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Good evening from a wintery Blackpool as they prepare to


welcome top of the table, Cardiff City to the seaside. More on that,


plus plenty of big names on tonight's Sport Wales: We analyse


the unique talents of Welsh wonders, Gareth Bale and Ryan Giggs with the


help of David Ginola and Bryan Robson. He will be an outstanding


player over the next few years. Whether he gets to achieve what


Ryan has achieved, I'm not so sure that will happen. We meet the five


new faces in Wales' Six Nations squad. Sport Wales profiles ironman


World Championship, Leanda Cave. We will start with football and the


meeting of two of the greatest players Welsh football has ever


known as Gareth Bale and Spurs face Ryan Giggs and Manchester United on


Sunday. How do the talents of these two superstars actually compare?


Who is the best? Ian Hunt has the verdict of two top-flight legends.


COMMENTATOR: Gareth Bale! What a The left-footed Giggs. Oh,


brilliant! The living legend, the legend in the making. Analysed for


us by a man who saw, first-hand, Giggs emerge and enthrall at United.


This is Robson. A time to control it, picks his place. A man who knew


a thing or two himself about extravagant wing play. COMMENTATOR:


It's Ginola. 2-0. Gareth Bale, fantastic subject. Gareth is in the


process of becoming one of the greatest and sometimes you see the


Messi and Ronaldo. When you watch Gareth Bale you always ask yourself


- what happen next? That's the good things about the game. He's not


what you're going to expect. Knowing that you don't know what


he's going to do. If there was one person who somebody said, could you


sign tomorrow, I would say, well, I wouldn't mind, that the moment in


time, bringing Gareth Bale and Ronaldo into Manchester United


again. And put them into this team that we've got at the moment. He is


going to be an outstanding player over the next few years. Whether he


actually gets to achieve what Ryan's achieved, I'm not so sure


that will happen. Just count the trophies, Giggs more than 30


winners' medals. Bale, nothing to show for all the talent. Consider


their strengths, how similar are they? I think Gareth Bale is


probably stronger as a person, physically stronger. He's an


athlete. An athlete in all a different way. Strong legs,


stronger on the upper body. He's... I think he's quicker, probably


quicker. I think he's got also this ability to be a creator. He's not


only a winger, he's not only... I think Gareth Bale is... Has got


this talent to play in any position on the football pitch. I'm too sure


whether he has the same stamina that Ryan has got. His balance,


when he attacks people, he can go on the inside, he can go on the


outside. He has a great left foot. Delivers a great ball. He can score


a goal from distance. Those are all the attributes that Ryan has got.


The only one which I would put a question mark against is, does he


have the real strong mentality that Ryan had to progress to be a great


player for 15, 20 years? Bale the shy teenage played for Southampton


at 16 before Spurs. The youngest ever Wales international at the


same age. The street wise 23-year- old raging against those who claim


he doesn't always play fair. COMMENTATOR: Another yellow card


for a dive. People say I'm diving. If you get contact, it's not a dive.


Referees have to look closer and see the contact. Has Giggs changed


from the shy lad protected fiercely by Sir Alex? My family keep my feet


on their ground. I have a lot of family in Cardiff. Yeah, I come


home, you know, try to tell my mum I scored a goal tonight. She just


says "wash the dishes," or something like that. In the early


day fs we had a Christmas party, Giggs was dancing on the table. He


was always the one who liked to have a laugh, a joke around the


place. The one thing that Ryan learnt very early in his life was,


don't publicise exactly what you are like. When the cameras and the


public were about, then Ryan would calm everything down and not be,


sort of, that bubbly sort of person. He would be the quiet one. Still


playing, a little less these days, still scoring. He may be offered


another year at United, taking him beyond his 40th birthday. The


noises won't go away that Real Madrid and Barcelona want Gareth


Bale? Gareth Bale moving from the Premier League no, way! I wish not.


The English Premier League have, you know, worked so hard in the


last 20 years to be one of the best, if not the best league in the world.


So, if you got great talents, you have to keep them. I'm sure that


the boss will offer Ryan another contract. I mean, I go in and watch


training every now and again much I go to all the matches. Just


watching him, the way he trains and dedicates himself to football, I


don't think he will have any Spurs always had flare players and


players who can entertain people. Gar Seth one of them. I'm sure the


Spurs fans are pleased to have a player like Gareth. If you are


going to ask me who is the best, I have to go for Ryan. Just in what


he has done. If Gareth Bale can prove me wrong in 10 years' time.


Good luck to the lad. He will have to be some player! I have come in


from the cold. I'm joined by a Champions League winner with


Liverpool. He is a German international, he is also the last


man to score at the Old Wembley. He happens to have caused a stir on


Twitter this week. Dietmar Hamann, good to have you on the programme.


If we look to the game on Sunday, Giggs, Bale, you have played


against both of them, we start with Giggs, how good is he and what


makes him special? Well, it's unheard of that a player is 39 now,


I think, Ferguson came out this week saying he has another year in


him. For a player, for an out field player to play to that age is


unheard of. The new Welsh superstar, if we can call him that, is Gareth


Bale. You played against him, how good is he and can he be as good as


Giggs, can he be better maybe? Ability wise, no reason to believe


he can't get near to Ryan Giggs' qualities. He is an exceptional


talent. He is blessed with electric pace. He has a great left foot on


him. You know, his control, you know, when he takes on people he is


dynamic. He has got everything a left-sided player needs. At some


stage he probably has to move. You play football to win trophies. He


won't have that opportunity at Spurs, I feel. If he wants to win


the League he probably has to move at some stage. I will take you back


to the start of the week. You have been busy and causing headlines.


Twitter. It seems it's a dangerous tool. Yourself and Joey Barton have


had words. For those of us not, perhaps, familiar with what has


been going on, what happened? How did it all start? Now, it just all


started with Joey posting a tweet about transfer activity between QPR


and Newcastle, I just felt that, you know, being a QPR player still


that he maybe shouldn't get involved in these things because he


is still a QPR player. That's how it all started. It got a bit out of


hand. Got quite hurtful, didn't it? Yeah. From his side more than mine!


I tried to keep my composure. It's a powerful fool. -- tool. Once you


say it in there people got in more trouble lately the people went to


jail for what they said on social networking sites. You have to be


aware of that. You know, he took it a bit too far. Took it a step too


far. He phoned me the day after, or two-days after. I spoke to him. He


apologised and make a public apology yesterday. For me, matter


is closed. Thank you. We turn our attention to rugby now. Wales'


interim coach, Rob Howley named his 35 squad for the RBS Six Nations


tournament which starts in just over two weeks' time. Amongst the


names, five uncapped players. Sport Wales went to meet them.


# You can be the greatest # You can be the best


# You can be the King Kong banging on your chest


# You can throw your hands up # You can move a mountain


# You can break rocks # You could be the master


# Don't wait for luck... # With so many players injured there are five


new faces in the squad. All are keen to take their chance. I try


hard at anything I do, to be honest. It's all about the experience.


First callup. Don't really know what to expect. I'm not here for


the ride really, I want to get game time. Hopefully, I can put my name


out there and show what I can do. The hard work only starts now. For


me, personally, I need to make sure I push whoever is in front of me as


hard as I kfplt it's about Wales doing well. I will put the work in.


If the coach think I am fit and I put the work in, they will pick me.


Eli Walker could be pushing for a red shirt? Definitely. I will see


how it goes. When I get into training I have to work hard and do


everything to the best of my ability and hopefully that will


take me through. A Welshman with a keyy twist and the other born and


bred in South Africa. I have been in the UK for seven years. This is


my home now. I have a small family back in South Africa. It's not a


place I would like to go back to. was born in Bridgend and went to


New Zealand for two years, two seasons and came back and handed my


CV out and ended upped in the Blues Academy and I went from. There I'm


a proud Welshman. Hopefully, I can show it in the Six Nations. Andrew


Coombs can add versatility in the absence of many first-choice


players. He has shown for the Dragons. James King could go to the


I will try what I have been doing this season, keep my head down, try


and work as hard as I can, proof I am capable of playing at that level.


While you most most things about the star players here are a couple


of things you will not know about the new faces. I breed cats, they


are quite pushy, bushy-tailed, quite big. Bigger than most Docks.


I saw some blood dripping down, the physio told me I needed to go off


and they said I needed to go for surgery. He was still attached to


the bottom. 90% was taken off. The doctor said it would be all right


because the blood vessels were still attached. I can make fire out


of wood with note that cheese. cousins are doing their thing in


football, amazing talent. Back to football. Cardiff City are


away here at Blackpool tomorrow with Malky Mackay's side eight


points clear at the top of the championship. We sent police to


Rogers for a catch up with Mark Hudson to gauge the mood -- Lisa


A things are looking rather good. Since I last spoke to you things


have gone well. A bit of a dip in the season when we last spoke, but


we answer to that well. A great Christmas period, that has put us


in the position we are in at the moment. We have been in good


positions before, we know it is not done yet, 19 games, the next three


Orrell way, they are all tough grounds. Another block of games we


need to put some results together. They stayed top of the table.


the last seven seasons the team have been top now, they go on to be


promoted. I hope we are the 8th in eight seasons. It is difficult to


get excited because you know you have got so many tough games to go.


We have seen teams go on runs before and come from a position


where you think they are not going to make it and then have a great


run. We don't want to slip up. There are a lot of experienced


players who have seen things like that happened so we will continue


with their homework and trying to drive each other on. Do you get the


things with strikers and defenders? I will not tell you. Sometimes,


depends who you play. What is the worst thing that has been said?


don't think you can repeat that on a camera. Going into the crash at


Blackpool they are eight points clear of hole at the top of the


championship. Blackpool are in 15th. We are properly expected to be them.


The pitch isn't great, if it goes ahead it will be pretty tough.


Every time we have been there it has always been a tough game,


whoever is in charge. Sometimes if they have not got a manager may be


their number two is in charge, things can go for them so we have


got to go there, be at full tilt to win the Games and that is the same


as any other. Cardiff City, eight points clear at the top of the


championship, what have you made of their season? They have done ever


so well. They have got a golden opportunity to get out the


championship which they did not manage in recent years. I did think


they will get a better chance than this year. Is there a danger, with


that success, other clubs will come knocking? If you were Malky Mackay


it would you stay with Cardiff if a big club came knocking? He is in a


big club now, if they were to get out of the championship there will


be funds available to strengthen the team and turn Cardiff into a


good Premier League club. And not sure whether he would be tempted to


go, because he has found the right club, done very well. If he takes


them back into the Premier League I did think he will be leaving, you


never know what happens in a few years' time. How important is away


form going to be because they have oppressed -- impressed at home? How


will they do away against Blackpool? Blackpool have problems


of their own, dropping a manager, not been on the best of runs. If


they keep that home form I think they look very likely to get into


the Premier League. We will be back very stroke -- surely. With a Grand


Slam, the Olympics, and there Paralympics in 20121 Welsh athlete


may have slipped under the radar -- 2012, one Welsh athlete. Leanda


Cave was nominated for the Sports personality of the year after her


double success in the iron and triathlons circuit. -- Ironman


triathlon the circuit. Distance is no obstacle for Leanda


Cave. The English-born Australian bred, as -- Arizona resident


compete for Wales backs to a Welsh- born mother. She has won at four


world triathlon titles over four different distances. Last year she


won the World half Ironman and full Ironman titles, the latter


involving a 2.4 miles when, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run.


Something I have been striving to win for several years. I said back


in 2007 when I raced by first Ironman in Hawaii I would win this


one day. I felt the words just bit me, I was never able -- I was never


able to get there. Is being on top of the page and worth all that?


is. I never really, until you win, you could recognise it and for me I


always wanted to win Hawaii, not because of all the glory or the


bonuses, the extra stuff, I just wanted to win. Winning the World


Championships, I didn't get this recognition. Neither with the


Commonwealth Games. I have gone through all these other great


achievement, now I have finally been recognised. You first came to


people's attention 11 years ago at the Commonwealth Games. I cannot


believe it was that long ago. I don't feel like it is 10 or 11


years ago I achieve this result but that is where I started. I had big


dreams come the big goals to go to the Olympics. I fell short.


world champion at Leanda Cave is the triathlon champion of the world.


There is still a part of me that wants to go back to the Olympic


distance, to take that box. That is still a child could dream. If I


never make it I think I have fulfilled a different level of


success. At can be proud of that when I retire. The Commonwealth


Games coming up, yourself, Helen Jenkins, that would be a good team


to have in Glasgow. I would be definitely be up for that. That


might be my entry, seeing if I want to go back to ITU or not. I have


had the experience. Young athletes look up to you as a guide or a role


model. Gage had to do it right. Even if I am not the fastest


athlete out there I will have value for the team. There is a lot of


criticism about me and where I live, I represent Great Britain, Wales,


yet I don't live here, but at the same time when I win a race


everybody wants to claim that me. I want to say I am British. It is the


fact I'd trained in the States has enabled me to achieve that result.


2013 will see her trying to replicate last year sticking to the


longer distances. I will focus later in the season on my big goals.


That is what happened the last year. The first half of the year was a


bit of a mess, then I picked it up towards the end and tunnel vision,


got the job done in the training. Back to football and Swansea City


might be out of the FA Cup, but they are still looking to make the


League Cup final for the first time ever. In a moment we will hear from


their new signing Roland Lamah but here is a reminder of what has


already been a dramatic start to the new year.


This was the night Swansea fans Swansea City ahead in the semi-


final. A bad mistake now, a great chance for two-0. What a sensation


here at Stamford Bridge. He has doubled Swansea's lead. A scoreless


draw at Everton must have seemed a little dry up by comparison. Back


to London on Wednesday, no heroics He scores far Arsenal, he has


Back to Premier League business, they could be a day before Roland


Lamah, the Belgian international signed this week on line.


TRANSLATION: I am happy to come to Swansea because it is a good club.


They are a club that played really good football. From me the fans can


expect to see an energetic and explosive player. On the front foot,


all of the time. I hope they will get to know me very quickly. The


Premier League is a good competition, followed everywhere


across the world. It is an energetic competition, which


matches my football style. I am very eager to get going. Michael


Laudrup is a legend, so it is with great pleasure I am coming here to


play for him. I remember him when he was a player. He was a great


footballer. I am looking forward to Tomorrow at Swansea could face a


man that they are reportedly keen to sign, with talk of an initial


bid being rejected for Stoke. His possible arrival could hinge on


whether Danny Graham is a lout took leave. -- is allowed. They sit one.


At one place better off than Stoke. There's take a look at Swansea City.


They lost midweek against Arsenal in the FA Cup, but going well in


the league. They are still keen to make the final of the League Cup.


Have they surprised you? With Michael Laudrup coming in, I'm


not surprised how well they're doing, but I didn't really expect


it, he brought a few players from Spain in, they hit the ground


running. Ashley Williams, a big player for them to stop to achieve


the first final in a long time and go to Wembley in the League Cup


final, possibly against a League Two side, there would be a fairy-


tale story to win a trophy in his first season in charge.


Michael Laudrup, without success comes a lot of interest, I guess.


What danger, they could lose him again at their lost Brendan Rogers.


Even if he were to decide they don't think he will because I don't


think he is the type of guy who would jump ship after one season.


If he does decide I think they will be a number of managers wanting to


come to Swansea because they see the manager has been left alone,


the chairman let's him get on with it, and there is not too much


distraction from the football. Stoke this weekend. How do you see


it going? They have got the tools to really hurt Stoke, especially at


home because they like to pass the ball. They can keep other teams off


the ball and Stoke live off their set pieces. If you control the game


for a large part of it I think they stand a very good chance to win.


Thank you. That is it from this week. We are back at the earlier


time of 7pm next Friday. This week the Olympic gold medallist and


arguably the greatest sportswoman Wales has ever produced called time


on her career as a professional cyclist. We leave you with some of


She takes it, she is the Olympic road race champion. She has done it.


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