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Rob Maclean and Pat Nevin present highlights from the fourth round of the William Hill Scottish Cup as the SPL teams join the competition.

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Good afternoon. These are the headlines. The 4th round of the


The first round of the Scottish Cup. It is the quarter-final of the


Scottish Cup and a time is running out. A place in the final awaits


the victors. Hearts beat their city rivals by Ivan one to win the 2012


5-1. Can they bounce back from their final defeat.? Can Celtic


achieved one of their best results? Can they send Rangers to the top of


the division table? The 4th round of the Scottish Cup is upon us once


2012 started and its finishing with the 4th round of the Scottish Cup.


At December, rather than January, this time, because of the upcoming


winter break. All 12 tries coming up. We will start with Celtic v


Arbroath. The SPLA leaders looking for the first home win since


be fairly straightforward for a team of Celtic's stature,


especially when they go out of their way to lend a helping hand.


Arbroath are kept their composure for 35 minutes until Stewart and


Malcolm are suddenly lost his. Needless to say, he knew little


about the attempted clearance, Kenny. A goal to the good. Celtic


set about putting the tie beyond Arbroath and they nearly did it


with some good set-up play to set up the Celtic captain. No wonder he


was annoyed. Scott Morrison in go had to be sharp to keep the deficit


at just one. There will be more from him later. The other


goalkeeper hardly add a touch of the ball in the first 45, but you


never know when you're services right spot. After the break, the


procession towards the Arbroath goal continued. Surely Celtic would


capitalise on the many chances they was set up by Ibrahim, but the


woodwork denied the Venezuelan forward a goal which would have


brought some comfort. With three minutes to go, Doris made sure his


free kick was deflected in. Arbroath's dreams came true. And


boy, did they celebrate! Sometimes you need a bit of luck and a big


deflection to ensure a big pay-day for the team. Celtic and a chance


to avoid it a trip. It fell to the substitute. Nothing wrong with his


shot all the save of from Morrison. The goalkeeper will be a busy man


Sued for the players, club and fans today. We want to give a fans are


People have come up short today. I need to draw on some of the


experienced players. I was lucky enough to be here a couple of weeks


ago against Barcelona. That result was beyond our wildest dreams. We


will convene a emergency board Some day for Arbroath. It was


extraordinary. It's the biggest result I have ever had forced it to


go to Celtic Park, OK, there may be excuses, a small crowd, not their


first-choice team. It doesn't really matter. They are still paid


a lot. Are they should be able to beat Arbroath quite easily. It


doesn't matter who you are up against, you have got to be up for


it. What a day. Can you understand why Celtic beat Barcelona and then


can't beat Arbroath? It's hard to explain, right enough. Barcelona,


they had to defend in that game, hit about on the break. It seems,


this year, when they go to attack teams, when the emphasis is on them,


they struggled. That's what the Scottish Cup is all about, you know.


It's fantastic both can do that. You can see his disappointment


there, he felt he had a good enough team out there to win comfortably.


It's one of those things. Of growth will probably pay for it in the


replayed. It's a great occasion for them. I think he was blameless here,


this home goal. The captain hammered the ball off him here.


has been blamed for a few in the past, but whether he just miscued


it there. You could not blame Alex in any way, shape or form for that.


There was a healthy deflection on the strike from Doris, which had


Arbroath rubbing their hands. a decent enough strike. It needed a


deflection. And there were few late goals, spoiler a lead. -- a letter.


It was a fantastic moment. -- alerted. We expect them to go too


easy, Celtic, in the next game. They will be dreaming tonight,


dreaming of getting back to that place. They're hoping everything


will go wrong so Celtic don't fancy it. Obviously, they have to perform


in a different manner against Spartak Moscow this coming week.


Yes, it would be helped by the fact I don't think Moscow have got a lot


to play for. I don't think they can make Europe. They might relax or be


difficult opponents also bears no easy games in the Champions League.


They will want to get some points on the board, as well. I think


Celtic have done extremely well in that competition. Good luck to them


for that I hope they make it to the knockout stages. Now to a Derby Day


in Dingwall. The first time Ross County and Inverness when together


in the Cup. It was compulsive Scottish Cup weekend. Earlier this


season, normally in January, but the start of December this time


around because the winter break is their own in their Premier League


with their new neighbours doing The front four have all been


brilliant this season for Inverness. The referee will have his eyes on a


flag for the Highlands. Ross County holding their own. Derek Adams,


fall for County. Goal kick, only. That of a half chance there. It


just wouldn't sit down for him but he manages. A brilliant header from


Quinn. When this drops, it's a half wondered if he was offside there.


It looks like he came from an offside position. A wonderful


little touch. A good strike but a very, very good save from Mark


Brown. The Inverness front for can move around the park quite


comfortably. They have such a greater understanding, don't they?


That's great. It gives you freedom to go and play. The manager has but


the centre half of this season. The wider lads have drifted in. To me,


it proves the dimension. I think he prefers to play more central. This


is the way Terry Butcher's team finished and they were tremendous


against Aberdeen. Nice cross. Magnificent goal! Absolutely superb


of from Billy Mackay! The Inverness Caledonian Thistle juggernaut


continues down its track. An excellent season gets better.


talked about them scoring. He was on the wider left area. He gets


right in close. Oh my goodness. But is the finish of a player in a form.


He does not smash it. He glides it there with his foot. There is the


advantage of having Richie in the wider area there. Mark Brown has no


chance with that. Mackie, no goes to ground. This could be the


last chance of the first half. Pure defending. -- poor defending. He


must put it in an area where he can attack it. Ross County have some


big lads. They need to get this in on target. One a minute stoppage


potentially. That is astonishing! Defending right on the line there.


All of a sudden, Inverness are making Ross County sat at the other


end. He is in! What a 30 seconds we had just seen here. Astonishing. It


could have been 1-1. A great ball in. He gets it on target. Inverness


do what they are good at. chance of the half. It was almost


2-0 again, but it's not. That is the kind of ball you put in it. Put


it in an area where they can attack it up. A great header. A yard or


two wide. What a finish. Inverness, a well deserved it one-goal lead,


who was scored by Billy Mackay, his 12 this season. It has something to


behold. Ritchie has been awesome. Inverness, teeing it up, and that


was a magnificent finish from a barely Mackay. He opened up his top


drawer to provide that one. A real moment of quality from Billy Mackay.


He has done a good few of those this season so far. Inverness's


impressive season is continuing in the Highland derby in the first


Scottish Cup fourth-round tie at between these two 3-1 in August


1994. The last one went in their favour as well. But they have not


won one here, though. The thistles, twice semi-finalists in the Cup.


Dundee and then Dom firm in the later. -- Dunfermline. In fact, in


the first season, they won by 24 points. Andrew Shinnie, he gets


away... Oh! What a goal! As good as we saw in the first half! And


County are level. The quality of the goals in this fixtures so far


this season has been unbelievable. This is even better! Wonderful play


it! Right in the top corner. That wide! What a chance again! A bit


like Richie Foran in the first half. A great ball in and he has done


everything right. That can only and this is incredible! He had to


watch that coming through. Yes, a good strike. A bit like this... It


bounces a viciously. The Spanish goalkeeper was equal to it, though.


Draper through to McKay. And he will hit it with the left. Not do


with yet, though. Yes, it is because the flag was up. This is a


goal. Richie Foran is offside. But good goalkeeping. And again, talk


about the keeper's technique, the first save really good. But then


Mark Brown is up again just in case is a deflection that has put him


the best back in front in this Cup tie! Richie Foran celebrates and


Terry Butcher smiles because his side are through to the 5th round.


For a huge deflection. We talked about brilliance! Brilliance or a


bit of luck! It is off his arm and he is offside as well! What a


moment of controversy this is! McKay's effort has bounced off his


arms. But it is completely and utterly deceiving for Mark Brown.


It is a lucky there. Richie Foran was offside so the goal shouldn't


have counted. What a week it has been for Inverness! They can't have


had many better weeks as a club. I said that earlier on. It has been


back-to-back, to back! You know, if it had gone the other way, they


could have been sitting on the wall but now this set the season.


now it is 2-2! Well, it has been levelled up by a deflection at the


other end! Controversy at the other render! And oral a son, one boot


from Iain Vigurs. But his game on again. And all of a sudden. They


were unlucky to go behind. Look at the replay. No chance on that again.


Two wonder strikes and we have had two, three balls of a deflection.


Now who has the appetite to go and win this game? What a start!


Thumped forward by Brown. And off the head of Warren. It gets around


eventually. We are now into the final 50 seconds or so. The last


chance. Last-chance saloon! This is going to be on target. And this


could be the difference... Everyone inside the stadium is on the edge


of their seats just now. It will have to be a win and it will have


to come from here. Ross County have the chance to win this cup tied to


go through to the cup-tied. And it has gone in! It is sensational! Cup


Richard Brittain has just put Ross County into the 5th round! From the


jaws of defeat, they are going through! What did I say?! Let your


team-mates attack it! Their tactic SMAC they missed it! -- they attack


it it! Here it is. A little reflection... The ball is in the


back of the net. -- deflection. It is all about the deflections. I


think he has a legitimate claim to have scored the winner. Not sure


how much he knew about that! Barely time to get the game restarted!


They only get one chance. Ooh! Mark Brown! It moves all over the place


in there and again, Mark Brown, 40 yards, gets something behind it,


and he got just about enough of. What if finish to this game! For it


is not finished yet. Can Inverness rescue this? Unbelievably, they


have done! This is just absolutely incredible! Richie Foran has lifted


this off the cameras! When they seemed dead and buried at! --


lifted Caledonian Thistle off the canvas! We talk about a minimum


three minutes. He gets the touch, Ross, not sit in and there you go.


3-3! -- knocks it in. When into the 84th minute now. There's nothing


unfortunate about the second touch. Well! Where do you start with


that?! What a game! What a climax to this match! That came from


absolutely no where. In the final few seconds of the game, they went


in front and were all but through and then from somewhere, Inverness


have saved the game with the very Two dramatic goals. That's an --


that must be some of the best belt you have had! Things are going well


for us at the moment, for the last couple of months, so you get there


is little breaks. Extremely disappointed because we were by far


the second team in the set -- the best team in the second of, so we


are disappointed with the second goal from Inverness being offside.


We do not do easy 0-0s or 1-1s. I thought we had it, then I thought


we lost it. And in the end, we took them back.


You were getting ready for your game when that happened at


lunchtime. What did you make of that finish? I could not believe it


because I had listened to it on the radio, and they were saying, what


do you think the score will be? I thought it would be a draw. And


when I had heard about the scores coming and going and then the late


goals. They think they have won, think they have lost. Then still in


the Cup. It is the Scottish Cup, isn't it! It is just one of those


games. I think you could tell before it was going to be a


cracking match because of the form of both sides in a Highland derby


and I thought they lived up to that reputation today. But after the


first half-hour, it was... needed a moment of magic and this


this. But absolutely brilliant. And look at all the things about this


great goal. He has actually taken a bit off. As he swung his rut


through? He clips onto which am brings his foot back because he is


trying to bring it under control. That is off the scale, as good as a


At that point, I thought this is only going in one direction.


this player, you had Iraq Kilmarnock? Yes. Literally almost


Chick shot across the corner. They think the other goal shaded it, a


difficult angle off volley. But a great strike. The goalkeeper had no


chance. Cut Richie Foran's goal, had it been the winner, what a fury


there would have been tonight? Trust me, there is enough fury as


it is! There's another attempt to tackle, and another. But if he


admitted player on, nobody seems to be complaining too much about it.


But you can see the tackles, you get is the ball... And that is a


touch on the ball as well. Maybe the slightest touch there. The


referee is in a grid positions so, right-on with play. And because he


has allowed the play and not been too pernickety you're not getting a


goal out of it but I do not think the referee and assistant referee


will want to see it. Things like that. He knows there has been some


sort of affection but does not know where bog it is from. I can imagine


the reaction had you been there Ross County manager! Definitely


down the touchline! I can see why Derek was aggrieved at that. It is


clearly in front of the look -- the defender and I cannot believe the


linesman missed that. But the brakes have a habit of balancing


themselves out. For example, this He's had a pop at goal. As a


defender, you think, "I will go and hit it." He's not done anything


wrong here, has he? He just came too early two absolute crackers


here. I thought the game was finished before. It showed great


spirit, both sides did well in the game. You think, it's never going


to happen now. There was a little They score a lot from dead-ball


situations. It touched at the back. Maybe on his arm, there. I think


Derek is fairly happy. I don't think he was trying to score there.


I think he was hoping to put it were there was a lot of bodies, a


defender or a striker and that exactly what happened. Derrick's


reaction was a little bit different in the next minute of stoppage time.


This shot looked like it came off Roberts on the way in. Much the


same as the goal we have just seen. He's hit his own man and it went in


the net again. I think he was Not happy, is he? You think, with a


minute ago, you have won it. The team is playing really, really well.


Right now, I'm just looking forward to the next game for so it will be


a cracker. Today was a dream to A century ago, this was at the


centre of a tax row between the government and local farmers. Today


if their local football team, Turriff United, who hope to make


national history when they beat We had serious flooding here three


years ago. The local business community rallied around and help


us out. Now you can see what we have here today. Earlier this year,


we increased our members and this is the first season in the Scottish


club and the whole community is loving it. Less than two hours to


go to kick-off, and the biggest game in the history of the club.


Turriff United have already beaten hard teams, but now the biggest


game, their chance to get into Scottish Cup history books. We are


massive underdogs but we will give it our best shot and hope for the


best, really. The what kind of game are you expecting? They are not in


the First Division for nothing for the birds to be can keep it tight


and take it from there. I think we benefit more from the team are


being with us. Hopefully they won't play the football they are capable


of. Obviously, then being full-time players, technically, they have got


to be better than us. However, I hope we can raise our game. They


are a very hard-working young side. A lot of excitement in the area.


When you get an SFL team coming up here, it's big news. We are just


used to the Highland League. The Scottish Cup, this is big here.


What are you hoping for today? A win today, boys? Yes.


It's a be occasion for such a little place. Anybody is very


excited about it and hoping Turriff United will win. It's been great


for the time. I'm here every week anyway. Their hopes of a positive


result grew in a scrappy start to the game before Morton came close


to open the scoring when they the magic of the Cup came alive


when Turriff United at came alive. A scramble in the box before


Hitting the bar. Then David O'Brien was denied by a smart save up by


Stephen coots. But, on the stroke of half-time, they scored four


on where they left off, and this effort crashed off the post. Then


Turriff United it rode their luck when Harvey missed with a goal


begging. And there were more heroics by the goalkeeper and his


defenders as they denied that the opposition. With the clock ticking


down, frustrations boiled over causing a double sending off for


both teams. There was time for one more chance but Harvey could only


drive straight at the keeper and Turriff United held on for the best


The boys are absolutely delighted. I mean, we have come into games


like that, they are full-time side, but they came here, and sometimes


this season the boys had told me they will not let me down through


hard work. They will never let you down for that. Each and every one


of them did well. We hit the bar four times. You are always wary on


an away tie against a minnow. trying to rid myself of that image!


A special day for Turriff United. Absolutely fantastic. We look


forward every year to the one which looks like the Scottish Cup winner.


They had to ride their luck, no doubt about that. But they worked


and they worked and they worked. They took their chances. I don't


know if it is exactly smashed as challenge on the goalkeeper there.


They kept the ball down so well done there. These are tough days.


You can relate to Morton. They will You go to these places and the one


thing you don't want to do is to lose the first goal because you


give them something to hang on to. It doesn't matter how much position


and balls get thrown into the box, if they think they can just sit


there and defend and keep what they have got, and it was difficult at


times. But Morton had enough pressure and thankfully they got


the equaliser. He will be delighted to get them back with a result.


replay to come. Partick Thistle v Dunfermline played today, as they


battled it out for a place in the to get a goal here, let alone a


chance of victory against McNamara's free-scoring side. They


came back from a 5-1 morning a few weeks ago to record back-to-back


wins. For Partick Thistle, an making his second appearance at Fir


year-old captain, played 32 times for his country. Cutting his


managerial teeth very successfully, save from Graham Smith. He went


down well. The shot may have been prodded it wide. He got himself


into a great position. Well, it was played into the middle. He ran


straight at Alan your head. A lovely shimmy, decided to go to the


right, not the left. Stephen Jordan pushed down and there is going to


be trouble here. He could be office that was deemed a goalscoring


opportunity. It could change the whole complexion of the cup tie.


His armour moved across. The referee had the angle. -- his arm


moved across. And Partick Thistle, looking to win 10 in a row at home


this season are going to have to do Stephen Fry who took that, to be


them are particularly easy. One he Creator himself. Plenty of zing in


from Sinclair. Barrowman! Dunfermline have the lead. It has


come from Andy Barrowman after 35 minutes. And the away fans are


delighted. Morrison, a great run for that. A lot to do here against


Sinclair. The lofted ball in and Barrowman doing just enough to rise.


Dunfermline have the opening goal. Partick Thistle are behind at home


could be the best route for Partick Thistle. And that came from


Balatoni. Who scored against unfair and men in the 5-1. -- against


they find themselves playing against ten men. Rovers went down


to nine men a few weeks ago. And Dom for her and then have won the


last few matches with less than ten wide. Joe Cardle inside the box


with three Partick Thistle players chance for the match to be


finished! Joe Cardle with a stunning stop for the second. They


had the chances first of all from Husband and then from Joe Cardle.


But Stephen Husband caused a problem and let Rover defender.


Cardle goes away and then a great save and a good second, too. Rarely


have the power by Joe Cardle. -- really had the power. And now he


plays the ball through... And it is a penalty! It will be taken by Andy


Geggan. They are creating their own chances but they are comfortable at


the back. Having been chipped away and it yields results. Stick on


penalty, came right across the man with an easy goal. The moment of


the goalkeeper. It is a way! Auto save for Gallacher! -- what a save!


He got a handle net and, yes, you got a fortune on it, go and fortune


favours the brave. And that was wide. Steven Craig. Wasn't picked


up well here. You could argue he was bottling it for the push. Paul


Gallacher guesses correctly. Off the post, agonisingly for Partick


Two great saves in the second half! A great set-up and took a wee


deflection from the goalkeeper. And now out wide on to Ryan Wallace.


That is now five in the box. And another good save. This time from


Hopefully with a smile on his face. And good play from Joe Cardle. He


drove in. And the feet of the in the box, under pressure. And now


three as McMillan comes outside. And a vicious lick from Gallacher,


Andy Barrowman. Giving forwards a bad name. The cards are starting to


flow. Looking for an equaliser. A good fist away from the goalkeeper


and getting back into the danger area and now cleared by Don Fermin.


through. He could have taken that for a walk in the corner. -- not a


good decision. They were keeping the ball well earlier. Looking a


bit more lax now. Anne Sinclair reacts and the referee runs across.


Sinclair being pushed away. For others getting involved and


is incensed. The captain should get himself out of this. The referee is


being aided by his assistant, Ralph Gordon. This could get Andrew


Barrowman into trouble. He was going for the ball but he caught


Sinclair. And he was late and the their time. Always again, Cardle in


support, moving away. The full-time whistle has gone. It doesn't matter.


And the fine record against Partick Thistle in this Cup continues. The


red card came in the first half. And then a foul on Craig Dargo. And


what a penalty save from Paul We came today trying to prove that


point, obviously. And a lot happened. Trying to turn the game.


But the thought we did well first off. Second of, nothing to lose,


they came across 1-0 down and caused us a lot of problems. That


header back into the area, it was offside. The lads felt it could


have been offside. For the goalkeeper, you on the back line


and the whole team, ten men, one man down, I suppose it is keeping


as one. We still get doing things right with ten men and contributed


to a game that could have maybe been over at half-time.


And that was after having lost three weeks ago in the league.


it was important today... Jihad to be a big improvement, particularly


at the start of the game. -- it had to be a big improvement. No gaps


but the last time we were playing than they penetrated its well but


that didn't happen here. We controlled most of the first half.


In total control of the game. And a very good first of performance and


showed off for what happened was a couple of weeks ago, we showed our


true selves today. -- showed us after what happened. We had


numerous chances in that second half to come off. And Paul


Gallacher really didn't have anything to do, well, very much to


do, until that penalty, and after that, he had two or three says to


make. They kept throwing balls in there with good players, but in


some great deliveries in, like Ross Forbes. But we will waste will


today when we were breaking. So many chances to set up a second


goal. -- we were a waste all. But after a couple of weeks ago, a


great performance to go into the next round. How important are the


outcome was the red card? -- how important was the -- to the outcome


was the red card? Well, after the game, he said he was clever. You


can see and there. He has either got to let him go... Probably a bit


unlucky. He had to go by the letter of the law but it was clever play


from Craig Dargo but in him in that position. We set up well and played


well. They were more on the back foot than us and we got a great


ball in there. A little flick... A great header. So, you know, that


gave them than it -- the belief going on. Played really well and


the opening spell of the game and that was important given what


happened to last a few weeks ago. We looked solid enough and we


controlled the games. And having Jordan back gave us the balance as


well. But the tight four today helped us plug the gaps. Any doubts


about the penalty? I am changing my mind now seeing as you were playing


with winners. The referee's Possession, perfect, and he sees it.


A penalty kick. So the referee gets it just right. Every time I looked


over today, Craig Dargo was picking the ball up all the time, his pace,


his intelligence, are absolutely superb. So don't forget, in the


midst of it all, that forward was looking the sharpest. And he did


this brilliantly from the penalty? Yes, he set up the penalty but what


a great save. He is a good goalkeeper. A couple of good saves


to make after that as well. He knew it was their day when they saved


that because obviously, to be honest, I felt we had chances to


kill them off before the penalty but they put pressure on and we put


people up the pitch and great delivery. And we defended well


today. And when Dargo was called upon, he did fantastic. A bit of a


lull in the game with, I think, the boy being sent off and they lost


this bark. They started putting players forward and a couple of


other strikers on the bench getting good on. They got us on the back


for to wee bit -- the back foot a wee bit. You won't have Andy


Barrowman in the last 16 of a cup of be his red card. Do you have any


defence? No, a crazy last few minutes. I don't think it was a


malicious challenge and this is where the problem is. Ryan has come


across to get involved again. And then Jordan McMillan got up to see


what was happening. If they had not run across the referee might have


just given them a bit of a ticking off but you have caused the problem


and then the referee has been put in a position where he has to sort


it out. And he thinks the easiest thing to do is to send Andy


Barrowman off. So, through to the last 16. Lots of action still to


come and two fourth-round ties tomorrow which will wrap up the


Scottish Cup on Sunday. Highlights of the Derby and Rangers against


her when City at 10:25pm tomorrow. Let's get more of today's football.


for the First Division side. Graham is something of a goal machine for


Raith but it took him until the second half to find a way past


Deveronvale. David Smith with the cross and Graham with the header.


hadn't travel south for absolutely nothing. When there was a penalty,


he got a straight red card for his efforts. Not the strongest penalty


award you will ever see but a penalty, it was. Scott Fraser are


tucked away at the kick. Levels proceedings. That man, Brian Graham,


was not finished. And his free kick beat the Deveronvale goalkeeper.


The 15th goal of the season. Raith are safely through as it 2-1


winners. With only 2.5 miles splitting the Times of


Stenhousemuir and Falkirk, this was to be a keenly contested match. One


goal was good enough to win the game. Kieron Duffy with a neat


inside the 18 yard box. And his shot was enough to send Falkirk


scalp but did not last long. They were two down within 20 minutes.


With just nine minutes on the clock, it proved too much for the home


defence. Things got worse shortly after from Livingston point of view,


anyway. John Bird was brought down. It does look like a penalty, even


if the tumble was somewhat spectacular. Nothing wrong with


this finish up. They doubled their lead. A lesson in how to take a


penalty. And Dundee safely into the was at the visitors' who struck


mistake from just eight yards out. Forfar are battlers. Robertson,


making his debut from Dundee United, equalised. A terrific low drive


into the bottom corner of the go. The goalkeeper from a Ayr had no


chance. With just 16 minutes left, Forfar took the lead. With the 33-


year-old finding the net from the edge of the box. Sending Forfar


home with a place in the last 16 of There's not much to choose between


Motherwell and Aberdeen. Here's how the sides on current form. There


ducal identical league record this season and a 3-3 draw in September.


This had the makings of a hardboard tie. Who would bet against a replay


needed to separate them? Chris suspended. Sean Hutchinson is


game since last August. A League Cup victory over Clyde and the


manager says he has every faith in we are off and running. Aberdeen,


early on the attack. A good-looking ball forward. A terrific start from


the home side. Niall and again denied the opportunity by phrase


form this season. Johnny Hayes to deliver the corner kick. Any


opportunities here for Aberdeen. Just could not direct it goalwards


there. Vernon. Keeping the pressure on the home side of. Terrific save


by a policy. -- by a lead Hollis. What a way to return to your team.


That will fill him with great confidence. Aberdeen, so quickly


out of the traps, and they would have been ahead but for this man. A


glancing header. Great reactions the goalkeeper will be mightily


relieved to see that squirm around the post. Terrific walk from Johnny


Hayes. The shot was unleashed and it really took the goalkeeper by


surprise. He just managed to keep it out. Cannot Motherwell keeper


Aberdeen out? They were almost behind there. It's been a really


impressive start from the home side. Aberdeen fans certainly in good


voice. Could this be the a year? -- there yeah?


going to get a yellow card. A powerful challenge from Shaughnessy.


Murphy felt the full brunt from this one. It was to put it. You can


see why the referee pulled out the yellow-card for the first time in


corner of the afternoon. Tom Healy decent shot. It Jamie Lang field


gets a cross to keep the scoreline blank. He's trying to implore his


defence to clear the lines a bit the net before the goalkeeper got


his fingertips to it? He was taking no chances. It was a good save.


Motherwell, for the first time in the match, are putting pressure on


the Aberdeen defence. Humphrey will collect once more. It's a dangerous


looking ball straight into the arms of the goalkeeper, this time it.


Half-an-hour gone. The coach can be reasonably content. His side is


Hayes! He goes close for Aberdeen. It was a good move from the home


couple of yards wide, in the end, Perhaps a final chance before half-


seen enough of the first half. It started promisingly. Hollis's done


well. At half-time, it is goalless. Scottish Cup last season. A 2-1


winner down at Fir Park. Motherwell have not lost here until -- since


2008. Their fans will look back fondly to 1991, the last time they


were here on a Scottish Cup duty. They won 1-0 and went on to lift


the trophy. So plenty to play for. Craig Brown has not seen fit to


make any changes at the start of the second half. The Motherwell


gone right for him this afternoon. That so nearly did. Curling towards


of and a son but he recovered. A corner kick is the outcome. A good,


hassling shot. Tom Heatley, the man Motherwell feel aggrieved, they


should have had a penalty a moment Claims of handball now from


Aberdeen but it's not given either. Now it is Aberdeen's turn to


protest. Here is the claim for handball. The hand goes up. It


might be the other hand which touches the ball. Very difficult to


see, that one of. He couldn't winning goal? Jamie Murphy! He


loves to do that! A rocket from Jamie Murphy. It is the 6th goal of


the season and it could well be the winner did take Motherwell through


to the next round of the Scottish Aberdeen manufacture a final chance


to grab equalisation? And it is into the back of the net! No


surprise, it is that man again! Once again, in the final minute,


and Niall McGinn, so a hero for Aberdeen this season. And never


more so than with this last for an equaliser to keep their Scottish


Cup hopes alive. He goes in with the cross... And then the head


there is inch-perfect from McGinn. And indeed, it is full-time. And


Niall McGinn's headed goal, with only seconds remaining, denies


Stuart McCall a path into the 5th round of the Scottish Cup. They


finished that 1-1. Agony, I suppose. How are you


feeling? I suppose Aberdeen came out in the first five minutes and


they could have gone ahead and put us under pressure. We had two in


experienced centre-backs playing and I thought in the second off we


were terrific. It is the second time we have been up and lost the


goal so it was hard. The lads were a bit disappointed but I thought we


went terrific in the second half. They have been playing well of late,


so, you know, we have got to be more than happy coming away with


the right result this afternoon. Another time with them. Aberdeen


have tremendous away support. If it comes on Tuesday night, they will


get the terrific support and that will help us. It is on the pitch


that the game is won and lost. We have had injured players back for


that fixture and that will help us. Than good he had -- thank goodness


What about that draw? Yes, if you look at how it came out, with the


extra time, not a lot between the two teams, as you say, and it shows.


Aberdeen will be disappointed to have acquired a late equaliser


because they were rarely impressively out of the blocks.


right from the first minute they were closing down. But good pace,


but in under pressure, asking questions right from the start and


they have good skill, players who are willing to get into the box.


And when you put a team under pressure for the first minute that


can have an effect. It can affect the next 20 minutes of the game,


just the psychological effect. It did help them for about 20 minutes.


This is all in the first minute and this is a great save, a fantastic


save. And it was the only one he made. He made quite a few in the


first 15, 20 minutes, and he certainly kept them in the game.


And not just how close they are in the league, but if you look at the


two teams, both have got the same problem. It is at home that they


have been struggling to get wins. So probably now it was switched to


the fact that Aberdeen will now be the favourites because we know they


will have trouble getting away and at home they have been playing


great football as scoring goals or way from home and they have been


the same. So we could be in Aberdeen's favour. That is what


happens. And Aberdeen won the Scottish Cup at Motherwell last


season as well. Jamie Murphy has to be a contender for this? Yes, he


must be fed up with everybody saying, he is back on form, off


form, on form. Because in the end, if you are playing wide, you're


depending on how much of the ball you get but today he decided to go


inside a few times. And I told you what, that is a great goal. Not


much the goalkeeper can do. It is bending away from him. And he has


got his ability back. They are dangerous to any side, those


players. What a clever header it was from Niall McGinn, to square-


rigged for Aberdeen. He just can't stop scoring at the moment as if --


at the moment! -- he squared it. The power is on the ball. We keep


saying in training, but the pace on the ball with the crossing, and you


just need to guide it on-target. Great running and goalscoring as


well this season. And suddenly your confidence rises. But anybody who


scores... I mean, he is not a natural with headers, but anybody


who scores from that angle can boast such good technique.


Motherwell were looking for a penalty, for example, Mark Reynolds


for handball. Any chance of them getting his? A bit harsh, I think.


I don't think so. He but the hand is all the way down. I don't think


it was a penalty. From all of these angles you can just about spot his


hand... For the referee, it have one. I do not think too many people


will complain about that, except the manager, obviously, and the


team at half-time. Trying to work out a winner, so tough. I think it


all began to extra-time and penalties. Both teams have had the


same problem being at home, so I have got a funny feeling that maybe


Aberdeen, if I had to choose one based on facts, that Aberdeen have


had some good wins away from home. Maybe been more fortunate getting


breaks. Both teams are probably suited with some really good pace


in the team. I mean, I had Aberdeen in the League Cup and we played


them really well but they are very dangerous on the break. And


Motherwell are the same, which is probably why they have had good


results away as well. Let's complete the coverage with a round-


up of the three games we have not seen so far. And we start with


Queen of the self at Kilmarnock. -- Queen of the South but the early


sending-off upset them back with a late challenge and then the


Spaniard needed treatment. The referee was left brandishing a red


card. But soon up and able shortly afterwards. A goal in the 8th


minute. Queen of the South almost went further behind when Fowler


shot this off the crossbar... And the danger was not over. But


Heffernan could only put his header wide of the post. Despite being a


man like, there was still life in the Queen of the South. A great


chance for Clark but the ball went just wide. In the nine meetings


between these sides in the Scottish Cup, Queen of the South had only


lost once and they were not giving is one up, with his cross giving


havoc in the box. -- giving this one up. But then Kilmarnock went 2-


1 in front. And that looked like game over. But credit to Queens.


They did not give up. McGuffie with the cross and it was met perfectly


by Nicholas Clark. And Queen of the South showing plenty of fight right


potential of fiery one. No. Two came four minutes before the break,


and what his strike it was. Breaking the goalkeeper Nelson, who


scrambled across the line but failed to connect. No more goals


but they did come close. St Mirren here and they were both in


tangerine. Johnnie Russell's credentials as Scotland's hottest


prospect were done no harm by this hat-trick. Russell's second was set


up as the SPL side fought further red with less than half-an-hour


played. If there were any lingering doubts, they were well and truly


snuffed out by half-time. You will not be surprised to hear Russell


was involved again, with his partner Jon Daly, but Dundee United


3-0 up by the break. -- to put Dundee United. This double was


insured after the hosts failed to deal with the corner. It was not


pretty but it was gone up -- goal number four. Still work to be done


after this was denied by goalkeeper David Mitchell. A fine and


A pretty impressive performance and always happy to get a job done as


impressively as that? Yes. You never know what you're going into.


A thoroughly professional Some good finishes there for the


It has worked. Nothing works happier than -- works better than


He is a terrific striker. He took a bit of a dip at the end. We were


deliberating on goal of the day. He has ballooned. This is exactly


where he wanted to put it. His goal was an absolute top of. I can't


argue with it. It's the best goal of the day. You can almost feel the


tension, can't you? I've not seen many players do that. It's all


about the flick of the foot and back again. I have seen great


strikers do this. They lose control of the ball. Technique Wise, it's


I would like to set -- to disagree because I thought... Just to be


awkward! But I have to disagree on this. If you look, you know exactly


what he is trying to do there. He is back left and he knows he will


try to get away, the fact it goes in and away off the post. They were


just fantastic. For me, I agree with Patrick. That was the goal.


Let's have a look at unfinished business. Games but -- postponed


Two sides to play tomorrow. It will have you licking your lips and


Platt -- thinking of the Derby's you have played. Hart has thrashed


Hibs at the end of last season but it is hips going into this one as


the favourite? Yeah, it has been a complete turnaround with one team


struggling coming good than any other doing well. Then the other


not doing so well. Introducing a lot of younger players from Hearts


and it will be a big test for them tomorrow because obviously it will


be an experience, a first-time experience, for them. If there is


one thing about our hearts, they have a great record and everybody


knows that too is connected with the club and what it means. They


will be smart for the Cup Final. They will have taken a lot of stick


for that. Their conference is up. They have been struggling a bit to


score goals. -- their confidence. They should get a chance to pull it


off but we think they will want to put them under pressure but it will


depend on what team is picked tomorrow. Because it is a Derby and


you have to think like that. It doesn't matter if certain players


have been doing well. You pick the team because it is a Derby and you


feel they can handle it. And I hope he does. If you are saying that.


need a wee bit of balance! He is Rangers will want to get somewhere.


Highlights from the fourth round of the William Hill Scottish Cup as the SPL teams join the competition. Action and analysis from all the games including Motherwell's trip to Aberdeen and the Highland derby between Ross County and Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Dunfermline will be looking to avenge their recent 5-1 league defeat to Partick Thistle when the two sides meet again at Firhill, Celtic host Second Division Arbroath whilst Highland League side Turriff United, in their first season in the competition, are at home to Morton.

Presented by Rob MacLean with guest Pat Nevin.

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