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Good evening, welcome to the North East, as both Swansea and Cardiff


prepare to face two of the region's Coming up. We preview Swansea


City's trip to Newcastle, with the help of their midfielder Jonathan


de Guzman. It's Part Two of Team Clev, and the


Welshman's quest to conquer America. You have got to come to the state


if you want the big time in boxing. -- to the United States.


Plus, Cardiff City skipper Mark Hudson on Middlesbrough and press


criticism. It is not the first time I have had it and I am sure it will


not be the last, everybody is entitled to their opinion.


Well, from Milburn to Shearer, MacDonald to Beardsley, so many


legends have made their name here at St James' Park. Currently,


Newcastle are enjoying something of a renaissance, after some troubled


times on Tyneside. So can Swansea pull off what would arguably be


their best away win since promotion to the Premier League? We've been


getting the views from both sets of There is a box Office quality to


this current Newcastle side, finishing 5th last season but 10


for just one place above Swansea now. And admiration on Tyneside of


howled for swans have settled at a top-level. There are a few examples


of clubs that have done well in the Premier League and Swansea are


definitely be one of those. Well and run, they have a principle they


want to stick to a vision and that is important, to know how you will


play and watch a want to do. Be new manager has taken it up from


Brenton and. The two Spanish guys have done very well and it is a


tough test for us because we are going to have a stadium that will


expect us to win. This is a game that anything could happen. If we


play to our best, I think we can get everything. We could get three


points, one point. If we are not at our best, it is a team that really


can create a lot of problems because they have quality in


midfield, were really good players. A special fixture for Danny Graham,


the Swansea striker, always a Geordie at heart! I went to


Barcelona and got a hat-trick and was there for Shearer's first goal.


It is nice to play against a hometown club for but we are going


to get three points, and I played for Swansea City and although I am


a Newcastle fan, and want to win. Be his players have been making the


most of the headlines. But Ann on loan at midfielder has been


impressive, time to put him under the spotlight -- but Anna on loan


at midfielder. What is your name? Jonathan de Guzman. Where were you


born of? Canada. For ridiculing you tried? Holland. -- where did you


learn your trade. How many -- how much money was spent a new? 80


million Euros. I qualify for Holland, Jamaica, Canada and the


Philippines. And want to play for Holland. Of this midfielder I have


placed -- played come up Osman it. Danny Ryan is the biggest character,


he is talking all the time. Michael Laudrup wants to keep you at


Swansea, holiday eager to stay at Swansea? I am happy here, I have


been playing a week in and week out and the guys have been very


welcoming to me. I am enjoying my time here and that is my option. I


am doing well here with the team and I think we are played good


football. And he scored in the capital one Cup match in Liverpool,


how was that? -- you scored. It felt great contributed as guns --


to Swansea and it was an historic game for Swansea and I am happy to


be a part of it. He said Leo Osman is the toughest midfielder you have


played against, but Newcastle have a number of tough midfielders.


is a good 14. I know what they are capable of and we have been


watching them throughout the week. Knee know what they are capable of


and hopefully we can put a good show on and get a good result -- we


know. And joined at St James' Park by


former England defender, with 242 appearances for Newcastle, Steve


how a. Looking ahead to the game, Newcastle, what is their record


like at home and can Swansea win away? They have only won once away


from home this season. It will be a big ask for Swansea. Even if


Newcastle are having a difficult time, the crowd does help a lot.


They do get packed in here, a full house every week. And it will be a


tough game for Swansea. But so far this season, the form of Newcastle


at home has not been brilliant. Even though this season, they


haven't lost a couple of games. what have you made a Swansea so far


this season? -- what have you. Where will they be the season?


did so well under Brendan Rodgers and Duddo Martinez, and the new


manager has come in. -- and Martinez. There were a few not good


results, but they are making their mark and playing well, they have


picked up lately. I do not think they have anything massively to


fear. If Newcastle get on top early, it could be difficult for the away


team but if they keep the fans quiet early, and they always have a


chance. Score prediction? I am going to stick my neck out, I do


not gamble and I never have, but his score prediction, 2-1 for


Newcastle. Return -- thank you. We turn our attention away from


football now. Last week, we brought you all the build-up, as Nathan


Cleverly prepared to defend his light-heavyweight title against


Shawn Hawk in Los Angeles. This week, we bring you Part Two, as


Sport Wales were in Team Clev's corner and dressing room with a


World champ -- Nathan Cleverly, World Champion but a relative


unknown until last week. He wanted to make a big impression against


Shawn Hawk. He could become a different fighter overnight. I came


here to fight. I was most impressed with Nathan Cleverly. Ready for


action, ready for business! Friday morning and the LA whether


allows the way into be held outdoors in front of the Staples


Center. A big showdown tomorrow night, Nathan Cleverly, also Shawn


Hawk! He is in perfect condition. I did not turn around!


Coming to the scales, undefeated, light heavyweight champion of the


World! Half a pound under weight, that is perfect. I feel in great


shape and I feel as though I could be unstoppable tomorrow night. He


has a point to prove. He wants to come over here and make a good show,


so the pressure is off on him. It is my time to make my name and


shine and make sure they know who I Three the key part of the fight


will be the first few rounds -- the key part. He has had 20 winners and


not 16 guys out and most of them in the first, second, third round,


very early. He will be dangerous and strong early on and try and


take me on. With a few hours before the big fight, a vital piece of


equipment is missing. An emergency head and is now! I am trying to


find a shot to get one, I have got to have my head and! That is my


which will be for the fight. Panic over, all is in order. Thank you.


For three hours before the fight, finally got it sorted. We are in


the hotel lobby waiting to leave for the arena, so this is the


exciting bit where the adrenalin starts going, and want to hear that


Bell now and get going. So since last Wednesday, I have not stopped,


I have been a trainer, a so West, psychologist. -- a sewer. If you


not come down and, go to the corner, at any fauna is all -- any corner


is all right. Fight like a champion and look like champions. Time to


put the finishing up touches in place, including that all-important


bandana stomach this is the serious and to the business, this fight is


so important, I cannot afford to be a father tonight. He definitely is


not going to lose. He has worked very hard and I feared he will do


the business, to be honest. With less than three minutes to go,


there is no sign of his Sutton -- of his star-studded entourage. For


a fashionably late arrival, and relief all round! How are you?


Remind us how this came about? Mickey Rourke called me because he


is doing a film about the Welsh Rugby, and he talked to me about


maybe been in the movie. So we were talking about that and he is very


interested in all things Welsh, so when he found out this fight was


going on, he called me up and told me about it and I was in Los


Angeles and he said to come and see him fight. I had heard about him,


Nathan, but never seen him fight, so I came. I used to box when I was


a kid but I am a better singer than a boxer so I did not perceive that.


But I have always loved boxing and any time I can see boxing live, I


Here is be undefeated WBO light have -- lightweight champion of the


world, Nathan Cleverly! It is easy to get caught up in the


moment and under pressure and lose your game-plan. But I feel


experienced enough now to deal with that and to stay controlled, to be


efficient in my performance, and that is what I intend to do. I hope


I will be able to carry that out. He dominates the opening three


rounds, flying go for 100 punches per around at his American opponent.


Be dangerous right fossil group -- the dangers right of Shawn Hawk


catches him in the 4th, but after this, it is one way traffic.


needs to impress tonight if he is going to while the American fans.


There has been a demand for him. -- wow. After a barrage of punches,


his opponent is flawed. Back on his feet after belonged powered, only


to hit the deck again. -- a longer fight. A are you all right? If yes.


Time! After being saved by the Bell, Shawn Hawk goes down for a third


time. T want to go? One more and it is over. -- you want to go.


nearly, the referee stepped in just as a corner of Shawn Hawk thrown in


the towel -- finally. So still undefeated and still the WBO light


heavyweight champion of the world, Nathan Cleverly! One of the rounds,


he started coming out and in the 7th round, I stepped in. I am so


glad. This is the hard bit, but drugs test and I have no water left


in me. In a great performance. we get him out of the way, we come


up for the big guys, be a lead fight, the Americans. Best the lead


fights. How do -- how does he built a reputation for himself? He has to


have more fight, especially in America, like Joe Cole said the. It


was only when he started beating Americans that he started to get


noticed. You have to come to America if you want to hit the big-


time inbox and. Coming to the United States, coming to the


unknown, the unknown territory, you have nothing to lose, he went for


it. He came to fight but I felt great and I felt unstoppable


tonight. And we'll keep you up to date with


Nathan's next opponent. Surfing now, and last weekend, the latest stage


of one of the most important events on the British professional tour


was held on the Welsh coastline. Sport Wales went along to check it


Today it is the venue for the latest stage of the UK pro


Sufficient r tour. Some of the best Tell us about the competition here


today. This is the sort of brain child of the local surf club and


the pro club and something we have angleded for ten years. We tried to


select the best tai of surfing. We came to the -- day of surfing. We


came to the beach today and it was today or nothing. Wildcard entries


were given to the knockout heats and a unique opportunity to test


themselves against some of the best professional surfers in the country.


Kieran, only 12-year-old, you were the youngest competitor today. How


was it? Hard because I was against all the top British surfers, but a


good experience. Nice to surf against them. Some local knowledge


came into play as well. It has been a disappointing morning


for the local surfers, except for Nathan Phillips, who has qualified


for the quarter-finals, which is about to get under way now. Making


his first appearance for some time in competitive surfers, Phillips


managed to reach the last eight with his best performance of the


day. Being back in the water was an achievement in itself. There's --


it's been tricky. I had a minor stroke, put it down to a stroke


after a car crash. Good to get a result. We have reached the semi-


final stage now. As you can see, the tide has come right in and the


competition is hotting up. Phillips was drawn against two of


Cornwall's best surfers, Robinson and Stokes. There was to be no


repeat of his quarter-final performance. Semi-finals over.


Didn't go to plan? The conditions were tricky. Basically, it is into


ripping, it is nice to get tomorrow. The final was an all Cornish affair,


with the four surfers going head- to-head with a �2,000 first prize,


and points in the Relentless Super Series. The winner is Jake Robinson.


Huge congratulations. How was today's surf? It was fun. I have


never surfed this way before. I was surprised at how good it was.


couple of guys go away thinking it is good to surf in Wales. These


guys have come from Cornwall, Newcastle. They've had a taster of


Back to football now and it is second against third in the


championship tomorrow, as Cardiff host Middlesbrough, hoping to make


history. They are unbeatable at home. There has been criticism of


their away form and their captain. Lisa Rogers went to meet the


Away from home this season, Cardiff have been a bit iffy, whereas at


home they have been magnificent. Why is that? If we start with home


form, we have made the stadium a fortress. We've got goals in the


team and we've got attacking options. Someone said to me


yesterday we have scored the most in the league, which is great to


know. Away from home, we have conceded goals and unfortunately,


Now. It is something I need to get better at and hold on to a few more


people to get people to stick together. That is something we're


all here to learn. All here to do and put right. It is not all doom


and glam. We are two points off top. Like I said, if we can get our away


form sorted out, then we'll be They have to look at themselves


defensively with the five goals they have conceded. After the


Charlton game I saw your Tweet. It said "we were not good enough today.


We have to work on this." Everyone admires that honesty. You came in


for criticism after that game. How does that affect you? Everyone is


entitled to their opinion. You will get it in careers. I am sure it


will not be the first time. You are on a learning process. I will keep


learning until I have finished. I will work hard on the training


field and help the players around me do the same. That is what we've


got - we've got a great team. Hopefully I can be looked at as


someone who can help them out if they are feeling low or not on top


of their game. That's what I have always done. I have always done it.


They are on the verge of history. Victory over Middlesbrough tomorrow


could equal nine consecutive home wins.


The team is one place above them in the league. Craig Bellamy and Matt


Connolly are back in contention, having recovered from injury.


good team together. They will come down here and it will be a real


rock in the stadium. It will be where there'll be a big crowd.


We've got to get three points. That's what counts. We'll go there


in a positive frame of mind as we have been doing. They are a good


side and they are playing well at the moment. We cannot really think


about some of the previous results too much because they have changed


a lot of things and so have we. They are playing well at the moment.


They have come off the back of a good result. So have we. Our home


form is as good as it is on paper at the moment. We need to maintain


Steve, Cardiff City, unbeaten at home this season. And are


Middlesbrough the team to break that record? It is a difficult one.


I think two teams that's in great form. Look at Cardiff's record at


home it is a hard one. Second verses third. You cannot get any


better than that. The atmosphere, I am sure, will be very good. Cardiff


will be a hard game. Middlesbrough will be the same.


Which way it will go, I don't know. Obviously if you look at the record


of Cardiff at home, you possibly might have to give them the edge.


Give me a score prediction? Again, because I went against the Welsh on


the last one, I'll go for them this time. I think will win 3-1. It has


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