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Coming up tonight, the king and I, Ewan Roberts eats -- meet the


Welshman on the brink of Premier League glory. We have the chance to


achieve something and we are concentrating on it now. We catch up


with the women's Welsh Premier League winners. To do it for the


third time in a row is something quite special. The Welsh swimmers


selected for Rio, and Jazz Carlin is hungry for medals and records.


Everyone has dreams and goals but I'm going to make sure I do


everything I can until then. Another Welsh medal hopeful, triathletes


Helen Jenkins, well on track for Rio. It means keeping on trying with


it. Gareth Rhys Owen does his bit for British boxing's Olympic hopes.


This is how you get to Rio, Champ, keep it up. And a huge French test


for the Dragons, can they reach their first ever European final?


Teams don't make the semifinals of the European cups two years on the


trot by coincidence, it's because we deserve to be there. Good evening,


it's one of the most incredible stories that British football has


ever known, Leicester City on the brink of winning the Premier League.


Now, just a small handful of Welsh players have done it and it looks as


if Andy King will join them. We sent a former Leicester man, Ewan


Roberts, to meet him. COMMENTATOR:


They've come out firing. Granny areas are absolutely delighted. When


I came and played for this club a couple of play-offs at Wembley was


as good as it got and this was the shirt I wore in one of them. Now,


the foxes are on the brink of completing one of football's


greatest of a fairy tales, four games to go for Leicester City to


bring home here to the King Power Stadium the Premier League title.


COMMENTATOR: Off the post and in. Andy, thanks


for joining us, what a season it's been. Yes, it's been good, we know


we have four massive games to go now. Just about trying to keep


focused, take one game at a time and make sure we prepare right. We have


a massive chance to achieve something and really concentrating


on that now. When did you realise we've got a great chance of


achieving something massive here? I think not until that long ago,


really, that was when we started the season really well and then we


thought the 40 point mark is well within touching distance here, we


got to their and then being top at Christmas was massive. You see the


stats of a lot of teams who are top at Christmas and where they go on to


finish and we were strong going into the New Year. We have been taking it


little hurdles at a time, trying not to look too far ahead, trying to


play between international breaks, there's usually four games in


between international breaks, so it's getting through the next four,


that's the way we've looked at it and we found ourselves in this


position which is brilliant and we have four games to achieve something


special. After the game against West Ham, Spurs win on Monday, a really


convincing performance at Stoke and if there are doubters out there


thinking that that it's going to be Spurs's, how do you react to them?


We don't react to anyone outside the four walls of the training ground or


outside the changing room. We know it's down to the boys who are in


their, the supporters we have in this city will always be behind us


and they've been brilliant throughout the time I've been here


anyway. We are focusing on our own job and we don't really have to


answer to anyone from outside of that in terms of how we are going to


respond. We will show it on the pitch. Are you feeling any pressure?


Not at all. I've seen it this season where the pressure was here last


season, it's a disparate -- different type of pressure. This is


more excitement than pressure. Pressure is when you are facing


getting relegated, or there are people at the club who might be


losing their jobs and stuff like that. As you have seen with Villa,


that's real pressure. This is where you want to be. An enjoyable sort of


pressure. This is where you want to be playing, this is what you play


football for, to be in these thoughts of situations and we are


loving it. I saw the game of the Liberty and it was one of the best


counterattacking performances I've seen. Yes, we are really aware of


what Swansea are like, the way they play football. It's a game you look


at and think you can go there and get a real hiding, but fortunately


enough we managed to reverse it. We knew it would be a different kettle


of fish playing at home, they have a new manager under real pick-up in


form so we have to be ready for that again. You've got the Champions


League group stages to look forward to, you've got the euros to look


forward to in June. Yes, it's obviously something on the horizon


which we can't wait for, something again which is the first time in


Wales' history to get to a major tournament like that which is


obviously brilliant. We are going there full of confidence. We know we


can upset a few people and I can't wait to get started. Any thoughts on


the group, Slovakia, Russia and England? It's an ideal group for us,


it's a good thing we don't play England first. I think that's good,


even though you can save that game for the middle and we can


concentrate and focus on ourselves for the first game rather than the


occasion being the first game, if that makes sense. We have a quality


group of players, a quality squad, and we can go there and not just


impress a few people but actually progress. I'm sure you get this


question lots of times, what's it like playing with playing with the


likes of Gareth Bale? It's early and, top class players who would get


into any team in the European any time, but Leicester in the Champions


League next year, it's the type of players we need to attract and fight


off their challenge in the team. Thank you for talking to us. Thank


you. A couple of weeks ago we featured the Welsh triathlete Helen


Jenkins, a -- ahead of a race which was crucial to her hopes of making


the Olympics. She had a terrific win on Australia's Gold Coast and today,


British triathlon officially put her name forward for Rio. Christian


Malcolm went to meet team Jenkins. From the Gold Coast in Australia


back home to the South Wales coast, time for Helen Jenkins and her


husband to reflect on what an outstanding performance.


COMMENTATOR: Victory celebrations will begin for


Helen Jenkins, who has had the race of her life. Helen, you had some


good news this afternoon. Yes, I found out I have been nominated for


British triathlon for the Rio team. I can start planning for real now.


Let's go back to the Gold Coast, that fantastic race. Did you know


that you were in that good a shape? I like to swim, bike and run hard


and this race played into my hands. COMMENTATOR:


When they make their way to the transition to find the bikes... She


didn't swing that great, I didn't know where she was, she worked her


way through and came out 13th, she got herself into a decent position


but not a good position after the swim.


COMMENTATOR: She has ambitions to compete in her


third straight Olympics, continues to force the pace. The bike is where


you did the real damage. It was never an intentional attack. I think


there were three others who got away, myself, Andrea Hewitt and


Flora Duffy, probably the three strongest in the different groups.


We ended up with a app and it kept going out and out. We ended up


having 90 seconds but you never discount last year's world champion,


such a fast runner, she will catch me around five K. I wasn't thinking


about winning at that point. I was thinking about running the best I


could run. And Hayter who will be first to rise from transition? Helen


Jenkins. I went past Mark, he said pace everything, it's hot, keep


drinking. I have no place, just running. -- pace. It must be hard


for you not just as a coach but the husband to be sat on the sidelines


knowing what she's going through in the last few years and knowing if


she gets through this now it could be at, on the plane? The hardest


thing, you know what it's like being an athlete and now you know what


it's like to be a coach. You have no control. What's going on, there's


nothing I can do about it. It's horrible, isn't it?


COMMENTATOR: Today looks like being Jenkins' Day


on the Gold Coast. About 800 metres to go, I knew I had got this and I


was able to enjoy the last bit. The smile is broad, relief is obvious.


Jenkins takes the victory. I haven't felt in that good shape for probably


four years, even though when we finished and we went to go up on the


podium and I was like, I've got to stand up on the top, I kept


expecting someone else to get up there. It made the last few years of


sticking with triathlon and keeping on trying worth it. We don't want to


go into Rio with the any expectations. We weren't expecting


her to get there, we weren't expecting her to perform as well as


she did on the weekend. It was a fantastic performance. We've already


had a good year, so whatever happens from this point of a bonus. I'd love


to get to the start line fit and have a good block of training. That


would be ideal. I didn't get a chance to do that in London, so I'd


love to get their fit and see what I could do. Staying with the Olympics


because more and more athletes being named for Rio, the British when team


has been selected, so can the Welsh contingent help bring home the


medals? Bath, a city with a rich history and


culture. I am here to meet the Welsh swimmers hoping to win gold for


Britain. There will be four Welsh swimmers travelling to Rio as part


of the 26- strong GB team. Chloe Tutton was the surprise inclusion.


Jazz Carlin finally makes it after missing London 2012. Missing out in


London was tough for me, my family and everyone that has seen me


through my career. The home Olympics only comes once-in-a-lifetime. I


gave it one more shot and thought I would throw everything at it.


COMMENTATOR: She has done it by a third of a second. To finally have


that confirmation, to be on that team, my head is in the clouds, I am


over the moon. The Olympics comes every four years. It is a long wait.


She swam for a long time with Rebecca Adlington. She has now


retired. It was a hard slog for Jazz to stay on it and she has got better


and she is much more resilient than in the past, and that has been


credit to her and the team working with her. We are chuffed for her.


The 19-year-old Chloe Tutton, making the team came as a shock. She broke


the British 200 metres breaststroke record in the trials and now has a


shot at the big time. It is surreal. I have dreamt of this moment but I


am so proud to have achieved something like this. I did not


expected. You always get a few shocks, people who you think will


not make team and they do, and some seasoned campaigners who sadly fall


away. She was one of the shocks. World-class, a massive improvement,


a British record. She and her coach got it right on the day. She is a


great girl and has a good future in front of her. Other swimmers to make


the team are 50 metres Commonwealth champion George Davies, and Euan


Lloyd, who also competed in London 2012. It is their turn to start


dreaming of gold. My first Olympics, so exciting, a competition I have


never been to before. I have that excitement and drive to do


everything in training and work really hard. I will throw everything


at it and will have no regrets going into Rio. Everyone has dreams, but I


will make sure I do everything I can until then. It is a very lean and


mean team, and these girls are part of that. Jazz is a world-class, with


medals at the World Championships. Both the girls will have to be at


their best on the day. I just want to go faster. I always want more. I


will push myself and see what I can do. Everyone in the team knows they


are in with a chance of a medal. Both of them are great. Chloe is on


an improving curve, so we expect she can go faster. Jazz is always within


range. Both of them have a great chance. Confidence seems pretty high


in the squad. Who knows how many gold medals they can bring home?


Boxing is a sport where Wales has not done so well down the years.


Just two Welsh men have won medals at the Games, but could we get a


third this summer? Well, Joe Cordina certainly hopes so. The dream is


going and winning gold. -- scoring a winning goal. The dream is scoring


the winning try. The dream is winning Olympic gold. But you've got


to get there first. COMMENTATOR: Sharpshooting off the


back foot very well, Joe Cordina, number two seat, reigning European


Championship gold medallist, ranked number eight in the world. Joe


Cordina is through to Rio 2016. The main thing for me was getting the


qualifying spot and putting the pressure of qualifying behind me and


setting a new goal, which is to bring back an Olympic gold medal


back to Cardiff. I believe I can beat anyone on my day. I truly


believe that. I can out box them completely. If I have to get thrown


into a fight, so be it. This is my father, Joe Senior. Beagle Little


Jo. He was rugby, football mad. Rugby was his main sport and he


loved it. I never thought in my mind for him to box in any shape or form


until one day he saw a couple of boys running and he said, what are


they doing? I said, they are boxing. He said, can I have a go, because


the rugby season was over, just to keep fit. I said, no one can help


you in there. That was it, he made his decision to box. When was that?


I haven't got my glasses? Sean, Zach. I started going when I was


about 15, 16. To be honest, I did not want to fight. I just wanted to


say, I am a boxer. I go to a gym. I had one, and it led to two. That led


to three, and so on. What is it like watching him? Nervous. I do get


really bad stomach. I just shake. She can't even speak. It is


different, because I hear her voice screaming. Get off the ropes, get


off the ropes! Get your hands up! Where's dad? Come on. Clap hands,


clap hands. Yes! Daddy! This is my daughter, Sofia, a little angel.


This is why I do it. I push myself in the gym every day. She is the


reason. Before it was for fun, but now I have to do it for her and make


a better life for her. This is what it takes. On three, everyone say


cheese. Cheese. Three, two, one, cheese. He said on three, and then


he said three, two, one, cheese. How many punches have you had? Dear me!


That is down to the boxing, that is. On three. No, on one. I am going to


go one, two, three. On three. Everyone say cheese. One, two,


three, cheese. The women's Welsh elite has been


dominated for the past two seasons by Cardiff met. Last night they


played their final game of the seizing, where a win or a draw would


guarantee a third successive title and a place in the Champions League.


Cathy Williams went to get the secret behind their success.


Cardiff met is known for sporting excellence but it is its success on


the football pitch which has been making headlines. The women's


football team are one game away from defending their league title. They


are a student -based team, currently sitting top of the table in the


Welsh league. It is a big thing for us and for the university, and it


adds to the sporting profile, which goes back years. So for us to do it


for the third time in a row, I think is something special and will be


celebrated throughout. Tonight, Cyncoed Ladies, they are like your


next-door neighbours. They are. They are the closest team geographically.


I would not say it is a derby, but they are on our doorstep and there


is a good relationship between the clubs. That said, it will be a


competitive match. I think particularly this season it would be


nice to win on points. Last season we left it to goal difference and we


were waiting around for a few weeks at the end of the season, which was


a weird feeling. We are really up for tonight and hopefully we can get


three points and qualify for the Champions League, which is always an


amazing experience. Going into the game as strong favourites, they


certainly didn't disappoint. You have done the hard work but you


have to do a lot more hard work. This half is not about scoring


goals, OK, it is about putting out a performance, about you putting in


the best 45 minutes you have had all season, because this is your last


game. We were not as clinical as we would


have liked to have been in front of goal in parts. That said, 6-0,


against a decent side, we are really pleased. We were not bothered about


the scoreline. We were bothered about three points. It is nice to


win it here. We have never won it at home. We look on now to the


Champions League and start preparations for that. The first


time is a great feeling, the second and third time it is really special


and I am very proud of what the girls have achieved. It is testament


to their hard work and the expertise they have behind them in terms of


sports science support. It is by far the biggest game of the


season for the Newport Gwent Dragons, but they go into it rocked


by the departure of their director of rugby. So can they overcome that


to reach the final of the European challenge cup, as they head to


France to face Montpelier. A fortnight ago, against the


reigning holders who had won their last 15 matches, no one gave the


Dragons a chance, but they ripped up the form book. What a win for the


Dragons, and they are in the semifinal of the Challenge Cup, the


only Welsh team in Europe. One of the best I have been involved in and


one of the best the Dragons have had in recent years. We have lost in the


last few minutes on many occasions. This time, we got the opportunity to


go to the corner and finished with a try. Relief for everyone. A great


confidence boost for us. No one expected it, we were underdogs.


Director of rugby Lynne Jones was not that the game and in his


continued absence the inevitable became reality this week. Newport


Gwent Dragons have parted company with their director of company,


Lynne Jones, through mutual consent. Has it changed things, added


pressure, being the sole man in charge? Not really. In the last ten


years, I have been in charge for six or seven myself so I understand the


responsibility of the role. It is second nature. I lead lots of


training sessions anyway and the players have cracked on as if


nothing has changed. But after the high of Europe it is back down to


the pro 12, with a 16th defeat in 20 games coming at Arms Park. We made


too many mistakes. We had opportunities to score. Not the


perfect day for us. We will take positives but quickly move on.


Amidst the doom and gloom in the league, the European challenge cup


has been a lifeline for the Dragons to show a different, more positive


attitude. There are no perceptions. We play with an open spirit.


Sometimes against bigger teams in Europe, as long as you can manage


set pieces, it hurts them. Montpelier are a big, strong side


and we will be trying to move them around. If you like, South Africa


against Japan, and we are Japan. There are South Africans in the


team. We know Jake from super rugby level. We know how he is planning


and what type of game plan they play, so we have to match up. They


have a wealth of experience in key positions and it will be great to


challenge ourselves against them. It is always nice playing against the


best. It will be a huge challenge but definitely one we relish. Last


year we lost in the semifinal so it would be great to win. You never


play rugby just to contribute, you play to win. It would be massive and


would go a long way to changing this sometimes disappointing season


around. Teams do not make semifinal of the European cup two years on the


trot by coincidence. It is because we deserve to be there. The best of


luck to the Dragons in France. Tunisian to radio Wales for live


coverage of all the big games across the weekend. -- Tunisian. We are


back next Friday, but for tonight, from all of us, goodbye for now.


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