have relocated to Atlantic City.


Saturday night is a chance for Gavin Rees to become a world


champion in that the second weight division. Been there five years


since losing his previous world title, a lot has changed for them.


He is taking things more seriously and as a result he is British and


European champion. There has been a change in his corner. He is now


with Gary locket. Gavin Rees is a better fighter than I was. He has


got all the attributes to give this guy as serious problem and take the


title of him. The champion has arrived with every angle covered.


He has a huge support staff. see him walking in with the biggest


entourage and that says something about a fighter. There is myself,


Gavin and a few others and that tells you the difference between


the cams. You place the rising young star or against a guy who is


tough, competitive, you will give him a fight, but he is not supposed


to beat Adrian Broner. He is not supposed to be 10. He is not


supposed to be temp. It would be a sizable shop of that shattering


proportions if Gavin Rees pulls this off. It would be an upset.


is the biggest night of my life. I am against one of the top fighters


in the world, so when this might, I could be the top a light weight in


the world and then in the world is full of options. It is massive.


am delighted to say that we have been joined by the last Welsh boxer


to win in America, Nathan Cleverly. The Gavin Rees, he was looking


relaxed there, but it is there to say he is an massive underdog.


is a great opportunity for him it to prove in the but he's wrong,


against the odds and he can: this offer. Adrian Broner is an elite


fighter, he is one of the guys coming through, soon to be a


superstar, but Gavin Rees has the style and the mentality and the


fighting spirit to the 10th. there a chance that a Adrian Broner


will have underestimated Tem? very easily. Adrian Broner can


easily underestimate him, a lot of the Americans do, they only see


Inside America and they do not look at some of the UK fighters coming


through. A lot of the time you will have someone from the UK going to


America and pooling of a shock. Back in November, you retained the


Year title, what can you tell us about the atmosphere out there?


Gavin might not have felt that the four. It is a less aggressive kind


of atmosphere. It is much more relaxed whereas in the UK, the


aggression is very pumped up. The pressure will be off Gavin, he will


enjoy the performance. He will do the best he can. Four Welsh boxing


fans, let us turn to you, how is the training going, you next fight


on a march 16? I have got to fight him. Training is going well. We are


well on track. I am keeping focused for the next four weeks. I want to


remain a world champion. It will be a great fight. It's has been lovely


to speak to. Our cameras will be following you ahead of the fight.


We are always there. Good luck with all the preparation. Thank you.


Tined to look ahead to next weekend and it is the big one, Swansea


against Bradford in the Capital One Cup final. For one Welshman it will


be particularly emotional having played at and manage to both clubs


and suffered his their share of trauma and tragedy along the way.


Ian Hunt caught up with the Terry Yorath. He is like an adopted


Yorkshireman, and midfield legend at Leeds and a management career


beginning at Bradford, but his heart also be strong Uis for


Swansea. He has a sense of joy at their transformation. Terry,


Bradford against Swansea, at perfect fixture for you. It is. I


have been manager here twice and manager there it wise and both were


good experiences. On the day, I do not know which way I will go. I


might go for the minnows and hope they do it, because Bradford need


something. Swansea, I wish I had a season ticket, I watch them every


week. You will not have thought after the job that Brendan Rodgers


did that Michael Laudrup could come in and take them on. He has done


brilliantly. Who have you got the softer spot for or? Bradford. It is


because of everything that happened, especially the fire. I only live in


Leeds and it is not far away. To see them do what they have done is


extraordinary. Even in triumph, especially in triumph, they will


never forget and the darkest day in Bradford's history, back in 1985


when a fire broke out in the main stand. Terry Yorath, was there and


so were his family. We can see at the flames coming up into the air.


People are running around. People are saying we get onto the pitch!


saw my family, my wife and my kids straight away. I could not see my


son. I did not see my mother and father. I went back in and got to


the window worthy of this was and the flames were about 10 yards away


and I was looking for my son and because he always used to go in at


half-time it to get sweets and drinks. He was not there and I


thought he must be outside. I went past and the director's RIM and I


said, the fire has cot bow and -- hold any will have to get out. I


went into the players' lounge and told them to get out. When I came


out of that room, their directors were still there and I said to them,


I used a bit of language and said you have got to get out. As I did


it, the door blew in and that is when the move to. When I went back


again, still trying to find my son, the flames were up to the window


and I went back to the players' lounge, threw a chair through the


window and jumped out. When I got outside, the sites were horrible,


horrible. The first seller, I can remember him, he was old and he had


his arms across his chest and it was just wait where he had been


burned. Later, the scale of the disaster hit home. 56 people died


and 270 were injured. Eventually, all the players and staff went to


the pub at the top of the road and that is when you saw a policeman


come out with his hair on fire. The chairman was walking down the road


and he said to me, there are five or six dead. I said, there are a


lot more than that. I had been into the ground and they were laying


them out there. When we came down the road to our office, the


policeman that came with us and he said, do not look to your left.


What do you do? You look to your left. It was horrible. I will never


forget it. Even now, if I smell fire, the first thing I think of...


It was an awful day. Terry Yorath did find all his family that day


but seven years later he would suffer the most unimaginable loss.


His son and Daniel died at the age of 15 it from an undetected heart


He was you one minute and on the next. -- here one minute and gone


the next. It taught you family apart. -- it tore up you're family


apart. It did. I should have gone for counselling. It is difficult


when it is still raw. It is still on now. You do not expect your


children to go before you. It should cause heartache but it


probably cost a lot more because of my attitude. Alcohol helped


enamoured the pain but Terry Yorath did not want to stop working. --


helped to ease the pain. He never settled anywhere for long.


If you look at this club and then you look at Swansea, both clubs are


similar. They got to the top and then they dropped out. It is the


working man's cup. 30,000 are going down. What will determine this


game? Passing. It is a joy to watch. The only way I can see Bradford


winning is a set piece. If I was the manager here now, I would be


saying to the players, enjoy it. In that these games you can be


shattered before you go out there because of the nerves.


As a Welsh rider Chaz Davies prepares for his second season in


the world Superbikes Championship plans are under way to bring both


Superbikes and Moto GP to South Wales. Our reporter has been to


Blaenau Gwent to speak to those in favour of and those against the


Circuit of Wales. Moto GP and Superbikes are the


elite of motorcycle racing. In two years time, in a move which will


rock the traditional power base of the sport, the best of the best


will be racing right here. We are not at Silverstone or Donington


Park. We are in Blaenau Gwent. It will soon become the the Circuit of


Wales. We have an agreement. If Wales is ready we will have an


event here. It would be on time for 2015. Our focus is 2015. It has the


potential to be our home that event. You cannot beat that. To try and


win in Wales would be an amazing achievement.


The current plans are being scrutinised by the local authority.


The scale of the project is staggering, with hotels, and new


technology park, and a community facility. We are working with the


Welsh government, investors, and backs. It is a big project. The


hope to start construction in September. It will attract 750,000


visitors per year. It will be the equivalent of four or Ryder Cups


every year. Not everyone is in favour of the plans. They will have


to strip the land completely. Any wildlife will have to move on or


what will be gone. Whatever environmental effects arise from


this project will be managed and controlled. There are schemes in


place, compensation schemes, which will enhance the biodiversity. --,


so Nations games. -- conservation schemes. I think there is an


element of false hope. There is a disregard for the long term. What


happens midweek? It is all about competition. We welcome competition.


The motor sport industry is surprised that people see that


there is that scale of a business opportunity in the UK for such an


expect the circuit. If the Circuit of Wales goes ahead it will have a


serious impact on some of the more established racetracks in the UK.


There is nothing state of-the-art in the UK at the moment. You come


to the UK and much as I like going to Donington the facilities are out


of date. Silverstone is bland. As a rider it is not exciting. What is


proposed on the map here will not be a dull circuit. Donington Park


is complete the approved by the Motorcycle Federation for Moto GP


and Superbikes. We have a round of the championship in a few months'


time. Motor racing first happened here in 1931. It is a wonderful


circuit and much loved by writers and race drivers from all over the


world. The plans are not totally out of the blue. Wales has a rich


history in motorsport. brilliant Welsh newcomer to the


field. We are also good at hosting events. A word of caution - other


ventures such as this speedily for that because of a lack of


spectators. A lot of the spectators will come over from the Continent.


That is what has happened in the past. As soon as they get to the


Channel Tunnel or come off the boat in Dover they then have to travel


300 miles across country. Law what can go wrong at the planning


soon be boasting one of the finest racetracks in Europe. These people


have been very consistent. We think this is possible. It would be as


huge step for a future to have everything as complete as what is


proposed. I am massively behind it. So to that wonderful Wales to


victory against France in the Six Nations. Earlier this week I went


for a catch up with one of the few rows of the victory, Jamie Roberts.


What a victory for Wales. Jamie Roberts, a victory in France. What


has the mood be like? Saturday was a good day. It is a step in the


right direction. It was needed. Both teams did not want to lose the


match. That was the way the rugby was played. Just that one bit of


magic turned the game on its head. All of a sudden we have won a Test


match. There have been many games over the past year we have come


very close and just lost. Maybe if we had played a bit a clear in


those games we would have won those games. The marchers at this level


are very fine. If was a strange atmosphere. I spoke to you after


the game. It was emotional to say All that frustration of losing. I


can get quite emotional at times. Just that release, that team


feeling of winning. You can see everyone smiling. Welsh teams have


won in France in the past. It was up there with one of the best days


I have had in a red shirt. Wales our in it. The championship is up


for grabs. It is. The Six Nations will always spring surprises. Italy


showed that they are a strong side That is what makes it a magical


tournament. Week after week different scenarios shoot


themselves. We have to go to Italy and to Murrayfield and won. Tell me


about the mood in camp. It is Valentine's Day. I have heard that


you are the DG of romance. I have taken requests from every player.


That is all for now. We are back at 10pm in next Friday with the build-


up to the cattle one Cup final between Swansea and Bradford. And


we will be in Rome ahead of Italy versus Wales.


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